“FUCK! That was too close!” Cassie shouted.
“At least now we know when they’re going to attack.” Loyuka said, “And I think Tomoki should be sobering up now.”
“I’m getting sleepy and maybe dazey.” Tomoki said.
“We’re definitely going to plan a surprise attack on them!” Seiki said, “And yet….we can’t like Kai and the girls know. Nor MAK for that matter. If he found out, there’s no telling what we’ll do if he found out.”
“You mean make a bloodbath out of them like we’re going to do?” T.K. said, “And even if MAK found out, he’ll know to beat the shit out of them like when he and my other crew destroyed the Ethers’ hideout tonight.”
They immediately stopped the car over and they heard that last bit.

“Wait, WHAT!?!?”
“You mean MAK already made a move and fought a gang?!” Cassie said, “WAIT A MINUTE!! He promised the girls that he wasn’t going to do this shit anymore!!! Why would he– DAMMIT, MAK!!”
“OK…..” Seiki said, “Usually, that would be my line but….” She points her attention at T.K., “WAIT, YOUR ASS KNEW ABOUT IT!? And you sent him there?”
“Well, him and his friend Mango.”
“Mango!?” Tomoki and Cassie shouted.
“Who?” Loyuka questioned.
“He’s good friends with MAK and Kati and Yuan at the Turner Express.” Seiki said.
“Oh you mean Miles?” T.K. said, “Yeah, we often play Slayer Pursuit online time-to-time and I kick his ass sometimes there.”

“OK, OK, OK….so what do we do about MAK then?” Loyuka said, “If he suddenly now in this fight, our chances of danger just increase and with the PPP watching the house at all times and if they found out about everything….here comes either firing, jail, exiled or even some more punishment from them.”
“I imagine he must be thinking about hiding this from us as well.” Seiki said, “I know he’s thinking some way of evading that with us, especially since Cyan is at their house now and– oh fuck, we really got to protect everyone down there.”
“That, too.” Tomoki said, “We all just need to hope that MAK doesn’t do anything foolish…..”

En route back to the house, MAK just watched all the blood from the Ether battle and he arranged the plans of having Longtooth and crew helping out on the jump off coming soon.
“Man, I hope this shit goes off without a hitch tomorrow.” MAK said, “Or at least with just them dead.”
He arrived back home, went inside and see Cyan getting cozy and comfortable.
“Hey, MAK, you’re back home!” Cyan said.
“Hey, C! Man, I’m glad to see you out of the hospital!” MAK said, “And feeling much better, too, even though my little sister seems to think I need assistance every time I get up.”
“CYAN, THAT’S YOU!?” Kai shouted.
“Yes, MAK just came home!”
“Oh, BABY, you’re back!” Kai said, “I guess you see Cyan back here safe and sound.”
“Yeah, and also waited on hand and foot…..which I don’t mind since the last time you did it was when we were teenagers.” Cyan said.
“Yeah, but this doesn’t involve me taking $25 from Mom’s purse.” Kai said. “Or taking a picture of you and that next-door neighbor boy fondling under your–”
“STOP!!” Cyan shouted.

“OK….this must’ve happened when I was away or something.” MAK said, “But I’m going to be heading to bed soon. I’m tired as a motherfucker, my feet hurt and I need to lay down.”
“I see you’ve been a busy man tonight.” Cyan said, “I guess I don’t have to worry about hearing you and Kai doing anything tonight.”
“Well, I don’t know about that….” MAK said.
“MAK!” Kai said.
“OK, but I say that because I invited Seiki here, too.” Cyan said, “It’ll be like the whole family under one roof.”
“So 7 girls and me, huh?” MAK asked.
A knock is heard on the door and it’s Tomoki and Cassie with Seiki and Loyuka.
“HEY, WE’RE BACK!!” Cassie shouted, “And we got company!!”
“You know we had to come here as Casa de—whatever the hell you call your house.” Seiki said.
“Hopefully not MAK’s wet dream.” Cyan said.

“And we got more coming, too.” Then someone else came in the house and it’s….T.K. and the look on MAK’s face when she came in there and he wondered, “What in the fuck!? How she know them?”
“Hey, how y’all doing? I’m T.K.” she said, “Yeah, I’ve been knowing ol’ Tomoki and Cass for a while now.”
“Nice to meet you, T.K.” Kai said, “Any friend of Tomoki and Cassie is definitely our friend. I’m Kai. This is my sister Cyan and right there the gentleman over there is my husband MAK.”
T.K. just acted like she never met him before. “Hey there, big guy!!” As she gave him a playful pad on the back. “Good to meet you!!”
“YEAH!!” MAK tries to play it up. “Good to meet you, too….for the first time. EVER.”
Tomoki, Cassie, Seiki and Loyuka are seeing the look on MAK’s face when he saw T.K.
“Oh, he knows he’s fucked.” Seiki thought.
“He’s probably freaking out in his head right now.” Tomoki said.
“And he knows that we know about that shit.” Cassie said.
“These damn girls know!!!” MAK thought, “Oh, my god! They know about the attack! I can tell by Seiki’s face that she’s gonna bust my ass later on!!”
“So…’re going to show me where I sleep, MAKky boy?” Seiki said, “You have an extra place to sleep, right? Unless you’re not telling us the whole detail, aren’t you?”
Seiki is definitely laying it down thick on that they know about him and the Ether attack.
“I’ll see what I can do.” MAK said.



“OK, what the hell do you know?” MAK said to Tomoki, Cassie, Loyuka and Seiki while everyone else has went asleep.
“You and Mango masquerade as workers to sneak into a hideout, just to kill a whole bunch of them!?” Cassie quietly shouted at him.
“They were the same dudes that came in here, starting shit!” MAK said, “Now I said I wasn’t going to start shit with the police, but these dudes? No, they’re getting heads blown off first thing.”
“But did you notice that more gangs are coming your way?” Loyuka said.
“You mean the Lafayette Marauders and the Caroline Spine-rippers?” MAK asked, “Yeah, T.K. told me about them and I plan on execute them motherfuckers first thing when they show up.”
“Do you have a plan of this?” Cassie said.

“I just told you the plan.” MAK said, “Plus, T.K.’s people aka Longtooth and Jaye aka the people who helped me with the Ether shooting…”
“Wait……Longtooth…..” Cassie said, “The Ex-Darksider? And Jaye? The girl from when you got kidnapped by the Moneydance?”
“Is there any more people on this?” Loyuka said.
MAK took a pause and then said, “No.”, making sure that they know nothing about Rolo and the other girls.
“OK then.” Seiki said, “But I do know one thing we are on the same page on…..getting that bitch Talli Digga.”
“Yep, something we can agree on.” MAK said, “We are going to have to take that bitch out and this shit is personal for me–actually, all of us.”
“Wait….aren’t the PPP watching you?” Loyuka said.

“They’re watching the house.” MAK said, “As far as they are concerned with me, I’m clear of them. They haven’t seen me doing anything suspicious and I have heard nothing from Flowne all day.”
“Speaking of Flowne, I’ve been keeping my eye on him.” Loyuka said, “And once again, he has some suspicious motives going on with him. From Darksiders and his mysterious meetings with this one person he’s been meeting for some days now.”
“I’ll see and get Gina on the phone about this.” Seiki said, “And make sure this doesn’t get to Joanna.”
“You might want to see Garret and Collins on this, too.” Loyuka said, “They have been itching on some action and retaliation for some time now.”


Afterwards, MAK was in bed, snuggling and cuddling with Kai for some relief.
“Hey….” Kai said, “I see you’re still awake.”
“Oh, sorry about that.” MAK said, “A lot has been on my mind lately and I couldn’t sleep.”
“Baby, baby, baby,” Kai said, “I know, I get it. Right now, I’m just glad Cyan is here with us and all and safe and sound. Sooner or later, they’ll catch Talli Digga and we can move on with the rest of our lives.”
“I hope so, Kai. I really do.” MAK said.
“But, anyway, since we’re awake….and my sister and Seiki are asleep.” Kai looked around to see if no one was awake, she took her top off and wrapped her arms around MAK and she was kissing him all over.
“Oh…you wanted that.” MAK said.
“I needed it.” Kai said, “I just want you to use your tongue to kiss me, lick me, suck me and fuck me.”
“As you wish.” MAK slyly said.

An hour into sex as Kai quietly moans to make sure she wakes no one.

“Oh….oh……MAK……Oh my….” she said.
They both calmed down and had to relax after that session.
“Baby, that was phenomenal!” Kai said, “You always know how to treat a woman like she’s royalty.”
“Well, you are a queen to me.” he said with a kiss.
“Hey, MAK…..can I ask you something?”
“Sure, Kai.” he said.

“And I’m going to bring up some old shit…’s that harem thing that Sheena always mentions.”
“Oh shit…” MAK then turned annoyed.
“Wait, no! It’s not that.” she said, “However, when she mentions that……she also said that she would date you.”
MAK seemed confused, “Wait, date?”
“Well, date and fuck.” Kai said, “Same thing about Joanna.”
“Wait…..both Sheena and Joanna would want to fuck me?”
“Well, yeah…..I would fuck them, too.” Kai said, “You want some crushes on you in this house.”
“And this doesn’t bother you?” he said.
“Not really.” Kai said, “I know you. You wouldn’t cheat me or anything like that and neither would Sheena and Joanna. Like me, they feel for you a lot and they obviously care about you, especially during that shit that went down. And with Joanna… know the story with her and Tyrell. She says that you remind her of him and she doesn’t want to go through that again. ”

“Yeah, I did notice that with them lately.” MAK said, “I didn’t know that in another sense. Although I would’ve noticed.”
“Those girls got it bad for you.” Kai said, “I mean, right now, the 4 of us would have our own little freaky sex session and you would definitely explode with joy….and other things. It would’ve been me kissing Sheena while you was fucking Joanna or me and Joanna rubbing our tits together and Sheena giving you a BJ. Hell, me, Sheena and Joanna would just like it if you simply just caress us, hold us, tell us that everything is going to be alright and well…..tell us that you love us and care about us and hope to God that we don’t lose you to some petty bullshit.”
MAK then reflected on those times that Joanna and Sheena got flustered and worried over him the last few days.
“We should probably get some sleep.” Kai said, “Before anyone suspect something with us.”
As Kai went to asleep, MAK did went with the thought of the girls’ pleas of holding back.




It was around 8:00 pm.
MAK has cams around the area, looking at the moment where the gangs can strike.
T.K. was on the phone.
“You really couldn’t bother to tell me that you knew Tomoki and Cassie?” MAK said.
“What? I figured it would be a nice surprise.” MAK said, “I didn’t know you were doing shit behind their back.”
“And yet they were doing it, too?” MAK said, “They get no shit thrown at them?”

“Well, fuck. I don’t know your life story.” T.K. said, “But you better hope it doesn’t end soon once those gangs get here.”
“I got it all covered.” MAK said, “Longtooth and Jaye should be out of sight and ready to attack.” And then he thought out the next one, “Also, Noir, Rolo and the others are monitoring everything so nothing can go wrong and thankfully they are hidden as well.”
“What about the girls?” T.K. said, “I hope you didn’t put them under fire.”
“No….thankfully, Tomoki and Cassie had an idea of putting them down the basement to avoid the gunfire.”
“Wait, this place has a basement?” T.K. asked.
“And one with a lock so they can’t get in.” MAK said.
“They have guns. They could get in.” T.K. said, “They just shoot the lock and break in.”
“Loyuka and Seiki will be there with them as well.” MAK said, “I know those girls to fight like hell and they won’t go down easily. Same with Tomoki and Cassie. Hell, all those girls won’t go down easily.”
“So….if you think that, why the trouble of keeping them from harm?” T.K. said.
“Because…….it ain’t going down like that.” MAK said.

“Hey, guys…why are we back here again?” Cyan said.
“Hell if I know.” Kai said, “Cassie said there was something back here for us.”
“Damn, how far does this basement go?” Sheena said.
“Looks like an underground passageway than a regular basement.” Joanna said.
“Just keep going, keep going……it’ll make sense once we get there.” Seiki said.

Back outside, here comes a huge truck creeping around the area and behind it comes an entourage of cars following it.
“Holy shit….” MAK said, “It’s like a fucking army over there!”
“They know how big a threat you are!” T.K. said, “They want to take your ass down for good!!”
“Like hell they are!!” MAK ran off to go up against them.
“Uh, MAK!!” Rolo said, “Have you seen what’s going on outside? You got a whole calvary coming for you!”
“I think I even saw a trail leading from here to the city. And that’s a lengthy way from here.” Jaye said, “Hell, I think I saw them blocking traffic.”
“Enough about that! We need to get ready!” MAK said, “Everyone, get in position! T.K., get Tomoki and Cassie alerted along with Seiki! Loyuka needs to keep everyone down there safe!!”

The Lafayette Marauders and the Caroline Spine-rippers along with various other gangs around the area were all getting close to the house.
“This is the place?” A Marauder said.
“It looks like it.”
“Well…..we got a nigga to kill and some bitches to fuck!” The other one said as they lead charge into the place.
They kicked the door open.
“They’re in.” T.K. said.
“AAYY!!” Another Marauder said, “You got company!! Blue Hybrid, you big motherfucker, you better get your ass out here or we’ll find your hoes and you’ll get the picture!”
“Oh shit…” Loyuka said. She immediately shut the door so they won’t break in.
“Who the hell is that?” Sheena said.

“Come on out, motherfucker!!!” A Spine-ripper said, “You ain’t gonna win like last time!! The Ethers may got fucked but we’ll be the fuckers here!!”
“YOU FIRST!!” MAK thrown a grenade in there and one of them exploded with shrapnel all in one of their faces.
“GOT ‘EM!” Tomoki shouted as she and Cassie are shooting at them.
“HEY! It’s them two bitches at the club yesterday!! You hoes owe me a drink and a fuck!!”
“Like hell!!” Cassie shot that guy in the shoulder.
“Shoot them bitches!!” They all spread throughout the house and search for MAK, Tomoki and Cassie.
Then as they tripped a wire, a switch blade ejected into one of their faces.
“AAAHH!! MY EYE!!” Directly into the eye by that measure. Then two more came right them but one of them caught the blade before it hit.
“HA! Miss me with that shit!!”
But then one came right at his privates.

“AAAHHH!!! You sons of bitches….” He fainted and collapsed.
As more were coming from outside, it was up to Murasaki and Nola as they were on sight to shoot as they come in.
“PULL!!” Murasaki shouted.
She landed the shot.
“AAAHH!!! Who the hell was that?!”
“Direct hit!!” Nola said, “And right in the cheek!!”
“There’s one on your left, Nola!”
Nola got her aim and directly got another gang member.
“OW! FUCK!!!”

Inside, MAK grabbed some kitchen knives, blocking the bullets from hitting him.
“Hey, you better think of another plan than knives!!” A Spine-ripper said
“Try me, bitch-mite!!!” MAK shouted.
“Oh, you sack of fat a–” Then 4 knives landed inside the Spine-ripper.
Then two brawlers jumped on him while he wasn’t looking, pouncing and beating on him while he’s down.
“You should’ve looked both ways, nigga!”
Then MAK got the knife from his shoe and stabbed one of them in the side.
“OOOH!!!!” One screamed. Then MAK got the other one by stabbing him in the eye.

“EYEEEE!!!!!!!” Also kicked him down in the process.
Then 10 more come from outside, bum-rushing him to the living room and one of them try to throw a Molotov cocktail at him, MAK grabbed it and threw it back at him, getting caught on fire.
Then Seiki shot a couple of guys trying to stab MAK with a glass shard.
MAK took that glass shard and cut a couple of dudes behind him, kick them out of the window and flipped a table and it landed on one other gang member.
“MAAAHH!!!!” Seiki just straight-smacked him in the face.
“Thanks for the assist!!” MAK said.
“Gotcha!!” Seiki said, “Don’t worry about the girls! That door should be good and locked!!”
“I hope so!!” MAK said, “Because I see SOME NIGGAS BREAKING IN!! OH SHIT!!!”
Seiki shotgunned them before they could enter.
“Got ’em!” Seiki said, “Now kick some ass!!”

Rolo and Sayuri were busy on the monitors, looking out for more killers coming.
“Saki, Nola, we may have more coming than expected.” Rolo said.
Then the notice of police sirens come.
“And there comes the police…..” Sayuri said. Then she spotted another set of vehicles coming and it was….
“And THE FACTION!!!” Sayuri shouted, “WHO CALLED THEM!?”
“Longtooth, Jaye, take ’em out!!” T.K. shouted.
Longtooth got into his panther mode and he began ripping and killing the gang members left and right.
One was trying to shoot Longtooth in the eye but he got spotted and Jaye quickly shot him down and let Longtooth handled the rest, while the guy was screaming while being ripped apart.
“Good kitty.” Jaye said with a smirk on her face.
Longtooth looked annoyed.
“Kitty? Really?” he said.
“Panthers are just big, ferocious kitties with claws.” She said petting him.
“Dammit….” He said as he’s enjoying the petting, “You’re lucky I like the petting.”
“Oh you love it!” Jaye said, giggling at him.

Tomoki and Cassie are still shooting it out and making sure no one is getting inside the basement. In there, Loyuka is calming everyone down even though they’re watching everything on the monitors.
“OK, who the hell is shooting them before they can enter here?” Kai asked.
“Whoever is doing that, at least they’re keeping them from coming down here.” Joanna said.
“MOTHERFUCKERS!!” As MAK shouted as he kept punching them one by one, even as they all come at him and they ended up beating each other up.
“And this is why nobody just all jumped in the fight!!! You’ll ended fucking each other up!”
Then shoots them.
However, one formidable foe is behind him, and soon she knocks him down with a piece of wood.
“MAK!!” Kai, Sheena and Joanna screamed.
“Oh fuck!” Seiki shouted.
“What the fuck is going on!?” T.K. shouted, “Who got hit?”
“Don’t think you forgot about me….” As the hitter was Talli Digga and she got a bat with her.
“Oh, you’ve been on my mind all damn day!!” MAK charges with all his might but she used the bat to smack him in the kneecap.
“AAAHHH!!!” He screamed violently.
“Oh no…..” As Rolo was seeing the monitors, “Digga is here and MAK is down!!”
“DIGGA, YOU BITCH!!!” Seiki jumped into there and tried to strike Talli down with a gunshot but she evaded that move and got Seiki with the hammer (an actual hammer, btw).
“Seiki!!” Cyan shouted.
“I knew I should’ve hit you harder like I did your bitch-ass partner!!” Talli said.
Then Longtooth comes growling and attacked on Talli but she got the upper edge and broke his wrists.
“Oh…..Longtooth!!! I haven’t heard your dumb ass in a while!” she said, “Oh wow, that technique is pathetic.”
Jaye then shoots her, but she got smacked with the pistol.
“And so is your tag-team buddy with you.”

However, MAK grabbed her foot, snatched her and threw her in the air while grabbing her foot again and smacking her down on the ground.
“Try that shit on me again, bitch!!! I’ll break off something worse than that, you thunder****!!”
Then Talli directly punched him in the stomach.
“Well…..Hamburger boy!?”
But…..then Cassie smashed a chair on Talli then Tomoki grabbed an old computer and smacked her with that as well.
“How about that, bitch!?” Cassie shouted.
Longtooth wasn’t about to have that as he got up and literally kicked her while she’s down and even knocked a tooth out of her.

But then Talli stabbed Longtooth in his foot.
“GAAAHHH!!!” Then she smacked him with a piece of glass.
“OK, I just had enough with you fucks! is there any more of you to fight?”
Then one bullet hit Talli in the leg.
“AAAHH!! Who the hell was that from?”
It was coming from outside where Murasaki and Nola were still shooting.
MAK then just grabbed her by the hair and pimp-slapped her.
“It come from my ass. That’s what!!” he shouted, “Now I got your dumb ass!! You and your fucking plans aren’t going to work on me!! Wait until the PPP gets here and arrest your stupid ass!!!”
MAK is breathing heavily and panting in relief.
“It’s….it’s over now.” he said.
Soon, the PPP swarmed in the house with weapons armed and ready.
“Just in time!” MAK said.
“Mr. Kiritsnagi, I see you’re causing some trouble in here.” Alon said, “Or at least you had something to do with it.”
“Ha-ha, real funny.” He said, “But I told your ass that Talli Digga was fucking with us and now we got proof! She and all these gangs coming in tried to fuck with us but we got the upper hand of it.”
“Ah……I see…..” Alon said.
“Yeah….now if you can get your little-ass handcuffs and arrest this bitch, then we’ll be–”
However, he pulled out his pistol and then he….


He actually shot MAK.

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