WARNING: The following written material that you’re about to read may contain acts of violence, graphic language, and sexual content. This is meant only for MATURE AUDIENCES. Reader Discretion is advised.


PREVIOUSLY (or here’s the tl;dr version) ON: AFaction

Two new recruits, Nyoko and Risa Hirano aka The Hirano Sisters, join in the Faction and outside the Hybrid Faction, a pack of wolves are making their route into there in search of somebody…and what they want with that certain somebody……

Well, you’re about to find out right about now.


We see a small village inhabited by wolf hybrids being set ablaze and causing people to be in a panic and uproar, fighting their way out of there from many attackers and shooters. Eventually, the head wolf leader of the village Masato tried to stifle the violence with excessive force along with others following his lead but it seemed too much for them and that’s when The Faction shows up and rallies their guys to apprehend and shoot any attackers and get some of the innocent citizens out of harm’s way.

“Where were you!?” Masato said. “We tried alarming you for almost a hour now and things got worse as we waited for you!”

One of the agents took off their helmet and said to him, “Now’s not the time of that. We’re trying to get those people into safety.” And it was Akiko Miayama behind the mask. “Don’t try to butt heads at a time like this.”

“Fine.” Masato said, “But this right here…’s a massacre we’re seeing. This has been the 5th time this occurred. 10 people were killed here today and that’s a total of 87 people! 87!!! That’s a fifth of our village population! We can’t be losing any more of our people and as leader of the wolf clan, I can’t abide by this and watch this keep on going.” They walked into a home where 3 people have been slaughtered.

“You see this?” Masato said. “It’s been like this every day. How can we be safe in our own home and yet the Faction, the so-called force that we need, isn’t that reliable 100% of the time?”

“Look…” Akiko said, “We are trying to get to everyone in need all of the time. We always strive to help every Hybrid and human out there. But—“ “But you can’t always guarantee everyone’s safety, can you?” Masato said. “Looking at that family, you’re right.”

“MISS MIAYAMA! MISS MIAYAMA!!” A woman in blue shouted. “Oh thank God, you’re here! We need your assistance!!”

“Lady Aqua! There’s no need to act that frantic.” Masato said but both really wasn’t paying that attention to him. “Can you show me where they need me?” Akiko said. “Right down there.” Aqua said.

Elsewhere, there’s a little wolf Hybrid girl running for her life just to get away from the riots and trying to control herself from crying too much. She then changed into her wolf form as she sprinted quickly from there, possibly running from someone.



We first see Cassie in the Faction Gym doing her daily workout of punching the bag, some daily exercise and even meditating in-between them. She was in her own serene peace of mind after that but unfortunately that got spoiled by Miki, who just happens to show up during that.

“So this is your little daily routine in the morning, huh, Lyles?” Miki asked.

“Yes.” Cassie said, “Miki, is there anything you want? I mean, that doesn’t involve you harassing me?”

“Oh, come on, Lyles. I’m not really a bad guy or girl once you get to know me.” Miki said, “I just thought you would usually be at home…… you know, where you and Miayama—“

“Keep our love life out of your mouth, dammit!!” Cassie said.

“What? I can’t say anything about you two playing with each other’s ti—“ Then Cassie grabs and throws her to the wall and as she was about to hit her, she calmly puts down her fist and said, “OK, you know what? I think it’ll be better if you just leave. I’m trying to be a calmer person today and you in here doesn’t work. OK?”

“Ok. But remember this, Lyles,” Miki said, “If you even think about harming me or even getting angry at me, your ass is gonna get in more trouble than before. Hell, I know you two was the reason why our drone was destroyed and the reason your little friend MAK2.0 was a part of that. Speaking of that, how is the little or big bastard doing for himself?”

“He’s doing fine.” Cassie said, “And thankfully still alive. No thanks to you.” All of a sudden, a big arrow came flying and almost hit the two. Both looked puzzled at that and it was revealed to be Risa who pulled that move. “Oh shit…..did anybody got hit?”

“NO!” Cassie and Miki said.

“OK, just checking.” Risa said as she got her arrow and got back to the shooting range.

“Rookies….” Miki said, “Oh, and before I go, just remember sooner or later, your ass is about to slip and where that happens, I’ll be there to laugh at your ass.” Then she left the room where a shit-eating grin on her face and Cassie looking less serene and more pissed off than ever. “I really hate that bitch.” She said in her hushed voice as she punches the bag.


“Nyoko Hirano! Risa Hirano!” Sei said to them in the training room. “You’re new recruits here and I would like to say welcome aboard the Faction and all that. But now you’re here for possibly one of our greatest feats in here….getting through the Endurance Training Test!!”

“Ooohhh….” Nyoko said, “This sounds exciting from what I’m hearing.”

“And just what we need to do on this test?” Risa said. “Easy.” Sei said, “Survive and defeat what comes at you.” And as soon as she said that, there was a simulation where a swarm of killers with guns, knives, chains, Molotov cocktails or other type of weapons are out to kill anyone in their way. “Now, ladies, are you ready for the experience?”

“Sure.” Nyoko said with a joyful slight in her voice. “Whatever.” Risa said in a bored voice.

“Let’s hope these girls are ready for it.” Seiki said in a hushed voice. “You and I both barely survived ours.”

“We’ll see, Argento.” Sei said, “We’ll see.”

“BEGIN!” Sei pressed the button and unleashed the fury as those fake killers came flying down towards them. First thing Nyoko does is does a trick with her gun and fires at one of them slightly at one in the left and then she pushes a button, springing two more bullets heading towards two other guys, shooting them in the head.

One of them lands next to Risa and comes at her with a knife but she used one of her spare arrows to stab him in the toes and again in the chin. She quickly yanks the arrow and use it again to shoot at two incoming jumpers. As for Nyoko, she reloaded 7 shots in 7 different directions to make it look like she was shooting out of place, but the bullets she use….was early targeted at them so she knew where they were heading to.

Back-to-back, the girls were tag-teaming on subduing them and struggled with this one big guy that was just absorbing some of the bullets, then Risa had to do a melee attack on him with a spare arrow and Nyoko shoved a bomb in his ass, pull the pin and immediately blew his ass off…literally. The stage was done. “So how’s that?” Nyoko said.

Sei and Seiki were left at awe and confusion. “I think we’ve did our job right.” Risa said. “I’ll say.” Loyuka said as she entered the room. “You two got some great skills in there, although the bomb in the ass thing was too much but still….I see potential in you two.” Nyoko blushed a bit and smiled at Loyuka’s compliments, “Well, thanks, Captain Zaki. The gunplay moves I learned from the years did helped me.”

“Hell, I could learn those tricks from you someday.” Loyuka said.

“Yeah….” Risa said silently, “Among other things you two like to do.” And then Nyoko smacked her head for that silent quip. “I’d be happy, too, Captain Zaki.” She replied to Loyuka.



Meanwhile, in the lounge, Tomoki and Cassie were resting after the workout and still stressing about the Miki/Hybrid X situation, including what happened this morning. “It keeps getting worse and worse.” Cassie said to Tomoki. “I can’t handle taking this bullshit from her. I felt like smacking the shit out of her but if I do, I might risk being fired on the spot.”

“At this point, we’re in a rut.” Tomoki said, “Everybody knows about us now….at least, besides Jin and Jiro……and that stunt we pulled fucked us over and everybody got on us about that and STILL ARE!!”

“At least we don’t have to put up with her spying on us anymore.” Cassie said. “Exactly….” Tomoki said. “Oh no….now what?” Cassie replied with annoyance. “I overheard her say to him that they were putting more of those tonight.” Tomoki said. “And they are really guarding that place heavy ever since the last time. So destroying them isn’t an option for us.” Cassie looked either stunned or about to crack under pressure. “Honey, please excuse me for a bit.” She grabbed a pillow (well, actually 3-4 pillows) and screamed into it, along with shouting a lot of expletives and made sure no one else heard it. “You need a moment al-“
“No, Moki, I just needed to let that out.” Cassie said, “But I’m good now.”


A little while after that, a mysterious wolf lady dressed in a light blue spiritual dress came in the Faction offices, looking for information about someone. “Excuse me…..Hello, excuse me.” Cyan came her and said, “Yes, Ma’am, is there anything we can do to help you?”

“Ah, yes, I’m traveling from the woods outside the Hybrid Society with a group. We’re looking for someone down here.” She said.

“A missing person’s case?” Cyan asked. “No problem. We can get that worked away immediately, Miss—Um…..I’m sorry, I didn’t get your name.”

As soon as that was happening, Cassie and Tomoki was just walking out the lounge but then she scurried back as she heard, “Oh, my name is Lady Aqua.”
“What the fuck? CASS!” Tomoki quietly shouted as Cassie kept a distance away from the lady.

“Wait, what was that?” Lady Aqua asked. “What was what?” Cyan questioned her as she turned around and see nothing. “I didn’t noticed anything.”

“I swore I saw that person we were looking for.” Lady Aqua said. “She was right behind you.”
“LADY AQUA, WHAT IS TAKING SO LONG IN THERE!!” someone rudely shouted from outside. “Masato, I’m just checking with the local authorities if she’s here.” She said. “She should be in here!! The e-mail said that she’s part of the FACTION!” Masato said.

“WHOA!! Uh, sir, excuse me, but who are you and why are you barging my offices?” Jin said as she instantly heard the commotion. “You have no right to just do whatever you want in here.”

“I’m terribly sorry, I’m –“
“Lady Aqua, we don’t need to apologize to them. They should know by now that Hybrid clans outside the society gets Diplomatic Immunity, including us, so we do whatever the hell we can to track someone down.”

“Track someone down?” Jin said. “You know we can track people down here.”

“The person we’re looking for happens to work here.” He said. “My name is Masato Orenji. We are the Wolf Clan Genesis and we are here for…..CASSANDRA LYLES!!”



“Cassie, what the hell was that for?” Tomoki asked.
“Genesis.” Cassie shakenly said. “They’re here for something.”

“Those guys out there?” Tomoki said, “What makes you think they’re here for something?”
“I don’t know and as far as I’m concerned, I don’t care.” Cassie said, “I don’t want them to know I’m here and I need to make a break out of here the faster the better.” She went to escape from the fire escape windows but as soon as she was about to flee, they entered the room with Jin and Cyan leading them in. “Tomoki, have you seen Cassie around here?” Jin said. “We got….*sigh* The Wolf Clan Genesis looking for her for—“
“We’re looking for retrieve her back into our village.” Masato said. “We know of this Grand ‘H’ War and what happened in the past 2 months and seeing all that murder, violence and rampage, we don’t want any of our wolf brethren and sisters to be involved in this chaos. Much less, having her killed in the crossfire.”

“I don’t know where she could be.” Tomoki said, “But I doubt she would want to return there. Cassie likes it here at the Society. She’s surrounded by people she loves and the people that loved her back.”

“And you are, miss?” Lady Aqua asked.

“My name is Tomoki Miayama. Intermediate Hybrid Officer of the Faction.”
“Miayama? I heard of that name before.” Masato said. “Miayama, Miayama, Mia……Wait! Don’t tell me you’re related to Akiko Miayama!”

“Yes, she’s my mother.” Tomoki said. “Well, she was my mother.”
“Oh, I have heard of your mother. She was a saint and a great women to model after.” Lady Aqua added to that conversation. “I can’t believe it’s been 10 years since she–”
“Yes, Lady, we heard it all and still sad of her loss but that’s another time.” Masato said. “You need to tell me if you’re hiding her or not.”
“No, I am not!!” Tomoki said, “And even if I was, I don’t blame her! She doesn’t want to be cooped up alone in there!!”

While that was happening, Cassie tried to make her escape out of there and went to hide somewhere in the city but unfortunately she ran into one of the clan’s bodyguards Marble. “Oh no.”
“So there you are, little Miss Black Wolf.” Marble said as she grabbed and carried her inside while she screaming to put her down.

“AND HOW IN THE HELL YOU KNOW THAT?” Masato said, “You’re saying this shit for her rather than her doing it herself! For all I know, you’re bullshitting about this!!”

“I don’t have a reason to lie to you!” Tomoki said. “She doesn’t want to see any of you!” Then we see Marble carrying Cassie back into the building and she is shouting to put her down. “I see you’re excited to see us, Cassandra.” Masato said.

“The feeling’s mutual.” Cassie said as Marble dropped her and as she got back up. “Masato, it’s been like 16 years since….”

“Since you left us?” Masato said. “You mean after you just casted me out of the clan? Because I couldn’t save them? You know what I’m talking about.”

“You mean that you failed to save your family from that gunman that’s been on a rampage for killing Hybrids, especially wolf Hybrids?” Masato reminded her. “You had the gun in your hand. You could’ve shot him and that would’ve been it but yet… couldn’t fire and that guy killed your mother, your father, your older brother and possibly more people in the village because of you being incompetent.”

“I…WAS 10 YEARS OLD!!!” Cassie shouted, “You expect me to do that shit in an instant? I WAS SCARED OF MY WITS!! I COULD’VE PISSED IN MY PANTS BUT obviously, you don’t give a shit about that!”

“Our wolf clan trained over 1,000 wolves a year to defend their homeland and half of that is women. Our skills have been effective since our dawn and you tell me that it isn’t worth a shit?”

“I’ve trained to those who were better.” Cassie said, “Those that gave a damn.”
“WHAT? The Faction?” Masato said, them? Those guys?”

“Yes. Those guys….and guess what? They’ve been more like a family than you ever have to me.” Cassie said. “No offense, Lady Aqua. You have….actually been helpful back then.”

“Doesn’t matter. At the end of this conversation, you’re going back with us as YOU ARE FORBIDDEN TO BE PART OF THE GRAND ‘H’ WAR!” Masato shouted at her, “And that’s final!!”

“Motherfucker, you don’t control me and what the hell I do with my life. I’m staying here in Hybrid Society with people I love and respect and there isn’t a thing you can do to stop me.” Cassie shouted back at him and at part of that last sentence, she firmly gripped Tomoki’s hand and Tomoki gripped back and then Lady Aqua suspect something out of those two. “I believe Cassandra has made her choice. She doesn’t want to leave her friends behind and you can see that she really cares for them.”

“EXACTLY!!” Cassie said. “See? Aqua knows what I’m talking about.”
“I mean, you obviously have some great friends to stick by you, especially your lover next to you.” Aqua replied. “Yes, she—Wait, what do you mean?” Tomoki said. “Lovers? I mean, I don’t know what she’s–”
“Tomoki, we can’t hide this anymore. We need to tell them about us.” Cassie said. “Are you sure about this?” Tomoki said. “Moki, I haven’t been surer about anything than this.” Cassie said.

“About what?” Jin said watching the whole charade. “What are you two trying to tell us?”
“Wait, you mean…..” Cyan said. “Yes, Cyan.” Tomoki said, “We need to tell them.” Tomoki took a big sigh and told them, “You see, Jin……Me and Cassie are in a relationship. We’re been dating for some time now—“
“About 3 years.” Cassie said. “Yes…..about 3 years now, we’re dating.” Tomoki said, “We just never told you about it.”

“Wait…wait, wait, wait…’re just now telling your boss that you two were fucking each other under their noses?” Marble said. “Either you two are slick or the Faction is run by some dumbasses.”

“I think it’s the latter.” Masato said. “I mean, you have got to be kidding with me with this shit!! Really? Really? You with this girl of all people?”

“Masato, don’t do this.” Lady Aqua said.

“Why are you involved with this panda creature? YOU ARE A WOLF HYBRID!!” He shouted, “And yet your soulmate is the daughter of a pain-in-the-ass former Hybrid bitch?!” And that’s when Tomoki just snapped and snatched a fork and stick in his hand, twisting it and said, “You dare talk ill of my mom that way? Especially since she can’t defend herself?” She then gave him a low blow punch and kneed him in the groin. “I don’t give a flying fuck if you are leader of the wolf clan, you don’t disrespect my mother or my woman and think you can get away with that!”

Marble then manhandled her and punched her, “This has nothing to do with you, Panda Express. We have an order from our higher-ups of the Wolf Social Order and this e-mail we got from a that Cassandra Lyles was in hiding for the last 16 years.”

“You just knew about this a while ago?” Tomoki said, “You never heard of the internet or anything like that?”

“We just got it recently.” Lady Aqua said, “Like 3 months ago. We needed to get into the digital age to further advance our village. Also it was my idea.” She said with a smile on her face.

“Look, we’re going to have Master Takamura with disciples Dumile and Oasis down here in a few hours to discuss your tenure here.” Masato said, “But if I were you, I think about starting packing my bags because I know they will not allow you to stay here. You can’t hide from your destiny forever.”
“I’M NOT GOING TO LEAVE MY FRIENDS TO DIE!!!” Cassie said, “And I rather fight and die alongside with the ones I love than be alone and safe with no one!”

“Until then, we bid you adieu.” As Marble carried Masato on their way out while Lady Aqua gives her apologies for them. “I’m very sorry for the trouble and mishap he caused. Masato has been like this since the riots 16 years ago.”

“Don’t apologize for him.” Tomoki said, “You’re doing right by being courteous and respectful.”
“Thank you.” Aqua said. “And while I’m not sure if Cassandra should stay or not, but I do know that she’s got a friend right here.” And then she said her goodbye for now. Since Jin now knows Tomoki and Cassie’s secret, she asked them this. “OK, I want everyone near us to meet in my office. NOW!” That tone meant that trouble was coming from her.


“Tomoki. Cassie. Is what I heard about you two is true?” Jiro asked. Both of them shook their heads, indicating that it is indeed true. “Cassie Lyles, why in the hell you never told me you came from a wolf village outside of the Society?” Jin sternly asked. “Oh……that.” Cassie said. “I thought you was going to ask me—“ “About why you and Miayama are dating?” Jiro intervened. “We would but the first issue right now is more important. You got these people coming in, disrespecting our offices and now a council is coming to see what you can stay here or they’ll take you away.”
“Yeah…” Cassie said, “We have about 10 wolf leaders to decide this. If it gets 60% or higher, then I have to move back…..and I really don’t want to move back.”

“I don’t know what to say to that, Cassie.” Jin said, “I mean, this is out of our jurisdiction. We can’t put the kibosh on it or they’ll charge the hell out of us for it.”

“At this point, the only thing to do now is hope.” Cassie said. “And unfortunately, I got none of it.”

“Cass, all we can do for now is state your case on why you should stay here and maybe we could have a shot.” Jiro said. “Well, that is somewhat relieving to hear.” Cassie said, “Especially since Lady Aqua is on my side and she might persuade the others to let me stay.”

“However…..” Jiro said leading to what Cassie think it is, “They might look into some things that might mess up your chances…like sleeping with one of your co-workers.” Cassie seemed edgy at that last sentence. “OH…….”

“Look, you know we’re not against you two dating and all but you realize workplace relationships don’t tend to last, especially if you work at a place where you may not make it back in one piece or at all.” Jin said. “I’m not saying you two got to break up but I hope you keep your PDA—“

“Jin” Tomoki said in the room, “We do keep our PDA private from here. We did the past few weeks.”

“Miayama, don’t fuck with me.” Jin said. “What makes you think I am?” she replied. “My girlfriend is as stake of being sent back to that village. You think I’m taking this lying down?”
“We know you’re not taking this lying down, Tomoki.” Jiro said, “But after the shit you pulled with Masato, they may not be easy on her, although I doubt your grudge with him is going to affect that.”

“All I know is that Masato is a damn prick for insulting my mother and Cassie wants to stay here in the Society with m—us.” Tomoki said as she was about to leave the room and then she replied with, “And also, our relationship isn’t some workplace romance bullshit. It goes deeper than that. Way deeper.”

The rest of the time Jin and Jiro spend the next 2 hours before judgment hour on questioning the rest of the force about the whole “Tomoki/Cassie” relationship. Most of them said that they didn’t know much about it except for a few people and Jin and Jiro already knows those few people.

“Really?!?” Jin shouted at Cyan, Seiki, Leon, Sei & Sayuri. “You kept this secret from me and Jiro for this long?”
“Hey!” Sayuri said, “Me and Sei only knew this since the whole MAK thing went down some weeks ago.”
“Basically.” Sei said. “Yes, I knew about their relationship but I didn’t say anything because we got more important shit to worry about.”

“Yes, we knew about the relationship.” Cyan said, “But they always keep things on a work basis here and do all that lovey-dovey freaky shit at h—I think I said too much.”
“First all, I knew but I didn’t let it affect me.” Leon said. “Yeah, I think what they do in private doesn’t have shit to do with us.” Seiki said. Leon replied to Seiki with, “Actually, yeah……Seiki has a point. The fuck does this got to do with us?”

“…….I don’t know.” Jin said. “Hell, this is confusing me as well.”

“Wait, where’s Loyuka?” Cyan said, “She knows about this, too.”

Loyuka was in the lounge room and she came out of there, zipping her pants up with Nyoko putting her clothes back on. “OK, coast is clear. Come on.” She said to Nyoko. “You think someone saw us?”
“I doubt it.” Loyuka said. “Come on.” Nyoko was about to run out of there but before that, Risa spotted her coming out. “Enjoy your little fuck?” Nyoko seemed a bit startled. “Goddamnit, Risa. Don’t do that shit!”
“Um… know two other people got in trouble for shit like this, like right now?” Risa said. “You better hope your ass doesn’t get caught for this.”
“Look….” Nyoko said, “I’m gonna be careful about this. As long as nobody snitches on me, and I MEAN YOUR ASS, I’ll be fine. OK, dumbass?” As she sneered at her.
“Whatever.” Risa said. “Just don’t fuck up.”




“That’s terrible!” Kai said to a frazzled Tomoki and Cassie as they told her, MAK, Joel, Kati and Yuan the news. “I mean, I get why they’re doing it but they should know how much of a good protector who become since.”

“Can they really do that?” Kati said, “Them removing every wolf Hybrid out of the Society seems a bit unorthodox.”
“From what I read, Kati,” Yuan said, “They always tend to do this every time a war is about to happen, even up to something like this. They only care about their kind being attacked and want to take pre-caution to Grand H.”

“And you said that a meeting is happening in a few minutes to discuss whether you should stay or move?” Joel said. “Fuck, that’s just messed up, Cassie. How they managed to find you here anyway?”

“I have no clue.” Cassie said. “Aqua said that someone sent an e-mail about my whereabouts. We got the e-mail address but we don’t know who could’ve done it.” MAK stood silent drinking until he saw somebody coming in the bar and it was Hybrid X. “Oh, I think I know who could’ve done it.” He quickly drew his attention towards Hybrid X and Miki walking to the bar.

“Wait?” Tomoki said, “You think they could’ve…”

“Tomoki, I don’t know as of yet but I’m sure it’s them.” MAK said, “You know they got this grudge on you and Cass and now they’re trying to split you two up by bringing them in. That’s some low-down bullshit right there.”

“I don’t know about making an assumption like that, MAK.” Yuan said, “You already in deep shit with the Faction and accusing one of their advisors isn’t gonna help.” Joel weighed in his opinion, “OK. Yuan, you make a good point about jumping to conclusions but MAK isn’t fully accusing him of anything yet and he did explain some reasons why it could be him.”

“Oh, and did I forget to mention while I was incarcerated, Miki beat my ass and while she was doing that, she called ‘The women I hang out with including the one you fuck are useless and bitch-made’.”

“WHAT!?!?” Tomoki, Cassie, Kai and Kati said in an outrage. “She said that?”

“Yes, she did.” MAK said, “I was choking the shit out of her before I got tranq.”

“Well, well, well…..” Hybrid X said, “I see this is where I’m talked about here.”
“And you’re right on cue.” MAK said, “So I guess you heard about the news, didn’t you?”
“Oh, that wolf girl might have to move back to her village? Yeah, I heard about it. It’s messed up and all that.” Hybrid X said, “Although it really isn’t anyone’s fault but—“

“YOURS!!” MAK said. “Oh, please. Don’t play all innocent with us. We know it was you that send that e-mail to them!!!! I didn’t think you would go this far to fuck with them but this shit….Man, you’re the one who’s bitch-made.”

“What?” Miki said as she got up to MAK’s face, “You think he did this?”

MAK then retaliated with, “Yeah. And what? You two are been nothing but a sore in the ass to them and everyone around them. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was you. Fucking! Motherfucker, what kind of e-mail address is this?”

“It’s a pretty stupid one at that.” X said. “That and also I don’t have a address nor have I use that site for the last 5 years.” MAK seems befuddled at that revelation and dumbfounded as he was sure of that. “Looks like your theory went to shit.” X said. “A good one but damn. You was close.”
“HEY!” Joel said, “He could’ve had something else in his sleeve!! He might have other suspects in mind!” MAK whispered in Joel’s ear, “Actually, I don’t. He was the only one I thought of. Either him or that drunk around the corner and he doesn’t know how to use a scrubber, let alone a computer.”
“Well, goddamn, MAK.” Joel said.

“Anyway…” As X makes his attention towards Cassie, “Shouldn’t you be at that hearing to decide whether your ass is done for?”
“I was just about to leave, for your information.” Cassie said. “Not that’s any of your business.”
“Well, Cass, I hope the best for you and I bring you good vibes for that.” Joel said. “We all do.” Kai said, “And remember, all of us got your back.”

“Like that’s going to do you any good.” Miki said under her breath. Then Kati heard something from her and said, “Uh, got anything to say to us?”
“No, I DON’T!” Miki shouted at Kati and quietly shouted, “You Southern-fried barmaid.”
“OK, fine.” Kati said as she turned her back and whispered, “You ghost-looking pale moon bitch.”
“Oh excuse me, I didn’t see you heading this way.” As Kai ‘accidentally’ bumped into her with slipped something inside her coat pocket. “Yeah, whatever.” She said, “I got to make a run and them, too.” Miki began to exit her way out of there while MAK high-fived Kati and Kai for their insult. “Nice.”
“Oh, that was me holding back. I could’ve done something worse and Kai, what did you slip in there?”
“I think that’s me to know and you to find—“ “WHO GOT THAT CRACK!?”
“What the hell?!?” Miki screamed, “Get the fuck off of me!”
“There you go.” Kai said. “That’ll teach her to call me useless and bitch-made.” Then she kisses MAK and went back to drinking.


The time has come to judgement and we see the 10 deciding judges for Cassie, including Master Takamura.

“Master Takamura?” Lady Aqua said, “You faring well today?”

“Lady Aqua,” he said, “You’re so kind to ask me about my day but now isn’t the time for that. We have more vital things to do today.” Then Disciple Dumile got out of the town car and said, “Hopefully this shouldn’t take as long as we just decide she needs to be at home.”
“What makes you think she’s going to be sent home?” Aqua said. “She has concrete reasons for staying here. She’s an officer of the Faction and from what I heard about her, she does a damn good job of it.”
“I don’t know.” As spoken from the other Disciple Oasis, “You heard that she kept a secret of having a romantic relationship with her partner from them, right? Not sure if that’s going to help her.”

“But it didn’t affect her work in any way, shape or form.” Aqua said in defense of Cassie, “Sure, she kept it from her superiors but that element has never interfere with their duties as protectors.”


Outside of that situation, Tomoki’s working in her office but is too anxious to focus on anything aside from the Cassie decision. She tried to get her mind of it but it seems like every time, she’s reminded that her best friend for nearly 16 years might be sent back to her village against her will.

“Please….” She whispered to herself. “Please don’t send her back. Everybody needs her……the Faction….all our friends and family…”



We see a 10-year-old Tomoki walking on school grounds minding her business as she sees a group of little kids picking on a girl because she has a tail and she was crying.

“You little freak! Look at that tail!” One boy yelled and laughed at. The girl was trying to get away but they kept following her as they went non-stop on making fun on her. “What you going, wolf girl? Back to your home?”

Then Tomoki threw a rock at them and said, “HEY!!”
“Oh, it’s just you, the panda girl!” Another kid said, “How about you turn around and—“ “HOW ABOUT YOU STOP PICKING ON THAT GIRL!?”
“Or what?” One of them dared her. And then she changed into a panda and said, “THIS!” The kids scattered away from her as quickly as possible. Tomoki went to check on the wolf girl and said to her, “Hey, are you OK?”

“Wait……you’re not going to bully me?” The wolf girl said, “And you’re not frightened by me?”

“Of course not.” Tomoki said. “I can’t stand it when I see people being made fun of, whether they’re humans or Hybrids.”

“Thank you.” The wolf girl said. “I guess I’ll be going.”
“You going home or something?” Tomoki said. “Actually, I don’t have a home……or even a family anymore.” she said. “I’m all alone in the world without anyone.”

“No one?” Tomoki reiterated. “Not even an uncle, aunt, cousin or…”
“NO ONE!” the girl shouted. “And please don’t offer me charity because you feel bad for me.”

“Fine, I won’t.” Tomoki started to walk away but the girl then said, “But……. I really do like you for getting those jerks away from me. I owe you that.” Tomoki stop at her tracks and said, “Thank you….can I at least try to get to know you a bit?”

“I don’t mind that.” The girl said. “What’s your name, by the way?”
“Tomoki Rial Miayama.” She said, “But you just can call me Tomoki.”
“Tomoki?” she laughingly said, “Isn’t that usually a boy’s name?”
“HEY!! My mom thought giving me a boy name empowers me more!!” Tomoki said as she blushed.
“OK, OK, I’m sorry. My name’s Cassie, by the way. Cassandra Jasmine Lyles.” The girl said. “Wow….you got such a pretty name.” Tomoki said.
“I can call you Cassie, right?” Cassie shook her head as in ‘yes’ as they began to walk someplace together holding hands. “Hey, Tomoki?” Cassie asked.
“Yes.” Tomoki responded. “You think us being friends is going to last?” She said. “I hope so.” Tomoki said. “Do you also mind if I call you Moki for short?” Cassie said, “If you don’t mind, that is?” Tomoki thought about it. “Sure.”


9 YEARS AGO PRIOR PRESENT DAY (Teenagers Tomoki and Cassie)

It was the night that Cassie got roofied and was almost taken advantage of and that moment, Tomoki was searching high or low for her. “CASSIE!! CASSIE!! Where are you?” She finally found her in that place, stripped down to nothing but her underwear and one guy about to get her way with her. That is, until Tomoki made a war cry and came in with a switchblade and jumped on the guy’s back, repeatedly stabbed him in the back and front many times. Two more guys came in and was about to get the jump on Tomoki until Cassie got loose from her knots and fought back against the other guys and escaped out of there.

They ran as quickly as they could from them until they lost them. Cassie then hugged her, and hold Tomoki, and said, “Thank god you came for me!! Moki, I was so fucking stupid! I….I just…..”
“Cassie…..” Tomoki said as both got into a tight hug and began to shed some tears. “Don’t ever scare me like that ever again! I can’t stand the thought of losing you.”

“I’m sorry.” Cassie said with even more sadness in her voice. “Cassie, I’m just glad you’re safe.” Tomoki said.

3 months following that

Cassie was walking towards Tomoki at her mother’s grave. It’s been over a month and a half since Akiko’s death and it’s been taking a toll on Tomoki, especially since Akiko had to sacrifice her life to save Tomoki.

“Moki?” Cassie said.

Tomoki remained silent and was still staring, thinking about that terrible incident. “She gave her life trying to save me…..and yet the last thing I said to her before that was ‘Get the fuck out my case, Mom!’ and before you know it, she’s gone.”

Cassie kept checking if Tomoki was alright but it turned worse as tears were streaming down her face.

“Tomoki?” Cass kept saying to her.

Tomoki then hold Cassie tighter than before, crying her eyes out and said to Cassie, “Cassie……please tell me that we’ll be friends for eternity.”
“What?” Cassie said. “PLEASE, I need this!” she screamed. “For about a fourth of this year, a lot of bad shit happened. I lost my mother and I almost lost you…..Bad shit happening to me back and forth…..I can’t take this it anymore!!” She screamed at the sky.

“TOMOKI!!” she shouted. “We will be friends for now to eternity! You know this by now! Look, I know what you’re going through. It’s painful and terrifying and you feel like your world is going to crash and burn. I’m not going to say ‘Get over it’ because that’s not helping anything but you are not alone in this. Tomoki, you will always have a friend beside you!” As she put her hand on her shoulder and comfort her.

“Thank you, Cassie.” Tomoki softly said. “No problem.” Cassie said, “And I do mean what I say, we’ll be friends from here to eternity.”



In a hotel room, Tomoki and Cassie were clad in their underwear, staring lovingly at each other as they were about make love for the first time. “Wow….Um, Cassie.” Tomoki said. “What?” Cassie said.
“Nothing.” Tomoki blushed, “You just…..I never seen you naked like this before and you look really sexy in a bra and panties.” Cassie also blushed at that and is smitten in a way.
“Thanks. You’re looking pretty sexy yourself. But I think it’ll be sexier if we just get it on already.”
Then the two of them started to make love as Cassie got on top of Tomoki and was kissing her from her lips to her neck. She even went topless and Tomoki began kissing and licking her breasts. Cassie softly called out her name in between moans and saying either ‘yes’ or ‘so good’. Soon, Cassie pulls off Tomoki’s panties and began giving oral sex. Then, Tomoki began shouting her name in moans of ecstasy and as soon as it reaches its climax…..


“MIAYAMA!!” Jin said. “You asleep or something?” Tomoki wiped the drool from her mouth. “Oh, sorry about that, Jin. I just got a lot on my mind.” Tomoki said. “You mean about Cassie?” Jin said. “We can read you like a graphic novel, Miayama. You’ve been anxious about Cassie since this whole thing happened. I understand why due to you and her in this relation—“ “Jin, with all due respect, can you not talk about this right now?” Tomoki politely asked. “I’m already on edge about this.”
“Tomoki….” Jin said, “Who knows what’s going to happen to her? They could let her stay here for all you know.”

The meeting was coming to an end and the council is coming out of there only there’s a discerning look on some judges’ faces. Then comes Cassie out with a vague look on her face to possibly hide her true feelings. “Cassie. CASSIE!” As Tomoki called her. “What happened? Is everything all right?” Cassie stood silent for a while. “OK….they made a decision? You can stay? You gotta go?” The eagerness in Tomoki was becoming very uneasy to Cassie as the next thing she said was, “60 Hours.”
“What? 60 Hours?” Tomoki seems confused. “What do you mean 60 hours?”

“Tomoki……….they want me to vacate the premises in 60 hours….”
“They want me…..”
“…..No, please, no!”
“….to leave the Hybrid Society…..”
“In less than 2 ½ days. Tomoki…….they’re taking me back. They’re actually doing it.” The look on Tomoki’s face is devastated as she was close to the verge of tears.

“I thought….I was sure that….NO….NO…NO!!”
Her pleas of “No” is starting to turn into sobbing as both were about to make a scene in the room. The news traveled fast about Tomoki being sent back to the wolf village. Everybody from Yuan and Kati to MAK and Kai were very distraught and furious about this.


“THOSE PIECES OF SHIT!!!” Kati said in a pissed-off mood. “I don’t believe this!! I mean, you explained the reasons why you need to stay here, right?”
“Yes.” Cassie said, “I told them about my duties in the Faction, which I save the lives of both humans and Hybrids in the city but yet they never bought any of that in. They kept bringing up the whole Tomoki thing and I said to them that never interfere with my work at all. They also brought up that I seemed dangerous around some people because of that Miki shit way back when I didn’t even threw a punch at her. I thought about it but didn’t do it.”

“Cassie,” Yuan said, “Your biggest mistake today was admitting to your bosses and the Wolf Clan that you’re in a relationship with your partner. I still would’ve kept that secret.”
“I HAD NO CHOICE!” Cassie said, “Besides, Lady Aqua figured us out the first glance. She’s good at this sort of thing……at least she understand my reasons.”
“How’s Tomoki taking this?” Kati asked. Cassie sighed at that remark, “Damn…….Tomoki just lost it. I haven’t seen her like this since what happened to her mom. She kept crying after we left the office. I wanted to calm her down but I don’t blame her for getting like that.”
“And I thought politicians at Gadniston were some assholes.” Joel said. “Sounds like Genesis is worse…..and from what you told us about that main guy, I want to see his ass kicked.”
“Believe me, Joel, I would pay to see someone kick Masato’s ass.” Cassie said, “And that dumb fuck right hand man of his, Marble.”
“I CAN DO IT!!” Kati said with murderous glee in her eyes. “I just need a flamethrower and I’m good.”
“Wow, Kati, calm down!!” Joel said. “At least torture him first with it.”

Meanwhile, Tomoki was trying to drown her sorrows with booze and MAK and Kai are trying their best to comfort her. “Tomoki, I……I don’t know what to say about this.” MAK said to her. “But goddamn.”
“MAK, that word has been on my mind all day.” Tomoki said. “But thank you for trying to console me.” She did douse another drink in her. “Hey, that’s like the 5th shot you took tonight.” Kai said, “Should you been drinking that much?”
“Kai… girlfriend is basically being deported back to a village. That question is null and void at this point.” As she continues drinking. “I get you’re concerned about me, Kai. I do…that’s why I like you. You’re a very caring person but it seems like no use. The council won and I’m left completely broken.” MAK and Kai was left looking concerned for Tomoki’s well-being. Tomoki kept drinking the pain away while feigning tears and Cassie is slowly drinking her into depression. “Man, this is really sad as fuck here.” Kati said. “And it’s not going to get any better from here.” Yuan said. “IT IS INDEED…..the saddest timeline.” Joel said.



It was 4 hours before Cassie is to be escorted out of the Society and into the village. The Faction wanted to witness it before their eyes as well as giving her a send-off for good luck; that’s been happening for the past 50 hours with the Turner Express and Darksiders giving farewell as well.

We see most of the Faction dressed in formal wear for the send-off. “The one time I actually dress up for something…..and it’s something as fucked up as this.” Sayuri said. “Damn, it feels weird that I’m wearing a dress. At least I know no one in here will try to take a panty shot of me in it.”
“You’ll be fine.” Sei said, “Dresses aren’t normally my thing, but it’s nice to feel a lady sometimes.”
“Yeah….” Sayuri said, “But why I still feel like shit?”

“Because basically one of your own is being deported against her will?” And that was from Kai, who was getting something from their fridge.
“KAI?” Sayuri said.
“Kid Barrett?” Sei said, “The hell are you doing here? They stated that only Faction agents are allowed at this point. You can’t be here.”
“OK. 2 things. 1) Sei, just call me ‘Kai’. The kid thing sounds like I’m 14 or something. And 2) I’m just here for a few things, then I’m out. OK?”

Someone then pointed an arrow at Kai, “Since when a few things require you to raid the fridge?” And of course, it was from Risa, “And you better not get your hands on my Orange Chicken, whoever the fuck you are.”
“Let me guess. Risa, right?” Kai said, “I can tell that’s you right there……that and I feel like I should be scared right now and you’re right.” She quickly back out of the fridge and threw her hands jokingly at mercy. “Wow, really?” Risa said, “You think I was going to shoot you over some food?”
Nyoko then showed up and replied with, “It’s not like you did it before. You slapped someone over some red bean paste and that was a little boy!”

“HEY!! That boy had nun chucks!” Risa said, “He could’ve been a dangerous adversary.”
“Or you was just stupid.” Nyoko said.

“Oh great!!” coming from Cyan, “Don’t tell me you was threatening my sister for some food you left in there for 2 days!! I’m surprised that’s still in here and not in the trash!”
“I was gonna eat it!!” Risa said. “OK, you know what? MAK is waiting for me out front and I’d better get going.” Kai said, “We’re going to take a little vacation away from the society for a while.”
“Cool.” Seiki said, “Going somewhere in particular?”
“No, not really.” Kai said, “Just wherever the road takes us.”
Meanwhile, MAK is waiting outside in the car, mostly because he can’t be in the building due to the whole post-Pandora thing still going on. “Excuse me?” Marble is approaching the car, “Do you have any business here?”
“Uhh…I’m waiting for my girlfriend to come out.” MAK said, “That’s all.”
“Well, sir, in the next 5 minutes, this will strictly be a Faction and Wolf Hybrid-only Zone. You should probably get your spouse and tell her both of you need to leave.”
“Sir…”MAK said, “I would but I can’t go in the building……at least for another 3 days.” Marble sighed at that. “Oh, god. These human-hybrids…..”
“WHAT!?” As MAK heard that irritated sigh from him. “I didn’t say a thing.”
“All right.” And then MAK secretly called him a “Wolf bitch motherfucker.”
“Excuse me?” Marble said. “I said nothing!!” MAK answered him.


Kai came out the building in time before anything else can happen. “Ready, MAK?”
“Yeah.” He said with a slight irritated tone. “I’m ready, Kai. I don’t feel like being more depressed than I have for the past 2 days.”
“I’m sure of it. Maybe this trip might cure us of that.” Kai said. Leon then stopped by and said, “Hey, you know you two aren’t supposed to be—“
“WE KNOW! WE KNOW!” MAK reiterated, “We were just leaving, man. Alright? Are we clear now?”
“Leon, we’re just about to leave, alright?” Kai said. “Anyway, we’ll see you in a few weeks.” Then MAK and Kai were on their way out of town.

“Please don’t tell me that guy is the Blue Hybrid?” Marble said. “Yup.” Leon said, “The one Hybrid that is our supposed savior.”
“Then, buddy, your city is fucked.”


Soon, all Faction agents, officers, employees and every Genesis member were all standing in attention to send off Cassie. Everyone has been waiting for her to show up, but it’s been over 15 minutes since it started and the crowd was getting aggravated over the wait. “Where can she be?” Masato said. “She should’ve been here already.”
“I hope that girl isn’t trying to escape.” Takamura said. “But to be sure, I sent Dumile and Oasis to check up on her.” Marble said, “You don’t really think she could’ve—“
“Nonsense!!” Takamura said, “The girl should know better than do that.”

However, as Dumile and Oasis went into her apartment, they seemed to find her just sitting in a chair, staring at the window. “Really? This girl is just stalling for nothing?”
“My god, they don’t pay us enough for this shit.” Oasis said. The two busted in there with excessive force. “Cassandra Lyles!!! You got less than 5 seconds to get your ass over there or we will force you to extort you out of here and out of the Hybrid Society….FOREVER!!!” She stood still continuously. “Fine!” As Dumile said and he rushed to tackle her but it looks like it was nothing but a hologram. “What the fuck? A HOLOGRAM!!”


“Oasis to Masato! Oasis to Masato!! That damn girl fucked us over!! SHE’S NOT THERE!!! SHE FLED!!” And soon the whole audience got the situation down as it looks like Cassie ran away from them. “What?” Jiro said. “SHE FLED!?” Sayuri said, “Can she do that?”
“OF COURSE NOT.” Jin said. “How in the hell does one girl….” The words echoing all over the room about the escape.

Masato screamed out, “SOMEBODY!! Put out an APB on Cassandra Lyles!!! Let the city know that she is wanted for escaping judgment!”



A car was arriving at a house in a secret location that no one knows about. They made a stop and the people getting out of the car are MAK and Kai. “Well, we’re here! Made it safe and sound without any worry.” Kai said, “And best of all, no one is around for miles and we can be free to be whatever we want.”

“Yup.” MAK said, “Something that we definitely needed after a week like that. Just you, me….” As MAK paused at that sentence, he opened the trunk and look who’s hiding inside the trunk. “And of course, one of our good friends Cassie.” It turns out that Cassie was hiding with MAK and Kai all along as in the last 2 days, MAK and Kai were making a plan of sneaking Cassie away from the Wolf Clan and help her escape.

“OK…..I think I can breathe now.” Cassie said, “You guys should’ve really cleaned that trunk now and again.”

“We’ve been meaning to.” MAK said, “But shit got in the way.” Then a motorcycle approaches the house with a mysterious rider on it. “HEY!!! What took you?” MAK jokingly said, “I’m sure that the Faction is probably doing a mad search of her right now. Good thing no one knows about this place.” The rider took off their helmet and it’s revealed to be Tomoki under there. “Yes, they’re probably doing the search as of now but as long as they don’t go here, I’m good.” She then got off her bike and directly heads straight to Cassie and immediately both shared a long kiss between them.


“MAK, you know we can’t help her escape Genesis!!” Tomoki said, “Those guys are trained wolf Hybrids that can find a person in record time.”
“Not to mention, you don’t need to be in more trouble with the Faction than you already are.” Cassie said. “Even if I was leaving, I don’t want my last memory of you getting into trouble again.” MAK then replied with, “They never handled someone like me before. I think I can slip you under the radar from them. Kai then came into the fray and said, “I don’t know about this, MAK. If we’re successful in this, how will Cassie live? She can’t go back, she has to change her name, face, and everything….it all seems like too much stress for her to handle.”
“Let me handle that part.” MAK said, “I believe I can pull this off. I can pull an alibi for each one of you. For me and Kai, we’re going on vacation and Tomoki, you play the unseen grieving widow role until we give you the signal.”
“MAK……I’m not dead.” Cassie said. “But those alibis are a good idea.”
“OK, here’s the full plan in detail….” As MAK went to explain it all to them.


(AT THE CAR) “OK, Cass.” As MAK said while Cassie was in the trunk, “I know the trunk isn’t exactly tidy but you should be in there for while one-two hours tops.”
“Well, at least you made enough room for me.” Cassie said, “Although being in the dark might creep me out a little.”
“Don’t worry about that. I borrow one of Kati’s games for you to play in case you get bored.” MAK said, “She told me that the game would last you until we get there.”
“All right….” Cassie said. “But MAK?”
“Yeah?” he said. “Even though this was a dumb idea, I think it’s sweet that you would go this many lengths to keep me and Tomoki together.” He blushed at that moment and said, “Aww, thanks.” Both then hugged each other and he closed the trunk and drive to the Faction office to pick up Kai.

“Cass….I never thought I get to kiss you again.” Tomoki said. “Or do anything with you again.”
“I felt the same way.” Cassie said as both kept kissing each other. “But later on, we’ll do more than this tonight.”
“Well, MAK… pulled this plan off.” Kai said. “I had my doubts but you came through. I don’t know if the heat will die down soon though but hopefully, it’s enough for now.”
“Like we told everybody, it’s going to be a few weeks and no one will question us about anything.” MAK said, “I only hope that this doesn’t bite us back in the ass.”

“Either way, Cass and I thank you and Kai for escaping.” Tomoki said. “You guys are really our best friends.” The couples embraced a big hug among themselves and went into the house for rest and relaxation.


“What the hell you doing in Lyles’ home?”

“So, how was MAK since the whole….well, you know….”

“You think Tomoki Miayama got something to do with this?”

“Hello…..Mr. Blue Hybrid.”

“DANGER! DANGER!! She knows!”

“Why the hell you didn’t shoot her down?”


“You made a grave mistake….and your friends had to pay the price.”






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