AURA FACTION presents THE MONEYDANCE Arc – Track 9 (Final Track): The MONEYDANCE


TRACK 9 the moneydance

“RUN!!” MAK shouted to the girls.
Stark got the gun and he went for the shot and….a single shot was made.

“KAI, WATCH OUT!” Seiki screamed but then the bullet went in…..
“AAAHHH!!!” But it was Cyan that got hit.
“CYAN!” Kai said.
Cyan screamed out loud from the gunshot.

“This time I won’t miss!” Stark shouted with rage as he aimed towards Kai’s head.
MAK jumped on him, threw his gun and grabbed a metal stick to whip and beat the shit out of Stark.

“MAK, what about you!?” Kai shouted.
Stark then stabbed him in his wound, causing MAK to scream incoherently. “JUST GO!”
Kai and the others eventually ran off to get help.

“Oh sure…” Stark said, “You can get them away from danger but sooner or later, they will all die!”
“FUCK YOU!” MAK flipped him off his back and body-slammed him down.

Kiritsnagi then jumped in and picked him the same metal rod to strike down Stark.
Stark avoided the hit and got back up, kicking Kiritsnagi in the face and sucker punched him.
“WOW….Kiritsnagi. I knew you was dirty but holy shit!” Stark said, “I’m surprised that you never wanted to be on my side.”

“I’m my own boss.” Kiritsnagi said, “Why would I be second banana or dusty-ass henchman to a bitch like you?”
Stark did not like the response he’s gotten.
He then punched Kiritsnagi again, causing him to lose a tooth.

“Well, damn!” Kiritsnagi said, “And that one was hurting like hell!”
MAK phased and grabbed Stark, doing a choke slammed on him and elbowed him in the chest.

More guards are rushing in the room, with guns aiming directly at MAK. First one tried to shoot at him.
MAK phased in front of him and immediately took his own gun to shoot him.
“Anybody else want to try?” MAK said, “Come on…..I dare you!”

However, one guy did.
“FUCK YOU, MOTHERFUCK–” Immediately MAK phased and shot him in the head.

The others then quickly backed out and ran for cover.
“HEY!” Stark shouted, “The hell are you doing?”
“I WANNA LIVE!” One guy shouted, “Fuck this job!” They all just up and left.
“HEY!” One guy shouting at the others escaping, “We’re not going to kill you anymore. We quit!”

Kiritsnagi laughed up a storm at his whole crew leaving him behind.
“OH! MAN, You stupid motherfucker!” Kiritsnagi just keep on laughing his ass off.

Stark again got pissed off and lunges at Kiritsnagi’s throat, proceeding to punch him in the throat.

“OK….”Stark said “I’m really getting sick of you taunting me after all these years. That and stealing from me.”
“Hey, I wasn’t the only one.” Kiritsnagi said, “You forget that if Bevins had gotten that money, he would’ve taken it for himself. He barely gave a fuck about getting your money back.”

“Well, you forget that I don’t trust Bevins all that much anyway.” Stark said, “Hell, even if he did stole my cash, I would’ve had him killed on the spot.”
Stark then straight up stabbed Kiritsnagi with a kitchen knife.
“AAAAHHH!!!!” Kiritsnagi said.

“YOU DIRTY FUCKER!” Stark shouted. Then he kicks Kiritsnagi into some glass.
“Come on, get up!” Stark taunted while he kicked him some more. He picked him up and throw him to the roof.
“You pathetic-ass fuckhead!” Stark said, “All your life….you swindled a lot of people either out of their things, whether it be money, lives, their sanity… have fucked up a lot of people in your time.”

“What? You think I don’t know that?” Kiritsnagi said. “Oh, I know I fucked up many, many times. You act like I’m trying to hide it. You, on the other hand, acts like high and mighty and superior like your shit doesn’t stink! You and your spoiled organization….At least I struggled to get the shit I got, all you do is wave your finger and your entourage of fake-ass gangsters do the shit for you!!”

Stark scoffed at his rant.
“Oh, so the old ‘I worked hard to get to where I am’ bullshit, huh? At least I didn’t make the people in my family hate and resent me for the rest of my life….isn’t that right, MAKky boy?”

MAK was standing there with a gun pointing at Stark.
“You know you should be pointing that thing at him, right?” he said, “I mean, he left you, call your mother a cheater, insulted your friends and your lover…..Oh, and shot your lover’s dad as well….Come on, the clock is ticking.”

Kiritsnagi looked at him like MAK was contemplating about it, which he was.
“Son……Anton… want to shoot me? That’s actually fine by me.” Kiritsnagi said, “I’m not going to beg my life to you. I know I screwed up royally and….yes, I admit to fucking up your life as well. That I will apologize for but don’t let this fool brainwash you into doing some stupid shit!
“That sounds like begging to me!” Stark shouted.
“Man, fuck yourself!” Kiritsnagi screamed.

The two men kept cursing and screaming at each other, threatening to kill each other. However, MAK had enough at that when he screamed out, “HEY!!! SHUT THE FUCK UP! BOTH OF YOU!!”

Stark did not like that response.
“Wrong answer!” He drew his gun and went to shoot MAK but MAK ducked and phased and thrown Stark to the wall.
Stark got back up and fired a shot at MAK….but then……
The target was hit but it isn’t MAK that got hit.

“Dad?” MAK said.
Kiritsnagi blocked the bullet from hitting MAK but he’s been hit hard in the chest.
“DAD!!” MAK shouted, “OH SHIT!!!”
He got Kiritsnagi before he hit the ground. Kiritsnagi was breathing heavily and losing a lot of blood.

MAK tried to stop the wound from bleeding any further but it was too much to stop.
“Son, if you’re trying to save me, it’s not going to work.” He said, “I think I’ve reached my end.”

“Why……” MAK went on, “Why the hell you took that shot?”
“Did you really care that I would die anyway?” Kiritsnagi asked. “Besides…..I was done for the minute I was in here. My job is all done here anyway.”
“Job?” MAK looked confused at what he said, “The fuck are you talking ab-”
“Look…..just kick his ass.” Kiritsnagi said, “Because I know you’re tired as this fucker as much as I am.”

MAK had to lay Kiritsnagi down as he is slowly dying.
“Dad…….I…..I…..” He was starting to get emotional at the sight of his dad dying, despite the fact he hated him for most of his life.
“Don’t worry about me.” He said, “Just do what you do best.”

MAK then got up and sees Stark at his sight.
“You…….” MAK said, “…….Me……!!!”
MAK phased into Stark’s way and kicked him straight in his face.

“Now your ass is mine!” MAK said.
Then Stark threw a switch blade at his shoulder and punches him in the jaw.

“OH!!” Stark said, “You tough shit now because I finally end your damn deadbeat dad!? Well, I know you’ll be joining him soon!”
Stark then threw MAK to the ground, stomping him over and over and kicked him to the glass case. He grabbed him again and threw him to the pool table and grab a pool cue to beat him with.

Yet, MAK moved out-of-the-way and grabbed a pool cue of his own to beat Stark with.
Stark tried to poke-stab MAK with it many times while MAK kept ducking the hits. He jumped on top of the cue, breaking it and beating Stark with it in his head.
“You big motherfucker!!” Stark tripped him and punched him so hard, the table broke but MAK kicked him in the knee, causing him to go down and stomped on his chest and then kicks him in his stomach.

“Try again, bitch!” MAK yelled.
Stark then went to choke MAK viciously and has a tight grip on him.
“Die, you fucking–”
MAK got a broken piece of glass and stabbed Stark in the side.
“AAHH!!” Stark screamed and MAK smashed his face with a plank. “PLANKING, BITCH!”

Stark got his gun and immediately starting firing it everywhere in the building with him shouting, “FUCK YOU! FUCK YOU! FUCK YOU!” very loud.
He misses, of course.
“HEY!” Stark shouted, “Where the fuck you go!!! MAK, you sloppy dumbass!! You better hope I end up dead because as soon as I get better, I’m going after every one of your friends!! EVERYONE! They will never be safe again and that goes double for your girl!!” he said.

Nevertheless, MAK was hiding behind a chair.

“I bet every time this shit happens, they go directly to fucking your girl up or just fucking her period!” Stark said, “I mean, most people probably said that she was a fine piece of ass! I know Bevins said that and the Cain brothers said that before you offed them!! And your other friends as well! I mean, how do you get that much T&A as friends?”

Stark spotted MAK’s foot behind that chair.
“YOU CAN’T FOOL ME!!” Stark ends up shooting up that specific area until the chair was turned into smithereens.

“What the?” Stark looked shocked as MAK wasn’t in there and it turns out he used fake feet with his shoes planted.
“Nice trick, you fuck!!” Stark screamed as he shot the fake foot.
The fake foot, however, turned into dust that got him coughing all over the place and walking to find something to wash the dust out.
He did but as he opens his eyes, he sees MAK with a big shotgun and MAK immediately blasted him in the leg.
“AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!” Stark let out a huge blood-curdling scream. “You motherfucker!!! You–” He was to continue bleeding out in pain.
“As usual, every motherfucker out to get me is all talk and missed opportunities….but I have to admit….you went the farthest.”

“You think you won this war?” Stark screamed, “You have the audacity to lord that over me?”
“Well….” MAK said, “You’re bleeding profusely and I pretty much shot your leg to shit, so…..yeah.”
Stark tries to get up and get his gun to shoot MAK but is too weak to do so.
“I could try to kill you right now.” MAK said, “And I should for the fact that you messed with my friends….but you know what? Maybe seeing you suffer and bleed to death is more satisfying than just outright killing you. Who knows? You might die in prison once they arrest you.”
“The police can never take me.” Stark said, “You know I got them in my pocket.”
“I didn’t say the police, tho.” MAK said. “But I’m going to be on my way out of here….”

Stark aims his gun straight towards MAK, about to pull the trigger and…..
Nothing but empty chambers.
“And I guess you got no bullets, huh?” MAK said, “Well……I still do.”
Then MAK unload his gun, shooting up Stark and killing him instantly putting a bullet in his head. “You know what? Shooting you was actually a good idea, too.”

MAK dropped the gun and while he walks away, he sees his father’s deceased body.
He didn’t say a word but he was feeling weak and woozy from the wounds. Then he passed out on the floor.

Sooner or later, the Faction arrives at the scene of the crime along with a lot of ambulances in route to the hospital.

“Son……” A spaced-out Kiritsnagi said, “Wow, you outdid yourself here. You look like you’re almost close to death.” He chuckles, “Then again, at least you’re not dead… me.”
MAK stares at him.
“So….now what?” MAK asked.
“Now what?” Kiritsnagi said, “What you mean now what? You won. You can….basically do what the hell you want now.”
“Except….all the shit that happened.” MAK said, “I mean…I don’t know what happened to my fr–”
“Your friends are fine.” Another voice said that and it was actually Levi. “Actually, everyone’s at the hospital. They’re waiting to hear about you, to see if you’re OK.”

“Aunt Levi…..” MAK said, “……I really wish I would’ve saved you.”
“Oh, I know.” She said, “I see it in your eyes right now and well….”
MAK still looked sad at that.

“Wait, so you felt sadness when she died but nothing for me?” Kiritsnagi asked.
“HEY!” Levi said, “I can’t help it that he liked me better! I got that charm with the men in your family.”

“Anyway,” Levi said, “Be thankful that you’re alive and well and also that you have a gang of wonderful friends and a girlfriend that love and cherish you for who you are.”
“Yeah….you’re definitely living a good life.” Kiritsnagi said.

“Wait, now you admit my life is actually OK?” MAK said.
“Fine.” Kiritsnagi said, “You got yourself a good life. That I’ll admit.”
“Just do a better job of it than we did.” Levi said hugging MAK. “Be good, my sweet nephew.”
“I see you… your dreams…..” Kiritsnagi said as he left. “Now you have to carry the family name.”

He then woke up in the hospital, gown and all and hooked up to an IV and everything.
“What the hell?” He said.
He was looking around the room in all daze and confusion.

“Damn…..I guess those wounds got to me hard.” MAK said.
“He’s awake! He’s AWAKE!!” And that was Kati as she and the others were in the room with him.
“Kati?” MAK said.

“MAK!” Sheena, Joanna and Jaye said.
“HEY!” MAK shouted and tried to raise his arm but pain is still in there. “Ow. OK, don’t do that shit!”
“You’re alive!” Jaye said, “Thank God… were almost close to death.”
“I was?” MAK said, “I wasn’t hurt that badly, was I?”
“You kinda were.” Yuan said as he entered the room.

“Yuan!” MAK said, “Brought anything for me?”
“Just these ice chips.” He said, “You were banged up pretty badly.”
“What about y’all?” MAK said.

“Actually….” Sheena said, “We got a few bruises here and there. We got treated quickly but you took some time.”
“Like almost 2 hours or so.” Joanna said.

“Anything on Kai, Cyan and the rest?” MAK said.
“Everybody is fine.” Kati said, “No one you know is dead….well, except–”
“Oh yeah.” MAK said, “I know, I know. I’m not hung over about it but….yeah, it’s…” He sighs, “It happened but it’s good to know everyone is safe.”

“Safe, yes.” Joanna said, “But as for our jobs….”
“Oh no, you didn’t get fired, did you?” MAK asked.
Gina then came into the room, “Don’t worry, she still has a job….but faces a lot of shit from the Faction like suspension, pay cuts….”
“Damn…I’m sorry, Joanna.” MAK said.
“Oh, we know you’re not to blame.” Gina said, “Despite them breaking every rule in the Faction and city….everybody was dedicated to saving your life.”
“I’m blessed to have good friends like these guys.” MAK said.
“And we’re blessed to have a friend like you.” Kati said.

Then a certain someone eventually entered the room.
“MAK?” It was Kai, Cyan and Seiki and first thing MAK did was getting up to walk over there but the pain was still there.
“KAI! OW!” he said.
“MAK!” The two collided and embraced each other.

“OK, I can still feel pain.” MAK said, “But I think that’s normal. Also, me hugging and holding you is worth it.” As he continued giving a big hug and kisses to Kai.
“We made it! We made it, MAK” Kai said.
“Yeah, baby, we did.” MAK said.

“I really hope there isn’t going to be another one like this.” Cyan said, “There’s so much I can take being shot at.”
“You know I have been trying to get another job, right?” MAK said.
“Oh, I know, I know.” Cyan said, “You’re definitely a hard worker and will do anything to support my little sister. You’re a good man, MAK.”
“And a tough motherfucker, too.” Seiki said, “The way you fucked up Stark was pretty messed up. I mean I know you shot him and beat him up thoroughly but hot damn.”
“I would say I did worst but I’m not even sure about that.” MAK said.

Finally, the Darksiders came in with minimal to medium injuries.
“And if you look to your right…” Aron said, “We see the happy couple still alive and happy and looks like later on they’ll get some hospital booty time after we’re gone.”
“Fat chance of that!” Cyan said, “If these two are getting married, I think they need to abstain from sex for a while.”
“WHAT!?” Both MAK and Kai said.
“I don’t get to see her naked until then!?” MAK said shockingly.
“We just been through some shit!” Kai said, “We can’t make love to make us feel better?”

“Don’t you need to save that for your honeymoon?” Seiki said,
“As in, the night of you two being an official married couple?” Cyan said.

“Yeah, but I—I…” Kai said, “Damn, they’re right.”
“There is also a lot of planning we need to do in lieu to the wedding.” Cyan said, “Like invitations, choosing best man and maid of honor, guest list, band or DJ, the setting, the gifts, registering for said gifts….”

“Oh damn….” MAK said, “Yet this is much easier to stomach than the shit we’re usually in.”
“I’ll say.” Kai said.
“When am I checking out of here?” he said.
“In about a few hours or so.” Kai replied back.

Lex then came in on the subject, “Hey, I don’t mean to interrupt but when your wedding date is again?”
“And the bachelor party?” Aron and Magnum said. “With the naughtiest dancers and strippers?”
Then Kati and Aka came in to Kai and said, “In that case, what about the bachelorette party with our hot strippers and everything.”

“This is going to be a long few months, isn’t it?” MAK said.
“Yup.” Kai said.

Later on as they were transported back home, MAK was settling into their apartment and just wanted to lay down for the rest of the day.
Yet as he plops down on the couch, he feels something hard into the couch and then the phone rings.
He answers it.
“Hello?” MAK said.
“MAK! Hey.” It was Jaye on the phone, “Long time no see.” She laughs, “Well, more like an hour ago.”
“Hey Jaye.” He said, “Hear anything about your pops?”
“Yeah….he’s going to be let out as he was cleared of any suspicion.” Jaye said, “I’m glad this whole thing is over.”
“Yeah, me too.” MAK said.
“I would say sorry about your dad but….”
“Yeah, yeah, I get it.” He said searching for something in the couch. “Don’t worry about it. I’m just glad this whole thing is now–” He then spots some money in the couch.
“Um, Jaye?”
“Yeah?” She responded.
“How much money did they report they gotten back?”
“They said it was about $119,500,000 of it.” Jaye said, “Only a small fraction is missing but they seemed to be fine with what they got. Why you asked?”
“Oh……I was just wondering.” He said. “Hey, Jaye, I should probably call you back soon.”
“Alright, we should hang soon.” Jaye said, “I might need a job-hunting partner since I don’t think my old one has lasting power.”
“Yeah, sure.” MAK said, “What are friends for?”
“Talk to you later.” Jaye said, “Friend.”

He then spies a disc on the table that’s labeled, “For MAK and Kai” and went to pop it in his computer.
“MAK, I’m home!” As Kai was coming in the door. “You watching something?”
“Yeah, sorta.” He said, “Got this today.”

First thing that appeared onscreen is Kiritsnagi One.

“Oh shit…” MAK said.
“Your dad made something before he died?” Kai asked.

“Look, I know the first thing you’re going to do is probably shut this off but I have some words to say to you.” He said.
“Oh boy, here we go.” MAK said.
“Now hear me out. I guess you noticed that you found some money in your couch.”

“Money?” Kai questioned, “Couch? We got money in the couch?”
“Yeah, you see….I went and dipped into that $120 million of Stark’s and I left you a small piece of that for you and your lady.”
Kai then checked the couch and sees money lined up inside.
“OH SHIT!” Kai shouted, “We have some dough here.”
“I managed to get a bit of that off him.” He said, “It should be about $500,000 in there. All tax-free and to you and yours.”

“He left me half a cool mil?” MAK said. “Even though it’s from a guy I just killed?”
“Now…..this isn’t some ‘please accept my apology by taking this money’ type of thing. I figured since I did put you into some shit and hopefully you’re alive at the end of this, the money is yours and also for that job as well.”
“Wait, I actually get paid for that shit?” MAK said.
“Yeah, you get paid for that shit.” Kiritsnagi said, “But…..well, that’s all I got to say. Anton… are definitely a better man than I am and I’m proud of you of that, son. From the bottom of my heart, I’m proud of you.”
The playback ends, leaving MAK feeling uneasy and like a lump is in his throat.

“MAK…..MAK….you feeling OK?” Kai asked.
MAK paused for a minute as he didn’t expect to feel much about this. The man he’s been resenting for most of his teenage-to-adult years is now gone and he didn’t expect to feel anything.
“MAK!?” Kai shouted.
“Oh…sorry…” MAK said, “I want to say I’m OK but….I don’t even know. I mean….when I said I wanted him out of my life, I didn’t mean that in literally. Just….”
“I know, I know.” She said, “I know you got problems with your father and….well, we all do.”
“You know he took that bullet aiming for me…” he said, “I feel like that would’ve been me.”
“Please don’t.” Kai said, “Your dad wouldn’t want it that way, especially everybody else.”
“I’m just very conflicted about this.” He said. “I probably shouldn’t think too much about it right now…I just….”
“I know, I know…” Kai said, hugging him.

Both of them got the money out of the couch.
“So….what are we going to do with the money?” Kai asked.
“Well, I do know one thing…..we can’t reveal it to anyone or anyone outside our circle will do and possibly come to steal it from us.” MAK said, “I can send some money to my mama once in a while but hopefully not too much to be suspicious.”
“Yeah, that’ll be cool.” Kai said. “I can probably send my folks some, too. I mean, they are paying for the wedding and all.”

“True.” MAK said as he got closer to Kai and holding her again. “I know one thing….right now, I’m glad to be right beside you.”
Kai then kissed him. “Me too.” Then the two started kissing each other intensely with MAK feeling Kai but then she stopped him and said, “Yeah….remember that rule Cyan told us? No sex until we get married.”
“OH……” MAK groaned, “…..How long we got until then?”
“I hope not long.”


“GGGAAAHHHH!” MAK shouted, “How the fuck you late when I told your ass 5 times I got to get at the beach around 3!? Its 2:45!”
“Don’t blame me!” Lex said, “I told Magnum to pick his clothes earlier!”
“I did!” Magnum shouted, “Aron spend too much time on his fucking hair! I thought I was waiting on Aka or Nanashi!”
“HEY!” Aron said, “Looking this good takes a lot of effort and time!”
“Next time use your time wisely!” Lex said.

They eventually arrive there as they planned a beach-themed wedding.
Kati and Yuan were waiting for them and it was 2:55 and they arrive in the nick of time.

“HELP!” MAK shouted as he got out of the car.
“Where the hell you been!?” Kati said. “I thought you would be here earlier!”
“Be lucky the bride doesn’t know you’re late.” Yuan said.

“Look, don’t blame MAK.” Lex said, “You can blame Aron and Magnum all you want…”
“Or Lex…” Aron and Magnum followed with that.
“But it wasn’t his fault.” Lex said, “He came prepared and everything.”

“YO, IS MAK HERE!?” A planning Tomoki shouted.
“Tomoki?” MAK said, “Yeah, I just go—OH SHIT!!” As she dragged him to one of the dressing rooms.
“We got to get you prepared for your lovely bride!” Tomoki said, “Cassie, help him out!”
“GOTCHA!” Cassie said.
“What the f–” MAK said before being taken in.

“Well, damn.” Lex said, “And I thought his surprise bachelor party was a big hassle.”
“You mean the one where Magnum plays a burglar to kidnap MAK but MAK beat him the fuck up?” Rolo said arriving with Sayuri.
Magnum then retort with, “You mean the same bachelor party where you got all drunk and high ready to fuck anyt-”
“SHUT UP!” Rolo shouted, slapping Magnum.

Meanwhile, Kai was getting ready in her white wedding dress and was getting nervous about today.
“KAI!” Pika shouted, “Everyone should be here by now! You doing OK?”
“Oh, um…..yeah.” Kai said, “Pika, I’m doing fine. It’s just…..I never thought this day to come. I’m actually getting married to someone I always call my best friend. I’m both excited and nervous.”
“Yeah, this is a big moment for you.” Pika said.
Suddenly, a little clam shows up, which causes Pika to scream.
“AH! FUCK! CLAM!” Pika said.
“Huh?” Kai said, “But Pika, they’re harmless.”
“THEY’RE MONSTERS!!” Pika said, “MONSTERS I TELL YOU!!” Then she runs out but not before saying this, “But, really, all the luck to you and MAK in the world. EVIL CLAMS!”

“OK…..” Kai awkwardly said.
Then Sheena and Joanna came in to check in on her. “Hey, Kai?”
“It’s almost time.” Sheena said.
“Hope you’re not having cold feet.” Joanna said.

“Oh no…it’s not that.” Kai said, “I’ve just been doing some reminiscing about a few things. Most of the time when we’re always in danger, I didn’t think this day would happen. I didn’t think I would eventually walk down the aisle and commit myself to another stage in my life.”
“Well, both of you came this far.” Joanna said, “I mean, both of you have been childhood friends and while both of you were apart, you eventually found each other again and I don’t know much childhood friends that re-discover each other than you two.”
“Both of you are lucky to find each other again.” Sheena said, “You know it, he knows it and everybody in here knows it, too.”

The wedding begins as a rendition of Jagged Edge’s “Promise” is played on the piano along with the natural sounds of the beach and waves crashing by. Everyone is at awe as Kai walks down the aisle in her dress followed by little flower girls doing their usual thing.
MAK is also in awe of seeing Kai in her beautiful white dress and the minister is now gathering his words.

“Dearly beloved, we are gathered to join these two in holy matrimony.” Of course, he went on all about the parents of the bride giving away their daughter and before the “I do”, they do their wedding vows.

“Kai Aoi Mami Barrett……I never thought in a million years that today would be the day that we would ever get married. Then again, I never thought I would see you again after you moved but anything was possible. We always have each other’s backs and be there to console one another whenever we’re dealing with some shit in our lives. I know when you moved and my Dad moving, we were there for each other and I knew that you were that somebody I needed in my life. I got a second chance and I finally got to tell you my true feelings…….I love you…with all my heart and soul and I want to spend the rest of my life with you.”

Now it’s Kai’s turn, “Marco Antonio Kiritsnagi II…. These words describe you as a person: sweet, charming, loyal, funny… were a wonderful friend that always either make me laugh and cheer me up when I’m down, always hang out after school….you even took care of me when I was sick once. I did knew that you had a crush on me…a bit and well, I did, too but I didn’t know how to tell you….and unfortunately we were too late to tell each other that. Now….we connected more than ever even through worse things we encounter and man, we went through a lot of terrible s—erm, stuff. MAK…Marco…Antonio….I just have one more word I want to call you….husband.”

“Now you may present the rings.” The minister asked the best man.
Lex then gives them the rings.
“Marco Antonio Kiritsnagi II, do you take Kai Aoi Mami Barrett to be your lawfully wedded wife for in sick and in health, for richer or poorer, til death do us part?”
“I do.” He answered.
“And do you Kai Aoi Mami Barrett, take Marco to be your lawfully wedded husband for in sick and in health, for richer or poorer, til death do us part?”
“I do.” She answered.

“Now…if there’s many objections to the matrimony here, speak now or forever hold your peace.”
So far, it’s just silence.

“Well, that settles it. By the power invested in me in the Society Court System, I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss the bride.”
Then the two shared their emotional kiss with everybody clapping and rejoicing in their love. They are finally husband and wife.


We see 9-year-old MAK sitting alone on a swing during recess while everybody else was playing and he was sulking in his lonely self.
However, one person noticed him sitting alone and she went over there to talk to him.
“Hey……” this person said, “Why are sitting on the swing by yourself? Aren’t you lonely?”

MAK said, “I…….I don’t think anybody wants to play with me.”
“Huh? Why not?”

“Most people would just make fun of me and my size.” MAK said, “And even when I do, I’m not that good at sports and everyone wants me to do it for some reason.”
“Yeah. I always see it in some parents forcing that on their kids.” She said, “At least that’s what my dad say to me and my older sister whenever he talked to at-risk kids about it.”

MAK still looked down and depressed.
“Well, I’m not going to make fun of your size.” She said, “In fact, I think you’re like a teddy bear.”
MAK looked confused at that.
“You know…..very cuddly and always in need of a hug.” Then the girl gave him a big hug and MAK blushed a bit.
“OH!” She also blushed a bit. “I’m sorry but I never did know your name.”
“My name is Marco.” MAK said, “Also, most people would make fun of last name, too. Kiritsnagi.”
“Kiritsnagi?” Kai said, “That’s….a unique last name and I notice on that paper in your pocket sticking out….there’s an A in the middle.”
“Oh, yeah.” He said.
“Wait…..M…A….K…..” She said, “MAK… you mind if I call you MAK for now? I mean… If that’s OK with you.”

MAK smiled a bit. “That sounds cool. I like it. Thanks…….uh….”
“Oh, you can call me Kai.” She said.
“Kai…..” he said, “….That’s a pretty name.”
She blushes, “Aw, thanks. Everybody keeps telling me it’s a boy’s name but it sounds pretty for a girl’s name.” He got up and both of them started to walk around with both of them holding hands.

“Kai……you think we’ll be friends from now on?” MAK asked.
“I think so.” She said.


We cut to the present as MAK and Kai are finally at their honeymoon in an island resort where they have an extravagant room to themselves and having sex on their bed as we speak.
“Oh…….MAK……” Kai said, “This is exactly where we needed. Just me and you…..alone…together…..”
“Yes…” MAK said, “All alone with my lovely wife….” He gently kissed her on the lips. “I love you so much.”
“I love you, too.” Kai kissed him back and then both shut the lights off.


Back at Kala at the shot-down factory, we see Frank Ruff looking at his wrecked-down place. “Well, I got a lot to re-build of this.”
Jaye went looking around to see any broken equipment to make insurance claims with…..until she sees something blue hanging on a window.

“What the—-the Hell is this?” she said and then she went and touch it and suddenly…..she disappears from there and then appear on the roof.
“WHOA! WHAT THE FUCK!?” she said.
“How did I? How did—what the?” She seemed confused about what just happened.
“JAYE!! WHERE ARE YOU!?” Frank shouted.
“COMING!” Jaye said and she phases back to the building.


© 2017 KATANAPlus+ / The MoneyDance Committee

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