AURA FACTION: Through the Non-Canon Glass / NONCANON #6 – Gaming With Your Significant Other II

WARNING: The following written material that you’re about to read may contain strong language. This is meant only for MATURE AUDIENCES. Reader Discretion is advised.

On one hot yet humid afternoon, MAK was sleeping on the couch with the TV on with the AC on full blast.
Then suddenly Kai, Tomoki, Cassie, Sheena and Joanna all barged in here with some news.
“MAKKY!” Kai, Cassie and Joanna shouted.
“Yo, MAK, you home?!” Sheena said.
They spotted him sleeping like an old dog with the fan toward his face.
“Well, he doesn’t seem to be a big fan of the heat.” Tomoki said.
Cassie had to slap her in the head.

“Babe…..just no.” Cassie said, “I’ll wake him up.” She then woke him up by shaking him awake and screaming “MAKKY” at his face.
“AAH!!!! What the hell, Cass?!”
He wasn’t happy.

“MAN, WHY ARE YOU WAKING ME LIKE THIS!?” he said, “You almost gave my ass a heart attack! And….” he was calming down a bit. “Why are all of you here anyway?”
“Well……” Kai said, “We went to Blastoid Games today and we found something in all of our interests and…..”
Then Cassie showed it to him.
“OVERSEER!!!!” All of them shouted.
“You remember that game we played a while back?” Joanna said, “That game that we had a lot of fun playing with fighting ogres, dragons, other creatures and finding stuff?”
“Oh……the game where I got my ass handed to computer ogres and a large dragon we killed?” MAK added on, “Yeah. I remember it. But what’s that supposed to be?”
“AN EXPANSION PACK!” Cassie said. “This is additional content they were planning on releasing for some time based on beta testing and there has been positive reception on it and so… it is. The EGO MANA ExP!”

“Ego Mana ExP?” MAK said, “That’s the name of it?”
“Well, it was original Mega Ego Mana ExP but they decided to cut the Mega out of it.” Kai said, “Couldn’t risk lying to the fans…even though it was a huge upgrade but I guess they like to be humble.”
“So, I take it we’re going to play this sometime this week?” MAK said.
“Oh, definitely!” Sheena said, “And by this week, you really meant now!”
“NOW!” As Kai dragged MAK out of bed but he falls on her.
“OW!” Kai said, “I should’ve got Cass to get your ass up!”
“I’m on it.”
“Come on, MAK, please!!” Kai said, “You said you had fun with it last time and maybe it won’t be as confusing as last time.” As she lean onto him, holding his arm and makes a big doe-eyed look on her face.
Then all of them starting to make those doe-eyed puppy dog faces at him, begging him to join their fun and adventures.
“OK, I’ll join you again.”
She smiled and said, “YAY!”
“I better get an assload of weapons this time.” he said to the rest.
Later on, everyone is set up to enter the world of Overseer again.
“Everyone ready?” Cassie asked.
They gave her the thumbs up signal.
“Let’s do this!!” Cassie shouted and then all of them are now in the game once again.

Cue them falling down with everyone landing on MAK again.
“OW!!” MAK said, “OK, we’re not off to a good start.”
“You keep forgetting you’re our cushion, right?” Cassie said, as she poked his stomach like he’s the Pillsbury doughboy. “So soft and cushiony.”
“And now we’re loading!!” Sheena said and then she took a look at the waiting time. “Wait…..30 minutes?! UPDATES!?”
“Oh yeah…” Cassie said, “It has to do that along with needing 10 GBs of hard drive space.”
“I hope your internet is fast, MAK.” Joanna said.
“It should be.” MAK said, “It uploads faster than my last modem…..even though when it rains, it’s fucked.”


“It’s done!!” MAK said waking everyone else up, “We can play now, right?”
“OH, YES!!” Tomoki said. But she stopped MAK for a minute, “But you’re going to have to change your attire and this time, we’re helping you.”
“Huh?” he said.
Then Sheena and Joanna took him in to choose his outfit.
“Look, MAK…..” Joanna said, “I know you like to be comfy in your skin and as do we. That’s why we’re such good friends but you need something less tacky.”
“And more like something that’s worthy of the style you already have.” Sheena said, “You need something that has class, grace, dignity…..something that says ‘You see why I got my woman and 4 other girls on my side’, right?”
“OK, you’re speaking my language here.” MAK said.
The girls are carefully picking his everything for him and then finally, they got him all dressed in black pants with a belt, a 5XL tee with a jacket with silver cufflinks.
“OK, now, ladies….” Sheena said, “Your opinions?”

Pretty much, all of them agreed that look on him is much better than last time, especially Kai.
“Now, isn’t that much better?” Kai said, “Besides, you are working that style, babe.” As she kissed him.
“Yeah, it is better this time around.” MAK said, “There’s even a few things here that I didn’t know I needed. Infrared version, heat-seeking version, night vision….” Then MAK went into a transparent vision where we saw the girls in their underwear.

“Anything else?” Sheena said as she approached MAK as he sees her in blue striped bra and panties.
“Nah, that’s it.” he said, “Oooh…..well, we got everything settled. So……now what?”
“We find adventure!!!” Cassie said, “We can’t just sit around, waiting for it! I say we explore the new world!”
“So which way should we go, my captain Cass?” Tomoki said.
“I say we go…..” She looks which way to cross. “…Around this way.” She points toward the village.
“This area should be a good starter.” Kai said.
The crew traveled over there to see what could they do for their first mission. They looked around to see what mission they can be allowed to accomplish.
“Hey, there’s one for us.” As Tomoki pointed at that old bakery, “And it’s at a bakery. It could be a good one.”
“Or maybe a safe one.” Cassie said.
“What’s wrong with that?” Kai asked, “We should start out small before going big.”
“I know but this seems like some boring retrieval mission.” Cassie said, “It just seems too easy for us.”
“We need too easy!” MAK said, “I rather just get some shit than get beaten by ogres again.”
They went in to see what’s up.
“Fine.” Cassie said, “I’m picking the next one, tho.”
They went inside to see a quest for them and the owner boasting and welcomed them.
“Hello, weary travelers!! My name is Oaker and welcome to my shop! Oh, I see a bunch of lovely ladies with a strong and fashionable man to accompany them! Quite the stud, aren’t you? WINK WINK?”
“OK……” MAK said.
“Yeah……” Sheena and Joanna said.
“So, Oaker….” Cassie said, “Do you have anything for us to do in here?”
“Ah, yes….” he said, “You see, I’m making my world-famous coconut caramel swirl crunchies and I need someone to retrieve some golden coconut extract. I am offering 1000 Platinum coins for you if said extract is retrieved.”
“Sure, we’ll do it.” Tomoki said.

“EXTRACT?!” Cassie said as they were on their way to the destination. “So out of the quests we did fighting ogres and monsters and dragons, we’re doing grocery shopping?”
“Again, Cass, it’s a small mission.” Kai said, “And it’s not a bad starter.”
“Easy for you to say.” As Joanna objects, “We have to get something I’m actually allergic to in real life!”
“Especially after what I heard about you and Sheena one night.” Cassie said, “And to remind me to never eat out Tomoki with pineapple on my lips.”
“WHO TOLD YOU!?!” Sheena and Joanna screamed at her.
“Don’t worry about a thing, Jo!” Tomoki said, “You won’t be handling getting the extract as MAK is doing it.”
“HUH!?” MAK said, “Why me?”
“Aside from one of us being allergic to it?” Kai said to him.
“It’s a game!! You can smell coconut in here?” He exclaimed.
“We got hurt, stabbed, attacked, and got fucked in many ways here before.” Sheena said, “You can smell coconut here.”
“And besides,” Cassie said, “This is an easy mission since I want to do the challenging ones later on. You just got to retrieve it……from the Hietta Mountain, just right there.” Then cue the large rocky mountain.
“Oh….it had to be a mountain.” he said.

And so MAK had to climb up there to get to the extract.
“Oh, come on!!! Who in the hell puts extract right up at a mountain? Is there some baker code or some shit!” He said, climbing and walking the whole way there.
“What kind of foolishness is this? A nigga like me climbing on a dusty-ass mountain and shit.”
“HEY MAK!!” Kai said, as she along with the rest of them were on a ski lift.
“He– WHAT THE!! There was a ski lift?!” he yelled, “On this dirt mountain?”
“It snows later on!” Cassie said, “We forgot to tell you but you seemed like you’re in a rush!”

MAK finally arrived up the top all tired and exhausted with the girls waiting for him.
“What took you so long?” Sheena jokingly said.
“You better hope I don’t regain some energy so I can smack you.” he said.
They entered the place and see that the extract is in there but it’s encased in what seems to be diamond.
“Hmmm….looks like it’s stuck in diamond.” Cassie said, “A very strong alloy of diamond and it’s going to take something big to knock that off!”
“Stuck in diamond?” MAK said, “The fuck they do? Melt the fucking diamond and put it in there?”
“Kai, you got something to break it?” Tomoki said. “A spell or something?”
“Let me check.” She searches for a spell.

“Tomoki, MAK, Sheena….you three have any weapons to break that thing?” Cassie asked.
MAK pulled out his gun and starts shooting at it.
The bullet ricocheted back to them but it didn’t hit them.
“AAAH! MAK, what the fuck!?” Cassie shouted, “You just uses a fucking gun to shoot at it? It’s diamond, motherfucker!! No bullet is going to stop–”
Then there’s a crack in the diamond.
“WELL….” MAK smiling smugly and Cassie looking like she wants to slap him.
“OK, lucky.” Cassie said, “But we can’t keep shooting at it! I don’t want to keep dodging bullets while you shoot at it!!”

Then Tomoki comes in there with a big hammer.
“How about this instead?” As Tomoki took a swing at the diamond and it budges….a bit. More cracks are showing but she kept hitting it over and over and over again.
“Come on, fucker! BREAK!” Tomoki shouted.
She kept hitting it until it rebounded back and hit her in the knee. “OW! DAMMIT! MY KNEE!!”
“And my gun idea was stupid?” MAK said.
“IT STILL IS!!” Tomoki and Cassie shouted at him.
“At least I didn’t get shot or hit my knee!” he shouted back at them.
Then Tomoki got her hammer and hit MAK in the knee as well. “AAAAHH!!! YOU MOTHERFUCKER!! You damn–”
“Oh fuck it.” Sheena said as she got her weapon up (a diamond laser cutter) and ready and she kept smashing the diamond until she can get it out.

“THERE…..YOU……GO.” Sheena said, “Kai, you got something to conceal it?”
She then performed a spell to seal it in so the scent wouldn’t get to Joanna.
“GOT IT!! And now back to that ba—” They still hear Tomoki and MAK in pain because they hurt each other.
“I have to carry them back, don’t I?” Kai said.
But Cassie got them with her own spell. “Don’t worry, I got both of them…..” As she grumbles in disappointment.
“AH! MY EXTRACT!!!” Oaker shouted in excitement as he got his extract. “Oh, thank you, very much!”
“No problem, sir.” Kai said with a smile on her face, “It was no trouble getting it.”
“Aside from both our teammates beating each other up.” Sheena said.
“Here are your 1000 Platinum coins!!! ENJOY!”
Meanwhile, Cassie was outside with Tomoki and MAK and she was annoyed at their antics earlier.
“What the hell were you two thinking?” Cassie said, “Hitting and shooting everything isn’t exactly a good choice to make! You could’ve damaged the extract if you shoot it or break it. Be lucky that Sheen got that laser cutter and used it carefully!!”
“I thought it was going to be an easy task.” MAK said.
“By doing something that brash!?” Cassie exclaimed, “I know you two are smarter than this but you almost blew an easy gig! AN EASY GIG ALL OF YOU WANTED TO TAKE!!”
“OK, OK, chill, Cass….” Tomoki said, but then Cassie got that irritated look as Tomoki told her that.
“Look….” Cassie said, “I know you two don’t play this as much as Kai and I do and maybe Sheena and Joanna on a medium level but you can’t just go gung-ho on something like that. Maybe if (and that’s a big if) we face some bad guys, then go ham.”

Kai and the rest came out of the bakery with Joanna eating a giant cro-nut.
“Wow, these are some damn good cro-nuts!!” she said, “You guys need to try these! Especially you, MAK! This would go good with some raspberry preservatives or something like it.”
“I see you getting some enjoyment from that.” Cassie said. She then checks the coins and see the 1000 coins in there.
“Wait….Joanna, if we still have coins, did you actually spend some cash on that?”
“Yeah, why?” Joanna said.
Cassie then smacked the cro-nut from her.
Cassie then checks her Paypal and sees that some money was taken out of her account. “Damn transactions!! You just had to buy yourself something, didn’t you?”
“I can pay you back!!” Joanna said.
“No matter.” Cassie said, “OK, for our next quest, I’m picking the next one. Something that’s a challenge and requires a bit more action, a lot less talking.”


“AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!” MAK screaming at the top of his lungs as they are being chased by a couple of mercenaries shooting missiles and bullets at them and two giant snakes.
“Hell yeah!!!!” Cassie said, shooting back at them. “Now this is a quest!”
“A quest for who?” MAK said, “Suicidal motherfuckers!? To steal 20 golden bars from some evil-ass wizard with a big entourage of shooters and snakes!!”
“Oh, come on!!” Cassie said, “Isn’t this the same MAK2.0 that fought a lot of people, including gods!? This should be nothing compared to that?!”
“Yeah…..but the one thing I don’t miss about that is being chased by THEM!!”
Missiles kept coming at them in every way, ducking and dodging them with Kai putting force-fields around them but they kept getting weaker.
“I can’t keep doing these force fields any longer!!” Kai said, “Joanna, you got any missiles, bazookas, lasers, AKs, anything to shoot them down!?!?”
“Check the roster, babe!!” Sheena shouted at Joanna.

“I got shit!!!!” Joanna screamed, “Except…..this purple thing. PURP POWER?! The fuck is that?”
MAK snatched it from her. “It says that it’ll slow them down. I SAY THROW IT!!”
“What?!” Joanna said, “It says that it’ll slow us down, too!!”
“DO IT ANYWAY!” MAK said as Joanna shoot the Purp Power pill in the sky and everything is now slow-downed for a length of 30 seconds.

However, one of the mercenaries got dangerously close to Kai with a laser gun and was about to shoot her.
Quickly, MAK got a shank from his weapons and insert it directly into the mercenaries’ eye.
Another mercenary was going for a direct kill shot for Joanna and another one was on top, ready to pounce and grab.
Joanna then tripped over something as the two men were close to capturing her but as the Purp Power went off, she had a hidden knife on her and stabbed the one on top and got Sheena to shoot him before he could get to her.
“OK, that was trippy!!” Cassie said, “But, anyway, we got the gold and we should be good to go!!!!”
Then the snakes are getting very close to them as well.

“Uh, we’re not out of the crossfire yet!” MAK said, “There’s still big-ass snakes chasing us!!!”
The snakes were hissing and quickly slithering their way.
“FASTER! FASTER! FASTER!!” Sheena screamed.
They were heading to a cliff and they were running out of land to run.
“FUCK! We’re running out of land!!” MAK said.
“Cass, you got a plan?” Tomoki asked.
“Looks like we’re going to have to swim for it!” Cassie shouted.
“WHAT!?!” Kai, Sheena and Joanna shouted.
“We got no other choice!!” Cassie said, “I hope all of you can swim in here!!”
Soon, all 6 of them jumped into the ocean as the snakes retreated because they can’t swim in those waters.

“WOOOOO!!!!” As Cassie jumped out of the water, “OK, that was a damn good quest! And we got the gold!!”
MAK came up, coughing up water and trying to breathe. “AAHH!! What kind of fucked-up mission was that?”
“A fun one.” Cassie said.
“Or life-threatening.” Tomoki said, “Cass, I think you’re enjoying this a bit too much.”
“Come on, Moki!” Cassie said, “A little fun never hurt anyone.”
Then Kai, Sheena and Joanna appear with them all wet and missing some clothes or so.
“Um…..Cass…..” Kai said covering herself. “Did you check what kind of waters we landed in?”
“Kai, why are you topless?” Cassie said. Then Sheena and Joanna’s clothes were falling off into the water.
“AAH!!” Joanna screamed.
“I think this water doesn’t go so good with the clothes we’re wearing.” Tomoki said, “Wait…..MAK, your clothes are still in tact.”
“Now I get why I heard more guys liked the upgrade than women.” Joanna said.
“Yeah, why is that?” Sheena said, “Did we just picked better clothes for you this time?”
“Hell if I know.” MAK said. Then his special-made glasses fell in the water and Kai grabbed it just to see it for a second.
“Hey, MAK, I got your glas–” Then she sees the modes for them and she saw the one MAK forgot to mention.
“Hey, MAK…..I see one mode in these glasses you forgot to mention and it looks like you don’t even need them now.”
Kai and the rest walked up to him to confront him about it.
“So were you planning on using these later on?” Kai said to him.
“Not really.” MAK said.
“MAK… see me naked almost every day….do you really need some glasses for that or are you trying to see the others?”
“OK, Damn, look. Yes, I got that. No, I didn’t use it!!” MAK said, “I didn’t even know I got them until it functioned. If I told you anyway, y’all might accuse me of that shit anyway.”
“Or…..” Joanna said, “If you told us in the first place, we would know you wouldn’t do that because we already trust you to not abuse it. Now it seems like you wanted to use it for that matter.”
“Do y’all want the glasses?” MAK said, “If so, then take them.”
“IT’S NOT THAT!!” Sheena said, “MAK, we trust you a lot. Just don’t do that again……and also, I’m going to tease you with the harem jokes even more.”
“I keep them on my person.” Cassie said putting the glasses, “Not that I don’t trust you, MAK. I do…..but I don’t want this tidbit to be in the way of our adventure! NEXT UP……Well, speaking of seeing us in little clothing…..”


They are now on a small island where they have to be debriefed on their next quest. While there, everyone got into some beach attire and was showing a lot of skin…..even MAK.
“It was a good thing there was a button-up shirt.” MAK said.
“It was either that or the speedo.” Sheena said, “Although I was curious on how you look like in one.”
“Well, keep being curious.” MAK said, “That will never happen.”
“Yeah, it will.” Kai said, taking a pic. “At least with the open button shirt. Besides, that look has been sexy.”
“Yeah…..but not on motherfuckers built like me.” MAK said.
“Honey, don’t say that.” Kai said, “A certain somebody will think its sexy….” As she winks at him.
He smiled a bit. “OK, that made feel better.”
“Well, gang….” Cassie said, “Keep an eye out for a certain package around this island. It says that it’s very valuable and could grant us an upgrade for each one of us!”
Joanna got the map and GPS.

“According to this, we should be near the package in this cave….. the Trois-way cave.”
“Wait, the troi–” Tomoki said, “They can’t call it a three-way cave? I mean, the thing has 3 ways to choose our–”
Cassie then whispered the real reason why it’s named that.
“OH…….. Well…..” Tomoki said, “We should probably split into 3 groups of 2 to search for it. Me and Cass takes the left; MAK and Kai go in the middle and Sheena and Joanna go for the right.”
“BREAK!” All of them said as they went their ways.

As Tomoki and Cassie went inside the left entrance, it was starting to get darker as they go further in.
“Uh, Cass….we got a light, right?” Tomoki asked.
“Yeah.” Cassie said, “But not after we get more into the– OW!!” She bumps into something in the dark.
“OK, turn it on!”

They got a light and the first thing they saw is….scattered bones and an organ.
“AAAHHH!!!” Tomoki and Cassie screamed with Cassie jumping into Tomoki’s arms.
“Why is there an organ there?!” Cassie said, “Did someone just did this and died!? Because that organ is fresh and it’s starting to stank!!”
“Fuck it! I’m gone!” Tomoki starts to run.
“WAIT, NO!” Cassie said, “We…..” Then it closes on them. “….Are stuck now.”
“Dammit, Cass.” Tomoki said. Then the lights go off again.
Then the lights came back on and they discover…..a red ruby inside a skullhead.
“A ruby!” Cassie excitedly shouted.
“IN A SKULL!!” Tomoki re-affirmed her.
“Still, it’s a ruby!!” Cassie shouted, “Maybe this must be the package. If not, then it’s a cool gem we got for it.”
Then out comes a huge tentacle.
“Oh, good grief.” Cassie said, “Do they ever think of anything besides tentacle monsters?”
“AAAAHH!!!” As it grabs Tomoki, “Cassie, help!!!”

“I mean, you’re just going for the usual shit here?” She criticized, “Oh, look, a tentacle monster!! It might grab us in a real awkward place and perverts love that shit! It’s getting pretty old, guys!”
“Cassie, help me, dammit!!”
“I mean, really, you got to step up your game, man!!”
“Cassandra Jasmine Lyles, if you don’t get me down, I’m cutting you off from sex for a month!!!” Tomoki screamed out.
“Huh? OH SHIT, my bad!” Cassie shouted and she shot the thing down.
“AAH!” Tomoki falls but Cassie catches her.
“Gotcha.” Cassie slyly said.
“You know I’m going to remember this, right?”

MAK and Kai were having not much luck either as they were looking everywhere for that package.
“OK, where the fuck is that package?” MAK said, “Everything in here looks the damn same. Yellow old stone wall with the usual old-looking shit like weeds, decaying stature and everything turning dark as we walk into another r—OW! Oh, shit!!” He tripped and rolled down to the next area.
“You mean that?” Kai asked.
“You’re not helping.” MAK said.
“The package might be down there.” Kai said, “I see something blue and neon…..and this time, it’s not you because it’s further down there.”
They got closer to the neon item within distance and as they got closer, they see a blue shining jewel.
“I see something blue and nice and I don’t even have to ask twice before grabbing it.” Kai said with glee in her voice, “MAK, can you grab that?”
“Fine.” he said.
He got the jewel but then there were a thousand little baby snakes coming out of the jewels’ place.
“The hell?” he said.
“A bunch of tiny-ass snakes.” Kai said, “Well, at least it’s not those big snakes we encountered earlier.”
Then all of the baby snakes merge together and then it turned into one big giant snake.
“Well?” MAK said.
“Oh no.” Kai said. “RUN!!!!”
The two of them run for their lives as the big snake was chasing them out of there.

MAK went and search for something to get it off their trail and he threw a bomb to distract the snake as they got closer to the end of the tunnel.
“Got something to kick this up?” MAK asked.
Kai searched for a spell. “This confusion potion right here, but it’s only temporary for–”
“DON’T CARE! NEED IT!” He also threw the potion at the snake and the effect took ahold as the snake completely forgot about who they were chasing.

At the last cave, Sheena and Joanna were getting red on the package’s trail.
“I think we picked the right one!” Sheena said, “We’re getting red-hot on it!!”
“YES!!!” Joanna said, “We’re going to get to it first!!”
As she joyfully shouted as they got closer and closer and finally…..
They have found the package.
“Oh, thank God!!” Joanna said, “Now we can see what’s inside this damn thing and…..Huh?” They spotted something on it and it reads, “It seems that you have found me! CONGRATULATIONS!! Too bad about your friends in the next room!”

“TOO BAD?!” Joanna shouted, “The fuck does that mean?”
“He’s talking shit.” Sheena said, “We just need to grab the package, call the rest back and we can get this thing out of here!!!”
But as they got out of there, two mercenaries stopped them at their tracks and they were going for the package.
“What in the hell?!” Sheena said, “Get the fuck out of our way!!”
“I don’t follow you, whore.” The mercenary said.
“WHORE!?” Sheena screamed. “What in the hell!?” She got her bow and arrow and shot the mercenary in the stomach.
“Oh, now you’re going to get it!” 2nd Mercenary said.
He grabbed Sheena and held her down to cuff her.

“And the same thing goes for your bosomy friend!” he said.
“Bosomy?” Joanna said, “OK, if that’s supposed to be a joke, then it stopped being funny the 190th time.”
Then more mercenaries came by and they grabbed Joanna as well.
“AH!! GET OFF ME!” Joanna screamed. “AAH! HELP!”
“Grab the package and search for the other travelers!! I hear there’s 3 more women and a male with them!”
“Execute him ASAP!”

Then the other 4 came with MAK shooting up the mercenaries and they ended up like bloody swiss cheese.
“Funny thing how it’s like SHOOT THE ONLY DUDE IN THE TEAM BECAUSE HE GOT 5 OTHER WOMEN WITH HIM!” he said. “Do these motherfuckers always think like this?”
Then the snake from the second tunnel was right behind them.
“Oh…..I thought we lost them for a minute.” MAK said.
“I said that the potion was TEMPORARY!!!” Kai said, “That means they’re still on our asses!!!”
But Cassie was ready and willing for an attack.
“And what’s bad about that?” she said, “That means you lead me to a fight! HA!!!” Cassie jumped up the air and landed a strike against the snake and she kept putting hits on him but the snake retorted back and she took a hit, suffering some damage that gave her a head injury.
“CASSIE!!” Tomoki said.

The snake roared.
“Did the snake roared?” Joanna said, “Since when snakes roar?”
The big snake then went for Sheena and Joanna as it wraps itself around them, squeezing and choking them.
“AAAHH!!!” Joanna said, “MAK! KAI!! You have to do something!”
“This thing is literally squeezing the life out of us!” Sheena screamed.
“I got a big-ass knife!!!” MAK shouted, “I’ll stab it!”
“YOU MIGHT STAB US!!” Sheena shouted.
“This gun!?”
“HELL NO!” Joanna said, “You or Kati with a gun still scares me! Kati more but you’re a close second!”
“Fuck it, I got something up my sleeve.” Kai shouted. She pulled out some dust from a sack she has and throws it on the snake and it started to shrink into a baby snake, but it also shrank Sheena and Joanna at the process.
“Uh….Kai!” Sheena said in her squeaky voice.
“You got something to make us grow back up?” Joanna asked.

“OK, we’re back to normal now.” Joanna said, “But I think you made my tits larger.”
“And I’m perfectly OK with that.” Sheena slyly said.
“GUYS!!” Tomoki shouted. “Cassie is still knocked unconscious! You got something to heal her?”
Kai checks for something in her bag.
“I……have nothing.” Kai said, “Literally, I don’t have anything to wake her back up!”
“NOTHING!?” Tomoki said, “Not some smelling salts or a potion? A hunk of stank cheese won’t help!?”
“That might kill someone.” MAK said.
The clock is ticking on how long Cassie will live (in the game, not real life) and they have 59 seconds to come up with something.
“AAH!! You got to hurry!” Tomoki said, “If she dies…in the game…..she’ll lose points for it and all of this will be for naught!”
MAK then went into his bag and he found something that might help her out. “WAIT! I GOT SOMETHING!!” He got something that looked like an Epi-Pen, labeled “EX-LIFE!” and he quickly injected into Cassie’s heart and it quickly revived her.

“AAAHHHH!!!!” Cassie screamed out.
“CASS! You’re awake!” Tomoki said, “And just in time, too! We did it!!! WE FINISHED THE QUEST!”
“We did?” She sounded confused.
“And got enough coins at that, too!” Kai said.

“Ow……” Cassie said, “Yeah, I think I’m going to take it easy on the next few quests. Shit got rough today.”
“Are you sure?” MAK said, “I mean, despite us being attacked by snakes, mercenaries and killers, it’s been fun doing this again.”
“HA! See? I told you–OW!” Cassie said but there was a pain in her leg, too.
“OK, OK, you were right.” MAK said, “I mean, this is just a game and all. I should be able to handle this shit in here anyway.”
“Yes…” Cassie said, “But sometimes you do need to take it easy a bit or at least start slow before going into the bigger adventures.”
“So both of you had a point?” Tomoki said. “No one’s fully right or wrong?”
“CORRECT!!” Cassie and MAK said.
“All right then.” Sheena said, “Now that’s done, I’m gonna stop here and possibly stop for the day. Maybe we can pick up tomorrow or another day.”

“I would but—Actually, I got nothing tomorrow.” MAK said, “Work really doesn’t want me to work a lot for some reason.”
“I can do it after work.” Joanna said.
“Same.” Kai and Tomoki said.
“THEN IT’S–” Before they can agree to that, they got a notification about a tournament starting soon.
“Huh?” Then they got transported into another area in the game. It was in a palace all in gold.
“Damn, these motherfuckers went all gold everything in this bitch!” MAK said, “Where the hell are we?”
“LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, I PRESENT YOU ONE OF THE QUEENS OF OVERSEER!!” And the person behind that curtain is soon to be revealed as…..
“Welcome……” It was Kati.

“KATI!?!” All 6 of them shouted.

(C) 2018 KATANAPlus+. All rights reserved

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