AFNG (Aura Faction Next-Gen) BK SQUAD: Episode 6 -EMBRACE The NICO In You ~ the secrecy

WARNING: The following written material that you’re about to read may contain acts of violence, mild language and sexual content. This is meant only for AUDIENCES 13 AND UP. Reader Discretion is advised.


FRIDAY – following the last weekend 

It was 3rd period around P.E. in the gym and as everyone is doing their usual thing of either playing ball, lifting weights, or doing laps, Nico is busy lifting weights in the room as a few classmates and even some of the girls watched. 

“Damn, he’s still doing weight-lifting?” One guy said.
“Shit, man, he’s building himself up.” Another one said, “Why you think dude’s big as he is?”
“Well, can’t say he’s lazy.”  

The girls, being Delia, Ammi & Gaby caught a glimpse of that as well. 

“OK…..Jaz’s not-so-little brother is ready working it out there lately.” Delia said, “His arms are looking kinda toned.”
“He must have something on his mind keeping him going like this.” Gaby said.
“I think I have an idea why…” Ammi said, as she spots Tamari coming over here. 


“Hey, Nico!!!” Tamari said, “The teacher said you can stop now. You’ve done the maximum of lifting weights for this and the next week.”
“Oh……” He puts down the weight.
“I must’ve lost track of time.” he said, “I just had a lot of things on my mind lately….mostly some good things…..”
“Ah…..” Tamari know what he was talking about., “And I think I know what good thing you’re talking about.”
Nico did got a bit red in the face.
“Don’t worry. I’m excited for tomorrow night, too.” she said, “It should be fun.”
“Yeah, I know I can’t wait.” He said, smiling. 

“Tomorrow night?” Ammi overheard them.
“Oooooohhhh……” Delia and Gaby said.
“OK!” Gaby said, “How did this went under our radar? Looks like Nico and Tamari might be a thing after all!”
“So they’re……Tanico? Nimari?” Ammi said, “Maybe Nimari. That sounds cuter than the other one. I wonder how his other girls will handle this.”
“But Jasmine said that Nico only think of them as friends.” Gaby said.
“Yeah….” Delia said, “True….but Nico is slick as hell. Maybe we should ask a few of his friends about the deal with him and Tamari. We know that she got a major crush on him but is she trying to finally get with him?”
“Can we just ask Tamari herself?” Gaby said, “I mean, she’s good with us.”
“Too obvious.” Delia said, “You know what? I’ll think of something later.” 



In the music room, Nico and Ari were busy making some newer beats in there during their free period.
“Beat….beat…. beat….beat…” He stumbled on a note.
“SHIT!” he said, “Gotta start over again.”
“Again?” Ari said, “Dude, that’s the 5th time today you messed up today. You’re usually on your game on this.”
“I know, I know.” he said, “Again, got a lot of things on my mind, especially for tomorrow.” 

“Tomorrow?” Ari said, “What you got going on tomorrow?”
However, Nico never told anyone about him spending the night with Tamari, aside from his parents. He never even told Jasmine or Ari about it; not even Megumi and Taro.
“Oh….it’s nothing big.” he said, “It’s just more music work and stuff. I think I’m almost done with some of my solo shit.” 

Ari looked confused with what he said.
“Solo shit?” she said, “What stuff you got working by yourself?”
“OH, just some…..” He had to do some quick thinking. “Some non-percussion production. Yeah, I want to make a good beat but without drums or very minimal.” 

“Ah….” she said, “Going for beats that depend on how the artists’ presence.”
“Exactly.” Nico said. 

Carlos and Camilla then came in the room.
“HEY!!!” Camilla shouted, “Right here!!”
“Y’all busy?” Carlos said. 

“I thought I locked that door.” Nico said.
“NO… didn’t.” Ari said, “OK, you did but I unlocked it. These two were coming to help me out today.”
“So, one of us is going to lay down a few bars for ya, today?” Carlos said.
“I hope. I don’t sing.” Camilla said, “Unless the other producer wants to hit some notes.”
“Not today.” Ari said, “I’m saving my voice for when I do vocals for Nico’s tracks.” 

Then Nico’s phone began buzzing, getting a message from Tamari.
“Oh, sorry. Gotta take this.” he said.
“Take what?” Camilla said, “Who you texting right now? One of your girls?” She tries to peek at him texting to Tamari.
“Come on, Cam.” Carlos said, “Let Nico have his privacy.”
“Why tho?” Camilla said, “You can’t keep keeping secrets to your closest friends and shit.” 

“Sometimes you can.” he said. 

“You’re texting again to Tamari, aren’t you?” As Ari guessed, “It ain’t hard to tell. You two have been chatting more than usual this week.” 

“What? I can’t get to know more about a close friend of mine?” Nico said.
“Then why you’ve been radio silence with me and Carlos?” Camilla said, “Aren’t we friends, too?”
“Yes… both are.” Nico said, “And I’ve been meaning to but–“
“I get it.” Camilla said,”We’re not a wide-eyed 17-year-old Japanese girl with big–“
“HEY!!” Nico screamed.
“What?” she said, “You probably think of her while you’re masturbating and–“
“The fuck is your deal!? SHIT!!” Nico shouted in a higher pitch. 

“Is something going on with you two?” Ari said, “I mean, you said that this is like your friendship with Megumi and Taro but…..this seems like…..well, a bit more than usual.”
“That’s her version.” Camilla said, “Here’s mine: You want to fuck her.” 

The whole room went silent.
“Well, that’s blunt of you.” Carlos said.
But Camilla said to him, “Look, you know that you two obviously got a thing for each other and both of you got plans for the weekend.”
“So….I guess Aunt Kai and Uncle MAK doesn’t know about your plans?” Ari said, “Not even Jasmine?”
“NO!” Nico said, “The last thing I want is them meddling in my business, especially Jasmine. Me and Tamari are just going to spend some alone time together. Get to know each other just one on one.”
“Will it involve your hands near her bra strap?” Camilla joked. 

“Camilla…..maybe Nico does want to get to know Tamari more.” Carlos said, “I don’t know. I just got a genuine sense that Nico isn’t trying to move fast with her.”
“See?” Nico said, “Carlos is the only one that makes sense right now. Yes, I think Tamari’s cute and sweet and friendly and smart and gorgeous and pretty and….” He was lost in his words, describing her.
Ari had to snap him out of his head.
“Uh… good?”
“…..But I don’t want to mess up what we got now.” Nico said, “We’re good friends. Me, her, Megumi and Taro make up a good quartet of friends.”
“I wonder how this went with them when you told them about it.” Camilla said. 

“Yeah…..told them about it.” Nico said, implying a bit of an exaggeration in his part. 

“Nico…” Ari said, “I’ve been your cousin forever and I know that when it comes to you and girls….you always get infatuated with them but sometimes, you can still be clueless with them.”
“Clueless?” Nico said. 

“Yes! CLUELESS!” Ari said, “Like personal space, not taking a hint of something, patting my head when I said if you do it again, I’ll bite your hand and won’t let go!!”
“Oh yeah… didn’t let go that one time.” Nico said.
“Good thing you washed your hands beforehand.” she said, “But listen, you better hope you don’t mess things up with Tamari or even with Megumi and Taro, if they’re OK with this.” 



Before the class can get started, Delia and Ammi sat next to Tamari and of course, they’re going to try and bring up what she and Nico got in store. 

“So, Ammi….” Delia said, “You got plans for the weekend? There’s this Starania concert I’m going to and I got some extra tickets if you want!”
“OH HELL YEAH!!” Ammi said, “I’ve been dying to see them for ages now!” As Ammi tries to snatch the tix, Delia then goes over to Tamari.
“Hold on, Ammi.” Delia said, “Starania is also Tamari’s favorite singer and who knows? Maybe she would like to go!”
“I would!!!” She said, “…..but I got plans that night. I got a guest coming over my place.”
“So… of them mine then!” Ammi snatches the other ticket. 

Delia then just ditches the secrecy and get on to the point.
“OK, OK, you know what?” Delia said, “I’ll get come out and say it: What you got going on with Nico?”
Cue Tamari’s eyes widened.
“Yes, we figured it out.” Delia said, “You two have been chatty a lot lately.”
“And kinda secretive.” Ammi added in.
“We like to talk to each other.” Tamari said, “I just wanted to get to know him a bit more… personal.” 

“OOOHHH!!!!” Delia and Ammi said as they interpretate it in another way. 

“OH! Nothing!” Tamari said, “If you guys think that it’s something like that, it’s not! I know it, Nico knows it and that’s that!”
“You sure that Nico knows what he’s getting into?” Ammi said.
“Yes!” Tamari said, “Nico knows that he doesn’t want to get into that kind of stuff with me. He’s actually quite the gentleman once you get to know him. Also, funny and caring as well.”
“So…he gets flustered whenever you two get close….and I mean, close?” Delia said.
“Well, um……” 

She then remembers……that time Nico saw her in that black and blue bikini. 

“If you don’t shut up—” As Nico’s face turns red. 

“So, um, Nico…..” As Tamari said staring at him glossy-eyed, “Do you have any thoughts of what we got on?” 

The many times Taro mentioned everything too revealing for Nico. 

“I don’t know what’s more humiliating.” Taro said, “The principal tricking him or mentioning that Tamari left her red sports bra in the locker room.” 

“YOU KNEW WHAT I LEFT!?” Tamari shouted. 

“I thought you put it in your bag.” Taro mentioned. 

“It shouldn’t be hard to notice.” Megumi said, “It was as big as mine and Taro’s sports bras.” 

“You heard nothing!!” Tamari said to Nico.  


“You know that me, Megumi and Tamari share the same bra size?” 

“TARO!” Megumi and Tamari screamed. 

“You just had to mention that, didn’t you?” Nico said. 

“Yep. You red in the face now?” Taro giggled. 


“Yeah….Um, Nico?” Tamari said, as both of them are in uncompromising awkward positions, i.e. her chest is near his face. 

Both of their faces turned red. 

“So, you’re caught between a pillow and a soft place.” Taro said, “Although Tamari feels heavenly soft.”  


“OK, it happens!” Tamari said, “You can’t say that he’s some lecher and plus, most of his friends often tease him about that.”
“You mean Taro?” Delia said, “Does she have a crush on him since she always does that with him? You might have competition in your hands.”
“But does she or even the other friend Megumi know about you and Nico’s private time?” Delia asked Tamari. 

Tamari didn’t say anything as she didn’t tell anyone else as well with her mother being the exception.
“So, nothing?” she said. 


“Wait…. why do y’all care about me and Nico hanging out?” Tamari shouted. 

“Y’all act like we’re planning on going to a hotel and just do whatever we desire to do.” Nico said, “It’s just something between 2 friends.” 

“Still… decide to keep it to yourselves.” Ammi said, “LIke we can’t be trusted with some secrets.”
“You can’t be trusted with most secrets!” Nico said, “Ari, you snitched on me all because I had some pics on my phone!”
“Titled ‘Echo’ and it was nothing but naked girls galore!” Ari said. 

“You blab out everything about me!” Tamari said, “Especially when these happened!” She pointed to her chest.
“Thanks to you, I had more heartbreaks and assholes trying to get with me for that reason!” 

“Let us handle this on our own!” Nico said.
“We can deal with this!” Tamari said, “Now get off our backs!!” 

At the same time, both of them walked out to go to the restroom. 

“You better hope old boy knows what he’s doing.” Camilla said, “And hopefully tries to not think with his dick.”
“She better know what she’s doing.” Delia said.
“I hope so, too.” Ammi said, “…….You still got those tickets?”
“They’re fakes!” Delia shouted.
“HOW COULD YOU!?” Ammi yelled. 


Later on, Nico and Tamari meet up at the clubhouse before anyone else could arrive there.
“Hey, we’re both here early!” Nico said.
“Looks like it!” Tamari said, “I needed a break from a lot of people today.”
“You too, huh?” Nico chuckled a bit.
She eased in on some laughter, too.
“Usually, I can collected and calm but….” Tamari went on and sighs, “Apparently people somehow know about you and me this weekend.” 

“YOU TOO!?” Nico said, “Do they also think that somehow you and me are going to suddenly…..well, you know….”
“Yup.” Tamari said.
“OH great.” 

Both of them sat on one of the beds.
“Hey……did you knew that I had a crush on you before we became friends?” Tamari said, “And tell me the truth.”
He responded, “Honestly……I didn’t know.”
“OK then.”
“But then afterwards someone did told me here.” Nico said, “And it was Taz.” 

“OOHH!!!” She sounds frustrated.
“But wait!” he said, “I knew but I don’t want to trick you into loving me. I like being friends with you and I don’t want to risk a friendship or break your heart. I care about you and I don’t ever want to displease you.” 

“OK….” Tamari said, “It’s true that I got a crush on you and people knew…..even your sister.”
“You often got teased for it?” he asked.
“Uh-huh.” she said. “Especially from other friends of mine.”
“Well, maybe when tomorrow comes, you can tell me all about it.” Nico said, “I’d say today but I think Jasmine and Jericho are 20 minutes away and I rather not continue this with them.”
“Then I’m looking forward to tomorrow.” she said, “It’ll be just the two of us then….well, maybe my mom will be there, too.”



The next day, Nico was heading to Tamari’s place. It was 10 minutes away from his place and 6 from the school.
He got the address from her and found the place.
“All right. 623 Thornton Road. This is it.”
It was a blue house with some roses planted in the front yard. 

“OK…..don’t be nervous.” he said, “It’s just your friend’s house…..your friend who you might be attracted to.” 

He knocks on the door.
He first sees… shorter woman answering the door.
“OH…..I’m sorry.” Nico said, “I think I got the wrong house. I’m looking for the Aimoto house.”
“Um, this is the right house.” she said, “I’m Usagi Aimoto.”
“Usagi……are you Tamari’s sister?”
“Uh……I’m her mom.”
Nico then looked surprised.
“Oh……..I didn’t know. I swear I thought that–“
“Yeah, I get that all the time. Don’t worry.” she said, “But wow…..look at you! All tall and handsome and got some hair on you. I’m liking the afro!”
“Oh, thank you!” Nico said, “Dad says I got that gene.”
“TAMARI!! Your friend is here!!!” she said, “You’re Nico, aren’t you?”
“Yes, Ma’am.” he said.
“OOOHH!!! I have heard so much about you from Tamari!” Usagi said. 

Tamari arrives from the bathroom with her hair looking so shiny and flowing.
“Hey, Nico! You got here early than expected!” Tamari said, “And I see you met my mom.” 

“Yeah,” Nico said, “I almost thought y’all were sisters at first. Both of you got bouncy, sheeny hair, identical eye color and the same height.”
“Yeah, we’re short.” Usagi said, “We get that a lot.”
“Oh….. so don’t ment–“
“Oh no, no, sweetie.” Usagi said, “It’s just sometimes most people confuse me for being a little girl…..even though I’m in my late 30s, had a kid and I had- no, still got a figure that make men go wild and yet I always get asked, “Can you show me your ID?” 

“Oh boi…” Tamari said, “Mom, I’m going to show Nico around the place, mostly my room.” 

“OK, sweetie.” Usagi said, “Keep your door open and where I can see you tho!”
“I will!!” Tamari said. 

“Your mom’s a nice lady.” he commented.
“She is…..just don’t comment on her height if she’s drinking.” Tamari said, “One of my aunt’s boyfriend called her ‘pipsqueak’ once and threatened him with a broken beer bottle and a cork screw.”
“So, never ever ever ever INFINITY do that.” Nico said.
“He’s learning!!” Usagi said out loud, “I like him already!” 


So, a few minutes into the visit, Tamari was showing Nico the whole place and telling him about herself from when she and her mom moved her 3 years ago.”
“Yeah, we had this place over some time now.” Tamari said, “I had the whole ‘I didn’t like this place or town’ phase but eventually, when I started to make friends, it was easy breezy from there.”
Then a small orange-red colored kitty came running towards Tamari.
“HEY!! Awww, come here!” As she picks her up and cradle her in her arms.
“I see you got a cat yourself.” Nico said.
“Yup! Her name’s Ichigo.” Tamari said, “And she is a little precious fur-ball that I had to convince Mom to let me keep.”
“Wow…..she practically fits in the palm of my hand.” Nico said.
Then Ichigo got a claw in there.
“OH!!! OW!” he said.
“Yeah…..her claws are getting to be that sharp.” Tamari said, “Speaking of which, I should get them filed this month.”
*long meow*
“Who’s this big guy?” As Ichigo was thinking about that and sniffing on her. “He has a weird but pleasing scent. Does Miss Tamari has a liking of him? He seems harmless enough.” 

They then got to making some more conversation.
“So…..I wanted to ask you this yesterday……why you have a crush on me?” Nico asked Tamari.
“Hmmmm?” She seems puzzled, “Why wouldn’t anyone have a crush on you?”
“Well, I don’t exactly have any traditional hot guy features on me and you heard how much of a rep I got back there?” 

“Oh, come on.” Tamari said, “Sure, you got a few enemies…..that can possibly hurt me but I know you’re cool with some people. Plus, don’t doubt yourself about who may or may not be crushing on you. Most girls would like a guy like you attractive, adorable, charming, and…..well, just genuinely cool to be around with.”
“Yeah, no doubt about that.” Nico said, “But most of the time, I’m known as Jasmine’s little brother or in my case, her little big brother and I get the ‘oh, he’s cute’ treatment and while I like it, I never gotten that as a guy that girls love to get with.”
“But what about Megumi and Taro?”
“You know my relationship with them.” Nico said, “Yeah, it would be easy to date one of them but then one would be the third wheel and…..”
“Oh…..” she said.
“Plus, like I said, I don’t want to ruin a good friendship I had with those two.” Nico said, “They reminded me what friends are supposed to be to each other. Unlike who I used to run with back in the day.” 

“Back in the day?” Tamari questioned.
“You know anything about Canterray Street?” Nico said.
“You mean the street that’s been mentioned every time by someone that hates you?” 

“About that…..” 

3 YEARS AGO (In Nico’s POV)….. 

Me, Denzel and few other guys were working for this guy, Brian Bell aka B-Roll. B-Roll was a high school graduate and a hustler at that. He was selling a lot of things on the side, from stolen electronics, shoes, clothes, and once he was moving on up…..that led to….well guess. 

Tamari: “Drugs?” 

Correct you are, Ms. Aimoto. 

He also had some of his buddies let back a few grades and he got them into the game as well. 

Tamari: “And you were a part of that?” 

I was just there to make some extra cash on the side. Lucky for myself, I only dealt with just the shoes and snacks.  

Tamari: “So you were a bootlegger? Or worked for one?” 



“YO!!” B-Roll called me at his place, “Nico boy!!!”
“Heard you selling the hell out of those Mason Pies! WOO!!” he said, “People are fiending for them ever since the big supermarkets did a dollar price increase on them and they know I’m the man with that good-good price and people are eating that shit up!!”
“Yeah.” I said, “Here’s what I got from today and some of yesterday’s revenue.” Yeah, things were cool between me and him at that time. I was one of his best food sellers. Hell, I was a best seller period and all his other homies we got from the school were either 2nd best or just shit at their jobs…..especially Denzel.” 

Tamari: “Oh damn… What was he selling for him?” 

Oh, he was doing shoes, mp3 players and phones… problem is with him, people can see through his shit. No, really, I remember one time he was about to sell a Ticha phone and….. 

“Bruh, is the shit good or not?” A customer said.
“My man,” Denzel said, “This phone is all brand new and never been opened or activated. This shit is legit!”
The phone then started to malfunction a bit, with some glitches and sputtering.
“What you call that shit? New feature?” He was not buying it.
But then, Denzel put his hands behind up, while there he was flashing two fingers or the peace sign and then two of his guys show up.
“The fuck? Who are they?”
“Oh….some demonstrators.” Denzel said, “They have a way of making you change your mind.”
One of them got a wire, starts choking him and slapping him down while the other one is stomping all over his legs.

He was almost arrested for that but fortunately for him, B-Roll bailed him out. Unfortunately for B-Roll, he lost some of his money that day. He was not happy about that. 

Tamari: “That bad, eh? Denzel sounds like he was loose and kinda crazy.” 

I’d known him all throughout middle school and he was always one to get carried away with shit like this and things escalated into worse factors. Hell, B-Roll was starting to get sick of his shit and he wanted me to move up to selling phones. It happened one night when I went up to his HQ and I caught him at the wrong time as he was with this girl and they were…..well, in the sheets. 

Tamari: “You mean, having sex?”
Yep. Like he was in a luxurious mansion and the girl was moaning and hollering like he was about to finish up.
Tamari: “Ew.” 

“OH SHIT!” I said.
“Wait, who that?” B-Roll said, as he pushes the girl aside.
“It’s me, Nico. You wanted to see me about something.” I said, “I don’t want to interrupt your–“
“Hold on!” B-Roll said, as the girl immediately got dressed and walked out.
“Yo, sweetheart, call me later! I wanna finish popping that pussy, you heard me?” he shouted. 

Tamari: “Can you spare me that?” 

All right, all right. The thing is that….. 

“I want you to come with me on this exchange coming this week.” he said, “I’m moving you up to bigger and better shit, mane!! You are my best and brightest and I feel like this should tickle your money fancy.” 

Tamari: “And you took it?” 

(Out of POV) 

“I did.” Nico said, “It was the only way to earn some extra cash for myself and maybe for something in the future for myself. At least when I thought it was all innocent and not—“
“Turned into Lil’ Pusherman?” Tamari said.
“OK, there’s that.” Nico said, “That sounded like something my mom would say….but I know I’m not a pusher and–” Then something fell out of the closet.
“What the–what’s this big white thing and–“
Then something else fell down and to Tamari’s horror and shock……. 

It was a white bra. A glitter-sequin white bra.
“DAAAAHH!!!! YOU NO LOOK!!” Tamari shouted, covering his eyes.
“HEY!! OW!” he shouted, “I didn’t know that was going to fall!”
“Neither did I!” Tamari said, “But I don’t want you to know what underwear I’m wearing!!”
“I didn’t count on that to happen!” he said. “I thought it would be in your underwear drawer like usual.”
“That was a special thing I’m working on!!!” Tamari said, “It’s not done yet! Also, look in there and I break your hands!” 

There’s also a bunch of other fabrics and unfinished clothing behind him.
“So, you stuff it inside your closet?” he asked.
“I didn’t think it would come up!” Tamari said. “Also, it’s just the unfinished projects.” 

He tries to help pick some of it up. “I see you got a lot of stuff to make costumes and all that.”
“Yeah….I’m thinking of doing a cosplay of Ivy from Jost Ice.” Tamari said, “The ice princess that has an pick ax and a hairbow?”
“Oh yeah…..” Nico said, “That’s the game that Taro showed me once.” 

“It’s an awesome game!!” Tamari said, “And I’m glad that Ivy is as great as they made her to be! A beautiful fair lady that can kick your ass and break your spine!!!”
“Yeah, I’ve been told that.” Nico said. 

“And……yes, the glitter bra was a part of that.” she said, “And I wanted it to keep it hidden from everyone. There’s a gaming con coming up in a few weeks and I want to dress up as her.”
“Gaming con? You mean Console Crash Con or C3?”
“That’s the one.” she said, “I do hope they handle those creeps that always tries to harass cosplayers. I’ve been meaning to do some cosplay whenever I go to cons but I never went through to it.”
“You need some company to come with you?” Nico said, “Maybe help you keep off the pervy creeps and stuff?” 

“WAIT? REALLY!?” Tamari sounded excited but then got a bit concerned, “I don’t know. There’s a lot of walking, large crowds, large lines, expensive….everything and you sure you want to do that?”
“Well, there’s some positives about it.” Nico said, “Again, walking around may not be so bad, I’ll get some exercise I might need, I’ll probably won’t buy much of anything from there and hey, I get to spend the whole day with you.”
“OOHH!” As she sounds excited, “Then we got to save up for that trip then! Hey, you want to invite Megumi and Taro as well? Maybe they want to go with us!”
“All right. That sounds cool.” He said. 

“…..Unless you want it to be the two of us.” Tamari said, “I mean, it’s not really a date per se, just friends hanging out and—“
“I don’t mind.” Nico said, “Besides, the more the merrier and that means if someone tries to pull that lecher shit, they’ll get 3 times the beatdown from us.” he laughs.
Then Ichigo got on top of Nico’s leg and perched herself on it.
“Hmmmmm, his leg feels strong.” Ichigo thought, “He’s not flinching or anything. Yup, I sit.” 

“AAWWW, She likes you.” Tamari said, “Normally she would scratch someone’s leg or stick her claws deep in there but she’s purring, kinda like your cat Santiago did.”
“I wonder why….” Nico thought to himself.
“Hey, maybe our cats could have a date themselves. Ichigo and Santiago and Reba.” Tamari suggested.
“I don’t know.” Nico said, “Santiago is a sure thing but Reba isn’t much of a people person cat.” 


“AH!!! YOU DAMN CAT!!!” MAK shouted as Reba was running from the living room after she knocked down a vase and chasing her as well.
“That’s what you get for spraying me with that bottle!!” Reba shouted.
“I’m getting the hose next time!!” MAK screamed.

Back at the Aimoto house, it was getting later in the afternoon and Usagi is about to make an errand run.
“TAMARI!!!” Usagi shouted, “I got to make a little run to the store quick. You don’t mind staying for dinner, do you, Nico?”
“I don’t mind.” Nico said, “I told my folks I might come back later tonight.”
“NICE!!” Usagi said, “I’m making my special stir fry that you’re going to love!! I’ll be back in a while and don’t do anything rash while I’m gone!!” 

“WE WON’T!!” Nico and Tamari said.
She leaves the house and got into her car, driving away.
Then the house phone rings.
“Huh?” Tamari picks it up.
“Put me on speaker.” It was Usagi.
“Yeah, so…, Nico?” 

“Miss Aimoto?” Nico said, wondering what was going on.
“You’re kin to spicy food, right?”
“Yeah, I like it.” he said.
“GREAT! Hope you like it en fuego!” Usagi said, “OK! I’m out and y’all still better have on clothes by the time I get back!” 

Now, Tamari and Nico are all alone in the living room.
“Hey, T-T?” Nico said, “There’s something that I wanted to ask you.”
“Hmmmm?” she said.
“What happened with the last couple of friends that tried to get with you?” he asked.
She got a surprised look on her face.

“Oh……….that same ‘ol story.” she said.
“Did….I hit a nerve?”
“Nico….” Tamari said, “Ever since me and puberty happened, more guys have been trying to ‘friend’ me but for the wrong and superficial reasons. They want you for either bragging rights on hanging with a girl like me. Basically eye-candy and I swear, middle school boys are just the worst.” 

She goes on, “I had a friend once. Name’s Davi and I thought, at first, he seemed like a sweet boy as we always walked home together, often study together and overall being there for me whenever I’m dealing with whatever comes at me.”
“Sounds like someone that’s there for ya.” Nico said.
“I thought.” Tamari said, “Then one day….. I was coming back from P.E. and was heading to take a shower, right? Next time you know, someone was going through my locker room and a guy wearing a ski mask grabbed my underwear.”

The underwear thief then ran out of the locker room, only to be caught by the incoming girls arriving at the same time.
“HEY!!! Get back here!! THIEF! PERVERT!!” one of the girls screamed.
He tries to run from the back but then, another girl came and slapped him down.
“HE GOT ‘EM!!”
“When I got a towel wrapped around me, they took off the mask and saw that it’s… was Davi.”
Then one of the guys from the boys P.E class said, “Damn, man, you trying to steal your girl’s drawers and shit! You a freak!!!”
Tamari got in a huff, grabbed back her underwear, and then she slaps him before running off. 


“Damn….” Nico said, “Everybody’s trying to steal girl’s panties and shit.” 

“Yup.” Tamari said, “If only you were in P.E. our period, I could’ve gotten you to trap them.” 


“But yeah….that is kinda dumb of him to do.” Nico said.
“I found out about his true intentions that day.” Tamari continued on, “He just wanted to be with me to get me to get naked for him. Like I’m that type of girl that easily takes off my clothes to anyone. I don’t want to be friends with people that only want my company because of my body. Yes, I developed throughout the years but it’s the old cliche of ‘You give them brains or boobs but not both’ that irritates me to the bone!” As she punches the wall.

“But you’re more than just boobs and butt an–“
“I didn’t mention my ass.” Tamari said, “Nico, were you dreaming about my ass?!” As she and Ichigo are staring immensely at him.
*crazy meow sounds*
“NO! NO! I—I’m trying to say,” he went on, “That while you may be a beautiful girl, you are more than just eye-candy. You are also a sweet and kind person that has a lot to offer to people to your personality, your love of video games especially Jost Ice, your ambition of cosplay and fashion sense! You’re really cool with Megumi and Taro and we just have a good connection with each other.”
The tension of Tamari and Ichigo calmed down a bit.
*calm meow*
“After hearing what happened with you and that guy, I don’t want to do that to you.” he said, “Your friendship does mean a lot to me!” 

She then grabbed Nico and gave him a tight hug.
“That’s the sweetest thing you ever said to me.” she said, smiling with tears coming down her face. “Your friendship means a lot to me, too, and I love being friends with you, Megumi and Taro!”
He began to shed happy tears and hugged her back.
“Yes, Nico?”
“Are you feeling my ass?” he said.
“Oh, sorry.” she said, “I thought it was your back. I’m short, OK?”
“No worries.” he said.
“Also……you enjoy feeling my bra strap, Nico?”
“Oh… um—“
“Don’t worry, it’s harmless.” she said, “Your touch is kinda welcoming.”
“Yours, too.” he said. 

“Any girl would be lucky to have a guy like you for a boyfriend.” she whispered. 

They look like they were about to break the tension….and then comes the jangle of the keys and the door opening.
They retracted back to themselves as Usagi returns.
“I’m back!!! Y’all two not making out, are you?” she teases. 

“MOM!!!” Tamari said, blushing red. “Really?”
Usagi giggles a bit. “Oh, Nico….I ran into someone you know.”

He looks back at the driveway and sees a 2nd car and….. it was Kai.
“MOM!?” Nico shouted.
“Wait, your mom?” Tamari shouted.
“Yup.” Kai said, “Also, hey son, you didn’t mention anything about meeting your girlfriend today.”
Now he’s blushing red.
“I wonder why…” He silently said. 

“You ran into Mrs. Kiritsnagi during errands, Mom?” Tamari asked.
“In fact, she did.” Kai said, “We did wonder about where he was. Some people keep saying him and Tamari were hanging out and—“
“OOOH!!!” Usagi said.
“I was wondering why he was being so secretive of it.” Kai said, “I hope you kids didn’t do anything while Ms. Aimoto was gone.”
“WE WASN’T!!” Nico and Tamari shouted.
“I don’t know.” Usagi said, “Y’all seem like you were doing something before I came back.” 

“We were just talking!” Tamari said, “Just…..very high school things too complicated for y’all older…people.”
“Yeah, just that.” Nico said, “Nothing else happened!” 

Both moms were skeptical of their responses.
Nico and Tamari looked nervous as hell.
“OK, if you say so.” Usagi said, “We know you’re good kids and all.”
They sigh in relief.
“You know that eventually I’m telling your father and Jasmine this, right?” As Kai said those words that Nico did not want to hear. 



Following that day, it was now Sunday.
Nico is lounging at the clubhouse, listening to his music on his mp3 player and that was followed by a surprising awakening.
“So….” It was Jasmine and Taz as they appeared behind him.
“AAHHH!!” They surprised him, slipping out of the chair. 

“You and Tamari, huh?” Jasmine said.
“We know that you two have been planning this alone time from…..well, almost everyone in the school.” Taz said, “You thought you were being slick.”
“No, I thought y’all were minding your fucking business.” Nico said softly. 

He was walking to the other room.
“Little brother, you know eventually everyone else was going to know.” Jasmine said, “That’s just the way of the social jungle. No one gets to keep their privacy.”
“Well, that’s just dumb.” Nico said, “None of this involves them, so why in the hell are they nosey about it!?” 

“SO!!!!” And then two other people that he didn’t tell walked in, those being Megumi and Taro.
“You and Tamari were on a date, huh?” Megumi said.
“DATE!? It wasn’t a date!” he shouted.
“Then why are you blushing?” Taro said, teasing him. “You’re red all over.” 

“I didn’t tell y’all because you would do this shit!! And I WAS RIGHT!” Nico said, “All me and Tamari did was talk a lot. Nothing out of the ordinary happened!” 

“HEY!!!” As Tamari walked in suddenly on them. “I see everyone is bringing up me and Nico…. again.”
“Well, you did keep this like a secret.” Megumi said, “Most thought you two were planning to have sex in your room.”
“WHILE MY MOM WAS THERE!?” Tamari shouted.
“I never said I believed it!” Megumi responded, “I know you two wouldn’t do that.”
But then Taz added, “Although if she was just out, you two would’ve just—”
“NO!!” Tamari shouted.

“I mean…. you could’ve told us.” Taro said, “I get not wanting everyone to know but me and Megumi are your dear friends. We wouldn’t have tease you over it.”
But the rest of the girls aren’t buying it.
Even Megumi looking doubtful at her.
“What? WHAT!?” Taro said, “OK! Yes, I tease Nico a lot but I would never do anything that make him uncomfortable.” 

“Well……yeah, you’re right on that.” Nico said, “But someone would’ve interrogate you two and I know, I know… you wouldn’t tell but I’m not getting you two in shit because of me. However, I’m damn sure that I would never tell the other two girls in here.” As he’s referring to Jasmine and Taz. 

“Uhh…and why not?” Taz said.
“Y’all don’t keep secrets that well.” he exclaimed.
“You don’t hide them that well!” Jasmine sassed back.
“You nosey!!” Nico quipped back. 

However, Ari stumbled in the siblings’ bickering along.
“Oh my GOD!!!” Ari said, “You’re still on this?”
“Yes, Ari, we are still on this!!” Nico said, “Because of y’all! YOU!” He keeps pointing fingers at them.
“I take it you heard about them together?” Taz said.
“You mean when Aunt Kai spotted Tamari’s mom at the store and went back to her place?” Ari mentioned, “Yeah, I know about it.” 

“And let’s keep it that way.” Nico said, “The less they know, the better.”
“Nico, you need to relax.” Jasmine said, “They got better things to go on about than your existence.”
“You say that but….” Megumi said.
Taro continued that to, “But you forget that when Nico’s name pops up, people will talk and sometimes it’s a bit worrying.”
“It’s like a drop of blood near sharks.” Megumi said, “Once they got a sniff of it, they will come to look for a feast, no matter what the subject is and since him and Tamari are on the radar….”
“They’re going to make rumors of me and him possibly–” Tamari said, “OK, I can’t finish that sentence but it’s leading up to that.”
“And it’s bound to get uglier if it reaches other people.” he said. “Thankfully, B-Roll doesn’t get out until we graduate and if my music career kicks off, I’m getting my ass out of here and hopefully take Megumi, Taro and Tamari with me as well.”
“Doing what?” Taz said.
“I got my writing going for myself.” Megumi said, “Plus, Taro is going to be a writing partner of mine.”
“Already got the first draft of our novel ready!” Taro said.
“Well, I am planning on being a professional cosplayer as soon as I’m done with school.” Tamari said, “I’m working on my first one for C3 coming up. I’m doing Ivy from Jost Ice.

“You mean that one character that got a lot of porn pics and drawings on the internet?” Taz said. 

“DDAAAHHH!!!” Tamari screeched, “She’s more than just eye-candy!! But, yes, I’m working on a cosplay outfit for then and I invited Nico to join me there….and anyone else if you’re interested.”
“C3!?” Taro said, “The biggest gaming convention in the Society!?”
“That’s the one!” Tamari said.
“Wait….doesn’t that cost a lot of cash to get into?” Megumi said, “Like $200 or something?”
“$220 for a 3-day pass.” Tamari said, “But thanks to some connections from my mom, it’s 25% off.”
“So that’s 180 something…..$165.” Megumi said, “Well, that’s a better cut than most things.”
“And only in a month!” Taro said, “WE NEED TO PREPARE!!!!”
“Prepare…” Nico looked confused.
“No duh!! We got to save up!” Megumi said, “Not to mention clothes for the weekend, hotel expenses, food, all that stuff!!! You can never hurt to be cautious, guys!!!”
“How much you got saved up, Nico?” Tamari asked him.
“I got about……well, $100 right now.”
“THAT’S GOOD!!” She said, “You’re halfway there!! Plus, I should have enough saved for a hotel for 2 nights!”
“Hotel!?” Jasmine, Taz and Ari shouted. 

“NOT IN THAT WAY!” Tamari screamed, “Megumi and Taro are coming with me, too. You know your brother isn’t going to do any of that!! We’re just going to have some fun there, maybe walk around, see other people cosplay, some events….,y’know, con stuff!”
“Also,” Megumi said, “With all the walking and wondering around, he might be too tired to think about sex.”
Then Taro added in, “And too tired to think about what if us three suddenly got in our revealing lingerie and–“
“YOU’RE NOT HELPING!!” Megumi, Nico and Tamari shouted. 

“So, yeah, I’m going on this trip.” Nico said, “Hell, I need a trip like this. Going to a con that most people hyped up back then but now is getting less and less hype throughout the years and more trouble but hey! I’m spending it with 3 of my favorite people and that’s more important in my eyes.”
“YAY!!!” Taro said, “Just the 4 of us! All weekend long! Nothing is going to rain on our parade!!” 



“Yo…..Bell……today’s your lucky day!!!!” In the Russell Jones Correctional Facility, someone is getting their early release.
“Mr. Bell, you have an early release today.” The warden said, “Don’t let me catch you back in here again.”
Brian Bell aka B-Roll is now a free man. 

All the prisoners were shouting and cheering on about his release.
He exited out of the place and got into a taxi.
“Wow……I’m out. I’m free. Thank God……I need to make a few calls.” 

He gets on the line.
“Hey, Summer?”
“Huh, B? You’re out? You’re finally out?!”
“Yeah…… still in school?”
“Um, no shit, I’m still in school.”
“Well……..any word of Nico Kiritsnagi? He and I are due for a over long talk.”

(C) 2020 Katana+ / Ctrl/Alt/Del Productions 

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