Later on, at the Turner Express, MAK is having a few drinks as he’s trying to calm down his nerves and think on something about how to attack back.
However, it was almost closing time and Kati and Yuan are getting ready to go but MAK is still sitting at the booth.
“Hey MAK!” Kati said, “We’re closing a bit earlier tonight. I think you’re too buzzed to drive home.”
“Maybe you can call one of the girls.” Yuan said, “Or maybe you can send a PASNGER to take you home. One is about to take Mango home soon enough.”
“Yeah, I can take MAK with me.” Mango said, “He looks dazed to be driving. He can pick up his ride tomorrow afternoon.”

MAK got up as he stumbles and rumbles and look like he’s about to fall but Kati got him before he fell.
“I forgot how tall and heavy he really is.” Kati said.
The PASNGER arrives and as they were on their way home, Mango and MAK got to talking for a bit.
“MAK….I heard what happened to you with those cops. Man, fuck them.” he said, “They did not have to do you like that.”
“Thanks, man.” MAK said, “I just wish I got some info on who attacked us tho.”
“Yeah, if only.” Mango said, “Although I heard of one girl who can find those gangs for you.”
“Girl?” MAK said, “You know her?”
“Yeah. I sometimes play with her on Slayer Pursuit and….. she occasionally kicks my ass on there.” he said, “I think she does know word about the new gangs around here, Eastin City and all those other places like Lafayette and Windsor since the latter gangs are pretty eradicated thanks to the Darksiders.”
“In this case, where does she live at?” MAK said.
“Oh, we’re there now. You can stop.” As the PASNGER stopped and both of them got out.
“Does she know we’re here?” MAK asked him.
“I do now.” And lo and behold, that person happens to be T.K., “Miles, you coming down here for a rematch or something?”
“Nah, nah. But next time…. oh yeah….” Mango said, “But I’m not here for that. My friend wants to talk to you.”
“Friend, huh?” she said. She notices MAK next to him. “More like celebrity. You never told me you know the Blue Hybrid.”

“Wait, I’m a celebrity now?” MAK said.
“Well, for better or worse, yeah.” T.K. said, “You certainly got a rep, especially recently.”
“Recentl–wait, does everybody know about that shit!?” MAK shouted.
“Word travels fast nowadays.” T.K. said, “I can help you with your problem.”
“Well, I know Talli Digga attacked our asses but what gang she got wrapped around her finger?”
“Got it right here.” T.K. printed out a pic. “They are called the Eastin City Ethers.”
“Ethers?” MAK said, “Apparently they think they’re Nas now?”
“Huh? Nas?”
“Yeah….Ether…..the song….the diss track to Jay—ok, nevermind!” MAK said, “So now Eastin City has another gang and they just up and go hard with me, huh? Well……they are going to get a load of me when I come for them!”
“Uh, MAK……” Mango said, “Don’t you have a bunch of PPP agents on your ass? How can you attack and not to mention……well, your wife and the rest of the girls finding out about it?”
MAK didn’t think of that.
“…..Shit…….I need to think of something……”
“I think I might have an idea…” Mango said.


“Hold up!!” Kai said, “So, out of the blue, Mango got you a small-time job somewhere……far in Eastin City?”
“Yeah, he hooked me up.” MAK said, “I just have to do some moving around and this time, it’s legit! There’s no bullshit going on and hey, I could use the exercise and the cash!”
“I don’t know.” Kai said, “I mean, good for those things you mention although you get a workout for another source.” She slyly mentioned in a suggestive way, “But if it means you working to keep yourself from the police and the PPP messing with us.”
“Yeah, I know.” MAK said, “I know Sheena and Joanna will be happy with this.”
Then he sees Cassie getting a call from somebody and she’s acting very hush-hush about it.
“What time? All right, I can be there.” she said, “Me and Tomoki both. We won’t let anyone else know. OK, bye!”
“Cass?” MAK startled her.
“AAH! MAK!” she shouted, “You surprised me.”
“Yeah….sorry about that. I take it you got some plans tonight as well?”
“As well?” Cassie said.
“Yeah,” Kai said, “Mango got MAK a small-time job moving things in Eastin City tonight.”
“Oh wow…. that’s nice of him!” Cassie said, “Yeah, that’s going to be good for you and us, too.”
“Yeah, I needed this……wait, you said you got plans tonight? You and Tomoki?” MAK said.
“OH! Um….yeah. We’re just having another date night tonight.” Cassie said, “And I know there isn’t going to be any trouble tonight!”

“No, ma’am.” MAK said, “I might be a little late coming back tonight.”
“Oh, that’s fine. I’m visiting Cyan at the hospital today.” Kai said, “She should be getting out in a matter of days. We’re going to have our own sister day……even if it’s in the hospital.”
Meanwhile, Joanna was getting ready to go back to work while Sheena was still sleeping. MAK knocked on the door.
“Hey, you decent?” he shouted.
“Just about!” Joanna said, “You can come in.”
“Hey…..” MAK said.
“Hey.” Joanna replied back.
“Um…..I got hooked up with a job today.” MAK said, “That’s something new and not life-threatening.”
“Oh….you mean like last time?”
“OK, Mango hooked up and I can trust him. He’s a good dude that won’t get me into some shit.” MAK said.
“I know, I know.” Joanna said.
“Are you doing alright, J?” MAK asked.
She took a deep sigh.
“I talked to Sheena last night.” Joanna said. “MAK, I know you’re frustrated about the attack last night. I am, too, but I hope you’re not thinking of doing any foolish things.”
“Ok. I was pissed off last night and I know Sheena was trying to calm me down.”
“I also know that you’re not going to follow the PPP’s orders.” Joanna said. “You know Sheena had tears coming down on her, too? You give her a scare last night.”
“I know and I’m very sorry for that.”
“MAK, you’re going to have to do more than that.” Joanna said, “You really have to promise us that you won’t go around and causing mayhem and trouble again. I don’t want to keep bugging you about it and then you get angry at us and–”

“JOANNA!!” MAK shouted but he calms down a bit. “Look, I’ll try—-OK, do my best to not give you any scares like that again.”
“You promise?” Joanna said.
Even a half-awake Sheena listen into the conversation.
“Last thing I want to do is upset all of you here…again.” MAK said, “I’ll be late coming back home tonight and I know Kai will, since she’ll be with Cyan all day and Tomoki and Cassie are going out again so you two will have the place to yourselves.”
“Ooh, nice.” Joanna said.
Sheena is starting to fully wake up.
She yawns. “Morning, guys…. *coughs*….I overheard something about me and Joanna having the place to ourselves tonight.”
“Yeah.” MAK said, “Got a gig, late night, everybody’s busy today and y’all can fuck here with no constant interruptions tonight!”
“O…….K…….” Sheena said, “I mean, thanks for giving us some fucking time but why are you–”
“MAK got a job moving things with Mango. Pays good. Already did the talk with him.” Joanna said.
“Ah.” Sheena said, “All right then, good luck with your gig, MAK!”




MAK and Mango are busy “lifting” a bunch of boxes into this truck while seeing a couple of cars heading their way into an apartment building.
“Anything from over there?” Mango said.
“I got shit.” MAK said, “Just them arriving in that building.”
“I wish we got a closer look.” Mango said, “Those PPP guys are really looking over our asses the past hour.”
“We have to get something to distract them so we can snoop in there.” MAK said. “But what?”
MAK and Mango then see a vending machine and immediately they…….went to the two guys that look like they were about to fight each other.
“Hey…..” MAK said, “You see that guy over there? We want to me and said that you are a BITCH-ASS NIGGA! He said that shit!”

“Oh, really?” that one guy said.
While Mango was telling the other guy, “He said that he’ll fuck your mom and sister doggystyle while you watch.”
“You dirty ass fucker!!!!”
The two workers ended up fighting and causing everyone to turn their attention at them while MAK and Mango sneak off from there and proceed outside.
“OK, that should buy me a good…..”
“20 minutes.” Mango said, “If they ask, I’ll tell them you’re on break or something.”
“Gotcha. Good looking out.” MAK said.

So MAK in a hoodie quickly phased from there to the hideout but hid from the others from being found.
He saw a bunch of guys leaving to the other room.
MAK phased into another room before one saw a flash as he went there to check it out.
“Who the hell was that?”
“The fuck you talking about?”
“I saw something flash back there. You didn’t notice?”
MAK stay hidden in the dark corners of the room, hoping no one would see him.
“SHIT!” he thought, “That was too damn close. I need to stay away from those—” Then his phone rings and it’s Kai.
“Hello?” He said.
“Hey, babe!” Kai said, “Is this a good time to call?”
“Oh hey, Kai! Um….actually, not really.” MAK said, “Right now, I’m at a tight corner and I need to get back before they noticed.”
“AAH! Oh, all right. Just wanted to let you know that Cyan is getting released today.”
“OH SHIT! That’s great!!” He quietly and excitedly said.
“We’ll be there after you get off. Bye sweetie.” Kai said and hung up.
“Bye.” He hung up but then he noticed some eyes watching him.


A bunch of guys with guns and sticks and knives were ganging up on this one guy, scoping the place.

“So…..who in the fuck are you in our land?” the guy said, “The last person to do shit like that ended up hung from the windows with his intestines out!”
MAK put down his tools. “Well, I figured I would check out the place and study the people I was eventually going to kill.”
“YOU MOTHERFUCKER!! YOU KNOW WHO WE ARE!?” one gang member said, “We’re the Eastin City Ethers! We put the hurting on fuckers like you!”

“So in other words, you’re a bunch of fucks that act like you’re a savage but you’re just a reckless moron that loves to shoot, kill, and fuck anything with a pulse?” he said, “You’re nothing but a fucking joke in my eyes and bitches at heart.”
“Nigga, the only bitch in here is you!” another gang member said.
“I’m sorry but the last gang from Eastin City I fought with had bigger balls than you fucks and they were women. Then again, any woman is tougher than you sorry pussies.”

“OK, fuck this!” He went in to stab MAK but he dodged the move and grabbed the knife, stabbing the gang leader in the throat.
He choked on his blood before grabbing the hoodie to reveal who was under the mask and it was…….
“That’s right, motherfucker. You’re next.”

MAK pulled out a machete and hack one of their hands off, grabbed the gun from said hand and shot him point-blank in the face.
“Jump the nigga!!!”
12 gang members jumped on MAK at the same time but easily collided into each other.
“This is why people don’t jump at a guy all at once!!”
He then shot two of them while running.
They sound off an alarm for everyone in the building to get their guns and start blasting away when they see MAK running around.

He scurried to find an exit but then a big guy just rushes into him by crashing into the window, leaving MAK hanging on by and the big guy got out his gun to shoot but MAK let go and grab onto the other ledge and swing into the next window, knocking out two other guys.
“Oh, wrong room.” MAK then attempts to jump out but he got grabbed in the last-minute.

“Ay, big motherfucker!” One of them said, “I know who the hell you are. We broke into your place a few days ago and kicked the shit out of you and your stable of girls.”
“Last time I witnessed, I beat the shit out of your dumb-ass niggas including the one you got holding your hand to!” MAK shouted, “You think you fuckers won’t get your ass whupped, you got another thing coming.”

“Fat chance!!!” he said, “Once Talli gets news of this, you will be wishing for death!!!”
Then a sudden crash just happened and two other hidden figures just entered the building and start shooting gang members left and right.
“You got friends or some shit?” But then MAK shot the guy in the ass.
“Actually….I don’t know them but wish I did.” He then kills him and escapes. “PUSSY!”

“MAK, WHAT THE HELL’S GOING ON THERE!?” Mango yelled via cell phone.
“Beats the fuck outta me!!” MAK said, “Looks like they got more enemies than my black ass combined. But I’m going to jet my ass out of here!”
The two killers were charging their way up and MAK had to run the hell out of there before he was in the line of fire. However, the building was starting to collapse and before MAK jumped out the window, the two killers grabbed him and escaped from the crumbling building.

“HEY! HEY! Look, I’m not one of them fuckers alright! I was just in there, shooting at some of them and–”
Before he could say something else, one of them uttered something.
“Wait…….MAK?” And it was revealed to be Jaye.
“Hold up….Jaye?” MAK said.

The another one took off his mask and it’s Longtooth.
“Longtooth?” MAK said, “When y’all turned into contract killers?”

“Since you told me about her.” Longtooth said, “What the hell you doing in the middle of the night, busting down random gang members?”
“You haven’t heard?” MAK said, “But then again, we haven’t been in touch for so long, so here–” Then MAK got a text from Mango to get back here in 30 seconds.
“Shit! GOTTA GO! We’ll talk later!!” MAK then phased back to his job and pretend nothing happened.


MAK told Mango about all he witnessed during that raid.
“So the girl who came along during Kala and that dude that was with the Darksiders are now assassins?” Mango asked.
“Apparently so.” MAK said. “Also, you know they’re right next to us, right?” Cue Jaye and Longtooth standing next to them.
“Hi.” Jaye awkwardly said.
“Yeah, I’m that dude.” Longtooth said.

“So since when all became assassins?” MAK said, “I know it can’t be because I hook you two up.”
“Well….it’s both yes and no.” Jaye said, “We did hook up because of you but the whole assassin thing…..”

Soon, all of them went to Longtooth’s home to explain everything to them.
“Yeah, after that debacle with the New Jacks, I needed to amp up security around my home in case they’ll try to infiltrate us again.”
“And then I came along.” Jaye said, “I helped him set some cameras, some traps, insta-recognizable ID patterns so they won’t shoot the wrong or innocent person and ever since, there’s been no trouble.”
“Or none to start with at first.” Longtooth said, “I was starting to think I went overboard on it and I did…. until a few days back.”


“HOW DARE YOU, YOU JERK OF AN ASSHOLE!!” As Noir was watching a shoujo anime late at night. “You broke her heart and now mine!”
Longtooth was wondering what the hell was going on, so he checked downstairs.
“Noir….you OK?”
“Oh, um, Delroy…yeah, I’m cool.” Noir said, “I just got very involved in this show. It just speaks to me!”

“OK……” Longtooth said, “I’ll just be upstairs.”

As Longtooth was going upstairs, Noir went down to the basement to check up on something.
“Hey, hey, y’all still down there?”
The people she is referring to was actually…..
“Yeah, being cramped here for almost a week has been bareable.” Nola sarcastically said, “And the awkwardness of us not having a place to fuck or trying to fuck has helped also.”

“Yeah, Nola is getting cranky again.” Murasaki said.
Rolo added in, “Well, we’ve been living underground ever since what happened and we have to keep a low profile so the gangs won’t find us.”
“But aren’t they dead by now?” Sayuri said, “Should we get back to our family and friends, so they’ll know not to worry over us? I already know Sei and Jiro are worried to death about me.”
“You know you can actually go back to them, right?” Nola said, “We are on the run and not just from gangs. It’s all of law enforcement including the Faction itself and now thinking about it… actually can’t go back because they might force our location out of you. Well, shit….”

Rolo then said, “We’re not splitting up again. We already lost people in more ways than one and right now, you guys are practically all I got left in this world.”
“Look,” Noir said, “I’ll probably tell Delroy about y’all soon but right now, this is not the right time.”
“This hiding shit is really starting to get on my nerves.” Murasaki said, “We had enough close calls where we got caught by him and I think his new girlfriend.”
“Who, Jaye?” Noir said, “Girlfriend, not really but she has been coming here a lot with Delroy every night. I suspect it at first as they always seem tired afterwards and have some blood stains on them or something.”
“Well, they have been into hardcore fucking.” Nola said.
“THAT MAKES YOU BLEED!?” Sayuri said, “And like that? That sounds like some 50 Shades bull–“

“WHO THE FUCK WAS THAT!?” Longtooth yelled.
“Were we that loud?” Rolo questioned.
“Yes! SHUT UP!” Noir ran back upstairs to explain it all to him.

Longtooth quickly ran downstairs. “Noir, you hear something back there?”
“Huh?” She sounds startled. “No, I didn’t hear a thing.”
“You sure?” he said, “Because I heard something coming from inside the house.”
“Must be the TV or something.” Noir said, “It’s nothing to be worried about.”
Then a knock on the door happened and it was Jaye again.

“Hey, LT. I got your message.” Jaye said, “You sure you heard something down there?”
“I’m positive!” Longtooth said, “Although Noir seems to doubt it.”
“I’M SURE THERE’S NOTHING DOWN THERE!!” Noir shouted, “It’s just basement and darkness!! And pipes!!!”

“Noir? Are you okay?” Jaye said, “You seem…..frantic and jittery all of a sudden.”
“Yeah…..” Longtooth said, “Like you know what the fuck is down there.”
Longtooth then suspected that and he quickly went down there with a gun armed and all.

“HEY!!! COME THE FUCK OUT!!! Look if you’re a friendly, I won’t kill your ass but if you plan to fuck me and my sister up, prepare to get your ass kicked!”
The rest was hiding and thinking they should probably surrender.
“OK, OK, OK!!” Rolo was the first to come out and surrender, “We mean you no harm!!”
Longtooth then slowly put his gun down as he sees Rolo and then the rest of the girls coming forward to him.
“Oh shit……”

“Wait……” MAK said, “So that means….”
MAK then rushed inside the house and sees Rolo and the girls lounging.
“Holy shit…..” Rolo said.
“Oh my God….” MAK responded.
The two guys just stood staring at each other like they found a long-lost family member.

“You’re alive……’re alive….” MAK then just gave a big embrace on Rolo, “Holy shit, man.”

“So…….you heard about what happened?” Rolo said to MAK.
“Oh, you mean…”
“Yeah.” Rolo was referring to the deaths of Aron, Magnum and Cameron.
“Yeah, I heard….” MAK said, “I mean, all I heard was some deaths there but the rest of you weren’t found. So does that mean that you know where–”
“No, MAK.” Sayuri said, “We don’t know where Aka, Nanashi or Devo went and they made sure we don’t know.”
“And you know about Lex and all.” Nola said.

“Well, damn. I guess that’s some questions I can’t ask now.” MAK said, “Also…..fuck, I am so sorry about what happened to y’all. I know the shit you were dealing with is a massive bitch.”
“Yeah, pretty much.” Rolo said, “We lose our friends although they did take out a bunch of gangs with them, even the New Jacks with them.”

“Yeah….except one.” MAK said, “And now she got more motherfuckers with her as this new gang…The Ethers.”
“Ethers?” Rolo and Sayuri said.
“Wasn’t that a diss song or something?” Mango said.
“Correct you are, Mango.” MAK said, “But aside from being a reference to a well-known rap diss, ether means a highly, volatile, flammable liquid that does have a pleasant smell but can burn our ass deep and hard and I mean hard.”

“Oh, and I forgot to mention that after Talli went after y’all……she went for us.” MAK said, “She attacked Cyan and Seiki on a mission and even broke in my house with her group of niggas trying to kill me and get Kai and the rest of the girls. Now we’re being questioned for your disappearance, this damn group called the fucking PPP–”
“The Panda Pride Parlay?” Nola said, “If them, then you’re fucked if they decide to rule over The Society.”
“Yeah, we got that earlier.” MAK said, “Plus, their leader is a mighty douche and they are on our asses, thinking we know where you were. Although now, only I know where most of you are at.”

“Wait, you’re not–”
“NO!!!” MAK said, “I wouldn’t snitch on y’all. You know that.”
“WHEW! That’s a relief.” Rolo said.
“But I will need some help taking down Talli Digga without the PPP knowing about it.” he said, “Rolo, you still got some good hacking skills, right?”
“Hell yeah!” Rolo said.
“Then I need YOU! Rolo Ford, to hack in the PPP and see what they are up to!!!”

“GREAT! Except one thing!”
“What’s that?”
“THEY MIGHT FIND US!!” Rolo shouted, “And also I need something where they can’t hack back into my shit and locate us and kill us!!”
“We can get T.K. to protect all of you.” Jaye said, “I mean this house got its own shield against potential targets and intruders.”
“Speaking of which, you heard from her lately?” Longtooth said.


Tomoki and Cassie were meeting T.K. back at her place to do some inspection of the PPP.
“OK, so what we got planned for today, T.K.?” Tomoki asked.
“Well, according to some of the gang analysts of the attack, it was done by more than one gang in there.”
“Wait, so this is a joint attack?” Cassie said.
“Yeah, more gangs are all about uniting nowadays and all that.” T.K. said, “There’s the LaFayette Marauders, The Muscadine Masers, The Carolina Raisins–”
“THE WHAT!?” Tomoki said, “OK, that last one sounds fake as hell.”
“What? Oh, yeah, that one was fake.” T.K. said, “They’re the Carolina Spine-rippers!”
“DAMN!!” Cassie and Tomoki said.

“And we have to go undercover to infiltrate their quarters, see what they are up to and hopefully put a kibosh to it before anyone else gets hurt.” T.K. said.
“Wait, undercover?” Tomoki said.
“Just like the old days at the Faction.” Cassie said.
“And speaking of the old days at the Faction, there’s something that’s going to help you on this.” T.K. opened the door and it turns out it was Loyuka and Seiki.

“Loyuka!? Seiki?!?” Tomoki and Cassie shouted.
“Surprise to see us?” Loyuka said.
“Normally, we would bust you for shit like this.” Seiki said, “But I’m doing this not only for preventing the PPP from taking our work but for getting that bitch that fucked with Cyan and me.”
“Plus, I think they’re something weird going on with Alon.” Loyuka said, “At first I didn’t want to assume he’s up to something but something about him and his method on going after everyone that knew the Darksiders was suspicious.”
“That and hearing about MAK getting into some shit with them and the police earlier and another reason to add…. I want to make sure my partner’s sister and her husband won’t die on us.” Seiki said, “We do need to get on this fast.”
“Perfect.” T.K. said, “And I know where to start.”

They arrived at this nightclub called “Split Liquor” where a bunch of the LaFayette Marauders and Carolina Spine-rippers were hanging out, drinking and among their fellow people.
The girls are devising their plan and we see Tomoki and Cassie dressed up as dancers in short skirts and t-shirts.
“OK, really, this plan?” Tomoki said.
“Well, this was like old times.” Cassie said, “We’re usually the ones to do this shit while Loyuka and the others come to the attack.”
“I just hope no one is going to play grab ass on us.” Cassie said.
“There’s a bunch of drunk dudes in there.” Seiki said, “It’s going to happen.”

They stepped out of the car.
“Oh, and since the music is going to be too loud,” Loyuka said, “I’m going to try to use these sensory stickers so when you’re in distress, we can get to you easy. They’re easier and less conflicting than wearing a wire.”
“I hope that works.” Tomoki said, “Well….let’s do this, Cass.”

The two entered in the club with the music booming so loud, they can’t hear each other.
“HEY!!!” Tomoki yelled, “You’ll go with the Marauders!! I’ll try to see if the Spine-rippers know something.”
“GREAT!! Try not to get murdered!!” Cassie shouted.

Tomoki spotted a couple of Marauders having a drink and some conversation. She easily goes to the bar and orders herself a drink.
“What’s your poison?”
“Gin and Tonic.” she said. She carefully listened into their conversation. “Hey, you know when that Talli Digga bitch paying us? We did the damn thing with terrorizing the Faction fuckers and still no info if she paying us?”
She sips casually and tries to get some info from them.
“Well, she didn’t pay me for going to that damn place where that big motherfucker MAK2.0 is staying at! And I thought we had the nigga until that Blue Leaf shit kicked in!”

“You hear that?” Seiki said in the car.
“I guess that must be one of the guys that attacked the house.” Loyuka said.
“Excuse me, guys, I need to check my other people on a mission.” T.K. said.

“So we got some Spine-rippers responsible for that shit?” Cassie said, “Welp, that’s one gang down to stop and now the other one and–”
Then someone went and grabbed on Cassie’s ass.
“HEY GIRL!!” A drunken gang member said, “Damn, you got a nice ass on you! How about you bring that over here with me and the boys? They’ll love your ass…. literally.”
Cassie was feeling very uncomfortable but it meant her knowing all about what the Marauders’ planning, then she accepted it.
“Sure…” She feign laughed with him and walked with him to his crew.

“Yo, man, you know we got that thing tomorrow.” One Marauder said, “Hopefully, that nigga wouldn’t be as prepared as we are.”
“Look, all we had to do is go for his bitches!!! He’s a weak fuck when we come for them!” another one said.

“And now more guys out to kill us!” Cassie thought, “And one of them just grabbed my ass! God, I hope Loyuka is getting this.”
“Yep, I’m definitely getting all of this.” Loyuka said, “Poor Cass, tho. I just need a bit more than she can run for her life from them.”
“I can tell they did not miss this shit.” Seiki said.
“Wonder how Tomoki’s doing.” Loyuka said.

Meanwhile, Tomoki is downing more drinks so she’ll blend in with the crowd.
“Damn, baby girl!” One of the Spine-rippers said, “You definitely got a thirst tonight!”
“OH YEAH! I DEF GOT A THIRST!” A drunken Tomoki said.
“And I’m drunk as fuck!” Tomoki thought in her mind, “Great!! How much longer I have to be here?”
“Oh fuck, she’s drunk.” Seiki said.
“Get Cass and get them fuck out of there!” Loyuka said.

“Wait, you’re at the hideout now?” T.K. talking to Longtooth and Jaye on the phone.
“Yeah. They look like they’re doing some roughhousing or some shit.” Longtooth said.
“I think I saw actual blood being spilt.” Jaye said, “Like one of those blood splash scenes you noticed in horror movies.”
“Well, bring in that roughhousing to them.” T.K. said, “And also don’t die.”
“Got it!” Jaye said, before rushing into the building to fight.

“Cassie, are you hearing us? Abort now! WE GOT WHAT WE NEED! Get you and Tomoki out of there!!” Loyuka shouted.

“Oh, thank God!” Cassie shouted.
She immediately left with the guys noticing and then sees Tomoki in her drunken stupor.
“Moki, we gotta go!” She quickly grabbed her and hurried out of there.
“HEY, GIRLS!!!” The Marauder said, “You can’t just leave us now. I bought them drinks and I expect you to pay me back!!”

“Fine! You want $20? I got it!” Cassie threw them the money.
“It isn’t the money I want. You want what I really want!”
“YEAH!!” The Spine-ripper said, “You’re not leaving until we get them panties off you two bitches!!”
Cassie immediately threw a drink at them and ran for their life.

Seiki drove up there and pull up quickly as Tomoki and Cassie jumped in there and they sped out.

“Oh, we are definitely back to the old days, huh?” Tomoki said.
“FASTER!!!” Cassie shouted.




Longtooth made another call to T.K. to see where she is. “Yeah, I’m calling her.”
He makes the call and she answer. “Hey, Longtooth!”
“Yeah. Hey, T.K., we managed to get the Ethers tonight!”
“NICE!!!” T.K. said, “You and Jaye killed it out there, huh?”
“OH YEAH!” Jaye said, “And we actually had some help along the way. Someone you forgot to mention to us earlier.”
“Oh, you mean…..”
“Yeah, I mean him.” Jaye said. “You know the person that came there first.”

“OK, OK, OK…….I figured that with him and all of us wanting to take down the Ethers for a while and well….” T.K. said, “We got ‘em tonight. Oh, and more good news.”
“More good news?” Longtooth said.
“We know that the Lafayette Marauders and the Caroline Spine-rippers are planning another attack somewhere.” T.K. said, “But I think you should let me speak to MAK.”


“They’re doing another attack!!?” On my house…again!?” MAK said after T.K. telling him the news. “Oh, fuck that! Now that we know, those motherfuckers won’t know what’ll hit ‘em when we pull up!”
“Now wait a minute, MAK.” Longtooth said, “Don’t be getting too cocky on this. They’ll probably beefing up themselves, too!”

“Oh, I know.” MAK said, “Don’t matter to me!!! I’m fucking them up anyway!!”
“If you’re doing that, then we’re coming with.” Jaye said. “We’re not letting you do this alone.”
Then Mango added, “Also, you don’t want the girls to find out about this. Or even Kati and Yuan. Hell, anyone outside this conversation.”

“Well… case something does happen…..” MAK said, “Longtooth…..Jaye… fast can you get from here to our place?”
“Uh…we don’t know where you live.” Jaye said.
“Oh, my bad.” MAK said, “I’ll send you the details. Rolo, I’m going to need your help as well.”
“Wait, me?”
“Yes, you!!” MAK shouted, “And maybe Sayuri, Murasaki and Nola, too. Like hacking and back-up.”
“MAK, MAK, MAK….” Nola said, “We would love to help but in case you forgot, WE’RE WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE, MOSTLY THE FORMER!!!”
“I’ll keep you hidden.” he said, “Just shoot a couple of motherfuckers and hack into their system or whatever.”


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