AURA FACTION presents THE MONEYDANCE Arc: – Track 2: KAKUREGA Hell (or The HELL that never ENDS)



The news of MAK being involved in that shootout has everybody calling to Kai and see what was going on.
Phones were ringing like crazy with Sheena getting a call from Joanna and Cyan and Seiki calling up Kai. However, Kati took the phone from her and talked to them.
“Kai? Kai, you there?” As Cyan spoke.
“Kai, are you seeing this?” Seiki said out loud.
“Yeah, it’s actually Kati.” She said, “And yeah, Kai is seeing this. She’s beyond speechless.”
“What the hell is going on with MAK?” Cyan asked.
“Look, we know that MAK went with his father aka Kiritsnagi One to that warehouse to do some paid work. Hell, I don’t think MAK was expecting this shit.”
“Another thing…..I heard Kiritsnagi One.” Cyan said, “I know his dad is back in the picture since Kai keep telling me about him the past few days.”
“We think Kiritsnagi might be shady on this.” Kati said.
“If you think so….why did you let MAK go then?” Seiki asked her.
“He was doing this so he can tell off his dad to get out of his life and also….he needed money for himself and Kai.” Kati added.
“Couldn’t he just work for you?” Cyan asked.
“I’ve been saying that to MAK at least 100 times or so but he kept saying how it might affect our friendship and all that…..Look, his pride got in the way.”
“Well, we’ve been told we can’t do shit or we’re shut down.” Cyan said. “They want no other Faction unit on this! They barred us from this crisis!”
“Then looks like we’re going to do something about this!”
“WHAT!” Cyan said, “Wait, you mean….”
“Yep….time to call the squad.” Kati said.

Meanwhile, Sheena and Joanna got to talking about it, too.
“This is….so beyond bad that it’s frightening.” Sheena said.
“You’re telling me.” Joanna said, “We were trying to get in contact with the Kala Faction but I heard that they don’t want any other Faction unit on this.”
“WHAT!?” Sheena said, “Why the hell not?”
“I guess they are trying to contain it from going to the other facilities.” Joanna said, “That and since most of us got close ties to MAK….which they frown at.”
“So that’s it?” Sheena said, “Y’all can’t do anything? MAK is just left to hang out to dry?”
“Baby, you know I want to save him as much as any of us do…..” Joanna said, “They say that if we do, considered ourselves disbanded.”
“DAMN!” Sheena said, “So you’re screwed anyway?”
“Yep.” Joanna said. “I just hope somebody down there got a plan better than us.”
“So far….” As Sheena pondered about that and a few seconds later, she came up with an idea. “WAIT….They said that Faction can’t be involved…..”
“Yes….” Joanna said, “Sheena, where are you going with this?”
“I think I have a plan up my sleeve.”

Outside the Kala district, someone was coming from the lake all drenched and wet but the person was wearing a hoodie so their identity was hidden and they had to run into the deep woods.

However, the person went to get their cell phone but it’s too wet and useless to use.

“DAMN IT!” the person was a he and he threw the cell phone in the lake. “No matter! At least no one can track me.”
“HEY!!!” A passerby saw the guy as he shines the light on him. “Fella, you need some help or something?”
He took off his hoodie, threw it on the ground and said, “Yes……I need……for you to keep quiet.” It was actually Kiritsnagi. “Now, I won’t waste you if you give me some warm clothes, a way to McAlister and mostly, some food. Can you do that for me?”
“And if I don’t?” the guy said.
“Well….” Kiritsnagi got in Hybrid mode and punched a hole in the tree. “That’s what. And that’s going to be your head.”
He reluctantly gave some clothes, directions and food to Kiritsnagi.
“Thank you kindly.” He said as he left.

Back at the Society, Kati went on to go the Darksiders’ hideout to see them about the whole Kiritsnagi ordeal.
“Do we know about it?” Lex said, “We saw the news!! We did hear about MAK meeting his dad a while back. But both of them going to that warehouse and a shooting happens? And now he’s missing?”
“I don’t think MAK knew what the hell was going on.” Kati said, “Now him and the warehouse owner’s daughter have gone missing along with Kiritsnagi himself. I’m hoping that someone or at least, one of us find him first……he messed with one of us, he has to pay the price.”
“I feel you on that.” Lex said, “I just need to get with the crew to talk about that.”

Aka then came in around that time.
“Talk to the crew about what?” Aka said, “Wait, is this about the whole MAK thing?”

“Yes.” Kati said, “Right now, the Faction here can’t do shit or they’ll be out of a job and not to mention, Kai is beyond stressed and worried about if MAK is alive or not. Hell, all of us are but not as bad as her.”

“Yeah, we saw the thing on TV.” Aka said, “And you said that Faction here can’t do shit…..but…”
“You, on the other hand, don’t give a shit about that.” Kati said, doing the obvious wink.

“We’ll do it.” Lex said.
“Yeah,” Aka said, “MAK is our boy. We can’t have him hanging like that.”
Kati sighs. “That’s good. So……where’s the rest of y’all at?”
The place was mostly empty. “My guess is out to lunch or so.”


“Wait, US!” A very confused Tomoki and Cassie answered as Sheena and Joanna approached to them.
“Look, they said that the Faction can’t do anything else on this case.” Sheena said, “But you two are former Faction agents. You’re practically freelance.”
“Yeah…..we’re former because we don’t want be involved with them anymore.” Cassie said, “No offense to you, Joanna.”
“None taken.” Joanna said.
“We get why you came to us.” Tomoki said, “And from what you keep telling us, you think MAK is caught up in bullshit?”
“Yeah.” Sheena and Joanna said. “He was doing some warehouse lifting work at that place. I think Kiritsnagi set him up or something.”
“You think so?” Cassie said, “Why his dad would set him up……My God, poor MAK. Imagine how frightened he must be in the streets.”
“You can say that again.” Sheena said. “Hell, Kai is feeling mega stressed about this. Imagine the shit she’s going through.”
“Oh damn, that’s right.” Cassie said, “Shit.”
“So do you think you can help us?” Joanna said, “Look, we got no other options and I know I’m risking some shit here….but we need to get MAK back home. For all of our sakes.”

Tomoki thought on it for a brief second.
“Well, damn……..Cassie, you sure you want to do this shit again?” Tomoki asked her.
Cassie then grabbed her hand and responded with, “I wouldn’t mind getting my hands dirty…..and after all, this is for one of our dearest friends.”
“OK then……we’ll do it.” Tomoki said.
“Really?” Joanna said.
“Yeah.” Cassie said.
Both Sheena and Joanna give their hugs and thanks to them. “Thanks you guys.”
“No problem.” Cassie said, “You two are family. We look out for each other

“Look, I’m telling you what I know!” As the two Kala officers are questioning Frank about the shootout.
“Ruff, we know you know Kiritsnagi back in your hey-day and your relationship with him isn’t always the best.” Velegeita said, “We heard that he left you in a bad state. You holding the bag of $100,000 when a bunch of officers held you down and arrested you for robbery. Oh, and not to mention you had your then 5-year-old daughter begging for them to not hurt you or kill you. You know how people get when they face their adversary’s kin.”
Ruff then grabbed Velegeita by the neck. “How about you keep my daughter’s name out of your mouth?”
Velegeita got pissed off from that move. “How about this? Do that again and I’ll keep you locked up for so many years, your granddaughters won’t know if you even exist!”
Ruff eventually let go.
“That’s right. Don’t fuck up your chances even more with me.” Velegeita said.

“Harrison, we got anything on this?” Velegeita asked.
“So far, not a thing.” Harrison said, “We search high and low for the daughter and Blue Hybrid is nowhere to be found.”
“Shit.” Velegeita said, “So we have to get the Society Faction on this.”
“Should we anyway?” Harrison asked.
“I don’t know.” He said, “This could be too much heat if they get in this! You remember the whole Grand H War and a few months ago with that BirdBrains bullshit! And the latter is worse, considering a bunch of their people got killed there.”
“You mean three?” Harrison said, “Rick and Dice Cain, although I remember they were corrupt to begin with and oh….there’s the arrow shooter, Risa Hirano, one of the Hirano sisters.”
“LOOK!!!” Velegeita said, “We will get about two of them as advisors or someone to help us on this. Nobody else but the two we choose.”
“And that would be…?” Harrison added on.

Back at the Darksiders’ hideout, the others got the info about what’s going on now.
“So how in the hell do we find MAK!?” Aron shouted. “I mean, do anyone have the slightest clue of where to look first?”
“Can’t we just hook into the city security cameras and see anything from there?” Murasaki asked.
“Don’t that mean we go to Kala for that?” Nanashi said, “And isn’t one of us banned from there and by one of us, I mean Aron for two-timing that one girl whose family owned a gun shop.”
“ME!?” Aron said, “Magnum dated someone like that, too, in that damn city!”
“Except she didn’t try to kill me.” Magnum said. “She, however…..broke my heart, but fuck all that shit. I can’t do it either.”
“Well, isn’t this a bitch?” Aka said, “Any other takers?”
“Wait…” Devo said, “Isn’t someone from the Faction being called in to help Kala?”
“Yeah….” Rolo said, “But what does that have to do with us?”
Nola went on and said, “Well, word is that Jiro and Goto are going there and they are bringing an assistant…..and we know that–”
“LET ME GUESS!” Rolo shouted, “You want me to set Sayuri to get the info from them?”
“CORRECT!” Murasaki shouted. “But…..please? Rolo? Pretty please?” As Murasaki and Nola made with the wide-eyed puppy faces.
“I don’t know….” Rolo said, “I mean, me and Sayuri just got back dating and all and…..I don’t want to endanger her job there and…”
Then he got a text message from Sayuri. It said “Open the door.”
Rolo went outside and sees her standing out there. “Yeah, I can help you guys out.”
“WHAT THE FUCK!? You knew about this!?” Rolo exclaimed.
“Kati called me ahead and told me everything.” Sayuri said, “Luckily for me, Jiro and Sei are going to Kala to help them and….I can sneak info to you from there….although I do need someone to keep watch in case anything goes wrong. I know security in there is going to be tight.”
“Welp, we would go with you, Sayuri,” Lex said, “But two of our members are banned in Kala for dumb-ass reasons and…”
“I just need only 5 of you.” Sayuri said. “And Rolo is already a given since I need his help most of all.”
“HMM!?” He wondered.
“Hopefully for you to hack into their systems….create some diversion so I can get the data without being seen.” She added on.
“Oh….yeah.” Rolo said, “I can do that.”
“And yet you were thinking you were getting laid for this.” Aron said laughing at him.
“Oh, he will.” Sayuri replied to his quip and added a wink to Rolo. “But, anyways, anyone else want to volunteer? I got 4 spots left.”

In the outskirts of town, we see Kiritsnagi came entering town driving an old Red Oldsmobile.
He was driving to this storage unit.
He got himself a gun and a 4 cases of bullets.
“All right, Stark.” He said, “Looks like I’m going to have to end your shitty existence.”

“Mr. Matsuda. Ms. Goto, welcome aboard.” Harrison welcomed both Jiro and Sei in the Kala Faction HQ. “We’re glad to have you on aboard.”
“Thank you, Officer Harrison.” Jiro said, “We hope we can help you on this assignment.”
“Hopefully we got enough resources to help you.” Sei said, “Oh, we also have an assistant to help us. Matsuda’s sister, Sayuri.
“COMING, COMING!!” As Sayuri is carrying their equipment to the facility.
“Wow, that’s a lot of preparation.” Harrison said, “Let’s get started then.”
“I didn’t remember Sayuri packing this much when we left.” Sei said.
“I guess she thought of more than we did.” Jiro said, “That’s unlike her.”

“I’m in.” Sayuri said to Rolo and company on her cellphone. “I’m about to hook up the hacking equipment. You got your things?”
“Yeah, right here.” Rolo said with a tablet with him as he is located in a library near the station. “I got my own wifi so no one would suspect anything.”
“All right.” Sayuri said, “Are the lookouts there?”
“I’ll check.” Rolo said. Thus we see Nanashi and Devo disguised as pan handlers and Lex and Aka as food vendors.
“HOT WYNGZ! GET YO HOT WYNGZ HERE!!” As Lex sold them being vendors.
“What the fuck?” Aka said, “You really don’t have to shout that shit. We don’t want to attract too many attention.”
“I hope Rolo is fast on this assignment.” Nanashi said, “It’s hot as fuck and the sooner we get the info, the faster I run to an AC-filled room. Why didn’t we get Murasaki or Nola to do this?”
Devo added in, “They said something them might running into MAK in case he comes back.”
Then Lex said, “Or they don’t want to be in the heat as well.”
“I go with both.” Aka said, “I admit that was smart on Saki and Nola’s part.”

Meanwhile, on the same street, Tomoki and Cassie popped up.
“OK, so we’re looking for this girl…..”
Cassie said, “Jaye Ruff. The warehouse daughter. No one has heard from her since the incident. Some said that she ran off when the gunfight happen but just disappeared.”
“So we are going to have to search high and low in this district to find her.” Tomoki said, “So that’s all day?”
“Damn….” Cassie said, “All these people… are we going to find her?”
Cassie’s cell rings and it’s Joanna on the phone.
“Joanna?” Cassie said.
“Did I call at a bad time?” she asked.
“You’re good now.” Cassie said, “We’re heading towards the abandoned warehouse. We might get some clues there.”
“I hope you’ll get there before more Faction does.” Joanna said.
Then someone was calling for Joanna.
“JOANNA!” And that was Gina calling her.
“I got to go.” Joanna said, “I shouldn’t even be calling you too. Good luck.” She then hung up.
“GINA!” Joanna shouted fidgety, “Hey….I didn’t noticed you there.”
“Yeah, I just came in.” Gina said, “You alright?”
“I’m good, I’m good.” Joanna said, “I was just calling some friends and Sheena. You know, lovey-dovey shit and all.”

“That was relatively short.” Cassie said.
“Good.” Tomoki said, “We’re close to the warehouse and…..” They got closer and saw the shot-up building in full.
“Oh damn…..look at this place.” Cassie said.
“Yeah, this was not only a shoot-em-up but a bit of a bloodbath.” Tomoki said as she saw the dried-up blood stains.
“I guess the Faction down there didn’t cover this area.” She went to get a sample from the blood but someone came out of the darkness.
“WAIT!!” One girl in a hoodie said, “It’s fresh! I know….it’s mine.”
“Yours?” Cassie said.
She revealed herself and it was…..
“What the?” Tomoki said, “Who are you?”
“……I’m Jaye Ruff.” She said. They have found the missing girl.
“Jaye?” Tomoki said, “You’re the missing daughter?”
“Correct.” Jaye said.
“You were hiding here this whole time?!” Tomoki said.
“Not the whole time.” Jaye said, “I came back after the Faction left investigating the place. I tried to retrieve some things there but I got into a fight with this girl…..she tried to stab me and she only got me in the arm, which that explains the bloody wall. I just hope that MAK guy made it safe.”
“MAK!?” Both girls said.
“Yeah… two know him?” Jaye said.
“Yes, we’re friends of MAK.” Tomoki said, “Everyone he knows has been worried sick about him, especially his girlfriend!! Do you know where he went?” Jaye wanted to say that he might be OK but she knew they would be hoping for too much.
Jaye then said, “No. Last time I saw him, I ran for the door and he ran the other way once the shooting went on.”

“Shit….” Cassie said, “So you have nothing on MAK’s whereabouts?”
“No….I’m sorry.” Jaye said, “Like I said, the only person I saw last was some lady with only one hand and she tried to cut me. That’s it.”


“Rolo, did you and Sayuri find anything yet?” An exhausted Aka said as she is getting tired of waiting in the vendor stand while Lex still continues with the spiel.
“HOT WYNGZ! HOT WYNGZ! HO–” Aka then smacked him with a mustard bottle.
“If you say HOT WYNGZ again, I’m shoving my spatula to where your wing is!!!”

“Sayuri is still loading the footage of the city to the hard drive.” Rolo said, “Don’t blame her. It turns out the Wi-Fi down there is slow.”
“Do we need to buy her more time?” Devo asked.
“Why?” Lex questioned.
“Because I assume that big motherfucker is the head of the Kala Faction.” Nanashi said as she pointed to Velegeita, “And if him or the others see Sayuri doing some illegal shit for us, she’s busted and we’re fucked.”
“DAMN!” Lex said. He got out of the truck and dressed himself as a walking vendor.
He approached Velegeita with a tray of chicken wings to him.
“Excuse me, good sir.” Lex said with a Southern accent, “Would you like to try one of our world-famous HOT WYNGZ!?”
“I would love to, sir, but I have to get back to my job.” Velegeita said.
“Oh, I understand with you protecting the citizens of this city from the many dangers of who knows what…” Lex said, “But would you at least like a sample of this? It’s free!!”
“Hmmmm…..How hot are these wings?” he asked.
Then Aka showed up and played the role like a Southern waitress, “Well, mister, we have different levels of hotness to our wyngs! We got mild, hot, red-hot, super-hot and ball-buster hot!”
“Ball buster hot?” Velegeita said. “Wow, that…..sounds very life-threatening.”
“Well, you see, we also sell milk to the customers who tries it.” Lex said, “Since it can help with your stomach and all that.”

“SHE’S GOT IT ALL!! I GOT IT ALL!” Rolo said.
“Oh thank fuck!” Nanashi said. “I can go the car now and I’m blasting both the AC and the stereo.”

“I’ll probably go with the red-hot wyngz.” Velegeita said, “I love spicy food but it doesn’t love me.”
“I feel you, man.” Lex said, “Here you go. $5.50 and have a nice day!”

“Sayuri, you good?” Lex said.
“I got it all without anyone noticing.” Sayuri said, “We are in the clear.”
“HELL YEAH!” Devo said.
“You guys go on ahead and leave.” Rolo said, “I think I’ll stay a bit behind.”
“Wait, Rolo…” Aka said, “We might need your help on this. You know you just want to stay here to meet up with Sayuri.”
“Rolo, maybe you should go with them.” Sayuri said, “Besides, I’m coming straight over there after I leave here.”
“OK, that’s fair enough.” Rolo said.

Back at the hideout, Cameron was once again keeping watch while Aron and Magnum were lounging around, not doing much of anything and Murasaki and Saki on top of the roof, doing their usual thing.
The phone rings.
“Hello.” Cameron said.
“Yo, Cameron, it’s D.” Devo called, “Hey, we got the footage so we’ll be back in an hour or so.”
“All right. I’ll get the guys know.” Cameron said, “Later.”
“Blaze.” Devo said as they hung up.
“Yo, motherfuckers!!” Cameron shouted at Aron and Magnum.
“What, dickhead!?” Magnum shouted back.

“OK, first off, rude.” Cameron said, “The guys are coming back with some footage of the city or something.”
“They got the footage?” Aron said, “All right then. Sweet. Maybe we should tell the girls up there.”
“They’re probably fucking up there.” Cameron said, “You know Saki is a horny-ass one, especially in the afternoon where she howls like a wolf in the heat of the moment.”
“WE CAN HEAR YOU, YOU KNOW!” Murasaki said on the intercom. “And that was NOLA that howls!”
“SAKI!” Nola shouted.
“Yeah, it’s true.” Murasaki said. “And for the record, we were on the roof just enjoying the view of the city. We do other things besides have sex, even if we enjoy that part the most.”
They hung up on them.
“Forget them.” Nola said, “Aside from that minute, this has been a relaxing day so far. I mean, half our people went to a Russian district to get more info to see where MAK disappeared to. Thankfully, we stayed here and the view up here is nice, especially with this binoculars.”
“Wait, where you get those?” Murasaki asked.
“Got them from a sale.” Nola said. “It was surprisingly cheap. Only $20.”
“Are they any good?” Murasaki said. Then Nola let her took a look at them and the view on there is crystal clear and can expand to locations very far away. “WOW!!! How much is the magnification on this?”
“It has some good 4K quality on them.” Nola said, “I bet whoever sold them to me is regretting that right now.”
“Yeah, right now, I see some guy riding around in some dusty old car.” Murasaki said. “Some guy with a beard that is getting gray, looks like he’s either in his late 40s-early 50s and…..he looks like he’s driving next to–” She then sees the van with Lex and the rest coming back.
“The guys….Um……OK……”
“Saki, you see anything?” Nola asked.
“Just the guys heading their way home.” Murasaki said, “Although that guy next to him does look shady. I should probably give them a call.”

The phone rings and Aka answers it. “Hey, Saki. We’re still on our way.”
“Hey, Aka?” she said, “What does that Kiritsnagi guy look like again?”
“Wait, why you asked that?”
“I just thought I need to know in case I run into him.” Murasaki said.
“Well, from what I know…..he’s 5’9, about 49 years old, light skin, has a grey beard on him and balding and….” She then took a look at who’s next to them.
“Actually, I might have to go.” Aka said, “I’ll call you when we get home. Later, sis.” She hangs up.
“Hey, Aka? AKA!?” Murasaki shouted.
“Huh?” Nola notices, “Baby, what’s going on?”
“I think Aka and the guys are in some shit!” Murasaki said, “Get the guys! We got to go!!” She frantically runs downstairs to warn them.

“Lex…..” Aka said.
“Yeah?” Lex said, “What’s wrong? What Saki told you?”
“The guy next to us……” she went on, “That’s…..Kiritsnagi One.”
“WHAT!?” Lex and Devo said with the latter overheard everything.
“He’s next to us?” Rolo shouted.
“THE HELL!?” Nanashi yelled.
“Right there!” Aka spotted but didn’t point.

However, Kiritsnagi was starting to notice who was in the other car. “Wait a damn minute…..” He then speed off in a hurry.
“FUCK!” Lex said.
“I’m on that ass!!” Nanashi screamed.
They instantly got on his tail as he went down the downtown exit with everyone hanging on.
“OOHHH SHHIITTT!!!” Everyone else shouted.

Tomoki and Cassie and Jaye were getting into their car to take her somewhere safe.
“So where are you taking me again?” Jaye asked.
“We know some friends that can keep you safe.” Tomoki said. “You are much protected with us.”
“I hope so.” Jaye said, “I want to get far away from that lady with the one hand.”
“One hand?” Cassie asked.
“She looks like someone working for some guy.” Jaye said, “At least that’s the first thing I get when I saw her.”
“OK, that is strange as hell.” Tomoki said, “Don’t the Darksiders fought with someone with only one hand?”
“I….think so.” Cassie said but was unsure herself. “I just hope we don’t run into her.”
The girls are unaware that someone else was watching them leave the premises.
“No…..but you will run into me.” As he cocked his gun.


“Hey, yo, bitch!” As Kaos drags MAK out of the trunk and straight to the ground.
“OOF!” he shouted, “You little one-hand bitch!”
She kicked him again. “Feisty big motherfucker, aren’t you? And I thought you wasn’t hostile with women.”
“I’m not hostile with women!” he shouted, “But I AM WITH BITCHES!” He runs towards her and she trips him down and slammed him against the concrete.
“Now…..who’s the bitch again?” she said. “Get your ass off the floor! You get to meet someone new today.”
He sees Bevins making himself a grand entrance.
“Hey……I heard a lot about you, Mr. Marco Kiritsnagi II. I heard many, many things about you.” He said, “Especially from dear friends of yours aka The Darksiders.”
MAK seems confused at who this person is.
“Um…who the fuck are you again?”
Bevins then slapped him. “You mean, Lex hasn’t told you about me!!”
MAK is trying to remember who he was talking about. “Wait…’re that guy….Um, Big Bitch Bevins?”
That earned him another slap to the face. “Very funny, motherfucker! Except now, I’m laughing because you are now my prisoner!! I knew all about your daddy trying to find you and I bet you didn’t expect this shit to happen to you!!”

He drags MAK into the place.
“Oh, and before you go saying shit like The Darksiders will come for you……I was planning on that.” Bevins said, “Because when they do eventually get here, I’m going to fucking kill them viciously and violently.”
Kaos added on, “And I know that little pixie girl and her girlfriend is getting 10 times the vicious and violent beating from me.”
“And as for your dad…..” Bevins went on, “Well, I know you don’t have much love for the nigga but I can tell he might come back for your ass.”
“I doubt that.” MAK said.
“Well, damn……” Bevins said, “You better hope one of them eventually comes to you because I’m keeping your ass here as long as I want you here. Your friends….your so-called family……and even your precious girlfriend….will be only a memory. And now…..”
He throws MAK down the hole.
“That’s your new home.”
MAK screams as he goes down and landed into a small puddle of sweat.
“OW!” MAK screamed in disgust. “Damn… YOU PIECE OF SHIT!!!” He yelled up there.
“I doubt he can hear you up there. “As someone in their cell was talking to them. “He always leave after he shoves them down here.”
“Who said that?” MAK shouted.
“Right here.” Someone did came out of the dark…A woman with dark curly hair with the look of despair on her face. “Welcome to the Hell that Never Ends.”


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