AURA FACTION Season 2 – COLORS / Story 11: ReSTART

WARNING: The following written material that you’re about to read may contain acts of violence, graphic language, and sexual content. This is meant only for MATURE AUDIENCES. Reader Discretion is advised.

LAST SEASON (or here’s the tl;dr version) on AURA FACTION…….

Coren Ramsey was the biggest threat to Hybrids and Humans as his Grand ‘H’ War came into plan and the Faction defeated him and his organization of followers and everyone now lives happily ever after, right?


Jin got shot and died.
Hybrid X got shot (in various places) and died.
Miki got acid in her eyes and is possibly never going to see again.
Sei looks like a wreck from Jin’s death (you catch that last moment with her?) and who knows what’ll happen to Sayuri and Jiro.

But what about Tomoki and Cassie? What about them?

Yeah…They had a plotline, mostly about their relationship and if it’s not X & Miki blackmailing them, it’s her wolf clan taking her back….and she actually went back. Tomoki, on the other hand, fled the Society since most of what happened is partially her fault and dealing with that would’ve broken her.

So what else is there? Loyuka and one of the Hirano Sisters, Nyoko are fucking. Kai knowing something about who shot her father back then and what MAK has to do with it (although I think my readers are smart enough to know who I’m talking about.)

And that’s it…….Yeah, this was a long tl;dr here. Now, on with the show….


It was a late summer day and another routine day for the Faction…and by that, I mean, there is a chase going on there.

A guy in sweats was carrying this Hybrid girl, screaming her head out saying “HELP ME!! PLEASE HELP ME!”
“Shut up, BITCH!!” the guy said. He was shooting whoever was behind him.

“COME BACK HERE, MOTHERFUCKER!!” And it was Seiki taking charge at him, shooting back but trying not to hit anyone else. Cyan was right behind her with two other agents circling around the area.
“You got him yet?” Cyan said.
“No.” Seiki said, “And just my luck, out of damn bullets.”

“Miss Barrett, Miss Argento, we got the other end!!” The one agent said. “We’re ready for combat!”
“Keep him distracted, Agent Yubari.” Cyan said. “Don’t let him out of your sight.”
“Nguyen, go for the shot!!” Seiki said, “And don’t miss this time!!”

The guy stole a car from a passerby when Agent Nguyen had her weapon ready. “FREEZE, BOY!”
She ready her gun to shot at him but he fired back at her. “You got to do better than that!” He shoves the girl back in there and guns it.

“DAMN!” Nguyen said.
“You missed him again?” Yubari said. “SHIT!!! It’s the 3rd time you did this. You know Miss Barrett and Argento are gonna be pissed!”
Both of them heard them but decide to deal with that later and chase them by motorcycle.

“He’s hearing to the hills!! We can use a shortcut to catch up with him!” Seiki said.
“OK.” Cyan said then she got someone on the dial. “Hey…..we could use your style of help right about now.”
“I’ve been waiting for this all day.” The guy said. “I’ll get myself and Leon on this.”
“Got it.” Cyan said.

Cyan and Seiki are now caught up with the shooter and Seiki tries to get a shot of the guy but Cyan stopped her and said, “Wait, we can’t shot!! Take him out and that girl dies, too! We have to wait for the wild card.”
“WILD CARD?” Seiki exclaimed. “Oh fuck, you mean….”
“Yup.” Cyan said, “The wild card.”

As the car was still speeding up ahead, there seems to be another bike heading towards him and first comes Leon phasing into the car to grab the girl.
“Good day, miss.” Leon said, “I’m here to do a rescue mission from this asshole here.”
“HEY!! How the fuck you get in here?” The guy said, “Oh, right. You one of them Hybrid motherfuckers.” He pulled out his gun to shoot him and Leon turned into his metal stage and deflect the bullets from her and the girl.

“Might want to try harder than that!” Leon said as he phased out of the car with the girl. “OK, Collins, NOW!”
“What!?” He then sees one car coming towards his way to a head on collision. “OH FUCK!! AAAHHH!!!”

“Hell yeah, motherfucker!!” And then comes the Faction’s newest recruit Lox Collins aka ‘The Wild Card’ crashing down on the guy and wrecking his ride.
The guy was all wreck and bloodied as he was trying to escape from him but Collins jumped first at his face and start to beat the shit out of them.
“So you like kidnapping Hybrid women for your boys, huh?” he said as he kept striking him. “Maybe you like now that I’m the guy that whooped your ass, isn’t that right?” Collins was merciless against him but the guy quickly surrenders to him before the pain gets worse.
“OK, OK, I give. Take me to jail!! PLEASE!” as he screamed.
“Well, you’re the 4th one to say that to me this week.” Collins said. “All right. You know the drill. You’re under arrest for Hybrid trafficking and shooting at officers…”

Cyan and Seiki caught up on them, gotten the girl into safety as the other girls arrive.
“Hey…..” Yubari panted. “We’re here…is the girl safe? Oh god, my feet!”
“Did you walk all the way here?” Cyan said.
“I did…..” Yubari said, “Mostly because Gina’s car broke down in the middle of the chase.”
Then came Nguyen flying with her special Hybrid power being flight. “Wait….why the FUCK you didn’t carry me, dammit!?”
“I had to get the Faction down here.” Nguyen said, “It seemed more important than carrying you.” As she slapped Yubari’s ass. “I’ll keep that in mind and stop doing that.”

Collins got the guy rounded up in a weird, uncomfortable way. “So what I miss?”AuraFactionColorsRestart

Back at the Faction, it looked like it was back in functioning order before the war happened with some minor changes.

“All right!!” Collins shouted with the kidnapper handcuffed, “Got another one right here, courtesy of the one and only Christopher “Lox” Collins!” Not everyone gave a shit about it; however, here comes Jiro to hear about it.

“So, once again, you scarred another person there.” Jiro said.

“Well, that. We got the girl back safe and sound.” Lox said, “At least that part matters.”
“Oh, I know the girl is safe and the fact she might need some trauma counseling from the danger….although that’s to be expected anyway.” Jiro said.

“So, Jiro…..” Leon said, “We got any more calls to get to?”

“Leon, it’s actually been a quiet day.” Jiro said, “At least after that last one you pulled. Crime has been down at its all-time low in the Society at 4%, homicides and murder has been down for a while and only a few strings of robberies has happened, meaning it’s been less stressful around here.”

“Either way, at least we still get paid.” Collins said. “And since we did a good job preventing crime, I think a raise is in order.”
“How does raising my foot into your ass sound?” Jiro said.
“Kinky yet scary.” Collins said.
“Yeah…..Collins, maybe we should hold on that for now.” Leon said. “Anyway, I’ll be in the lounge, sleeping my ass off.”


We go into the lounge and there’s Risa sharping most of her arrows for an upcoming mission. “Ow. Shit. That’s sharp as hell. They won’t know what’ll hit them.”

“Ah, getting your arsenal ready?” Seiki said. “And sharping your tools….Hirano, I do like your execution style.”

“Why, thank you, Argento.” Risa said, “It seems like you’re the only one who isn’t afraid of me doing this.”
“Yeah, at least you’re not Nyoko screaming out, ‘RISA, STOP POINTING THAT AT ME!’ or ‘RISA, BE CAREFUL OF THAT’ or ‘OW, STOP LEAVING YOUR ARROWS IN MY PANTY DRAWER!’”

“Wha?” Seiki said confused. “OK, speaking of her, is she off today?”

“Yep…” The tone of Risa’s voice sounds annoyed. “Her and Loyuka, too.” And that explains it since those two have kept their relationship secret from the Faction ever since they hooked up.
“Yeah, that is kinda odd.” Seiki said, “Those 2 always be absent at the same time.” Risa thought about telling them but for the sake of her sister, she didn’t want her to get in trouble.

Then there comes Leon ready to crash on the couch in exhaustion and along with him, Cyan also crashed there, too.
“You just have to land here, too, huh?” Leon said.
“Well, fuck you, I’m tired too.” Cyan said, “Plus, you didn’t even did that much. I had to ride all the way here.” However, Yubari jumped in on there and said, “Um………excuse me? I had to run all the way here!! I earn that couch more than you!!” As she shoves them out of the way to make room.

“Either way, the three of you aren’t that tired.” Seiki said.
Yubari was about to give Seiki a piece of her mind but Seiki counteracted with, “Look, Joanna…..I know you had some mishaps since you started working here but that’s a part of the deal when working for the Faction. Sometimes we have to work with the pain, whether emotionally or physically.”

“I get the pain part.” Yubari said, “Especially right now.” As she felt her feet.


In the other parts of the Faction, we see a busy Sei, doing some paperwork in the middle of the day. She seems to have been keeping the place in top shape ever since Jin’s death and having the huge responsibility of taking over Jin’s position as it read on her last will and testament.

“OK, the budget is done, these citations are almost made and about 10 minutes until 3.” Sei said, “I should be good here.”

“Hey Sei!” Coming from the door, it was Sayuri checking up on her.

“SAYURI! Hey….I didn’t expect you to be here today.” Sei surprisingly said. “No, really, it’s your day off. I thought you’d be at home or something.”

“I was.” Sayuri said, “But I got bored so I decided to wonder off anywhere….and hey, I decided to visit here. Oh, and you forgot a few files back at home. I brought them here.”
“Oh great……” Sei unenthusiastically said. “I guess I got a few more of this to do.”
“Oh… bad.” Sayuri said.

“Don’t worry about it. I can be done with that in no time.” Sei said.  “I’ll see you when I get home, OK?”

“All right.” Sayuri said in a half-heartedly way. “I’ll see you later, Sei.”
“Later, Sayuri.” Sei said while she was concentrated on her work.



We then go to the reading of Jin’s Last Will and Testament where there’s only Jiro, Sayuri and Sei for support of those two and one of the lawyers read, “It is stated that I, Jennifer Isla Matsuda aka Jin Matsuda, left the Faction and all leading responsibilities in charge to… dear brother Jiro Iketani Matsuda and my best friend/associate and close family member Sei Akane Goto.”

“Wait… run the Faction?” Sei said. “I mean, I know Jiro is, too, but I don’t know about this.”

“Is there a problem with this, Ms. Goto?” The lawyer said.
“No, I mean….I don’t know if I have it in me to do this.” Sei said.

“Sei, I get that you’re nervous about this.” Jiro said, “Hell, I’m pretty much having butterflies in my stomach thinking about it but I realize that we have to do this not only to keep the legacy running but to protect and serve the people.”

“Sayuri…..” Sei said.

“Sei, I honestly can’t tell you what to choose.” Sayuri said, “But I know you are split of doing this or not. You think you can’t handle the responsibility but you don’t want to let Jin down.”

“Well……It looks like I don’t have a choice, don’t I?” Sei said.

We see Sei walking to her room, feeling more weight on her shoulder from the meeting and as she got into her room, she instantly plops to the bed in more pressure than before. She then starts to tear up from this ordeal although tries to calm herself down.
“OK, I got to calm down about this. Come on, Sei… have a big responsibility in your hands.” It wasn’t working, she starts to get even sadder. “Yet….it wouldn’t happen if I’d stop that guy from shooting you.”

“Why……why didn’t I…” She starts to get even more teary-eyed. “WHY DIDN’T I GET TO HER IN TIME? She still would’ve been here today if I……” She completely starts to sob into her pillow but kept it muffled that no one could hear her.
“I’m sorry, Jin……I’m so sorry.”


Back in the present, Sayuri was walking around the city, having nothing to do and feeling a bit bored. She managed to take a bus ride to get home. “Wow…..I can’t believe that going to my job was the most worthwhile thing I did today and Sei is so swamped with work lately and…, I’m not gonna be that stupid kid that complains about their parent working like crazy. She’s just a little stressed. I should just let her do her thing.”

Her phone rings on there.
“Hello?” she answered and it was Rolo on the phone. “Oh, hey Rolo.”

“Hey, Sayuri.” He said, “You out?”
“Yeah, I was just at the Faction office, checking up on Sei.” Sayuri said. “She’s been working on the clock on paperwork since taking over for Jin.”

“Has Sei been alright?” Rolo said, “Because you keep telling me that she—“
“She’s getting better.” Sayuri said. “It’s just going to take a while. I mean, I’m trying to move on, too, especially after half a year but it’s not that easy to just move on from that. Especially when you saw it happen before you.” She then starts to remember the whole event from beginning to end and of course, the end where Jin got shot protecting Sayuri.

“Oh, I get where you’re coming from.” Rolo said, “We all wish it happened differently.”

“If I would’ve stayed at the office, she’s still be here.” Sayuri said sadly. However, she tries to change the subject. “So, yeah….Rolo, my stop has arrived. We can talk or hang out later, right?”

“Sure.” Rolo said. “We’ll talk later. Later, Sayuri.”
“OK, later, Rolo.” She said as both of them hung up and oddly enough, her stop was near Mr. Tso’s and it turns out she is meeting someone down here.

We see a girl with a nose ring and brunette hair with purple and red highlights coming out of the restaurant.
“Hey, you made it in time.” The girl was talking to Sayuri.
“Well, I had plenty of time to get here.” Sayuri said. “You know I couldn’t pass up getting with you.” Then all of a sudden, the two of them kissed and I mean, directly on the lips, tongue and all.
“Laila, you know how to make things better.” Sayuri said. “And that you’re a great kisser as well.”
Laila cordially laughs, “You’re not a bad kisser, either, Yuri. I can prove that in a minute or so.” As she slyly making a move on her.


5 minutes later

The sounds of a bedspring squeaking and sexual moans are coming from Sayuri and Laila.
“Oh…..oh…..Laila.” Laila was busy going down on Sayuri and she was really going at it. “Holy shit…..right there…..”  Laila then went up to kissing her stomach to feeling her up there that she got Sayuri’s bra off.
“Hmmmm, A C-cup, huh?” Laila said.
“Hey…” Sayuri laughed, “Why are you looking at my bra size?”
“I let you look at my bra size.” Laila said, leaving the bra on her head.
“But you’re not wearing one…even before I got naked.” Sayuri exclaimed and then Laila fondled her breasts and start kissing them.
“You know I was just playing around, Yuri. I like your tits and I love doing things to them….especially this.” She played with her nipples; licking one while caressing the other one.
“Oh yeah, you like this, don’t you?” Laila slyly said.
“Oh, you know it.” Sayuri said in her sexual state. “Now I think it’s time I do it to you!” Now Sayuri lay on top of Laila and began doing the same thing to her as she was kissing all over Laila from her lips to her breasts to all the way down.
“Oh shit….damn, Yuri, I’m amazed in your cunnilingus skills.” Laila complimented her.
“I had lots of practice.” Sayuri chuckled a bit. “But I think it’s time to take it even further.” And with that said, she has brought a strap-on to make things more fun.
“Hmmmmm…..” Laila wondered, “I’m loving the way you think.” They kissed as Laila puts on the strap-on to try it on Sayuri.

“You want it to be gentle or rough?” Laila coyly asked.
“Hmmmm….surprise me.” Sayuri smiled as the two continued to have sex.

At the lively streets of the Society, the town are watching a concert on the city’s view screen and people are gazing at awe of it. It was going smoothly until the screen was starting to get a little fuzzy.

“OK, folks, not to worry, there is some technical difficulties but we assure you that everything—“

Then it got interrupted with another feed online. “Attention, The Society!!” and comes somebody on the screen, wearing a blue jay mask.

“This is a message for all of you humans and hybrids out there!!!” the speaker said.

“There will be a revolution coming soon…..but not like that hack Coren Ramsey, where he wanted mayhem and blood of the innocents!! This will be one where our word will be heard and we make sure of it…..” One of them accidentally spilt a drink where she was standing at.
“What the—DAMN IT, MYKE!! I said, drink your shit over there!!” she screamed at him.

“I was thirsty!! We’ve been here all day, Ra–” she gets off-camera and grabbed him, “Stupid, don’t call my real name on screen, remember?”
“Sorry miss.” As he sounded fearing for his life.
“Anyway… case you think I was fooling around….well….” She got to her cell phone and press a button. All of a sudden…..something blew up in the middle of the city and it was exactly a Goods’  Exchange building downtown.

The many screams of crowds gathered as that happen and while that was commencing, a passing motorcycle was heading to somewhere…..

“So……..does that send you a message?” she said. “Anyway, you guys shouldn’t be at ease now. There will be more of these coming. Our message will be heard around the world and we are targeting every facet of the law from the police to the large global law organization…..hell, even The Faction right here.”

She took a drink and then finished off with, “My name is Kikyo Shaw and I’m part of the BirdBrains……be warned about me.” The stream went off only with the BirdBrains logo before going back to the concert stream.



At the Turner Express, Yuan and Kati and friends were hosting a Kings tournament down there and as expected, many people were getting passed out by the minute, especially Joel.
“Cait, you drunk *unintelligible gibberish and/or Russian*”

“I see Cob is loaded.” Kati said. “Once again, I’m the fuckin’ queen of KINGS!”
Yuan was also wasted out of his mind. “Goddamn it, Kati… you ever stop drinking your ass off?”

“Nope.” Kati said, “This is fun for me and besides, it’s the first time I found a drinking partner up to my level.”
And that drinking buddy happens to be Nanashi.
“Come on, is that the best you can do?” Nanashi taunted them. “I’m not even that drunk yet and you’re thinking of chickening out?”
“Chickening out!?” Joel said, “We just getting st—blah *more gibberish*” Then he falls over.
“So now I gotta deal with two crazy alcohol-obsessed women?” Shade said, not knowing what that might lead him to.
“Uh, EXCUSE ME, BITCH!!” Nanashi and Kati shouted.
“You wanna repeat that?” Kati said.
“Unless you want your ass beaten by two crazy alcohol-obsessed women, I suggest you shut the fuck up.” Nanashi said.
“OK never mind.” He said in a high-pitched voice.

At the bar, a biker with their helmet still on arrived there.
“Hey, you with the helmet.” One of the bartenders said, “You know you need to remove your helmet here or I can’t serve you.”
“OK….” The biker said, “I’ll do it but please, I’m trying not to draw attention to anyone.”

“Don’t worry, I’m not gonna make a big deal on that.” She said.

The biker turn off their helmet and it’s revealed that it was Tomoki under the helmet with a slightly different haircut as it looks shorter and pixie-like than her usual long-flowing hair. “OK, can I get the gin and tonic and maybe some shots of rum while you’re at it?”

“WOW, you plan on driving home tonight?” she said.
“I guess not….um….eh….your name?” Tomoki said.
“Oh, my name is Sheena and I’m your bartender tonight.” She said, “You sure you don’t want to participate in our monthly Kings tournament?”
“Kings?” Tomoki said, “Oh yeah, that game Kati and Yuan always play.”
“You know the owners?” Sheena said.

“Yeah, they’re my friends.” Tomoki said, “But I haven’t seen them in 6 months. I was hoping to surprise them but—“
“What great way is to surprise them here?” Sheena said.
“I—I’m not sure about that.”
“NONSENSE!!” As Sheena dragged her to where they were at. “Hey BOSSES!! Someone you know just came back to see you!!”

Sheena then dragged Tomoki to the back where Kati and Yuan were to reveal herself.
“Hey BOSSES!” Sheena said, “Someone you know came for a visit.”
“Sheena, tell the Health Inspector we always clean the place and keep it in ti–” She freezes for a second as she saw Tomoki in the flesh.

“Tomoki?” Kati said, “Is that…you?”
“Holy shit…..” Yuan said, “Tomoki?”
“It’s me all right.” She replied to Kati.

“TOMOKI!!” As she shouted with glee with a huge hug to give to her. “Oh my god, Tomoki! I never thought I would see you again.” Yuan then joined in on the hug. “Yeah, it’s very nice to see you here again….and with a different haircut at that.”

“It gotten very hot where I was at, so I kinda had no choice.” Tomoki said.
“It looks great.” Kati said, “You really pull it off. Maybe that’ll garner some attention to a few people you’ll meet.” The moment she said that, Tomoki thought of one person that hasn’t been on her mind for the past 6 months.
“OH……yeah…” Yuan said awkwardly.
“So…..I guess no one heard anything about Cass?” Tomoki said. The two stood silent at that.

“What?” Sheena said, “Anything I should know about?”
“No, Sheena, just go back to serving drinks on the line.” Yuan said.
“All right,” Sheena said, “Nice to meet you though, Tomoki. Hope we see each other again.”

“So I take it as a ‘no’?” Tomoki said.
“Basically that.” Kati said, “We know she was going to stay there for some time now. We just didn’t know how long and even if she did get released, I don’t think she would be here as well.”

“I….actually do see your point.” Tomoki said, “And speaking of that, is anyone on the Faction still on our asses?”
“Well, if it helps, they aren’t thinking much about you anymore.” Yuan said.
Tomoki looked relieved at that.
“……But they still really hate your guts.” Kati concluded. “Yeah, I think the whole ‘both of you lead your people to death’ spectrum is still there but I think it cooled down here, at least from what I’ve been hearing.”

“Oi…..I probably shouldn’t make myself that public.” Tomoki said. “Kinda the reason why I had a helmet on.”

Kati then went on to remind her, “I mean, you still got some love here. From me to Yuan to the Darksiders to our circle of friends…”
“Wait….what about MAK and Kai?” Tomoki said, “How they been doing?”

“Oh……” Yuan said, “Those two have been busy a lot. For one thing, I haven’t heard them doing any ridiculous shit like robbing gangs and all that.”
“Kai’s been working like crazy at Mr. Tso’s and MAK is pulling double duty with classes and a new job.” Kati said, “He’s now working at El Diablo’s.”
“The taco and hot wing shack?” Tomoki questioned.
“Yeah.” Kati said. “It started all a little slow but he’s getting the hang of it although he’s been reviewing less for the time being.”

“Has he stop?” Tomoki said.
“I wouldn’t say stop. Just took some extended breaks in between.” Yuan said. “He does plan on getting back to it. Now is just a hectic time for him…..which is saying much since his life has been hectic this year.”
“I should probably stop by to see if–”
“Actually, now wouldn’t be a good time.” Kati said, “Since this is the one time both of them are off, they don’t want anyone bothering them. It’s their time alone and of course….”
“OH….OH…I get the memo now.” Tomoki said. “I’ll stop by tomorrow or something like that.”
Nanashi then showed up on the conversation to see that Tomoki is here. “HEY YUAN, KATI!! We need you back here for Kings… show these lightweights what real champions do!!”

“Oh hey, Tomoki.” Nanashi shouted in a drunken stupor. “I didn’t know you was back in town.”
“Nanashi…” Tomoki said, “I’m glad to see you, too…..and you smell of bourbon and zombie shots.”

“Yeah, she’s been playing Kings with us the past hour….and she is drunk out of her mind.” Kati said.

“Naw, I’m good.” Nanashi said, “I…..I……I….” She immediately falls over.
“Damn….” Kati then got a hold of Nanashi. “I commend her strong will for this but damn, she needs a ride home.”

In the Hirano apartment, we see a half-naked sleeping Nyoko with an awake Loyuka getting dressed got a call from work. “Wait what?”

Leon was on the phone with her, “There’s been an explosion down at the Goods’ Exchange an hour ago. We need all Faction agents down there and that means you, too. Especially since you haven’t been on your game lately.”

“And what’s that supposed to mean?” Loyuka said.
“Let’s see….” Leon went to say, “You’ve been absent most of your days and whenever you do, you are always with Nyoko Hirano for some reason.”

“What?” Loyuka said, “It’s personal training with her. We’re practically like sensei and student.”

“I don’t think the average student and sensei hang out 24/7…unless they’re….”
“They’re what?” Loyuka said. At that moment, Nyoko was feeling up on Loyuka and kissing on her while it did distract Loyuka for a bit.
“OK, look, I’ll be there at the Faction in a few minutes.” Loyuka said.
“You sure?” Leon said.
“Yes, fool. Goodbye.” As Loyuka hung up.

“So, Yuka, was that work on the phone?” Nyoko said.
“Yeah, something happen and we need to be there quick.” Loyuka said.
“So now I have to get dressed?” Nyoko said.
“Exactly.” Risa said as she booted in there. “You two have been cooped up here all day that it’s starting to smell like a sex dungeon.”
“All right. Hold up. I’m about dressed.” Loyuka said.
“Not you…” Risa then threw clothes at Nyoko. “Now you….GET YOUR SHIT IN GEAR, NYOKO!”
“All right! All right!!” Nyoko said, “Just shut the fuck up and let me get dressed.”



“So what do we have?” Loyuka said.
“Well, Miss Zaki,” Nguyen said, “The place has been rigged to explode; however, nobody died from the explosion and that is kinda offbeat.”

“What was offbeat about again?” Nyoko said. “They tried to send a message and maybe some people got lucky when it happen.”

“If they were trying to send a message,” Yubari said, “I’m pretty sure it takes more than blowing up one building. That’s not much of a message to give the world.”
Nyoko disagreed with Yubari and said, “You rather they blow up more than one building and have people killed at that?”
“No…..Agent Hirano.” Yubari said, “But they seem like small potatoes as of now. Why should we give a fuck about them?” Leon, Cyan and Seiki are rummaging through the wreckage to see if more evidence comes up and they see a laptop on and there was a file on the desktop called ‘More to come?’

“Hey, Zaki!” Seiki said, “Got something for ya.” She passes Loyuka the laptop.

“More to come? The hell does that mean?” Loyuka questioned.
“I guess we should probably watch it to find out.” Nguyen said.

They got one ready for them and went to play the file.

“So……I take it you found this video.”  It was the person in the blue jay mask Kikyo Shaw. “Good. I planned on you finding it. You know, right now, you’re thinking that explosion didn’t kill anybody and that I fucked up with that.”

“Yeah pretty much.” Yubari said.
“Will you shut the fuck up?” Nguyen said slapping her.

“Yeah, no. This is just the appetizer of what’s to come.” Shaw said, “You probably didn’t listen to our rant. WE WILL NOT SPILL BLOOD OF THE INNOCENT!!!! Only those who deserve it!! And guess what? The Faction definitely deserve it for their incompetence!!”

“Wait! WHAT?” Seiki said.

“Really? You think we wasn’t going to forget your biggest disaster six months ago? Your colleague escaped her deportation to run off with her lover, who also worked for the organization and tricked your dumb asses with that.” Shaw then brought up the reasoning for that. “It seems like you couldn’t keep your crew under control. Your leader died for their selfish reasons and so did others.”

Nguyen sounded confused at that, “So….you hate us because of some fool–”

“I despise you because you are basically like every other law enforcement in the world. You protect and serve yourselves but fuck the people. You better watch your ass. It’s next and we’re coming for you!” The video ended on there.

“So…….the past has come back to bite us in the ass?” Yubari said.
“Isn’t this a bitch?” Cyan said, “It’s this shit all over again.” As she walks to the car in displeasure.


“You think they got the message?” Myke said.
“Oh, I’m sure of that.” Shaw said, “No thanks to you from that botched stream.”

“Come on, it wasn’t all my fault!” Myke said, “Yellowhammer forgot to put the drinks out of the way.”
“Man, fuck you, Myke!” As Yellowhammer slapped the hell out of him.
“OW, YOU BITCH!!” The two then started to fight each other but Shaw had to but in and disrupt them.

“Hey!” Shaw said, “The deed is done! We got the message delivered but we need to execute something to show them what we’re made of!

However, one person in a wheelchair came rolling to Shaw’s way.

“Um…….” Yellowhammer said, “Why do you have the wheelchair? I thought you couldn’t just see. You can’t walk either?”

“It’s not that.” she said, “Just wanted to make an entrance.” She stands up on her own feet to congratulate her.
“But, Ms. Shaw, I am pleased with what you done on your first mission.” She said. “Especially since it is only a preview of what’s to come.”

“Oh, wow….thank you.” Shaw sounds happy at that. “I…I mean, I’m proud of what I’ve done.”
“And you should be.” She said. “You gave a warning to the people and you didn’t cause any unnecessary deaths. I could kiss you right now if I knew where you’re standing.” Shaw blushed a bit at that.

“Now you can carry on with what you’re doing and Shaw, keep up the good work.” She said, as a little light shines on her and grey hair flashes before their eyes.


“I can’t believe you!!” And it was MAK talking in some strange staged way. “I can’t believe that you would betray me like this.”
“I didn’t mean to.” Now it was Kai’s turn, speaking the same way MAK was. “I didn’t know what to tell you. I didn’t want you to get that upset again.”

“You, of all people……would do this?!” In actuality, both of them were actually role-playing in some sort of fake role-play game both of them got planned. MAK is playing as Afro-Ninja dressed in nothing but a fake afro wig, red shorts and a black open vest and Kai is Lady Diamond all dressed in a white play dress, wearing a crown with some blue eye shadow.

“Lady Diamond, you told the warriors my attack plan?” He acted out.
“I had to, Afro Ninja.” She said, “They threaten to kill my family if I didn’t tell. Please……they even put a knife close to my sister’s heart!! I couldn’t bear that thought……. I’m sorry! I never want to betray you!!”

“NO!!” MAK said in a corny heroic voice. “You mustn’t blame yourself. I’ll be ready for face them but I have to come up with a new plan.”

“That’s good.” Kai said acting like a broken princess. “But I still feel horrible for what I did to you. I want to make it up to you!! LET ME FIGHT BESIDE YOU!”

“WHAT?” MAK badly acted that out.
“Please!! Let me repay you with that……and also another thing, too.”  Then Kai starts to strip down to a white bra and panties.
“Why, Lady Diamond……I didn’t know you felt that way about me.”
“It’s true. I’m in love with you, Afro-Ninja!!” They both gave each other a long kiss, tongue included and as Afro-Ninja starts to go down on Lady Diamond……well, their phone rings.


“AW SHIT!!” MAK shouted. “I thought we told people not to bother us tonight.”
“Hold up.” Kai said, “I’ll handle this.” She grabbed the phone.
“Hello?” Kai said.
“Kai?” And it was Sheena on the phone. “Yeah, I’m calling for Kati & Yuan since they’re pretty drunk from Kings.”
“Uh, Sheena? I thought me and MAK told everyone not to bother us tonight.” Kai said.
“I know, I know, I know.” Sheena said, “But I don’t know if you heard, there was an explosion at the Goods’ Exchange 2 hours ago and somebody putting out a message of ‘revolution’.”
“Revolution?” Kai said.
“Apparently, yeah.” Sheena said, “Some group called The BirdBrains sent a message about things to come…and from what I heard about Grand H last year, I should be worried.”

“OK….anyone we know involved in this?” Kai questioned.
“No. No one you know.” Sheena said, “We know The Faction is–”
“Sheena!” Kai said, “Look, we’re not trying to get involved in Faction shit now and so far, we’re doing a good job with that.”
“OK, I was just telling you some news, that’s all and I thought you would be concerned for your sister as well.” Sheena said.

“I’m sure she can handle it.” Kai said. “If anything important happens, you can call us then. OK?”
“Sure.” Sheena said.
“Got it. Bye, Sheena. Tell Yuan and Kati I said ‘hi’.” Kai rapidly said as she hung up the phone.

“Who was that?” MAK questioned.
“Oh, it was just Sheena.” Kai said. “But who cares about that?” She wanted to get that trouble out of the way to get back at the role play sex. “Now where were we? Oh yeah.” Kai then resumed to kissing him all over his body and MAK started to get aroused when she went down on her knees, taking his shorts off and his boxers.
“Oh…..oh shit.” As MAK said when Kai was giving him a BJ. “Lady Diamond, if this is your way of repaying me, you are forgiven.”


Outside of their apartment, somebody was trespassing around the area on top of the roof. A silhouette was traipsing the complex but then the figure got distracted by MAK and Kai’s loud sex.

The person was trying to break in one of the windows but hearing Kai saying that MAK should spank her ass and grip her breasts hard.
“OK…I didn’t know Kai liked it that rough.” And it was a woman who said that.

She sneaked in there by jimmying the lock and shut the window quietly but a sudden noise went off in the room as a cat went screeching.
“The fuck was that?” MAK called out as Kai got interrupted on the BJ.
“I don’t know.” She said.
“You think one of us should check it out?” MAK said.
“Um, MAK……you realize I’m in the position of my hand on your–”
“So, no?” he said.
“Right.” Then she got on top of him and got him in a tight embrace. “So…..where were we?”

That somebody got into the apartment and they were snooping around the place; however, it seems like that person wasn’t the only one doing it. We then see Tomoki sneaking in the place by using the same window.

“The window’s unlocked.” Tomoki said, “MAK and Kai never have them open.” She seemed suspicious about that so she went inside to check it out. She looked around to see what that noise was but then that person tried to strike at her.

“What the fuck?!” She avoided that hit as the other girl is coming closer.
“HEY!!! The fuck are you doing here?” the shadow girl shouted at here.
“ME!? This is my friend’s house!!” Tomoki yelled. “What the hell are you doing here!? Breaking in people’s houses!!” The two squared it off and fight in silent combat as Tomoki tried to land punches on the other girl but blocks it right away.

Then she throws glasses at Tomoki but she catches them without making them break…..well, all except one that broke.

“You dumb bitch!” As the girl screamed and tackled Tomoki.
“AAAH!!! GET OFF!!!” Tomoki screamed as the girl was on top of her. “Who the hell are you?”

MAK and Kai still remained unnoticed of what’s happening out there, mostly due to the music and Kai’s moans being loud as hell.
“OK, no, what the fuck was that?” As MAK heard something out there.
“Oh shit….” Kai said, “Maybe you weren’t hearing things after all.”
“Maybe I need to check it out to make sure it’s safe.” MAK said.
“Wait, wait, wait….” As Kai stopped him, “MAK, I’ll check it out since I didn’t believe you at first.”
“Do you need me to go with you, Kai?” MAK asked her.
“No, I think I got it handled.” She said. “After all, I am Lady Diamond!” As she casually laughs at that but then realize it could be dangerous.
“How about if shit happens, you back me up?”
“Got it.” MAK said as he kissed Kai.


Tomoki and the girl was still going at with whatever things they got to hit each other with but that’s when Tomoki got a hold of her mask and went to take it off to reveal who it was but it was still too dark to see.

“HEY!!!” And that was Kai in a robe covering herself and with a bat in her hand. “You picked a bad time to rob us but I guess I can make up my sexual frustrations by beating the hell out of you!!” She turn on the lights and see that the first girl is Tomoki.

“What the–? TOMOKI!?” Kai sounded shocked.

“TOMOKI!?” The other girl shouted.

Then she and Tomoki find out who was the other girl and……it was Cassie but she looked a lot different than usual as she has more of a muscular build and longer hair.

“Cassie?” Kai questioned.

“Wait a mi—Cass…….Cassie, is that you?” As Tomoki gaze upon her and saw what has been changed for the past 6 months.

“Tomoki.” Cassie said in awe.



“Damn, Cass… really buffed up since you went back to Genesis.”


“You…..didn’t tell him about…well, you know?”

“We can’t tell the others about this.”

“Sei, you remember Laila.”

“So, we’re the infamous MAK2.0 The Blue Hybrid?”
“And you must be the dangerous as fuck Lex Collins?”

“Wait….is she staying here?”


©2015 KATANAPlus+ / The Faction Colors Project.

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