AURA FACTION presents THE MONEYDANCE Arc: – Track 4: RED Heist


TRACK 4 Red heist

At Tomoki and Cassie’s place, morning has come and there was Jaye waking up with bed head and drool on her lip.
“Dammit…” She checks the clock and sees that it’s 9AM. “It’s too damn early.”
She walks to the Tomoki and Cassie and sees if they are up.
“Hey…….Tomoki…Cassie, you two up?” She opens the door and see the two asleep on top of each other with Cassie snoring a bit.
“OK….” Jaye said, “I’ll come back.” Then the phone rings, waking up Tomoki and Cassie and screaming as they see Jaye in the room.
“AAAAHH!!!!!” All of them screamed out loud.
“I really hope you just came in here not too long ago!” Cassie said.
“Please tell me you didn’t watch us fuck and sleep.” Tomoki said, “That happened to us too many times.”

Cassie answered the phone.
“Tomoki, Cass, its Sheena.”
They seemed confused as she was calling from Joanna’s cell.
“Sheena?” Cassie said, “You calling us for a reason?”
“Yeah…..I know Joanna’s been going behind the Faction’s back to find more clues about that warehouse case along that witness you managed to save.” She said, “Also, she told me in bed last night. She wasn’t in a good mood yesterday….in fact, the cause of it was due to one person.”
“And who would that be?” As Tomoki listened in the conversation.
“It’s……Kiritsnagi One.”
“WHAT!?!” As Tomoki and Cassie shouted at the phone.
“Wait, wait, wait, what happened?” Jaye trying to figure what’s going on. “Can you put whoever that is on speakerphone?”
“Huh?” Sheena said, “Who’s that with you? Who the hell is that?” She then suspect something a bit unorthodox. “You two having a threesome there?”
“NO!!” Tomoki and Cassie shouted.
Jaye then snatched the phone. “Look, I’m the witness from the warehouse shooting. I’m Jaye Ruff….Frank’s daughter.”
“Wait… were there?” Sheena said.
“Yes.” Jaye said, “Me and MAK ran for our lives as soon as they were shooting. My father is right now in prison and he’s probably going to die in there if someone else doesn’t step in!”
“Oh, and there’s another thing you three should know.” Sheena said, “MAK was kidnapped after he ran off.”

“WHAT!?!” All three shouted.
“Kidnapped!?” Tomoki said, “Oh, shit! Oh, fuck! Anyone we know?”
“Well….” Sheena said, “It’s who the Darksiders know. That guy Mauricio Bevins and his femme fatale bitch Kaos.”
She send them a photo on their cell.
“Hey, wait!” Jaye said, “That’s the woman who tried to kill me earlier!”

“Oh…..then you’re lucky to avoid her.” Sheena said, “From what I heard from Murasaki and Nola, she is bad news. Hell, Nola said that she shot her a couple of times.”

“We’re aware of Bevins or at least know some things about him….” Cassie said, “But what of the other guy? Stark?”
“Him…..we do need to look info on.” Tomoki said, “You know something about him, Jaye?”

“A few things.” Jaye said, “I overheard my dad talking about him before. He’s actually part of this large mob called MoneyDance.”
“MoneyDance?” Cassie said.
“The hell name is that?” Tomoki said.
“Beats me.” Jaye said, “All I know is that it’s this major league mob that runs the Underground of The Society, Eastin City, Parish Heights and Lafayette. They completely dwarfs any gang that runs in this area. Hell, the gangs usually have to go to them to get clearance or permission to do a lot of shit. Oh, and the fact they are rich as hell. They rake in about almost $150 million per year with investments in companies, sports teams, etc….all that good shit.”

“So the guy we’re up against can pretty much own our asses?” Tomoki asked.
“Own it, sell it, and use you for things I rather not repeat.” Jaye said.
“DAMN!” Tomoki and Cassie shouted.

Back at the Darksiders’ hideout, Kiritsnagi was in the living room, tuning on to the TV while still being watched over. This time by Aron and Magnum.
“Do you really have to watch over me?” Kiritsnagi said with an annoyed tone, “I’m a grown damn man!”
“Last time I checked,” Magnum said, “You tried to beat us up and you bullied a woman about her dead friend. On principle, we should kill your ass afterwards.”
Aron added on, “But since we actually need your help, you live…..unfortunately. After that, you can fuck yourself for all I care.”

“Don’t you do that enough already?” Kiritsnagi snarled back.
That insult got Aron to wield a knife towards him.
“The fuck you say?!” Aron screamed.

“Oh what?” Kiritsnagi said, “Like I couldn’t tell that you wasn’t getting any ass lately? I mean, I’m counting the both of you motherfuckers but you… look like the kind of nigga that gets strucked out every time!”
“Damn…..that’s actually true.” Magnum said.

“See?” He said, “Your mans agree with me.”
“True…..” Magnum said, “But guess what? You’re still a piece of shit.”
“Touché.” Kiritsnagi said. “And you’re a man-child with a man bun and he’s some dork with a screechy voice.”

Aka then walks in the room as the argument continues on and she throws a corn cob at Kiritsnagi’s neck.
“OW!!” Kiritsnagi shouted, “BITCH!”
Then Aka punched in the stomach.
“OH, you fucking skank!” Kiritsnagi said, “I’m definitely kicking the shit out of you!”
“THE FUCK YOU SAY ABOUT AKA!” As now Lex just came in the room.
Kiritsnagi decides to get cocky.

“What? You heard what I said to your w—well, your…..bitch.” He smiled as he made that statement and thus Lex ran up to him to beat him but Kiritsnagi actually planned something as he got out of his cuffs and immediately grabbed Lex by his neck.
He laughs as he got him and said, “SURPRISE, BITCH!” and throws Lex at the kitchen.
“Who else wants an ass-whupping?” he shouted.

Then Aron and Magnum jumped in and bum rush Kiritsnagi to the corner but he actually phase from them and smack them both together.
Aron then grabbed him from behind, trying to flip him over but Kiritsnagi tossed him up in the air and kicked him outside.
Then Lex comes back with a brick thrown at Kiritsnagi.
“OW! You fucker!” Kiritsnagi snarled. He and Lex then landed punches on each other with Lex blocking a few punches from Kiritsnagi.
Magnum then tries to sneak attack him with a javelin. However….Kiritsnagi broke it and grab back the weapon and gave Magnum a cut and then headbutt Lex and punch him over again.
“HA!” Kiritsnagi taunted them. “You dumb motherfuckers! I knew some millennial wanna-be gang can’t beat my ass! That bitch-made Bevins is just too much of a rank amateur compared to yours truly.”

Then he got a sneak shot… in he was hit with some tranquilizer darts from Rolo.
“What the–” Kiritsnagi pulled them out. “Wow, really, kid? Tranquilizers?” He also crushed them with his foot.
“YOU NEED TO BETTER THAN THAT!!” Kiritsnagi was about to attack Rolo with all his might but then Aka shot him with more tranq darts.
“OW!!” He screamed as he pulled more of them out and he was slowing down. “You…..fucking…..bitch-ass…..motherf–” He then fell asleep.
“We didn’t kill him, did we?” Rolo asked.
“No, he’s still alive.” Aka said, “He’s just going to be sleepier. I really hope someone else comes up with a further plan than this. We can’t keep babysitting this asshole around.”
“Should we call Kati to see about that?” Rolo asked.
“I’ll probably will.” Aka said, “But I think we also need to get these guys some first aid.”

2 hours later

“….OOOWWWWWW!” Aron shouted.
Later on, the Darksiders call in a meeting with Tomoki, Cassie, Sheena, Joanna, Kati and Jaye in participation.
“What in the hell happened to you?” Jaye asked.
“What does it look like?” Aron said pointed at Kiritsnagi, “I fought the…..well, that guy and….”
“…I kicked your ass.” Kiritsnagi pointed out.
“Then Rolo hit you with a lot of darts.” Sayuri said, “And he kicked your ass harder.”

“So……..” Tomoki said, “This is the Kiritsnagi One we have been hearing about.”
“Hmmm,” Cassie said, “He looks a bit lighter than MAK.”
“Lighter?” Kiritsnagi questioned, “What? Like you think he’s not my son?”
“No, I get that.” Cassie said, “I meant how MAK might have some genetic traits from his mother……I think of him not as your son when you put him into some bullshit….LIKE THIS!” As she slaps him from across the table.

“OK….am I going to get hit by a lot of women today?” he said.
Then Jaye stepped in and punched him. “You got my dad arrested, you almost got me killed and you got your son kidnapped who happens to have a lot of women as friends…..that’s a yes and frankly you deserved it!!”

Cassie then stepped in.
“You caused a lot of shit to happen the past few days from getting our friend, your son, involved in some bullshit; you terrorized and beat up most of the Darksiders and you taunted most of our friends by bullying them about their past lives!”
“In other words,” Kati said, “We’re going to kick your fucking ass!”

However, Kiritsnagi seemed just uninterested at their tactics.
“You think I’m supposed to be threatened by that?” he said, “Like I’m supposed to tremble to my knees and beg for mercy? Bitch, if you don’t quit that stupid faux tough girl bullshit!”
“FAUX!?” Tomoki shouted, “Fuck you faux! You think we’re playing games or something?”

“Maybe or maybe not.” He said, “But…..I do know that you are full of shit, Tomoki Miayama. Yeah, I heard of you and of your girlfriend Cassie Lyles, too. I know you two and the shit that happened to you. I know all about the whole Wolf Clan Genesis that happened from hiding from them while you got my son to help you and what happened? I heard he got his ass kicked. Him and Kai both and what happened after that? You ran like a little bitch and you went back….for 6 months or so…I say so beca–”
Cassie had to pause him for a minute. “OK, OK, OK. Stop. One, if you think because of what happens to us in the past makes us incapable of doing this shit then again… are a bigger asshole than I thought and two…..motherfucker, did you keep tabs on everyone MAK knows?”

“Well…..” Kiritsnagi said, “That’s me to know and you to……yeah, I’m not telling you shit.”
“That figures…” Kati said, “Of course he’s not going to tell us shit.”

“Ah, yes….Ms. Kati Turner.” Kiritsnagi said, “I know my son and Kai are real fond of you and all. I mean, you and MAK do got something in common….well, maybe one thing with differences in them.”

“Um…..what are you getting at?” She said.
“Well, Waddles….” As he is referring to her penguin form.
Kati then grabbed him, “THE FUCK DID YOU CALL ME!?”

“OK ENOUGH!” Sheena said, “This is getting us nowhere!! All we’re doing is letting him get to us and make us want to beat his ass over and over again….and while I don’t blame you wanting to kill him….we can’t. We have to do this to save MAK and restore things actually back to normalcy.”
“Yeah, normalcy.” Kiritsnagi said, “You know, back to your–”
Joanna then got up and slapped him. “SHUT YOUR ASS UP!”
“You heard what the lady said.” Aka said.

“This is going to be a long-ass meeting.” Devo said.
“You’re telling me.” Cameron said, “Also, I’m getting kind of hungry. I need some Mexican food, STAT!”

“Fuck it. We’re calling it a break for now.” Lex said. “Ow……my arm.”
“Hurts, don’t it, nigga?” Kiritsnagi yelled then followed by Nanashi hitting him.
“Hurts, don’t it, bitch?” Nanashi retorted.

Later in the day, Devo, Cameron, Nanashi, Rolo and Sayuri were getting some lunch from the local lunch truck.
“Ahhh……hopefully these steak quesadillas will make the day go easier.” Cameron said, “Fuckin’ hell, I’m hungry.”
“After the couple of days we endure, we need more than quesadillas.” Devo said.
“HEY! At least you didn’t get punched by the guy.” Rolo replied, “Then get called a nerd that got lucky.”
Cameron said, “Well, hasn’t that mostly true?”
Rolo looked a little irked and annoyed at that remark. Thankfully, Sayuri slapped him upside the head.
“OW!” Cameron said.
“Well, I was about to do it.” Nanashi said, “But Sayuri got those hands so I’m not mad at that.”

“Hey, Sayuri?” Devo asked, “Did your brother suspected that we got our hands on that footage?”
“No.” she said, “We should be in the clear of that. In fact….why you ask?”
Devo then pointed out some Faction cars from Kala en route to somewhere. “Because of that?”
“What the fuck?” Sayuri asked, “The hell are they doing here?”
“I don’t know.” Rolo said, “I hope it isn’t about you-know-what.”
“I think I might need to go.” Sayuri said, rushing into the car.
“I’ll come with.” Rolo said as they quickly follow them to the Faction offices.

At the Faction, they spot the incoming cars which got Loyuka’s attention as she sees them exiting out of their cars.
“Um, excuse me.” Loyuka said, “We didn’t get any word about other Faction units arriving here.”
“Ma’am, this is an emergency announcement!” One of the officers said, “We’ve been ordered by Velegeita to investigate the Faction officers in the Society.”
“WHAT!?” she shouted. “Investigation? For what?”
“That your facilities have been stealing info from our HQ.” As Harrison got out of his car.

“What? Stealing?” Loyuka said.
“We have learned that someone has gotten their hands on city footage.” Harrison said, “Evidence that was our eyes only.”
The rest came out to see what the hell was going on and from afar, Rolo and Sayuri were watching the whole thing via binoculars.
“Officer Harrison, what’s going on here?” Jiro asked.
“Mr. Matsuda, I’m sorry to report but we have reasons to suspect your district has been tapping into our cameras and getting our intel from us.”
“What?” Jiro said, “Wait a minute, we never plant anything in there.”
“This has to be some type of mistake.” Sei said.
“Mistake it isn’t.” Harrison said, “Now, Velegeita is majorly pissed off at this situation and until then, this branch is under full investigation.”

“OH SHIT!!” Rolo and Sayuri shouted.
“Oh no…” Sayuri said, “How did they find out? I thought we were being careful in there.”
Rolo then added in, “Damn….what if someone figured out I hacked in there and got the info? They probably got inside trackers to see who might have been in range of them.”

“We got to go back to warn the others!!” Sayuri said.
They were about to ride but they are stopped by someone who Rolo had a past running into.
“I don’t think so, kiddies.” A man with a scratchy throat responded, “This time, I’m going to keep you from your little friends.”

Rolo seemed confused at who exactly was threatening him. “Do I know you?”
He seems disgruntled. “What the—MAN!! Remember a man named Officer William Burr?”
“WI—William Burr?” Rolo said. “Wait….William…..Bill…..Burr?”
“NOT THAT ONE!!!” he shouted, “My brother, who died because of you!!!”
“Wait……” Rolo kept thinking about it. “Yeah. I got nothing.”

“YOU SON OF A—THAT’S IT!!” He pulls out a chainsaw and wield it in the air to strike them but they instantly got the hell out of there.
“RUN!!!” Rolo shouted. Him and Sayuri dashed out of there via car.

“I really got no idea!” Rolo said, “I wasn’t playing any tricks or anything.”
“Well, we’re fucked in every way possible now!” Sayuri shouted. “Even if we run, we’re still doomed! They’ll find us, my brother and Sei might get fired and jailed and…..” She paused after mentioning that and trembled a bit.
“Sayuri, we’re not going to let that happen.” Rolo said. “I swear shit is going to be fixed!”
“I hope so, Rolo.” She said, “I hope so.”

“Oh, you’re back already?” Kiritsnagi said as most of the crew got back from lunch.
“Well, some of us.” Aka said, “Rolo and Sayuri haven’t gotten back yet for some reason.”

“In other words, I bet they’re probably eating more than just lunch.” Kiritsnagi crudely suggested.

“Ah….no.” Nanashi said, “They saw some Kala cars going to the Faction offices here.”
“Kala?” Lex said, “The fuck they are doing here?”
“Oh damn.” Aka said, “You don’t think they–”

Then a booming explosion came from outside, blowing the door off its hinges.
Everyone went duck from the flying door and in comes….

“Hello, old friend…..”
“Hey….Bevins, long time seeing you again.” Kiritsnagi said.

“The fuck?!” Aka said, “The hell are you doing here?!?”
Bevins commented, “Oh, you know why I’m here…….Kiritsnagi……I want that money……”
“Money?” Kiritsnagi said. “Why I have no idea what you’re talking about.” As he pretends to be confused.
“Motherfucker, please!” Bevins shouted, “The $120 million you stole from Stark?!”
“WHAT!?” Everybody else in the room said.
“OH…..I thought you fuckers knew.” Bevins said. “I mean, that money is part of the reason why your friend is captured in my place!”

“So you stole from Stark and now MAK is paying the price!?” Aka shouted.
“BINGO!” Bevins said, “Stark wants his damn money back…….yet I’m not sure if he should get his money back. I mean, like you, I don’t give a damn about Stark whatsoever but I do….want his cash.” As Bevins glares something at the back of the room and sees a bag in the kitchen.
“So… have any idea where that money is?” Bevins asked.
“Well………no.” Kiritsnagi dragged on, “For one thing, I’m not giving you the bag of money and even if I did, you’re going to double-cross him anyway since you told me already.”

“I know it’s in that bag.” Bevins said.
“Bullshit….” Kiritsnagi said. He walks up to the kitchen and gets the bag and opens it and sees what’s in it.
“Don’t bullshit me. I know it’s in that bag.” Bevins said.
“Oh, it’s not.” Kiritsnagi said, “Believe me….if it was, I wouldn’t do this.” He quickly tosses the bag to Murasaki and Nola.
“What the—HEY!” Murasaki shouted and then Kaos comes behind Bevins to grab her yet Nola got the drop on her.
“Don’t you even think about doing that shit! I will fuck you up!” Nola said.

“Ahh…” Kaos said, “I see the sporty one is still protective of her pixie girlfriend and all. I hope you know your ass can’t protect her forever…..”
“Save your talk, bitch.” Nola said.
She then notices her new mechanical hand. “I see you got a new hand.”
“You damn right.” Kaos said, grabbing her neck. “It has a really good grip on things…..especially necks!”
“NOLA!” Murasaki shouted. Then Kaos grabbed Murasaki, too.
“You know….the last time we met, you made things not go so well for me.” Kaos went on, “Now, this time with my new hand, I’m going to choke the living daylights out the both of you….and before you guess, yeah…I’m starting with your little girlfriend here.”
“KAOS!” Bevins shouted, “We got no time for that shit!” He walked over there and then grabbed the bag from them. He opens and sees that…..
“What the fuck?” he said, “There’s no money in here!”
“Yeah, no shit!” Kiritsnagi said, “I said the cash isn’t in here! I thought you was smarter than that! I guess not… stupid motherfucker!”
“NIGGA, WATCH YOUR MOUTH!” Bevins screamed.
Kiritsnagi laughs it off. “HA HA! You little bitch…..You’re not going to find out about the money. EVER.”
“Well, in that case……” Bevins said, “It looks like you’re not going to see your son again.” Then he shouts it out for everyone to hear. “NONE OF YOU ARE GOING TO SEE YOUR BEST FRIEND MAK AGAIN BECAUSE HIS BITCH OF A DADDY WON’T TELL ME WHERE THE MONEY IS!! But then again, MAK got a lot of friends as I heard…..maybe I should start with them….especially this first one on my list….Kai Barrett!”

“YOU FUCK!” Aka screamed.
Then all of a sudden, Rolo and Sayuri barged in from running and noticed the whole situation.
“What’s going on?” Rolo screaming, “Why’s the door over th—Oh…..” As both of them saw Bevins and Kaos in action.
“Hmmm, I thought Liberty would’ve stop your ass.” Bevins said.
Then someone behind them stun Sayuri.
“GAAHH-AAAH!!” Sayuri screamed as she is subdued.
“What the? SAYURI!” Rolo screamed as he got shocked by the same gun and out comes Liberty Cross in the front-lines.

“Well, you’re late as shit!” Bevins said.
“Blame your faulty-ass equipment!” she shouted, “Good thing I got an extra with me and that these fools were easy shots.”

Rolo and Sayuri were still squirming from the shock but Bevins got Rolo up and threw him to the couch.
“Ah, yes…’re the tech nerd of the group, aren’t you? And I guess she’s……your sister? Cousin? Neighborhood girl next door?”
“Oh them….” Kiritsnagi said, “Actually, they’re fucking. No, for real. Him and that girl are a couple, apparently.”
“Well, shit…” Bevins said.
“Yeah, I’m shocked, too.” Kiritsnagi said.

“OK, fuck this.” Nanashi shouted as she started shooting at Bevins and his girls with Devo and Cameron joining in, throwing knives and rocks at them.
Bevins began shooting back with the others running for cover.
“Now y’all brought heat?” Kiritsnagi snarked.
“WILL YOU EVER SHUT THE HELL UP!?” Nanashi yelled.
Lex and Aka then joined in the gun fight while Aron got Rolo and Sayuri out of the area.
“We’re getting the fuck out of here!” Aron said.
“Wait! What about the rest of you guys?” Rolo shouted.
“We’ll keep them handled!!” Devo said, “You need to get your ass out of here.”

“LIBERTY!” Bevins said, “Shoot the ones escaping!”
“ON IT!” Liberty shouted.
But Aka kept shooting at her for distraction.

Aron, Rolo, Sayuri, Murasaki and Nola end up running from the place as the gunfight continues over there.
“Eat this lead, bitch!” Bevins pulled out a shotgun where he blasted the wall 3 times.
But Magnum got his big gun and shot off some plaster to land on Bevins.
“OW!” Bevins shouted. “What the—DAMMIT!! We’re getting that money, Kiritsnagi!!! And you know what, your son is good as locked and dead for the rest of his life!!”
They soon retreated out of there.

“Shit! He might go after the rest!” Lex said, “Track them down!”
“ON IT!” Devo sends a drone to attach itself to the truck.
They look to see if they were trying to find the others but they were heading their way out-of-town.

“Well……” Lex said.
“They are…..going to the exit.” Devo said, “OK, we’re good. The rest is safe.”


Kai was just walking back from the store when she got a call from Cyan about the Kala Faction showing up at their job.
“Suspended?” Kai said, “But you didn’t even do anything.”
“I know. I know.” Cyan said, “According to them, they think we stole info about the whole warehouse case.”
“Wait…..the case where MAK is missing?” Kai said, “All of you got suspended because of that?”

“It happened when Sei and Jiro went in for help.” She said, “We know they didn’t do shit like this.”
Kai then thought of another thing as she saw Rolo and the rest coming out of some building and went back to the hideout.

“Wait… said that Jiro and Sei went over there…..who was also with them again?” Kai asked.
“Well, of course, Sayuri came out there as an assistant for them.” Cyan said, “Why you asked?”

“Oh, just asking.” Kai said, although now she is a bit suspicious of that. Cyan then asked another thing for Kai to do. “Hey, if you see Joanna today, tell her to feel better. You know she’s been sick for a while now.”
“Sick?” Kai asked, “I didn’t know that. But yeah…I’ll check.”

“ATTACKED!?” Joanna said as she heard all about the incident with Bevins and Kaos. “Bevins and Kaos were just in there?”
“He shot off our door.” Aka said, “Not to mention he was looking for the $120 million that Kiritsnagi supposedly got.”
Joanna had to do a spit take on that. “$120 million?”
“That’s right.” Aka said, “In cold hard cash…..apparently it’s Stark’s money but Bevins doesn’t him to have it back.”
“Stark?” Joanna asked.
“BRANDT STARK!” Kiritsnagi shouted at the phone. “And that motherfucker isn’t getting his money back!”

“Wait……I heard that name before.” She said.
“Of course you did.” He said, “He’s one of the richest businessman in the Society but also a shady man….I know…. That and he’s part of a group called the MoneyDance and they are a dangerous group of motherfuckers that can fuck up your life. All the money in the world…..and poof, you’re gone just like that.”

“SO……he wants the money back?” Joanna said, “And will this get MAK back to us?”
“Uh…….no.” Kiritsnagi said. “If I know Stark, he is not going to just let him go. I fucked with this guy too many times and we wants to fuck me over! I just know it!!”
“So you’re not giving the money back?” Joanna said. “What about MAK?”
“We’re still getting him back!” Aka said, “I just think he have to do a sneak invasion on them. We can sneak into whatever they are at, grab him, defeat Bevins and BINGO!”
“You think they might work?” Joanna said.
“They won’t know what’s coming to them.” Aka said, “We’re gonna get him back, no matter what it takes. I’ll call you as soon as we get something together.”
“Alright.” Joanna said, “Take care.”
“You, too.” Aka said as they both hang up.

“You know that plan is never going to work, right?” Kiritsnagi said, “I mean, I know he’s probably got some shit planned for you fuckers as well. They know you want to rescue him and all….and the moment y’all land there, they will shoot your ass and leave your bodies on the floor like nothing.”

“You don–”
“Spare me the ‘you don’t know that’ spiel.” Kiritsnagi said, “I heard it all a lot of times and those people are dead as YA movies.”
Aka then walked off in a huff. “You don’t know that.” As she quickly said to him.

Back at Joanna’s, someone was knocking on the door.
“Joanna?” And it was Kai at the door. “You home?”
“Oh shit…” As she went to her casual mode and opens the door. “KAI!”

“Hey…..” Kai said, “I heard you was feeling sick and I feel like I needed to check up on you to see how you are.”
“Oh…well, that’s very sweet of you to do.” Joanna said, “I was feeling under the weather but I am starting to feel better today.”
“All right then….” As Kai sat down, “So……you notice anything weird with the Darksiders as of recent?”

“Hmm?” Joanna wondered.
“I was walking from the store today and I noticed a cloud of smoke from their place and then…..I saw Devo, Aron, Murasaki, Nola and Sayuri hiding out somewhere.” She said, “I didn’t want to ask because they looked like they were in some shit.”

“I got no idea what stuff they have been in.” Joanna said. “Maybe just another day in their life.”
“OK then….” Kai said, “You need anything to drink or something?”
“Why you asking me?” Joanna said, “I should be offering you something to drink… I mean, you’re the guest.”
“Yeah…but you’re still feeling sick.” Kai said, “Besides, I don’t mind it.”

As Kai did get something from the fridge, Sheena just barged in the apartment.
“Wow, we are in some deep shit!!” She yelled. “You heard about the Darksiders today!?”
Joanna tried to quiet her down but can’t suffice. “The fact that Bevins just showed up out of the blue after we went there to how to get MAK from there and yet Kiritsnagi was acting like a bitch to everyone and beating them up…..yeah, it’s been an eventful day for all of us.”
Then Sheena noticed that someone was in fridge and as soon she said that…….Kai closed the door.

“OOH……KAI!!” Sheena shouted, “I didn’t know you were here! So…that’s why Joanna was….”
“Goddammit, Sheena.” Joanna silently said.

“What…….did you say………Sheena?” Kai said. “I swear I heard that… know where MAK is?”
“Um….uh….” As Sheena makes a lot of confused noises.
“SHEENA!!” Kai yelled.
“WAIT, KAI!” Joanna said, “Look….Sheena doesn’t know all that much about it…..”
“But I bet you do….” As Kai goes toward Joanna. “Huh, Joanna?”
“Oh……..well….” Joanna stumbled into that question.

“You have heard that the Kala Faction came down here because they suspect that the Faction here got their hands on evidence for their eyes only?” Kai said, “Cyan told me the whole thing and they’re now suspended of that.”
“I don’t know anything about that!!” Joanna said, “Like I said, I’ve been here all day! I didn’t even know all about that. Usually Gina would call me about this sh–” Then her phone rings and it was Gina.

“JOANNA!! We got some bad news here!” Gina shouted.
“That the Faction in the Society is suspended for being involved in that warehouse case?” she guessed.

“Well…..yeah.” Gina said, “You’ve been keeping up on this?”
“That and friends told me about it.”
“Anyway, it looks like all of us can’t go back to their part of town.” Gina said, “And no one knows who was responsible for that shit! Hell, I’m not even sure it was one of us!”
“Not one of us?” Joanna said.
“Yeah…” Gina said, “Could be anyone….but we got nothing now. Well, I gotta go. Talk to you later and hope you feel better soon. Tell Sheena and Kai I said hi.”
“I will….later.” Joanna said as she hung up.

“Look, Kai,” Joanna said, “I may know some shit about MAK being missing and who got him but I swear……I SWEAR…..I don’t know shit about what Gina was talking about!!! YOU GOT TO BELIEVE ME!”
“OK then.” Kai said as she stares down Joanna and Sheena, “Then what was you really doing behind their back?”
Both gulped in fear.
Joanna sighs and said, “OK…..I’ve sent Tomoki and Cassie down there to see anything suspicious down there and well……they found a witness.”
“Witness?” Kai said, “What witness?”
“The daughter of the Russian warehouse owner that got arrested.” Joanna said, “They found her a couple of days ago and has been hiding out since then.”

“SO……you said someone named Bevins did this?” Kai said.
“Yeah.” Sheena said, “Remember that guy that was fucking with the Darksiders a year and some months ago? Turns out he was there at the warehouse with this other guy named Brandt Stark. Both of them caused the shootout and MAK had to run out of there. He did….but he got caught by one of Bevins’ right-hand girl.” Kai swallowed hard hearing that part.

“One more thing…..” Kai said, “…..Kiritsnagi is at the Darksiders’ hideout?!”
“They got him held hostage, trying to get info out of him.” Joanna said, “Me and Sheena along with Tomoki, Cassie and Kati–”
“KATI KNOWS THIS, TOO!?” Kai shouted. “Is everybody keeping something from me!!? Do you think I can’t handle this shit!?”
“NO!” Joanna said, “No…..We just didn’t want you to be in more stress than you already are. Look, I talked to Kiritsnagi before…” As Joanna looked at Kai with a sense of regret about that meeting with Kiritsnagi, “And after that, I don’t want to be in the same room as him anymore……” Joanna then had a chill in her spine reliving that moment.
“I get why you don’t want to be near him.”

Kai then began to ask, “What did he do to y–”
Joanna began to tear up a little.
“Oh….you don’t want to talk about it?”
Joanna shook her head.
“Oh…..then I understand.” Kai said.

“We didn’t want to lie to you, Kai.” Sheena said, “I mean… wasn’t our intent but we just had to react quickly to know where MAK is and so far, we’re halfway there.”
“Halfway isn’t enough.” Joanna said. “And now I can’t get any more info from Kala since we’re suspended from there.”
“…..Except I know you might have done that.” Kai said. “But first…..I’m going to see Tomoki and Cassie.” Kai got up and walked to the door.
“You two are coming with me. You’re going to help explain everything to me when we get there…….and I mean EVERYTHING!”

She walked out of the apartment with Sheena and Joanna following her.
“I never seen her this pissed.” Joanna said. “Yet I don’t blame her.”
“GUYS!!” Kai shouted.
“COMING!!!” Both girls said in a panic. “OH SHIT!”


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