AURA FACTION presents: JEYSAP – Chapter 4 / YOUNG Adult EMOTIONS


So MAK and Joanna told Kai and Sheena all about their run-in with the gang in the Jaxx.
“They got a card, too?” Kai and Sheena shouted.
“Apparently.” Joanna said, “I don’t know how or where people are getting these cards from and how someone like Carter and that gang got them.”

“All I know is that I’m choking the shit out of him for what he was going to do to you two.” MAK said, “The balls on this fucking nigga…..”

“Don’t worry, MAK.” Kai said, “We’ll get him soon enough and the sooner the better.”


“So, dirty cops, a dickhead ex and a gang of niggas is who we are up against in both problems relating to you two.” MAK said, towards Sheena and Joanna. “This is beginning to feel like deja vu.”


“Pretty much.” Kai said.
“We need to warn Garret and Collins about those cops and a potential ambush.” Joanna said, “There’s no telling what those guys might do with them.”


“Yeah….” MAK said, “But then there’s the whole ‘they don’t want your ass on this mission’ and if they find out, your ass might be in deep shit.”
“But that’s my f–my friend’s family, MAK!” she said, “I got to make sure they’re protected at all costs. I refuse to let them suffer to some bullshit again! I’m calling them now!!” She grabbed her cell and call them right away.


Back at the Ortiz house, Collins was getting a call on his phone.
“I guess it might be Jesse.” Collins said. He checked his caller ID. “Huh? Yubari?”
“Why the hell she’s calling?” Garret said, “She know we’re the ones doing this shit?”
“I better answer.” He answers the call. “Yubari. I didn’t think you would be the one calling my number.”


“Yeah, um, Collins….or Chris? Mind if I call you Chris?” she asked.
“OK….” he said, “Any reason why you’re calling my number?”
“Well…… see….”
Leon then got the phone from him. “OK, OK….who told you?”
“Huh? Told me what?” Joanna said.
“About us being in the Ortiz case.” he said, “Face it. We figure you would know about it sooner. Nguyen told you?”


“NO!” Joanna shouted, “Gina didn’t tell me!”
“We heard you ran into those cops at the Jaxx today with MAK and I heard he got ass kicked.”
“HEY!!” MAK shouted.
“Hello MAK.” Both Leon and Chris said.
“Ah, damn it.” MAK quietly said.


“Yeah, we know about those cops coming in and harassing them for money and we didn’t fill you in for….the obvious reason we can’t keep stating because most of us are tired of saying it.” Leon said, “But yeah, we’re going to bust this guy and his gang and your friends will be safe.”

“They have to get up damn early in the morning to fuck with us.” Collins said. “I understand if you’re worried but with us on this, they will be fine and if something happens, we might let you know. OK?”
“Well……OK.” Joanna said. “But, please…PLEASE CALL ME IF SOMETHING HAPPENS!”
“OK, OK! Got it!” Leon said as he hung up, “Yeesh!”


“So for your problem….” Kai said, “What are we going to do with Carter? We can’t keep enduring this and if he gets one of his guards to try and strip me down and again, I’m throwing hands at him.”


“I got it!” MAK said.
“We can’t call the Darksiders, MAK.” Sheena said, “Most of them told us to not bother them for some time. They’ve been through some shit recently.”
“What sh–Oh, yeah. That.” He puts down his phone. “Well, fuck. We got nothing else. The Express are now in danger of being shutdown and …..well, you’re worried about a family of a guy that was your first love.”
“FIRST LOVE?” Kai shouted with Joanna giving him a WTF look.


“OK…..well, I told Sheena and MAK and now it’s good if you know, too.” Joanna said, “Tyrell Ortiz….the late guy whose family I’m trying to protect…..we used to be boyfriend and girlfriend.”

“Basically that.” MAK said.
“This is a subject I really don’t like bringing up often. Mainly because….it’s something that just bring back memories of my life that wasn’t trash and then remembering that person is gone and I can never see them again…..and the more you remember it, the more you cry…..and how it could’ve been avoided, he would be alive right now.”


“Joanna……if it’s not too personal to ask….what happened to him?” Kai asked.


Joanna swallowed hard to tell them the hard truth. “Well… happened one evening. He was going shopping for his grandmother and all of a sudden….a robber came in with a shotgun with the mask on. He was doing a hold-up and Tyrell felt like he would get out his knife and stab him from behind. Now, foolish it might have been to do but it gets worse from here.”

Kai did not like the look of where this is going.
“A policeman arrived and when Tyrell tried to go in for the stab, the cop thought Tyrell was the robber and he……” She paused with tears coming down her face.
“He what?” Kai said.

“The cop shot Tyrell.” she finally said with both Kai and MAK all wide-eyed at that revelation.


“Oh shit….” MAK said.
“Yeah….” Joanna morbidly said, “The cop just had to shoot the wrong guy and because of that, 4 more people in the store got killed. I don’t know if I should blame the cop for being a jackass or Tyrell for trying to be the hero. It doesn’t matter at this point… happened and yeah, the cop did apologized to the family and was offered paid leave after that.”

“Paid leave?” MAK said, “Oh, for fu–Did he at least give some of that to them?”


“They didn’t want it at first.” Joanna said, “You think they would accept money from a guy that killed their child? But eventually, they had to because of bills and all that stuff.”


“Didn’t they get money from relatives as well?” Kai said.
“They did.” Joanna said, “But money can’t bring a son back.”


She walked to the three sitting down.
“MAK… know your dad brought this shit up when we was interrogating him. I immediately went to beat his ass down.” she said, “And like him and the Cain brothers….they think of me as naive and foolish and he made some crack at me and…..well…..” she points to her chest.

“Oh…damn, Jo, I’m sorry he–”
“Don’t.” she said, “You have nothing to apologize for.”


“But now I see why this case was a big deal for you.” he said.
“Me and the family have been close since his death. Well, closer.” she said, “They did like me before when he was alive.”




Leon and Collins were still keeping a good eye on the place while eating their takeout for dinner and it was getting to night time by now.
“Welp, this has been boring but it’s a good thing.” Leon said, “It doesn’t end in gunfire or bloodied bodies.”
Collins got an odd look for him, “I hope you mean for the assailant.”
“Yes, I meant that.” Leon said, “Everybody is heading to bed and—wait….”
Leon heard something coming from the next house over.
“You heard it, too?” Collins said.


Someone was about to have the drop on them but then Collins grabbed them by the balls and slammed them hard.
“OOOWWWW!!! My BALLS!” he shouted.


“Not the first guy that shouted that to me when kicking ass.” Collins said.
“IT’S AN AMBUSH! ALARM THE FAMILY!” Leon shouted. He shot an flare for them to lock down the place and boarded them up as well.


“Kill them Faction fucks! BREAK THAT HOUSE DOWN!”
“You getting these, opps!” One guy was shooting them down the doors but caught one bullet in his ass and got snatched by Collins and he went to beat the shit out of the guy.


“What the hell?” Dolo said. “Who the hell is that guy beating the shit out of them?”
“Doesn’t matter.” Jameson said, “Show them you don’t bullshit around.”
Dolo then brought out his big shotgun to show off.
“Got it.”


Meanwhile, in the house.
“HOLY FUCK! It’s an fireworks show out there!” Loka said.
“LOKA!!” Milenna shouted, “We need to hide! QUICK! To the basement!”

Milenna, the girls and Loka ran down to the basement to hide from them when they break in the house.

“COME ON! BREAK THE BITCH!” One guy said slamming himself to the door. “I can’t wait to get to them girls!!!! I know the middle sister got a mouth on her but I got a way to put it in good use!!!”

“Like hell you are!” Leon shot him at his foot.
“AAH! Fuck!” The guy then went and attack Leon but he went into his metal hybrid mode and head-butted him out of the fence.

Two more guys came and jumped on Leon, trying to stab him but Leon kept with using his metal power to shield where they were stabbing him at.


Collins, on the other hand, were giving all shots to the incoming gang members invading the house.

They were coming from every way possible, with one sneaking under him and entered the house.

“YES!” he said, “I just need to find them fuckers.”
He deducts that they must be somewhere in their rooms. “Time to get to Mommy Dearest.”


Back to the apartments, Joanna’s phone rang.
“Hello?” she said.
“WE GOT TROUBLE!” Collins said, “Gang is at the house. It’s swarming with these motherfuckers! Send help now!” He hangs up.
“What was that, Jo?” Sheena said.
“MAK… got some Blue Leaf ready?” she said.


Doors were being knocked down as the guy was still searching for the family and he looked through everywhere and even shot up some pictures of them, shouting out “HEY!!! We come for that money!!!”


The rest were still hiding in the basement and trying to keep quiet.
“HEY!!!” But one member knows that method isn’t going to work on them, “Don’t think you’re going to be safe down there!! My leader and his bosses want our usual cut, Ortiz!”
They didn’t say a damn thing.
“Oh, being silent, huh?” he said, “Well, I don’t need you to talk. I’m just gonna beat the shit out of you and fuck your daughters until they’re sore!”


“Not if I got something to say about it.” Loka said, with a cocked gun.
“Oh and I’m definitely shooting your son.” he said, “Deja vu is a bitch, isn’t it? Your first son dies trying to protect some random people that ended up getting killed and I definitely Loka with–”
He breaks open the door with Loka shooting him but he misses.
The guy grabbed Loka and choked him, throwing the gun from him and slammed his face to the washer.

“Nice going, bitch.”

Mileena then armed herself with a blow torch and quickly pointed it at him. “Leave my son alone….and get the hell out of my house!!!!”


“OH! A BLOWTORCH! How cute! You think something like that is going to–” Raina immediately threw some brown liquor at him and…
“That’s it? Oh wait, that’s brandy.”
Mileena fired it up and lit his ass on fire.
“OH GOD!! I’M ON FIRE!!! AAAHHHHHHH!!!” He kept on screaming in pain and running through the room while everyone else had to escape there.


“Where are we going to go now?” Maria shouted, “More of them are still out there!!”
“I hope those Faction agents are OK.” Raina said.
Then cue Collins stabbing a member in the leg and his stomach and Leon shielding himself, then knocking them back into their car.
“Yeah, they got it under control.” Katrina said, “Although that metal Hybrid guy is kinda hot.”


“ORTIZ!!!!” Then the two cops just showed up at the door.
“HEY!” Leon shouted, “Jameson and Loughlin… you two motherfuckers are ganking this woman’s place for cash.”
“Leon Garret.” Jameson said, “I heard of your ass, motherfucker. From the dregs that is Cashis City and the Grand H War. So this family hired you and your bruiser friend to protect this family?”

“You motherfuckin’ right.” he said.
“Well….” Loughlin cocked his gun, “You’re not going to get in the way of our little side thing. You and your damn Faction.”


Then all of a sudden, a blue light appears and it was…..
“WHAT THE FUCK!?!” Loughlin shouts.
It was Joanna, Sheena, MAK and Kai.
“OK….using blue leaf for instant travel can still fuck up my stomach, dammit!” MAK shouted.


“YUBARI!” Leon shouted, “….And Barrett’s sister…..and Yubari’s girlfriend…..and of course….”
“Well, nice to see you, too, Leon.” MAK said.
“Who the fuck are they!?” Loughlin said.
Then Dolo overheard them. “WAIT A MINUTE!! You’re that girl with the big tits and that dude I fucked up today in the JAXX! Oh, and I see you got 2 more girls I can fuck with.”
“LIKE HELL!” MAK phased in front of him but Dolo got the gun aimed at his belly.


“I will blow your fat as–” MAK then side-chop his neck and punched him in the throat.

“You were saying?” MAK said.


“HOLD UP, MOTHERFUCKER!” Then suddenly another voice stepped up and to no one’s surprise, it was….
“What the fuck?” Sheena said.
“Surprised to see me again?” It was Carter to make an appearance there.


“Wait, wait, wait…..” Kai said, “It’s bad enough you’re making our lives hell back at the Express but you’re here with these assholes?”
“So, him and those cards……” MAK said, “Were they….”
“Created by yours truly?” Carter said, “Why yes, Mr. Obvious. I actually made these cards in order to bypass some things with the local police and well…do whatever the fuck I want.”


Dolo then got up and got his pistol on MAK with Loughlin got his sights on the girls. “You see, I looked him up when we was still in lockup and Carter actually got a hook-up with officers Jameson and Loughlin about developing a special-carrying card for underprivileged citizens that can grant them the help they need…..or at least that was the surface level of it.”
“But in actuality,” Joanna said, “You created it so you and your little friends can use it to do some mischievous bullshit.”
“Like disrupting businesses….threatening hard-working citizens….doing petty revenge shit.” Sheena snarked at him.
“And sexually harassing people at that.” Kai said.


Then Joanna points her attention to the cops, “And you two… two sons of bitches practically gave them the keys of this bullshit, letting them do whatever the fuck they want and you call ourselves protectors?”


“And….” Jameson said.
“Don’t tell me you’re one of those people that preach that justice shit.” Loughlin said, “We lived that shit for years and all of that done is either got me shot numerous times, a wife that left my ass and for what? For protecting the same assholes day in and day out.”
“And after the shit we endured over the years”, Jameson said, “We could use a little perk or two, even if it meant we break a couple of rules.”


“So being spoiled little bitches.” Sheena said.
“HEY, YOU SHUT THE FUCK UP!” Loughlin said, “You think I’m about to get lectured by some bimbos with a conscience, you got another thing coming.”


“At least I got a conscience, dick head.” Kai said.
“Bitch, you better shut up before you lose a conscience along with a chunk of brain.” Dolo yelled. “And where you think you’re going, motherfucker!” He pointed MAK trying to escape but he did anyway with MAK phasing out of his shooting range.

He ended up kicking Dolo and stomp on his face in the ground.


Meanwhile, Collins and Leon went on to battle Loughlin and Jameson with a shoot-out. That got the girls to go inside and see that the family is all right.
“That’s them!” Joanna shouted.
They quickly got inside
“JOANNA!” Milenna said.
“JO-JO!” Raina said.
“Holy shit, we need to get out of here!” Katrina said, “This place is a war-zone!!”
“But where are we going to go?” Maria said.
“Can we just clap those fuckers!?” Loka said, “That one guy did before and he seems fi–” Then cue MAK being thrown inside the house with Milenna and Maria screaming in terror.


“OW…..sorry about the window.” he said. “That Dolo fucker apparently got hands the last minute.”


“OK……so…..” Raina asked, “So who are the rest of your friends?”
“Oh, my bad.” Joanna said, “The one thrown in here is MAK. The one helping him up is his wife Kai and…..the woman right beside me is…my girlfriend Sheena.”
“Oooh, girlfriend…” Milenna said, “Well, it’s good meeting you all…I just wish it was at a better time.”
“So do I.” MAK said.
“You motherfuckers!!” one gang member shouted before getting shot by Kai.
“We should leave right now.” Kai said.
“Oh yeah!” The family said.


“How tho!?” Katrina said, “Our car is fucked! And how did you get here!?”
All the girls looked at MAK.
“OK…..Hopefully I don’t pass out the next stop.” He injects himself some more blue leaf in him. “Come on, huddle up, everyone.”


“You know a place to go to?” Milenna asked.
“I think I got the place.” Joanna said.


We then cut to Kati’s place (as in her own place, not the bar) and while she was playing Overseer.
“Come on, dammit!!” She shouts as she just lost another round by someone playing as Faye. “Damn her and her firewalls!”
Then a loud sound and bright flash appears behind her.
“What the—” She then sees that Sheena, Joanna, MAK, Kai and the Ortiz family are right there.

“MAK, ARE YOU PHASING MORE PEOPLE AGAIN!? Oh no, you don’t have to…”
“Not this time.” MAK said.


“So…..welcome to your temporary hiding place!” Joanna said.
“Um, Jo….you want to explain things here?” Kati asked.


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