AURA FACTION: Through the Non-Canon Glass / NONCANON#3 – TELL Me about YOURSELF (aka PILLOW Talk)

THE FOLLOWING STORY YOU ARE ABOUT TO READ IS [slightly] NON-CANON. (i.e. JUST FOR SHITS AND GIGGLES). Oh and as usual…. The following written material that you’re about to read may contain acts of graphic language and sexual content. This is meant only for MATURE AUDIENCES. Reader Discretion is advised.

One night in their apartment, the newly formed couple Sheena and Joanna were spending the night naked in each other’s arms in their bed.

“Hey…..” Joanna said.
“Hmmm.” Sheena responded.
“You know……we’ve been dating for some weeks now.” Joanna said, “And even when you got out, we definitely had a lot of sex here and…..we both know we are loving it anyway but….I feel like I never knew too much of you.”
“I want us to get to know more about each other.” Joanna said. “See how our past lives were before we met.”
“Oh……” Sheena said in a worried voice.

“Oh……?” Joanna said, “What’s wrong with that?”
“Oh, it’s….nothing.” Sheena said, “It’s just that…….looking back at my past doesn’t paint a good picture to me.”
“Isn’t that almost any past to a person?” Joanna asked. “I’m sure it’s not as bad as you think it is.”

“I don’t know….” Sheena said, “It’s just as…..I think about it and I really dislike myself then.”
“We all had that moment.” Joanna said, “And don’t worry, it’s me you’re with. I won’t look at you a different way…..”

“Well……..Alright.” Sheena said. “Hopefully this won’t be a long tale so I’ll keep it short.”
“OK.” Joanna said.

“I’m not originally from the Society. I hail from SouthEast Lynx over the next town over.” Joanna said, “I got 3 siblings. One older brother, one younger brother and a little sister. I’m the middle (and the trouble) child.”

“Trouble child?” Joanna asked.
“Yep.” Sheena said, “I was known for getting my family into a lot of shit…..even though I didn’t know better back then?”
“Like?” Joanna said.

12 years ago

“HELP! HELP! HELP!” One guy shouted as he’s on fire. “Someone put lighter fluid in my cup of water!!”
“WHAT THE FUCK!?” And that was Sheena’s dad saying that. “What happened to Avillo? And why is he on fire?”
He then spies Sheena trying to look natural but he knew she got something to do with it.
“Freeze!” He said, “Sheena Ari Pleiades! What did you do?”
“Uhhh…….” She blushed and tries not to laugh. “Well, he tried to eat my Legos…..I can’t even build with them anymore.”
“So you put lighter fluid in his cup?”
“But he was drinking something that smelled like lighter fluid.”
“IT WAS VODKA!” Avillo said. “Good vodka until you ruined it!!”

“I gotta ask….why lighter fluid?” Joanna said.
“I didn’t know what I was thinking.” Sheena said, “…..Except I’ll never complete that Lego building of the Taj Mahal because someone bit my damn LEGO!!!”

“So you were basically the troublemaker of the family?” Joanna asked.
“Sorta…..” she said, “I mean, my dad labeled me that numerous times but my mom was a bit softer on me sometimes……keyword being sometimes.
“In other words……”
“I got the belt.” Sheena said, “……And it hurt like a bitch and not the good kind.”

Cue to younger Sheena getting the belt and crying ensues.
“You better not do that again!” Her dad said as she left with tears on her face, trying not to cry.

“Damn, that was a bit harsh.” Her mom said.
“I know, I know.” He said, “But the girl needs to learn that shit isn’t going to be tolerated with anyone. We’re her family….but her doing that to other people……they won’t go easy on her like we do.”
“Yeesh.” The mom said, “I get it. I just hope once she starts high school, this doesn’t continue.”
“Hopefully there won’t be any lighter fluid at school.”

“You didn’t actually set anyone on fire at school, did you?” Joanna asked.
“Uh…NO!” Sheena said, “I’m not a pyromaniac, Joanna…..However….”
She snapped the back on Joanna’s bra.
“OW!!!!” She yelled. “What the hell, Sheena?”
“I did that whenever some of the high school girls were fucking with me back then.” She said, “And man, I got into some shit back then.”

Cue to a bunch of girls yelling and hollering “FIGHT!!” as Sheena and this other girl were about to brawl it out in the locker room.
“Like I said, you hit me again and I’ll smash your ass in every locker in here!” Sheena yelled.
“I like to see you try!” The other girl shouted as she got her posse backing her up.
“Oh, so if I can’t beat you, I’ll just have to smack your bitches.” Sheena said. “Well, in that case…..” Sheena went left, threw some old, stank clothes at them and directly punches the girl in the face.

“LADIES! LADIES! WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE!?” The coach barged in there and see Sheena on top, about to punch her some more.
“PLEIADES!!” She screams. “What are you doing to that girl?!”
“Oh……..oh…….oh.” She knew she was going to be in trouble.

“That shit happened 10 times over the next few years in high school.” Sheena said, “Around that time, I was starting to develop in some areas and I got a few admirers from a lot of guys…..and girls.”
“Ooohhhh…” Joanna coyly said. “I sense a lot of experimenting even before ‘ol me got to you.” As she holds her.
“Yep.” Sheena said, “Although a lot of people tried to picture me naked a lot……I don’t blame them but seeing someone at your window, trying to sneak a peek and camera flashes were still a thing before camera phones happen……yeah, my dad had to build a wall to keep them from peeping although it still happened.”

“Yikes.” Joanna said, “Sounds like hell to go through.”
“I still remember the phone calls of guys and girls asking for me.” Sheena said, “Although that one girl was shy and cute. Her name was either Stefani or Stephanie, she had blonde hair, experimental in a lot of things and can play the piano like it’s nobody’s business……I think she goes by another name nowadays or something.”

“Yeah…….that is an odd consequence.” Joanna said.

“Hmmmm……so since you asked me some things about myself,” Sheena said leading to somewhere, “… about you?”
“Oh….me?!” Joanna seems surprised, “You want to know about me a bit?”
“Sure.” Sheena said, “I like to know more about my Faction agent girlfriend and I figured it would be fair.”

“Alright then.” Joanna said, “Well…….you know that I’m…….well…..a bit….”
“Curvy?” Sheena asked. “Built? Big-boned?”
“FAT!” Joanna screams it out, “I was a fat kid before!”
Sheena went wide-eyed and frightened. “OK…….I guess you had a bad childhood when it comes to that.”

“Yup.” Joanna said, “From my mom to most of my cousins……they love to point that out a lot and with every day, it gets old and annoying.”
“Was it worse in school?” Sheena asked.
“Not really.” Joanna said, “I tried to be invisible in there as possible. I’m not used to being around a lot of people and I was a very shy little girl back then…..and there is still some of that today.”


A 14-year-old Joanna was sitting in class by the window, spaced out as always while a couple of students were chatting and gabbing about whatever and they went to approach her.
“Yo.” One of them said, “Are you that girl that never say much?”
Joanna shook her head.
“Hey, um, can you actually speak or say anything?” the other one asked.
She also shook her head, meaning ‘yes’.
“So what do you want?” She said to them.
“OH DAMN!” They said, “You can talk.”
“Yes…..” Joanna said, “I can talk now and then.”
“Your voice does sound nice.” The other one said.
“Well, thank you.” Joanna said nicely. “So….what’s the question you wanted to ask?”
“Do you have a watch?” Student #1 asked.
Joanna still had that unimpressive look on her face. “Oh…’s 4 minutes until the bell.”
“Ah!! See? Told your ass!!” Student #2 said, “Hey, thanks……….your name?”
“Joanna.” She said, “That’s my name.”
“OK then….Joanna.”

The bell rings and Joanna already got her books packed for the next class and she accidentally ran into another student.
“HEY! Watch where you going, you big bitch!” He shoves her to an open locker.
“OW!” Joanna said. “That hurt.”
“Hey, man!” One guy shouted, “That girl didn’t do shit to you!”
“Watch it before I fuck you up, too!” he screamed.
And that didn’t help as that guy smacked him with one of his books and it all turned into a brawl. One that Joanna went and disappeared on to the next class.

“OK…..that was weird.” Sheena said.
“Very.” Joanna said, “I’m just glad that guy got suspended then. Although……I could’ve help him out a bit and yet he was kicked out instead.”
“Wait, the guy defending you got kicked out?” Sheena questioned. “WHY!? That other guy started the shit!!”
“I was puzzled at that, too.” Joanna said, “I actually asked him before he left.”

“HEY! WAIT!!” Joanna was running up to them. “I heard you were getting kicked out of school!”

“Welp…’s true.” He said, “I knew eventually they don’t want to put up with my ass anymore.”
“But you didn’t do anything wrong.” She said.
“I beat up a guy for hurting you.” He said, “That’s quite a stir no matter what side you’re on. That and my record is spottier than a Dalmatian.”
“That’s not fair.” Joanna said, “Now I wish I didn’t bump into that guy.”
“Relax, kid.” He said, “It’s not your fault I’m in this shit. It was bound to happen.”
“But I still feel guilty.” Joanna said.
“Look, maybe in the future we might meet again….in fact, my name is Tyrell Ortiz.” He shook her hand.
“My name is….Joanna Yubari.” She said to him, “Well, Joanna Estelle Yubari.”
“That is a pretty name you have.” He said.
“Thank you.” She smiled a bit, “That’s the nicest thing I heard people say about me.”
“OK then.” Tyrell then handed her something on a piece of paper and it was a phone number. “I hope to talk to you again, Joanna.”
She smiled at him. “Sure…Tyrell.” She even blushed at him.

“Awwww.” Sheena cutely said, “You had a first friend….and a little crush on him!”
Joanna laughed a bit. “I did not. I thought the guy was sweet defending my honor. But yeah, since then, Tyrell and I have been hanging out after school almost every day and on the weekend. He’s the only friend that I constantly talk to about anything.”
“So like a confidante?” Sheena asked.
“Yeah! Like that.” Joanna said, “We listen to each other, talk to each other and even….”
“Wait, you mean you two–”
“OK, not that!!” Joanna wanted to clear out. “It was more of a….mutual helping out thing.”
“So basically…..” Sheena said, “Both of you jerked off each other?”
“Fine.” Joanna said, “We touch each other a lot…..and like you, he likes to gently rub and suck on my boobs….a lot.”
“Oohh….” Sheena said, “He seems like a fun guy. Maybe you should call him sometime and–” Joanna stood silent as she remembers why she hasn’t talked about him.
“What?” Sheena said, “Don’t you and him…….” Then she teared up about it.

“Oh……….the end of it was bad. Am I wrong?” Sheena asked.
“It was bad….” Joanna said, “Except it didn’t end because of betrayal……he was killed one day.”

“Killed?” Sheena sounded surprise and in shock. “What happened?”
“Well……he was picking up some things for his grandmother. He was about to check out of there until….a guy came in with a mask and a shotgun. He was aiming at a lot of people although he didn’t killed anyone… least not yet. Tyrell reached for a knife, hoping he would try and attack the guy from behind and–“
“You mean….” Sheena said.
“One of the cops came in here, looked at Tyrell with the gun, assume that he was the shooter and…..Tyrell was shot….right there…..with everyone watching the cop taking out the wrong guy and because of that, he killed 4 people and got away with the money.”

“I got the news from his older sister.” Joanna said, “At the time, I was making this cake for him just cause… that cake was used in his funeral.”

Joanna ran into her room to her bed after hearing the devastating news as she sobs and cries into her pillow over Tyrell’s death.

“In other words, my only friend is dead…” Joanna yelled, “Because one stupid fuck thought he was some dangerous guy….”
“Wow……” Sheena said.
“Sheena….I swore when I became a Faction agent that I never wrongly execute or judge anyone. I don’t want to be the stereotype of a trigger-happy authority figure…..nor do I want anyone to see me in that light.”

“Joanna……I don’t think you have to worry about me thinking you like that.” Sheena said, “If anything out the two of us, you seem like the more mature one than me. Hell, at least the friend you had treated you well.”
“Hmmmm?” Joanna asked.
“You remember the time I told you about my ex that tried to attack me at the Express but MAK and Kai took care of him?” Sheena reminded her.
“Oh yeah…..” Joanna said.
“I reminded myself that day I never want to mess with anyone who treats me like dogshit or fucking around behind my back.” Sheena said, “And that wasn’t just in a soulmate. That’s for a friend, for family, for the people that always have my back……”

“And thankfully, you did.” Joanna said, “You have me, MAK, Kai, Kati and Yuan at the Express, Tomoki, Cassie, The Darksiders, most of the Faction including Gina…….Right now, you’re in more great company than ever.”

“Thank you.” Sheena hugged Joanna, “And I assure you again… have been a great Faction agent that people can feel respected and not feared. They need someone like you nowadays and…..well, I need you for that, too.” Then Sheena gave Joanna a long, wet and sloppy kiss.

“I love you, Joanna Estelle Yubari.” Sheena said.
“And I love you, too, Sheena Ari Pleiades.” Joanna replied and the two hold each other and made love for the rest of the night.

© 2017 KATANAPlus+ / The Faction Project. All Rights Reserved.

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