AURA FACTION presents: JEYSAP – Chapter 1 / REMNANT

WARNING: The following written material that you’re about to read may contain acts of violence, graphic language, and sexual content. This is meant only for MATURE AUDIENCES. Reader Discretion is advised.


Morning has arrived in the cold winter of the Society. It was just another day for one Joanna Yubari as she and Sheena Pleiades were still sleeping but then the alarm on her phone went off……and then put it on snooze.

“Hmmm….5 more minutes…..” Joanna yawned with her holding Sheena in bed.

“Huh? What the?” Sheena said, waking up and seeing what time it is. “Joanna?”


“Sheena, I’m too tired to make love now.” Joanna said, “I mean, you can just hold me in some places but i–”

“Joanna, your alarm is going off.” Sheena said.
“YOUR ALARM!” She shouted, “I think you need to get ready for work.”
“Work? But I’m off today. It’s Tuesday, remember?”


“Ah, no, it’s Monday.” As Sheena pointed out on her calendar on her phone.
“What?” Joanna freaked out as she saw the time and notices that she’s late for work. “DAMN!!!” She got out of bed immediately and changed into her work clothes.

“Oh DAMMIT!!! I thought it was really my day off! FUCK!”


“No, I’m the one with the day off today.” Sheena said. “Didn’t I mention that to you last night?”
“You mean before or after we played Naughty Schoolgirls After Dark?” Joanna asked
“Uhhhh…….I lost track.” Sheena said, “Especially after the 4th time.”


Joanna quickly popped some bread into the toaster while getting coffee and just doing everything to get ready for work.
“So, I guess you might be working a bit later today?” Sheena said.
Joanna shook her head as she’s busy with toast in her mouth. “I take that as a yes…..”


Joanna quickly got to her coat and went out but not before saying her byes to Sheena, “OK, gotta go. Might see you later on. LOVE YOU!” She quickly said and kissed her on the way out.

“Well, at least she kissed me on the lips this time and not smothered jam on me.” Sheena said.

Chapter One: REMNANT

Fast-forward to the Faction where Joanna was sneaking her way in to alter her check-in time to have her show up on time.

“OK, just do one change from 9:14 to 9:00 and I’m good.”
“Need some help?” One voice said behind her.

“I’m OK. I just need to check in before my boss–” And then she realizes that Sei was behind her the whole time.


“You’re late again, aren’t you?” Sei said.
“Ummm……oh…..well…..OK, OK!! But I thought I had the day off but apparently, it was tomorrow and…..”


“Yubari…You’re usually up and early at this time but now, I see you’re slipping.” Sei said.

“Wait, wait, wait….” Joanna said, “I know this was unusual for me to be late but I swear that–”
“Look, I know you’re been trying to get back on good graces since……well, you’ve been part of a lot of bullshit the past year like having two former agents tamper with our Kala investigation and having us on lockdown….” Sei said, “Y’know, that shit which we still recovering from.”
“Oh…..” Joanna nervously said.
“But you have been improving since then. You haven’t pulled any big stunts along with anyone else in here and you managed to bust some purps along with Nguyen on your side and keeping down petty murder down 38% from last year.”


Joanna perked up a little smile at that moment.
“But you still need to keep that progress up.” Sei said, “I can’t have you being late on us, even if it’s 14 minutes. Anything could happen at that amount of time and we need every member to be diligent and ready for that moment. You got that?”
“Yes, ma’am.” Joanna said.
“Thank you.” Sei said, “You may go on with your daily reporting.”


Gina Nguyen was just coming out of the restroom as she saw Joanna and Sei about to go their separate ways.
“Yo!” Gina said.
Joanna comes on by.
“I guess you saw all that, huh?”
Gina went on, “You mean that Boss Lady got on to you about being late and reminded you of the shit you’ve been a part of the last few mon–”
“OK! OK! YES!” Joanna said, “I know, I know. I’ve been a part of things that got our division looking bad a few times!”
“Not to mention you’re the lover of a woman who shot a Wolf Clan Genesis member.” Gina said, “You’ve been quite the popular one here nowadays.”


“I guess by popular, I know it’s not exactly all that positive.” Joanna replied, “Or at all.”

“Correct.” Gina said.
“I just hope they aren’t bad-mouthing Sheena behind my back.” Joanna said.

“Oh, good grief.”
“Well, not the ones you know.” Gina said, “Just the passersby.”
“You mean the guys that STARES AT EVERY WOMAN’S ASS AND TITS WHEN THEY AREN’T LOOKING!?” She shouts at the whole building. “We know who you are, dammit.”

“OK, them, too.” Gina said, “But you still got allies in here.”
“I just hope so.” Joanna said, “At least I do back at the Express and with Sheena, too. I hope I don’t have to work late again.”




Sheena was cleaning the house with the music blaring loud and her joyfully singing, “Dolce Vita” as she cleans.
She was singing loud that she didn’t hear that MAK and Kai were coming inside.

“Say you’ll never leave me now! Say you’re gonna love m—AAHHH!!” Sheena screamed, “What the hell?”

“Wow….I didn’t know you like this song, too.” Kai said.

“Also, I can tell you’ve been on my computer again, haven’t you?” MAK said.


“You never did change your password.” Sheena said.
“Ah, yeah, I did.” MAK said, “You just always have someone telling you that.” As he was eyeing Kai.
“HEY! She needed my help making a playlist mix for Joanna.” Kai said, “And you weren’t here so I stepped in.”


“So I see you’re busy today.” MAK said, “Aside from singing out loud that everyone in the building heard it?”


“Well……so far, nothing.” Sheena said, “I thought me and Joanna was going to enjoy the rest of the day but she has to work because she thought it was Tuesday.”

“And I’m betting she’s going to work late again, isn’t she?” Kai asked.

Sheena just shook her head in response because she knows it’s going to happen again.


“It’s been like that since the whole MoneyDance thing.” Sheena said, “They have her working after hours and doesn’t even come back until 9 or 10. That’s the time I’m usually at the Express. She’ll be tired and then I’ll get tired and…’s no fun.”


“Yeah, that does suck.” MAK said, “At least when she comes home, you and her can fuck all night long!!”
“OK, if you’re going to put it that way….” Sheena said, “But yeah, at least there’s that. I just hope she isn’t too tired from today.”


“Welp, we’re heading off.” Kai said, “My shift is in 4 hours and I’m going to need some sleep.”
“And I need to get on another job search.” MAK said,
“Still?” Sheena said.
“Yup.” MAK said, “Although I’m close to getting that warehouse job down at Thornton Lane. I hope this shit turns out good.”

“All right. Later guys.” Sheena said as both of them left her place.


However, on the other side of town at the Penitentiary, someone was getting released and awaiting their ride.
“I see you next time, sugar, when you’re back!!” One inmate shouted in there.


“I doubt that.” The guy said, “I got something to handle and luckily, I know where to go.”
He has an address written down and it was 2093 HawkWood Ave……that was the Turner Express address.


“I’m coming for all the shit you’ve got me in this hellhole……..Sheena…….”



“SHOOT TO KILL! SHOOT TO KILL!!” As an focused Collins shouted as him, Leon, Gina and Joanna were chasing down an armed and dangerous purp.

“Already?” Gina said, “Usually, you say that when we first arrive.”
“Not now, Nguyen!” Collins said.
“I got him on my sights.” Leon said, as he phased in front on him and straight punch him in the gut.
But another assailant knocked out Leon with a brick.
“AAHH!” Leon shouted. “Shit!”

“What happened?” Collins said.
“Another one of his friends knock my ass with a brick.” Leon said, “He’s getting away!”
“YUBARI!! You’re near the guy, right?!” Collins shouted.


Joanna is armed, in case the guy comes. “I got him.”
“Get ready to fire!” Collins shouted.

The guy was on sight for Joanna and she was about to fire and…..
“AAAHHH!!!” The shot was fired but she aimed him right in his private area.


“You got him?” Collins shouted and saw the bloody aftermath. “Oh, shit……you did that?”
“AH! Why in the balls?” The runner said, “DAMN! Nobody heard of shooting me in the foot or back but in my dick!?”
Gina then added in, “Well, your dick wasn’t hit!”
“SHUT THE FUCK UP!” He shouted.
“Well… least you caught the guy.” Collins said. “Welp, let’s get him to the facility and hopefully not have him die here.”
“Y’all getting me some new balls!!”


Later on back at the Faction as they were filing a report…..

“Smooth shooting you did out there.” Gina commented, “You actually got them in the balls! I definitely telling those guys that keep bothering us. They will be pissing in their pants ab….” While Gina was still talking about the shooting, Joanna spotted somebody waiting at the bench and that somebody spotted her first.



That person happens to be…..


“Raina?” Joanna said.
“Joanna.” Raina said as both hugged each other, “Oh my god, it’s been a year since I’ve seen you.”
“Yeah….time just went on by.” Joanna said, “It feels like less than a year or so….so what are you doing here?”
“Oh…..well…..” Raina said.
“Ortiz!? Your sister’s here to bail your sorry ass again!!”

The person that was coming out of the compound was her brother.


“LOKA!” Raina said with a stern look on her face.
“Loka?” Joanna said. “Wait……you’re in…….”

“He was caught running with some this.” She holds a bag of blue leaf-laced weed.
“Wait, the weed?” Joanna said.
“The blue stuff that’s in the weed.” Raina said, “AKA Blue Leaf aka The shit you know that could kill your ass!!”


“Hey! I didn’t smoke it!” Loka said, “I was holding it for a friend.”
“Is he or she a Hybrid?” Raina said, “If it’s not that, then what the hell you’re doing with it?”
“It was curiosity.” Loka said.

“Curiosity?” Raina said. “Yeah… curiosity.”
“What?’ It’s true.” Loka said.
“You forget what this shit does to humans?” Raina said. “Boy, be lucky Mama is back at home than here right now. She’ll slap the shit out of you.”
Joanna looked uncomfortable in the middle of this argument.
“Um….should I leave?” Joanna said, “It seems like I’m just in the way.”


“No, you’re not.” Raina calmly said, “You got nothing to be at fault of. Loka’s the one to blame..”
“As always, huh, sis?” he said as he went to the restroom.

Annoyed at his attitude, Raina then turned to Joanna.
“Look…..I know whenever you visit us annually, we would appear to be functional as we were, even with the loss of…”
Joanna knew what she was talking about as she swallowed hard during the last few words..
“OK, the point is…..A lot of shit has happened to us the past few months. From Loka getting into some shit to us being harassed daily.”
“Harassed?” Joanna said.

Raina sighed, “Yeah…it has mostly to do with Mom’s Bakery shop and the fact two corrupted cops have been coming in and out of there recently. One time, I saw someone coming out with cracking their knuckles and I see Mom on the floor, looking defeated and has a black eye.”
“Wait…..a cop?” Joanna said, “TWO OF THEM!?”
“Unfortunately.” Raina said, “Not only that, they always got some goons outside of her place, always watching over her and they often perv on me and my other sisters. One of them also happens to go to the same school as Loka does and I think he was one of them that got him that blue leaf weed.


“Shit…..” Joanna said.
“I know, right?” Raina said, “Another time in our lives that cops make our lives miserable.”
“Please don’t remind me of that.” Joanna said, “It makes me feel like I’m one of them and….”
“Jo, I keep telling you that you’re not.” Raina said.
“And recently, I’m reminded that those cops have done a lot of stupid things that not only make them look like assholes, but costs some lives of loved ones…..especially since the last time….”

She paused at that moment about the tragedy she keeps repeating on in her mind.


“You know what? Y’all suffered enough the past 8 years since it happened and now this?” Joanna said. “I’m going to do something about it.”


“Wait, for real?” Raina said.
“Yes…” Joanna said, “I’m going to help you and your family through this. I’ll thoroughly make sure you and your family get some justice.”
“You will?” Raina said.
“I swear….” Joanna said. “Even if I had to do it myself….and I know the Faction will have my back on this. You just need to fill out some paperwork.  I’ll help and we can get you and your family the peace you deserve.”
Raina then hugged Joanna while shedding a tear. “Wow…..thanks, Jo. You keep reminding so much of Tyrell in your righteous ways.”




Jiro and Sei look at the report that Joanna told Raina to file over to them.
“OK, she makes herself a good case.” Sei said, “Possibly one that does require a lot of attention and for them to be place under protection with us.”
“YES!!” Joanna said.
“One thing, though.” Jiro said, “You can’t be in this one.”
That ensuring smile just got turned into a WTF look. “Wait, what!? I’m not involved? Why the hell not?”


That tone did not respond well with Sei.
“Look……I feel like if you get fully involved may not be a good idea.” Jiro said.
“You said that you know the girl because of a friend.” Sei said, “This feels like a mafia family favor than…”
“Mafia?” Joanna said, “The mom runs a bakery for fuck’s sake. There’s nothing mafia about it!”


“OK, OK, OK!” Sei said, “I see your point on the family. They are decent people and you happen to know them because…..”
“…..Wait, how do you know them?” Jiro said.
“I’m friends with their brother……Well, was friends…..with their deceased brother.” She sadly said.


“Oh….. That whole scenario.” Sei said.
“Look, I promise them that I would make sure those cops would get what’s coming to them.” Joanna said, “I owe them that!! I need to be on this!”
“I don’t know….”  Jiro said, “I’ll talk with the rest of the crew about this but right now, you getting on this is on hold. We will get some eyes on them and make sure no one harms any of the family. We’ll do that for them.”


“Also…..” Sei said, “Joanna, you know your track record involving these big incidents from the whole Birdbrains thing to you getting shot by a Wolf Clan operative that your woman shot back at to the whole Kala thing and….”
“THAT WASN’T MY FAULT!!!” Joanna yelled, “I was going where I was needed and it was to protect my friends! Also, I had to because you happen to hired corrupt assholes that tried to pick on people and be douches to everyone!! Remember that shit?”

“We’ll see what we can do.” Jiro said.




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