AFNG (Aura Faction Next-Gen) BK SQUAD: Episode 1 – NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK ~ the crew

WARNING: The following written material that you’re about to read may contain acts of violence, mild language and sexual content. This is meant only for AUDIENCES 13 AND UP. Reader Discretion is advised. 




The sun rises to an early Friday morning over a house in a quiet suburb area, just outside the Society.
We see 2 parents about to wake up their kids for school.
“Jaz! Jaz! JAZ!!!!” The father shouted.
“Jasmine Rial Barrett-Kiritsnagi, you got school today!” The mother said, “That means WAKE UP…….unless you want us to wake you up another way.”
“I’ll get the cold water.” He casually said.

That freaked out the daughter.
“I’m up, I’m up!!!” The daughter said, “Do you really have to threaten me with the cold water….. again!?”
She opens her door to her parents…..and lo and behold, it’s MAK and Kai….. in their mid-40s.

“Well, it’s not every day that you’re beginning your final year of high school as a senior!!” Kai joyfully said, “Oh, I feel like just yesterday, we were helping you with your math homework and now…. you’re almost all grown up.”
“Also, this will be the last few times we wake you up for school.” MAK said, “Because once you start college, you have to start setting times for you to wake up, going to classes, your eventual job or whatever you’re going to do.”

“You mean track?” Jasmine said, “You know I got that scholarship at Del Monterey University for that.”
“Yes…..” MAK said, “But you also got to keep up your GPA so they won’t kick you out.”
“I know, Dad, I know.” Jasmine said.
“Still, we are so proud of you!” Kai said, “You easily outran those other girls during that last race! It might be even Olympic-worthy!! Even with…..out your powers.”
“Oh yeah….” Jasmine said, “Good thing no one knows about what I…or at least, what most of us do.”

“Now the other thing you got to do is take your brother with you.” MAK said. Having said that, cue in the youngest sibling, Nico Antonio Barrett-Kiritsnagi.
He walked past the parents to the bathroom with his wireless earbuds connected to his phone, listening to his music and getting a lot into it.

“But don’t Nico got 2 grades to go before his turn to graduate?” Jasmine said.
“Yeah…..” Kai said, “But someone needs to watch over him sometimes. I hear all about the fights with him and those boys.”
“True. I’ve been hearing about them, too.” MAK said, “At least he doesn’t use his powers to beat them.”

As Nico is brushing his teeth, he paused his music to overhear the conversation.
“He’s got Ari watching over him. Not to mention Megumi and Taro.” Jasmine said, “And you know how he gets around those two.”
“Yeah,” MAK said, “I mean, he always have a thing for those two….and maybe vice versa from what I picked up from them.”
“Also Nico is most likely to look after those two.” Kai said, “I remember every time when y’all always go on adventures, those two hold on to his arm like there’s no tomorrow.”

He shrugs it off and continue to listen to his music without anyone noticing.

“I mean, it was cute when they were 10.” Kai said, “And now with him almost all grown up and the girls as well…..they developed something, too.”
“Oh, whatever could it be?” Jasmine sarcastically said, holding two giant melons to her face.
“Come on, Nico is not like that!” Kai said.
“We don’t know….” Jasmine said, “Nico is learning how to be secretive about it.  You noticed something going on every Saturday night in his room with a bunch of noises?”

“Noises?” Kai questioned.
MAK then intervened, “Well, I think I know but I rather not share you the answer….. but I got this question….where the hell you get those melons from?”
“Next door.” Jasmine said.
“Oh yeah….wonder how’s Ari and the girls are doing this morning.” Kai added.


“ARI!!!!!!” Two women shouted.
“It’s time for school!!!”

“All right! All right!!” She shouted, “I’m getting up!!! I’m all good!!”

The women waking up were in fact her moms’ Sheena and Joanna.
“Honey, wow…you look like a mess.” Sheena said as Ari’s hair is all frizzled up.
“Wha?” She seems dazed and confused. She then looked in the mirror.
“AAAAHHH!!!!” she screamed, “I look like one of those dolls y’all told me about.”

Joanna is trying to console her. “I think it has a nice look on you….it shows more of a natural side of you….”
“Mom……” Ari said, “My hair looks like a tornado went through it and this is what it left!!”

“OK, OK, relax…” Joanna said, “Mama J has it covered!!! It’ll take a few minutes.”
“I’ll get the rollers!” Sheena said, “And the grease!!”

“All right. You kids have a good day at school!!” MAK said as Jasmine and Nico are leaving the house.
“Stay safe. LOVE YOU!!!” Kai said.

“Welp, back to being in school. Whoopee.” Nico sarcastically said.
“Ah, come on. It’s not going to be that bad.” Jasmine said.
“Easy for you to say!” Nico said, “You’re going to be out of here in May!! I got 2 more years of this!!!”

“And Ari has 3!” Jasmine said, “Yet she isn’t complaining about it.”
Then Ari comes out of her house with a rolled-up hair bun.
“Complaining about what?” As she said.
Both siblings wonder about her hair.
“If any of you got something to say, it better not be about my hair.” Ari said, “And Nico, if you giggle, I’m telling Jaz about that time with you-know-what.”
“You know what?” Jasmine said.
“If you’re going on about anything with Megumi and Taro….. I never meant that as a secret.” Nico said, “Oh, and I don’t appreciate y’all snooping around my relationship with them. JAZ.

“Wait, you heard?” Jasmine sounds surprised as all three got into the car and on their way to school.
“Duh.” Nico said, “Look, Megumi and Taro are my best friends. I know now a lot of guys have been pushing up on them but they know they’re full of shit.”

“Yeah, I got to agree with you, Nico.” Ari said, “I always see one of the dudes in P.E. trying to hit on Megumi and Taro whenever the girls and boys got shared classes last year. I don’t know if it’ll happen again but I’m just telling what I saw.”

Jasmine is at her homeroom, talking to her friends and looking at what classes they got this year.
“Hey, we got P.E., Algebra and World History together!” Her friend Taziana “Taz” Mori stated, “Ahh, our last year of school! There’s a feeling about it all….”
“Relieved?” Jasmine said.
“Yeah, that.” Taz said, “Just got to endure 9 more months of this.”
Then one classmate came in the room with much applause and that is Jericho Mackie.
“Well, I got me a good entrance!” Jericho said, “But for what?”

Taz said the obvious, “Well, you’re the guy that always scores those last-minute court shots during those games and win every time……”
“You’re practically a God to these people.” Jasmine said.

“Oh, really?” Jericho smirked, “Even you ladies?”
“We’re impressed.” Jasmine said, “You know that, Jer. You heard them a while ago.”
“You’re Captain of the Basketball Team. You were unbeatable the last season!” Taz said, “You can give them one last seasonal W before some teams scout for ya!”

“What about you and your track game?” Jericho said, “Girl, you are killing it yourself!! You get faster every day on track meets!”



In this special marked music next to the choir and band classrooms, Nico is busy experimenting with some new beats he’s working on with the headphones on.
However, someone stealthily came in the room while he was working.
They were sneaking steady to surprise Nico……

“Oh hey, Taro.” Nico said.
“Oh, dammit.” Taro said, “How you know it was me?!”

He pointed at her shadow and the light of it. “Yeah, I spotted you right when you opened the door.”
“Nico, you sure know how to spot someone.” Taro said, “But it doesn’t even you miss out on this….” She jumps up and gives him a big squeeze-hug.
“I see you’re in a cheery mood.” Nico said, “You saw your schedule?”
“You, me and Megumi got Home Ec and Creative Writing together this year!!” she squealed. “Oh, and me and Megumi got P.E. again…. I just hope no one is trying to hit on us as much as last year, tho.”

“Yeah, I heard.” Nico said, “Well, looking at mine……I got P.E. around 3rd period. Same time as yours.”
Taro looks at his schedule.
“I see.” Taro said, “Maybe you can be me and Megumi’s protection…. or something?” As she gave him the doe-eyed moe girl look.
“Please, Nico!! You know that we can’t stand those jerks always trying to get with us!” Taro pleaded.
“Wait, is it shared?” Nico said, “Because if it is, then it’s no problem.”
Once again, she hugs him.
“Thank you, Nico! Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!” she said.
“And if someone causes you two trouble…. well….” He flexes his Hybrid power. “You know what I’ll do.”
“Just don’t kill them.” Taro said, “Embarrass them, yeah, but no killing.”

Then Megumi just happens to come on in.
“Nico, Taro! I’ve been looking for you everywhere!” Megumi said, walking in.
Taro got all excited, “GUMI! I told Nico about the P.E. thing and if it’s shared classes, he can protect us there…..oh, and we got Home Ec and Creative Writing together, too!” As she smiled.

“YAY!!” Megumi said, “Our little trio is still intact!! At least in the school but we still hang out outside of here, too!!” She shouted.
“I’ll say this….” Nico said, “One thing this school will never do is split up us three. No matter what people think about us here.”
“What?” Taro said, “You mean how Megumi being a part of the Student Body Council is associated with something like you and me?”
“Yeah, more like just me.” Nico said, “You know everybody wonders about how I’m friends with you two.”
“Nico…. you shouldn’t bother with what say about you.” Megumi said, “We know you since we were 10. They know nothing about how much you mean to me and Taro.”
She then shown him the one trinket she always remembers way back.
It was a 1/3 of a heart necklace.
Taro has the 2/3 of that same necklace and Niko the 3rd. The two girls did a heart sign together.
“Remember…. you have our heart.”


As the bell rings, everyone was getting ready for 1st period and Ari is heading to her first class and as she’s heading there, she sees one guy panicking over trying to get his locker open and not be late.
“Oh no! Oh no!! SHIT!!!” he said, “I can’t be late!! Not today!!”

“HEY!!! Dude!!” Ari shouted.
“Can’t talk!! Gonna be late!!” He screamed, “Gotta find Room 251.”
“….. It’s right here.” As Ari pointed it out to him.
“Oh…” He calmed down, “OK. Sorry about that. I’m just…. mostly….”
“Anxious?” Ari said, “Nervous? Full with tension?”
“OK, do you know me?” he said, “I feel like you’re in my head!”

“No, no.” Ari said, “I get that from most new people here. Don’t sweat it.”
“Thanks….” he said, “Oh, I’m Carlos.”
“Arianna…but please call me Ari.” she said.
“OK… Ari.” Carlos said, “It’s a very pretty name…I mean, both of them but I’ll call you Ari.”

They both got into the classroom on time.
As Carlos sat down, in comes another girl about to take her seat.
“Hey, you got here on time and not freaking out!” she said.
“Oh, come on, I was not freaking out.” Carlos said, “I’m….. trying to get adjusted to this school. ”
“It’s not so bad here.” she said, “It’s not like the other place where—”
“You mean where you had to beat up those–”
She cut him off. “You really have to bring that up?”

Then Ari sat down next to them.
“Oh, hey, Ari!” Carlos said, “You met my sister, Camilla?”
“Ari, eh?” Camilla said, “So, I see you already made a friend here. She’s cute…. although what’s with the hair bun? Bad hair day or something?”
“Kinda.” Ari said, “Also, nice to meet you, too, Camilla.” She seems annoyed at that last line.



It is 3rd period time and the boys and girls got shared time as they got free time in the gym.
It was around the time that the Freshman, Sophomore, Junior and Senior classes have integrated their time.

Some of the guys and girls were playing basketball with Jericho and a few guys on them vs. Jasmine, Taz and even a few girls on their team, including one Camilla.
“Check it!” Jericho said.
He passes the ball to one of his teammates, about to make the shot but then Camilla easily blocked it and slammed it back down.
“YAAHH!!” Camilla shouted, “Got ya, boi!!!”

“OK, this girl is good. Hot damn!” Taz said.
Camilla got the ball on her. She’s showboating a bit by twirling the ball around to mess with the guys.
“I got this!!” She makes the shot and scores a winning shot.
“Yeah!!!” Camilla said.

“Who the hell is this girl!?” One guy said, “I’m surprised her ass isn’t on the team!!”
“I’ll say!!” Jericho said.

“How’s that for a game!?” Camila shouted, talking to both Jasmine and Taz.
“You definitely got some game!” Taz said, “I couldn’t keep up with you this whole time!”

“You run faster than I did after them!” Jasmine said, “And I’m on track!!”

“Track? Wait….are you that girl everyone has been buzzing on about?” Camilla said, “Jasmine Barrett-Kiritsnagi… or Jaz BK for short?”
“Jaz BK?” she questioned.
“Just to shorten the hyphen name you got.” Camilla said, “Yeah, I heard of you back at my old school.”
“Nice. I suspect good things, I hope.”
“Well….” Camilla said, “That and people think you and the basketball captain have a thing.”
“Wait, what?” Jaz and Taz said.
“Chill, chill…..I don’t believe in rumors.” Camilla said, “But you two are friendly with each other, tho.”

“Yeah, we’re just friends.” Jasmine said, “That’s it. We got each other’s backs.”
“All right. All right.” Camilla said, “Don’t want to start a fight or anything.”


While that was happening, Megumi and Taro were doing their stretching exercises in the background. Meanwhile, two boys were sneaking around and sneaked in the girls’ locker room…. unknown to them, someone knew it was bound to happen.

“Alright, we’re in.” Guy #1 said, “Now whose locker were raiding again?”
“Who do you think?” Guy #2 said, “Megumi Ashikaga and Taro Hattori! Have you seen the tits on them girls? All we got to do is steal their bras and we’re golden.”
They got to their lockers.
They’re trying to crack the lock very carefully.
There is a clink sound being made.
“Got it!!” They went and open it. Suddenly……

A loud boom was made in the room, as they are covered in blue paint.
“I’m blind!!!!  HELP!!!” One of them ran screaming out all blue in the face….and everywhere else, too.
The girls were noticing them coming from the room and they went inside to see that the room…… is perfectly fine and spotless.
“HEY!! What you perverts doing in the locker room!?” One girl shouted.
“They went looking for our underwear! We’re getting the coach on you!!” The rest of them ran off to put them in trouble.

Nico is casually weight-lifting in the other room, hearing all the commotion from there. Megumi and Taro walked in there to see him.
“So…..they fell for it?” Nico said.
“Hook, line and gotcha!” Taro said.
“Good thing we hid our clothes in your bag!” Megumi said, “…..You didn’t look in there, right? Nico?” As she stared at him with a dead-eye.

“Don’t worry, Megumi.” He said, giving her the bag.
“I didn’t look inside and made sure that no one else did.” Nico said.
Taro hugged him some more.
“You’re the best, Nico!” she said, “And everything’s in there!”
“Good thing I still had some paint packs from last year.”

“TIME TO CHANGE UP, GIRLS!!!” The coach said.

“Guess y’all should hurry back.” Nico said.
“Alright! We’ll see you later in Home Ec!!” Megumi said, “Later, Nico!”
“Later!!!” Taro shouted.

They went off to go and change in their rooms but as they went there and Nico is going back to change in the locker room, someone was keeping an eye on him.


“The same ‘ol thing!!” One girl said, “Guys trying to peek in our locker to see what they’ll never see.”
“And yet…. how they got blue on their face?” Jasmine said.
“Maybe we should’ve kicked their asses after it exploded.” Camilla said, “Give them no mercy!”

“Maybe it was a good thing your clothes wasn’t really in there, Megumi.” Another schoolgirl said.
“You too, Taro. How you two manage to not get raided out of your clothes?”

“I guess….” Megumi said, while changing clothes. “Get a friend to help you in your time of need.”
As she and Taro were changing, Camilla, Jasmine, Taz and the other girls couldn’t help but look at them and their….. well, busts.
“Holy shit, those girls have anime tits!” Camilla thought, “No wonder guys are trying to peek at us.”
“Oh my god….. and these are the girls that love hanging with my brother.” Jasmine thought.
“Damn, do they drink a lot of milk to gain those!?” Taz thought.

“Yeah, thankfully Nico helped us out!” As Taro just spouted out.
“NICO!?” The girls shouted.
“My brother?” Jasmine said, “He’s the one to help you out?”
“Yeah.” Megumi said, “We put our clothes in his bag and he kept watch to make sure no one snatches it.”

“Um…. who is Nico and should I know?” Camilla asked.

“Nico….” Taz said, “Is Jasmine’s little brother.”
“Delia!!” Jasmine said.
Cue classmates Delia, Tamari, Gaby, and Ammi chiming in.
“Jas, you know your brother is far from little! He’s like 6’ 3.” Delia said, “He’ll knock someone out if you steal from him or threaten and/or mess with those two.”
Then Tamari chimed in, “Well, at least he’s doing something to help Megumi and Taro out. It’s noble and admirable of him to do that…. plus, it makes him more attractive than he already is.”
All of the girls were surprised Tamari said that about him.
“What?” Tamari said, “Her brother is quite cute….at least, I think so. He does what jackasses here don’t.”
“In other words, you got a crush on him?” Delia quiped.
“HEY!!!” Tamari turned red.
“Although it’s been heat on him ever since that beef with him and Denzel.” Gaby said, “And weird since Denzel is Jericho’s brother and you’re tight with Jer but him—”

“LOOK!” Jasmine said, “Me and Jericho have been trying to squash that beef between them but both aren’t having it.”
“And he’s cool with you hanging with Jericho?”  Ammi said.
“He doesn’t have a problem with Jericho like he does with Denzel.” Jasmine said.

“Although Denzel does have a problem with me.” As Megumi chimed in, “I don’t know but he always seems to have some beef with me as well.”
“Same here.” Taro said, “We didn’t do anything to him but he always wants to take it out on us for some reason.”

“OK….this is getting interesting.” Camilla said, “Learning all about some specific beefs from this school’s past.”

“Well, that seems dickish.” Tamari said, “Neither both of you or even Nico deserve that.”
“Yeah….” Megumi said, “Hoping nothing extreme will come to it.”

“It won’t.” Jasmine said, “If Jericho knows anything about his bullshit, he’ll get on it and so will I….. especially if it’s about Nico.”
Jasmine then got dressed and walked out of there.

“So…..Tamari, your fascination with Nico.” Ammi joked on.
“STOP IT!!!” Tamari shouted, putting on her black skirt and sweater.

“I got one more question.” Delia said, “Was he the one that put those paint bombs in your locker so it blew up at their faces?”
“Well….. about that….” Megumi went on.

Taro interrupted with, “Oh, you mean this paint ball bomb things that Nico made a year ago?”
“Bomb!?” Ammi shouted.
“It’s just a timer, a pin and a big balloon of paint!” Megumi said, “No one dies from it!!!”
“Nico always seems to think ahead of stuff like this.” Taro said.



Nico was getting ready to hold on to his next class while listening to some music on his mp3 player.
He was getting into his music until the sound suddenly went off.
“Huh? What the?”
He then checked his phone and the battery was getting low.
“Oh damn! I thought I charged it back home.”

Coming from the other end of the hallway is Carlos running from something.
“What the f– He must be in a hurry or something!” Nico said.

“Get that boy!!! He got some cash on him!!!” Soon he heard voices coming from the last group of people he wanted to hear.
“Oh no……”
“Yo, who’s that other one!?” One of the goons shouted.

“I know who that fool is.” Coming from the darkness, it’s….. Denzel Mackie.
“Zel.” Nico said.
“Nico.” Denzel said, “You’ve seen some dude running by here?”

He did but Nico didn’t look like he wanted to help him. “Ain’t seen anyone.”
“You sure?” Denzel said, “He was running where you’re at right now. You’re not lying to me, aren’t you?”

“I was listening to my music.” Nico said, “I didn’t notice shit.”
“Sure, sure….you always say shit like that.” Denzel said, “But know this…..if your ass is lying, I’ll have to rob you instead.”
The first goon then went up and said, “You know what? Forget that kid, he was small change. I know Nico got some cash on him!!”
“Maybe!” Then Nico headbutted him down. “Or maybe not. Not money for your bitch ass!!”

Nico then started to run.
“Get ’em!!” Denzel said as him and the other goons starting chasing him.

Nico ran as fast as he could through the empty halls. He heard something coming from down the halls while losing sight of Denzel and his crew.
He then phased out of the way.
He then re-appeared to upstairs. He then run into Carlos.

“OH DAMN!!!” Nico shouted.
The expression on Carlos’ face meant that Nico must’ve seen him being transported there.

“What the… did you— where did…..” He spazzed and freaked out the fact that someone just appeared out of thin air. “Oh my god!!! You must be some type of wizard of time and–”
“I’m a Hybrid!!” Nico said.
“A Hybr–” Nico then shut Carlos’ mouth up and tries to quiet him down.

“Yes and I rather you not reveal it to the WHOLE DAMN WORLD!!” Nico said, “But….. I can keep you safe from those goons!! Understand me?”
He shook his head.
“By the way….. name is Nico.” he said.

The faint sounds of Denzel and his dudes are getting louder, they are getting closer and they have to stay hidden.
“Quick! In the locker!!” As he shoves himself and Carlos in there.
“Sorry if it’s too crowded.” Nico whispered.

“Where is that fucker!!?” Denzel said, “Damn, I lost him and that Nico!!! And now I need some food.”
“Good thing my mom works at the Dusty Deli.” one goon said, “We get a discount on chicken wings!!”
“They better have lemon pepper this time.” Soon, they have left and descended to another place.


“OK, I think they’re gone now.” Nico said, “Let’s go.”
He then phased out of the locker and back into the music room.

“Wow….man, I don’t know how to thank you for protecting me…” Carlos said, “I swear. I owe you my life, man.”
“You don’t owe me anything.” Nico said, “But just steer clear of Denzel Mackie and his crew, the Bolt Cutters.”
“The Bolt Cutters?” Carlos asked.
“One of the gangs around this area.” Nico said, “Yep, gangs still exist in this day and age but not exactly one with a heart of gold. They shoot just to shoot, screw just to screw and that’s in both meanings and has a lust for power.”
“Look, it’s a long story that I don’t have time to tell you…..also I’m kinda hungry.” Nico said, “Oh, and I almost forgot.”
He handed him $10.
“In case those dudes tried to rob you of your lunch money.”

“Wow…… thanks……” Carlos said.
“Oh, and I never did get your name.”
“It’s Carlos. Carlos Gemini.”

“Ah…. Carlos Gemini.” Nico said, “Well, I never did said my full name……it’s Nico Antonio Barrett-Kiritsnagi.” He left the room on his way to the next class while Nico has a free period.

“NICO!!” That was the sound of Megumi calling his name as she, Taro and another guest Tamari were checking up on him at the music room.
“Hey, Nico-Nico-Nico-Nee!” Taro said.
“Heh?” Tamari said.
“That’s my nickname for him.” Taro said.

“I’m here.” Nico said, “Again, working on some new beats.”
“Always hard at work at stuff that’s not school-related.” Megumi said.

“Yeah, you know me.” he said. Then he sees Tamari.
“Hey….Tamari, right?”

“Hey, Nico.” She said, “You usually be here around lunch time?”
“Sometimes….I don’t have any spare cash to go to places like the Dusty Deli or Chevalier’s like so many people.” Nico said, “Plus, I’ve been working on losing some weight recently.”

“Hmmm….” Tamari said, “I think you’re doing a fine job on that, but aren’t you a bit famish?”
“Yeah.” Megumi said, “You should at least have something to eat!”
“Like this banh mi!!” As Taro presented in front of him. “I got it from that Vietnamese place near here!!! It’s really delicious!! They got all these different kinds of varieties…. like pork, chicken, sardine, pate….. there’s even an ice cream banh mi!!” She shoves one in his mouth.

“TARO!!” Nico shouted, but he ends up eating it anyway. “….. It’s actually delicious. Quite tasty, too.”
“And that’s the pork one!!” Taro said, “I got this baby all by myself!” As Taro chows down on her banh mi.
“Here’s a drink, too, in case you’re thirsty.” Megumi said.
“Thanks! So, you three up to something?” he asked.
“Well, not much.” Megumi said, “Just went to get lunch. That’s it.”
Tamari added, “We wanted to get to the Dusty Deli but Denzel and his gang occupied it and we don’t want to get noticed there.”

“Yeah, I heard he was there.” Nico said. “Earlier, he was trying to rob this poor kid of his money. Thankfully, we managed to get away from him.”

Tamari needed to say something about this.
“Hey, um… Nico?”
“Why are you and Denzel been fighting like this?”

Megumi and Taro got surprised as she brought it up.
“Oh, that….” he said, “I think ever since that incident on Canterray Street 3 years ago, me and him have been at it with his boys always going at me as well.”
“Along with messing with Megumi and Taro?” Tamari asked.
“Yup.” Nico said, “He thinks I got one of his people caught and sent to jail for 6 years. He swore that he’ll have revenge on me when I wasn’t even there that night. I was taking care of Megumi when she caught a cold.”

“How you feel with your sis hanging with Jericho Mackie then?” Tamari asked him.

“She can do whatever she wants.” Nico said, “I’m not trying to force ’em apart. They can hang out with each other to their hearts content and I can take Denzel messing with me but once he went for Megumi and Taro…. nah, it got personal.”

“You sure you can handle Denzel and his crew?” Tamari said, “They may not have guns or anything but they will try and actually hurt you. I heard stories of people running into them and getting beaten to a bloodied pulp.”
“She’s right, you know.” Taro said, “Nico, we don’t want anything to happen to you.”
“I know you seem like you can take them on and we’re not saying you can’t.” Megumi said, “We just don’t want you to get hurt.”

“I know, I know.” Nico said, “But it’s like my dad said to me before, sometimes your worse enemy will go through you by hurting those close to you…. and Denzel is one of those.”


“HEY, GET OFF MY BROTHER, DAMMIT!!!!” They heard a noise outside the music room.
“The hell’s that?” Taro shouted.

Nico took a look outside and see that Carlos got cornered by Denzel and his boys again but this time…..
“Hey, my brother hasn’t done shit to y’all!! BACK THE FUCK UP!!” It was Camilla confronting them.
“Bitch, you better calm your ass down!” Denzel said, “Or your brother’s wallet isn’t the only thing getting snatched.”
“I dare you to do some shit to me!” Camilla said, “You and your band of bitches aren’t going to do anything to me!”
“Bet!” As one of the goons attacked Camilla, grabbing her wrist and twisting her arm.


“SHIT!!” Nico said, “That’s the guy I was helping out earlier!!! Zel must have seen him after lunch!!
“I’ll call the principal!!” Tamari said.
“No time!!!” Nico said, “It’ll be too late when she arrives!! We have t–”


“HEY!!!” Then out of the blue, here comes Ari to the rescue. “LEAVE HIM ALONE!!”

“And here comes Ari.” Nico said.
“ARI!?” Megumi and Taro shouted.
“The hell is she doing there?” Taro said.


“Oh what!?” Denzel said, “You sticking up for him as well, Yubari!? Do you have any dignity, man! At least let yourself get robbed in private!”
One of the goons looked behind him and spotted Nico and the others watching their every move.
“And they spotted us.” Tamari said.

“Zel…. we got more.” he said, “It’s Nico and his squad!”
“Nico, eh?” Denzel said, “Get his ass over here!”

Nico then came outside to confront them as well.
“Wait…..what about them girls? They got to—”
“What do they got to do with it!?” Nico said, “You wanted me? You got it but they ain’t got shit to do with this!”

“NICO!!?” Ari yelled, “The hell are you doing?”
“I should be asking you that, Ari!!!” Nico yelled.

“Wait, you guys know each other?” Carlos questioned.
“We’re cousins!” Ari yelled.
“Hold on!!” Camilla yelled, “You’re Nico? THAT Nico!?”
She faces Ari. “And you know him as well!?”
“You know Carlos!?” Ari yelled at Nico.
“Wait…..” Nico pointed at Camilla, “Who in the hell are you?”
“She’s my sister!!” Carlos yelled.
“Wait…..” Camilla said, “So Ari and Nico are cousins, that makes Jasmine Ari’s cousin as well and….” She spots Megumi, Taro and Tamari right next door.
“Even them!? They witnessing this, too!?” she pointed out.

“I hate to admit that this is getting good.” Tamari joked as Megumi and Taro have some popcorn for this.
“So many twists and turns!” Taro said.
“Be careful, Nico……” Megumi said.

“Yeah, we’re getting into a lot of reveals today!” Nico yelled, “But the thing we’re going to get at it this…’re not robbing this dude!”
“Well then…” Denzel said, “You want to take his place!?”
“Oh, you know you have to fight my ass for it!!”

Then a group of kids walking by, witnessing all of what’s happening down there.
“Holy shit, there’s going to be a fight!! Get everyone here!!” Soon, half of the latter grades shown up to witness the fight.

“The hell’s going on?” As Jericho was wondering about the commotion and he runs out to see that Denzel and Nico are about to fight.
“What the f– ZEL!!!”
Then Jasmine wonders the same thing as she’s getting as the crowd gets larger and she sees….





2019-2020 Ctrl/Alt/Del / Katana+ / AFNG Productions.


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