AURA FACTION Season 2 COLORS – Story 19: RE-UNITED…. (Again)

WARNING: The following written material that you’re about to read may contain acts of violence, graphic language, and sexual content. This is meant only for MATURE AUDIENCES. Reader Discretion is advised.

Previously on COLORS….

MAK, Kai, Sheena, Kati and Yuan split to meet up at a secret hideout place to avoid The Faction along with other authorities. However, Shin found MAK and Sheena there, only to get his ass kicked by both of them. They soon dump his body in a river to rushing waters… least that’s what they thought.

Nyoko thinks that Tomoki and Cassie might be framed for shooting Loyuka but others are not sure of her assumption.

The Darksiders escaped from their trap set by The Birdbrains and Aka is furiously angry after finding out the truth about Laila. In fact, it ended with Aka about to attack her at that moment. Let’s continue that, shall we?

“YOU BETRAYED US, YOU BITCH!!” Aka screamed as she quickly run towards her and grabbed her by the neck. The first thing she immediately did was punch her right in her face and threw her on top of the car to bash her head to the window.
“AKA!! WAIT!” Lex shouted as he’s trying to restrain Aka from beating Laila. “HOLD ON!!”
“For what?!” Aka said. “Her to catch her breath? FUCK THAT!!”
She kept trying to throttle Laila but soon everyone had to control her down, even Kai, who was afraid Aka might overpower her.
“AKA!!” Rolo said. “I got Laila here to help us!!”
“Help us?!? HELP US!?!” She screamed. “ROLO!!! After the shit she put all of us through, you want her to help us!?”
“I can tell that she doesn’t want anything to happen to Sayuri!!” Rolo said. “Aka, I’m not lying to you when I say that.”

“Look…… Aka…..I’m not trying to fuck you over.” Laila said. “I just want to save Sayuri. I’m not lying about that. PLEASE!!!”
Aka pulls out her gun and point it straight at her. “Now…….let say I do believe you wanting to help us. You expect us to help you after all that happened? The lies, bullshit, you tricking Rolo into–”
“I DIDN’T TRICK HIM INTO ANYTHING!” Laila said. “OK, yes, I got myself, him and Sayuri for that–”
“YES, WE KNOW!!” All of them shouted. “THE THREESOME!”
“Which Rolo should be thankful for that every day.” Aron added. The rest gazed at him with a “Really?” look at him.

“Aka, please…..” Laila said. “I’m begging you here. I need to save Sayuri…..I can’t let her die like this.”

Aka knew what she had to do in order to save her.
“OK……” Aka said. “But on one condition…….if you double-cross us at any turn, I will not hesitate to kill you.”

“So where in the hell are you supposed to do in here?” Aron said. “Everything looks dusty, old and might kill us.”
“Like it or not, we need somewhere to hide out and this is it.” Lex said. “No matter how nasty it looks.”
“EXACTLY!” Kai said. “Besides, the place doesn’t look too half bad.” At that moment, a piece of roof fell.
“Not too half bad, huh?” Aron said.
“Shut up.” Kai snapped back at him.
“How are we supposed to know anything about the whereabouts of the Faction or those damn BirdBrains?” Devo said. “The law looking for us, BirdBrains want us dead, and I guess you…..wait, why are you here again, Kai?”
“Running from the Faction.” Kai said. “Same as last time.”
“Speaking of that, is MAK here or something?” Lex said. “Or Sheena?”
“He called me earlier but I haven’t heard from him or Sheena since.” She said.


MAK and Sheena dumped Shin’s body in the river and push it far into rushing waters.
“Welp, the raging waters will take care of him.” MAK said.
“I hope so.” Sheena said. “A minute of that guy was too much for me.”

However, as he was about to drift near the end, he awaken from his beatings and phase out of the water fast.

“I’M BACK, BITCH!!” Shin popped out in the open and jumps at both of them to knock them out.
“What the…..” MAK shouted.
“FUCK, He’s ALIVE AGAIN?” Sheena said. “And HE’S A HYBRID AS WELL!?!?”
“Bullshit, he’s not!” MAK said. “He’s a human that just takes the blue leaf to make him like that.”
“Wait….humans take blue leaf!?” She questioned.
“ENOUGH TALKING!!” Shin shouted as he grabbed MAK in the air and threw him to the river.
“NOW YOU!” He heads toward Sheena and went to grab her but she got out of the way, mostly rip a part of her shirt and give a scar on the side of her stomach.

MAK soon then phased back to Shin to drop kick him, threw him to a tree but Shin phased out of there to counteract MAK’s move. Soon, the both of them were phasing and fighting in the woods through high skies to low grounds.

“Give up, Ku Ku Ka-Blue?” Shin taunted.
“Ku who?!” MAK sounded confused at that but avoided a hit below from Shin. “And no, that didn’t distract me.”
Then Sheena behind him threw a rock at Shin.
“Oh….more rocks.” Shin said. “Brilliant plan there. What’s next, sticks and twigs to stab me with?” He then grab a stick and stab Sheena’s leg with that.
“AAAHHH!!!” He then grab her again and kept MAK down by stomping on him.
“Now before I get through with you, your little friend is gonna get it first.” He pulls a knife out, getting ready to stab her.
MAK tries to move his foot off him but he kept his feet firm to his stomach.
Shin is about to stab her but then hears a gunshot out of nowhere and then Shin got shot in the shoulder and then again in the back, letting Sheena go and MAK throwing him off and the two of them phased out of there fast.
“What the hell?” Shin said before he passes out in the woods, presumably to die.

MAK and Sheena got back to the place with them both injured, carrying each other and in need of medical care. At that moment, Yuan and Kati just arrived there.
“WHOA!!!” Kati said. “The hell happened to you guys?”
“We were followed.” MAK said.
“And he kicked our asses badly.” Sheena said. “Owww! Shit.”
Kai just happens to come down to see who it is with a gun ready. “Oh my god….MAK, Sheena, what happened?”

A few minutes later, Kai was taking care of their wounds. “He followed you here?”
“I’m not sure.” MAK said. “I went into hyper speed to get away from the Faction and I passed out when I got out of it. He might’ve been there already and he saw me or something.”
“Wait, is he still there?” Yuan asked.
“Someone shot him.” Sheena said. “And we never saw who. MAK and I got out of there as soon as he was hit.”
“So we need to be prepare for him soon?” Yuan said.
“Looks like it.” Kati replied.

“I just hope he’s knocked out for longer than 30 seconds because I want to sleep so badly.” Sheena said as soon as she strips her shirt off to sleep in another room but then realizes that Rolo, Aron and Magnum was in the next room.
“HOT DAMN!!!” Aron and Magnum shouted.
“….And I forgot the Darksiders are here, too.” Sheena said. “That and never walk into a room in your bra and jeans with 3 other guys in there.”
Rolo then walks into the room. “Um….Sheena….I….”
“Rolo, I know. You didn’t mean to look.” Sheena said. “Plus, I know about what happened with Sayuri and Laila and I’m so sorry to hear.” As she gives him a shoulder pat. “I’d give you a hug but… know what?” She hugs him anyway. “You needed this.”
“Thanks, Sheena.” He said. “And I heard about what happened to you.” He hugs her back.
“No problem.” She said.

“So we’re at a crisis again.” MAK said. “We’re running from the law along with not one or two, but three other motherfuckers I dislike (again), Tomoki and Cassie are in deep shit with the Faction (again), you guys are also in some deep shit….”
“….Again.” Rolo continued for him. “And Sayuri’s been kidnapped….I’m not sure if this is the 2nd–”
“It’s a second time.” All of them said.
“In other words, it’s déjà vu all over again.” MAK said.

“Well, not quite.” Lex said as he enters the room with Aka and Nanashi joining him. “This time, we know where the hell you are and not dying in a desert but it sounds like we got a lot to conquer.”
“From getting Sayuri back…..” Aka said.
“To getting back at those BirdBrain bastards.” Nanashi said.
“Meanwhile, we can’t go back to the Society.” Kati said. “They know about us in that raid, the whole hiding Tomoki and Cassie, that girl getting shot and the fact Sheena is the one that shot Marble and I know the Wolf Clan Genesis won’t rest until they found who did it.”
“We should probably get some rest after today.” Nanashi said. “We’ll need it for the long run.”
“OK then……so who’s sleeping in where?”

Later on, everyone were set up in rooms to sleep at, with Lex, Aka and Laila in one room with Aka carefully watching Laila’s move, especially with a gun.
“HEY!!” Laila shouted as Aka accidentally fired a shot. “At least try not to kill me with that!!”
“I wasn’t trying to that to you!” Aka screamed.
“Wait, then what…” Laila then thought of Aka’s true intentions. “I’M NOT TRYING TO BETRAY YOU!”
Aron, Magnum & Rolo in another where Rolo can pick a strong wi-fi signal for later activities.
“I don’t see why Laila couldn’t room with us.” Aron said.
“You know damn well why.” Rolo said. “Fuck, we need to check if Cameron is safe. We haven’t heard from him since Birdbrains invaded the hideout.”
Murasaki and Nola for themselves with Kati and Yuan in the room left to them and Nanashi and Devo to the right of them.
“Those two are going to fuck, aren’t they?” Yuan said.
“Who? MAK and Kai?” Kati asked. “Well, no shit.”
“No, I meant those girls next to us.” He said.
“OH…….” Kati said. “Then yeah. They might. Nanashi already warn me of that.”
“WHAT!?” Nanashi shouted as she got ear plugs on.
“I didn’t say shit!” Devo said. “I’m trying to get in touch with Cameron.”
MAK and Kai got the old high-roller bedroom suite with Sheena getting the bed across from them.
“So we get the bigger bedroom set here?” Sheena said.
“Yeah.” MAK said.
“Don’t tell the others though.” Kai said. “Just between us three.”


Cassie was awaiting to hear about what was her punishment for technically breaking out. She was anxious on how bad it was going to be.
“Oh, Miss Lyles, you got a visitor.” One of the guards said. “It’s someone from the Society here to see you.”
She got up to went and see who it is.
“Oh, Cassie. Cassie, Cassie, Cassie.” And it was Miki Maeda again coming to taunt her like she did with Tomoki but Cassie did not want to utter a word to her. Instead, giving her the silent treatment and an angry stare.

“Oh, you’re not going to talk, aren’t you?” Miki said to her. “You probably should considering the shit you done in the Society and the years you’re looking at here, you won’t feel like speaking the next few years.”
She throws at her pictures of Loyuka in the hospital.
“Your friend is still alive in case you (like your hostile girlfriend) thought I killed her.” Miki said. “You do know that both the Wolf Clan and the Faction aren’t taking this easy? Sooner or later, they will lock you up in a deep, deep, dark cell with little light and hope, never seeing your friends or your lover again.”

Cassie kept looking angry at Miki but nothing is phasing the girl as she smirks it off.

“Look angry all you want but it’s not going to change anything.” Miki said. “When you hear ‘ol Tomoki doing Death Row, you got no one but yourself to blame. Now if you excuse me, I got to go back to the Society. Enjoy your cell for life.” As Miki leaves the premises and with that said, her words did sting especially when the possibility of death row was mentioned.
She soon began to cry in silence.

“Here’s your jacket, Ms. Maeda.” Dumile said. “She wasn’t aggressive to you?”
“Oh no….” Miki said. “I think she might be calming down.”


Late into the night, we see Nyoko gaining access to Tomoki’s holding cell as she got some questions to ask her.
“Oh no…” Tomoki said as she sees Nyoko coming in. “Look…..I keep telling you we have nothing to do with–”
“I KNOW.” Nyoko said.
“Wait, what?” Tomoki sounded surprised and confused. “You don’t want to kill me?”
“WHAT? NO!” Nyoko said. “I want to help you. I know you two got nothing to do with shooting Loyuka. You’re not stupid enough to shoot the person trying to help you.”
“So you believe me?” Tomoki said. “Oh thank God!! Nyoko, you might save my ass on this!” As she gives a sigh of relief.

“I wouldn’t relax just yet.” Nyoko said. “Right now, you virtually have no one on your side here. I’m your only hope and I’m not exactly the higher-up you dream of. That and they’re on to me having sex with Loyuka.”
“So does that mean…..”
“Yep.” Nyoko said. “We’re taking matters into our own hands. We’re going to break your woman out of prison.”
The look on Tomoki’s face was confusing yet intrigued. “Nyoko, wait!!!! But how am I going to get out of here?”
“Well……” she pondered.


Nyoko is seen carrying a huge carrier bag to the trunk of her car and just throws it in there. “There you go, you heavy-ass bag!”
She then gets into the car where Tomoki is hidden in the back of the car. “Good thing, I wasn’t that bag or I would’ve been squished and ready to beat you.”
“OK, next stop, Genesis or bust!” Nyoko said leaving the premises.
“You don’t think they’ll suspect me going missing, right?” Tomoki asked.
“I got that covered.” Nyoko said.

Taking Tomoki’s place is a Leaf addict who had similar looks of Tomoki that she would be mistaken for her.

Up in the air, there’s Gina flying high with Joanna and Lial tagging along with the two although Lial’s fear of enormous heights and gripping to Gina, whimpering may not help anyone in the long haul.
“Oh, FUCK!! Oh, SHIT!! Why did I choose to tag along with you two?” Lial said to herself.
“I sense you’re afraid of heights!” Joanna said.
“You guess it!” Lial said. “I don’t know if Gina told you but yes, I HATE HEIGHTS!!”
“Ah, come on, Lial!! We’re not that high.” Gina said.
“OH, SHUT THE HELL UP!!” Lial said. “You know this makes me want to vomit!”
“We just got to find the others.” Gina said. “I know they’re traveling somewhere here.”

“You think we might find your friends somewhere in this area?” Lial asked them.
“I’m sure of it.” Gina said. “We’re going east!!”
She quickly shifts forward in flight with Joanna and Lial (especially her) hanging on to her.

Later on in the night, Laila went out of the room to talk to Rolo for a minute.
“Rolo?” Laila quietly said, trying to wake Rolo. “You awake?”
“Huh?” Rolo was starting to get up. “Laila?”
“I can’t sleep.” She said.
“Oh…..thinking about Sayuri?” Rolo asked.
“That and Aka has an itchy trigger finger.” She said to him. “She hates me.”
“Now, come on, Aka doesn’t….” Rolo was trying to re-assure her on that but Laila knew he was just saving face. “OK, she does hate you.”
“See?” Laila said. “But I get it. You got hurt by the Birdbrains and I would get mad at myself for that, too. I don’t want to hurt my sister but she crossed the line when she messed with you and Sayuri. I’m distraught.”
“Oh….the whole ‘should I fight my sister’ ordeal.” Rolo said.
“Rolo, I know you know I set up the threesome between you, me and Sayuri and I did do it because I did felt you two are meant for each other.” She said. “I can see it in her eyes and while we do it for spontaneous reasons, you two……it’s love I see in you two.”
“You honestly think we should be together?” Rolo said.
“Yes.” Laila said. “I believe in you two and I want my friends to be happy.”
Then they noticed Magnum and Aron was starting to hear their conversation and Laila got the notice that she would leave before they report to Aka. “Shit. Anyway, I got to get back before Aka shoots me.” Laila then gives him a kiss before leaving.
“So……even when one of your girl is kidnapped, your other girl isn’t trying to claim you for yourself.” Aron said. “That’s cute…..and kinda stupid at the same time.”

“Wait, there’s a building coming up to us!” Lial said. “Looks like people are there.”
“Can you see who they are?” Joanna said. Gina takes a close look in the window and see someone asleep window view. “I see a woman with jet black hair walking around… her underwear….and—wait, I think that’s your girl.”
“Sheena?” Joanna sounded surprised. “HEAD STRAIGHT THERE!!!”
“On it!!” Gina said as she rushes to there in a flash with both girls hanging for their life.

Meanwhile, MAK, Kai and Sheena suddenly heard a noise coming from the roof.
“The hell is that?!” Kai said while MAK is still sleeping and snuggled to her. “What the—MAK, WAKE UP!”
“Huh!?! WHA?” MAK said still in a sleepy daze.
“You think it’s coming outside?” Sheena said.
“I wouldn’t know.” MAK said. “Because either way, I’m not going outside to check it out.”
“AND WHY NOT?!” Kai and Sheena said.
“Um…’s a horror movie. Some creature might be out back…I’m staying my ass here.”
“AAAHHHH!!!” The sound was getting closer as they got into the place and it was Gina, Joanna and Lial doing a crash landing on them.

“OW!” Kai said.
“JOANNA!” Sheena screamed.
“SHEENA!!” Joanna shouted.
“MAK! KAI!” Gina said.
“GINA!!” Kai said.
“……Who the hell are you?” MAK said referring to Lial. “No offense but I don’t know you.”

First thing Sheena did as she saw Joanna was hold her with all her care with tears coming down. “Oh, my god!! Joanna!! I’m so glad you’re alive!!”
“Sheena!” Joanna said. “I’m still kinda hurt on that side.”
“Oh, sorry!” she said. “But still…..I’m so happy to see you here.”
“I guessed you were worried about me, weren’t you?” she said petting her head, wiping the tears off her face.
“Yes, I was.” Sheena said as she whimpered on that last bit. “And I should’ve listen to you about running. If I did that, you wouldn’t have–”
“I know. I know.” Joanna said. “But you can’t keep beating yourself over that. Hell, if you’ve gotten shot, I would’ve gone ballistic!! MAD with rage even!”
“So, are we…..” As Joanna got close to Sheena and then gave her a little kiss.
“Were we not?” Joanna said with a smile to Sheena.

“You need some time alone or something?” Kai said. “We can leave.”
“Yes, you should.” Sheena said as she closes the door.
Soon enough, they did.

“They’re gonna f-”
“They’re gonna fuck.” Gina said to MAK and Kai. “You two oughta know that feeling by now.”
“So……really, who are you?” MAK said to Lial.
“MAK, Kai, this is my friend and medical expert Lial Carpenter.” Gina introduced to them. “Lial, this is–”
“Kai Barrett.” Kai said to her.
“And Mar—just call me MAK.” He said. “Everybody does. Plus, it’s easier to say.”

“Yeah, I’ve heard a lot about you.” Lial said. “Mostly that you’re a powerful Hybrid that gets a lot of attention……..mostly bad.”
“Yeah, I get that a lot.” He said.
“So what brings you three here?” Kai asked.
“In case you didn’t notice already, we’re in some deep shit.” Gina said.
“Yeah, I think everybody in this building is in some deep shit.” MAK said. “One group below you was framed to be the BirdBrains, we’re running from the law…..again……”
“Your two friends got arrested.” Gina said.
“WHAT!?” Kai said. “You mean, Tomoki and Cassie….”
“Tomoki’s in prison at the Faction and Cassie’s in holding back at the Wolf Clan Genesis.” Gina told them.
“I also heard that Tomoki might go to Death Row.” Lial said.
“DEATH ROW!?” MAK and Kai unanimously said.
“All for that?” Kai said.

Suddenly a gunshot and Laila’s screaming was heard from downstairs.
“The hell?” Gina said. “Come o—Oh, Joanna isn’t here. YOU TWO!!” Her pointing to MAK and Kai to follow her downstairs.

But it all turns out to be Aka thinking someone was intruding.
“Why did you do that!?!” Laila shouted. “You could’ve got me killed!!”
“HEY!! I thought someone was sneaking in here!!” Aka said. “Or if you were trying to double-cr–”
“Son of a BITCH!!! I’m not going to do that!!” Laila screamed. “I got up to go to the bathroom!!”
“Nothing works here!!” Aka shouted.
“I KNOW!” Laila implying that she had another way to go the bathroom.
“So you….”
“YES!!” Laila reiterated.

“OK, then.” Aka said. “Then what about the noise from upstairs?”
“I don’t know shit about that one.” Laila answered.
“That is actually us.” MAK said. “And we got a few visitors with us.”
“A FACTION AGENT!?!” Aka said.
“That’s going to help us!” MAK answered roughly at her. “Well, two of them plus this girl who’s a medical expert!”
“OK then. Where’s the other agent?” Aka asked.
“Oh……well…..” Kai awkwardly said.
“You see….” MAK also gawkily said.

Sheena is deeply kissing Joanna all over her body, taking off her clothes and she then noticed the scar on the side of her stomach.
“Careful.” Joanna said. “It does still hurt there.”
“Don’t worry.” Sheena said as she took her shirt off. “I’m gonna make sure you feel nothing but pleasure with me.” She then place Joanna’s hand on the front clasp of her bra and then she unclasp it, taking it off and Joanna started to lick, massage and kiss Sheena’s breasts.
“Oh, Joanna…..”As Sheena moaned her name in pleasure and satisfaction. She then got on top of Joanna, starting to go down on her.

“Yep, they are 100% fucking up there.” Gina said as they hear the titillating moans of the two.
“So that’s 3 couples I have to worry about fucking loud all night long.” Aka said. “Great…..I hope you two are more trustworthy than what we–”
“HEY!!” Laila said. “I told you for the final time, I’m not a double-crosser!!”
“And yet I hardly believe you!!!” Aka screamed.
“You know my damn problem with you!!!” Aka said. “I said it before with you and your damn sister!”
“I AM NOT MY DAMN SISTER!!” Laila shouted. “I’m trying to get my friend back alive!!! You think this shit is easy? You think I’m trying to trick you into doing this? What reason do I have to trick you!? TELL ME!! I like to know!!”
Aka was trying to think of something but she could not.
“Exactly!! YOU ASSUME SHIT LIKE YOU KNOW EVERYTHING!!” Laila said. “Like I wanted Rolo to get hurt!! I NEVER WANT HIM TO GET INVOLVED…..Not Rolo or Sayuri!!” She is beginning to feel like crying. “I love those two……they mean a lot to me…..and if something ever happens to them…..I……”
“Oh…….” Aka said. “Well, damn……”
Gina whispered to MAK and Kai, “Should we…”
Both of them shook their heads that they should leave with Lial following them.

After losing them in the highway chase, Leon, Collins and Rick & Dice reported back to the Faction with not-so-stellar results.
“Motherfucker got away!!!” A pissed-off Dice said. “That penguin bitch just had to get in the way!”

“MAK and his crew are probably so far from us, he’s out of the city by now.” Rick said.
“And to think, I thought that guy was changing to a better man.” Leon said. “Hell, he told me that someday he wanted to marry Barrett’s sister…….I’m not sure about that now with the parents probably shocked and pissed at this news and Cyan not taking this lying down either.”

“They’re probably far away from us now.” Collins said. “That hyper speed is a wonder for him.”
“THE FUCK WITH HIM AND HIS SPEED!!” Dice said, “As soon as find that nigga, I’m killing his ass and his stable of girls!!”
“Wait, what!?” Leon and Collins shouted.
“NO! Fuck it, you heard me!!!” Dice screamed. “Blue Hybrid, his damn Kai, that other big-titty girl and that damn penguin bitch!!!! ALL OF THEM ARE GONNA DIE!!!”
“Fool, you out of your damn mind?” Leon said.
“Oh what?!” Dice said. “Us threatening his women harsh?”
“You mean I find you threatening innocent women harsh?” Leon said. “Uh……duh, motherfucker!!!”

“That and those guys aren’t guilty of anything!” Collins said. “You’re just interested in your own bloodlust! You’re supposed to protect and serve the people, not use it for your own gain!!”
Dice then slaps and throws Collins to the wall. “Shut the fuck up, fire boy!!! Before I fuck you up worse than I do with them!”

“You fucking–” Leon then had to halt the fight for both of them.
“You see…….you’re weak.” Dice said. “Weak like that damn MAK. Pussified nigga!” Rick then stepped in for him as Dice walks away from the fight.
“First off……innocent women?” He said to the both of them. “Please, after the shit tonight about them hiding a wanted fugitive from the Wolf Clan, not to mention one of them might killed one of their agents…….they are hardly innocent in our eyes. As far as I’m concerned, I don’t give a flying fuck about those girls.”

“So you’re willing to destroy their lives so you can fuck with Blue Hybrid?” Collins said. “WE WILL BE THE–”
“You’re not doing a damn thing, Collins.” Rick said. “You are going to be a good agent and let the real professionals handle this.”
Leon was getting ready to attack Rick, “BOY, IF YOU DON…”, but Rick counterattacked him with a blow to the chest but Leon absorbed the blow by turning into his metal Hybrid mode.
“You forgot about that, motherfucker?” Leon said.
“Oh……actually, I did.” Rick said. “But…..” Then he sprays red mist on his face.
“OHHH!! WHAT THE FUCK!?!” As Leon reacted violently to the effect. “Red mist?”

“That’s right, boy.” Rick said. “And that’s what I’m going to use on dear old MAKky boy. One blow of this in air and he is down just like that.”

“You bastard!!” Leon screamed. “You going to use that shit!!?”
“OH, no doubt about it!” Rick said. “This is our last resort and we’re going all out with that!!” As he cocks his shotgun.
“Now if you excuse me…….I got stuff and things to do.” He then leaves the room.
“So now what?” Collins said.
“We need to warn Cyan and Seiki. Like now.” Leon said.

“Hey…….hey…….HEY!!” One girl said as she throws water on Sayuri.
“AAAAHHH!!! AH!” Sayuri screamed in terror, waking up from whatever sleep she got.

“So, you’re awake.” And it was Kikyo and Crane in this dark room. “Finally, it was boring for you to wake up.”
“What the–” Sayuri said, “Where am I?” And she is tied down to the seat she’s in.
“Well……you’re in our place now.” Kikyo said. “And you are our guest……or prisoner. OK, both with more of the prisoner thing.”

“You……YOU!!!” Sayuri said.
“Oh, you remember me?” Kikyo said. “The sister of the girl you and your boy-toy are fucking around with?”
Then Yellowhammer came in to join the fun. “Oh, you mean that pussy whose ride I jacked?”
“And you’re the one who beat up Rolo!” Sayuri said. “You roided-up bitch!” Then spits on her.
“Well, I see you’re quite wily after that fight.” Yellowhammer said. “Good. Because I will do you like I did your boyfriend…..only 10 times worse.”
Then Yellowhammer punched her deep in the stomach with Sayuri winces in pain after that intense hit.
“That hurt?”
“Well, good.” Yellowhammer said. “Because it will get worse for you!” And that was followed by a shriek.

“YELLOWHAMMER!!” Kikyo said. “We can’t do too much damage to her……at least not yet. I’m setting out for a random of the girl and knowing that they won’t reach it in time……then we fuck her up!!!”
“So I have to wait for them to fail then we kill her?” Yellowhammer said.
“Well…….yes.” Kikyo said. “After all, we’re not complete monsters. We do have to show subtlety every now and then.”
“So can we just torture her?” Yellowhammer said.
“…….Yeah, do that. Just don’t kill the bitch.” Kikyo said.

“KIKYO!!!” And it was The Grey One aka Miki that was coming back from her visit to the Wolf Clan. “I need to speak with you for a few minutes or so.”
“Excuse me…” Kikyo said. “You know what to do.”
Yellowhammer smirked with at that, gripping her fists and ready to attack. “This will hurt….a lot.”

“So, we have any good news?” Miki said.
“Well, we set up a ransom for the girl.” Kikyo said. “With a few simple demands.”
“OK…..” Miki said. “What are the demands?”
“We…….haven’t gotten to that to her yet.” Kikyo said. “I probably should’ve said more and she seemed very scared and anxious.”
“Wow… you didn’t tell her shit but you scared her so much she and you forgot? I don’t know whether to be proud or hit you for forgetting that?” Miki said to her.
“I can call her the next time.” Kikyo said.
“That next time… now.” Miki said as she dials the phone for her.
“Oh shit…..”

“Hello?” Sei said.
“Yeah, it’s me again. The BirdBrains leader and I forgot to tell you my list of demands…..” Kikyo said. “So listen up…… we got 2 things we want.”
“OK, I’m listening.” Sei said.
“First thing is….we want $10,000,000 wired to a private account under the name Lloyd Banks III. I would say hand it in a bag but we know of the exploding ink bag trick. 2nd thing…we want grand immunity from everyone….from the cops, FBI, World Police and especially the Faction. You got all that?”
Sei sighs. “Yes, I do.”
“Good……now remember if one cop or Faction agent interrupts that, well……you already know the answer to that.” Then Kikyo hangs up on her.

“Oh wow……that was a decent move you did.” Miki said. “I’m pleased with this, Kikyo. You are becoming quite the threat to them.”
Kikyo chuckles in gratitude. “Well….I did learn from the best.”
Then they heard a scream from the other room and it was Sayuri.
“The hell?” Miki said.
“Wait, I’ll check it.” Kikyo said and as she went into the room and she sees Yellowhammer, Crane & Robin torturing her with a hammer to the knees and an mp3 player blasting “Fly Robin Fly” to her getting hurt with a ball gag, muffled screaming included. In other words, she’s getting her ass beat to a soundtrack.
“What type of shit is this!?!” Kikyo said. “And what the hell is that shitty music you’re blaring to that?”
“HEY!! I like this song!” Robin said. “Anyway, the girl was acting up and–”
“When I said torture her, I mean just punch the fuck out of her, not do some torture porn shit!”
“It was just a hammer!” Yellowhammer said. “And a cheesy yet okay-ish disco song.”
“Plus, her vital signs are in OK condition.” Crane said. “It’ll heal up in the next few hours.”

Back at the Faction, Leon and Collins were warning Cyan and Seiki about what Rick and Dice are going to do with MAK and the rest as soon as they find them.
“He won’t!!!” Seiki said.
“He would and will. He put me on that Red Mist shit and my system went down quick like that.” Leon said. “You need to get to them before they do!!”
“But how!?” Collins said. “They could be anywhere!!” Then Cyan thought of something.
“Huh?” All three of them said.
“You got a hunch, C?” Seiki asked.
“Yeah, I think I do.” Cyan said. “Let’s say……I know a place a relative told me once.”

A guard went to check up on Tomoki (or the Leaf addict in her place) in her cell.
“What the—WHO ARE YOU!!”
“I’m a squatter.” She said, smoking a blunt.
“MAYDAY! MAYDAY!! WE GOT AN ESCAPED PRISONER!!!” They sound the alarm heard around the area.

“NO WAY!!!” Aron said. “How could you not like Chacoco?” Back at the hideout, Aron, Rolo, Lex, Magnum, Devo and MAK were arguing about best anime girls.
“You mean aside from her being an outright bitch?” MAK said.
“She has a personality!!!” Magnum said.
“Of being an unlikable bitch?” MAK said. “That doesn’t make a personality!!”
“At least she’s not like Nina.” Lex said. “That pain in the ass!!”
“PAIN IN THE ASS!?!” MAK and Rolo shouted.
“A pain in the ass that acts like a fucking friend who helps your ass! Unlike Rio!” Rolo shouted. “She’s too damn psycho!”
“PSYCHO!?” Devo said. “She kicks more ass than those two other bitches combined!!”

“Ah, what the fuck is going on?” Laila said. “I’m watching some supposed tough motherfuckers discussing anime waifus.”
“It’s conversation.” Aron said. “Even though I’m in the right!”
“The fuck you are!!” MAK said throwing a brick at him.
“OW!!” Aron shouted.

“OH, it’s just a little friendly conversation and all.” Rolo said. “And also me and MAK are right and Nina is the best girl!”
“NINA AIN’T SHIT!” Magnum said.
“SHUT UP!” MAK throws another brick.
“OW!! Where you get these bricks from?” Magnum said.

“So, you through fighting over waifus?” Kati said as the rest of the girls were coming from downstairs.
“And also Chacoco’s a bitch, Rio’s a psycho and you mostly want to wank it at Nina.” Nanashi said to end the argument.
“WHAT!?” All of them said with MAK throwing a brick again, this time at Lex. “HEY!! What’s with you and bricks!?”

“Anyway…..” Aka said. “Since they moved into another hideout since we did trash theirs, we now have to get them while they’re out in the open.”
“That’s going to be impossible for that.” Lex said. “They always attack in the shadows. We can’t lead them out of anything!”
“Guess we’ll search high and low for them in the cities.” Yuan said.
“By looking into every dark alley and sewer and tunnel in the Society?” Lial asked.
“Looks like it.” MAK said. “But with……18 of us… are we going to…”
Then there’s a shout coming from outside and this time, it’s Cameron. “Um, you motherfuckers forgot about me!?!?”
“CAMERON!!” Lex shouted. “Damn, what happened to you?”
“Let’s see…..attacked by them damn Birdfuckers and left in pain the last few hours!” Cameron shouted. “So……what happened here?”
Devo then filled him in all what’s happened since then.
“Oh…..then carry on.” Cameron said.
Then MAK resumed, “OK…..19 of us….how are we going to infiltrate there with the lot of us? Split into teams or something?”
“We’re going to have to.” Kai said. “It’s our only chance to take them down but the question is…..who’s going with who and how it’s going to happen?”

“We got to play it 5 ways: The Fighters, The Surveillance, The Distraction, The Infiltrators, and the Extra Muscle.” Yuan said.
“And our main fighters are going to be MAK, Kai, Lex and Aka.” Kati quickly said to them.
“In other words, we get the most dangerous job?” MAK said to her. “I…..actually expected that from you.’
Lex then went and said, “OK…..I get MAK and me and Aka but……”
Then Kai gives him a ‘stab you with dagger’ look. “But what?!”
“NOTHING!!!” Lex said. “Nothing at all!! You’re good!”
“Surveillance? Rolo along with me, Yuan, Laila & Cameron. Distraction? There’s Murasaki, Nola, Sheena, Joanna, & Lial.”
“Distraction?” The three latter girls said in surprise.
“We’re not that shocked we got that.” Murasaki said.
“Practically our bread and butter these days.” Nola said.
“Aron and Gina are our infiltrators and for extra muscle, it’s Nanashi, Magnum and Devo. Any questions?”
“Yeah, I got one.” Gina said. “Is he any good at all?”
“Believe it, baby!” Aron said. “I’m an expert of getting info incognito.”
“Coming from somebody that gets annoyed by him constantly, he’s good at what he do.” Nanashi said. “……Even though you want to hit him multiple times.”
“See?” Aron said. “Just follow my lead on this and we’ll be crystal.”

“So when do we begin this?” MAK said.
“How about after we sleep?” Kati said as she immediately falls asleep.

“I go with what the sleeping penguin said.” Nanashi said. “And by sleep, I mean none of you do any loud fucking!”

At the same time, Nyoko was just arriving at the Wolf Clan Genesis HQ with Tomoki hidden from view.
“OK, everything here looks highly guarded.” Nyoko said. “Now, I’m going to discuss with the high members of Genesis about making amends about their loss.”
“So you talk to them while I sneak and get Cass.” Tomoki said. “Good plan…..but how will I get past them? It looks heavily guarded.”
Nyoko then gave her something in a form of a pill. “What’s this shit?”
“This is an invisibility pill for Hybrid beings.” Nyoko said. “This will give you time for you to sneak in and sneak out of there in the matter of 30 minutes. You’ll be able to change in and out of invisibility. I will be in there for 30 minutes and as soon as I get out of there, you two have to disappear fast and go your separate ways.”

Dumile was the first to see Nyoko coming in, “STATE YOUR NAME!!”
“I’m Nyoko Hirano of the Faction in the Society. I’m here to speak to Master Takamura.”
“Is he expecting you tonight?” he said.
“I just need to speak to him about what happened down there.” She exclaimed. Takamura along with Lady Aqua happen to hear the conversation between Dumile and Nyoko.
“If he didn’t plan a meeting with you, you must vacate the premises or you will be forced to–” Takamura stopped in time and give him the signal to allow her in. The door opens with Takamura and Aqua coming down.
“Miss Hirano, right?” Takamura said. “As in The Hirano Sisters?”
“Yes, sir.” She said.
“My, my, you look very pretty in the night.” Aqua complimented her. “Would you like something to drink with us?”
“Why, thank you, Lady Aqua. I would like to.” Nyoko said as she went in there.

Tomoki went and swallowed the pill and instantly changed invisible to get inside the cell building to find Cassie.
However, Tomoki need to quietly sneak her out so she found a guard outfit to masquerade as one.
“Good evening, sir.” One guard said as she was passing him by.
“Good evening to you, too.” She said in a gruff voice.

“So, Miss Hirano, you want to speak about the loss of our most decorated member Marble?” Takamura said. “This was a mighty loss to us.”
“We knew he can be hot-headed and abrasive but we never think he would die on us.” Aqua said.
“I, too, know something about dealing with a partner getting injured in the line of fire.” Nyoko said.
“OH…..” Aqua said. “I sense your partner was Ms. Zaki?”
“Yes…..yes she was.” Nyoko said.
“Well, we keep hearing she’s going to be fine and recuperate soon.” Aqua said, “So there’s good faith in there.”
“Yeah…..yeah…..” Nyoko said with some uncertainty.

Cassie was fast asleep as she heard someone coming to her cell.
“HEY!! Sleeping Beauty!!!” Someone shouted.
Cassie then growled at them but as soon as she recognizes that it was Tomoki, she then changed her tone from angry to relieved.
“Tomoki?” Cassie said in a gravelly voice from not speaking much.
“Tomoki, you’re alive! YOU’RE ALIVE!! OH MY….” She sniffled and cried a little bit. “I thought I would never see you again!” As Cassie clings to the bars.
“Don’t worry about a thing. I’ll get you out.” As Tomoki pulled a key and unlocked the door.
Cassie then on Tomoki, hugging and kissing her.
“Honey, honey, honey!!! We can do that later. We just need to get out of here without being detected.”
They soon heard footsteps coming to check on her.
“OH SHIT!!!” Cassie said, “Someone’s coming!!! We got to get out of here!!”
“Don’t worry!!” As Tomoki got into her invisible mode along with Cassie in 15 minutes left and jetted out of there.

While Takamura and Aqua were having a conversation with Nyoko, Masato barged in the room with some developing news.
“Master Takamura!!!! Master Takamura!! There’s been—who in the hell are you?” As Masato pointed to Nyoko.
“Masato, manners!!” Aqua said. “This is Nyoko Hirano of the Faction.”
“The Faction?!” Masato said. “Another one of these fuckers!?”
“Masato, calm yourself.” Takamura said. “She is here to talk among us like civil adults and she is succeeding at that.”
“OK. Civil and all that. But guess what? YOUR PRISONER ESCAPED FROM THE FACTION NOT TOO LONG AGO!!” Masato screamed. “And you know what else!!? SO DID OURS!! LYLES IS GONE!!”

Tomoki and Cassie are escaping from the cell building with both being invisible although the closest exits are being sealed off.
They had to take the other way…..the one with armed security.
“Oh no……and I got 2 minutes left on the invisibility power.” Tomoki said. “Cassie, can you run fast at all?”
“I might……you think we’ll–”
“NO TIME!” As both were seen by guards.
“QUICK! Grab ’em!” They quickly turned invisible again to make a run for it. They see one more exit about to shut and the girls quickly run underneath the doors closing down and the sirens have gone off, alarming them that prisoners are on the loose.

“QUICK!! Into that ditch!!!” Tomoki said.
Cassie then screamed out, “That ditch? Are you–” More gunshots are heading towards their way. “OK!! Ditch it is!!”
They both jumped down, holding on to each other into the dark ditch that leads to…….somewhere. Either way, they are gone.

“Where the hell are they?” Masato shouted. “They couldn’t go that far.”
“Sir, they jumped off into a ditch and I’m not sure if they survived or not.”
“Helicopters are on it, sir.”

The skies are searching high and low for the girls and it looks like they have survive the fall as no dead body was found down there. “Masato, reports show that there is no one down there. No blood or any body parts laying around.”

“SHIT!!!” Masato shouted in anger. “Back at this shit again….”

“Ms. Hirano,” Lady Aqua said. “I think now would be the best time to vacate the premises. It’s not you but I wouldn’t want you in his wrath right about now.”
“We’ll see someone out for you.” Takamura said. “Dumile! Oasis! See Ms. Hirano gets home safely.”
“Right this way–”
“HOLD IT!!” Masato said. “NO! She doesn’t get to leave yet! Why did this happen when you showed up?”
“A coincidence?” Nyoko said. “Look, Mr. Orenji, all I came here is to work our differences so we….”
“Hell, you might help that other girl escaped!!!” Masato said.
“WHY would she want to help someone that shot her partner?” Aqua said. “Masato, you’re talking a lot of nonsense again and leave this poor woman be!!”
Soon, Nyoko left the premises.
“FINE!” Masato said. “But now….you, Nyoko Hirano, is one of my suspects. Hell, your other sister counts as one, too.”

40 minutes later

At the hospital, Loyuka has been resting in her room for a few hours since being shot and soon she’s regain consciousness.
She gasped at she wakes up with the last memory re-playing that she got shot and she knows that Miki shot her.
“That fucking bitch.” Loyuka said. “I can’t believe that white-haired snake….”
“Oh, you can believe it.” As Miki showed up in the room. “But I doubt no one is going to believe you.”
“YOU SHOT AT ME!!” Loyuka screamed. “And for what?”
“Well….I need to get rid of your friends one way or another.” Miki said. “Plus, what better way than to frame them for shooting you?”
“If you’re trying to kill me, then you fucked that up since I’m going to tell them YOU SHOT ME AND—”
“And what?” Miki said, pulling a gun aimed at her face. “That makes everything better? If you tell a soul, I will not only kill you, but you, Tomoki and Cassie and even that shooter girlfriend of yours. Got that?”
Loyuka then pulled her in close range. “If you do anything to harm Nyoko or any of my people……..I will personally kill you with my bare hands.”
“I love to see that….” Miki said. “Too bad when that happens, it’ll be too late….”

As Nyoko got back from Genesis, she heard the news of that and quickly went there.
“LOYUKA!!” Nyoko shouted with glee as she runs to her.
“Nyoko!” Loyuka said.

“Oh, Loyuka!!! You’re awake now!!” Nyoko said, “I was getting so worried about you. I’m so glad you’re OK!!”
“You just got here?” she asked.
“Well, I got back from some business up the Outer Isles but I’ve been checking up on you since you were brought here.” Nyoko said. “Hopefully by tomorrow, you’ll be able to go home……and when you do get home, I got a special surprise for you and it involves something a little black, lacy and……well…..”
She unbuttons her shirt to give her a sneak peek. “That is, if you’re not too hurt for it.”
“Oh, I can handle a little pain as long as pleasure comes with it.” She then kisses Nyoko.
“Great.” Nyoko said. “I’ll get the doctor to see if you can be checked out.”

“Yeah, I’ll just get my things……” Loyuka said.
The words of Miki threatening to end Nyoko’s life kept echoing in her mind and now that Loyuka knows about it, Miki could be watching them at any moment if Loyuka decides to tell the truth.
“Don’t forget……one word and your bitch is good as dead….”

Back to the Outer Isles where the Wolf Clan Genesis are still searching for Tomoki and Cassie, the two have survived the fall with some little injuries like a little bleeding from both of them and aching bones.

Both of them are hiding out until the coast is clear.

“Tomoki!! You’re bleeding!” Cassie recognized Tomoki’s knee bleeding from the jump. “We need to take a rest!!”
“WE CAN’T!!” Tomoki silently said. “They’ll find us if we don’t keep moving.”
“You look exhausted!” Cassie argued.
“NO!!! I’m fine….” Tomoki strained to say but still feel the pain in her knee and winces a little at it. Then Cassie decides to carry Tomoki to find a good hiding place.

“I think they’re starting to give up. Like they’re turning around.” Cassie said.

“They’re leaving?” Tomoki asked.
“I THINK THEY ARE!” Cassie said. “We can rest now… least here.”
“Good…..because I feel like I’m going to faint.” As Tomoki did.

“Hang on!!” Cassie said. “I can find us some shelter soon enough!”

So Tomoki and Cassie went deep to the other side of the Outer Isles, next to one of the largest mountains in the area, Mt. Audra. They found a cave they can hide in so Tomoki can heal faster.

Cassie gently laid Tomoki and took a look at her knee.
“OK, I think I can make the bleeding stop.” Cassie said. “Good news is that you’re fine on everything else. No broken bones or serious injuries.”
Cassie then finds a hybrid plant to her to use the leaf to rub on Tomoki.
“OW! The hell is that?” Tomoki said.
“It’s purple leaf.” Cassie said. “This is like blue leaf except this is used for healing more than strength and yeah, it does sting a little. Sorry for the late warning.”

“I guess you learn that when you was down there.” Tomoki said. “Now we have nowhere to run. We’re wanted women now.”
“We’ve been wanted women.” Cassie said. “Now we’re just in deeper shit than before… fact, it’s the same shit as last time only worse.”
“This feels like we can’t ever go back to the way things used to be……” Tomoki said. “Go back and we’ll never see each other again and the same could happen if we keep moving away from them. We’re damned if we do and damned if we don’t.”
“Not to mention our friends…..” Cassie said. “Déjà vu all over again.”

“Yeah…..same problems with different twists.” Tomoki said. “……not to mention that the bitch from before is now the main source of this bullshit!!”
“You mean Miki?” Cassie said.
“Yep.” Tomoki responded. “Bitch came to my cell and basically said that my ass is going to rot in jail.”
Cassie said, “Same thing only I didn’t say shit to her.”

“You know…. That fucking bitch is not going to walk away from this.” Tomoki angrily said. “She got our friends beaten and kidnapped and shot at…..and I rather see her go down for the twofaced bitch she is.”
“You read my mind, Moki.” Cassie said. “Let’s do it!! Not just for us, but for Loyuka, MAK, Kai, Kati, Yuan, Sheena, the Darksiders, and every one of our friends and their friends. We need to do it for them!!”

“EXACTLY!!” Tomoki said as she tries to stand but her knee is still acting up. “OK…..I shouldn’t stand up that quick.”
Tomoki also said to Cassie, “So…..when should we do this?”
“In a few hours or so.” Cassie said. “But first……you need to rest and I need to lay down.”




What’s going on, Loyuka?

What are you not telling my sister?

Where the fuck you come from

At last, the three of you against one of me!

Maximum Hybrid Overdrive

©2016 KATANAPlus+ / the Faction Colors Project. All Rights Reserved.

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