AURA FACTION presents THE MONEYDANCE Arc: – Track 7: The FAMILY Sins


TRACK 7- the family sins

Back at Stark’s lair, he learned about the deaths of Bevins and his company down at his fortress.
“So, that punk-ass Bevins failed to do his job….stupid motherfucker.” He said, “And now he foolishly died at the hands of the Darksiders along with that MAK2.0. Oh well…..I guess I have to do this shit then.”

He called in some reinforcements to help track them down.
“You know the whereabouts of where they were last?”

One of the guys retrieved footage from the fight and saw the last piece of footage of the guys escaping from the wreckage.
“We’ll start from there.” Stark said, “We might have a good chance of here they are. I want every vehicle tracking their location. They couldn’t go far.”


Everyone was mostly either asleep, eating or just getting drunk off their asses from Rolo and Sayuri falling asleep on the couch to Kati and the rest of the Darksiders getting drunk to Kiritsnagi getting high in the corner.
“So…..are we going to do with that $120 million?” Lex asked him, “You know he’s going to keep looking for that money and won’t stop until he finds it.”

“Well…..he’s never going to find it.” Kiritsnagi said. “Ever.”
“What!?” Lex said.
“That motherfucker is never getting his money back ever!” Kiritsnagi said. “He’ll find the 9th wonder of the world than getting this money!” As he got the duffel bag of money.
“And you got that with you!” Lex said.

Then Aron and Magnum grabbed the bag.
“And we should at least get a cut from this! I mean, you OWE all of us and I mean, all of us.” As Aron put that on him, “I’m thinking in the line of……..half.”
Kiritsnagi then slapped him for that price. “You out of your damn mind!?”
“Exactly!” Lex said, “We’re giving that money back to him and maybe…just maybe he’ll back off us.”
“BULLSHIT!” Kiritsnagi grabbed the bag. “We return this bag and he’ll probably kill us even more than before. You know they always kill you anyway even if you return the shit!”

Magnum then added, “So either way, we’re fucked. I mean, we CAN KEEP the money…but he’s going to kill us anyway. Give it back and we’re dead.”
“Well, genius….” Kiritsnagi said, “We kill him like we did Bevins.”
“Find a plane to land and crash on him and a pit of landmines and gas?” Lex said.

Meanwhile, Kati is passed out from drinking too much rum and Kahlua shots with Nanashi laughing harder for no apparent reason.
“Kati….you alive, aren’t you?” Yuan said.
She instantly wakes up. “Yeah, I’m awake. I was taking a nap.”
“A nap?”
“Yeah.” She said, “What? You thought I was passed out? I’m not you. I’m never lightweight….Tomoki and Cassie on the other hand….” The two of them were very passed out as they celebrated a win and surviving.
“How much did they drink?” Jaye said.
“About……6 vodka shots each, 4 beers and 2 chasers of rum.” Kati sai.d, “Yeah….lightweight.”
Jaye looked surprised how Kati would call that lightweight. She went to sit down only to notice that she woke up Murasaki and Nola.
“OW!!” Murasaki said.
“Oops! Damn, sorry!” Jaye reacted.
“I told you having sex here would be a bad idea, Nola!” Murasaki said.
Jaye immediately got up. “Wait, you two are fucking under there!?”
Nola then added in, “We would’ve went to the other room but MAK and Kai got there before we did.”
“So in other words….” Jaye said.
“YEP!” Murasaki and Nola nodded.

In that same room, MAK and Kai were having much-needed alone time together as the two are having sex right now.
MAK was caressing Kai’s body all over while rolling around on the bed, getting into different positions and kissing all over her body. Then he started to take off her clothes.
“Oh wow….” Kai said, “You must really missed me these past days, didn’t you?”
Then MAK took off his shirt. “More than anything.”
Kai then begin to kiss all over his body and even licking and rubbing his nipples.
MAK moaned in pleasure to her doing that.
“Oh….I see you like that.” She said, “Well, then….”
She proceeded to take off her bra and throwing it to MAK. “You like these, too?”
He gradually smiled and responded, “Yes, ma’am, I do.” Then continued on having sex.

“How long they’ve been in there?” Sheena said.
“Two and a half hours.” Joanna said, “And counting. I didn’t know a rescue mission would drive them to sex that much.”
“Joanna, we made out as soon as we got in here.” Sheena said.
“Not for two and a half hours!” Joanna replied.

“Are you going to talk about somebody else’s sex life that’s not ours?” Kati said, “Or are we going to figure out what to do next?”
“Wait, what do we do next?” Aka said, “I know Bevins is knocked off for good but that other guy is probably searching high and low for us.”
“Don’t we need to keep moving?” Jaye said. “Or split into different directions that they can’t kill us all together?”
“They’ll still find a way.” Devo said. “The MoneyDance got a lot of people on their payroll.”
“They could have people on us now.” Cameron said.
Aron then chimed in, “But we should be smart enough to cover our tracks, right? Right?”

Everyone took a good realization of themselves that they probably didn’t cover their tracks. “Oh, sweet merciful fuck, we’re fucked.”
“Yeah….you are.” As Kiritsnagi is packing his bag and getting ready to leave.

“HEY!” Yuan said, “Where the hell you going?”
“OK, smart guy.” Kiritsnagi said, “I’m going to take care of the MoneyDance for you guys. I’ll just go in there, start some ruckus, shoot up everyone, kill Stark once and all and bingo!! They’re dead, I keep the money, maybe give some of you some cash and we go our separate ways.”
Yuan then grabbed the bag from Kiritsnagi and threw on the ceiling bookcase.
“Look….that money is going back to him!” Yuan said, “He’s going to kill us if he keep that any longer.”
“Oh my God….” Kiritsnagi got frustrated in his answer, “HE WILL KILL US ANYWAY! I’m telling you right now, we could attack his ass first.”
Nanashi then intervened, “Even if we do, won’t people look for that cash?”
“I can keep shit hidden!” Kiritsnagi said.
“We know.” Cassie said, “You hide a lot of shit from people, whether it’s total strangers, your soul mates or your own flesh and blood.”

Back inside the room, MAK and Kai were laying on top of each other talking about what to do next as well.
“That guy is eventually going to come find us.” MAK said while caressing Kai’s head.
“Who?” Kai said snuggling to MAK.
“That Stark guy.” He said, “I know he’s cracking down on finding us. I overheard them yelling about that. Hell, there’s doing that now.”

“Hmmmm….” Kai said, “And yet the door is locked.”
“Well, it’s not sound proof.” MAK said, “I’m sure they heard us having sex when everybody was celebrating.”

Kai got up and walked around the room. “I think we got this handled. It shouldn’t be much of a hassle than before.”
“I don’t know.” MAK said, “Stark is a crazy deal from what I heard and he doesn’t fuck around when it comes to people stealing his money.”
“Yet your dad stole big from him.” Kai said.
“He’s not that smart.” MAK said, “As you saw from the past couple of days to weeks.”

“True.” Kai said. “They said that after a while, we’re moving out of here in a couple of hours or so…..and that can be enough time for a couple of quickies, if you know what I mean…” As she got in bed and pulled in MAK for one more kiss.
“Damn, you’ve really missed me, didn’t y–”
“Stop talking and make love to me again.” She kissed MAK and the two got back at it.

“So we taking back the money or what?” Rolo asked them.
“Like I said,” Kiritsnagi said, “We’re better off fighting and killing them for it than just giving it to them. We’ll figure out a way to–”
Then a gunshot was made and the sound echoes through the whole room, even spreading to the locked room with MAK and Kai.
“What the?” MAK said.
“Huh?” Kai got surprised.

“What the hell was that?” Aka shouted.
Two more continuous gunshots were heard.
“OH SHIT!” Jaye said, “It’s coming from outside!! I see some big guys and some guy coming out in a black suit…oh, damn, it’s Stark.”

The doors were blasted instantly and a horde of henchmen came barging in with their guns and the guns instantly got into their battle mode and grabbed their weapons.
“Don’t think we didn’t come prepared!!!” Lex said. “ATTACK!!!”
Aron and Magnum fired off the first shots directed at them.
“GET SOME, BITCH!” Magnum shouted.
However, they threw some flash bombs towards them and immediately blinded them and got subdued.

Nanashi then jumped it with her shooting at them but one of them got behind her and drug her with a chloroform rag and threw her down. Devo tried to retaliate by doing a sneak attack on them but got shot in the arm and thrown out of the window. Cameron then got the jump on them but instantly got shot and knocked out.
Aka and Lex then shot the other guy along with 2 other henchmen as they got out the shotgun and started blasting right away.
“Where’s the Blue Hybrid and the girl!?” One of them screamed.
“They’re not here!” Aka said.
“DON’T FUCK WITH US, GIRL!” One guy shot back at her.
“Then how about this?” She threw a knife at him and then shot a drawer that throws a bunch of knives at them.
“What the fuck!?” Lex said, “It can do that!”
However, one guy from the ground shot Lex with a dart before Lex brutally kills him with one shotgun blast.
“LEX!” Aka shouted.
Stark was right behind and he stuck a tranquilizer dart in her neck and gave her to the other guys to carry her back in the car.

“RUN!!” Murasaki shouted as her, Nola, Jaye and Kati are making a run for it but two of them caught Murasaki and use a tranquilizer to put her to sleep.
“AAAHH!! NOLA!” She screamed.
“Let her go, dammit!!” Nola grabbed a knife and slit on their throats but the other on easily use a tranquilizer on her.

“Wait, wait, wait!” As Stark is cornering Jaye as she was close to the window. “Are you Frank’s little girl? So sorry to hear about your father in jail!”
“And you’re to blame!!” Jaye said, throwing a brick at him but he caught before it hit and he shot her in the leg.
“AAAH!!” Jaye screamed.
“Now….” As Stark aimed the girl at her, “I suggest you cooperate nicely or Frank isn’t going to have a daughter for long.”

Kati ran outside to see that Rolo and Sayuri are escaping via jetpack along with the rest. “SHIT! GUYS!! Where’s the jet pack!”
“I don’t know!” Sayuri said, “We’re getting the hell out of he–”
Then Rolo got shot with a dart.
“THERE THEY ARE!!” One henchman shouted.
“I told you I’ll find you, ROLO!” And there goes Officer Burr’s brother with his threat. Then he shot Sayuri with a dart.

The rest was firing some type of crasher device to surge out the power in the jet packs. One got fired into Yuan’s pack as he came crashing down but he was so low, he didn’t have much to fall.

Another fired in Tomoki’s incoming way as she had to swerve her way out of there and as a second one was fired and dangerously close to her…but Cassie got in her way and she got hit.
“AAAH!! I’m hit!!” Cassie shouted.
“CASS!!” Tomoki shouted as she went down to save her from falling to her death. “GOTCHA!!”
“TOMOKI!” She shouted as another crasher was coming to her but then 4 more agents set up a trap to stun them..
“AAAAAHHH!!!” Both girls screamed as they were shocked and captured.

“GOT ‘EM!” One guy said, “HEY! We got two more escaping!!” He was pointing at Joanna and Sheena escaping but they are getting far, far away from them.
“FUCK! They’ve gotten too far.” They said, “We’ll get them later.”
“No, the fuck you won’t!!” As Kati threw a Molotov cocktail at them and stole one of their cars from them.
“Get that bitch!” One guy grabbed on to the car and tries to strangle Kati out of the car but she used a hammer to smack their hands off the car and one lost a grip and fall down the way as she tries to get away but she ended up running to a bed of nails and got easily stunned as well.
However, she didn’t go down that easily as she kept running from them but she got overpowered by them.
“GET OFF ME!!” Kati shouted, “YOU FUCKERS!!”
“Tranq her ass!!” One of them screamed.
“NO!!!” They eventually drugged her and Kati was knocked out in an instant.

“OK, we got them all. You getting close to the Blue Hybrid himself?”
“Getting there…..” He was picking the lock on MAK’s door and what the next guy did was smash the door in with a big sledgehammer.
He barges in.
“Surprise, you motherfu–“Only to get shotgun blasted in the chest by MAK.

“What the—there he is! GET HIM!” And then another shotgun blast occurred when the other guys charged in, but this time by Kiritsnagi.
“I knew we should’ve left the moment we had a chance.” Kiritsnagi said, “If your dumbass friends listened to me and just run with the money, this shit wouldn’t happen!!”
“YEAH IT WOULD!!” MAK said, “This shit would still happen. You slipping, old man?!”
“OLD MAN!?” Kiritsnagi shouted.
“YES, MOTHERFUCKER!” MAK shouted while shooting another guy trying to climb in the wall. “OLD….” Another shot continued, “….MAN!!”

Another one jumped at him and was about to get MAK but then that one got shot in the side……by Kai.
She shoots him again to make sure he stays down.
“OK… done bickering yet?” she said, “If so, we have to get the fuck out of here!”

The three of them was running swiftly to mow through most of Stark’s men by shooting every one of them.
MAK and Kiritsnagi phased through them by using a knife on every one of their henchmen and Kai shooting them in following.
“Are we clear?” Kai shouted.
One more jumped in but Kiritsnagi got to him and shot him in the face.
“We’re good, Kai!” MAK said.

Kai then walks out of the shadows and yet she felt a cold hand griping her shoulder.
“OK, MAK, no time for games. We got to go.”
“Uh, Kai?” MAK said staring at what’s touching her, “I’m not doing any tricks.”

“He’s right, you know.” As that voice behind her is…..
“Oh shit….” Kiritsnagi said.
“Yeah, it’s me.” It was Brandt Stark behind Kai. “I see you’ve wasted my boys and all…..although I did have all of your friends captured…..well, except for two. The bartender and that Faction girl….I’ll get to them in time.”
“LIKE HELL YOU WILL!” Kai went to punch him but he blocked the punch and grabbed her and point a gun at her.
“YOU LITTLE BITCH!” MAK shouted as he charged towards Stark.
“Careful, young Kiritsnagi.” He said, “Make a wrong move and your bride-to-be won’t be a bride at all.”
“YOU AIN’T DOING A MOTHERFUCKING THING!!” Kiritsnagi said, aiming his shotgun directly at him.
“Careful, Kiritsnagi.” Stark said, “You know I can put her in the line of fire and I don’t think your son will appreciate you killing his lady.”
“Give me the money and I’ll consider it.” Stark said.
“IT’S A FUCKING TRICK!” Kiritsnagi said, “Stark isn’t someone to trust!”
“Oh and you’re loyal to the core?” Stark said, “You’re the one that got your brother and his girlfriend all fucked up. He’s stuck in jail and last time I remember, old girl didn’t end up too well back at the fortress.”
“WILL YOU BOTH SHUT THE FUCK UP!?” MAK said, “Now… know what?” MAK then disappeared and phased out and snatched Kai, knocked out Stark from behind and tried to run out of here.
“Big mistake!” Stark yelled. He lined up a shot at MAK and Kai with the tranquilizer dart. Kiritsnagi got to Stark by shooting him at his feet and Stark’s shot got tilted as the dart was going at Kai but MAK pushed her out-of-the-way and he got hit.
“AAAHH!!!” MAK shouted, “OW!” He pulled the dart from his neck.

“You motherfucker.” Stark shouted and casually shot Kiritsnagi in the stomach and the legs with the darts.
“You dirty mother–” That’s all he say before he slurred down and fell unconscious.

“NO, NO, NO, NO, NO, NO!” Kai shouted as she tries to get MAK up and make a run for it. “Come one, MAK, we got to run. We have to…..” He was feeling the dizziness and loss of stability as he drops to the ground.
“Well, that got him quick.” Stark said, “And now looks like you got nowhere to run now.” He grabbed a dart and he throws it at her but he misses and she tries to run off but he kept grabbing her and trying to use the dart but she’s making it hard for him to use it. She elbows him and run out of there but she soon see more henchmen, looking like she got nowhere to run.
“Like I said, sweetheart,” Stark said as she eventually uses the tranquilizer dart on her. “You got nowhere to run.” The words echo as she falls into a deep sleep.

“MEN! GATHER THE INCAPACITATED!” Stark gave his men an order to gather any unconscious body of everyone they have caught in there.
“Sir, what are we going to do with the two missing people?” he said.
“We’ll figure out a way.” Stark said, “Right now, we got bigger things to do.” As they got everyone shackled in chains and tied up, all ready to go.
“MOVE OUT!” The top driver said, as he drove out of there and the rest follows.

“How is this jet pack still working!?” Sheena shouted as she and Joanna are near the Society.
“I don’t know but it got us away from those guys!” Joanna said, “Although I don’t see the others behind us.”
“OH damn.” Sheena said, “You don’t think they…..”
“No worries.” Joanna said, reaching out her walkie, “We can get in touch with them!! Hello? Anyone? If you’re alive, please respond. PLEASE RESPOND!! This is Joanna and Sheena here.”

Someone did answer…..but not the person they were hoping.
“Oh, you’re looking for your friends?” And it was Stark on the phone. “Sorry to tell you this, your friends are fucked.”
“What the? WHO’S THIS?” Joanna demanded.
“The man who got your friends locked up.” Stark said, “And I mean everyone. The Darksiders. Your 2 ex-Faction friends. Frank Ruff’s daughter. The penguin girl and her dork. Oh and of course, The Blue Hybrid himself with his untrustworthy father and his bride-to-be.”
“Joanna, who is that?” Sheena shouted.
“Oh, and who knows.” He said, “I know eventually you and your lover are next….Later.” He hung up.

“Joanna……Joanna, who was that?” Sheena asked.
“I think that’s a sign that our friends have been captured.” Joanna said. Then they heard a sputtering sound out of the jetpack.
“Um…..Joanna, what’s that sound?” Sheena iterated.
“That’s our jet pack running out of juice and we’re GOING DOWN!!” They shouted, screamed and brace for impact as they had to land on any space. Luckily, they landed on a soft spot with grass and crash landed but got the jetpack off her and that exploded.

“OH…….” Sheena said, “Good thing I got that off me.”
“Oh great….now what?” Joanna said.

Then sirens came in as they notice the jet pack fly trail.
“SHIT! It’s the cops!” Joanna said, “And I meant the actual fucking police department!”
“FUCK!” Sheena said, “I can’t go back to jail!”
The two ran out to get away from their sight and as they run, they see a bush they can hide in.

They immediately jumped in there as the sirens got even louder and they had to sneak away from them.
“How do we lose them?” Sheena said.
“Keep crawling.” Joanna said, “We just need to be unseen and we’re good.” They kept crawling out of there…..but they eventually run into someone who they knew once.

“Funny running into you guys again,”
They look up to see who that was and it was…
“Wait…..Lial?” Joanna said.
“Hey, JoJo. Good to see you again.” Lial said, “And I see you’re with the missus.”
“Missus?” Sheena said.
“Oh, Lial. Thank god you’re here!” Joanna said, “Look, we are definitely in danger and we can’t let any of the Faction know about this. Especially Gina. She will smack the shi–” Then all of a sudden, Gina actually shows up looking moderately angry with her arms folded.
“You’re sick, huh?” Gina said. “That must have been a quick sick.”
“Look….Gina…..I can explain everything.”
“Good.” Gina said, “And I mean everything.”

30 minutes later after explaining everything to Gina

“Well…….that is fucked up, all right.” Gina said, “I mean, you two have broken a lot of rules just to find info on that case. You also got us suspended, use ex-Faction agents to get to our witness and now they’re possibly kidnapped…..again!?”
Joanna and Sheena gulped in fear. “Yes.”
“Oh, god….” Gina said in frustration. “We’re in another fucked up jam.”

“Plus, I think they might be chasing us.” Sheena said.
“AND NOW IT’S CONFIRMED!” Gina said, “And let me guess……they will possibly have guns and shit!?”
“That, too.” Sheena said.
“Should I possibly leave before they come?” Lial said. “I enjoyed not getting shot for the past 7 months and I would like to continue that.”

“Also, when you mentioned that one of them happens to be that Brandt Stark,” Gina said, “As in that guy that can own, sell and/or murder your ass whenever needed.”
“So….” Lial said, “The guy puts out hits like Gucci Mane with mixtapes?”
“CORRECT!” All three of them said.

“OK….Gina…” Joanna said, “We’re going to need your help on this. We have to rescue everyone from Stark before it’s too late and as much as I hate to say it…..the Faction needs to be involved in this.”
“I’ll contact them immediately.” Gina said, “Oh…..and girls……all of you have a lot of explaining to do after this.”
“Noted.” Sheena said.

Everything is looking blurry and hazy for MAK as he was the first to wake up somewhere in this gray room.
“Oooh…..fuck….” he said. “My head…..” He tried to move but he is chained up. “What the—WHAT THE FUCK!?” He sees that he is chained to the floor. “What the hell? What the fuck? HEY!!!!! STARK! STARK!!!! Where the fuck are y—Oh my damn!”
Then he got the realization of what if his friends have the same feat.
“Oh fuck….everyone.” he shouted, “Shit, I can’t break free!”

“Well, no duh.” Stark said as he entered the room. “This is a room preserved specifically for you, dear MAK.”
“What have you done with the others?” MAK said, “I swear, if you d–”
“Relax.” Stark said as he went to his TV screen, “Let me specify your friends in that order. Now…..The Darksiders are all locked up in their own room. Your other friends Yuan and Kati are kept in the left side of the room and Tomoki and Cassie are at the right side. Now……this would have been for your bartender friend Sheena and her Faction girlfriend but they escaped so Jaye’s in there.”

MAK looked a bit puzzled at that.
“Oh….and as for your dad….” He points to his left and MAK looked and see that Kiritsnagi One is looking bloody with him panting and breathing loudly.
“You see….he has a lot of fight in him left and our boys had to go hard on him.” Stark said, “But I know you really don’t care about him, do you? I mean….he’s the reason you’re in this mess. He dragged you, your friends and especially…..your woman.”
MAK’s eyes widened at that.
“Oh yes….you wonder about your little lady Kai.” Stark said, “And of course, you’re wondering if she’s OK, she is…..for now.” He then shows her just sitting in a locked room by herself and everything is nowhere near dire as he thought it was going to be.
“Look….she’s not in chains or in tattered clothes or anything.” Stark said, “She’s fine…..but…..if you don’t give me my money this instant,” He takes out a gun and loads up with a large clip. “I’m going to kill every one of your friends, and that goes double for your woman. I’ll make you watch her get shot…repeatedly.”

MAK’s face got red and pissed off quick. “Look……I’m going to get you your money back. You didn’t have to threaten my lady and my friends to do that and if I wasn’t chained, I’d beat your ass black and blue all over.”

Stark smirked and laughed at that. “Well, well, well…..I’m impressed. You are growing more into your daddy every day, aren’t you?”
“The fuck you mean?” MAK said. “I’m nothing like him.”
“Oh sure…I mean you actually care for your friends and all that.” Stark said, “But sooner or later, his instincts will kick in with you.”
“Bullshit.” He said, “He left me and my family when I was 14 and didn’t look back since……I would never do that to anyone I know and love.”
“Yadda yadda yadda.” Stark said, “Because you love them so much, right? I mean, they risk everything to save your ass and now they’re going to play the ultimate price if you don’t follow to what I said.”

“I got something worth saving. Worth living for.” MAK said. “So that ‘You’re like your dad’ shit is passe.”

“What about the way you kill your enemies?” Stark said, “I mean, I always see you killing them oh, so cold-blooded and this is one thing you can’t bullshit to me about especially when you took out Bevins and his crew. Plus, when you were brutally shot that Liberty Cross girl all because she killed the aunt you never knew, you look like you was satisfied with killing her. Same for when you took out Rick and Dice Cain half a year ago.”

“Last time I checked,” MAK said, “Those people you named deserve what they got and I made sure they get a harsh punishment for what they did.”
“I guess I can’t put that chick Miki Maeda on here since you didn’t kill her.” Stark said, “You tortured her though.”
“Again, she deserved it.” MAK said. “You think just because I showed no remorse to my enemies to the end that I would become a vicious animal, didn’t you?”
“Vicious animal…..well, yeah, I admit that.” Stark said. “But it’s more of a …”
As in that word MAK hates being called.
“What?” He turn around with much anger in his face.
“Oh……you didn’t notice?” Stark said, “You’re basically a pet to your friends as you’re loyal and you attack anyone that threatens them and you often get treats.”

“So I’m a fucking dog to you then!?” MAK screamed.
Stark didn’t take too long to think about. “Yep.”

MAK was on the prowl to attack but Stark got the button to something.
“Uh-uh.” He said, “If you fuck up……your woman and your friends die. Got it?”
MAK knew not to react suddenly.
“Good boy.” Stark said before slapping and kicking him to the back and to sleep.


It was 14 years ago back at the Kiritsnagi household where we see Kiritsnagi One and his wife arguing around the house about money issues and bills.
“I told you I might be at least one day late with the water bill.” He said. “I said that to you couple of days ago.”
“You said MIGHT.” She said, “I thought that meant there’s a chance but we can still get the cash early.”
“I thought I was going to get some extra cash from that extra gig I did a while back but no luck.” Kiritsnagi said, “Hell, if I was getting the money I thought I was 5 years ago, things would’ve been great.”
“You mean that money you, your brother and his girlfriend was supposed to get?” she said. “Oh wait….ex…since I heard she either ran out on him when he went to prison. I still can’t believe it happened when we was down there.”
“Ernie was desperate for money.” Kiritsnagi said.
“Yeah, but him to resort to robbing that bank?” she said, “And getting into a wreck and having brain damage done to him?”
“Believe it or not, I didn’t think Levi wanted him to do it.” He said.
“Well, she would’ve done more to stop him.” She said.
“That too.” Kiritsnagi responded.
At that time, MAK and Kai were coming back from school. They were busy talking about their day and as soon as they entered the door, the arguing went quiet.
“Hey, son.” Mom said, “Hey, Kai.”
“Hi, Mr. and Mrs. K.” she said, “I’m here to do a little studying with MAK. That’s all.”
“MAK?” Mom said.
“Oh yeah,” MAK said, “That’s the nickname I came up with at school.”
“Wait…..does that make me MAK, too?” Kiritsnagi said, “Well….I’m MAK the original brand. So you must be MAK2.0.”

“YEAH!” Kai said, “Like that.”
“It has a nice ring to it.” MAK said, “MAK2.0.”

“All right, y’all.” Mom said, “You need any help with that homework, I…….might help you with that.”
“OK then.” MAK said.
“We’ll let you know.” Kai said, “Come on, MAKky.” As they went to the living room to do their homework.

“Sooner or later, he’s going to know about what goes on in this family.” Kiritsnagi said, “That and he has, too.”
“I just wonder who might be that someone he’ll share it with.” Mom said, “It could be Kai. Those two have become great friends ever since they met.”
“You see it, too?” he said, “He’s really infatuated with her.”
“You think someday they might be together?” Mom said, “It’s too early to talk grandkids from them but they look very cute together.”

“I just hope when he gets older, Anton doesn’t do any fast-ass stuff with her.” Kiritsnagi said, “You know her dad’s a cop.”
“Our son is a good boy.” She said, “You know he would do nothing harmful to that girl.”
“I know, I know.” He said, “Anton is indeed a good boy.”


“I’m sorry about this, son.” As Kiritsnagi said. It was the day that he was going to split on his wife. “It’s just that… and your mom are not on good terms as well and I know you’re getting tired of hearing us argue a lot.”
MAK remained silent all through.
“It looks like you’re the man of the house now.” He said, “Maybe you’ll be a better man growing up than I did.”
He was loading his bags into the truck and sees that Kai was watching them talk.
“Hello, Kai!” Kiritsnagi said.
“Hey….Mr. K.” she said, “So you’re about to go? Like, for real.”

“Yeah……” he said. “That hopefully means things might be quieter when I’m gone.”
“Well,” Kai said, “…..OK, you’re right about that. My folks always do hear you two arguing with my dad always checking up on you.”
“Oh, I notice.” He said, “Good thing he never thought about shooting me.”
“No worries.” She said.
MAK walks up to them talking and Kai said to him, “Hey…..” Then hugged him, “Are you doing OK?”
He shook his head in reply.
“I can definitely tell you’re going to be a good friend to him while I’m gone.” Kiritsnagi said.
“True.” Kai said, “But I’ve already been a best friend to him.”
“All right.” He said, “I better get going while it’s good.”
Kiritsnagi hugs MAK. “I’ll see you again someday. I’ll call you as soon as I’m home.”
He gets into his truck and drives away.

Kai then looks at MAK and he still has that emotionless expression on his face.
“MAK….MAK….MAKky……are you alright?” she said, “Hey…..look. I know things are looking bad now and I’m not going to lie. It’s messed up what happened with your folks.”
“It is.” MAK said.
“Wow. You spoke.” Kai said, “Like….Anyway, I promise to help you get through this.” As she hugged him again and he embraced back him hugging her.
“Thank you, Kai.” He said.
“Everything is going to be fine.” She said.

2 months later following the split

Unfortunately, everything was not going to be fine. Kai got the news that her father is being promoted and they have to move to Parish Heights by the end of October.
As soon as Kai told MAK the news, he got into tears.
“You mean……after next month, I’m not going to see you in school, or home, or anywhere in Eastin City anymore?” he asked.
She shook her head ‘yes’ and she cries in his arms which made him tear up a bit on how he is going to lose his best friend.
“I mean….I should be happy for him.” She said, “I am…..and I hear Parish Heights has some good neighborhoods and all but far away from the school, my friends………….”
MAK just had tears streaming all over his face and Kai looked up and saw it.
“You know….” He said, “I didn’t cry when my dad left 2 months ago. That was bound to happen anyway but you… you’re going away?”
“MAK….I’m so sorry.” Kai said, “I’m so…sorry…” She continues to cry and as do MAK as both of them hold each other for an extended amount of time.
“At least we’ll have one more birthday week to share.” She said. “You know if you want to continue holding me, you can.”
“I’m really going to miss you, Kai.” He said. “You’re my best friend in the world. I can’t imagine not seeing you every day…..”
“You’re my best friend, too, MAK.” She said, “I love you more than anything in the world.” Then she kissed him on the lips.

Back to the present……MAK woke up from being knocked out and see some guys with some power tools and a machete.
“Hey, yo! The motherfucker woke up!” One guy said. “HEY, BIG BOY!! Stark told us about yourself. Well, you, your friends, you bum of a bitch-ass father and your hot piece of ass in the other room there.”

MAK gave a snarling look at that guy, mainly because he refer Kai as a “hot piece of ass”.
The other guy goes, “You know….this guy isn’t all that threatening when he’s chained up.”

“Yeah, he’s a little bitch.” He said, “Stark told us that we can do whatever we want with this fool if he acts up.”
“Oh, really?” Guy #2 said as he got to his hammer and struck MAK down in the arm.
“AAAHHH!!!!!” MAK screamed.
“OOH!!!” Guy #1 shouted. “Damn, right in there.”
“Not so tough now, huh, bitch!?” he shouted before hitting him again, but in his hand.
“AAAHHH!!!” MAK screamed again in excruciating pain.

“OH YEAH!!” Guy #2 said, “That hurt like a bitch!! Didn’t it!?”
MAK continued wailing in pain.
“You know that Stark said that after he gets his money, we’re going to have a big pay-day!! BOY!!!” Guy #1 shouted, “We’re going to be fucking so many bitches out there or maybe in here! I mean, I know he’s planning on getting some bartender chick and a Faction agent and both of them got big titties and a hot ass on them!” Whom they are referring to is them capturing Sheena and Joanna when they get the chance.
“Fuck, I can’t wait.” He said, “I mean, those girls in there are too damn mouthy, especially that penguin bitch! Shit, I ought to shoot her in the face in front of her boyfriend or something like that.” Meanwhile as they were talking, MAK noticed that there was some blue leaf in the corner and he needed to get there to distract them.

He slowly limped his way over there to get to it.
“HEY! HEY! HEY!” However, the first guy saw him limping over there. “Where the fuck you think you going?” He was about to strike him with the hammer again but the guy trips on one of the chains and MAK used it to choke him with it.
“WHO THE BITCH NOW, YOU SMALL DICK MOTHERFUCKER!” MAK then got the machete from the ground and stab the guy in his balls.
“AAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!” He screamed in agony.
“You’re not fucking any bitches any time soon.”

The other guy was about to use the stun gun to subdue him but MAK quickly grabs the machete to chop his hand.
“AAAAHHHH!!!” He also screamed but MAK cut his Achilles’ heel and fell over.
He cut his chains and freed himself, then he grabs the Blue Leaf and he just drink the whole vial to get a quick recharge of his Hybrid powers.
He gets a gun from one of them as he walks out but before that…..
“Yeah, for calling my girl ‘a hot piece of ass’ there….” MAK shoots the first guy in the head, point-blank.
“OH SHIT!! PLEASE NO!!” The 2nd guy said as he’s trying to get out.
“And you…..”
He screams in mercy.
“Thankfully, my hands heal fast when I have blue leaf in my system.” He said.
He walks out of there with the 2nd guy thinking that he is going to live…….

“Oh yeah, one more thing…..” He threw a match in the air, turning the sprinklers on and one huge wave of water came crashing down and notices that the stun gun is still on.
“NOOOO!!!!!!” He then got electrocuted.

MAK walks out of there and threw one of the bombs he got left over, blowing the cell and the two guys up.
“Well, Stark…” He looks to the camera. “You broke your rules…..and now I break mine. Your ass is dead! You little cocksucker!”
He then breaks the camera as he walks away.


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