AFNG (Aura Faction Next-Gen) BK SQUAD: Episode 2 – PUNK GIRL LIAISON ~ the transition

WARNING: The following written material that you’re about to read may contain acts of violence, mild language and sexual content. This is meant only for AUDIENCES 13 AND UP. Reader Discretion is advised. 


“The hell’s going on?” As Jericho was wondering about the commotion and he runs out to see that Denzel and Nico are about to fight.
“What the f– ZEL!!!”
Then Jasmine wonders the same thing as she’s getting as the crowd gets larger and she sees…. 


TRACK 2: PUNK GIRL LIAISON — the transition 


“The hell are you guys doing!?” Jasmine shouted.
“Bro, what the hell!?” Jericho yelled, “You got your dudes fighting in the middle of the hallway!”
“Jericho!! Keep your ass out of this!!” Denzel said. “This is between me and Nico boy here!” 

“Jericho, I got no beef with you, man!” Nico said, “But you know your bro been robbing people here for a while, especially that dude over there!!”
Camilla went in.
“Look, I don’t know nor do I care about your little personal spat but if you go near my brother again—“
“Bitch, you won’t do shit!!” One of Denzel’s goons said.
He then grabbed her shoulder.
She hind-kicked him in the knees and slapped him across the face. 

“You want to try me?” Camilla said.
Then Ari went over to Carlos and both of them make a run for it. 

“What the fuck!! GRAB THEM!!!” Denzel shouted as his boys went and chased them.
Nico then threw a piccolo at him.
“OW! A piccolo?” Denzel said, “What’s next? A water fountain?” 

“I would except they’re built in!!” Nico shouted.
Camilla then sneaked behind him and sucker-punched Denzel.
“Gotcha, bitch!!” Camilla shouted.
Denzel jumped on her, pinning her to the ground.
“You got a lot of balls for someone with none!!” he shouted.
“In a minute, I can say the same to you.” She kneed him in the balls.

He then threw some dirt on her eyes.
Now she’s blinded by dirt, he Jackhammers her in the ground.
She kicks him in the face, but then Jasmine swooped in and dragged her out of the way before getting hurt even more.
“What the?! HEY!!” Camilla said, “Don’t worry, I got this!!”
“Look! Look! You got him!” Jasmine said, “I’m making sure it doesn’t get anymore dangerous.”
The music room’s door is now locked.
“The hell? Did Nico just run?” Denzel shouted.
“Forget about him, bruh!” Jericho said, “You know your ass is still in deep shit about you fought Mike the Mackarel a few weeks ago! He still uses a straw to eat!”
Denzel growls as he knew he was in too much of a risk, so he left.
“I’ll deal with him later.” As he said to Jasmine. “Pass him that message.”

“RUN!!!” Ari and Carlos were being chased throughout the school, going floor to floor as they reached to the top of the building.
“Quick, right here!” She spotted a closet and jetted into there without a blink. She then threw a marble downstairs.
One of the goons saw it go down.
“Hey, they must have went down there!!” he said. They pursue to go back downstairs, leaving Ari and Carlos in the clear. 

Ari went to check outside to see if they’re really gone.
“Hey… we’re in the clear.” Ari said, “We can come out now.” 

“You really saved my ass back there.” Carlos said, “Actually, you and Nico and I guess, Camilla saved my ass.”
“Thanks.” Ari said, “But you really got to be careful around them. They are not ones to easily evade, especially since most of the time they’ll beef with Nico.”
“Yeah, I wonder what’s their beef with him.” Carlos said.
“It’s a long story.” Ari said, “But I should get you to Camilla before anything else happens.” 


Nico then got back into the music room with Megumi, Taro and Tamari waiting on him.
“Well, that was completely crazy.” Tamari said.
“I hope Ari and Carlos makes it out OK.” Taro said.
“Is Denzel still out there?” Megumi asked. 

“Yup!!” Nico said, “Good thing there’s an exit the other way!” He kicks open the door and the others pursue to leave. 

However, as they leave, they are stopped by the Principal.
“Oh…, Principal Richards……hi.” Nico fearfully smiled with the others looking worried. 

“Mr. Kiritsnagi.” Principal Richards aka Chloe “Noir” Richards (Longtooth’s younger sister) said. “Ms. Ashikaga, Ms. Hattori, Ms. Aimoto. You have access to the music room?”
“Yes…. yes I do.” Nico said, showing her the card he got. 

“Wait, he actually has a card?” Tamari whispered to the girls. 

“Tamari Aimoto?”
“Yes, Ma’am!?” She frantically shouted.
“I have word from the gym room that you left some things in your locker room.” Noir said, “Particularly one thing I can’t mention in front of….. well…” She pointed to Nico.
She turned red again.
“I’ll be sure to get it, miss.” she said.
“OK. I’ll be on my way.” Noir said, “Oh wait, I forgot something.” 

“Oh, what’s that?” Nico said.
“You.” Noir said to him, “We know about the fight between you and Denzel Mackie. Plus, Jasmine told us about it. Come with me, young man.”
“Ooooooohhhhhhhh……” He sounds deflated.
“I don’t know what’s more humiliating.” Taro said, “The principal tricking him or mentioning that Tamari left her red sports bra in the locker room.”
“YOU KNEW WHAT I LEFT!?” Tamari shouted.
“I thought you put it in your bag.” Taro mentioned.
“It shouldn’t be hard to notice.” Megumi said, “It was as big as mine and Taro’s sports bras.”
“You heard nothing!!” Tamari said to Nico. 


Ari and Carlos were heading back downstairs as the coast is clear.
“There you are!!” As Camilla first sees them, “Good, you’re safe!!” 

“I’ll say.” Ari said, “Anything happen!?”
“Me and that dude Denzel got to fighting and I got him hard!!” Camilla said, “But……your girl Jasmine had to drag me out and Nico just ran!”
“Ran!?” Ari questioned.
“Well, he was in the music room, with 3 girls in there.” Camilla said.
“3 gir–” Ari said but realize who were the 2 out of the 3. “OK, I get Megumi and Taro but who’s the third one?”
“It’s….I don’t know–Tomatillo–“
“TAMARI!?” Ari said, “Well……I heard from the locker rooms that she has a huge crush on Nico before.”
“I guess there’s some sexual appeal to some.” Camilla said. “Oh, and also Nico’s in trouble now. He’s in with Principal Richards along with Jasmine.” 


“You just had to get her involved, didn’t you?” Nico said to Jasmine as they’re right next to the office.
“What?” Jasmine said, “You were wilin’ out as always!”
“No….I was making sure someone didn’t get ganked by Denzel!” Nico said, “At least it’s something!”
“Oh yeah…..A real superhero here, ladies and gentlemen!” Jasmine sarcastically said, “Be lucky the principal we know is an old friend of Mom and Dad’s or else you would be in some real shit.”
“They know that I was making sure he didn’t get robbed.” Nico said, “I’m practically doing their job except I’m actually throwing beatdowns at them fools.”
“While hiding in a room with three girls……” Jasmine said, “Although that’s nothing new with you and Megumi and Taro….although I did suspect Tamari would joined you sooner since she got a huge crush on you.” She said that last part in silence.
“HUH!?” he said. 

“I can’t keep looking after you all the time!” Jasmine said, “You know that–“
“Spare me the speech!” Nico said, “I heard what you and Mom and Dad were talking about this morning!”
“WHAT!?” she said, “You mean where you had on earbuds?”
“With the music cut out or kept to a minimum.” he said, “You sound like I can’t handle myself in situations like this!” 

“We’re trying to make sure that our powers doesn’t get noticed by the wrong people!! she said, “You know how Mom and Dad are frightened about if someone discovers our powers and what they might do with it if they capture one of us.”
“No one outside our usual people will find out about us.” Nico said, “Even if someone were to squeal on us, we got ways of stopping them. After all….. we are the offspring of a famous Hybrid.” 


“Nico…..” As Principal Richards walked in, “I’d like to see you.”
He walks in her office. 

“Nico…” she said, “Look, I heard from several witnesses, including Megumi, Taro and Tamari that you were just trying to protect one of the students from getting mugged.”
“See?” Nico said, “That’s all I’m doing.”
“STOP!” she said, “But you keep on doing these fights with Denzel Mackie. You can’t keep going on with this rivalry and disrupting everyone in here while you’re at it! I get you’re not using your powers and at least you’re capable enough to not have that been made by someone but….you can’t always risk that.” 

“I know, I know.” Nico said.
“You also know I have to tell your parents about this.” she said, “I’ll let them know you aren’t in big trouble but as principal, I can’t let things like this slide. You know I have to give you a punishment.”
“OK, I’ll accept whatever punishment you give me.” Nico said.
“No access to the Music Room for 2 weeks.” Richards immediately said.
His face immediately went into a “Ahhh, damn!” look. 

“Well, that’s a fitting punishment.” she said, “Don’t you agree?”
“I agree.” he said.
“I’ll let you go now.” she said, “But, please, Nico…….we know you’re a smart and passionate young man. Don’t end up doing any stupid decisions in the future.”
“I try.” He said as he left. 

She sighs, “He reminds me of another man I know.”  




“So….. what the hell happened back there?” Ari said to both Jasmine and Nico. “I heard you got your Music Room access taken!”
“Unfortunately.” he said.
“That sucks!!!” Ari said, “Lucky for you, I can complete those tracks for you. I still got access but not as full as yours since I’m a freshman.” 

The trio were at the park, just hanging out.
“So Dad is going to kick my ass…..well, Mom, too.” Nico said, “I know they’re going to say some shit.”
“And as usual, we know how this will go.” Jasmine said, “Mom will get concerned for you, Dad will tell you to never let your powers lead you into any trouble and you’ll say you understand…..until the next time it happens.” 

“At least I don’t act like I’m ashamed of my powers.” Nico said.
That sparked something from Jasmine.
“What was that?” Jasmine said.
Nico continued, “At least I use them as a last resort. You pretty much forgot that you’re a Hybrid. You’re too busy being the famous track star that’ll get into any university in the future.”
“Hoo boi!” Ari said, “Did I hear something over there?” As she left before things got heated. 

“Oh, so I’m not a real Hybrid or something!?” Jasmine said, “You know I can’t use that power in my running!”
“I know you can’t use that in running but don’t dictate me on how I’m using my power! It’s going fine, thank you very much!” Nico said, “I may use it to fool guys trying to chase me but I use it as a last resort!”
“Like what?” Jasmine said, “If you run into Denzel again?”
“HEY!! I don’t need my powers to beat his ass!” Nico said. “You saw me out there.”
“You threw a piccolo and ran into the music room.” Jasmine said.
“Well, I would’ve but ‘ol girl jumped in and Ari took Carlos with her.” 

“I was saving him.” Ari said, “Like, getting him away from those guys.”
“And yet, you didn’t get any shit for it?” Nico questioned. “And come to think of it, what about that girl with him? She fought his ass as well and I heard nothing from her…..” 

“That’s because someone else got on my ass for it…..” Then comes Camilla within earshot among with Carlos.
“Carlos!” Ari said, “You feeling alright?”
“I had worse days.” he said, “At least people were kind enough to save me from it.” 

“And that’s what important.” Nico said.
“Although you could’ve put up more of a fight…” Camilla said, “Especially hearing about you recently, Nico Kiritsnagi.” 

“Hi, guys!!!” Then comes Megumi and Taro in the conversation.
“And I see your cheerleading squad is here.” Camilla said, “But you’re missing one. That one nervous shy chick?”
“Oh, you mean Tamari?” Taro said, “She had a tutoring session on algebra today. She gets out later.” 

“You must be Carlos.” Megumi said, “Hi, I’m Megumi Ashikaga.”
“And I’m Taro Hattori.” Taro went on, “And yes, I know Taro is a boy’s name but I guess my parents thought I was going to be a boy but yes, it happens.”
“Wow, nice to meet you both.” he said.
“And Camilla…. we met earlier during the day.” Taro said, “You along with everyone else stared at me and Megumi changing clothes in gym.”
“I don’t forget a face.” Camilla said staring at her chest, “Or in this case….” 

“Oh, Nico?” Megumi said.
“By the way, Tamari told me to give you this.” She handed him a note. He opened it and it read: 

“Hey, if you want to call or text message me sometimes, here’s my number – 293-412-1029. I’ll add you as soon as you call. Love, Tamari.”  


“Ooh, nice.” he said, smiling.
“And we have a new friend!” Taro said, “We got her number on our phones, too.”
“That and she really seems to like you.” Megumi said. 

“Hey, um… Jasmine?” Camilla said, “So, care to explain the relationship with you, Ari and Nico?”
“What’s to explain?” Jasmine added, “Nico is, of course, my brother and Ari’s our cousin. Well, in a way. She’s very much family to me and Nico.”
“Yeah, you can say that Ari is basically my younger sister… which makes me a big brother!” As she pats her head. 

“And if you pat on my head again,” Ari said, “I’ll bite your hand and won’t let go. I did it before.”
He immediately stops petting.
“Oh and our mom and dad are good friends with her moms.” Nico added on, “They’ve been for about… 20 years or so.”
“Moms, eh?” Camilla said, “Wait, your mom and dad were friends were two women…..I wonder if that…”
“I don’t know and I don’t wanna know.” Nico and Ari said. 

“Hmmmm…..I get that.” Camilla said, “And Nico….. you and ‘your squad’?” 

Taro took in that question, “Oh, we’ve been best friends since we were 10. Nico has always been someone who always vow to protect us.”
“Ah,” Camilla said, “So you’re their bodyguard?”
“I wouldn’t say that.” Megumi said, “Yeah, he always protect us from any jerk trying to mess with me and Taro but he’s a good close friend.” 

“Well, that’s cool of you.” Carlos said, “You’re like a big protector in these parts.”
“Pretty much.” Nico said, “If you excuse me, I got to face my punishment like a man.” 



Before Nico had to deal with his parents, he did try and call Tamari.
He calls her up.
“Hello?” Tamari answered.
“Hey, Tamari, it’s Nico.”
She looks excited. “HEY! You called!” 

“Yeah, I’m surprised you would give me a call.” he said, “With what happened at the fight and knowing I’ll get in some trouble, which I already am.”
“Sorry about that.” Tamari said, “Your parents talked to you yet?”
“No.” he said, “I’m already preparing the inevitable.” 

“You know…..” she said, “I heard that you helped out Megumi and Taro with the whole clothes thing and you setting up some paint bomb to trick those guys.”
“Mmmhmm.” he said, “Wait, I didn’t get any paint on your clothes, did I?”
“Oh no, no.” she said, “I think it’s pretty cool of you to help them out. Maybe a bit much with the paint but still.” She asked him one more question. “Hey, you got a webcam? Maybe we can video chat sometimes….. whenever you’re not on punishment.”
“Yeah, I like that! Hey, are you a sophomore or junior?” Nico said.
“Sophomore.” Tamari said, “Same as you.”
“Do we got any classes together besides P.E. if that’s shared?” he asked.
“I’m checking mine right now.” Tamari said, “I got Algebra first period, Creative Writing 2nd, P.E. 3rd, World History 4th, Home Ec 5th and Creative Writing 6th.”
“Hey, I got 1st, 5th and 6th with you.” Nico said, “Along with 3rd but yeah, we’re spending some time this year!” 

“We could probably study together on Algebra and on Home Ec and Creative Writing with Megumi and Taro.” Tamari said.
“Yeah, I’m down with that.” he said. 

“Nico!!! Me and your mother needs to speak with you!!” As MAK shouted. 

“Yeah, that’s my cue to go.” Nico shouted.
“I’ll call….or wait until tomorrow at school in case they ground you.” Tamari said, “Later, Nico.”
“Later, Tamari.” he said. He hung up. 


Nico is having a setdown with MAK and Kai about today.
“We got a call from Noi– I mean, Principal Richards today.” Kai said to him, “You’re at this again? That’s the 3rd one.”
“OK, look, did she tell you why I fought them?” 

“She did.” MAK said, “And while I’ll say I commend you for helping some poor kid, you know you can’t be risking getting your powers found out by someone.”
“You never had a problem of using your powers back in the day.” Nico said.
“I didn’t know any better.” MAK said, “I don’t want you to go through the same shit I was going through. We want you and Jasmine to have a better life than us and we don’t want you to resort to just fighting in school all the time.” 

“I don’t fight all the time!” Nico said, “I barely fought this time. I threw a piccolo and locked myself in the music room.”
“With 3 other girls.” Kai said, “Yeah, she told us that as well.”
“So… want to fill in that?” MAK said. 

Nico then explained, “It’s just Megumi, Taro and this other girl I met today….”
“You mean the one you were on the phone with?” MAK said. “Tamari, right?”
“Tamari?” Kai said, “OK, that’s a pretty name.”
“She’s someone I meet in my classes. Megumi and Taro introduced me to her.” he said, “And we really seemed to hit it off right off the bat.” 

“OK, that’s nice and all.” MAK said, “But what about Denzel Mackie? I heard you two have been fighting for a while now.”
“He still thinks I sold out his friend for some reason.” Nico said.
Kai exclaimed, “Didn’t you say to him that—“
“He will not budge!” Nico said, “Denzel Mackie is not going to let that go!! I’m trying not to run into him a lot but he always seems to be there. I didn’t think I run into him when that guy was running. I thought it would be some random bully.” 

“This guy you were saving……” Kai said, “He doesn’t know about your powers, does he?”
Nico then thought about he did reveal to Carlos that he had powers.
“No. He doesn’t.” he said.
“OHHH… OK.” MAK said, “That’s a relief.” 

“Now, Nico….” Kai said, “Even though you were in the right of protecting him, you know you can’t risk people knowing your powers. You and your sister have a gift that many would give their life to have and some would use those people to their advantage.”
“While this isn’t a punishment….” MAK said, “We still got to give you a punishment. No phone for a week!”
“WH—OK, OK, I knew that was coming.” Nico said. “Even if you knew I was talking to a girl.”
“I’ll let your friends know.” MAK said, “Most parents would love to embarrass their child but since those are bad-ass kids and you…. well, y’all got sense, I keep it cool and calm.”
“All right. I guess I’ll get to bed then.” he said.
“Bed?” MAK said, “It’s 7:00 pm. You can still watch TV or something…..if your homework is finished, that is.”
“Finished it earlier.” Nico showed them the work.
“Well….” Kai said, “He got us beat.” 


In another part of the city in the apartments downtown, we see Camilla with a big bag of something to their home.
“Knock knock little brother, I’m back!” Camilla said.
Carlos looked into the peep hole to see if it’s Camilla and it’s her.
“And back in time! I’m starving!!”
It was mainly Chinese food and he grabbed a bag.
“They got those chicken on a stick?” Carlos asked.
“You mean the teriyaki chicken?” she said, “It’s there.” 

As he got his food, he sat back down, watching a bunch of Hybrid fight videos. 

“Wow, you’re still watching those?” she said.
“After what happened today, I need to blow some steam off and these fights are awesome!!” he exclaimed, “Especially of this guy!!”
However, he’s watching some clips of MAK in the past.
“Who is that?” she asked.
“Says that his name is MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid and from what I’m seeing, this dude is a beast!!!” 

The clip he’s seeing is when he was fighting some of the Birdbrains when doing a rescue once. 

“How do people get this footage?” Camilla asked.
“I think they just have cameras all over the city.” Carlos said, “Just like now, only it’s more primitive hardware.”
“That’s The Society for ya.” she added, “Good thing we got out of there when the getting’s good.” 

A knock occured at the door.
“GEMINI!!!! HEY!! You got my rent!?”
It was the landlord
“Oh shit….” Camilla said.
“Wait, isn’t Uncle Cortez back from his gig?” Carlos added.
“I’m not waiting for your uncle, dammit!! Either have my money today or he’s gonna find his niece and nephew out on the street!!!” 

Then the landlord sees him coming.
“I’m here, I’m here!” Cortez shouted, “I got your money, Leroy!!! Damn, it just took longer than expected.” 

“Whew!” Camilla said.
“Well, next time, you better have the rent on time!!” the landlord said.
“Yeah, yeah,” he said, “And you get a new robe. It’s getting ratty as hell.”
He left the room. 

“That….. was a close one.” Camilla said, “Maybe next time, give me the money so he doesn’t try and storm in here.”
“I could.” Cortez said, “But….”
“Yeah, she got a point.” Carlos said. 


Back at the BKs, in the other room, Jasmine is busy doing her stretches for tomorrow.
A knock occured on the door.
“Yeah?” Jasmine said.
“Is it good to come in?” It was MAK.
“I’m just doing stretches.” she said.
“Alright then.” He came in her room anyway. 

Jasmine then stopped for a minute to sit on her bed.
“So….you heard about Nico today?” she asked him.
“You read my mind.” MAK said, “We talked it out and it went well….he lost phone privileges for a week.”
“Wait, what?” Jasmine said, “Won’t he need it to call you or Mom in case he needs to tell you he might be late or something?”
“OH……oh yeah…..” MAK said, “I keep forgetting I went without a cellphone most of my teenage years.”
“You could’ve said no internet for a week.” she said.
“Yeah, that would work but the phone…..that got internet, too.” MAK said. 

“OK, look, he didn’t do anything too rash.” MAK said, “At least he’s not out there using his powers to blindly rob people or anything like that.”
“What about….we can’t go anywhere except school?” Jasmine said, “Wait…. this is Nico we’re talking about. He’s not about that.” 

“See? You’re stumped, too.” MAK said. 


“Look, I know we raised y’all well.” he said, “I guess with Nico, he always did want to help those in need but in his own way.”
“Yeah.” Jasmine said, “It is good that he wants to be that. He did help Megumi and Taro when they fear that someone were to steal their clothes.”
“Oh, wow, people were stealing y’all underwear now?” MAK said.
“It happened twice to some girls in school.” Jasmine said, “But Nico made this paint bomb like a dye pack and it exploded on their faces.”
“Ah, the old paint bomb trick.” MAK said, “Thankfully I taught him the non-deadly version of that.” 

“Wait… taught him that trick?” Jasmine said.
“Guilty.” MAK said. 

“OK, that explains everything.” Jasmine said, “Now, one of the P.E. girls got an obvious crush on him.”
“Ooooh, more girls crushing on my son.” MAK said with a smirk on his face, “He got that Kiritsnagi charm in him, just like his old man.”
“I think her name is Tamari.”
“Wait, Tamari?” MAK said, “The same one he was talking about when I was speaking with him?”
“I guess she’s now friends with Megumi and Taro.” she said, “He practically got a squad of his own.”
“Like his old man back in the day.” MAK said. “I mean, you got a squad, too, right? You, that girl Taz and that basketball boy… Jericho? Isn’t he your friend, too?”
“Yeah.” Jasmine said, “We’re tight with each other.”
“Even though his brothe–“
“Oh boi.” he said.
“I’m just sayin’.”
“Yeah. We’re still tight even though his brother and Nico are…..yeah.” Jasmine said.
“See? And I bet even Ari got a little squad of her own now….” 


Next door, we see Ari in the garage doing some music making of her own.
“Hey, DJ Yubari, you available?” As Sheena entered the room.
“Oh hey, Mom.” Ari said, “What you doing here?”
“I just got back from work.” Sheena said, “I heard from MAK and Kai that Nico was involved in some fight today.” 

“Oh yeah….” Ari said, “It wasn’t much of a fight for him….. he just threw a piccolo and ran off.”
“Wait, that’s it?” Sheena said, “That’s…. kinda disappointing.”
“A new friend of mine, Camilla, was fighting them.” Ari said, “You see, she was protecting her little brother from getting robbed by that dude…um….”
“Denzel Mackie?” As Joanna was joining them. “Yeah, I heard all about it.”
“She was fighting him and his gang while I took her brother to safety.” Ari said, “Although he told me that Nico did help him hide from them the first time.” 

“Oh, wow, the poor kid.” Joanna said.
“Getting countered by them twice?” Sheena said. 

“Yeah, he said that me, her and Nico saved him and he seems grateful for it.” Ari said.
Joanna smiled, “It isn’t every day that our little girl ends up being a hero to somebody.”
“You didn’t get into too much trouble over that, did you?” Sheena asked. 

“I didn’t….” Ari said, “Although Nico got his music room access lifted for two weeks.”
“WHAT!?” Sheena and Joanna yelled. 


“WHAT!?!?” And that one was from Megumi, Taro and Tamari the next day at P.E.
“But all you did was broke a damn piccolo!” Taro said.
“That might be it.” Nico said, “Those things are expensive.” 

“Man, that….that just sucks.” Megumi said. 

“As for my parents…..their punishment for me is hard for them to figure out.” he said,”They thought phone but they said I might need that….and they decided the ‘ol you can’t go no damn where clause for a week.” 

“So we can still talk on the phone? Or do a video chat?” Tamari asked him.
“They never said I couldn’t.” Nico said, “They might watch over me and I rather not let that happen.”
“Watch over you?” Megumi said, “It’s not like Tamari is chatting with you in her bra or something. Unless you want her to—“
“WHOA!!!” Nico and Tamari shouted. 

“I wasn’t going to suggest that.” Nico said.
“You’re thinking about it, aren’t you?” Taro said, with a devilishly smirk.
“Nico…..” Megumi said with a disapproving look on her face.
He got red in the face, looking embarrassed. 

“Relax, I’m just playing around.” Taro said, “I know you’re not thinking of Tamari’s naked bod–“
“I get the point. STAHP!” Nico said, “Last thing I want to do is make Tamari uncomfortable or make her do that.”
Tamari sighs, “Well, that’s reassuring.”
“How about Megumi’s naked body then?”
Megumi then got a firm grasp on Nico’s shoulder. “Oh, if Nico does see me like that, he knows what I’ll do to him.” As she looks at him with a blood-thirsty stare. 

He’s now laughing in fear. “I wasn’t even thinking of that…. now I’m scared to think of it. HELP!”
“Not even me showing my baby blue bra in the bag?” Taro was about to pull it out of the bag but Megumi stopped her at the last minute.

As the two of them squabble, Tamari then exclaimed, “I mean, it’s fine if you have some desires of that but you know we’re your friends first, right?”
“Yeah.” Nico said, “Of course.”
“Most guys would try and be friends with girls just to get with them.” Tamari said, “It can be a pain in the ass and disheartening, too. Especially when they show their true colors and see how much of a jerk they are.”
She shares the sentiment as she had this happen before.
“It just hurts, you know.” As she wiped a tear from her eye.
“Tamari….I swear that I won’t what they did.” Nico said, “I promise to be a good friend to you as I am with Megumi and Taro.” 

“Yes, in all seriousness,” Megumi said as she got through tying Taro’s hands with shoe strings, “Nico is a good friend and he’s very respectful towards us. You can always count on him to cheer you up on a bad day, help you out sometimes on homework (or vice versa)…..”
“HEY…..nah, you’re right.” he interrupted.
“…or just be there for you.” she said.
“Yep. That’s our Nico!” Taro said, “Our tall teddy bear…..that will attack you if you mess with us.”
Tamari let out a smile. “I knew there’s something I like about you.” She pats on his shoulder. 

However, Nico knew that he had to tell her his big secret.
“Hey, um, Tamari?” he said.
“Yeah, Nico?”
“Before we go any further…..I do have to reveal something to you.” he said. “And no, I got no baby mama or been in jail or killed some–“
“NICO!” Tamari shouted, “If you will….”


“Ok, you ready?” Nico said.
“Yeah…” Tamari said with a confused look, “But why am I in a locked room and you’re outside?”
He then phased and appeared in the room.
“WHOA!!!” Tamari said, “Um….how did you do that? I mean, oh my!!” 

“I… a Hybrid. Well, half Hybrid.” he said, “Look, I’ve been keeping this hidden from everyone because I know how people react to them and I don’t want that type of attention right now.”
“And I get that.” she said, “I really get that. Who else knows about this?”
“Well…..Megumi, Taro, Ari, Jasmine, my parents, both of Ari’s moms….and maybe Carlos.”
“Wait, Carlos?” Tamari got confused.
“Yeah, when I was keeping him safe from Denzel, I did use my powers to hide him.” he said. 

“Anyone else?” Tamari asked.
“….The principal.”
“HUH!?” she yelled, “OK, OK…..that’s a lot to take in.”
“I rather you know now then later if someone were to reveal it to you and things get messed up and–” She stopped him at that sentence. 

“I won’t tell a soul about your secret. I promise.” Tamari said, “After all, we are friends.” She held his hand.
“Then we got to do the pact.”
“Pact?” Tamari asked. 

He phased out of the room.
“Uh, Nico?” Tamari said.
He re-appeared. “Sorry about that.” He held her hand and phased out of the room. 


Nico, Megumi, Taro and Tamari are back in the same room.
“OK, guys, she knows about my power and she swears that she won’t tell anyone.” Nico told the girls.
“We have to make the pact.” he said.
“Ah, gotcha.” Megumi said. 

“Pact?” Tamari said, “Does this involve….”
“No poison kool-aid or blood or cutting ourselves but more like sorta a pinky swear.”

“OK, Tamari.” Megumi said, “Now repeat after me.”
“I, your full name…”
“I, Tamari Rie Aimoto…” 

“Hey, cute middle name.” Nico said.
“Thank you, Nico.” She said with a flirty smile. 

“Swear to never reveal the true identity of Nico Antonio Barrett Kiritsnagi.”
“Swear to never reveal the true identity of Nico Antonio Barrett Kiritsnagi…..Also, Antonio is quite a sexy middle name for you as well.” Tamari added. 

“And now, I, Megumi Erina Ashikaga and my other partner Takemi Ryo Hattori…”
“Takemi Ryo?” Tamari wondered.
“Oh, that’s what my actual name is.” Taro said, “I just took off the ‘y’ part of Ryo and Ta and ro.” 

“OK, without any more interruption….” Megumi said, irritated, “You are now part of the pact of knowing this secret about Nico.”
“Welcome to the club!” Taro said, “Also, you noticed that me and Nico’s name end with o and Megumi and Tamari’s ends with I.” 

“Now we should probably leave before someone notices.” Nico said, “I’m already in trouble before.”
“Let’s go!!” As all four of them held hands as Nico transports them out of there.
Then Taro mentions, “Hey, Nico?”
“Yeah, Taro?”
“You know that me, Megumi and Tamari share the same bra size?”
“TARO!” Megumi and Tamari screamed.
“You just had to mention that, didn’t you?” Nico said.
“Yep. You red in the face now?” Taro giggled.
They transported out of there. 


They got back to the hallway before the bell could ring.
“Geez, Taro, just fill Nico’s head with titillating images of us.” Megumi said.
“I think no one saw us.” Nico said, “Thankfully the bell didn’t ring yet.” 

“The bell’s broke.” Coming from behind the quartet and it’s…..
“ARI!!” Nico said, “Oh, OK, It’s you. I’m relieved.” 

“If you thought it was Jasmine, she’s at a track meet.” Ari said, “She won’t be back until the school day ends.”
“Ah.” Nico said, “So I need a ride home then.”
“Basically….” Ari said. 

“And yet none of us can drive…..wait, Tamari?”
“I don’t own a car, Nico.” Tamari said. 

“But I do……” As Camilla is walking towards them. “And yes, someone as young as me can drive people around. Just ask my bro.”
“Yo.” Carlos was coming from the restroom. “Nico and the Girls!!” 

“Hey, we’re going to go to that Dusty’s Deli place. I’m starving for some wings.” he said, “You want to join us?”
“I would if I could…..but I’m broke and I think I’m on punishment.” Nico said.
“Punishment? For what?” Carlos said.
“Yesterday.” Nico said, “That fight?”
“That I mostly fought in?” Camilla said, “You took that credit?”
“I DIDN’T WANT THE CREDIT!!!” Nico shouted, “I already got my music room access lifted and I can’t go anywhere for a week or two!” 

“Yeah, I still don’t get that.” Ari said, “But wait….Camilla, did someone got onto you for that?”
“Well….” she went on, “A little.” 

“A little?” Nico said, “But why–“ 

“Look……” Megumi said, “How about me, Taro and Tamari get you something from there?”
“You forgot that I’m broke, right?” Nico said, “Plus, I don’t like borrowing other people’s money.”
“Don’t worry, Nico.” Tamari said, “I know you’re good for it. I can pay for us this time.”
“You sure, Tamari?” he said.
“Sure.” Tamari said, “I got some extra cash on me and why won’t spend it on getting something for me and some friends of mine?”
“Why that’s very generous of you, Tamari.” Megumi said.
“I’m still going to pay you back somehow but…..I do appreciate it.” Nico said.
“No problem.” Tamari said, “Now what do you want back?” 



They along with Ari, Megumi, Taro and Tamari are on their way to Dusty’s Deli.
“So, Tamari….” Camilla said, “I know we just met, mainly we’re P.E. classmates and we sometimes talk time to time.”
“Yeah….” Tamari said, “Although it’s been a day since we met. All you know about me is that I’m a sophomore.”
“That and you just revealed that you’re crushing on–“
“HEY!!” Tamari said, “I just have the admirable respect for Nico and we’re becoming good friends, that’s all.
“Even though he got 2 girls with him?” Camilla said.
“They are his friends as well.” Tamari said. 

“She’s right.” Ari said, “It might look like he has some affection for them, they are mainly friends and they have been since they were 10.”
“See?” Tamari said.
“Oh no.”
“Look, sometimes I read them being involved romantically with one of them one way or another…” Ari said, “But it never came to that.” 

“Maybe he wanted a threesome out of it.” Carlos said, “Or depending on Tamari….”
“STOP!!!” Megumi said, “If it wasn’t for Nico, me and Taro would’ve been beaten up by those 5th grade bullies chasing us all the time. I know he’s not like that.” 

“You seem very sure about it.” Camilla said, “During the years of y’all growing up, you notice a few things that changed about you. Like your personal habits, the way you make decisions….body changes.”
As Camilla is pointing out Megumi’s bust size.
“OK, I grew in places that most guys would notice.” Megumi said, “That doesn’t mean Nico isn’t only friends with me because of that! Ari, you know Nico all your life!!! Don’t you got something to say on this?” 

“Camilla….” Ari said, “Nico is a lot of things…..stupidly brave, kind, humble, helpful but he doesn’t have a lecher bone in his body.”
“See?” Megumi said, “And sure, we joked about it time to time but Nico has some great respect for me and the girls.”
“Even if he might have naughty dreams about you sometimes?” Camilla said. 

“Yep.” Taro said, “I joke the most about him being that and I know he’s uncomfortable around that because……well, people often typecast him as being this unapproachable scary guy but we know him well than anybody else.” 


“OK, OK….” Camilla said, “You got me there. You know that Nico wouldn’t try and risk having a relationship with any of you…..but would any of you do that?”
“Huh?!” Megumi and Taro said.
“And Tamari, you’re part of this, too.” Camilla said, “You pretty much revealed yourself having a crush on him? Have you girls ever caught feelings for Nico?” 

All three of them were put on the spot. 

“I mean, come on.” Camilla said, “You ever dreamed of kissing him, touching him, caressing him as he does you?”
Megumi and Tamari looked like they had some thoughts about that. 

“Uh, guys?” Carlos said, “We’re here now.” 

“Oh….” Camilla said, “In that case, take 5…..” 


“I hope they have those sriracha wings.” Ari said.
“Hey, what kind of wings Nico likes again?” Tamari asked Megumi and Taro. 

“Lemon Pepper (Teriyaki)!!” As Megumi (and Taro) shouted at the same time.
“Teriyaki (Lemon Pepper)?” 

“Nico said that he liked lemon pepper wings.” Megumi said.
“I remember him liking teriyaki, tho!” Taro said, “He even licked his fingers eating them before.” 

“I’ll get both then!” Tamari said, “DAMN! He want fries with tha– Oh no.” She realized she might’ve started something.
“Yes (No!)” Megumi (and Taro) shouted. 

“He said he was trying to slim down.” Taro said, “I figure fries wouldn’t help!”
“But he love those seasoned fries!” Megumi said, “Plus, he has been working out a bit lately. A little cheat wouldn’t hurt!”
“I’m getting him the fries anyway.” Tamari said, “I’d probably want some, too.” 

Then an unexpected but kinda expected person came in the deli.
“Yo!!!!” It was Denzel Mackie.
“Oh damn….” Ari said.
“Uh-oh.” Carlos silently said, “I forgot Nico said that he comes here.”
“Good thing I didn’t say how can things get worse….” Tamari said, “Maybe if he won’t notice us……” 

“HEY!!!” As Denzel spotted the girls, “It’s Nico’s girls.”
“DAMN!!!” Megumi, Taro and Tamari shouted. 





2019-2020 Ctrl/Alt/Del / Katana+ / AFNG Productions.  


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