WARNING: The following written material that you’re about to read may contain acts of violence, graphic language, and sexual content. This is meant only for MATURE AUDIENCES. Reader Discretion is advised.

Previously on COLORS.

A lot of things have been up in the air….such as the BirdBrains’ plans to perform an attack on at The Faction and any law enforcement around the Society.

Something might be amiss with The Wolf Clan watching over Cassie’s every move and could plan on taking her back there due to her signing a fake release form and that technically means she’s now a wanted woman but the only thing….she’s unaware of this.

Now that Cyan and Seiki knows about Tomoki and Cassie hiding out in MAK and Kai’s apartment and knows that a lot more people are involved in this, they are now taking control from Kati and keeping this from the Faction as far from them as they can.

Oh…..and somebody from their past also wants to find Tomoki and Cassie and it is not a fair-weather friend.

In the late morning at the Faction HQ, we see the crew of Leon and Collins bringing in another perp to the office.
“Well, well, well, we have another one in our hands. This time, he’s here for assault on two 14-year-old hybrid kids.”
“And I made sure I brought him to justice.” Collins said, as he’s pointing the fact that he mostly beat his ass to death.
“He looked like he was pissing in his pants while you was beating him.” Nguyen said.
“Among other things.” Yubari said, sniffing out something. “Maybe you should change him first.”

Both of them immediately got the smell.
“Ugh!!” Both Leon and Collins reacted.
“Damn, you’re right.” Collins said.
“We’ll change him once he’s in his cell.” Leon said. “Collins, since you’re the one who did it, you clean up his ass.”
“WHAT!?” he said.
“You heard me.” Leon said.

Then came Rick entering the room. “THE FUCK IS THAT SMELL!? DAMN, did one of you ate that damn chili from El Diablo’s? You know that shit can clear a fucking room in a minute?”

“Don’t know. Don’t care.” Nguyen said. “Me and Joanna are going a break in a few.”
“A break?” Rick said. “You two been here for mostly an hour or two.”
“Try three.” Yubari said. “You’ve been here for an hour and right now, it’s close to our lunch break and it’s time for me and Gina to fly on out….literally.”
Nguyen sighed. “Really?”
“Oh, come on. PLEASE?” Yubari said.
Nguyen unveiled her wings and Yubari climbed on her and flew away.

Jiro was just arriving back from the Hybrid Crime Conference at LaFayette.
“Oh, Jiro.” Sei was the first to welcome him back. “How was the conference?”
“I’m tired. My feet ache and I need to relax.” Jiro said.
“Then why are you here. Shouldn’t you be at home….you know, where you supposed to go?”

“Sei, I’m just going to check on a few things in the office and then I’ll go home and rest.” He said walking close to his office. “It’ll be only a minute and then—

That moment got interrupted when a huge explosion happened at his office and nearly took out the entire left wing of the Faction, including him and Sei.
People immediately evacuated out of the building and as Sei tries to get up with an injured arm, she sees Jiro passed out.
“JIRO! JIRO!” He’s not moving as much but still breathing and so she went to carry and drag him from the destruction.


The sun has risen in the Society and 2 hours before Jiro arrived at the Faction, there appears to be somebody sneaking in their offices.

“Alright. I’m in.” And that was Robin from the BIRDBRAINS communicating to Crane.
“Great. You got the bomb in hand?” she said to him.
“Yo.” He says, pointing in his pocket. “In a pocket. Now where do I place it?”

Crane hacked into the security cameras to see if someone is coming.
“OK, you got a good window between 3 minutes. Place the bomb into somewhere he wouldn’t recognize it at all, activate it to 2 hours and then get the fuck out of there.”

Robin then placed it behind the file cabinets but then he heard footsteps and accidentally dropped the bomb, activating it before he could do it.
“Oh shit!!”

“WHAT! WHAT! WHAT!” Crane said.
“The bomb’s been activated.” Robin said.

“Isn’t that a good thing?” Crane asked him in a confused way.
“Yeah, but I think I heard someone coming down here and I panicked.” Robin said. He scurried to find the bomb immediately before someone opened the door. He quickly sees the bomb, put it behind the cabinet and just as someone went to check on the door…..he vanished out of there before anyone can see him.

“Hello……Robin….you there?” Crane asked him.

“I’m safe.” Robin said, “And at least you didn’t to that if I was caught. Returning back to base.”

“So, fuckhead….” Ryo asked Robin as he came back. “You didn’t fuck up?”
Robin easily gave him the finger and then said, “I handled it fine. In about 2 hours, the guy will know our message.”
Funny thing about that, when Robin dropped the bomb in panic and activated it, he was unaware that it was activated 2 minutes early. The bomb was designed to blow up by the time Jiro got there but fortunately for him, it blew up before it got there……

Kikyo then showed up, hearing about the good job he did. “Good work out there, Robin. I’m going to inform the Grey One about this.”


“Grey One!! Grey One!!!” Kikyo shouted throughout running to her cave. “The bomb’s gone off!! We succeeded!!”
However, The Grey One didn’t have a pleased or pissed off face but more of a ‘meh’ or disappointed face.
“Wait, what’s wrong?” Kikyo asked.
“Nothing’s wrong, my dear prodigy.” Grey One said, “I have noticed them saying that the bomb gone off at 10:58 am as reported on the news but I thought it was supposed to be at 11am sharp.”
“Oh…….so did we f–”
“No one failed. We got our deed done by doing this.” Grey One said. “But the next time, tell whoever planned that to be careful of bombs they carry.”
“Hey…” Grey One said before she left. “You are still doing great out there. You have the tenacity to be the leader.”


Ambulances came and arrived at the scene along with firemen putting out the fires and getting help for the injured.
Paramedics had to carry Jiro out as he is still unconscious from the blast and Sei is trying to keep herself calm as she is still shaken but tries to keep her composure.

“Sei.” She heard someone calling her.
“SEI!!!” It got louder and it was Sayuri coming down as she heard the news.
“SAYURI!!” As she got closer to her and Sei had to comfort her. “Sayuri, I didn’t know what was going on. I didn’t – I…..I…..I….Dammit. I should’ve checked every room for bombs. We knew they were hunting for us but not like this.”

“Sei…’re not to blame for this.” Sayuri said.
“Sayuri….I know you say that but I really don’t believe it.” Sei said. “I mean, first, the explosions around two, then Officer Collins’ car caught on fire and they did say that bad shit was going to happen to us. I thought they were just fucking around but now……we’re in deep shit.”

“I know that Jiro is going to be fine.” Sayuri said. “I know I should be more shocked but…”
“Sayuri…..if he would’ve been quicker on going in there, he would’ve been dead.” Sei said. “I don’t want another death to happen in my hands and I know you don’t want to lose two siblings in the same year. I know I don’t…….”

Sayuri then soon got to Sei’s level of worry and concern. “I know, Sei…….I know.”

Meanwhile, Rick and Dice got notice of the incident as they got a call from Leon.
“Well, shit…..after you get the fire put up, round up some clues and some suspects and get on that ASAP.” Rick said.
“Sir, with Jiro in hospital stay, we are instantly at DefCon 3 and we know who’s doing the attacks here.” Leon said, “THE BIRDBRAINS!! They even sent us those videos the day of the incident down at the Exchange.”

“Hmmmm….alright. You got something there.” Rick said, “I tell you what. Garret, you lead the investigation of that and track them down. Get whoever is your best people on there.”
“Gotcha. Garret out.” Rick said.
“What happened?” Dice said while he was eating some hot wings.

“Explosion happened. Faction on fire and main dude….the Matsuda guy got hurt real bad but he’s gonna make it.” Rick said.
“Oh….” Dice said without giving a damn.
“That’s it?” Rick said, “The fucking building blew up and that’s your response?”
“IS my paycheck going to be involved in this shit?” Dice said.
“Nigga, it could be.” Rick said.

“Well, excuse me, motherfucker.” Dice angrily said, “I’m busy trying this other motherfucker we got spying on MAK since them other two girls won’t do it.”
“You mean the fiery/mouthy Chinese girl and the chubby Japanese girl with her?” Rick said. “What? I notice Yubari got some ass on her.”
“I did, too.” Dice said, “I’m the one to smack it earlier when she wasn’t looking.”
“Oh yeah….any info on that?”
“He didn’t say much…..he sees MAK doing his job, awkwardly make conversations, two or three of the girls flirting with him. OK, I can see why he didn’t report much stuff. He’s probably bored out of his mind.” Dice said.
“No shit.” Rick said. “At least the dude reports back to us and not flake out on us but it seems like ‘ol MAK is not doing any shit any time soon. Plus, we got more things to worry about than his ass.”
“Fuck!” Dice shouted. “And I wanted to bust his ass and his bitches, too!! Man, I still can’t believe MAK got girls like that on his side, man.”

The two went outside to get back to the Faction but unknown to them, it looks like en route to whatever they were going to, Nguyen and Yubari heard most of the conversation, specifically on the part about wanting to bust MAK.
“Those assholes.” Nguyen said. “…..So they wanted to harass MAK? Yeah, we need to tell him about this.”
Yubari is also pissed about that. “No wonder they wanted us to bother him and Kai…. And EWW!! Dice slapped my ass!? I yelled at the wrong guy!”
“Come on, there’s no time to lose.” Nguyen and Yubari quickly flew over to the apartments to find MAK and Kai.

Both girls got to the apartments and quickly went up to their place and knocked on the door briskly. “MAK!!! KAI!!!! It’s Joanna and Gina!! Are you there?” As Yubari shouted loudly into there but no response.
“Oh, come on. It’s close to noon. They should be awake by now.” Nguyen said.
“They aren’t there.” And it was Sheena out in the hallway. “MAK is at class and possibly getting out of there but now and Kai’s at work. Wait, you’re those two officers that had to spy on MAK once.”
“For the last time, we didn’t want to do it!!” Nguyen said. “Look, we’re here because we know that–”
“Rick and Dice is just trying to find ways to harass MAK along with me, Kai and my boss Kati?” Sheena got to that before they could. “Yes, you just knew that?”
“…..Yes….” Yubari said. “Look, I don’t know if you resent us or something…”
“Oh, I don’t.” Sheena said. “But it’s just that we can’t have too many people knowing about this among other things…..”
“Like what?” Nguyen said.
And that’s when Sheena knew that she had to lie about you-know-who to them. She uttered nothing more than the usual ‘uhhhhh’ at them but she didn’t want to blow their secret like last time.

“OK, Sheena. What’s going on?” Yubari said. “Why are you hesitating with this? Are you hiding something or not?”
“Don’t lie to us. What’s going on?” Nguyen said.

Sheena was sweating harder about this but at the last second, somebody opened up the door.
“Dammit, you know what?” A voice said opening the door and it was Tomoki there. “OK, you’re the….*counting fingers*…20th and 21st person to know about us living here.”

“Oh…’re…’re….” As Yubari is having trouble remembering who they are.
“They’re the guys that were here before us.” Nguyen said. “By the way, you’re not pissed at us replacing you?”
“No……” Tomoki said. “But now the secret is most likely out.”
Cassie then got to the door and see what was up. “Hello, is that MAK at the door?”

“No, I’m not a 25-year-old black Hybrid male with an afro and beard.” Nguyen said, “I know a guy’s grandmother with that.”

“So you’re the officers that had–”
“YES!! STAHP!!” Nguyen said.
“So…..why are you here?” Tomoki said.
“They came to tell us about Rick and Dice trying to get him behind bars.” Sheena said, “Although we already knew that when they attacked us.”
“We want to help you.” Yubari said. “We know that MAK is good people and those guys got higher authority just to fuck with him. Plus, those guys are real assholes to us and one of them grabbed my ass one time.”
“The fuck! Really?” Tomoki said.
“Yes….he also called me chubby.” Yubari said hiding in her shirt. “I feel so violated.”
“Awww…..if it makes you feel better, lots of guys…and girls if you like that, too, would like to cuddle with you.” Sheena said hugging it out with her to make her feel better. “Just better ones than that guy.”
“That felt better.” Yubari said, “Thank you, Sheena.”
“No problem.” Sheena said hugging her back.

“Cassie, what do you think about this?” Tomoki said to her.
“I know we let too many people know about us hiding here and it did get worse with Cyan and Seiki finding out…..but with you, I suppose I can let you in.” Cassie said. “We can’t have every Hybrid agency on our asses again and since now we got 4 that knows this, if someone (God forbid) finds out about this, distance yourselves from us…..You 2 young agents don’t need a mark like this on your record.”
“Also, we got into bad shit and look at us now. We’re living in your friends’ apartment, who fucks as much as us.” Tomoki said. “And I’m amused and scared at that.”
Both Nguyen and Yubari looked awkward as Tomoki mentioned that.
“Yeah, that’s true.” Sheena said, “I don’t even have to search for porn anymore. I got it live in sound because how loud they are.”

Right at that moment, Kai was just coming at the door from work.
“What the…..” she said. “Joanna and Gina, what are you doing here?” And then she noticed Tomoki and Cassie in the open with them in here.
“They know.” Sheena said.
“AGAIN!?” Kai screamed at her.
“KAI!” Cassie shouted. “It’s not her fault they know. We let them know about us being here and they want to help us bust Rick and Dice.”
“Great, some more people putting their asses on the line and I thought Cyan and Seiki knowing about this was bad enough.” Kai said. “Almost 20 people know about this and adding more is not going to help!!”

“Kai, we’re not going to tell anyone about this!” Yubari said.
“Joanna, I know you and Gina aren’t going to tell but now if shit gets bigger than before and someone finds out, you could get fired, they’ll be jailed, Cyan gets fired as well and all this will come down on us.” Kai said, “You see why I’m stressed out?”

Kai stormed into her room very pissed off.
“Should we talk to her?” Yubari said, “You know, assure her things are going to be fine.”
“I rather not.” Sheena said. “I’ve seen this before and I wouldn’t go in there if I were you.”
“Come on, I’m sure she’ll be fine.” As Cassie goes into the room.

“Kai…..” She abruptly opened the door while she’s changing.
“HEY, CLOSE THE DAMN DOOR!!!” Kai yelled at her.
“Huh, you usually don’t mind that.” Cassie said.
Usually I don’t but now….I DO!” She slams the door again.


The results came in about Jiro’s condition and it got both Sei and Sayuri in the waiting room, very anxious about what might happen.
“Um….Ms. Matsuda?” The doctor said as she got to them.
“Yes, Dr. Walker? How’s my brother’s condition?” She asked.
“Well, the good news is that he is in stable condition and could be healed up in the matter of days.” She said.
“OH, THANK GOD!!” Sei said with much relief.
“But what?” Sei questioned.
“He has some eternal bleeding from the explosion but that can be stopped and he has to stay overnight and maybe a few more days before he can be let out.” Dr. Walker said. “He can’t make too many sudden movements and I advise you to let him walk around the hospital for a few minutes twice a day so he wouldn’t be immobile.”
“Anything else?” Sayuri asked.
“Well, nothing much else except for your brother can use the company.” She said.

Rolo then came up with Devo and Nanashi to visit them to see how they are.
“You know what room they are at?” Devo said. “This is a big hospital.”
“They told me Room 319.” Rolo said. “We’re almost there.”

“SAYURI!!” Rolo shouted as they got up there. “I heard about what happened.” She then came over to him.
“Rolo! I’m glad you came.” Sayuri said hugging him.
“How’s your brother doing?” he said.
“The good news is that he’s in good condition but he has to stay for a few days.” She said, “Hopefully, he’ll improve then.”
“Well, that’s good. Hell, even great.” Rolo said.
“Glad to see him doing well and all that.” Devo said. “Oh and by the way, I’m Devo and…”
“Nanashi.” She introduced herself. “I think we met before back at the party a week ago at that mansion.”

“So, Rolo….” Sei said, “I’ve been hearing a lot of you and Sayuri lately. Particularly you two dating and hitting it off.”
“Yes, we have.” He said.
“I also heard you are quite the gentleman.” Sei said.
“Oh, you don’t have to worry about Rolo.” Nanashi said, “He’s one of the most trustworthy people we know.”
“Yeah, we can totally vouch for him.” Devo said. “Rolo is a saint…..or just a cool guy overall.”

“Hmmm, I see you got quite the support.” Sei said, “I’m impressed.”
“So…..Sei…..I don’t want to jump the gun on this but….I was wondering how you’re holding up with…..what happened.” He nervously said.
“Oh……yeah…..” As Sei knew what we was talking about.
“I’m sorry, did I–”
“Oh…um, no, you did nothing wrong.” Sei said but she seems anxious about it. “You were just concerned about this, that’s all.”
“Are you sure?” Rolo asked.
“YES.” She assertively said. “Rolo, honey, you’re fine. I know you really care for us but don’t worry about us. Jiro’s going to be fine, Sayuri is fine and I’m fine, too. We’ve been through this before and we’ll get through it.”
“OK.” As Rolo just said that as he didn’t want to exacerbate things any further.
“So, you’re staying over for the night?” As he went on to Sayuri.
“Yeah.” She said, “So I’m not going to be home for a few days or so…..if you want to, you can stay over with me and Sei for a while.”
“I got nothing else on my schedule so….yeah.” He agreed.

“Yeah, we don’t mind if you stay with Sayuri for the night.” Nanashi said and then whispered. “Besides, it can give you a little bonding time between you and her.” Although Sei did hear her a bit.
“You know I heard that right?”
“Be lucky I can trust Rolo.” Sei said with an evil smile. “Right?”
“YES!” he squeaked at her.
“Good boy.” Sei said on her way out.

“Anyway, Devo, we should probably get going.” Nanashi said. “They got to tend to their brother and all that.”
“Right behind you.” Devo said as both of them left.

On the other side of town, Rick and Dice are at El Diablo’s getting them a bite to eat and possibly look for something involving MAK.
“So you say the nigga didn’t do anything interesting?” Rick said.
“I told you. All the guy did was do his work and also covered in hot sauce.” The guy said, “I mean, when he came out, dude almost smelled like hot wings….made me want some myself so I ordered a 4-piece and taco fries.”

“I can tell.” Dice said, “And from the bathroom, too. Did you just walked out of there?”
“Kinda…..” the guy said, “That habanero sauce does things to you.”
“OK, motherfucker, you did your job and all.” Rick said, “Just go home and—actually, get some Pepto and then go home.”

“So, another day wasted, huh?” Dice said, “Maybe this motherfucker is really crafty as shit or he isn’t doing that much.”
The phone rings.
“Hello?” Rick said.
“It’s Collins, sir.”
“Oh, Mr. Lox. Got anything on the case?” he said.
“Yeah, me and Leon found residue of a bomb planted in one of the cabinets.” He said. “We got Barrett and Argento down at the lab to analyze it for us and we’re sure that the BirdBrains was a part of this whole ordeal.”
“Excellent. Call back when you get the results.” As Rick said when he hung up the phone.
“Hello……it’s me.” Someone randomly said out of nowhere.
“Did he just……” Rick said. “Who the fuck was that?”
Somebody was getting out of the stall in the bathroom and the brothers turn around to find out that it was MAK the whole time.

“Last time I’m choosing those taco fries… least for a while.” He said exiting out of there.

“Wait, what the–” Rick said. “You were there the whole time?”
“You never heard of privacy, motherfucker?” Dice shouted.
“Funny coming from a bunch of dickheads that did it to me most of this month. Yeah, I heard you got people to spy on me while I’m at work.” MAK said to them, confronting them about this. “And wow, you send some poor sap to spy on my mundane boring work life? Not to mention, earlier you sent people I actually like to do this shit even though they don’t want to.”

“Because we knew you got a weakness for women?” Rick said.
MAK’s eyes widened at that.
“And now you’re silent. Why is that?” Dice said.
“We sent out those girls Nguyen and Yubari at first but that backfired on us because those girls ‘DIDN’T WANT TO SPY ON YOU BECAUSE THEY SAID YOU’RE AN INNOCENT AND SWEET GUY!’ I swear, what effect do you have on these girls you know?”

“Well, you see I mix in a little codeine and a pinch of sugar along with some molasses and….if you believe that shit, you are dumber than I thought!!!” MAK said. “Anyway, you better stop with this bullshit of you spying me or….”
“Last time I checked, you’re on the 3 Strikes rule and you’re on the first one. You think of beating our asses and we’ll make your life even harder.”

“Oh, my life isn’t hard enough for you?” MAK sarcastically said. “What are you going to do next, send some motherfuckers to beat my ass for you!? One day, you motherfuckers are going to regret fucking with me and my friends and don’t forget you have several times before. Think about that shit.”
MAK then stormed out of the restroom and went to his car to drive home.
“Piece of shit rent-a-cops.” MAK whispered to himself.

As he was en route back home, he stopped at a stoplight and when the light changes to green, somebody rammed his car from behind and almost crashed into another car if he hadn’t phase out of the car before it happened.

“What the fuck?” he said after that happened.

Soon he noticed someone in a Dragon mask with a switchblade in an ominous pose.
“Do I know you….?” MAK said.
“What…… a few months back after you killed my boss and you forget about that?!” He screamed loudly at him.
“Killed your bo…Wait, you’re–” And that’s when MAK knew the guy and why he should be terrified. He took off the mask and it was revealed to be….Shin Endo.
“Surprised to see me, MAK?” Shin said, “Surprised to see me alive and well!?! You fucker!!”

“How in the fuck are you alive?” MAK said. “Did you–”
“GOT SHOT IN THE DICK BY YOUR FRIEND?” Shin said. “People don’t die being shot in the dick!! But you on the other hand……this time, not only am I getting your ass…..but Kai, your pretty little girlfriend, too, and this time I won’t miss.”

Feeling threatened, MAK soon threw the first punch at him but Shin instantly blocked it. Shin counteracted with a low blow punch to the stomach, knocking the wind out of MAK.
MAK then got up and threw another punch at him, but he dodges it and sneak attacks him by tripping him on his feet and went to stomp him on his stomach but MAK quickly move.

Shin then grabbed a discarded piece of metal and as he went to try and stab MAK with it…..someone threw a large rock at this face.

And that someone is Mango.

“Who in the fuck are YOU!!” As Shin went to get Mango but MAK grabbed his leg and stabbed him with the metal.
Then MAK kicked him square in the face and threw him into a parked car.
“Mango, the hell are you doing here?”
“Me? I’m just passing by going to get pizza and I see you getting your ass kicked by some random guy.” Mango said. “Are you in some shit or something?”
“I’m confused, too. I was just driving home and then that motherfucker crashed into me and–”
“Yeah, see.” MAK said as he began phasing on to the roof to avoid Shin but he also phased there, too.
“Hey, stupid!! I can phase, too, remember?”

So both of them lead on with their chase vertically as Shin kept trying to get close to MAK. He tried throwing a lot of knives to him but he’s ducked and dodged a few of them with one hitting him in the shoulder.

Shin got close to him but MAK phased out quick and get him by behind with a knife and stabbed him in the sides, following by kneeing him in the face and having him fall to a topiary garden.

MAK kept running from him but as he runs and jumps from rooftop to rooftop, he felt a slight irritation in his arms and legs that it causes him to slow down in his fighting.
“What the fuck is going on?” he said. “My legs…..oh, fuck, my arm. Ow, shit!”
Shin then surprised grabbed him and threw him from the roof but MAK hanged on to a pole downward.
Shin then tried to stomp on his fingers but MAK let go as soon as Shin was close and yet Shin slipped and landed on his crotch on the pole. He hollered as he felt a familiar pain to him and he fell down to the dumpster.

MAK then phased out of there and to where Mango was at.
“Hey, what pizza place you’re going to again? I might buy something.” MAK calmly said.
“Mama Grace’s.” Mango said, “I’m trying that special-made pizza with the cheese-stuffed crust.”
“Ah, nice.” MAK said, “That p–”
That was interrupted from Shin attacking him from the sides and punching his ass over and over again.

“You think I’m kidding around with this shit?!” Shin said.
“Not really, no.” MAK said and then he grabbed a brick and knocked him out. “Because that’s my finishing move, asshole.”

“So……he’s down, right?” Mango said.
“Yeah…..but so am I.” As MAK fell down as he went unconscious from the wounds.
“Oh shit.” Mango said.

“Hello?” Kati said.
“Um, Kati?” Mango said.
“Yeah……we got ourselves a problem here.” Mango said. “……It’s MAK. He’s like seriously hurt.”
“Hurt!? Mango, what happened?” Kati asked.
“It’s a long story….”


“THAT GUY IS INVOLVED!?” Kati screamed as she heard the name Shin Endo.
“Yeah, MAK told me his name when we were waiting for you.” Mango said. “He said you shot his dick before.”
“Oh….yeah.” She giggles as she remembers that day.

“You think that bat shit is gonna work on me?”
“No.” Then Kati grabbed a gun and shot him in the foot. “But that did.”
“What the fuck? That’s it? You shooting me in the–”
Then Kati shot him again in the junk. “OW!!!!” Shin screamed like hell as that happened.
“What the HELL!! You psycho bitch!! You shot me in the dick!”

“OH!! Help!! My dick!! That crazy redhead bitch shot me there!!!”

“Pretty sure the guy was really pissed about that.” Mango said. “Look, we need to get MAK back home so he can rest and get healed up.”
“I……can go… my usual drug store to pick…..up something…” he said in his weak state of matter. “That might help something.”

Meanwhile, at the apartment, they let Kai cool off for a couple of hours so they wouldn’t unintentionally piss her off.
“Kai.” As Cassie went in there anyway without heeding any warning from the others. “Look, I know you’re upset and it’s been 2 hours since we gave you space and all……so, can we talk?”

“……Cass, we can’t keep up with all this.” Kai said. “We have too many people knowing about you two and most people that shouldn’t NOW DO!!!! I don’t want a repeat of last time….of you having to go away, for Tomoki to run away again, to me and my sister arguing at each other’s throats…….and I’m already thinking more bad shit is going to happen.”
“Kai, none of that shit is going to happen again. I will assure you as your friend that everything will be alright. We can just get some shit cleared up, even lie a little bit more and that’s it!!” Cassie said, “The Faction will be off our backs and we can live a good life again.”

“Cassie, I want to believe you but I don’t.” Kai said, “We can’t keeping lying to people about this! You want to end u–”
“Wait, wait, wait……Kai, you’re my friend and I love you dearly but…..Don’t you dare criticize me for lying when you’re doing it all of the time!!! You’re the one that still hasn’t told MAK about the whole shooter thing!”
“WHY DO YOU THINK I’M TIRED OF THIS!?!” Kai shouted. “Hell, I’m mostly mad at myself for this shit. I got onto MAK for lying to me about Pandora and him being a hybrid, although the latter is more understandable and now I’m doing the same shit as him.” Kai soon began to voice-crack and even start to cry. “CASSIE…..I’M SCARED OF THIS!! I’M SCARED OF GOING DOWN THE SAME PATH AS LAST TIME!”

Tomoki then came in the room and saw what was going on.
“Why is Kai crying?” she asked. “Cass, what did you do?”
“I didn’t do anything!” Cassie said.
“I know you didn’t but I see her crying, I figured she must know already.”
“Know what?” Kai asked.
“That MAK got into a fight with somebody and he’s bruised and beaten and Mango and Kati are carrying him right now.” Tomoki said.
“WHAT!?” Kai screamed. She rushed out of the room to see what was going on.

“We got him that medicine by that Mystic guy.” Mango said, “I didn’t know what the fuck was going on but this guy just rammed his car and next thing, both are battling it out and MAK took some major damage.”
“How did we turn out alive?” Kati said.
“I think people can live being shot in the dick.” Mango said.
“So I should start shooting people in the–”
“NO!” Both MAK and Mango said.

Kai came running for MAK as soon as she saw him bruised, battered, and beaten.
“MAK!! What happened?!?” Kai shouted in worry. “Oh my god! Are you OKAY? Who did this to you?!”
“I was on my way home, right? I’m at the stoplight and some motherfucker rammed me from behind and baby, you’re not going to be thrilled on who did this…….”

“What?” Kai sounded confused at that.
“It was……Shin Endo.”
Kai’s eyes widened into shock and shallowed hard as soon as she heard his name. “Shin…..but…but how? I saw him got shot. Kati, you shot him point blank.”
“Yeah, I did. But that didn’t kill him.” Kati said. “I laughed a lot but yeah.”

“Kai…..” Sheena said to her. “Who is this Shin guy?”
“Shin Endo….is a bad man.” Kai said. “A very fucked-up bad man.”
“And guess the obvious…” MAK said, “He wants revenge because I killed Pandora and won’t rest until he kills me and then you.”

“Pandora?” Yubari said.
Kai then explained it all to Yubari and Nguyen, “An old enemy of ours…well, formerly mine. She and her assistant Shin Endo used to run a sex trafficking ring. No, I wasn’t one of them but I was close. I got away and some months back, they came again with Shin showing up at my job and terrifying me.”
She replays the incident in her head. “Something I never want to relive again.”
“That and her goons got me shot before.” Kati said. “Not to mention, they once broke into here, trying to get MAK and Kai.”

“In which they got his ass kicked.” Tomoki said. “Then MAK got into crazy mode and went killing those guys–”

“WE GOT THAT!” MAK shouted. “Anyway, Pandora is dead and all life is grand after that……actually, no, life still was shit after that.”
“Maybe I should’ve shot him some more.” Kati said.
“YOU THINK!?!?” An steaming Kai screamed at her.
“OK! Whoa, bitch!!” Kati said, “You forget I got ambushed by motherfuckers with snakes!!! SNAKES!!! ME NO FUCK WITH SNAKES!!”

“What can any of us do?” Sheena said. “Now we got the Cain Brothers and now this guy to worry about.”
“There’s nothing for you to do.” MAK said. “Same can be said about you, too, Gina, Joanna. I can’t get any more Faction agents involved in here. We got Cyan, Seiki, Loyuka and Nyoko knowing this and they are rookie to veteran agents. You two are just starting out and I don’t want to get you fired.”

“MAKky..” Yubari said. “Me and Gina could help you with the Cain Brothers thing since now we know about their true intent.”
“Yeah, but since they don’t have you spying on me anymore and knows you favor me over him, it would be obvious. It won’t work.” MAK said. “Same can be said for Cyan and Seiki and as much as they love us, they’re tired of our shit. Especially Cyan.”

“So what we supposed to do?” Mango said.
“I don’t know.” MAK said. “We make a move, we’re fucked. We don’t, we’re fucked anyway.”

“So screw it, just take him on anyway?” Mango said.
MAK kept on pondering on what he might do to Shin without getting sight from the Cain Brothers. He got up and as he did, he felt the same pain in his leg and arm he felt during the fight.
“OW! SHIT!! Our god, that fight really took me hard.”
“What?” Yubari said.
“I was feeling a slight pain when I fighting that fuck.” MAK said. “And that hurt worse there than here.”
“Did you took some of your Blue Leaf, honey?” Kai asked him.
“I did.” MAK said, “But I’m still feeling it. I don’t know why if it’s the fight, me working too much or just something with health and all that.”

“I think you need to rest or lay low long enough that Shin will get bored and go away.” Kati said.
“Except he’ll create shit which could harm everyone I know and love and doing nothing will be worse.” MAK said. “I’m putting an end to that nigga even if I….I…..” He was starting to feel the pain again.
“OK, I’m hurting again. I don’t need to make any more sudden movements.” He falls over again.
“I’ll carry him to bed.” Kai said as she drags him to the bedroom. “We’re calling it a night, guys.”
“Might as well.” Sheena said as she goes back to her apartment.

“Well, Joanna, you need a ride home?” Nguyen said as she prepare her wings.
“You know what? I’m good.” Yubari said. “I’ll see you tomorrow at work.”
“Alright, later.” Nguyen said as she flew out of the window.
“So…..Sheena, you mind if I stay with you for the night?” Yubari said.
“I don’t mind, Joanna.” Sheena said. “I only have the one bed though if you don’t like to share.”
“Oh, I don’t mind sharing a bed with you.” As Yubari hinted out something flirty to Sheena for a minute and the two soon left.

“Well, I’m gone.” Mango said. “Hope all the best for MAK to get better. Later.”
“Yeah, me too.” Kati said. “Yon’s running the bar tonight and I think I need to help him a bit so bye-bye.”

Tomoki then said to Cassie, “Well, MAK and Kai are in bed, Sheena and that Yubari girl are probably fucking right now…… mind if…”
“Say no more.” Cassie said as she strips down to her underwear then does it to Tomoki and carries her to their room.


We see Jiro in bed rest with Sei, Sayuri and Rolo watching TV with him. The girls were fast asleep but the guys were still up.
“So……you’re my little sister’s new boyfriend?” Jiro said, “Well, I haven’t much about you and I don’t know your intentions with her…. and since we’re here now and I can’t hurt you because I’m damaged myself, you can tell me about yourself.”

“OK then.” Rolo nervously said since he can’t just say ‘I’m part of a known gang’ to them, so he went out and said to him, “Well, right now, I’m getting my degree in computer science at Basin University.”
“College man, eh?” Jiro said, “Trying to build something out of you? I like that in a young man.”
Funny thing is that Rolo isn’t really lying about that but it’s something he doesn’t say to people that much.

“So you’re doing that while you’re not with the Darksiders?” Jiro said as he did knew he was associated with them.
Rolo choked on air for a minute as that happened and he was stammering at that trying to explain it to him.
“Look, I checked your file and records and aside from a few dents, you’re good with me.” Jiro said. “And you said you’re more of a tech guy in there.”
“Yes?” Rolo said.
“Hey, man, I’m glad somebody like you got some smarts, both technical and street up there.” Jiro said, “And while the Darksiders haven’t been a big problem to us and most of you are level-headed people, you still did shit that you shouldn’t have done.”
“Oh, you mean the gan–?”
“Yes, I meant that.” Jiro said, “And even when your crew got help from that MAK2.0 guy and Barrett’s little sister for dismantling Hybrid X’s HQ.”
“Sir, I know me and my friends do that stuff most of the time but we don’t do it to cause mischief. At least not in those cases.”
“Look, Rolo, I can tell you’re a good man and you can vouch for others that they’re decent, too.” Jiro said, “And I do somewhat believe you to an extent. You have a good heart and you’re good for my little sister. She needs somebody like you in her life.”

“Thanks, Jiro.” Rolo said. “I promise to take care of your sister. I promise that to you, Sei, even to your….well…”
“I think if Jin was alive, she would like you, too.” Jiro said, sighing at the fact about Jin not being here anymore.
“We all miss her every day and Sei took it the hardest when she died.” Jiro said. “She kept blaming herself for what happened to her and felt like she could done something to prevent it and the same can be about Sayuri. We all been trying to keep it together and moving on with our lives since and we have but there isn’t one day where we haven’t thought about her.”
“You’re keeping her memory alive.” Rolo said. “She wants you to move on but still reminisce the good times with her.”
“Yeah…” He said.
Unknown to them, the girls did hear the whole conversation while they were sleeping with Sei did tear up a bit at that.

Later in the night, there’s Laila coming in there to visit Sayuri at the hospital.
“Laila!!” She sounded surprised that she arrived. “You came here.”
“Yeah, I heard all about what happened.” Laila said. “I’m so sorry to hear about that.”
“Thanks, Laila.” Sayuri said.
Then she sees Rolo coming out of the restroom. “Hey, Laila.”
“Oh, Rolo, you’re here as well.” Laila said. “And I guess you got here earlier than me.”
“Yeah, I came as soon as she told me.” Rolo said. “Didn’t she call you about it?”
“She did…….but work slowed me down.” Laila said. “That and I had to pick up my sister from her job as well.”
“Wait, she didn’t drive herself?” Sayuri said.
“Unfortunately, she can’t for some stupid reason.” Laila said.

“Anyway….” Rolo saying to both girls. “Visiting hours are almost over and I have to leave since I’m not immediate family so I have to leave. I’ll see you later, ok, baby?”
Sayuri and Rolo then kissed each other goodbye.

“Oohhhh……things are getting serious between you two, huh?” Laila said.
“What? It was just him saying goodbye as always….only with a little more treat.” Sayuri said. “But yeah, we are really getting serious with each other.”
“So since that night….”
“Yes, since that night….and following that mansion party.” Sayuri said.
“OOOOOHHHHH!!!!” Laila said. “So you two in those huge rooms and…..”
“Yup. Sex in luxury!” Sayuri said. “And no one else knows the wis–”
Suddenly, there was a booming noise around the corner and it looked like it was coming 2 rooms near Jiro’s.
“The hell was that?” Sayuri said.

A couple of hoods in ski masks (one with a sledgehammer and the other with a pistol) broke in there by throwing some bombs into one of those rooms.
“We’re looking for a Jiro Matsuda!” one of them said. “You wanna live? YOU BETTER TELL ME QUICK!!”
One of the nurses was about run for her life but then the one hood with the sledgehammer phase in front of her and the other grabbed his gun, aimed at her head, with a trigger finger ready to shoot.
“OK, bitch. You must know something about Mr. Matsuda. Now what room?!”

They got the number to the room, ready to charge with much prejudice and violence and as they entered the room, they see him resting as they put some meds into his system to help him sleep.
“One shot and we are good.”
One was getting their gun ready to aim and shoot but suddenly Sei got a cord and wrapped it around the guy’s neck. She got the drop on him, grabbed the gun from him and shot him with his own gun no less but then the sledgehammer girl got to her and threw her across the room.

“Stand down, bitch!!” She said. “Or I’ll use this to flatten your liver.”
“How about no?” Sei said as she threw something to distract her and then shoots her in the shoulder.
“OW! SHIT!!!”
“YELL—I mean, hey bitch!!” The other guy said as he pistol-whips her. “Hey, fuck the plan, we got to go!!”
“But, Myke….”
“Girl, you got shot!!” And it was revealed that Myke and Yellowhammer from the BIRDBRAINS are the shooters. “This plan is up shit’s creek, Yellowhammer!! We got to move now.”
The two exited out of there and as that happen, they saw Sayuri and Laila running down to check up on Sei and Jiro.
“What the hell happened?!” Sayuri said.
“Ow…..some guys came in and tried to shoot Jiro but I got them away from him.” Sei said. “But one of them pistol-whipped me as they left.”
“My god, you OK?” Sayuri asked.
“Sayuri, I’m fine. I’m good. I’ve been through worse shit than this.” Sei said.

“Hold the fuck on.” Yellowhammer said. “Was that Kikyo’s sister with that Matsuda’s sister in there?”
“What? You mean those two girls we passed?” Myke said.
“YES!! That was Hummingbird!!” she said. “Is she fucking that girl or something?”
“I guess so.” Myke said. “That girl is cute, though.”
Then all of a sudden, they run into Rolo, who was pulling out the parking spot until they ran into his ride.
“WHOA!! What the hell!?” he said.
Myke then got his pistol, pointing it at him. “Give up the car, boy! NOW!!”
“Uh, who the fuck are you! No, I’m not giving you my car!!” Rolo screamed at them.

“ROLO!!!” Sayuri shouted. “Those guys tried to kill Jiro and Sei!! STOP THEM!!”
“What?!” he shouted but Yellowhammer knocked him out and they ended up taking the car and speeding off.
“OH NO! ROLO!!” she shouted as she ran to him. “Oh my god!! Who the hell were those guys?”
“I don’t know but Lex is gonna be pissed about this.” He said.
“Lex will understand.” Sayuri said, “Are you OK though? They did knocked you with a pistol.”
“I’m good. My head hurts though.” Rolo said.

Laila was behind her as they ran to him but at the last minute, she got snatched by somebody in the shadows.
“Wait…..are those your friends you were fucking with a few weeks back?” someone said.
“WHO! Sayuri and Rolo?” Laila said.
“A Matsuda sibling and a member of the Darksiders?” she said. “Are you trying to get killed?”
“You don’t know what you’re talking about.” Laila said. “Those two are friends of mine and you’re not going to break anything among us!!”
The person came out of the shadows and it was Kikyo (aka Reiko) that snatched her.
“Hummingbird, those guys are not good news to our cause!!!” she said, “Especially when one of them is part of the fucking Faction!!”
“But killing them in the hospital is a good strategy!?” Laila said. “You look like shoot ’em up thugs in there!!! Only fulfilling something because your precious leader say so!!”
“WOW!!!! And yet you’re the wiser one!?” Kikyo said. “Fucking some random bitch you met in your job and then have a threesome with her and that boy!!”
“Oh, fuck off!!” As Kikyo left storming off.
“Fuck you, too!!” Laila said, fuming mad at her. “You’re interfering into my life for this shit?! You know the one thing I got that you don’t!”


MAK got up to a Skype call from Kati.
“Yo.” He said.
“MAK, we need to make a plan.”
“Good thing you call then……..I got just the idea.”





“Oh no, it’s happening again!

You lied to me!

I sense doom upon you fellows.

Im Sorry.


©2016 KATANAPlus+ / The Faction Project.

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