AFNG (Aura Faction Next-Gen) BK SQUAD: Episode 3 – CREW ~ the obstacle

WARNING: The following written material that you’re about to read may contain acts of violence, mild language and sexual content. This is meant only for AUDIENCES 13 AND UP. Reader Discretion is advised. 



“Hey, we’re going to go to that Dusty’s Deli place. I’m starving for some wings.” he said, “You want to join us?”
“I would if I could…..but I’m broke and I think I’m on punishment.” Nico said.
“Punishment? For what?” Carlos said.
“Yesterday.” Nico said, “That fight?”
“That I mostly fought in?” Camilla said, “You took that credit?”
“I DIDN’T WANT THE CREDIT!!!” Nico shouted, “I already got my music room access lifted and I can’t go anywhere for a week or two!”

Then an unexpected but kinda expected person came in the deli.
“Yo!!!!” It was Denzel Mackie.
“Oh damn….” Ari said.
“Uh-oh.” Carlos silently said, “I forgot Nico said that he comes here.”
“Good thing I didn’t say how can things get worse….” Tamari said, “Maybe if he won’t notice us……”

“HEY!!!” As Denzel spotted the girls, “It’s Nico’s girls.”
“DAMN!!!” Megumi, Taro and Tamari shouted.



Nico is at the library, doing some of his school work he had problems working on. He then heard a commotion down at the entrance.
It was the basketball team coming from doing drills at the team and some were getting quite rowdy.
Along with the team, he sees Jericho coming.
“Dude, you been doing those practice shots?” A teammate said.
“Yeah…” He was panting. “…. Did ’em today, yesterday… all damn week.”
“Alright, champ. Don’t tire yourself now.” they said.

Nico continues to go past them by putting his earbuds on and listening to his music to avoid them.
“Hey, isn’t that Jaz’s little brother?” Another teammate said.
“Little? Dude’s like taller than most of us.”

“Yeah, that’s him.” Jericho said, “Hey, Nico!!!”
He spotted that Jericho noticed him and he turned around and wave and flashed the peace sign.

“Must be on his music shit.” Jericho said.
“I know that dude loves his music.”

“Dude’s still a bit on the strange side.” Another one of his teammates said, “Yet I feel he’s fast as hell, man. He’s always super early for class and shit!”
“So how’s your brother’s beef with him? Still heavy?”

Jericho sighs at the mention of their beef. “It might even be heavier. I just hope nothing else will come from it.”


TRACK 3 – CREW – the obstacle


“Well, well, well….” Denzel said, “I see Nico’s entourage is without that nigga in tact! I thought you girls are always on his ass!”

Tamari then mumbled in her silent voice. “Well, thanks to you, Nico can’t go anywhere for a week.”
“WHAT WAS THAT!?” One of his goons shouted.
“AAH! UH……”

“Ah.. Tamari Aimoto……” Denzel said, “You’re the Student Body Council President of the Sophomores and I see why they picked someone with a body like yours.” He gazed and stared at her figure.
“Look, I don’t know or care why you’re here but I’m just here for food, that’s it.” Tamari said.

He sees an order of lemon pepper and teriyaki wings with fries.
“Didn’t know you got a big appetite.” he said, “I guess you figured the food does in them things than your stomach.”
Feeling disgusted and annoyed, she had to defend herself without mentioning Nico.
“They’re for a friend!” Tamari said, “Now can you please leave me alone…”

He then spotted Carlos.
“OH! YOU!!!”
“Oh, you yourself!!” Then Camilla spotted Denzel, too.

Denzel ran up close to them both.
“Oh, you’re not getting away from me this time.” Denzel said, “Clear way… this is between me and the new kid.”
“Me?” As Carlos got pointed out, “Dude, I don’t have any money for you!!”
“Then why are you in here for?” Denzel shouted.
“I’m getting lunch for us, dipshit!!” Camilla said, “And you better stop messing with my brother or you’re getting your ass kicked again!!”

“Man, if you don’t get that bullshit from me!” Denzel shouted.


“Arrgh! You again?” Ari said, coming from the restroom.
“Yubari, stay out of this!” Denzel said, “Don’t try and be an agent like your mama!!”

“Your mama?” Camilla questioned.
“One of them is a Faction agent.” Ari said.
His goons, Mukuro and G-Dub, quiped with, “And both of them bitches got ass and titties for days!!”
That got Ari a bit pissed.
She then kicked Mukuro in the face.
“What the fuck!!” G-Dub shouted. He threw a punch but Ari blocked it.
“Call either of my moms a bitch and I will stomp on your pathetic asses!!” Ari screamed.

“We should probably get out of here!” Megumi shouted.
“I’m already ahead of you!!!” Tamari said.
“Good thing I got our orders!!” Taro said.
Three of them quietly walked out of there and then remember….

“Oh…that’s right.” Megumi asid, “Nico isn’t here. He normally phases us back to the school.”
“Well, we can’t run!” Taro said, “I’m sure Ari and the rest wouldn’t like that.”

Ari then came out of the store.
“You three still here!? If I were you, I’d run!! And take Carlos with you!”
There goes Carlos running fast out of there.
“Man, if only Nico were here……” Carlos said.

“Come on, bitch!!” G-Dub screamed, smashing the panel and grabbing a salami. “I’ll fill you full of meat!!”
“I hope he means that salami in his hand!!” Ari said.
He pounces up to attack.
Ari dodged the salami slam, threw some mustard packs at his face.
“AAH!! Sting!!!”

Camilla and Denzel are too busy throwing fisticuffs and blows at each other.
He slap-kicked her into the wall.
He’s then charging at her with a mop.
She got swiped by Ari with Denzel smacking himself on the wall.
“OW!” Denzel said.
“Run for it!!” Ari shouted as she and Camilla made a run for it.
However, Camilla ran back and smacked Denzel. “BITCH!”
She runs off again…… but then forgot about her food.
“Forgot my shit!” Camilla said. Now she runs off…. this time, for real.


A few minutes later, the crew arrived back at the school with Nico waiting at the usual spot.
He sees Tamari panting.
“Hey……. Tamari, you alright?” he said.

“OH……sorry about that….” Tamari said, “Didn’t want to be late or something but I got you your food.”
“Oh, thank you.” He said with a happy grin. “Oh, Lemon Pepper and Teriyaki! I like that!!”
“We got both just in case.” Taro said, “Although you now owe Tamari $10.”
“And I will pay you back.” he said. “Oh and fries are here, too. Again, thanks, Tamari!”

Tamari did blush a little. “Awww, you’re so sweet.”

“Y’all didn’t go into too much trouble, did you?” he said.
The three did not want to bring up Denzel.
“NO!!” Megumi, Taro & Tamari said.
“Everything was all good.” Megumi said.
“No worries.” Tamari said.
“Yeah,” Taro said, “It’s not like some fools were in the deli and—” Tamari quickly taped her mouth shut.
“OK……” Nico said, “So where’s Ari and the rest of them? They should be back….”


Then comes Ari and Camilla looking roughed up and exhausted from the fight.
“UH…..what happened to you two?” Nico said.
“What’chu mean ‘what happened to us’?” Ari said, “We had a run-in with that fool Denzel!!”
“Wait, what?!?!” Nico said, “But you said that—”

“We didn’t want to worry you too much!” Tamari said.
“But he knows that he’ll mess with you because you know me!” Nico said.
“He didn’t get too close to us.” Megumi said, “Most of the time, he fought with Ari and Camilla.”
“And Carlos?” Nico asked.
“I jetted.” Carlos said, “Yeah, I’m not much of a fighter. Sorry?”



Elsewhere in the city, the Track Team is doing their training session at Stallion Field.
“Ready!? Get SET!!! GO!!!” The coach shouted as the team are doing their practicing and drills and stretching.

Taz is timing Jasmine on her laps.
“TIME!!” Jaz shouted.
“You got…..3 minutes and 14 seconds for 4 laps.” Taz said, “That’s pretty good. Hell, that’s great!”

“Yeah……” Jasmine said, “And it got me tired as hell.”
“Well, don’t put too much power in one setting.” Taz said, “You know all those guys are doing to either run as fast as they can but too mindless to get that they need to save that energy for the bigger races.”

“Got it. Save energy.” Jasmine said, “Hey… Taz?”
“Carry me.” As Jasmine passes out and falls on Taz.
“HEY!!! I’m not your damn pillow!” Taz said.
“Well, pillows don’t tend to talk.” Jasmine said, “Unless it’s one of those talking waifu pillows those guys at AV keep talking about.”
“I rather not.” Taz said, getting from the ground and picking Jaz up.

“I don’t get it.” Jasmine said, “I’m usually all up and ready for this and now….. I’m all burned out. If only…..”
At that moment, she was thinking of doing the one thing that her parents warned her not to do.
“Do what?” Taz questioned.

She could not tell Taz about her Hybrid powers.

“I……I…. wait, I had the idea.” Jasmine said, “And… it’s gone.”
“Oh, dammit!” Taz said.

Then comes some commotion from some of the teammates as they were watching some video posted on social media.
“Players…. what’s going on?” the coach asked.

“Oh, sorry, coach!” One player said, “Someone from our school posted this fight at Dusty’s Deli this afternoon.”
“Fight?” Jasmine said.
“Yeah…..two girls were whooping the shit out of Denzel Mackie and some of his boys. It was two freshmen at that.”
Jasmine got a look at the video and she sees the girls revealed as Ari and Camilla.
“What the— ARI!?”

“Your cousin?” Taz said, “And that girl, Camilla? Doing another fight this week?”
“Is everybody fighting that dude as of late?” Another runner said, “Not to mention Denzel was trying to mack on those sophomore girls but they turned him down hard.”
Another one pointed out the girls. “I know them girls. They always hang with that boy Nico. You know, her brother?”
“WHAT!?” Jasmine said, “Megumi, Taro and Tamari were there as well?”

“I think they were getting food for him since he’s on lockdown from what I heard.”
“Oh, yeah….” Jasmine said, “Dad did say he couldn’t go anywhere…..”

“So Nico got his girls to fetch him food and fight Denzel for him?” One guy runner said, “Your brother’s a smooth pimp with the ladies.”
“PIMP!?” Taz and Jasmine shouted.
“Yeah, the same pimp that has pics of Santiago on his phone.” Jasmine said, “Although I got that and Reba on mine.”
They were their cats.
“Well, they are cute cats.”



“Oh my god! They’re so adorable!!! Cute little kitties!” As Tamari is squeeing high with Nico showing her pics of Santiago and Reba.
“Oh, I see Reba is a big girl, eh?”
“Reba really likes food.” Taro said, “And she’s a growing girl.”
“Yeah.” Megumi said, “And Santiago just loves being cuddled….although it’s most with me and Taro every time we visit.”
“Speaking of that…..” Tamari said, “When can I meet your folks?”

“I figure since the whole ‘I’m grounded’ thing is still in effect,” Nico said, “I mean, my folks do know about you now, Tamari. At least your existence.”

“I mean, I’m ready to meet your folks sometime… week, I suppose?” Tamari asked.

“Well, I’m not disobeying any rules or going against the system any time soon.” Nico said, “Hopefully the time will come.”


Soon, the track team came back as soon as the final bell rang and the students are now heading their way home.
Ari and Nico are waiting for Jasmine by the car as she always drove them here.

“You think Jaz might say something to you about that whole Denzel thing?” Nico asked Ari.
“Uh, why me?” Ari responded, “I fought one of his boys but not him directly.”
“Because I know when Jaz gets here, she’ll go to me about it when I’ve been here all day.” Nico said.

“Nico….if Jaz heard about it by now, she knows that me and Camilla are the ones to kick their asses.” Ari said, “You got an alibi. She won’t go aggro on you.”
Jasmine arrived.
“So…….Ari, you enjoy your day today?” Jasmine asked.
“Why, Jaz, why you ask?” As Ari played along.
She just upright show her the video on her phone.

“Yeah… that’s why.” Jasmine said.
“Yeah, I’ll be in the back this time. Sleeping.” Nico said.
Jasmine then grabs Nico. “Uh, I’m on your ass, too.”
“WHAT I DO!?!?” Nico shouted, “I was here the whole time!!”
“Did you send the girls to get you lunch?” Jasmine asked him.
“Look, they offered me lunch. I told them that I got no cash for it but Tamari didn’t mind paying for it….oh and by the way, that $10 you owe me, just give to her.” Nico said, “I wish I was there when I heard Denzel and the fact he was trying to hit on the girls!”

“Oh boy…..” Jasmine said, “Be lucky I’m not on to you but Ari…..what the hell?!”
“What the hell nothing!” Ari said, “I was minding my damn business trying to get some food but them boys were the ones who started it.”

“And Camilla……yeah, I don’t know about that girl.” Jasmine said, “She seems a bit suspect if you ask me.”
“She seems like the girl that got my back at that fight today.” Ari said.
“I’m not trying to have these Denzel problems!!” Jasmine shouted.
“WHAT? Because you’re friends with Jericho!!!?” Ari said, “Jaz, you need to tell Jericho to set that fool straight on messing with us! You were on Nico about yesterday but you can’t get on–”
“Jericho and I have been busy with our other stuff!!” Jasmine said, “I got track! He got Basketball practice! We’re too preoccupied with our other priorities!”

“And you got time for yelling at me for bullshit?” Nico said, “WOW!! I was worrying about protecting my friends and all but nope, that’s not important from your POV.”

“NICO! You’re not helping!!” Jasmine yelled.

“Neither were you at my throat!!” Nico said, “Hell, at least those two kept the girls safe from him! You, on the other hand, did diddily jack shit except nag in the sidelines!”
“Well, I have to be the mature one here!!” Jasmine said, “Having to watch you two because stuff always happens!!”
“WATCH US!?” Nico and Ari shouted.
“Oh, that damn talk with Mom and Dad a few days ago?” Nico said, “I don’t need to be watched like some little kid!!! I’m fine with myself! Megumi is fine with me! Taro is fine with me and Tamari is fine with me,too! You’re the one that has to hide yourself from yourself and other people all the time!!
“WHOA! WHOA!!” Jasmine said, “Because you like playing house and protector to three girls, one of whom you only knew for a day or so, doesn’t mean you’re fine!! Suppose if Tamari knew your powers, what would happen?”
“Nothing!!” Nico said.
“How so!?” Jasmine said.
“I told her about it!” As he revealed that secret.

Ari and Jasmine went silent.
“Wait, you told Tamari!?” Ari said, “And she….”
“She was cool with it.” Nico said.
“You told some girl that you only knew for a few days!” Jasmine said, “And I bet that you obviously feel some way about her, do you?”
“And we meant that in both affectionate and horny ways.” Ari said.

“Look, me and her got along that day.” Nico said, “We talk a few times and instantly we seemed to click. Plus, she’s good friends with Megumi and Taro and they trust her, too. Don’t y’all know her, too?”

“We do.” Jasmine said, “Just in gym and while she’s nice and quiet and kinda….OK, I see her keeping your secret from others.”
“Yeah!” Nico shouted but then he got a little silent, too. “Her and Carlos….”
But Ari heard that one and her eyes widened.

“Uh…..Nico, what did you say?” Ari said, “Her and who!? You told someone else!?”
“WHAT?!” Jasmine said.
“It was….Carlos.” he said.

“CARLOS!?” Ari screamed, “Carlos as in that kid Carlos you saved? Carlos whose sister I know and is friends with? That Carlos?”
“Again, it was a life or death situation.” Nico said, “If I didn’t hid him from Denzel, his ass would’ve been caught and beaten by those fools! He knows now but I made him swore not to tell!!”

“Well, that’s two new people that knows about your powers!” Jasmine said, “You know Mom and Dad moved us to this neighborhood to keep everyone from knowing about our powers. Now you’re just—”

“I just told two people. 4 in total about this.” Nico said, “I swear, I’m not going to tell anyone else.”
“You swear?” Jasmine said.
“YES!” Nico said.
“You promise!?” Ari shouted.
“I promise.” Nico said, “I barely talk to anyone else so that’s that.” He then fell asleep.

“He asleep now?” Jasmine said.
Ari checks on him. “Yep.”




“Nico…..” Kai said, as she’s in the kitchen, preparing dinner. “…So when are we going to meet this Tamari?”
“Yeah, kid.” MAK said, “Her name has been on your brain for the past few days.”
“Oh…y’all want to meet her?” Nico asked.
“YES!” MAK and Kai said.
“Of course I want to meet the girl—”
“Well, one of the girls.” Jasmine interjected.
“OK, got a point– one of your friends that been on your mind.” MAK said.

“I thought I was still grounded.” Nico said, “I thought that meant I can’t have company or people I know here. Why you think Megumi and Taro haven’t been over here as usual?”
“We didn’t go grocery shopping this week?” MAK jokingly said.
Kai then gave him a sneer, “Really?”
“Baby, come on.” MAK said, “As much as we love those two in your house, they often go here for their grocery shopping, especially Taro.”
“Taro’s a growing girl.” Nico said, “She needs her dose of–”
“SuperFudge Ice Cream?” Kai said, “As in, the one she kept on eyeing on when I had some?”


Late at night, Kai was going in the kitchen to sneak some spoonfuls of her favorite ice cream, SuperFudge (now with peanuts and brownie bites).
“Come to Mama Kai.” she whispered to herself and as she turned around, she sees Taro right at her face.
“Hey, Mrs. BK….” Taro said, staring at Kai.
“Hey…..Taro.” Kai said, “You waiting on Nico?”
“Not really.” Taro said, “I’m just crashing here for a while.”
“At 11PM?” Kai said, “On a Thursday Night? Shouldn’t you be in bed….asleep?”
“Eh, I’m not much of a sleeper.” Taro said, “I’m too wired, thinking about a lot of things….”
“OK…..” Kai said, as she’s eating her ice cream.
“HEY!! I thought you said you didn’t buy that SuperFudge Ice Cream this week!!” Taro said, “I’ve been craving that for weeks now!”
“You ate most of mine last time!!” Kai shouted, “A week ago.”
“But I’m a growing girl.” Taro said, working the moe-eyed look.
“You’re the same age as Nico.”
“But he’s older by a few months and Megumi is older than him by a couple of weeks.” Taro said.
“So begging for my ice cream is justified?” Kai said.
“….. You have a pretty robe on.” Taro complimented her.

“OH….Well, thank you, Taro.” Kai smiled.
“Yeah, really helps bringing attention to your boobs.” As Taro pointed out to her face with a surprised Kai. “They have gotten so big!”
“OK. STOP NOW!!” Kai said, covering herself. 

Then Nico came out of the bathroom, wondering what’s going on.
“NICO-NICO-NICO-NEE!!” Taro shouted.
“Taro….what are you doing here?” he said, “I thought you’d be at home or at least at Megumi’s place.”
“And Mom……”
“I got nothing. I’m sleepy.” Nico said.
“Then here’s a friend.” Kai said, “Taro’s staying the night. She’ll sleep… the living room.” She was almost going to suggest Nico’s room but knew better. “I’ll be in my own room… eating my damn ice cream.”

“Good night, Mrs. BK!” Taro shouted.
“Good night, Taro!” Kai said.


“OK….” Kai said, “Megumi and Taro does always respect our rules here and you have been on good behavior recently.”
“Why this sound like I’m in prison?” Nico asked.
“If this is prison, then lock my ass away.” MAK said.

“SO….How’s Sunday sound?” Nico asked them.
“Wait, Sunday?” Jasmine said, “Hold up, I got Jericho and Taz coming here Sunday for our practice trial runs.”
“You mean he practices basketball and you two run around the area?” MAK said, “Oh, and I guess we’ll get to know the famous Jericho Mackie as well.”
“Please don’t embarrass me in front of him, Dad.” Jasmine said.

“Uh…..” MAK said, “You forget, we’re the cool parents…. or at least ones that doesn’t do that type of thing.”
“Until we find a way to justify it.” Kai said, “Like say, if you borrowed one of my jackets and some rhinestones are missing or another thing like….” She directly goes towards Nico, “Have your friend sneaking around my ice cream in the middle of the night!!”

“That’s why I have my own fridge.” MAK said, “Anyway…… Sunday is a good day to have some company around the house. Hell, we’ll see if Ari has some friends that want to come over here.”
“I’ll call Sheena and Joanna.” Kai said.

“So, we’ll have a friend-for-all or something?” Nico asked. Then a black-and-white kitty came across his lap.
“Hey, Santiago!” Nico said.
“Hope the little guy is ready for some guests coming.”

Then comes another cat roaming around the room, a grey cat with some brown on her and it was Reba.
*tired meow*
“And yet Reba seems to not care….. as usual.” MAK said.

“Oh, shut up, human!” And that came from Reba….but not directly from her mouth but in her own mind. “More people that are going to bother my surroundings.”
“I heard Nico is bringing another human female in here.” Santiago said in his mind as well, “His friends always give me lots of snuggles and hugs!!”
“You mean the thing they do where you’re in between their two fat sacks as they hold and smother you?” Reba said while Santiago is immersed with that thought.
“So… heavenly soft……”
“Oh, boi.” Reba said, “And I’m your adopted sister.”

“I wonder what them cats are thinking right now.” MAK said, staring at Santiago getting cozy with a pillow.
“I’m going to piss on your floor in the next 30 minutes.” Reba said, with a sinister smirk.

“And Jas, if Reba pisses on the floor again, I’m spraying her right on the dot.” MAK said.
“I will attack you, human!!” Reba thought.

“Come here, Reba.” Jasmine picks her up and carries her to the room.
“OK….at least this human takes good care of me.” Reba said, “And pets me as well.”

“Just got off the phone with J & Sheena.” Kai said, “They’re up for it. Ari’s going to invite some friends of her own.”
And by friends, Jaz & Nico knew who it was.
“So Carlos and Camilla?” Jasmine asked.
“Who are they?” MAK asked.
“New kids that came here this year.” Jasmine said, “Both brother and sister, just like us but freshman, just like Ari.”
“Ah, that’s nice.” MAK said.
“Yeah,” Kai said, “Good for Ari. Just like we said a few days ago, our kids now got themselves some squads.”



“OOHH!!! He’s so cute and smol!! OH MY GOD!” The sounds of an squeeing Tamari when everyone is at the BK’s house and she’s snuggling Santiago.
“I see you met Santiago.” Nico said, “Looks like the both of you are enjoying the snuggling a lot.”
*Santiago meows happily*
“Yeah, he always get like that whenever me or Taro are around.” Megumi said.
“I guess we must be his favorite people.” Taro said, “And we has a new one.”
“It’s like he never wants to let go.” Santiago is holding up to Tamari’s sweater with his claws digging in the fabric.
“And I think he’s caught on my sweater.” Tamari said, “OK, little guy.” She gently got his claws out of there.

“Come on, Santi.” Nico said, “Let the nice girl go.”
Now, Santiago is getting fussy from letting go.
“Awwww!” Santiago said, “I want more cuddles!!”

In the backyard, Jericho is doing a one-on-one game with Benji, one of MAK’s co-workers from work.
“Come on! Come on, kid!!” He’s on the defense, trying to block the shot from Jericho.
He faked the move, swiftly makes it to the hoop, makes the shot and BANG!!
“GOTCHA!!!” Jericho shouted.

“Aww, damn!!!” Benji said, “Come on, come on!! I got one more in me, baby!!!”
“Benji, that’s the 5th game you played him on.” Craig, another one of MAK’s co-workers said. “The kid is unstoppable!!! Looking at the next Steph Curry or Kawhi Leonard in this bitch!!” Alongside watching this is MAK and Carlos.
“He plays a good game, eh?” MAK asked him.
“Hmmm…oh, yeah.” Carlos said, “I’m new to him myself. But yeah, he plays good, sir.”
“So….” MAK said, “You’re the kid that my son saved the other day?”
“OH…, yeah. I am.” Carlos answered, “I’m very grateful for him. I would’ve been a goner or at least robbed without him.”
“Yeah….. ” MAK said, “….you know we had to punish him for fighting in the school.”
“But then again, from what I heard, there wasn’t really much fighting from him but more of your sister.” MAK said, “I heard she kicked some ass there.”
Carlos looked a little down at that.
“Yeah…..I probably should’ve been fighting my own battles, huh?”
“Well…..” MAK said, “I mean, it’s not really a battle. It’s just the typical dumb-ass bully and his goons picking on a defenseless kid for no reason. You weren’t in the wrong in this.”
“Yeah,” Carlos said, “But I feel like anyone would just call me names like a pussy or something.”
MAK looked both ways.
“OK, be lucky my wife didn’t hear you say that because she does not allow that word in here.” he said, “But….I get it. Everyone expects you to fight like you’re a master martial artist or MMA fighter or something like that. I know I taught my son how to fight a couple of times but I make sure he fights for a good reason. Not just to start a ruckus or harm someone unless they got it coming.”

“Wow…..” Carlos said, “That’s actually good advice.”
“Lived it my whole life.” he said, “A good code to live by.”
“Thank you, Mr. Kiritsnagi.” he said.
“You’re very welcome, Carlos.” MAK said, “Anybody who’s a friend of my niece or son or daughter is welcome in this household…..just follow the rules, kid.”

“Another lay-up!! WAY OFF!!!” Craig said, “Benji, you stupid ass!!”
“What you got? Legs of steel or some shit!!?” Benji yelled.

“Yeah….you got some moves, kid.” MAK said, “I see why you’re the talk around the city, especially with these two.”
“I guess I’m poppin’ in more places than I thought.” Jericho said.
“I know your folks are proud of you.” he said, “They must love hearing the praises of you coming from every corner of the city.”
“Yeah……my parents, cousins, relatives…..almost everybody.” Jericho said, with the doubtful face because of one certain someone that probably isn’t on the same boat as other people are.

“Come on, we hooping again!” Benji said, “This time, I got the ball!!”
They start over again with Benji making his move again passing the ball and dribbles his way to the goal but Jericho snatched it at the last minute.
“AH DAMN!!!” Benji said.
“Still got it!! HAHA!!!” Craig laughed.

As that was going on, Jasmine, Taz, Ari and Camilla are doing some various exercises by the pool while the moms are lounging and relaxing.

“Nice place you got here.” Camilla said, on the punching bag.
“Thanks…” Jasmine said, doing pushups while Taz counted.

“So, Camilla….” Ari said, “So where do you and your bro hail from?”
“Oh, Cashis City.” she said.
“Cashis?” Taz said, “….18…..19…That Cashis?”
“Yeah….” Camilla said, “That Cashis City. The wild and dangerous city that breeds thieves, killers, dealers…. and yet here I am.”

“Oh, nothing against you being from there.” Taz said, “Just every time I hear about that city, it isn’t good news.”
“You mean from regular locals or tourists that went there one time and mosey their asses back to where they came from?” Camilla said, “Because it’s mostly the latter from my case.”

“OK, it was the former.” Taz said.
“See?” Camilla said, “But yes, while it’s not exactly a Utopian city but then again no city is, it’s still a decent place. I mean, I heard worse things about Parish Heights.”
“HEY!” As Kai overheard her from the pool, “I’ve lived in Parish Heights when I was your age….. and it is not as bad as most make it out to be.”
“You sure about that?” Camilla said, “No offense, Mrs. BK, but have you been to Parish Heights in the last couple of years?”

“Yes…” Kai said, “I have friends who now reside there.”
“Old dear friends.” Joanna said, “And some who…..well, aren’t here anymore.”
“Yep.” Sheena said, “And to think it’s been about two decades since….”

“Two decades!?” Taz and Camilla shouted.
“Since what happened to some of our dear friends!” Sheena said, “We visit them in our spare time!! As in, those trips that me and Joanna go to whenever we send Ari to stay at MAK and Kai’s.”

“Anyway…..” Camilla said, “Me and my brother stay with our Uncle Cortez in his apartment downtown, about 10 minutes from here.”
“Downtown apartments?” Ari said, “The Shabazz Palaces?”
“Yeah, that place.” Camilla said, “And yeah, that place isn’t all that good. You can admit it to me. I’ve seen the rats that walk on two feet.”
“RATS!?” Joanna shouted.
“Walking on two feet!?” Sheena also shouted, “I kinda want to see that.”
“I DON’T!”
“I’m 50/50 on this.” Kai said.
“See? Kai’s sorta with me!” Sheena said.
“She said ’50/50′! That also means that she might not want to do it!!” Joanna said.

“And those are your moms?” Camilla said, as the two bicker. “Heh heh… I like ’em.”

Then they heard some of Ari’s music played on their computer.
“Hmmm…..what’s that?” Taz said.
“This is some groovy mood music right here.” Camilla said, “And I’m hearing a familiar voice…..”
“Ah, you girls aren’t familiar with the musical stylings of our princess DJ here?” As Sheena pointed out.
“Along with her producer….” Joanna said, “The boy you know as Nico?”
“Wait, Nico made this!?” Camilla said, “So he’s an underground music producer now?”

“Oh….one more thing about Nico.” Jasmine said, “Him and Ari actually formed a duo about 2 years ago but they don’t have a name yet.”
“I wanted to call us Koi Fish but Nico hated that.” Ari said, “I mean, it was still better than Fuji Clark Bar.”
“What about Niari?” Taz said, “…..On second thought, never mind. That sounds too much like a couple thing.”
“The BKY Project?” Camilla said, “At least, a pending name for now.”
“That would be a better pending name for us.” Ari said.
“Speaking of Nico, where is he?” Kai asked.

“He’s probably spending time with his friends.” Sheena said, “Y’know, the girls.”
“Reminds you of a certain someone…” Joanna said.
“Oh boi….”
Then comes Reba walking down the hallway, climbing up to her scratching post.
In comes Taro coming from the bathroom, heading outside but she spots Reba on her throne.
“REBA!” Taro said.
“Oh hell….” Reba said, “One of Nico’s friends and it’s the silliest one.”
“How’s my big little kitty-cat?!” Taro said, “Such a big ‘ol furball!”

“OK, is she calling me fat or something?” Reba said, “I will scratch her damn face.”
She then picks Reba up.
“Oh god.” Reba looks surprised in the eyes.
“Who want to see your brother?”
“HELL NO!!” Reba said, “I’m not infatuated by sagging body fat like he is!!!”
“Let’s go see then!!” Taro excitedly said.
“Good grief!” Reba said.

“TARO!” As Nico shouted, “You… Reba in your arms and she doesn’t have the need to claw you?”
“Claw me?” Taro said, “What you’re talking about? She wouldn’t claw me like that.”
“Uh…..he’s actually right.” Reba said, “I’d claw you but I know Nico would spray me with that bottle.”
“You realize that Reba is probably planning some evil thing in her mind, right?” Nico said.
“And you would be the first I take out.” Reba said.

Then comes Megumi and Tamari looking for them.
“Ah! There you are!” Megumi said, “And I see Reba is doing her usual ‘I’m staring at you but I’m planning something for you’ look at us.”
“So a typical cat look?” Tamari asked.
“Well, Megumi is quite the girl.” Reba said, “I’ll keep an eye on her.”

“Hey, you want to hit the pool, guys?” Taro said, “I could go for a refreshing dip!”
“Yeah!” Megumi said, “…..But we didn’t bring a swimsuit.”
“Ditto.” Tamari said, “If I’d known, I would’ve wore my bikini with my clothes.”
“Well……” Taro then stripped down to her swimsuit, it being a white bikini top and bottom.

“And you didn’t tell me?” Megumi said.
“Oh, I brought something for you and Tamari as well.” Taro handed them some bikinis to wear.

“Talk about being handy.” Nico said.
“You two go change.” Taro said, “Me and Nico will be down there.” As she jumped on his back.
“And you have to carry me there!” Taro said.
“I figure that.” Nico said.

Later on, Jericho, MAK and Carlos soon joined the rest down by the pool as Nico and the girls are arriving.
“Hey, guys!” Taro said, riding on Nico’s back pressed on him.
“OK, can you get off me now?” Nico said.
She hopped off his back.
“Oh, come on, you liked it.” Taro said and then whispers in his ear. “Also, I have a feeling you might like two more things coming out.”
“And they would b–” He figured it out.

Coming out of the house and outside, in comes Megumi and Tamari with the former wearing a hot pink bikini and the latter with a black and blue stripped bikini.
“OOOH!” Taz said, “Y’all look amazing!!”
“You are looking stunning!” Ari said.
“Yeah, don’t you think so as well….Nico?” As Jasmine taunts him since he’s sitting down for one reason.

“If you don’t shut up—” As Nico’s face turns red.
“So, um, Nico…..” As Tamari said staring at him glossy-eyed, “Do you have any thoughts of what we got on?”
“Yeah, all of you look fantastic.” He smiled. “I like how the black and blue brings out your eyes.”
She smiled back. “Aww, that’s sweet.”
“Oh, did I mention that black and blue are Nico’s favorite colors?” Taro said, “Why you think he’s blushing?”
“TARO!!” He whispered.

“Well, I can think of another reason….” Even Megumi knows about Nico’s…..interest.
“Oh, not you, too.” Nico said.
“Nico, you know I can spot it a mile away.” Megumi said, “I mean, I know what we got on is downright mesmerizing but you know your parents are here.”
“What are they talking about?” MAK asked Kai.
“Beats the hell out of me.” Kai said, “Teen stuff, I guess.”

“Why you doing this right now?” Nico said.
“Nico, it’s fine.” Tamari said, “I mean…..I’m very flattered and all.”
“Be lucky he didn’t do those anime nose-bleeds.” Taro said. “But that means….. you must like that Nico has a….”
“STOP!!!” Nico and Tamari shouted.
“Taro, you little rascal….” Megumi said.
MAK then said, “From what I’m seeing, Nico is getting quite into Tamari over there.”
“I see it, too.” Kai said, “Especially from Tamari over there. She’s getting very close to her.”
“I think it’s kinda cute.” MAK said.
“Yeah….but I’m keeping an eye on her.” Kai said.
Later on after those awkward moments, Carlos and Nico got to talking.
“Hey…. you enjoying yourself?” Nico asked him.
“Yeah.” Carlos said, “I’m having a good time. Not faking it with you. I’d especially like hanging with your dad.”

Nico got confused at that.
“For real?” Nico asked.
“No joke.” Carlos said, “But for some reason, he reminds me of somebody I’ve seen before.”

“Oh really?” Nico said.
“Yeah.” Carlos said, “He always has this chill vibe about him. At least right now.”
Then Jericho came across to them.

“Yo….. hey, you’re Carlos, right?” he said.
“Yeah?” Carlos said, “You’re…. Jericho? That guy who tried to rob me’s brother?”
“Look, man,” Jericho said, “I’m sorry my brother was trying to rob you a few days ago. That shit was way out of line and I’m just—”
“Hey, man.” he said, “It’s not your fault your brother robbed me.”
Carlos then looked at Nico.
Nico shook his head in agreement that it wasn’t Jericho’s fault.

“I know with me, I’m the basketball jock so it must mean that I’m some big shot that stomps all over people.” Jericho said, “But I don’t roll like that.”

“It’s true.” Nico said, “Jericho is alright with me.”
“And I’m cool with Nico.” Jericho said, “I just hope his brother doesn’t try and—”

Jasmine then seen him mentioned his name and was about to tell him to cut that out.
But Jericho said, “OK, OK……Nico, I know about the whole thing with you and Denzel and…”
“You mean how him and his crew always go at me for shit that wasn’t my fault or in my control?” Nico said.

Jericho sighs.
“You know what?” Nico said, “I shouldn’t bring that up, man. I don’t want to get mad at the wrong brother. Besides, I know my sister likes you, you making good progress with my folks and all. I’m just tired of this shit, man.”
“I feel you, man.” Jericho said, “But me and Zel…..we barely even speak to each other nowadays. We got his crew, the Bolt Cutters and I’m either busy with B-ball practice and now I got these college offers coming in.”

“NICO!!” Jasmine shouted as she came over there, “You’re not messing with Jer, are you?”

“Nah, nah, it’s cool.” Jericho said.
“Nico, I need to speak with you for a second.” Jasmine said, dragging him from the conversation.


Meanwhile, Ari and Camilla were busy talking with Megumi, Taro and Tamari.
“WOW, that’s you?” Tamari said, as she’s listening to one of her and Nico’s demos. “You really have a great singing voice, Ari.”
“Oh, you like it?” Ari said with a pleasing look on her face.
“Yeah.” Tamari said, “Your voice, the instrumentation, the groove….. it sounds so beautiful.”
“Wow…..thank you, Tamari.” Ari blushed a bit.
“I should give you your props.” Tamari said. “You and Nico as well.”

“Yeah, it’s pretty awesome.” Camilla said, “This can definitely get someone in the mood, y’know? Like it’s oozing sex appeal as if something was inspired by it. Like…. a certain someone in his life or something.”
As Camilla looks to Megumi and Taro.
“Who?” Megumi said, “Us? We’re just best friends. We’ve been for a long time.”

“So one of you hasn’t snagged him up yet?” Camilla said, “Not even you, Taro?”
“Well….no.” Taro said, “I mean, Nico hasn’t thought of us in that way either.”

“Really?” Camilla said, “Even with the fact you two…..well, I’m just going to say it. Y’all got tig ‘ol bitties.”
Megumi spitted out her tea.
“WHOA!!” Taro said, “I mean…..he noticed. He definitely noticed. Hell, I always mention that to him all the time but he hasn’t gone all pervy on us.”
“Yeah, Nico’s never been that type of guy.” Megumi said, “He’s….well…..he’s always been there whenever some creep tries to mess with us or something.”
“So, you think he doesn’t……well, imagine you two naked?” Camilla said.

“I don’t know…..” Megumi said, “He’ll probably never mentions it to us but it doesn’t mean he doesn’t care about us. It’ll be too awkward.”
“Plus, I already do that to him about us.” Taro said, “Even with making him imagine Megumi or Tamari’s naked b–”
“YOU’RE NOT HELPING!!” Megumi said.

“OK, OK.” Camilla said, “But if somehow Nico does get his someone, will you get…..well, jealous?”
“No, I will not.” Megumi said, “I will be supportive of whoever he dates or get into a serious relationship. That’s what friends do for one another.”
“Yeah.” Taro said, “It might happen sooner with Tamari.”

“You guys said something?” Tamari said while talking to Ari.
“Y’all seem to have your own conversation, aren’t you?” Ari said.

“It was interesting to say the least…..” Camilla said.



Back at Jasmine and Nico…..
“The hell was that for!?” Jasmine shouted.
“What?” Nico said.
“You bringing up Denzel to him!”
“It needed to be brought up!” Nico said, “Because sooner or later, it’s going to happen and if not with me, then with Carlos and he brought that shit up and guess what? Camilla fought him and she’d might bring it up to him.”

“This is supposed to be a friendly meet with our friends alike!!” Jasmine said, “You can’t keep bringing up your beef with Denzel to him!! I don’t always like discussing that with him!”

“Again…. it’s going to be brought up regardless of who’s doing it.” Nico said, “You think if I approach him that it’s all going to be forgotten!?”

“I’m not saying forget about it!” Jasmine said, “I’m saying don’t force a fight out of it!!!”

“All right, all right.” Nico said, “But don’t act like the shit never happen!! At least it was addressed sooner than later!!”




Jasmine, Ari and Nico led their respective crews into one of their childhood hangouts that still appear to this day: The abandoned carport.

And yet they were separate.

“Y’all used to hang out here?” Jericho said when he’s joined by Jasmine and Taz.
“It looks like your typical dusty carport.” Taz said.
“Oh, you think so but….” As Jasmine taps into a hidden button and an entrance comes from the ground.

“Oh, damn!!” Jericho yelled.
“What kind of entrance is that?” Taz said, “Like it’s some superhero type shit!”

“Let us enter……” Jasmine lead them the way downstairs beyond the carport and it is….


It is a lavish hideaway. First thing they see is a hallway, all decorated in gold and black decorum with a couch placed there.
“Is this like a clubhouse or something?” Taz said.
“Reminds me of one I used to have back in the day.” Jericho said, “But……nothing like this. Hol-eee shittt!”

“Yeah,” Jasmine said, “When we were 10, me, Ari and Nico founded this place. No one ever moved into this place, so we decided to take it for keeps.”

“So…. a place that has all the looks of a luxury palace but no power, no running water…..Yup, it’s like a clubhouse, all right.” Taz said.
“It’s nice-looking.” Jericho said.
Then coming from the other room, it’s Nico and the girls…..
“Yeah, we have made some changes around here like I added this little Mini Wi-Fi Port and Portable Outlet Box so we can bring our laptops and phones to watch some stuff and even–” He then spots Jasmine, Taz & Jericho.

“Well…..I guess we’re not alone today.” Nico said.
“What are you guys doing here?” Megumi said.
“Uh….should I be asking you that?” Jasmine said, “But yeah….what are you doing here, Nico?”
“I’m showing Tamari the hideout.” Nico said, “Right now, she’s with Taro, showing her the control room.”
“We have a control room?” Jasmine said.
“Well…..more of a security cam room.” Nico said.

“WOW!!! This room is so big, Nico!!!!” Tamari said and echoes. “I can even hear my echo!!!!”
“Shout!!! SHOUT!!!! LET IT ALL OUT!!” Taro said, also echoing the room. “Hi guys!!”


“Well, isn’t that a coincidence?” Taz said, “Next thing you’re going to tell me that Ari is going to be here next?”
And speaking of her, Taz felt something behind her.
“And you guess it!” Ari shouted from behind.
“DAAAH!!!” Taz screamed.

Then two hands came from behind and a ghastly voice said, “Give me your booty!!!”
“WHAT THE HELL!?” Taz shouted, running from there.
It was Camilla with a voice modifier.
“Yo.” Camilla said with the modifier, “Nice other place.”

“You two are here now?” Jasmine said, “Wait….Carlos is here, too, I bet?”

“SHOUT! SHOUT!! LET IT ALL OUT!!!” Tamari and Taro shouting that, now joined by Carlos at the end.
“So much acoustics!!” Carlos said.


Everyone is gathered in the main room. “We all here now, aren’t we?” Nico said, “We all know one another from school and next door and now….”
“Uh, Nico?” Ari said, “It’s just a hideout that more people know about… 5 more people.”

“Yeah…. reason why no one else should know about it.” Nico said, “All of you saw this isn’t some normal clubhouse shit! We got a security cam room!!”
“There’s some guy in his truck, doing something…” Taro said, “He looks relaxed and something shot out of his—EEEWWWW!!!!”

“OK, I could’ve done without that.” Tamari said.

“This is basically our chill spot!!” he said, “And it has plenty of space!!!”

“I don’t know about this, Nico.” Jasmine said, “I mean, we do have plenty of space and well, the ten of us? I mean, how’s that going to go?”
“Easy.” Nico said, “We split ownership in 3 parts and since I got Megumi, Taro and Tamari with me, we get more of this!”
“NAH-NAH-NAH-Not so fast, little bro.” Jasmine said, snatching him from his neck collar, “We, meaning me, Taz and Jericho, were here first and since we’re the oldest and mature, we get the top ownership.”

“Uh….” Ari said, “Should I have a say in this?”
“NO!!!” Jasmine and Nico shouted.
Getting mad at this, Ari dragged them both in the other room to have a talk.

She smacks both of them in the head.
“The hell you mean by that?” Ari said, “I can’t be in charge of this place? I am the one that’s most stable among the three of us.”
“STABLE!?” Jasmine said, “I get why Nico isn’t in charge but I’m practically the picture of a stable and calm leader.”
“More like leader that doesn’t do shit!!” Nico said, “I’m the one that gets things handled and you need that around here and that’s where I come in.”
“You mean you and your harem?” Jasmine said, “Because we know you’re basically playing house with those girls, especially Tamari! You can’t lead us!!”

NIco added, “Oh and I suppose I should befriend the brother of the guy that wants to beat my ass and tried to rob the other guy’s money and— OH wait, that sounds stupid!!!
Nico and Jasmine kept arguing over who should be the leader. It was getting so loud that the rest were hearing it.
“Is everything going alright with them?” Tamari asked.
“I would say…” Camilla said, “But from what I’m hearing, it’s all muffled.”
“Something about playing house.” Taro said, “I haven’t played that since we were 11.”
“11?” Camilla asked.
“What?” Megumi said, “It was all in good fun. Besides, I’ve been playing house with Taro since we were 7.”

Again, Ari slapped them both and whispered, “Look, maybe the leader should be someone who doesn’t have Hybrid powers nor friends with the brother of the asshole that fought your brother or……well, your average horny teenager that has 3 friends who happens to be girls and can handle these type of things….as in neither of you!! Plus, most of them know about his powers and so far, Camilla, Taz and Jericho doesn’t know jack shit about you two having powers.”

“Well, Carlos doesn’t know that Jasmine has powers…but then he might figure it out.” Nico said, “Although I bet Tamari would figure out that Jas got powers, too.”

“Oh boi…..” Jasmine said, shaking her head.

“Hey, at least I’m upfront about it.” Nico said, “If those two finds out about it, you’re screwed!! At least I told my friends about my powers.”
“Your friends are girls you fawn over!” Jasmine said.
“And what’s Jericho then?” Nico said, “Or better yet, you seem to sweep the discussion of Denzel when he’s mentioned and you tend to do nothing about it!! OH WAIT…I’m guessing you just want to impress the high school jock a lot!!”
“It’s different with him!!” Jasmine shouted.
“BULLSHIT!!” Nico yelled.

“WILL YOU STOP!?!” Ari yelled, “Yeah, final word. I’m in charge. Gimme them keys and shut up!!”
Tamari then came in, wondering what’s going on.
“Hey…. is everything OK?”

“Yeah… yeah, it’s good, Tamari.” Nico said.
“Yeah, we’re doing fine.” Jasmine said, “Just a little family tiff.”

“OK…..” Tamari said, “You still want to show me the rest of the place?”
“Sure, sure, I’m come with ya.” Nico said.


“Yeah…… I’m in charge. That’s it.” Ari said, “Besides, in a year or so, you’re going to attend that university….. and me and Nico, we got about 2-3 years to go before we graduate. You’re already a star track runner. You don’t always have to be the #1 girl or person of everything you know.”
Ari then walks off to the next room.


“Hey….” Then Taz walked in there, “Did something happened with you, Ari and Nico in here?”
“No, no…..” Jasmine said, “Just the usual talk from my brother and cousin.”

Camilla then comes to Ari, “Hey, what was that about? You and famn having a spat or something?”
“Maybe.” Ari said.
“Maybe?” Camilla responded.
“It’s nothing.”




2019-2020 Ctrl/Alt/Del / Katana+ / AFNG Productions.


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