WARNING: The following written material that you’re about to read may contain acts of violence, graphic language, and sexual content. This is meant only for MATURE AUDIENCES. Reader Discretion is advised.

Well…….I would do a tl;dr version of what happened last time on AURA FACTION but this is a different story than usual. But anyway, remember that whole ordeal with MAK’s father aka Kiritsnagi One and Kai finding out he shot her dad and was a part of Pandora’s squad. Eventually, MAK did found out about it.

Yeah, he wasn’t all that excited.

However, Kiritsnagi One found out the whereabouts of MAK and tracks him down with some clues people left behind for him (i.e, Big Boss Bevins at the end of Gang Volition), he eventually finds him. But now what?


A 80s’ R&B themed concert was playing at the Grand Phoenix Amphitheater and there was a large balcony section at the back. There was a high roller sitting there along with his entourage and they were actually partying their asses off with a lot of cocaine and scantily clad girls.

One guy was buzzed off from the cocaine. “OOOH DAAMNN! That is some good shit right here!! Come here, baby, and sniff this shit! You’ll love it!”
She does a line and made a weird face. “OOOH! I LIKE IT!”
“Hey, B.” One guy said, “You wanna do one with us?”
“Shit, I would…..but somebody got to keep their eye on the briefcase and you high motherfuckers aren’t going to do it.”
Suddenly, someone knocks on the door.
“Come on, man! That briefcase would be fine! GET FUCKED UP WITH US!”
He answers the door.
An old black man appeared at the door. “Excuse me, sir, but we got a few complaints about the noise from this balcony. They heard hollering and screaming here and it sounded like someone being murdered or some shit.”
“What? Really?” He said, “Even when the concert is on?”
“Especially then.” The old man said. “Although I think I can fix that.”
“How?” One of the coked-up guys said.

“Easy.” He gets out something in his case and it was a chrome pistol and he shot one of the guys in the head.
The girls screamed and hollered their way out of the room as the other guys are getting their guns to shoot at him. However, the old man moved fast out-of-the-way and ends up shooting them. One guy was behind him and he ducked the bullet and that ricocheted to the other guy.

“Don’t move, motherfucker!” One guy shouted as he went to shoot him behind his back but immediately ducked and cracked his hand.
“Yeah, that doesn’t work all the time.” The old man then shoots him.

The one named B. grabbed the briefcase and started to make a run for it.
He jumped into the elevator and quickly pressed any number to get away from him.
He pressed 4 and as he got out of the elevator, the Old Man got there first and shoots B in cold blood.
The old man then took off his jacket and a mask and it was revealed to be….Kiritsnagi One.
“Hey……I know I just shot you but I really need this more than your boss.” He said, “Now……I’m not going to kill you like I did your boys. You are going to give him a warning…..about me.”
“How did you know what floor I was going in?” He asked.
He pointed to the camera in the elevator and the mini-screen of that.
“Right there.” Kiritsnagi added. “And since I’m at a blind spot, no one is going to notice it. Now if you excuse me, I’m going to enjoy the rest of the concert. Heard a good Rick James impersonator playing upstage and I love some Rick James.”
So Kiritsnagi One left the premises with the money and as “Ghetto Life” plays, some staff members eventually found him bleeding and almost dying. By then, he was already gone.



It has high noon and it was hot as hell in the Society, especially in the middle of May. It’s been 5 months since the whole BirdBrains episode and everyone is resuming to their normal lives with some changes.
MAK2.0 has been driving to applying to various jobs all day long and he is tired as hell, having the signs of “I want to go home” in his eyes and face. He seemed easily pissed off at doing this over and over again.
He got a call from his phone and it was Kai.
“Kai?” he said.
“MAK!” She shouted, “Baby! How was your day?”
“Does the words ‘I feel like shit’ mean anything to that?” He said. “But yeah, this day sucks.”
“Awww! What happened?” She replied.
“Another day, another time somebody said that they loved to have me working for them but you aren’t the right guy we’re looking for shit again.” He said, “This is why this shit frustrates me so much. Hell, I know my last job ain’t shit but I was getting the hang of it.”
“MAK….you know Yuan and Kati said that you can come to them for help.” Kai said. “I mean, it’s nothing to be ashamed of. I’m making good money here.”

“I know. I know.” MAK said, “I just don’t want to depend too much on them. I don’t want to keep running to them when I’m in some shit.”
“Just rest on it, OK?” Kai said, “I’ll talk to them about if they need our help. They can probably help you….”
“All right, I’ll talk to them about it.” He said. “Right now, I just want to rest.”
“Enjoy your rest….because when I get home, there wouldn’t be any for the night.” Kai suggestively said, which made MAK perk up a smile a bit.
“Later, Kai. Love you.” He said with a kiss.
“Love you, too.” She said also with a kiss.

He walked up to the place and he noticed as he was getting his keys, the door was unlocked. MAK wondered what was going on with that until he saw someone looking at the pictures of him, Kai and friends on the wall.
MAK got out his pistol just in case.
“I see you like the photos.” He said with the gun cocked.
“Yeah… must got a lot of friends on these pictures, especially some girls, man.” He said.
“OK..” MAK said, “Are you fascinated by this sh—Hold up…..who in the hell are you and why are you in my house!!!”
“You can’t say hello to your old man?”
“Old man? The fuck are you talking about?” MAK seemed confused.
“Also I didn’t expect you to curse so much.” He said and as he turned around, the reveal got MAK all in shock.
“Remember me……..son?”
Yup, it was MAK’s father, Kiritsnagi One, in the flesh and right in front of him. As MAK saw his father right in front of him, the first thing MAK did was approach him and…..punch him right in the face.
“You motherfucker…..”

“OK, WOW!” Kiritsnagi One said, “I guess ‘Oh, Dad, I missed you’ was not the words you were looking for.”
“Nah, you think?” MAK said, “Only thing I remember recently of you is that I always hear you and Mom fighting a lot and increase my anxiety to tenfold. Then you left and my life has been mostly hell and back since….”
“But you did have some good times after, right?” Kiritsnagi said, “You got all these photos of your friends….and also it look like you got some ladies in there with you, too?” As he slyly chuckles, “That Kiritsnagi charm works on them, doesn’t it?”
“Yeah, it works.” MAK said, “Especially on my current girlfriend……KAI.”
“Wait…..Kai… in Kai Barrett….the next-door neighbor girl you always hang out with?”
“Yes.” MAK said, “She and I are a couple. We have been for the past 4 years.”
“Damn, son, that’s good to hear… getting yourself a girlfrie—wait, 4 years?” Kiritsnagi questioned, “So since you were…21? Not back t–”
“It would’ve been back then, except……she and her family moved to Parish Heights after you left.” MAK said, “That’s when life sucked hard for me. The one friend that could help cope with me moved away….”

“OK…” Kiritsnagi said. “Wow….you must’ve dealt with a lot of things without me.”
“Yeah….I did.” MAK said, “And I managed to learn a few things about myself or two. I traveled the world, I fought a lot of Gods, I met strange people who I either liked or want to smack the shit out of and……I met enemies, too.”
“Oh, I know.” Kiritsnagi said, “The news and social media tells all. The Blue Hybrid. Yeah, I heard all about your adventures and such. I imagine how your momma is hearing about this.”
“She called.” MAK said, “She also said what the hell was I thinking about and I said to her, not a damn thing.”
MAK then opens a beer from the fridge.
“So……you’re just here for a small visit then?” he said opening a bottle, “The whole visit thing where we talk a lot about the past, future things that may or may not happen or some shit like this?”
“Actually, son….” Kiritsnagi said, “I do want to get to know you better. I’ve been gone for a long time and I really want to connect with you again.”
MAK took one long gulp of his beer. “It’s been over 11 years…” MAK said, “That’s a long-ass time and I really need to think about it and that will take time.”
“OK then.” Kiritsnagi said, “But know that I will be around here in case you need to talk.” As he walks out of the door. “I’m probably get your number later or something.”
MAK sighed and said, “You know what?” He gave him his cell number. “Just in case.”
“All right. Cool.” Kiritsnagi said, “I’ll see ya later, Anton.”
“Later.” MAK said as Kiritsnagi closed the door.

As MAK was taking a nap after downing another beer or so, he started to have some weird dreams.
He kept seeing visions of his dad shooting Kai’s dad to him leaving home and the parents fighting and as he sees it, he sees his younger self looking scared and confused and in the fetal position, rocking back and forth as he is scared to see what happens next.
“Dad…………..”A younger MAK calls him out. “DAD!!!!!”

He woke up in a cold sweat.
“AH SHIT!!” he shouted. “What the hell?”
“MAK!!!” That was Kai coming inside. “I’m home!!”
“OK!” he said.
“Hey, I brought home some takeout. I didn’t feel like cooking today.” She said, “Is that alright?”
“Yeah….that’s good. I don’t mind.” He responded.
“OK!” She said, “Because I want to put some energy for tonight.”
He sighs in relief of that.

Later that night, Kiritsnagi was in this apartment complex he rented as he got into his bag for something until he got a call.
“Hello?” he answered.
“So… finally went to see that son of yours.” An ominous voice answered.
“First off, who in the hell is this?” He asked them.
“Oh, you figure that out soon enough.” They said.
“For real, who the fuck is this?” he answered fiercely.
“OK, fuck it, it’s Bevins.” He answered.
“AH! That fuck that winded up getting beat by some small-time motherfuckers.” Kiritsnagi taunted, “I bet that still stings, don’t it?”
“OK, fuck you.” Bevins said. “You know you got that deal with the Russian Hybrids this week, right? You better get my money from them.”
“Look, I got you, all right.” Kiritsnagi said, “I’m just working on another angle to work on.”
“All right then.” Bevins said, “You better not fuck me on this deal. I know niggas like you do that shit.”
He hangs up.
“Is my hand ready yet?” One voice shouted in the room.
“It’s coming….” Bevins said, “And believe me, you are going to love this.”

Back to MAK and Kai’s place, the lights went low and slow music started playing with MAK sitting down in his chair.
Then as the music plays, Kai comes in the room in a black skirt and white tank top.
“So……I heard you had such a hard day today.” She cooed at she sits on his lap and rubs his head.
“Yup….just doing this stupid job searching shit.”
“Awww, poor baby.” Kai said, “Lucky for you, I’m here to cheer you up….in more ways than one.” She then tongue-kissed him before she strips off her tank top and skirt.
“You like what you see, big boy?” Kai said with bra, panties, and a smiling grin on her face.
MAK shook his head and of course, that leads to them making out and Kai getting MAK’s clothes off.
“Bed?” MAK asked.
“Yes please.” Kai answered.

For a while, both passionately made love for the next half hour and that’s until MAK’s cellphone ring.
“The hell?” MAK said.
“Oh, let it ring.” Kai said as she’s continuing kissing him, “They’ll leave a message or something.”
“Anton!” And it was Kiritsnagi One. “This is Dad calling.”
And that line immediately put the loving on a complete halt.
“What?” Kai said as she went from smile to concerned smirk. “Dad?”
“Hey, I know you’ve been busy today but I do think we need to talk more tomorrow.” He said, “Hopefully I can meet some of your friends then. Hope you get this message. Later.”

“Your dad……your dad called….” Kai said, “Wait….did he came here? As in this house?”
“Yeah, he did.” MAK said.
“What the— HOW! WHEN! He knows where we live?” Kai said.
“If it helps, I punched him the face when I first saw him.” MAK said. “I did not want to deal with this shit today.”
“Atta boy, MAK.” Kai said, “Except why did he call back?”
“I said that……I really need to think about it.”


“WHY WOULD YOU SAY THAT!?” Both Sheena and Joanna yelled at MAK as them, MAK and Kai are discussing the whole thing.
“You basically said you would see him again!” Sheena said.
“Not to mention he can just drop in your apartment anytime.” Joanna said, “I’d be creeped out at that since he knows where you two live at!”

MAK was just stressing this out.
“Look…..I didn’t think I see him again. He sneaked inside the house and–”
“HE BROKE IN!?” The girls shouted.
“You neglected to tell that part!” Kai shouted.
“I thought it was some random fucker at first.” MAK said, “I would’ve beaten the shit out of them if it was someone else.”

“Great….” Kai said, “So we should expect him sometime tomorrow then?”
“It depends.” He said.
“Either way……we’ll be here all day.” Kai said, “I don’t trust him one bit and I hope you don’t either, MAK.”
“I’M NOT!” He said, “I’m weary about this as you are…..and mostly frightened to be honest.”

“Frightened?” Sheena questioned.
“I don’t know how this is going to turn out.” He said, “He knows what y’all look like since he saw those pictures of me and everybody we know. I just got a bad feeling about it.”
MAK was looking quite anxious and worrisome.
“Honey….” Kai said, “I can see you’re worried. I do get it and like we said, I and the girls will be there tomorrow to have your back and support you.” She kissed him. “I forgot that this thing has been hard on you since way back.”

“Thank you, baby.” MAK said as he kissed her back.
“Yeah, we got you.” Joanna said hugging them both with Sheena joining them as well.
Sheena then added on, “Yeah, we got your back……and so does Kati and Yuan.”
“WHAT!?” MAK said.
“I….texted them the situation.” Sheena replied.
“MOTHERF—Well, fuck it, they can help, too.” MAK said.


There was a knock on the door and surprise, it was Kiritsnagi there.
“HEY!” MAK said, “You actually knocked on the door like a human being.”
“OK….” Kiritsnagi said, “Mind if I come on?”
“Oh, go ahead.” MAK said as Kiritsnagi went in the apartment.

Meanwhile, Kai was in her room with Sheena and Joanna trying to help build some confidence for facing the man who shot her dad.
“OK…you can get through this.” Joanna said.
“Remember, we’re here to help you two.” Sheena said, “And if he tries to pull some bullshit on us, we call Kati to attack.”
“WHAT!?” Kai shouted.
“I got her on speed dial.” Sheena said. “I got her, Pika and Tara to help out, too. In case things might happen.”
“I really don’t want shit to pop.” Kai said, “I just want to get this over!”
Kati then commented on what’s happening via phone. “Kai, don’t worry. We will be discreet about our doings.”
“Yeah, we’ll be good.” Said Pika in the car with Kati and Tara, the one that has a mascot cat head on.
“What about Tara?” Kai said, “You know the last time something like this happened, she pimp-slapped everyone at the bar.”
“Tara’s got a way with words….even if she doesn’t say much.” Pika said. As Tara flashed a gun for safe keeping.
“Pika… used a flamethrower when you saw a clam.” Kai replied.
“CLAMS ARE EVIL, DAMMIT!” Pika yelled. “But, anyway, if you need us, just give us a signal.”
“And we’ll be right here.” Kati said.

They walk out of the room and sees MAK and Kiritsnagi talking to each other.
“HEY! I see a lovely lady coming from the room.” Kiritsnagi said, “And with some friends, too.”
Kai feign giggled at that. “Hey, Mr. Kiritsnagi. Nice to see you here.” He went to give Kai a hug and as he did, the rest sense a bit of tension with Kai once that happened.
She felt a chill in her spine as she even get close to the man.
“Man, it has been a long, long time since we last seen each other.” Kiritsnagi said, “Like 10 years or something.”
“Yeah, it has that long.” MAK said. “Oh and our two friends right here……meet Sheena Pleiades and Joanna Yubari. Girls, this is….I guess….MAK1.0? Original recipe?” MAK awkwardly said to make a joke.

So, they eventually sat down and made some conversation about family life and how each one is doing.
“Kai….your family doing well?” Kiritsnagi asked.
She was cautious to respond to that.
“Yes…..they are.” Kai said, “In fact, better than before. My mom is head nurse, Cyan is working her way to being an agent and my dad is 2 years away from being retired.”
“Oh yeah….” Kiritsnagi said, “He went to become a cop in Parish Heights.”
“Yeah, he did…..” Kai said, “I’m just glad he’s about to retire in some time because I do worry that in his old age, he might be vulnerable to get himself killed……since we almost lost him before.”
“Lost him?” Kiritsnagi said.
“Yeah…..” Kai said, “He got shot by someone some years ago. A group of people were robbing this store. He went in to stop them and he almost got them…..but one guy shot him.”
MAK swallowed hard as she mentioned that, considering the person that shot Kai’s dad is within earshot.
“Well, damn.” Kiritsnagi said, “But he’s doing alright?”
“Yeah, he’s doing great.” Kai said, “Just peachy.” There was a hint of panic in her voice then.

After that, MAK and Kiritsnagi went outside to talk.
“So….you seem to be living the good life, huh?” Kiritsnagi said, “You got a wonderful girlfriend with you and some good friends with you, too.”
“Yeah…” MAK said, “I’m definitely blessed with all the good things in my life.”
“Man, you must wake up every day happy.” Kiritsnagi said.
MAK then went on, “Well…..I mean, with her, yeah…..but I’m still trying to find a paying job for myself. I did had one but due to what happened a few months ago, I blew that opportunity.”
“SO you’ve been looking ways to get money?” Kiritsnagi asked.
“Yeah.” MAK answered, “Hell, I would do anything to get some cash to help us get by.”
“Anything?” Kiritsnagi said as he got an idea. “Well……I think I got something for you.”
“Like what?” As MAK was eager to know.

“WAIT, WHAT!?” Kai and the girls shouted.
“He wants you to help him move some stuff?” Joanna asked.
“Yeah.” MAK said, “He told me there was something up at Kala and we wanted my help and it pays well.”
“Kala?” Kai said, “The little Russian district in Eastin City?”
“And he wants you to help him move some shit around?” Kati said.
“I don’t know.” Sheena said, “Something about it seems fishy.”
“Considering why would he just come here to just get you to do some mundane job…?” Joanna added on, “He could’ve gotten anybody.”
“Yeah, he could’ve.” MAK said, “……and yet I accepted it.”
“Wait…you accepted it?” Kai said, “You actually accepted his offer?”
MAK then explained to them, “Look, it’s only going to be for the weekend. I can get paid for this and as soon as we’re done, that’s it. I move on.”
“Then I’m coming with you.” Kai assisted.
“Actually……he just wants me there. No one else.” MAK replied.
A little pissed-off, Kai excused herself out of the room and MAK followed her.
“Kai? KAI!”
He went to see what’s up.
“Today…..I had to hug the man who went and shot my father.” As she grimly reminded MAK, “I looked him dead in the eye as I told him that story and he didn’t budge, flinch or even twitch about it. You know that I instantly wanted to throttle and smack him with all I got.”
“I did sense that from you earlier.” MAK said, “I can tell how uncomfortable you looked when y’all met.”
“He talked to me like I’m supposed to trust him.” She said, “He hasn’t earned any of it. He just want to benefit it from you and I don’t want him to take advantage of you. He seems like the person that would do that.”
“Kai……I am going to confront him about that.” MAK said, “He might be the man who helped create me….but you are far more important to me than ever. You’re my best friend, my confidante…..and hopefully, my soon-to-be wife and I’m not going to let him do that to me if the worst happens.”
“So you’re going to go then?” she asked.
“I mean, if you don’t want me to–”
“I don’t want to stop you from doing this.” Kai said, “If it means straightening things with your dad and mostly you’ll get paid and we do need some cash around here.”
“I promise you I won’t get into some shit.”
“I know you won’t.” Kai said, “It’s…..something else…..”

“He’s doing to do it?” Joanna asked.
“Yep.” Kai said.
“For real?” Pika asked, “But that shit you said earlier….”
“I know. I know.” Kai said, “But MAK assured me that after this, he’s done with him.”
“I hope MAK knows what he is doing.” Kati said.
Tara then brought out a bat.
“Maybe later, Tara.” Kati said.


Kiritsnagi and MAK were getting ready for their trip as MAK is getting ready to leave the house.
“Alright. I got everything.” MAK said.
“You sure?” Kai asked.
“Got my cell phone, my wallet, emergency money stashed in my shoe where no one can see it…..I should be good.” MAK checked, “Unless I forgot something else.”
“Well, there’s one thing.” Kai said and then followed a kiss on the lips.
“That….you will always need.”
Kiritsnagi arrived just in time as MAK is about to leave.
“Ready, son?” he said.
“Yeah, I’m ready.” MAK said.
He took a look back at Kai and said, “I hope you don’t miss me too much.” As he chuckled and played it cool.
“Boy, you know I will.” Kai said back with another kiss.
“I’ll be back.” MAK said, “I love you.”
“I love you, too, MAK.” Kai said as they said goodbye.

While en route to Kala, Kiritsnagi asked something for MAK.
“Hey, Anton?”
“Yeah?” MAK answered.
“I noticed a few days ago that….Kai didn’t felt like she liked my company that often.” He responded. “It’s like whenever I talked to her, she doesn’t want to be around me.”
Oh, MAK knew what he was talking about but he pretends he doesn’t notice.
“Hmmm, I haven’t noticed.” He said.
“I also noticed you always seemed to be in company of women.” He said, “You got any guy friends?”
“Yeah, I do.” MAK said, “But they were busy. They couldn’t make it.” Or he didn’t call them as he doesn’t want anybody else involved in this.
“Well, I knew when you were younger, you always tend to girls more than guys.” Kiritsnagi said.
MAK thought to himself, “Maybe because they don’t fuck me over as much as guys do….” Then he got out of his head and responded, “Well… just depends.”

They got to the place on time and it was this warehouse called Frank’s House of Merch.
“Эй, идет ваш человек-перевозчик (Hey, there goes your mover man).” One of the guys said. “И он вовремя. Он пунктуальный. Мне нравится это. (And he’s right on time. He’s punctual. I like that.)”
Kiritsnagi and MAK got out of the car to see the owner.
“FRANK RUFF!” Kiritsnagi shouted. “You here?”
“Kiritsnagi! That you?” Then Frank came outside.
“Frank, you tricky motherfucker, you!” Kiritsnagi said, “My Russian brother from another!”
“Kiritsnagi, my man!” Frank said, “How’s things with your ass?”
“All good, man.” Kiritsnagi said, “So we going to do this deal?”
“Oh hell yeah.” Frank said, “Wait, who’s the other guy?”
“Oh, you haven’t heard? That’s my son!” Kiritsnagi said.
“OHH SHIT!” Frank said, giving MAK dap, “You’re his seed! How’s it going, man? A family member of Kiritsnagi is family to me.”
“Hey…” MAK timidly said, “So my guess is you need my help to carry some boxes to the rooms and stuff?”
“Boxes?” Frank said, “Oh YEAH!! You’ll be doing some stuff with the boxes but you’ll be using the crane.”
“Crane?” MAK said, “I’m using a crane? Uh, will someone teach how to use it?”
“Want me to?” One girl stood out and said.
“Oh, fellas, this is my daughter Jaye.” Frank said, “Jaye, this is longtime friend Kiritsnagi and his son Anton.”
“Hey, you can just call me MAK.” he said.
“OK then.” Jaye said, “Nice to meet you, MAK. I’ll show you around some stuff.”
“Cool.” MAK responded.

Later on, two of Frank’s men teach MAK how to use the crane.
“That’s forward…..that’s the lift and that is backing up.”
“Oh…all right then.” MAK said.
“Now you need to move it slowly.” Jaye said, “Too fast and the shit might malfunction or something.”
“Gotcha.” He said.

Back into the warehouse, Frank and Kiritsnagi were talking about their upcoming deal.
“So Bevins is getting you to get his money for him?” Frank said, “He can’t get it himself?”
“Well, ever since that L he took from getting beat by the Darksiders, he’s like a little bitch.” Kiritsnagi laughed saying that, “I almost feel bad for the dude.”
Frank got in the laughs as well. “Oh man…..that poor motherfucker. I just hope that guy got my product ready.”
“Oh, I got that shit ready and willing.” Kiritsnagi said. “…..And it’s still in the car.”
“Then go get it then.” The other guy said.
“All right, all right! Chill, man.” Kiritsnagi said, “DAMN.”
“Wait……” Frank said, “The guy said that he’ll be here tomorrow afternoon for the product.”
“Tomorrow?” Kiritsnagi said. “Well, shit, I hope that means we get paid an extra day for moving.”
“Basically.” Frank said, “And I see your son is getting some shit done right.” They see MAK working hard with the crane and the boxes.
“Damn…..I guess when it comes to money, it’s a good motivation.”

Later on at the place both of them are saying, MAK decides to call Kai via face time.
“HEY!” MAK said while smiling.
“MAKKY!” Kai said, “You called!!”
“Yeah, you know I can’t forget about my baby.” He said, “And thankfully I’m done for the day. Tired as hell, too.”
“Awww, working all day will leave you that tho.” Kai said, “Hopefully you’re not too tired for…..” She suddenly takes off her robe and reveals herself in black lingerie. “Well, if you are here, I can make you feel all better.”
MAK smirked and smiled at that. “Man, now I really wish I stayed at home.”

A knock on the door answered and MAK need to hide the phone before anyone can see.
“Who’s there?” MAK said.
“It’s Jaye.” As she said, “My dad wanted to let you know that after 10, its lights off.”
“It’s 10 minutes to 10.” MAK said.
“I know. I’m just warning you beforehand.” Jaye said, “He can be strict as hell.”
“All right.” MAK said then he got back to Kai, “Sorry about that. Apparently I need to shut things off after 10.”
“Oh.” Kai said. “……..How’s your dad?”
MAK sighed, “Well, he’s…..well, him. He’s been busy talking to old friend and someone else is supposed to come over tomorrow. Luckily for me, I get more money then, too.”
“Hopefully it’ll be enough to keep us going by.” Kai said, “But, MAK……you really do need a vacation after this. I mean, just with you and me…..away from our problems in the world…somewhere like a beach or exotic place…I don’t know, just somewhere where we can be alone and I guess we can just make love to each other all day long or something. It’s just that a lot has been on my mind lately.”
“Yeah, I do get what you’re feeling.” MAK said, “Don’t worry. That time will come.”
“I really hope so.” Kai said.
“Are you doing alright by yourself? Anyone there with you? Kati? Pika? Tara? Joanna and Sheena?”
“Yeah. Joanna and Sheena were here.” Kai said, “For a while and well……”
“They’re fucking, aren’t they?” MAK said.
“Yep.” Kai said, “Very, very loud. In fact….” She went silent and let MAK hear the noises of Sheena and Joanna having sex next door.
“Wow.” He said. “Joanna is a bit of a squealer, is she?”
“Hopefully by tomorrow, that can be us and me squealing your name.” Kai said. “Anyway, I call you tomorrow. Take care, honey. I love you.”
“Alright, baby, you take care, too.” MAK said, “And I love you, too.” Both gave kisses and eventually went to sleep.

Next day, MAK was getting some work done in the warehouse with a couple of guys and Jaye on assistance.
“Got this one, man?” One worker said.
“Yeah, man.” MAK said, “Thanks tho.”
“I overheard you were talking to your girlfriend last night.” Jaye said. “Sorry if I interrupt anything.”
“Oh, you’re straight.” MAK said, “I was just talking to my girl and making sure things were alright back home.”
“She’s doing alright?” Jaye asked.
“Yes, she is.” MAK said, “She does miss me, tho and I do, too.”
“That’s cool.” Jaye said, “I do think it’s sweet how you’re caring about your girlfriend and all.”
“Yeah.” He said, “I’m seriously thinking about us going on vacation together, just the two of us…somewhere but I don’t know. Just some place where we can relax and think about nothing else besides us.”
“With any luck, my dad should pay you well.” Jaye said, “I just hope he doesn’t shaft you like he did so many others.”
That part got MAK a little suspicious. “Shaft?”
“Look, I’m not supposed to tell you this…” Jaye said, “But my dad isn’t known for being an honest man. He can fuck over the people he works with and he ends badly for them and who knows what will happen to these guys coming over today?”
“Guys? What guys?” MAK said with anxiety in his voice.

Meanwhile, a barrage of cars were pulling up to the warehouse, where guys are dressed in black were coming out of there and one guy in a cashmere suit got out last and said to the dude.
“So Kiritsnagi is here?”
The guy shook his head. “I hope he is ready for a rude awakening.”

“Hey, they just arrived.” Frank said, “I’ll go get them.”
“Cool.” Kiritsnagi said. He took a drink and as he eyes who’s coming, he spots a familiar face. When he does, he got into sudden shock.
“What the hell?” he said.
“Oh, he’s inside. I see you to them.” Frank said.
“KIRITSNAGI! I got someone here I like you to meet.” And it was somebody that he met a few years ago.
“Hey….remember me, Kiritsnagi?” he said.
“Oh……” he silently said.
“I’m Brandt Stark.” He said, “But you probably don’t remember me and let me refresh you. You remember I had a bunch of my guys enjoying this ’80s themed concert where oddly enough, some of them got robbed with my briefcase. The one that was worth $120 million.”
“I barely remember that.” Kiritsnagi said.
“Oh, and all of my guys died from that shit.” Stark said, “And I lost a lot of money that day and I bow to find out who robbed me.”
Kiritsnagi is hoping that Stark doesn’t think it’s him.
“However…..I did get a clue from somebody.” And coming behind him was….Bevins.

“Yeah…” Bevins said, “There goes the guy you’re looking for. He’s the one that took your money.”
One guy went to grab Kiritsnagi by the collar.
Then, Bevins gave $100,000 to Frank as he’s the one that ratted him out.
“Hey, hey, hey, Marco. We’re good friends and all that but when I saw that your capture was worth 100k, I had to get on that.”
“So loyalty is shit to you?” Kiritsnagi said.
“Like you’re one to talk.”

MAK and Jaye eavesdrop during the conversation.
“He stole $120 million?!” MAK whispered. “From that guy? Wait, then what the fuck did he invite me here?”
“I think you should get out of here.” Jaye said. “Like, pronto. I’ll cover for you!”
“Shit, you’re right. I’m outta here!” MAK was about to leave the place until someone came in and blocked him in.
“You going somewhere?” One of Stark’s henchmen said.
“The restroom.” MAK said, “I gotta pee.”
“Oh, no you don’t.” One of them grabbed him. “I heard you’re Kiritsnagi’s son. You coming with us, motherfucker!”
“Hey, man!! GET THE FUCK OFF ME!” MAK yelled.
“Nigga….you’re not getting away from us.” They were putting a grip on MAK, holding him down and tackling him down but then Jaye got her taser and knocked out of them down.
“OW! YOU BITCH!” One went after Jaye but MAK grabbed a skewer and stabbed him in the back of his neck.

“Thanks.” Jaye said, “Now run!”
MAK and Jaye got the hell out of there, going in different directions where Jaye got out via the window but MAK got blocked by incoming henchmen.
“Who the hell was that?” Bevins said as he sees MAK running from there.
“OOH!! I see your boy has fled the scene. We can change that! Yo, chase that motherfucker!”

Kiritsnagi then jumped out-of-the-way, knocking one guy with a chair and took the other guy’s gun, shooting the others.
“You got to do better than that, big boy.” Kiritsnagi shouted.
He then snatches the bag of money from the ground and run away with it.
A bunch of guards came gunning for Kiritsnagi and begun to shoot at him but then all of a sudden….he disappears.
“The hell?”
He phases and re-appears with a knife, stabbing each and every one of the guards in the neck and slit the last one by the throat.

At the other end, MAK was running from a lot of Bevins’ henchmen and he had to push over a bunch of boxes to slow them down.
“Shoot that motherfucker!”
He then got to his hybrid power and used it to blow everything in their way.
He continues to run from them and into the restroom and blocking the door with the chair he brought in there.

“THE FUCK!” they shouted, “OPEN UP, NIGGA!”
MAK spotted a bathroom window at the stall and went in to climb there to escape. Inopportunely, the door was broke open just as MAK was about to escape.
“GET THAT MOTHERFUCKER!” They went to grab MAK by the shoe but he kicked them to the sink but the other one tried to pull him back in there. MAK tried to phase from him but he seems he’s low on Blue Leaf.
One more kick to the face got to the guy and MAK eventually crawled out of there, leaving the spot running frantically.

“FRANK! YOU FUCKER! YOU BETRAYED ME!” Kiritsnagi shouted.
“Oh, screw you, Marco!” Frank said, “You’re not exactly a real one yourself.”
“By snitching on me!?” Kiritsnagi yelled.
“At least I didn’t leave you standing with a bunch of stolen money in my office!” Frank yelled.
“THAT MONEY IS MINE, KIRITSNAGI!” Stark yelled. “You already stolen enough from me the last time….fuck with me again and I will fuck your life up!”
“THE HELL WITH YOU!” Kiritsnagi shouted and then he shoots Frank in the leg.
“OW!” Frank yelled. “YOU SON OF A BITCH!”
Stark bum-rushed Kiritsnagi for the bag of money, knocking him over to the side and Stark went in for the bag but Kiritsnagi tripped him and kicked him in the side, grabbing the bag and running for cover.
But Bevins wrestled him for the bag, slapping and kicking him all over the place. “This shit is mine!!” Kiritsnagi fired a shot to distract Bevins long enough to grab it again. “GOTCHA, BITCH!”

As Kiritsnagi ran, Faction agents were swarming around the place.
“HANDS UP!” One guy said.
However, Kiritsnagi ran the other way which got them to shoot uncontrollably at the place.
“HOLD YOUR FIRE!” One officer said, “Wait until you see a hostile, and then SHOOT! Harrison, go with me!
“Yes, Sir!” Harrison said.

Kiritsnagi see a couple of agents on the way towards him.
He ran to the nearest exit to get to the cars but he sees Stark and Bevins leaving before another swarm of agents comes in.
Stark and Bevins pretend that they’re being robbed.
“HELP US! HELP US!” Stark screamed, “That man is trying to kill me and this other guy here!”
“He’s a dangerous murderer!!!” Bevins screamed, “STOP ME!”
All guns are aimed at Kiritsnagi and quickly he phased out of there before bullets were close to him.
“DAMN! WHAT HAPPENED!?” Harrison said.
“Fellas, I’m Agent Velegeita.” He said, “This is Officer Reid Harrison. Can you tell us what’s going on here?”
“Officer, I have no clue what’s going on here.” Stark feigned, “All I know is I got stop by a gang of people attempting to rob me. One of them got away but he was going to kill me!! THANK GOD YOU CAME!!”
“Take it easy, sir!” Velegeita said, “It’s going to be alright.”
“There’s another guy in there. HE knows the robber and I think he set it up.” As Bevins threw the blame on Frank. “Although I think he got shot up as well.”
They went in to capture Frank.
“Frank Ruff?” Harrison questioned. “You’re wanted in for questioning about the events that happened today.”
They cuffed him as he is coming to consciousness.
“What the?” he said, “I am innocent. I did nothing wrong!! GET ME OUT OF THESE CUFFS!”
They put Frank in the back of the paddy wagon.
Then Bevins said to him, “Oh, Frank……make sure your daughter doesn’t come back too soon. We’ll tell her all the news.”

MAK was still running from the place, hoping that no one finds him.
He hides into a vacant corner and was remaining quiet so no one can hear him but as he backs up, he felt somebody behind him.
Someone…..that had a mechanical hand.
“Hello….” That someone happened to be Kaos.
She quickly grabbed MAK and dragged him to the trunk of the car, drugging him to an unconscious state.

She calls Bevins.
“Yo?” Bevins answered.
“Hey…..I got the little Big Kiritsnagi.” She said.
“Oh…..nice.” Bevins said, “I wish we had gotten the older one but he was too damn slick.”
“That and he still got my money.” Stark said. “I would’ve killed him when I had the chance.”

“Yeah…..but we got something better than money…..and that’s not only his son. That’s the motherfucking Blue Hybrid himself.” Bevins said.
“Blue Hybrid?” Stark said. “The same one that killed the Cain Brothers last year?”
“The very same.” Bevins said, “And I know he’s associated with those damn Darksiders. Hell, I can lure Kiritsnagi and those damn Darksiders to get him and then he killed ALL OF THEM and get your money back….with some interest.”
“Interest?” Stark said, “Really?”
“YES, REALLY!” Bevins said, “I want my damn revenge!!”
“OK, fine.” Stark said, “But know this….as soon as I see Kiritsnagi, I’m definitely shooting his ass.”

BACK AT THE SOCIETY – a day later

At The Turner Express, Kai was feeling anxious due to the fact MAK hasn’t called her in a while.
“Kai?” As Yuan noticed her staring down her phone. “Kai, are you OK?”
“Huh?” she eventually focused on Yuan. “Oh, Yuan……um…..I’m fine but I’m beginning to worry about MAK. He hasn’t called all day yesterday.”
“I’m sure he’s fine.” Yuan said, “Maybe he had too much to do that day. Or his phone’s battery might be dead or something.”
Kati and Sheena were beginning to take notice of that.
“Has she’s been this stressed out since yesterday?” Kati asked.
“Yep.” Sheena said, “Yesterday, Joanna and I had to assure her that things are fine with MAK and his dad. Also, she looked like she didn’t eat much that day either. This frightens me a bit.”
“Look, I’m sure things are fine with MAK at Kala.” Yuan said, “From I heard from Kati and Sheena, maybe he told him off and probably had to find his way home by himself.”
“If that happens…..that his father is a bigger asshole than I envision him to be.” Kai said.

“You know what?” Yuan said, “Let’s just watch a little TV to take our mind off this.”
However, the news was on.
“Good Morning, I’m Vicki Taylor for EAGLE NEWS. Our top story today is the CHAOS at KALA!”
“WHAT!?” Kai shouted as she heard that word. “Kala?”
“There has been a gunfight at Frank’s House of Merch last night at 10:18 PM and only one man in custody and is deemed a suspect. Warehouse owner Frank Ruff, 56 years old, 5’9, Russian descent and has previous charges of gun racketeering 15 years ago.”
“Wait…..Frank’s House of Merch….that’s the building MAK went in!” Kai said, “Oh no…..please…..please…let MAK be safe.”
The news continued, “However, due to new footage, there was another suspect named and it is Marco Antonio Kiritsnagi Sr., who is seen running through the halls of the building with a knife caked in blood. He was shown stabbing several guards but we will not show the horrific footage.”

“Holy shit….” Yuan said, “OK, maybe MAK didn’t know about this. He may not have been there.”
“SPECIAL UPDATE! We have additional footage of two people fleeing from the aftermath. Notably kin of the suspects. First, we have Jaye Ruff, 27-year-old daughter of Frank Ruff and Marco Antonio Kiritsnagi II also known as MAK2.0 The Blue Hybrid as many citizens of the Society known him by!”
Kai gasped as he sees his picture.
“Both have been reported missing for 24 hours as of now and if anyone has any info on them, please contact your local Faction facility immediately.”
Kai dropped to her knees, trembling to the ground.
“Oh no….” Sheena silently said.

The rest was still in shocked over the news and it did travel fast in the Society from the Darksiders seeing it to Tomoki and Cassie witnessing it to the Society Faction seeing it.

“So…..where do we take this fool?” Kaos asked Bevins.
“Oh, we got a special place to store him for now.” Bevins said.
“You mean…..”
“You damn right.” Bevins said, “By the way, you see that other girl?”
“What girl?” Kaos asked.
“The Russian bitch! You see her?” Bevins yelled.
“No…at least I thought I did.” She answered.
“Whatever……just take him to the Castle!” Bevins gave his order, “And keep him knocked out until you get there.” He then hangs up.
“Sure thing.” She opens up the trunk to inject him some more drugs to keep him knocked out for a couple of hours.
“Lights out, boy.”


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