AURA FACTION: Through the Non-Canon Glass / NONCANON#1 – STRIP Kings

Oh and as usual….
The following written material that you’re about to read may contain acts of graphic language and sexual content. This is meant only for MATURE AUDIENCES. Reader Discretion is advised.


One night at the Turner Express, Yuan and Kati were feeling bored as the night was dead with no customers. So they decide to close early but they have thought of a fun idea to do tonight.

“So, Yuan?” Kati said.
“Yeah, babe?” Yuan responded.
“You up for a game of Kings?” she said.
But Yuan then questioned her with this, “With who? Who’s gonna be here in the middle of the night to get drunk with us?”

30 minutes later, they asked MAK, Kai, Joel (Cob), Sheena, Lex and Aka if they can play the game. All of them said yes as they really don’t have much to do tonight.

“So…everybody here tonight?” Yuan said.
“Yeah, man.” MAK said, “I’m up for this tonight.  Haven’t done a Kings game in a while.”
“YAY!! MAKky can join for once….and with liquor!” Kati said. “And with Kai-Kai, too!!”

“This’ll be interesting.” Sheena said, “I wonder how it is seeing MAK and Kai crazy drunk.”

“Welp, Sheena, my drinking protégé….” Kati said, “You are going to be entertained tonight.” They got into the circle lined up in alphabetical order: Aka, Cob, Kai, Kati, Lex, MAK, Sheena & Yuan.

“OK, anybody know the rules of the game?” Yuan said. “2 you, 3 me, 4 whores, 5 never have I ever, 6 dicks, 7 heaven, 8 mate, 9 rhyme, J back, Q questions, K new rule & A waterfall. Got it?”
All of them agreed that they know all the rules of the game and what to do. “Great.”

Aka’s turn

“Alright, good.” Yuan said, “Aka, since….well, your name starts with an ‘A’, you go first.”

“YES!” Aka shouted. “Let it on me!”
Cob pulls out one of the cards and Aka got herself a 8. “8! Pick a Mate!!”

“HA!!” Aka laughed. “LEX!! Drink with me, bitch!”
“I knew it!” As Lex downs his first drink.

Cob’s turn

“OK, my turn.” Cob said as he pick his card and he picked a King card out of there. “YES!! A King Card!! My rules, bitch!!”

“WHAT!?” Kati said, “Bullshit!! You a king?” She looked at the card. “Damn, he’s right. What’s the new rule, Cob?”

“Anybody who has to drink…..has to strip an article of clothing!”
“WHAT!!” every girl was shocked at his response.
“Wait, wait, wait….” Aka said, “I hope you’re not using this shit to get us girls naked.”
“Actually, no, Aka.” Kati said, “I know Cob and if he’s start stripping, then we all doomed.”
“What do you mean?” Aka asked.
“You see Cob naked before?” Kati asked him.
“Welp, you’re getting that chance tonight.” Kati said with a sneaky look in her eye.
“Oh…..shit.” As Aka knows that she is in for something.


Kai’s turn

So the games kept on commencing as it got to Kai’s turn and she got a 5 as in a ‘never have I ever’.
“Well, Kai, you up with ‘never have I ever’ and I hope it’s good.” MAK said.

“OK, guys….Never have I ever…….” She was looking sneaky at all of them and wanted to choose a certain person to fuck with. “….had sex with Lex.”
Aka had to put one finger down although she felt like flipping the bird on her. “I knew you was gonna do that. OK, fine. My turn.”
Now Aka had to retaliate with something, “Never have I ever……got shot anywhere.”
That meant Lex, MAK, Kati and Yuan put one of their fingers down.
Then Kati had her turn. “Never have I ever……got caught naked having sex.” Then Lex, Aka, MAK and Kai put their fingers down, leaving one left.
Lex then decides to get his turn. “OK. Never have I ever….accidentally saw my sibling naked in the middle of the night.”
“OH, FUCK YOU!!” Aka said as all three fingers went down and pushed Lex at the same time. She took her drink and had to take off her top. “Thankfully, wearing this sports bra was a good idea at the time.”

Kati’s turn

The card Cob pulled out was an Ace. “OH MY GOD! YAY!!” It was an waterfall, meaning everybody had to drink a lot……and judging Kati’s drinking prowess, she drank and drank that the others are thinking that she need to stop but she knew she wanted to fuck with them.

However, Cob was the first one to give. “OH FUCK!! Damn it, Kati!!” He knew he had to take off some clothes and he did with his shirt. “You are the devil, dammit!!”

“Oh, I know.” She said.

Lex’s turn

Lex’s turn ended up being a 7 in heaven, which everybody has to raise their hand in time.
Yet Yuan was the last one to get noticed.
“Dammit.” Yuan said. “Fine, I’ll take it off.”
He proceeded to take his drink and take off his….pants.
“OK….” Lex said, “That was pretty ballsy of you.”
“WIMP!” Cob said in all his hairy body glory.

MAK’s turn

MAK got the next round and his card is a Queen for questions.
“Hey, Cob, you growing hair down there?” MAK asked and laughed
Cob went on and said, “Hey, Lex, you noticed Yuan’s pants on the ground?”
Lex: “Aka, why is he asking me about pants?”
Aka: “Kati, you know Kai and Sheena went cloth shopping yesterday, right?” And that’s when MAK got his eyes widened.
Kati: “Sheena, don’t you and Kai have the same measurements?”
Sheena: “Kai, do you think we both look cute in that lingerie we try out yesterday?”
Kai: “MAK, did you want to see us in that?”
MAK just gave up, took his long drink and took off his pants but then Yuan stopped him and said, “I think the last thing we want to see is your erection.” MAK kept his pants on but his shirt off. “Damn you motherfuckers.”

Sheena’s turn

The card she gotten was a 6. “YES! 6 DICKS!! TAKE IT OFF, FELLAS!!”
“SHIT!” All 4 guys shouted as Yuan and Lex took off his shirt and Cob and MAK had to get rid of the pants and they all drink.
“Oh, now it’s getting fun!” Kati said.
“Just wait, Kati, just wait!” MAK said taking his drink.

Yuan’s turn

Unfortunately for him, Yuan had a 3 and “Three is me” meaning he takes 3 shots.
However, Yuan thought of something up his sleeves and took off his socks.
“HA!! Socks counts as clothing!” Which he took them off.
“Damnit!” All girls but Kati said.
“….eh, I’ve seen it. It’s….OK.” Kati said.
“HEY!!” Yuan yelled at.


Back to Aka

“Alright, I’m ready, motherfuckers!!” Aka said with much bravado and the card she got was…..4.
“4 WHORES!!” MAK said, “Now y’all got strip!!! FINALLY!”
“SHIT!” All girls said and they each took a drink.
Aka had to strip her pants off, Kati with her pants as well and Kai and Sheena don off their shirts and MAK was chuckling and smiling like a Cheshire cat.
“MAK…..” Aka said, “If I saw a boner from you, I’m smacking you…..but then again, aren’t you used to seeing Kai like this?”
“Yeah…..but this ain’t for sex.” MAK said. “Besides, I heard you when we had to strip!”
“Have you seen Cob?” she said.
“HEY!” Cob shouted, “This body is fit for a KING!!”


“Back to me and my next card is….2. You. Kati, take two drinks!!!” As Cob shouted.
Kati just went on the flow and took her two drinks but then she just took off her panties.
“Well, shit, she didn’t give a fuck, didn’t she?” MAK said.
Yuan had to smack him of course.
“OW!!” MAK said. “What I do?”
“You had it coming.” Yuan said.


Kai’s turn was next and her next card was 9 as in rhyme.
Kai: “This has been an eventful day.”
Kati: “The game will go my way.”
Lex: “Actually, it’ll go astray.”
MAK: “And keep that shit at bay.”
Sheena: “Please say, not spray.”
Yuan: “UM…..buh…damn.” Yuan’s speech was getting slurred and had to give up, as he stripped his last clothing being his boxers.

“Welp, you’re naked now.” Sheena said, trying to look down at him.
“Sheena, remember this….I’m one of your bosses.” Yuan said.
“I don’t mind.” Kati said. “I can trust Sheena.”
“Kati doesn’t mind.” Sheena said.


Her card next was an 8 as in ‘mate’.
“Oh….MAK!!!” She said to me in a cutesy way. “DRINKY!?”
Knowing that MAK couldn’t resist her cute voice and the way she does that, he gives in. “Be lucky I love you.” As he takes off the last part of clothing he got on, he drinks with her and he is getting drunker every minute.
“Hmmmm….” As Kati said staring at MAK’s junk.
“Uh, Kati…No, don’t, why you staring?” he said.
“Weren’t you staring at us not too long ago?” Aka said.
“Touché. Also fuck you.” MAK said.


Lex’s next card was…..a 3.
“FUCK!!” He then took off his pants and proceeded to drink 3 times.
“HA-HA!” Aka laughed and sang at his misery. “You almost out of clothing! You gonna be buck-naked!”


MAK’s turn is at hand and his card is a 2…..meaning he can pick two suckers to drink and he had somebodies in mind.
“Oh, Kai and Sheena?”
“Wha….” Both said and knew what they have to do. “Damn you, MAK.”
Both girls removed their bras for everyone to see and took their drinks.
“Oh shit!” Lex said but then Aka head smacked him. “OW! What!”
“Nothing.” Aka said. “Sheena, I didn’t know you got a star ass at the nape of your bo–”
“Happy now?” As Kai sounded sloshed.
“Very.” MAK said.
“Yeah, we can see.” Sheena said. “And now it’s my turn.”


Her turn landed on J as in back to previous player being MAK.
“Well….” She said.
“Fine. I’m already naked so why not?” MAK said as he drank up.
“Well, that was no fun.” Sheena said, “You’re already in the buff. Well, guess I’ll go again.” She has another card pulled out and this time, it was a 3.
“Aw, shit.” She said as she know now what to do. She pulls down her panties and now she’s stark-naked and took 3 shots to the head.
“Well…..” Kai said.
“I’m glad I still my underwear on.” Aka said.
“I wouldn’t bet on that in the next card.” Kati said.


Yuan’s next card is…..a 6.
“DICKS! Again?” Yuan shouted.
“Oh well.” Cob then had to take off his pants that shows his tighty whities.
“…..Cob, can I ask you a question?” Lex said.
“Yeah?” Cob asked.
“ARE YOU ENJOYING THIS?” Lex said to him.
“…..maybe….” Cob said, “You don’t know me.”
Lex began to take off his pants but then Aka put $10 in his boxers like he was a stripper.
“Well…..” Aka said, “Big boy, you gonna take it all off?”
“Yeah, just wait until you get to strip….again.” Lex said.

“Welp, you’re gonna have to wait because I’m next!!” She got the next card and it was a 7.
“HEAVEN!” She raised her hand like quick lightning but accidentally bumps her hand on a lamp. “DAMMIT!! MY HAND!”
“HA! Aka, you got to strip and drink!!” Lex said.
“FUCK!” She screamed as she had to lose the sports bra and drank.
“HA-HA!” Lex taunted her, “YOU HAD TO STRIP….AGAIN!”


Cob’s next card was 4.
“4! WHORES!! Drink up, BITCHES!!”
“Damn it!” Aka now had to lose her bottoms.
“Fuck….” As did Kai.
“Oh great…..” Kati as she removed her shirt and quickly changed into her penguin form.
“THE FUCK?” Lex said, “You’re a penguin?”
“Penguin hybrid.” Yuan said, “And why?”
“Hey, there’s nothing in the rules that you can’t turn into one.” Kati said, “So HA-HA!”


The night wages on and on as the games kept getting wilder than before although eventually they got rid of the stripping rule…mainly because everybody else was mostly naked at this point.



We see Mango coming in the door. “Hey Yuan, Kati!! I know its morning but I was wondering if you got any stuff for piz—WHOA! WHAT THE FUCK!!”
Mango is now seeing a bunch of drunk half-naked people on the ground. From Lex with bottles piled up on him with Aka asleep on the floor to Kati sleeping as a penguin and Yuan using her as a pillow. Then there’s Cob on the couch and last but not least, Kai and Sheena sleeping on top of each other.

“OK, what in the hell I miss last night?” he said. “Wait, where’s MAK at?”

He heard someone from the bathroom and it was MAK, feeling like rough shit as he threw up in the bathroom. “Ow! HELP! I drank so much last time!”
He noticed Mango from the spot.
“Oh Mango! You’re here early. You want pancakes….” He then passed out again and falls on Kai and Sheena.

“OK…..I’ll come back later.” Mango said, “You might need some more rest. Like….for the whole day.”



©2015 KATANAPlus+ / The Faction Project.

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