AFNG (Aura Faction Next-Gen) BK SQUAD: Episode 5 – No AFTERMATH ~ the prelude and the rest

WARNING: The following written material that you’re about to read may contain acts of violence, mild language and sexual content. This is meant only for AUDIENCES 13 AND UP. Reader Discretion is advised.


“Taz……me and Nico…….we’re Hybrids.” 




Jasmine was en route to Taz’s home to pick her up to go to the paintball arena with Jericho. She arrived to the place and first thing she sees is one of Taz’s brothers playing his stereo thunderously loud.

“Hey. HEY!!” Jasmine yelled.
The one playing his stereo loud is the oldest brother Darold.

“Yo!” he said, “Hey, you one of Taz’s friends?”

“Where’s Taz?!” She yelled.

Then Taz just turned off the stereo.
“OK, let’s not do that for another five minutes.” Taz said, “Hey, Jaz! You ready?”
“Yep.” Jasmine said, “Got the gear and everything. Jericho should be getting there, too.”

“What’s up?” Darold said, “You girls hunting for good men to keep you company?”

“Ha-ha. Very funny, I forgot to laugh.” Taz said, “Or care to laugh. No, we’re playing Paintball down at the Red Lot today. We got more friends coming with us.”

“Oh, the Red Lot?” Darold said, “Shit, I remember when back at my senior year, we got me and my boys and these fine-ass girls up on the Red Lot and we…..”
“We should probably go now.” Taz said.
“Yup.” Jasmine said.

“….EVERYBODY GOT BUTT NAKED IN THAT BITCH!!” Darold continued on, “Wall-to-wall titties and ass!! Everyone was getting head there, especially your boy!”
“Like now!!” Taz shouted.


They were now on their way to the Red Lot.
“Is all your brothers horny like that?” Jasmine said, “Damn, it’s like I’m still back in school or something.”
“Well, Darold and Andrew are the horny ones.” Taz said, “Good thing I’m older than the other three but I fear when they get to that age. Hopefully I’ll move out, get my own place and I’ll be good. Be lucky you just got one brother….. even with he’s snarky as hell.”

“Nico is actually not like most younger brothers….” Jasmine said, “But he does always have the weirdest tendencies around people.”
“You mean how the only people he seems to click with is…..well, you know?” As Taz mentioned his friendship with Megumi and Taro. “Now he got another one on his side as well.” That one was for Tamari.

“You know he hates it when people think they’re his girlfriends.” Jasmine said.
“I know.” Taz said, “He mentioned that when I ran into him earlier this morning.”
“This morning?”

“Yes!” Taz said, “At the clubhouse, I had to use the shower because my brothers love hogging the bathroom and little and behold, he’s there and I’m sure he saw me naked.”
“Oooh…..” Jasmine said, “You need me to slap him for you?”
“I already did that.” Taz said, “But he wasn’t really wanting to look at me like that.”

“Wait? That Nico doesn’t fantasize you being naked and all that?” Jasmine said, “Wait, what was he doing t– Never mind. I’m guessing he was making beats again as usual.”
“He got his laptop with him.” Taz said, “Yeah, that’s likely.”

“Yeah, enough about Nico.” Jasmine said, “This is supposed to be our day to have some fun and chill and mainly shoot balls of paint at each other.”
“YEAH!!” Taz said, while hilariously shooting out her paint ball gun out the window. “WOOOO!!!”

“WHOA!!” Jasmine said, grabbing Taz’s arm. “Don’t do that! I don’t want cops on our asses!”

“My bad.” Taz said.

TRACK 5: NO AFTERMATH – the prelude and the rest


“WELCOME TO THE RED LOT!!!” The announcer said, “Y’all want some paint ball today!? Sign in for a session, get your gear, weapons and possible insurance in case y’all decide to play dirty!”

“Don’t shoot each other in the dick!!” One guy said.
“Or anywhere near the vagina!” Thus said the instructor Valeria. “Hi, I’m Valeria and I’ll be your guide for today for the Red Lot Paintball Games. There are a certain set of rules to follow and they are…”

As she explained the rules, Jasmine was talking to Jericho about a few things.

“Hey.” Jasmine said, “Bout time you came here.”
“Bet.” Jericho said, “Wouldn’t miss this for the world. Also, need to play for fun for once.”

“I know.” she said.
Then they took a look at Taz flirting with one of the guys from the basketball team.
“And there goes your girl…and with Ray-Ray, too.” Jericho said.
“Oh no….” Jasmine said, “Ray-Ray? SHIT! Is his ex here?”

“Ex?” Jericho said, “Oh, you mean Dakota?”
“DAMN!!” Jasmine said, “You better hope she doesn’t come across them or….”


Taz was busy being flirty to Ray-Ray.
“Hey….so how you been, Ray?” she said, leaning on him.
“Oh, I’ve been a’ight.” Ray-Ray said, “It’s been two weeks since Dakota and I called it quits. I’m just taking it slow now.”
“Aw…you haven’t felt lonely after that?” She asked.
“Well, a little.” he said.
“You in need of some company afterwards?” Taz flirted, “I promise I’ll be gentle with you….”

Then there goes his ex, Dakota, paying for her paintball equipment rental and she along with her posse spots him and Taz talking.
“Hey, D, who’s the purple-haired girl talking to your leftovers?” One of her friends said.
“What?” Dakota said, “Hmmm… I thought he was all broken up losing me and now he’s talking to some white girl with purple hair.”
“Let me see….” They observe who she was.
“Wait…. that’s that bitch Taz Mori.” she said, “I know who she is….and that means someone else is here with her and that someone is Jasmine Kiritsnagi.”
“Oh great, her too?” Another friend said.
“Don’t worry about Kiritsnagi.” Dakota said, “I got this under control. She won’t even know what will hit her.”
“Well…..” Taz writes down her number on a slip of paper and puts it in his hands. “If you get lonely, you can call me or DM me, your choice.”
“That’s awfully friendly of you, Taz.” Ray-Ray said.
“Oh, you can call me Taziana.” she smiled.
“All right….Taziana.” he said. Of course, she giggles a bit.

Then as it looks like a mission accomplished, Jasmine went over to her.
“I thought you hated being called Taziana.” Jasmine said.
“I do.” Taz said, “But when he calls me that, he has a certain charm to it.”
“You better hope Dakota and her friends doesn’t try to cut you or something.” Jasmine said, “You saw them overlooking at you flirting with him.”

“Let ’em look.” Taz said, “It’s not my fault she didn’t want him. Besides, they act like I want to just have him naked in my bedroom just like *fingers snap* that.”
“Hey, I didn’t say I was going to do it yet….” Taz said looking around, “But I might when the time is right.”

“Yo…” Jericho said, “I got everything in stock.”
“Jericho,” Taz said, “You think you can give me a good word in for Ray-Ray?”
Jericho got confused for a minute.
“Wait, you want me to be your pimp?” Jericho said.

“Pimp? Really?” Taz said, “I meant be a good friend and tell him more about me. Hook me up or something.”
“I don’t know.” Jericho said, “What if it doesn’t work out and I’m the one getting flagged from everyone from this? I’ve seen this happen too many times to friends.”
“Don’t worry.” Taz said, “I think I got it in the bag anyway.”
“You better hope so.” Jasmine said, “And I hope you can take a punch from those girls.”
“Again, bring it.”

Soon, everyone got their weapons and teams ready for the first round, which Jasmine, Jericho, Taz and 2 other people are on a team. One of the opposing teams did have Dakota and her girls headlining at the main opposing forces.

“All right, everyone!!” The announcer said, “The first round is about to commence. Remember, we are just here to have fun! Do not try and be an asshole out there and remember the rules as well!! No trying to harm any player out there!! OK, now play paintball!!!”

The cheers and roars were wild with anticipation as all the players are taking their positions, ready to attack.


One member from Ray-Ray’s team got the jump on someone behind them.
“I gotcha, mane!” he silently yelled.

“YAAAH!!” He jumps out, ready to shoot.
But then two people came from the bushes and shot him constantly.
“AAAAH!! Dammit!” he screamed.
“You’re out, bitch!”

“SHOOT! SHOOT! SHOOT!!!” Then following that is a barrage of paintball fire coming from everywhere to the corners to the open field.
Paint balls are flying everywhere in the open, following a lot of screaming and shouts from being it.
“OH SHIT!!!”
“MY ASS!!!! MY ASS!!!!”

“Well, that escalated quickly.” Jericho said.
Another person got shot in their side.
“Must be that hype of a game, huh?” Jasmine said, “Good thing we’re still unfazed.”
“Semper Fi!!” One person jumped on them.
However, Jasmine and Jericho blindly shot them instantly.
“Oh, dammit.” The jumper said in defeat.

“Hey, you seen Taz?” Jasmine asked her.
“Huh? She isn’t with you?” Jericho said.
“Last time I saw her, she was….” She realized that earlier she was tagging with Ray-Ray’s team. “Oh no…..”
“Uh-Oh…..” Jericho said, “And I think I saw one of Dakota’s girls heading their way.”
“DAMN!!!” Jasmine ran off to find Taz.


Elsewhere, Ray-Ray and his boys were still in cover but this time, they got Taz alongside them.
“Hang on, girl.” Ray-Ray said, “One step and you’ll have more colors in you than a neon sign.”
“Oooh, you know your stuff, Ray-Ray.” Taz said.
“Check if the coast is clear.” he said to one of his boys.

He checked to see if no one was around.
“YO! WE G–”
He immediately got shot over and over and over.
“AAAH!!!! I taste paint and it tastes terrible!”
“Oh no…..”

They were about to run but then they were spotted by Dakota and her girls.
She got all of them surrounding the area.
Dakota took the charge.
“So……Ray-Ray, we broke up two weeks ago and already you went and find another girl to slob on?”

“We weren’t doing anything!” Ray-Ray said, “We were talking and shit!! But here you go accusing me of doing shit I wasn’t doing.”
“Oh, save that bullshit for your next bitch!” Dakota said, “Come on, Grape-sicle!! Get your hands up!”

“Grape-s–” Taz felt insulted, “Can I see that paintball gun?”
She takes it and immediately shoots off Dakota and her team everywhere.
“YAAAAAAHHH!!!” She screams with fury.
She nearly empties the clip.
“Ya—Oh…..Oh no. OH SHIT.” Taz said.

“Well, that was a waste of nothing.” Dakota said, “You think wannabes like you and Kiritsnagi can just be the top of the social food chain overnight?”
“Wannabes?” Taz said, “We’re Seniors! We’re pretty much on top!! You’re fighting over an ex you’re not interesting in anymore!!”
“And? Your point?” Dakota said, “Now….eat paint!”
Dakota was about to shoot Taz but suddenly in a flash (like a literal flash), she got snatched up and falling through the field all saved by…..
“Jaz!” Taz shouted.
“At your service!” Jasmine shouted.

“How that bitch get over there!?” Dakota shouted,  “Didn’t y’all see her coming?”
They all shook their head ‘no’.
“We got damn Sonic the Hedgehog in this bitch!!”

Meanwhile, Jasmine is carrying Taz all over the field while shooting anyone gunning for them.
“How are you running this fast!?” Taz said.
That one question got Jasmine in a little panic.
“Uh……lots and lots of leg exercises.” Jasmine said, “Never miss leg day!!”

“Well, that works, too!” Taz said, “WATCH OUT!!!”
She sees a trip and as she’s close to it, she….instantly phased through it.
“Huh… what the he–”
“It’s just a little scratch. Things should be–” However, she didn’t look at the large branch she tripped over.
That causes Taz to slip over the edge of the river.
“WHOA!! AAAHH!!!!” She grabbed a branch, hanging for her life as there is a waterfall.

“JAZ!!! HELP!!!”
“Oh shit!” Jasmine ran up to her, grabbing her as quick as she can.
“I gotcha!” Jasmine said, “Taz, don’t worry, everything is going to be fin–” But Jasmine couldn’t get a grip and she slids off there as well.
“AAHH!! Oh shit!!!”
“Oh, hell, you’re stuck, too!” Taz said.
“Well, I thought I had it!!” Jasmine said, “I mean, we’ll just get wet. It’s not like there’s some spikes or jagged rocks or–”
Taz pointed down and Jasmine sees the jagged rocks and huge waterfall following it.

“OOH!!!” Jasmine screamed.
“I can’t believe we might die from this shit!!” Taz said, “And I never got to live my life-long dreams from traveling to places like Paris, London, Japan and designing my own fashion line!!! All comes down to this!!!”
“SHUT UP, TAZ!!” Jasmine said, “We are not going to die!!”
The branch is starting to snap.
“Oh, sweet merciful fu—”
It broke off.

Jasmine and Taz are screaming and falling into the waterfall, hanging on to each other.
They held on very tight that as they fall…..they suddenly land into an abandoned building, tumbling down the stairs.
“OW!! OH!! DAMN! OW! OUCH!!”
“At least it wasn’t jagged rocks.” Taz said.
“Get off me.” Jasmine said, “NAO!”


They got up and look confused at where they are at now.

“OK….” Taz said, “Since when there was a house underneath a river? And surprisingly not like a sea-level very wet one.”
Jasmine looks out the window.
“Uh, Taz…..I don’t think we’re at the Red Lot anymore……”
“Huh?” She looks outside and sees that they are in a different location.

“WHAT THE FUCK!?!” Taz screamed, “OH!! OH MY GOD!! How did we end up here? Did we travel into the unknown or some shit? Is there some magic bullshit happening to us now!?”
They did suddenly heard a noise outdoors.
“The hell is that?”

“I don’t know.” Jasmine said. “Might be some electrical problems or something! This building is practically falling off!”
A piece of house just fell off.
“How the hell we get from the Red Lot to this abandoned building!?” Taz said, “Everyone is going to wonder where the hell we are!!”

“You’re right!” Jasmine said, “I need to call Jericho to ensure him we’re safe and–” She grabs
her phone and tries to make a call but….
“Oh no…” she said, “No bars?”
“No bars!?” Taz said.
“That’s what I said.” Jasmine said, “We’re shit outta luck!”

They run outside to take a look at where they’re at.
“Shit, shit, shit, shit, shit!!!” Taz said, “Look at this place!! It’s like a relic of who knows how long it’s been!!”

“Look, as soon as we can get a good phone signal, we can call up some help.” Jasmine said.
“Call up some help.” However, Jasmine and Taz heard someone else behind the other side of the wall and it’s….

“Nico!?” It was Jasmine and Taz.



A FEW MOMENTS LATER (aka no time for rehashing the other parts you already read)


“Hybrids……” Taz said, “Wha….wha….what!?”

“I think she’s very shocked at that revelation.” Nico said, seeing from the bottom.
“Looks like it.” Taro said, “She looks pale….I mean, she’s white but this is like ghost pale.”
“At least we took it better than she did when you told us, Nico.” Megumi said, “Hell, Tamari was cool about it.”

“You can do shit like this?” Taz asked, “You mean, you have some superpowers or something like that? Is this the reason why you run fast like that? Are you—”
“NO!!!” Jasmine shouted. “I always make sure that I don’t use them for my own gain. I train every day like everybody else does, I exercise on the field like everybody else and I certainly don’t cheat anyone out there!”
“Are you sure?” Taz said, “Did you know that when you were out there? Or saving me from Dakota and her girls? Does it just…..happens or….?”

“WHAT YOU WANT FROM ME!?” Jasmine yelled.
“TO KNOW IF MY FRIEND IS REALLY WHO SHE IS!!” Taz shouted, “I known you for since we were in middle school and you couldn’t tell me this?”
“How could I told you this?” Jasmine said, “You would freak out the moment I did if I just straight told you I had these powers!”

“Well……..OK, yes. I would.” Taz said, “But you know I would never reveal it to anybody else. You’re my best friend and I would never betray your trust like that.”
“I was scared, all right?!” Jasmine said, “I’d made sure that I never came across as some cheater or freak or–”
“You never did.” Taz said, “I’ve seen you go hard on the track and you’re amazing! I’m proud to call you my friend and I’ll never stop being that.” She gave Jasmine a warm hug.
“Yes, Jaz?” she said.
“You still aware we’re on the roof, right?” Jasmine said.
“I know.” Taz said, “I’m trying not to panic by embracing you but the hug is still real.”
Then Taz realized another thing.

“Wait… said you and Nico have these powers?” Taz said.
“Yeah…..can you get Nico up here? Like now?” She did not look happy on that.



“You had powers all along!?” Taz screamed at Nico as he was also on the roof with them.
“….The hell?” Nico seemed confused, “Why you getting mad at me for!?”

“You forgot that the last time I seen you today, your ass saw me in the buff?” Taz yelled.
“I didn’t see you naked!” Nico said, “You had on some lingerie but that’s about it! Plus, I told you that I was busy with my beats!!”

“And yet you still remember what I had on?” Taz said.
“It looked pretty.” Nico said, “A nice design and all.”
“Maybe I shouldn’t hear you talk about my friend naked.” Jasmine said.
“What she said.” Nico said, “And you know I didn’t intend that to happen.”

Taz calmed down a bit. “OK, OK….it’s not really anyone’s fault. You didn’t know this would happen…..but I bet you were curious to wonder….”
“I wasn’t.”

“Well, at least you’re not perving after my friends.” Jasmine said, “Although I imagine my brother isn’t the guy you wanted to show your goodies to.”
“Speaking of that….” Taz said.


“YOU WHAT!?” Megumi, Taro and Tamari said as Taz told them about that incident as they are now on the roof as well.

“I told you I wasn’t trying that shit!” Nico said.
“Now… his defense,” Taz said, “He wasn’t trying to sneak a peek.”
“I thought he already saw one of you naked.” Taz said.

“WHAT!?” All 3 girls shouted.
“Thanks a lot, Taz.” Nico said, which Taz made a smug grin on her face.

“Look….” Jasmine said, “Nico, we know how infatuated you get with girls you hang out with. I remember when you fawn over them way back in the day. You played the role of Protector whenever we used to explore empty houses with me, Megumi, Taro and Ari.”
“Explore?” Tamari said.
“Yeah.” Taro said, “We used to look at empty houses around the block and I remember me and Megumi sometimes get scared a bit but Nico always ensure us he’ll keep us safe.”

“Do you also hold his arm in between your chest?” Taz said.
“Well….” Taro said, “Yeah, when I didn’t have–”

“Look,” Megumi butted in, “Yes, we used to be these scared little girls that Nico looks after but that’s changed but I can handle myself. I just beat up an asshole an hour ago back at the mall while Nico almost get his ass handed to him!”

“Beat up!?” Jasmine shouted.
“The Miznelli brothers happened.” Megumi said, “You know, those guys that tried to scam a bunch of kids out of their cash and almost tried to kill me and Taro way back!?”

“We still kicked their asses!” Nico said.
“I told you we should’ve let Nico with us in Lydia’s Lingerie.” Taro said, “He would’ve kept us safe.”

“And hard.” Taz said.
“At least he would’ve kept those dudes out there!” Taro said.
“We handled it, did we?” Megumi said, “I don’t always want us to be dependent on Nico!”
“But we needed him that time!!” Taro said, “At least you were fully clothed when they came there. I thought I was going to get it the worst!!”

Tamari was the only person being silent, mainly due to that she wasn’t comfortable being this high up.
“Uh, guys…” Tamari said, “Can we have this conversation where we won’t fall to our deaths?”
“What’s wrong with right here?” Taz said, “The view is good here and no one can spy on our conversation.”
“I’m just not comfortable up here.” Tamari said.
“Why?” Jasmine said, “Tamari, it’s fine. We’re—”
“I DON’T LIKE BEING THIS HIGH UP!!” Tamari screamed.

That put some tension up there.
“Sorry….I have a fear of heights and we’re so high up.” she said.
“It’s….it’s OK, Tamari.” Nico said, “Look, I’ll get you down, alright?”
“OK.” she said.

She grabbed Nico’s hand but as she walked to him, she slips and slides downward.
Nico slides down and grabs her hand tight so she won’t fall.

“AAHHH!! Don’t let me fall, Nico!! Don’t LET ME FALL!” She screamed.
“I got ya!! I got ya!!” he frantically screamed. Both of them caught on the rope.
They both panted hard, hanging on from falling.

“You guys OK!?” Megumi said.
“NO!” Nico and Tamari shouted.

Nico looked down, seeing the height down below.
“Oh, fuck……”
“Nico……” Tamari said, “You can phase us out of here, right? RIGHT?”
His face looked more fearful than before.
He breathed and panicked as the height gotten more and more steep.
She was starting to slip.
But Nico grabbed her at the last minute.
He then tried to phase to the ground.

“Are you OK?” Nico said.
“Yeah, yeah, I’m fine now.” Tamari said, “Nico, what ha–”
“I’m afraid of heights as well!” he admitted to her.
“Oh………..I didn’t know…..”
“I hesitated.” Nico said, “I almost let you fall and I….”
“Nico, Nico…. look, I’m not going to fault you for being afraid of heights.” she said.
“I almost let you fall.” Nico said, “That shit isn’t OK.”

“But you did saved me.” Tamari said, “There’s that.”
“I was more scared of seeing you hurt.” Nico said. “I thought I had my powers in control but….”
She paused him for that moment.
“Don’t worry about that now.” she said, hugging him.
Nico felt a warm embrace of her and he smiled at her for that.

“HEY!!!” Megumi said, “You guys OK!?”
“YEAH!!” Nico and Tamari said.
“You mind getting us down now, Nico?” Taro said.
“Coming up!!” he shouted.


The gang is now trying to find a phone signal to call in some help.
“So how do we get back to….. well….” Nico said, “I’d say back to the mall but not while the Miznelli Brothers are still there so that’s a no.”
“Speaking of which,” Tamari said, “Where did you two phased from?”
“The Red Lot.” Jasmine said, “We were playing paintball back there and I had to save Taz’s ass from a jealous ex.”
“Again, not my fault she dumped him.” Taz said, “Ray-Ray was in need of a more flexible woman.”

Nico stopped at his tracks.
“Raymond Ellis?” Tamari said, “Basketball player? Light-skin? Has cornrows?”
“That’s him!” Taz said, “Wait, how do you know him?”
“I’m friends with his sister, Desiree.” Tamari said, “We go to the same algebra tutor.”

“OOHH!!!” Taz said, “Maybe you could help me get cozy with him by his sister!!”

“Taz…..” Jasmine said, “I’m not sure using Tamari using his sister so you can date him is a good idea. Besides you want more potential beat-downs from Dakota and them? I can’t always be there for you during those times.”
“Beatdown?” Nico said, “Looks like I’m not the only one with people wanting to beat my ass.”

“Well, you got two sets of people that want to beat your ass down.” Megumi said.

“I’m not going to get my ass beat all the time!” Taz said.
“If I didn’t came to your rescue, you would’ve been splattered and punched.” Jasmine said.

“Dakota Gantz?” Taro said, “Oh no, that girl’s bad news.”
“OOOH…. that girl.” Nico said, “I remember one day I was at my locker and this bitch…and yes, I’m calling her a bitch because she is…. slams my locker after I opened it. I was just getting my stuff for the next class and for no reason whatsoever, she slams my locker. WHY?”

However, Megumi was the one to answer that. “I think that might be because of that whole thing with Denzel Mackie. One of her friends was involved in that, too, and she was never thrilled with the three of us anyway.”
“Well, that’s nothing new for us.” Nico said, “We seemed to make a lot of enemies here.”

“From what I gather today,” Tamari said, “You made a good point. Mackie, Miznelli Bros. and now apparently Dakota Gantz…..”
“And friends.” Taro said.

“Yeah.” Nico said, “We seem dangerous, don’t we?”
“Well, not dangerous enough to send me away.” Tamari said. “After all, y’all can definitely hold your own.” As she cozies up to him while doing a bit of flirting. He knows it and he loves it.

“We should probably let Jericho know we’re here.” Jasmine said, “And to be aware in case Dakota comes.”



“HEY!!” Jericho said, as Jasmine and Taz returned to the base. “What happened with you two? We had to search every inch of the lot for y’all and I called you on your phone! I thought something happened.”

“Jer, we’re all good. It’s fine!” Jasmine said, “I was trying to find a signal to call you but there was no service.”
“But y’all OK then?” Jericho asked them.
“Yeah, we’re fine.” Taz said, “We had a bit of an accident but we got back safe and sound.”

“Good, good…” Jericho said, “…..Because Dakota and her friends want a re-match with you two.”
“What?” As Jasmine said with a dumbfounded look on her face, followed by Taz’s surprised face.
“Come again?”

“So……” Dakota said, “It seems your fast ass isn’t dead after all! You and your purple-haired sidekick! Good thing…..I want to finish what we started back there!”
“You mean you beggaring me because I was talking to Ray-Ray?” Taz said, “You’re not dating him anymore and you act like he’s off limits or something!”

“Or how about I’m calling you like the ho I think– scratch that— I know you are.” Dakota said, “You’ve always been such a clout chaser throughout high school. You wanted to be associated with the best of anyone since you’re so fucking useless. You’re friends with both the top track runner and the Basketball Team Captain and now you want to be with Ray-Ray all of a sudden?”
“It wasn’t all of a sudden!” Taz said, “Maybe this time, he can be with someone that isn’t some abusive bitch!”

“Yeah, sign us up.” And then it was interrupted by an unexpected Nico along with Megumi, Taro and Tamari signing up for paintball.
“All right…..Nico Kiritsnagi, 17. Megumi Ashikaga, 17. Tamari Aimoto, 17. Takemi Hattori, 16.”

Then everyone took notice of him and the girls entering the Red Lot.
“Yo, we got some sophomores in here!” A random guy said.
“Holy shit, it’s him!!!”
“Another Kiritsnagi here!!”

“Nico Kiritsnagi…..” Dakota said.
“Dakota Gantz…..” Nico responded.

“So, I heard you got a new girl on your side now.” Dakota said, “Looks like you achieved any standard high school boy’s dream: having a harem of girls that don’t know better by now.”
“Oh, you mean like you and your flunkeys?” Megumi said, “Except unlike them, we’re not mindless.”

“Oh, Megumi….” Dakota said, “I wonder when you’re about to shoot off your mouth when no one cares.”
“I should say the same to you, Dakota.” Megumi said, “You like butting in other people’s business.”

Taro then whispered to Tamari, “I should mention that those two do often fight a lot.”
“Hmmm, yeah, I think I got it.” Tamari responded.

“Oh look….Tamari Aimoto.” As Dakota turned her attention to her, “We heard that you were feeling for Jasmine’s little brother and… given that you’re like the girl most guys would often jerk off to: about 5’1, long brunette hair, has the most innocent-looking big eyes, and probably your biggest asset being–” she points to her chest.
“You may not reveal it all but we know the more clothing you wear, the enticing the mystery about your body. I’m surprised you didn’t bare it all to Nico.”

Tamari was not having it.
“OK….first off, I’m hanging with Nico now because we’re friends and you know what? If I hear someone say the word ‘harem’ one more time, I’ll–”
“You’ll what?” Dakota said, “You think you can threaten me? I know you’re not that type of girl. I would wear you out and leaving you bleeding on the floor.”
Nico then stepped in.
“What the fuck do you want, Gantz?” he said, “We’re just here to play paintball like any other person here.”

“Well, I dealt with your sister earlier,” Dakota said, “Maybe I can go on par with the little bro this time.”
“Anytime.” Nico said, “But I doubt you can take me.”

“Nico!” Then the last person he expected to be here aka Denzel Mackie.

“And surprise number three of the day!” Nico said, “Denzel Mackie!! I haven’t seen you in a while!”

“Should we run now?” Tamari whispered.
“Yeah. I’m with her.” Taro said, “This might end terribly.”
“No!” Megumi silently said, “We are not getting bullied by them!”

“You want to play a round of paintball?” Denzel said, “A’ight….but you will go against me and my crew.”
“WHOA!” Dakota said, “I had Kiritsnagi first! Besides, I heard about that fight with y’all and the piccolo…but then again, Nico didn’t really do any fighting now, did he?”
“That’s on him!” Denzel said.
“I guess his little girlfriends didn’t want to see him get harmed!” Dakota said. Both of them along with their crews laughed at the moment, ridiculing him. Nico really didn’t give a damn about that….but it wasn’t him that’s concerned about it.

“WE’LL DO IT.” Megumi stepped in.
“Huh?” Nico said.
“WHAT!?” Taro and Tamari shouted.

“Oh-ho! So you want to step up to me!?” Denzel said, “That’s rich! That’s hilarious! Again, some girl gets in my way of fighting Nico. That just seems to….always happen, doesn’t it?”

But Megumi fired back, “Or maybe…..this girl isn’t akin to you always fighting with him for a vaguely stupid-ass reason or in Dakota’s case, start a fight because you just want to and probably getting no loving while another girl makes an attempt.”

“Wow……..” Dakota said, “Yeah, so you and Nico versus all of us then!?”

However, they wasn’t the only ones to join in.
“You know what? I’m in, too.” Jasmine stepped up.
“Yeah, fuck it, I’m in.” Next up was Taz.

“Welp, you got two more on your side.” Denzel said, “You need a couple more people.”

“Yo…..” Jericho said, “I’m in as well. What’s a little fun with bro v. bro?”
“Cool.” Denzel said, “It’ll be just like home.”
“Can I join, too?” Ray-Ray said, in the background eating some Skittles. “Most of my people left already and my ride don’t come in an hour.”

“You’re in, too.” Nico said.
“NICE!!” Ray-Ray said, giving daps to Nico.


“Welp…..we got a team.” Megumi said, “Um, Taro, Tamari, you sure you want to sit out on this?”
Tamari responded, “Yeah, we’re good. Last thing I need is more people coming after me, even if it is with paintball guns.”
“Ditto.” Taro said, “Although I’m here for this blazin’ sweet and salty trail mix. It’s really delicious!!” As she enjoys it.
“You want some, T-T?”
“Sure.” Tamari accepted.


“Then let’s get it on!” Denzel said. “Get ready to take this L, Nico.”
“Uh, you’re getting this L, too, boi!” Dakota said, “You think I’m scared of you and your penny-ante crew?”

Everyone is getting themselves ready for the upcoming paintball team free-for-all and things were getting anxious over at Jasmine & Nico’s team.
“You really had to challenge everyone to this?” Jasmine said, “To Denzel, to Dakota Gantz of all people? THEM!?”

“They came to us on this.” Nico said, “Plus I didn’t get everyone on this. You saw Taro & Tamari backing out.”
“Because they’re your cheerleaders!!!” Jasmine said, “Or yours and Megumi, although I do see she isn’t taking any shit from them so that’s a plus.”
Then Megumi came in the conversation.
“All these years I known you guys, I always had Nico to protect me and Taro from whoever tries to mess with us.” Megumi said, “And as much as I appreciate him protecting me, I need to step up and defend my own person. Maybe even help protect Taro and Tamari with you side-by-side. Besides, I need to blow off some more steam, especially from today.”

Then, Nico, Jasmine and the team gathered around to discuss their tactical plan.
“OK…. I think we got something of a plan.” Jasmine said, “Taz, you and Ray-Ray take the east direction of the lot. You can be our cover.”
“Cover?” Taz said, “As in, we shoot them while you run for–”
“The goal right there?” As Nico pointed it out.
“Oh.” Ray-Ray said, “Hell yeah, we got this!!!”
“We do?” Taz confusedly said.
“Yeah….” Ray-Ray said, “I believe in us, Tazania.” She then got all dreamy-eyed.

“OK now…” Jasmine said, “Nico, I can you and me should team up on this and listen to me on this….” As she whispered the rest in his ear.
“Look, Jericho doesn’t know shit about our powers and we can’t risk him seeing what we can do.” she said, “I’m sure Taz and Megumi will make sure that they don’t see us like that.”
“OK. That’s…. a good point.” Nico said.

The other four were wondering about their whispering.
“Alright, me and Jasmine will take lead over there. Megumi, you and Jericho will take the south side and battle there.”
“Wait…..why me and Jericho?” Megumi said, “Nico, I thought you were going to be my partner.”

“I know, I know….” he said and he then whispered to her ear about the same thing Jasmine told her. “Believe me, I want to team up with you any day of the week but–”
“Oh…..I get it.” Megumi said, knowing all about the info. “I know what’s for the best. Good luck out there, Nico.”
“You, too, Megumi.” he said back.

“Um…..what was that about?” Jericho said to Megumi, “Something up with you and Nico?”
“No, no, it’s fine.” Megumi said. “We were thinking of different ways to win the game, that’s all.”

“All right….we’re almost up!” Jasmine said, “Let’s get into formation!”
“Whatever you say, Beyonce.” Nico joked.



The round is starting and everyone is taking their positions. The announcer is doing the countdown of the battle.
“Get ready…… 5………4………3………2……..1…….GO!!”

The battle begins.
Two of Denzel’s boys starts to move to that large tree for a special surprise attack.
They heard movement.
“Shh. You hear that?” One of them said.
The grass kept on rustling.

“Let’s ice them!” The 2nd one shouted.

They charge in ahead and shot furiously and quickly at whoever’s in there.

They jumped in and see that they shot at…
“What the….there isn’t anyone there!!” 1st guy said.
“Oh no….”

Behind those unlucky guys were…..
“Oh yes!!!” It was Megumi and Jericho.
Jericho shot the first one in the head. *pow*
Megumi blasted the other one all over his chest.

“AAAHH!!!! I see….pink!?” he said, “You ordered pink paintballs?”
“What’s wrong with pink?” Megumi said, “It’s a fitting color to me….also it’s fun and pretty!” She shoots him again in the arm.
“At least she didn’t shoot you in the crotch.”


However, one of Dakota’s girls got sight on the two.
“I got ‘em! FIRE AT’EM!!”

A paintball shot was heading toward Megumi. She ducks down quick.
“RUN!!!” Jericho said.
Megumi and Jericho swerve and ran from the paint bullets coming at them. Two more girls showed up and Jericho shot back at them, only to have the bullets get each other and split paint all over each other.

“AH!” Megumi said, shaking them off before jumping up the tree.

“You can’t run from me forever!” As Dakota is in the distance, “You think you can do this shit without your boyfriend beside you!?”
Megumi growled and she shot back at whoever’s coming after her.

Meanwhile, Ray-Ray and Taz are being chased another section of Denzel and Dakota’s crew.

Ray-Ray was busy shooting at them.
Taz, on the other hand…….


She was panicking a lot.
“Taz, you got your piece on you?”

“AAAAHHHH!!!!” She kept on screaming.
“So, you do?”
And more screaming commenced.

“Yeah, I got sight on Ray-Ray and Taz! I’m going for the purple-haired one!!” Dakota kept firing shots at the two, but mainly on Taz even though Ray-Ray has been doing the shooting.

“Taz, you’re going to have to shoot back!!” Ray-Ray said, “They keep shooting at you specifically! You’re going to have to shoot eventually!!”
Taz then grabbed her paintball gun and blindly shoot behind her, very flimsy.

One of the paintballs almost hit Dakota right in the face.
She ducked right at the last minute.
However, the paintball hit someone from Denzel’s team.
“AAAHH!!! My face!! I see blue and pink!!!”

“You have to do better than that, Taz!!” Dakota said.


Denzel along with two other guys on his team were near the tall tree near the river.
“All right……those two got to be in here.” Denzel said, “I’m coming for that ass, Nico!”

More crinkling and rustling were made, having Denzel being tense as all hell.

“Come on, Kiritsnagi!” One of his boys said, “You and your sister need to come out and maybe I’ll just pop one in your shoulder. If not, you’re getting it in the face, body and your non-existent–”

Soon, a barrage of paint balls was heading towards them. But Denzel tripped down and the paint balls were hitting his 2 guys, being splattered all over them.
“AAAAAHH!!!!!! AAAWWWW!!!!!! OOOOOO!!!!!”

“What the—”
Denzel then sees Nico and Jasmine jumping high in the trees, on to each next one.

“Oh, those motherfu–”


The two then leap out of them and jumped into the air and as they float for a few seconds, they have the entire view of the field, seeing everyone and everything in full view.
“You got the left side!” Jasmine said, “I’ll stick with the right side of the field!”
“GOTCHA!!” Nico said, “I’ll keep Denzel on me!!”
“Remember, don’t phase if you’re visible to your opponent!!” she said, “Or even Ray-Ray or Jericho!”
“Hey, I got that shit down in a heartbeat!” Nico said, “That shit is on you!!”
“Me!?” Jasmine yelled.
“I use my powers well enough that no one else know!!” Nico said, “You need to learn that more than me!!”
“LOOK!! Just focus on this right now!!” Jasmine said.
“I was….again, that’s on you!!”

“HOLY SHIT!!” Valeria said, “How does those two jump like that!?”

The opposing crews see them in the air.
“FIRE AT THEM!” Dakota shouted.

They fire each paintball at them with both siblings swerving at each paintball heading towards them.
All of them kept shooting at Jasmine and Nico.
Jasmine got herself a branch from a tree and swing at the incoming paint-balls and slammed them against the air as the branch slips from her hand and threw it back at her side at the teams.
“DUCK!!!” Most of Denzel’s boys scramble from being hit.

“Megumi! HIT IT!” Nico shouted.

She pulled a paintball machine gun out of her back.
“SURPRISE, MOTHERFUCKER!!!” She screamed. She ends up blasting everyone away as paint is being splattered all over the opposing teams.
“TAZ! RAY-RAY!!! MOVE!” she shouted.

Denzel then rushes and tackles Megumi to the ground.
“Come here, bitch!!!” he shouted, “Nico isn’t here to protect your little ass!!” He grabs his paintball pistol and aims it to her head.
“This is going to be how I win!!”
Megumi then kicked Denzel off her, smacking him with the gun.

“OWWW!! You damn—”
Then Nico appeared behind him and jumped him from behind. He got on top of him, trying to shoot him point blank.
Denzel then head-butted him.
Then he smacked Nico with his gun.

He cocked the gun and was ready to shoot……*bang*
Another shot was made but wasn’t from Denzel; Jericho made a shot in the way to distract him.

“Jericho, the fuck are you doing!?”
Nico then grabbed his gun; Denzel went to shoot him….but he missed!
However, for Nico….
Denzel looked down on his shirt and sees the paint ball stains on his shirt.
“Oh, damnit…..”

“Gotcha, bitch….” Nico said, blowing his gun like after a smoking bullet has been fired.


Taz continues to scream and shout while running for her life and shooting sporadically all over the place.
“TAZ!!! Aim for them, not just anywhere!!” Ray-Ray said.
“They are everywhere!!!” Taz said.

“HEY!!” Jasmine said, “Don’t shoot me!!! Aim for the other girls…..and maybe one of Denzel’s boys!!”
“GET THE KIRITSNAGI BITCH!!” Dakota said, “We’ll save Tazzy here for last!!!”
“What about her brother!?”
“Shoot his ass, too!!” she said, “And that’s double for his girl!!”
“Which one?”
“THE ONE IN THE DAMN GAME NOW!!!” Dakota got fumed for that, “You knew that already!!”

Three of her girls went off to fight off Nico and the rest while Dakota and the other two girls are still gunning for Taz and Ray-Ray.
Then in a sudden movement…

Jasmine phased in the air and hurdling towards Dakota, shooting at her.
“What the– HOW YOU GET THERE?” She exclaimed.
Jasmine and Dakota collided, landed on the wet lands and the two are now covered head to toe in mud.
“OOHH!!! GOD!!!” Dakota said, “You got me dirty, dammit!!”
“Eugh!” Jasmine said, “And I like this shirt!!”

Enraged and furious, Dakota jumped at Jasmine and pinned her against the ground.
“What the– GET YOUR ASS OFF ME!!!”
“Shut up!!” Dakota shouted and landed a punch on Jasmine.

She goes for a second attempt.
Jasmine kicks her off and slides back, flipped herself back up.
“The hell, Dakota?” Jasmine said, “This isn’t part of the game!!”
“The hell with the game!!!” Dakota said, “Right now, I’m really pissed off!! You and your damn brother, always showing off to either be the athletic wunderkind or the boy that betrayed my best friend and got him set up doing 6 YEARS!!”

Dakota charged straight at Jasmine, about to slam her into a tree.
Jasmine then ducked from her incoming hit.
“What does that have to do with me!?” Jasmine said, “You want a fight? Take it up with him!!!”

“I think his plate is pretty full!” Dakota said, “Besides, you could use a little feuding in you! We know you can run, jump, and all that shit but that’s it? Nico may not be a sports guy but at least he’s the interesting one out of your two….three if you count your cousin.”
“Do I really need to hear this from you of all people!?”

“Hell is that supposed to mean?” Dakota said.
“You’re the one that wants to beat up my friend just because she’s trying to get with your ex.” Jasmine said, “You’re not exactly on the sane side of things.”
“Oh, shut up!!” Dakota said, “At least I have some form of a personality and you……..yeah….. You know what? I’m just going to stop now. This fight isn’t worth shit!” As Dakota just walks away from her.
“Huh?” Jasmine seem confused.


“OK, is this fight over now?” As Taz said, sitting down on the ground.

“Let’s see…..” Nico said, “No sign of the other team and we just marked off all of Denzel’s team. Maybe it’s a forfeit.”
“A forfeit!!?” Megumi shouted, “Well, that sucks. I wanted to win but not like this.”

“Ah well.” Nico said, “I’m kinda tired anyway. Plus, we can still enjoy our day without all this bullshit and–”
Then behind him, one of Dakota’s girls punched him out.
“NICO!!” Megumi said.
“What the fuck?!” he said.
“OH SHIT!” Taz & Ray-Ray said. They tried to run but two other girls got them blocked.

“Yeah, you’re staying right here.” They said.
“DAMN!” Taz thought.

“Oh, don’t think this is the end.” she said, “Dakota is calling it quits because it’s getting boring now. Nico Barrett Kiritsnagi, we swear that we’ll fuck you up even more the next time we see you!”
“What do you want from me!?” He shouted, grabbing her by the throat.
“Go to her yourself to answer that.” She pushed him out of the way, “Also, let go of me before you end up being labeled as some beater.”
He immediately lets go.

“Let me guess……Canterray Street?” he said.
“You damn well know it.” she said, “You remember…….Nico……”

“And I told y’all I didn’t have shit to do with that!” Nico said, “That was all him for being too cocky and got his ass locked up because of it!”
“Plus, he was with me that night!!” Megumi said.
“Oh……I know.” she said, “I know all about that detail and still you messed up.”

“Yo, Summer?!” As Dakota called her, “I’m about to get me something to eat! You coming or not?”
“Lucky for you, I’m kinda hungry.” Summer said, walking off.




“YOU WON THE GAME!!” Taro cheered for Nico and the gang as they were returning their equipment. “You guys were awesome out there!! Y’all kicked all kinds of ass!”
“You OK?” Tamari said, “It also looked like they got some licks on you as well.”

“Nah, we got them fools good!” Nico said, chuckling with a smile. “They…..just love to shoot out their mouth and say a bunch of shit just to rile one another.”

However, Jasmine intervene in that convo.
“By that, you mean how they still blame you for putting their friend in jail?” she said.

“Oh, she told you that?” Nico said.
“That’s what she said.” Jasmine said, “It also explains why she’s been extra on us today.”

“Yo, I got to jet.” Ray-Ray said, “Moms need me and Desiree to baby-sit our other little sister Lisa while she’s out with her girls in Cashis City.”
Thus, that’s Taz’s chances to smooze him.
“Hey….you need some help?” Taz said, “It could benefit ya.”
“You for real?” he said.
“Sure.” Taz said, “I can handle kids. I got younger brothers myself.”

Dakota and her crew were walking by, giving them the side-eye as they pass them.

“The hell with them.” he said, “If I shown up at that time, It’d be me in juvey and who knows what would happen at that time. In fact…..I’m glad I cut ties with those fools. I realize that if I kept on doing that running shit with them, I’d end up like him but they wouldn’t give a shit. I’d be some disposable kid they use for their own gain.”

“Wow….” Tamari said, “And that was when you were 13?”
“Hell, that dude hired people younger than me as well?” Nico mentioned to her
“Younger!?” Tamari sounding surprised, “Like 10 or 11?”
“Oh yeah,” Nico said, “Way back then, there’s more hard-ass 10-11 year olds than most teenagers. One 9 year-old shanked a guy for stealing his lunch money….and then stole his money afterwards.”

“Is that also why you never revealed your powers to anyone?” Tamari asked.

“That’s one of them.” Nico said, “If someone were to find out, they have more reasons to use me for their own ill-gotten gains.”
“So…….maybe you get why I don’t use them often as well?” Jasmine said to him.

“I know, I know…” Nico said, “Hey, we got to go. I’ll see you when we get home.”
“Alright.” Jasmine said, “Stay safe, little brother! And check up on Dad if he calls.”

“Check up on Dad if he call—- OH SHIT!!!”
“WHAT?” Jasmine shouted.
“I forget he drove us to the mall and we need to get back there ASAP!” Nico said, “Megumi, Taro, Tamari, we got to get back!!”
“So…..phasing us back?” Megumi said, “If so, how?”
“Anyone know a secret spot?” Tamari said.
“I KNOW!!” Taro shouted.


The spot is a portaporty. An abandoned portaporty.
“Oh, for real?” Nico said, “I thought this things were extinct due to them always tipping over.”
“Well, it was that or exposed ourselves.” Megumi said, “We have to make one sacrifice.”
They were very cramped in that space, plus the smell was very foul.
“Can we pleae hurry this up?” Tamari said, “I need to breathe!! It stinks!!”
“All right, all right!!” Nico said.

The blue leaf is coursing through his veins and as his eyes begin to glow blue, he got in Hybrid mode and….they disappeared from the portapotty and winded up in–

The mall restroom…..the men’s restroom.

“Well, we’re at the mall.” Nico said.
“But why at the men’s room?” Megumi said, “Why all of us!?”
“It had to be a secluded place.” Nico said, “And right now, it’s very secluded.”

“True.” Taro said, “We can just rush out of there and act like nothing ever happened.”
“All right. I’ll check if the cost is clear.” he said.

Nico ducked out of the restroom and looked both ways to see if the coast is clear.
“We good.” The three girls followed suit.
They pretended to come out of the girls’ room and all of them walked out of there like it was normal.

“It should be a while since we saw the Miznelli Bros.” he said, “Hopefully they’re either home or out of their sight.”
“How this turn from a birthday shopping trip to a wild chase with paint-balls?” Tamari said, “OH! Taro….I hope this didn’t ruin what was supposed to be your special day.”

“Hmmm… not really.” she said.
Nico and Megumi seemed confused.
“I had worse or lesser birthdays than this. Yeah, being chase by two jerks is a minus but I also had a fun time with my favorite people in the world: two old time friends and a new best friend.”
“AWW!!” Megumi and Tamari said in their bright-eyed expressions.
“Tamari, you may be a newer friend but I already think of you as a long-time friend. Megumi and Nico, you two always go through hell and high water to keep us safe and I always cherish every moment with every one of you.”
Nico let out a big smile at the moment.
“Aww, look. A rare Nico smile.” Taro said, “Usually, you never smile that much….well, unless we’re around but then again, we are your favorite group of people to hang out with.” As Taro went on with a mischievous smile.

Then Nico’s phone got a notification and it was a message from MAK.
“Hey Nico, going to be a bit later to pick you up. Helping out your mom right now. I’ll pick you and the girls up at 5.”
He checks his watch and it’s 4:30.
“Hmmm… we got 30 more minutes to do stuff then.”

“YAY!!!” Megumi, Taro and Tamari shouted.
“In that case…” Taro said, “You want to see me model in this black thong I picked out earlier?!”
He was frozen surprised for a minute.
“Uh, when did you got that?” Megumi said.
“Oh, I pre-ordered it.” Taro said, “Again, I just wanted to embarrass Nico….and I think it’s working.”
“Yep…’s working…” Nico then in a high voice.

“How about we grab something to eat?” Tamari said, “I’m kinda hungry and that trail mix didn’t do much for me.”
“All right.” Megumi said.

Taro and Megumi are walking to the food court but then Tamari stopped Nico for a minute for a talk.
“Hey, Nico?”
They stopped for a minute.
“Hey, I really did enjoy my time with y’all today.” Tamari said, “Despite being chased and phased into a weird place and the run-in with those girls but still, I have good company with me and you did your best protecting us.”

“Yeah….I wish I was with y’all in Lydia’s Lingerie but I didn’t want to—”
“I get it.” Tamari said, “You know to respect our privacy and that’s what I really admire and adore about you. I meant just guard the dressing room for us and try not to give in your desire to peek at us.” she laughed at bit.
“OK, there’s that, too.” Nico said.
“Oh….and one more thing….” she said, “You mean that sometime next weekend that we can spend the night….just the two of us in my home?”

That last line really got Nico’s attention.
“Oh shit…” he thought, “Tamari’s inviting me to her home?”
“I know it sounds what it sounds but this is not that type of night.” she said, “I just want to get to know you more….one on one, mano o womano, just me and you.”
“Yeah…..I’d like that.” Nico said.
“Sweet….” Tamari said, “I can’t wait! So….you want to buy us 3 girls something to eat?”
He pulls out his pockets and look if he was enough.
She giggles. “Don’t worry, I got my cash this time. But you have to treat a lady sometimes.”

(C) 2020 Katana+ / Ctrl/Alt/Del Productions

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