WARNING: The following written material that you’re about to read may contain acts of violence, graphic language, and sexual content. This is meant only for MATURE AUDIENCES. Reader Discretion is advised.

PREVIOUSLY (or here’s the tl;dr version) ON: AFaction

The Wolf Clan Genesis arrived in the Society to get deport Cassandra Lyles back to their society. No one in the Faction stands for that, especially Tomoki but unfortunately it was inevitable that Cassie had to go back. However, she ran away from the society to hide out from them, thanks to the help of MAK and Kai and is now on the run.

“ATTENTION, CITIZENS OF THE HYBRID SOCIETY!!” Mayor Letchin announced in his office live on TV. “We’ve heard of your local search of the missing Wolf Hybrid woman. Cassandra Jasmine Lyles. Age 26. Race African-American, about 5’6, weighing in at—“

“Holy fuck!!” Kati said watching the news. “Yuan, you hear this? Cassie’s missing!!”
“Wait, what?” Yuan tune into the news and see the topic on Cassie’s disappearance.

“We’ve talked to the leader of the Wolf Clan GENESIS, Masato Orenji and senior leader Master Takamura about finding the girl and this is what they have to say.”
Letchin gave them the mic and Takamura spoke. “If anyone in this city knows about where Cassandra has gone, please inform us immediately of her spotting and we will gave you a small reward.” Then Masato took over the last segment and said, “And if any of you are harboring her for safekeeping, you will be charged with aiding and abetting a fugitive and we won’t rest until she is found and that is why we are consulting with Hybrid X and his assistant Miki Maeda to find her.”

“Oh, great. This douche and his ghost bitch is gonna ‘lead’ the investigation.” Kati said in a smug fashion. “For Cassie’s sake, I hope they don’t find her. At least she’ll be far away from the likes of her.”
“I can tell that Tomoki is getting really worried about this.” Yuan said, “No one seen her for almost 2 days now.”
“Yeah. That and the time Cassie went missing, MAK and Kai went on their trip for a few weeks.” Kati said, “I don’t know why but I find that oddly strange, but I’m sure it’s just a consequence or something.”
“You don’t think…”, Yuan said, “No, that’s too far-fetched.”



“HA!!!” Cassie shouted as she and Kai were playing ‘Rock Crash’ in the living room. “FINALLY! I beat you in this damn game!! I got you in my clutches, Barrett!!”
“….Yeah….and that was one of the 14 times I beat you in this game.” Kai said.
“Doesn’t matter!! I kicked your ass!!” Cassie shouted, danced and hollered in excitement. “Well……you want to play again?” Kai said.
“Sure.” She said.
“You player 1 or 2?”
“Hmmm….I’ll go with 2 this time.” Kai said.

AuraFaction Story 9 alt

It’s been about a day since the manhunt for Cassie began and she along with Tomoki, MAK and Kai were hiding out in an uncharted home at the outskirts of town, where no one even bothers to make their travel to. As Cassie and Kai play their video games, Tomoki was busy sleeping alongside them and MAK was checking up on news coverage about the manhunt. “It looks like the manhunt is on more than just local news. It’s appearing on all the major cable news networks and surprisingly the cartoon channel for some reason.”

“Did they say who’s leading the manhunt?” Kai asked. “Guess?” MAK asked. “Hybrid X and Miki?” Kai said. “Bingo.” MAK said. “But I’m not really worried about them. There’s no way those fools can look over here. Nobody else is here for miles!!! We can do whatever the hell we want, although we should play some things safe.”

“Like what?” Kai said. “I mean, I created an alternative online username for Cassie and I so that way, no one can suspect her playing any games while she’s missing.” “Oh….like that.” MAK said. “Smart move, Kai. I approve.”

“So for emails, Wi-Fi, and any sites some of us regularly go…..” Tomoki said, “We shouldn’t be on there since they might suspect some things?”

“That, too.” MAK said, “OK, the point is our real identities should be off the grid. We make fake ones with fake names and as long as we don’t reveal everything about ourselves, we’re clear and like I said, we can pretty much do whatever the fuck we want!! And no one is going to find out about it!!! THIS… our utopia!”

“OK, MAK…..Our utopia.” Tomoki said, “I have a question for you? Does that utopia have any food so we won’t starve?”

“We should.” Kai said, “I brought enough food to last us. Although stealing that orange chicken was a no-go because of the crazy Hirano sister and I can make food runs with enough money in my stash.”

“So we’re all good then?” Cassie said. “If so, then…..I’m gonna continue to play the game and maybe beat your girlfriend’s score.” She hurries back to play the game. “Not if I beat yours first!” Kai said in retort.

“OK, if you need me, I’ll be outside setting up a few things in surveillance and security.” Tomoki said. “And I’ll be…..making me lunch or something.” MAK said.


The manhunt begins in the society as Hybrid X, Miki, and the Wolf Clan have been going all over the city, trying to get info on Cassie and her whereabouts. They first went to the Darksiders for info.

“First all, why in the fuck you barge in our place like you own the damn building?” Nanashi said, “Secondly, I know who are you here for and no, we don’t know anything about where Cassie is.”

“Well, you seem hostile towards us today.” Marble said, “How do I know you’re not lying to us?”

“……..Motherfucker.” Nanashi said, “I haven’t seen her since we said our goodbyes to her and the last time I saw her, she was in tears because she had to leave all her friends and family and yes, I said family as in all of her peoples here. Hell, if I did knew where she was, I wouldn’t tell you a damn thing.”

“So you would actually lie to us even if you did know anything?” Miki said.

“Um….YEP, Captain Obvious!” Nanashi said. “But be lucky I’m not lying right now.” Then Lex and Aka just showed up at the door. “Who in the hell are you people?”
“Don’t worry, Lex, I’m just about to kick their asses out.” Nanashi said. “Oh……” Aka said, “You’re asking about Cassie, aren’t you?” And after that question, Aka immediately fights most of them and then kicks them out and as she was having a hard time getting Marble out, Nanashi helped and threw a shoe at him. “OW!!!”
“And get the fuck out!!” Aka said as they slammed the door. “You assholes!!”

“I guess it seems that her assortment of friends don’t like us too well.” Hybrid X said. “You think?” Miki said, “Just before they left, MAK’s chick put some crack in my pocket and a crackhead try to beat me for it. Not to mention that barmaid friend and boyfriend of theirs.”

“So basically, all of their friends are going to throw us out and constantly beat our asses because we threatened to deport their friend?” Marble said. “Talk about overly sensitive.”

“Doesn’t matter.” Hybrid X said, “We search for answers everywhere and no one’s budging. I don’t know if they’re hiding something or they really are telling the truth.” Masato then tried to get back in the Darksiders’ building with a sledgehammer but then Magnum opened the door, snatched the sledgehammer and then threw it on one of their cars.

“Good thing that wasn’t my car.” Hybrid X said.

Then they went over to the Turner Express and ask most of the people in there.
From Joel: “Haven’t seen them.”
Shade: “Hell if I know. Haven’t heard from them since 2 days ago.”
Mango: “They told me to say to you ‘go fuck yourself’.
Yuan: “Look, what the others have told you are true. They haven’t seen them at all. We’re wasting your time asking any of us and most of them….already don’t like you. They fucking HATE you and you wanted to find her just to get her out of here….why would I help you do that shit?”
Kati: “I could repeat what my boyfriend said but you know what? This is me talking to you. Go fuck yourselves for tearing apart two people I really adore as friends, go fuck yourself for wanting us to sell out our friends and really go FUCK yourselves for harassing most of my friends during the past 3 months!! There you go, I’m done…….now GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY BAR!!!”


“Mr. Ramsey…..” said an incoming Ensign Lye. “Take a look at this!!” She showed him something by her iPad about Cassie’s disappearance. “You thinking of something about this?” Coren was reading the article, “So….she didn’t want to say goodbye to her little friends and gone missing. Or so they think.”
“What do you mean?” Ensign said. “I know for a fact this girl isn’t missing.” Coren said.
“It all seems too slick and clean for her to be disappeared. Those Faction morons are probably searching high and low for her now and wasting their resources on this.”
“Well…..” Hiroyuki said, “Now could be a good time to get Grand ‘H’ reborn again.”
“That will be arranged soon, Hiroyuki.” Coren said. “But for now….we’ll just wait and see for a while.”


Back at the Faction, Lady Aqua was meeting with Jin, Jiro and Sei to have a meeting over locating Cassie and her whereabouts. “I got info back from Masato….and they have no luck on new info. Also, he needs a new roof for his car. Apparently, someone threw a sledgehammer on it.”

Jin sighed, “I don’t know whether to be concerned or angry at Cassie. I know she didn’t want to leave but she had to cause this on us.”
“We still don’t even know if she was either kidnapped or even if she elaborate a plan as good as this.” Jiro said,
“No one knows where she is, Miayama is MIA and apparently, so are Kid Barrett and Blue Hybrid.”
“Wait, Kid Barrett?” Jin said.
“Cyan’s little sister. Kai.” Sei said.
“That’s just a nickname I gave her.”
“…..But she’s twenty-fo—OK, never mind. The point is…we don’t have enough leads of finding Cassie. It’s either ‘we don’t know’ or ‘go fuck yourself’; we can’t win!”
“Well, that’s with Hybrid X and them so far.” Sei said.
“I mean, they might say something if it was Barrett or Argento asking them but otherwise, no dice.”
“But what else is there to do?” Lady Aqua said.

(3 minutes later)

“OK, now you 3 are to keep watch of anything suspicious.” Lady Aqua said, “If someone comes in that apartment for something, you confront them and you don’t let them get away without finding out info about Cassie, you got all that?”

There stands Loyuka, Nyoko and Risa on guard of the apartment.
“OK.” Loyuka said.
“Sure.” Nyoka said.
“Whatever.” Risa said.


Lady Aqua, Master Takamura, Oasis & Dumile are having a talk up top of the building. “No signs of new info on Cassie. We’ve searched everywhere and question everyone but no answers.” Lady Aqua said, “Maybe she really is kidnapped! She could be in very danger as we speak.”
“No way.” Oasis said, “If it was a kidnapping, it wouldn’t have looked too clean. Either they’re really good or this was an inside job.”
“Inside job?” Takamura said, “What are you insinuating, Oasis?”
“That someone is helping her escape from us…..and you know who I think helped her?” As Oasis stood silent after that, the group got to thinking on some suspect and one of them thought of a name…..a name that comes close to mind. “Wait…….”Lady Aqua said, “You can’t be serious, can you?”
The men didn’t say a word about as they knew she would object to that idea. “Really? You think Tomoki Miayama got something to do with this?” Lady Aqua said. “OK, fine, she hasn’t been here since she went missing but it couldn’t mean that—“

“Aqua, my dear.” Takamura said, “I know you want to protect that girl for her mother’s sake and all of us know how you feel about Akiko…but most of the evidence do lead to her.”
“She might be depressed.” Aqua said, “You think she’d want to stick around; hearing about her lover being kidnapped all day long and have people question her about it?”

“She’s got to be it.” Dumile said, “She has enough motive to do it. She doesn’t want to see her girlfriend taken back by us and they easily slipped away from us and got out of the Society without a trail. Hell, I bet Masato and Marble are thinking that right now.”

“They did.” Aqua said, “And guess what? He did and asking that got his car smashed by a sledgehammer and still no answers! Maybe we do need to expand searching her outside the Society. Go for broader lands and even ones we don’t even set foot to.”

“We could and we need to hurry…..except time is not on our side.” Takamura said, “The Grand ‘H’ War could strike down again soon and we don’t want anyone of our people in the crossfire. However, Miayama is still a prime suspect and as soon as we see her on Society ground, we grab her and question everything about Cassandra’s disappearance.” Soon Takamura, Oasis and Dumile was making their exit while Aqua was pondering with her thoughts about whether Tomoki could’ve done it or not. “It couldn’t really be you……..can it?” The question Lady Aqua asked herself.


Back at the house, Tomoki was setting up surveillance cameras around the area in case of any strange activity. “Moki……” As Cassie was searching for her. “Tomoki, where are you?”
“Oh, Cass!! Glad I caught you. I was just putting up these cameras.” Tomoki said. “You mean cameras for watching to see if no one comes here?” Cassie said. “Tomoki, you heard what MAK said; no one knows we’re here and are basically in the clear.”

“True.” Tomoki said, “But I don’t think it’ll hurt to put them up.”

“Relax!” As Cassie said with a smooth tone, “We will be totally fine. It’s just you and me against the elements….with MAK and Kai to tag team for us sometimes.”
“You seem every relaxed today.” Tomoki said. “I guess playing Rock Crash can do that to you.”
“Yeah……Rock Crash and maybe a little bit of this.” As she pulls her in for a kiss.
“You see? I’m in my happy place and I’d be even happier if……” She suddenly starts to strip out of her clothes as she walks to the living room, “….you come over here for a minute….or two…..or 20.”
“Well, in that case….” Tomoki then rush to her, started to take off her own clothes and of course, you know where this is going to as she immediately starts having sex with Cassie in the living room.


“Come on, it can’t be that bad.” As Kai was chatting with Cyan via FaceTime. “You found nothing on her right?”
“Nope.” Cyan said, “We tried asking everyone she know but nothing turned up.”
“Well, shit.” Kai said, “I hope something down there turns out good for you.”
“So do I.” Cyan said, “I just hope Cassie’s okay though. Alright, you enjoy our vacation, little sis. Call you back. LOVE U!”
“Bye, Cyan!” She ended the call on that.

“She suspect anything?” MAK said coming back from the roof.
“Nope.” Kai said, “Not a thing. They’re still asking people info about Cassie.”
“Oh.” MAK responded, “So we’re still fine then. Yeah, that’s good news.”
As Kai put her hand on MAK’s shoulder. “MAK… you ever think that once we get back, they might ask us something about Cassie?”
“What makes you think that?” MAK said. “They know we’re out of town, so they can’t suspect us of anything.”

“They could do that once we get back. Not to mention, they could connect us with the disappearance and also why Miayama’s gone, too.” Kai explained, “MAK, I don’t want to doubt this but I don’t know if this plan is going to last us long. They might expand the search outside the Society and even to where they think we’re at.”

“Shit….you have something there.” MAK said.

“MAK, I don’t want to be in more trouble with Cyan than I’ve been before and you’re on thin ice with the Faction after the lots of shit you pulled recently.” Kai said. “Do you at least have a plan for them afterwards?”

“I thought of something but I don’t know if it’ll work.” MAK said. “Well, you can tell me the plan.” Kai said. As MAK explained to Kai, “I can have someone I know make them some new identities, new faces, and locate them into a private area where no one can bother the two of them.”

“That….actually sounds like a good idea.” Kai said, “Even if it isn’t fully developed yet.”
“Really?” MAK sounded a bit hopeful and puzzled at that. “Yeah….I mean, it’s gonna take a lot of money to do that but we have got enough saved for them to do it and maybe….just maybe, we’ll get out of this scot-free.” Kai then hold him by the waist, cuddling and snuggling him. “Hmm, what’s that for?”
“For having doubt at first.” Kai said, “Mainly my way of apologizing.” Then she starts kissing him all over. “OK…..I mean, you were right to question me and all that shit and….” While MAK was babbling on about nothing, Kai was taking her off jogger pants and shirt; has got her black underwear in full view of MAK and he lost his train of thought especially after she took her off bra. “You know what? That shit don’t matter now.” In other words, they begun to have sex, too.


Back downstairs, Tomoki and Cassie were resting/laying on each other after a good hour (and a half) of sex.

“Holy fuck, you were full of stamina!” Tomoki said. “I couldn’t tell if that were you or Kai hollering. Both of you almost have that same octave in your voices.”

“Really?” Cassie said, “I thought that my voice was deeper than hers.”

“But anyway…”Tomoki said, “This was really needed for us after a week of all the bullshit that’s been happening to us. That and I miss doing this with you. Just us either talking, hanging out and the sex, but without no one to bother us and thankfully, our roommates are horny as we are.”

“Oh, I know.” Tomoki said, “I swear I thought those two were fucking faster than the speed of light.”

“Speaking of that, all that sex has gotten me hungry.” Cassie said, “Do we got something to eat in here? I’m starving.” So Cassie was searching around the kitchen for food while Tomoki was searching for her wallet and see if she can find a place within driving distance there. “Hey, what you do feel like having today? Mexican? Greek? Chinese? I’m buying.”

“Oh, don’t worry, Moki, I have plenty of money saved up in case of emergency and I think I have it right—“ As we went to her wallet, she opens it and finds nothing in there. “OK, not in there, but I know it’s somewhere in my bag or—“
She checks it in there and it’s not in the bag.
“What? Oh, come on.” She checks in every bag, luggage, and pants pocket everywhere but she can’t find it. She checks in the trunk of the car and even see if she dropped it on the ground. “Not there either!! Where the hell could I left it!?!?” Then she had a terrible thought that she could’ve left it back in her apartment.”

“No. No. I can’t be that dumb enough to….OH NO! I LEFT IT!”
Cassie shouts “FUCK!!” as she starts to panic and hyperventilate.

“CASS!! Why are you screaming like that?” Tomoki said.
“Tomoki!! I left my damn wallet back at my place.” Cassie said in tears, “All the way back in the Hybrid Society!”
“You’re kidding!” Tomoki said. “I wish I was!” Cassie said, “I can’t go back there. Every Faction unit and the Wolf Clan are looking for me and going back there might put all of us at risk!! But I can’t start a new life flat broke and penniless!! I thought everything was going right for once, but now I’m caught in a bind.” She then broke down crying on the floor, into the fetal position.

Tomoki then went to her, picked her up from the ground and said, “I’m going back.”
“What?” Cassie questioned. “Cass, I’m going back for your money.” Tomoki said, “I can get in and out of there before anyone can suspect a thing.” Cassie interjected the idea, “But, Tomoki……you know they got everyone asking info about me going missing and they haven’t asked you yet. You went missing with me and once they suspect more things of you, they’ll put you in jail for aiding and abetting a fugitive.”

“Look, Cass……I can just walk in there, say I’m getting a few of my things out of there and then walk on out of there.” Tomoki said. “I can even just phase in and out of there.”

“Tomoki, I really don’t want you to do this.” Cassie said, “It’s not worth getting caught over!”

“And I won’t.” Tomoki said, “I’m going to have someone keep track of anything heading my way. Someone that can watch my back and I got their front and luckily, we have that someone.”


“YOU WANT ME TO GO BACK TO YOUR HOUSE TO GET MONEY YOU LEFT BEHIND!?” MAK shouted as Tomoki and Cassie told them the whole story. “I thought I told you to get every necessity out of the house and money….that’s the biggest necessity there is.”

“Yes, MAK, I know.” Cassie said, “I don’t know what to do. I don’t think Tomoki should go back there. It’s too dangerous for us to go back and it would put us in risk of them finding about me and you guys…….I don’t want anything to happen to you, too.”

“Cassie… much I hate to say it, we got to go back.” MAK said. “What?” Cassie said, “Did you just heard what I sa—“
“I’m not denying you that.” MAK said, “But we might need that money to get you a new life outside the Society and me and Kai…..we don’t have enough to last us but only a few weeks. We have to go back.”

“MAK’s got a point, babe.” Tomoki said, “Yes, this will be dangerous but we have to get it fast and quick. We know you’ll worry but we’re Hybrids. Most of us are experienced with this sort of thing and we have no doubt that we’ll be back in one piece.” As soon as that was said, Kai began to woke up and hear the conversation. “Hey guys. What’s going on in here?”

As soon as they told Kai about this, all she said was, “No. No. NO! NO! HELL NO! Are you fucking kidding me, guys?”
“Look, Kai, this was my idea to go back.” Tomoki said, “And I’ve said that—“
“YOU SAID WHAT!?” Kai said, “You remember the last few times that happened? I got in a fist fight with my sister because of what happened last time.”
“Did you just throw fruit at each other that time?” Tomoki questioned. Cassie then said, “But I thought that was Pan—“ MAK then covers her mouth to not mention that name.
“Pan what?” Kai said.
“Nothing.” MAK said, “Look, we don’t have that much money to last us and them. Plus, getting a new ID, face, location… costs money and it need that money to get us and them further ahead.”

“MAK, I know I said I doubted the idea of us being here and it worked out but…….this one……..I REALLY DOUBT if this is gonna work.” Kai said. “I mean, you’re going back to the Society. People are looking for you, Cass, and if they’ll see you in the flesh, who knows what’ll happen next?”

“Except…….we’re not sending Cass back.” MAK said, “I’m going with her.”
“WHAT!?!” All 3 girls said. “Tomoki and I are going to the Society with disguises (or just keep our faces hidden), go to the apartment, get the money and get the fuck on out of there.” MAK said, “That’s the plan in a nutshell.”

“Oh………”Kai said, “OK, that plan may be alright but still, I just concerned about this. When is that gonna happen?”

“In about……4 hours from now.” MAK said.


4 (and a half) HOURS LATER

“You lazy fuck!!!” As Tomoki slapped MAK still asleep in bed. “We’re 30 minutes late!”

“What the–? Oh…..OH, SHIT!!!” MAK looked at the watch and see that he overslept. “Yeah, you might want to get your ass up right now.” Tomoki said. “We got work to do.”

Tomoki got her disguise and ride ready for the retrieval. “OK, MAK, you got it all ready?”

“Yeah.” MAK said, “Got it all including surveillance gear and weapons just in case. I just need to apply some extra-strength Blue Leaf in both of us since we’re phasing in and out and we really need to give it our all and not get tired after the first phase.”

“Extra-strength? Can you even handle this shit?” Tomoki said. “It does drain on you after a while.”

“You sure you guys got enough juice to make it there and back?” Kai said. “And an disguise that can fool anyone?” Cassie said.

“We got masks.” MAK said, “We can slip past them.” They were starting off ready to ride.

“OK…..Kai and Cassie, you’re going to be here alone for some time.” Tomoki pulls out her gun and leaves it to both of them, “I’m leaving this with you in case something happens and while I hope nothing happens….it’s a good thing to have.”

“Wait…..” Cassie said. “Before you two go,” Kai said, “We both need to tell you something.” The two girls gave their significant lovers worrying looks as both of them said in unison, “Tomoki, MAK… two need to promise us that both of you will come back alive and safe.”

“Um….girls…” MAK said, “I know you’re worried about this but we do intend to—“ “MAK…” Kai said, “Last time shit went down, you almost got yourself killed. I don’t want a repeat of Sabotage and……..well, you know.”

“Kai, sweetie. I promise you that I’ll return back here safely and without notice.” MAK said, “You have my word and I won’t let you down.” Then he gave her a kiss before leaving.

Tomoki began talking to Cassie with, “Cass… know how I feel about you and I will definitely promise you that I will come back and I meant that.” She and Cass also share a kiss between the two of them.

Soon after that, Tomoki and MAK made their exit out of there and phase themselves out of the house and into the Society, about 20 minutes en route to Cassie’s apartment. “All right, MAK. Here’s the plan rundown. I’m gonna sneak in the apartment, search for the money, and you’ll be the lookout. You’re going to see who’s coming in and out and if some shit goes down, WARN ME AHEAD!! Got it?”

“Yeah.” MAK said, “I got it all down. Just don’t take a long-ass time there.”
“Fine. Whatever.” Tomoki said.


Meanwhile, Cyan and Leon have been trying to get info on their own and luckily they have better results than X and his crew.

(From The Darksiders –Lex and Aka): “Look, I’m sorry, Cyan, but we haven’t seen Cassie here. I know we were playing tricks on those guys but we’re being real with you. We don’t know where she is and we have no clue.”

(From Kati): “Cyan, since you’re one of the few people in the Faction that I can stand and I can trust you, I got to say that I haven’t seen Cassie here. I know everybody is deeply concerned with her. I am, too, but like everyone said their piece on this. No one, and I mean, no one has seen her.”

“Any news, Sherlock?” Seiki said.
“Well……I think they were telling the truth.” Cyan said. “No one has seen Cassie anywhere. All of their alibis are checked out and they were being strictly honest with me and Leon.”

“Hell, we suggested some lie detector tests to most of them.” Leon said, “But Nanashi threaten to stab me in the ass if I do that. And then I wonder why in the ass though.”
“Yeah, that is weird of her to say.” Seiki said.

Jin came back from having yet another meeting with the Wolf Clan and Lady Aqua was with her discussing suspects and some motives. “…..I know you don’t think like the rest of them, Aqua, but this may be the one point I may side with them.”
“Please, Ms. Matsuda. I know it points to that but I don’t believe that Miayama would—“ “By Miayama, you do mean Tomoki, right?” Jin said.
“What?” Lady Aqua said. “Look, I know you don’t think so because of Akiko but we can’t protect her from this. If she’s a main suspect and people pointed out some motives, then she must be it.” Jin said. “Tomoki could be a suspect.”
“It’s not that I don’t want to believe it.” Aqua said, “But……the more I hear about it, the more shocked I feel. I mean….I feel like if Akiko was here…”
“But she’s not.” Jin said. “OK….We need to find Tomoki and bring her in first to ask her something before anything else can happen. Am I clear with this?” Aqua sighed at that but understood what she meant. “OK. Do it.”

She walks to the restroom for a minute and silently said to herself, “Akiko……I hope up here you’re watching over Tomoki. If you know of anything, please give me a sign.”



At Cassie’s apartment, Tomoki and MAK arrived there and there was no one in sight of them to be recognized. “All right, Tomoki, you know what to do right?”

“Yea.” She said, “Simple as pie. Get in and get out.”

Tomoki went into the building as MAK went to scope around the area in case someone they know arrives there. She was at the door, about to unlock it but she notices that the door was unlocked. She didn’t question that much as she went in and headed straight to her room and it was a mess in there. “Cassie never was a neat freak.” She thought as she rummage through her stuff, searching for the money clip.

Elsewhere, MAK was doing surveillance around and as he did, he spotted somewhere up in the roof. He called Tomoki instantly and said, “Hey, I think I spotted someone there. They’re at the roof for some reason.”

“What?” Tomoki quietly said, “The roof? Really? You think they saw us?”

“Nah, I don’t think so.” MAK said, “I need to get a closer look at them though.” He went to get a larger view of the roof and see who it was. “OK…..I’m seeing someone crouching down.”

However, at that moment, Tomoki got the wallet. “YES!! Got it!!”

“You got the money?” MAK asked. “Yes!” Tomoki said, “Oh, thank God!! Cassie, I’m coming to you, baby!!”

“OK, now we just need to get out of he—“ And before MAK could say anything else, he spotted that the person up on the roof was a sniper. “Holy shit.”
“What?” Tomoki said in giggles. You found out who’s up there?”
“Tomoki……it’s a sniper on the roof.” MAK said.
“Sniper?” Tomoki sounded confused.
“And not only that…’s one of the Hirano Sisters up there!!” MAK said, “Tomoki, I think they’re spying on whoever comes there!!!”
“The HIRANO SISTERS!?” Tomoki expressed in a panic. “They’re here.”
“Yes, I spot the one that does all the gun work up there. Um….Nyoko. Nyoko is on the roof.” MAK said.
“I don’t see the other one, Tomoki. You think she might be in the other roof?”
“Actually, MAK….” Tomoki said as she is now spotted by Risa. “I think I found her.”

“What in the fuck? Miayama!” Risa said. “What the hell you doing in Lyles’ home?”

“Uh……um……well….” Tomoki had to stall some time for her to escape. “Don’t pull that shit with me.” Risa said, “You’re trying to stall time for you to escape!! I know that shit!! What in the hell are you doing in here? Everybody is fucking looking for you and thinking you got something to do with Cassie going missing!!”

Tomoki stood silent and frozen but it didn’t help as Risa quickly figured it out. “Oh god, you do! YOU FUCKIN’ DO! You know shit about this, don’t you!?”
“Tomoki, you need to make a distraction to get out of there. THROW SOMETHING!! SHOOT SOMETHING!! PULL HER HAIR OR SOME SHIT!”
“What the fuck?” And then MAK notices someone spotted him.
“Sir, hello, sir?” He notices it is Loyuka and he proceeded to get on his bike and drive far away as possible. “Tomoki, get the fuck out of there NOW!!!”
Tomoki throws a vase as Risa as she tries to get out of there but Risa tripped her and grabbed an umbrella, dragging Tomoki towards her and punched her in the stomach. But Tomoki threw some plant soil on Risa’s face. “AAH!! You bitch!!”
Tomoki made the leap outside as she jumps out of the window. “DANGER! DANGER! She knows!!” She knows, MAK!” Tomoki said, “She saw right through me. We need to get out of here!!”
“NO SHIT!!” MAK said, “I’ve been saying that…and another thing, Loyuka’s here, too!!”
“What!!” Tomoki said, “Her too?” And bad luck appears again as Loyuka spotted Tomoki coming down there.

“Zaki, take a shot!!! Miayama is coming down!!” Risa said. “Loyuka, get a close up on her!!” Nyoko said, “I’ll take care of it!”

“The fuck?” Loyuka shouted, “Tomoki!! Where in the fuck have you been?” Loyuka was starting to block every passage way Tomoki could escape through. “You’re not going anywhere!!”

“ZAKI!!! Keep her ass there so we can catch her!” Risa shouted.

“Loyuka, move outta my way!!!” Tomoki screamed at her. “Not until you tell me what’s going on with you!!” Loyuka shouted back and then she got knocked down by Tomoki but not before Nyoko was taking shots at her. “Who in the fuck?” And then Risa jumps in the fight and holds Tomoki down by pistol-whipping her down until she couldn’t move and as she tried to, Risa grabs and holds her down. “Shoot her!” As Risa yells at Loyuka, holding a tranquilizer gun in her other hand. “Loyuka, get the tranq gun and shot her ass! NOW!!!” Risa kept struggling with Tomoki as she was trying to escape while cursing out Risa, calling her a crazy bitch. “Loyuka!! Get the gun!” Nyoko shouted from above.

But luckily for Tomoki, MAK (still in his disguise) made a distraction by blinding them for a while as he grabs Tomoki and get her back on her own bike. “You all right?” he asked her. She panted, “Yeah, I’m fine. I got the money……we need to disappear fast!!”

“Why the hell you didn’t shoot her down!?” A pissed-off Risa screamed at Nyoko and Loyuka. “I could’ve had her! You fucking hesitated!”

“We didn’t have orders to kill her!!” Loyuka shouted. “As far as we’re concerned, we know she’s right here and we need to chase her down before she escapes again!! I’ll alarm Jin and send some reinforcements!”

“Well, you better!!” Risa angrily scowled at her. “Just because my sister likes to fuck around with you, doesn’t mean my ass have to.” She walked away in a huff that got Loyuka almost frustrated. “Nyoko……” Loyuka said. “I know, Loyuka, I know.” Nyoko said back to her. “I’ll call it in for you.”

“Yeah, there’s no telling how long we’ll get some attention of this.” MAK said, “We need to get the fuck out of here NOW!”
“I need to call Cassie and Kai to alarm them that we might need to move further after this.” Tomoki said. “Well, I suppose. Better now than later.” MAK said. “But do it as we go!” The two of them scurried away on their bikes. However, as they were riding back, a bunch of police vehicles were catching up with them as they put their sirens on, meaning that it was for them. “Tomoki Miayama and assailant!! Pull over!! DO IT NOW by the order of the Faction and the wolf clan Genesis!! You are under suspicion of kidnapping!”


Back at the house, Cassie was playing the game on one player as Kai was watching TV so she’ll keep tabs on Tomoki and MAK to see if anything happens onscreen. However, the stress is really getting to Kai as she keeps checking on reports to see if they’re alright and Cassie needed to talk to her.

“Kai?” Cassie asked, “Kai-Kai? Are you feeling alright?”
“Huh? WHAT!” Kai panickly said, “No. I’m fine, why you ask?”
“It’s just that…..ever since the guys left, you have been a state of worry like something’s going to happen to them.” Cassie said, “I’m worried, too, but they wouldn’t want us to—“
“Cassie, I’m FINE.” Kai assertively stated, “There’s nothing about me you should be concerned about.” Cassie know that was a lie and Kai wasn’t going to back down on that, so Cassie really has to ask her this question. “OK…..Kai…..there’s been something I’ve been meaning to ask you for some time.” Kai paid attention to what she has to say. “So, how was MAK since the whole….well, you know….”
“No. What do you mean, Cass?” Kai questioned.
“You know, the whole Pandora thing?” And that’s when Kai froze in fear. “……….Cassie…….you know I don’t ever want to talk about that subject.” Kai sternly said, “You know how I feel about that.”
“But you know that she’s—“
“Dead, right?” Kai answered her, “You think that means everything is okay now? That everything is back to the way it was? That I find you she was the one who was involved shooting my father and finding out the shooter was—“ And that’s when Kai paused as she didn’t want to say the name of the shooter.

“Kai….you know if you felt like you was scared or something, you know you can talk to any of us, right?” Cassie said. “I would, except most of you would treat me like a damn kid.” Kai said, “Don’t think I don’t know any of that ‘Kid Barrett’ stuff I heard. I’m 24 years old!! How am I a damn kid?”
“Kai, you know I wouldn’t treat you like that.” Cassie said. “Hell, you can tell me about the shit you’re dealing with now.”
Kai sighed, “Well, if you insist….”



“FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!!” And there goes MAK’s cursing barrage as him and Tomoki are in a police chase, trying to evade from them. The cars kept telling them to pull over and they refused to, so now they’re starting to ram them over.

They kept on with the chase as it was leading to the highway and loads of cops, Faction agents, and wolf clan members heading their way with a bunch of guns (not with real bullets though, mostly rubber) and they were trying to shoot out the tires by Tomoki and MAK swerve every time that happen and then MAK threw a flash grenade and a barrier to keep make them lose their focus and make a clear getaway but then coming from a plane, high in the sky….there’s Marble with a giant gun that was aiming towards MAK and Tomoki. “Attention, MIAYAMA!!! You and your partner will pull over right the fuck now and if not, we will shoot you down without hesitation!!”

He got the gun loaded, ready to aim and his trigger finger is itching.

“Tomoki….” MAK said, “He sounds serious and that is a big fucking gun! We can’t evade from that.”

“I think we can.” Tomoki said, “Just go with my lead.” Marble is loading the first bullet into the gun, he gives it a test shot first and aims it in the middle of their way. He shoots it and the shot causes Tomoki and MAK to lose their balance and swerve around the road, almost making them crash.

“AAHH!!” MAK screamed, “That did it!!! That big motherfucker is going to take us down. We’re screwed if we get shot by him!!”

“Dammit, you’re right!” Tomoki said, “But I think at this point…..only one of us should make it back there.” “Huh……..Wait, WHAT!?” MAK shouted, “Tomoki, you’re not thinking of pulling a kamikaze on me, aren’t you? We promised Cassie and Kai that both of us will return to them!! I’m not letting you do this shit!! I can just transport us back to the—“
“MAK, you’re on low on Blue Leaf and you only got enough to send you back!” Tomoki screamed and then she puts the money in his pocket. You’ll have to give her the money for me and……tell her that I made you go on without me.”
“Tomoki, I’m not leaving your ass behind!!!” MAK argued. “We did this for you guys!! We love you and we can’t do this for nothing!!”
“I rather have myself be caught in this shit than you!!” Tomoki said, “You already in hot water with them!! Just get the hell out of here, MAK!!” After she said that, the bullet was heading towards MAK but at the last minute, Tomoki pushed him out of the way and her bike got hit, causing her to crash in the road.
“YEAH!!!” Marble said with much stamina, “We got Miayama!! Secure her for vitals and don’t let her escape!!”
“TOMOKI!!” MAK screamed, “NOOO!!!”
“Shoot the other one!!” Marble said. He readies his gun at him, itching to shoot but MAK quickly transports himself back to the hideaway. “Shit!! We missed!!” Marble said. “Or at least I think so. Where did he go? Anyone notices something?”
“Sir, He just vanished.” One of them said, “Like out of nowhere!!”
“Wait….that fucker’s a HYBRID!!” Marble said. “I saw some blue glow or aura of him.” Then from up top, he notices that same aura appear far from the highway. “And I think I know where he might be. Troops, get Miayama in custody….I got other plans in mind.”


“How am I supposed to tell him that?!” Kai explaining while crying to Cassie about what’s been going with her and MAK, “I mean, after what I said to him that he’s not a monster, Loyuka called me and told her about who shot my dad. Cassie…….I’m lost. I want to tell him but he might freak out as well.”

“Kai, I don’t know what to tell you about this.” Cassie said, “Yeah, you can tell him about it but he’s just gonna go off when he hears this. I mean, you can’t just say ‘Hey, MAK, I found that—“ There are noises of an approaching motorcycle coming in and it was an distressed MAK coming in and he was panting and looking scared from what happened. “MAK, what the—what happened?” Kai said, “Are you OK? You alright?”

He panted and said, “Hell no, I’m not alright!! I’m the opposite of that!! And we’re in some deep shit!!” “MAK, what are you talking about?” Cassie said, “And where’s Tomoki?”

He knew sooner or later that she was going to ask him that. “MAK…….did anything happen to her?”

MAK then admitted it, “We were almost out of there scot-free. The Hirano sisters were casing the joint along with Loyuka and they caught us but luckily for us, we escaped from them but it led us to a chase and then they were shooting us with some big gun that can apparently blow part of the road.”

“The fuck?” Kai said, “And you managed to survive all of that?”
“MAK……..please don’t tell me that this is leading up to what I think it is…..”As Cassie grimly said, imagining the worse.
“Cass…..if you’re thinking that happened, well……I wouldn’t blame you. But, it’s true, she’s been captured by them…..and I told her that I got enough power to get both of us back here. I should’ve just grabbed her and got us back home then none of this wouldn’t happen.” He then went on to say, “Cassie, Kai……I know I fucked things up here real bad and again this happens because of me being cocky and shit.”

Cassie got up to walk to MAK. She looked like she was about to raise her fist at him but instead she puts it down and just slaps the hell out of him. “You should’ve just grabbed her hand. You could’ve just did that and we wouldn’t be having this talk right about now. She could’ve been here…..she should’ve been here!!! WITH ME!!! And the worst part of this is….IT’S NOT EVEN JUST YOUR FAULT!!” She punched a wall with all her anger intact so she won’t direct it towards MAK or Kai.

“Cass, you know how fucked up I feel about this.” MAK said, “I didn—“
“MAK…….Did Tomoki tell you to go without her?” Cassie said. “Yeah…..she did.” MAK said, “Not to mention I was running low on Blue Leaf.”
“You didn’t fill up before?” Cassie asked. “Wait, never mind. You did. I saw you earlier in the bathroom.”

Kai was looking out the window, “MAK, by any chance, you didn’t see anyone tracking you, right?”
“No, why you ask?” MAK asked. “Because someone is coming up here right now.” And who she saw was Marble heading up the house, carrying a big shotgun and got his claws out ready to attack. “FUCK!! It’s—um……Marvin….Mabel….Marvel…MARBLE!!! He was the one we got into in the highway. Him and that big-ass gun that almost took us out!!”
“The Die-Buster!?” Cassie shouted, “He used that on you? He used that on Tomoki?!?”

Marble recognized the plates on the door and he just busted in the door like nothing. “Hello…..Blue Hybrid.”
“Oh…..hey, um…’re that guy I saw back at the Faction, right?” as MAK acted casual when Cassie and Kai were trying to escape out but he wasn’t fooling him as Marble just punched MAK square in his cheek. “Motherfucker……you can’t fool me. I knew by your aura and your power that was you in that chase with Miayama and you two went back at that apartment for some reason. Now if you don’t tell me right now, I’ll be ready to kick and throttle your ass from here to back in the Society.”
“I don’t know what you talking about, man.” MAK said, “I just been here all day relaxing with my woman.” “Oh, you mean….” He grabbed MAK and threw him outside where the girls were at. “…right over there?”

“Oh no.” Cassie said silently, holding on to Kai. “Oh yes…” Marble said, “Now it seems that you were kidnapped but all this time, you were playing house with your little girlfriend and your two friends. Now that shit is over and you will return back to the clan RIGHT NOW!” He tries to grab Cassie but Kai kept clutching to her and pull her from him.

“She doesn’t want to go with you.” Kai said, “She wants to be with her friends.”

“Look, little girl.” Marble said to Kai, “Don’t get into grown folks’ business. You don’t want to get hurt like your boyfriend did a minute ago. So I suggest you—“
Kai punched him and knocked her down with her saying to him, “Look….Asshole….Little girl is the last thing you want to call me and I suggest you get the fuck out of here & leave my friend and my boyfriend alone. Got that?”

Marble got up from that punch, “You sneaky little blue bitch.” He went to grab her but MAK grabbed him by his feet and tripped him over. He then proceeded to bang his head on the ground but Marble tripped MAK and threw him back to the house in the same broken window. Marble went again for the girls but MAK ported to Marble and got him in the house to fight him downstairs.

MAK kept beating him with one of the shelf pieces and even to have the shelf tumble on top of him but Marble blasted through the shelf and smacked him with a wrench in the face and legs. MAK ran up to the kitchen and grab a couple of knives to throw…..but Marble would just catch the knives and throw them back at him. He even crack some wine bottles to throttle MAK with and he was getting real close to cutting him directly in the face but Cassie kicked him in the groin, which MAK grabbed the broken bottle and strike him directly on his head.

“Quick!!! We need to get out of here now!” Kai said behind the two. “I think he might get reinforcements!!”

“No problem.” MAK said, “I just need to—“ Then Marble got up and immediately punched MAK to the head and slammed him against the wall. “Try and get up again, punkass!!” Then he went directly to Cassie and forcefully yanked her, “Now for the last time, you coming with me, goddammit!!”
“NO!!” Cassie screamed, “I’m not going back with you!”
Then he did the worse and punched Cassie in the stomach, “Listen here, bitch!!! We went to hell to get to you and we won’t stop until you’re back in the Society…..and when we get there, your little girlfriend and your so-called muscle are gonna be cellmates for the rest of their lives.” Then Marble notices someone is missing.

“Wait, where’s that mousy blue-hair girl?” He questioned. Then out of nowhere, Kai smacked Marble with a steel bat and knocked him out cold. “She beaned you, that’s what.”

“Kai, you’re alright.” Cassie said.
“I can say the same for you.” Kai said. Although MAK is still moaning from that throw down.
“OW. Fuck.” MAK said, “Holy hell, that nigga can throw hard. Is he out cold?”
“Yeah.” Kai said, “That hit should keep him down for an hour or so.”
“Good.” Cassie said.

MAK, Kai and Cassie quickly got into the car and start to make their way out of there. “OK….please work.” He tried to start the engine and nothing’s happened. “Come on, come on, come on!! NO. Fucking hell!!”
“It might have something to do with the engine.” Kai said, “You need to check it.” MAK got up to look inside the engine to see what’s wrong but what happens next…..somebody tried to close the car on him but they miss. He pulled out his gun and he sees who he never thought he would see again. “Remember me?” And it is Ensign Lye to his left. “You little fuck.” She grabbed him by the neck and starts to beat him with the car as the girls watched.
“AAAAHH!!” As Kai screamed, “The fuck is she doing here?”
“Hey, we’re here, too!!” And there was Hiroyuki by her seat and then out came Coren Ramsey in the shadows. “Nice vacay spot, isn’t it?” He proceeded to knock out the rest of them.



We see Cassie lying on the ground, starting to wake up and she sees Ramsey coming towards her. “You know you got a lot of people worried about you? They think that you was kidnapped and all that but in reality… were just hiding out in a shack with your girlfriend, who is now a suspect in your kidnapping and could end up serving jail time.”

“Wh—wh—wh—“ That’s all Cassie can mutter out at the moment. “Oh…you can’t move right now. Your legs are like jelly. They’re immobile because we inject a little Red Mist in you.” Coren said, “Making you useless to fight me.” She tried to move her legs but they didn’t help her that much. “No….” she squealed, “I can’t move.”
“Well, no shit.” Coren said, “Now if you don’t mind, we’ll be taking you to our place now.”

Cassie pulls her gun from behind her, “You’re not taking me anywhere, dammit!!” Then Hiroyuki grabbed the gun from her and snickers while saying, “Yeah….no bullets in there, dummy. You can’t shoot us.”
“Oh, and if you’re wondering about your two little friends……” Coren pointed out that Ensign is currently beating the shit out of MAK while a few of the other henchmen are holding Kai hostage and have her watch against her will.
“Not so tough now, you blue fuckboy!!” Ensign shouted as she knocked another tooth from MAK and he just goes down, panting and breathing for his life.
“Now bring me the blue bitch!!” They shoved Kai in there and the first thing she does to her was low-blowing her to the stomach and punched her in the jaw and she kept beating her until she couldn’t stand anymore.

“Now…..if she left MAK breathing for his life, you won’t imagine how she’ll fuck up a human like her.” Coren said. “And I can stop it…….if you volunteer to be my Hybrid slave.”
“WHAT!?” Cassie said, “Your slave?”
“Correct.” Coren said, “And if that happens, I can stop Ensign from killing your friends. If not…….then explain to the people that you let one of the few ‘saviors’ and his girlfriend get killed in a fight. Your choice.”

Cassie seeing MAK and Kai beaten up and fighting for their lives is taking a toll for her. They risked their lives trying to protecting her and now they’re paying the price. “Please……..I’ll do what you want……just please….spare my friends.”
“And you have made the right decision.” Coren said. “Ensign, you’re done with her but wolf girl wants you for a minute.” Ensign hold Cassie’s chin and she’s about to do her signature move on her and then she knocks her out.


Tomoki was in the Faction’s special holding cell, chained and shackled, and trying to hide her face from everyone. The shame was so humiliating that she didn’t want to speak to anyone, especially to her partners since she knows that they’re pissed with her right now.

The TV was on and the warden was watching one of his Court TV shows and suddenly, it was interrupted by something on the screen and it was Ramsey. “Greetings, fellow Hybrid scum and the lowly human degenerates who allies with them! All of you have been wondering about the missing Hybrid woman story and guess what? The story is now going to a close as she is right here!!!” And behind a curtain, he shows Cassie stripped to nothing but her underwear, chained up and strapped to the wall. That set Tomoki in a panic.

“YEP!! She is now a slave!! Hell, I’m just gonna admit it! I was the one that sent the Wolf Clan the email of her being in the Society because we know that she meant something to Genesis…..and especially the fact that Cassandra Jasmine Lyles is Genesis Royalty.”

“Royalty?” Tomoki whispered.

“She’s the future Wolf Warrior for Genesis. At least she was until now.” Coren said, “I will give out orders for this later. Until then……..if the girlfriend is watching, I want her to know that you made a grave mistake….and your friends had to pay the price.” He then shows video footage of Ensign beating the hell out of MAK and Kai as she watches.

The warden then turned off the TV as it was time for lights off and they shut the soundproof doors on her. In there, she screams and cries, smashing whatever there is in her cell as she found that out and got down to the ground, streaming tears from her face and her quivering in terror.





“This was my fault.”

“I deserve this.”

“I got my friends into this shit.”

“I ended up putting the people I love in deep danger.”

“Please……….Tomoki…….MAK…..Kai………..I’m sorry.”

“All of you….we’re more than just partners.”

“I should’ve never came to the Society.”



GRAND INFERNO – The Season 1 Finale


© 2015 KATANAPlus+ / The Faction Project.


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