WARNING: The following written material that you’re about to read may contain acts of violence, graphic language, and sexual content. This is meant only for MATURE AUDIENCES. Reader Discretion is advised.

Previously on COLORS.

Turns out Shin Endo is alive (even without a certain thing attached to him) and he wants mad revenge on MAK and his people but MAK isn’t going down without a fight, even though his body disagrees with him.

The Faction offices exploded due to a planted bomb by the BIRDBRAINS and Jiro is in the hospital because of that. Later on, 2 of them (Myke and Yellowhammer) planned to kill him in his sleep but they easily got foiled by Sei, however, they beat up Rolo and stole his car. Laila discovers her sister Reiko (aka Kikyo Shaw) is also with them as well.

Gina Nguyen & Joanna Yubari are now the latest to discover that Tomoki and Cassie are living with MAK and Kai and sworn to keep it to themselves as the others did.

Early in the morning, MAK and Kati were busy talking about what plan they got in store for Shin.
“Alright, you got everything I said?”
“A thousand times yes.” Kati said. “MAK, we got over this already. You’ll lead him on, you corner him and we’ll handle the rest.”

“All right.” MAK said. “You should probably get some rest. You look like you been up all night.”
That was actually true as Kati has been up all night either playing video games or on the internet. “No, MAK, I’m fine. Sleep ain’t shit!!” She starts to fall asleep but woke back up.
“Maybe I should sleep right now.”
“You really should.” MAK said. “Anyway, later.”
“Later, MAK.” She said as she ended the call.

MAK then heard some knocking outside and he discovers that it’s Gina knocking on Sheena’s door to see if Yubari is awake.
“Gina….” MAK said.
“MAK!! You’re up at this hour.” Nguyen said. “We got an hour to get to work and I need to wake up Joanna.”
“Wait, Joanna’s been here with Sheena all night?” he asked.
“Yeah. You didn’t k—Oh wait, you was asleep at that time.” Gina said.
The door opens with Joanna on the other side in nothing but a button-up shirt and panties. “Oh, good morning, guys!! MAKky, you feeling better today?”
“Sorta….still hurts but yeah…” he said. “I’m OK now.”
“Jo…..why are you only in your underwear?” Gina asked. “And it looks like your bra strap is on the side of…”
“OH….” As she noticed. “Yeah…..Some things happened last night.”
Then all three saw Sheena coming out of the bathroom in the buff with a towel wrapped around her head.
“Mornin’, guys…” As Sheena said in a really awkward tone as she saw MAK and Gina staring at her.

“Care to explain, Sheena? Joanna?” MAK said. “And don’t leave out any juicy details.”
“Well……” both said to them.


As the two entered Sheena’s apartment, Joanna began to flirt a little with Sheena.
“Yeah.” Sheena said.
“Thanks for letting me stay here for the night.” Joanna said.
“No problem.” Sheena said. “Since most of us know all about the whole Tomoki/Cassie thing, we should stick together on this…although I barely know you and your friend Gina.”
“Don’t worry….I know the feeling when I find out about them.” Sheena said. “It should be smooth sailing from here on out.”
“I hope so.” Joanna said. “At least until the whole thing blow over….”
“Yeah….” Soon that whole conversation linger on to silence since both of them don’t know what else to say.

“Oh…” Sheena said. “Back when I said I think any guy or girl would want to get with you?”
Then Sheena’s hand got close to Joanna’s.
“Well…….you don’t–“
“WAIT!” Joanna said. “Are you thinking what I’m thinking right now?”
“You mean….”

Soon the sounds of moaning and grunting are coming from them and as it turns out……both are actually moving around furniture.
“Wow, you were right, Joanna.” Sheena said. “It looks better aligned there than it did at the corner.”
“Yeah…” Joanna said panting. “That was pretty tiring.” As she said taking her shirt off and laying down on the couch.
“Fuck it, I’m tired, too.” As Sheena began to lay down, too, but on top of Joanna.
“Actually, I think we can do one more thing….” Joanna said.

Next thing, Sheena was licking and sucking on Joanna’s nipples and her moaning her name as the two began to have sex.
Joanna began taking the rest of Sheena’s clothes off.
“So, you see what you like?” Sheena said.
“Yes…….I do.” As Joanna stares amorously at her.
“Oh, and like I said, you got a body most men and women would want to get with. Not to mention you are sexy and cute, too.” Sheena said. “And I want to be that woman to get with you.” Joanna instantly kisses Sheena and continuing with them having sex.
“Oh Sheena…..” After getting Joanna topless, Sheena then went down on her, performing oral sex on her. Joanna moaned and squeaked throughout Sheena pleasuring her and then took turns as Joanna goes down on Sheena.
Both then got on top on each other naked and soon just make out for the rest of the night.

“So, you move furniture and then y’all fucked?” MAK said.
“I saw pornos with better set-ups than this.” Gina said. “So does that mean that…”
“Mean what? We’re a couple?” Joanna said. “No, not really.”
“Ditto.” Sheena said. “We just wanted a good fuck and we got that. Plus, I like those moves you put on me last night.”
“Oh, stop.” Joanna said with a flirty laughy way.

“Hmmm….alright, then.” As MAK said.
“Hey, at least you’re getting some from somebody.” Gina said as it felt like the two doesn’t give a fuck.

Back at the apartment, the phone rings which woke up Kai after what looks like another bad nightmare.
She answers It. “Hello?”
“Kai, it’s Aka.”
“Aka?” She looks at her watch. “This is early for you to call.”
“Kai, you didn’t hear the news? Rolo got jacked last night and beat up by these two thugs.” Aka exclaimed to her.
“WHOA! WHOA! WHOA!” Kai said, “Rolo got robbed?”
“He was visiting Sayuri in the hospital since her brother was admitted from that explosion at the Faction.” She said.
“Explosion?!” Kai shouted.
“YES!! Don’t you watch the news sometimes?” Aka said. “Look, the ones that did this is the same guys that set fire to that car and framed MAK for it!! The BIRDBRAINS!! And we’re going to be the ones to get those sons of bitches!! They mess with our crew and now we fuck with theirs!!”
“Oh shit… Rolo safe?” Kai asked.
“He is…He’s in here with Sayuri and Laila for now. Those two will take care of him.” Aka said.
“Um…..and by that, you mean–”
“I don’t have time for jokes and bullshit, Kai.” Aka said. “Right now, we have to track them down and beat their asses until they’re black and blue. Hey, you think MAK would want to come? I figure we would since they framed him.”
“He would but……we’re dealing with some shit of our own, too.” Kai said. “It’s a long story…but yeah, best of luck to all of you. Hope you all make it safe.”
She hangs up the phone as she now contemplates on the situations at hand from Shin Endo coming back, Rick and Dice on them again, Darksiders going at war with the BirdBrains, The whole Tomoki/Cassie situation along with the majority of everyone knowing about it and to top it off, knowing and keeping a dark secret from MAK.
She can feel the stress oozing out of her and that immediately causes her to throw up.

The words of ‘You will fall’ kept echoing inside Kai’s head from that bad dream and the more she thought about it, the sadder she gets and the more tears came.
She heard MAK coming in so she wears her tears and vomit residue from her mouth and pretend that everything is fine.

“Kai?” MAK looked around for her. “Baby, you up?”
“Yes, I’m up, MAK.” Kai said.
“Are you feeling alright, Kai?” He asked. “Because you looked a little sick for a moment. Either that or just normal sleep crust.”
“Don’t worry, I’m good.” She said. “I do appreciate you showing some concern.”
She then leaned on MAK. “MAK…..have I ever said that I love you as of recent?”
“Yeah, I think you have.” He said.

Kai then leaned forward onto MAK and hold him and said, “Well, I just want you to know that every day whether we are having sex, arguing, or whatever, that I still love you from the sweet boy I met when we were 9 to the grown man I came to know and love.”
She gripped tightly around his waist and hold him lovingly.
“Kai, I want you to also know that I always loved you from the cute girl I met back then to the lovely, sexy and sweet woman I know and love.” MAK said. “I know you’ve been stressed as all hell since all this drama began and I’m sorry if I cause any of that to y–”
“MAK, you’re not the cause of it.” Kai said, “But I’m afraid while you try to stop it, you’ll end up destroying yourself in the process and it feels like every time something like this happens, the worst is yet to come.”

“Look, I swear once this shit is over, you and me……we’re going to spend more time with each other, vacation with only the two of us and it can be on wherever and whatever you want.” He said. “I promise you that and I swear we will all make it out alive.”
“You promise?” She said.
He gives Kai a deep kiss. “I promise. I will see you later, baby.” He then exits out of there.
“I’ll see you later, MAK.” Kai silently said. “……I hope.”

Cut to the Darksiders’ hideout, the gang are getting ready to invade the BirdBrains’ hideout as Cameron took over Rolo’s duties of locating them.
“Yo, I got the details all in here.” Cameron said, “They are somewhere in the underground.”
“The underground?” Lex said, “Why does that sound like they’re mutant teenage creatures that led by a rat and eats pizza?”
“Doesn’t matter.” Aka said. “Once we get in there, we shoot in there with everything we got.”
“I got the strategic plans worked out.” Lex said. “Me and you will lead the way, followed with Devo and Nanashi going behind and then Magnum finishes the job with this…..”
They are now shown this huge weapon in front of them.
“So……what the hell is that thing?” Aka said. “And please don’t call it the BFG.”
“It’s not called that.” Magnum said. “It’s the Giant-ass gun!! Thank you very much. This thing can shoot down a door with one bullet. Powerful mechanics and all that.”
“So it’s basically the BFG?” Lex said, rolling his eyes.
“Yeah.” Magnum said. “But it’s still awesome.”

“And as usual, I’ll be watching you from afar because I don’t wanna die.” Aron said.
Rolo then came in his bandaged form. “Guys……anything for me to do?”
“Rolo…..” Aka said with this motherly tone. “Maybe you should just stay here and let the others take care of you. I mean, those guys did rough you up pretty badly.”
“Come on, I’m not hurt that bad.” He said but then Murasaki poked at this arm. “OWW!!! SAKI!”

“Yeah, no, you need your bed rest and a lot of it!” Murasaki said.
“Considering they could come back to do more damage to you.” Nola said.
“NOLA!” Murasaki said slapping her in the back of the head.
“Don’t exacerbate things!” she said, “Rolo, what Aka is saying that you shouldn’t hesitate to fight them. We heard a lot of shit about those guys and they are dangerous motherfuckers and when that happened…..we got worried. Sayuri and Laila were scared shitless of you being harmed. The guys were beyond pissed at this and right now, we need to watch each other’s back.”
Sayuri then came in to check up on him. “Rolo….”
She walked up to him and kissed him. “Babe, you really shouldn’t be out of bed.”
“But, Sayuri, I don’t feel–”
“Rolo……I got a brother in the hospital, a sister in the grave and now my boyfriend has been beaten….two favorite people of mine are hurt, one whom is already dead and I can’t handle this shit anymore.”
“Sayuri, what are you saying?”
“I’m saying…….I’m joining Aka and the others on this.” Sayuri said.
“WHAT!?” As Aka, Rolo, Murasaki and Nola was shocked to hear that.

“I stood on the sidelines too long and watch people I know get hurt or die.” Sayuri said. “That and being incompetent in some things and I’m tired of both.”
“But you risking your life as well?” Nola said. “This isn’t some Mean Girls-clique shit going on. These are some dangerous bad guys!!”
“I KNOW!!!” Sayuri said. “I faced them before and I thought I was fucked then!! Look, Rolo means something to me, too, and I don’t want to sit here like some do-nothing damsel-in-distress!”
“Aka, can you tell this girl that she–”
Aka told Nola to quiet down as she was about to say something. “Actually……..If she wants to fight with us, she can.” Aka said.
“WHAT!” Nola said. “Her? For real?”
“Yes, Nola, I’m giving her a chance to do this.” Aka said. “I can tell by that look that she meant it.”
“And how do you she won’t fuck up on this?” Nola said.
“I know…..because I knew somebody like that one time when their special someone got hurt and they would do anything to get revenge no matter how bad things got.”
“Who?” Nola asked.
“You know damn well who.” As Aka pointed out to her and then she went to Sayuri. “We’ll be ready in about 20 minutes. Choose your weapon and meet us in the truck.”
“Aka……” Sayuri said. “……Thank you.”
“You’re welcome…….but you better make sure you don’t fuck around when dealing with these guys. Come near them but you better not miss.”

Aka then went to Rolo. “Hey……you OK with her doing this?”
Rolo said to her, “I don’t think I have any say on this. I mean, who am I to say she can’t fight?”
“But you are worried, right?” Aka said.
“YES, I’M WORRIED!!” Rolo said, “But what can I say? ‘No, Sayuri, don’t fight for me.’ If I was in her shoes, I do the same thing.”
“OK…..I do get what you’re saying.” Aka said, “Will you be fine while we’re gone?”
“Aka, don’t worry about a thing here.” As Murasaki said to them. “I can take care of little Rolo while you’re out fighting.”

On the other side of the city, MAK is meeting Kati, Mango, Yuan, Cob and Shade at the Express to begin their plan to defeat Shin once and for all.
“Everybody know their part, right?”
“I got it.” Kati said.
“Sure.” Mango said giving the thumbs up.
“Um, what’s the plan to this again?” Shade asked them.
“And why am I involved in this?” Yuan said.
“Oh, fuck…….OK, the plan is one of you lure his ass out of hiding and they would be either Cob or Shade since he’s seen Kati, Mango and Yuan’s faces and plus, he’ll know something if they do it.”
“Again, why am I here?” Yuan said.
“You’re more of keeping tabs on us.” MAK said, “Make sure we stay alive and all that.”
“I didn’t even know about this until Kati told me this morning.” Yuan said. “You sure you want to do this, MAK?”
“Yuan, last time, I lied for y’all about this and it ended up you being shot.”
“MAK, I appreciate you telling me the truth this time but I’m sure I’m bound to get shot here, too.” Yuan said.
Then Mango spotted Shin coming up on their right and have everybody ready in their positions to attack.
Shin busted in the doors of the Express and just smashed a window as he got in there.
“MAK, you dumb motherfucker!! You think I didn’t know you were planning some shit in there….and with your bartender friends?” He shouted. “Either way, after you’re dead, I’m fucking their life up, too, especially Kai!”

No one tried to make a sound when he came in. Everyone was hidden into their spots for attack and surprisingly, Cob drew the first fire.
Then Shin immediately shot back with an AK.
“Oh shit!” Cob said.
“I see you’re the one dork that can’t hit worth a shit.” Shin said. “Now where’s that bitch that shot me?”
Kati then shoves out Shade and Yuan for some reason to fool him.
“Nice try. I know that’s her bitch and her other dork. You know what, fuck it!”
He phased from there and where Kati was at.
“GOTCHA!!” He got the drop on her and grabs her with the gun pointed to her neck.

“You think it’s funny shooting my dick off?” Shin said. “HUH!? You basically mutilated me with a pistol back then. YOU HUMILIATED ME!!”
“Oh, and you having your goons shoot me and my boyfriend should be forgotten?”

“Whatever.” Shin said. “Because right now, I’m taking you out first….”
He’s about to shoot Kati in the head but then Mango turned off the lights and grabbed a club to knock Shin on his ass and Kati bite his hand and elbowed him in the groin but then he grabbed Mango, choking him with all his might but then Yuan grabbed an empty beer bottle to smack it on his face, cutting it as well.

Mango was gasping for air as Kati grabbed some rum and threw some on Shin then Yuan got a lit flame and threw it on him, burning his face as well and Shin shouting out expletives and screaming in pain that he can’t see.

Then for the coup de grace, MAK finally got into the fray and grabbed his ass, threw him out of the window, phased out of there and stomped on his ass.
“Everybody leave now!!” MAK shouted. “Kati, get to the girls and get them to safety!!”
“MAK, what the fuck are you doing!?” She shouted.
“I’m finishing this motherfucker once and for all!” MAK said. “Phase the others out of here as well. I know you got some of the same powers as me.”
“HE’S DOWN FOR THE COUNT!!! He’s not gonna get up!!” Kati shouted. “We can call the police and he’s gone for–” However, he threw a knife that almost got Kati but MAK blocked it with his hand.
“Dude, your hand!!” She screamed. Then he threw it back at Shin while he’s down.
“AAHHH!!” Shin kept screaming in pain.
“I’ll be fine!!” MAK said as he helped phase the others out. “Now get the FUCK OUT OF HERE!!!”
“I won’t die on her now get YOUR ASS OUT!!” MAK shouted back at Kati as he made her phase out of there.

Then Shin rushed MAK and slammed him back into the Express and then he jumped back there to punch and throttle him some more but then MAK tripped him over and he threw him to the ceiling and slammed him on the ground with a swift kick in the jaw.
Shin got a glass shard and stabbed MAK in the kneecap.
“AAAHHHH!!!” He shouted and wreathed in pain with Shin dragging him outside again. “Maybe you should’ve phased out while you still can.”
“Man….fuck you!!” He said in between pain. “You would’ve followed us and beat us anyway.”
“Well, that’s true.” Shin said. “But you will do for now.”
MAK kicked and stomped Shin with all his might but Shin kept resisting and blocking his moves that it seemed too easy for him.
“My turn.” And that’s when Shin unleashed his full power on MAK and he was beating the ever-loving shit out of him from his kicks, his strikes to MAK’s side and he’s getting weaker by the minute.

With his last strength and powers, MAK then phased on top of the building to make a run for it. His knee was still bleeding but he had a gun on him so he can shoot Shin if he comes.
And as scheduled, Shin went up to get him but MAK kept shooting at him but he keeps missing him and arm is starting to feel that pain again from yesterday.

He felt mostly woozy trying to evade him and he’s mostly panting, breathing for air and felt like he was about to give and the moment came when MAK was close to the edge of the roof, he was still hurting and it look like Shin was going to shoot him on sight but then MAK fell from the roof and into one of the city dumpsters, leaving him unconscious for the count.
Shin phased from the roof to where the dumpster is.
“Well, well, well…….looks like your luck has gone down to the dumps and as for your little friends……I sense doom upon your fellows.”

Elsewhere, the Darksiders along with Sayuri are getting close to the BIRDBRAINS’ hideout as they were riding there.
Sayuri was hesitant about doing this as she has never fired a gun before and Aka and Nola took notice of that.
“She seems nervous.” Nola said. “Her hands are shaking everywhere.”
Aka silently said to her, “No shit….of course, she’s got that. First time going to eliminate assholes who messed with our friend. Once again… did that before.”
“Again you bring that up?”
“The 2nd time!” Aka said. “Look, I got faith in her and you should, too.”
Nola then went to talk to Sayuri about it. “Hey……um, you getting nervous over there?”
“No, I’m fine.” Sayuri said as she’s still shaking.
“Look…’s fine to get nervous here.” Nola said. “Maybe I went a bit hard on you but yeah…. I know the same feeling you got.”
“What feeling?” Sayuri said.
“When someone you love dearly was harm or about to be harmed and you’d do anything to save or protect them.” Nola said to her. “Believe me, I know what you’re going through.”

At the BIRDBRAINS’ hideout, Myke & Yellowhammer was supposed to be on watch for any intruders but got a little interrupted by either their constant bickering and petty sex.
“OW! OW!” Myke said. “Why do you assist on yanking it instead of massaging it?”
“Because your dick ain’t exactly up to king size if you get my drift.” Yellowhammer said as she snickers.
“Your big hands aren’t exactly helping either.” Myke said followed by a slap from her.
That was followed by a knock on the door.

“What the fuck?” As Ryo took a good look at what’s happening. “Oh, so I see you’re too busy with fucking a lot to do your job.”
“And….” Myke said. “At least I’m getting some.”
Yellowhammer slaps him again. “Ryo, do us a favor and check who that is.”
“Fine….but The Grey One is going to be on your ass about this!” He said.
He opens the door and sees Lex at the door.
“Man, what the fuck you want?” Ryo irritatingly asked.
“Sir, we like to talk you about our lord and Hybrid Savior.” As Lex went on as a fake Jehoviah’s witness.
“Yeah, sorry but I’m not interested.” As Ryo tried to close the door.
“I figure you say that.” As Lex fired the first round into Ryo’s foot and kicked the door open.
“GO! GO! GO! GO!” Everyone bum rushes out of the van with guns blazing and ready to shoot.

“Who the hell are you!?” Ryo shouted and then pushes the alarm for intruders, which got everyone else in the BirdBrains alarmed.
“We’re friends of the guy you assholes rough up.” Lex punches him square in the jaw.
Aka, Nanashi and Nola start shooting all the windows of the place, breaking all the shit they can find and destroying whoever is in their way.

“Kikyo!!!” Myke said. “We are enemies in our territory!! We need gunplay ASAP!!”

“Shit…..” Kikyo said.
“Go.” Grey One said. “I got more things to take care of. I know you can handle this.”
The Grey One gives Kikyo two pistols for measure. “Thank you, Gre–”
“You know what? Call me Miki.” Then she kissed Kikyo on the lips.
“Thank you, Miki.”

Lots of gunfire has been unleashed here with fights around the corner:
Lex and Aka was about to face Myke and Yellowhammer.
“Yeah, you get the girl.” Lex said to Aka.
“Really?” Aka said in a smug way.
“Yeah, I get the chick.” Myke said with a amorous look on his face.
“Uh, no. I get the girl.” Yellowhammer said. “And keep it in your pants.”
Lex then swooped in with pistol whipping the hell out of Myke the first instant but yet Yellowhammer easily grabbed Aka and threw her out of the window.
“Ow! Shit!” Aka said.
“Come here, bitch!!” She dragged her from the ground but Aka shot her in the arm and strike her in the knee and kick her in the shin.
Aka then got a bat and used it to knock Yellowhammer’s head…..but then she misses.
“How in the hell…..”
“You miss?” Yellowhammer said. “I have no idea either.”
Aka then runs for cover with her and Yellowhammer shooting at each other.
Myke then headbutted Lex into the next room and then grabbed the swing pole and kicked Lex into a soda machine. He was going to be strike again on Lex but he missed as Lex moved out of the way in time which got Myke stuck in there as well.

Ryo was about to grab a shotgun to take care of Lex and Aka as they were fighting Myke and Yellowhammer but then Aron threw some firecrackers and some gasoline at him to create a fire.
“The fuck?!” As Ryo shouted.
“FIRE IT UP, MOTHERFUCKER!!!” Aron shouted as he’s throwing a lot of lit liquor bottles in there, setting shit on fire.
Robin then tackled him and then throttle Aron with a wrench.
“I’mma fuck your ass up, boy!!” Robin screamed.
Aron then round kick him in the legs and evade him with the rest of the lit bottles and luckily Magnum came to his rescue and brought out the giant-ass gun.
“Hey, dudes.” Magnum said as the gun is getting ready to shoot and that meant Ryo and Robin needed to get out of the way fast as he sprays bullets all over the area.

“I FUCKING LOVE THIS GUN!!!” Magnum shouted. He continues to fire upon them with much vigor and upstairs, Nanashi and Devo were getting the drop on Crane and Hawk.
“Devo, out front!!” Nanashi shouted as she tried to shoot Hawk from the corner but Crane sprayed some pepper spray in her eyes.
“Oh fuck!!”
Devo then blocked the pepper spray from his eyes and grabbed Crane and slammed her head to her keyboards and then punched her in the face.
“Bruh, really?” Hawk reacted.
“What…..she sprayed my woman and guess what?” He then fired a shot at his shoulder. “She deserves shit, too. Oh, and you as well I guess.” And that goes to Hawk hollering and screaming for the next few minutes.
He then went to check on Nanashi.
“Babe, you OK?”
“FUCK NO!!” Nanashi said. “That dorky bitch sprayed me!! I need to flush this shit out with water or something.”
“Uh……we shoot out the sinks.” Devo said. “Or at least Magnum did.”
“GODDAMMIT!!” Nanashi said. “Way to go, Magnum and your fake-ass Doom GUN!!”
Nola and Sayuri were last to jump to the game and they scoped out the rest of the hideout to search for any remaining BIRDBRAINS in the building. Suddenly, one noise from one place to another when Nola was searching through the room.
It was Kikyo trying to evade out of there by blinding the girls but Nola grabbed her by the collar and threw her to the wall.

“That blinding us shit isn’t going to work with us, bitch!” Nola said.
“STAND DOWN!!” Sayuri said, pointing her gun directly to Kikyo. “You people will pay for what you done to Rolo!!”
“Oh, is that it?” Kikyo said. “Because I hurt one of your fuck buddies?”
Sayuri seemed confused at that moment.
“Oh, I know all about you, Sayuri Matsuda.” Kikyo said. “How you were basically a slacker Hybrid girl whose parents died during a burglary when you was 10 and thanks to that inheritance you got, you lived an easy life doing nothing but lazing around, smoking dope and fucking anything and anyone you find…..”

“How in the hell you know about me?” Sayuri said.
“Wait, you had weed on you?” Nola asked. “Who’s your weed guy?”

“You can say that I know someone very similar to you.” Kikyo said. “Someone…….we both have a mutual friend in….somebody……you and your lover had a little fun with.”
Sayuri then starts to put the pieces all together in the puzzle with what she said and she thought the worst.
“No…….No. No. NONONONONONONO!!!!!” And that’s when it came to the sudden realization that Kikyo knows Laila.
“Yeah, I know all about your little friend Laila.” Kikyo said. “I mean, she always hangs out with you and I guess that one night where she and that boy were practically run train on y–”

“SHUT UP!!” Sayuri said. “Look, I don’t know why the fuck you attacked my boyfriend but you get near him again or Laila as a matter of fact, I will personally make you pay.” And another shocker came to Sayuri.
“Now come on, I would never attack another one of your friends……especially since one of them is my OWN SISTER!”
Her heart stopped for that minute as the realization that the girl she had become good friends with, one of the few people that helped her through her sister’s loss and knew her intimately as well as sexually with… related to one of the people that tried to kill her brother.
“You……..Laila…….sisters?” Sayuri said in her state of shock.

“Hard to believe, isn’t it?” Kikyo said. “The girl who and your other friend have been fucking is related to me…”
“Sayuri, snap out of it!” Nola said. “She’s trying to psych you out.”
“Your best friend LIED to you and normally, I would side with my sister but I got to see what’s right and wrong and well……”
“SAYURI!!” Nola said. “There’s—AAHHHHH!!!!!” She suddenly got attacked by Ryo by choking her with a microfilm nylon string, then throwing her down the stairs while trying to shoot her as well. He missed and accidentally shot the wall.
“Well, shit. COME HERE, BITCH!!!” He said grabbing Nola’s hair trying to put the gun to her face but she kicked him at the shin.

“All is fair in love and war.” Kikyo said, “And well…….this round, you lost.”
Kikyo grabbed the gun from Sayuri, hit her upside the head with the pistol and proceed to shoot her in the leg.
Sayuri screamed in writhing pain from the bullet.
“Wow… are definitely not ready for this, little girl.”
Sayuri used her good leg to kick her down to take the gun and try to shoot her but her pain from the leg kept her from standing up to do it.
“Yeah, the leg pain is not helping your cause.” Kikyo taunted her in her downfall and easily tripped her to the ground.

“Why……..would you do this shit?” Sayuri said.
“We’re doing this for a good cause.” Kikyo said. “Something that the Faction haven’t done in a long while and taking them out will lead to a better future!!”
“A better future of what!?!” Sayuri shouted. “A bunch of insane zealots leading the people instead?”
“The Grey One is not a zealot!” She shouted. “Hell, she is considered smarter and far superior than your damn brother and that other girl……your other sister or something….” That confused Kikyo got a bit. “Hell, I don’t know….nor I care!!” As she hits Sayuri in the face.

Back at the city, Kati along with everyone else besides MAK phased out of harm’s way and just outside of the apartments.
“OK, we’re here.” Yuan said. “We just need to warn the girls and get them the hell out of sight until he get Shin out of our lives.”
“How long you think we got?” Mango said.
“Knowing MAK, it would be an hour or two.” Shade said. “Probably shorter.”
Kati was still in shock over what happened back there. “MAK…..why the fuck did you do that? Goddamn you, MAK. GODDAMN YOU!!”
The guys noticed her inner soliloquy.
“What the hell is wrong with him!? What am I gonna tell Kai?!” Kati said.
“I don’t know.” Mango said. “I know Kai is going to be more worried than before.”
“Look. Me and Kati will go in here to tell her the news.” Yuan said. “The rest of you…..get some reinforcements in case Shin comes back for us.”
The rest of them left the place while Kati and Yuan went in.

Tomoki and Cassie went to check up on Kai, who was still down from all the bad shit that’s happening today.
“Kai?” Tomoki called out.
“Kai Kai?” Cassie said.
They see her lying down on the couch, with the same depressed look as before.
“KAI!!!” Then there came Sheena, Joanna and Gina from her place.

“Guys…..” Kai said. “Look, I’m not up for talking or anything as a matter of fact. I just want this day to be fucking over and that’s with MAK or anybody else I know not dying.”
“What are you talking about?” Sheena said. “Nobody is dying.”
“Not yet. MAK is trying to fight off Shin….again.” she said to them, “Oh…..and the Darksiders got themselves in drama as well…..Well, Rolo got carjacked and they went to deal with them in their own way.”

“Carjacked?” Sheena said.
“By that group The Birdbrains.” Kai said. “The ones that’s been doing those attacks the last month or so.”

“The ones that actually destroyed Collins’ car.” Joanna said.
“The ones that we should’ve paid attention on getting instead of following MAK around.” Gina said.

Then a knock on the door came and Kati and Yuan happens to be on the other side.

“Kati, where’s MAK?” Kai said after a few minutes of letting them in and knowing what had happened with them.
“Oh………MAK……..Yeah, he’s……..he’s………He should come soon.” Kati said. “I’m sure he’s going to be fine.”
However, Kai can sense the stress and trauma from Kati and tell that she’s lying out of her trying to protect her feelings
“Kati……where’s MAK?” She asked again.
“Kai, I just told yo–”
“I KNOW!!” She said. “But I know you’re lying to me. Do you know where he is?” Her voice was raised a bit more at her.

“Kai, I swear I don’t know!!” Kati said.
Kai then went over to Yuan to ask him about it. “Look, Kai, she’s telling the truth. We don’t know where MAK is. We spot Shin at the Express, we fought him off and MAK went to finish it, told us to leave.”
“AND YOU LEFT!?!” Kai shouted.
“WE DIDN’T WANT TO!!” Kati shouted back at her. “I tri—WE tried to stay with him but he phased us out of sight!!”
“And you couldn’t phased back?” Kai said.
“I WAS OUT OF BLUE LEAF!” Kati said.
“One of you couldn’t go back? OR YOU SPECIFICALLY!?!” Kai screamed at her. “I GET YUAN AND THE OTHERS BUT YOU!!? You and MAK are best friends and you couldn’t go back for him!? Even if he told you to not get him!? What in the hell kind of friend are you!?!”
And that’s when Kati got furious and a bit teary-eyed at her. “You……bitch.”
“Kati?” Sheena said with concern.
“HOW THE FUCK YOU’RE GOING TO SAY I’M NOT A GOOD FRIEND!!!?” she screamed at Kai. “I’m NOT A GOOD FRIEND!!? I’m not a good friend that I didn’t fought alongside him trying to protect everyone including you!! I was following his wishes to protect your fucking ass and yet I get yelled at!?” She was trying to hold back tears.
“Oh……and if I’m not a good friend, then you definitely suck as a girlfriend since we all know you’re hiding this fucking secret about his dad and his connection with Pandora!!” Kati said. “You never told him since the incident and been neglecting to do it ever since and leaving him in the dark of something involving his own family!! You holding this shit from him is worse than us having to leave him in battle because at least we tried!! YOU ACT LIKE IF I DIDN’T CARE ABOUT HIM!!”
Kati didn’t want to say anyone to her as she felt more like crying and left the room.

Meanwhile, in a dark and brightly-lit room, there’s MAK tied up with his blue-leaf powers drained from him and surrounded by a bunch of HDTVs and it all shows a live feed of this room.
He starts to wake up and he feels mostly weakened by the fight and felt in more pain than before.
He groans from the pain.

“I see you’re up now.” And cue Shin coming in with something to show him.
“So, MAK…..I know when Pandora died, she died laughing at your face because she knew the truth about your dad after he left your family.” He said. “Now I applaud her for that just to fuck with you but nothing more about this, I think it would fuck you up more.”
He gets a file from his travel USB drive.
“I know the whole truth about your daddy, Makky Boy!!” He said to his face.
“Tonight, you’ll know and so will the rest of the Society!”

Kai went after Kati as she left in a huff.
“Kati……Kati……KATI!!!” Kai said chasing after her.
“What?” she said.
“OK……I got a little crazy at you back there…..No, it was a LOT CRAZY.” Kai said. “Look, I know you were just doing what you had to do and MAK didn’t want you in the crossfire. Kati, what I said to you would make you want to punch me and I don’t blame you if you–”
Kati immediately punched her.
“Well, it did.” Kati said. “You know I would never do that to him on purpose.”
“And you are a good friend to him.” Kai said, “I should’ve never said that you weren’t. I was…..”
“Too protective of him?”
“OK, yes.” Kai said. “And……you’re right about me sucking as a girlfriend and not telling him about….well, you know.”
“Kai…..sooner or later, he’s gonna have to find out and I rather you tell him than some other person who might make you look bad.” Kati said.
“I KNOW!!” Kai said, “But how….”

“Oh, I think I have something for you.” A voice said coming from the shadows. “Wouldn’t you agree, girls?” And behold, it was Miki waiting for them with an eye patch on one of her eyes.

“The hell?” Kai and Kati said. “Miki?”

“In the goddamn flesh!!” Miki screamed out.
“I thought your ass was dead!” Kati said. “Or in a coma or something.”

“You thought wrong, bartender.” Miki said. “Yeah, after that asshole Ramsey threw acid on my face, I had to go under full reconstruction for my face and it took me 5 months to get this looking right. Unfortunately, the other eye couldn’t be saved so…..yeah, eye patch.”

“Miki, what the hell you want?” Kai said.
“Oh, come now, Kai-Kai.” Miki said, “I don’t have any beef with you…..” Then she takes a quick switch to Kati.
“You however….”

“The feeling’s mutual, bitch.” Kati replied. “Now…..the girl asked you a question. Why are you here?”
All of a sudden, there was a noise coming from upstairs and screams, thinking it could be the other girls and Yuan in there.
Kati checked to see what it is and suspects it was her doing.
“You fucking–”
“Actually……I had no idea what’s going on there.” Miki said.

As it turns out, it’s Marble, Dumile and Oasis phasing into the apartment.
“The hell?” Sheena said. “Who in the fuck are you?”
“Uh, bitch, who in the fuck are YOU!?” Marble said pointing his gun directly at her.
Then Joanna and Gina have their guns aimed towards them.
“Uh, no, she’s in the right. We’re Faction Agents and you have no right to barge or phase in whenever you want!!! NOW, leave immediately or I have you arrested.” Gina said to them.

“Excuse me.” Oasis said. “We are part of the Wolf Clan Genesis and we’re here for prisoner retrieval. Guess what? One of you is going back and who’s the only wolf Hybrid in here?” As all of them are looking directly at Cassie.
“Prisoner……me? Wait, no, IT CAN’T BE!” As she is really surprised. “I did my 6 MONTHS!!! I’ve even signed some papers saying I’m free to go!!!”

“Actually….” Dumile said. “The ones you signed were fake.”
“Fake? FAKE!?” Cassie screamed.
“Yes, meaning that those papers are null and void and you basically escaped from us.” Oasis said.

“But, but, but…” Cassie kept stammering at the belief that she is no longer a free woman (again). “No…………NO!!! Look, maybe we can go back to the place, sign my official release papers and we’re square!!

“Not possible.” Dumile said. “You been out for a couple of months and we would let it slide except you have disobeyed us before. First when you was young and of course, that incident.”
“And guess what?” Marble said. “This is your 3rd strike. Meaning your ass is going with us……FOR LIFE!!”

“YOU CAN’T!!” Cassie said. “PLEASE DON’T LET ME SERVE THAT LONG!!! LOOK, I’LL SERVE THE NEXT 2 MONTHS but please……I can’t be away from everyone again! Not from my friends……my family……My Tomoki.”

“Look, she didn’t know about this.” Joanna said. “OK, she can serve a couple of more months and then–”
“How about you shut the hell up!?” Marble said. “Our decision is final!! She’s going back and she is NEVER setting foot here again!!”
“So you’re punishing her for something she wasn’t aware of!?” Joanna said. “You asshole!!” Then she tried to slap him but Marble caught her hand in time and looks like he was going to squeeze it hard.

“HEY!!!” Sheena said. “Let go of the agent’s hand!”
Marble took a good look at Sheena and see what he’s up against. “HA!! What? You going to do something with me?”
“And?” Sheena threatened him.
“I mean, it’s not every day some low-rent busty bartender threaten to beat my ass.” Marble said.

Sheena then immediately grab a beer bottle and smack him over his head.
“And yet, I did it anyway, you Deebo reject.” Sheena yelled.
“YOU…..LITTLE BITCH!!” Marble is about to rush Sheena into a corner but then Cassie phased in front of him to trip and knock him out and cue Kai and Kati coming into the room.

“What’s going on?” Kai shouted and then she sees a knocked-out Marble on the floor. “Wait…..that’s that Wolf Clan asshole or one of them!! Why’s he here!?”

“What!?” Kati said, “I thought you were free from them.”
“I was!!” Cassie said. “At least I thought so. They said I signed fake release papers and this time they want me to serve a life sentence.”
“But you didn’t know that!” Kati said.
“That’s what all of us said.” Cassie said.
“Yeah, I got to agree with them.” Yuan said. “And you said you would serve 2 more months but they were going too hard on you. I mean, LIFE? Damn.”

“WE NEED TO RUN!!” Cassie said.
“Uh, bitch, where?” And that’s when Miki appears in front of their eyes.

“THE FUCK!?” Cassie said
“You’re alive!?!?” Tomoki said. “But how…..ACID was thrown at your face!”

“Once again, I survived the fucking thing.” Miki said. “You think you never heard of people surviving horrific incidents. But anyway, yeah, I heard all about your little problem, Lyles, and well…’re basically fucked.”
“Nick Fury over there has a point.” Marble said as he got back up.
“See? Tiny Lister look-alike agrees with me.” Miki said. “Also, Nick Fury…..really?”

“Miki, what the hell you want from us?!” Cassie said.
“REVENGE, BITCH!!” Miki said. “And not just on you skanks but every human and hybrid in the Society will know my word once I set the one property that destroyed me whole….THE FACTION and anyone else in our way!!”
“The Faction?” Kai said. “The Faction didn’t give you that scar. Ramsey did.”
“And yet you killed him before I could and guess what? Most of it falls on you morons!” Miki said. “You two girls wanting to run off together and you and your fucking boyfriend helping them!!! You cost some lives that day from Hybrid X to my eye to even your head-in-charge Jin and now you’re going to pay the price. You and your friends…..”
Miki then left the premise and let Marble and the rest carried on with their thing.

Marble then continued on, “Now…..where were we? Oh right, you girls are going NOWHERE EXCEPT WITH US!!” As he points his guns at them and then swiftly points at Yuan.
“Don’t try to be a hero to these bitches!!!” He said. “You do something wrong and you get a bullet first.”
Yuan stood still for a minute but then Kati gave him a signal for when to move as she threw a vase behind Marble.
“What the fuck!?!”
Yuan made a run for it and Oasis tried to grab him but Sheena clawed and punched him down.
Joanna and Gina got into the fight as well with Joanna and Sheena tag-teaming on Oasis and Gina and Kati on Marble.
Dumile tried to radio in the rest of the Wolf Clan and even get the Faction in on it but Cassie smashes the phone but it was too late. He already made the call.
“What did you do?” She said.
“The cavalry.” He said. “You have nowhere to run.”
“YOU BASTARD!” And then she decks him one to the jaw.

Tomoki, Yuan and Kai went after Miki to confront her about what she said to them before she left.
“HEY!! COME BACK HERE, BITCH!!” Kai yelled at the top of her lungs.
“Oh, please, me afraid of your ass?” Miki said. “And I thought that Matsuda chick was less scary than that.”

They stopped at their tracks.
“Oh, yeah, your friends The Darksiders along with that girl actually tried to sabotage my group today and from the looks of it…” She got out her phone and show them the actual live footage. “They aren’t doing too well.”

The rest of that fight shows Aka pinned down by Myke as Yellowhammer smashes on her leg, leaving Aka screaming in pain but Lex tries to hit them both with chairs yet Myke stabbed him in the sides. Magnum ran out of bullets in his GAGun and went to straight beating most of them up and he was the only one that had a fighting chance. Nanashi was still blind from what Crane did to her and Devo kept shooting around until Ryo knocked all three of them with a brick. Aron, however, got his ass beaten severely by Robin by smashing him with a glass bottle and jamming it in his spine. Then we see an unconscious Sayuri being carried by Kikyo.
“Yeah, we got the location of your damn hideout!” She bellowed to the fallen Aka. “And since you did came and mess with our surroundings, we’re doing the same to you and especially anyone else in there!! And believe me, I know other people you know and love are in there, too.”

Nola came from the backroom with bruises and scars about to aim her gun at Kikyo but sees her using Sayuri as a bulletproof vest. “Careful, fool, you don’t want to shoot your little friend now.”

“Aka……” Nola said. “She……that girl……she’s sisters with Laila!!”
This caught Aka completely off-guard with the shocked expression on her face. “Wha……wha….”
“Maybe you should’ve kept your eye on the other girl…” Kikyo said, “Meanwhile, we’ll be taking this girl here off your hands. Adios, you sorry excuse for a gang.” Then she kicked Aka in her stomach as a finishing move.

Miki then put the phone away. “I knew that girl would follow in my footsteps eventually.”
An angry Kai got up and slammed Miki to the wall. “You treacherous bitch!! You lead the BIRDBRAINS!! I knew you was a kiss-ass but I didn’t know you would go this much to sabotage lives.”
“As opposed to you?” MIki said.
Tomoki then got a hold of her. “You shut the hell up!!! At least we didn’t lead a group to blow up most of the Faction!”

Miki then took another look at her phone.
“What the hell you looking at now?” Tomoki screamed as she picked the phone and now sees someone tied to a chair and as soon as the light came on, it was MAK and Shin was holding and swinging a Baton.
“What the?”
“MAK?” Kai said.
“Oohhh….looks like your Hybrid boyfriend got his ass in a bind.” Miki said. “And no, I got nothing to do with it.”

“Ladies and gentlemen of the Society…..” As Shin said broadcasting the whole thing, intercepting on every TV channel and on the web, too.
“….I have a little gift to bring you this lovely afternoon…..this man’s name is Marco Antonio Kiritsnagi II or better known as MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid. This man is known as one of the many Hybrids in this city that is quoted to be ‘one of the saviors’…….and man, what a load of bullshit that was.”

“Well, he’s not lying.” Miki said.

“This guy has been nothing but trouble around here!! He causes trouble around everyone and everything!!!!” Shin said. “And even worse, I find out an interesting discovery about him. Something that some people kept a secret from him.”

“Oh no…..” Kai said.
“Oh, a secret….” Miki said. “And I thought you two was supposed to share everything together.”
“WILL YOU SHUT THE FUCK UP!?” Tomoki said.

“This will probably make you question those people. Especially one person in particular. You know…..your special someone.” As Shin is trying to indicate that Kai could be that person.

“He’s not.”
“I think he is….”
“NO, MAK, DON’T BELIEVE HIM!!” Kai screamed at the screen.
“Well, you never told him about it so I think he might have a point.” Miki said, irking Kai even more.
“Oh no, it’s happening again!!!” Kai said.
“They don’t see you as a savior, MAK. You’re nothing but a dangerous freak in the streets who just got lucky!!! Lucky in life, lucky financially and lucky in love!!!!!”
“YOU SHUT UP!!!” Kai said as she smashed the phone. “YOU PIECE OF SHIT!! YOU….leave him alone!! Goddammit!!”
“HEY!!” Miki said, “I paid good money for that fucking phone!!”

Kai then quickly left the premise only to see a barrage of Faction agents and cops coming to the apartment.
“KAI!!” Tomoki shouted. “We need to– Oh, you noticed.”
“Yeah, I did.” Kai said. “WE NEED TO GET TO FUCK OUT OF HERE!! I got to get MAK out of there!!”
“We can’t!” Tomoki said. “Cass and everyone else is still in there!!!”
Cassie was the first one to get out of there.
“I think….I think the rest got it handled there. Place was a beat-’em-up central.” Cassie said.
“Fuck this.” Kai said. “Look, I’m going to that place to get MAK!” She then packs a gun with her. “Even if it means killing the motherfucker.”
“Kai, you serious right now?” Cassie said.
“Cassie, you were right about this.” She said, “I kept the secret too long and now Shin is going to expose it to the world and make MAK more of a pariah than before. I’m tired of standing there doing nothing.”

“Kai…..” Cassie said putting her hand on Kai’s shoulder. “Do what you gotta do and BRING YOU AND MAK BACK SAFE!!”
Kai then gets on the motorbike and went her way to rescue MAK.
“You both die and I’LL NEVER FORGIVE YOU!!!” Cassie screamed out as she left.

Next moment, we see Oasis choking Sheena with a belt and trying to yank her around then she got a pin to stab him in the leg but then Marble got a hold of her by snatching her leg and throwing her to the wall.
Joanna got pissed and knocked him square to his face and kept on doing it while dodging his moves and kick his face in.

“Sheena.” Joanna ran to her. “You OK?” She went to check to see any damage and notice some bruises on her leg.
“I’m sorta fine.” Sheena said. “But damn, my leg.”
The police and Faction sirens are getting nearer and nearer.
“That’s the fucking Faction!!” Kati said. “And the police? The actual fucking police!?”
“You two need to get out!!” Sheena said. “We can’t risk you getting fired for this!!”
“NO!” Gina said. “You two need to get out!! You’re the one with strikes on your asses. Me and Joanna will be fine with some slaps on our wrists.”
“Well, works for me.” Kati said as she made a run for it.
“They’ll do worse things to you.” Sheena said. “They know you two side with us all the time and you were against them doing this. They won’t GO EASY ON YOU!!! Gina, Joanna, if we’re going to run, you two are coming with us.”
“We can’t!!” Gina said. “We run and we’re suspect as well!!! We rather we take the heat and you get away scot-free!”
Sheena and Gina kept arguing back and forth about whether she should leave or stay with them but Joanna put the kibosh on this.
“Sheena……you have to go.” Joanna said.
“SHEENA!!” Joanna said. “I’m not giving you a choice. In fact, I’m–”
That’s when Marble took out his gun and he was aiming for one of the girls and that was until Marble turned his gun on Sheena to shoot her but Gina got out her gun to shoot Marble. She got him in the arm but he got Joanna in the side of her stomach.
“AAAH!!” Joanna screamed in pain.
“NOO!!” Sheena screamed and then grabs the gun to quickly shoot Marble dead.

“No…no….no….Joanna! Joanna, no!” Sheena cried out.
“Sheena…..ooh….aaah.” She said trying to hold in her blood from bleeding out. “You need to run out of here. NOW!!!!”
Sheena drops the gun to the floor and sees in horror of what happened.
She kept hallucinating at the fact she actually shot a guy.
Kati came in to see what happened there. “What the hell happened?”
“Joanna is shot and that guy over there is dead.” Gina said. “Your friend is freaking out. You need to get her out of here now!!”

“Holy shit!!” As Kati saw Joanna bleeding. “Are you going to be fine?”
“Yes.” Joanna struggled to speak. “Now please…..go……”
Kati grabbed Sheena and ran out of there quick.
“Joanna……the gun……I should’ve listened……” Sheena kept muttering in her voice.
Yuan was waiting outside with a ride he got from a loaner. “I got us a van!! We can escape out of here if…Kati, what’s wrong with Sheena?”
Sheena was just breathing and panting like a very anxious soldier after a death-filled battle.
“Wait…..where are the rest?”
Kati said to him, “Tomoki and Cassie are still back there and as for Joanna and Gina…….”
“Oh no…..don’t tell me….” Yuan thought out the worst.
“No!! Well……Joanna got shot in the side of her stomach.” Kati said.
Sheena tried to keep herself from crying.
“Gina probably get her out of there and into a hospital quick.” she said. “They wanted us to get out of there…..”
“And I said we should stick with them.” Sheena interrupted her. “I should’ve just listened to them and maybe Joanna wouldn’t have been–”
“SHEENA!!!” Kati said. “She’s going to be fine. I can attest to that.”
However, the words of Kati didn’t seem to get to Sheena as she is still shaken from that incident.

As for Tomoki and Cassie, them and Miki are at a stand-off.
“Well, it’s just like old times, isn’t it? Well, except for one thing…..but that’s for another time.”
In an abrupt change of events, Loyuka showed up at the last minute when they were about to fight.
“What the fu—Loyuka, what are you doing here?” Tomoki said.
“I got a call about a disturbance here.” Loyuka said.
“And yet every cop and Faction member are coming for that?” Cassie asked.

“……It was from one of the Wolf Clan they called.” Loyuka said. “I think they might know.”
You THINK!” Miki said. “I’m sure they know by now. A prisoner escaped out of the confinements of Genesis to meet back her fleeing lover.”
“I DIDN’T ESCAPE!!” Cassie said.
“Escape?” Loyuka said. “Wait, Cassie, did you–”
“Loyuka, don’t believe her!!!” Cassie said. “I didn’t escape!! Or at least I thought I didn’t. I signed fake papers!!”
“They are still going to put you back in jail.” Miki said.
“I haven’t done anything wrong!” Cassie yelled back. “YOU DON’T KNOW ANYTHING!!”
“I know as the two got back together, you went straight to fuc–”
Tomoki got out a gun and aimed it directly at Miki’s head. “YOU SHUT THE FUCK UP ABOUT US!!!”
“And I see Tomoki is about to lose her temper.” Miki said, “As always, you’re quick to do this when you know you’re doomed.”

“Tomoki….” Loyuka said. “You don’t want to do that. If you shoot her, then they will have evidence to put you in jail and Cassie back there for a long ass time!! You don’t want her to be in there forever, do you? She isn’t worth getting angry over!”
Tomoki still has the gun raised towards Miki and her trigger finger is itching for her to shoot but she put down the gun in a slow way.

“See? She’s not worth it, Tomoki.” Loyuka said. “Anything is going to be–”
Then Miki phased from there, picked up Tomoki’s gun and then shoots Loyuka.
“LOYUKA!!” Tomoki and Cassie screamed.
“Oh shit… two shot your friend!” Miki said, “Your dear friend that tried to help you!!”
“BULLSHIT, YOU DID!!” Tomoki said.
“My prints aren’t on this gun.” Miki said. “Remember?”
“This is the FACTION!! Open up and come out with your hands up!!” As one agent said. “And this is the police. Come out with your hands up or be shot violently!!”
“RICK, WHAT THE FUCK!?” One officer said.
“OK, scratch that last one.” He said. “But we are armed at the teeth!”
“You got about 5 seconds before they barge in.” Miki said. “I suggest you run.”

The race between Kai getting the location to where MAK and Shin is and speaking of that, Shin is still going on about how he views MAK.
“So… you want to see a video?” he said. “Because right here, there is something that you should really know.”
All MAK did at this point since he’s been captured was stood in silence and as he turn on the video, he sees footage of a cop chasing Pandora and her gang from a raid and that cop was Patrick, Kai and Cyan’s dad.
“You remember your future father-in-law, right? About how he got shot in the line of duty?”

“Stop, Parish Heights PD!! You’re under arrest. DO NOT MOVE!!!” Patrick shouted at Pandora.
Pandora eyes out of her goons to do the trick.
“What are you doing? You better not.”
One of the goons quickly phased out of there, moved to his left side and shot him twice in the leg.
Patrick hollered out in pain and the goon then shoot him again in the other leg and was thinking about ending him but at the last minute, he put his gun down and got up his face and said, “You never seen my face….” Then one of the cameras took a good close-up on the guys’ face and that’s when MAK instantly recognizes him.
His face was in complete blow when the face he saw………was his dad.

“D……D………D……….D…….” That was all MAK can say at this point. He couldn’t believe it in his own eyes.
“A surprise, isn’t it?” Shin said.
“Your father isn’t the one you always knew as a kid. Even when he left you, your sisters and your mother, he turned to the life of a scumbag and one of Pandora’s boys…..and also, he fucked her a lot. I mean, I heard the stories of him giving it to her a lot of times!”

At that time, Kai got inside the place and she sees no one guarding it.

“Your girl knew about this. Some of your Faction friends knew about it!! Hell, the bartender penguin girl and that other busty chick you hang out with knew some of it!!” Shin said, “They don’t give a shit about you!!! You’re nothing but a fucking pet to them!! My pet negr—Wait, my pet Negro Hybrid!! That is what you have become! A fool who wants to please everyone he counters, especially the women around him and man, you are a sucker for the ladies!!”

MAK was beginning to tear up a little but he is also feeling anger at him.

“You can be angry all you want but I didn’t cause it!!”
“YES THE FUCK YOU DID!!!!” MAK shouted.
“Now you speak.” Shin said. “How I cause it? The one you did cause it should be here about in 5….4…..3….2…..” And there comes Kai armed with nothing but a gun and knife.
“KAI-KAI!!” Shin said. “How lovely of you to come.”
She sees MAK all tied up.
“What the hell you done?” Kai said.
“My dad……he’s…..he’s…..” MAK kept muttering to himself about his dad.
“Oh, I did.” Shin said. “And look at him now. Sniveling as the life he knew is a lie and worst of all, he has no one to count on anymore.”
Kai then put her gun in her holster, got close to Shin and just punched him straight in the jaw.
“You know, I would fight you but…..I already won.” Shin said. “He’s all yours now.” Shin then step out of the light and Kai then got her gun to shoot him but she didn’t hit him. He vanished.

“You lie to me… lie to me……you….lie to me.” And now MAK is muttering another line only to Kai this time.
“MAK……look, I–”
“YOU LIED TO ME!!” He screamed. “What the fuck, Kai? You never told me about this and…’s been fucking 8 months since you found out and you didn’t tell me?”
“MAK…..” Kai said, “I didn’t know how to tell you something like that to you. I mean, when I found out about it, I didn’t know how to break it to you. MAK, I never wanted to keep this from you but—I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.”

She untied him from the chair and cut the ties on his hands.
“Thank you for that.” MAK said. Both of them left the premises although MAK didn’t felt like speaking to Kai at that moment.
“MAK, I….”
He knew what Kai was trying to say but at that moment, he just didn’t want to speak at this point but not because of her. He’s just having a bad day.
“You wanna drive or should I?” He at least asked her that.
“I am….kinda tired of driving.” She said.
“No problem. I’ll do it.” He said with an unemotional, wooden tone as he got on and followed by her and they quickly drove away.

Elsewhere, Laila just arrived at the Darksiders’ hideout to check on Rolo and sees Murasaki in there.
“HiYa!” Murasaki said.
“Oh, Saki, you’re here with Rolo? By yourself?” Laila asked.
“Yeah.” She said. “The others, including Nola, are out getting those guys that attacked Rolo.”
“The BirdBrains?” Laila said.
“Yeah. Them.” Saki said.
“You and Rolo are by yourself?” Laila asked.
“Cameron’s here, too.” Saki said. “He’s guarding the place.”

“YO!!” Cameron said with a sniper rifle.
“Hey, Cam!!” both girls said.

“Hey Saki!! You’ve heard from the–” Rolo said as he entered the room. “Laila, you’re here.”
“Hey Rolo…you feeling better?” She asked him.
“I’m healing faster.”
“YAY!” Saki said. “That’s good news.” And then the phone rings.
“And it’s Aka calling.”
“Yeah, Rolo is here and Cameron. Oh and Laila is here, too.”
Suddenly, Saki’s face went from happy and smiling to a bit more concerned and worried.
“What…Oh no……..You mean……..Yes, I drive him away from here.”

Saki hang up and went to Rolo and said, “Yeah…..we have to get out of here immediately.”
“Why?” he asked.
“Aka said that we need to get away from this place.” Saki said, “Someone is coming for us and we need to go!!”
“Wait, what’s going on?” Laila said.
“Oh……..Laila…..well, we just need to go to another place because of…..well….” As Saki didn’t want to say much to Laila due to what Aka said.

“What the fuck!?” Cameron shouted as a big van came driving thru the place. He tried shooting at the tires to slow it down but rammed into the place with Cameron crashing down to the ride.
“RUN!!” Saki said grabbing Rolo to the nearest ride.
“We early?” Myke said cocking the gun at his face.
“Ow.” Cameron said.
“HEY!!” Kikyo said with a crazed look on her face. “What’s the rest of your crew? That little nerd we fucked up and…..who else?”
“Apparently, some pixie-looking girl with pink hair.” Crane said. “Says she’s the second-in-command’s sister and she and that other girl – the blonde one – are fucking.”
Saki and Rolo got into the girl and quickly starts the ignition and drives away in a hurry.

“THERE THEY ARE!!” Yellowhammer screamed.
“Fucking shoot them!!” Ryo shouted but then they were getting shot by somebody inside.
“I mean them not us!!!”

And suddenly they got a glimpse that it was Laila who was doing the shooting.
“Isn’t that your baby sis?” Myke said.
“Unfortunately.” Kikyo said. “I’ll deal with her.”

“CASSIE, WE GOT TO GET OUT!!!!” Tomoki screamed running from the authorities.
“Where? We’re surrounded!!” Cassie shouted and gunshots are flying.

“We got to phase out of here!!” Tomoki said.
“To where?” Cassie asked. They quickly phased from the inside to on top of the building but all the copters got them on notice.
“Attention! Attention!! We are in pursuit of two criminals. One Tomoki Rial Miayama and the other Cassandra Jasmine Lyles. Both are armed and dangerous. They just shot their former colleague Loyuka Zaki as witnessed by former aide to Hybrid X, Miki Maeda.”
Everyone really got notice in that especially the Faction.
“They what?” Nyoko shouted.
“Those damn girls are back!?” Risa said.
“NO………They can’t. They wouldn’t. I fucking refuse!!” Nyoko said. “They wouldn’t do that to Loyuka…..”

“What the fuck?” Seiki said. “They didn’t do what I think they did.”
“GODDAMMIT!!” Cyan said. “They actually….”
“We might as well believe it.” Leon said. “They’ve changed since they left.”
“I guess your friends are no longer……” Collins said with a long pause, “…..well, us.”

The two are running from the copters, ducking and dodging bullets from the shooters and arrows from Risa and jumping from building to building.
“Tomoki! Cassie!!” Nyoko said. “Look!! You can stop this if we can just talk!!”
“Talk!?” Risa said, “Fuck that!!” She got to Nyoko’s gun and tried to shoot Cassie but missed.
“RISA!!! We are not trying to kill them!!”

“RUN!!!” Tomoki shouted as the two continue to run.

Then one of the Wolf Clan guys suddenly showed up with a tranquilizer gun and went to use their special gun to shut them down. Cassie knew what they were aiming for first and as Tomoki got closer to the edge to jump, she grabbed her out of the way and took the hit for her.
“Cassie, what the—Cass?” The tranquilizer got to her and it was slowing her down.
“Tomoki…..I’m…..sorry….” Cassie was down for the count and she stumbled until she almost fell but Tomoki caught her in time.
“What the– No. No. NO!!!!” Tomoki said. “CASS! CASSIE!!” She took sight upon the tranq that did her in.

“No, no, no. Please, Cass. Wake up.” Tomoki said, “We can make it out of here!”

“FIRE ANOTHER ONE!! This time, at the other woman!!” One of the officers said and he fired on her leg.
“AAAHHH!!!” Tomoki screamed and now her leg is starting to go Charley Horse as it drags and limps her way out of harm’s way but it all seems to be too late.

Her legs quite out and the tranquilizer did its job and put her into a state of sleep. “I’m…..sorry…..Cass…..”

“We got ’em, folks. Faction, claim your prisoner. Wolf Clan, same to you.” The shooter said.

Then straight from the helicopter, leader of the Wolf Clan Genesis Masato Orenji and Lady Aqua arrived at the premises to collect the prisoners.
“Are those the guys?”
They shown them the bodies.
Masato got real up-close with them,”Ah….Tomoki Miayama….you have really fallen from grace ever since Grand H, haven’t you? Your mother is practically spinning in her grave right about now.”
Then he went to Cassie’s body. “Ah, and of course, our dear princess……who has gone rogue again. Well, no problem with that, sweetie, since after all that, you are never getting out of here for your little girlfriend or your friends.”
Lady Aqua stood silent for what happened but she can felt a heavy heart for them. “Oh….girls, what did you do to deserve this?”

“Sir, sir, sir!!!” One of the servants said. “Marble is dead and Dumile and Oasis are severely wounded!! They said to us that some other girl shot Marble but they left.”
“You got a blood sample?” he said.
“Yeah. What we got is blood from a Faction member. Name is……Joanna Estelle Yubari. Age 24. Asian, mostly of Japanese descent.”
“And yet she’s nowhere here?”

Actually, Gina is flying away from the spot, trying to get medical care for Joanna but far away from the Faction area.
“Gina…..” Joanna said as she woke up. “….Where am I?”
“Hey, you’re up.” Gina said. “Look, we’re at somewhere that can heal you in no time.”
“Wait…..where are the others?” She asked Gina.
“No idea.” Gina said, “As far as I know, they made a run, too.”
“Sheena…….she was worried and shaking… it was her fault I’m like this.” Joanna said.
“Yeah. After she shot that guy, you can see she was definitely shaken.” Gina said. “I’m sure she’ll be fine after you get healed…..and you will get healed.”

Back at the Darksiders’ hideout, Kikyo and Laila quickly got in to their own fight.
“You bitch!!!” Laila jumps in and attacks Kikyo.
“Baby sis, you know better than to get into my business.” Kikyo said.
“Your business being beating my friends? And trying to blow up a hospital, just for that one guy?!”

“Oh, shut up!!” Kikyo said. “Typical Hummingbird. Always thinking you know everything in the world, don’t you?”
“For the last time, stop calling me HUMMINGBIRD!!” Laila screamed. “And your name isn’t Kikyo Shaw. It’s Reiko Inagami. Just like my name is LAILA INAGAMI!!”
“I refuse to take that name in!!” Kikyo said. “Inagami is nothing but a reminder that our parents died protecting a society that will NEVER accept them as their own!!”
“They did it so we can live a better life than them!!” Laila said.
“And look what happened to that!! You going out fucking random people left and right, especially those two friends of yours and may I remind you one of them is a relative to the Faction and the other one….part of a damn gang!!” Kikyo said.
“And yet they’re been friends to me more than you are!!” Laila said. The two kept fighting and they are coming to fisticuffs and punches and blows to the stomach.
The others tried to get in the fight to hold Laila back but Kikyo told them to leave immediately.
“If you’re trying to help, don’t. I can handle my little sister.”
“YOU WISH!!” Laila easily lands a sucker punch to Kikyo, cracking one of her teeth.

She spits out the tooth. “You spoiled ingrate!!!”
Kikyo then head-butts her in retaliation. “That’s it. I’m not going to waste my time arguing this with you!!”
Then Yellowhammer brings out an unconscious Sayuri to the center with her tied and handcuffed.
“I got your friend with us.” Kikyo explained. “And let’s just say we got a few demands if you or whoever else wants her back…..or…….well, I hope you didn’t get too attached to her.”
“MOTHERFUCKER!!” She shouted at the tops of her lungs as she quickly ran to grab her but easily got blocked by Myke and Yellowhammer.
“Awww, you mad you can’t see your little sex buddy?” Kikyo said.
“Well, too damn bad!! Sooner or later, this chick is not long for this world.” She said to Laila. “So I advise telling Mr. Matsuda, he’s going to be an only child soon.”
They left presumably to hunt down Rolo and Murasaki with guns armed fiercely for them.
“Bye-bye, little sister.”

“Wait……Laila is…..” Rolo said as him and Saki are getting away.
“Yes……..” Saki said. “Aka said to us that her and Kikyo Shaw are sisters.”
“But Laila would never do something to– I mean, she couldn’t—oh, damn it!!” Rolo shouted. “She probably giving our location right now. How can I be so stupid?”
The phone rings and it’s Laila on there.
“Don’t answer it.” Saki said. “She’s just going to make your madder.”
“But what if–”
They didn’t answer.

“Rolo, come on, please answer!!” Laila said calling them. “Sayuri’s in danger!! PLEASE!! Wait, I’ll text them!!”

“What if she texts?” Rolo said.
“Then she probably isn’t–”
The phone rings again and this time, Rolo answers it.
“ROLO!!!” Laila said. “Look, I–”
“Laila, I know.”
“You and that girl Kikyo.” He said. “You two are sisters and she’s part of that group that got me beaten down!! The one that tried to have Sayuri’s brother killed and you–”
“Rolo, I had nothing to do with that!!” Laila said.
“WHY SHOULD I BELIEVE YOU!!” He screamed at her.
Then Rolo went into a state of worry. “Sayuri?…..What happened? What’s going on with Sayuri?”
“She got kidnapped by the Birdbrains.” She said. “They are thinking of….”
She told them the rest with her crying her eyes out while trying to explain it all. Rolo then give the phone to Saki.
“Laila, just stay calm. I know my sister and the rest can get out of this….I just know it one way or another. I mean, everything has to work out eventually.”

The fallen Darksiders see themselves stranded in a remote and abandoned place.
“Where……in the hell are we?” Aka asked.
“I….have no clue.” Aron said.
“Attention, BIRDBRAINS!! We have you surrounded!!” As a police squad is lined up at the door.
“Birdbrains?” Nanashi said. “But they aren’t….” Then they noticed the BIRDBRAIN insignia on themselves.
“Oh shit…” Nola said.
“They didn’t.” Magnum said.
“They would.” Lex said.

MAK and Kai are still riding throughout with him not saying a word to her about anything until they ran into someone on the road.
It was a van that was parked and it was actually Yuan, Kati and Sheena in there.
“You’re alive?”
“MAKky! KAI-KAI!! You’re here!!!” She ran to them to give them big hugs. “Both of you are OK. I was worried for a minute!!”
However, MAK did not say one word until….
“Yeah….all of us are OK.” He said with a grim tone in his voice.
“I mean, yeah…..why would do act like it’s not? Kai, how could he–”
And that’s when Kai showed them the tape footage of MAK’s dad that is slowly making waves on the internet.
“What’s that?” Kati asked.
“Footage of one man named Patrick Barrett being shot by one of Agent Pandora’s goons……and one of those goons’ names is Marco Antonio Kiritsnagi…..Senior…..aka my damn father!!!” MAK shouted. “Most of you motherfuckers knew this shit!!! You knew that my dad was a fucking killer and nobody bothered to say anything?!?”
“MAK…..I didn’t know that much about it.” Yuan said.
“I knew a little of it.” Kati said.
“And I suppose that should make me feel better, right?” He said coldly.

“MAK…..this isn’t you.” Kati said. “You aren’t…..this.”
“Kati…….right now, I have no idea who the fuck I am now.” He said as he got into the van.
“To be fair, he spoke more than he did when he got out of there.” Kai said, and she was tearing up a bit. “I knew that shit would happen.”

She, too, got into the van and they see a highly depressed Sheena inside.
“Sheena……what happened to you?” Kai concernly said.
“I just shot a guy.” She said. “And a woman jump a bullet in front of me……and I feel like shit. That’s what happened to me.” She couldn’t hold it anyway and start crying and bawling in front of everyone.
“Joanna took a bullet for Sheena and then she shot Marble.” Kati said.
“Oh Sheena.” Kai then hugged her for comfort. “I’m so sorry, Sheena.”

Everyone seems to be in disarray at this point.

And it seems we have reached a……..impasse.AFDireExSupreme


©2016 KATANAPlus+ / The Faction Project. All Rights Reserved.

Coming this spring 2016

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