WARNING: The following written material that you’re about to read may contain acts of violence, graphic language, and sexual content. This is meant only for MATURE AUDIENCES. Reader Discretion is advised.

Previously on COLORS.

The gang is all here!!! Well, basically The Darksiders (all of them this time), MAK, Kai, Sheena, Kati, Yuan, Laila, Joanna, Gina and Lial are planning a way to break into the Birdbrains’ hideout to rescue Sayuri. Hopefully they won’t run into Shin since he’s coming for them (again) and Rick and Dice are hunting them down (also again).

Tomoki and Cassie escaped from prison only to having to hide from the world (again) and also plan their revenge against Miki Maeda.

Oh, speaking of Miki, Loyuka finally woke up and recovers her memory of being shot. She knows its Miki and then threatened if Loyuka tells a soul, she might kill Nyoko or anyone else she knows and love.

A new dawn has come for the Society.

Back at the hideout, everybody was still fast asleep although MAK was just starting to wake up and with Kai laying on top on him.
He gets up to see the sunrise while having a lot of things on his mind, especially with what’s going to happen today.

“Hey…..I see you’re up.” Kai said. “You’ve always been the early riser of the two of us.”
“Yeah.” MAK chuckles a bit. “Only I’m not up to watch cartoons or anime…..It’s just that today and what’s going to happen and all that.”
“You getting nervous?” Kai asked.
“Well……I wouldn’t say nervous but I….OK, dammit, I’m nervous.” MAK wittingly said as he sat down.

“MAK. MAKky.” Kai said. “You know it’s just me awake. You don’t have to nervous saying that to me. Hell, I’m nervous, too.” She said.
“I mean, we’ve been through shit like this before and we got lucky.” MAK said. “And once again……we are doing the most dangerous shit.”

“We can say at least our lives are exciting…” Kai said. “And live to tell about it.”
“Tell it to who?” MAK asked.
“You know…..friends, family…..maybe even our own kids someday.” She said which MAK’s eyes widened in surprise at the thought of babies.
“What? We might have kids one day.” Kai said. “I mean, not now but……yeah….Plus, we would have a cute kid together.” Then she kisses him.

“OK, that does make me feel relieved.” MAK said. “Well….a little bit but you did help.”
“Glad I can.” Kai said. “So with the rest still asleep……you wanna….” Then she whispers something in his ear and yes, it involves sex.
MAK then smiled gleefully and quickly both him and Kai got under the covers and starting making love.

Back at her apartment, Loyuka and Nyoko were resting after their night alone after getting back from the hospital.
“Good Morning.” A cheery Nyoko said to Loyuka.
“Morning, Nyoko.” Loyuka responded to her. “Wow that was quite a night after we got home.”

“I’LL SAY!” she exclaimed optimistically. “You was quite the charger last night!”
“One bullet didn’t stop me from satisfying you last night.” Loyuka said as she kissed Nyoko again. Nyoko soon got up to change into her work clothes.
“Got to work today?” Loyuka asked.
“Yeah…..” Nyoko said. “I rather stay with you all day, lying down with you naked and holding each other but I got a job to do and you need much rest before you go back.”
“All right, so I’ll see you when you get home then?” Loyuka asked.
“Yeah.” Nyoko said kissing her goodbye. “Bye-bye, my captain.” She then left.

Loyuka is now left with her thoughts, especially with those of what Miki said. Again her saying “Tell her the truth and your lover dies” and its worse now considering her and Nyoko spent the night having sex after a recovery. The thought of Miki getting her hands on Nyoko almost cause Loyuka to have a panic attack.

However, Risa knocked on the door to check up on her.
“Hey, you decent?” Risa answered. “Nyoko asked me to check up on you to see if you’re all right.”

“Oh, I’m fine!!” Loyuka shouted. “I’m just OK.”
Risa then replied, “You sure? You sounded like you was panicking a moment ago.”
“That might the painkillers I was prescribed to.” Loyuka said. “You know, those side effects and stuff.”

“OH…..” Risa said. “Hopefully those will wear out in a couple of minutes. Anyway, I have to get to work too. I’m sure you got it handled for a couple of hours since Nyoko is coming back at that time anyway.”
“Really?” Loyuka said.
“For her lunch break.” Risa said. “Although knowing her and you…..”

“HEY!!” Loyuka said.
“Come on now.” Risa said. “I’m fine with you dating my little sister. I see you treating her well and respecting her for the woman she is and I’m glad to see someone that treats her like that.”
“Wow…..that…..unexpected of you, Risa.” Loyuka said.
“Yeah, I thought that, too.” Risa said. “But, seriously, Nyoko was worried about you after you got shot. Especially since she thought those two friends of yours were innocent.”

“Oh yeah…..” Loyuka said.
“I mean, I’d be more pissed off if I was you.” Risa said. “Your partners through thick and skin shot you because of their blind romance. Some sack of shit friends they are.”
However, Loyuka seemed to not respond to what Risa said about Tomoki and Cassie, mostly due to hoping the secret isn’t exposed.

“Wait…….are you going to say something about them?” Risa said. “I mean, I expect something of a response.”

Loyuka really did not want to say anything at that point.
“OK, I get it.” Risa said. “You’re still shocked over this and you really don’t want to talk about it anymore.”
“Yeah….” Loyuka said. “Mainly that I really don’t wait to speak of this anymore.”
“OK, OK.” Risa said. “Anyway I got to get to work. Nyoko will come soon and get some rest for me. Bye-bye.” Risa then left the apartment.

Loyuka sighs in relief from letting Risa know the truth. Now she ponders how long she can put up with this charade and make sure none of them die.
“Remember……” As the voice of Miki is going through her mind, “Don’t forget……one word and your bitch is good as dead….”

Deep in the Outer Lands and back at the cave, Tomoki and Cassie have awaken from their rest.
“Ahhhhh…….” Cassie yawned. “Man, what time is it?”
Tomoki then woke up. “I have no clue. Let me check my ce–” Her phone didn’t have service nor a good reception.
“Damn! No signal.” Tomoki said.
“Well, we are in a cave.” Cassie said. “Not exactly crawling with tech. Anyway, how’s your knee doing?”

“It’s not acting in pain anymore.” Tomoki said. “Although there is a few moments of that but I’ll live.” As she stands up.
“But what do we do now?”
“We got to get back to the Society.” Cassie said. “We need to find Loyuka and convince her to take down Miki with us.”
“You think she’ll go for it?” Tomoki asked.
“Miki almost killed her.” Cassie said. “I know she’s not going to take this lying down.”

“All right.” Tomoki said. “I have one question.”
“Yes, Moki?” Cassie said.
“How are we going to get back without being detected?” she said.
“I think I know a way.”

(30 minutes later)

The two turned into their Hybrid phase as Panda and Wolf, respectively. They found an little area where they can get service and call Animal Control to report a lost wolf and panda back to the local shelter.

“OK, they should be here in about 3 minutes.” Tomoki said. “But we got to act like wild animals to make it convincing to them to take us there.”
“SO…….you want me to bite you or something?” Cassie said. “Like not in our usual kinky way?”
“Yeah, let’s go with that.” Tomoki said.

So Cassie made the first bite mark on Tomoki’s back and as suspected, it hurt like a bitch.
“AAAAHHHHH!!!!” Tomoki screamed. “FUCK!!”
“You want it to be real, did you?” Cassie said.
“I KNOW!! But fuck, it hurts!!!” Tomoki wails. “OK, now I gotta do you.” So Tomoki use her claws to leave a scar on Cassie’s back.
“OWW!!! Dammit, Tomoki!!!” Cassie yelled. “I didn’t even want to hurt you but fuck!!!”
Both were wailing in pain over each other’s bites and scars.

The animal control van arrived and as planned, they see Tomoki and Cassie in their animal forms, wailing in pain.

“Are these the animals we’re supposed to pick up?” One catcher said.
“They reported a wolf and a panda, which is strange enough but yeah, here they are.” The other said.
“OK, you two, time to get back to your safe shelter from the outside world.”

They carried the two back to the truck and proceed to go back to the Society.
“Ow…….” Tomoki said. “My back……”


Yuan was waking everybody up for the mission today.
However, Kati just kept on sleeping.
“Kati, get up.”
Kati just kept on sleeping and even pulling the covers on her.
“Kati, come on. We got a mission to do.” Yuan said.
“Me want more sleep…..” Kati said. “MEH!”
“OK, you ask for it.” He then pulled out a fake snake and throw it at her.
“AAAHHHH!! AAAHHH!!!” Kati shouted and freaked out at the sight of that. “Yuan, what the hell!?”

“GET UP!” He kept going around waking people and when it got to MAK and Kai.
“RISE AND – Oh, this again?” He noticed as he saw MAK and Kai in compromising positions.
“Huh? OH SHIT! Yuan!” MAK said. “You’re awake.”
“And you’re fucking……” Yuan said. “Again. And I had to witness it. Again.”
Kai then said to him, “So…..we should get ready?”
“It would help.” Yuan said.
“Also, I thought we had that door locked.” Kai said.
“Same here.” MAK said.

30 minutes has pass and everybody was geared up and ready for their mission.
“It’s almost 9 and we got an hour before they usually get up.” Kati said. “We got that time to infiltrate into their lair and scope out their place and attack them as soon as possible.”
Rolo then hands out these micro-camera googles to place on MAK, Kai, Lex and Aka.
“OK. What are these?” Kai asked.
“They’re micro-cam googles. I made these so we have a better view from your POV when you get in there.” Rolo said.
“So we wear them at all times?” she asked as she turns them on.
“OOOOHHH!! So this is one of those that got every vision on there?” she asked again.
“Yeah.” Rolo said, “From infrared, body heat, night vision, x-ray and even two modes of transparen–”
“AAAAHHHH!!!!!” Kai said as she stared at Aron.
“What? What?” Aron shouted.
“Why do you have a Dragon tattoo near down your–”
“HOW THE HELL YOU KNOW THAT!?” Aron said as he snatches the glasses from her. “You can people naked with this?”
Kai yelped and covered as soon as he got the glasses.
“You’re ONE TO TALK!!! You got one of your leg, thigh and MAK’s name on your—”
“HEY!!!” Kai shouted choking Aron. “Mention that and I’ll throttle the fuck out of you.”
“Rolo, what mode is this?” Aka asked.
“And will I need to kill him for using it?” Kai said choking Aron.
“OK….before you beat me…” Rolo pointing it out to everyone, especially Aka and Kai, “They are in there to see if anyone is packing any guns so you know who to avoid.”

“Oh…” Aka and Kai said they went along with it and Kai let go of Aron.
“Wait, that’s it?” Aron said. “He builds it and I get threatened?”
“He didn’t make it to perv at girls!” Aka said.
“Exactly!” Kati said. “Rolo isn’t a moron!”
Then she whispered to him, “So how much are these? No, really, I’ll give you money for another pair of those.”

After that, MAK, Kai, Lex & Aka along with Nanashi, Magnum & Devo are about to travel in this van they found disguised as a U-Haul van to meet at the building near the hideout.

“OK, we got you on visual.” Rolo said via back in the hideout with Laila, Kati, Yuan and Cameron. “Now we just need sound to test it out. MAK, you first.”
MAK then yelped loudly to everyone.
“The hell was that?” Aka said. “Your impression of a dog getting neutered?”
“Well, it worked.” Yuan said. “Sound is coming in clear for all ends.”

“Gina, how it’s coming at your end?” Kati said.
“Streets are all clear.” Gina said, “Right now, we’re just setting up on how the distraction scenario will play out.”
“You think the girls might go with this?” she said Gina.
“I’m positive.” Gina said. “Nothing about this can go wrong.”

“I’M NOT PISTOL-WHIPPING SOME BIG FUCKER TO GET HIS KEYS!!” Lial replied to her. “Plus, I’m not a fighter!! I’m a damn medic and pretty soon, someone that might need it.”
“Lial, we’re going to need you to go for it.” Gina said. “You’re part of the distraction to sneak up on him.”
“And yet the other girls can’t do it?” Lial said. “Isn’t that Nola chick a better fighter than me?”
“Yeah, that’s true.” Gina said. “But you’re the fifth wheel with two other couples. You’re the odd man out.”

“Wait, how are you 4 going to distract them?” Lial asked. “What’s the plan?”

Murasaki then said to her, “Well, we pretend to have car problems so we stop there and with me being the sweeter one of the group, I feign that I need help and flirt a bit.”
“And with that…..” Nola then came in, telling the rest of it. “……Both of us distract the guy looking under the hood, you come in and knock him out and get the keys.”

“So you flirt and flaunt while I do the difficult stuff?” Lial said.
“HEY!” Nola said. “It takes a lot of effort to make sure he keeps his focus on us!! You need us for that part. It’s what we do and what we do best.”

“Wait, won’t they recognize you two since they saw your faces back then?” Sheena asked.
“We got disguises!” Nola said. “Besides, I doubt they are smart enough to guess it’s us.”

“What about Sheena and Joanna?” Lial asked.
“We’re part B of that distraction.” Joanna said. “We’re in the back, pretending that I’m a pregnant homeless woman looking for a hospital, hence this thing on my stomach.” As she pulled out a prosthetic pregnant stomach bump off her.
“The look of pregnancy without the cravings and eventual pain!” Sheena shouted.
“Oh……..that was a fake stomach.” Nola said.
“Yeah, had you fooled, did I?” Joanna said. “And I hope you wasn’t going to make a fat joke out of my expense……RIGHT!?” Which Joanna pulled off a very violent look.
“No, Ma’am!” Murasaki and Nola said.
“Good.” Joanna said, smilingly. “As we are……Sheena?”
“In position.” She said grabbing Joanna’s hand.

“OK, we’re good from here.” Lial said.
“Good.” Gina said. “Kati, we are ready and reeling!”
“Right.” Kati said. “Let’s begin.”


In the van with MAK, Kai, Lex, Aka, Nanashi, Magnum & Devo, they found one of the buildings next door to them.
“OK, we found a place next to theirs.” Magnum said. “We’ll stay put here while you get inside undetected and unnoticed by them.”
“Just give us the signal and we’ll help.” Nanashi said. “Just don’t fuck up or die…..or both. Yeah, don’t do both!”
“Wow. Such confidence in us you have.” MAK sarcastically said. “Don’t worry. This’ll take less than a few minutes and BAM!! We fucking up BirdBrains!” He then cocked his gun.

“Um, you might want to slow your roll there.” Aka said. “We need to be stealth and then we charge!!”
“That and you in your kill phase is kinda scary.” Rolo said via walkie-talkie.
“Tell me about it.” Kai said silently,
“And we out!!” Devo said as the van drove away.

“OK, we got 4 floors to ourselves before they wake up.” Kai said. “We should probably be up the roof and enter by there.”
“So how do we get on top?” Lex asked her. All of them quickly gazed at MAK and knew what he had to do.
He transported them on top of their roof.
“Yeah, quite anticlimactic.” MAK said. “So who do we go in?”

They quietly enter the building with 5 minutes left to spare and they start to lurk around the area to see if they have any failsafe weapons to damage so they won’t have a counterattack.
“There are two passageways.” Lex said. “Who gets what way though?”
MAK then said, “OK, Kai. You and Lex cover the left wing of that and me and Aka will cover the right. Is that alright with any of you?” As the rest of them find it unusual for MAK to not pair up with Kai on this but time is running out so that agreed and when on to dismantle the weapons.

As the 4 are dismantling weapons, one of them asked something about their significant other.


“So….MAK……” Aka said.
“Yeah, Lex?” Kai said.”

“How are you still dealing with the whole thing about MAK’s dad and him shooting your dad and the whole situation?” Lex said. “Is MAK still mad about it?”
“No, I’m not really angry at her anymore.” MAK said. “I said to her that it’s not her fault.” As he made a blunt smash on one of their weapons. “She just now knows the horrible truth about my dad.”

“I mean…..ever since I told him, we haven’t gotten into much arguing.” Kai said. “Hell, the last thing we did before leaving was fool around before any of y’all woke up.”
“OK, I didn’t need to hear you two fucking in the morning.” Aka said.
“Yeah, I’m fine without knowing that. Thank you.” Lex said. “I guess not even something as him finding out his father worked with a woman you despise didn’t stop you from fucking.”

“Look, right now, I got two assholes, whom you also knew back then, along with another asshole on our asses. Not to mention, the BirdBrains, the Faction……”
“And my sister and parents are pissed as well.” Kai said. “I think a little sex is good for us after dealing with all that shit!” As she smashes another weapon, perhaps too loud that it awaken someone in the building.


“WHAT THE FUCK?!” One guy shouted.
“Oh shit….” Kai whispered.
“The hell was that?” MAK said.
“Your girl’s smashing techniques woke up a motherfucker.” Lex said. “We need to take cover!!”
“DAMNIT!!” All of them said. They quickly want to hide from the guy and as he opened the door, the guys had to hide in a smaller area.

“Try not to make a sound.” MAK whispered.
“Well, no shit.” Kai said.
“WHO DAT?” The guy shouted as both of them covered their mouth.
“Moron…..” Aka said.
“I said, who’s in there?” he shouted in there.
He shined the flashlight around to see but he couldn’t find the 4 so he left.

“Is he gone?” Aka said, taking a peek outside. “Yeah, he’s gone. We can come out.”
“OK. They are heading back to their rooms.” Rolo said. “You guys are clear to dismantle more stuff.”
“All right.” MAK said. “But I think now that they are awake, we need to keep them away from us. Alert Lial and the girls to do their thing.”
“Gotcha!” Rolo said. “Lial?”
“Let me guess?” She said.
“Yep. Begin.”

So Lial, Murasaki and Nola set up their car to break down in front of their building and needed somebody to get down there to distract them.
“Quick! Light something on fire!” Nola said.
“Wait, what?” Lial said. “We’re not doing that shit!”
“GOT IT!!” As Sheena gleefully said.
“See? Sheena’s a team player on this.” Murasaki said. So the smoke eventually got their attention and heard some footsteps.

However, someone did came downstairs and it was Ryo, looking confused at what’s going on today.
“Um…..OK….this is becoming a better highlight of my morning.” He said. “LADIES…..having some trouble here?”
“Uh…yes, we are.” Murasaki said. “You see, we’re traveling with our……mother’s older friend.” Saki is referring to Lial.
“OLDER?” Lial silently shouted but resumed to act natural. “Uh….yes, you see, our very dear pregnant friend is in need of shelter and we need to get to our place back home immediately.”

“Oooohhhhh…….” Joanna feigned her pregnancy pains. “Man, I really hope my water doesn’t break in this car. Ooohhhhhh.”
“Wow, this is one pregnant woman.” Ryo said.
“The fuck he means by that?” Joanna whispered to Sheena.
“Wait, who’s the other girl?” As he was pointing to Sheena.
“Oh, I’m her partner.” She just blurted that out with no hesitation. “Yeah, the father left her a long time ago and he was a dangerous man so I step in and well…….here we are.”
“So……you two fucked even though she’s as big as a house?” Ryo asked with tact.
That struck a nerve in Joanna. “YOU MOTHERF–”
“I believe that none of your concern of what we do behind closed doors.” Sheena said. “We just need help with our car and that’s it! Nothing more, nothing less.”

“So you two do fuck then?” Ryo said.
“Oh, good grief.” Joanna said under her breath.
Upon that, Hawk came down to see what was going on. “Hey, the hell is this?”
“It’s just some girls having car trouble and all that. We’re cool.” Ryo said.
“And yet this asshole calls me fat.” Joanna silently said. “How long will this go?”
“I don’t know. I hope this ends soon.” Sheena said. “Rolo? How are the guys up there?”

“Hang on. I’ll check on them.” Rolo said.
“Looks like they’re still searching around.” Laila said. “Although I’m getting dizzy by MAK turning his head every 15 seconds.”
“HEY!! Don’t blame me!!” MAK said. “I’m making sure I don’t get followed or shot at by some random fucker!”
“Well, we’re trying to see by your POV!!!” Laila said. “And seeing your vision going up and down and over and over again is nauseating! What person wants to see that shit?”
“At least MAK’s hair isn’t in the way.” Yuan said. “Kai, I thought you was going to put in some hairnet or something.”
“Well, SOORRRYY!” Kai sarcastically said. “I didn’t realize I was talking to my boss….that pays me weekly.”
“You want me to kick your ass when I get out of here?” Kai said. “I will.”

“Lex? What about you?” Rolo asked.
“I got jack shit as well.” Lex reported. “These rooms are dark as hell and no detection of life yet.”
“That and we don’t want to jump and say ‘Sayuri!’ and risk grabbing some henchmen.” Aka said.
“Or them grabbing us.” Kai said. “How’s the girls coming along?”

‘They’re doing well so far.” Rolo said. “But I think Joanna is getting pissed off by the fat comments one of them is making.”
“I don’t blame her.” Kai said. “She should kick their ass if something happens.”

“Well, all this sitting has got me bored.” Kati said. “Plus, I need to find a bath–” Then remembers there is no bathroom in this house.
“Oh fuck, I have to go outside? In the open?” Kati exclaimed.
“Oh, you’ll be fine.” Laila said. “Maybe watch out for snakes but that’s about it.”
“SNAKES!!?” Kati screamed. “HELL NO!!!!! NO SNAKES!! I don’t do snakes especially if I got to go outside to take a piss!!”

“Well, you don’t have to worry about snakes and shit.” A familiar voice said behind her.
“But what about the…” And as Kati turn around, she discovers Cyan and Seiki are now present.
“FUCK!!!!!” She tries to run from them but Cyan quickly caught her. “NO FREEZER!! NO FREEZER!! OR SNAKES!!”
“Relax, I’m not going to punish you this time.” Cyan said, “Although I am beyond pissed at all of you!!”
“Look, we have reasons that Sayuri is held hostage in there!” Rolo said. “And we’re trying to rescue her!!”
“Oh, fuck!!” Seiki said. “That girl is kidnapped again!?”
“Yeah, we get it.” He said. “We’re also working on a distraction with the girls in front.” And that’s when Cyan and Seiki saw Joanna in pregnant get-up and all.

“Wait, that’s Yubari!!” Seiki said. “And…… she expecting child? I didn’t know she was pregnant.”
“Fake suit.” Yuan said.
“Then where’s Ngu–” As soon as that was said, Nguyen just came inside.
“Bingo.” Cyan said.
“Oh shit……” Nguyen said.

“WAIT!!!” MAK said. “I see some readings toward my way!! I think this is Sayuri!”
“What?” Lex said. “You found her?”
“Attaboy, MAK!” Aka said.
“Yes, MAKky!!” Kai said.

“It’s around this way!” He said. “I see some short hair and someone tied up and it looks like…..” They finally went around the corner and they actually see her tied up.
“OH FUCK! It is her!” MAK said. “And she looks really, really, really fucked up.”
“No shit.” Lex said. “It looks like torture on the girl.”
“OK, I’ll untie her and get her out.” Aka said. However, someone shouted from the shadows.

“DON’T MOVE!!” One voice said. “Don’t make any sudden movements or else.”
“What the fuck? Who is that?” MAK said.
“Where the fuck you come from?” Lex shouted.

The person to come out of there is……Sei.

“Are you friend or foe?” Sei said, aiming them at point blank range
“Um…….friend.” Aka said. “Look, Sayuri is our dear friend and we’re trying to get her out of here!”
“I know.” Sei said. “That’s what I’ve been trying to do myself. I was supposed to be delivering the ransom money but I know they weren’t going to give her back alive.”

“What the—SEI!?” Rolo shouted. “Sei? SEI!? It’s me, Rolo! MAK, get her to speak to me!”

“Uh, yeah, you got someone on the line.” MAK casually said.
“Sei!” Rolo said.
“Rolo?!” Sei said. “Wait, are you leading this operation?”
“You can say that.” Rolo said. “But for real……do you see Sayuri in there?”
She takes a look at her unconscious face and went to check if she’s breathing. “That’s her and her vital signs shows her to be breathing but severely hurt.” Sei said. “Oh, Sayuri!!” As she hugs her.

MAK cut her loose from the chair and had Sei to carry her.
“So… do we get out without those guys finding us?” Kai said.
“The girls still got it handled.” Lex said. “They’ll be good as long as…”
“…As long as no one makes another fat joke to Joanna?” MAK said. “Looking at what’s going on, we need to disappear fast.”
“Wait….Joanna?” Sei thought as she heard the name somewhere. “Wait, Agent Yubari is down there?!”
Cyan snatches the mic from Rolo. “HEY!!” but then Seiki growls at Rolo. “Nevermind.”
“Yeah….and Agent Nguyen is with us, too.” Cyan said.
“OK, you two are in some deep shit.” Seiki said. “Especially after what happened to one of the Genesis people that got shot and killed!! We got Yubari’s blood and she’s the main suspect of what happened!”
“Oh no……Sheena.” Kai whispered.
“Wait, what was that?” Cyan said. “KAI, whose name did you say?!”
“I didn’t say anyone’s name.” Kai screamed.
“You said something about Sheena or something.” Sei said.
“SHEENA!?!” Cyan said. “What the hell she did?” She then stares at everyone like they know something about that.
They all stood silent on what they didn’t want to inform her.
“Looks like they’re not telling on her.” Seiki said.
“FINE!!!” Gina said. “Sheena shot that guy……..and guess what? It was in self-defense! That guy was going to shoot Sheena regardless but he got Joanna instead.”

“Look…..” Gina said. “We did nothing wrong and those guys should’ve got the blame instead of us.”
“They were spying because you two had to hide out Tomoki and Cassie and look where that ended up.” Cyan said.

Back at outside, Hawk got through looking at what’s ‘wrong’ with the car.
“Look, there’s an auto repair shop 5 miles from here. We can give you a ride there and they’ll do something with it.”

Ryo then said to them, “Although we have to go on two trips because our car can’t carry enough people.”
“WELL, We can have two people wait for us here…” As Lial is signaling Sheena and Joanna for them to stay and keep watch so they’ll be distracted.
“Oh…..OH…..o…..k.” Sheena said.
“Yeah, we can stay here a bit.” Joanna said.
“Good.” Ryo said. “We can’t carry that much people in this car anyway and since you two are the heaviest….”
“Remind me to knee him in the groin…” Joanna whispered to Sheena.
“Gotcha.” Sheena said.

However, before they can do anything else, they heard a disturbance inside the house.
“The hell was that?” Hawk said.
The girls looked like they were about to figure what was going on.
“Oh, fuck!!” Ryo said as he got to his communicator. “Robin, Crane!! Check and see what’s going on up there!!”
“Oh no….” Sheena said.

Back up there……
“Wait, so why do we have to carry this girl?” Aka said with her and Lex carrying her out.
“Because you might need cover in case those guys find us.” Kai said. “Plus, MAK is a better fighter than the two of you.”
“Really?” Aka said. “Did he get his ass kicked by some crazy fuck head the other day?”

“WHY YES HE DID!!!!” Then out of nowhere, Shin Endo just appeared inside the building. “And this time, I am really going to kill you, MAK!!”
“How the hell he get there?” Rolo said.
“What the fuck….” Kai reacted.
“Oh, you’re shocked on how I got here…..well, you see…” He immediately grabs MAK and throws him to the next room. “Don’t worry about small bullshit details over that. Now I got a date with a certain black Blue Hybrid.” As he punches MAK and kicked him in the stomach.

However, Sei got the drop on him by slamming his face to the wall and drop-kicking him and kept stomping on his stomach.

“Ooooohhhhh……just who in the hell are you?” Shin said.
“A Faction agent who definitely don’t want to fuck with.” Sei said.
“Well, well, well…..looks like I get more people to kill today. First MAK, then you, Little Kai-Kai and her disposable friends and even that Sheena chick I met a while back.” Shin said. “That one….I’m going to enjoy very slowly.”

Yet someone behind him shot him in the legs and down he went.

“AAHHHH!!!!!” Shin screamed. “OH, COME ON!!!”
And it was Robin and Whipping Crane checking upstairs. “Hawk, Ryo!!!! We got intruders!!! WORST OF ALL, It’s those damn DARKSIDERS!!!”
“DARKSIDERS!?” Ryo said. “Hey, wait a minute….” As he starting to figure out something behind him. Soon he eventually figured out that Murasaki and Nola were in disguise.
“I FUCKING KNEW IT!!” He got his gun aimed at Murasaki ready to shoot but then Nola kicked him out of the seat as they make a run for it.

“RUN! RUN!!” Nola said.
“What?” Lial said.
“I’m going to get you bitches!!” Ryo said.
“Oh, that!!” She said as she quickly jets out of there.

“You treacherous whores aren’t going to blindly wreck us that easy!!” Hawk said, blasting away as the girls run for cover.
“Like HELL!!” Joanna said, pulling a gun from her fake pregnant belly and begin firing at him.

“Oh FUCK OFF!!” She said, shooting back and got him in his knee.
“OH SHIT!!” He shouted. “My knee!!! AAHHH!!”

“BACKUP! BACKUP! WE NEED IT!” Lial shouted.
“The other guys are coming in a minute!” Gina said.
“Uh, what about you?” Lial asked.
“Well, I think you got it handled.”
“GINA!!” Lial screamed.
“Look, just be out of sight and you’re good.” Gina said.
“Easy for you to say.”

“So……” Crane said. “Looks like our Darksiders friends are here again. Up for a second ass-whupping today?”
“And I see you brought two new friends.” Robin said. “And I see you got our prisoner.”
“Fuck you, your prisoner!” Lex said. “That’s our friend and we’re taking her back. So I suggest–”
First minute of saying that, Crane kick the shit out of him.
“OK…..Ow.” Lex said as he falls down.

“HEY!!!” Shin said. “You dickless bitches just shot me in the legs!! And you’re going to forget about me?”
All of a sudden, MAK pushes him straight out of the window, with him screaming down.
“Did I catch you fuckers at a bad time?” MAK said. “He got in the way.”
“Who in the fuck are you?” Robin questioned.
“Uh……that’s the Blue Hybrid.” Crane said. “As in MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid.”
“You mean…….this motherfucker?” Robin asked.
That moment MAK then sucker-punched him.

“Yeah, that motherfucker.” MAK said.
“Son of a–“, Robin screamed as he went to punch him but MAK ducked and kicked him into the next room, crashing into a mirror.
“Um, the two of you get the hell out of here fast!!!” MAK warns them. Lex, Aka and Sei carrying Sayuri went ahead but Kai wasn’t so sure of leaving him behind

“But, MAK, what about you?” Kai said. “They’ll kill you!”
“I’ll be good.” He said. “Believe me, I can take two of these bitches!”
Then Crane grabbed him by her legs and tripped him to the ground to smack the shit out of him but then MAK pushed out of the way, then kicked her, grabbed her hair and smacked her against the wall.

“See?” MAK said panting. “Now get out of here!!!”
So Kai went on downstairs for safety while MAK is now fighting against Robin and Crane.

“Now, where were we?” MAK said as he jumps behind Robin and as a counter-attack was about to happen, MAK phased through him and choked him with a nylon wire and punching and throwing him around the room.

Crane got the upper hand by grabbing the collar of his shirt and beaned him on the nose, then drop-kicking him to the other room.
“So that’s it?” Crane said. “You just grab and pull my hair like some wifebeater?”
“No….” MAK said. “Look up.”
She looked up. “For what?”
And then MAK shot her in the thigh.
“Crane!” Robin shouted.
Then MAK pistol-whipped her and now mad as hell, Robin jumps back up to get the jump on MAK and thrown out of the roof.

Lex, Aka, Kai, Sei and Sayuri just escape from the house with the gunfight still happening with the other ones.
“KAI!!” Sheena shouted but then Ryo was about to grab one of them and it was Aka.
“The fuck?” Aka said.
“YEAH!!” Ryo shouted. “Got one of your bitches, didn’t I?”
Immediately Aka stabbed him in the side.
“OWW!!! For real?” Ryo said.
“Well, no shit I was going to stab you.” Aka said. “I do that to any pervert trying to have their way with me.”

“Sheena!!!” Kai came running to her and Joanna. “We got Sayuri safe and sound!”
“That’s great!! That’s good!!” Sheena said.
“Who got her?” Joanna said.
“It’s Sei.” Rolo said. “One of the Faction people.”
“WHAT!? Goto is here!?” Joanna freaked out. “And she knows that–”
“Well, yeah.” Rolo said. “But she knows we’re trying to rescue Sayuri and she went along with it.”
“I hope I don’t get fired for this shit.” Joanna said.

“You won’t!!” Sei said. “Look, I’ll get Sayuri back to your hideout safe and sound. I’m coming with!!”
“Ditto!” Kai said.
“Same.” Joanna, Sheena and Lial said.
“But where are we going to get a car?” Lial said. “Or one that’s not broken to shit?”
Then they see one working car across from them. “That one will do.” Sei said. So the girls amscray out of there, leaving the Darksiders and MAK fighting them.

“We’ll catch up!” Lex and Aka said.

“CALVARY!!” Magnum said as him, Nanashi and Devo arrive on scene with guns blazing and shooting.
“You motherfuckers!” Hawk shouted as he blast back.
“Damn, shoot back, shoot back!!” Devo said.
“Oh, don’t worry!” Magnum said bringing out his Giant Ass Gun. “I won’t miss.”
“AGAIN WITH THAT GUN!?” Nanashi screamed. “Did you need shoot anyone with th–”
He immediately shot down Hawk’s car, blowing him back to the building.
“Yes……” Magnum said. “Also I did shot down their first HQ with this. The GAG is a miracle of proportions to come.”
However, Hawk merely survived from that blast and went to retreat from them.

“They’re fallen back!!” Murasaki said. “WE GOT THIS!! WE’RE WINNING!”
“FINALLY!!” Nola said.

As MAK and Robin have fallen down, Shin was still resting from his fall.
“Come on!!” MAK shouted. “You wanna fuck me up so bad, big man!? COME AND GET IT, NIGGA!”
“You fucking asshole!!” Robin went in and rush on him but at the last moment, Shin grabbed a machete and chop off his leg.
“AAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!!” Robin let out of a blood-curdling scream.
“Listen here, MAK!!” Shin said. “Only I get to kill your ass!!! You fight me……not this gang trash!” He soon stabs Robin to death, leaving him to bleed all over the ground.
“Come on!! FIGHT ME!!”

“Your wish.” MAK said gripping a knife as they both charged at each other yet Shin phased from MAK’s attack and got him from behind.
“Thought you got me there, huh?” Shin said. “You blue-ball bitch!!” He screamed at he went to stab him point blank. However, MAK easily evaded him and slammed him down to the ground, where MAK keep punching him out over and over until he knocked one of Shin’s teeth out.

“Come on, big boy.” Shin said with a bloody face. “I can still take you. I can…..I can….” He kept panting as Shin looks exhausted and MAK could finish him in one punch.
“You know what?” MAK said. “I could…” He starts to lift his fist to drive it to Shin’s face but then MAK starts to notice something coming from Shin’s pocket and it looks like a pocket knife hidden.

MAK then phased out of there and from behind, he kicked Shin to a brick wall hard and fell into unconsciousness.
“Little bitch.” MAK said as he left.

Back at the city, Nyoko and Risa were on a stakeout about to bust on this guy for running a Hybrid sex operating ring.

“Risa…….” Nyoko said.
“Not now, Nyoko.” Risa said. “I think that guy is going to take the bait. As soon as he gives a signal, you shoot on sight.”
“OK, I got that.” Nyoko said. “He’s on my sight.”
“Good girl.” Risa said.
“I just really need to talk to you about something important.” Nyoko said.
“OK, I will but can’t it wait?” Risa asked. “I just— SHIT, HE MADE THE SIGNAL!! FIRE! FIRE!!”
She shoots the target in the knee.
“Well, that was precise as hell.” Risa said. “OK, tell me.”

They went to the car as Nyoko got Risa to sat down to talk about some things.
“So…..I guess you heard about the girls escaping business?” Nyoko asked her.
“Yeah…..why?” Risa asked. “We’re just going to find them again and punish them more severely than before.”

“Yeah…….but I said to you before that I think they’re innocent.” Nyoko said.
“I doubt that.” Risa said. “The girls fled from that and now they did it again, it’s going to be worse than before for them.”
“Does that inclu–”
“Yes, even people that helped them.” Risa said. “Uh……why do you care? Do you have something to tell me?”
“Nyoko, you hiding something from me?” Risa questioned. “I can tell you’re lying to me…….wait, don’t tell me you were involved with those girls escaping again.”
“Well……..” Nyoko said but the angry look on Risa’s face gives clarification that Nyoko did help Tomoki and Cassie escaped. So Risa turned on the car to drive somewhere more private to discuss this.

And she was mighty pissed.

“WHAT THE FUCK WERE YOU THINKING!?” Risa screamed out. “YOU……Help out the people that cause all this shit to happen!? And the ones that shot Loyuka!? What the hell are you thinking?”
“They did not shoot her.” Nyoko calmly said.
“Oh what?” Risa said. “Someone else did it? Or some bullshit!? Why are so naïve over this?! YOU THINK YOU KNOW ALL OF T–”
“But, Risa….”
“WILL YOU SHUT THE FUCK UP FOR ONE SECOND!?!” Nyoko screamed out. “Look, I went to talk to them and guess what? I believe them. Why would they have motive to shoot Loyuka? You know….SOMEBODY TRYING TO HELP THEM OUT!! Risa, you have to blind not to notice that shit!”

“OH GOD!!” Risa shouted. “What makes you think you’re right about this?”
“I sense it in my blood.” Nyoko said. “Somewhere Loyuka’s shooter is still out there, probably planning to finish the job.”
“Wait, maybe she might know.” Risa said. “In fact…..” So she rushed back to their apartment to check up on Loyuka.

“LOYUKA!!!!” Risa barged inside to see her.
“Huh? What the–” Loyuka shouted as Risa quickly rushed to her. “Where the fuck you come from? I thought both of you don’t get off until later!!”
“Look……Loyuka, baby.” Nyoko said. “We have been trying to figure out who tried to shoot you and the only one who knows that is you.”
“Now, are you sure it’s not Miayama and Lyles?” Risa said.
“I never said it was.” Loyuka said. “I don’t know who shot me….but I do know it’s not them. They’re innocent.”
“See? SEE?!” Nyoko shouted. “I told you those two have nothing to do with it!!”
“OK, that’s fine and dandy and all!” Risa said, “It doesn’t help the fact they escaped from prison and YOU HELPED THEM!!”
“WHAT!?” Loyuka shouted. “Nyoko, you helped them escaped?”
“I had, too!” Nyoko said. “Those two don’t deserve to be in there.”
“OK, so who did shoot you?” Risa asked her. “We need to know.”
Loyuka now seemed nervous to tell them, due to thinking that Miki could be listening any minute and could try to kill Nyoko ASAP.
“I don’t know.” Loyuka said. “I never got a good look at them.”
“FUCK!” Risa screamed. However, Risa looked back at Loyuka’s twitchy fingers and hand movements that she is hiding something and doesn’t want to tell who it is.
“I….don’t believe you.” She said to them.
“RISA!!” Nyoko shouted. “Look, I said that–”
“Not that part!” Risa shouted. “I know you said Miayama and Lyles didn’t do anything and I believe it. I meant that she knows who tried to kill her.”
“What……Loyuka, honey…..” Nyoko softly said. “You know who it might be?”
Loyuka stood silent.
“What’s going on, Loyuka?” Risa said. “What are you not telling my sister? We need to know.”
“Loyuka, please, we need to know this.” Nyoko said. “Why can’t you tell us this?”
As that was said, again the words “One word and your bitch is dead” comes to mind and the more it kept repeating that over and over, Loyuka broke down crying in front of them.

“What the…?” Risa said.
“Loyuka?” Nyoko went and got her up. “Yuka, did something happen?”
“Wait…….” Risa said. “You’re being blackmailed, aren’t you?”
Loyuka wanted to shake her head ‘yes’ but she just replied with a nod meaning that.
“And……they’ll kill you and anyone you loved if that happens… I right?” Risa also guessed.

“Wait…….they threaten to…..” Nyoko said. “Oh, Loyuka.” She said holding on to her.
“Well, I know one thing.” Risa said. “Whoever did this…..they’re going to wish they never fucked with us.” As she was cocking her shotgun and equipping herself with her bow and arrow.
“Wait, Risa, where are you going!?” Nyoko said going after her.

As that happens, the Animal Control truck with Tomoki and Cassie riding in there was passing by the apartments and it had to make a pit-stop for something.
“Wait, we’re at Loyuka’s place.” Cassie said. “We can get out here.”
“But how we sneak past the drivers?” Tomoki asked.
“That’s easy!” As they changed back to their human forms but more differently.

She just kicked the door off its hinges and then went and got Tomoki out of there.

“RISA NO!!!” Nyoko said.
“Nyoko, I have to do this!!” Risa shouted. “We can’t live in fear of these fuckers and I rather do them in before they do us in!!”

“I guess she found out it was Miki…..” Tomoki said.
“WHAT!?” She overheard them talking. “Wait……..” She spots the two girls coming from the truck. “Who did you say it was?” Risa said straight at them. “It was WHO!?”

The pissed-off look on Risa’s face means she isn’t to be messed with at that moment.
“Oh……Risa….Nyoko…..” Tomoki said. “I didn’t notice you there.”
“Yeah, no shit.” Risa said. “Who did you say? Miki Maeda? She’s the one that shot Loyuka?”
“Girls…….is this true?” Nyoko said.
Cassie sighs. “It’s true…that girl is not going to rest until she kicks both our asses.”
“You mean our asses!” Risa said. “She wants to kill us, too, in case Loyuka told us.”

“SHE TOLD YOU!?” Tomoki said.
“No, she didn’t.” Nyoko said. “She was too scared to do so. She didn’t want any of us to face something because of her.”
Loyuka went outside to try and stop Risa from doing anything. “Risa, I don’t want you to—What the…..Tomoki? Cassie? You’re here?”
“Loyuka?” Cassie said. However Loyuka fainted at that.
“Should we carry her back to th–”
“YES!” Nyoko shouted at both of them.

Back downtown where Sei along with Sayuri, Kai, Sheena, Joanna and Lial are driving back to the safe haven. Sayuri is starting to wake up to see what’s happening.
“Ahh…..ahhh….uh……” Sayuri moaned. “Where am I?”
“Sayuri?” Sei said. “SAYURI!!”
“Sei?” she asked. “Am I dreaming? Is this a vision?”
“NO. No. It’s not a vision.” Sei said. “We’re here. Here with me, away from that damn place. You’re safe…..” Sei choked up a bit at that part. “You’re still here with me…..”
“I never thought I would see you again.” Sayuri said.
“You know I would do anything to keep you safe.” Sei said. “And I’m not the only one. The Darksiders also came to help, too.”
“Does that mean Rolo helped, too?”
“He did.” Sei said. “You got a great boyfriend by your side. And friends, too.”
Then Sayuri noticed a tired Kai snore-dreaming on her. “And we got company.”
“Hi.” Sheena and Joanna said waving.
“Oh yeah, hello to you, too.” Lial said in the front with Sei.
At that moment, Kai was spouting out some incoherent fantasies. “No, Mr. Pussy Cat, I like chocolate on my caramel fish. It tastes so addictively yummy. Yes, MAK, you can take off my bra with your teeth. I love the feeling of you licking on my–”

“Hello….” Sayuri poked and tried to wake up. “You’re on me and you drool.”
“Huh? Huh? WHA?” As Kai was waking up. “Oh, Sayuri, you’re awake.”
“Yeah……” Sayuri said. “Um…..what the hell you and MAK do in your alone time.”
“Uh, why?” Kai said.

“You were snore-dreaming again.” Sheena said.
“And something about caramel fish.” Lial said. “The hell place you’re dreaming of?”
“Can you tell me more about that?” Joanna said.
“Oh shit.” As Kai’s face turns red.

“What happened with the Darksiders?” Sayuri said.
“Yeah, and where’s MAK?” Kai said.

“We got a call from them earlier.” Rolo said via communicator. “Darksiders and MAK are following us. They’re safe and sound.”
“Oh, thank God.” Kai said.
“You should be here soon.” Rolo said as they were very close to the hideout.

Soon, everyone has arrived back to the hideout with most of them preceding to call it a day before heading back. However, when it came to Sayuri and Rolo, she gave him one longing kiss and held him tighter than before.
“Wow……I never thought I would ever do this with you again.” Rolo said. “I’m so glad you’re safe.”
“Rolo…….” Sayuri said. “This has not been a good year for me. I got kidnapped…twice. My sister is dead and my brother is in the hospital……but if I had to say one good thing about this year……I have you not only as a friend but a boyfriend, too.”

“Hey, um…..Sayuri.” Rolo said. “I guess you also heard about………well…..”
“What?” Sayuri said. “What do you mean?”
“About Laila.” Rolo said. “And how she’s….”
“Oh.” She said.
“Yeah…..” Rolo said. “I do want to point out that she didn’t have anything to do with you being kidnapped and how she’s really sorry about this.”
“Rolo……..if she’s sorry, then she should come tell me herself.” Sayuri said. However, Laila was listening to the conversation the whole time and so she decides to come in anyway.

“Hey, um….Sayuri…..” Laila awkwardly said.
“Oh, Laila, we were just talking about you.” Rolo said.
“Maybe.” Sayuri said. “But I do want to talk to you…..but I want to do it alone.” Signaling to Rolo that he should probably leave at this moment.
“Oh, I think I hear Lex coming me for something.” Rolo said, “Later.”

Sayuri almost has this stern look on her face when she’s facing Laila.
“Yuri, I……” Laila said but struggles to find the right words. “I didn’t think this shit was going to happen with them coming between us and……I never wanted any of this to happen and……I know I’ve been a bad–”
Sayuri instantly slaps Laila right to her cheek.
“Ow.” Laila said.
Sayuri stated, “I know you’re trying to apologize. I know you’re trying to say how you didn’t mean this shit and all and I do take your word for it…..but that’s it. After what happened, I don’t know I can. How are we going be friends after this? Your sister tried to hurt me, her friends had me bounded and beaten for 2-3 days and how do we go after this? I mean, I thought after we had sex together then had our first three-way would change but it’s not that……that’s a far cry from that.”

“I didn’t think you two would cross paths.” Laila said, crying. “I know I talked you into doing a lot of dumb things before and they were pretty stupid, I won’t lie…..yet when I saw you being taken by them…..I know I fucked up. I fucked up bad and I would do anything to fix that up and I mean ANYTHING!”

“Laila, right now…..” Sayuri said. “I rather not speak about this… least for a week or so.”
“But what about us?” Laila said.
“Us……got some shit to work out first.” She said. “We just need some space……” Then Sayuri went along to sleep it off.

Back downstairs, Sei along with Cyan and Seiki were talking about what to do in case the BirdBrains make a second attack.
Cyan stated first with, “OK, we got Sayuri back and I don’t think any of us got shit else to worry about….right?”
“Not really.” Sei said. “We just attack mostly their goons. We got to attack the leader in order to end it.”
“And as soon as they hear this, they’ll be coming for us.” Seiki said.

Then Kati and Yuan came into the conversation to add in their thoughts on this.
“So we’re just going to keep on fighting?” Yuan said. “I mean, it’s the better solution and all but fuck…’s now getting tiring.”
“Especially since its part of a cluster fuck of bullshit we’ve faced.” Kati said. “From them to that guy Shin popping up now and then….”
“WHAT!?” Cyan said. “That guy again?”
“YUP!” Kati said. “He popped in where MAK just kicked him out of a window.”
“Speaking of MAK, where the hell is he?” Cyan said. “I need to speak with him and Kai…”
“Well, you say him and Kai…” Kati said.
“Yeah….and….” Cyan said, “Oh…….”

That sentiment meant that MAK and Kai are upstairs to themselves, making love on that mattress to surviving the mission.
“I guess everything turned out fine for us.” Kai said. “We’re alive……and you’re with me, right here in this mattress, caressing and loving me.”
“Yeah, I admit.” MAK said. “I was getting nervous a bit.”
“And that’s a normal thing.” Kai said. “I got that way when you was beating those guys up but let’s not dwell into that and more into… getting my bra off…”
“That’s a better idea.” He said as he unclasp it with one hand and threw it on the floor somewhere.
“And now the real fun begins.” Kai said getting on top, putting his hand on her breast and his mouth on the other.

“Well, duh, no shit they’re going to fuck.” Kati said.
“And to be fair, she was dreaming about it while we as in the car.” Sei said. “Also something about caramel fish.”
“Caramel fish with Mr. PussyCat….” Cyan lingered on that. “Good times…….sweet fish.”
“Now I see where she got it from.” Seiki said.
Suddenly Cyan’s cellphone rings and she sees that it’s Leon on the line.

“Hey, Leon.” Cyan said.
“OH, FINALLY!” he said, “I managed to get you with some good reception.”
“Oh yeah…..” Cyan sad. “Where I’m at doesn’t have any good bars.”
“The reason why I keep trying to call you is you are in DANGER!” Leon said. “Rick and Dice are pissed as hell and they are going to after MAK and Kai and all those motherfuckers!! And they are not being merciful!”
“WHAT!?” Cyan said. “Do they know where we’re at?”
“Not yet.” Leon said. “Here’s Chris on the phone.”
“Collins, what the hell is going on?” Cyan said, “Does Rick and Dice know where we’re at?”
“I’m not 100% sure on that. I know they are going in the same highway until they spot you.” Collins said. “If you’re anywhere near there, I get to moving. ASAP!”

“Oh shit…….OH Shit……..OH SHIT!!” Cyan shouted.
“WHAT? WHAT!?” Yuan asked.
Cyan shouted, “Rick and Dice are searching for us high and low and could be here any minute!”

“OH FUCK!!” Kati said. “MAK! Kai! Sheena!!!”
Sheena was the first to rush to her along with Joanna. “What? What’s going on?”
“Rick and Dice…..they are coming and they are pissed as hell!! They want to kill us and I MEAN KILL US!!”
“OH NO!!!” She shouted.
“Yeah!! I suggest you get your shit and roll out like me and Yuan are doing right now.” Kati said. “And tell MAK and Kai that, too!”
“Aren’t that still–”
“DON’T CARE!!” Kati screamed, “This is more important!”

Kati was talking to Yuan about the plan. “We just need to get a head start before they can catch up to us and hopefully we–”
“We what?” A familiar voice said.
“Please tell me your voice changed, Yuan.” A worried Kati said.
“Unfortunately, not.” Yuan said.

Then comes Rick and Dice, guns loaded and ready and willing to kill.
“You two motherfuckers don’t move.” Rick said.
“And if one of you do, I will put a bullet in your ass and I meant that literally.” Dice said bringing out rope.

“HEY! You two need some h—Oh…..” As Cyan sees an armed Rick and Dice tying up Kati and Yuan.
“OH, MISS BARRETT! What a surprise!” Rick said. “Although it’s not really one, isn’t it?”
“So……where’s that sister of yours and her blue Avatar boyfriend?” Dice said, threatening her with a pistol to her face.
“Look……why do you want to mess with them so bad?” Cyan said. “You got them scared so why keep doing it?”
“Because your damn fam is going on my last nerve.” Rick said. “We tried being nice and everything but now……they’re going to wish they never fucked with us. EVER!!”

Footsteps are approaching with guns aiming at Rick and Dice and they are from Seiki and Lex and Aka.
“Oh, I see some more old friends coming.” Rick said.
“Cyan, are you alright!?” Seiki shouted.
“I’m good!” Cyan said without hesitation. “Just peachy.”
“Yeah, you see?” Dice said, “She’s fine….in more ways than just literal. Now…..tell me where is MAK and Kai?”
As Murasaki saw what was going on, Aka threw a note behind her and it says, “Get everybody out of here!” and so, she went back to round them up and leave the premises.

“We’re not telling you shit!!!” Kati screamed at the top of her lungs.
Dice then hit her with a pistol to the forehead. “SHUT UP, BITCH!!”
“KATI!!” Yuan shouted but then he was threatened with that, too.
“You want to get beat like your bitch, motherfucker!?” Dice said. “Then be a good nigga and shut up!”
Kati was bleeding from the side of her head. “Ow………”

However, back at the house, Sheena was going upstairs to warn MAK and Kai of the danger impending.
“MAK! Kai!” Sheena busted in there without knocking first.
“WHAT THE- SHEENA!” Kai shouted.
“Girl, the hell you doing kicking doors and shit!?” MAK said.
“Rick and Dice are here!!” Sheena said. “They’re FUCKING HERE!!!”
“WHAT!?” Kai said.
“Are you serious?” MAK questioned.
“They got Yuan and Kati tied up with Cyan at gunpoint! I’m serious as a stroke!” Sheena said.
“Those assholes…..” As MAK got up and put on his clothes along with Kai doing the same. “Oh, I got something for their asses and if they’re showing no mercy, then neither am I!”

Another distraction came from the sky and it was Gina with her Hybrid powers.
“The hell is that?” Dice said.
“Wait……is that the Hybrid Chinese girl? Dice asked. “And she got someone on her.”
“What?” As Rick looked up, too. While distracted, Lex popped one in Dice’s arm and Cyan snatches Rick’s gun and beat him with it.
“EVERYONE GO!!!” Aka shouted as the big truck backing up from behind is accelerating their way out of here.

“WHAT THE FUCK!?” Dice said. “The hell are those people?”
“The hell with them!” Rick said. “MAK is in that building. We bust his ass NOW!!”
“GOOD THINKING!” Dice replied, “We’ll fuck you up after we do him and his bitch!”

Soon, Rick and Dice entered the building, immediately going up top as they think that’s where MAK is.
On the other hand, they spotted Sheena and Kai coming out of the room.
They silently creep forward on them and went for the pounce in 5….4…..3….2…..
“Ladies.” Rick said.
“FUCK!!” Sheena said as she grabbed Kai and make a run for it.
“Fuck this.” Dice said, grabbing his gun to shoot at them. “YOU BITCHES GOT NOWHERE TO RUN!!!! YOU ARE DAMNED!!!”
Unbeknownst to them, MAK is following what they might do next.

“Look, we can’t split up!!” Kai said.
“Well, we can’t be together!” Sheena said. “We can’t risk them get us both.”

“You know I can HEAR YOU BITCHES!!” Dice shouted.
“DAMN!” Kai screamed. “OK, we’ll split up.”
So Kai and Sheena went separate ways to evade the brothers with Sheena going down by the pulley chute that instantly goes down and Kai by the stairs.

“So, I see it’s Kai, that other girl and MAK just in there.” Rick said. “At last, the three of you against one of me!” As he cocked his pistol and he also sees a shadow following him as well.
“The fuck?” Rick said as he had the feeling he was being followed.

Sheena just arrived at the first floor and see a clear way for the door.
“Oh, finally!!” she said. “And I didn’t even run close to those–”
Then Dice jumped behind her and grabbed her as she kicked and screamed for help.
“HELP!! HEELLP!!” Sheena screamed.
“Shut up, bitch!” Dice said. “Before I knock you the fuck out!”
However, Joanna grabbed Dice by the neck and head-butted him to the floor.

“Oh, and grab my ass again, I’m doing that but 10 times worse.” Joanna said.
“Joanna, thank God.” Sheena said hugging her.
“Babe, you alright?” Joanna asked her.
“Yeah……I’m good.” Sheena said.

MAK kept himself in the shadows while he see Rick creeping on Kai and so MAK fired the first shot at him.
“The fuck?” Rick shouted.
“YO BITCH-MITE!” MAK said and then he phased in front and punched him straight in the face, knocking him down the stairs.
“MAK!!” Kai said.
“Baby, you alright?” he said. “I knocked him out cold. He should b–”
“I’m STILL AWAKE, BITCH!” Rick said and then he jumped at MAK and got them both falling down the stairs.

Rick grabbed his gun and tries to get up as he tries to shoot MAK but MAK phased out of there, trying to pull the gun on him but then Dice came forward and jump on the both of them.

“YOU PUSSIES!!” MAK said kicking, scratching and beating the hell out of both of them.

“FUCK YOU, YOU BLUE-ASS NIGGA!” Dice said, getting a pocket knife and giving him a cut on the legs.
“Aahh!” MAK said. “You little fuckboy!” As he kicked Dice out of the window then Rick gets a special gun.

“MAK, BEHIND YOU!!” Kai screamed and that’s when Rick fired a shot into MAK’s back.
Now with regular bullets, they couldn’t hurt MAK but he didn’t fire regular bullets……these are red mist bullets.
“What the?” he said as MAK felt something red that’s not his blood. “This is…”
“Red Mist, motherfucker.” Rick said. “Yeah, that shit that makes Hybrids weaker and can easily fuck up their system once under it.”
“No……” Kai whimpered. “How……where did he….?”

“How the hell you get your hands on this?” MAK said.
“Never mind that.” Rick said. “Just ask your girlfriend what suit you want for your funeral.” He then kicks him out of the window and falls into the ground.
“MAK!!!!” Kai screams as he went down.

As he falls, he found Dice hanging on the ledge of the window where Rick got him out of there.
“So is that nigga down?” Dice asked him.
“You damn right he is.” Rick said.

Kai, Sheena and Joanna went outside to get MAK from outside.
“THERE HE IS!” Sheena shouted.
“MAK!! Oh my God….MAK!” she screamed. “We need to get him somewhere! Anywhere but here!”

All 3 girls carried MAK to the front where Kati, Yuan, Cyan, Seiki, Lex and Aka were making sure the rest of them got out of there.
“GUYS!! You’re alive and–” Kati said. “Wait, what’s going on? What happened to MAK?”
“He’s been shot!” Kai said.
“But I thought ordinary bullets couldn’t do much damage to him!” Cyan said.
“It’s not that….It’s RED MIST!” Kai shouted. “Those bastards got red mist bullets and Rick just shot him and even kicked him out of the window!!”
“We need to get that shit out of his body!” Seiki said.

However, there is a barrage of police sirens getting near and helicopter sounds getting louder.
“They didn’t…..” Cyan said.
“Nope. They did.” Lex said. “That fucker call the police.”
“Oh shit!” Kati said. “We got to get MAK in one of these cars and jet out of there right now!!” But as they tried to get into the car, a barrage of tranquilizer darts got to them all, except for MAK, Kai and Yuan.
“What the hell?” Yuan said. “The fuck those darts came from?”
“Oh shit….” Seiki said. “These are Faction-special brand tranq darts and they are a bitch once they hit you.”
“Wait, how did it miss me?” Yuan said, before one came up and direct hit him. “Oh, there it is.”

“NO…..” Kai whispered. “I’m not going to lose you, MAK!”
But the darts are starting to aim at her, too. But she deflects it with a trash lid as she keeps trying to get MAK inside the car but she eventually got one dart shot in her. First, her hands were starting to get numb as she couldn’t carry or lift MAK anymore.

Then her legs are starting to give as she couldn’t walk anymore and become immobile.

The police has already arrived and took everyone that’s been darted into the paddy wagon.

“No……….I need to get…………MAK……….” She cried out. “Please…….my boyfriend is in danger. He has red mist in him.”
They were not paying any attention.
“MAK………I’m sorry.”


“Where am I?”

“What the hell happened?”

“Kai, Rick and Dice are planning to execute us!”

“So, the trinity returns…….welp, time to give them a welcome.”

“Looks like you’re going to be out of luck, MAKky boy.”

“I can’t……I just can’t.”


© 2016 KATANAPlus+ / The Faction Colors Project. All Rights Reserved.

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