WARNING: The following written material that you’re about to read may contain acts of violence, graphic language, and sexual content. This is meant only for MATURE AUDIENCES. Reader Discretion is advised.

Previously on COLORS….

Things have gone pretty bad. I mean, really fucking bad here. Oh, where do we begin?

  1. MAK finds out about that secret Kai has been keeping from him. Yeah, his dad aka Kiritsnagi One shot Kai’s dad way back when he was a part of Pandora’s squad.
  2. Tomoki and Cassie are caught…….again. This time by the Faction and Wolf Clan Genesis, respectively.
  3. Miki came back as she is the leader of the Birdbrains. Oh and she shot Loyuka framing the two aforementioned girls for that.
  4. Speaking of Birdbrains….remember Kikyo Shaw? Or it is Reiko Inagami? Yeah, they are one in the same and they kidnapped Sayuri and threaten they might kill her. Also, they did something with the Darksiders and it doesn’t look good for them.
  5. Last but not least, Joanna was shot by Marble of the Wolf Clan Genesis but he was soon shot and killed by Sheena.

We caught up? We are? Good, let’s begin.


In MAK’s home, we heard his parents arguing and yelling for the umpteenth time this week. Lots of cursing also happen there, too.

We see a 13-year-old MAK trying to avoid them of any confrontation and so he sneaked out of the house and went next door to Kai’s house. He mostly got in there by the window.
“What the?” Kai saw something outside. “MAK!? It’s late out. What are you doing here?”

The look on his face and the faint hearing of the argument gives something away.
“Oh……..” Kai said. “Again?”
“Again.” He said in a lower voice than usual.

She eventually let him in and hide out for a while.
“This is the 6th time they have been doing this.” MAK said. “And I really have a bad feeling about this. I keep on hearing about divorce from them and….”
Kai wanted to assure him that everything is going to be fine but even she heard things about it from her parents as well.
“Kai, I’m not sure if I’m ready to handle if that happens. I talk to my sisters about this and they just said ‘don’t cry about it’ but I can’t help it. It always happens and I keep thinking sooner or later…..” As a concerned MAK said to her and a tear appeared in his eyes.
“MAK…..I can’t tell you to not cry because it really doesn’t help anything. Just don’t stress too much about this.” She said wiping the tear from his eye. “I’m sure nothing bad is going to happen and if it does, I’ll make sure to be by your side through this.”
“You promise?” he said.
She holds his hand and looks him in the eye. “I promise.”
MAK then looked at her the same way and feels a little better at that. He hugged her back and said, “I swear, Kai, you are the only true friend I got in this world.” They never did let go of each other and as they look like something is going to happen between them, cue Kai’s Mom and Dad entering the room.

“Kai? Have you seen MAK around?” Patrick said. “His parents can’t fin–” They did saw him and Kai together.
“Oh………….I found him?” she said.
“He’s here.” Mami said.
MAK awkwardly waves at them. “Hi, Mr. and Mrs. Barrett. Um…..I…….eee……”
“DAMN!!” As both of them were thinking at the same time.


We see Yuan driving the van along with MAK, Kai, Kati and Sheena inside there, running from the impending drama and doom that just occurred.
Yuan and Kati are looking for places to lay low after the heat dies down.
“How about this place?” Kati said. “No one should look for us there.”
“That’s in Parish Heights.” Yuan said.
“Yeah. So? It’s Darksiders territory.”
“No, it’s not.” Yuan said. “They don’t own that anymore. Remember?”
“Oh, yeah…..” Kati said. “Well, shit!!! We can’t go back to the bar since the cops, the Faction and that Shin guy might check us there.”
“Also, as soon as we find somewhere, we need to ditch the electronics.” Yuan said.
“No problem.” Kati said as she throws a cell phone out the window. “Done.”
“You just threw my phone out, did you?” Yuan said.
“Yes.” She said.”

Meanwhile, Kai, Sheena and MAK are still in silence mainly because of their misfortune upon them. Sheena’s eyes were red due to her crying to herself with Kai holding her in comfort and MAK is just being silent.

“I’m a shitty girlfriend.” Sheena said. “She told me to get the hell away from them. She’s a trained Faction agent and I’m some damn bartender. What the hell I know about this? I didn’t listen and now…..”
“You’re the shitty girlfriend?” Kai responded to her. “You forgot about what I did?”
“Oh……so we both suck then?” Sheena asked.
“Unfortunately.” She said.
“Is MAK still not speaking to you?” Sheena asked her.
MAK wasn’t even paying attention to them as he is trying to go to sleep.
“He’s still not speaking period.” She said. “I don’t really blame him.”
“Finding out your dad shot your lover’s dad might mess me up, too.” Sheena said. “He doesn’t seem to act cold towards you. Just indifferent.”
“That’s worse.” Kai said. “At least when he’s mad at me, he’s emotional and tries to talk to me…….he’s now a broken shell of himself and I’m to blame.”

MAK was overhearing the conversation between the girls but he was desperately trying to sleep the pain away but mostly being in motion is not helping him any time soon.

“Hey, Yuan, how far are we to…… wherever the hell we’re going?” Kai asked him.
“Well, Kai, we actually still don’t know where to go to.” Yuan said. “Anywhere would be great right now.”
“WAIT!!! I got it!!” Kai said. “I know a place where we can hide out!!!”
“Holy shit!! Where!?” Kati said. “Tell me about it here….or I can just come back there.” Her and MAK switch places as Kati carried him to the front seat.
“AH!! What the!!” As MAK reacted as he is in the front seat with Yuan driving.
“Hello, driving buddy.” Yuan said goofily.
MAK still said nothing to anyone.

Meanwhile in the city, Tomoki has been strung up and locked up in prison, waking up from the tranquilizer dart and the first thing she sees is her in shackles and in a dark grey room.
“What the?” she said. “Where……”
“Are you?” One particular voice said and to no one’s surprise, it’s Miki coming towards her. “I see you’re awake now. You almost had quite the nasty fall back there.”
“YOU!!!” As Tomoki screamed at her. “You little bitch!!!!”
“Well, it’s nice to see you, too.” Miki said. “So I take it you’re having a pleasant night.”
“Oh, the hell with you!!” Tomoki said. She looks around to see if there’s any sign of Cassie around.

“If you’re looking for your girlfriend, you’re shit out of luck.” Miki said. “She’s on her sweet way back to the Wolf Clan and from what I heard, they are beginning a big punishment for her insubordination, especially since one of their own was shot and killed by someone. Although I bet it was one of your little friends that did it.”
“I don’t know who shot who but I damn sure know YOU SHOT LOYUKA!!!!” Tomoki screamed. “You killed my fucking friend, you evil bitch!! In cold blood, no doubt.”
“In cold blood?” Miki reacted. “I wouldn’t say that in full but you forget that the bullet didn’t hit any of her vital organs. So she’s in the hospital recuperating but as far as the public know, YOU SHOT HER!!”
“Not really.” Miki said. “You shot her because she was talking you two out of running out of town again and you got a bit hostile with her. You have a loaded gun on your person and as I tried to calm you down, you hesitated and BANG!!! Zaki is down for the count.”
“No one is going to believe you.” Tomoki said.
“TOO LATE!!” Miki shouted. “They already know. The Faction is not going to take this lying down and two members there are already pissed off at you.”
“Let me guess, C–”
“No, not those 2.” Miki said. “Those other agents…….The Hirano sisters and seeing them in action, they will love punishing you, especially that Nyoko girl.”
Her eyes widened at that as how pissed and worried Nyoko is.
“Well, I should make a run. I got stories to tell how much of a vicious monster you are for shooting your friend. Adios, you silly-ass Hybrid girl.” As Miki shut the door and locked her there.
Tomoki knew she couldn’t get her hands on her so she screamed out her frustration.

“It couldn’t be her……..” Nyoko kept saying to herself as she’s in her place, lying awake and concerned about Loyuka’s situation. “Those girls wouldn’t do that to Loyuka. They wouldn’t just shoot her like that. Endangering their friend and themselves……..and breaking my heart.” She began to cry thinking that all night.
“Nyoko?” Risa said, opening the door. “Hey, you doing OK?”
“No…….” She said muffled as her face is buried in a pillow.
“I know you’re upset with Loyuka being in the hospital and all.” Risa said. “And the fact that it was her former partners that did it.”
“That’s just it, Risa…..” Nyoko said. “I’m not sure if they did it. They have no clear motive to do so and me and the others knew that–” She paused for a minute as Risa didn’t knew what Nyoko and the others know.
“You and the others?” Risa questioned. “What others?”
And that’s when Nyoko may have gotten Risa involved in this web of many lies. “Nyoko, what in the hell are you involved in?”
Nyoko hesitated a bit to tell her all about what she knows about Tomoki and Cassie. “Well….. Loyuka and I knew that those two were staying here. We have been trying to help those two clear things up with the Faction so they wouldn’t be on thin ice. In other words, the opposite of now.”

“Oh great!” Risa yelled. “So you and her knew they were here? Hiding it from the Faction and me, your own sister, your own kin? Wait……I also guess you two aren’t the only ones. Who else knew about it?”


While they were continuing talking, Cyan and Seiki was passing through as they received info on whereabouts about anyone else during that raid.
“So no word on Yubari or Nguyen?” Seiki questioned her.
“Zilch.” Cyan said. “They said that they found Yubari’s blood on the floor but no one has seen or heard from her since.”
“Didn’t anyone check airspace?” Seiki said.
“They’re on it.” Cyan said. “Although they have spotted them heading somewhere east.”
“BARRETT!! ARGENTO!!” Risa shouted at them. “Did you know about your two former partners trying to ‘settle’ things with the Faction?”
“Oh, fuck.” Seiki said.
“So yes, you do.” Risa said. “Yeah, you three got some shit to tell me all about Tomoki and Cassie and I want a full explanation.”

“Fine.” Cyan said. “Once again, my sister and boyfriend got into some shit as they let them stay in their apartment. They were trying to cut their ties to us but somehow it all goes wrong. That’s it in a nutshell.”
“So that’s it?” Risa said. “No plans for revenge?”
“As far as I know.” Cyan said. “Them shooting Loyuka seems out of character for them.”
“EXACTLY!!” Nyoko shouted.
“NYOKO!” Risa said.
“What?” She responded. “You know it doesn’t make sense for them to do it!!!! Someone set them up!!”
“Oh my damn!!” Risa said.
“Don’t damn me!” Nyoko screamed. “Cyan and Seiki knows this is bullshit.”
“Well….” Seiki said. “We’re 50/50 on agreeing with you but until then, Tomoki and Cassie are now suspect.”
“Fine.” Nyoko said. “I guess I’m somewhat on my own with this.” She then walks out of the room.

At the hospital where Sei continues taking care of Jiro in his stay with beefed-up security from the last time.
“Ms. Goto?” One of the residents said to her.
“Yes, that’s me.” Sei said.
“You have a call from someone…..a Sayuri Matsuda.”
Sei immediately got the phone from them. “Hello, Sayuri?”
“Actually, nah.” A different voice said to her. “Well, you got her number but she’s a little preoccupied right now.” And it was Kikyo on the phone.
“What the hell? WHO IN THE HELL ARE YOU!?” Sei shouted.
“Now, I would say something like don’t worry who the hell I am but you already know by now. I’m the leader of the BirdBrains.” She said. “And we got your girl.”
In the background, she hears Sayuri moaning and gasping in pain.
“You sons of bitches!!” She whispered.
“Well, you’re not the first to say something to us about that. My obnoxious little bitch sister and that boy Sayuri is always with said similar things to me.” Kikyo said. “We got some demands if you want her back safe and sound and we will tell you that if you fuck with us…….well, how will you feel when you failed to save two sisters?”
That line really got into Sei’s skin. “You horrible person. You sick little fucker.”
“Now I won’t tell you yet since I haven’t thought of them yet but if I see any Faction or cops out there, she gets the first bullet in the brain.”
“OK……..I give in your demands.” Sei said.
“Good. Glad to see you’re cooperating.” Kikyo said.
Sei hung up the phone and she went to the bathroom and screamed and cried in anguish that Sayuri is in danger…..again.
“Fuck…….not this shit again.”

Back at the van, Kati was in the back with Kai and Sheena as they found a place to hide out.
“I know this place way back when I was 11.” Kai said, “It was one of my aunt’s hideouts back in the 80s that she tells me about whenever she visits us.”
“And you can guarantee no one else knows about it?” Sheena said. “Not even Cyan?”
“Nope. Not even her for some reason.” Kai said. “We should be safe at the meantime.”
“Yuan, you got all that?” Kati said.
“I do but do you know where to go?” he asked.
“Got the directions written here and ready for use.” Kai said to Yuan.
“Got it. Hopefully we should be there in a few hours.” Yuan said. “MAK, can you keep an eye on where we’re going?”
“Sure.” MAK unenthusiastically said after mostly being in silence.
“Wait, MAK speaks now?” Kati said. “Are you….”
“No.” MAK said. “I may not be speaking as much because of the shit that happen. That doesn’t mean I don’t give a shit about our safety. I’ll keep watch in case someone is after us.”

“MAK, you sure you’re fine?” Yuan asked him.
“Yuan…….I’m fine. I’m good. Just drive us to safety.” MAK reaffirmed him on that.

“Man, you know you can talk to me about this.” Yuan said. “We’re friends….basically family. You can let it all out.”
“I thought I did an hour ago when I mentioned that.” MAK said as he starting to sound annoyed. “Remember……the whole me being kidnapped and my info now widespread on TV, the internet? How do you know how I feel right now? Being informed that your father, who I also share his name, is not the man you thought he was and knowing your friends and family didn’t even tell you that secret? And knowing the friends knew it before you DID!?!” At that point, he really started to get angry.

“No, talking about it is not going to make me feel better!! It’ll make me more furious and you know what? That’s the last thing any of us need right now!!!” MAK screamed at him.
“Dude, calm down!!”
“I’m trying to!!!! This whole trip, I’ve been doing that!!” MAK shouted again.
“Not talking to us is not calming down.” Yuan said. “You being silent to us looks like you’re lonely and sad and mostly an EMO PRICK. We know you’re not that and we want to help you on this.”
“EMO PRICK!?” MAK then really got pissed off at that remark and starts to glow blue.
“Uh…..Yuan….” As Kati knew that he made a mistake saying that.
“You know what? You’re right.” MAK said. “I will talk now and my first words to you is SHUT THE FUCK UP, YUAN!!” Then he slaps him as he went to the back.

The girls looked at MAK awkwardly after that move.
“Hi.” He said casually.
“You feeling a bit better, MAK?” Sheena asked him.
“I’m……mostly fine.” He said. “But I actually do want to talk to Kai for a minute.”

“Wait, you actually want to talk to me?” Kai asked. “Even after what happened?”
Sheena and Kati left to give them some space.

“MAK……there’s nothing I can say to defend myself on this.” Kai said. “I know I messed up things bad and I’ve said that I’m so sorry for what I did.”
“Kai, I know you’re sorry and I know you were doing this to protect me.” He said. “To be fair, it’s not the first time you tried to apologize to me about something that was out of your control.”
“Oh….you mean…..” As Kai gets what MAK is talking about.
“Yeah.” MAK said.


MAK was busy cutting grass outside on a hot day in late September and as he was done, he sees a sad and crying Kai sitting on their porch.
“Kai?” MAK said as he came to her.
“Oh…..uh, MAK.” She said.
“What’s the matter?” he asked Kai as he looks at her to see if someone tried to harm her.
“MAK, no one tried to hurt me but……I got bad news.”
“Bad news?” MAK said with concern in his voice. “Something happened to you? Cyan? Your parents?”
“MAK…….my dad got a promotion.”
“Huh?” He sounded confused at that. “Isn’t that a good thing for him?”
“MAK…….the job is at Parish Heights.” She said with tears coming down her face. “We have to move to Parish Heights by the end of October.”
Soon, MAK was distraught hearing the news. “You mean…….after next month, I’m not going to see you in school, or home, or anywhere in Eastin City anymore?”
She shook her head ‘yes’ and she cries in his arms which made him tear up a bit on how he is going to lose his best friend.

“Unfortunately I remember that too well.” MAK said.
“Sorry.” Kai said. “Again…..I’ve been saying that a lot today.”
“Look….I’m mad at you for not telling me about it in the first place but that’s all I’m blaming you on. Not the fact my father left me for a life of crime or that asshole Shin kidnapped me. I get why it was hard for you to tell me something like this. You was afraid. I get that. You remember I was scared about telling you I’m a Hybrid?”
“Yeah…..” she said. “And I found out from…..” She soon thought of the similarities of their secrets revealed.
“Our asshole enemies reveal them to us.” MAK said. “And I really hate those motherfuckers.”
“Same.” Kai said and then they chuckled that eventually turns into laughter.

The 2 eventually got close to each other, their hands touched and as soon as they were about to share a kiss……until the sound of helicopters were made.
“What the hell?” Sheena shouted.


“The Faction is on us?” Kati screamed.
“OH SHIT!!” Yuan said. “Wait, maybe they don’t know it’s us.”
“Attention, Kati Turner, Yuan MacKiel, Sheena Pleiades, Kai Barrett and Marco Kiritsnagi!!! You are wanted by the Faction!!! Stop immediately or be shot down!!!”

“Well, they know it’s us!” Kati shouted.
“MAK2.0!!!!” Rick shouted. “You motherfucker!!!!”
“Of course this nigga ends up fucking my groove.” He said silently. “The hell with this!”
MAK got up in front with everyone. “OK, we need to keep riding!!”
“WHAT!!?” Yuan shouted. “The Faction is on our asses!!! They said our damn names, Marco!! And guess what? I think they might shoot at us!!”
“They are not going to shoot at u–”
They shot at one of the side-view mirrors. “Well, fuck.”

“Attention, BIRDBRAINS!! We have you surrounded!!” As a police squad is lined up at the door.
“Birdbrains?” Nanashi said. “But they aren’t….” Then they noticed the BIRDBRAIN insignia on themselves.
“Oh shit…” Nola said.
“They didn’t.” Magnum said.
“They would.” Lex said.

“OH SHIT!!! They think we’re those assholes!!!” Aron screamed out. “How are we going to get out without turning into Swiss cheese?”
“We can go around back!!” Aka said as she went there but sees more police in the back. “Scratch that, we can’t go around back!!”
“DAMN!” Devo said. “They can come any minute. How are we going to escape?”
Magnum noticed the floor creaking like it’s ready to come cracking down and he got his Giant-Ass Gun and as he got it out, he checked to see if there’s anything left in there and lucky for him, there is one left in the chamber.
“Guys…I got a crazy, stupid idea that might be our last hope.” Magnum said.
“And that would be…?” Lex said and Magnum points out his gun and connect the dots of the plan.

“OOHHH!!!! Magnum, you–”
He then shot the ground.
“—DUMB MOTHERFUCKER!!” Aron interrupted him. “You could’ve used that to shoot the fucking c–”
The floors are creaking some more and soon enough it collapsed, causing them to fall down under where at that time, the cops entered the place.
“Where the hell they go?” One of them shouted. “DAMMIT!!!”
The other one looked down. “How about down there, stupid?”

They all quickly ran out of there as the police regroup to track them.
“Get rid of the damn clothes!!!” Lex said. “Or at least pull off their logos off!!”
They tried pulling the logos but they are leather, making it impossible to rip.
“They won’t come off!!!” Aron shouted. “Guess we have to take them off……. Ladies first!!!”
“Hey, horny fuck!!!” Nanashi said. “Our lives are in danger!!! Seeing us naked is not helping anything.”
“Hate to say it but he’s right, Nanashi!” Lex said. “We have to strip!!!”
“OH SHIT!!!” Aka said as she began to strip off her clothes and soon everyone followed suit.
“We can lose the tops.” Devo said. “Bottoms we might need more.”
“HEY!!!” Aron said.
“SHUT UP, ARON!!” Nanashi said as she slapped him.

They went and find a hiding place to lose trail of the police but find their ditched fake insignia wear, having them lead them another way, throwing them off their track.

“OK, they’re gone. We should be safe for now.” Aka said. “I just hope we find some warm clothes for us since we can’t be topless all the time. Plus, it’s cold as shit and we might get sick from this or die a frozen death.”
“Well…….I’ve found some shirts……” Nola said. “Only they stank a lot but that’s mostly due to the smell of the dumpster but at least they’re warm.” They soon put on the dumpster shirts to keep warm for a while.
“Don’t we need to call Rolo to find out where he is?” Aka said. “Or at least warn him about that fucking Laila? I knew there was something wrong with that bitch!!”
“You’re telling me.” Aron said. “I guess this is also the first time Rolo fucked a girl that might be crazy. I don’t know whether to be concerned or jealous of him.”
“NOT A JOKE, ARON!” Aka shouted. “That girl lied and betrayed us. She never said anything about having a crazy bitch of a sister who wants to kill us and played us for fools!! She played Rolo for a fool and now he’s in the crossfire. She will pay for this shit.”
“What about Sayuri?” Nola said. “What’s going to happen to her?”
“I’m not sure….” Aka said. “I hope they kept her alive. I don’t think they’re stupid enough to do that.”

In the Outer Isles, Gina has landed into a place where they might have Joanna get better.
“Hey! Joanna, we’re here!” Gina said carrying the girl.
“Gina, where in the hell are we?” Joanna asked.
“This is a healer that I personally know. She’s going to make you feel all better.” She said as she knocks on the door.
“Password?” The girl said.
“What password? You never anything about one.” Gina said. “Girl, it’s me! Gina!”
“Gina?!” She opens the door and the first thing she does is smack her across the face. “HEY!! Didn’t you owe me $30 for that Hibachi you broke last time you came here?”
“I promise I’ll get to that the next week.” Gina said.
“Gina…..who’s that girl bleeding on my porch?” the girl said.
Gina expressed to her, “Lial, this is Joanna, my partner at the Faction. She got shot in the side and we need some medical assistance.”
“I guess you help stop most of the bleeding.” Lial said, mostly referring to Gina’s red spot on her wing and shirt.
“OH SHIT!!!” She shouted.
“I got a first shirt for you to use and for her, too.”

So a few minutes later, Lial extracted the bullet out of Joanna, got her bandaged with some painkillers to take and to change out of her bloody shirt.
“Hey, Lial, thanks for the new change in shirt.” Joanna said.
“Why, you’re welcome, Joanna.” Lial said. “You’re actually one of the nicer people Gina brought to my house…….Actually, you’re the only nice person she brought here.”
“Ah…” Joanna said.
“DAMMIT!!!” Gina shouted as she saw the news on her phone that they are being reported missing from the Faction and they got a sample of Yubari’s blood and are doing a search on both of them. “They’re looking for us!”
“Wait, are you two on the run or something?” Lial asked.
Gina then explained the whole thing to her, “No. We were helping good friends of ours and a lot of bad shit happened, which got her shot…”
Then Joanna got to the rest, “That and I think my now girlfriend might be worried about me because she blames herself for what happened.”
“Girlfriend? But you fucked once….” Gina said.

“ANYWAY…..” Joanna said to Lial. “That’s why we’re here.”
Lial then looks at the TV. “I guess it can be worse. You could be these motherfuckers in that van.”
“What?” Gina and Joanna looked at the TV and see that van Lial was talking about was the one Yuan and company is driving.
“Who in the hell are those people?” Lial said as they got the close-up on who’s driving and they see Yuan, Kati, Sheena, Kai and MAK in full view.
“OH SHIT!!!!” Both girls screamed.
“Let me guess……you know them?” Lial questioned them both.
Both of them shook their head “yes”.
“And those are not only just cops…..but Faction officers? The same ones that are looking for you?”
“Eeeeeeeeee………” Gina and Joanna said in unison.
“Oh, dammit.” Lial said.

Back at the chase in the highway, the van is still being pursued by every Faction and armed force in the city with MAK shooting back at them.
“FUCK!! They are still shooting!!” Sheena said.
“Well, so am I!!” MAK shouted. “I’m not trying to kill them but damn, they’re trying to fuck us up badly.”

“NIGGA, FUCK YOU!!” MAK screamed as he shot at him.
“OK then, motherfucker.” Dice said as he drove by the van and smashed one of the van windows and tried to shoot Yuan.
“HEY!!!” Yuan yelled.
“Stop the fucking van!!” Dice yelled. “Or else, I’ll shoot your ass right here and then they won’t be so lucky.”
Kati then got herself a brick and smacked Dice in the back of his head. “OW!! The hell?”
“Next one will be a bullet in you, bitch!!” Kati screamed.
“You damn penguin bitch!” Dice pulled over to Kati and grabbed her out of there.
“KATI!!!” Everyone shouted as Dice pulled her out of the car and put a gun close to her head. MAK got close to the two and jumped on the bike and choked Dice while trying to let Kati go free then MAK really got to beating the hell out of Dice, causing him to crash on the highway.
“MAK!!!” Kai shouted.
“Oh no!!” Sheena screamed.

The two got up and fought the rest in the highway with MAK phasing in and out, knocking the hell out of Dice quick and fast.
However, Dice got the upper hand pulling out a gun to shot MAK. He ducked from the bullet yet Dice got him in the arm and he kept shooting at point-blank but MAK knocked the gun out of his hand and kept striking at him.
“YOU PIECE OF SHIT!!” MAK said and as soon as the cops came, he knocked him out and drove away on his bike.

“MY BIKE, YOU FUCKER!!” Dice shouted.
MAK ride rapidly back to the van as the cops are right at his tail. He jumped off the bike and hang on to the van.
Kai caught him in time to pull him back in there.
“They definitely want to capture us.” MAK said. “And we can’t let that happen.”
“How do you suppose we get away from them faster?” Kai questioned. And that’s when MAK noticed a similar button on the front as Yuan was driving.
“Huh?” she replied.
“Press that big green button. Everyone stay in your seats!” As MAK got Kai and Sheena into positions.
Kati presses the button and the van is activating into separate vehicles.
“What the hell?” Yuan asked. “Kati, what did you do? MAK, THE HELL IS GOING ON!?”
“It’s one of those Hybrid car/van/bikes. It can transform into either one.”
Soon, the 5 are now in bike mode and all of them quickly speeded away from the police.

“WE HAVE BIKES NOW!?” Sheena exclaimed.
“YUP!!” MAK said, “We’re going to have to split up for a while!!”
“And go where?” Yuan yelled.
“Anywhere as long as they don’t find you.” MAK said. “I’ll meet up with you once I lose these guys!”
“MAK, NO!! The hell?” Kai shouted. “You know with Rick and Dice, they won’t stopped until you’re dead. You’re going with us!!”
“NO!!” MAK said, “We stay together and we end up dead. Go to that place, hide out for a while and I swear I will come back!!”
“MAK, we need to make a move now!!!” Kati said. “Make up your mind before we’re fucked!”
The helicopters, police and Faction vans are getting closer and closer.
“Kai, he’s right.” Yuan said. “We have to split. We’ll meet up at that spot you was talking about and you can even track us.”
“Just promise me you’ll be safe.” Kai said.
“I promise you, Kai.” MAK said.

The 5 of them now split into different directions and they are all on MAK’s tail.
One of the Faction vehicles on MAK’s tail was Collins and he was going to try to get him to stop.
“Kiritsnagi, pull over!!! I said PULL OVER!! MAK!!”
“I don’t go by Kiritsnagi!” MAK said. “And also I didn’t do shit and never did my friends!!!”
“Wrong!!” Collins said. “Your friends got a Wolf Clan agent killed and two of ours in this mess!! We found out those two girls staying with you.”
“They didn’t do shit wrong!” MAK said. “They want to settle things and live a peaceful life.” Then MAK went to ram Collins although he on a bike won’t do much to a bigger car.

“Then why would they shoot Zaki then?” Collins said.
“WHAT!?” MAK said. “Loyuka was shot!?”
“Ballistics checked it out. The gun belonged to a Tomoki Miayama.” Collins said. “Face it, your friends dug themselves into a hole and you’re helping them dig deeper where they are stuck!”

“Collins!!!” And then Leon went and take over for him. “I got this, man!!”
“Oh, hell, you!!!” MAK yelled.
“Yes, me, boy.” Leon said. “You out of your mind or something? Caught up in this shit again!?”
“HEY!! Most of the time I didn’t know about this shit!!” MAK yelled. “My ass was kidnapped all day!!”
“We know…..Kiritsnagi Two.” Leon said. “We knew all about your father and yet no one in the world ever seems to find him from his connections to Pandora to his extortion crimes of robbing high-end figureheads.”
“And Shin Endo?” MAK exclaimed. “The guy that was stalking Kai? Go after that motherfucker!!!”
“Right now, our priority is YOU and your damn friends!!” Leon said. “You forget you and Kai let a lot of people down? From Cyan, Seiki, her mom and dad…….I thought you two turning 25 meant you were getting smarter but I guess that was some bullshit!”
“You know what? You’re right.” MAK said. “Maybe I do need to get smarter…….by avoiding you.” He speeds away from those two and from behind Rick and Dice immediately did the same to catch up with him and this time, Rick are going for him.
“HEY PRICK!!!” Rick shouted then MAK sees him coming. “You didn’t forget about me, did you?”
“No, I didn’t.” As MAK goes into his Hybrid phase and raced away at maximum hyper-speed from them with his Blue Leaf powers and not a moment too soon.
“The fuck?” Rick shouted. “That nigga just jetted out of there. That sneaky fucker!!”
“Sooner or later, we’re gonna catch his ass.” Dice said.
“We are definitely going to fuck him up.”

However, the effects of maximum Blue Leaf left MAK feeling light-headed and a little woozy after using the power. He looked like he wasn’t that far away from where they needed to go but he soon passes out in an alley.

Meanwhile, Rolo and Murasaki have been laying low from being chased by the Birdbrains, trying to find any info on Sayuri, Laila and the Darksiders.
“Find anything yet?” Saki said.
“No.” Rolo said. “Still found nothing.”
“Somehow being chased by them seemed like a better idea.” Murasaki said.
“I just hope the rest are doing alright.” Rolo responded. “We haven’t heard from them all night.”

In close range to them, Laila was running out of nowhere towards them.
Rolo and Saki screamed higher than they usually have as they was surprised by her.
“Laila!?” Rolo said.
“OH SH—Oh, Rolo! Thank God it’s you!!” Laila shouted.
Murasaki then got out of the car. “Where you followed?”
“No…” Laila said gasping for air.
“You sure about that?” Rolo said looking out for anyone suspicious. “You forget your crazy-ass sister and bunch of fucks tried to–”
“Rolo…..” Laila tried to calm him down. “No one is chasing me… least for now.”
“Come on in.” Murasaki offered her a ride.

They drove away from the alley and continue to pursue the rest of the Darksiders. Until then, Rolo needed to ask more questions to Laila about their whole thing.
“Laila……you know you got a lot to explain.” Rolo said. “And I mean a lot of things.”
“I know, I know.” Laila said. “But you got to know one thing……I wasn’t trying to trick you or do anything like that.”
“OK, OK.” Rolo said. “I get that……but what’s with your sister being like this? Why is she trying to off people like the Faction or the cops or any other–”
“She…has a grudge against the Faction mainly because of what happened to our parents all these years ago.” Laila said.
“Your parents?” Murasaki said.
“Yeah……long story short, they used to work for the Faction back in the day. However, they died in the line of duty protecting a Hybrid in Witness Protection when someone found them out.” Laila explained.
“Damn. I’m sorry to hear about that.” Murasaki said. “I know the feeling of dealing with losing your parents too well.”
“Reiko really didn’t take it well hearing that news.” Laila said. “Especially when we learn that the Hybrid they were protecting tricked them, getting that guy a lot of money and ran out-of-town with it.”
“Shit!! My guess that got Reiko furious?” Rolo asked.
“VERY Furious.” Laila said.

Elsewhere, Kai was in route to find the rest of the crew along with finding that hideout.
“OK, it should be closer. I just need to get everyone in close range.”
She sees a group of people and immediately stop and as she shines the light on them, it was….the Darksiders.
“Lex? Aka? Nanashi? Devo? Magnum? Nola?” Kai recognized them. “What are you out here and……why are you in red shirts?”
“Wait, what?” As Lex did a double take on what they’re wearing. “RED SHIRTS!!? Oh, great. We’re redshirts!!”
“It was dark!” Devo shouted. “I’m just glad we’re not topless and cold and freezing to death!!”
“Oh and Kai? I’m here, too.” Aron said.
“I know.” Kai casually said. “Glad you’re alive, too, but I got no time for pleasantries. I’m trying to find Kati, Yuan, Sheena and MAK.”
“So you’re trying to find your peoples, too?” Magnum said. “We’ve been trying to get in touch with Rolo and Murasaki since the Birdbrains got to our hideout!”
“WHAT!?” Kai shouted. “Is Rolo and Saki all right?”
“We’re not sure.” Aka said. “I do know that once I see that Laila, I’m going to kill her.” Then comes Kai’s confused look on her face.
“One of the BirdBrains is her sister.” Nola said. “That and they kidnapped Sayuri.”
“Wait! Sayuri is kidnapped now!!?”Kai shouted.
“Yeah.” Aka said. “The Birdbrains got her ass now and we plan to get her back and kick their asses.”
“And we plan to fuck them up.” Magnum said, cocking his GAG.

“OK then.” Kai awkwardly said. “Just what in the blue hell is that thing?”
“Never mind his fake DOOM gun.” Lex said. “Just what the hell happened to you?”
She sighs, “It’s a long and unfortunate story and something I should’ve told you a long time ago…..”


“MAK’s DAD SHOT YOUR DAD!?!” All of them said in unison.
“Oi……yes.” Kai frustratingly said. “Loyuka told me after the whole Pandora mess and I thought MAK would never find out.”
“Well, you were stupid to think that.” Nanashi said.
“Stop it.” Kai snapped back, which lead to Nanashi slap-chopping her.
“Now say you’re an idiot.” Nanashi shouted.
“I’M AN IDIOT!” Kai screamed. “Please don’t break my arms!”
“You’re thinking of Seiki.” Nanashi said. “But good enough.” She lets her go.

“Damn, man, I do feel for the guy and all.” Devo said. “Plus, knowing your dad is the one that shot your girlfriend’s dad back then……that could cause some strain in the relationship.”
“HEY!!!” Kai said. “I know that thing is fucked up but I know in my heart, MAK is not his father!!! He would never turn out like him!! EVER!!! If anything, he’s better than his DEADBEAT FUCK OF A FATHER!”
“WHOA! OK, DAMN!” Lex said. “We’re not saying he’s like that at all.”
“Sorry….” Kai said. “It’s just that….whenever he gets raged and charged up, I feel like something terrible is going to happen soon and I see nightmares……nightmares of everyone I know and love suffering and dying….and every time I think that, I think of who is the cause of it and when I do, I see MAK. I see him overwhelmed by his power and can easily lose control of it.”
“Guys…….I’m scared for MAK.” She said, “I’m scared for all of us. For what might happen to any of us right now.” She soon began to tear up. “I don—I don’t—I – I…”
“Kai…..” Aka calmly said as she comforted her while she’s still sobbing her eyes out. She wanted to tell her that everything would be all right but even she doesn’t fully believe or want to get her false hopes up so she just calm her down a bit.

“Damn, she is serious about this, isn’t she?” Aron whispered to Magnum.
“Well, no shit.” Devo said to him.

Meanwhile….Kati and Yuan are still finding their way to the hideout.
“HEY!! How close are we?” Kati shouted.
“With any luck, we’re about 10 minutes away!” Yuan said. “Hopefully the rest are nearly close to us!”
Suddenly, there was a roadblock coming up for them, blocking a direct path to the place.
“The hell?” Kati said. Then sees that the road has been blocked due to repairs of the road.
“OH, GODDAMMIT!!” Yuan shouted.
“We can just go around and find a shortcut.” Kati said. “Or try to find Kai or Sheena……yeah, let’s do that instead because right now it’s the dead of the night and things happened at that time. BAD THINGS!!”
“We can try to get in touch with Sheena on your phone since you threw mine out.” He said to her.

They went and tried to get a hold of Sheena but they see something lurking in the shadows and it makes some strange noises.
“The hell?” Yuan said.
“OK……That’s time to turn back and LEAVE NOW!!” Kati said.
“YUP!!!” Soon the two rushed out of there and had to recalculate their route. “We got to go back to the highway and turn wherever Kai or Sheena was heading.”
“It’s better than being stuck here!!” Kati shouted.

Elsewhere, Sheena was the one that got very close to the hideout. “OK, said in about a minute or so, I should be there.”
Her bike then suddenly run out of gas as it slows down. “SHIT!! Out of gas? Good thing I’m close to it.” As she reaches to the place, she passes an alley where she sees MAK passed out there.
“What the? MAK!? MAK!!!” As she walks over there to wake him up.
He finally wakes up as he sees Sheena.
“Had a good rest?” She said. “And……wait, your nose is bleeding….but it’s not blood…” It was something blue dripping out and to no one’s surprise, it was blue leaf.
“I think after I hyperspace my ass out of the highway, I passed out.” He said. “And I think I’ve gotten weaker after that. I feel like every time I move, it hurts a bit.”
“Welp, I suppose I can carry you there since we’re almost there.” Sheena said. “Although I’m getting tired myself.”
“Wait….” MAK tries to get up with what little strength he got. “I think I can do a little longer and then rest.”
He starts up the bike. “Hop on.”
Sheena hops on with MAK to ride.
However, someone is watching them both in the distance as they are beginning to feel close to them.

“Hey Sheena!!” MAK said.
“Yeah?” She responded to him.
“I heard about what happened to Joanna.” He said. “I didn’t say anything earlier and I know you feel bad about what happened and all.”
“I feel devastated!” She said. “I mean, I know we didn’t know each other that long and also we had sex hours before it happened and…….I just feel guilty, ya know? She tried to warn me to get the hell out but I said ‘no’ and she gets a bullet in her side!”
“So basically…….you like her?” MAK asked her.
“You guess?” MAK said. “The way you looked at her, thinking about what happened last night….I know that look.”
“OK! OK! OK!!” Sheena said. “I do like her. You got me, alright?”
“See?” MAK said.
“HOLD ON!!! What about you and Kai?” Sheena said. “Have you forgiven her about the whole Dad thing?” He paused for a minute as she brought that up.
“HUH? Wha?” He said.
“Have you forgiven Kai for what happened?” Sheena said. “I know her not telling you was not a good move on her and all…..”
“Sheena, you know I’m not going to hold that against her.” He said. “Shin Endo and my father are the ones I’m pissed at.”
“So you’re not mad at her anymore?” Sheena said.
“You guess not?” Sheena said. “Now who’s doing that?”
“OK!! No, I’m not mad at her anymore.” MAK said.
“Well, that’s good.” Sheena said. “I said before and I’ll say it again….I like seeing you two together and it gives me hope about finding someone as sweet and caring as Kai is to you.”
“And you did.” MAK said as she smiled as his comment. “Kai’s been the one person in my life that can always cheer me up whenever I’m not feeling so good and I’m not going to tarnish what I got with her due to that.”

Seconds later, it appears that they have reached their destination.
“I think this is it.” Sheena said. They took a look of it and see its decaying and decrepit state that no one set foot in this place in the last decade or so.

“WOW! This……looks like a shithole.” MAK said.
“Perfect!” Sheena said. “It means no one will know we’re here!!!’
“But won’t it the first thing they’ll look into?” MAK asked.
“Not if we keep ourselves silent.” She asked without hesitation.

She gets her phone out to call Kati and Yuan. “Hey, Kati, Yuan!! WE MADE IT!! I got MAK with me also. Are you two any close?”
“Close?” Kati said. “We had to turn back because one road was blocked. I guess that road you took lead you well than expected.”
“I’m gonna contact Kai to know where we’re at.” MAK said as he calls her.

“Hello?” Kai answered.
“Hey, Kai!! We found the place!!” He said. “Me and Sheena are right there. How long you got until we reach you?”
“Wait, you found it already?” She said.
“Yeah. Right where you said it.” He said back.
Kai then said back to him, “That’s great!!! We’re getting closer and I also got some company with me.”
“How’s it going, Ka-Bluey!?” Nanashi shouted in the phone.
“The Darksiders are there, too?” MAK said. “Good. I might need them for something l–” Right then, someone shot at MAK, causing him to drop the phone.
“What the fu–” MAK shouted with him noticing some blood on his hand. “WHO DID THAT?!?”
“Hello? MAK?” Kai said. “I guess he lost service or something.”

Out of the corners, it was Shin Endo that jumped him from behind. “MISS ME, MOTHERFUCKER!!?” MAK screams as he throws him on top of a car.
“What the hell?” Sheena said. “MAK, who was that?”
“It’s Shin Endo!!” He shouted. Shin then zoomed in and punched him in a flash then quickly approaches Sheena.
“Oh, so you’re the busty bartender I’ve been hearing about.” Shin said to her.
“What’s it to you?” She said.
“Well, I noticed the women MAK hangs out tends to have something he was infatuated with.” He said staring at her figure very vigorously “And seeing you are close friends with him and Kai-Kai…..he probably think you two would want to–”
Sheena then pushed him off her from his creepiness. “First off, you don’t know a damn thing about me or who I am. Second, the way you stare at me reminds of an ex….he was also a creepy bastard and asshole.”

“HA-HA!! And you remind me of Kai….you think you can outsmart me but your bullshit but I know deep down, you’re weak.” Shin said. “I know girls like you that think they can survive this world but once one thing damages them, it doesn’t take long for them to give up and succumb to their defeat.”

“Really? Does that 2nd grade psychobabble bullshit work on them?” Sheena retorted back. “Please. You’re nothing but a former lackey that has a sloppy way of doing his job.”
“And just what are you saying?” Shin really got close to her. So close that his hands are getting close to her body.
“I’m saying whatever to distract you from this.” Sheena said as MAK got a rope and choke him from behind and threw him at a brick wall.
“Well, that wasn’t much of a fight.” MAK said. “Let’s throw his ass in a river or something.”
“I second that.” Sheena said.
“I thought he would’ve phase out since he got Hybrid powers.” MAK said. “I guess he was too stupid to know he was being distracted.”

They soon dumped Shin’s body in the river and push it far into rushing waters.
“Welp, the raging waters will take care of him.” MAK said.
“I hope so.” Sheena said. “A minute of that guy was too much for me.”

However, as he was about to drift near the end, he awaken from his beatings and phase out of the water fast.

Elsewhere, Kai and the Darksiders are just arriving at the place.
“OK, I think this is it.” Kai said.
“Wow, what a crappy-looking shithole.” Aron said.
“Good.” Aka said. “There’s no way they’ll think we’re here. We just need to set up and…..”
Then all of a sudden, a car was passing by there and it looks like their cover is blown. They stopped but it was actually Rolo, Murasaki and Laila.
“ROLO!! MURASAKI!!” Everybody shouted.
“Hey……we’re alive!” He said as Rolo and Murasaki got out and the Darksiders rushed there to give comfort that they are OK, especially with Nola to Murasaki.
“Oh my God!!” Aka said, “We’re glad to see you safe and sound!!”
“I can say the same thing to you.” Rolo said. “But why is everybody in red shirts?”
“Long story. We get the joke and all.” Lex said. “But for real, we’re glad to see you two alright and also who’s the third person with you?”
“OH…….um……well……” Rolo said.
“Maybe it’s someone who can help us…” As Aka went to the backseat to see who it is and to her dismay, she finds out it’s Laila.
“Are you kidding me……” She ghastly said.
Laila comes out of the car.
“Wait, Laila?” Kai recognized her.
“YOU!?” Aka furiously said as she sees her. “You little bitch!!” As she runs charging at her.










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