AFNG (Aura Faction Next-Gen) BK SQUAD: Episode 4 – SHOOTER ~ the shocker

WARNING: The following written material that you’re about to read may contain acts of violence, mild language and sexual content. This is meant only for AUDIENCES 13 AND UP. Reader Discretion is advised. 





It was Saturday morning around 9AM and as morning continued, someone was the first to enter the clubhouse.
“YES!” Taking off the hoodie and it was Nico. 

“Perfect timing to do my looping here.” As he was carrying his music equipment to the living room. 

He turned on his computer, got his headphones ready and he began making his music. 

He was ready getting into his session.
“Oh, going percussion-less for this one is amazing.” he said, “Maybe a bit more piano in there.” 

Unknown to Nico, someone was approaching him as he was too distracted with his sound to notice. “Gonna add the more intense-sounding piano here. Yeah, that’ll fit more… I need another p–“
They tapped on his shoulder.
“What the— NICO!!” It was Taz. “The hell are you doing here?!”
“DAAAHH!!” He was surprised seeing her here, too. “I should be asking you that, Taz!! And….” He then saw that Taz is in an open bathrobe, showing her lingerie to him. 

“AAHH!” Taz said, “Hey, pervert! No looking!”
“You walking in here half-naked like no one’s here!” Nico said. 

“LOOK! The bathroom at my place is being pre-occupied because my brothers are using it and there’s 5 of them!! I just need to take a hot shower and that’s it!” Taz said, “And I rather no one barges in while I shower in there! But it seems like I can’t have any peace at home nor here!” 

“WHOA! WHOA! WHOA!” Nico said, “I’m here because I need to make beats and I can’t do that waking up my folks! I figure, ‘hey, no one’s here so I can do it here without disturbing anyone!’ and wow, I found a half-naked purple-haired girl in here!”
She closes her robe.
“I hope you had a good look because it won’t happen again!” Taz said.
“Oh, don’t whatever me!” Taz shouted, “Oh, you don’t wonder about your older sister’s best friend and how I look naked.”
Nico looks at her weird. “You want me to give you that visualization? Me wanking it off to–“
“NO!!!!” Taz said, “You have that already with your girlfriends! Don’t do that to me!” 

“Girlfriends?” Nico questioned.

TRACK 4: SHOOTERS – the shocker 


“What…..” Taz said, “You can’t be serious. You can’t be that oblivious about—“
“I know, I know what y’all talking about!” Nico said, “Y’all shouldn’t be in my business anyway but here we are! My friendship between Megumi and Taro is strictly platonic and that’s that.” 

“What about Tamari?” Taz said, “You know that she has a crush on you, right?”
“Wait, what?” Nico said.
“Yes, she has a thing for you.” Taz said, “We heard it before in P.E. a few times. She doesn’t talk much about it but it’s clear that she likes you…. in more ways than one.”
“Oh….” Nico then has a big smile on his face. 

“And look at you now….” Taz said, “I can tell you definitely like this girl a lot.”
“Yes….” Nico said, “So far, we connect. She’s sweet, likes cats a lot. I mean, she squee when I showed her Santiago.”
“Well, Santi is a cute white furball.” Taz said, “But if you’re doing good at just being friends now, don’t do anything to endanger that. Try and elevate yourself as more than that and this is important…. don’t rush this!!! This will take time! Don’t rush to get her to her birthday suit!! You heard about the last few of her… ‘friends’ that try to do that.” 

“I heard.” Nico said, “I know all about that. I’m not trying to be that with her.” 

“Good man.” Taz said, “Now if you excuse me, I need to change into my clothes.”
“By the way, the tan and blue lingerie with the garter belt and stocking works good on you.” Nico yelled. 

“OK, thanks and I’m slapping you later.” Taz said, walking to a changing room. 

“Well, I need to get ready for today anyway.” Nico said, “Me and the girls are going to the mall, looking for a birthday gift for Taro.”
“Ahh, that’s cool of you.” Taz said, “Wait, is Taro going with you?”
“Well, she is…. but we have plans for distracting her while the other two of us look for a gift for her…or gifts.” he said.
“OK, that’s a good plan to go with.” Taz said, “Well, I got to run.” As she’s now dressed and about to head on out. 

“Now…remember what I said. Do NOT rush things with Tamari!” she said.
“I got it.”
“You’re sure?’ Taz said, “You’re not just saying that to get rid of me, aren’t you?”
“I’m sure. I know this.” Nico said.
“Good…. oh, and one more thing.” she said before leaving. 

Taz then slapped him in the face.
“Again, that was for you-know-what and we never mention that ever again!” Taz said, “Well, I’ll see you later. Tell Jasmine I said ‘Hi'”. 



Carlos is cleaning up the living room while Uncle Cortez is doing another small-time gig outside town and Camilla is still in bed, sleeping.
“Man, I don’t know why Uncle Cortez got me cleaning today!” Carlos said, “It’s Saturday! I should either be either asleep or watching my Saturday Morning anime but no.….and yet my sister can’t get her ass up!” 

Speaking of her, Camilla comes out of her room with her room all frizzled and messed up. She sees Carlos straightened up any aspect of the room and first thing she does is plop to the couch.
“HEY!!” Carlos said.
“Yo.” Camilla said back. 

“Um, I just cleaned up here.” Carlos said, “I spent all morning cleaning up this place while you slept like it’s no one’s business!”
“OK….” Camilla said, “I’m not a morning person on weekends. I need my….13 hours of sleep.”
“13 Hours?! It’s 10:00 AM!” Carlos said, “The hell you been doing all night!?”
She gives him a pat on the shoulder. “Things you’re not old enough to understand, little brother.”
“We’re the exact same age.” Carlos said, “We’re fraternal twins, remember!?” 

“Well, look, I got busy last night.” Camilla said, “Maybe a lot of connections in this town, especially now that we got a hideaway to chill out after school along with our bunch of new friends.”
“Yeah, but I bet they have responsible chores to do on weekends as well.” Carlos said, putting a towel on her head. 

“OK, Mom!!” Camilla said, “You’re sure grumpy today.”
“I had to scrub both toilets!” Carlos said, “You’d be, too! That and maybe Uncle should change his diet.”
“You know what we should do today?” Camilla said.
“Not do chores all day?” Carlos answered. 

“Well, of course that…. but another thing…..” As Camilla pointed out on her phone a picture of what looks like to be a mall, The Germanotta Mall, to be precise. 


In the home of one Megumi Erina Ashikaga, she’s busy brushing her hair and getting ready for her day as well.
“Megumi!!!!!” The call was from her little brother.
“What!?” Megumi said.
“Angeli said do you have her hair brush?” the little brother said.
“Why didn’t she come in here and said it herself?” Megumi said, “Why she sends you for it?”
Then Angeli walks in her room.
“Because I’m not letting anyone see this!” Angeli said, pointing out her uneven split hairs. “Plus, Keno needs to do more for his older sisters anyway.” 

So, I’m your messenger boy?” Keno said.
“Yep!” Angeli said, “Now can you get us some OJ?”
“I’m not thirsty!” Megumi said, “But get yourself some if you are.”
“Good. Thank you.” As Keno went ahead to get him some juice. 

“So…’re going to your friend Nico’s again?” Angeli said.
“Not his place.” Megumi said, “Me and him got something planned for Taro’s birthday next week. We also got our new friend Tamari to help us.”
“Oooh, so Nico has another girl a part of his harem? Angeli said.
“HAREM!?” Megumi said, “OK, gross. We are not like that. All of us are just great friends and we’re just shopping for something for another great friend of ours.” 

“OK, whatever you say.” Angeli said, “It’s just that you’ve been friends with him for 7 years and he never had the urge of kissing you down?”
“STOP!!” Megumi said, “I need to continue on getting ready.”
“OK!” Angeli said, “…. are you going to get with him soon?”
Megumi cringed as she was continuing getting ready. 


Then at Tamari’s place, she is getting ready to meet Nico and Megumi at the mall.
“Tamari, you meeting some friends at the mall?” A shorter but younger-looking woman said to her.
“Yes, Mom.” And yes, that is her mom.
“Oooh, I see you put on that black and white sweater you like.” she said, “That’s usually when it’s for someone you really like.”
“Oh, we’re just shopping for a friend for their birthday coming up.” Tamari said, “I mean, it’s 2 girls and a guy and the boy is really cute.” 

“Ah.” Tamari’s Mom said, “So you must really like this boy?”
“Well….um….” She was blushing red.
“So, you do!” she said.



In comes Taro, in red shorts and a pink shirt with a red jacket, flying on a drone as she lands right at the mall as she sees Megumi in blue jeans, a teal cardigan with a T-shirt nearby.
“GUMI!” Taro lands and Megumi catches her.
“Ow.” Megumi said, “You know how to make an entrance.” 

Then here comes Tamari in a black skirt, the black and white sweater, and with some long black socks on her.
“Hey, guys!” Tamari shouted. 

“TAMARI! You made it!” Taro said, hugging her.
“Yeah!” Tamari said, “Would’ve been here earlier but Mom wanted to make sure I take pre-cautions in case some creep tries to get his way with me.”
“So, is that way you’re wearing shorts with your skirt?” As Megumi pointed it out. 

“Well, yes and the shorts made it cuter.” Tamari said, “Plus, no embarrassing breezes for some weird guys to get panty shots with.”
“Ah, nice.” Megumi said.
“So…. where’s Nico?” Taro said, “I thought he’d be here earlier.” 

Then we see a car pull over with some footwork music blaring, and as the passenger car door opens, we see Nico coming out of the car in slow motion.
As he puts on a pair of shades, wearing black and red track pants with a red shirt, all out with his signature afro and black jacket. 

“Um…. Nico?” Megumi said.
As he still in his own world, imagining how suave he looks but in reality……
“You can stop now.” Taro said, giggling.
“Huh?” he let out a confused grunt.
“Yeah, they’re on to you, son.” As MAK said, driving him. 

“Hey, Mr. K!”, the girls shouted.
“Hey, girls!!” MAK said, “Hope y’all have a good time today! Make sure this man here protects you girls from these weirdos out there! I’ll be back in 4 hours or so or whenever you’re done!”
“We’ll be safe, Mr. K!” Taro said, “After all, we got our Nico with us!”
“I’ll see you later, son!” MAK said, “Later, girls!”
He drives off. 


“Well, well, well…. I see you’re trying to look cool for us.” Tamari said, smiling. “I’m flattered.”
“No, he always dresses like this.” Megumi said, “I just think he hates dressing formal for anything.”
“I don’t like suit and tie shit.” Nico said, “I like to dress how I am…. just being mellow, that’s all.”
“Red is mellow?” Taro said. 

“OK, OK!” Nico said, “Anyway…… Taro….” As the rest was on to her now.
“You’re practically the last one of us to turn 16 and we, your dearest best friends right here, are taking you birthday shopping!!! TA-DA!!!” He does jazz hands, with his cracking voice. 

“Yeah, I told her earlier, Nico.” Megumi said, “Like before you and Tamari arrived.” 

His face is now going deflated.
“Well, thanks for spoiling the surprise without telling me.” Nico said. 

“Anyway,” Megumi said, “We got the whole mall to see what she wants and there’s so much to cover.”
Taro then takes a list out of her pocket and unfolded it into one large scrolling list.
“Well, there’s a few games I want, some music to get, a few movies and anime, some clothes and probably I’ll need a new bra or two.”
That word got Niko all in attention.
“Ooooh….. that got your attention, Niko?” Taro said, with a smug grin on her face. “Perhaps maybe I should ask to get a bigger size since I think my boobs have gotten bigger in the past few months. Maybe something lacy or probably pink. Don’t you think so, Niko?”
“Why are you teasing him like that?” Megumi said, disapprovingly.
“Do you like making him horny like that?” Tamari said, “Cuz I think you do.” 

“Oh, it’s harmless.” Taro said, “I know you said that you and Tamari got clothing shopping covered with me. Nico got anime and music with me, you with movies and Tamari with games as well.” 

“Simple as that.” Tamari said, “So….. who’s first?”
They see an anime store nearby here. 

“Well, time to flex my anime knowledge.” Nico said. 


So, Nico and Taro are browsing around the store, looking for anime that Taro would like and Nico helping her out.
“So…..this one looks interesting.” Taro points out a title and the cover is one girl with 5 guys carry her. “The Carry-Off Girl. It sounds like something about a lazy girl who has cute boys carrying her wherever she goes.”
“Well……it’s kinda that.” Nico said, “But the girl can’t walk because of some disease that I know nothing about.”
Hmmmm…. ” Taro said, “I wish some cute boys would carry me like a princess.”
“Uh….” Nico said, “You forget all the times you rode on my back!?” 


“WEEEE!!!” Taro yells in joy as she is being carried by Nico en route to the movies.
“Come on, Nico.” Megumi said, “We got about…. a few more minutes until we reach there. Besides, it’ll give you some muscle carrying Taro around and it’s sweet, too.”
“What about my back, tho!?” Nico shouted.
“Try to not slouch so much.” Megumi said, “That’ll work.” 

“Ride, cowboy! Ride!” Taro said, slapping his butt.
“Uh….look, you can ride me but don’t slap my ass like I’m some damn horse!” Nico said. 


“Oh yeah….” Taro said, “But this is different! There’s 5 guys and less of a chance I’ll slap your ass.”
“Well, you know you stream it if you want to watch before you buy.” Nico said, “At least that’s how I buy anime or that’s what Dad always tell me.”
“Cool. I’ll give it a watch.” she said. Then her attention is towards the one with the cover of a green-haired guy with glasses wielding dual blades.
“OOOHH!!! This one I know! This one I know!!” She excitedly yelled, “It’s the anime adaptation of Cypher Blades. That video game I ended up playing and finishing all weekend that one time.” 


“Uh….Taro……you good?” Nico said, as him and Megumi were watching Taro so focused on finishing the game.
“You need to walk it off for a minute or two?”
“ME PLAY!!” Taro said.
“That’s a no.” Megumi said. 

“Quiet, Cushion!” Taro said. 

“Cushion!?” Megumi screamed.
Nico wanted to laugh at why she’s called that but she noticed that.
“You laugh and I’ll slap you with this giant rib I found.” Megumi said.
“Giant R–” Then Megumi slapped him with that giant rib.
“Doing it out of love.” Megumi quiped.
“What love?” Nico said, “And why do I smell hickory-smoked?” 

“How the hell someone make a giant rib tho?” Nico said. 


While there, Megumi and Tamari are doing some talking of their own.
“You are quite the trio, aren’t ya?” Tamari said.
“I think it’s sweet of y’all with what you’re doing for Taro and her birthday.” Tamari said, “Especially with so many things y’all got covered with her.” 

“Yeah….” Megumi said, “It always been like this with the three of us. At first, when we were doing this 4 years ago, it wasn’t as easy as we were…. well, broke teenagers as opposed to being teenagers that got a bit of cash on them now. We started small as that’s what we afford but now that we got a bit of income, we can splurge or save up to get what we wanted.” 

“Ah.” Tamari said, “The joy of having your own cash without having to bug your parents for it. That’s the dream.” 

“Me, Taro and Nico’s relationship is like our own little family in a way.” Megumi said, “I’m the more responsible figure of the bunch, Taro’s the playful and silly one and Nico is the bodyguard/bruiser/protector/teddy bear.” 

“Wow….4 of those things.” Tamari said, “I mean, he is cuddly and soft and…..Errr, is that my phone?”
“Uh, no, it didn’t buzz.” Megumi said, “I see it in your palm.”
“OH!” Tamari said red in the face, “There it is. HELLO?” 



“So, your idea for today is…. playing a blind man and deaf girl!?” Carlos said, dressed up as a drunk hobo and Camilla pretending to be a violinist.
“Hey, it’s a gig that Uncle Cortez said that we made before.” Camilla said, “It must’ve work.”
“Yeah….for him and whatever women he was dating at the time.” Carlos said, “We look like two kids doing a con and–“
“Relax, little bro.” As she pulls up the disguises, “As soon as we’re done, we’ll get rid of these and we’ll have some pocket money for us.”
Carlos sighs.
“All right…. but this better not be a fiasco like that fiddler way back.” he said, “I still got nightmares about them.”
“For the last time, fiddles won’t come to life to beat you silly.” Camilla said. 


Next up, Tamari is helping Taro shopping for some games at CTRL SYSTEM.
“You’re also a fan of Jost Ice?” Tamari said, “I never knew anyone else in this city that liked that game.” 

“You kidding me?” she said, “I love this game! I never figured that I would be into a game about Arctic Crusaders battling it out with Icicle blades and the plot, which I….didn’t get at first.”
“My favorite character on there is Ivy!” Tamari said, “I really love her way of taking on those guys with nothing but a pick ax and a hairbow. Also, she’s got a cute outfit that I’d love to cosplay in someday!”
“Hmmm….I can see you cosplay in that.” Taro said, “I know it’s going to get some eyes on ya…. especially one boy interested in ya.”
“Huh?!” Tamari looks shocked.
“What?” Taro said, “I know you have a thing for Nico.”
She’s blushing red.

“Oh, don’t worry, I’m not going to blab it out for everybody.” she said.
Tamari let out a sigh of relief.
“Ahh, thank you.” Tamari said, “I know I said some things about me being into Nico and all. I mean, I think his sister heard it and that already got me awkward looks.”
“I think it’s all good you got a crush on Nico.” Taro said, “At least it’ll take off the notion that me or Megumi are dating him, not that it’s a bad thing because our Nico is a sweet, good boy but again, don’t want to complicate things.” 

“So…..why do you always mention intimate details about me to Nico?” Tamari said, “Or even Megumi’s intimate details about herself?”
“Oh, you mean the bra size thing?”
“YES, THAT!” Tamari said, “I don’t want to give Niko the wrong idea or any ideas like that in his head.”
“What wrong idea?” Taro said, “I’m sure you’re not giving him any weird vibes to him and even if he does have those thoughts, he knows better to not act like a perv to you.” 

“Well….you got a point.” Tamari said, “He does treat me well and talk to me like friends would.”
“Yeah….” Taro said, “You’re in the clear on that.” 


“So.….” Megumi said as she and Nico are looking around, “How are things with you and Tamari?”
“Hmmm….it’s all good between me and her. We talk a lot, before and after school. We chat a lot and share some things about our personal lives.” Nico said, “Why you as– Wait, you noticed the–?”
“I did.” Megumi said, “People love to talk, especially when it’s on you and her.”
Nico said, “What you’re saying is that now the attention is off you and Taro but on Tamari now? Great, now there’s going to be rumors on her now, probably saying all sorts of bad shit on her.” 

“It’s nothing too crucial.” Megumi said, “Besides, it’s always the same group of people that talk about the three of us and now it’s four.”
“You know one person said that you probably got naked for me several times, right?” Nico said.
“WHAT!?” Megumi said. However, she had to calm right down before making a scene. 

“See?” Nico said, “And now they might do it to Tamari and they know she likes me and I don’t want them to hound her for it. Besides, I hate the thought that the idea of girls liking me is too foreign for them. Like I’m incapable of having girls attracted to me.”
“That’s right!” Megumi said, “You got a lot of offer and Tamari saw that in you. Most girls would love a guy like you by their side.”
“YEAH!” Nico said.
“Plus, it’s mostly jealousy.” she said, “You got 3 girls hanging out with you and I’m betting most that talk of guys that can’t get attention from girls on their own! So, don’t worry about them! You keep on doing you and know that all 3 of us got your back and you got ours.” 



Outside of CTRL SYSTEM, there goes two guys casually just exploring the mall for a bit and then one of them spotted Megumi.
“Hey….yo, hey…. isn’t that girl we spot that one time?” Guy #1 said.
The 2nd guy came over to spot her.
“Yeah, that’s Megumi Ashikaga.” he said, “That girl we tried to rob once. Her and that weird-ass girl she hangs out with. What’s her face–Um…. TKO?”

“YEAH! Taro Hattori!” he said.
“Yeah, we see her right there and with some other girl.” As they also see Taro along with Tamari.
“And that girl looks like she got some T&A on her.” the 1st guy said.
“Let’s play them a visit, shall we?” As the 2nd guy is rushing in to get to them.
“Not yet!!” He stopped him in time. “You forgot who else is in there?”
He points at Nico. 

“OK, Nico Kiritsnagi….And?” 2nd guy said, “I can take on that guy easy! He ain’t shit!” 

“Dude, I don’t know.” 1st guy said.
“We’re following them! End of discussion!” he said. 


The guys are now tailing Nico and the girls to the next store they’re going to.
“OK, what’s next on the agenda?” Nico said.
“Clothing should be next.” Megumi said, “And the next store coming up is….”
It’s Lydia’s Lingerie.
“Oh……” Megumi said, “Well, this is more of a girl thing anyway, so Nico, you have to sit out on this one.”
“Ah, really?” Taro said, “I kinda want to see him get embarrassed and flustered over what I might choose. Could be something lacy or revealing. I mean, after all…. I am a growing girl after all. 

“Yeah, he’s staying out here.” Megumi and Tamari said in unison.
“Be back in a few!” Tamari said, “Don’t get too lost!” as the girls went right on in. 


Nico is now sitting on a bench, passing time wandering around the area.
Then he heard some violin playing in the background.
“Huh?” He wondered. He got up and went to see them…. which gives the 2 guys from earlier a smooth entry in the lingerie store. 

“Come all, help my deaf daughter get the help it needs!!” As Carlos dressed as an old man shouted as Camilla plays the violin on there.
“She needs all the help she can get!! Help a blind man out!!” As he screamed with much passion.
“Sir?” As Nico said.
“Yes, young m—” As Carlos instantly recognizes Nico. “Young man, what brings you at the mall?”
Camilla sees what’s going on and noticing Carlos sweating.
“Uh, Papa?” As Camilla in her fake frail girl voice said, “I see a stranger towards us. Does he have any money for us, Papa?”
“Oh, some money?” Nico said, “Sure.” He hands them a couple of dollars.
“That should be about 4 dollars.” he said, “That’s all the cash I got on me. At least paper money.”
“Oh, don’t worry, sonny.” Carlos said, “You’re doing a generous thing for us today.”
“Well, hope you do well the next visitor.” As Nico walks off.
“Oh, bless you, stranger!” Carlos shouted.
“Yes, bless you very much….” And as soon as Nico is out of the frame…… 

“Boy, I was going to punch your ass if this were to fail!” Camilla said. 

“I didn’t expect to run into Nico of all people!!!” Carlos said, “And worst of all, I felt bad for this shit! He thought he was giving some cash to some needy people.”
“Well, we are needy!” Camilla said, “Granted, it wasn’t in double digits but hey, it’s a value meal worth at least.” 

“Shit, more people are coming!” Carlos said.
“Get in formation!” Camilla said, “And don’t panic this time!!” 


Back at Lydia’s Lingerie, Taro is trying out different kinds of bras in the dressing room while having a chat with both Megumi and Tamari.
“Hey, um, Taro?” Tamari said.
“Yes, T-T?” Taro said.
“Oooh, T-T.” Tamari smiled a bit. “New nickname for me? Wa– Anyway, I do have some to ask you about.”
“OK, shoot.” she said.
“Well, by you I mean you and Megumi as well.”
“O….K…..” Megumi said, mostly being confused by this. 

“Do y’all have a crush on Nico?”  

At the mention of that question, Megumi has this wide-eyed “WTF” look on her and Taro came out of the dressing room and said, “Uh……”
“What made you ask us that?” Megumi said.
“Well….” Tamari said, “You have been friends for so long.…. you haven’t had any feelings for him?” 

“T-T, we’re just friends.” Megumi said, “I feel like we had this talk about this too many times before.”
“Yeah.” Taro said, “There’s been nothing among us aside from genuine friendship.”
“I know, I know….” Tamari said, “But I don’t want you to get the wrong impression of me if we do date. I like being friends with all of you and–“
“Tamari,” Megumi said, “We know you’re not going to use us like that. You have good intentions and like I said before, if you want to date him, you got our blessings for it.”
“Besides,” Taro said, “You seem like a girl we love for Niko to date.” She then comes out of the dressing room, wearing a teal bra. 

“So…..I’m working this?” Taro said, with a smirk. 

“It makes a good color on ya.” Megumi said.
“Looks pretty.” Tamari said. 

Ooohhh……” Then another person chime in, “I’ll say.”
It was a boy’s voice and Taro went back inside to cover herself.
“Oh no.….” Megumi said.
“What? WHAT?” Tamari asked her.
“I know that voice.” 

“Hey, Ashikaga…. you missed me?” It was one of the guys from earlier. 

“Jimmy Miznelli.” Megumi said.
Taro gasped. “No…..”
“In the flesh, baby. Hey, Adam, get in here!” Then the other brother Adam Miznelli comes in. 

“Who in the hell are you?” Tamari said.
“The Miznelli Brothers.” Megumi said, “AKA the other set of school bullies in here.”
Taro then carefully locks the door from inside.
“Haven’t seen you in a while, Megumi.” Jimmy said, “Then again, every time we see you, you always have that damn giant known as Niko around.”
“Maybe you shouldn’t leave him out of this.” Adam said, “I mean, he could at least see your goodies if you’re not letting them touch.” 

“And speaking of goodies….” As Jimmy is ogling towards Tamari, “You got a new member of his little harem.”
Tamari looked grossed out by his stares.
“I never thought I see younger high school girls with a body like that.” Jimmy said, “Don’t you agree, Adam?”
“I’ll say.” 

“Why are you here?” Megumi said.
“Well……” Adam said, “We just happened to be in the neighborhood or at least looking for something here and…..” He slowly went towards the dressing room door where Taro is in.
“It’s locked.” Taro said, “You’re not coming in!”
“Oh, little Takemi Ryo Hattori!” Jimmy said, “I didn’t know you were in here.” 

“It’s Taro and I believe Megumi asked you a question: WHY ARE YOU HERE!?” She shouted. 

“Again, we’re not looking for anything specific.” Adam said, “But….”
He got a magnet from his pocket, he stuck it at the door and unlocked the door from outside, opening the door as Taro was changing back to her regular clothes.
“AAH!” she screamed.
“You remember that day, Taro?” He said, “You and Megumi here wrecked our plans for extorting money for our building empire?”
“You mean you getting your goons to rob students?” Megumi said, “You deserve to get found out!” 

“And we were planning on robbing you two blind of everything you got!” Jimmy said, “…. And it would’ve work if it wasn’t for that damn Nico!”
“Nico?” Tamari said.
“He saved us that day.” Taro said, “……It’s actually how we met him for the first time.” 

“And every time we try to fight him, he always evades us!” Adam said, “He must either be that good or we must suck that hard!”
“It’s probably both.” Taro said.
“YOU SHUT UP!!” Jimmy said, “But you know what? Nico isn’t here now and now it’s time to you to get what y’all deserve. ADAM, GRAB THE BIG-TITTIED ONE!” 

Adam was slightly confused at who to grab. 

“Oh shit, that’s right.” Jimmy silently said.

Adam rushed in to get to her but Tamari blocked him out of the way.
“No, you don’t!” Tamari shouted.
Jimmy then slapped and grabbed her.
“FINE! We’ll get the newest one then!” Jimmy said, “I can tell you’re fond of ol’ Nico himself!” 

Megumi then knocked him down and kicked him in his leg.
“You can’t take us down like that.” Megumi said, “There is still three of us versus two of you!!” 

Taro then hurries up getting dressed and speeds on out of there with Megumi and Tamari. 

“You girls doing OK in there?” One of the salespeople said.
“We’re good.” Megumi said, “Kinda!!”
“We saw a peeper!” Taro said.
“WHAT!?” They said. 

“HURRY!! RUN!!” Tamari said.
They got outside and they see Nico coming back from wherever he was, eating a big cookie. 

“UM….Y’all good?” Nico said.
“Nico!” Taro said, “We got trouble!!”
“It’s the Menzelli Brothers!!” Megumi said.
“WHAT!?” Nico said, “How the fu– Were they spying on us?” 

“We think so.” Tamari said, “We knocked them out earlier but who knows? They might be looking for us now!” 

Nico then looks behind the girls and see that they are coming closer. 

“You’re right.” Nico said, “There they are now and they looked pissed.” 


They kept on running to see where they’re at.
“The hell are those girls!? I’m getting that damn Ashikaga!!” Jimmy shouted. 

“Y’all should disappear… fast!” Nico said, “I got something up my sleeve.” 


The brothers kept running to find them as they are now at one of the main department stores of the mall, BC-Knowles.
Nico is standing right in front of their faces.
“OH……so that’s their game, huh?” Jimmy said, “They got to sick their dog on us. We got this.” 

The duo and Nico faced each other in a sea of crowds of people. 

“Jimmy and Adam Miznelli.” Nico said, “I heard your business isn’t doing too good nowadays.” 

“Nico Barrett Kiritsnagi.” Jimmy said, “Heard you got a new girl in your little harem of yours.”
“You still talking about ‘y’all just friends’ or whatever bullshit you throw out there?” Adam said. 

“What the fuck do you want?” Nico said, sternly.
“Where……are……your girls?” Jimmy said. 

They were hiding out in three different places: Megumi is at the record store, DiamondDust Records; Taro is hiding out at the shoe store, GRIPZ; and Tamari is actually hiding out in the BC-Knowles part of the store. 

“Hell if I know.” Nico said.
“Don’t bullshit me!” Jimmy shouted.
“I’m not. They didn’t tell me. They got scared and run off in different places.” he said, “You got them terrified. Must’ve been something you did!” 

“We didn’t do shit!!” Adam said, “What, you going to believe them bitches over us?”
Now Nico got angry and we punched Adam square in his jaw. 

“First of all, I’m not going to believe some assholes to proceed to call my friends ‘bitches’ and if I did know, I wouldn’t tell you shit!!” Nico yelled, “I’ll never forget what you assholes did to them all those years ago!” 

“You can’t protect them forever!” Jimmy said, “I know you’re going to slip up and one of them…. especially that cute one in the black and white sweater….” He pulls him and whispers to his ear, “She’s going to have my dick in her mouth, whether she wants it or not.”
Nico then kicked him off and punches him down.
“I doubt she wants something so disappointing.” Nico said.
Adam then kicked him from behind. 

“Don’t get too cocky.” Adam said, “Or else, you’re going to find yourself in some shit….” As he flashes his gun to him.
“OH…” As Jimmy gets up, “And we will use it on them as well……” 

They got up and left the area. 



Nico’s phone ring and it was the Walkie app with calls from all 3 girls.
“Nico! NICO! Are you alright?” Taro shouted.
“Are they still looking for us!?” Megumi said.
“You scared them off, right?” Tamari asked. 

“They’re gone now.” Nico said, “But I got a feeling they got something else coming for us… and I think they mean business.”
“Business?” Tamari said.
He put it on video mode and did the finger gun gesture pointed to his head.
“Oh….” Taro said, “Deja vu…. those guys always want to do it the hard way and mainly want to harm me and Megumi.”
“And now with Tamari…” Nico added on.
“What?” Tamari said, “Is he going to plan something with–“
He DM’d her about what they said about and to her.
Tamari got a little pale after that revelation. 

“Tamari, I promise I’ll make sure they won’t harm you or any of you as a matter of fact.” Nico said, “I’m not letting them get away with this.” 

“Nico……” Megumi said, “I know you won’t take this standing down and neither am I. I’m not letting those assholes pick on me and any of us anymore! I’m sick of this!!!”
“Megumi….” Nico said, “I would say some shit like ‘Oh, don’t do this! Let me handle it!’ but I know how much this irritates you and it wouldn’t be fair to let you out of it. You know I’ll let you in there…. but this is different from Denzel Mackie and them. These boys got weapons…”
“We do, too.” Megumi said. 

“HUH!?” Nico, Taro and Tamari said in confusion. 

“Nico,” Megumi said, “You know you’re powerful than them. We know that you can take them on with your power.”
“Yeah….my power that if anyone finds out about it, all sorts of people will be on my ass.” Nico warned them, “Including my parents! Yeah, I know I use my powers sometimes to help us out of situations like this and—“
“We can make sure you never get found out!” Megumi said, “You always protect us throughout the years and we can do the same to you!  Plus, we seen you fight!”
“Yeah!” Taro said, “At least you never solely rely on your powers! Didn’t you always say that your dad and you always practice fighting?” 

“Yeah…” Nico said, “We always do some rounds and always taught me some moves.”
“Nico….” Tamari said, “I know I’m basically new to your world and you telling me about your power must’ve been hard to do because of the secrecy and all…. I believe that you can take those guys down and all without having to sacrifice it.”
“We got your back, Nico.” Megumi said.
“All of us do.” Taro said. 

“A’ight…..” Nico said, “Get ready for the master plan.” 




Meanwhile, Carlos and Camilla are still in their grandpa and blind girl get-up and so far, they are raking in the dough.
“OK, OK!!!” Carlos said, “We are doing damn good in this!!”
“See?” Camilla said, “Little bro, you just had to go with the flow and we got dough!! Hopefully enough to last us for the week.”
“We got about…. $190.” Carlos said, “Maybe $10 more, so it’ll even out.”
“Ahh, good thinking.” Camilla said, “Plus, a good split. 50/50/100.”
“We both get $50.” Camilla said. “We got to keep the $100 for emergencies.” 

Then someone else is coming.
“QUICK!! Get into formation!” Camilla shouted.

She plays the violin and they see a familiar face coming towards them and it was…..
“Is that….”
It was Ari.
“SHUSH!” Camila said, “Play along!” 

Ari looks at the sight of them being the deaf daughter and the blind old man.
“My daughter, can you see who’s near us now?” Carlos said. 

“Ah…. you’re blind and she’s deaf……” Ari said, “That’s very disheartening.” She gets out her wallet and she got a 10 spot.
Carlos sees her getting the money out while trying to not let her notice the eye movement. 

“Thank…….you……..stranger.” As Camilla feign her voice to her.
“No problem………” Ari said, “……Carlos and Camilla.” 

She founded out and both got this shocked expression in their faces.
“OH SHIT!!!” 


10 minutes later 

“How the hell you found out!?” Camilla said, “Dammit, Carlos! Your acting wasn’t as conv–“
“It was both of you.” Ari said, “You know that blind people’ iris are usually whiter and wearing sunglasses isn’t that convincing and as for Camilla….your deaf voice kinda sounds insulting to actual deaf people.” 

“She’s good….” Camilla said. 

“You scam on people in malls during the weekends?” Ari said. She glances over the pot meant for cash.
“How much did you earn anyway?” 

“Oh, just about–” Carlos was about to say something but Camilla stopped him in time.
“Just 100.” she said, “That’s all.”
“$100?” Ari said. 

“Look,” Camilla said, “We aren’t exactly in our financial haven right now. We do this because of stuff like rent, bills and trying to eat for another day or week or so.”
“Yeah, we’re broke as hell.” Carlos said.
“Not all of us got a good home with loving parents that got well-off jobs and all.”   


“Look, I’m not going to rat you out if that’s what you’re thinking.” Ari said.
OH, THANK GOD!” Carlos shouted, “I can’t handle another cop chase…. again.” 

“But you want something in return, don’t you?” Camilla said, “Some of our dough, I guess?”
“No…..” Ari said.
“A gift, a meal, me to strip for you….”
“What the hell, Camilla?” Ari said, “Look, I’m not into that extortion shit. I just don’t want anything to happen to your two if you get caught. Also, why are you offering that last option?” 

“Well….you want to strip down for me?” Camilla said, “See what your mommas gave ya?”
Ari got a disgusted look from her and then slaps…. Carlos.
“OW!!” Carlos said, “What I do!?”
“OOPS!!!” Ari said, “Usually it’s the guy who says shit like that. Also, really!?” 

“Look, we’re going to see a movie soon.” Camilla said, “You’re invited to come with us if you want. I’ll pay for all of us and by I, I also mean me and Carlos.” 

“Well….I got nothing else to do.” Ari said, “Would be nice to do something here for a change. Heh, what the hell, sure…. but if you ever…..ever…. say that again.”
“I got ya.” Camilla said. 



“Where are those damn girls at!?” As Jimmy shouted with him and Adam searching at the BC-Knowles, which Tamari is hiding in.
She immediately sees them and quietly got out of their sight range. 

“I know I saw one of them in here.” Adam said, “I know it!” 

She blends in with the crowd of people exiting the department store. She sees Nico to her right and runs to him in an instant.
“Oh, Nico!” Tamari said, “Good thing we’re here! They were in there, looking for me.”
“You saw the others?” he said.
“I’m RIGHT HERE!!” As Taro screamed out loud as GRIPZ is next to them and then Megumi messaged him and said, “Fine Line Cinemas”
“We’ll go there for now!” Nico said. 


They quickly arrived to Fine Line Cinemas and got to Megumi.
“Any minute now, those guys are coming for us!” Taro said, “You still got a plan for fight them or something?”
“Just about.” he said, “Y’all can hide there and–“
“Um, I’m not hiding anywhere.” Megumi said, “I’m fighting with you on this. I’m not letting those douches get away with this.”
“Uh….can we hide in there, tho?” Taro asked.
“We’re not exactly fighters.” Tamari said, “Not to mention one of them wants to do awful things with me!! Maybe seeing a movie would calm me down.” 

But it was too late.
Jimmy threw a punch at Nico but Megumi sucker-punched him in the throat.
“You little punk-ass!” Nico then stomped him in the leg.
But then, Jimmy flipped back and punched Nico again.
“ADAM! Get them other girls!!” Jimmy said.
“Uh……” Taro and Tamari ran as soon as they arrived and hid in one of the movie theaters. “I don’t see them.”
“AH! DAMMIT!” Jimmy said.
“You’re stuck with us now.” Megumi said, “You’re not getting to our friends!”
“And you are really getting fucked up by us.” Nico said. 

“HEY!! Y’all got tickets!!?” One of the ushers said.
“Oh no…..” Taro said, “I don’t have any–“
Then Tamari got some tickets ready.
“Here you go.” she said.
“Ah. Theater 5. To your left.”  


“Um….Tamari…. how did you—“
“I got them pretty quick.” she said, “Quick, we need to hide.”
“GET WAY IN THE BACK!” Taro quietly shouted.
“Hey, shut the fuck up!” A guy shouted in the front.
“Sorry!” Tamari yelled. 

Then someone spotted the two going to a seat.
“Wait….Tamari? Taro?” It was Ari along with Carlos and Camilla.
“Y’all want some nachos?” Camilla said, “I’m paying….” 


“ADAM!! Hold the bitch!” Jimmy said, “Nico is all mine!”
Jimmy jumped head-first towards Nico and pin him on the floor.
Adam restrains Megumi by holding her arms back.
She kicks him from behind, stunning his knees. 

Nico sweeps his leg, head-butting him off and proceeds to charge and attack back by punching his side and tripping him down.
He then jumped up and body-slammed him. 

Megumi tries to help out Nico, yet Adam pulls her back and slapped her down. He then picks her back up, grabbing her by the neck and chokes her.
Nico tries to help her. Jimmy then kicks him down and stomps on his stomach as well.

“Don’t think your friends are getting away from us.” Jimmy said, “They can’t hide in there forever!!!”
He really has his feet down hard on Nico.
“NICO!!!” Megumi shouted.
“Shut up!!” Adam said, “We’re going extra hard on you next!” 

Nico then got something in his pocket.
Adam got distracted. Megumi then kicked him square in his jaw.
“WHAT THE F–” Nico throws some dirt on his face.
“AAHH!! CAN’T SEE!!” Jimmy now can’t see and Nico grabbed a brick and smack it against his head. 


“He’s down! RUN!” Megumi shouted.
Her and Nico ran into the movie theater before they can get them. 

They got inside the movie theater and bought a ticket to whatever movie Tamari and Taro were hiding in.
“OK… I think we’re good now.” Megumi said.
“Yeah.” Nico said, “We also kicked their asses, huh?”
“That and vice versa.” Megumi said, “We almost got killed for that. He was about to STOMP you silly.”
“He wouldn’t last.” Nico said, “I would’ve had him.”
“Nico, we’re lucky we got out of there alive.” Megumi said, “You literally got your ass kicked!” 

“NICO! MEGUMI!!” As someone shouted silently and behold, Taro and Tamari spotted them.
“Up here!” Tamari said. 

“You guys made it!” Taro whispered.
“You guys OK?” Tamari asked.
“Yeah, yeah, we’re good.” Nico said, “We got them boys good.”
“But they got us good as well.” Megumi said, “He easily overpowered you and yet you’re the one with the Hybrid powers!!”
“SSHH!!!” Nico said, “Dammit, don’t blab that shit out to everybody!”
“They can’t hear us.” Megumi said, “It’s fine.” 

“But they are trying to hear the movie.” Ari said, “Also, hey Nico and Megumi.”
“The f–” Nico said, “When y’all–“
“They ran into us.” Tamari said, “And offer us treats so yeah…” As Taro took a fistful of popcorn and ate it. 

“You want something, guys?” Camilla said, “I’m buying…. but don’t go overboard, tho.”
“I’ll take some Gummi Worms, please.” Megumi said.
“Nachos….with them jalapenos.” Nico said. 


50 minutes later 

“The Miznelli Brothers?!” Ari said, “They were after y’all?”
“Miznelli Brothers?” Camilla got curious. “OOOH! Who are they?” 

“These two assholes whose known for ripping off students and stealing cash for themselves.” Megumi said, “They have been doing it since they were at high school and now that they’ve been kicked out, they still do that shit!”
“And they still have it out for us.” Taro said, “And probably with Tamari, too, by association.” 

“So in other words….do they have it out for us?” Carlos asked. 

“Uh…. they don’t know you.” Nico said, “Yet.”
“Yet!?” Carlos said. 

“Oh, don’t worry about a thing.” Camilla said, “If they cross with us, they don’t want mess with me….”
“Did we mention those dudes are often packing heat?” Ari said, “As in, they’re liable to shoot you down? In fact,…. wait, they haven’t shot you down yet…..We should be worried.” 

“Why is that?” Tamari asked. 

“THERE THEY ARE!!!!” As Adam and Jimmy spotted them rushing in the theaters.
“That’s why!!” Ari said.
“SCATTER!!” Nico shouted. 

The 7 split up out of the theater and ran for cover.
“Oh, shit!!” Adam said.
“Who we get!?” Jimmy shouted.
“WHO DO YOU THINK, FUCKER!? The black guy with the three Asian girls with him!!” 


Nico and the girls are running out of the mall and got into the parking lot.
“We lost them?” Megumi said.
Then all of a sudden….
*multiple gunshots* 

“AAH!!” Tamari said.
“That answers your question?” Nico said.
“RUN!!” Taro screamed. 

“Stick together!!” The quartet quickly ran to a vacant space and then with no one else in sight, Nico activated his Hybrid power and he…. 

“What the–” They disappeared.
“HOW!?” Jimmy said, “He can’t be that quick!”
“Damn that Nico and his harem!!” Adam screamed. 


Soon, they were transported back to…… 

“OK……where the hell are we?” As Nico wondered as him, Megumi, Taro and Tamari are all piled up somewhere.
“Ow….” Megumi said, “Nico, get your ass off me! And I mean that literally! I’m not your armchair!” 

“Uh, Nico, what did you do?” Taro said, “Good thing it worked.”
“Yeah….Um, Nico?” Tamari said, as both of them are in uncompromising awkward positions, i.e. her chest is near his face.
Both of their faces turned red.
“So, you’re caught between a pillow and a soft place.” Taro said, “Although Tamari feels heavenly soft.” 

“Um….ah….” As Nico got nervous and frantic as hell. “Yeah, I really don’t know how we got here or at least me transporting us to this….”
We zoom out and it was an abandoned building in an empty lot with no one here. 

“I hope it’s not out of town.” Taro said.
“I know.” Megumi said, “Our parents would freak if you got us over here.”
“At least we’re safe for now.” Nico said, “I just need to find a good phone signal and call up some help.”
“Call up some help.” Then as Nico got over the other side of the wall, he got behind it and sees….

“Nico!?” It was Jasmine and Taz.

“What the hell?” Taz said, “Nico, what are you doing here? Jasmine, what the hell is going on? We’re suddenly in wherever we are and I don’t even know how.”
Then the rest of the girls showed up. “Hey, more people are here!” Taro shouted.
“Nico’s harem is here, too?!” Taz said.
“HEY!!” Tamari yelled. “Again, that’s just gross. We can’t be ‘Nico and his friends’?”
“I didn’t know this was such a popular spot to be!” Megumi said, “The……MIDDLE OF WHO KNOWS THE HELL WHERE!!!” She screams and the last part echoes throughout.
“So.….where are we exactly?” Tamari asked. 

Nico got out his phone to seek where he is but the phone isn’t getting a signal.
“Don’t bother.” Jasmine said, “We try running around to get a signal and nothing.”

However, Taz still needed some answers. “HEY!! This still doesn’t answer anything! Jas, how did we get here in the first place? Last thing I remember is us falling somewhere and now…. we’re at this place?” 

Taz, I…..”
“Jasmine.” Taz said, “We’re best friends. If you have something to tell me, you can spill it out. I will understand…. or try to.” 

“Jas….. just tell her.”
“Tell me what!?” Taz shouted. 

“OK! OK!” Jasmine said, “I’ll tell her. Taz……”
She holds Taz’s hand.
“Uh, what are you…”
She transported her from the ground to the roof of the building.
“What the?” She shouted. 

“HI!!!” Taro gleefully shouted from below.
“How’s the weather up there?” Nico said.
“Be careful!” Tamari shouted.
“Do a flip!” Megumi screamed. 

“Taz……me and Nico…….we’re Hybrids.” 




2020 Ctrl/Alt/Del / Katana+ / AFNG Productions. 


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