AURA FACTION Season 2 COLORS – Story 23: AURA PHASE (Part 3)

WARNING: The following written material that you’re about to read may contain acts of violence, graphic language, and sexual content. This is meant only for MATURE AUDIENCES. Reader Discretion is advised.

Previously on COLORS.

It was an all battle upon all the parties involved from MAK fighting with Dice, Shin and Rick faces off the girls, Rolo, Sayuri and Laila are being tortured by Myke and Yellowhammer and the rest of the BirdBrains are fighting against Tomoki, Cassie, Loyuka and Nyoko while the rest of the Darksiders and others flee because of the majority of them affected by the STILL Bullets, which the antidote called the eMOTION pill located somewhere in a nearby hospital where they along with Gina and Lial planned to get them at.

In short…..MAK executed Dice by shooting him in the head, Shin got iced by Kai, Rick was knocked unconscious by Lial and Myke and Yellowhammer have been subdued by Rolo and his girls…….and later on, killed by an explosion caused by Myke himself.

As for the BirdBrains fight, Crane is dead, Ryo is down for the count and Miki and Kikyo fled and left a Still grenade for the girls, exploding and injuring Nyoko in the process on her leg and it gets worse as she and Tomoki and Cassie are arrested.

Oh, and while they thought Rick was dead from the explosion earlier………..he wasn’t.

The waiter closed the door and then locked it.
“Um….why did you locked the door with you still here?” Kai said.
The waiter peeled a mask off his face, revealing himself to be…
“Oh shit, Rick……” MAK said. The rest looked shocked and scared.
“What the fuck?” Kai said, “I thought you was dead.”
“Yeah, this is why I don’t order room service.” Rick said.

He pulled out the silenced gun. A shot echoed through the room……whoever, MAK grabbed the gun and missed and went to choke Rick but he got slammed to the wall and pistol-whipped.

And then as Rick was about to punch him, his hand was turning blue for a second.
“What the….” MAK shouted as he got knocked out by him.
“I noticed some of it was on Dice’s body.” Rick said, “You know….my brother……the one you KILLED!!!”
He threw him on the couch.
“And now that I discover this…..I’m gonna use this shit to get some satisfaction and the first thing I’m gonna do……is go after all your friends. And guess who’s first?”
Unsurprisingly, he aims for Kai.
“Predictable….yeah. But I know if something happen to her, you will go ballistic.” Rick got his trigger finger steady and ready to shot at her point blank.
“So, you want an open casket so people can see how beautiful you look or in the head for a quick death?”
“How about neither?” Joanna shouted as she stabbed him in his arm.

“You’re going to wish you haven’t done that, bitch.” Rick shouted as he phased and threw Joanna to the window.
“And just for that, I’m fucking you up first!” He shouted. He grabbed Joanna and pushed her down to the couch to choke her.
“You soft-ass bitch!!” He screamed. “I knew I shouldn’t sent weak-ass bitches like you and Nguyen to spy on him!!”

Sheena then wrapped a cord around his neck to choke him out.
“And whose fault is that, you ball-less little bitch?” she threw him on one of the nightstands.
“JOANNA! You’re alright?” Sheena cried.
Rick then got back up and got out his gun, about to fire. “Look out!” Joanna screamed.

The bullets kept hitting everything but them and even on the bulletproof glass, the bullet deflect and hit everything else. Everybody else went to hiding somewhere from him.
“Oh, now I see everybody trying to hide like some bitch motherfuckers, huh? FINE THEN!”

He then spots Yuan and Kati falling from their positions in the dining area. “OW!”
“Oh damn…” Yuan said.
“You know……I haven’t really seen you fight.” Rick said to Yuan, “So let’s!!!” He punched Yuan and pulled him back to throw him out in the open and slam him on the ground.
“So I take it you’re not much of a fighter?” Rick said.
Yuan knocked him down with a leg swipe and then punched him directly in his face. “No, I’m not.”
From behind, MAK grabbed Rick and threw him to the glass table, smashing it and beating his head to the glass.

“Motherfuck—COME HERE, NIGGA!” Rick growled as he grabbed MAK by the collar, bringing him down to the glass floor with a body crushing slam. MAK lay unconscious.
“There… more distractions.” Rick said, “And now…..”
He makes his sight towards Kai as she and the others unlock the door.
“Oh shit.” She shouted.
“COME HERE, BITCH!!!” He hollered as he races towards her and she speeds off with Kati, Sheena and Joanna beside her.
“SPLIT!” Kai said as they entered the 4-way hallway and went into different directions.

Rick got out his gun and just shot in every direction to hit one of the girls.
“MISS!” Kati said. “You bitch!”

Kai was the one in the second middle hallway running to an elevator and Rick quickly phased to her position and jumped her before she can get to it.
“HA!!” He said, “Don’t think you can easily escape me, bitch!”
“HELP!!!” Kai screamed. He pulled out a knife and tore the back of her shirt but she kicked him from her. He pounced at her again and pulled her down, putting the gun to her head.
“Oh no……your ass is not going to get away from me.” He drags her back to the hotel room with much anger. “Now I plan on killing your ass in front of your dear boyfriend and I won’t stop until that turns into a reality.”
“LET GO OF HER!!” And then comes Sheena with a sneak attack behind him with a vase and smash it across his head.
“Fuckin’ bitch!” He back-kicked her but Joanna got the gun and…
“AAAAHHH!!!!” Shot him point blank in the leg. “OW!! You motherfucker.”
Kati then grabbed the gun from Joanna, “GIVE ME THAT!” She shoots him again in the ass.
“OW! For real!?” He shouted.
Kai eventually got into the elevator to call for help on her cellphone.

“Fuckin…” Rick shouted.
He got back up and see a bottle of chloroform and a rag in his reach and flipped back up, grabbed Kati and smothered her with the rag.
“YOU MOTHERFUCKER!! GET OFF ME!” Kati shouted all muffled through the rag but she eventually ended up down for the count.
“And now you two….” He pointed out Sheena and Joanna.
“RUN!” Sheena shouted as she pushed Joanna out of harm’s way but Rick went to her first and put the chloroform soaked rag on her.
“Nice try.” Rick said, “Of course I’m going after the runner instead of the protector. I got no time to waste.”
Then he grabbed Sheena by the collar.
“HEY! LET GO!! LET GO OF ME!” She shouted loudly.
“Bitch, I’ll get you go.” Then he shoved her face to the bottle of chloroform and now she’s knocked out. “I let you go in the garbage after I’m through with you.”

She immediately got to Cyan’s number and called her on the spot.
“Hello?” Cyan said, “Kai?”
First thing she did was frightfully screamed, “CYAN, HELP!”
Cyan seems confused and concerned about this, “What the—KAI, what the hell’s going on?”
“Rick came back!!” Kai shouted. “He just came to our room as a waiter!! He tried to shoot us and MAK tried to beat him but he got knocked unconscious!!”
“OK, OK, OK!!” Cyan said, “Are you somewhere away from him?”
“I’m at the elevator.” Kai said.
“Are the others there with you?” Cyan asked.
“They’re busy kicking his ass.” Kai said, “But I need to get back there.”
The elevator stopped at a floor and as soon as she got out, Kai walked into a chloroform trap set up by Rick.
“KAI! KAI! Are you there!? KAI!?” Rick got her phone and immediately hung up on her.
“Remind me to go after your sister when I’m through with you.” Rick said carrying her back to the room.


“HELLO! HELLO! HELLO!!” And that was Lial in a phony, posh accent masquerading as Dr. Lauren Mange. “Excuse me, nurse? Anyone?”
“What the fuck?” Gina silently said to Rolo.
The nurse was quite suspicious of what Lial was doing. “Yes and you are?”
“I am Dr. Lauren Mange. MD.” As she shows off her “real” fake ID to her. “And I am here to receive a few things to take back to my special wing upstairs.”
“Special wing?” The nurse asked, “Actually, what special wing are you referring?”
Rolo then have to step up and lie for her. “What she meant was is that we are doing a special study on…….Fatal Hybrid Injuries and we need some eMOTION pills to help with that.”
“We have permission via this statement.” Gina said. “It’s the HYBRID Wing.”

“And here come the cadavers!” Rolo said.
“GANGWAY!!” Aka said in a higher-pitched voice.
“MOVE IT, LADY!!” Lex said in a lower register voice.
“MEEP!” Murasaki blurted out.
“The hell was that?” the nurse said.
“Oh, I think one of the carriers might be a bit nervous.” Lial exclaimed. “She doesn’t get out of the wing much.”
“Yeah. Just like Dr. Mange, the wing is practically home to her.” Rolo politely said.
“Uh, sir?” she said, “The eMOTION pills are kept with the rest of our medication. At the 3rd floor.”
“AH!” Lial said, “Excellent. We will be on our merry way and out of your hair.”

“OK…..that was close.” Lial said.
“Yeah, no thanks to that dumbass accent.” Lex said, “I thought I did a bad British accent before.”
“And you still do.” Nanashi said under the covers.
“SHUT UP!” Gina shouted, smacking her hand.
“You’re lucky I can’t feel my damn hand.” Nanashi retorted.

“OK, everybody remember their part?” Rolo asked all of them.
“Yeah…..” Sayuri said although she was unsure of it. “Make sure these guys are guarded safe and sound, right?”
“Basically.” Aka said, “Now Lex and I are dealing with intruders in case somebody might come here….especially if it’s Miki and Reiko.”
“Oh yeah……about that….” Lex said, “Um, Laila?”
Laila knew what was about to be said, “Let me guess, if my sister tries something, there’s a chance you might kill her? Is that correct?”
“Look, Laila,” Sayuri said, “I don’t think it’s going to come down to that.”
“Sayuri….” Laila said, “I don’t know at this point. I lose my sister or I lose my friend…..either way, this is going to fuck me over.”

“We’ll try.” Aka said, “That’s all we can hope for now. We don’t want shit to escalate even more unless we have to.”
“I hope for that, too.” Rolo said. “At least where most of us come out of it alive.”

“OK, now that’s settled….” Gina said, “Me and Dr. Mange here needs to find that antidote and get out of here before any motherfucker finds us.”
“Well, time to get into character.” Lial said. “Doctor, I presume? Let’s get to it, shall we?” And back with the bad British accent.
“Oh god.” Gina said, “I should have never gave you those Speaking British for Dumbasses book that Christmas.” As they went out to find the pills.
“……Wow, she sucks at that.” Aron said.

Later on, they check into the 3rd floor and look upon the med/prescription drug room.
“OK, we’re here.” Gina said. “Now we need to find the eMOTION pills and amscray.”
“Um, Gina?” Lial asked.
“What?” she shouted.
What Lial was pointing to is that she found the eMOTION pills but they are heavy guarded and secured within a case with a password.
“What the fuck?!” Gina shouted, “A PASSWORD!? I didn’t know about this shit!”
“None of us did!” Lial said, “And I think they think I’m supposed to know it…..and I don’t. We’re FUCKED!!”

She got to the talkie. “Uh, Rolo? Can you hack into a certain device?”
“What device?” he said.
“The one that got the eMOTION pills locked in there!” Gina said.
“LOCKED!?” Rolo said.
“Apparently it must be some big fucking deal to them!” Lial said, “We might need you here right now.”
“Alright, I’m coming in there.” Rolo said, ending communication. “DAMN IT!”

Unfortunately for them, it looks like Miki and Reiko/Kikyo has arrived on the spot.

“I’m TELLING YOU!!” Loyuka said, “Miayama and Lyles are not the ones to arrest….and NEITHER IS HIRANO!!”
“These girls are escaped out of their prison cells!!” One officer said, “And to top that, Ms. Hirano help them orchestrate the act as well. Once Matsuda is awake again, he will decide the punishment for her!”
“Don’t you her sister getting killed is bad enough for her? SHE DOESN’T NEED THIS SHIT!” Loyuka screamed. “I need them to get to her killer!! We were close!”
“Uh-Huh.” He said, “If anything, it’s her own fault that her sister died on her. Maybe if she focused on being a Faction agent, then maybe she’ll still be alive.”
That alone made Loyuka furious that she balled up her fist and punched him.
“WHOA WHOA WHOA!” Before Loyuka got violent on the guy, Leon and Collins got to her before anything else can happen.
“Zaki, chill!” Collins said.
“HEY! HEY!! Someone put a leash on that bitch!”
“I SHOW YOU BITCH!” Loyuka shouted but Leon held her back from doing much worse on him.

“LOYUKA, CALM DOWN!” Leon shouted. “Look, I don’t know what’s going on right now or why in the hell you defending the exact same people that tried to ki–”
“TOMOKI AND CASSIE DIDN’T SHOOT ME!!” Loyuka screamed. “It was that bitch Miki Maeda. She’s the one that tried to kill me…..and she was also the one that murdered Risa. She’s responsible for the shit that’s been happening. From the explosion to Collins’ car being on fire to this!! ALL OF IT!!”
“What about the thing with the Wolf Clan?” Collins asked.
“Cassie didn’t know it was a fake.” Loyuka said. “You can’t blame her thinking she was finally free of that hell.”
“And she and Tomoki hiding out with MAK and Kai?” Leon said.
“They weren’t doing anything suspicious.” Loyuka said. “You can’t let them live in peace or anything? They wanted to move on with their lives, from the Faction, from the pain and now…..this shit has escalated into a whole lot worst.”

All of a sudden, Leon was getting a call.
“Hello?” Leon said.
“LEON, THANK GOD YOU ANSWER!!” And it was Cyan on the phone.
“Cyan?! Seiki?!” Leon sounded shocked at the sound of her voice. “Wait, first off, where are you?”
“We were coming to help Loyuka and the others!” Cyan said, “But I got a call from Kai! Her along with MAK, Sheena, Joanna, Kati and Yuan are in the hotel being kept under protection but somehow someone got to them and worse of all, it’s RICK!”
“Cain!” Leon shouted. “Just him?”
“Yeah…MAK killed Dice a while back.” Seiki said, “We’re heading down there now to put a bullet in that motherfucker!!”
“Alright!” Leon said, “I’m going to meet you there!”

“Wait, MAK and Kai are in trouble?!” Loyuka asked.
“That fool Rick Cain got to them.” Rick said.
“Him again?” Collins said, “You need my help on this?”
“Shit, I might.” Leon said.

MAK still lies unconscious in the room with Yuan bandaging him up for many wounds.
“You bitches are starting to get on my last fucking nerve!” Rick shouted as he got inside the room. “Especially you, you fucking penguin bitch! I’m definitely killing you and your bitch boyfriend.”
“FUCK YOU!” Yuan shouted as he swung a coffee pot at him, scaring more of Rick’s face. But he choked Yuan and threw him in the kitchen.

“You motherfucker.” Rick said, “A coffee pot? Is that the best you can do?”
He pushed him back to the living room and kicked him to the wall.
“I’ll fuck you up later……oh MAKKY!!! HEY, WAKE UP, NIGGA!!” He then threw Sheena, Joanna and Kati on the couch but is carrying Kai all the way to him.

MAK is starting to wake up from the injury and first thing he sees is Rick carrying an unconscious Kai, only without a shirt on her.
“Hey….I got your girl. Right here.” Rick said.
MAK tries to move to him but still feels his injuries.
“Hmmmm, and I see her top is almost ripped. Then again, I know for a fact when you see girls in their bra and panties, lil MAK down there gets a jolly.”
“Not so fast!” As Rick got his knife aimed at Kai’s neck. “You do a move on me and I slit your girl’s neck. Now stand down, bitch!”
Kai is starting to wake up a little. “What the….?”
“So you finally wake up?” Rick said.
“AAHH!” Kai screamed trying to get away from him but still threatens her with the knife. “I already told your man if he moves, I fuck you up and I’m going to do the same shit with you. You hear me?”
She calmed down and comply with him.

“Now….you better believe I’m fucking you up.” Rick kicked MAK in the chin.
“OOOWWW!!” MAK yelled in pain.
“MAK!” Kai screamed.
“Ooohhh, I bet that hurt like a bitch, didn’t it?” Rick taunted. MAK continues to holler in pain.
“Well, it’s going to hurt some more!!” Rick phased himself with MAK to the bathroom and smash his head in the mirror.
“AHH!!” MAK shouted.
“Had enough?” Rick screamed.
But then MAK grabbed a glass shard and stabbed Rick in the shoulder. “OWW! FUCK!” MAK then tripped him down and tossed him into the shower, trying to curb-stomp him but he phased out of there in time.
Rick tried to do the same thing but MAK also phased his way out of there. Both just kept phasing in and out to fool each other but then MAK smacked Rick in the face with a broken bottle and he quickly got to cover Kai.

“Ow. Shit.” MAK said.
Kai said, “MAK, MAK! Are you a—Shit, you’re bleeding!” It was a wound on his head. She took what was left of her shirt to bandage the wound.
“Did—did—did Rick tried to…..”
“Tried to what?” Kai asked as he noticed her without a shirt. “OH…NO, he didn’t. He tried to get a hold of me but tore my shirt up. I’m fine.”
MAK came down with tears and hold Kai like he was never going to let her go.
“I thought I was going to lose you……again.” He said silently crying.
“Yeah….I thought the same, too.” She said also holding him in the same way he was. “We do think alike, do we?”
“Yup.” MAK shook his head. Then Kai kissed him on the cheek. “Did you think that was going to happen?”
“Maybe…..”, He kissed her back and give her his jacket to keep warm.
“Thanks.” She said.
“OH SHIT, the others!” MAK asked as he noticed the unconscious girls and Yuan.
“Yeah, we need to wake them up.” Kai said.
“SHEENA!!!” MAK shouted. “JOANNA!!! KATI!!!! Please tell me you guys are alive!”
“YUAN!” He rushed over there to him. “Damn….” He helped him up.
“Ow……” Yuan exclaimed.
“Damn, man. I got you into some shit yet again.” MAK said, “Bro….I’m really sorry that I keep putting your life in danger like this.”
“I know, I know.” Yuan said.
“This is like, what, the second or third time shit like this happened.” MAK said. “I put you and Kati in my bullshit and all and I get you all fucked up and shit.”
“MAK……” Yuan said, “It’s not entirely your fault for the shit that keeps happening. Assholes keep coming at you and…..they know to come where it’ll hurt you the most. Your friends.”
“Oh, that I believe.” MAK said. “Speaking of that, I need to block this nigga from getting out.”
“But with what?” Yuan asked.
Minutes later, they lifted the couch to block the bathroom door.
“There we go.” MAK said.
“Nice and sturdy.” Yuan said.

Kai has gotten Kati woken up.
First thing Kati said, “Oh…..damn it.”
“Kati, you’re up!” Yuan said, “THANK GOD!”
“Holy shit, Yuan!” She noticed him looking beaten up. “Did that fucker Rick did this to you?”
“He did…..although thankfully I got a few hits on him, too.” Yuan said.
“Oh yeah, he did.” MAK said. “I saw him smacking the shit out of Rick.”
“Is Rick still around?”
“He’s knocked out at the moment.” Kai said, “I just hope he’s knocked out for good.”
Then Sheena and Joanna are starting to wake up.
“Oh… head.” Joanna said.
“I think my nose is burning for some reason.” Sheena said.
“JOANNA! SHEENA! You’re awake!” Kai shouted.
“KAI!” Sheena and Joanna shouted. “You…..are mostly topless.”
“Yeah, this is self-explanatory.” Kai said, “But I’m glad both of you are OK.”
“Same here.” MAK said.
“Holy shit, you look tired, MAK.” Sheena said. “You alright, dude?”
“Believe it or not……maybe.” MAK said, “This shit still hurts.”
“Oh, he got you in the head?” Joanna noticed the injury on him. “You’re still alright there, right?”
“Yeah…..wait, why is the couch blocking the bathroom door?” Sheena said.
“I’m blocking that asshole Rick in there.” MAK said, “If anything, the blue leaf should be out of him soon.”

On the spur of the moment, Leon busted in the room to see what was going on.
“FREEZE!!” Leon shouted, “Or not…..I missed something?”
“Officer Garret!” Yuan said. “We got him locked in that room.”
“So all of you got him handled?” Leon asked.
“Pretty much.” MAK said.
“KAI!!! MAK!!!” Another person shouted that coming up here and it was Cyan and Seiki coming up.
“CYAN!” Kai shouted.
“You’re still alive!! BOTH OF YOU! Oh, thank you!” Cyan said, hugging Kai and MAK.

“OW.” MAK said, “Yeah, that still hurts. Rick was rougher than a motherfucker on me.”
“Damn….” Seiki said, “He did a number on you, did he?”
“He had blue leaf in his system.” MAK said, “He was just as quick and powerful as me and he wasn’t fucking around this time. He wanted to kill my ass along with everybody else.”
“Where is he now?” Seiki asked.
“Locked in that bathroom with the couch barricaded.” Kai said, “And we’re keeping his ass in there until the blue leaf runs out for him.”
“And hopefully it should be soon.” MAK said, “If not, we are beating his ass hard!!”

“OH, REALLY!?” Then Rick re-appears behind him. “Yeah, I heard all of your conservation and well, you’re right. I’m about to run out of Blue Leaf soon but I know when I do, it’s going to be on beating the shit out of you and your people!!”
He went in for the first punch to MAK but Leon blocked it and sucker punched him back.

“Oh, so the other agent is going to ‘kick’ my ass, isn’t he?” Rick said, “Welp, if I get to kick both your asses today, then so be it!”
MAK grabbed a broken table leg and swung it against Rick’s rib cage.
“OOOHH!!!!” Rick screamed. “You dirty motherfucker!!”
“Said by the other dirty motherfucker!” MAK bellowed and then swung at him again in the face.
Rick then bum rushed him to the TV then one punch came from Leon to the right, given Rick a black eye.

MAK then stunned his legs and phased-punch him in the stomach.
Rick then tried to throw more punches but MAK kept ducking and dodging his moves. He even got the same broken table leg to break his elbow.
“OOWWW!!!” Rick screamed and then Leon threw him to the ceiling and let him drop.
“OK, fuck this.” Rick said. He got up and stab Leon in the ankle and tripped him down to elbow him in the chest.
He grabbed MAK and threw him to the wall and he kept slamming him and slamming him until the wall was cracking.

MAK sees a gun on the floor and directly goes for it but Rick stomped on his hand and kicks him again. Then Leon jumps on him, turning into his metal Hybrid form, weighing him down and even heating him up.
“AAAHHH!!! Get the fuck off me!” Rick shouted, shooting Leon in the shoulder and that lead to MAK high-kicking him in the face.
“FUCKING–” He then pistol-whipped MAK and kicked him again to the wall and he smashed a mug on Leon’s head, having both of them go down.

“You pitiful niggas!” Rick said, “This is the best you got? Some overzealous Faction officer that’s about as naïve as Yubari? And this motherfucker who seems to always get lucky with whatever comes his way?”
He then walk towards the girls and Yuan. “You ran out of options. You know after this, I’m definitely killing ALL OF YOU!!!! And so….” He raised his two guns at them. “I believe you’re at the end of the line…..”

Shots were made……..but it turns out……..
“What the fuck?” The shots made were towards him. He has two bullets lodged into him and he looked to see what it came from and it was from Collins.
“Holy shit, how did you get here?” Rick said.
“I knew somebody was going to need my help.” Collins said.
Rick then collapse down to his knees and dropping his guns in defeat but unknown to Collins…
“Catch, BITCH!!” Rick threw a light grenade at Collins and he had to duck out of the way before it exploded. It did that while impairing his vision at his right eye.
“AAH!” Collins yelled.
“Yo, bitch!” RIck screamed. “Yeah, since you didn’t know, I’m under the influence of Blue Leaf and regular bullets don’t affect me so much. You got nothing left and soon I’m definitely killing you along with them and maybe your boyfriend back home, too.”
“Except you forgot one thing….” Collins said. He got something in his hands and it was a Red Mist bullet.
“You damn……How did you…..”
MAK then got up, phased where Rick is at and got the real gun and at point blank, *bang!*…..just shot him directly in the chest.

“You motherfucker……” As Rick said his last words before he falls dead to the ground.
“And for the record, you ran out of Blue Leaf the moment Collins shot you…..” MAK said. “And Red Mist in the heart can definitely kill you.”

MAK also dropped to the ground, feeling tired as well.
“Ow…….” He said, pulling some glass out of his back.

“Hey.” Collins said giving MAK a hand up, “I see you gave a hell of a fight. You really need someone to tend your injuries.”
“Yeah…I do.” MAK said, “But thanks for saving our asses back there. It’s good to know the Faction actually trust a person like me.”
“Oh, we believe you alright.” Leon said as he got up and groan from the pain. “I just wish the pain wasn’t this bad.”
“Is everyone here present and alive?” Collins shouted.
All of them gathered saying that are alive and well.
Before they leave, MAK took one last look at Rick’s corpse. “Well, well, well… thought you was going to end my life and my people. Guess you fucked up on that, did you?”
“MAK……” Kai said, “You don’t need to waste your time with him anymore. You won… actually won the war.”
“Yeah…” He said, “You’re right. My hatred of them has died with them. Besides I have someone worthy of my time than they are.”
Then he kissed Kai on the cheek.
Kai blushed with a smile, “Come on, let’s get out of here.” And she along with Cyan helped MAK walked out of there along with everybody else.

Back on watch again at a holding area, Tomoki opened up the following question to Cassie and Nyoko, “So…….up to a scale of 1 to 10, how fucked are we?”
“11.” Nyoko said. “We are beyond fucked at this point.”
“So I’m getting a lifetime worth of jail?” Cassie asked. “Great. More bullshit piling on the crap sundae that is my life.”
“Please don’t make me hate ice cream.” Nyoko said, “This is more of a crap falafel. No, wait, hoagie. I hate those more. Oh, and my damn leg!!! AAHH!!”

Loyuka came back with some news. “Uh, guys…….”
“Oh no….” Tomoki said, “What happened?”
“Well……the Wolf Clan is arriving in a few minutes.” She said. “They are thinking some dire punishments for all of you.”
“FUCK!” All 3 of them shouted.
“This confirms it.” Nyoko said, “Nothing is going to miraculously save us.”

Then Leon and Collins with Cyan and Seiki immediately came in the holding area, trying to get the girls.
“Excuse me, you seen 3 girls locked up in there?” Collins asked.
“HEY!!!” Loyuka shouted as she saw them, “How everything went down there?”
That was followed by MAK and crew coming in, while he was limping from the beating.
“Well, they’re alive.” Collins said.
“OH, Damn.” Loyuka said.
“That sounds about right.” MAK said, “OW! This shit hurts.”
“MAK! KAI!” Tomoki said, “You’re alive!”
“MAkky! Kai-Kai!” Cassie shouted. “Thank Goodness! You two alright?”

MAK holds a wallet up in the air, “Well…….if you wonder the absence of Rick and Dice, you know who to thank or blame for that.” He threw it to the ground.
“And for me…..” Kai said as she’s about to say something, “…Shin Endo isn’t going to be a problem anymore.”
“She shot him,” Sheena said, “And MAK shot them, too.”
“OK, basically that.” Kai said. “Point is, we just killed our enemies…..a feeling I’ve never personally felt before.”
“Wait, didn’t you help kill Ramsey with us?” Tomoki asked.
“I think that was me.” Cassie said. “I don’t know. It felt like a blur back then.”
“Wait….why are you two in here?” MAK said, “And why is Nyoko in there with you?”
Nyoko explained the whole situation. “They arrested me because I assist them to break out of their prison cells. The Wolf Clan is probably on their way right now, deciding what punishment they’re giving me……I already went through seeing my sister get killed by fucking Miki Maeda…and them injuring my leg and now….” Nyoko looked like she was going to cry all over again.

“Oh damn, that’s right…..” MAK said. “Nyoko, I’m very sorry that shit happened to you. We swear we’ll fuck up her like I did those other two dickheads.”
“MAK…..that’s very gallant of you to do.” Nyoko said, “But we were pretty much fucked considering Maeda is going to that ho—OH NO! OH NO!!!!! They’re going to that hospital! They said that the Darksiders are there along with Gina, Lial, Laila and Sayuri!! They’re going to kill them!!!”
“Man, not if we do something about it.” MAK said, “We’re getting you 3 out and we’re ending this!!”
“WHOA!! The hell are you doing?” One officer got up to him as they were getting them out.
“They’re getting an early release.” Leon said, “Pardon by me and Officer Collins.”
“First off, you can’t do that without permission from a higher-up!” He shouted at them. “Who’s going to pardon them out?”

Sei then got up his face and said, “Me. Those three have a more dangerous criminal to capture by any means necessary.”
“The WOLF CLAN will be here any minute!” he said.
“Let them wait.” She said as her and the rest of them leave post haste to the hospital.
“AAH!” Nyoko said, “My leg……it still hurts from being shot by that STILL Bullet.”
“Well, we know they got the antidote to that.” Kati said, “We can get it from there.”
“Good idea.” Nyoko said, “The sooner, the better.”
“LET’S GET IT!” MAK shouted

“So, how do you plan on unlocking this?” Lial said to Rolo. “It says we need to crack the password to this.”
“Don’t worry. I got something for it.” Rolo got out his laptop and get into his hacking program.
“Well, holy shit.” Gina said. “So how do we get this shit open?”
Rolo chuckled with a sly smile, “Glad you asked.” He got the program open and went on to decode the device.
“Hmmmm…..this looks like something that could take 5 minutes to crack.” Rolo said, “How much of a window we got to get this?”
“How about 1 minute?” Lial asked, “Because I hear footsteps coming from the right way.”
“QUICK! HIDE THAT SHIT!!” Gina said.

“Hello? Dr. Mange!?” The nurse shouted.
“YES?!” As Lial hams up the British accent. “Any problems, miss?”
“Uh, I think one of your guys are in some trouble because I hear a bunch of clanging noises in there.”
“Noises?” Lial asked.

“FUCK!!!!” Lex shouted, using a tray as a shield. “How the hell you get in here?!”
Aka is also busy blocking hits from the other assailant.
“And who the hell are they!?!?!”

Aka kicked one of them out of the room. However, they threw a fireball at her but Aka jumped out of the way before the flames got to her.

“HEY!” Murasaki shouted, “What the fuck is going on!?”
Then Miki shows up in the window. “Oh, you know what’s about to pop.”
“Maeda!” Lex said. “You bitch!”
“Yeah, don’t wear it out.” As she punches Lex and goes straight to Murasaki’s neck.
“Ah, I see you’re the mascot girl of the Darksiders.” Miki said, “You’re Iki…EKE…AKA! That’s it! Aka’s little sister and also you fuck that other girl that’s not the blue-haired crazy one.”
“LET HER GO, BITCH!” Aka screamed.
“Well, I could….” Miki then smashed a window and got Murasaki dangling from there. “You never said where I drop her.”
“HELP!!” Murasaki shouted. “AKA!!!”
All of a sudden, Nola came barging in the door, shooting and killing the other two guys with all the strength she can muster.
“You motherfucker!!!” As Nola aimed the gun straight towards Miki but she still couldn’t move from the STILL Bullet effect in her.
“Awww, can’t get yourself up?” Miki taunted her, “Well, that’s a bummer considering I’m just going to drop your friend down, down, down!”
“GET OFF ME!” She kicked her off while Murasaki tries to hang on and get back up. “AAAAHHH! Oh, HELP!!!”
Aka phased to the window and got Murasaki out of there. Then Miki fired a gun at Aka.
“AAAH!!!” And worst case of it all, it was a STILL Bullet.
“AKA!” Murasaki shouted.
Miki got the gun aimed at her. “You know, the next one is going to be used for you….”
“Like HELL!!” Lex jumped in the air to attack Miki. “Run, Saki!!!”
Miki punched him in the stomach while Saki ran to the next room to warn Sayuri and Laila.

“SAYURI!! LAILA!” Murasaki shouted as she barges in the door. “Miki is here!! She’s here!!!”
“Aww, way to blow the surprise!!” And then there was Reiko/Kikyo beside her.
“RUN!!” However, Reiko/Keiko grabbed her before she can get near the door. “Get off me!”
“You mind?” Kikyo said, “I’m here to see a family member.” She then head-butted and knocked out Murasaki.
“Dear little sister…..I missed you so much.” She kicked the door open, trying to search for Sayuri and Laila but as it turns out….both of them weren’t in there. In fact, no one was in there.

“You think she won’t suspect a thing?” As it turns out Sayuri and Laila moved into the next room with the other guys.
“My guess is that Murasaki got them fooled.” Nanashi said, “Although I bet she might have to take a punch for that.”
“Ssshh!!” Laila quieted them down so they won’t look into the next room.”
“HUMMINGBIRD!!” Kikyo said. “I’m gonna find you and that Matsuda bitch!!”
She exits the room, seeing a passed-out Murasaki near and then comes Nola struggling to walk towards her.
“HEY! HEY!!” Kikyo said, “Where are the others?”
“Fuck you!” Nola said.
“No, fuck you!” Kikyo shouted, “Tell me now or…..” She grabs Murasaki and puts the gun against her temple.
“I’ll shoot her and I know you don’t want your girl’s brains flying out of her head.”

“Bitch, you don’t have t–”
Kikyo then raised her gun, shooting in the air and puts it back to her temple. “I don’t have the balls? Well, literally, I don’t but you…’re the same. Now TELL ME!!! Or else!!”
“Nola…..please don’t tell.” Murasaki said.
“Saki…….no……” Nola tearfully said. “I don’t want to lose you!”
“I’m not losing you, too!” Murasaki screamed.
“Tick tock, bitch!” Kikyo said.
“KIKYO!” Miki shouted as she drags Laila and Sayuri out. “No worries! I got them!” She kicks Sayuri to her and let go of Murasaki.
“We already got your two leaders down for the count.” Miki said, “And now I see all of you Darksiders here, ready to meet your end.”
Kikyo had to reiterate her on something, “Um, Miki? We’re missing one.”
“Wait, who?” Miki said. “Oh yeah…..the nerdy one. You have any ideas where he’s at?”
“No!” Sayuri said, “And even if we did, we wouldn’t tell you!”
“Now do you want to get hurt again, little girl?” Miki said, “Because I can make it happen.”
Laila was about to throttle Miki but Kikyo has her blocked. “Nice try.”
“Well, I guess if you don’t know or you do but your ass isn’t telling me then….” Miki got out her pistol and her trigger finger is itching to shoot her. “Then I guess you’re going to be another gravestone in the Matsuda family.”

Then, someone grabbed Miki from beyond, slamming her to the wall and punching her in the chest.
“Who the hell was that?!” Kikyo shouted.
All dressed in cool black diamond hard skin, it was Sei forming back to her human form. “You lay your hand on my sister……your ass is going to regret it.”
“SEI!” Sayuri shouted as she ran close to her.
“Something told me you needed help.” Sei said, “I got my ass here ASAP!”

Miki got back up with two pistols aimed deliberately for Sayuri. “You think you’re going to survive here? Like she’s your last resort? You might as well plan your funeral right now.”
“Who says I’m here alone?” Sei said with a smug face. “A-YO!!”

Then from every entry way, the arrivals of allies were coming.
From the left, here comes Kati and Yuan. “Ready to kick your ass, bitch.”
The second left has Cyan, Seiki, Sheena and Joanna aimed directly for Miki. “You’re not going to get away with this.”
At the right, Leon, Collins, MAK and Kai are located. “Surprise to see you again, Miki, and nice eye-patch. You might need another one when I’m through with you.”
And at the final corner, there’s Tomoki, Cassie, Loyuka & Nyoko. “This is your last stand, Miki. You’ve done enough damage to our friends and now……you are going to pay the price.”

“So……all of you against me……this big crowd, about 14 of you fuckers…..” Miki said. “Well then…..I suggest you motherfuckers prepare yourselves.”
Then out of the blue, a swarm of masked subordinates came to Miki’s assistance. “You see I got help, too, and I’m 100% sure that your asses will be grass once I’m through with you!”

“MAK…..” Kai whispered, “You think we got this?”
“Baby, I have never been so sure in my life until this moment.” MAK said.

“Well?” Miki said.
“BRING IT, BITCH!!” MAK shouted as he fired off a shot in the air.



“Got any last words to say, bitch?”

“Your ass is mine!!”

“I’m not even sure if we got a future for us.”


“The Faction will never be the same after this. This could rival the Grand H War.”


©2016 KATANAPlus+ / The Faction Project. All Rights Reserved.

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