AURA FACTION: Story 1 / Welcome to The Faction

WARNING: The following written material that you’re about to read may contain acts of violence, graphic language, and sexual content. This is meant only for MATURE AUDIENCES. Reader Discretion is advised.

In this day and age, there’s no doubt that discrimination still exists but no one in this world gets it worse than Hybrids. Since the existence of Hybrids, they’ve garnered many unique and special powers as long as they are skillful and careful of it as when they are exposed of that to the world, it spells danger and doom for them as they are people that want that power for many, many devious reasons, even for the ones that vowed to protect them.


In a rainy dark night, there are two people rapidly running for something or someone. One guy with a pistol was shooting at this gang trying to get to this girl whom he was protecting.

“JUST KEEP RUNNING!!! I distract them, OK?” the guy said as the girl shook her head in a panic as she continued running and he pulled out some smoke bombs to throw them off the trail but unfortunately, they ran into a dead end. “Oh, fuck!! We’re trapped!!” she screamed, “Please, I could get you out of here and just let them take me!! I don’t want you to get hur—“

But the guy interrupted her, grab a hold of her and said, “I’m not going to let those assholes take advantage of you and your power. You deserve better than that, Nana, and don’t worry about me because to be honest, I could care less about me right now.”

They heard them coming right away and as Nana tries to save both her and the guy, her hybrid power stop halfway through and they are still stuck and it might be too late for them. “You thought you was going to run away from us, did you, bitch…….Oh, and I see you’re tapped out of your power?” One guy began to pull a switchblade from his pocket but the guy quickly shot the guy’s hand and pistol-whip the other guy. “NANA, RUN!!” But soon, the guy ended up with a shiv in the side of the stomach as he bleeds profusely but then he got kicked while he’s down and continued to be stabbed.

Nana tries to inject some Blue Leaf into her but it seems that already ran out of it but it was no use. The guy was losing blood as he tries to crawl towards her and with his last breath, he said to her, “I’m sorry, Nana. “ But then he took a bullet to the back of the head and then died. Nana gazed in fear of her friend’s death and the fact they were going to capture her and do God knows what.

“Well…..grab the bitch!!!” They manhandled her, duct taped her mouth and tie her down and put her in the trunk of the car. “Too bad about your little friend there. Maybe if you should’ve use that power to save him instead of doing your foolish Hybrid shit……he would still be here,” as he said that to a tied-up Nana and continued with, “But the only thing you got to worry is whether your clothes will still be on…..if you’re alive by tomorrow, that is.” That last comment really got to her as they close the trunk on her and drove away.

Aura Faction Story



A special crime unit called The Faction has arrived to the crime scene as they are quick to act on the situation before the main authorities get to them. They are the ones that do Hybrid/Human related crimes but keep it confidential from the public.

“Oh my god….” A woman said as she was examining the crime scene, “This poor kid. Hey, Jiro!!”

“Yeah, Jin?” he said to her and then Jin said, “We got another case of human protecting a hybrid being, only the human lost and that hybrid is now either captured or presumably dead.”

Jiro shook his head in distraught and irritation as he said, “So, more people are going to blame Hybrids for a death of another human and how we are not in control of our powers and all that shit. Because I know this whole routine of how it’s done.”

Also, the two examiners are the main heads of the Faction, Jin and Jiro Matsuda, both of whom are brother and sister. They have a small but sizeable group of their best offenders, officers, and covert fighters, both hybrid and human, in their roster. “So what’s the kid’s name?” Jiro said.

“Wait, wait, I’m getting an ID on him.” She got her insta-identifier on her person. “OK, the man’s name is Psymon Martinez. Age 26. Graduated with honors at South Eastin City University. Damn, this kid’s a fucking genius. Why he end up in such a mess like this?”

“Crime don’t give a fuck if you’re book smart. You need to know your way in these streets or just any street in order to survive,” Jiro said. “Much like we did back in your days.”

Then a tall and assertive woman came into the crime with Jin & Jiro, “You mean back in the days when you didn’t have such a gut on you, Jiro? I mean, you did manage to let yourself go after what? 2? 3? 6 years?” Enter Sei Goto, second lieutenant and advisor of The Faction. Jiro then sighed with much irritation at that remark. “I can’t get a ‘Hello, Jiro; nice to see you; how’s your life?’ anymore. Fuck, Sei, you wish to annoy me that much?”

“Well…….yes.” Sei said, “Besides me giving you a flak of shit helps you do better in life, which your younger sister really needs, now that you think about it.” Jin took notice of that and said, “What?!?! You mean, Sayuri hasn’t gotten her ass out of bed yet?”

“Nope”, Sei said.

“Goddammit.” Jin said, “I’ll get on her when she…well, eventually, wakes up. So who’s going to investigate on this Martinez case and the kidnapped girl?”

Jiro then thought of who to get on it, despite them getting through with another job they did but the others are not sure about them being on it. Sei then give her thoughts about that and said, “Jiro, you sure they’re capable of this? I mean, yeah, they are fuckin’ good at what they do, especially the lead and ever since that incident—“

“Sei!” Jin said, “We all know that unfortunate (you-know-what) but it’s been a few years ago and she was been back on her feet since. Hell, she and her crew was in Parish Heights earlier this year, even after that incident.” Jiro then said, “So should we call her anyway?” And all three then decided to call her.


The cell phone rings as the caller was working out with a punching bag and doing roundhouse kicks to it.

“Hello?” she said.

“Miayama? You there?” Jin said.

The caller in question is Tomoki Miayama aka The Midori Hybrid and she happens to be the lead of the Faction’s top squad, Aura. “Ms. Matsuda, I thought this was supposed to be a week off for me. I think I’m still sore from that fight.”

Sei overheard what Tomoki said and added, “Wow, already she’s thinking of turning this one down.”

“Let me guess, is Goto there?” Tomoki suspected, “I can sense the bitchiness even when I’m not there.”

“OK…….” Jin said awkwardly as Tomoki was changing out of her workout was filling her in on the job, “This is just a simple search and rescue mission. It’s about a young Hybrid girl. Her name is Natalia Maizumi but most call her Nana and she’s being kidnapped and so far, her significant other, Psymon Martinez, is found dead, being shot up and stabbed. We already made sure the main authorities didn’t get a wind of this but you and your crew need to find that girl alive and anything else……it’s your call.”

“I’m sending out the job specs for you. Does this quite interest you, Midori?” Jin said.

“Alright. I’ll do the job.” Tomoki acceptingly said.

“OK, I’ll give her that.” Sei said and then she grabbed the phone to talk to her in a snappy tone, “Well, Miayama, you manage to prove me wrong on that.”

“Gee, thanks, Goto.” Tomoki said sarcastically. “Now is there anything else I need to know?”
Jiro got in on the conversation, “Well, you need to get your crew together. Y’know, Zaki and Lyles?”

“Yes, I’m going to get Loyuka and Cassie with me but since this is also a human crime, I need some assistance on that part, too.” She said.

Jiro then agreed to let her do that, “Alright, you got any people for that? You can’t just get any schmo out of nowhere.”

“You remember the two recruits I got for you?” she said.

“You mean…….” He took a look at the newest hired files to see who, “……..Cyan Niko Barrett and Seiki Dario Argento?”

“Yeah. I think you can trust them…..They did help us out in Parish Heights. I would’ve gotten more recruits but they declined that offer but hey, what’s due is due.” Tomoki said, “OK, later.” She hung up the phone and went on to contact her partners.


Meanwhile at the Faction, there lies a sleeping girl in Jin’s office couch and it was actually her little sister, Sayuri Matsuda. Sayuri comes off as a bit of a slacker, someone who either sleeps throughout the morning or possibly do nothing else later on in the day. Mostly she stays out all night hanging with some friends and she even sometimes shows off her Hybrid powers to her friends as well even though her sister strictly said to never reveal them in public.

“Sayuri.” Jin said as she, Jiro and Sei came in the room. “Sayuri. It is 11:00 AM in the morning. I need to get your ass up. NOW!” Yet Sayuri is not budging and still continues to sleep. “SAYURI!!! WAKE UP, GODDAMMIT!!” She still didn’t hear anything, mostly because she has on ear plugs but Sei had another idea to wake her up.

“Jiro. You can still lift, right?” She asked. “Yeah. Why” Jiro asked.

She then told him to move the couch so she and he can get behind it as they flip the couch and she tumbles out of there and it did woke her up.

“OW!! The fuck, Jiro!!” Sayuri grumbled but she can instantly slapped by Jin. “Never mind him. What the fuck you doing in my office asleep? Don’t you have your own place?”

“Yes, but a few friends of mine are borrowing it to do some serial experiments—-“

“You and your friends, whoever the fuck they are, do some of the stupidest shit and I bet it’s going to be on fire like the last time.” Jin said. “Look, they said that they’ll pay for that when they get the money, besides this is more comfortable here than there, anyway.”

Jiro then sighed at this arguing between Jin and Sayuri, “Look, guys, we got a classified meeting about to happen in 10 minutes. Jin, not everything looks like a mess so it’s not all a disaster. Sayuri, you do need to realize that you can’t always be crashing here. We have a job and a duty to do and so do you since you do work here, too. But at least you’re on time, for once.” Sayuri then looked at all of them, mostly being pouty but it didn’t last as long and she did agreed to straighten things here and for Jin, she compromised, too.

“Fine, Jiro. I’ll straighten up here.” She agrees.

“OK. Good. Luckily you should be done by the time they get here.” Jin said.

Both Jin and Jiro left the room while Sei stay aside with Sayuri. “Need some help?” She asked her and said, “No, I’m fine but thank you anyway, Sei.”

“You know your sister is right about that, Sayuri.” Sei said, “And I’m not saying that just to be stern. You know some Hybrids are killed just because of what we can do and it’s great that you got some friends that think of you fondly but—“

Sayuri had to interrupt her to give her rebuttal. “Sei, you know you and I have been on good terms and unlike my sister, I can’t always stay pissed at you. But I’m 23 years old. I can’t always be watched like a little kid.” Sei then said to her, “Look, I don’t think you’re a little kid but in a few, some serious shit is going to be laid down. This is someone we’ve been trying to capture since the start of this. We’re on a mission, kid. Trying to make a safer place for you, me, Jin, Jiro and any other being. You get what I’m saying?”

“Yes, Sei. I do get it.” Sayuri said with a rushed tone. “Sorry if that sounded like I’m annoyed but I do see the point.”

“All right. Just remember, Sayuri, all of us are a family in here. We got your back and its back to watch your front, too.”

After the clean-up, the crew for the job (Tomoki, Loyuka, Cassie, Cyan & Seiki) finally arrived.

“So… recruits?” Loyuka said. “How you enjoying your stay here? I know it’s different than the one you used to at Parish Heights but it should be—“

“Actually…” Seiki said, “This is actually a better layout for us than before. A better looking studio apartment, the pay is better here, and I don’t have to worry about any crazy officers wanting to shoot me in the leg…..although I did worse to him.“

Cyan said, “Yeah, yeah, but do you still think that no one will suspect that we were a part of that raid?”

“Miss Cyan, for the 20th time, we did everything to cover your and Seiki’s ass.” Loyuka said, “No one knows she’s the one that shot that douchebag detective and also the fact that you had a Hybrid-being in your apartment who had a bounty of his head and that your sister is fu—“

Cyan had to cover her mouth to not make a scene. “Shhh!! Why do you have to mention that? I don’t want anything mentioned bout my sister and MAK in this office. They already got their own shit to deal with back home. Hell, Kai told me their house was under attack when they came back.”

Cassie then interfered, “Cyan, I’m sure that isn’t going to be the issue. Besides, I don’t think we got anything negative to say about Kai and MAK. They are both very sweet and cool people and that bounty of his is long cancelled.” She sighed at Cass, “I hope so. “ But before they went inside, Tomoki stopped and needed to say something to Cyan to reassure her. “Cyan, trust us. Your sister is safe as long as we watch them. I understand your concern. Believe me, we all do but we always keep a sharp look at them one way or another.”

Seiki added in her thoughts, “Cyan, we’ve been partners for like what? Since police training about 5-6 years ago? I have some faith in these guys—“

Cyan said, “I DO, TOO!!” but Seiki continued with, “I know you do.  You’ve just been feeling down the last few days….or possibly since Parish Heights. Is it that?” Cyan didn’t want to say but what did happen there did somewhat traumatize her but some already knew what it was.

“Guys, I’m gonna be fine. What happened in PH is behind me and I’m ready to move on.” Cyan said. “Now I think we need to get inside about the mission.” She then went in the room as the others followed with Cassie asking Tomoki, “Tomoki, you think she’s gonna be fine?” But she started to ponder about that as well. “I hope so, Cass.”

Everyone was settled for the debriefing of the mission as Jin detailed them in on who is the captors. She stated that one of the captors happens to be part of an Anti-Hybrid movement group that’s been terrorizing Hybrid beings and some humans associated with them for the past 6 months. Some robbed them, others beat them senseless but the worst thing they did was both rape and/or murder. The leader of said group is Coren Ramsey, who was nothing but a mere bank accountant but suddenly he now wants “to put all Hybrids at their place” but the thing is… one has ever seen his face. We know of his voice but no one….not the Faction, the Hybrid Bureau, AuraPOL, or even the Royal Hybrid League can find out his identity. A few have tried but died foolishly and most just came back scarred for life and even with half the confidence they had when they got the job.

Sei then brought out blueprints and maps showing where they might be hiding the girl. “OK, I got back from Intel and the guy leading that group that killed Psymon is just named Ichitaka. No last name. Just Ichitaka.” They showed them his picture.

Sayuri said, “Hmmm….he looks like sort of cute.” Jin seemed agitated from that remark. “What? I don’t want to date that guy.”

Sei continued on, “Well, anyway, we plan to infiltrate them after hours as it is their usual hangout spot behind a weapons warehouse, which Ichitaka happens to be friends with and they also supplied him and his crew with some arms as well, probably the same pistol that killed Psymon.”

“Did anyone from Ballistics check the bullet?” Tomoki said.

“Got an update.” Loyuka said. “It was a 9×19 Walther P99 handgun. Purchased from BulletStorm, a guns store which that warehouse keeps most of their merchandise.

“Alright, enough wasting around,” Jin said, “Midori Hybrid, Kineko Fighter (Loyuka), Kuro Okami (Cassie), Barrett & Argento……your mission is to get the girl out of there alive and if you have to take out any of those members, then do what you got to do. Just no casualties. You get me?”

All five said, “Yes, Ma’am!!”

Jiro added in on this, “But most importantly, make sure all five of you get in and out with the girl alive.”
“Got it, Jiro.” Cassie said smilingly.



“Hey, Ramsey!!!” The leader Ichitaka said, “Hey, motherfucker!! I’ve been calling your ass for the past 2 hours. We got cops on our asses now because of they find that dead fuck Psymon.” As Coren Ramsey stood there being yelled at by Ichitaka, he didn’t finch nor tend to look pissed off but in his mind, he was getting tired of this petty arguing.

“Ummm……didn’t your dumb ass left him there dead after you shot him? I’m sure that was your fault right there.” Ramsey said.

One crew member said, “You supposed to be the one to clean up, not us.”

However, that remark got that guy into a chokehold by Ramsey. “Well, don’t you look stupid right now?” And then he threw him across the room, despite the fact that Ramsey is a human. “Now without any stupid bullshit, is the girl still in there….alive?”

“YES!!” Ichitaka yelled. “We didn’t screw that up just so you know!!! All we did was just question her about her powers, what she can do, and if she’s fucking that Psymon guy but she doesn’t respond. She kept silent ever since we got her. We need to rough her ass up!!”

“NO, YOU JACKASS!!”  Ramsey said, “You think fucking her up is gonna make her talk?!?! Think about it!!! Hybrids won’t give up info like that!! Some of them will keep that secret to the grave!!! And why do you want to know if she fucked him? Get your priorities straight, fool.”

So Ramsey, Ichitaka, and two other guys (that the audience probably don’t give a fuck about) went into the room they got Nana Maizumi stored in. They open the door and what they see is her looking like life just beat her down since Psymon’s death and luckily no one tried to fuck with her…..yet. Nana was about to utter something at them although they couldn’t barely hear it.

“A—A—As—Ass—ass,” she said.

“What?” Ichitaki said. She repeated the same phrase and then she cried out, “ASSHOLES!!!!”

“YOU SONS OF BITCHES!! YOU MARAUDING MOTHERFUCKERS!! You……goddamn bastards!” Then she cried in tears and sorrow, damning the ones who did this to her.

“Oh, now you wanna talk!!” Ichitaka said in a smug way.

“PISS OFF, you stupid fuck!!” Then she spits in his face.

“You little bitch!!” He reacted by punching and slapping her in the face and he wanted to continue but Ramsey held him off and said, “Hey, moron, subtle much?”

“You can fuck off, too!! I know of you, Coren Ramsey, you piece of shit. Your minions hunt down any innocent Hybrid beings and do whatever cruel thing to them!!! You give decent human like Psymon beings a bad name.” She starts to tear up again.

“Well, maybe if you Hybrids learn to control your fucking powers, I wouldn’t have to do that shit.” Ramsey said, “We’re all the same. You want to be treated better because you’re fucking special while most of you makes it all worse for yourself!!!”

“That’s not TRUE!!” she said. “Oh really?” He questioned and soon he brought out the big screens to showcase what he’s talking about. “You think Hybrids are the only pure innocents? You think your kind is mistreated with misery and woe?” He showed a clip of a human kid being robbed by a group of Hybrids and then being stabbed at them and a clip of a tall, big-build Hybrid-being having a violent domestic dispute against his human wife, with her saying, “Get that glowing freak away from me!!!” before they ended up shooting him and then there’s a security clip of a grocery store where two bounty hunters were being attacked by two hybrids; one a half wolf/half angel & the other half lynx/half devil and mentioned that they were in the hospital for that.

“All of us aren’t exactly that innocent, baby girl!!” Ramsey said. “You think we’re any different?”

“Exactly, bitch!!” Ichitaka said as he slapped her once more, “And if you think someone coming to rescue you, you’re shit out of luck and even if someone does try to, we’re gonna ice them off…….just like we did to your bitch boyfriend Psymon.” But then she free her knees to knee him in the groin and tried to run out of there but unfortunately those two other guys grabbed her and inject her something that resembles Red Mist but isn’t and she instantly drift off to sleep. “This time, put some chains on her.” Ramsey said. “Now, you…..Ichitaka… soon as I get some info on this girl….you can do whatever the fuck you want with her.” Ichitaka gave a slimy grin at that remark, meaning he would do what you think he might do. “Aye-Aye, sir.” And soon after that, Ramsey left the premises.

“TAKA!! I think that bitch tried to kill me even though she’s unconscious,” One of the goons said. “Man, I’m about to get sick of this pink-haired bitch.” But Ichitaka soon them a text he just received from Ramsey saying that as soon as he finds info on her, they can kill her. “OK, good. At least that guy is useful for something.”


The 5 girls went to find the location of the warehouse and where they’re keeping Nana at and after asking a few questions to some (mostly shady) people, especially from this pimp by the name of Jolly Rancher.

“The fuck where 5 lovely ladies doing at this time of night?” He said, even though it’s only 8:00. “You know, bad shit tends to go down right around this area…….unless you wanna appeal to ol’ Jolly Rancher.” As he said when he smiled with a gold tooth and his breath that stinks of pork skins and beer and the ladies, especially Seiki, was getting annoyed with him.

“Um…..excuse me, Mr. Ranch—“, Cassie said.

“That’s Jolly Rancher. No mister bullshit….my little furry wolf girl.” He said to Cassie as he felt her tail for a bit, which did flustered her and Tomoki, for some reason. Then she grab his hand from feeling her up and said, “Look, we got no time for you to undress us with your eyes.”

“Well, preferably, I rather undress you by hand, but you’d be the first one, cutie.” He said as he was referring to Tomoki, who was disgusted by him at that moment, not that she was before.

“Aye, Jolly Rancher…..we need to know where the BulletStorm warehouse is located at.” Cyan assertively said, “We got a…meeting to attend there.”

“Oh, really?” Jolly Rancher questioned. “You five bitches…have a meeting….in that warehouse with those crazy ass boys down there? Then again, I guess you must be the daily group of hoes they get—“ After that word is uttered, both Loyuka and Seiki were really pissed and Loyuka went to choke Jolly Rancher. “OK, Now and Later, I had enough of this shit!!! Just tell us where that warehouse is!!!”

“OW!! Come on, baby, I swear I don’t know. I don’t be messing with them motherfuckers!! They too crazy for me!!” He said as he fears for his life but Seiki really had the last of his words and threaten him with not one, but two pistols to his face and said, “Look, I’m not afraid to shoot a motherfucker in the face, and in this case, I really feel like shooting you right now unless you can tell me where that warehouse is at……..and if not, I’m gonna shoot your Butterfingers off and then stomp on your Milk Duds and play Candy Crush on your ass!!!! NOW SAY THE PLACE!!!” Jolly Rancher and to an extent, the girls (except Loyuka) was pretty frightened at the sight of Seiki. “OK, OK, OK!!! *with scared panting* the warehouse is at 130 Kozlowski Rd, just after you pass the Tarantula Palace, that rundown strip club at Johnson Blvd. and Cobb Liquors. They got some big muscley-looking motherfuckers guarding the front and back, they’re dumb as fuck but they can kill some people and you know they just aren’t going to let you in there alive.”

Seiki got the pistols (well, one of them) out of his face and Loyuka then said to him, “Thanks for the info, Skittles, but I know we can take them on. Right, ladies?” They did responded half-heartedly although Cyan went to give Faction HQ the info about the warehouse and have them set to arrive there.

“Yeah, sure, don’t sweat it.” That line was from Seiki.

“Wow. How enthusiastic of you, Seiki,” Loyuka said, “Although you did that better than the rest….”

“HEY!!!” Cassie said, “Starburst—“

“It’s JOLLY RANCHER, BITCH!!!” He yelled.

“LIKE I GIVE A SHIT!!!– felt up my tail for fuck’s sake! I don’t want those guys to do the same!”

But then Tomoki went to calm down Cassie about that moment and tries to reassure her that anything like this isn’t going to happen. “Cass, you got to stop worrying about that.  We handle worst guys than the ones we’re going after.”

“I know, Moki, I know…..” she said, “It’s just that….when he—I mean, did that to me—It just reminded me of….. Well, you know.”

Tomoki knew what Cassie was talking about, mostly something that happened way back before The Faction existed that really affected her personally. “It’s been about 9 years since that whole thing happened. I know you just can’t get over it and I would never say that to you but I can assure you it will not happen again….Loyuka has your back, Cyan and Seiki has your back and I got your back. And you? You just need to watch your front. All right?” She said with a wink and a smile.

“All right, Moki.” The two then shared a long hug while Cyan just got the coordinates to the Warehouse. “Guys, we gotta roll. I just got urgent news that they might kill the girl in a few hours. We need to get there immediately. “

And so without wasting more time, they raced their way against time to get to the Warehouse and while that’s happening, Ichitaka and the guys were being entertained by strippers from the Tarantula Palace as they were on loan from the owner. Now that element might throw a monkey wrench into the girls’ infiltration plan but fortunately they did thought of a plan; however, it was going to involve Cyan and Seiki and some skimpy clothing.

“You saying we have to go inside, pretend we’re one of those strippers from the Tarantula Palace while you three are in your animal forms scoping the place, knocking out the guards, and get the girl out of there without them suspecting a thing?” Cyan questioned.

“YEP!!” Loyuka, Cassie & Tomoki said.

“But we have to be the ones to look like semi-ratchet bitches?” Seiki said.

“Come on,” Tomoki said, “You’re not semi-ratchet……you’re just feisty and violent. Well, Seiki is but Cyan……you’re mostly mysterious and you do resemble to look like Kai a bit.”

“Wow that makes me feel better.” She said sarcastically.

“What? That isn’t a bad thing!! Both you and Kai look very gorgeous. Hell, I think or know that MAK and her—“But Cyan interrupted her before Tomoki can blab out that part that most of them knows. “OK, I won’t say it.”

“Everyone, get in your positions!” Loyuka said, “We got to save that girl and get her out of there alive and as soon we get the girl, we call in the cavalry to arrest these guys and bingo!”


Into the warehouse, Cyan and Seiki was at the back entrance and one of the guys questioned them, “Hey, you from the Palace?” Both Seiki and Cyan said to him, “We’re new!!” and Cyan went along with that, “Yeah, we’re newcomers from Eastin City and we heard the pay and tips were good here, so me and my partner over there decided to jump on this offer.)

The bouncer seem suspicious of them and then he decided to ask them this, “You two do any special dances? Lapdances? Anything involving you two kissing, touching, fucking, all of the above?”

Cyan wide-eyed at that but Seiki then said, “We do all of the above!”

“We do?” Cyan stupidly asked. “OW! — Oh, I mean, yeah, we do all that stuff. We’re very experimental with how we arouse you gentlemen.” The bouncer was so far pleased with what they said, “Hmmm, Taka might like you two.”

“Hey, get lost, you fucking CAT!!” He said as he threw an empty beer bottle at a yellow cat, where oddly enough, it landed near a black wolf that wanted to be cuddled by a panda. “Wow, this city is fucking weird. Anyway, you girls can come on here and show the guys what you working with.”

That yellow cat that got hit just happens to be Loyuka. “That damn asshole. Shit, that hurts and he does have a point about you two.”

“What?” Cassie said, “I liked to be cuddled. There’s nothing wrong with that and we needed to be inconspicuous.”

“YOU’RE A WOLF BEING HUGGLED BY A PANDA!” Loyuka said. “How is that normal?”

“Hey, the girl likes being huggled.” Tomoki said.

Meanwhile inside the warehouse, the bouncer brought in Cyan and Seiki to the guys for them to dance and distract them. “Yo, Ichitaka!! We got us some brand new strippers for us. Introduce yourself, ladies!!”

“So you ladies are new? I haven’t seen you around here before.” Ichitaka said. “Yeah, neither have we.” One of the dancers/strippers said, “Did Tony just hired you two today? Can y’all even dance?”

“Yeah,” another stripper said, “I get the redhead though but the other one……she looks timid as fuck.”

“Um, new girls….wait, what the hell are your names?” Ichitaka said, “You got names, don’t you?”

Seiki chose her name to be “Red Velvet” and Cyan chose her fake name to be “Caprice”.

“Wait, Caprice? Your damn fake name is Caprice? That sounds more whorey then Mercedes.” Seiki thought. “At least I didn’t name myself after a type of cake! Red velvet?” Cyan also thought.

Then Ichitaka give them the get-go for everyone, “OK, Red Velvet and Caprice. You two look like some sexy-ass girls but like the others, you got to dance for us privately, just you two while I watch. Everyone else can have the other girls. Get me?”

And for that, Cyan gave the girls outside the signal to get inside to get Nana out of there alive.

“All right, they’re in.” Loyuka said.

“Good,” Tomoki said, “I can change back into human form.”

So they went to see if the coast is clear for them to seek into one of the windows without one of the guys noticing, although Cassie did yelped when she got from the window into the room. “Ow.”

“Could you be any louder?” Loyuka said. “Well, excuse me for knowing my ass hurt from that.” Cassie said.

“Will you two shut up?” Tomoki said, “We need to carefully check every room to find the girl and as long as Cyan and Seiki got them distracted, we won’t get caught.” They went to check every room in the nearest area to find the girl but so far no luck and there was some close calls when Cassie accidentally walked in on a stripper giving head to a gang member in the green room and Tomoki was almost spotted by somebody looking for more rum. They looked around every corridor in the building and there was no sign of her.

“Dammit, they hid her ass pretty well.” Loyuka said. “I don’t even know if the girl’s still alive.”

“Yuka, you know that girl is still alive somewhere.” Cassie said, “It’s just very difficult to find her as of now.”

Meanwhile, Cyan and Seiki kept entertaining Ichitaka with them doing a striptease for him. “Hmm, you ladies got some nice fucking bodies, especially you, Caprice. You got that ass going on there, girl.”

“Thanks.” She nervously said.

“Yeah, Caprice does have that in the family….” Seiki brought her to the side, “Why in the FUCK are you so nervous? You did this shit before. What’s so different about this time?”

“Um, girls? You got a problem there?” Ichitaka said.

“It’s just a little problem, it’ll be done in a bit.” Seiki said.

“Look, if you want to know, this is still about Parish Heights.” Cyan said. Seiki sighs at that remark but Cyan went on to continue her explanation. “I know, I know. I said about it too much but while I was confident about this mission, it kept coming back. How I fucked up and I almost died from that and you know that my dad was shot on the job and how my mom and Kai worried about that.”

“Cyan….”she said silently, “Look, I understand if you’re a bit frantic from that and I admit, I was, too. Hell, I got shot in the knee and that really hurt like hell.”

“Yo, Red Velvet, Caprice… still talking or you still gonna do that special thing?” Ichitaka said as he is really getting impatient. “OK, Caprice is gonna go to the restroom to freshen a little but I’ll keep you entertained for a while.” Seiki said to him as she really wanted Cyan to check on the others about finding the girl but as she went there, she heard a slight voice somewhere. It wasn’t in the restroom or any of the rooms next to them but it was directly close.

“Help me!” a scared voice said as it came from under the floorboards and as it turns out it was Nana, she was hidden under the floor this whole time. “Hello. You there?” Cyan said.

“Yes!! Please…” Nana said, “Get me outta here!! These men are going to kill me!!”

“OK! OK!” She said, “We’re going to get you out of here alive. I swear.”

“Wait….we?” Nana said as Cyan explained some more “Yes, I got some girlfriends coming to rescue you and a team is coming to arrest and prosecute them.”

“Are you a human?” she asked Cyan and she nodded her head to a “yes” and there is another one and three hybrid girls. “Well, it’s comforting to know that some humans and hybrids are caring like you and your friends.”

“Cyan?” Out comes Tomoki in the open where Cyan is. “I thought you was supposed to keep Ichitaka busy.”

“Tomoki, I found the girl under the floor boards” Cyan said, “We just got to find a way to get her out of there.”

“I think I might have an idea.” Tomoki said.


“So, are you quite satisfied with us, hon?” Seiki (Red Velvet) asked Ichitaka as she is now stripped down to her underwear on his lap.

“Well, I am with you so far and I’ll be more pleased if you…..” Then he whispered something in her ear and from the looks of it, he wanted her to do some freaky shit that she probably isn’t in to but she said that she’ll think about it. However, she needed to excuse herself once again but only to check on the girls’ mission status. “OK, but hurry back. Daddy’s getting fucking horny in this bitch!!”

After that, Seiki wondered off somewhere, while being disgusted at what Ichitaka whispered to her, “That fucking asshole wants me to do that? The fuck is he thinking? NASTY SON OF A BITCH! Damn, I hope they find that girl soon.” Then all of a sudden, Loyuka and Cassie showed up, also looking for the girl as they run into Seiki in her underwear-clad state and the first thing Loyuka said to her, “Well, I can see why red is your color now.” Seiki sarcastically chuckled at that, “Yeah, yeah, yeah….me in my fucking underwear dancing to a fucking killer in all joy and fucking dandy. Have you fools found the girl yet?”

“Sadly, no.” Cassie said, “We tried looking for her in every room but there hasn’t been a sign.” But then they heard a noticeable thump in the next room. “What was that?” An annoyed Loyuka said.

“WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING!?!” Cyan silently screamed at Tomoki. “What?” She said as her feet was turned into panda feet. “It’s the only way to get her out of there.”

“You could’ve at least give a little warning first before turning into the fucking Kung Fu Panda!!!” she screamed, “What if they hear us and then capture us and possibly rape us?” But luckily, the ones that heard them was Loyuka, Cassie, and Seiki.

“Um, since when Tomoki cosplay as a panda?” Seiki said, “And no, don’t ask about why I’m in my bra and panties. Is the girl in there?”

“Yeah.” Tomoki said, “And I’m trying to break her out by smashing the floorboards, grab her, and get the fuck out of here without them finding out.”

“OK, then, smash away.” Seiki said.

Tomoki then told Nana to move away from the spot she was going to smash in, then she used her feet to break down the floor and make it big enough to sneak her out of there. “I didn’t hurt you, did I?” Tomoki asked with concern but Nana ensures them that she’s fine. Cyan then called Jin and Jiro to tell them the news, “Attention, we got the girl. She is alive and safe. Issue the raid in about 6 minutes.”

Jin said, “That’s good to hear. I’m sending Sei with a few others to lead in the charges.”

“Good.” Seiki said, “Now can I put my clothes back on and get the fuck out of here?” She did get dressed in a hurry and as soon as they were about to leave, a voice came into the shadows and said, “Aren’t you forgetting our deal, Red Velvet?” And it was revealed to be Ichitaka and all of his boys, “Or should I say Seiki Dario Argento of The Faction? And also Cyan Niko Barrett, Loyuka Zaki the Kineko Fighter, Cassie Lyles the Kuro Okami and its main star Tomoki Miayama the Midori Hybrid?”

“Yeah, maybe when you strip down, you should probably left your wallet in the car.” Ichitaka said.

“I did.” Seiki said, “How the fuck—“

“Oh, Ramsey just gave us the info on you five girls, especially after that incident in Parish Heights.” Then he really brought out something, “Oh, and Cyan, I know your sister is fucking The Blue Hybrid, I presume? That “all-powerful” hybrid that’s being praised nowadays? Yeah, I know all of this shit and how you aren’t gonna get out of her alive, especially with that damn Hybrid girl!!” Then one of his guys went to grabbed Nana from Cassie; she kept resisting them, telling them to get the fuck out of her and then he slapped her as he went to punch her but then Cassie went into wolf mode and gave him a severe bite to the arm and then grabs his gun and use it against him, shooting him in the head point blank.

“FUCK THOSE BITCHES UP!!!!” He shouted in anger and rage.

Four guys went in full force to attack on the girls with Seiki pinned down by this big guy, Cyan and Tomoki being choked by two guys, Loyuka avoiding getting cut by a machete-swinging guy and Cassie trying to get Nana out of here but soon, more guys kept coming with guns and bullets flying.

“Come on, now, girl….” One guy said slapping Seiki, “I’d hate to kill a woman who stripped for us. It would be a waste.”

“I wish I can say the same to you.” Then she tripped him, went in to slam him against the floor and banging his head on there, too. As for both Cyan and Tomoki, they both struggled with trying to get the dude choking them off their backs. “C-C-Cyan….your foot…” Tomoki said struggling for air. “Use your foot…” She got the message as her shoe has a switchblade at the end and she went to stab the guy in the crotch and the other guy who was choking Tomoki in the foot, which leads to Tomoki kneeing him in the groin, poking his eyes and using her panda feet to stomp him in the ground. “Ow. That’s what you get……motherfucker.”

“Hey, yo, bitch!!” That was the sound of the guy with the machete swinging at Loyuka. “Come on, now…..this ain’t gonna hurt….much!!!” He really has her cornered but then there were another machete in the floor and quickly, Loyuka grabbed it before he could get his hands on it. “Now let’s make this an even fight.” Soon the two battle it out with dueling machetes going left and right; back and forth as she kept swinging it and to not get cut. Meanwhile, as reinforcements via Sei are about to arrive, someone shot out one of the tires of the armored cars and it came crashing down.

“WHOA!! What the fuck’s going on?” Sei said, “Attention, you got any visual on whoever fire on our people?”

“No visual on that, Goto” one guy said, “It looked like it came out of nowhere. Also there—“. Before he could finish that sentence, another one got hit, too. “OH FUCK!!! NOW WE’RE HIT, TOO!!” And then they crashed.

“OK, OK, Stop the car!!” They got out of the car before any more damage can came to them. “You fucking people.” As one guy holding the shotgun with a few others standing beside him. “So, the Faction is out again, saving the world to all Hybrids and humans and all that shit. Oh god, you bunch of fucking boy scouts.” The man approaching to them goes by Hybrid X. No one knows much of his real name and he attend to stay that way and mostly like Ramsey, he does have a prejudice but it’s against humans and human sympathizers alike but however, him and Ramsey are at war with each other ever since the incident went down but when it comes to the Faction, they are equal to that they think they are nothing more than glorified cops who does whatever the fuck they want and expect everyone to feel like they are saviors to every being alive.

“So, you’re here about the Hybrid girl?” X asked, “Because I’m pretty sure she’s dead thanks to the fuck-ups that is your squad. You know, the one led by that girl, the one who your bosses try to pass off as the future Miayama girl from before?”

“Well, X, nice to see you again.” Sei said in a snarky mood, “And second of all, those ‘fuck-ups’ already got the girl and on their way out of there. Maybe you shouldn’t underestimate us so much because we actually want some people to survive.”

“Oh, really?” X said. “REALLY!!” She said with a gleaming and cheesy smile.

Then just after she said that, they both saw Cassie getting thrown out of a window and one guy coming from the building to choke her with a chain. “Had enough, bitch?!?!” He said as he was choking her.

“Oh yeah, I see they got shit under control.” X said.

The fight still goes on with Loyuka and the machete-wielding goon as they kept on fighting all through the house as they both managed not to get stabbed although a few bystanders, i.e. some of the hookers and gang members did. Tomoki went out to help Cassie with the chain guy and knock him over with her panda feet. “Cass, where’s Nana?” she said with Cassie was out of breath. “She—she—I got her out of here as quick as I can. There’s a car right there waiting for her. It shouldn’t be as—“. However, that idea might go up in smoke when one of Hybrid X’s guys ordered the person to leave the premises and even went to threaten to beat them mercifully if they don’t do what they said. “Wait, who in the fuck you think you are, you dumbasses?” Cassie said as her and Tomoki went to confront them. “Oh, it’s you guys again……and of course, Hybrid X.”

“Ah, I see my reputation around here has capture the attention of…..well….you two. Miss Miayama, Miss Lyles.” Both of them sense the pretentiousness and asshole vibe from him and it is really getting on their nerves. “Guys!!” Sei said, “They got us blocked!! We can’t get in! Plus, they injured two of our men by shooting our cars!”

“I can’t feel my legs!!! DAMN!!” one guy said from the wreckage.

Then Tomoki got even more irritated and said, “You really have to shoot our reinforcements? WE’RE TRYING TO KEEP A GIRL SAFE FROM THOSE GUYS AND YOU FUCK—“. But X interrupted her with a little (actually, not a little) tidbit, “We’re trying to do shit by any means necessary and you fools acting self-righteous about wanting to save any fucking being in this city. We are at a time of war, we got to do what we got to do and that means we can’t save every fucking one. People will fucking die and not only had your group chosen to give a fuck about the humans but even our own Hybrids as well. Our people……wanting to associate themselves with those ungrateful goddamn humans!! Especially those two new recruits you got….”

“Look, asshole!!” Cassie said with a furious look on her face, “Those two recruits you’re talking about are anything but ungrateful!! We’re not trying to wage war!! We’re preventing it!!! YOU’RE JUST LOOKING AN EXCUSE TO SPILL BLOOD AND YOU JUST DON’T GIVE A FUCK WHO’S INVOLVED! Spare me the bullshit fake-Malcolm X routine you doing. You’re just as bad as the humans out to get Hybrids.”

However, Hybrid X wasn’t going to take that lightly and he grabbed her by the neck. “You foolish dumb fucking girl. I wouldn’t expect this coming from a half-wolf Hybrid girl like you, especially since I know much about your life, Miss Lyles. How your wolf clan rejected you from your home as you couldn’t even protect your family from vicious hunters? Or there is also that incident that happened 9 years ago? You know, that event.” At that moment, Cassie went wide-eyed because she knew what he was talking about.

Meanwhile back at the battle zone, Cyan and Seiki are busy gunning down the rest of Ichitaka’s guys while Loyuka is still dealing with dueling machetes with that one guy.  “COME ON OUT, YOU FUCKING BITCHES!!!” As one guy firing a machine gun everywhere. “You got the nerve to fuck with us? GET ON MY LEVEL!!!”

Then Seiki found a grenade on the ground and with that, Cyan quickly thought of distracting him by luring his attention to her. “Yo, Cyan….” She gave her signals of how to distract them. “Hey, asshole!! UP HERE!!” She screamed at him.  “HEY!! Come back here, bitch!” he shouted while firing away. “NOW, Seiki!!” she said as Seiki threw a grenade at the guy and you know the drill. Shrapnel and blood everywhere (yeah, that gory) and that explosion also lead a clear way from the gunfire in order for Cyan and Seiki to escape. Meanwhile, the machete fight is still going and it looks like the guy might have the edge over Loyuka and he did cut her in her arm. “Well, chica, looks like you about to meet your end.” As soon as he’s about to swing that machete at her, another explosion came from left of him and with him distracted, Loyuka grabbed the machete and slice his Achilles tendon. “OW!! You fuckin’ bitch!! You cut my fucking foot!!” He kept on screaming and screaming about his foot until Loyuka grabbed his machete. “Hey….Hey…” he said as he was whimpering, “No harm done, right?” Then Loyuka thought about it, “Well……” and then immediately shoved the machete right through his heart and the other one in his crotch. “Yeah, no harm done.”

“Really?” X said, “I know you didn’t forget about that incident, did you, Miss Lyles?”

“X!! Cut that shit out!!” Tomoki calmly yelled at him. “Cassie, pay him no attention.”

“Stop babying Miss Lyles, Miayama. She definitely needs to relive that moment.” He did not hesitate to sugarcoat it and he does not intend to. “Miayama, what’s going on?” Sei shouted, standing in the sidelines. “Goto, are you in? What is going on there?” Jiro said, “We should’ve have those guys in by now.”

“Hybrid X has us blocked.” She said.

“Goddamn it. That asshole again?” Jiro said. “What the fuck is he doing there?”

“I got no clue but right now, he’s berating both Lyles and Miayama about something that happened in the past. I really couldn’t tell from what they’re saying.”

“It was about 10 P.M., right?” X asked, “The night where you, Zaki and of course, Miayama because you two are very close from what I can tell, are having drinks down at that club called the Indo Silver Club. You were having fun, talking to some guys, dance a little and went home with some random guy. But wait, there’s something missing from that story, isn’t it?”

“X, I’m warning you!! STOP WITH THIS SHIT NOW!!” Tomoki screamed.

Tomoki’s cries kept being ignored as Hybrid X is still going on about that day, “Some guy roofied one of your drinks and it so happens that drink was downed by you, Lyles.”

“Why are you making me relive this?” Cassie said as tears was about to stream down her face. “Because you don’t have a choice. You started to feel drowsy and was beginning to black out and so you did. Then as you woke up, you found yourself tied to a bed, stripped down to only your bra and panties and then two guys entered the room, one’s the guy you met there and the other’s a scruffy and aggressive looking guy who really looked like he wanted some Hybrid Wolf ass bad………”

“Oh shit….” Sei said, “What?” Jiro said.

“Get Jin and the others hear now!!!” She said, “I think Lyles is about to break down. It must be something X said.”

Back at the building, Loyuka is still making her way out of there while avoiding various gangsters and hookers as did Cyan and Seiki and all three of them ran into each other. “Oh…Zaki, it’s just you.” Cyan said. “I think Cassie got the girl out of here and I think we should do the same, like now-ish.” But, once again, fate really likes to screw with them as Ichitaka just surprised jumped them, knocking Seiki out in a one-two punch and taze Loyuka with a stun gun but grabbed Cyan by knife point. “OK, now you bitches better get the fuck out of my way or else, your pretty little friend gets one huge slit on her throat.”

“Seiki, please tell me you got some bullets to shoot this prick!!” Cyan shouted out. “QUIET, YOU FUCKING CUNT!!” Ichitaka shouted back as he went and pricked Cyan’s shoulder. “That may not hurt but the next ones might!!” And it also looks like Seiki is out of bullets and Loyuka can’t do any sudden moves or else Cyan could be one dead girl walking. It seems like they have no chance but to let him have his way but then again, they suspect he was going to kill Cyan anyway. “OK, we’ll let you go.” But then a shot was fired from behind, hitting Ichitaka in the shoulder as Cyan promptly kneed him to get away from him. “Hey, you bitches!! You got someone on the inside, don’t you?”

“Actually, I don’t know them girls!!” One voice said, “I just can’t stand fuckers like you.” After that, he shoots Ichitaka in the legs, rendering him defeated and down for the count. “HEY!! Who are you?” Seiki screamed out.

“Just doing a favor for ya!! I wonder, I saw and I decided to shot a motherfucker!” he said, “Don’t worry, I don’t expect any money from ya but I got to bounce before the cops arrive! Laters!!” Then he mysteriously vanished without a trace. “Wait!!” Cyan asked, “I just wanted to thank you for…..” but the mysterious shooter was out of sight, “….saving my life.”

Seiki then came to Cyan’s side and said, “Cyan, he’s long gone. You’re not dead and all that matters is if that girl is safe and we need to get the fuck out of here.”

“OH SHIT!!” Loyuka said, “I just got word that Hybrid X is here and he’s……..” She paused for a moment because the thought of what’s she going to say next is beyond devastating. “What? What’s going on out there? Who is in the fuck is Hybrid X?” As Seiki demanded some answers from her. “He’s out there……re-telling the story of…….how Cassie was almost gang raped.” Both of them were silent at the moment she mentioned that. “And Tomoki is getting really furious about this and as much as it really affected Cassie, Tomoki took this harder as she said that if she could’ve been there sooner, then none of that would’ve went down!!!”


About to be sick and tired of his antics, Tomoki’s green aura are showing as she started to feel so much rage from X telling that event as he went on, even to describe the rape (and yes, he really isn’t sugarcoating this shit either; bad shit happened – ‘nuff said) and after that, she went to grab X by the neck and pinned him to the ground and just went into anger mode. “YOU FUCKING DICKHEAD!! WHO IN THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? TELLING THAT GODAWFUL FUCKING STORY TO HER AND MAKING HER FEEL LIKE SHE ISN’T SHIT!! PEOPLE LIKE YOU MAKE ME SICK TO THE GODDAMN CORE!!” As both Jin, Jiro and Sayuri arrive, everyone was there to witness Tomoki’s anger and rage at Hybrid X but X doesn’t look startled at this. As a matter of fact, he seems unfazed by this. “WAIT? WHY ARE YOU SO CALM ABOUT THIS? THE FUCK IS THIS SHIT?!?!?!?” She screamed out.

“Well, Miss Miayama, I have witnessed this before. Remember your mother?” He said as she suddenly remember that. “Yeah, your mother……Akiko Miayama, she got that same power that you’ve experiencing now, only thing is…….you do act like her, let’s just hope you won’t die like her.”

That choice of words also struck into her heart as the ones about Cassie did. “Wha?”

“Yeah, you know we had to put down your mother due to her not controlling your power and let it take over her body and mind. The reason I’m not using mine is because I can find a better way to approach this without resulting to fisticuffs and also, I WILL GUARANTEE THAT I WILL FUCK YOU AND YOUR CREW UP. That shit doesn’t work on me, now tell your men to back the fuck off and let us handle this situation. You got the girl safe so there’s no loss. Now GET OUT!!” That full statement really meant while Hybrid X can be a force to be reckon with, he shows that he doesn’t need to resort to acts of violence but couldn’t care less about any of what his actions that do for others.

As Tomoki transformed back to her normal self and soon fall into unconsciousness, the girls (with Cassie being the first) run towards her to see if she’s alright.

“TOMOKI!! TOMOKI!!” Cassie screamed out and went to console her. ”Are you all right? Please, say something!!!”

“CASS.” Loyuka said, “Give the girl some room to breathe.” Cyan then asked them, “Why is she going like this?”

Loyuka and Cassie explained that whenever a Hybrid-being gets overwhelmed with anger and hatred, the emotions can control their actions, but with a cost. As you get angrier, the adrenaline, along with the blue leaf, pumps into your heart, making it beat faster and faster than before and then it’ll stop beating…….and as it stops, you stop. Permanently. They also stated, “As powerful as most hybrid beings are, we have to control our powers, to keep them at bay because so many foolish and petty people would want to live in the moment of doing whatever the fuck they want thinking nothing’s going to go wrong.”

“Wait, Cyan…..” Seiki asked her, “Is that why MAK kept his secret for so long? And the fact he didn’t really fight that much in the raid we did until the end where he faced The Cain Brothers?”

“That could be a factor.” Cyan said, “MAK and Kai are both known to be very cautious and sometimes anxious.”

Soon, Tomoki is starting to recover consciousness and beginning to wake up. “Cass, you’re safe……I think I’m starting to get back into my normal self.” She then asked the rest of the girls if Nana is safe. Cyan said that the girl is safe from harm and will be taken into safe holding while they hunt down Ramsey.

“OK, that’s good,” She said, “Do we at least got one suspect that can tell us about Ramsey?” And fortunately for them, they do. They kept Ichitaka alive for him to tell all about Coren Ramsey and what his plans for the future. “Yeah, that’s good and all,” Seiki said, “But what about that guy that came in earlier?”

“What about him?” Loyuka said, “He did a favor saving our asses and he just vanished. Far as I’m concerned, I’m grateful he came.”

“Yeah, I’m glad, too.” Cyan interjected, “But it could help to know who he is, though.”

Soon after that, all of the guys went back to The Faction HQ to get Tomoki to bed rest and to question Ichitaka about Ramsey’s whereabouts but Hybrid X was required to supervise the interrogation, as it was ordered from the Royal Hybrid League. The interrogators in question are Jin, Sei, and Seiki and Sayuri is the moderator and Jiro got him attached to a shock button in case he might get suspicious. “If you bitches think I’m going to give away Ramsey’s location, then you must be that fucking dumb!!” But Jiro ended up giving him shock treatment anyway. *ZZZZTTTT* And it did gave him quite a scream. “OW! You fat bastard!!” He got shocked again. “Yeah, the fat bastard that has a shock button on him. HA HA…Stupid.”

“Ichitaka,” Jin said, “You realize sooner or later, you will tell us all where he is, even if we have to keep shocking you over and over again.” But Ichitaka had the look of as if they were bluffing and he then spit on her shoes, “You got a lot of balls to say that shit to my face, lady. Ramsey’s gonna bust me out of here and soon all war is going to come down towards your kind and any human who’s stupid enough to side with you. After all, that is what’s the Grand ‘H’ War’s about.”

“The Grand who what now?” Seiki said.

“The Grand ‘H’ War!!!” he said, “An all-out civil war for the new ages where hybrids and humans are fighting against one another. It was first a dream envisioned by Ramsey and we intend to make it a reality!! The only thing in our way is you idiots and if we got kill any tainted humans (obviously referencing Seiki and Cyan), then so be it!!!!”

Seiki just about had enough of his spiel and did the most logical thing that one person can do…….and that is get a hammer and smash his fingers up. “YYAAHHH!! You irritable bitch! Just because I saw you in her undies, you think you can do this shit to me.”

Sayuri giggled at that moment, which transcended into huge noticeable laughter. “HEY!!” Seiki said, “At least I actually wore underwear today!!” That causes both Jin and Jiro to direct attention to Sayuri.
“That one time a few months ago when I was doing laundry…..” Sayuri said, “And still, you manage to bring that up?”

“Anyway….” Moving on from the subject of underwear to Ichitaka again, “I have ways of making someone tell a secret.” She smashed another finger of his. “Now, you’re going to tell me all about him or…..” She then brought out a switchblade, pointed it straight at his crotch, “…Well, you get my very sharp point, don’t you?”

“OK, OK, OK!! Enough! Stand down, Argento!!” Hybrid X said, “You are obviously not the right person to interrogate this man!”

“HA! And you are? You’re going to do some psychological bullshit that you always spiel out on people? Or bullying them to do with you want until they break down?” Seiki said. “The hell are you talking about? You just talking a bunch of bullshit. You humans are getting too touchy on this now.” Hybrid X said. Seiki was unamused, “I’m just doing what’s supposed to be done with assholes like that….you know, like that shit you did with Lyles and Miayama except that guy deserves it more than they did, which reminds me—“ Then she grabbed him, slammed his head against the wall and punch him out. “—Do what you did to those girls again and I swear I’ll bust your ass up even harder than before!!” She then leaves out of the room in a huff but then Hybrid X recovered from that and said, “Personnel, make sure Miss Argento doesn’t come in that room for the remainder of the night!! Or better yet, until he is released from here!!!”


Then X went to Ichitaka, “You know I could’ve just let you stab you in the balls, right? But I didn’t and you know what? You should tell me about Mr. Ramsey, his activities, and I might just only let you serve 4 months in prison instead of 2 years for kidnapping and abduction. Actually, no, you murdered someone…that would be about 3 years and it takes less than that to be someone’s bitch in prison. Before you know it, you go from Ichitaka to Irene. Now, talk!!”

Meanwhile, at the Hospital branch of the Faction; Cassie, Cyan & Loyuka were in the waiting room as they were checking up on how Tomoki is recovering from that incident with Loyuka filling out some forms and also Cassie and Cyan is telling the news to Kai via FaceTime on a tablet.

“Is she doing alright?” Kai said, “There isn’t anything fatal going on with her, right?”

“Fortunately, Kai, she’s doing fine.” Cyan said, “It has something to do with Hybrid beings needing to control their unique powers.” Cassie added in her points into the conversation, “There are some Hybrid Fallacies that make you believe once you got a power, you can do whatever to the imagination but what none of them tells you is that like computers, cars, or any functional item, something is bound to break down if you abuse that power. That happened to Tomoki’s mom a while back.”

Cassie continued with her reasoning, “When that day happened, it really broke her as she really looked up to her mother as inspiration for doing what we do.” The look on Cyan’s face at that reminded her of her dad and how he did inspire her to be a cop. “They wasn’t always on best terms (especially on her final days, which Tomoki have regretted since) but they did have love for each other. All of us do.” She then had to look away for a minute to reflect on that and then ask a question to Kai.


“Yeah?” she said, “Has MAK been going through the same thing?”

“Well, I have noticed something about him during the past few weeks, but it’s usually nothing major.”

“Well, Kai, please make sure to look after him carefully…….I wouldn’t want this to happen to you, too.”

With that said, Seiki and Loyuka went into the conversation. “Well, I decked that Hybrid X guy for what he did to you, although now I can’t go back to interrogate him because of that. Is Tomoki doing okay though?”

“I just checked back with the doctors. She’s going to be okay.” Loyuka said. “Also you didn’t notice the appearance of Kai via tablet?”

“Oh, hey, Little Kai!!” Seiki said, “You doing good for yourself, girl?”

“Hey, Seiki! Yeah, I’m doing fine.” Kai said, “Cyan already told me about what happened but I’m glad to hear all of you are safe though. But what’s this about someone named Hybrid X?”

Seiki then said, “Oh, he’s just some big-shot douchebag that distracts us from doing our fucking job. He’s the reason why Tomoki is in there right now and why Cassie feels so traumatized about this. X is bad for the cause and everyone around here knows it but—“. Before she can finished that sentence, Tomoki just came out of the procedure room, only hearing a bit of the conversation. “Hey guys.” She said in a fatigued mood. “Hey, Cassie, can I see you for a moment in private, please?” Cassie wondered why about that but she went to do it anyway.

Soon, they went into the hospital bathroom to get more privacy. “Hey, Moki? You feeling all right?” The first thing that Cassie asked and Tomoki responded with, “It happened, did it? I went over the edge and it got the best of me? Just like…..well, you know?” She knew the answer and it wasn’t going to make anything better.

“GODDAMN IT!!” She whispered that Cassie couldn’t hear her. “I never thought that could happen to me. I always try to be careful with my powers but…..I just couldn’t help it. That asshole not only brought up my mom but him…..telling that fucking story of you….that night…and how I couldn’t make it there in time.” She was beginning to tear up at that. “I always lost my mom just a year ago before that happened and I wasn’t going to lose my best friend either. Cassie, you know that both you and Loyuka are more than just my assistants and friends. We’re a team and a family and you mean the world to me.”

“Moki, you know I feel the same way.” Cassie said, “I just didn’t want you to die for something I could’ve fix myself and that includes you, Loyuka, Cyan and Seiki when it comes to keeping the peace in balance in a fucked-up time like this. Unlike the wolf clan, you don’t see me as some weakling or no one worth giving a damn. Hell, I love you too much for that and I’ll never forget that about you.”

“Yeah, I have noticed that you said that you love me, I don’t know if you meant it in a best friend/sisterly kind of way or in a more intimate….” Before Tomoki can finish that sentence, Cassie dragged her out of public view and she did deeply kissed Tomoki right on the lips and Tomoki was getting into it as well, as she was holding and feeling up Cassie as they kiss. “Wait, wait, wait!!” Cassie said, “You sure you wanna do this now? Aren’t you still feeling a bit sore?”

“Well, a little.” She said, “But I think a visit from my sexy nurse would make it feel better.” Tomoki slyly said to Cassie. “Well, in that case……”

Meanwhile, Loyuka, Cyan and Seiki was chatting with Kai about the whole Hybrid X situation and whatever else in detail but speak of the devil, he happened to show up at that time. “Oh, I see my name is ringing through someone’s ears.” Then he noticed Kai. “Oh, and you must be the girlfriend of the supposed ‘powerful’ Blue Hybrid. Kai Aoi Mami Barrett, right? Sister of Cyan Niko Barrett?”

Seiki then interjected, “Watch it, fool. You remember what I said. And yeah, that goes for her, too!”

“Stand down, Argento.” Hybrid X said, “The higher-ups has a fascination of this girl long before her sister show up. Besides, she is living with 3 other beings with her besides the Blue Hybrid and we also might need their—“

“AND SO WHAT!?” Seiki said, “We don’t give a flying fuck about the other 3 beings living in there as far as I’m concerned. You encounter with MAK and Kai with that schlock and there will be hell to pay.”

“Do what you will, Argento.” X said, “Because either way, I will have a word with the……” But then Kai made up some excuse to get out of this. “Actually, I have to go to work in the morning so……yeah, I’ll call you later, Cyan. Love ya.”

“Alright, Kai, Love ya, too.” Then she hung up FaceTime.

“Yeah, told ya.” Seiki said, smartassing Hybrid X. “Whatever. We don’t have to find out today”, he said, “Eventually, you know we’re going to talk to her sooner or later.” Then he leaves out of the room but soon after that, Nana came in to pay a visit. “Um, excuse me? I just wanted to thank you guys for saving my life and all.”

“No problem, Nana,” Cyan said, “We just hope to keep you safe from any others out to get you.”

“Yeah……..I just wish Psymon was here with me.” She sullenly said, “The man that was all behind this…..I heard that he is a much bigger threat than what people describe him to be. I know this because Psymon once had himself and his friends throwing these Red Mist smoke bombs at him, despite them knowing how that stuff weakens Hybrids. Most of them didn’t make it out alive and even use that Red Mist against them.”

“Wait!!” Loyuka said, “Was his friends Hybrids?”

“Sadly, yes.” Nana said. “Yes, I know they’re stupid to get their hands with that stuff and how that cost their lives and—-“. Loyuka had to calm her down and reassure her that incident had nothing to do with her. “NANA!! As I said, we will do our best to protect you from Ramsey at all costs and us five swear–”

“Um, Five?” Seiki said, “In case you forgotten, Tomoki and Cassie aren’t here. Actually, where the fuck did those two go?” But before she can complete that thought, she heard her cell phone ring and it was Tomoki. “Hey, guys.” And Seiki answered with, “Uh, Tomoki, where the fuck are you and Cassie?”

“Yeah, about that, Cassie decided to drive me home and among other things.” While that part is true, what really happened is that after what happened at the hospital, they went back to the apartments, got frisky, kissing each other everywhere, starting to take off each other’s clothes, unhooking each other’s bras, got naked real fast and…….Wait, I don’t have to spell it out for you, they were fucking; having sex, whatever you want to say.

“Other things?” Seiki said, “OK, You could have said something about the two of you leaving early.” Then Cyan got to the phone and said, “You sure you doing alright there, Tomoki?” While saying this, there lies Tomoki and Cassie laying on each other in bed, naked, with Cassie nestling her head between Tomoki’s breasts. “Yeah, I’m doing good, guys. I just needed to relax my mind off of some few things.” Then Loyuka grabbed the phone, “And yet Cassie hasn’t come back?” she questioned.

“Oh…..well, she probably needed to relax her mind, too, after what happened.” Tomoki said but they were starting to suspect something as Cassie did moan out Tomoki’s name in the heat of the moment as she was about to go down on her that Loyuka sort of heard her in the background. “Wait, did I hear Cassie just now?” Tomoki then got Cassie to quiet down.

“Um….uh, uh, no.” She said, “That’s just some shitty movie showing on TV. Cassie just went on home.”

“Oh. Well, Nana just wanted to thank you for saving her ass and all.” Loyuka said with Nana added in with saying, “I hope you doing okay, Miss Miayama. Both to you and Miss Lyles.”

“Well, we’re glad to keep you out of harm’s way, Nana.” Tomoki said, “If you need any help in the future, you know where to call us, alright?”

After that, they both concluded their conversation and with that, Cyan added in with, “You know, I’ve noticed something about both Tomoki and Cassie ever since I’ve first met them. Like how really close they are and…… think they might eventually fuck?” Most of them were stunned by Cyan’s question. “If they were fucking,” Seiki said, “I wouldn’t be surprised.” Even Loyuka agreed considering she said that most of the time during missions, Cassie is extra feely with Tomoki. “Well, I’m not even sure to explain it. I’ve been friends with them longer than any of you but there is a special bond between the two of them, I would think that would’ve had sex a long time ago.”

“CASS!!” Tomoki awkwardly screamed out as Cassie was giving her head. “What?” Cassie said, “I thought you always wanted me to that to you.” She was about to go down again but Tomoki stopped her again, “You realize who was on the phone, right?”

Cassie then went and said, “Nope.” And then preceded to go down on her again but once again, blocked. “That was the girls.” Tomoki said, “They called to see if I was alright. I said that I am but I didn’t want them to hear that I checked out of there early just so we can fuck our brains out.”

As Tomoki got up to put on her underwear and then said, “I don’t know about you but I don’t want our love life being floated around The Faction. Especially since people already joke about us doing that already.” But Cassie then got up and said, “You act like if you’re ashamed of us. Did you already forget about—“

“No, I didn’t forget and I’m not ashamed of us!!” Tomoki said, “But you do remember that we happen to be part of a crime-fighting society in order to maintain the peace of the Human/Hybrid world and if they know about “us”, it’ll give people that want to harm us the more reason to do that.” But Cassie retorted her reason by saying, “I’m not saying, ‘Oh, Let’s Tell the World about Our Wild Nights Together as We Fuck the Night’, it’s just our friends!! We trust them and we know that they wouldn’t blow it out of proportion. Don’t you trust them enough with that, Moki?”

Tomoki then responded with, “I’m not saying we don’t trust them; Right now, we got more important shit to worry about. Ya know, what happened to that girl, the whole Coren Ramsey thing, this ‘Grand-H’ war. This is bigger than the both of us and I know you know that, Cass.”

Cassie sighs and looked sullenly, “Yes, I do know that and I do realize the shit that’s going on but this…..what we got….” As she holds her hand and looked right into her eyes. “Does it hold up any significance to you?” She said with her gleaming puppy-dog eyes.

“Cass, I promise you that I will tell them that we’re a couple.” Tomoki said, “I’m not gonna forget that, I swear it on my moth—well, on my heart that I will tell them, OK?” With that, Cassie wasn’t feeling so sure about what she said but Cassie did wanted to feel relieved that eventually Tomoki is going to tell them. “All right, Moki. I believe you.” The two then kissed their differences out and it transitioned into another make-out session (this time, uninterrupted).


“YOU FUCKING HYBRID DICKHEAD!!!” An outraged and angered Ichitaka said, as he was dragged by a bunch of cops transporting him to prison. “I thought you said if I give out Ramsey’s whereabouts, I get a reduced sentence!! FUCK YOU, HYBRID X!! FUCK YOU SO MUCH!!! ASSHOLE SON OF A bitch…..” Cyan, Seiki and Loyuka first noticed that as they got back from the hospital and they run into Sayuri to see what happened.

“What the hell happened here?” Loyuka said.

Sayuri then explained, “Well, as soon as Seiki left, X went in to ask some questions to Ichitaka. The guy wouldn’t budge when it comes to telling us about where Ramsey is hiding but from the way X was eyeing him, it felt like he didn’t even have to tell him. It’s like there was some clue on Ichitaka that he didn’t even know it and word is that Ramsey is hiding somewhere in The Tronic Isles.”

“Tronic Isles?” Cyan said, “I heard that place was like Jamaica but only less exotic beaches and more crime….so actually Detroit.”

“We got the city,” Sayuri said, “We just don’t know where the hell he’s hiding. Could be anywhere as far as we know.” Then suddenly, someone walked into the station, a tall black guy with a low afro and a black hoodie/jacket on and he went to the front desk and said, “Excuse me, does a Cyan Niko Barrett work here?” The secretary responded with, “Well, is she expecting somebody here?”

“Ma’am, she dropped her wallet a few blocks back and I felt that I needed to return it to her. All cash is intact there and nothing missing.” He gave her the wallet, she went and check to see if his story is intact and she believes it. “OK, we’re a man of your word.” He was relieved at that, “All right, I’ll be going along then.”

“Wait, you’re leaving?” She said. “Sorry but I’ve got something happening in a few, I can’t be late.” The mysterious guy said and as he left, he stopped by security to pick up any weapons he had carrying on him and one gun he got looks oddly familiar, at least to one person because as that happens, Ichitaka was in cuffs waiting for transportation to prison when he knew that the gun was awfully familiar as it look like one of the warehouse’s guns and the bullets he got in his pocket matches the one that shot Ichitaka.

Ichitaka watched him carefully although there are three guards watching his move and then he suddenly hit him. That was the guy that shot at him when he was holding Cyan as hostage.



“That fuck ichitaka Snitched ON YOU, SIR!! Faction guys ARE ON THEIR WAY!!”

“Oh, I can escape from the Faction at any time but don’t worry about Ichitaka. He’ll get his.”

“YOU!! Phone check, nigga!” “Your name Ichitaka or something?”

“We’re from The Faction, we’re the good guys here!!”





(Yes, this is a continuing storyline.)

K2 / Studio Katana / the Faction Project. All Rights Reserved.

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