AURA FACTION Season 2 – COLORS / Story 12: The ELEMENTS That B

WARNING: The following written material that you’re about to read may contain acts of violence, graphic language, and sexual content. This is meant only for MATURE AUDIENCES. Reader Discretion is advised.

Previously on COLORS…….

A new threat called The BIRDBRAINS emerges in the Society and while their latest efforts didn’t cause any deaths, they mean business and look who just came back into town. It’s good ‘ol Tomoki returning from her journey to whatever the hell she went.
New Faction members made their appearance from the dangerously wild Lox Collins to the two agents Yubari and Nguyen. Sei and Sayuri are trying to get by following 6 months after Jin’s death – Sei does it by working to the core and Sayuri by focusing on sex…..a lot.

But it also seems like another one has return to the Society.


“Tomoki.” Cassie said in awe. “It is you……” As Cassie is realizing that it was Tomoki that she had a brawl with in the dark. Then MAK came in there and broke the silence.

“ALRIGHT, WHO THE FUCK–” But then that changes as MAK with dual switchblades on him now recognizes the two girls. “Tomoki? Cassie? When you two get… did…. You’re back!”

Both girls’ faces looked stunned as ever as they can’t believe what they were seeing.

“My god….Cass….” As Tomoki was almost close to tearing up in front of her. “Cassie, I–” Cassie then quickly embraced her with a long hug and then a longing kiss.
“Tomoki, I miss you, too.” The two kept on kissing like there was no tomorrow and Tomoki was really going at it.
“Wow….OK, I didn’t know you miss me that much.”
“You have no idea.” Tomoki said as she holds her tightly. “Oh, and I see you’ve changed in the last 6 months.” As she was feeling Cassie’s abs. “I mean, damn, Cass….you really buffed up since you went back to Genesis.”
“Hmmmm…..yeah, it was a bitch to get them but it paid off.” Cassie said. “I’m loving your new hairstyle though.”
“Oh really?” Tomoki said in a flirty innocent way.

“Um…..” MAK then had to interrupt their little talk. “Look, first off, we’re glad to see you two again and together but here’s what I gotta ask……WHY THE FUCK YOU BROKE IN OUR APARTMENT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT….which we w–”

“Playing Afro-Ninja & Lady Diamond?” Cassie finished his sentence for him.

“How the fuck you know about that?” MAK said.
“Oh, I know some things.” Cassie said walking around the room but comes to hug both MAK and Kai. “And if it’s any consolation, I’m sorry for breaking in your home and I have missed you guys, too.”

“Awww, Cass.” Kai said, “We missed you, too!”
“Yeah, things haven’t been the same without you.” MAK said.

“Oh, Kai-Kai and MAKky, it’s relieving to be back here. Felt like nothing much has changed.” Cassie said.
“Yeah…….”MAK said, “Except…..everything has changed and most of it is not for the better.”
“What? What do you mean?” Cassie asked.

“Um, Cass…..” Kai said as she eases everyone to sit down for a long talk. “Since you been gone, a lot of things happened around here.”
“Like what?” Cassie said.



“Oh shit……” And that’s the response Cassie got when she heard about Jin’s death. “And someone confirmed that after I left?”

“Yeah….” Kai said, “Most of us were shocked to hear about that and I know Sei and Sayuri took it the hardest. Well, them and Jiro, too, although he seems to have it together out of the 3.” Cassie took a look outside of the city and wonder what else has changed since.
“Right now, those 2 seem to settle into where they are now. Sei is now 50/50 with Jiro on the leadership.” MAK continued where Kai left off, “Although, for Sayuri, she’s been….well…..fuck if I know. All I got from her is that she’s seeing someone or some shit.”

“MAK, I swore I told you already,” Kai said, “It was one of the girls that work with me in Mr. Tso’s. Laila?”

“OK, OK, OK, It was her.” MAK said. “I barely know most of the people in there.”
“They know you for some reason.” Kai said.
“Because the name MAK isn’t hard to remember.” He said, “Plus, I think there would notice me from TV most of the time.”
“Most of the time!?” Kai questioned. “It’s been months since the whole Grand H thing and–”

Tomoki had to interrupt their petty bickering. “MAK!! KAI!!”
“Huh?” both of them said.
She was nervous to ask them this but she needed to find out. “I need to ask you something…..” She looks around to see if Cassie wasn’t listening to this. “….Are the Faction still pissed at me and Cassie for what happened?”

Both didn’t hesitated to answer but MAK laid down the harshest answer. “Oh yeah, they straight up hate the both of you.”
“MAK!!” Kai said, smacking him on the back of his head.
“Hey!” he said, “I’m being honest with her. Ever since she left, I heard them being called bitch, skank, lesbian hybrid whores and this is me sugarcoating it. Hell, I think somebody called you the ‘c’ word and I don’t like saying that word much.”

“So does that mean that Cyan–”
“Feels the same way?” MAK finished her question. “Well, she was trying to let it go since then but I don’t think she is ever going to forgive you and she just meant you. Cassie, she understands but….yeah, I’m sorry to tell that to you but you’re now a pariah here.”

“So what you’re saying is…..I just should’ve stayed gone?” Tomoki said, “Like I was to blame for what happened here to everyone?”

“Wait, wait, wait!” MAK said, “You do have people who misses you every day here….from me to Kai to Yuan, Kati, the Darksiders and especially Cass! Look, you may have to hide out here for a while since….well, you really have no apartment anymore and all that.”

“You guys would want us to stay here?” Tomoki asked. “Kai, you too?”

“Actually, yeah.” Kai said, “I don’t mind if you and Cass stayed here. Besides, it’ll be nice having you two here again but we can’t tell the others about this. At least until some things are settled. OK?”
“Gotcha!” Tomoki said and then went outside to tell Cassie about this.
“Hey, Cass!” she said, “MAK and Kai said that they’ll let us stay here for a while.”
“Really?” Cassie said. “They are?”
“Yeah.” She said, “We just can’t tell anybody about this and— That was quick.” That lead to Cassie running back to thank them both. “Oh, THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!” As she gave them gratitude and hug them both. “Oh, you two are the best friends a Hybrid girl could ask for. I promise to be a good roommate to you two!! Oh, MOKI!!” She kissed Tomoki as hard as ever as she is really getting in the mood of some long-due loving.
“Um, well….if you–”
“Go ahead. We got an extra room we don’t use much.” Kai said, “Don’t worry. It’s clean there.”
“Thank you!!” Cassie said. “Oh, and… you mind if I order a pizza here? For Mama Grace’s? I got cash.” As Cassie quickly shows a grip of money on her.
“Yeah, sure.” MAK said.
“Oh, and for what I want: her special-made pizza with pepperoni, sausage, green peppers, red peppers, olives & jalapenos with the cheese stuffed crust with those cheese sticks, the hot wings and oooohhh, one of those chocolate chunk brownies.” The look on the others’ faces on what Cassie order was stunning and weird.

“What?” Cassie said, “I’ve been on a diet for 6 months. I fed on nothing but mostly plants and some grains. I want comfort food for once.”

“Alright. Looks like I got enough money for it. I’ll see you in an hour or so.” Soon, Cassie carries Tomoki to the other room to make love and MAK made his way on to Mama Grace’s and as he went out of the door, he spotted Sheena and she lives next door to them.
“Hey MAK.” Sheena said.
“Yo, Sheena.” MAK said, “Can’t talk. Got to make a run for Pizza.”
“Hmmmm, this late?” Sheena said.
“Mama Grace is still open for a couple of hours.” He said as he went downstairs. “Talk to you later.”
“OK……” Sheena said as Kai went outside to get MAK for one more thing.
“MAK, you might need some more money with that order!!” she shouted as she rushed to him, giving him the extra $6. “Make that two of those brownies.”

“Uh, Kai?” Sheena said.
“Oh, hey Sheena.” Kai said, “MAK’s just grabbing something to eat for us tonight.”
“I saw.” Sheena said, “But isn’t it just you and him? You got other people in there?”
Kai then realized that she could’ve blurt out Tomoki and Cassie in there but she reverted by saying, “Well, I was wondering if……you want some of our pizza later on!? Yeah, because I did noticed I sounded a bit rude on the phone to you and it’s my way of apologizing.” Sheena seemed a bit flattered by the offer.
“I think I take you on that offer.” Sheena said, “I haven’t got much to eat myself and I can pay you back for some of it.”
“Alright.” Kai said, “But you mind if I go into your place for a bit? At least until MAK gets back?”
“Sure.” She said to Kai.


Back in the apartment, Tomoki and Cassie were busy rekindling their love on the bed, continuing making out with each other.
Both panted from the extreme kissing and groping they did.
“Holy fuck……6 months is way too long for a break,” Tomoki said. “3 months I get…but 6?!”
“Oh, don’t worry.” Cassie said, “I’m sure this is worth the long wait.” As she undressed herself to nothing but a black thong and sports bra.
Tomoki gaze upon Cassie and touched her smooth skin as she is kissing all over her body and then Cassie went to undress Tomoki to her underwear, laid her down on the bed to kiss and lick on her, from head to her belly and Cassie was really focusing on her stomach.

“Cass?” Tomoki said, “You are really focusing on my stomach, aren’t you?”
“Well, I can go all the way south if you want.” Cassie then took off Tomoki’s panties and went down on her.

Tomoki pleasurably moans at Cassie giving her head. “Oohh…..Oh, Cass…..oh, god…..YES!! AAAH!”

“And now it’s your turn.” Tomoki said as she took off Cassie’s bra and began to suck on her tits and grab on her ass. Cassie gradually embraced Tomoki feeling her up and she deeply moaned Tomoki’s name in her ear. “Ooohhhhh……….”

The sounds of Tomoki and Cassie having sex is becoming progressively louder as they fuck. So much that when Cassie gave a loud moan….it was so loud that most of the city heard it and Tomoki had to cover her mouth. “Shit! That was loud.”
“I couldn’t help it.” Cassie said. “You did gave me something I’ve been yearning for a while now and….well, me hollering your name means you did a good job with that.” Then she kisses Tomoki all over again.
However, that noise caught the attention of Kai and Sheena.

“I guess somebody is getting some ass tonight.” Sheena said, “And they must be really good for her to moan like that.”
“Yeah…” Kai laughed nervously as she knew it was them. “Dammit, you two!” She whispered to herself.

MAK was at Mama Grace’s waiting for his big order and thankfully, there wasn’t too many people in there (that and it was getting late) so he should be ready in 5 minutes.

Another person came into the place and it was Lox Collins making an order to go and he happens to spot MAK waiting for his.
“Waiting for your order, man?” Collins said.
“Yeah, I got a big one.” MAK said, “I got company over at my place. You know, that usual thing with guests.”

“Yeah, picking one up for me and the fiancé tonight.” Collins said, “I worked late because of that whole Exchange thing that happened.”
“Exchange thing?” MAK said.
“Yeah, it blew up in the middle of downtown a few hours ago.” Collins said, “I’m surprised you didn’t hear about that.”

“Oh, shit. I haven’t been on a computer screen or TV the last few hours.” MAK said. “Anybody got hurt?”
“Surprisingly, no.” Collins answered, “No one died or got fatally wounded. Maybe a few injuries here and there but no one got killed. That’s just odd to me.”

“Yeah, that does seem odd.” MAK said, “I mean, I’m glad no one died because that’s the last thing anyone needed here.”
“They are targeting Faction, though.” Collins said.

“WHAT!?!” MAK surprisingly said, “Wait, wait, wait, what they want with them?”
“I don’t know but it’s something of an uprising or somebody trying to overthrow the authority or something?” he said to MAK, “But I doubt they’ll get far and yet……I don’t know what their next move is.”

“Well, damn.” As MAK was about to said something to him, his order was called up. “MAK, MAK2.0….your food is ready!!”
Collins was wondering where he heard that name before.
“MAK? MAK? MAK2.0 aka the……Wait. So, you’re the infamous MAK2.0 The Blue Hybrid?”

“You guess it.” MAK said as he got his order. “You are right. I’m the Blue Hybrid and I don’t do that shit anymore. I haven’t in the last 6 months and I don’t intend to in the future.” Collins then got his order called out. “Collins, yours is ready as well.”

“And you must be the dangerous as fuck Lox Collins?” MAK said. “You know, that guy that tore up a highway just to get one guy kidnapping some girl? Or that time you ran naked in the streets and shot a guy in his ass?”

“You mean the time someone stole my clothes and beat me like a pimp to a hooker?” Collins said.

“Whatever.” MAK said, “Look, I got nothing to do with that shit if that’s what you’re insinuating. I’m just here, getting some pizza and you know what? I’m gonna go. That’s all.” However, as MAK left the place, Collins then caught up to him and said, “For the record, your name hasn’t crossed our minds about that and if we did……well, we would’ve caught your ass already.” MAK looked at him in a pissed-off way and said to himself silently, “Like you would’ve caught me anyway…….motherfucker.”

Sei was at her place, taking a phone call with Yubari about what happened with the Exchange. “So no one say anything about who planted the explosives in there?”
“We’ve been asking around for the past 2 hours.” Yubari said, “No one seems to know a thing about who placed them there. They said that it could’ve been anyone that done it and worst of all, they questioned everyone in the nearest facility and still no answer. Lie detector tests and EVERYTHING!!!”

“OK, OK.” Sei said, “We’ll work on this tomorrow. Just call it a night for now.” Immediately, after that, Sayuri and Laila chimed in at the door and they were drunk as hell as they walked in, groping each other and making loud suggestions.
“SSSSHH!! SSHH! SSH!!” Sayuri loudly whispered. “Listen, I don’t want to wake up Sei or she’ll kill my ass!”
“Come on, Yuri.” Laila said, “I don’t think the girl will mind. She’s probably fast asleep and maybe we can scream each other’s name again.” Yet that got derail as Sei heard over everything.

“Oh, hi, I’m awake.” Sei said casually.
“AAHH!! SEI!!” Sayuri screamed. “I…didn’t think you was up.”

“Yeah, me neither.” Sei said. “And yeah…..this is late and you’re just getting back here?”

“I was out with Laila. Sei, you remember Laila?” Sayuri explained. “You know, my girl–”
“Yeah, I know about her.” Sei said. “Believe me, the way you holler at night won’t let me forget.”

“Hey, don’t worry about a thing, Sei.” Laila said, “Me and Yuri here are just here to sleep over. Just sleep over and we won’t be fucking in case you were to ask.”
“LAILA!!” Sayuri shouted as she blushed in embarrassment.
“What? It’s not like she doesn’t know.” Laila said. “She said it herself.”

“Yeah, she got a point.” Sei said, “Um, Sayuri, can I talk to you in private for a moment?”
“Wait, why?” Sayuri said, “You can say something to me in front of Laila.”
“It’s Faction business.” Sei said.
“….And?” Then she dragged Sayuri into the kitchen for a little talk.


However, Sayuri thought it was something different, “Look, I know this isn’t some Faction shit. Sei, Laila and I are two grown women who are attracted to each other in many ways and you sho–” Sei had to shut her up for a bit and explain to her, “Fool, this got nothing to do what you and her do in the privacy of closed doors. This is FACTION BUSINESS since you heard of the Exchange blowing up tonight and there being a potential threat to us…and you, too!!”

“Wait, the Exchange blew up?” Sayuri said.

“YES!” Sei said, “You heard nothing about this? It was ALL OVER THE NEWS BY NOW!! INTERNET AS WELL!”
“I haven’t been on there all day.” Sayuri said.
“Well, that’s a first.” Sei said, “So I’m guessing you were busy with…”

“OK, yeah. I was busy with Laila.” Sayuri said. “So the Exchange blew up downtown?”
“By some group called the BirdBrains.”Sei said.
“The…what?” As Sayuri heard that ridiculous name.
“Yeah, they go by that name.” Sei said, “I thought that sounded stupid, too. Anyway, they are a bunch of rebel keyboard warrior motherfuckers that can also blow some shit up. They didn’t kill anybody but they got hands on some shit.”

“So some geeks with firepower?” Sayuri said.
“Basically.” Sei said, “Oh and speaking of that, that guy you know, um….what’s his name, Rallo, Rolf, Rele?”
“Rolo?” Sayuri said.
“Yeah, him.” Sei said.
“And hey, Rolo is actually a sweet guy.” Sayuri said, “He’s good people.”
“I can see since he brought over some homemade taquitos over here today.” Sei said, “Even with a card that says ‘Hope you girls enjoy these’ and a smiley face to add with that. Yeah, I think the boy might be crushing on you.”

“Yeah, I have that way with a lot of people.” Sayuri said, “But with Rolo, he is more than just some guy that fawns over me. I mean, I think he’s cute and all but he genuinely cares about me and gives a damn about what I got to say.”

“So, boyfriend potential?” Sei said.
“We’ll see…..” Sayuri said, “We’ll see…” As Sayuri is heading off to her room and Sei is about to head off to sleep.
“Welp, you do that, I’m gonna be off to bed…..and please don’t fuck LOUDLY while I’m sleep!!” Sayuri continued to blush. “You just have to say something, didn’t you?”


Laila was waiting in Sayuri’s room as she walked on in. “So, no beef between you and the diamond girl?”
“No. None of that today.” Sayuri said. “She’s just told me about something about the Exchange blowing up and all that.”
“Oh yeah…..” Laila said, “I did heard some news about that. Thankfully, no one died.”

“Oh, good.” Sayuri then plops down to her bed and cozied up to Laila.
“So, you up for Round 2?” Laila said, taking off her top. “And don’t worry, I’ll be quiet…at least for a few minutes.”
Sayuri got naked herself and then threw her bra on the ground. “We got a good…..5 hours or so.”
“In that case….” The 2 proceeded to have sex again that night and speaking of that same element…

Back at the apartment, Tomoki and Cassie were laying in each other’s arms after their night.
“Aahhhh……I really miss nights like this.” Tomoki said, “Us in each other’s loving arms in embrace with not a care in the world.”

“Yeah…” Cassie said, “I do want more of this in the future…..and hopefully we’ll get more of this once we get things settled here.”

“What things settled?” Tomoki said caressing and kissing Cassie, “Right now, it’s just you and me against the world and what we really need is each other…..and maybe find a new apartment since we can’t live off MAK and Kai forever.”

“Moki, what are you talking about?” Cassie questioned her. “We have to get in good graces with the Faction. Look, I know you’ve been doing that and attempts hasn’t been looking good…” Then she holds her hand for one second, “…but I believe we can try.” With that said, Tomoki knew what she had to do, even if it meant breaking Cassie’s heart.

“Yes, Moki?” Cassie said.
“I actually have something to confess to you.” Tomoki said. “And…’s not gonna be pretty.”
“Tomoki, you can trust me.” Cassie said, “I promise I understand your problem.”


The door busted open with rage as Cassie just got the confession. “I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU!!! YOU RAN AWAY!?!? FOR 6 MONTHS! 6 MONTHS?!”
Tomoki tried to explain to Cassie, “Cass, I can–”
“What? EXPLAIN?!” Cassie screamed at her, “Yeah, Tomoki! Explain why you left town with almost everyone hating us for what we did! EXPLAIN THAT!”

“OK, OK, Cass….” Tomoki said, “I didn’t know what to say after Jin’s death. I couldn’t just act like everything was normal!”

“It’s not like you HAD TO ENDURE SOME PUNISHMENT!!” Tomoki screamed out yet that might made Cassie more pissed off than before.
“WHAT!?” Cassie screamed and slapped her. “So me being deported back to Genesis isn’t PUNISHMENT TO YOU!? Being separated from all our friends, having to work endless days and nights there, being yelled at by every council member of the Wolf Clan and berated by Marble IS A REWARD? Huh, TOMOKI!? That sound RELIVING!?” Cassie walked out of the room with steaming anger and just after that, Kai heard their argument from Sheena’s place and went to check on them.

“OK, look. I know it’s a long time since you two had sex but-”
“Kai.” Cassie said, “Did you knew Tomoki ran out of here for 6 months? And don’t lie to me.” As Cassie stares down at Kai.

Kai sighed and said, “At first, I didn’t know about her running away. I guess she wanted to get away from it all and after what happened….I can see her point.”
“Her point being TO RUN AWAY FROM HER PROBLEMS?” Cassie argued. “I mean, yeah, we tried to do it but guess what? IT WENT TO BITE US IN THE ASS!!”

“Well, maybe, she doesn’t know how to tell them anything without upsetting them more.” Kai said, “It’s not easy for her.”

“Wait……don’t tell me you’re siding with her?” Cassie said. “Kai, what the hell? SHE–”
“I’m not!!” Kai said, “I just know the mutual feeling of not telling someone you love something devastating and…..I mean, maybe she wanted to say something to you but…” It looked like what Kai was talking about isn’t just about Tomoki and Cassie but had to snap out of that and remain the focus on Tomoki and Cassie.
“OK, it could’ve been worse. She could’ve lied and never told you.”

“I give you that.” Cassie sighed. “And I know Tomoki doesn’t lie to me but hearing that she just ran off just pissed me off. Oh, she runs off to do who knows what and I’m the only one paying the price of what happened in Grand H. That picture doesn’t look good to me, don’t it, Kai?”

“No. It doesn’t.” However, Tomoki just got into the room as Cassie said that. “Yes, I screwed up by running away from the Society and I probably should’ve told you from the start… although I didn’t know you were going to bring it up in the first place and—”
“Tomoki, this is not helping anything.” Kai said.
“Sorry.” She said, “Cassie, I never stopped thinking about you ever since that day. I kept on hoping I see you again someday and do things right on us. Now, I do want to make things right between us and The Faction.  I didn’t want to lead you astray on that and I never plan to.”

Cassie then said to her, “You really meant that, Tomoki? We’re going to try to get things resolved between us and The Faction?”
“Yes, Cassie.” Tomoki said. “I really meant that.”
“And you really thought of me while you was out?” Cassie asked her.
“Everyday.” Tomoki asked. “That I wouldn’t lie about…..oh, and before you ask, no I didn’t sleep with anyone else.”

“….. Well, that takes care of that question.” Cassie said as she hugged Tomoki. “Usually, I would punish you by denying you sex for a month or so but…..since you told me anyway, I just won’t…” She then whispered the rest of it to her ear and yet Kai was trying to hear that as well. “…Oh, and if Kai is trying to hear this, let her know that if she blabs this to MAK, I’m breaking her hands. OH HAI KAI!”
“I heard nothing.” Kai said.
“Good Kai-Kai!” Cassie said petting her like a cat.
“Please don’t do that.” Kai said.
While that was happening, Sheena came in to see what was the racket at their place and saw the 3 girls over there.
“Hey, Kai, I didn’t know you got company.” Sheena said
“OH, SHEENA! That’s right. I forgot I left you alone.” Kai said.

“Yeah, I was wondering if you was still alive or something.” Sheena said. “I saw two shadows with you and I thought the worst to happen and since MAK was still out, I got myself this bat but they seem friendly.”

“I don’t think a bat is gonna do us justice.” Tomoki said, “I know, somebody tried that on me once and well, it’s a good thing I got strong reflexes and willpower not to completely strike back at them.”
Everybody stood silent at that comment with the most awkward looks.
“Anyway……I’m Cassie.” As she introduces herself to Sheena, “And this is…”
“Tomoki, right?” Sheena said.
“Wait, you 2 met?” Kai and Cassie said in unison.
“Yeah, it was a few hours earlier where she came to the Turner Express.” As Sheena explained, “She didn’t want many people to know she was here.”

Then Kai got a little mad at Sheena, grabbed her and screamed “And yet, you never bothered to mention this to me on THE PHONE!?”
“Hey, you said not to interrupt you and MAK doing whatever…” Sheena said.
“OK, I get you calling me because of that Exchange shit and my sister but that was important, too.” Kai said.
MAK then got back from Mama Grace’s and as he kicked the door, he shouted, “I GOT FOOD!!” yet no one paid attention due to them bickering over each other and the fact MAK now sees Kai, Sheena, Cassie and Tomoki all in the same room.
“Hello? Hello.” He kept saying but they couldn’t hear him. “AFRO NINJA IN THIS MOTHER–” They heard him that time. “Now you can hear me. Well, great. FOOD?”


Later on, they got to eating and talking about what’s been happening around here lately.
“Yeah…..I heard about that Exchange shit down at Mama Grace and yet that’s where I met that guy Collins. Remember that motherfucker?” MAK said.
“Yeah. What about him?” Kai said.
“He acted funny towards me down there.” MAK said, “I know he thought I was involved in that shit but he knows that was some bullshit.”
“Collins?” Tomoki said.
“Oh yeah, that’s right. He is one of the new recruits at the Faction.” MAK said, “While both of you were incognito, they hired 3 new people down there including him and two other girls named Yubari and Nguyen. I met them a while back and they seemed cool. I like them better than Collins though.”

“He’s usually partnered up with Leon since he took highest ranking officer.” Kai said, “But Cyan isn’t far behind. She got moved up along with Seiki, too.”

“So what about Loyuka?” Cassie said, “Anything with her?”

“Well……there isn’t much to say about her.” MAK said. “She’s still around but as more of a counselor and occasional investigator. That and she’s still fucking that Hirano sister. The one with the gun.”
“You mean Nyoko?” Tomoki said.
“Yeah, her. Whatever.” MAK said.
“OK, I didn’t even know that Loyuka was seeing someone.” Cassie said, “Well, that’s good for her.”
“But… one aside from us knows about that yet.” Kai said, “Maybe her sister might but as far as the Faction is concerned, they don’t know a damn thing.”

“Speaking of her, Kai, did you get the news from her about your–” Kai knew what Cassie was talking about and she didn’t want MAK to know just yet so she “accidentally” tripped and spilt her drink on her.
“KAI!!” Cassie shouted.
“Oh shit, I’m so sorry, Cass.” As Kai feigns her apology. “MAK, I think you need to get a towel or something.”
“Wait, why me?” MAK asked.
“You’re closer to it than me.” Kai said, “Can you get it for me, please?”
MAK then went up to get the towel and as soon as he left, Kai went to Cassie and silently said, “Why would you bring that shit up!?”
“What? You mean the case about your dad and the shoot–” Cassie said.
“SSHH!!!” As Kai covered Cassie’s mouth.
“You…..didn’t tell him about…..well, you know?” Cassie said in her muffled voice.
“About what?” Sheena asked. “Kai, what’s going on with your dad and a shooter? Is he in any danger or som–” Kai then puts her other hand on Sheena’s month.

“You meant the case about who shot her dad during a bust 7 years ago? Oh, and the fact that the shooter in question could be…” Kai then tried to use her foot to shut up Tomoki but she grabbed her foot before she can do anything. “You do know I got good reflexes on me, right?” Then she grabs Kai’s other foot and then Cassie moved her hand from her mouth and Sheena’s to carry her.

“OK! FINE! I didn’t tell him yet!” Kai said, “But I couldn’t just tell him about it!!”

“You had 6 MONTHS to tell him!” Cassie said, “That was enough time!”
“Things was going so well then. Nobody was shooting at us or threatening us every hour of the way. You said you wanted us to have peace and quiet and well…..telling him that wouldn’t help anything!”

“But wouldn’t prolonging it be worse?” Sheena said, “I mean, what if someone else tells him that and maybe mention that you knew it before he did? Think of what that might do.”

“Sheena, I did.” Kai said, “I thought of every way of thinking to tell him but….I don’t know what to do with this. I’m damned if I do and damned if I don’t. I couldn’t just say ‘Hey MAK! How’s your day, sweetie, and oh, you know that guy that shot my dad is–”

That moment was interrupted when MAK came back with some towels and noticed both Tomoki and Cassie are carrying Kai like a blanket.
“Um….guys? You doing some ritual shit or something?”

“Ah…NO!” Both then dropped Kai like a rock.
“Ow.” Kai shouted. “Why?”
“My bad.” Cassie said with the same feign feeling Kai did. “Hand slipped.”

“Well, then….We said before that you two need to hide out here since we can’t tell the others about this….yet and we need a way to keep you in there in case a familiar face sees you.” MAK said. “Not to mention, we might need someone to keep an eye here.”

“That and all of us can’t tell a soul.” Kai said, “Meaning me, MAK & Sheena…”
“Well, add Yuan and Kati to that, too.” Sheena said.
Kai continued on with an annoyed tone, “OK. Meaning Me, MAK, Sheena & Yuan and Kati will swore to keep this secret to ourselves and Sheena, since you didn’t tell me about that….YOU TELL THEM THE SAME THING TOMORROW!!” As Kai gritted her teeth on how serious she is.
“OK, Gotcha.” Sheena said in an easily frightened voice. “And did anyone tell you how cute you sound angry?”
“First off, I’m not trying to be cute.” Kai said, “And second, THANK YOU.” As she hugged and petted her.

“So…..what do we do for the rest of the night?” Kai said.
“I’m going to bed.” MAK said, “It’s 1AM and I got a class in the morning and I need some sleep to survive it.”

“Welp, I got a day off tomorrow…”Kai said.
“And?” MAK said.
“That’s it. Just to rub it on your face.” She teased to him. “I’ll just stay here with the girls, all night long, talking about whatever comes to our mind and some other things and…”
“If you’re trying to tease me….well, it worked but I can’t be sleepy at school.” MAK said.
“Well, at least I tried.” Kai said, “Night night, MAK!”
“Good night.” As MAK went into bed and closed the door.

Sheena went on to say, “Well, since he’s going asleep, you still need to talk about that–”
“No.” Kai said.
“That’ll be for another day.” Cassie said. “Oh, believe that.”
Sheena look out of the door, “So should I be going now or…”
“Well, Sheena, you don’t have to leave. Hell, you can sleep here in the couch if you want.” In a flash, Sheena got down to her underwear and said, “Great. The couch? Don’t mind if I do.”

“Well, that was quick.” Cassie said, “Girl undresses faster than we do.”
“Wait… she staying here?” Tomoki said.
“Yeah, for the night.” Kai said, “She has an apartment next to us.”
“Hey and if you want, you can sometimes hide in here when I’m at work.” Sheena said. “Like them, I got an extra room in case you make too much noise for MAK and Kai. Although to be fair, so do they.”
“HEY!!” Kai said, “I can’t help it if my moaning happens to startle some people!”
“I didn’t say it startle me.” Sheena said. “If all honesty, it turns me on.”

Tomoki and Cassie looked at her awkwardly after she said that. “We’re not gonna do the same thing to us, right?”
“Hmmmm…, not really.” Sheena said, “I don’t know much of you to do that yet.”
“Yet?” Tomoki said. “Oh…..shit.”
“I’m locking the door.” Cassie whispered to her.
“Gotcha.” Tomoki said.

Then Kai starts to get tired of a sudden, “Whoa! I think that combination of pizza, wings, chocolate and liquor got me worn out… I feel sleepy and weak.”
“I think I felt it, too.” Tomoki said. “….And I really need to go to the bathroom NOW!!” As she runs off in a hurry.
“HEY!!” Kai said. “At least get some air freshener while you’re going in there!!”
“So, we should call it a night?” Sheena said as she turns on the TV.
“I guess so.” Cassie said. “But, remember that you need to tell Kati and Yuan that no one should know we are here. We don’t need any unwanted trouble here?”

“Hey, um, Cassie?” Sheena said. “I got to ask….did the Wolf Clan let you roam free after 6 months of being there?”
Cassie calmly said to her, “Yes, of course. They decided that I learned my lesson and they let me go. I served my time and now I’m here. Finally in the same place again as my friends and family are. Hell, this is practically my family all these years.”

“And you must really missed them a lot, haven’t you?” Sheena said.
“Oh, definitely.” Cassie said, “They really meant a lot to me and I swore to protect them from whatever causes them harm and that’s not just because of me being the Faction but life in general. Kati, Yuan, MAK, Kai, Cyan & Seiki, The Darksiders and especially Tomoki…..they mean everything to me.”
“Judging by the reaction here tonight, they’re glad we’re back here, too.” Sheena said. “You’re right. I don’t know them as long as you do but I hope to share the same feeling you have. I like working for Yuan and Kati and yeah, MAK and Kai are honestly good people and I never thought I see a cute couple like them that isn’t in your face about it”

“Maybe you will, Sheena.” Cassie said, “Who knows what will happen in the future? However, I know in the next 4 minutes, I’m going to sleep in the other room.”
Tomoki then comes out of the bathroom, closing the door immediately. “…..I suggest not going in there for……well, ever.”
Kai fainted at the smell coming from there. “Oh…FUCK!” She sprayed enough air freshener to cover the whole apartment.
“So, until morning, then?”  Tomoki asked.
“You also need to cover some of your tracks while you’re here.” Kai said, “Someone might suspect you’re here and I don’t want you to leave any tracks for them to find out.”

“Kai, don’t worry.” Cassie said, “I’ll make sure to cover most of our tracks while we’re hear.”
“Remember, this is just temporary.” Kai said, “Eventually, you’re gonna have to get your own place.”
“I know, I know.” Cassie said, “Trust me, Kai, I won’t be a burden to you guys….come on, gassy.” She said picking up Tomoki, “It’s time for us to get to bed.”
“Oh, well, at least my stomach is feeling better now.” Tomoki said, “Good night, Kai. Thanks for letting us stay here!”

“OK. GOOD NIGHT, GUYS!” Kai said. “Oh and Sheena….” Yet Sheena was fast asleep before Kai could say anything.
“I’ll see you in the morning, I guess.” As Kai went to bed herself while trying not to wake MAK but still thinking about the whole ordeal and the secret she’s keeping from him. MAK was already fast asleep but Kai kept on thinking about what would happen if she told him.
“I really want to tell you, MAK…..” As she is thinking to herself. “I do…..”


At the Faction where everything is business as usual as Collins just caught himself another collar, but it’s for invading taxes and streaking. “OK, be lucky that you have a tolerable-looking ass but be warned a lot of guys in prison might like that shit.”

“So another bust?” Nguyen said coming from the office with Yubari. “And apparently one I should’ve caught….guy has a nice-looking ass.”
“Yeah, there’s a reason why you weren’t on it.” Yubari said.

“Don’t worry, Gina.” Collins said, “That guy’s ass isn’t worth it. The dude was not only invading taxes but stole money from his own daughter.”
“So fuck that guy?” Nguyen said.
“EXACTLY!!” Collins and Yubari said in unison.


All of a sudden, they heard something outside of the building like a big boom with a rumble that shook everyone in there.

“What in the hell was that?!?” Jiro said, as he was running outside and when he did, he saw that most of the parking lot is on fire but yet none of the cars exploded…..yet.
“OH SHIT!!! Someone PUT OUT THAT FIRE!!!” he shouted.
“WHAT IN THE HELL!?” Collins said, “MY CAR!! MY FUCKING CAR!!”
“Sayuri, get the Fire Department! FAST!” Sei ordered.
“ON IT!” Sayuri said.

The fire department got there to put it out but they couldn’t get there in time as the cars, including Collins’ ride, exploded in a fiery fury and worse of all, it got real close to the Faction’s gas line but luckily for them, a flame didn’t get near it.
The others were looking on to see what and who cause all of this.

“My fucking car, man.” Collins said, “Shit……that was a gift from my uncle, man. I swear I’ll get those motherfuckers you thrashed my car.”
“OK, man. Calm down.” Leon said.
“Leon, don’t tell me to calm down.” Collins angrily said, “I got no ride home!! My fiancé is worried and scared that somebody is hunting me down and trying to kill me!!! I can’t calm down and neither can Jess!”

“We will get to the bottom of this.” Seiki said, “Believe that we are on it.”
“I think we might already know who did it.” Cyan said, “It’s so obvious….those damn BIRDBRAINS!!! This must be their following strike!! They said it was going to be worse and they weren’t lying! Be lucky you were with us and not in there, being burned to a crisp!”

“Shit….Barrett, you might be right.” Collins said.

“Wait, I am?” Cyan questioned herself.

“You could be.” He said, “Maybe they were planning to kill one of us to show that they are a raw deal and even though I’m still alive……they’re a big deal now.”

“We can’t put somebody on the Faction for this job.” Seiki said, “They know who it would be and they’ll be 2 steps ahead of us. We need someone outside of our jurisdiction for this, somebody who knows how to think underhanded, greedy, disgusting, and…well, mostly, an asshole.”

“Yeah, but who would be a good candidate for it?” Cyan said.



Jiro was calling up someone on the case, “Hey, listen. I heard that you two were back to being detectives. I know of your past ‘incidents’ with some of my members…..but you will agree not to harm any members of the Faction while investigating this case unless you have to.”

“I don’t know. What’s your offer on this?” The voice on the phone said.

“I will grant you Faction Immunity and whatever your heart’s desire….as long as it’s legal.” Jiro said. “That’s all I can do for you and your brother.”

“Will cash be involved in this?” The other voice said.

“Yes. As long as you do your job. I do not doing this behind my co-workers’ backs but it’s for the best.” Jiro said. “Can I trust you?”
And on the other line, it was revealed to be…..

“Sir, I believe you are in capable hands of us, The Cain Brothers.” It was Rick Cain and Dice Cain, all healed-up from their last encounter and even with a titanium arm.

“I see you within 24 hours.”




“You hired them!?!?”

“Well, well, well, if it isn’t good ‘ol MAK and his blue-haired chick Kai. Oh, and I see a side chick, too.”

“Ever been in a threesome before?”

“You know that girl got a crush on you.”

“Nothing can describe the bullshit I’ve gone through since high school.”

“No hard feelings, right?”

“If I see you going anywhere near my sister and MAK…..I will end you right here, right now.”

“I got a feeling I’m being watched….by someone.”




©2015 KATANAPlus+ / The Faction Project.


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