Five minutes later after Joanna and Sheena explaining to Kati.
“WHAT!?” She said, “That douchebag Carter is a part of this shit as well!? Hot damn….well, good thing you got the family here.”
“We would’ve put them in the bar but since Carter knows about them now, it would be even riskier.” Sheena said, “Plus, I don’t think he knows where you or Yuan lives at.”

“Thank god for that.” Kati said.


Everyone else was getting ready for sleep while MAK and Kai was keeping look out in case any unfamiliars came to the place.


“This is going to be a long night, isn’t it?” MAK said, looking at all the monitors he got placed in every angle of her house.
“Yep.” Kai said, “I really hope that Carter doesn’t know her address.”
“Does he know our addresses?” he replied, “I mean, he knows to go the Express but…what if he got ours and Sheena’s place and maybe this place, too?”


Kai thought over that. “Oh, damn. We need to have a plan B.”
“I got it!!” MAK shouted.


A few seconds later


“MAK, I don’t know any penguin shooters!” Kati said, “Unless you’re counting most of my cousins that does a lot of crazy shit but other than that….Also……damn, you have a point about those guys might come here.”

“So can you call your cousins?” MAK said.
“FUCK NO!” Kati said, “I remember the last time they came here and I still remember the flashbacks of them driving 100 miles per hour. “
“Well, we still need to be ready for when they eventually come here.” Kai said, “I just hope they aren’t in our home right now. They’re possibly through our things and stuff.”
“And probably your underwear drawer.” Kati said.

“DON’T!” Kai shouted.
“Then we got to prepare as well.” MAK said, “You got anything to battle and/or escape with?”


“So……” Raina said, talking to both Joanna and Sheena, “I didn’t know you had a girlfriend, Jo-Jo.”
“Hmm, Jo-Jo, eh?” Sheena said with a smirk. “That’s a nice nickname. Mind if I use it, too?”
“Oh, go ahead.” Raina said. “A friend of Jo-Jo is definitely fam to us, especially in this time of fuckery going on.”


“Yeah….” Joanna said, “I guess you wonder how me and Sheena ended up being together?”
“I got time.” Raina said.

“So one fateful night when our friends are in some shit….” Sheena began the story, “So almost any other day, we went to our friends’ MAK and Kai’s place because he was in some shit.”

Joanna added on, “So I decided to stay at Sheena’s for the night and we got to talking…..and moving stuff for some reason…..and next thing, Sheena has her mouth on my nipple and the rest is history.”


“OK…..” Raina said, “Furniture moving and then fucking? Not a bad way to start it out.”
“BUT…..” Sheena said, “At first, I thought we was just a one-night fling and all…..but Joanna…..she ended up saving my ass although it was still my fault at the time.”
“Fault?” Raina said.
“Huh? What happened?” It was Katrina and Maria listening in.

“WHAT THE F– Where’s Mom and Loka?” Raina said.
“Sleeping.” Katrina said, “They’re going to need it. So…..this fault of yours. What happened?”


Sheena gulped at that moment and said, “I got Joanna shot.”
All 3 sisters were stunned at that revelation.
“Again, this was when all of us were in a lot of shit and some people…”
“Mainly the Wolf Clan Genesis.” Joanna added in.
“Yeah, them.” Sheena said, “They busted in trying to take one of our friends away because of some error they made and we fought back. Joanna and Gina told me and the others to run but I said that I’m not leaving them back. Then….yeah, the shot happened but I did shoot him back….which got me 2 months locked up.”


“Damn, you killed a guy?” Katrina said.
“To be fair, people thought he was a prick.” Joanna said.


“All I remember on that night is how foolish I was being and I almost lost you.” Sheena said, “I swear that I don’t want ever to repeat that again. You’re very special to me, J. You’re someone that genuinely gives a damn about your job and protect those in need. You’re compassionate and sweet and loving and……I see why Tyrell was into you. Someone have to be an asshole to not love someone like you.”


Joanna had a little smile moment.
“It is true.” Raina said, “You’re everything she has said about you. Even though you didn’t get picked to be on our watch, you still show a lot of concern and love for us and came at the thankful time of…..well, you know.”


“You’re a real-life angel to us, Jo.” Katrina said, “We’re eternally grateful to you.”


Then a knock on the door happened.
“WHAT WAS THAT!?” Kati shouted.
“Get the glock!!!” MAK screamed with pistols on him. “It might be them!!” They went to check the monitors and it looks like it’s Gina at the door.
“No, it’s Gina.” Kai said.
“Gina?!” Joanna and Sheena said.


“I’ve been looking for you for a minute.” Gina said, “Look, so far those cops haven’t found this location but they are looking hard for y’all.”
“Shit!” Joanna said, “So we need to run out of here?”
“You could but where else would you go?” Gina added.
“I can put the family under deep protection.” Joanna said, “And we can keep fighting those cops and Carter York. Wait….any word on Leon and Collins?”




Cut to earlier…..


Leon and Collins were still busy knocking out all the gang members trying to get in the house. That was until one of them shouted, “Hey!! The family’s gone!!”


“WHAT!?” Dolo said.
“What you mean they’re gone?!” Loughlin said, “They couldn’t escape!”

“No. They can.” Jameson said, “That hybrid guy must’ve transported them out of there.”

“FUCK!” Carter said, “That Blue Hybrid fuck! I thought Dolo here messed him up as he put it.”
“I threw him to that window!” Dolo said, “I thought the glass might cut him up good.”
“Apparently not, unless that glass is made of sugar.” Carter said. “But I got a good feeling where they might went.”


“Hey, what the hell?” Leon shouted as they were getting away with Collins trying to shoot out one of the tires but it didn’t do much to stop them.
“Shit!” Leon said, “My guess is MAK must’ve transported the family somewhere and now they’re going to try and find them.”
“Alarm everyone in a close range to us!” Collins said. “And make sure the family….and the others don’t die!”

Cut back to present


“I heard they checked the Express, the apartments, and even at their bakery.” Gina said, “They’re going to keep searching until they find and kill them! I know y’all have a plan cooking up, don’t you?”


“Yeah, we got a plan!” Sheena said, “We always manage to pull a plan at the last minute!”
She then got Joanna, MAK and Kai huddled up.
“Um….what plan we got for this?”
The other 3 just shrugged like they don’t know either.

“Oh, dammit!” Sheena said.
“Look, they could be here any minute.” Kati said, “We got to think of a plan. FAST!”

Soon, all 5 of them figured out a plan to pull.


Elsewhere in town


Carter, Loughlin, Jameson and the remaining alive gang members plus Dolo were searching inside the Turner Express for the family.
“DAMN! They aren’t there either!” Loughlin said.
“Wherever they are hiding, they must be good at it.” Jameson said.


Carter went back to the offices and broke into Yuan’s laptop and look over the address books of their employees.
“Well, well, well….” He found Kati’s address. “I forgot all about you, Miss Turner.”


“You got the address?” Dolo said.
“Yep.” Carter said.
“Good….I’m getting my money from that damn woman!” Loughlin said.
“And I’m putting down that Faction girl and whoever’s with them.” Jameson said.


They hurried their way into Kati’s place and they not-so-subtly starts to shoot at the place and busting in the door, firing in the air.
“HEY, ORTIZ!” Jameson said, “You know you fucked up hiring folks trying to protect you, especially the motherfucking FACTION of ALL PEOPLE!?”
“You’re going to have to pay the ultimate price for this.” Loughlin said, “You and your damn family!!”
“Prepare to have my dick in your….” Before Dolo can continue that sentence, the house is completely empty.


“Well…I see they’re gone.” Dolo said.
“No shit, genius.” Carter said, “They must’ve got news of us coming! They must’ve acted fast!!”
“Where the hell could they gone!?” Jameson said.


However, they heard a little squeak within the other room.
“Or maybe some weren’t so smart.” Loughlin said, cocking his gun and heads straight to the other room.
“Come here, you motherf–”
Then as he shines a light on them, it happens to be…..Pika.
“MEEP! You saw nothing!” she said and then enters Tara and says, “Well, you got burned.” She has a can of air freshener and a lighter and she sprays fire on Loughlin as he ran screaming in peril and pain.

“What the hell!?” Dolo said.
“Some Cat Hybrid Amazon-looking girl and some other girl or person lit my ass on FIRE!” Loughlin shouted.
“Cat Hybrid Amazon-looking girl?” Carter questioned, “Oh, you gotta be shitting me!”


Carter runs to the room and see Pika and Tara escaping out of there.
“DAMMIT! They must be newer hires. I know Kati hangs with those girls!”
Outside, a car was peeling off and making their way out.


“THE FUCK!? It must be the family getting away!” Jameson said.
“Dolo, get your gang after them!” Loughlin said.
“ON IT!” Dolo yelled.


Soon, a bunch of Dolo’s crew in bikes and cars are coming in pursuit of the car.
First, one of them has a chain with a hook trying to the bumper but someone fired a bullet into the chain and they kept speeding anyway.
“DAMNIT!” one guy said, “That was my best hook!”
“Jump on that bitch!!” Dolo shouted.

Two guys jumped on there, trying to break inside to see them as the windows are tinted but the car rams itself to the wall, with them with it and they scraped the hell out of them, looking all bloody and bruised.

“OW!!! FUCK!!!” he shouted. He then fell off into the concrete, possibly killing him.


“BLOCK THE FUCKER!” Dolo shouted with this big upcoming truck blocking the path, ensuring that they won’t escape but then they forgot the alleyway next to them. Then  the car goes through there.

“Oh, come on!” The driver said. “FOLLOW THEM!”


They kept on going forward to stop the car.
“GET THOSE DAMN GIRLS!” Dolo said as he shot the tire, causing them to slow down and having them to pull over.
“OH HELL YEAH!” he shouted.


He approached the vehicle and busted the window open to see the girls.
“All right, you bitches better give up and pay up or we can do it another way where me and my boys take turns with your asses and–”
He then realized that…..
“You know you’re not my type right?” That was Gina in the car.
“Funny thing, I should asked you that.” she said. “You just rammed into my car and shit!”

“Dolo, come in!” Carter said, “You got the girls!?”
“IT WAS A DIVERSION!” Dolo said.
“WHAT!?” Carter replied, “How in the hell could it be? Their cell phones lead to where you’re at!!!”
He looked in the back and sees the cell phones back there. Then Gina punched him out cold and flew out of there.
“What the fuck!?!?!?!?!” As Carter shouted to the heavens, elsewhere in the city limits……..


“OK, I think we should be good!” As Joanna said with her, Sheena and Kati carrying The Ortiz sisters in a van, heading out to another city. While MAK and Kai are with Mileena and Loka in their car.

“That was a close one!” MAK said, “I almost thought we might get caught on this!”

“So where are we going to?” Loka said.
“I got….no idea.” Kai said, “All Joanna said to us is to follow her and the others. She might know somewhere we can hide all o f you until they are finally arrested.”

“I hope so soon.” Mileena said, “There’s no telling what they can do next.”

Soon, Gina was flying by them.
“GINA! You fooled them?” Joanna said.
“Hook, line and sucker motherfucker.” Gina said, “I even knocked out that Dolo dude clean. By now, they’re out of their jurisdiction, meaning they can’t do anything to harm them.”
“YES!” Joanna said, “Gina, thank you! Thank you for helping us!”

“No problem.” Gina said, “Y’all just need to get them somewhere where no one can track them.”

“Now I wish our secret spot was still a thing before it blew up in our faces.” MAK said.
“Wait, that’s it!!!” Kai shouted.
“Really? That spot’s already been founded out!” he said, “We can’t go with that.”
“Actually, we can.” Kai said, “The people that knows about it are dead. Remember?”
He thought about who found it out. “Oh…..well, damn, let’s go to that then.”

“Secret spot?” Sheena asked.
“It’s a long story.” Kai said.


They finally arrived there.

“So you know you need to go off the grid for a while.” Joanna said, “We will try and keep in touch via walkie talkie. I don’t think anyone will hack into these within close range.”
“You sure about that?” Katrina said.
“Yeah.” Sheena said, “We got a friend to make these for us. He made sure that these can’t be hacked under anyone else.”

“So we’re good then?” Maria said, “We don’t have to worry about them barging in here and killing us or do…..well…other things to us?”
“Hopefully.” Joanna said.


Before she got to leave, Loka then came up to her.
“Hey…..” he said, “All of us appreciate you and your friends trying to protect us from those guys and how you really are looking out for us.”
“I had to do something.” Joanna said, “I just couldn’t leave y’all hanging.”
“Yeah.” he said, “It’s also something Tyrell would always say to me when I was younger…..back when he would tell me about what to expect in first grade if bullies tried to rough me up and don’t mess with others that wouldn’t mess with you.”


He walked and sat down. “It’s almost been like a decade since it happened. I remember Mom getting the call from the hospital and I heard her screaming and crying. Raina wondered what was going on, trying to calm her down but when Mom told her……she lost it. Then it went to Katrina and then Maria and of course……you.”


“Oh, I know.” Joanna said, “As much as I don’t want to remember that tragic day, it’s something that will always be in my mind forever. No matter how much I cry and beg for it to not happen…..”

Loka then said, “We all know that Tyrell would be proud of you for helping us like this. Also, we’re glad to see some of your friends and your girlfriend helping alongside you.”

“Thanks, Loka.” Joanna said, giving him a hug. “Well, I need to go. Stay safe!!”


“They should be safe there, right?” Joanna said. “I mean, no one is going to randomly check in here, right?”
“I think so.” MAK said, “It’s been a long time since we used the place but I think they could be in good hands.”
“OK, if you say so…” Joanna said, and then she turned around and went back to the door and said, “Hey, MAK and Kai are going to watch over you just in case.”
“WHAT!?” MAK and Kai said.
Then Joanna, Sheena, Gina and Kati all got back into the cars and drove away.


“Um……for real?” MAK said.
“Yup, they are for real.” Kai said, “But like you said, no one should spot us.”

“I hope not.” he said right back.


While heading back to the city to get those cops and Carter arrested, the rest of the girls were talking.
“Now all we got to do is get the Faction and other cops to arrest those cops and Carter and as once as they’re behind bars, the Ortiz family can live peacefully again.” Joanna said.
“And that douchebag Carter can get out of our bar!!” Kati said, “And our lives as soon as poss–”
Then someone from behind rammed them.
“AAH!! The hell!?” Gina shouted.
They look back to see what’s going on.
“YOU BITCHES!!!” Carter shouted. “I’m coming for your asses!!!”

“Oh shit!!!” All of them shouted.




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