WARNING: The following written material that you’re about to read may contain acts of violence, graphic language, and sexual content (and the latter is especially present in this entry). This is meant only for MATURE AUDIENCES. Reader Discretion is advised.

PREVIOUSLY (or here’s the tl;dr version) ON: AFaction

OK, technically this story doesn’t recall the events of the last story but they do have a mention in here. It just has something to do with the very last few minutes of it…. Well, that one part in the last paragraph before it ended.

Anyway, and now into the story.

Out in the dark streets of the Hybrid Society, we see two Hybrid girls walking their way to catch a cab on their way home. “Dammit, I knew we should’ve taken an earlier ride.” Then we see two threatening-looking guys making their way towards them. “Hmmm…what are you girls doing at this place at this time of night? Shouldn’t your boyfriends be around to protect you?”

“I don’t have a boyfriend.” One of them exclaimed, “And even if I did, he wouldn’t order me around like a dog and unless you’re waiting for a cab, you should get lost.” The other one didn’t say much but she really wanted them to move on and not cause harm to her. “Well, enough about you. Who’s your friend right here?” She didn’t really want to say anything due to her shyness. “Come on, baby, it’s rude to not speak to a man when he’s speaking to you.”

“You know it’s rude to pester somebody to speaking like that.” As she told them. “And it’s definitely rude for you to act like she’s your pet or anything.”

“Whatever.” As he pushed the girl aside and him and his friend went to corner the other girl as it looks like they’re going to do something to her.

While that’s happening, there’s two people on top of a building behind the neon ‘Maribell’ sign; one with a sniper rifle and one with an arrow a bow. “So….baby sis….you think we should execute them now?”

“Risa, we need to be patient.” The other sister said. “We can’t just start shooting people like it’s nothing. It has to be the perfect timing.”

“The guy looks like he’s about to manhandle her. I say shoot the shit out of him!” Risa said. Then it really escalated when one of the guys pulled out a switchblade and the girl tried to jump on him but she was easily thrown in the corner with her friend as both guys are going to have their way with them. “Well, I tried being nice and now…” One of them unzipped his pants and just whipped it out.

“Nyoko, we need to shoot!! NOW!!!!” Risa screamed at her. “I need a clear shot!” Nyoko said, “One of the girls is in the way! I don’t want to shoot them!”

“I TAKE CARE OF IT!!” Risa shouted as she makes the first shot at one of the guys and just like that, she made the shot at one of the guys and then Nyoko went and shot the other guy in the torso and in his junk. So much blood came from them, the girls’ screamed bloody horror as it happen and ran away from the sight and then the police arrived at the scene. “Oh shit, we got to go! RISA!!” Nyoko shouted as she and Risa made their way out, without leaving anything behind.

“Attention, all officers. Attention, we reported a shooting and killing at the intersection of Depina Road and Walker Alley. I repeat, murder on intersection of Depina Road and Walker Alley. Assistance is needed. Might want to call the Faction on this.”AuraFaction7

Minutes later, The Faction made their way into the crime scene to examine the murder with Rail Guard leading the investigation. “Damn, this is a mess right here.” And then he checked where they were shot at. “Oh GOD!!! Really? Right there in his balls? I swear, man.” Then arriving on the scene with him are Leon and Cyan.

“OK, rookies.” Rail said to the both of them, “This is clearly a case of murder as you can tell. A fucked up case but still.”

“Anything we need to inspect?” Cyan said.

“Hopefully something that doesn’t involve their balls.” Leon said. While investigating the bodies, Loyuka went to talk to the witnesses as they explain what happened. “All we was doing was just waiting for a cab then those guys showed up and acted like assholes to us and then we…..I mean, they were annoying but no one deserve that shit.” Loyuka then tried to calm them down by offering them some water and said, “OK. Everything is going to be fine, miss. I’m sure the killers are not after you or your friend. But I will give you my card in case you need any future help.”

“Thank you, Miss…um…”

“Oh, it’s Zaki. Loyuka Zaki.”

“Thank you, Miss Zaki.” The girl said as she went with the other officers for something.

Soon, Cyan went to look at the arrow into one of the guy’s chest and see if that can be a clue to who might be the assassin’s. “Hey, Rail…..we need to examine the DNA in the arrow. See on who it might belong to once we get it to forensics.”

“But won’t it being covered in blood and gore messes up the DNA?” Rail said, “We can see where these arrows come from. Get the manuf—“

“Manufacturer on the phone and see who they sold it too.” As Cyan concluded his sentence, “But what makes you think they might reveal it?” But then Leon took a look at the bullet shells from the shot and puts them in a bag for evidence. “Well, no doubt these are sniper bullets. But they can be any type of bullet from a rifle.”

“HEY!!!” one guy said on the radio wave. “We found something!!”


“FUCK!!!!” As Risa said back at their hideout when she suddenly realize one fatal mistake she made. “Oh, fuck!! Oh, shit!!”

“What? What happened?” Nyoko questioned.

“My arrow set!! My damn arrow set!!” Risa screamed. “What about it?”

“I LEFT THEM AT THE MARIBELL BUILDING!! GODDAMMIT!! I thought I got everything out of there! Not one fucking thing out of place.”

“Well, you’re the one that had to get all of them when I told you to get what we needed.” Nyoko said. “You can’t take every piece of ammo into a mission. That’s called overkill!!”

“Said the girl with a rifle bigger than her tits.” Risa said under her breath.

“Excuse me!?” Nyoko angrily said pointing a gun towards Risa. “Look, we got no time to argue or for you to point guns at me!” Risa said, “Right now, the cops are probably looking for us and we need to jet out of here fast.”

“You don’t think I know that!?” Nyoko said, as she checks for any signs of police at the window. “This is practically the third time this week you screwed up on a mission and look where it gotten us now. You know, ever since those riots—“

“WHOA!! For one thing, that hasn’t changed me and second of all, I’m more of an efficient assassin than your ass could be.” While Risa is still arguing with Nyoko, a bunch of special Faction forces with the local police are entered the building looking for the duo and they were making sure not to attract any attention from anyone. Nyoko went to check on any whereabouts and as she was about to head back, she spotted an officer about three doors down and that’s when they had to move.

“Move your ass, RISA!!!” Nyoko screamed, “THEY FOUND US!!!”

“Shit!!” As soon a cavalcade of law enforcement came busting in the door but Risa threw some smoke screen grenades and escape through the window and made their way out of there on the rooftop. “Oh fuck!! They found us!! Oh, SHIT!!! I told you that this was bound to happen!!!”

“My god, will you shut the fuck up about that!!” Risa screamed at her.

They kept running and avoiding shots from them but the sisters get their backup pistols to shoot back at them.

“In case you forgot, we got better things to worry about!!!” The sisters kept evading from the cops as they kept shooting back and trying to grab the girls by jumping on them but most of the time Nyoko pokes them in the eye and Risa just kneed them in the groin as they keep running into them in various corners. “Dammit, they’re everywhere!!” Risa said, “Where are we going to hide with every cop in sight of the city?”

It was a few blocks of running and dodging hits that they found somewhere to lose the cops. “OK, we should be good here until the heat dies down.” Risa said.

“Yeah, hopefully.” Nyoko said, “I’m pretty sure no one’s going to find us here.” But see that the place is starting to come apart and may not need to stay there too long. “Well, hopefully, it isn’t for long. I’m gonna freshen up for a bit.”

Nyoko then went to the bathroom but before she can do whatever she’s doing, she spots a red light at the mirror and is puzzled at what she’s saying and then she turns around and sees a Faction member trying to grab her and she ends up screaming her ass out. “AAHHH!! RISA!!! HELP, WE NEED TO—“ But both were too late as the Faction shown here, guns and all, aimed at them. “Yeah, they got you, too?” Risa sarcastically said as they were slammed against the ground, “Don’t move, bitches!! You’re under arrest!!”

“YEAH!! I get it after y’all showing up with the guns!!” Risa shouted loudly. “You didn’t have to beat us for that!!”


As the morning rises at the Faction, all the girls and Leon were meeting with Jin & Jiro to confirm their assignments for today. “We got ourselves a double dose of shit for us to do today. One of them involves us investigating more into Ramsey harder than before and we got this other case with these two Hybrid assassins we arrested and are in for questioning about a murder that happened yesterday.” She preceded to hand them their case file numbers and Jiro continued from her and said, “OK, here’s the gist. Since Barrett, Garret & Zaki were investigating the case of the Hybrid assassins, they would get this one while Argento, Miayama & Lyles work on Ramsey. Got any questions?”

No one said anything about that and soon they were dismissed. However, Loyuka went to Seiki and said, “Hey, Seiki, you got a minute?”

“Yeah, sure.” Seiki said to her, “What’s up?”

“Well, it’s been only a day since that whole thing with Tomoki and Cassie and I was wondering—“

“You were wondering if I would keep my eye on them and out of trouble.” Seiki guessed. “And I guess with you doing the same thing with Cyan, too, huh?”

“It looks like it. She’s really pissed at them for that stunt they pulled with Kai and MAK. Hell, Kai and Cyan aren’t even on speaking terms with each other and they’re usually inseparable.” Loyuka said. “Tell me about it.” Seiki said, “There’s no telling where this shit could keep going at this point.”

“Yeah, good thing MAK gets out of his coma today. Hopefully, that might help with something today.”


Later on, members of the Royal Hybrid League are interrogating Risa about the shooting.

“If it isn’t world’s greatest super-save-A-Hybrid service known as The Faction.” And that was the first thing to come out of Risa’s mouth in her snarky yet cold voice. ”Too busy trying to maintain your so-called peace with us and the humans? Because it worked out SO WELL as of recently.”

“Well, aren’t you a bitch in the morning, Risa?” Chrome Hybrid said.

“I got smack down by Faction motherfuckers in the face and I think one of them played grabby ass on me. I think I have a reason to be a bitch, especially to you.” She said without a flinch while drinking a glass of water. Then Rail Guard came into the room with a big file on Risa and Nyoko. “Here they are. Two of the fastest guns in this side of the Hybrid Society.”

“You must be the infamous Rail Guard of the famous Royal Hybrid League, I presume?”

“And I see, you are Risa Hirano of the Hybrid Assassins duo The Hirano Sisters, you being the oldest sister and your best weapon being a bow and arrow with poison darts whereas your little sister Nyoko is an expert shooter.”

“Wow, that’s a lot of exposition you just dumped out of there. You wanna make sure the audience can keep up?”

“Ha ha ha ha! Go fuck yourself.” Chrome said. “I believe that’s you all night every night.” As Risa snapped back at him. “And to believe you actually wanted both of us to be in this damn group when you damn sure know that I will never join the ranks among you amateurs.”

“Like the Faction would even take your ass in.” Rail said. “I doubt if they’ll need someone like you.”


Meanwhile, Loyuka, Leon & Cyan were interrogating Nyoko for some answers. “Look, I’m just going to tell you the truth. Yeah, we killed those guys but yet they were going to do something to those girls. We couldn’t risk anything happening to them. It would’ve been the fourth time this week if we didn’t came to the rescue.”

Cyan said, “If you were trying to do the civil thing, why didn’t you report it to—“

“WHAT? The cops?”

“No. Us. We know the local police is mostly a joke.” Cyan said. “We would but……we really don’t have much trust in the justice system as of late.” Nyoko said. “Even if we try to be civil citizens, they will still be those who attack people like us, every day and every night and no amount of calling you guys is gonna make any process. Whether they are human or even Hybrid, my sister and I got no chance but to do this.”

Loyuka then had to say her part about this, “I……do get your point. You want to protect your own since none of the regular law enforcement will. I get that with lots of people turning into that lifestyle. But I assure you, The Faction will always be there for Hybrid beings everywhere.”


“Ms. Zaki.”

“Ms. Zaki, I appreciate you trying to understand how I feel and people like you got good intentions….but that’s the way it is.” Nyoko said. “Besides, I tried talking that to Risa once and that didn’t go so well. If you think I don’t trust the law, Risa definitely hates it with a passion.”

“By hate it, you mean—“As Leon said.

“I mean, hate with a fire in her belly.” Nyoko said. “Also violent. Which reminds me, you should check on her in the other room.”

“Why?” Cyan said.


In the other room, Risa is throwing stuff at Chrome and Rail following that Faction crack. “Oh please, the Faction would actually be considered more of a threat than some joke!! Same goes to the Royal Hybrid League!!”

“Oh please, at least we’re professionals!!” Rail Guard said, “Unlike you leaving your arrow at the scene of the crime and you call us a joke?”

“A FUCKING SIMPLE MISTAKE!! I did that one time—“

“More like three from what we heard from your sister!!” Chrome said, “You know, the smarter one of you two!!” And that’s when Risa just went off and attacked them in the room, beating Chrome’s head to the desk and grabbing and choking Rail to the window. “OW……HELP!!…..US!!!…..SHIT!!” And mainly that’s what Rail was shouting the whole time while getting his ass kicked.

Leon then barged in the room, “Whoa- Whoa- Whoa-WHOA!! The hell is going on?”

“YOU WANT SOME, TOO?” Risa said and as he proceed to hit Leon, he quickly turn into metal and the punch hurt her more than it did him. “OW!!!! Ow, shit!! What the—Hell are you made out of? Adamantium?”

“Well, you know, I’m a hybrid…like you.” Leon said as he change back into his normal form.

“A hybrid….like me?” Risa said. “Yeah right. Why is a hybrid like you doing here? You’re one of those that believe you can change everything about this city? The way people feel about hybrids and there’ll be a peace?”

“Um…..what do you take me for? A Lifetime Original Movie?” Leon said. “And what the hell’s your problem with the Faction?”

“The hell is my problem with the Fac—MY PROBLEM WITH THE FACTION IS THIS!! You’re nothing but a bunch of glorified cops that does worse work than the already shitty police!! You think you’re not them but in the end, you’re exactly alike….VERY ALIKE!!!” However, Leon took a pause to think about that and he said, “Last time I checked, we don’t harass or just blindly shoot motherfuckers out of nowhere and another thing, what we do isn’t just for glory. You think you had a rough life? You think you’re the only fucking hybrid being to feel like this? Listen, bitch, you don’t have–” Then Cyan just shown up to find them in this predicament. “OK, what the hell happened here?”

“Nothing happened.” Risa said, “Just a disagreement between me, him and those guys.” Then she took a good look at Cyan while she is seeing if Leon is alright and Risa is starting to get the gist between them. “Oh……now I see why you join the Faction.”

Both of them looked confused at that remark and then Risa had to say this crass remark at them. “You want to fuck your human partner, don’t you?”

“What?” Both of them shouted. “What you’re getting at?” Cyan said.

“I’m getting that the both of you want to fuck each other’s brains out but you’re both too chicken shit to reveal it.” Risa said, “That’s all.” Once again, both Leon and Cyan paused for a minute, and felt a bit uncomfortable after that. “What? Something got your tongue?”

As that happened, Loyuka was busy in the other room chatting with Nyoko about random things but then Nyoko brought out an interesting question to her attention, “So…..Miss Zaki, about the Faction and all…. don’t tell Risa this but I might be interested in joining you.”

“Really?” Loyuka seems oddly surprised yet she wasn’t exactly buying it whole-sell. “Why you want to join us if you didn’t believe we can do our jobs?”

“Well, that’s more Risa than me. I don’t trust the system but with you….I’m hoping it’ll change around and your team does sound legit and believable.” Nyoko said, “And I don’t mean to sound like I’m sucking up or coming on to you……but you seem cute. Hell, you’re more than cute. You’re gorgeous.”

Loyuka began to blush at that remark. “OK…Well, thanks, Nyoko. That’s very sweet of you.”

“And I mean it.” Nyoko said. “You are very attractive and anybody in this state, let alone the world would be lucky to have you.”

“Yeah…..too bad I don’t have anybody.” As Loyuka said in that lament. “But who knows? I might get someone like that someday, I might not. Although I kinda don’t care at this point.”

“You sure?” Nyoko said, “I think they might be someone for you somewhere. Hell, it could be somewhere in here. Someone that’s actually cl—“, But Nyoko was interrupted by a sudden shout.

“OH, COME ON!!” A loud Risa shouted from the other room. “Anybody with a pulse can guess you two wanted to screw each other’s brains out.” And mainly, Leon and Cyan are really trying hard to ignore her but she won’t shut up about it. Leon tried to drown it out with music and Cyan pretended that someone was calling her on her phone. “I can be even louder!!! And I know you played your ringtone on your phone!!”

“Oh, God.” Nyoko said as she felt embarrassed for what Risa did. “And who’s this girl?” Risa said, meaning Loyuka. “Let me guess? You’re one of those girls that’s married to the job because you basically got nothing else going for you.”

“RISA!!” Nyoko angrily shouted.

“I’m guessing that your sister isn’t really that fond of my friends nor me.” Loyuka said.

“Wait, Ms. Zaki, my sister is just stupid, that’s all.” As Nyoko tries to explain themselves. “WHOA!! I don’t need to explain myself to the Faction of all places.” But then Nyoko grabbed Risa by the collar and said with her teeth clenched. “LOOK! I’m trying to get us to walk out of here and you are blowing it for us!! LET ME TALK THIS TIME, DAMMIT!!”

“Um, Nyoko?” Loyuka said, “You know I can hear you right?” And at the moment, Nyoko is mostly white ghost embarrassed. “And also if you’re worried about going to prison, you’re not. Both of you are free to go whenever you want. I thought with Nyoko wanting to join the Faction, she wanted to talk more about it.” Again, Nyoko freaked out because Risa didn’t exactly know that yet.

“I’m sorry but who wanted to join the Faction again?” Risa asked, “Nyoko? YOU!?!? You can’t be serious about this shit!” Nyoko remained silent and it just gotten into uncomfortable silence from her.

“MEEP!” Nyoko squeaked out as she awkwardly left the room.


In the distant Isles of the Hybrid Society, Ramsey is keeping himself out of the public view by hiding in one of his large apartment buildings. There, we see some goons along with Ensign Lye training with the punching bag (and her using them as punching bags sometimes) and Hiroyuki getting himself some coffee. “So, Ramsey, we got any news about who are you tagging?”

“No.” Ramsey said in a gravelly voice. “I haven’t found shit on them and yet I can’t concentrate on this. It’s like something just clouded my mood as of now.” Then Ramsey thought about it more and it just came to them that it was the day that completely changed his life. “Oh, fuck……oh, god…it’s the day I have always dreaded. That goddamn day….the day that made me…….made me…..hate……” He kept hesitating on saying it. “Them. The Hybrids. These creatures….those animals…..all of them will eventually die at my hands.”

Hiroyuki get what he was talking about. “Oh……you mean that day?”

“What day?” Ensign said, “What the boss talking about?” And as that moment, we see a little fly on the wall was watching the conversation at hand. “I guess you don’t know much about Ramsey’s past, especially involving… his family.”

“Wait, he has a family?” Ensign said.

“HE HAS A FAMILY!?!” And that repeated line came from Cassie, who are operating the digital fly on the wall while Tomoki and Seiki was researching more on him. “He had a family.” As Hiroyuki continued his talk, “Yeah, the Ramsey you see before isn’t always this angry and dissatisfied with the world. He had a great job with good benefits along with his loving and beautiful wife Misaki and his 12-year-old son Shiro. But……”

“But what?” both Ensign and Cassie said.

“It all happened two years ago……”

(FLASHBACK- Italic text means Hiroyuki is narrating)

“Coren, honey, we’re going to be late!” Misaki said, “The show starts in 15 minutes!!”

“I’m coming, I’m coming!!” Coren as he was coming out of the room and Shiro was running towards her. “Mom, I’m ready!”

“Alright, Shiro! I’m right outside.” As Misaki was about to get in the car, there was someone stalking them at the bushes and as soon as she turned around, he grabbed Misaki and held her at gunpoint. “Don’t move, bitch!!” Her blood-curdled scream was enough for Coren to quickly come to her rescue but now the prowler had two guns, one on her and Shiro as well.

“DAD!!!” He screamed as he was frozen with fear.

“Shut up, you little shit!! Or I’ll blast your mother first!!” As he screamed at him with malice.

Coren tried to keep him calm and under pressure so he wouldn’t do anything rash but unfortunately, the end result was for the worse as Shiro got a little freaked out and the prowler shot him, causing Misaki to run at him but then as he tried to shoot at her, Coren threw a big rock at him but he went and shot Coren in the leg and it was all too late for Misaki as she ended up running but then he transported in front of her and she ended up getting shot in the neck as she bled from her jugular. The prowler escaped throughout the night and left Coren in a pool of his wife and kid’s blood.

3 months have passed since the murder and the prowler….his name was Lenny Carlson, a Hybrid being who was a petty thief and he was put up on trial for the murder of Misaki and Shiro Ramsey and he only gotten 6 months in prison. Ramsey was not pleased at that as after the 6 months were up, Carlson went back to robbing local stores.

He was only majorly pissed at Mayor Letchin for letting him out in that amount of time that he even went to trash his office with a brick. “You fucking asshole!! You stupid fuck!!!” He screamed at him while bodyguards were trying to subdue him. “I KNEW I SHOULD’VE VOTED FOR CORDERMAN!!! AT LEAST HE WOULD’VE FRIED THE BASTARD!!”

Letchin then replied with, “Mr. Ramsey, I see why you’re upset about this and we tried to bring him to justice and we did it in a way—“

“IN A WAY WHERE HE’S BACK ON THE STREETS DOING THE SAME SHIT?!? My wife and kid has been dead for almost a year now. I cried myself to sleep every night replaying the incident in my head!! I thought I could’ve saved them but I FAILED!!”

“Mr. Ramsey, I said it before that I am very sorry about what happened to you and I would’ve got more justice upon him but sadly, we didn’t prevail.” As Letchin said to him but then Ramsey retorted with, “I have any things to describe my anger and one of them is that it wasn’t just a mere human that killed them. It was a Hybrid being. He…….just zapped in front of her and then…..” He grew angrier and angrier by the minute as he stormed off the offices and said to himself, “He’s gonna fucking pay!!”

He wanted Carlson to suffer for what he did to his family and in his mind, he was coming up with something diabolical.

It was one night as Carlson was in the streets escaping from the convenience store as Koreans was chasing him with the shotgun but he managed to make a clean getaway……or that’s what he thought as the next minute, a hooded man stabbed Carlson in the neck. (And yes, Ensign, the place where Misaki was shot at.)

“Remember me? Remember me, you piece of shit!!! Remember the face of the man who you’re your life like you took everything for me, you goatfucker bitch!! Soon, Hybrids like you will know that using your powers for such devious bullshit will get you in a world of pain….a world of suffering. Just like you put me in when you shot my wife and kid!!” He even stabbed him so deep in his torso, the blood was just pouring out of him. “FUCK YOU AND FUCK THE HYBRIDS!! Because of people like you, they will pay the price for abusing their powers!” Carlson’s body was dragged into the street and it was hung in the middle of the intersection with a sign that says, “This could be you, HYBRIDS!”


“And there you have it.” Hiroyuki said. “There’s your backstory on Ramsey.” Yet Ensign and even Cassie seemed puzzled about how he ended the story right there. “My god, no wonder why he’s pissed at them.”

“Oh shit….” Cassie said in a shocked state. “We are seriously in some deep trouble with him. I mean…..I feel sick and so distraught.”

“Um, Cass…..” Seiki cumbersomely said. “Why the hell are you acting like that?”

“Did you find some new info on Ramsey?” Tomoki said. “Yeah, I’ve found some things about him.” Cassie said, “And now that I think about it, I got access to further info about Ramsey if we hack into his systems.”

“Nice.” Both of them said. “But we’re going to need more than a simple fly on the wall.”

(Crosstalk – Bold – Nyoko and Risa; Normal –  Loyuka, Leon & Cyan )

“WHAT!?!?!” Leon and Cyan said to Loyuka.

“You want to join the Faction?” Risa said to Nyoko, “Why in the flying hell you would want to join that group of brain-dead morons?”

“I don’t think she’s a brain-dead morons.” Loyuka said, “I see Nyoko and her skills being put to use on our side. I can tell in her heart that she wants to protect Hybrid beings like we do.”

“The Faction are a bit like us in their own little restrained way? Nyoko said. “They do want to protect everyone – humans and hybrids—why can’t you see it that way?”

“Nyoko……” Risa said in a condescending way, “So young yet you’re fucking naïve.”

“Naïve?” Loyuka said to Leon, “I know what I’m doing here with these girls. PLEASE!!! We need someone like her for this!! Especially with Grand ‘H’ still happening.”

“Loyuka, I do sorta get you.” Cyan said, “At least with Nyoko, we know she can be a good sniper for us but as for RISA? I mean, have you not notice how annoying that bitch is?”

“I’M ANNOYING?!?” Risa said, “Me? For what? What did I do that makes them irritable of me?”

“Well, you went and beat off the RHL and you went thinking that those two agents were fucking.” Nyoko said. “And if they were and it’s a big IF, I think that’s none of your business.” Risa then got into her about something, “Speaking of business, why in the hell are you so chummy with that blonde-haired girl?”

“Yeah….I wonder why Nyoko was so calm with you.” Cyan said. “She was calm with everyone in there.” Loyuka said. “Yeah, but she seems awfully pleasing with you around.” Leon said. “OK then…..maybe I have a good way of dealing with people.” Loyuka said.

Then Leon said to her, “Or she might like you…..and I don’t mean in a ‘we’re good friends’ sort of way but in an ‘I want to kiss your breasts and make love to you’ type of way.”

“Oh, come on, Leon!!” Loyuka said, “It’s not like that!! I mean, yeah, she is attractive in a way but I don’t think that’s the only reason she wants in.”

“I want to believe you, Loyuka, but it could be a possibility.” Cyan said. “Maybe you talk this to other people that aren’t just us.”

“You got a crush on her, don’t you?” Risa said and at that moment, Nyoko was starting to blush of embarrassment and wanted to change the subject that badly. “You want to fuck her, don’t you? DON’T YOU!?” Again, Nyoko remained silent on that and proceeded to walk from the conversation. “Oh god, I fucking knew it.”

(Crosstalk End)

Nyoko was walking out of the room and then she bumped into Loyuka. “Oh, I’m so sorry, Miss Zaki. I hope I didn’t mess anything up for you.”

“Don’t worry, you’re fine.” Loyuka said, “And you know what? You can call me Loyuka if you want.”

“Sure….um…Loyuka.” Nyoko said. “That is a pretty name, though.”

“Hey, thanks!” she said, “Most people didn’t think so at first, but they’ve gotten used to it. So have you thought about the offer?”

“Yeah….” Nyoko said, “I’m leaning towards going with it but I’m still mulling over it. I would like to discuss it some more somewhere outside of work.” Loyuka then thought of doing that, “It could be arranged but where would you want to go at?”

“Oh, I know of a place.” Nyoko said as she gave Loyuka the address and time. “Is this all good for you?”

“Sure.” Loyuka said, “We met and talk things there.”

“Alright.” Nyoko said, “I’ll see you there.” As they finished and walked off, which left Nyoko a bit nervous of how the outcome will be. “You really want to sleep with the girl, don’t you?” As Risa kept bringing that up on here and Nyoko just said, “Shut up.”


Later on, Loyuka stopped at the Turner Express before talking with Nyoko and that was to seek some advice about this from someone. “So…..I haven’t talked to you in a while and I know you’ve been busy with your drama especially with what happened recently and all….”

“OK, Loyuka.” And it was Kai and a very tired MAK she was talking to, “We can talk about it if you want. Right, MAK?”

“Ow….yeah, yeah, yeah, we’re gonna listen to you and—OW. OK, I’m sorry but my head is killing me.” MAK said, “That mini-coma really fucked me up and I think I’m missing a tooth or parts of it.”

“You feeling better though, MAK?” Loyuka said. “Yeah, I’ll live.” He said, “So what’s going on?”

Loyuka sighed and said, “I think this girl that I want to hire in the Faction has a little crush on me.”

“Oh, that’s all?” MAK said. “Well, not all of it. Do you know the name of Nyoko Hirano?” Loyuka said and that’s when MAK and Kai simultaneously did a spit take at that, “One of the HIRANO SISTERS!?”

“HEY!! She’s the friendly one out of the two.” Loyuka said. “No one seems to mention that about her.”

“She has a crush on you?” Kai said, “Like she’s in love with you?”

“I heard stories about them and they are some crazy-ass girls!” MAK said, “Especially Risa and that girl is dangerous as hell. Sure, Nyoko may be friendly but then I remember she’s the one with the big-ass gun and you want them to be in the Faction? I know the others aren’t taking it well.”

“MAK, I talked to the girl myself.” She said, “She seems to really care about protecting the city and I do admire that about her. I think she’d be a good addition.”

“Wait, who did you tell about this, Loyuka?” Kai said. “Mainly Leon and Cyan.” Loyuka said, “I was going to tell Jin and Jiro, but they’ve been so busy, they weren’t in the office that much.”

“Oh….” Kai said, “Well, you two are meeting up later on, right? You can talk about that before getting deeper into this. If she doesn’t feel that way about you, you’re in the clear. If she does, well, that’s something up to you two and if you do want to pursue a relationship, just don’t make it apparent at the Faction.”

“So, basically, don’t pull a Tomoki/Cassie.” MAK said, “Even though they are our good friends, that whole Hybrid X/Miki thing didn’t help…along with that sabotage we did.”

“Speaking of that, is Cyan still pissed at us for that?” Kai asked. “Well, she has cooled down from that recently.” Loyuka said. “But your punishment is still active for another 5 days.”

“OK, OK, I get it.” Kai said, “I wish things could have differently than what happened.”

“You mean, the whole getting caught by Hybrid X and beaten the shit out of thing?” As Yuan said as he was sweeping the floor. “That and what happened with you guys getting drunken off your asses sorta effected on that.”

“There’s also after they found out, Cyan cursed me out, called me a stupid little brat, we argued……and the more I think about it, the more annoyed I get at her since I know about this shit more and I’m the one that brought her into the Faction.” Kai said, “Great, now I’m pissed off. I might need a drink for that.”

“TELL HER TO GET THE ZOMBIE!!” Kati screamed from the back.

“FUCK NO!!!” Both Yuan and MAK said to her. “You crazy-ass girl!” But then Kati threw a bottle at the both of them, but it hits Yuan and misses MAK. “I’m safe!!” but the second one hits him anyway.

Then Kai close it out by saying, “Anyway…..Loyuka. Just make sure you don’t lead her on to anything or you might regret it.”


Later on, Loyuka went on to meet Nyoko and it’s at this high-end expensive hotel called Holden-Berkenstein Suites. “Hello, I’m looking for a—“ Before she can finish that, Nyoko called Loyuka and said to her, “Um, if you’re looking for my room, tell them the name is under Ackerman.”

“OOOKKK……..” she said awkwardly.

“I’m looking for a room under the name of Ackerman.” Loyuka said.

“HEY, YOU MADE IT!!” Nyoko said. “Yeah, you think I wasn’t going to show up?” Loyuka said. “Oh no, I never thought that for a min—OK, maybe one time. But I’m glad you came.” Soon the two girls went into this lavish hotel room with all the trimmings from the beds, the snack bar, the free TV and basically whatever stuff you find in a hotel room.

So, they spend their time ordering room service while discussing terms about Nyoko joining the Faction. “So, how many years you spent learning how to shoot with a sniper rifle?” Loyuka asked.

“Hmmm. About 4 or 5 years since I was 14. I had an aunt that taught me a lot about it. She was one of them along a few cousins I had upstate Acer.” Nyoko said, “They also taught Risa on how to work a bow and arrow. I guess you can say we are pretty experienced with what we got.”

“Well, you got all the credentials and the right material for us.” Loyuka said, “Nyoko, I think you might actually be able to join the Faction—“, Nyoko’s eyes widened at that moment, “—But we don’t know how will that affect your sister since she really don’t like us.”

Nyoko then told her, “Let me worry about her on that. I can talk her into it.”


“WAIT, WAIT, WAIT, But what!?” Nyoko said, “What more reason is there? I thought you were interested in me.”

“I AM INTERESTED IN YOU!!” Loyuka said, “But are you interested in wanting to work with me or just you working me? Hint hint.” That look on her face meant that she knows about Nyoko’s crush on her. “Look, I’d be happy to put you in but I wanted it to be based on if you wanted it to protect everyone in the Hybrid Society, not just to please me!!”

Nyoko really felt insulted by Loyuka’s words, “WHOA! You think this is about you? Really? Fucking really? Fine, yes, I admit. I do have a damn crush on you and I did mean what I said about you being attractive and anyone would be lucky to have you as their significant other but I DAMN SURE stood by on what I said about protecting the Hybrid Society and I would still join you. But don’t ever….DON’T EVER ACCUSE ME OF NOT BEING GENUINE OF MY PROMISE!!”

That confrontation did set both of them a bit straight on themselves. “Well, damn, I guess I fouled up on that, huh?” Loyuka said, “You are legit on that.”

“Well….” Nyoko said, “Yeah, I am but I did see why you would be like that. I let my sister’s words get in my head too much.”

“Yeah, same happened from my co-workers/friends.” Loyuka said, “I hope I didn’t sway you from joining us.”

“Loyuka, you didn’t do anything rash for that to happen.” Nyoko said, “I will join the Faction, whether anyone likes it or not.” Then Loyuka went to hug Nyoko and said to her, “And I’m glad to have you aboard….”

“And believe me, I really want to do this and not much in return.” Nyoko said,

“Well, I don’t mind if you want something in return, Nyoko.” As Loyuka offered her.

“Loyuka Zaki, what I want in return is….” And soon both of them got really close to each other, they began to let their guard down, look into their eyes and soon the girls began to share a kiss between each other. They then shared another one but this time, Loyuka ended up carrying Nyoko to the bedroom as she took off Nyoko’s pants and her shirt as well; they soon ended up kissing each other everywhere while taking off the rest of their clothes until they were in their bra and panties and are in the shower. Their lovemaking echoes throughout the floor with Nyoko screaming and moaning Loyuka’s name out while she’s kissing and licking her breasts as she took off Nyoko’s bra; then Loyuka got completely naked as did Nyoko later on, then they fucked in every inch of the room and soon both were reaching the climax of their lovemaking and let’s say it ended with a bang.



As they were resting, Nyoko got on top of Loyuka and said, “Did you enjoy that, Miss Zaki?”

“Yeah, I did.” She said, “But why are you still calling me Miss Zaki? I said you can call me Loyuka.”

“Oh, I know.” Nyoko said, “But I like calling you that, especially when you were trying off my panties with your teeth.” As she said with a grin on her face and kissed her square on the lips. “But what we did back there….that was practically the best 2 hours of my life and if my sister finds out, she’ll beat my ass and kill you, too.”

“So in other words, no one needs to find out about this?” Loyuka said.

“We’ll just say we met up, spoke to any agreement and that’s it.” Nyoko said. “And this has nothing to do with being ashamed. I just don’t want my sister or your people to talk about us.”

“Oh, I get it.” Loyuka said, “Hell, two people I know were in that for a while before they eventually told us….although for them, they decided that on their own.”

“Well…..things might be different for us.” Nyoko said, “And I got to go.” She then deeply kissed Loyuka again as she left. “I see you at my first day tomorrow, Captain Zaki.”

“Hmmm, now Captain Zaki, you can call me that in bed.” Loyuka said.

“Will do, Captain Zaki.” Nyoko said with a playful and sly grin as they kissed and went on their separate ways.


Meanwhile at the Ramsey hideaway, Coren was finally printing out some info on this mysterious person they had their eyes on.

“Ramsey!!” Ensign said walking in the room, “It’s almost 1 AM and you still on the computer.”

“Actually, Ensign, I’m just finishing some work.” He said, “I just send something to this one group about information on one of the Faction guys. They should get that info in the early morning.”

“Sir?” Ensign asked him.

“Yes, Ensign?”

“I know of the story of what happened to you and your family…….and I’m really sorry about what happened back there.” Ensign said. “If it’s too hard for you to talk about, I clearly understand.”

“No, no, no. It’s fine.” He said, “I know you think me talking about them were make me depressed but while I had my vengeance, there is still cleansing in need to be done. I feel like I can make history. Send a message that while Hybrids may be all powerful, that humans can be just as powerful as them but we won’t abuse it like most of them do.”

“Yeah, I get that.” Ensign said. “But what will this mysterious person got to do with us?”

“You see, Ensign, they’re all part of the next phase of the Grand ‘H’ War and I just sent it.” He said, “Hopefully things should fall into plan and I intend to make sure it succeeds.”


Next morning at the Faction, we see Loyuka going into the office in a good mood with some news for everyone to know.

“ATTENTION!!! Can I have your attention?” Loyuka announced in the office. “I talked it with Jin and Jiro not too long ago and we have gained two more people into our Faction as of today.”

“Wait, don’t tell me she actually…” Leon said.

“I think she did.” Cyan said.

“Actually did what?” Seiki said. “What does Loyuka mean by new recruits? And if so, wouldn’t that be good news?”

“Yeah.” Leon said, “But it’s more about who she picked.”

Seiki then had to ask, “And that would be….” And then Loyuka introduced Nyoko and Risa as they were walking into the room with some puzzled and confused faces. “Hi!” Nyoko said in a friendly mood. “Yeah, we’re your new members of the Faction and yes, I’m just as surprised as you, too.” Risa snarkily said. “We are the sniper/arrow and bow team The Hirano sisters!”

“The Hirano Sisters? She hired them?” Seiki said. “Well, I’d be damned.”

“I know some of you have met us before and it wasn’t our best moments.” As explained by Nyoko, “But we do hope to do our best at our time here. Won’t we, Risa?” And at that moment, Risa was browsing through her phone for whatever reason and that did irked Nyoko a little that she had to slap Risa a little. “OW!!! The hell?” As Nyoko points to the audience….again.

“Oh….yeah. The whole teamwork spiel and of course, protecting the city for the safety of Hybrids everywhere.”

“Um…..humans, too, Risa.” Nyoko whispered to her ear. “Oh yeah, them too.” Risa repeated.

“You think Loyuka made the right decision with those two?” Seiki said, “I heard they’re good at what they do but—“

“Can be a pain in the ass to deal with?” Leon said, “We knew that from the first minute they were here.” Risa then heard the conversation about her and smoothly walked into it. “Well, well, well…it’s nice to see you again……um……who are you again?”

He sighed and said, “I’m Leon Garret. I’m the last new guy before you and your sister came here.”

“Oh yeah, the Metal Man and that girl that you want to—“

“STOP!!” Cyan abruptly screamed. “I’m Cyan Barrett. Human Liaison officer and my co-partner here is Seiki Argento.”

“Yo. I heard you and your little sis are quite the pair when it comes to your weapon techniques? Mind giving me some tips?” Seiki asked. “Hmmm, we’ll see. We should do some practice sometimes. You seem like a good shooter.” Risa said, “Hopefully if Nyoko isn’t too busy flirting with your blonde friend there.” And at the distance, Nyoko and Loyuka were talking and getting friendlier as they did the first time. “Hey, thanks for talking them into hiring us…” And then whispered to her, “And especially last night, too.”

“Thanks but remember we do not let them know about us at work.” Loyuka said.

“Yes, I know, I know.” Nyoko said, “But still….I really appreciate it.”


Somewhere in the distant Woodlands, there appears to be a group of wolves traveling in a pack making their route onto the Hybrid Society. “Master, are you sure that this is the place that Ramsey guy told us on that e-mail? This is where she is hiding?”

“From what I heard, she’s been living there for the past 16 years and join this Faction that’s also in the time of war. A war that none of us should be in and we will make sure that she’ll comply with us and go back with us.”

“You think we can persuade her to come back after all these years?”

He took a good look at the city and said, “One way or another, she is coming back home.” Then holds a picture of the girl and discover that person they’re searching for is actually……

“We’re coming, Cassandra.”



“We are the Wolf Clan Genesis. We’re here for Cassandra Lyles.”

“You are forbidden to be part of the Grand ‘H’ War.”


“Why are you involved with this panda creature? YOU ARE A WOLF HYBRID!!”

“We’re not gonna leave you like this!!”

“Tomoki. Cassie. Is what I heard about you two is true?”

“You can’t hide from your destiny forever.”

“They’ve been more like a family than you ever have to me.”

“What’s your name?”

“We will be friends for now to eternity.”




© 2014 Studio Katana / K2 & The Faction Project


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