There was a loud ruckus of sirens while the 6 were asleep.
MAK woke up with bad bed afro and noticed someone on the front lawn.
“What the hell?” MAK said, “It’s like motherfucking 8 in the morning.”
The girls are also noticing the loud noise outside.
“What the fuck is that racket?” Tomoki said, “I was actually having a good dream back there.”
“It’s coming from outside.” Cassie said, “And it sounds like the normal police sirens.”
Joanna checked outside. “It is and they’re surrounding out place for some reason.”
Then came a knock on the door.

“Hello! This is the Society Police ordered by the Panda Pride Parlay to check this house for any dangerous activity.”
“Dangerous activity!?” MAK said.
“Is this where Agent Joanna Yubari is currently staying?”
All of them looked straight at Joanna. “Yes….but what is t—Oh no… you’re–”
“We’re doing a surveillance check on every Faction agent in regards to recent events from the attack to the Darksiders’ capture to and since everyone in here seems to know them–”
“Except that we didn’t know about their drama.” Kai said, “They didn’t call us or tell us what they were going! We know jack shit!”

“Yeah……..or maybe you choose to forget it and play dumb in front of us.” the head officer said.
“What the f—Are you dumb as shit! So, most of my friends are either dead or missing, my sister is in the hospital…. you really think you want to mess with a concerned sister today?”
The officer was getting annoyed and so was the others.
Then Joanna interfered, “Look, officer, we have nothing to hide. We didn’t know anything about the Darksiders disappearance. Right now, we’re mourning for their deaths and the fact we might never see them again. SO….could you please leave us alone?”

“Look, Ms. Yubari, we have a job to do.” he said, “And if you and your crew doesn’t like the way we do things……well, too bad. Maybe if the Faction would have a better job protecting its people, we wouldn’t be here.”
Then a passing officer went by, “And I’m not about to be told by some porn star looking bitch and her band of bitches and fuck boy.”
“Excuse me!?” Joanna said, “You know you’re talking to another officer here!!!”
“I don’t give a fuck!” the officer said pointing his gun at them, “I don’t take orders from you and if you interfere with us, you and your friends are catching bullets from us, you hear?”
“The fuck did he say?! FUCK BOY!” MAK said, “Fuck restraint!! I’m beating your ass!”

But then another officer pinned him to the ground.
“AAAAAH!!!” MAK said.
“MAK!!” Kai, Sheena and Joanna shouted.
“Control yourself, Mr. Kiritsnagi.” he said, “This is no time to act like a foolish gentleman!”
“Tell them that!!! Threatening to shoot an officer along with my friends and wife!!” MAK said, “FUCK THAT!!!” He then phased from the ground, grab the guy’s gun and aim it at his foot.
“Mr. Kiritsnagi, put down the gun!!” One officer said.
“Call off your squad, tell them to don’t shoot at my friends and then I’ll cooperate!!! If not, I’m shooting him point blank!” MAK did not bluff on that.
“You’re not gonna shoot!”
He then shot his foot. “AAAAHH!!!”
“Don’t try me!” MAK shouted, “Look, if you’re going to keep pissing me off, I’m just killing him right here, right now!”
“You make another move and you’re dead, fucker!!!”
“AGAIN, TRY ME, HOUSE NIGGA!!” MAK shouted, “All of you are going to get fucked up and regret it!!!”

“MAK, PLEASE, DON’T DO ANYTHING YOU’LL REGRET!!!” Joanna shouted. “This isn’t worth it!!!”
“Please don’t shoot him!!!” Kai begged, “He’s not a killer!!”
“MAK, don’t die for this bullshit! WE NEED YOU!!” Sheena shouted and Tomoki and Cassie are looking more worried than ever at the possible outcome.
However, as MAK looked like he wanted to shoot him, he didn’t want to cause more trouble and have anyone worry about him. He did let him go and he slowly drop the gun, got to the ground and surrendered.
“All right, cuff him.” he said, “Get Alon on the phone!”
They placed the cuffs on MAK.
“AH! SHIT!” MAK shouted as he got cuffed.
“Let’s go…. you’re lucky we didn’t shoot you on the spot.” Another officer said.
The girls then proceed to go along with them.
“What’s about to happen to him?” Kai asked.
“We’re taking him in for question. Some of your friends are already in there…. someone by the name of Kati Turner.”


However, as they got to the station, this time, they send in Jiro first to talk to MAK.
“MAK……..why……….just why?” he said.
“Jiro, you know they had no business coming in my place and threatening anyone in there!” MAK said, “They were out of control and acting like hostile assholes!”
“They had a warrant to search you and anyone associated with the Darksiders…..” Jiro said, “Ever since this happened, they are looking at everyone they have become close to and all of us have that pleasure and considering that….my baby sister is now gone rogue.”

“Look, you know the Darksiders are not about that life and neither is Sayuri. I know Sei can vouch for them since they did help rescue her from those kidnappers a year ago while you were in the hospital.”
“MA–Marco…..” Jiro said, “I know people like Cyan, Seiki and especially Joanna often tell me that you are a good man trying to live your life and I do see that in you….”
“One said that they would shoot them.” MAK said, “I wasn’t about to have that….and some of them even disrespected Joanna.”
“That I heard, too.” Jiro said, “I actually passed by the cop that did say that….and proceeded to punch him in the jaw for that remark.”
“That re-affirms me why I don’t like cops like that dickhead.” MAK said.
“Believe me, so do I.” Jiro said, “But now you just gave him and maybe the PPP ammo on locking your ass up and you know I don’t want that. No one in the Faction wants that nor your friends!! Marco, I’m just giving you a warning. If you’re going to do something, you can’t be in their way. You got it?”
MAK shook his head. “Yes, sir.”

MAK left the room and he saw an agitated Kati leaving after a conversation with Alon.
“I see you met one panda you wouldn’t cuddle.” MAK said as she saw her.
“Yeah, I rather put a hot rod in my ass than deal with this dick.” Kati said, “He kept on questioning me about the Darksiders’ whereabouts when I have no idea where they are.”
“They act like we got something to hide…. even though we always do but not today.” MAK said. “Now we’re on watch 24/7 for it!”
“Yeah, now they got guys watching the bar and some have been harassing Yuan this morning as well.”

Then Yuan comes into the conversation.
“One of them was looking me the wrong way, like he wanted to fuck me up badly.”
“They wanted to fuck you up badly.” MAK said, “And they’re not even hiding it. They are very upfront about it.”
“So, what now?” Kati said, “If we try to do what we always do, we’ll get more shit thrown at us! We are definitely fucked.”
“The word of the day.” MAK said.
“Try week.” Yuan said, “And speaking of that……MAK, I heard about what went on with you and the girls earlier. You should be lucky they didn’t try to shoot you or kill you.”
“I’ve been targeted all my life, Yuan. I should probably get used to that.” MAK said.
“Why?” Kati said, “MAK, in the last few months, there has been no drama, no grand wars, no bullshit. It was just living a normal life with normal problems that doesn’t turn catastrophic with your loving wife and now…. back to this?”
“Yeah, man.” Yuan said, “Now you have everybody in there just worried half to death if you were about to get shot……you have to talk about that with them sooner or later.”
“You have to let them know that you won’t risk your life like that again.” Kati said, “Unless it’s necessary.”
“So how am I supposed to do that?” he said.
However, guess who’s behind him.
“Well, you can talk to them behind now.” As Kati pointed out Kai, Sheena and Joanna behind him.

Back at the lobby where Tomoki and Cassie are talking about this ordeal.
“This is getting dangerous.” Tomoki said, “My god, we are back to those fucked up days of us fighting off guys like The Wolf Clan Genesis but now with the Panda Pride Parlay and somehow worse….”
“You mean that you had a clan that were a bunch of backwards-ass dicks?” Cassie said.
“At least you had Lady Aqua.” Tomoki said. “If only we can do something about it.”
“……… Maybe we can.” Cassie said.
“What?” Tomoki questioned her. “If you got a plan, how are we going to execute it? They have us watching our every move, even if we’re ex-Faction.”
“I can find a way.” Cassie said. “I always do. We just really have to be super discreet about it. Like we can’t let anyone know about it. Not even our friends…..”
“Cass, I’m not sure about it.” Tomoki said, “I mean, I want to stop this shit and get the PPP out of our lives but lying to our friends again and failing the majority of the time.”
“I know, I know.” Tomoki said, “But trust me, I got something of a plan to do that.”


Back at the hallway……

“MAK……” Kai said, “Back there with you threatening to end a cop’s life and everyone was just itching to shoot you…. I was terrified. I was terrified that not only that my sister is in the hospital, my husband was going to get shot and killed by the police.”
“Not only that…” Sheena said, “You looked like you were enjoying it. The expression on your face had that ferocious look and mostly scary.”
“MAK, I know what you’re about to say.” Kai said, “I know you’re not a monster, I know you’re not this uncontrollable beast and you’re trying to do better but this time it was almost done for you.”
“I had to do what I had to do!!” he said, “Those guys had no right to threaten you by saying they’ll shoot you!! I am not about to let them walk all over us and abuse us like that!!”
“And then they’ll make it harder for us!!!” Kai argued.
“THEY’LL DO THAT ANYWAY!!” MAK argued back. “Either way, I’m damned!! They will keep fucking with us until we’re good and dead! You heard about the PPP possibly taking over for the Faction in terms of the law and how bad they get according to Tomoki and Kati! We’re screwed!!”
“We can still fight it!” Sheena said.
“With what?” MAK asked.
“Our DAMN MINDS!! You forgot!?” Sheena retorted.
With all that said, the only one that’s been silent for a good amount of time has been Joanna. “Hey, JoJo, don’t you got something to say to this?”
Joanna had finally got up to say something but they saw tears in her eyes and trying to fight back crying, thus having everyone concerned.

“Joanna…?” Sheena worryingly responded. “Baby……wha?”
“No, I’m f—No, I’m not.” she said, “I thought with me being part of the law that I could handle situations like this and could function well in these……but when it’s something involving people I care about, I just…. I just…. MAK, why in the hell you have to shoot that cop?! You almost got killed for it!!! And they were close to pulling the trigger and I would’ve lost another friend to being shot by careless cops!!!” She then ran off to the restroom with her still sobbing.
“I’m going to try to calm her down.” As Sheena runs to Joanna’s need.
The rest then commented on that remark.
“Hot damn, Joanna.” Kati said, “You really have a lot to make up for, MAK.”

“So you got all that?” Cassie said, after explaining the plan to Tomoki.
“Let me get this straight. You want us both to find the people who did the attack, fight and subdue them, put them to justice and you’ll think the PPP will go away?”
“It couldn’t hurt to try.” Cassie said.
“What about them watching over us?” Tomoki exclaimed, “You forgot about that part!! What do we do about them? They could follow us, report us and then we’ll be in worse shit than before.”
“Oh……I’ll think of something….” Cassie said.
Following that was the rest of the crew getting released.
“Hey, anything happened back there?” Tomoki asked.
“I got off with a warning.” MAK said, “They said if I don’t cooperate and act irrationally again, they might take me to jail.”
“Wait, Jiro said that to you?” Cassie said.
“Actually, Jiro give me the warning but the police said to my face that they’ll put me behind bars.” he said.
“And I know for us if that happened, they’ll make the rest of our lives miserable.” Cassie said, “And possibly make the Faction disband.”
“That is definitely not going to happen.” Kati said, “People are not dumb enough to choose the PPP to reign for the Society.”
“Hey, J, you’re not feeling well?” As Cassie went to see Joanna’s silent self and her just looking bleak, disheveled, and depressed. “Joanna?”
Kati went to Cassie and told her, “Joanna had a little breakdown back there and….she isn’t up for talking right now.”
“Was it that bad?” Tomoki said.
“It is….” MAK said, “It is.”



Everyone in the house is either preoccupied themselves with the usual of games, books, and anime but Joanna is on the couch sleeping.
Then MAK came along to sat down with her to watch TV.
She woke up to see him sitting down.
“Oh, sorry, I didn’t mean to wake you.” he said, “But since you’re awake, how you been feeling?”
“MAK, you know how I’ve been feeling all day today.” Joanna said, “Especially after……well…….”
“You talked to Kai about this again?” she asked.
“We did but right now, we just want to get our minds off that.” he said, “But I do see her point about me going overboard. Well, her and Sheena’s…..and yours, too.”
“MAK, I meant it when I said what I said.” she said, “We know what you can do to protect us and stop abusive authority figures from getting to us but whenever situations get too real, I couldn’t bear the thought of losing you.”
“But you know I’ve been in shit like this before.”
“I know, I know!!!” Joanna said, hugging his arm. “But this is different to me! We weren’t in some dangerous situation like those times! We were in our dream vacation house! This was supposed to be our good times together with you and Kai and me and Sheena and Tomoki and Cassie and…”
She was starting to cry again.

“If I lost one of you, I don’t know what I’ll do. It almost reminded me of Tyrell and to be honest, I sometimes see a bit of him in you and while a part of me likes that, I don’t want you and him to share the same fate.” Joanna said, “MAK….please promise me that I won’t hear anything else about you getting into trouble. I want us to be friends for a long, long time. I want to see all of us grow old together, still be tight with each other…..who knows, maybe see ourselves have kids and see them grow up someday.”
MAK wide-eyed for a minute.
“You know what I mean!” she said.
“All right, Joanna.” he said, “I swear that I promise you that I’ll never try to get myself in trouble again or at least not on purpose.”
“I can accept that.” Joanna said, hugging MAK.
“I just hope the rest of the week doesn’t go bad.” he said.
“Hey, I’m a Faction officer.” Joanna said, “I’ll do whatever it takes to keep my people happy and alive.”


Next hour, they see Tomoki and Cassie going out for something. “Hey guys, the two of us are going out for a bit. It might be a while so don’t wait up on us!”
“We might bring back a pizza or something!” Tomoki said.
Cassie didn’t expect that.
“What?” Tomoki silently said, “We have to have an alibi.”
“Can you throw in some wings!?” MAK shouted.
“You got money for that!?” Cassie shouted. Then MAK walks up and gave them a $10.
“Well, damn. Good man.” Cassie said.

The two went downtown to see any info on the attacks on the Faction lately.
“So where should we go for any info?” Cassie said, “At least one that doesn’t get us into more trouble.”
“Don’t worry. I know someone who might help me.” Tomoki said, “An old friend I haven’t seen in a while….and you haven’t seen at all.”
“Huh?” Cassie said.
“Long story.” Tomoki said, “It might take too much time.”
“I got the time. Tell me.”
“OK, I met her when I was at exile from the Society and traveling around.” Tomoki went on, “She said that she was from there and she was a former biker at this club that got disbanded a while back and no, I didn’t fuck her!”
“OK then!” Cassie said, “I guess you wanted to clear that you didn’t fuck around.”
“That and I don’t want you slapping me.” Tomoki said.
“Now, now, Moki, the only thing I slapped on you is your ass and we both love that.” Cassie smirked seductively
“We’re here.” Tomoki stopped as she sees the person they’re meeting. A yellow blonde-haired woman wearing all leather pants, jacket and a t-shirt was smoking a cigarette near the station.
“Tomoki? Tomoki Miayama, that you?” she said.
“T.K.?” Tomoki shouted.
“T.K.?” Cassie questioned.
“Yep, that’s my name!” T.K. said, “And thankfully you don’t know my real name and we’ll keep it that way…. for professional reasons and such. Miayama, you’re back in town!!!”
“Yeah, I’ve been back for some time now.” she said, “I’ve just been lying low for a while.”
“I see you got someone with you this time.” T.K. said, “I take it this is your dear Cassandra.”
Cassie took a pause for a few seconds.
“Cassandra?” she looks at Tomoki weirdly.
“Yeah…” T.K. said, “Whenever she talks about you, she says your proper name with extra lovin’ to it. She always let everybody know that she was taken by you and only you.”
“Awww!” Cassie lovingly said.
“Even if the suitors stripped for you and danced for you. Men and women!” T.K. said with Tomoki looking shocked and confused and Cassie gripping her hand in pain.
“Stripped?” Cassie said. “Wait, is she telling the truth?” But T.K. laughed as she was faking that whole ordeal.
“Psych! I’m just fucking with you!” T.K. said, “Come inside! I’ll tell you what you need to know and what I can do to help!”

They got inside her place.
“So, what you need my assistance for?” T.K. said, “Got some IRS on your ass? Stalker? Spotted by that masturbating pervert that’s been on the loose?”
“What!?” Tomoki and Cassie shouted.
“OK, I take it not that.” T.K. said.
“You remember the PPP?” Tomoki asked her.
“Oh, God, those people. What about them?”
“You heard about the Faction attacks that happened and how they are planning to take over for them and possibly could be in there permanently.”
“Oh……No……” T.K. said, “That could mean trouble for not only you guys but everybody is getting fucked under their order.”
“Exactly!!” Tomoki said.
“And we need to find those people who attacked our friends and hopefully we’ll get them off our back and things will be back to normal.” Cassie said.
“Good……so you need me to look on who might them?” T.K. said, “Because we could be here for a while. There’s a lot of people and newer gangs showing up. Once one dies, another one sprouts up and looking to reign.”
“We got all night.” Tomoki said, “I’m sure the guys will understand.”



MAK and Kai were getting cozy, watching TV while he was assuring her that everything should be under control.
“Hey…..I know I acted fucking crazy today. Like crazier than I ever have.” MAK said, “Kai, I’m so sorry that I acted like that. You know I had to do whatever to protect all of you.”
“MAK, I know.” she said, “And you always have a good intention.”
“I just took it too far with the cop shooting.”
“Yeah, there’s that.” Kai said, “You had all of us worried there, especially Joanna. You talk this with her earlier?”
“Yeah, I did.” MAK said, “It should help calm her down some.”
“Well, I think Sheena got that handled now.” Kai said, “Strangely enough, it’s not as loud as I thought it would be.”
“Maybe it’s more love-making than just sex this time.” he said.
Kai then have wandering eyes. “So, how about we get to love-making, eh?” She leans forward to kiss him and he went along with it and them making love is now happening.
However, it looks like a bunch of guys in hoods are scoping the place out and one person walked up to the street.

“Alright, Blue Hybrid, this is where you and your girls are at?” It was Talli Digga.
“Prepare for me……motherfucker.”

In the other room, Sheena and Joanna were halfway into their love session with Sheena performing oral sex on Joanna.
Joanna is panting and moaning and squealing softly in passion as she softly moans Sheena’s name in the heat of the moment.
A couple of guys were at the back as they were at the circuit breaker as they went and cut the power.
“Huh?” MAK shouted as the lights went off.
“The hell’s going on?” Kai shouted.
“AAAH!!!” Joanna screamed.
“Who in the h—” Sheena shouted, “Who cut the lights!?”
The two heard someone outside the room and they proceed to hide away from the commotion.
“Oh fuck!” Joanna quietly said, “Who was that?”
“I don’t know.” Sheena said, “But I’m not sticking around here to find out. We got to find MAK and Kai.”
MAK and Kai got up to see what was going on.
“Did the circuit breaker gone wacko?” Kai asked.
“I don’t know.” MAK said, “A quick check should solve things.”
He went outside to see about the breaker and noticed it being tampered with.
“The hell?” he said as he spies some tools left behind. “Did some fools just fuck our system and–”
Then someone got the jump on MAK and they went to choke him with a wire.

“MAK!!” Kai shouted.
Then a couple of guys broke in the windows with weapons slinging.
“Surprise, surprise, bitch!!!” One guy said, popping in Joanna and Sheena.
“AAAAAAHH!!!!” Joanna said as she got her gun and shot him quick.
“Kai, we got intruders!” Sheena said.
“And you got me!!” Another guy sneaked on Sheena and attacked Joanna with a big switch blade. “Gotcha, ho!!”

MAK is still being choked by the same guy but then MAK snatched a crowbar and knocked the guy out with one blow.
2 more guys went in, coming at him with a lot of blunt objects and ready to attack.
“FUCK HIM UP!!!” they shouted.
MAK got the crowbar and jammed it straight through one of their stomachs and he pulls it back from the other side, causing him to bleed.
“You want fuck with me, you sorry fucks!? Who the fuck sent you!?” MAK shouted.
“Nigga, the only way you’re finding out is in a body bag!!!” They lunge to attack again.
“Alright, mami!!” One guy talking to Sheena as he got Joanna at knife-point. “You got nowhere to run or hide!!! And I got your friend here and I’m gonna walk out of here with this bitch and we’re going to have some fun with her! Maybe me and my niggas can run a train on them ass and titties!!!”
Sheena tries to make a move but he still got the drop on her.
“CAREFUL!! I can still kill her and you don’t want that.” he said, “Unless you give yourself up and we can both have some fun with you and maybe that other girl once we kill that big motherfucker out there.”
However, Kai was right behind him and she got him in the throat, grabbing the switch blade from him and Joanna got out of there quick.
“What in the hell is going on?” Sheena said.
“Who are these guys and why are they coming for us!?” Joanna asked.
“I thought the so-called police and the PPP is watching us or some shit!” Kai said.

“Well……” Then someone came in the house and once again, it was Talli Digga, “They were busy with other shit.”
“Wait…..who in the hell are you?” Sheena said.
“Oh, that’s right. Some of you don’t know me.” Talli said, “But I do know some people of yours…. like the Darksiders….and your sister, little Kai-Kai.”
Kai started to panic.
“Oh yeah…. I’m the person that put your sister in the hospital and those damn Darksiders out-of-town.”
“You son of a bitch!!” Joanna said, pulling her gun out.
“Aw, I make Miss J-cup Nancy Drew upset?” Talli said, “You worried you won’t have much friends left to give tit-jobs to?”
“If you don’t fuck off out of here!” Joanna got angry and pissed off.
“How about after I fuck up your man out there?” As Talli pointed out MAK fighting the rest of those guys out there.
“Shoot him! Shoot him!!!” One guy got the sight on MAK to shoot but MAK grab another guy to place him in front of the bullet.

“Miss me, bitch!!” he throws the guy in front of him and then stabs him with a broom with a sharp edge.
“Get this nigga!” One of them got behind him and went in to cut him at the cheek of his face. But then MAK trips another guy, got his blade and stuck it inside him.
“OK, I’m really getting tired of having to stab and kill you fucks so I’m going to be quick about this!!” MAK suddenly got into Hybrid mode and he gathered all the dudes, beat and slam them against the wall and throw out of them into the pool, he threw another guy at the tool shed but landed on a bunch of rakes and shovels.
He grabbed one of the guys, knocked him unconscious and gently push him to the pool.
“Ow….” MAK said, as he’s very beat up and a bit wounded from the battle.
Then Talli is clapping as she, along with the girls, are very near. “I see that you haven’t lost a step in your moves, MAKky boy.”

“I know you from……”
“MAK, It’s Talli Digga!” Kai said, “The girl from the New Jacks!”
“Oh…. now I remember her.” MAK said, “Didn’t I kill one of your buddies there?”
“And guess what? They killed some of your buddies a few days ago.” Talli said.
“What the hell you want from me?”
“The fuck you think I want?” Talli shouted, “I want your fucking blood in my hands!!! You cost me a lot of money and not only you got to pay the price, everyone you know and love will do the same as well. Hell, your sister-in-law understood that meaning.”
“…. The fuck?” He then came to the realization (with the flashback of Cyan saying that it’s someone that both him and Kai knew) that she was the one that put Cyan in the hospital. “No……”
“BINGO!!!” Talli said, “I already told your lover…. or one of them. But the point is that I’m coming to settle the score once and for all and I figure since I put down the older sibling, I can go for the younger one with a few friends of hers and of course, the big entrée in the room being YOU!!” Talli went in to attack MAK but he threw her back outside only for her to swing back and kick him square in the stomach and lunged back into the wall.
“Any of you bitches wanna try me?!” Talli shouted.
Sheena jumped in and went in for a punch and kick in the leg but Talli head butted her and threw her at the pool.
The other guys thrown at the pool were trying to drown her down.
“Get that bitch!” They were swimming for her.

“Oh, Kai-Kai….” As Talli went close to her with her hands close to her neck, “Looks like you got no one to protect your ass now.”
Then Joanna pulled Talli from Kai and Joanna punched her in the throat, smash a beer bottle to her head and then used a phone book to knock her out.
“So this thing is useful for something.” Joanna said.
Sheena was trying to climb out of the pool but some of the goons were still trying to capture her and Kai immediately grabbed on to Sheena to pull her out of there.
“We got to call the Faction!!” Kai said, “Immediately before sh–”
“She what?” Talli got back up. “Wakes up?”
She chokes Joanna and got her down to her knees. “Oh, how convenient. You’re choking on something and you’re down to your knees!”
“Get the hell off her!!” Sheena shouted but Talli got a blade and stabbed her in the leg.

“SHEENA!!!” Joanna screamed while still choking.
Kai then got a needle and stuck inside Talli’s back but she wasn’t budging.
“I’m still going to kill you and this bitch and her bitch and MAK, too!” Talli shouted and throws a knife at Kai but she dodges it.
Joanna then spots someone behind her and immediately gut-punches her to run and when Talli tries to run, MAK was the one behind her and he grabbed her and did a German Suplex move and threw her out of the house.
“That bitch punches hard.” MAK said. “Is the Faction coming? We got her ass and–” One moment later, Talli disappears.
“What the fuck! She’s gone!!” And the Faction along with the local police and the PPP just arrived.

“So, a bunch of guys just showed up, ready to kick and beat your ass and this woman was also there to beat you to shit!?” One of the cops questioned MAK on what happened.
“Yes.” MAK said, “That is what happened tonight. We were enjoying our night and motherfuckers just came in here and attacked us.”
“Alright, buddy. We’ll keep that in mind.” One of the officers said, but soon rolled his eyes after leaving. “Prick. He got what he deserves.” He said under his breath.
“Bitch-ass cop.” MAK said under breath as well.

Then Joanna went to tell this all to Jiro and Sei.
“Look, the woman who came up to us is named Talli Digga.” she said, “That’s all I know about her, aside from her former group the Eastin City New Jacks feuding with the Darksiders. We need to find this woman and put her to justice.”

“Now you’re telling me she just up and says that she was the one that took down Barrett?” Sei said.
“I’m positive.” Joanna said, “We heard Cyan told us that it was someone who MAK and Kai encountered and–”
“They did because they helped out the Darksiders that one time.” Sei said, “AKA the reason why the PPP aren’t that thrilled about them and so far, neither are us.”
“We got info now!!” Joanna said, “We have the tools to–”
“Ms. Yubari!!” As Alon walked into their conversation, “I understand you know who’s the culprit behind taking out Barrett, correct?”
“Yes.” Joanna said, “The woman came into our house and attacked us!!! That has to be a reason to track her ass down!”
“Well, since you and the rest of your friends know……you’re off the case then.” he said.
“WHAT!?!” Joanna shouted. “Off?”
“She knows who you are and she’ll come for all of you again!!” Sei said, “We need to put all of you under protective custody. Mainly the PPP’s protective custody.”

“That is actually a better idea, Ms. Goto.” Alon said, “Now I just need to speak to the ever-so powerful Blue Hybrid about that? Where did he go?”
“I can’t believe this shit.” MAK said.
“Two attacks on us in a row?” Kai said, “That’s usual with us, MAK. It’s just getting too much for us right now.”
“She’s going to keep attacking until we’re down and dead.” he said, “If her people manage to drive the Darksiders out-of-town, imagine what she’ll do with us.”
“Hopefully, the PPP can protect us from them.” Kai said.
“How long though?” MAK said, “I can’t just depend on them to save our asses!! We don’t even know if we can depend on them if they’re any good or not.”
“MAK, please don’t argue with me on this.” Kai said, “You said that you weren’t going to get like this anymore.”
“Look, back then……I get it. I acted a fool and I regret that but right now, once again, someone is after me and my people and I’m the only one that can bring them down.”
“MAK, please don’t do this!” she said.
“I don’t know if I’m going to yet.”
“Look, let the PPP do their thing and if they fuck up……then you do you but please, be careful and don’t let anyone especially Joanna know about it.”
“Oh shit…. that’s right.” MAK said.
“And you know not to get her worried……especially when she reveals a crush on you.” Kai said that last part silently.
“Huh? What you say?” MAK tried to hear what she said earlier.
“Nothing important!” Kai shouted.
Alon then bumped into him.
“Well, well, well…. now you are in deep trouble, mister.”
“Yeah, well, so are you and your damn flock.” MAK said, “You said y’all watching us but failed to stop any suspicious motherfuckers after us!!”
“I thought you got it handled!” Alon said, “You rough that cop up pretty good but got some bruises from some little thieves!”
“And TALLI DIGGA!!!” he said, “The main bitch responsible for hurting Cyan, for putting the Darksiders out-of-town and now for breaking in my place and harming me and my wife and my friends, motherfucker!!!!!!! So fucking do something about that shit, bitch!!”

Alon got himself a cigarette and blow some smoke on MAK’s face.
“You know she’s going to come back to finish the job, right?” he said, “Unless all of you put yourself in our custody, she will kill you and definitely kill them!!!”
MAK took Alon’s cigarette and threw it on the ground.
“Now……I’m not going to endanger the girls if I refuse your offer but for me, I’m better off on my own!”
MAK then proceed to walk out somewhere.
Then Sheena spotted him and started to follow.


Meanwhile, back at T.K.’s, Tomoki and Cassie called on Kai’s cell phone to check up on them.
“Hey, Kai!” Cassie said. “Listen, we might be out for a little longer than expected! We will bring back the food as promised!”
“Huh?” Kai said, “Uh, guys, now isn’t a good time to call. We just got attacked.”
“ATTACKED!?” Cassie shouted.
“The fuck!?” Tomoki said.
“A group of guys broke in our place and starts to attack each one of us. Got MAK injured a lot and that isn’t even the worst part.” Kai said.
While they were chatting on the phone, T.K. looked into her database on known gang members and affiliates and she spotted one picture of someone.
“Worst part?” Tomoki said.
“You know how Cyan said that her attacker is someone me and MAK encountered before?”
Then T.K. showed them a photo.

“Same person that attacked us and responsible for the Darksiders’ disappearance.” Kai said.
“You know their name?” Cassie said.
“……..It’s Talli Digga.” And as Kai said that, the photo T.K. got is one of Talli Digga.
“Oh shit.” Tomoki said, “Is there anyone from the Faction there? You tell them who it is?”
“We did. Well, Joanna did.” Kai said, “And because of that, she got taken off the case and we have to be in protective custody of the PPP.”
“WHAT!!?!” Tomoki and Cassie said.
“The Faction thinks it’s best for us to go under their protection for now.” Kai said. “We have no other options at this point!”
“Oh, fuck. Oh shit!!!” Tomoki quietly said.
“You think it’s best for us at this point?” Cassie said.
“I’m willing to do anything to keep us safe.” Kai said, “So far, I heard they’re doing good with Cyan right now. I hope we could have that much safety, too.”
Tomoki wanted to shout that the PPP isn’t to be trusted so hard. She got the phone and said, “OK. If it means you and the others will be safe, so be it.”
“All right then. I got to go.” Kai said, “Alon said that you need to get your asses back here pronto before midnight.”
“How about Alon can kiss my Asian a–”
Cassie snatched the phone, “OK, OK, we’ll be there. We’ll see you later.” She hanged up the phone.
“Anything happened?” T.K. asked.
“Our home got attacked and now our friends are in even more danger!” Tomoki said, “That photo of that person…… she’s the one that knocked Cyan and now she and a bunch of other goons hit our place and even got MAK injured in the process.”
“MAK?” T.K. said.
“The Blue Hybrid.” Cassie and Tomoki said.
“OOH! That guy!! I forgot you knew him and shit!” T.K. said.
“We got to get those guys as fast as we can!” Tomoki said, “Hit them before they can hit us again!!”
“With what?!” Cassie said, “We don’t even know who were the rest of the guys are.”
“I can get some people on that in an instant!” T.K. said, “There’s been a lot of guys forming a new gang in Eastin City’s name since the New Jacks are done.”

“Another gang!?” Tomoki said.
“Hey, once one falls, another one will pick up the pieces and looks to reign.” T.K. said, “Like I said, I know a couple of girls that can help you with your shit!! I know some more people but they are a bit busy at the moment.”
“We don’t know yet but if shit happens, we’ll give you a call.”


As MAK was about to head off to the city to blow some steam off, Sheena spotted him before he can take off.
“MAK…… you going somewhere?” she said.
“I’m not going far. Just the Turner Express.” he said, “If you’re worried, don’t. I’ll–”
“You got knocked out several times today.” Sheena said, “And we just had a break-in and you’re just–”
“I’m just going to ensure Kati and Yuan that all of us are good and if you’re thinking that I should call them, I think me showing up would make it better.” MAK said.
“MAK……” Sheena said, “Look, I get that today has not been the best day for any of us but now that we are under the PPP protection–”
“Um, you and the rest of the girls are under them.” he said, “I’m not following a damn thing from them!”
“WHAT!?” Sheena shouted, “Fool, are you crazy as fuck!? You know how strict they are from what Tomoki said about them!”

“If they fucked up one time tonight with them watching over us, imagine the next time!” MAK said, “I’m trying to come up with a better way to get those fucks and me sitting around waiting for them to come is not the answer!!”
Sheena kept blocking him from getting to the bike.
“And what? Going gung-ho Blue Hybrid is?!” Sheena yelled, “Every time we do something like this, there’s always and I mean, ALWAYS consequences our asses have to suffer with!! Like losing all friends in death, us getting trouble with the law, homes invaded…. you forgot I went to jail before for killing a guy!?”
“In self-defense.” MAK said, “Look, Sheena, I said to never to that to the cops. For these motherfuckers, their only option is death! If Talli is looking for a fight, she getting it and it’s going to end with her ass dead on the ground!!”
“MAK, this isn’t like before.” Sheena said, “This isn’t the Faction that’s just breathing down our necks! It’s the whole damn law enforcement in this town. One screw-up and you can get life and you know how much that can really fuck us up both mentally, emotionally and physically?”

“I’m not going to mess up.”
“You don’t know that!” Sheena said, “And I don’t know that! All of us don’t know back at those times if we’ll survive or not in those situations and I swear if something happens to you…..I don’t know what I’ll do.” She starts to tear up.
“I know it’s cliché to do this—actually, no, it’s not cliché for me to worry about you doing this!” She then runs up to him and hold him.

“MAK, you’re one of my dear best friends.” She softly said, “I know I joke a lot about you and us and making harem jokes but hell, even if we did do that…. I’d be happy knowing it was someone like you we’re close with. Please…be safe.”
She then walked away and let MAK proceed into going to the Turner Express.

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