AURA FACTION Season 2: COLORS Story 14 – (3-in-1) – Side B / The Council


In the underground lot of the Society, 4 people dressed in bird costumes were coming from the surface and they were coming up somewhere holding a empty gas container and used matches.
“Another day, another time of fucking some people over.” One of them said.
“Well, at least this time you didn’t leave some shit out in the open, Myke.” One girl said, “Thankfully, your dumb ass doesn’t have an out-of-control bladder.”

“And how about you blow me, Yellowhammer?” Myke said while giving her the finger.
“You wish I would but I don’t blow dudes with compensating issues.” Yellowhammer said while walking past him and while those 2 argue, the other ones were debriefing with Kikyo.
“Shaw, this is Ryo and Whipping Crane calling in.” Ryo said. “We just finished pouring gas on this one guy’s car and let’s just say the mixtape he got isn’t the only thing that’s fire!! HA!!!”
Whipping Crane took the talkie away from him. “This is Crane not doing a lame joke! As he said, we got another law enforcement’s car on fire.”

“Hmmm…” Shaw said, “All right, nice job on those but I think that’ll be the last car job we’ll do. It seems we need to step up our game a bit.”

“Why you say that, boss?” Ryo said. “We got the message set up for everyone to see. We’re a force that’s not to be fucked with.”

“That’s true but I’ve been doing some talking with our top bird.” Shaw said.
“Well….” Crane said.


“Fine, if your dumb ass is gonna go out all night fucking with strangers, then don’t bother to CALL ME FOR MORE MONEY!!!” That was Shaw talking to someone on the phone and she sounded irritable at them. “Ungrateful bitch!”

“KIKYO!” The shadow girl called and she goes by The Grey One.
“Yes….Grey One?” She said, “You need to see me about something?”
“Yes, I do.” She said, “Please, come sit down.”

Kikyo sat down with a concerned look on her face.
“Kikyo, you have proven to be worthy of this whole mission so far.  We got the attention we need from people.” She said. “However…..we have to go deeper than what we usually do.”
“And that would be?” Kikyo said.
“Casualties might be involved.” Grey one said. Kikyo was shocked when she heard that as she didn’t plan on ever doing that.

“Casualties?” Kikyo said, “Are you sure about that?”
“Look, I know you don’t want to get your hands bloodied with innocent people and all that but it’s less to do with them and more about the cops, the law enforcement, the Faction, the Royal Hybrid League, the Bureau (both Hybrid and FBI), anyone from those.” Grey one said, “Remember, we are targeting those, not some random innocents. We’re not those vicious fucks that murder anything in sight.”

“Do we have anyone in particular you want?” Kikyo said.
“Well….right now, we’re focusing on the Faction.” The Grey one said, “And only them at the moment. Sure, a few cops now and then but they…..they are our biggest adversary.”

“Why them?” Kikyo said.
The Grey one stood silent for a minute, told Kikyo to get up and walk up to her. “Kikyo….my dear sweet Kikyo….I know you want to share your message to both humans and Hybrids but sometimes they won’t get it until something big happens and we haven’t done that yet. You understand?”

“Actually, yeah, now that I’m thinking about it.” Kikyo said. “I mean, I’m not opposed to it but…who are we going to target in there?”

“Oh, don’t you worry about a thing.” Grey one said, “I got that covered. You just tell the others about it after their last job, OK?”
“OK.” Kikyo said. “Will do, Grey.”
Grey then gave a confidence boost/hug to Kikyo before she left. “Just do your best, my child.”
Kikyo blushed from that as she left as Grey One is looking as a few dossiers to see who’s in the immediate area and even a few familiar faces.
“Hmmmmm…..Oh…..I see old friends coming back. Time to make room for new attacks.” She said.


“So….Grey haired bitch wants us to wipe out Faction motherfuckers?” Myke said.
“HEY!!” Kikyo said. “That’s the Grey One to you, MYKE!!”
“What!! All she does is just sits there, watching our move like some lame Saturday Morning Cartoon villain.” Myke said. “She isn’t the fucking boss of me!!”
“And yet when we get there, you’ll crack down like a bitch and follow her orders.” Yellowhammer said, “Myke, your ass isn’t going to do shit to her. You did it with me and I’m busting your balls every day.”
“Yeah……well….that’s because I let you to boost your day, bitch.” Myke said in silent.
Yellowhammer smacked him upside the head anyway. “I heard that.”

“LOOK!!” Kikyo shouted in demand, “We just need to come up with a plan of attack. Who do we need to get to have the BIRDBRAIN name out there?”

“Whose car did we set on fire again?” Crane said.
“Just some officer.” Ryo said, “Name’s Chris “Lox” Collins, they call him The Wild Card.”

“That crazy motherfucker!?” Myke said, “The hell we getting to him again. I’ve seen what that motherfucker will do and I don’t want to be the one on his ass. How about that head motherfucker in charge….um…..I forget his name.”
“There’s 2 of them, fool.” Yellowhammer said. “One of them is that Matsuda brother….the one sibling that’s not dead and the other girl Sei Goto.”
“Jiro Matsuda and Sei Goto, huh?” Kikyo said. “I heard of the name before…at least from my sister or something.”
“Wait, your sister?” Yellowhammer said.
“Yes, the disrespectful little bitch.” Kikyo said, “I mean, I love her with all my heart but she goes fucking around town with whatever random bitch or asshole she’s fucking.”
Then another BIRDBRAIN came in the room in the name of Robin. “So, she’ll fuck anyone, you’ll say?”

“Robin, stop. Just stop.” Kikyo said.
“What, man?” Robin said, “You said your sister’s a freak and willing to–”
“Whatever…..” She said, “We got plans to fuck up one of HMFIC of the Faction. Now we won’t try to kill them but cause harm to them as possible. However, if it goes wrong, then killing them is an acceptable option.”

“ALL RIGHT!!” Myke said. “Welp, time to shoot a mot–”
“MYKE!!” Kikyo said, “We’re not just going to shoot our way into there. We need to think of a plan here.”
“Wait….” Crane said. “How about this for a plan?” Crane then got Kikyo, Ryo, Robin, Myke and Yellowhammer into a huddle to think of a plan.
“So…how about this….we put a bomb in their office?” Crane said to the others and they don’t look that amused but they aren’t bemused, just not into it.
“That’s it?!” Myke said, “A bomb? Yes, let’s do the most clichéd thing like deliver a bomb to their office.”
“I don’t see you coming up with brilliant ideas.” Yellowhammer said, “And that gun plan isn’t shit either.”
“Look, we get someone to place in one of the offices and once it’s in there, we activate it.” Crane said, “We just got to make the bomb and carefully get it in one of the recyclable bins and BOOM!!! Instant attack!!”
“That… something there, Crane. I like that.” Kikyo said.
“Wait, really?” Myke said. “Yes, MOTHERFUCKER, it’s a decent plan.” Yellowhammer said slapping him again.
“OK, look, bitch, I’m tired of you hitting on me!!” he shouted.
“And I’m tired of you acting like an asshole!!” she said. Both of them stepped outside for a minute to deal with their stuff.
“So….bomb plan is good, guys?” Kikyo said.
“Yeah, sure, whatever.” The rest of them said.
Myke and Yellowhammer went outside to talk it out only for them to make out the next minute with Myke grabbing on her ass. “OK, OK, I went too far there?”
“You really did.” Yellowhammer said, “Well, with Crane. Sure, her plan isn’t grand but it was alright.”

“I admit. It’s OK.” Myke said, “But that whole compensation thing did hurt.”
Yellowhammer cooed at his hurt feelings. “Awww, I’m sorry about that. I mean, I’m not saying it’s small and believe me, it’s a good size. It really is.” She kisses him. “Now come on, we need to hear more of what to do.”
Later in the night, Kikyo got to her home and got to her bed to sleep.
“Help, I’m so tired today!!!” And yet she gets another phone call from her ‘sister’.
“What…….you….want?” Kikyo sternly said.
“Yeah, just come to warn you that I’m not coming home today. I’m staying at a friend’s house.” She said, “We got in a little too much fun tonight.”
“Oh…..and I guess you aren’t–”
“Coming home tonight?” she said, “Pretty much. Why you sound so tired?”
“Look, I had a hard day at work. My ass is tired and I want to sleep. I don’t want to argue tonight.” She said. “So….Hummingbird, when you getting home again?”
“Reiko, I’ll be home in the morning and can you stop calling me Hummingbird?”
“OK, OK, OK.” She said, “Good night…….Laila.” They hung up as Laila is getting ready for another round with Sayuri and Rolo.
“Hey guys, you want to go at it again?” As she jumps into bed with them.
“That fuckin’ girl.” As Kikyo (aka Reiko) is heading off to sleep.



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