TRACK 8 kiritsnagi two

Stark was watching the security footage of MAK beating up and killing the two goons trying to torture him and just break the security camera on him.

“That motherfucker…..” Stark said, “Fine then.”
He then pushes the big red button and alarmed every guard located in there.
“ATTENTION! The Blue Hybrid has escaped!! Use brutal force against him! Any associates helping him will get the same punishment as him!”

MAK is steadily walking in the halls to rescue his friends.
“HEY! BLUE HYBRID!” As one of the guards shouted, “YOUR ASS IS GRASS, MOTHERFUCKER!”

“You better give yourself up, bitch!” Another guard said, “Or else.”

So MAK stopped in his tracks and knew what he was going against and he cracked his knuckles, walked around a bit as he slowly stall them for a good amount of time just to annoy them and that had one guy charging at him.

“YOU’RE DEAD, NIGGA!!!” He bellowed as he was coming at him with the knife but MAK jumped at him, snatched the knife and slit his throat, kicking him to the wall.
“So who’s next?” he said.

Then the attack commenced.

Everyone came charging at him from every angle as it looked like they have blocked him off every path way.
One guy made an attempt to grab MAK but got his fingers broken. 2 guys jumped on him, only to have their guts stabbed and another one has coming at him with a Uzi, shooting at him and only to trip on another guy, shooting up more of the guards than MAK and then MAK grabbed one of the guns and shoots him in the eye.

A second swarm of guards came charging at him, this time with samurai swords.
“How the fuck y’all get swords!?” MAK shouted.
“Never mind that!” The lead guard said, “Worry about what part I’m cutting out of you.”

Two guys fiercely went to attack MAK with their swords and MAK had nothing to fight back with.
He kept throwing chairs at them but they keep slicing through every one of them and threw one back at him.
“OW!” MAK shouted.
He noticed a nail sticking out of one of them.
He quickly grabbed that and went to hit one of them. However, one of them cut that piece off of him.
MAK noticed a gun next to him and he easily swipes it and shoots the guy’s foot.
“AAAHH!!!” He screamed, “OWW! OW! OHH! You cheating motherfucker!” MAK grabbed the sword and stabs the guy in his chest.
The other one was trying to stick him with his sword but then he got shot in the shoulder.
“OW!! YOU PRICK!” He shouted.
But then MAK put a gun in his kneecap and shoots him again. “AAAHH! YOU MOTHERFUCKER! AAAHH!!!”

“CROWD HIM!” One of them shouted as they dogpiled him, trying to grab and stab but under there, MAK slid from the sword and got them to stab each other and got out of there.
“AAAH!!! YOU’RE STABBING ME!” One guy said.

“FOOLED YOU, BITCH!” MAK shouted as he was making a run for it.
“GET HIM, GET HIM!” One of the guards screamed out while getting his sword off another dead guy.

MAK spot a secret hallway and snuck in there before the others can find him.
“OK, lost them.” He whispered, “Now I just need to find the guys before they get to them.”

A whistle was made.
“What the fuck?” He looked behind him and see that Yuan and Kati were there.
“BAAH!!” He shouted, “Oh shit…Yuan…Kati….I’m glad that’s you two.”
“Same here.” Yuan said.
“You found a way to get us out of here, right?” Kati asked.
“I just got ambushed by the large amount of guards he got on call.” He said, “I managed to get through some of them.”
“So that’s why I smell blood.” Kati said.
“Correct.” MAK said.
“Can you break us out of here by any chance?” Yuan said.
Then MAK used a sword he got to break the chains off them.

“FREE!!!” Kati shouted.
Then the rest of the guards showed up.
“DAMN!!!” Kati screamed.
“FUCK ‘EM UP!!” MAK and Kati each grabbed a sword and started slicing and cutting their way through the door while Yon got himself a gun and starting capping the ones that was still alive.
“They’re getting away!” One guy said before Yuan shot him.

“Quick, we got to find the others!!” MAK shouted. “Guess we’ll break into every door in this bitch if we had to.”

They break into another door and this time, it was the one Jaye was held in.
“GUYS! Right here!” Jaye shouted.
MAK broke the chain and let her free.
“YES!” Then MAK handed her a sword.
“You’ll need that.” Kati said as Yuan points behind them but gives her a gun as well.

“QUICK! SHOOT THEM!!” Another round of guards shouted.

However, Jaye stepped in the frontline and she found some bombs in the corner but another guard spotted them as well. They both went in for the bomb and she tried to use the sword on Jaye but she blocked it by using her own to stab the guard and threw the bomb in her mouth, shove her to the others and it immediately blows up.

“Well, hot damn.” MAK said.
“That cleared the room.” Yuan said.
“Unfortunately, it made a hot mess.” Kati said. “NEXT ROOM!”

The next few rooms they went into is the one holding Tomoki and Cassie.
“OK…I got the sword…blah blah blah….” MAK kept saying as he just easily cut the chains of them and freed them. “….Here’s some guns….we got fuckers after us, kill them please.”

Both of them looked puzzled.
“You exhausted or something?” Cassie said.
“YES!” MAK said, “But….for real….I just want to get everyone out of here. I just need to free Kai and the Darksiders and we are Gucci.”
Jaye then said, “What about your d—You know what? Never mind. Good plan.”

“Did the guards give up or something?” Tomoki asked, “I thought it was going to be more.”
“I think me killing most of them scared them off.” MAK said.
“Good!” Kati said. “It’ll be easier to get the others.”
“Speaking of others….” A voice said in the next room, “HEY! Can you go ahead and free us!?”
That was Aron in the next room…..along with the rest of the Darksiders.

So without hesitation, MAK and the rest breaks in there and instantly gets them free.

“FREE!!!” Murasaki shouted, “WE’RE FREE!”
“And loud!” Nanashi said, “We don’t want those fuckers looking for us.”

“Too late on that.” Aka said, “They’re probably searching high and low for us.”
“Not really.” MAK said, “I think I killed them all. Or the majority of them.”

Lex added, “I think we can tell from the blood on you and that sword you’re carrying.”

“WE SEE THEM!!” As another round of guards are coming their way there.

“DAMMIT!!” MAK said.
“You go on ahead and get Kai!” Lex said, “We’ll be right behind you!”
The Darksiders quickly got strapped in weapons for the pending battle.

“You guys got this?” MAK asked.
“We’ll be fine.” Kati said, “Go get Kai!!”
MAK was about to go and get Kai but not before saying, “Guys……..”
All of them looked at him.
“Go fuck ’em up!” He said with a smile.
“WILL DO!” All of them said as the barrage of guards were ready to pounce and attack.

First up, Nanashi shot one of them in the dick. “AAAHHH!!!”
Kati then straight up stabbed one in the jaw then shoved one back to them with a gunshot blast added by Jaye.
Two more guys were coming at them with swords, specifically at Rolo and he was running from them…or at least that’s what they thought at first until Magnum put a shotgun straight up a guy’s ass and immediately pulled the trigger, blowing him up from there.
“AAAIII!!” Sayuri said, “You just gave him a lead colonic…..also, damn, that looked like it hurts.”

“He would say something.” Magnum said, “But he’s dead.”

One guy came at Devo with a knife, towering over him and is about to stab him at some point but then he Charley Horse him, kicked him to the back and Nanashi slit his throat.

Cameron broke a beer bottle and used it to stab another one in the eye. “AAAAHHH!!!!”
But then a guard grabbed Cameron from behind, punching him in the side until Tomoki and Cassie shot him point-blank in the face.
Cassie snatched his gun and shoot it at the next guy coming at them.
“RELOAD!” Tomoki shouted.
Cassie reloaded and she sees a lot of guys coming their way.
“How many you got?” Tomoki said.
“I……don’t know.” Cassie said, “But fuck it! Just don’t miss!”

The two proceed to shoot their way and go from head-shot to knee-capping to even them shooting on in the throat.
“RELOAD!” Tomoki shouted.
They jumped up as they bum-rush them both and they kicked them in the heads but one of them grabbed Cassie’s foot.
“AAH!!” She kicked him in the head and Tomoki ends up shooting them.

“Oh, damn! There’s more of them!” Kati spotted more of them coming.
“Don’t say Reload.” Cassie stopped Tomoki. “Because I think we’re almost out.”
“SHIT!!” Tomoki said. “Now what?”
“We’re fucked!!” Kati shouted.
“Get ready to more hell, guys!” Aka said, “We got more company than expected.”

Meanwhile, MAK was running to the last room to get Kai and the hell out of here.
“Kai, I’m coming!!!” He runs swiftly while shooting some incoming guards.

“Baby!! I’m h–” He enters the room that she was supposed to be in but it’s empty.
“What the fuck?” he said.

Then something moved behind him and it was….
“Oh….” It was actually Kiritsnagi One. “I thought your ass was still beaten.”
“Nice to see you, too.” He said.
“Where’s Kai?” MAK said, “I thought for sure, she would be in this room.”
“Welp, you thought wrong….” Kiritsnagi said, “I just saw her escape out of here a few minutes ago.”
That immediately got the shocked and pissed look on MAK.
“WHAT!?” MAK shouted. “You see her here!? Where she went?”
“My guess….” Kiritsnagi said, “She probably went to find you and get the hell out of here, too.” However, MAK quickly vanished and went to find her.
“YOU’RE WELCOME!” Kiritsnagi shouted.
“STILL FUCK YOU!” MAK screamed.

Back in the other rooms, everybody was still fighting off the remaining guards left in there.
“THERE’S TOO MANY OF THEM!!” Aka shouted, “They keep coming like cockroaches!”
“And we’re almost out of bullets!” Aron said.
“SHIT!” Lex said, “We’re fucked!!”
“If we’re going out, we might as well go out on a blaze of glory.” Yuan shouted.
Kati shouted out, “DIE MOTHERFUCKERS!!” and shoots out any guard she can spot.

Then all of a sudden, a huge blast came from the back of the room, wiping out all of the remaining guards in there.
“What the f–” Rolo said, “Kati, what was in your gun?”
“Fuck if I know.” Kati said, “That didn’t come from me.”

Then jumping from the rubble and dust, it was……Gina.
“GINA!?” Tomoki and Cassie said.
“Yep, it is I.” Gina said, “Oh, and I definitely kicking all of your asses as soon as we get out of here!”

Then Sheena and Joanna came behind her.
“Yeah…….she knows everything now.” Joanna said.
“And she’s pissed about that.” Sheena said, “And I hope I’m not going back to jail for this.”

“Jail? No.” Gina said, “Probation and cutting off your sex time from Jo-Jo for a while? Yeah.”
“WHAT!?” Sheena and Joanna shouted.
“Wait, you’re cutting me off….” Sheena said, “From having sex with my own girlfriend?”
“I can make Joanna work later than usual.” Gina said. “Oh and I already told everyone in the Faction about this. They are not happy with the shit you caused so they have to work a punishment for all of you.”

“I heard what Seiki said in there earlier.” Gina said, “All of you really don’t want to know…..except it rhymes with you blunder stunts.”
“OH!” Kati, Yuan, Tomoki and Cassie said.
“And as for you, Sayuri….” Gina said.
“OH DAMN!” Sayuri shouted.
“They know you’re involved in this, so they suspended your ass.” Gina said, “And you can’t see Rolo for a month.”
“WHAT!?” Rolo and Sayuri said.
“Oh, that’s from both Sei and Jiro.” Gina said.
“So they must love putting our genitals on lockdown?” Rolo asked.
“Yep.” Gina said.

“KAI!!!!” MAK kept running all over the place looking for her and checking every room for her.
“KAAAAAIIIII!!!!!” he kept shouting and screaming her name.

“KA—What the?” He noticed a lit room in the midst of battle.
“The hell is this?” he said wondering in the room. Everything was all in white and as he enters the room, the door immediately closes by itself.
“HEY! WHAT TH—OPEN THE DAMN DOOR!!” He pounded on the door, demanding he would be released.

However, someone did heard him.
“MAK?” And that voice was….
“Kai?” MAK said.
“MAK! OH MAK!” She said holding him, “You look like you fought your way to find me.”
“I did. I did.” He said panting, “I think there was like 50 of them motherfuckers and shit….”

“And I guess you went into this room, too, and got yourself locked in here, too, huh?” Kai said.
“Huh?” MAK said.
“You got fooled into coming in this room?” she said.
“I was trying to find you.” He said, “I guess I chose a wrong way.”
“How are we going to get out of here?” Kai said. “I’ve tried looking for some exits but no luck.”

Suddenly the door opens behind them and then the two of them quickly ran their way out of there.

“QUICK! We got to run!” MAK said.
“But MAK!” Kai shouted.
“Kai, we got no time! We need–”
“Someone we know came for us!!” As Kai sees that Cyan and Seiki are right beside her.

“Huh?” he said, “Cyan? Seiki?”
“In the flesh, MAK.” Seiki said. “How was your trip with your pops?”
He sighs in relief and then questions, “So… much you know?”

Cyan said, “We know that this isn’t really your fault… we know you were just trying to make an honest living and do my sister right as always.”

“Well….” MAK said, “You know that I asked your sister’s hand in marriage not too long ago?”

“Wait, wait, wait…” Seiki said, “You mean you went down on one knee and proposed to Kai?”
“Yeah.” MAK said, “But that was about 7 months ago.”
“7?” Cyan and Seiki said.
“Damn, just 7?” Cyan said, “I thought it would be like a year or something. You two always seem like you’re on the verge of being married and now….you are.”

“Now I’m just glad I found you again.” MAK said, “And I said it before and I’ll said it again….I don’t ever want to lose you…..ever.”

Immediately following that, a bunch of gunshots were made.

“Well, that sweet moment is now fucked.” Cyan said.
“We got to run!” MAK said. “Like PRONTO!”

MAK, Kai, Cyan and Seiki made a run for it as the guards are approaching their way there and they haven’t got enough gun power to fight it out so they have to avoid running into them.
“The fuck is the exit!!” MAK silently yelled.
“What way did you come from anyway?” Kai asked.

“I remember coming here with the rest of the Faction and all that but–”
“The rest of the Faction is here!?” MAK and Kai shouted.
“Yeah.” Seiki said, “Agent Nguyen got a tip about you and every one of your friends fooling the people who tried to kidnap you and held you hostage. Oh, and did we forget to mention that Yubari is in deep shit?”
“Well, don’t put her in there!” MAK said, “She had to do what any friend would do.”
“SO….they would steal info from us, get us suspended and break every rule in the Faction?” Cyan brought up.
“Oh…” MAK said.
“And use two former operatives to help us well?” Seiki said.
“Hey, I didn’t knew about this at first.” Kai said, “I was pissed at you two are.”

“HA!! FOUND THEM!” one guard shouted, “FREEZE, YOU–”
Then MAK shot him in the leg.

“Look, never mind that shit!” MAK said, “What’s important right now is getting out of here alive and that means everyone!”

“Uh….” And then Kiritsnagi One appeared in the middle of the run. “And you still forgot someone?”
“Oh, dammit. I forgot about you.” MAK said.
“And I bet it was on purpose.” Kiritsnagi said.
“Once again, you’re right.” MAK said, “And I don’t give a shit! You ruined my life!! You got my friends in trouble! You got the one relative I actually liked killed in action and you put my wife in trauma because of the crap you did! As far as I’m concerned, if I did left you, it wouldn’t be a loss at all. It would be more of a relief.”

“Basically you’re ashamed of me?”
“YOU DAMN RIGHT!” MAK said, “I’ve been saying that ever since you fucked up my life!!”
“Oh, this shit again!?” Kiritsnagi shouted.
“YES, THIS AGAIN!” MAK screamed, “Just because I’m not living my life like you do doesn’t mean I’m doing it wrong! I like my surroundings! I like my friends! I like the fact I got more girls as friends than guys! They can tell me shit that’s wiser than any bullshit you get from any homeboy you know!”

“HEY! Can you argue at some other point than right now?!” Cyan said.
“We’re near an exit!” Kai said, “We’re almost home-free!!”
They were close to making it out of there but….
“The doors!!” Seiki said, “They’re locked!”

“No shit!” As Stark was behind him, loading his gun. “Again, you thought this shit was going to be easy?”
“Look!” MAK said, “I’m not taking any of your money!! In fact, I don’t have the shit with me!! Just let my friends and I go!!”
“Too damn late on that!” Stark said, “You motherfuckers know too much and I can’t risk any of you spilling shit about us.” He then aims his gun towards him and Kiritsnagi….but then goes forward to the girls.
“You better get that gun off me.” Seiki threatened.
Stark however hits her with the butt of the gun.
“How about you shut up, bitch!?” Stark screamed and then aims it at Cyan. “Now, Mr. Kiritsnagi…Two….I’ve been nice enough about us but now….you fucked up because I don’t have my money with me. I think you should check your dad like right now. Because if you don’t…..I’m shooting your woman, your sister-in-law and the family friend…right here, right now.”
Seiki objected to that, “You’re not shooting any fucking b–”
“BITCH!” Stark screamed, “If you speak again, I’ll fucking shoot you anyway!”

Then behind him, Kai comes at him with a knife and stabs him in the shoulder.
“AAAH!! BITCH!” He swings the gun towards her to shoot but MAK phased to him and pushed him to the wall and start beating the hell out of him.
Stark smacked him with the gun but MAK made him trip over himself.
“You little bitch!” Stark shouted as he went for the gun but MAK blocked him and kicked him in the face.

“RUN!!” He shouted to the girls.
Stark got the gun and he went for the shot and….a single shot was made.


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