AURA FACTION presents THE MONEYDANCE Arc: – Track 3: ESCAPE from the Outright FACTION


Someone did came out of the dark…A woman with dark curly hair with the look of despair on her face. “Welcome to the Hell that Never Ends.”


“What?” MAK said, “The hell that never ends…..”
She then went on and said, “It means that you are definitely stuck him for the rest of your natural-born life.” She said. “I know…..I have seen people locked in here making attempts to get out of here but either failed, died trying or just give up and rot in here.”
“Do you at least tried to escape?” MAK asked her.
“I did……they did not end well.” She responded. “Look, I’m not trying to put you down but the shit I’ve seen down here with people trying to escape…….and how they failed at it…..they gave me less hope and more depression of the fact that I’m stuck here for the rest of my life.”
“Well, I know one thing.” MAK said, “Right now, I got people looking for me high and low and they have dealt with this motherfucker before and they will fuck him up! And you know what? As soon as they get here, I’m getting you out, too……um…..whatever your name is.”
“My name is Leviathan.” She said, “Your name, stranger?”
“It’s MAK, short for MAK2.0.” He said, “That’s a nickname I gave myself when I was younger and that’s because as of now, I don’t want to be associated with my father’s namesake.”
“2.0, huh?” Leviathan said, “That’s a cool name. Why you don’t want to be associated with your father’s last name anymore?”
“Because this incident is partly his fault as well.” MAK replied. “All that bonding for bullshit…and yet I wanted to tell him I don’t need him in my life that much. After this…..I’m now sure of that.”
“Just curious….what is your father’s last name?”
“Kiritsnagi.” He replied.

That’s when she froze and that name brought back some memories.
“Did you just……Kiritsnagi?” she grimly replied with anger in her voice.
“Yes.” MAK looked worrisome like she’s going to attack him.
“As in…..Marco Kiritsnagi……the man who got me in this damn hellhole in the first place?” She becomes angrier as she thinks about it. “That same man that took me away from my Ernie!?”
“Ernie?” MAK seems confused, “Wait……Uncle Ernesto?”
Then MAK vaguely remembers something that his dad showed him.

It was a picture from 1985 with three people in front of a blue Coup de Ville. It was Marco Sr., his brother/MAK’s uncle Ernesto and a young woman who was hugging and kissing all over Ernesto in what looks like somewhere in Lipton, the city Kiritsnagi lived in his teens.

“Wait…… mean that…’re Aunt Levi?” he responded.
She shook her head. “And that means…’re my nephew.”
“Oh my damn.” MAK said.

The chase is still on as Lex, Aka, Rolo, Devo and Nanashi are still chasing Kiritsnagi on the highway.
“AAAAHHH!!!” Rolo kept screaming courtesy of Nanashi’s reckless driving.
“ROLO! I can’t concentrate on this with you screaming like a bitch!” Nanashi shouted.
“WELL, I WANNA LIVE TO SEE TOMORROW AND SAYURI!” Rolo screamed, “And your driving is making that impossible!”
“We’re so close!” Aka said. “GET CLOSER!”
“GOTCHA, BOSS LADY!” Nanashi said.
Lex climbed out of the window and stood on top of the car to get to Kiritsnagi. “You steady on him, Nanashi?” Lex said.
“I should be.” she said.
Lex then jumped on the car and Devo also leaped in there as well.

“What the fuck!?” Kiritsnagi shouted.
He swerved trying to get them out but it causes Lex to lose balance, hanging on tight to the car and Devo also hanging on at the back of the car.
“OH SHIT!!” Devo screamed.
“You fucking Darksiders better get your asses off me!!” Kiritsnagi threatened, “You think because you fucked up Bevins, that you might mess with me? FAT FUCKING CHANCE!”
“How the hell he know about Bevins?” Aka said.
He rams them but Lex jumped to the roof of the car and Devo got into the back seat unknowingly to Kiritsnagi.
“Y’all aren’t keeping my son from me!” Kiritsnagi said. “I need to warn his ass!”
“KEEPING HIM FROM YOU!?” Lex shouted, “You dumb fuck!! He’s not with us!”
“What?” Kiritsnagi yelled.
“We have been looking for him!!!” Devo screamed, “We thought your dumb ass might know!”
“Then why the fuck you chased me?”
“We need answers!!” Lex said, “And you know what? You are coming with us!”
“Like hell I’m coming with a bunch of Teen Titan rejects!” Kiritsnagi said, “This shit is too real for a bunch of kids like you.”
“KIDS?!” Rolo shouted as he heard the conversation.
Lex then got real stern, “Didn’t you just brought up that we took down Bevins? Were we kids then? NOW….Pull your car over and if you try any stupid shit, I’m beating and shooting your ass.”

They were pulling over to a parking lot and both parties got out of the car.
“So……you got a plan there…..big boss?” As Kiritsnagi made a snide comment towards Lex and in one second…..
Lex sucker-punched him down.
“OK…….I didn’t expect that shit.” Nanashi said.
“I would’ve done the same shit, too.” Aka said, “Grab his legs and tie his ass up.”
“He’s not sitting with me.” Rolo yelled.
“YES HE IS!” Aka said, “You got no one else to ride with you! Sayuri isn’t here so there you go.”

As they got into the car, Murasaki and Nola scurried their way for assistance.
“AKA! AKA!” Murasaki screamed, “We got here as fast as we could!! We saw that Kiritsnagi One was heading his way here and…..”
She and Nola sees the unconscious Kiritsnagi One being carried into the van.
“….you already got him.” Murasaki said.
“Yeah.” Aka said, “Lex just knocked his ass out.”
“We would’ve gotten here sooner.” Nola said, “But the other guys were acting like lazy asses and we needed to hurry to help you.”
“So now what are we doing with him now?” Murasaki asked them.
“Oh, we’re taking him back to our place.” Nanashi said.
“WHAT!?!?” Murasaki and Nola screamed. “HELL NO!”
“Um, Hell yes.” Aka said, “We need answers from this guy and this is the only way to do it.”
“So like it or not, he’s going with us.” Nanashi said, “Oh, and Rolo, I would tie him up if I was you.”
Rolo ended up tying him up anyway. “Way ahead of you.”

Meanwhile, Tomoki and Cassie and Jaye are heading their way back to the society with them making a call to Joanna about Jaye.
“Hey, who are you calling?” Jaye asked.
“Oh, no worries.” Cassie said, “Just a small call.”

“Hello?” Joanna answered.
“Hey, Joanna! It’s Cassie and Tomoki!” she said, “And it’s good news.”
“Hmmm?” Joanna said.
“We got the girl safe and sound!” Tomoki said.
“Really?” An excited Joanna said, “There’s great news!! Definitely great news! OK, just take her to somewhere safe and I’ll meet you there.”
“Wait, who was that?” Jaye said as she grabbed the phone.
“HEY!” Tomoki shouted.
Jaye shouted, “Hello! Who is this?!? Are you trying to kidnap me!?”
“Wait, what?!” Joanna shouted. “No…..look, my name is Joanna Yubari from the Faction at the Society.
“FACTION!?” Jaye shouted, “The fuck!?”
“NO, WAIT, DAMMIT!” Joanna shouted, “We are trying to put you into protection and the Faction doesn’t know anything about this.”
“You sure?” Jaye asked.
“Positive.” Joanna said, “These two are actually ex-members of the Faction. Also they are trustworthy people I can depend on now and then.”
“Yeah. We’re freelance now.” Tomoki said, “Although we like to stay hidden as of late.”
“So you two won’t kill me then?” Jaye asked them. They shook their heads in agreement.
“Oh, thank God.” Jaye sounded relieved.
“So, it’s settled then?” Joanna asked all of them.
“Pretty much.” Cassie said, “See you in a few mi–”
However, something was bumping behind them and some cars were boxing them in.
“What the hell was that?!” Tomoki said.

One guy was coming out of the window with a sledgehammer and directly smashing the windows with it.
“AAAHH!!” Jaye said, “WHAT THE FUCK!?”
“Huh!? What the hell’s going on!?” A concerned Joanna wondered.
“Um, Jo, I might have to call you back.” Tomoki said.
“What! Tomoki, what’s g–” She hung up on her and speed up to smack into the front car and shooting the driver for him to swerve out-of-the-way.
“Who the hell was that?!” Cassie said, “And why the hell are they shooting at us?!”
Jaye looked back at the insignia of their brand.
“Oh no……” she said, “I saw that same logo back at the warehouse. It’s from that guy named….Stark.”
“Stark?” Tomoki and Cassie said, “…You mean?”
“NO! Not that Stark!!” Jaye said, “Brandt Stark! He’s one of the businessman my dad often make deliveries to!!! Him along with some other guy named….uh…Mauricio something?”
“BEVINS!” Cassie shouted.
“Yeah, him!” Jaye said, “They were both at the warehouse when the shootout happened. I heard that they pin the blame on my dad for this!!”
“So they sent some goons to take you out of the equation.” Tomoki deduced that notion. “I think that’s why that lady tried to cut you down earlier.”

A second car came speeding up to them.
“One gaining on us!!” Jaye said.
“HANG ON!” Tomoki shouted. She immediately went to the exit and driven down before the immediate traffic came.
One car managed to still be on their tail. The other one…..
“AAAHHH!!!” One car got sideswiped into a pole.

“OK….we should be good.” Tomoki said. “I mean, no other car is right behind us right?”
Then the car pulled up in front of them, causing Jaye and Cassie to scream.
“That’s because they’re in front of us!!” Cassie shouted. “BACK UP! BACK UP!”
They reversed back to an alley and saw a ladder to the building. The girls got out of the car and climbed up there with Jaye being the fastest.
Then they pulled out a Gatling gun.
“OH DAMMIT!!” Tomoki said, “Climb faster!”
“FUCK!” Jaye screamed as she climbed faster.
However, Cassie got herself a pistol and shot at them a few times.

They got up there in the nick of time.
“OK, we should be good.” Tomoki said, “At least for now…..”
“Shit, I really hope so.” Jaye said.
But Cassie looked down and see someone climbing up. “You spoke too soon.”
She ends up shooting them straight in the head, with them falling down to their death on top of the car.
“Is that it?” Tomoki said, “No more people chasing us?”
Cassie looks down for more people to see.
“We’re good……I hope.”
The phone rings and it was Joanna calling them.
“WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!?” Joanna screamed at them, “Are you two alright!? Is Jade still alive!?”
“Joanna, Joanna, JOANNA!!!” Cassie kept screaming. “All of us are fine. We just ran into some trouble…..which involves bullets and almost dying. Also, our ride is totaled. Can you pick us up…please?”
Joanna irritably sighs but understands the reasoning. “OK…..I’ll be there in a few minutes or so. Just look for somewhere safe to rest.”

Later on, Sayuri went on to the Darksiders hideout to discuss the footage.
“Hello, guys?” Sayuri shouted, “I’m here! Hope that footage is ready to—AAHHH!!” She now sees a knocked-out Kiritsnagi on the couch.

“I told you we should’ve kept him in Rolo’s room!” Aron said.
“HELL NO!” Rolo said, “Why is my room an option?! I don’t want that fucker in there! ”
“Maybe we should keep him in your room, Aron.” Nanashi said, “At least Rolo got a reason why he can’t be in there.”
Sayuri then whistles to them. “Uh…..did I miss something and why is there a sleeping guy on your couch?”

“Yeah….” Rolo said, “You see, Sayuri, turns out after we left Kala, we spotted Kiritsnagi heading to the Society. ”
“And WE GOT HIS ASS!” Nanashi said.
“Yeah, after you almost killed us.” Rolo said. “I was hanging for dear life when you drove that crazy.”
“Look, you make it out alive, didn’t you?” Nanashi said.

“Anyway….” Sayuri interrupted, “You got the footage ready?”
“Yeah.” Rolo said, “I was about to bring it in here. Hopefully once we get the rest and Kati in here, we might know what happen.”

So all the Darksiders plus Sayuri and Kati were reviewing the city tapes for almost two hours and they were getting bored by the minute, searching for any clue on there.
“Oh, dammit… much more shit we got to look?” Magnum said.
Rolo responded, “This is only video 24…..out of 50.”
“24 VIDEOS!” Kati said, “And we got shit?!”
“I want to go to sleep.” Lex said, “But we got to keep doing this.”
However, Sayuri fell fast asleep on Rolo.
“Sayuri’s got the right idea.” Murasaki said, “I’m trying to fight sleep but its winning.” She then lay down on Nola.
“Must……stay….awake….” Nola said.

“Look, we don’t have to watch every video.” Aka said, “Just skim through the bullshit and see if we can find–”
“I SEE HIM!” Cameron shouted, “There’s MAK!”
“WHERE!?” All of them shouted.
They see footage of MAK running from the gun fight and escaping from the bathroom window. He kept running to somewhere safe until he went to an alley.
“OK…. An alley…..” Kati said.
However, they did spotted the moment that Kaos was behind him.
“Wait…who is that behind him?” Kati said as she looked closer to the screen. “MAK, run! MAK, please run!!! MAK, LOOK BEHIN–”
It was too late as MAK was grabbed by Kaos and was taken away.

“No……” Kati said, “This is worse than I thought…..MAK isn’t only missing, he’s kidnapped.” She’s now starting to cry.
“Oh my god… am I going to tell Kai about this? She’ll be even more devastated.”
Murasaki then noticed the kidnapper’s face. “And worse of all, I have a good feeling of who it is. Nola, remember when a year ago, the whole Bevins thing happened and his right-hand woman Kaos shot you?” She then points to the picture.
“No…….” Nola said, “No, no, no, no……..if Kaos kidnapped him that means….”

“That means Mauricio Bevins is behind this shit… expected.” Kiritsnagi woke up from his injury.

“YOU!” Aka shouted, “You now just woke up?!”
“To be fair, I woke up an hour ago.” He said, “I was just waiting the perfect time to break out of here. Preferably when all of you are asleep.”
“Except you’re not going anywhere any time soon.” Lex said, “Your dumb ass got our friend kidnapped!”
“Yeah! We are not letting your ass go for a minute!” Aka shouted.
Then Kati kicked him in his legs.
“OW!” Kiritsnagi said, “You damn penguin bitch!”
Kati then grabbed Kiritsnagi by the neck, “First of all, how did you know my Hybrid form? Unless MAK told you….”
“He didn’t.” he said. “I actually did my research on all of you once I got into this town. From your names to your jobs to your past lives to anything as of now. ”
“So you spied on us!?” Kati said.
“Well, when you put it that way, it sounds like invading your privacy.” He said, “For me, it’s called knowing who the hell my son associates with and I see he surrounds himself with either delinquent motherfuckers like the majority of you or girls he is always infatuated with.”

“Delinquent?!” Magnum shouted, “This coming from a guy that rob from motherfuckers and kill them afterwards. We watched that footage of you in the warehouse and don’t try to act like you’re above us or some bullshit.”
“Right….” Kiritsnagi said, “Because I should be afraid of some wannabe gang that includes one ineffective leader, a second-in-command that too much in her feelings, two dumb-ass horny goons, one computer nerd that got lucky with some girl that happens to work for the Faction, two dumb-ass cousins that felt like extras, some faux tough girl muscle and of course, the pixie girl mascot and her sporty fuck buddy.”
And that got responded by Kati throwing a glass at him.

“And you!?!?” Kati screamed, “Some middle-aged, tired fuckboi who left his family all for you to get back into your dumb-ass life!? Who the fuck are you to criticize our lives!?”
“Oh, you are no better.” Kiritsnagi sniped at her, “Half-human, half-penguin hybrid that co-owns a bar with your significant other and that you consume most of your booze in there as well. I’m surprised you’re still in business.”
Feeling insulted, Kati slapped him again.
“One, I don’t drink my supply to the consumers. I order my own shit! Two….you know what?” She slapped him again. “No two. Just fuck you. Over and over and over again.”
“Want me to knock him out again?” Nanashi said.
Kati gave her the signal to do so and she went with it.

Elsewhere, we cut to Joanna picking up Tomoki, Cassie and Jaye from downtown and are heading back to the apartments.
“OK, luckily for myself, I told everyone down at the Faction that I wasn’t feeling too well and thankfully they bought it.” Joanna said, “So, Jaye, you doing alright back there?”
“Well, for the past few days, I got shot at and almost killed…..2 times in the span of 2 days….” She went on, “Well, I’m still alive so there’s that.”
“Don’t worry.” Joanna said, “Once we get to my place, everything is going to be all good from right on out. I will have to explain things with my girlfriend when we get there.”
“Oh, you have a girlfriend?” Jaye asked.
“Yeah. She’s a bartender and a sweetie.” As Joanna smiled.

“Hey, Joanna?” Cassie said, “How’s Kai been doing lately?”
The smile immediately went away. “OH……she’s still worried as all hell. We heard nothing about MAK the past day and we don’t know if he’s OK or not?”
Joanna then got a text from Kati.
“Hmmmm?” Joanna wondered, “Hey, could you guys check the text for me?”
“Oh, sure thing.” Cassie said.
She read it and it said, “Joanna….please call me soon ASAP.”

They got to the apartments with Tomoki, Cassie and Jaye resting for the night and eventually Joanna called Kati……
“WHAT!?” Joanna said as she found out that MAK was kidnapped. “Oh no………kidnapped?”
“We’ve been looking through footage of the city.” Kati said, “We saw MAK trying to hide but he got snatched.”
“You know you did it?” Joanna asked.
“We do.” Kati said, “It was this guy named Bevins. Mauricio Bevins. The Darksiders are familiar with them more than me. But from what I know, this guy is nothing to be fucked with.”
“Shit….” Joanna said as she was on the verge of tears, “I can’t believe it….”
“You’re telling me…” Kati said, “Fuck, now I want to smack the shit out of his asshole father for that shit we said about us.”
“How am I going to tell Kai this?” Joanna said. “This is g—Wait, the father?”
“Yeah….” Kati said, “He’s back at the Darksiders’ hideout. They got him tied up and we punched the fuck out of him….2 or 3 times. I don’t know. I’m majorly pissed off at this guy and I don’t want to get angrier than I am before. I just had to leave.”
“You need me to go down there?” Joanna asked.
“No. At least not tonight.” Kati said, “Maybe in the morning and bring Sheena with you in case you need help…..or for her to hold you back.”
“Hold me back?” Joanna asked.
“You’ll see.” Kati said.

“So…….you’re my aunt?” MAK said, “The aunt I thought died some years back. Holy shit……”
“Wait….you thought I died?” Levi said.
“That’s what I heard from my folks.” MAK said, “They said that you died by someone breaking in your house and stabbed you then kidnapped you for money and when they couldn’t get the money together, they killed you. Uncle Ernie was very devastated by your death. I never saw him cry like that before. I mean, he’s usually the toughest out of all the Kiritsnagi men.”

“No, you’re right.” Levi said, “Someone did try to kill me…However, I did managed to stab one of them before being taken here.”
“You think that my dad got something to do with that?” he asked. “Did he……”
Levi spared no harsh words for this. “Yes. Your fucking father was one of the reasons I’m in this hellhole! That man has ruined my life for the past 20 years by sticking me here and if…..if I ever get out of here, I want to beat the ever-loving shit out of him.” As she gazed into the water and sees her melancholy expression on her face.

“It’s really been 20 years since then?” Levi asked. “I wonder what the world went through while I was in here.”
“Well, a lot of shit has happened since then but there’s too many to count.” MAK said.
“What about you then?” Levi said, “I mean, you might be the son of the man I hate but I’m sure you probably had a better life than I did.”
“By comparison….” MAK said, “I see your point.” MAK then went on about him growing up, having met Kai in the 4th grade and experiencing his Hybrid power for the first time. However, he did also brought up Kai having to move away during middle school and of course, Kiritsnagi leaving his mother.

“This Kai…..” Levi said, “She sounds like a sweet girl from what you’re saying.”
“Yeah…” MAK bashfully smiled for a moment. “I do have a picture of her right in my….” He reaches for his wallet and sees that they have been emptied.
“What the—THAT ASSHOLE!” MAK shouted.
“What? What happened?!” Levi asked.
“Bevins!! That dickhead took everything in my wallet. Money, I.D., insurance holding cards….even pictures of my family and friends!!! That motherfucker!” But he did see one pic of him and Kai at the beach.
“Well……here’s one picture of us.” MAK showed Levi.
“Oh wow….she’s so pretty.” Levi said, “And both of you looked so happy to be with each other.”
“Yeah.” He smiled back, “She was my first and true best friend that I ever had and then she became my one and true soul mate that I have been searching for. I love her with all my heart and I never want to ever break a sweet girl’s heart like that.” He was trying to hold back tears as the realization that he might never see her again kicks in.

He then went into a small corner and whispered to himself, “Lex……Aka……Aron…..Magnum…..Rolo…..Nanashi….Devo….Cameron…Murasaki….Nola…..I really hope y’all are coming up with a plan to rescue me.”

Next morning, Sheena and Joanna took a little trip to the Darksiders’ hideout and Joanna has gotten Sheena up to date with what’s going on.
“So, MAK’s dad is in there, all tied up and Tomoki and Cassie got a witness from the shootout?” she went over. “And also, Kati had to hit him 3 times?”
“That’s what I heard.” Joanna said, “So how are we going to this?”
“How about good cop, bad cop style?” Sheena said, “I can be the bad cop and smash his hand!”
Joanna seemed irked at that motive. “Sheena, you know I don’t like that motive that much aside from what we do in bed. Look, we just come in as ourselves and confront this dude face to face. Remember, we’re doing this for MAK and Kai.”
Sheena argued. “Gotcha.”

They went in and first thing they see is Rolo putting a bag of frozen peas on his eye.
“What the f—ROLO! What the hell happen to you?” Sheena made the first response.
“Kiritsnagi was trying to escape last night and all of us had to hold him down and drug him some more.” He said, “But before that, he knocked me out first before escaping.”
“Wait, you?” Joanna said, “Not Aron or Magnum?”
“He went on about how I’m the weakest one in the group because I’m the designated nerd of the group and looked weird at me when I and Sayuri were talking. Also he called me a bitch.”
“WHAT!?” Joanna and Sheena shouted.

They immediately run to the holding room where they are keeping him and they see him shackled very heavily to the point of double locking his hands and feet.
“Well, well, well……I see MAK’s other friends have come to visit.” Kiritsnagi said, “The one bartender at that sorry excuse for a bar and the very curvy and stacked Faction agent.”
The two of them never mentioned that to them and him knowing all of that has them baffled.

“Yeah, I know about your profession.” Kiritsnagi said, “I knew all this time my son has fraternized with some people from the Faction. Well, besides Cyan but I get that.”
“You got a problem with me or something?” Joanna replied. “And why the hell you mentioned me being ‘curvy and stacked’?”
“Problem? I never mention there was a problem here.” He said, “I just stated some facts. So why are two here?”
Sheena intervened, “You know why we’re here! We know about what happened to MAK and…” She then kicks him in the shin. “We know that this is your fucking fault.”
“OW!!! My fault!?” Kiritsnagi shouted. “Do you want to blame me for everything?”
“YES!” Sheena yelled, “You were the one that dragged him into that war zone in that warehouse and got him running for his life!”
“I didn’t think he would run!” Kiritsnagi said, “I’ve seen the shit he does on the news! I thought he would go all Blue Hybrid or whatever the fuck name he came up with on their asses!”

“The last thing MAK wants his unwanted attention.” Joanna said, “He just wanted to earn some quick cash to support himself and his woman and yet….you just came into his life after how many years since you left?”
“That’s none of your damn business!” Kiritsnagi bellowed.
“TOO LATE!” Sheena shouted. “When you put our friend into some bullshit, it is our business, you stupid motherfucker!” Sheena was about to beat him with a phone book.
“Oh, what? The phone book?” Kiritsnagi shouted, “Go ahead! DO IT! DO IT!! But know this, you won’t get any answers from me about MAK if I’m dead!”
She lowers the phone book.
“That’s right. Put the damn book down!” Kiritsnagi shouted, “Crazy bitch! Who the fuck do you think you are? Girls who do that shit end up getting their asses kicked and beaten…or worse and you don’t want me to mention those worse parts.”

That just got Sheena more pissed off. “First off, you think we’re just some dumb girls who’s too dainty for this shit?”
Kiritsnagi answered that question, “From the looks of it….”
“Oh, shut the fuck up.” Sheena said.
“Oh what…” he said, “I read everything about you two. I know that Sheena got some abusive ex who is still jailed up to this day and he might be getting out sooner than you think. And you……” As he points to Joanna. “I heard about your reasons of being a Faction agent….and yet it sounds like some typical motivator inspirational bullshit you get from Lifetime or some shit.”
Joanna looked a bit tense at what he’s talking about.
“I mean…..I heard that you had a bad childhood with you being fat at the time and you were a shy butterfly of a student. I guess that part ended up turning you into this do-gooder model officer you inspire to be.”
He paused for a minute only to drop one detail Joanna never wanted to hear.
“Or maybe it was the fact the death of your friend made that happen.” That has gotten Joanna into full-on tense mode. “You know, that old friend you met in high school and become good ‘ol friends with and I mean, really good friends. I don’t know if Sheena knows this but you and he used to fuck wild back then!! I mean, I have read that both of you did some freaky shit together in bed.”
Joanna is starting to turn red with rage, having a tighter grip on the table.
“What was his name? Tyrone? Tito? Tigga?”
“Ty….rell……” She whispered.
“Huh?” He repeated, “I can’t hear you!!”
“TYRELL ORTIZ!” She yelled.
“YES! That’s the guy!” He said, “It is a damn shame about what happened with him and I’m being truly sincere on this. I mean, you were very intimate with him. Like you two were fucking on the regular like every other day.”
The more he kept describing Joanna’s sex life with her late friend, the angrier and pissed off she gets.
“But now… you’re this respected officer that wants to always do the right thing even though your ass is so naïve to see the whole truth. You can’t always save everybody and people are going to die and when they do, your spirit will break harder and harder until you become a shell of your former self. However, the difference between right now and back then in your past… son doesn’t have his dick in between your tits.”
And…..that did it.
Joanna jumped on top of Kiritsnagi and beat his ass with a cell phone, while screaming with tears down her face and yelling ‘fuck you’ and other insults to his face.
Sheena had to pull her away from him and drag her out of there with her still crying and yelling obscenities at him.

“Damn……” he said, “I did I might have went a bit too far. Usually they would break down and beat me afterwards.”

“What the fuck is going on!?” Lex shouted as everybody heard the ruckus. “Oh, fuck! Did Kiritsnagi tried to put your hands on you?!”
“No.” Sheena said, “Joanna put her hands on him. She beat the mighty fuck out of him after he…..well…..”
Sheena hesitated to bring up that last moment to them.
“Well, what?” Lex said. “What moment?”
Sheena saw in Joanna’s eyes that she really doesn’t want a lot of people to know.
“It’s a very private thing.” Sheena said, “Joanna isn’t comfortable of sharing it around other people and as you can see….”
Joanna is calming herself down and trying not to tear up again.
“So I should leave it alone?” Lex asked.
“Yes.” Sheena said.
“So can we focus on beating the fuck out of that guy?” Kiritsnagi said.
Joanna stood up and said, “You can beat him but we can’t kill him.” As she wipes the tears from her face, “He might be an asshole and let’s clarify that, he is an asshole but unfortunately, he’s our key to finding MAK alive and I warned him if he gets him killed, he will get a worse punishment from me and all of us.”

Sheena and Lex looked shocked and in awe of how Joanna handled herself on that.
“Noted.” Lex said.


We see Stark sipping on a glass of Bourbon as he read what’s going on in the internet about the warehouse shooting, especially seeing Frank Ruff getting 10 years in prison for the shootout.
“Well, damn, Ruff.” Stark said laughing, “10 years is a damn long time.”
His phone rings.
“Hello?” he answered.
“Stark, it’s Bevins.” He called, “You got any info on where the hell is Kiritsnagi?”
“Should I ask you that?” Stark replied, “Besides, I heard you got the younger one.”
“Damn right.” Bevins said, “Kaos managed to catch that motherfucker while he was trying to run. I thought we would’ve gotten Ruff’s daughter but–”
“You two fucked up on that, didn’t you?” Stark assumed.
“NO!” Bevins argued, “Kaos fucked up on that with her trying to cut her and shit.”

“Anyway……” Stark said, “I know Kiritsnagi still got my $120 million and he probably spent most of it by now.”
“We know he’s still running around the city.” Bevins said, “I can get some men on that and they’ll take care of that fool and get the money!”
“You still got no idea where he’s at!” Stark said, “You’re just going to search all about the Society for this guy?”
“Well…..if he’s about to search for his son, who do you think he’s going to go for help?” As Bevins pointed out that he might go to the Darksiders for help as it did hit Stark at that opportune time, too.

Bevins went to his quarters as he got Kaos and a newer guard named Liberty Cross guarding the place.
“Hey Kaos and……who the hell are you again?” Bevins pointed out.
“I thought I told you it earlier.” She said, “But what is it?”

“OK then…” Bevins said, “Well, I need one of you to infiltrate the Society because we believe Kiritsnagi might be getting help from the Darksiders so they can get their MAK back.”
“But isn’t getting them to come here so you can kill them all at once a part of the plan?” Kaos asked him.
“It was…..” Bevins said, “But when doing it quicker so I get about…..oh……$120 million, it sounds like a great idea.”
“120 million?” Liberty said, “But isn’t that Stark’s money?”
“That motherfucker will get over it.” He said, “Besides he got more money than anyone of us combined. Plan is that we go over there, snatch that money and get the Darksiders and Kiritsnagi before they can get us.”
Kaos easily gave the quickest answer.
“Fuck it, I’m in.” she said, “The faster I beat them with those two bitches, the better.”
“All right.” Liberty easily said.
“Then it’s settled.” Bevins said, “We start at 1800 hours tomorrow. We’re going to need our rest.”

Back in the Society and at the Turner Express, Kati was getting ready to turn in for the night with Pika and Tara taking over the late night shift.
“Night, guys!” She said, “I’m gonna go spend the night at Kai’s.”
“All right! Take care, Kati!” Pika said. “Tell Kai I said hi and stuff!”
“And don’t burn the place down!” Kati shouted.
Tara waved and held a sign that said, “We won’t.”
But as she went away, she turned it around and it said, “For now.”

Later on, Kati got to her place.
“Hey….how you’ve been hanging for the past few days?” Kati asked.
“Well,” Kai began, “I’m still worried to death about MAK and if he’s all right.”
Kati knew the truth that he’s been kidnapped and she doesn’t break the news to her directly.
“Kai, I’m sure that he’s fine.” She said, “MAK is resourceful. I think he can find a way to get back to you. Worse things has happen.”
Kai sighs, “I know, I know. But unlike the other times, he wasn’t trying to be in some shit. He was just going to do some work for this warehouse and collect the money…..which we was going to use for a vacation for the two of us.”
“Vacation?” Kati wondered.
“Yeah….” Kai said, “He wanted to do it because he wanted us to have more time together…..and also…” Kai paused at something that no one else but her and MAK knows.
“Also what?” Kati said.
“Kati……I didn’t tell you this before, in fact I never told anyone about this but……. MAK proposed.” Kati’s eyes widened as those two words were heard.
“Proposed?” she said, “Wait, you mean……”
“He asked my hand in marriage.” Kai said, “MAK wants to marry me……and I said ‘yes’.”

“Holy shit……” Kati said, “I didn’t think you two would want to be married until you were 30-something.”
“I thought so, too.” Kai said.
She got up, went to the balcony and then stares at the night sky.

“Kati… know how when someone who’s been a damn good friend to you throughout the years and that connection blossoms to something more?” As Kai said to Kati.
“Mmmhmm.” She responded.
“Well….MAK has been that person for a good chunk of my life minus the whole moving situation. I thought I never see him again after I moved away to Parish Heights. Then…..a second chance happen. I got to see my best friend again and eventually he would be my boyfriend….a damn great boyfriend who always care for me and love me unconditionally with all his heart….and I love him the same way.” Then she went over to hug Kati.
“I’m sorry…. I’m sorry…..” Kai said crying, “I’ve just been so depressed over him lately…I……I……”
Kati hugged her back and replied, “You got nothing to be sorry about. You don’t apologize for a damn thing…….”


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