SYNOPSIS (Season 1): There is a inner civil war going on between Hybrid beings and human beings where it all escalated to much dangerous levels, from all forms of discrimination, murder, injustice, even the most vile crimes you can think of. However, there is a covert group of fighters, both hybrid and human, to keep the peace and balance in this society and keeping it out of war.

Season 1:

Aura Faction Story

Story 1: Welcome to the Faction
Story 2:  On Sight
Story 3:  Shook Ones, Pt. I
Story 4:  Shook Ones, Pt. II
Story 5:  Lost Between The Isles
Story 6:  Confidante Confidential
Story 7:  Switchblade – The Hirano Sisters
Story 8:  Genesis
Story 9:  Operation Lifesaver AKA Mint Test
Story 10: Grand Inferno (Season Finale)

Pandora's Game 2

(Hint: Takes place between Story 7 and Story 8)
SYNOPSIS: Remnants of Kai’s past have come back to haunt and stalk her but not if MAK has something to say about it. However, this new enemies seem to be a bigger threat than they intended to be.


Original – Part 1
Original – Part 2
The Platinum Writer’s Cut


(Mostly one-shots)

#1 – Strip Kings
#2 – Gaming with Your Significant Other
#3 – Tell Me About Yourself
Kakurega: The MAK & Kai Stories – First introduction to MAK and Kai.
Kakurega: The Beautiful and the Deadly  – the one that started it all.


Aura Faction Series 2

SYNOPSIS: 6 months have past since the Grand ‘H’ War and things have been returning to the status quo around the Society, although it looks like a new threat has emerged into the streets, looking for blood…..the blood of the Faction. Not only that but two special people have returned from exile only to get entangled in the mess themselves.

Story 11: Restart
Story 12: The Elements That B
Story 13: CrossFade
Story 14: Set Adrift on Sexual Bliss (Part A) / The Council (Part B) / Barrett Tactics (Part C)
Story 15: T.R.O.Y (They Reminisce Over You)
Story 16: Connect4
Story 17: Dire Extremes to the Supreme
Story 18: RIFTS
Story 19: Re-United (Again)
Story 20: Maximum Hybrid Overdrive
Story 21: Aura Phase (Part 1)
Story 22: Aura Phase (Part 2)
Story 23: Aura Phase (Part 3)
Story 24: C O L O R S (Season finale)