AURA FACTION Season 2 – COLORS / Story 13: CROSSFade

WARNING: The following written material that you’re about to read may contain acts of violence, graphic language, and sexual content. This is meant only for MATURE AUDIENCES. Reader Discretion is advised.

Previously on COLORS…….

Tomoki and Cassie reunite as MAK and Kai’s place and rekindle their love…and Cassie finding out that Tomoki ran away from the Society and the whole Faction wants nothing to do with them but the two are planning a way to get back to good graces with the team.
Kai still hasn’t told MAK about the secret about her father’s shooter and the fact she knows who it is.
Oh, and the BIRDBRAINS strike again by setting most of the Faction’s cars on fire, which blew up Collins’ ride and so they have to call up a specialist in the mission…..and unfortunately, it’s one—no, it’s the last two people that anyone suspected to be involved.



We see a 15-year-old MAK sitting in his room, looking sad and depressed doing his homework. Outside of his room, his mom and sister were talking about whatever was on their mind and suddenly MAK came into fray.
“Has he been feeling any better lately?” Mom said.
“No. He’s been all mopey and sad.” The sister said, “It’s been like that for three weeks. He hasn’t smiled a bit, he looks like all the emotion out of him is gone.”
“I didn’t think it would last that long. I thought he would get over it by then.” Mom said.
“Well… was his closest friend he got and probably the only one that he really had feelings for.” The sister said, “I mean, Dad left a week before she did and yet I never seen him cry over somebody other than us.”

MAK overheard the conversation but tried to keep incognito. He knows they were talking about him but he didn’t care as much as he is reminded that someone that gave a damn about him has now moved to another city.

He then went into the kitchen casually, getting a glass of water as they stop talking for a bit so he won’t suspect anything but he knew.

“So, Ant… need any help on your homework?” the sister asked.

“Nah, I’m fine.” He said, “Just getting some water.”
“You sure?” she said.
“Yes…..I am.” MAK said as he got his glass of water and went back into his room.

He shut the door and tears was streaming down his face for the 2nd time today and tries to calm himself down.
“I wish I told you sooner than…..” He laid down, holding and hugging his pillow like it was her. “I miss you.”



Now his 24-year-old self is waking up as he got class today and he is awaken by Kai.
“MAK? MAKky? MAK!!” she called him out 3 times as he groggily woke up.
“Huh….I’m up, I’m up.” He said, “Hey, babe, it’s….well, 3 hours before class.”
“Isn’t it how you wake up every day?” Kai said. “Besides, I wanted to give you some luck for class today before you go.”
“Ooohh….what kind of luck?” MAK asked. Then Kai leaned on top of him, cleavage and all, hugging him with extra embrace and give him a deep kiss on the lips.
“This.” She said, “Although that’s luck for the both of us today.”
MAK smiled at the sight of her and that remark. “Thank you, Kai.” As he started to kiss her neck down to her breasts and touching on her body.

Kai got a little giggly at that as MAK was trying to snap her bra off but she stopped at the last moment.
“MAK!” she said, “Come on, it’s too early for that. Plus, this is a front hook and no, don’t think about unsnapping that. Besides, with Tomoki and Cassie living here now, it’s gonna be harder for us to do our thing without anyone interrupting us.”

“Hey, I’m usually quiet!” MAK said. “Have you not known me for all these years?”

“Yes.” Kai said, “But whenever we make love, you’re the loudest.”
“ME?” MAK said, “Who’s the one usually hollering whenever I go down on you?!”
“And you doing the same whenever I start to suck on your–”

“HEY!!” Sheena said as she kicked the door open. “Knowing the both of you for 4 months and living next door to you….both of you are loud. There I said it and I don’t care. MAK, you scream louder than teenage girls at a boy band concert and Kai, you scream so much, I could make record you and make an instant record hit with some dubstep thrown in there.”

“Sheena…..first off, I have always said that you hearing and listening to us having sex was a bit disturbing.” Kai said, “And second…..why are you in nothing but panties and a shirt and a spatula?”

“Well, I was going to come in without the shirt but then I realize how stupid and awkward that was.” Sheena said, “Also, I’m making BREAKFAST!! Just showing my gratitude for you letting me sleep over and all.  Hope you like your eggs fried hard.”

“Yeah sure.” MAK said, “What else you’re making?”
“Oh, just that, some bacon, hash browns, and some pancakes.” Sheena said, “So more than what I usually eat sometimes.”

“Hey, that sounds appetizing.” Kai said. “You made enough for us?”
“Well, duh.” Sheena said.
“And for your guest as well…..” And that was the sound of Kati coming through the door.”…Oh, HELLO GUYS!!”
“HEY!!” Both MAK and Kai said as they covered up.
“Nobody ever heard of knocking on the fucking door?” MAK shouted.

“HA! So that’s the….3rd time I’ve seen the both of you naked.” Kati said, “Actually, no, it might’ve been the 4th since that–”
“STOP!!” Kai shouted, “Kati, I guess you’re here because Sheena told you about the Tomoki/Cassie situation? At least I hope she told you that.”
“Wait, shouldn’t Yuan be here, too?” MAK said, “He’s in this as much as you.”

“Well, Yuan’s at his other job but I told him earlier before he left. That and Sheena filled me in….and so did they.” She pointed to Tomoki and Cassie on the couch, eating breakfast.
“Kai-Kai and MAKky!” Cassie said, “You’re up!! And just in time for breakfast!!”
“Yeah, you better get some of this quick before it’s all gone!” Tomoki said, “I might go back for seconds!!”
“LIKE HELL!!” Kati said, “Bitch, I’m getting some before you going back!!” And then took one of Tomoki’s bacon strips.
“HEY!! MY BACON, BITCH!” As she jumped on Kati but quickly turned into her penguin form and teased her some more. “HA-HA!” But then forgot Kati can’t run fast from Tomoki and got picked up from her.
“Gotcha, Happy Feet.” Tomoki said but then Kati smacked her with her feet.
“HEY!! Come back you damn tuxedo bird!!” As Kati escaped from her.
“NEVER!! HA-HA!” Kati shouted.

From the awkward looks of everybody else, Sheena went on to ask MAK and Kai. “So…….how do you want your breakfast, guys?”
“Eggs scrambled, sausage links and strawberry chocolate chip pancakes.” MAK said, “With OJ.”
“Fried hard, ham and blueberry pancakes with some banana slices.” Kai said.
“Hash browns?” Sheena asked.
“Yeah.” Both of them said.AFColorsCrossFade

Everybody was at the living room, eating breakfast and Kati needed to ask about the whole Faction situation going down for Tomoki and Cassie. “So….you two are trying to figure out to make amends to the Faction?” Kati asked them.
“Yeah, that’s the plan.” Cassie said, “At least, the base of the plan. We just got to figure out a way to approach them…or at least one of them.”

“I think we might need to go to Loyuka.” Tomoki said. “I mean, she seems the most reasonable out of everyone and I know she’ll be easy on us.”

“I don’t know, guys.” MAK said, “She has been mostly MIA for a while or at least just doing paperwork and counseling. Do you have her number on you?”
Tomoki checked her phone and got out a number. “This count?”
MAK looked at it and said, “Yeah, that’s about right. I could get in touch with her today like after class and before work.”
“Oh, nice.” Kai said. “Wait, you got work today, too? You’re gonna be tired today.”
“Isn’t that the truth?” MAK groaned at that, “But I’m willing to get to Loyuka for their sake and hopefully no beef will go down.”
“Let’s hope so.” Cassie said. “We can’t keep hiding forever.”
MAK took a look at the time and said, “Hey, guys, I gotta jet. Don’t wanna be late.” He packed up his bookbag, keys, wallet and phone.
“Hey, don’t forget about getting to Loyuka!” Tomoki said.
“Don’t worry, I won’t.” MAK said. “Got it imprinted in my mind.”

“All right, I’ll see you when I get back. OK, MAKky?” Kai said as she came to him and kissed him goodbye.
“OK, I’ll see you later, Kai-Kai.” He kissed her back.

“See ya later, MAK!” Kati said, “I’ll probably be here most of the day looking after things for you.”
“Same here.” Sheena said, “Hey. Us girls are gonna be here under one roof for today! Hey, MAK, this is like those harem anime you sometimes have to watch, right? You’re practically living every horny teenage boy’s dream.”
“I really hope not.” MAK said, “Anyway, I will see you soon!” He closes the door and left then.


“Welp, time to mess with MAK’s stuff now!” Sheena said as she went through his laptop.
“That fast, huh?” Kati said, “And what password he’s using now?”
“I think something like Gore2z3 or something.” She said, “Either way, something that was easy right off the bat.”

“Wait, you guys break into MAK’s laptop?” Cassie sternly said, “How long has this been going on?”
“About 8 months now.” Kati said, “And MAK is clueless about it. Yeah, we sometimes use his laptop for mostly random stuff.”
“That and I like most of his music library in there.” Sheena said. “He really loves a lot of hip-hop and electronica.”
“And he doesn’t get suspicious?” Cassie said, “And Kai, you actually allow it?”
“…..I’ve also snuck in his laptop a few times.” Kai said. “I get bored when he’s at school….and other things as well.”
“You mean….” Cassie said.
“Yes, Cass, I do that shit, too, on occasion.” Kai said, “Although it doesn’t beat the real thing.”

“OK….well, I’m just gonna play that new Trails game I’ve been hearing about.” Tomoki said. “I know one guy in LaFayette said that game is the best of the series, especially with that killer ending.”
“WAIT, TRAILS OF MONOLITH!?” Kati, Cassie and Kai shouted in excitement.
“Yeah, that one.” Tomoki said. “I saw somebody playing the game at a bar in the Outer Reigns before and I played it a bit. I liked what I saw and the gameplay is good.” The girls instantly crowd up on Tomoki.
“TELL ME THE SECRETS!! TELL ME!!” Kati ravenously said, “You can have the bacon I stole from you!”
“NO! TELL ME!! I JUST HAVE TO KNOW!” Kai said in a crazed mode. “Hell, you can sleep in my room tonight!!” But Cassie then shoved them out of the way.
“Now…Tomoki…” As Cassie is flirting with her in a coyly fashion. “You know that I’m a big fan of the Trails games…even more so than those two and if you tell me the mechanics of the game, I might let you…” Then Cassie whispered something into her ear that excites Tomoki a bit too much that she passed out.
“…The fuck did you tell her?” Kati said.

Kai’s cell phone just happened to ring.
“Hello?” Kai answered and it was Cyan on the line.
“Kai…..we need to talk.” She quickly said to her.
“Huh? About what?”

2 minutes later in the hallway

“WHAT!?!? RICK AND DICE CAIN!? WORKING FOR THE FACTION!?” Kai shouted as she was in the hallway on her phone. “No……them? They hired them? But WHY!?”

“Because they think those two are the best in their game or some other bullshit like that.” Cyan said, “And worst of all, they are completely aware of the shit they pulled at us and they are still letting them do this!”

“Didn’t you or Seiki have some say in this?” Kai asked her.
“We did but got outnumbered.” Cyan said, “I’ve even went to Jiro and Sei about this. I made a complaint but they told me to get used to them for a while. At least they said that last part and I hope this case gets solved no less than a week because it’s been a minute and I already can’t stand him here.”

“Oi….I wonder how MAK is gonna take this.” Kai said, “You know how he feel about those guys and I don’t need to remind you of–”
“Yes, Kai, I know.” Cyan said, “But I do know this. I know I’m not gonna let those fucks get close to you or MAK.”

“Don’t worry. I don’t ever plan to run into them.” Kai said, “At least not on purpose. Well, good luck on putting up with them.”
“Yeah, I need it bad.” Cyan said, “Later, sis.”
“Later, sis.” As both hung up the phone.


“You warn Kai about them yet?” As Seiki said, coming up to Kai.
“Just did it.” Cyan said. “Oh god, imagining if MAK finds out about this…he’s gonna be beyond pissed. You know that back in the day, MAK couldn’t stand to be anywhere near those guys and the fact they were trying to tear apart him and Kai before.”

“Before?” Seiki said.
“Like back in high school….or before we moved.” Cyan said. “Since Parish Heights, Kai has told me the truth about those two and how MAK was miserable with them around. They picked on him, stole his money or attempted to, and chasing him all over the area.”

“Wow… now I got more of a reason to hate those fucks.” Seiki said. “And how long we got to endure their time here?”
“I don’t know.” Cyan said, “But I hope it’s sooner rather than later.”



“Really? THOSE MOTHERFUCKERS!?” Cyan yelled at Jiro at his office. “Why in the hell would you hire those guys?”
“Cyan, we had no other choice.” He said, “They were on stand-by at the last minute.”
“Stand-by?” Cyan questioned, “I thought they were long-term at the hospital.
“Well, thanks to the miracles of modern medicine and Hybrid technology, they got fixed up fast.” Jiro said, “Plus, they have said that they redeemed their ways and so…”
“You hired them?” Cyan said, “Nobody else was good enough? Not even the RHL?”
“They’re too busy with international affairs. They can’t always deal with what shit we got.” Jiro said. “You and anyone else is just going to have to deal with this. You get it?”

Cyan sighed in anger. “OK….fine. Just know I don’t like this shit and I’m just speaking for myself.” She left the office and slammed the door.

“It’s gonna be one of those days, isn’t it?” Jiro said to himself.

Sei then tried to calm down Cyan as she left the office. “Barrett….BARRETT!!”
“Sei, I’m not in the mood.” Cyan said, “And don’t try to calm me down!!”
“Look, Barrett, I’m not exactly thrilled about this either.” Sei said, “And I talked to Jiro about this. He’s not, either. But unfortunately, we have to turn to these guys for help. Nobody else wants to be associated with us anymore and I tried getting help from everyone and they refused.”

“So what are we, blacklisted from almost every agency?” Cyan said.

“It looks like it.” Sei said. “There’s nothing else for us to do but accept the help we got…even if it is from two complete assholes like the Cain Brothers. I just hope….”
“It don’t last that long?” Cyan completed Sei’s sentence for her.

“…Yeah….how did…”
“It’s what everybody is thinking right now.” Cyan said.


At the Faction, Rick and Dice were definitely calling the shots around the offices as soon as they arrived. They felt the energy of being the top dog of law enforcement once again.
“Ah….I missed that sweet smell of being the boss again.” Rick said.
“Damn, it feels good to be in charge.” Dice said, “HEY!! Um…..lime-haired girl, whatever your name is.” He’s pointing out to Sayuri. “Could you make me a pot of coffee and make that shit black, you hear me?”

Sayuri sighed, “Coming up, sirs.” But in her eyes, she was getting irritated with them and they’ve only been here for one day. “Dickheads.” She whispered to herself.
“Hey, anime-looking random girl!!” Dice called her out again. “Chop-chop!! I NEED CAFFEINE, GIRL!”
“COMING UP!!” Sayuri shouted, “…you shitlords.”

We see Collins on the phone, talking to his fiancée Jess. “Listen, Jess, I might be a little late coming home tonight.”
“Look, I’m trying to figure out who blew up the car. I promise once I get home, it will be all about us. OK?”
“Alright, I see you tonight. Love you.” He hung up the phone.
“Yo…’re the guy whose car blew up, right?” Rick said, “Lox Collins?”

“Yeah, that’s me.” He said.
“You know anybody that would want to do this shit to you?” Rick explained, “Like somebody you had a bad run-in, too?”
“I got that but here’s the problem…..that can be anyone in this city.” Collins said, “I don’t know where to start.”

“What about the last guy you ran into?” Dice said.
“The guy that got naked and invaded his taxes?” Collins questioned.
“…..The fuck?” Rick said, “What motherfuckers have you caught lately?”

“Weird ones, believe me.” Collins said, “But I did have a run-in with somebody coming from Mama Grace last night…..I didn’t want to tell anyone else because it wasn’t that big of a deal but it was….”
“…It was who?” Rick said.
“What, man?” Dice said, “Who did you see?”
Collins sighed and said the name, “MAK2.0.”
As that name came up, both Rick and Dice got a roguish look on their faces. “Oh, yeah. I forgot that good ‘ol MAK is here. Maybe I should pay him a visit.” As soon as he said that, Seiki overheard them talking and quickly went straight to Cyan to talk about that.
“Wait, what?” Cyan said. She immediately got to those 2 before they made their exit.
The Cain Brothers was making their exit but then Cyan got in front of them. “Um, what are you going?”

“We got a suspect to get to.” Rick said, “If you don’t mind.”
“I know what suspect you’re talking about and FUCKING REALLY!?” Cyan shouted, “You’re choosing the one guy you always target and he hasn’t been doing anything for the past 6 MONTHS!”

“Maybe that nigga had a relapse.” Dice said, “Him going without tearing up shit will make a man go insane.”
“BULLSHIT!!” Cyan said, “What gave you an idea that MAK could’ve done it?”
Dice answered that with, “Well, your boy Collins said that he saw him at Mama Grace’s last night. Almost got into a confrontation and all that.”
“Did he really say that?” Cyan questioned them.
“Not really but it might’ve meant that.” Rick said, “Look, the point is, we’re going after him and you can’t stop us!!”
“LIKE HELL I CAN’T! If I see you going anywhere near my sister and MAK…I will end you right here, right now.” Cyan maliciously said without hesitation but then as Dice was about to go off on her, Rick calmed him down and stepped in for him. “Brother, let me handle that.”

He then got into Cyan’s face and said to her, “Look here, you don’t tell me how to do my fucking job. You got that, bitch? And I wasn’t even thinking about putting the hurt on old dude but now, I might do that to him and your little sister if they don’t comply. Hell, if you covering for them, I might go off on your ass on principle.” He walked away but not before Dice adding one more thing to her.

“Oh, and don’t think about calling her after this!” Dice said, “You do and she seems suspect, your ass is going down with her, too!!” And then they walk out of the building in search of MAK.



“Wait, who!?” Sheena said as Kai immediately told them the news about Rick and Dice.
“Rick and Dice Cain…..” Kati said, “You mean, those brothers MAK told us about?”
“They’re here in The Society!?” Tomoki said. “And at the Faction? Why are they with them of all people!?”

“It has something to do with an attack earlier there. One of the officers’ car blew up and now those 2 are investigators.” Kai explained. “Cyan sounded furious when I talked to her about it. She thinks those 2 might come for us.”

“They might come for you?” Cassie sounded worried. “Then I don’t blame Cyan for that and also what if those guys barges in here and sees us here? They’ll blow our cover as well!!”
“You forget about my place already?” Sheena said. “I did said that you both can hide out sometimes.”
“Oh, yeah….” Cassie said, “Sorry, I’m just a bit worried about this.”

“Hopefully, MAK will get to Loyuka the sooner the better.” Tomoki said.

“Kai, you need me in here in case they try to pull some shit?” Kati said, “Even without my flamethrower, I can kick their asses for ya.”
“Kati…..I just hope that doesn’t happen today….or any other day.” Kai said.


A 12-year-old Kai was seeing a group of bullies bothering MAK on the bus as he was just waiting to get home. One of them happens to be a 14-year-old Dice Cain and he was with his crew, about to get MAK for his money.
Kai then up two seats to see what was happening up front and she briefly inserted herself into MAK’s seat.
“Seat’s taken? Don’t mind if I do.” She said getting comfortable with MAK.
“The fuck you doing here, girl?” Dice said, “Me and dude got business here.”
“Well, now you’re done with business.” Kai said, “Besides me and MAK always ride on the bus together and I appreciate it if no one bothers us today.”

“Uh, how about get the fuck out of our way?” One of the goons said, “Or we’ll gank you for your money, too.”
“Oh….so that’s what you’re doing here. In that case….” She then lets you a huge scream. “PERVERTS!! Stop trying to touch me there!!! SICKOS!!” The guys jetted out of there so they wouldn’t get noticed from anyone.

“And that is how you get away from bullies.” Kai said.
“Yeah, but I don’t think that would work on me.” MAK said, “But thank you for saving my ass.”

“No problem.” Kai said, “Can’t have you being robbed again by those guys.” As she lay on his shoulder. “That and you did owe me for that extra snack earlier.”
“I didn’t forget.” MAK said rubbing her head and she giggles.

“Of all the fucking days that girl isn’t here, where suddenly everybody wants Chinese food!!” A disgruntled Laila said as she’s preparing for another lunch rush at Mr. Tso’s.
Sayuri happens to walk in there because she was on lunch break and in a need for break from the offices.
“LAILA!!” Sayuri shouted.
“Yuri?” Laila shouted back. “We’re eating here now?”
“Yeah…..I needed a break from work.” She said, “Particularity from two guys that gets on my fucking nerves.”
“Need to talk about it?” Laila said. “I don’t start for another 6 minutes.”

So, for the next 3 minutes, Sayuri told Laila all about what went on at work about The Cain Brothers and the way they took charge at the Faction.
“So, your new bosses are a couple of assholes, huh?” Laila said.
“The ultimate.” Sayuri said, “And yet the older one isn’t even the worse of them. His brother is a bigger pain in my ass. All morning, he either bark at me for getting the wrong coffee even though he said to get that one, get my name wrong or just call me Random Anime-looking girl!!”
“You do have the weird-colored hair for that.” Laila said.
“MOST GIRLS HAS THAT!!” Laila said, “I got lime-green hair and suddenly I’m every otaku’s wet dream?”

Then Rolo walked into there, making an order to go.
“Hey, isn’t that guy that’s always with that gang you telling me about?” Laila said.
“Who? Rolo?” Sayuri shouted.
“Yeah. Him. From the Darksiders.” She said, “Are you the one that had a little crush on him?”
“Ah…..wait, you knew about that, too?” she asked Laila.
“I overheard you talking to Sei last night about it.” Laila said, “I know that he’s the tech guy of the Darksiders…and also one of the few members that isn’t taken or some morons.”
“I think he’s cool with me.” Sayuri said. “He’s one of other friends I got that actually gives a damn about me.” Laila looked at her weird like she knows she secretly wants to date him. “I mean…besides you, of course.”

“Well, I could help that. Excuse me for a bit.” Laila soon enough went to attract Rolo’s attention.
“Hey.” Laila said to Rolo.
“Huh? Am I on the wrong line?” he said, “I do something wrong?”
“Oh no…you’re fine.” She said, “You see….um….you know that girl got a crush on you.” As she is pointing to Sayuri, trying to appear casual.
“Sayuri?” he said. “Really?”
“Yeah, really.” Laila said, “I’m her friend, Laila. She told me and you before that you was cute. You remember, right?”
“Yeah, but I thought it wouldn’t lead to ‘oh, he’s so cute, I’d date him.’  You know, like that.” He said.

“No, she would actually want to date you or do some things with you. Hell, I would, too.” Laila said. “You really are cute.”

Then Laila thought of one of the most mind-boggling things to say to him. “Hey…..ever been in a threesome before?”
“UH……no.” he said awkwardly and quietly since he had enough sense not to say it loud. “Are you getting here? That you two want… to be in a….”
“Yes….” Laila said, “I’m saying to you that I want you, me and Sayuri in a threesome. I mean if this seems weird to you, then–”
Rolo thought about it for a while and then said, “Actually….I would like that.”
“Wait, for real?” Laila said.
“Yeah, sure.” Rolo said, “As typical as this sounds, I do want to experience a threesome at this point of my life.”
“Hmmmmm… think kinky.” Laila said, “I like that in you. I’ll let Sayuri know that. When you want to do it?”
Rolo suggest that tomorrow should be good. “Great!! I’ll tell her now.”
She soon walks to Sayuri and said to her, “Well, you can thank me!! You got a date!!”
“Huh?” Sayuri said, “A date? You set me up on a date?”
“Yeah. Sorta.” Laila responded. “It’s somewhat of a date.”
Sayuri seems confused at that and wonder what did Laila did to convince him to see her more.

“Hey, Sayuri!” Rolo shouted.
“Hi, Rolo!” she excitedly said.
“I didn’t think you would ask me for something like this but I’m excited for it!” he said.
“Actually, I have thought about asking you out on something for a while but didn’t know how to say it.” Sayuri said, “I just hope to have a good time.”
“Yeah…when Laila told me about this whole thing with me, you and her, I wasn’t sure at first but…” That’s when Sayuri noticed a weird curve in there. “Wait…..what did Laila told you?”

Rolo then whispered it to her ear and no surprise, Sayuri was internally screaming at the fact Laila basically made a threesome date with herself, Sayuri and Rolo.
“Oh yeah….that. Hey, I just hope I didn’t weirded you out on that because…well, you know.”
“Well, I’m still excited for it.” He said, “I’ll see you tomorrow.” As he got his order and left.
“OK, see ya, Rolo!” she said and was still nervous from what happened. “Laila, you told him that both of us are gonna f–” And Laila disappeared as she had to go back to work.
“Laila, I’m gonna kill you for this.” She said to herself.

At the same time, Loyuka and Nyoko was getting an order from Mr. Tso’s as she waits in line and she receives a phone call from somebody.
“Babe, your phone’s ringing.” Nyoko said.
“Huh?” she said looking at whose calling her and it was MAK’s name on there.
“MAK2.0? The Blue Hybrid is calling you for something?” Nyoko said.
“I guess.” Loyuka answered the phone. “Hello? MAK?”
“Oh, Loyuka!! I’m glad I reached you!” he said.

“OK…I mean, I haven’t heard from you in a while but what makes this different?” Loyuka said to him.

“It’s something that I got to talk to you and only you.” MAK said.
She then give the excuse, “Can it wait for like an hour or so? I’m kinda on break and with so—I mean, yeah, I’m on lunch break.”

“And by lunch break, you mean you and Nyoko–”
“HEY!!” She shouted, “This is an actual lunch break. Not code for something you don’t even need to know about.”

“OK, OK, OK, this is something important I need to talk with you and ONLY YOU!!” he said.
Nyoko snatches the phone from Loyuka and said to him, “She’ll meet you after we’re done. Is that OK with you?”
“Yeah, sure.” MAK said.
“Well, that was easy.” Nyoko said. “But…..I have to know about this, too. I and Loyuka keep no secrets between us.”
“But I—OK, fine, you can know about this, too.” He said. “Meet me at the Turner Express at 12:30. We’ll talk there.”
“That’s….good.” Loyuka said.


“OK, MAK, what do you need to tell me that is so important?” Loyuka said, “And please don’t end up wasting our time.”
He sighed at that moment and just went out with it. “Tomoki and Cassie are back in The Society.”
“Wait what?” she said, “They’re back?”
“I thought one ran away and the other was deported.” Nyoko said.
“Anyway, they’re trying to be on good terms with the Faction.” MAK said, “We know of the ill will people speak about them, especially Risa.” As he was eyeing Nyoko.
“HEY!! I didn’t say jack about them that much.” She said, “And I barely knew them and the only time I did was when that girl along with your crew beat me and Risa’s ass. Hell, if anything, I’m more pissed at them than the girls.”

Loyuka then said to the both of them, “GUYS!! MAK, are you asking me to do something about it? I thought you would ask Cyan or Seiki or—”
“You know they aren’t on good terms.” MAK said. “Cyan beat the shit out of her last time!!! I tell her that and she’ll do the same to me!!”

“But why me of all people?” Loyuka said.
“You’re more reasonable and understanding than the rest. You’re stern but you can see the good in some people and Tomoki and Cassie suffered enough, don’t you think?”

“I do see your point and I want things between them and the Faction to be stable again.” She said. “I just don’t know what…”

“If I can say something….” Nyoko said, “You can tell them that those girls have changed for the better. Show that they have regretted their past mistakes and they want to make it up to them and know how sorry they are.”

“So them crawling on their knees for that?” MAK said.
“I got nothing else. It is the truth after all, right? Am I right?” Nyoko said to him. “They have nothing else left but that.”

“I suppose that can work.” Loyuka said, “I mean, I want to do it peacefully so no shit goes down. MAK, it seems like that might be the only option.” He pondered about what they said to him.
“OK, fuck it. We can get them to talk to the Faction this week.” He said, “I need to monitor it though.”

“Agreed.” Loyuka said. “Just…..don’t go Hybrid on us when you do.”
“Fine.” He said. “Oh, and thanks to you, too….Nyoko.”

“No prob.” Nyoko said, “I always do my best when it comes to stuff like this. Also, great to help out my dear Captain Zaki.” As she kisses Loyuka on the lips.
“I appreciate your help, Nyoko.” Loyuka said, kissing her back.
“Well….if it’s not too demanding…..we got another 25 minutes of break, maybe we can use half of that to f–” That was interrupted by a sudden phone call on Nyoko’s cell and it was Risa on the phone.
“SHIT!!” Nyoko shouted and answered the phone. “Way to kill my buzz. Hello, Risa?”

“Oh, so you’re not giving head to your girlfriend for once?” Risa said.
“What do you want, Risa?” Nyoko said.
“Both of you need to get back here immediately. They are rounding up assistance since they are trying to hunt down that Blue Hybrid guy because the Cain Brothers suspect him for blowing up shit.” Risa said, “They need a sharpshooter (that’s you) and an archer (that’s me). PRONTO!”

However, as MAK heard her say the one name he didn’t want to hear again, he froze.

“MAK?” Loyuka said. “Hello?”
“Did she say the Cain Brothers? As in Rick and Dice Cain?”
“Oh….you didn’t know?” Nyoko said, “Some cars blew up at the Faction today, they hired those guys to solve it and well, one of the suspects is now you.”

“I’ve BEEN IN CLASS ALL MORNING!! IT COULDN’T HAVE BEEN ME!!” he said. “Those goddamn Cain Brothers!! WHERE ARE THEY NOW!!”
“Heading towards your apartment.” Nyoko said. “Wait, that means they might see Tomoki and Cassie and blow the whole operation.”
With that said, MAK hurried out of there and fled to his home immediately.

At the apartment, Kati is keeping watch in case the brothers were to come there. “So when should we expect those assholes to get here?” As she got a weapon ready, that weapon being a bat from the closet.

“Kati, we’re trying avoid shit like that!!” Kai said.
“Ah, fuck that!!” she said, “Those guys might try to fuck with you for no reason and I don’t want that shit to happen to you. So the bat stays.”

“I’m sure we can get through this without any—SHEENA!” She immediately paused as Sheena got a pistol out. “You have a pistol on you?”

“Yeah…in case somebody sneaks in my home.” Sheena said, “Lots of that was happening around Grand H and I figured I rather be safe than shot.”
“Sheena, we are not gonna have a shoot-out here!!” Kai said. “I will deal with those guys, tell them to fuck off out of here and if that doesn’t work….then you two can do your damage on them. How’s that sound?”
Kati and Sheena raise their weapons up and unanimously said. “We are at your service!”

Meanwhile, the brothers arrived at the apartment.
“All right. Let’s get some answers out of this girl.” Dice said.
“Hey, hey, hey!” Rick said calming him down. “Don’t make such a racket. They need the element of surprise and we can’t do that with you yelling.”
Kati spotted them coming up the building and quickly they need to hide Tomoki and Cassie right away.
“ALERT! ALERT!! Douches coming!!” Kati said as she was getting both girls out of there. “Tomoki! Cassie! You two need to vanish!!”

The two quickly ran to Sheena’s place and cover themselves in blankets so no one would recognize them.
“All right. That’s probably them in the elevator.” Kai said, “You 2 got me covered?”
“Absolutely.” Sheena said.
“Bring it!” Kati said.

So Rick and Dice knocked on the door twice with Dice banging the door with his foot.
She knew it was them so she open the door casually and look like she just got up from bed.
“Hello?” Kai said.
“So you heard we’re back in action, right?” Rick said.
“And I wouldn’t call it a comeback.” Dice said smilingly, “You know where your man at?”
“Huh?” she pretended to not know.
“MAK2.0. that dude you date for some reason. Is he here?” Rick said.
“No. He is not.” Kai said, “I haven’t seen him since this morning. He does have college to worry about.” She tries to shut the door on them but Dice stopped her and force open the door to come in there.

“Haven’t seen him since this morning huh?” Rick said.  “So he just up and leave this morning?”
“Look, he woke up, had breakfast, and said his goodbye and left.” Kai said, “I don’t know why you’re here for him but–”
“BULLSHIT!! You know why we here!” Dice said, “Hell, I knew your sister was gonna call you as soon as she knew!!! Her and that redhead bitch she’s friends with.”

“Knew about what?! YOU IN THE FACTION!?” Kai screamed. “And as far as Cyan and Seiki being pissed….they should be!!! You think we forget about the heinous shit you pulled on us?! You harassing me and MAK, kidnapping my sister and friend, tricking people into hunting us for money…you know, that kind of shit!!”

“And yet, you’re friends with those people that tried to hunt you down.” Rick said. “What? You and the Darksiders are now friends?”

“They’re better people than you dickheads!!” Kai shouted and then slapped Rick.

“Oh, so now you’re fucking hunky-dory with them?” Rick said. “Then again, I suppose it was inevitable since you’re always friendly with the guys you either used to date or fucking now…and judging by the way you live with MAK, you practically sucking his–” She slapped him again for that remark against MAK.
“Speak ill will of my friends or my boyfriend again and I’ll MAKE YOU LEAVE!!” Kai angrily said.
“Bitch, you just made a big fucking mistake!” Dice grabbed by the collar of her shirt and threw her on the ground but then Sheena rush out of her spot and pistol-whipped Dice on the back of his head.
“What the fu–” She got the advantage on him.
“I think you made the mistake here.” Sheena said, “You threatening my friend, ass–” But then Rick grabbed Sheena, tried to get her gun and kicked her to the wall.
“Bitch, you made the mistake of running in here like you’re some warrior.” He said. “So you know this girl here, don’t you?”
Then Kati came out with a bat aimed at his head. “She isn’t the only one!!”
She then went swinging at them mercilessly then grabbed the gun, gave it back to Sheena and she was starting shooting at them. She then got Dice in the ass.
“OW!!!” Dice yelled, “That bitch just shot me!!….with a marble?”

“Wait, those aren’t real bullets?” Kati said.
“You think I would keep real bullets in there?” Sheena said, “I just want to scare them, not kill them.”
“Who in the fuck are you two bitches?” Rick said, pointing his gun at them. “Oh, and these are real bullets and I will use them on you two!”

“HEY!! LEAVE THEM ALONE!!” Kai said.
“SHUT UP BITCH!!” Dice said but Kati used her bat to hit him in the ass and at the exact spot where she shot him.
“OWW!! Right there?” Dice complained.
As soon as MAK got back at the apartment, he heard gun shots coming from there and some screams. “What the fuck!? They’re shooting up the place? THAT MOTHERFUCKER!!!” MAK getting more and more furious that he is starting to get into his Hybrid mode, glowing blue eyes and all.

He quickly phased into the home and grab one of his guns and got right into Rick’s face.

“You looking for me…..nigga?” MAK gravelly said in his anger. “I’m here now.”
“MAK?” Kai came running to him as well as the other girls.
“Holy fuck!” Sheena said, “MAK, is that you?”

“Well, well, well, if it isn’t good ‘ol MAK and his blue-haired chick Kai.” Rick said and then he start to notice what the other two girls are to him. “Oh, and I see a side chick, too. Maybe even 2. Damn, man, I didn’t know you got it like that…especially for a motherfucker like you.”

“OK, first off, we’re not side chicks.” Sheena said, “We – meaning me and Kati – are his loyal friends!”

“And really, bitch?” Kati said, “For a motherfucker like him? He hangs with more women here than you do on a regular basis!”

“Anyway….why are you two bitches doing here?” MAK said. “Last time I saw you fucks, you were on your way in intensive care after that beating I gave you two. And now… somewhat miraculously healed.”
“Well, if it’s any of your business, the miracles of modern medicine lived up to their name.” Rick said. “So no hard feelings, right? I mean, you tried to break every bone in our body and we still live.”

“But the reason why we’re here…’re a suspect.” Dice said.
“WHAT!?!” MAK shouted.
“Yeah. This morning, somebody’s car was caught on fire and exploded at the Faction HQ. It was from a Mr. Christopher Collins.”

“WHAT? That fool?” MAK said, “Accusing me of shit!?”
“Well, you did ran into him at the pizza place and almost got into a fight.” Rick said, “That is motive enough to burn his shit.”

“I HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH BURNING THAT MOTHERFUCKER’S CAR!!” MAK screamed. “You got no reason to be here aside from harassing me and my people!!! I haven’t done shit to anyone for the past year!! NO ONE WHAT SO EVER!! But every time I try to get on with my life, dumb motherfuckers like you wreck that shit!!”

However, both of them laughed at MAK’s response like it was all but a joke and mimicked him, “I’M TRYING TO LIVE MY LIFE!! I’M TRYING TO RELAX WITH MY BLUE-HAIRED BITCH AND MY OTHER STABLE!!”
MAK had enough of them and then sucker punched them both.
“YOU MOTHERF–” Dice bum rushed MAK into a wall and started punching him in the stomach yet MAK got a shard of glass and stab Dice in the hand.
“OH, you big fucker!!” Dice shouted then Rick shoved him out of the way to get to MAK and smacked him with his gun several times with MAK blocking the hits but his hand was getting badly damaged.

“Had enough, nigga!?” Rick said when he kicked him in the face. “You know that bullshit isn’t gonna work with us and for throwing the first hit, I’m arresting your ass and I’m taking your bitches with us!”

“And like in real life and back at high school, your ass can’t keep these women forever.” Dice said. They attempt to grab the girls but Kati got a mini-flamethrower from a canister of air freshener and a lighter to weld them off.
“GET THE FUCK BACK!!” she shouted. “You’re not doing anything to us!”

“Bitch, I will shoot that can and it isn’t gonna end well for you!” Rick said. “Now, all of you are under arrest for in cooperation with suspect!! You can come peacefully or I’ll shoot all of you!”

“LIKE HELL!!!” Once again, MAK did a sucker punch on Rick and kick Dice square in the face and for the finisher, he smashed them with a glass pane.
“Now….if you will….” Both Kati and Sheena dragged them out of the apartment and into the stairs, pushing them over.
“Get the fuck out of my apartment.”
“What if they wake up and come back?” Kai said.
“….Shit! Haven’t thought of that.” He said. “I call a cab and take them somewhere far…..far, far away from us.”


5 minutes later after putting them both in a cab to take them back home (originally, MAK wanted to take them to The Outer Lands but the others acted against it due to getting them into more trouble), the coast was clear for Tomoki and Cassie.

“OK, you two can come out now.” MAK said opening the door. “Those fuckers are long gone.”
Cassie then noticed MAK bleeding on his hand. “Uh…MAK…you looked at your hand recently?” He then see his hand with some blood dripping from his left hand.
“I guess it must’ve been from that glass pane or something. Eh, no matter. Some bandages will take care of that.” MAK didn’t exact care that he had gotten hurt from that but the girls were a bit worried about that.
“MAK, you OK there?” Kati said, “You really need to get that looked at.”
“Kati, I’m fine.” MAK said, “Look? See? Never been better.” He then started to slump and fall on the couch.

“Motherfucker, you’re still bleeding from your hand!!” Kati shouted, “YOU NEED MORE THAN THOSE BANDAGES!!”
“Come on, Kati!! I’m doing fine.” MAK said in a slur. “Look, Kai’s not worried nor is Sheena and I don’t see Tomoki or Cassie worr…” MAK was slurring his words so much that Cassie had to catch him before he collapses on the table.
“MAK!!!” Kai and Sheena shouted.
“Holy shit, is he OK?” Tomoki noted.

“I think he’s fine.” Cassie said, “Still breathing but he needs some rest for now. He’s just woozy from the bleeding.”
“OK. Let him rest and then I’ll deal with him later.” Kati said.


“LAILA!!!” Sayuri screamed at her as soon as she clocked out of work.
“I expect you to react like this.” She said.

“Oh, you expect me to act normal when you set up a threesome TOMORROW!?” she said, “You know how awkward that shit was?”

“He went for it.” Laila said, “Besides I didn’t hear him objecting to the idea of a threesome.”

“Well, I don’t exactly blame him.” Sayuri said, “I know guys, even the geekiest and innocent of all guys, would like threesomes. Even girls like that shit, whether it be them with 2 guys, a guy and a girl or 2 girls!”

“And why not give that guy the experience of that?” Laila said, “Or you that? I know sex with me is a blast…”
Sayuri gave her a “Really?” look to her.
“What? The moans I hear from you when I lick your nipples say otherwise….anyway, so why not make this special? You, I and Rolo could have a good time. The three of us….either it be you two kissing and fucking with me watching and getting aroused or it could be me and you fucking with him watching us.”

“I don’t know.” Sayuri said, “Me and Rolo are already good friends. I just don’t want to complicate things like sex. I mean, I really like him and I don’t want to scare him off like that.”

“Well, it’s said that you don’t want your first to be with someone you care about and you have fucked before…even before I came along.” Laila said. “Look, if you’re worried, then that’s fine. It’s normal to be worried about it but I’m your friend and I can assure you that everything will be fine.”

“For both our sakes…I hope so, too.” Sayuri said.

“It’ll work out in the end, you’ll see.” Laila said, “If you can’t trust me, who can you trust?” Sayuri was about to jokingly say something but Laila joked back with, “OK. Not for real.”
Both laughed as they walk back home or somewhere.
“So…..should we take a break for tomorrow?” Sayuri said.
“Yeah.” Laila said, “We pretty much need our stamina for him.”



MAK was starting to wake up from his rest and as he woke up, he sees Kati and Yuan coming in to check up on him.
“MAK…” Yuan said, “I heard what happened today and all. I do want to thank you for helping out Kati and the others from Rick and Dice… and she also told me about Tomoki and Cassie hiding out here and what they plan to do to resolve things with the Faction.”

“I can’t believe I’ve gotten myself into some bullshit with them….AGAIN!” MAK said.
Yuan walked up to him and said, “That’s what they’ll say about bullies. You may get rid of them when you leave high school, but you’re bound to run into more in the real world.”
“Nothing can describe the bullshit I’ve gone through since high school….the real world’s pain seems less punishing in my opinion.” MAK said.

“How?” Kati said, “You fought against people during Grand H, an assassin earlier this year and even against gods! How’s high school worse?”

“Because the same people who made life hell for me in high school is still active.” MAK said, “Sure, there were others but they are probably broken-down 20-somethings that want to relive their glory days and their youth but got a miserable life or a very mundane one. Some regret their high school decisions and others kept on keeping on. That part is still here and it’ll never stop bothering me.”

“And judging from that stunt you pulled, it’ll never stop.” Yuan said, “I’m sure after that shit, they’re gonna keep pestering you.”
“HEY! At least I got them home and not off to Puerto Rico or some shit.” MAK said.

“You didn’t go there, I’ll give you that.” Yuan said, “But the whole busting them up with a glass pane….that might give them more ammo against you.”

“THEY FUCKING STARTED IT!!” MAK shouted. “And I’ve been out of that for a while! Yuan, you of all people know that! These motherfuckers came fucking with me!!” He tried to get up but his hand still hurts.
“Ow. Shit.”

“MAK…” Kati said, “I know—we know that you have been behaving yourself and you’re not trying to attract any unwanted attention and now…..well…..”

“I’m now relapsed?” MAK said, “Is that what you’re going for?”

“YYYeeeeaaa.” She said, “That. It’s not as bad as the whole Pandora thing. At least I’m not shot in the shoulder.”
“Or me in the ass.” Yuan said, “And no, I am not gonna show you!”
“I wasn’t going to ask!” MAK said.
“I meant Kati.” Yuan said.
“I don’t need to.” She said, “I took a picture of it already.”

“OK…..aside from that, MAK, we know you got a good head on your shoulder.” Yuan said, “And as long as you keep incognito or try to, you’ll be fine.”

“Plus, as always, you have a lot of people that care for you and love you.” Kati said, “From me, Yuan, the guys down at the Express, the Darksiders, most of the Faction and especially Kai.”



Kai was in her room doing her homework and that’s when her mom called her down for something urgent.
“KAI!!! I need you to come down here! It’s an emergency!”

She quickly came down there and sees her mom, dad and Cyan in the living room with MAK’s parents and sisters down there.
“Hey. What’s going on?” She sees his family on the right. “Wait, where’s MAK?”

“Um, Kai, sweetie….that’s why we’re here.” MAK’s mom said.
Then Kai starts to question to them about him. “Wait, what do you mean? What happened to MAK? Is he sick or something?”

(One minute later)

She ran out of the house in tears as soon as she found out. MAK is in the hospital due to him getting severely beaten up by somebody trying to rob him of something he bought for Kai. He was stabbed twice and got a few bruises on his lip and face.

She got on her bike and ride her way down there.

“Wait, KAI!!” her mom said, “We’re coming down there, too!!! You didn’t…” She completed jetted before she can hear her mom say anything else.
“We need to follow her!” Kai’s dad said.
“And I thought we were that worried about him.” MAK’s older sister said.

Kai got to the hospital fast as expected and she was clearly panicking over the way here.
“EXCUSE ME!!” Kai shouted. “You know where there is a [BLEEP BLEEP] here? I NEED TO SEE HIM!”

“Miss, are you a family member?” the nurse said, “Otherwise, I can’t let him see anyone!!”

“PLEASE!! I gotta know if he’s OK!” Kai said, “I’m a dear friend from school and I just need to check out!”
“Miss, I get that it’s your friend in here but I can’t let you in without any rel–”
The family finally arrived there and they can see him.


Kai first went in there to see him.
“MAK?” she said to him with concerning eyes, “Oh my god! ARE YOU OKAY!?”
“Kai! I’m….well, yeah….I would say I’m doing fine but that’d be a lie.” He said.

“You been stabbed!” she said, “Who did this to you!? What person would do this?” Then she had a dark thought it could’ve been Dice. “Did you see who did this? I bet it was Dice.”

“No. Somebody attacked me from behind.” MAK said, “Stabbed me by the side, snatched the gift I got for you and ran off. I couldn’t make out their face.”

“Oh no!” She panicked.
“Yeah…I spent most of my earnings from cutting grass to buy you something for your birthday.” He said, “I really wanted to get you a gift and all.”
“MAKky, it’s not the whole gift thing. I could care less about the gift…I care about you being there on my birthday more. Yeah, you getting me a gift is nice and I do appreciate it but you’re more important to me.”

“MAK? MAK?” She said as back in the present day, Kai went into the bedroom with MAK still resting.

“You still recuperating?” she asked him.
“The bleeding stopped so there’s that.” MAK said. “It’s been a while since I used my Hybrid power to beat a motherfucker.”
“Yeah, at least 6 months was a good break.” Kai said. She closed the door so the others wouldn’t hear their conversation and locked the door.
“MAK, I know you’re not trying to start another fight or anything but what happened with the Cain Brothers might start a war….again.” Kai said, “Baby, this isn’t your fault or anything like that but now, it’s inevitable. They’ll be making our lives a living hell.”

“So it’s like middle school all over again?” MAK said.
“I hope not.” Kai said, “You remember middle school? Nobody wants to remember that!”

“I know many thing different from middle school to now: We’re grown 20-something adults, the stakes are more dangerous than before, weapons are involved and those two got more power than ever.” He said to her.
“Wasn’t there guns in the school back then?” Kai said.
“That too. But I know the one thing that’s different now than back then?” MAK said.
“And what’s that?” Kai said as MAK went in for a kiss. “You’re here……I mean, you’ve been there for a while but then you were gone and…well…” He seemed shy at that last remark as he didn’t want to bring up that day.

“Well, that’s one more thing different than today.” Kai kissed him back. “I don’t plan on leaving…..unless you really piss me off.” Then gives a scary look at MAK but immediately turn it back into a loving mode. “But now…..” She continues to kiss him endlessly and got her shirt off. “…we’re in sync.” The two continued to make out and start to get naked to where both were jerking/fingering each other off.



Back in the other room……
“You two are staying either here or at Sheena’s place?” Yuan asked Tomoki and Cassie.
“I think it’s both at the moment.” Cassie said. “More like alternating days.”
“So, Monday, Wednesday & Friday, we stay here and Sunday, Tuesday & Thursday, it’s Sheena’s place.” Tomoki said.
“What about Saturday?” Yuan asked.
“ONE BIG ORGY!?” Sheena screamed out but then both Tomoki and Cassie slapped her for that.
“NO!” Tomoki said, “Saturday…..well, I don’t know. Point is, we’re hiding out for a while and trying to get some shit straighten out.”

“You think with those brothers possibly scoping out the place, they might come in Sheena’s place since she’s now an accomplice to them?” Yuan asked. “And now that I think about it….Kati, you’re one, too and….oh shit, that might come for us!!”

“Wait, Yuan, what are you talking about?” Kati said.

“Won’t those guys research you and Sheena as well? Won’t they know where you stay at, where you hang out at and where you work at?” Yuan questioned them. “HOLY FUCK!! They might cause some shit with us!!”

“Oh….” Kati said and then she suddenly was freaking out. “WELP!! Time to get more weapons!!! I GET THE FLAMETHROWER!! Sheena, you get guns with real bullets!!”
“I DIDN’T MEAN THAT!” Yuan said. “We can’t shoot Faction!!”
“Yuan, Yuan, sweetie….” Kati said, “We’re not shooting Faction. Just those assholes! The rest of the Faction don’t like this shit but have to put up with it. We can just fuck with those guys until they decide to quit.”

“We can’t do that, Kati.” Cassie said, “They were hired for that burning car case, remember?”
Kati’s devilishly smile turn into a frown. “Aw, fuck.” And put back the flamethrower.
“Will I ever use this?”
“One day, Kati, one day.” Sheena consoled her.

MAK and Kai came out of the room after an intimate few minutes.
“Oh, hey guys.” He said, “I forgot you were here for a minute.”

“MAK, you doing okay there?” Tomoki said.
“Oh yeah, yeah, I’m doing fine…Hell, a few minutes ago, I was feeling better.”
“We all can see that.” Kati said as she was focusing on both of them. “Especially Kai.” As she was hiding behind MAK and trying to wipe something off her hand.

“Well, anyway, I need to go pick up my Blue Leaf prescription downtown.” MAK said, “So I’ll be back in an hour or so.”
“All right. You take care now and be back safe.” Kai said as both kissed each other later. “Love you!”
“I love you, too!” MAK said heading out and closed the door.


“So…….” Sheena said, “MAK felt better when you came in there, huh?”
“What?” Kai said, “We just talked and all.”
“By talk, you mean that, kiss, got undressed and hiding your hand which probably got MAK’s–”
“STOP!!!” She shouted, “OK, yeah, we fucked in there. SHOCKING!!! My boyfriend and I do it like rabbits!”

At the moment, Loyuka was knocking at the door hearing the whole conversation from there. “Knock, knock. Yes, Kai, Please shout out your sex life to the hallway!”

“Who the fu—Loyuka?” Kai said.
“LOYUKA?!” Both Tomoki and Cassie said as they opened the door. “You’re here!?”

“Yes.” Loyuka said. “It’s not every day that my two friends and former partners hide out from the masses.”
Cassie then gave a big hug to Loyuka, possibly squeezing the life out of Loyuka due to her strength. “Oh, YUKA!! You have no idea how much I missed you!! It’s been AGES!!”
“Damn, Cass.” Loyuka said with a strained speech, “I missed you, too and I see you definitely buffed out during those 6 months!!”
“Yeah, I pretty much had nothing to do there but that.” She said.
“Can you let go of me though? I want to breathe.” Loyuka said before Cassie lets her go. “No, really, you really have taken good care of yourself.” Cassie still blushes from that.
“TOMOKI!!!” Loyuka said with not much of a consistent tone with Cass. “You…..haven’t changed much.”

“Wait, what?” Tomoki said, “Really?”
“Well, you gotten a bit smaller and your hair is shorter!!” As she just suddenly notices it.
“That’s better.” Tomoki said.
“Oh yeah, I just realized that Tomoki’s hair is pixie-cut.” Kati described it. “It’s looks cute and quite the drastic change compared to your long hair and the fact Cassie’s hair is so long-flowing and…”

“Kati, please stop.” Tomoki said.
“Aw, Moki, I still love your hair.” Cassie said cooing to her and kissing her.
“And as always, you know how to make a woman smile.” Tomoki said kissing her back.
Then in an instant, someone else came in the apartment and it wasn’t going to be pretty for what’s coming next.
“YUKA!!! I can come in now, right?” A voice from the hallway.
“Wait, Loyuka, who the fuck is that?” Kati said, “I thought MAK told you to come solo.”

“Oh, that…..well, the thing is…..I brought someone else here because I said to MAK that she had to know about this, too.” Loyuka said. “I just can’t keep secrets from her.”
“Loyuka, who did you bring?” Yuan said, “It isn’t anyone from the–”

“OH FUCK, IT IS!?” Tomoki said.
“Look, it’s not Cyan or Seiki or anyone like that.” Loyuka shouted. “It’s….well….”  Then no look further as it was Nyoko at the door.
“It’s Nyoko.”

“WHAT!?!?” Kati screamed out and Yuan spitting out a drink, “One of the Hirano sisters!? This is the one who told?!”
“Well, that’s expected.” Tomoki said, “After all, you two are dating. Am I right?”
“Kati, you didn’t knew?” Loyuka said, “I thought you did when I told MAK and Kai about that.
“Yeah, she talk to it with us, remember?” Kai said.
She thought about it for a minute. “Oh…well, my memory is spotty and no, it isn’t because of my drinking!”

“Uh….I didn’t know that.” Nyoko said, “Yuka, you told your friends about this?”
“Yeah, I did.” Loyuka outright said, “Look, they knew about it but haven’t told anyone else. We can trust them.”
“Yeah, we won’t blab out your secret.” Sheena said, taking a large sip of her drink.
“Wait, who are you again?” Loyuka said.
“Oh, my name is Sheena Pleiades.” She introduced herself to Loyuka and Nyoko.
“She works for me and lives next door.” Kati said, “And now I share that, I hope for the future, you won’t use our identity to beat our asses again…..or for your sister to kill us again?”

“Oh my god!!” Nyoko shouted, “Look, I can’t say shit for my sister but we had to do our job and no offense to your two but you broke a lot of laws back then. We had no choice to bring you down.”
“And you got a new part of your job.” Kati said, “You don’t say shit about those 2 being here. Or at least until they try to make amends to the Faction and we don’t need you fucking things up.”

“HEY!! I can’t stop them for trying to make amends! In fact, I’m glad they’re trying to do that.” Nyoko said, “And why would I tell them anything? As far as I know, they’re not breaking the law or anything so this is all good by me.”

“Is it settled then?” Kati said, “Everything is cool?”
“Yes.” Nyoko said, “I won’t get in the way of them making peace. Maybe to help them but that’s it.”
“And just so you’ll know….I’m watching your ass.” Kati said. “And twice goes for your sister.” Speaking of that, Risa happened to call Nyoko at that second.
“Hello, Risa?”
“Nyoko, where the hell are you?” she screamed at her, “We got an APB out on someone!!”
“An APB? On who?”
“Wait, hold on. WHO WE NEED TO CAPTURE AGAIN!?” As she shouted at the officers.

She told Nyoko who it was and immediately her concerned appearance turned into this shocked expression. “Wait, him? What did he do?”

“Assaulting officers of the law or something like that. That and robbing one as well.” She said, “I guess he did get a relapse. Anyway, got to go. Get your ass here ASAP!” Risa hung up the phone and Nyoko had to tell the others.
“Guys…..where did MAK go again?” she said.
“What do you mean?” Yuan said, “What’s going on with MAK?”
Then Kai had to intervene with what’s going on, “Nyoko, what was happening on the phone? What’s this got to do with MAK?”
“Honey, what did your sister say to you on the phone?” Loyuka asked her.

It took her a few seconds to say something to that. “…..The Faction put out an APB on MAK and it was from Rick and Dice. They’re gonna capture him!!”

“WHAT!?” Kai said, “OH SHIT, then we need to get him quick!!” She grabbed the keys and straightaway went her way out of the door.
“Fuck, I’m going with her.” Kati said. “She might need my help.”

“Wait, what the hell MAK do?” Loyuka said.
“Shit we can’t say right now.” Kati said, “Stall them as much as you can and don’t let them close to him!!”

“That’s one refill of Blue Leaf and some Sour Patch Kids.” The cashier Mystic said as MAK is on the register. “Oh, and I see some condoms, too!! Night with the girlfriend, mister MAK?”
“You can say that.” MAK said smiling.
“Ooohhhh….lucky man, you are.” Mystic said, “You ever thought marrying that girl someday?”
“I do, I do.” MAK said, “Believe me, she’s the only woman I want to spend the rest of my life with.”
“Hope you do it soon, brother.” He said.
“All right. Take it easy, Mystic.” MAK said leaving the store.
“Take care, Blue one.”

As MAK left the car, he saw Collins and some other guy passing him by as they were in route home. MAK followed them for a brief period to confront something about him.
“Hey, babe?” Collins said
“Yeah?” the guy said.
“I got a feeling that I’m being watched….by someone.”

“HEY!!! COLLINS!!” MAK shouted. “YOU and I got some beef to settle!!”

“Wait, what’s he talking about?” the other guy said.
“I think I know. Don’t worry, I’ll be back in a minute.” Collins said. He walked over to MAK and tried to talk to him but MAK threw a punch at him.
“OK, I deserve that.” Collins said.
“CHRIS!!” the other guy said. “Don’t worry. I’m OK!! I’m fine!!” Collins said to him.

“Oh, you think?” MAK angrily said. “Accusing me of doing shit you know I didn’t do!!! THAT’S REAL FUCKED UP, MAN!! I wasn’t even trying to have a beef with you!!”
“I know, I know and I’m sorry.” Collins calmly said, “I didn’t think they would go after you. I never thought it was you that destroyed my car. I just got upset, that’s all!”
MAK calmed down a little after hearing that.
“Look, all they asked me was who I saw last before my car exploded. You was one of them and those 2 guys, Rick and Dice, went straight to you right away.”

MAK put his fists down and ultimately calmed himself. “So… never thought I did it?”
“No, I didn’t. I never wanted this shit to happen.” Collins said, “I just want to know who tried to kill me. My fiancée right over there…” He was pointing to the guy he was with. “….he is scared shitless for me and I don’t blame him.”
“Oh, that’s your fiancée right there?” MAK asked.
“Yeah….Jesse or I call him Jess for short.” He said, “Hey, Jess, you can come down here. He’s safe!”

Jess was running towards them. “Wait, so… didn’t try to…”
“No, I wouldn’t try to kill your future husband.” MAK said, “Even though he got into an argument at Mama Grace’s, I wouldn’t just burn his shit like that.”
“Thank god.” Jess said, “I was getting scared for a minute.”
“Actually, you still should.” MAK said, “That person that tried to kill your boyfriend? They’re still out there. Maybe you should put yourself into protective custody or into a safe haven so no one will try and off you.”

“Will that work?” Collins said.
“I’m sure of it.” MAK said.

However, in a quick turn of events, the local police and Faction got over there to apprehend MAK.
“MAK2.0!! Come with your hands up and surrender immediately or we will SHOOT!!”

“What the fuck?!” MAK said.
“For the record, I HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH THAT!!” Collins said.

“MAK2.0, YOU MOTHERFUCKER!!” And that was Dice saying that. “Your ass is gonna pay for what you did to us!”

“Yeah, I believe you.” He said to Collins.

“MAK…..” Rick said coming to him with a stun gun and then striking him in the side. “You know you done fucked up, right? You beating officers of the law….oh, and taking $20 so you can get your precious Blue Leaf.” Dice then came and kicked him in his sides.
“Wait, he didn’t too shit to me. He’s clean!” Collins said, defending him.
“This isn’t about you, fool.” Dice said, “This nigga needs to learn his place!!”
“Man, fuck you!!” MAK said, “These assholes have been fucking with me ever since middle school, mostly the dipshit little brother here. You stole my money, harass my friends and pin some shit on me!! Now you gonna pull this shit!?”

“HEY, SHUT THE FUCK UP!!” As Dice pistol-whips MAK and he began to spit out blood from his lip.

“MAK!!” As Kai and Kati arrived there in the nick of time to get him out of there.
“Oh my god!! MAK!” As she saw him being bruised and beaten.

“Well, well, well, I figured you two girls would be here sooner or later.” Rick said.
Kati smacked the gun from his hand. “Get the fuck away from us!!! You already done enough shit to us today!!”

“Oh, you think so?” Rick said, “Since you, La Blue Girl and boy and that other bitch assaulted us earlier today, you’re under arrest for that, too.” As they slapped the cuffs on Kati and Kai, too.
“What?” Kai said, “We’re under arrest!? AFTER YOU TRY TO–”
“Try to what? Answer some questions about your man here?” Dice said, “And guess what? Him, you and your squad responded by being violent bitches that sent out your man to do the shit for you!!”

“Actually you know what?” Rick said, “Dice, let them go.”
“Wait, what?” Dice said.
“I’m thinking about this….this is more of a first strike.” Rick said, “Yeah… know those 3 strikes and you’re out rule? Well, this applies not only to you, MAKky boy, but your little girlfriends as well. You fuck up again, I’m locking your ass and them up….”

Dice uncuffed them and left saying, “Keep your nose out of trouble and have a nice day.” He laughed his ass off.


“It’s all middle school all over again, isn’t it?” MAK said.
Kai then cried on his shoulder and held him.


NEXT TIME (it’s a 3-in-1 story!!)


“You sure you wanna do this tonight?”

“We need to know about what plans does the BIRDBRAINS got!”

“Where you 2 come from!?”


“Man, I need help. Bad.”

“We got Mom and Dad coming here tonight. Don’t bring up that thing to them!!”

“I knew we shouldn’t have done this!!”

“The hell are you doing here?”


“Oh…..I see old friends coming back. Time to make room for new attacks.”




©2015 KATANAPlus+ / The Faction Project.



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