AURA FACTION: Story 4 / Shook Ones, Pt. II


WARNING: The following written material that you’re about to read may contain acts of violence, graphic language, and sexual content. This is meant only for MATURE AUDIENCES. Reader Discretion is advised.

Previously on AFaction


The RHL arrived at the Faction to help them trail Coren Ramsey, along with Hybrid X and his new assistant Miki Maeda, who may not seem what people think she is. Leon made first impressions with the Faction.

Tomoki and Cassie are still having some relationship problems with Cassie being fed up with Tomoki not telling their friends about them being together.

And Ramsey’s hit man did the deed by killing Ichitaka in prison…..not before doing some really graphic things to him and man, were they graphic.

Also, while Tomoki and Cassie make amends about them finally planning to let the world know that they’re together, someone might come to spoil that for them.


And now……

Here came the early morning as the sun rise and as we go into the apartment, we see both Tomoki and Cassie in the full nude resting after making love all night long. Tomoki is starting to wake up and sees Cassie laying on top of her, resting her head on her breasts.

“Ohayō, koibito.” Tomoki said, waking up Cassie.

Cassie also began to wake up and said, “Mmmm…I don’t know what you said but I do like it.” Then she kisses Tomoki.

“Come on, you know what it means. It’s ‘Good morning, lover’ in Japanese…..which of course, is the day I’ll finally tell our little secret…….lover.” Then kisses Cassie again as she got up to put on some clothes. “But, Cassie, you were right to confront me on that and—“

Cassie then interrupted her and said, “Tomoki, Tomoki, Tomoki, you’ve apologized enough. This is just……a little cold feet but it’s normal. After all, we are telling our friends that we’re—“

“Fucking each other?” Tomoki slightly joked and laughed. “Oh…..why the fuck I joked about that?” Then she intensifies back to worrying.

“OK, relax…you’re just tense.” Cassie said, “And you really need something to eat to calm down your nerves. Matter of fact, I’m gonna see what to cook for you.”

“Well, I could use a little something to eat.” Tomoki said.


Then Cassie got out of bed about head out in the kitchen.

“Wait, don’t you need to change into something?” Tomoki said.

“What? I like to cook in my underwear most of the time……I thought you would’ve liked that.” Cassie said, “I mean, we got time before work and I’m comfortable in what I got on….don’t you think?” She said as she lean onto Tomoki in nothing but her underwear.

“Hmmm….OK.” She said as she deeply kissed Cassie again.


Cassie then went into the kitchen to find herself and Tomoki some breakfast and as she was about to cook, she heard someone or something coming from the hallway. “Tomoki? Is that you?” as she wondered. “No. I’m back here. Is anything alright?” Then Cassie spotted something in the window in a quick flash which sounded like a screeching cat. “I think it was just the neighbor’s cat, nothing urg—“ And then a big burly guy came out of the closet (no pun intended) and grabbed Cassie as she screamed out her name. “HELP!! Moki!” She kneed him in the groin in order to escape but then some other guy showed up.

“CASS!!” Tomoki came rushing from the room and knock down that one guy. “What the hell’s going on?”

“You tell me!! Some guy just grabbed me out of nowhere and—“, Then she got interrupted when Tomoki was knocked down by another guy and the two same guys came and grabbed Cassie. She screamed out Tomoki’s name while trying to fight her way out of there but she seemed outnumbered and outmatched.

“OK, guys, we’re here to bust on them, not you trying to bust a nut!!” One voice said to them.

“Wait…..I know that voice.” Tomoki said.

And indeed, she did know that voice. It was Miki coming from the shadows, “Well, duh, if you were expecting some skinny creepy rapist, then I’m sorry to disappoint you.”

“Miki Maeda.” Tomoki said. “WHAT!? You? What the hell are you doing here…and how do you know where we live?”

“What do you think?” Miki said, “I’d tailed you here last night after little Miss Black Lingerie here was fucked up with that Zombie drink……among other things that we know, such as….well, you two enjoy fucking each other last night?!”

Tomoki and Cassie’s eyes widened at the reaction to that.

“Oh……yeah, I knew you two were fucking but when I saw you two going at it……I mean, damn!! You two was really going at it. Especially ol’ Cass there. I think us and probably the whole neighborhood heard her screaming out your name!!!”

Cassie begun to embarrassingly blush at the mention of that but then said, “OK!! Fine! Yeah, I and she made love last night. So what?!? Why do you care anyway?” Then Tomoki went to say a few things, “If you thinking of trying to blackmail us or you’ll tell anybody else about this, don’t bother. We’re going to tell our friends anyway so all of this shit is for naught so you might as well go back home.”

Miki soon laughs at them, “Awww! How cute!” she said sarcastically, “The little Asian girl with her slightly taller (with bigger breasts than you) Black girlfriend are standing up to me. How precious is this? Except that I wasn’t going to her friends but more like the Royal Hybrid League, where they may not take that shit lightly. I don’t mean the whole lesbian thing, I meant sending this file may mess up your whole life and maybe even your Faction. You’re already got a strike with them yesterday and if your bosses get canned for this, you know the blame will eventually shift to you two. All of your friends will blame you for all this shit, unless you actually learn to wise up around Hybrid X and myself and we won’t blab your secret to the highest order.”

“Oh and if you’re going to say ‘If we don’t comply’ bullshit, I’m just gonna let them manhandle your woman right here….and yes, I will make you watch.” As Miki finished her long threat to them and the guys are getting very too close to Cassie but Tomoki got the drop on them.

“If you lay a hand on her, I’m cutting your damn fingers off ya.” Tomoki warned them.

It looks tense right about now but Cassie then gave up to Miki’s demands, “OK….you win.”

“Wait, what?!?” Tomoki said.

“I don’t want our friends and their jobs to be in danger because of us.” Cassie said, “And as much as I don’t want to do it…and I really don’t want to do this….We have to obey whatever they say.”

“But, Cass—“ Tomoki said, “You can’t let them bully you into this.”

“Listen to your woman there, Miayama!!” Miki said. “And I suggest you not tell anyone about our little meeting or the next time, I’ll come down here personally for you and her….and I don’t kiss nice or do anything nice and remember, I can ruin both your lives just like that.” She snap her fingers and as she delivered that last eminent threat, she soon left the room.

“You think they’re gonna tell somebody?” One of the henchmen said.

“Yup!” Miki said, “But I’m not worried about that for now. I’ll let X deal with that.”

“…..Great, just fucking great…….” Cassie said. “….and did she just called me an Amazon woman? Not that I’m complaining or anything.”

“We’re gonna need some help on this one.” Tomoki said.



First Arrival Leon came inside the HQ in order to talk to Jin and Jiro about some training he needs to do in order to get in the Faction officially and the first person he sees in there is Cyan.

“Oh, hey, Leon.” She said in more of an energetic way than usual.

“Hey, Cyan.” He said right back, “Um…have you seen Jin or Jiro anywhere? I got to get to the training room. They said something about me needing to practice combat.”

Cyan explained, “Oh, Jiro is coming down here in a few minutes and I think Jin is with Sei and Sayuri….she isn’t feeling so hot after last night.”

“What happened last night?” he asked and we cue to Sayuri in the restroom throwing up with Jin holding her hair and having a pain in her stomach. She moaned and groaned in disgust, “I just had to drink that zombie…….well, 3….Oh, god, I still feel the burn in my stomach.”

“I can’t believe after Cassie did that shit, your ass winded up doing that, too.” Seiki said. “But then again, your ass drank 3 of those and you’re still alive. How is that?” Jin then explained that to her, “Well………exactly fuck if I know. Usually Hybrid beings can sustain high amounts of alcohol in their system…Hell, Winter Hybrid drank like a sailor after his mission in Qatar and he was still functioning okay.”

Then, as they got out of the restroom, Leon was seen finding Jiro and Jin and luckily he found her just in time. “Hey, um…Jin, or it is Ms. Matsuda?”

“Either one is fine.” She said.

“Ok, you said I needed to do some training today. Where do I need to go?” he said.

“Oh yeah, go to the next two rooms to your left. Jiro is gonna show you the ropes around training, but I think from what I heard about you, you can be pretty tactical when you’re in a fight.” Jin said. So she and Leon went into the training room where it’s actually a simulator used to train rookie Hybrids and humans for when they enter inside any Faction facility.

“Ah, Leon, I see you’ve got here just in time.” Jiro said, “I was finishing putting the touches on this exercise right here and in a few seconds, you should be up and ready to do this.” Soon, Leon got into the simulator, ready for his first exercise. And so, the first few tasks he did was de-armed a shooter by going into his metal Hybrid mode, deflecting the bullets and making sure he doesn’t hit any innocent bystanders and whatever bullets he caught, he flanged them back at the shooter, killing him instantly.

The next round, he had to apprehend a killer while he has a hostage as a human shield and he has to figure how to stop him without harming the hostage. However, he tried to use his transport powers to grab him from behind and making sure the hostage escape but unfortunately, the hostage was shot and killed before they could even make an escape, which made Leon shoot the guy in the chest and even his privates. “WHOA MAN!!!” shouted Jiro. “Relax, man, it’s just a simulation but I don’t think shooting him in the dick is gonna solve anything.”

“OK, I overreacted a little.” Leon said.

“That being said, we’ll get to that one later.” He said, “I think it’s time to bring out the killer bee Hybrids!!”

“KILLER BEE WHAT!?” Leon said as a huge swarm of Hybrids turning into modified bees begin coming for him. “Oh, Jin thought of this idea ever since her travels around Africa, and yes, Bee Hybrids do exist in the world.”

“Oh, GODDAMN!!!” Leon screamed as he ran and tries to shot down without even looking and where it gets worse, he actually hit a few bystanders and almost tripped on his shoes but then he want and turned into metal so the bees won’t sting him.

Cyan stopped by here to check on Leon and the others, “Hey, Jin, Jiro? Chrome Hybrid needs your two down in the conference room. He said there is something urgent involving the Coren Ramsey hunt and–” Then she sees Leon being chased by bees. “OH MY GOD, you gave Leon the bees’ treatment? What is wrong with you? No one has ever lasted long during the bees’ stage, not even Sei or Seiki!!”

“Well, that one guy did before.” Jin said.

“You mean that guy Agent Cage?” Cyan asked, “That guy was born crazy. Of course, he was gonna last, plus I heard he once punched a woman in a bear suit while on bath salts.”

Jiro said, “Well, the thing is with Leon is that….he’s doing quite alright but I think sometime his execution is getting sloppy. Even when he lose, it shows.” Jin then continued with, “We think he’s capable but he needs to be in more control of his powers and his conscious when he’s out there. We don’t need another loose cannon.” Then they stopped the simulation and out comes Leon with many bee stings on himself. “Anybody got some ointment?” Then he fell over while Cyan trying to carry him. “I don’t think he’s a loose cannon. Him not controlling himself, I get, but I don’t think he’s a danger to anyone here. Maybe I can help him train in the future.”

“Wait, you? Train him?” Jin said.

“OK, controlling his powers I can’t help with but his conscious……I can help with that.” Cyan said.

“I don’t know, Cyan.” Jiro said, “Are you up to it?” Cyan shook her head in a positive mood.

Jiro and Jin said, “All right. You got our permission to help Leon control his conscious state but you need to report it to us every day and don’t bullshit the details, you got it? And I guess you can start today…..maybe after he’s a few bee stings less.” Then she and Leon went out of the room and then came Chrome Hybrid with some developing news, “Matsuda siblings……we got some new info on Ramsey.”


“………Look, the fact is that she’s gonna fuck up our lives, and I’m not gonna let her to this to us and we really need your help on this.” Tomoki asked someone her and Cassie are talking through their tablet.

“So let me get this straight……this girl that works for this douchebag I’ve been hearing about via Cyan and Kai is blackmailing you with a video file of you two having sex? And what’s more important is….you two were secretly dating for a while?” And that question came from MAK2.0/The Blue Hybrid, as Tomoki and Cassie called him early to figure out the Miki situation.

“Yeah…….” Both of them said.

“I would say that I’m shocked but I did guess that the first time I met you.” MAK said. “Well, I was just fucking with you that time, but hey, I didn’t know you two were actually together.”

“Well, Moki and I have been hiding it for a long time now and we were going to tell some of our closest friends.” Cassie said, “And hey, you’re the first to know and I consider you a good friend.” She said as she smiled at him.

“Awww, thanks Cass, I do appreciate that and I consider you as a friend, too….and Tomoki as well.” MAK said.

“No problem, MAKky.” She said.

“OK…, MAK, anything that we need to do about this?” Tomoki said.

“Well, I say continue telling people like Cyan and Seiki about this.” MAK said, “But anyway, I got people that can help with the Miki situation, remember Aron and Rolo, those guys from the Darksiders? I can get them to help me with that.”

“Wait, you’re still tight with those guys?” Tomoki said.

“Yeah….I know they refused to be with the Faction but they’re still good people.” MAK said. “Besides they helped keep my anime reviewing schedule in check and keep Kai and Cassie informed with current videogames and what’s coming out.”

“Huh?” Tomoki confusedly said.

“What? I like to know what to and not to buy and/or play?” Cassie shyly said.

“And that you and Kai have multiplayer battles on Chaos Kart? Especially her shouting out, ‘Take that, BlackWolf85!!!!’”

“GRRRR….Curse you, BlueWonder.” Cassie said.

“I’ll let you know whether they got info on the girl. Until then, don’t let them know about you telling me about this.” MAK said, “I know that Hybrid X motherfucker been looking for me and Kai lately and I don’t attend to let him know my whereabouts.”

“But we know where the both of you live and where Kai works at.” Cassie said.

“Don’t worry. I can trust you two and the Faction and if he threatens you anyway, I’ll take care of that mothe—“

Then MAK saw something distracting on TV, in which the girls started to notice him and then he said back, “Guys, you know that guy you busted at the Bulletstorm Raid?”

“Ichitaka? That d-bag?” Tomoki said, “What about him?”

“That D-bag is dead.” He said, “He was killed in prison last night. Gotten himself stabbed in the heart and also from the looks of it, prison raped and it is not a pretty sight and because of this, someone sent out a message for Hybrids.” MAK then gave them the live news feed and see they are showing a video file with someone in a red hoodie wearing a faceless mask, holding a vial of blue leaf and threw in the ground, “I have a message for all you Hybrids and Hybrid lovers out there. Your kind will soon be decimated by the large numbers by us, the humans. The REAL HUMANS, the ones who fought hard to protect our ways and that’s why in honor by our new leader Coren Ramsey, ALL WAR ON HYBRIDS EVERYWHERE!!! THE GRAND “H” WAR IS ALL BUT INEVITABLE!!! Prepare to face devastation among yourselves and may you Hybrid scum burn in Hell. G’day.”

“Holy shit.” MAK said. “I….I really don’t like the looks of this.”

“Oh my god….this war really is happening.” Cassie said, holding Tomoki in a panicked concern.

“Guys, I think we need to get off here….and make sure nobody we loved dearly is dead.” MAK said.

“Right.” Both of the girls said and they hung up immediately to get to the Faction.


That same video also arrived at the Faction, which was the info Chrome Hybrid shared with the others, but they had an extended version, specifically made for them, with added threats that they were going to blow up the agency and carry out the bloody limbs of every Faction member and hack into the ones still surviving. They even shown an actual Hybrid being’s hacked foot with flies and the dank smell.

“What kind of horrifying bullshit is this?” Seiki answered. “Damn those paranoid fucks.”

Sei added in, “They’re the sickest kind of anti-Hybrid people. It’s the same ordeal that lots of people like us went through, I just thought we were past that and once again, I’m wrong.”

“They could begin any time now.” Rail Guard said, “We need to keep our eyes peeled for anything suspicious and look out for any bombs, devices, anything that blows up.” Winter Hybrid then inform every Faction agency in the world that they should send their best men and women at their location and show up armed and dangerous.

Meanwhile, that video did leave Sei in a very pissed off mood, so pissed off that it reminded her of something that happened to her a long time ago. “Can’t believe this shit”, she said while smoking a cigarette in the restroom but then she heard someone crying and whimpering in one of the stalls and she founded out that it was Sayuri. She have seen the video and it really made her terrified of what’s bound to happen.

“Sayuri…Sayuri…” Sei said as she went to comfort and hugged her. “Don’t worry, we’re going to make sure that no one here is gonna die here and I will protect you from any of those people.”

“Sei……..this is the first time in a few years that I’m actually scared for my life. I was always told by my brother and sister that everything’s going to be all right, but I don’t know whether to believe them.” Sayuri said as she tries to control her tears. “I don’t want to think about if one of those creeps killed me….or you, Jin, Jiro and anyone else in here. I just can’t—I just can—“

“Sayuri, just stick with me and we’ll be fine.” Sei said as they lead out of the restroom but what Sayuri is also noticing about Sei is that her hands are shaking and she feels very tense as well. “Sei?” Sayuri asked. “You’re really gripping my hand harder than usual.”

“Oh, sorry.” Sei said, “Yeah……..” Then she stood in silence.

“Sei…….are you more scared of this than I am?” Sayuri asked. “I mean I won’t think less of you if that’s the case.”

Sei sighed at that and then said to her, “Sayuri, it’s that—“ Then suddenly out of nowhere, a huge blast come from outside and both of them went to check outside and it was a huge group of anti-Hybrid humans throwing stack bombs into the building.

“WHOA!! The fuck’s going on?” As Leon also noticed the bombing after his swelling went down.

“Leon!! A bunch of anti-Hybrid humans are about to storm and bomb the place.” Sei said, “Hell, from the looks of it, they may already did the whole town by now.”

As it happens, one guy tried to sneak inside the building with a Molotov cocktail but then Loyuka disguise herself in her cat form and then as he got close to her, she then transform into her regular self and stab the guy and ran before he drop the cocktail, setting himself on fire. Then we see more of them coming from the door with shotguns and pistols and Loyuka did the smart thing and radio the others as a warning. “Attention, this is Captain Loyuka Zaki, this is not a drill!!! Anti-Hybrid combatants have invaded the building! They are armed and dangerous!! I suggest you armed and defend yourselves and do not, I repeat, DO NOT HARM ANY INNOCENT BYSTANDERS!!!”


“Oh, god….” Cyan said as she heard the announcement with Chrome Hybrid, Winter Hybrid, and Rail Guard. “They already in the building….I….I never handled something like this before.”

“OK, I know we may seem fucked but we got some reinforcements coming in your way.” Rail Guard said, “The situation should be handled here immediately.” Then a news bulletin appeared and reported that there has been a lot of attacks happening around the Eastin City area and McAllister area. “Miss Barrett, do you have family in the near area?”

“Yes… younger sister. Why? What’s going in? Is she safe?”

“We’re not sure. Does she work at an Asian cuisine restaurant called Mr. Tso’s Palace?” CH asked. Cyan shook her head. “Then she could be in danger. That place has been attacked just about a few minutes ago….so far, no casualties.”

Jin and Jiro met up with Leon in the hallway. “Hey, Leon?” As Jiro said tossing him a shotgun, a pistol, and tear gas. “You wanna prove yourself to us?” As Leon cocked the shotgun with an aggressive-sounding, “HELL YEAH!”

The teams are split up as this: Jin, Jiro and Leon covered the back ways, Loyuka & Seiki with the east and west ways, Cyan and the Hybrids at the frontline with Sei and Sayuri checking corners. “Is everybody at their locations?” Jin said, “If so, stay close and for the love of God, don’t die.”

“Wait…..where’s Tomoki and Cassie?” Cyan said, “Do you think they’re caught in the crossfires?”

“I hope they’re having a better time than we are.” Loyuka said.

And that would be false.


As apparently the disaster has already gotten to where Tomoki and Cassie are at, as they are ducking and dodging bullets, bombs, knives, whatever things they are throwing at them.

“They were pretty quick to start this war.” Cassie said.

“YA THINK!!” Tomoki responded. “We’re surrounded by these motherfuckers!!! We don’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of surviving.” More bullets fly and a lot of cars were exploding.

“KILL ALL HYBRIDS!!!” One crazy rioter said holding a flamethrower. “KILL THEM FREAKY LOOKING MUTANTS!!!”

“A fucking flamethrower?!?!?” Tomoki said as both she and Cassie ran away from being burned to a crisp and he said, “Hey, it looks like we’re gonna have some Asian Cuisine together with some fried chicken!!”

“Did he fucking called me fried chicken?” Cassie said. “Oh, fuck this.” Then Cassie saw a gun from the ground, grabbed it and ported behind the guy’s tank, shoots it, and he just explodes to pieces. “And why the fuck he called me that any—Oh, yeah, he was a racist douchebag.”

“We need to call the Faction to get them to help us!!” Tomoki said, “They can’t be as—“ Then Cassie’s cellphone rang and it was Loyuka calling her. “LOYUKA!!! HELP!!! They are riots all over town and we’re trying not to be ambushed by these guys. WE NEED TO GET—“

“Believe me, I know the feeling!! OUR HQ IS UNDER ATTACK!!!” Loyuka screamed, resounding with a “WHAT?” from both Cassie and Tomoki. “It’s an all-out war against Hybrid beings and associates!! The Grand ‘H’ War is here!! They didn’t bullshit on this, they are really killing Hybrids out there. They reported over 26 deaths so far on the news. Lots of places have been burned and torched, the first being a Mr. Tso’s palace.”

“26 deaths!?” Tomoki said, “Wait, Mr. Tso’s? That’s the place Kai works at!!”

“WHAT!?” Cassie said, “Oh no, what if Kai—“

“They haven’t said anything about her or any casualties from the place!” Loyuka said, “As far as I know, she could be safe but you two need to get over here ASAP!! We need all the help we can get. That and don’t die. Loyuka out.” She ended transmission on that.

And so, Cassie and Tomoki need to get to the Faction HQ alive and back there, the rest just need to survive the rampage.



Speaking of that……………..


It was Winter Hybrid and Chrome Hybrid laying it down on the frontlines with Rail Guard covering them by CQC and Cyan by weapons mode. First, Winter jumped and slammed a few of them to the ground and some tried to climb on his back but he easily rolled them over and broke their backs and fingers. Chrome grabbed a crowbar and he swung one guy with a chainsaw (yes, a chainsaw) in the face, as he ended up sawing his own foot and soon Winter wanted a part of the chainsaw action.

Rail Guard performed a sneak attack on this one guy by covering his mouth to stab him in the back and in the front, then one guy was about to attack Rail but luckily Cyan took a shot at him before he can do it.

“Thanks!” RG said. “No problem,” Cyan said, “You think the others need my help?”

Guard then said, “I think Winter can handle it all my himself. He seems to be having fun over there.”

“Oh, now you’re about to run, you yellow-bellied fuckers!!!” Winter Hybrid yelled in sheer arrogance and bravado. “That’s right, run you little shits!!”

“Winter, will you stop with the fucking bragging, for God sakes?!” said Chrome, “You don’t want to jinx us like last time!”

“Relax!! It looks like they’re backing down. We won’t even need backup!!” Winter said.

But however, someone arrived by helicopter with a built-in steel box and it was Hiroyuki coming down there. “Hello, Royal Hybrid League!!!”

“Hiroyuki T’Carv.” Rail Guard said.

“Who?” Cyan asked.

“He’s Ramsey’s second-in-command and he’s about as much as anti-Hybrid.”

“Well, a good ‘ol hello from you, too, Chromatic.” Hiroyuki said. “Same to you, Cold Shoulder and Train-Man.”

“Train-Man?” Cyan said, “What kind of a lame nickname is that for you?” Then Hiroyuki drew his attention to her and then said, “Well…I’ve heard a lot about you, Cyan Barrett and of course, I know of your little sister and that Hybrid she fucks. The Blue Hybrid, right?”

“Hey, ah, Asshole, what the fuck do you want?” Rail Guard said.

“Well…..Rail, you know what the fuck I came here for but I brought over a little friend of mine.” Then someone came out of the helicopter and it’s this girl with a metal arm on her with this grudged look on her.

“Greetings, gentlemen.” She said in a low voice. “Oh, and lady, too. I guess.”

“Ensign.” Hiroyuki said to her, “These 4 people are in our way. Please have them removed at once.”

“It’ll be a pleasure.” Ensign said and then she swiftly pounced at Winter Hybrid but he held his position tight.

“Holy fuck, what the hell are you?” Winter Hybrid said.

She then said to them, “I am Ensign Lye…..and I came to exterminate some Hybrid vermin and you three fuckers are part of my target.”

“Are you blind, you daft bitch!” Winter Hybrid said, “You think you can take on the Royal Hybrid League and also, there’s 4 of us so you’re best out of luck, you stupid b—“ Then she laid a light grenade, which causes Cyan to go blind for a minute and then Ensign grabs her and throws her into one of the windows.

“Ms. Barrett!!” Chrome shouted. “Ms. Barrett, are you alright?”

“I think I’m–*pained yell*– I’m somewhat fine,” she said, “Why do people in action movies think broken glass can’t harm them?”

“Cyan, regroup with Jin and Jiro and fight with them. We’ll take care of this bitch right here!!” Rail Guard said.

“Gotcha!!” she said as she went along.

“You hybrids have no idea what you’re about to get into.” Ensign said ready to jump them.


“Hybrids…..come out and plaaayyyy….” One guy said pumping and shooting shotgun shells at the wall.


Then as he spotted a glow in the corner, he rushed to the corner, ready to shoot and saying, “Say your prayers, Hybrid bitch!!” and yet he saw nothing, except for a piece of paper saying, “TRAP!!”

Then out comes Seiki and Loyuka shooting the shit out of him until he’s laying down and with bullet holes riddled everywhere.

“Was that overkill?” Seiki said.

“Yeah it was.” Loyuka said. “But fuck it, they’re not holding back on us and we should do the same.”

“When the hell are reinforcements going to get here?” Seiki said, “It’s been about an hour since the attacks. How come no one bothered to come for us yet?”

“Seiki, the whole city’s a warzone and worst case scenario, they could be in trouble as well.” Loyuka said, “or dead.”



We cut to Jin, Jiro and Leon at the back ways where things get messier with swords…….as in, one big guy tries to cut them down with a sword, but then Leon threw some empty soda cans to distract him but then some other guy grabbed Leon and tries to beat him down but his hand shattered after punching him a few times as Leon went into his metal Hybrid form. Then he threw the guy through a window, dragged him through the broken glass, bash his head on the pavement more, he keeps on punching him again and again until he was bloody done for and threw him again outside. The guy from before was at a one on one fist fight with Jiro and Jiro seems to be going down for the count. The guy kept kicking him and punching him in the jaw but then Jiro sees a jackknife in the ground, tries to get it but the guy got to him before he did, kicking the knife away but Jin threw some disks at the guy’s back and immediately at his neck, slicing it right away.

“You okay?” Jin said to Jiro.

“Not really.” He said breathlessly, getting very exhausted, “He really kicked my ass well.”



Leon was running through the building, looking for more of them but he first saw Cyan walking through with a limp on her leg. “CYAN!! What happened to you!!” he said as he came running for her.

“Hey…..Leon…..some fucking Fullmetal Alchemist bitch is at the front lines, about to go against the RHL and she….ended up throwing my ass through a window.” Cyan said, “How’s everyone else?”

Leon then started to help Cyan walk with one leg as he explains the situation to her so far, “Well, Jin and Jiro are still good. You already told me about the RHL. I haven’t heard from anybody else yet.”

“Not even Tomoki and Cassie?” she said.

“Especially from them.” he said, “No calls! Nothing from them.”



Then we cut to Sei……literally cutting someone’s head off.

“OK, Sayuri…..we’re almost about out of here. There is an underground tunnel that could lead to my place. I’ll hide you there and security’s packed so no worries about anyone breaking in. We’ll get there in a few minutes.”

As they kept walking around, Sayuri wanted to ask a question to her, “Um…..Sei?”

“Sayuri, I got no time for questions. We need to—“

“You never answered my question. About if you’re scared as I am about this.” Sei is obviously avoiding the question but Sayuri wants to know as they kept walking.

“SAYURI!!! WE GOT NO TIME FOR THIS!! ESPECIALLY RIGHT NOW!!! We could get killed at any moment!”

“Why can’t you just tell me!?!? You’ve been more than a friend to me and my brother and sister all these years!! We’re family. You can tell me anything!! What, you can’t trust me enough?!”

“Sayuri, I do trust you, OK?” Sei said. Then Sayuri said, “Then why would you—“

However, Sayuri paused for a moment as Sei begun to shed a tear just thinking about that.

“BECAUSE I DON’T WANT TO RELIVE THAT SHIT AGAIN!!…….OK, Fine. You remember my break-up with that one guy 7 years ago, when you was still a teenager? Short story, he and his friends were pissed at me, so they break into my apartment and tried to beat me in my sleep. Keyword being tried as in I managed to break some heads but he’s overpowered me. He beat me down, stomped on me everywhere from the ribcage and left me for dead.”

“Oh god.” Sayuri said.

“After that, I swear I never want to go through the same shit again or let anybody else I know and love go through that.” Sei said, “I didn’t want you to think lesser of me.”

“Sei, I don’t ever think lesser of you when it comes to that.” Sayuri said, “I didn’t even know about it at first. You are still the Sei I know, admire, and adore.”

With that said, Sei then hugged Sayuri and said, “Thank you, Sayuri.”

They found something to ride inside the tunnel. It was a dune buggy. “Oh thank God, a ride!!”



“OH THANK GOD A RIDE!!!” Cassie shouted after her and Tomoki was getting through 3 blocks of rampage. They went and gone inside the car to start it.

“Wait, how can we get to the Faction or at least, HOME, with all this shit happening around town?” Tomoki said, “I don’t want to end up being blown up, shot and/or killed.”

Cassie then said, “Moki, we can’t go back Home, especially with the rioters and the fact that bitch Miki might have that bugged inside and out, crawling with henchmen everywhere!!! Dammit, this day has gone to shit!”

Tomoki tried to start the vehicle but so far, nothing’s been budging.

“Oooh, don’t tell me this is out of gas.” She checks the fuel tank and sees that it is on empty. “FUCK!!” Both got out of the car and just in time, too, because more gunshots from rioters were coming.

“Hey, get the Asian girl and the black chick!!!” One of them said.

Both kept running and running from the rioters but then Tomoki decided that, “OK. Enough!! I’m not gonna run from these assholes anymore. I’ve done that too much already. I—No, We need to show those guys what happens when you fuck with a Hybrid.” As Tomoki run towards them, she jumped high and change into her panda form and Cassie jump-spiraled into her wolf form and they begin attacking each and every one of them from biting them, drawing their blood to smashing them with Tomoki’s giant panda hands and kicks.

They change back into their human forms to knock ‘em out one by one. Tomoki gets a sewer man cover to throw at them and causing both brain damage and broken necks. Cassie gets a hold of a machine gun from one of the dead rioters and begins shooting at them with a mad look on her face. They begin to fall back and got out of there before the girls can do even more damage to them.

“Well that was quick.” Cassie said.

“I’ll say.” One familiar voice in a hood said, “I thought they would never leave. I’m just glad you two came here.”

“OK….random citizen, we’re glad to help and all.” Tomoki said.

“Random citizen? You don’t recognize my voice?” Then the person took off their hood and it is revealed that person is Kai.

“Kai?” Tomoki said.

“Kai-Kai!” Cassie said as she went there to hug her, “Oh, you’re safe and sound!! We was worried about you!”

“Aww, Cassie and Tomoki! I’m glad you two are okay, too.” Kai said as she hugged both girls. “Considering since both of you are now an official couple, it would’ve suck if something happened to you two.”

“Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait….” Tomoki said, “You knew about us being together?”

“Well, I got my sources and I never reve—“, Kai said.

“MAK told you, didn’t he?” Tomoki said.

“Well, yeah.” Kai admitted, “But he is right. You two are so cute together and you do remind me of myself and MAK, but slightly older.”

“Speaking of MAK, where is he?” Cassie said. Then cut to someone being thrown into a car, ass in first.

“Come on, Blue Hybrid!!! You thought that shit was gonna work on us?” and cue MAK fighting off a couple of rioters and he’d threw a rock at them. “A rock? A fucking rock? Is that the best you can do, you fucking nigga hybrid?”

“Oh, the nigga card. Alright. You want to say that to my face?” MAK shouted.

“Bring it, you glow boy!! Who else is gonna stop us?” Then suddenly, Tomoki & Cassie sling a pole inside one of them. MAK definitely knows who that was and he then ported over to their side, grab the pole and pull it out of the dude and ended up swinging it their heads, busting every one of them until that one main guy just dropped his gun and said, “Fuck this” and ran for cover.


“……I see you made it just in time.” MAK said, “And also, I’m tired….every fucking body is chasing Hybrids and as soon as they heard Blue Hybrid, I thought they were going to cut my fucking head off.”

“So I take it you’re doing okay?” Tomoki said.

“Yeah, sure”, MAK said without a hesitation.

Then Cassie grabbed some car keys and said, “OK….we need to get back to the Faction immediately. Those guys could use a little help from us and Kai, your sister is very worried about you. She heard about that restaurant who work at being under attack and thought the worse.”

“Wait, the Faction is under attack!? And Cyan is still there?” Kai said in a panic mode.

“Kai, sweetie, I’m sure your sister is going to be fine.” MAK said, “But do you think you need any help from us?”

“I don’t know, MAK. I’m sure that Hybrid X and that girl—“

“Man, bully for that motherfucker and bitch. Do you need me? If you don’t, then I need to take Kai and myself into safety.”

Then Cassie and Tomoki went over to Kai, “Well………Kai, do you want to hide from all this?”

“Actually……..” she said with a pause.


It seems like Ensign is thrashing the hell out of Chrome and Rail Guard. “AAAHHHH!!!” Guard screamed being hurdled into the sky and swiftly coming back down.

“Had enough, bitch!” she screamed out.

“Come on and say that to me, bitch!!!” Winter said, slamming her to the pavement, kicking her in the jaw and throwing her to the cars. “Might wanna get that headlight fixed!!”

She got up and charged at Winter with an uppercut, grabbed his ankles and throw him at Chrome.

“Ow, damn that bitch!” Winter Hybrid said.

“DAMN YOU, YOU MEANT!!” Chrome said, “Lay off the damn pie!!”

Hiroyuki decides to get into the fight with a sword….well, two swords but he hands one to Chrome. “Ah, I see we’re doing an old-fashioned duel right here.”

“I guess so.” Chrome said right back, “At least you’re man enough to give me a sword.”

“I mean, after all, just beating you down senseless get boring after a little while, care you draw first?”

“My pleasure.” As both begin to fight it out.


Meanwhile, Leon and Cyan are at the top of the building, overseeing the town in a desolate and broken-down state. “Has anybody even gotten here yet? It’s been about 2 ½ hours and no reinforcements has shown up. Are we really on our own for this?” Then they heard a shot within distance of another tower left of them. It was actually a sniper aiming for the both of them at sight as he kept shooting at them, they need to find a spot where they can’t be seen.

“Who the fuck was that?!” Cyan said.

“Wait……those aren’t anti-Hybrid shooters. They’re actually Hybrid rebels.” Leon said.

“Hybrid Rebels?” Cyan said. “Where did they come from?”

“They’re Hybrid beings who had enough of the human oppression and decide to take matters in their own hands. Most of them are very peaceful but these people……they’re the “shoot first” kind of Hybrid.”

“But wait, why are they shooting at us?” Cyan said.

“Actually, they weren’t……” Leon said, “…..they were shooting at somebody coming for us, we just didn’t notice.”

“Oh.” Cyan said, “Well, that was a quiet waste of time.” Then her cellphone rings, she looks at the ID and its Tomoki’s number. “Tomoki, hello? You there?”

“Cyan, how’s everyone down there? Are you all right?” Tomoki said.

“Not really. Someone threw me through a window, I’m limping here, might be bleeding and no big reinforcements has shown up yet. Things have gone to shit here.” Cyan said.

“Wait, you were thrown into a window?” Tomoki said.

“WHAT!” Kai said in the backseat along with MAK. “WHAT HAPPENED WITH CYAN? Is she alright?”

“What the—Tomoki, please don’t tell me you got my sister with you on your way here!” she said.

“OK…….We got her and MAK on your way here.” Tomoki said.

“MAK, too!?!?” Cyan said, “OK, I’m glad that Kai is safe and MAK is there with her but why are taking them to more danger than before?”

“They wanted to come with?’…” Cassie shyly said.

“Look, they decided themselves that they wanted to come, so go say it to them!!!” Tomoki said, “Plus, you’re not doing so hot yourself and—HEY!!” she said as MAK grabbed her cellphone and talked to Cyan, “Look, Cyan, have you forgotten about what we did back in Parish Heights? I think we’re good on that front.”

“Don’t remind me.” She said with an annoyed tone.

“Look, we’re about there!” Cassie said as they are approaching the HQ and the first thing they see is Ensign Lye beating the living shit out of Winter Hybrid and Rail Guard, more so on Rail and Chrome is holding his guard against Hiroyuki with the sword fight.

“Had enough!” Ensign screamed as she smacked around and kicked Rail like he was an abused housewife but Rail got some glass and went to cut her face with it. “Yeah, I have but you can have some, bitch!!” He then continued to jab her in the face and torso, even trying to dismantle her mechanical arms but she blocked him and body slammed him to the ground. On the other hand, Hiroyuki decides to play dirty as he was about to throw some dirt but Chrome then threw some dirt at him, too, making them both unable to see where they’re hitting at.





Meanwhile……Loyuka and Seiki are busy taking down the rest of the rioters and it looks like more were about to come but then they run into Jin and Jiro.

Seiki said with panting, “Hey, more of them………are coming…….Running out of options…….we’re fucked.”

“We’re about to run out of weapons. We don’t know how much we can survive out there.” Loyuka said.

“All I got is a handgun with maybe a few bullets left.” Jin said, “Jiro?”

He checks his gun. “I’m about out.”

“FUCK!” she shouted. “We need to find a way out of here. I need to call Sei and Sayuri. Maybe they found a way.”


As we last left Sei and Sayuri, they found a dune buggy in the underground and drove on their way to her place.

“Sayuri?” Sei said.

“Yes, Sei?” Sayuri said.

“I wanted to say I’m sorry for being a bitch at you earlier.” Sei said, “I didn’t mean to take it out on you.”

“It’s no big deal. I shouldn’t been pestering you too much.” Sayuri said, “If that happened to me, I wouldn’t tell that many people either.” Sayuri said.

“Yeah, but I wouldn’t want to do that to somebody I consider a close friend.” Sei said.

“Sei….everything between us is cool now. We’re almost there and we got nothing to worry about…..and for what it’s worth, I’m glad to have you as a close friend, too.” Sayuri said.

After that loving moment, bad news started to come in the form of the dune buggy running out of gas and they were only about a couple miles from her place. “Oh, shit!!” Sei said, “Damn, I thought it was going to make it there in no time.”

“Well, it isn’t that far from here.” Sayuri said, “I don’t mind to walk or run from here.”

“I don’t know about tha—“

Then a bunch of people was showing up in the dark of the tunnels with this sinister look in their faces, ready to strike whenever needed. One voice come out of that group and said, “So I see the Hybrids are cowering down from the humans, even resorting to hiding down here.”

“Who in the hell are you and what do you want from us?” Sei said.

“You see, my name is Willis Lam and I run the underground over here around these Hybrid parts and I see you run out of gas.” Then he got one of his guys to bring a full tank of gas.


“Wait, wait… much do we have to pay for it?” Sei said.

“Oh, you don’t have to pay anything to me….” Willis said with a pause. “But…….”

“But what?”

“But it’s more of a trade actually….for one of you.” He said in a malicious voice as he got his goons to grab manhandle both of them.

“WHAT!? NO!!! GET OFF ME, DAMMIT!” Sayuri screamed as she couldn’t escape from them.

“Oh, and we have decided to take the little lime-haired girl.” Willis said, “You would’ve been okay but we needed someone younger and less brash. They just grabbed you so you won’t do anything that you’ll regret.”

“SEI!! HELP!” Sayuri said.

Sei then stomped on one of their feet and kicked them in their side, “Like hell I’m letting you take her. We can walk there on our own, as in KEEP YOUR GODDAMN GAS!”

Willis then said to her, “Actually, you have no options as of now. You won’t survive out there and neither is your friend. Hell, you’re doing her a favor by selling her to me.” He extended his hand to shake a deal with Sei, but she refuses and even spat at his hand. “NO! Fuck you and your gas and you’re not getting Sayuri!” Then she threw some debris at him and the goons, grabbed Sayuri and ran out of there quick.

“FUCKING BITCHES!! Don’t stand there! Capture them!!” As Willis said and all of them ran down there with chains, baseball bats and machetes as Sei and Sayuri was getting away.

Sayuri’s cellphone rings, she answers it and it was Jin on the phone. “Hello?”

“Sayuri?!? Where are you and Sei?” Jin said.

“Jin, I’m sorry, but we happen to be in some shit right now.” Sayuri said.

“What?!?” Jin said.

“Jin, this is Sei. Look, I was trying to get Sayuri into a safe haven at my place but we ran into some mishaps on the way.”

Jiro got the phone from Jin, “Look, guys, going to your houses isn’t going to being any safer than where we are at.”

“Then I’ll try!!” Sei said, “I’m not going to let anything happen to your sister!! I will protect her!!” She hung up the phone and said to her, “Sayuri, we’re just about there. I told you I can get you here safe.”

But as soon as they were close to the house, someone ignite a bomb inside the tunnel, causing it to collapse, splitting the tunnel and separating Sei and Sayuri from each other.

“SEI!!” Sayuri said, “Where are you?”

However, using her special Hybrid powers, Sei transported back to her but she is about one second too late.

“Oh, I’m afraid she’s long gone.” Willis said behind her and then grabbed her with a chloroform-soaked rag and drag her out of her.

“Hey, you. Take care of that other one.” He said to one of the goons.

All of them jumped at her all at once and as she fight through to get to Sayuri, one of them tore her jacket off and she kept on fighting and fighting until Willis put another bomb on there, which causes his guys to scurry from that and it detonated and exploded, causing Sei to fall into one of the rivers unconscious.


Tomoki put the car into 2X drive and drove towards Ensign Lye while she wasn’t looking and ram her and crash into the wall with them jumping out of the car first.

“OK……I didn’t know we were trying to do that.” Kai said.

“You think she’s dead?” Cassie said. “I have no idea.” MAK said, “She could be dead.”

Then Ensign pushes the car with her mechanical arm and grabbed the pole first to throw at them. “DUCK!!!” MAK screamed but then him, Tomoki and Cassie stopped the pole telepathically and threw it back at her.

“I see we have some more Hybrids on your midst.” Hiroyuki said. “I’ll deal with you later, Chrome.” Soon Hiroyuki jump charge at Tomoki and Cassie with both swords while Ensign goes after MAK and Kai.

“Wait, why do we get the Full Metal Bitch?” MAK said as she grabbed him by the neck then he ported out of there to head-butt her but even her head feels like it’s made of steel. Kai grabbed MAK and then he ported back and forth beating her with the pole she grabbed and punching her simultaneously while Tomoki and Cassie were holding off Hiroyuki and his sword-fighting.

“What the fuck is with this guy and swords?” Tomoki said.

“It’s called fighting with style, Hybrid.” Hiroyuki said, “You know, something you obviously know nothing about.” Then Cassie tried to grab Hiroyuki from behind but he escaped from it and kicked Cassie from behind and said, “Nice try, wolf child!”

Both Cassie and Tomoki tried to bum rush him but he quickly dodged them. “You girls really think you can take me down? You must out of your mind!!!” As he got close to Tomoki with a gun and pistol-whips her but Cassie stabs him in the hand and Tomoki tripped him into a windshield of a car, making him unconscious.

“Nice job, Midori Hybrid and Kuro Okami!” Chrome said, “Ow. I think bones I didn’t even know I had are broken.”

“You girls kicked some ass out there!” Winter said.

“Thanks, Winter!!” Tomoki said, “But don’t doubt yourself!! I can see why you’re much of a badass!”

“Um……what about me?” Rail Guard said, “I had to take much of an ass-beating for you!!”

“Yeah, but you’re quite used to that shit, Rail.” Winter said.

“Wait, where’s MAK and Kai?” Cassie said. “Trying to beat this bitch!!” Kai shouted at them from afar as she tries to distract Ensign from beating up MAK too much by throwing a lot of rocks and sticks at her but it didn’t help as much. “I don’t think she’s budging.” Kai said, “It’s like she doesn’t even give a fuck about me.”

“Will you tell your little triracial girlfriend that sooner or later, I’m kicking her ass next?” Ensign said.

“I’m…..still….getting….my….ass…..kicked. YOU…..FUCKING….TELL….HER!!” MAK kept saying after Ensign keeping beating him up. “This is the best you got? The Blue Hybrid? This pussy can’t even knock me over!!” Then as he’s hanging upside down, he stabbed her foot and kicked her in the face. “Well, this pussy got something up his sleeve.” Then as Ensign got up and went to charge at him, Leon just came out of nowhere and slammed the girl with his metal Hybrid power.

“Ow……that hurt even for me.” He said. “You good, kid?”

“Yeah.” MAK said, “Thanks for saving my ass there, man.”

“No problem, dude.” Leon said, “So……I heard that you’re the Blue Hybrid or MAK2.0 as you like to be called.”

“I take it you heard about me from some people?” MAK said.

“Well……..” Then comes Cyan from the background, helping out Chrome, Winter and Rail Guard, “He got his sources.”

“And I guess you’re pretty pissed at us for being MAK and Kai around?” Cassie said as she and Tomoki came about. “Believe me, we wanted to get them safe but…..they wanted a piece of the action.”

“That and things really got boring for us back home.” Kai said, “Cyan, I know you and MAK want to protect me and both of you are doing a great job at it, but….”

“Kai, don’t worry about it.” Cyan said but then grabbed her ear, “But do that shit behind my back again and I’ll throttle you.” But then proceeded to hug her, “But I’m glad you’re safe…..and you, too, MAK.”

Seiki and Loyuka then came outside with some good news. “Hey, reinforcements are finally going to come here; we just saw them with a big copter along the way and….why is MAK and Kai here?” Seiki said.

Tomoki said, “We didn’t drag them al—“

“Ah…..I get it.” Seiki said. “Well, this has been a hell of a day.”

Loyuka then added on, “Yeah, I don’t think I can take more surprises for today.” Then Cassie gives Tomoki the signal for revealing their relationship to them (well, the girls and Leon). But first, they needed to get the ailing Hybrids of the RHL to recoup. Chances are, they’re going to be fine but now is in fact that time.

“Guys, me and Cassie actually have something to get off our chest.” Tomoki said as she brought them to more of a private area.

“OK, Tomoki, Cassie, what are you guys trying to tell us?” Cyan said, “Both of you aren’t preg—“

“WHAT THE FUCK!?!?? Pregnant? Why would we do the shit we did if we’re pregnant?” Tomoki said, “But no, there’s no pregnant girls here.”

Seiki then said, “Then what is there lef—“ But Loyuka calmed everyone down and went to the girls and said, “OK, let’s just chill and actually let them tell what it is. So, Tomoki, what the hell are you hiding from us?”

“I think it’s better for us to show you what we’re talking about.” Then Tomoki grabbed and pulled Cassie by her side and lay it out with a deep, deep kiss on her lips with a little moan from Cassie as it happens and most of them, with the exception of MAK and Kai, are actually surprised that Tomoki would actually kiss Cassie like that. Maybe they goofed on them about it, but never in reality. They stopped kissing for a moment to let that moment relish to them.

“So…..yeah, Tomoki and I are together.” Cassie said, “We’ve been meaning to tell you but we didn’t know how to bring it up to you without anyone freaking out and we can’t tell any higher ups about us. Not Jin, Jiro, The RHL or anybody in the higher Faction area.”

Then Tomoki finished it out with, “But we wanted to tell you guys because…..well, we trust you. You’ve stood with me and Cass side to side whenever something goes down. We ask you within our hearts that none of this goes beyond all of you…..and yes, that means you, too, MAK and Kai.”

“Well…….this is quite a shock.” Loyuka said, “I’m not gonna lie, I have joked about you two in a romantic relationship before but I never thought it would be real. But I can see why. You 2 are actually great together. You’ve been with each other side by side with the tragic aspects of your life and….both of you have some fucked-up moments in the past. But still, I think it’s actually sweet that you two are together and I think all of us are really happy for you.”

Seiki then said, “Yeah, granted that I don’t know much about you or Cassie, but I’m really happy for the both of you.”

“Same here.” Cyan said, “And I admit, you two are cute as a cou—MAK and Kai said that to you before and they knew about this, didn’t they?”

“Actually, yeah.” MAK said, “I was the first one they told. That and plus, they were threa—“ But both Tomoki and Cassie covered his mouth to not mention the Miki Maeda thing. “Wait, what?” most of them said. “Nothing. MAK has nothing to say….right?” He shook his head and remained quiet.

“Ah…..Did I hear a MAK around here?” a distant voice said and it turned out to be Hybrid X coming from the helicopters with Miki following him behind. “So, at last we meet!!!” He laughed boastfully.

“So, you must be Hybrid X, I presume.” MAK questioned.

“Yes, you must heard of me very well.” He said.

“Yeah……I heard that you have been mistreating my friends there recently.” MAK said, “Especially my sister-in-law there and I heard you also been looking for my girlfriend also.”

Miki came along and said to MAK, “Well, it’s not like you’ve been keeping yourself out of the limelight since Parish Heights and that your girlfriend’s place at work is now decimated, having her and you running around the streets.” Then MAK got on her and said, “Well……I was running around the streets because a bunch of rioters killing Hybrids and humans in the name of this fucking war is going on. Me caring for my girlfriend’s safety is apparently wrong now?”

“I believe you misread me, MAK.” Miki said.

“No, I was reading you loud and clear.” MAK said, “I’m reading that you’re kinda dumb as fuck right about now.”

“Whoa, stand down, Blue Hybrid.” Hybrid X said, “You may be something out of a celebrity to Hybrid beings and some humans but you are not going to fuck with higher orders around here.” Then MAK back talked him and said, “And just because you’re a higher order Hybrid, doesn’t mean you get to disrespect those under you and talk shit about people that were doing the logical and right thing, you prick!!” Sooner or later, the girls had to hold MAK back because he was fuming at him but then Jin and Jiro came just right in the middle of the arguing between MAK and X.

“Fellas, fellas, fellas, what’s going on here?” Jiro said.

“Nothing, Matsuda. It’s just an argument gone awry.” X said.

“Yes, it’s nothing that important.” MAK said as he’s about to end the conversation. “Excuse me, gentleman, miss.” As he passes by Jin and Jiro and came to Tomoki and Cassie, “You guys are definitely right about them. I can’t stand those fucks and that bitch is really pushing it.”

“Hey, is everyone present?” Jiro said.

“Well……..not everyone. Where’s Sei and Sayuri?” Loyuka said.

“Last time, I was on the phone with her and she was heading for her apartment. I haven’t heard anything from her since then.” Jin said. “I have calling her again but she isn’t answering or they’ve lost cell service. Sayuri doesn’t seem to respond.”

Then we see a medic transport on their way to the Hospital from the Faction and the guys went to see what was going on with that. “Wait, where did that ambulance came from?” Jiro asked as they went to see what damage has happened.

According to some people that told Jin and Jiro, the underground pipes have collapsed due to bombs blowing up inside and they found one person floating down the river. The person they described was a female, Asian, mid-30s, brown hair, light brown eyes……which are similar attributes of Sei.

And they have thought the worse………


And as for Sayuri…….she awoken up in a different place, in nothing but a t-shirt and underwear and she was tied to a bed. She tried to yank the rope from the bed but it was tied up pretty good and then Willis walked in. “So….you liking your new surroundings?”

“Where…….Where……where am I?”


“Well, Miss Sayuri Matsuda……’re in process of being sold!”

Aura Faction Story 4


©2014 K2 / Studio Katana / The FACTION project


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