AURA FACTION Season 2 COLORS – Story 15: T.R.O.Y. (They Reminisce Over You)

WARNING: The following written material that you’re about to read may contain acts of violence, graphic language, and sexual content. This is meant only for MATURE AUDIENCES. Reader Discretion is advised.

Previously on COLORS….

Well, the secret is out for Cyan and Seiki as they found out that Tomoki and Cassie are living in MAK and Kai’s apartment. Naturally, they are pissed about the whole ordeal and it looks like they may not be as hidden as they thought they were. It seems like Aka may be a bit suspicious about Laila’s intention with Rolo and Sayuri and it is revealed that Laila is the sister of Kikyo Shaw, whose real name is Reiko.

Oh, and Kai is having nightmares about an eventual doomsday to everyone.

The phone rings and it is Mami on the phone.
“Hello, Kai.” She said.
“Mom?” Kai said.
“Yeah, did you forget that we’re coming to your place in a few minutes?” she said.
“OH…..Oh, yeah, I forgot.” Kai said while having a confused look to everyone present.
“Anyway, see ya in a few. BYE!” As her mom hung up.

“Baby, who was that?” MAK said.
“Yeah……MAK, we forgot my parents are coming right here.” Kai said, “And they’ll be here in a few minutes and I assume them finding us and a half-naked wolf girl in here will give them the wrong impression.”
“Uh….guys…I can just run back to Sheena’s apartment and put on–”
Then we see a half-naked and drunk Tomoki coming from the apartment. “Hey….girl….” Tomoki said in a slurred speech. “I….missed your sexy ass.” Then smacked her ass. “Oh and your front, too.”

“And now we got 2 half-naked girls and Sheena here.” MAK said.
“OK….um, you two need to get the fuck out of here.” Kai said. So she got all three to get them out of there with having to carry Tomoki.
“Hey, Kai….” Tomoki kept on slurring her words. “What’s the rush, girl? I mean, I had a good night drinking and fucking, so……” She then did a high-pitched laugh and completely spazzed out. “…..Oh, Cassie’s ass looked so cute in the flesh. You should really see it.”
“Um, Tomoki, go…..well, there, you’re drunk.” Kai said. “And I have seen Cassie’s ass a few times. Most of us did.”
“Uh, Cass?” MAK said.
“Hmmm?” she said.
“Just keep her ass occupied for a good hour or so.” He said.
“In other words….”
“Yeah, sex her up again.” MAK said, “But do it quietly.” Then Kai hand over Tomoki for Cassie to carry.
“Come on, Moki, it’s fun time again.” Cassie said.
“YAY!!” Tomoki drunkenly cheered.

MAK, Kai and Sheena immediately got into their natural mode as the parents arrive.
“Kai, sweetheart, it’s us.” Patrick said.
“Told you we arrive here.” Mami said.
“And you weren’t lying!” MAK said, “You got here quick.”
“I see you two got a friend with you.” Mami said, noticing Sheena beside them.
“So, hey, I’m Sheena, your daughter and MAK’s best friend.” Sheena said. “Bartender/music connoisseur/person who talk too much.”
“Well, at least you’re honest with yourself.” Patrick said.


“So, you’ll think we might come back for your birthdays coming up?” Mami said. “Both of you are turning up the big 25
this year. Pretty soon both of you will be 30, living in your own house and with your own kids, too!!!”
Thus the spit take from both MAK and Kai happened.
“OK, Mom!!” Kai said. “I’m about to be 25, not 40. Besides, I don’t know if me and MAK are ready for that phase yet.”

“Oh, I don’t want to rush you into it.” Mami said.
“Believe us, we don’t.” Patrick said. “But yeah, soon you’re 25 and then you’ll be 30 and 40 and so on and so on.”
“Yeah…..I don’t think Kai and I will be ready for that at least……..6 years or so.” MAK said.
“What he said.” Kai finished that for him.
“Well, we better get going.” Mami said, “We’ll be seeing you crazy kids later.”
“Peace out.” Patrick said and then they left.

“BABIES!?!?” Sheena said out loud but she made sure no one else heard her. “Judging by the way you two fuck, I thought you two were practicing.”
“Look, we do that because of two things: 1) we love each other and 2) it’s fun but a baby? Nah. Not ready.” MAK said. “Especially since we got more important shit to do……like explaining to Kati that Cyan and Seiki knows the secret now.”

“Come on, MAK.” Kai said, “I’m sure Kati won’t be as harsh on us or Tomoki and Cassie.”

THE TURNER EXPRESS (30 minutes later)

MAK, Kai, Sheena, a now-sobering Tomoki and Cassie are sitting in a room where they told Kati and Yuan about the whole secret debacle.
“SHE KNOWS NOW!?” The first thing Kati screams as Kai told her that Cyan knows about this. “Oh great. First, Loyuka and her secret lover knows this shit and now your sister?!?”
“And Seiki, too.” Sheena said.
“Oh great!” Kati said, “And you couldn’t stop her?”
“She had a grip on me!!” Sheena said, “I tried stopping her but Seiki’s too powerful for me. I thought she might break my hands!! I know, Lex told me about it.”
“Well, shit.” Yuan said, “So basically you two were caught with your…..well, everything off and now you two are more in danger than before. This is DefCon 4.”

“I presume DefCon 5 being Rick and Dice?” MAK said.
“Right.” Yuan said, “As long as the whole Faction doesn’t know this shit, they’re good and only what? Outside of us, Loyuka, Nyoko, Cyan and Seiki knows about this?”

“Yeah.” Kai said.
“But we know Loyuka will keep our secret.” Tomoki said. “And even with Nyoko knowing it, too. But with Cyan and Seiki, I’m not sure….”
“Cyan and Seiki is our turf.” MAK said, “You just worry about Loyuka and all that and as far as we’re concerned, Rick and Dice don’t know a damn thing about them and will never know!”

A very loud knock on the door came and it was Nanashi there. “Hey Kati, when you doing another game of Kings here? The guys are up for a round of that soon.”
Nanashi are about to open the door but Kati quickly went there and kept it shut so she won’t notice Tomoki and Cassie. “Yeah, Nanashi, I’m planning on that soon but you can’t come in now. I’m getting dressed.”

“Dressed? For what?” Nanashi said, “You hiding something from me?”
“No. Why would you say that?” Kati said.
“Because you’re clearing hiding from what I can make out is Tomoki and Cassie in there.” Nanashi said. “And yes, I know because I see them in that corner there and I saw Tomoki a few nights ago when we was playing Kings.”

“The night she came back into town?” Kai said. “So Nanashi knows, too?”

“Nanashi is safe.” Kati said, “Nanashi knows she won’t tell anyone else, right?”
“Of course, Kati.” Nanashi said, “You take me for a snitch? NOOO……..I told the rest of the Darksiders but that’s about it.”

“She said it was just The Darksiders!! Who we can trust….especially since you used to d–”
“I GET IT!!” Kai shouted.

Later on, MAK was at the bar ordering a drink for him and Kai to calm each other’s nerves.
“Figure you can use this.” MAK said passing down a drink to Kai.
“I suppose.” Kai said downing the drink in one gulp. “Got another one?”

“Well, holy shit, girl!” MAK said, “I swear if that was you or if Kati swapped her soul and drank that.”

“Me and my sister are arguing again, parents brought up babies, two assholes are ruining my life……I needed this.” Kai said. “Oh, and we’re about to turn 25 the next week.”

“What? So we’re getting old—er?” MAK said. “I mean, it scares me, too, but that’s life.”

Cassie then got into the conversation. “Wait, turning 25? You’re about to turn 25?”
“Next week, Cass.” MAK said. “Yeah, me and Kai got birthdays 4 days apart from each other and we often celebrate it like a week-long thing.”

“So both of you are Libra babies?” Cassie said, “And in some consequence, your parents did some late Christmas/early New Years fu–”
“STOP!” Kai said as MAK went to get some more beers.
“Yeah, MAK and I always do a tradition where we both try to give each other gifts and if we can’t do that, give each other our company and the fact we always have each other as friends…..and now that we found each other again and eventually became a couple, we can give more to each other and I hope that can continue for a long time. I remember one time MAK tried to buy me a gift…….” She then paused for a minute, thinking about it. “……but he got stabbed and robbed and had to spend his and my birthday in the hospital.”
“Oh…….that’s really fucked up.” Cassie said.
“Exactly.” Kai said, “Every time I think about that, I…….it’s one of those moments where I thought I would’ve lost him and especially close to our week.”

“You have been saying a lot of stuff about not wanting to lose MAK or anyone here recently.” Cassie said, “…..and yet you never bother to tell him about the s–”
That moment was interrupted with Kai shoving a beer into Cassie’s mouth.
“Do you have to bring that up?” Kai said.
“Yes, I do, KAI!” Cassie said. “And as your friend, you putting this off is going to bite you back in the ass.”
“It will come, Cass.” Kai said. “Just due time.” And then MAK came back with the beers.
“Anything I missed?”
“Nope. Not a thing.” Kai said drinking her beer nonchalantly.
“Well, I’m going to head back but before I do….” Cassie then gave a big hug to both of them and said, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MY TWO BEST FRIENDS!! Turning the big 2-5!! And in the same week.”

Soon, the Darksiders entered the Express for a drink and Lex, Rolo and Aron chatted with MAK a bit.
“Yo, Mr. Lex, I haven’t heard your ass in a while.” MAK said.
“Yeah, like you, I’ve gotten mostly busy with shit nowadays.” Lex said. “But I heard a lot about you nowadays. Especially considering two assholes we have a mutual hatred for.” As Lex was referring to Rick and Dice.
“Oh… heard then.” MAK said.
“Yeah.” Lex said. “And I know that Kati is one of them caught up on it and when she’s pissed……yeesh, I mean, she’s no Seiki but she can hurt a motherfucker.”
“We didn’t even try to do shit.” MAK said, “They go in my apartment, harass Kai, Kati and Sheena and they think they’re in the right? FUCK THAT!! And worst of all, everyone knows they’re full of shit!! They got people spying on me and they know I’m an innocent man!!”

“They sent some dudes after you?” Aron said.
“Well……..not dudes exactly. It was these 2 officers Nguyen and Yubari.” MAK said, “But they weren’t any trouble to me so they’re cool.”
“Wait……Yubari and Nguyen….who are women.” Aron said. “And they went easy on you and so did you on them.”
“And…..?” MAK said, “The hell that’s supposed to mean?”
“You got a soft spot for women?” Sheena said, “I mean…..well, from what I’ve been told, it’s true.”
“From who?”
Then Kati shows up to tell him about it. “Ever since I know you, you always have been infatuated with the women in your life. I know this for a fact, MAK. You always seem to cling on to us for comfort, not that we appreciate it and you do acknowledge us for friendship, not just to fuck every one of us.”
“Yeah, Kati just explained all of that.” Sheena said, “And I have said to you one time that you, the lone guy, living in an apartment with your girlfriend and two other girls along with the sexy girl next door, meaning moi, is like a harem anime.”
“Yeah….except in those anime, the main guy is a milquetoast wimp with the personality of a saltine cracker and most of the girls are either the tsundere bitch he’s going to end up anyway despite that they shouldn’t be together at all, the girl he should’ve been with but both are too stupid to realize it, loli bait, crazy yandere bitch and other expendable bland girl that aren’t going to make it.” MAK said.
“Well…..” Aron said, “The women you hang out with are crazy as the girls in those anime.”
“WHAT!?!” As Kati and Sheena are outraged as they slapped Aron silly.

“So, anyway……the whole 3 strikes thing…’s just another day in the life of the Blue Hybrid, huh?” Aron said as he got up from that. “Christ, I thought what we went with those fuckers were bad.”
“Yeah, yeah… fuck the Cain Brothers.” MAK said downing a drink.
“I drink to that.” Lex agrees with him.

“Hey, Rolo…..” MAK said talking to him, “I heard a lot about you this week. You and some ladies and a thing that happened.”
“Um……yeah…..” Rolo said awkwardly.
“So you heard, huh?” Aron said, “Our boy Rolo is now a MAN!!! A man that got his first THREESOME!!” Aron screamed it so loud that most of the patrons heard him.
“What the fuck, man!?” Rolo said. “You can’t be saying that in public!!”

“What? I assume it all went good there.” MAK said.
“It did.” He said, “Sayuri and Laila showed me a good time.”
“Wait, wait, wait……” MAK said, “I know Sayuri but the other one is slipping from my mind. Who’s Laila?”
“The girl that works at Mr. Tso’s? With Kai?” Rolo said.
“Oh……I keep forgetting that!!” MAK said, “But hey, congrats, man. So you and Sayuri a thing now?”

“I……….I really don’t know.” Rolo said. “I mean, yeah, we had sex and it was good but now….every time I run into her, it gets awkward.”

“Well……I guess it might be because of the shit you did that night?” MAK asked. “I mean, I don’t want to get too much into your personal business but what did you tw—well, three did in there?” Rolo just whispered all what happened into MAK’s ear and MAK’s reaction to that was surprising to them.
“Oohhh…….I can see why. You do that to your girl and the whole ‘being friends’ aspect went out the window. You can’t really say that ‘hey, we’re good friends!! Even though I put my d–”
“MAK!!” Rolo said.
“Yeah……look, man. I know you’re a good dude. You’re practically the smartest one of the Darksiders…”
“HEY!!!” Aron and Lex shouted.
“….and you’re loyal and a good friend.” MAK said, “Maybe the next time y’all meet, you should talk to her about this. Clear the air with that shit….but give her a day like talk about it day after tomorrow.”
“Or at the week-long Mansion Party next week.” As Sheena butted in.

“HUH?” Rolo said.
“MANSION PARTY?!” Aron and Lex said. “WEEK-LONG!?”

“Yeah.” Sheena said, “Yuan and Kati are planning this big event next week for the Turner Express. You know those tablets, the X-91’s?”
“Yeah.” Rolo said. “I heard they were the hottest tech to hit the market.”
“Well, the company Yuan works for gave him a large bonus for the sales and with that, he’s planning a huge party for us!!!!”
“OH, like that party he did about a few months back.” MAK said, “I remember that one. Good times…..although I wouldn’t go near that pool again. It was so milky white that someone went for a dip and now they have triplets.”

“Plus, since a certain two somebodies birthdays are next week…..why not celebrate it there?” Sheena said, “And after this month, everyone needs to party once and awhile……particularity you and Kai.”

“And this is going to be a week-long?” MAK said. “Can people party a week long?”
“I think so.” Sheena said, “Yuan said that there would be a game room, dancehall, pool….that cleans itself, open bar, and of course, various bedrooms for people to fuck in.”
“Well, there you go, Rolo.” Lex said, “You can talk to Sayuri there…and maybe you can fuck her again only with just you two.”

“OK, I do it then.” Rolo said.
“All right!!” Sheena shouted, “And to toast to that, here’s a sample of what’s going to be served there. DRINK UP!”
MAK, Lex, Aron and Rolo all drink the shots Sheena gave them.
“OH…..damn, that’s spicy!” MAK said.
“A bit more than usual.” Lex said, “What is it?”
“Oh, it’s a little something Kati and I concocted a while back. It’s called BANG!”
“BANG!?” Rolo said, “What the hell does that me–”

A small bang exploded out of their hands with MAK’s afro expanded and the few hairs of Lex stranding.
“Bang.” As Sheena playfully said, waving a finger gun.
“I see Kati has taught her well in alcohol.” MAK said. “I’m terrified.”
“I think I need to go to the toilet.” Aron said. “I think the Bang might made my stomach go that.”

“Oh, and MAK….” Lex leading on to something, “You didn’t tell us about your extra guests in your apartment if you get my drift.”
“What the fuck do you…” MAK then got what we was talking about. “OH!!! Yeah, I know the blue-haired drunk known as Nanashi told all of you and I know none of you will telling anyone about this, right? RIGHT!?”
“Well, no shit we’re not going to TELL!” Lex said, “Come on, MAK, you know you can trust us with this.”
“Dude, it’s us.” Aron said, “We’ll keep the shit secret. Don’t worry.”
“All right, all right.” MAK said, “Sorry about the hostility and all that. Kai’s just been worried about this since the girls got caught with their pants down…..or off.”


The Mansion week begins as Yuan and Kati took a glaze inside the mansion they are renting. They went to explore the hallways, the kitchen, the pool, the selected game rooms, the bedrooms and the piece de resistance to Kati….the library.

“Oh……my…….GOD!!” Kati said, “This is even better than the one we got a few months back! And this library!!! SO MANY BOOKS!! SO LITTLE TIME!!!”

“And best of all, this is from money that won’t get me arrested.” Yuan said.
“We’re gonna have a good one this time around.” Kati said, “You getting rewarded for your work and also celebrating two of our best friends’ birthdays coming up. It’s going to be a good week and now if you excuse me, the library is calling my name.” And literally, it was calling her name.
She quickly transformed into her penguin form.
“YAY!!” And quickly went to read all the books she can.

*5 hours later*

Yuan went to check up on Kati. “Um……you know you’ve been in here for 5 hours, right?”
“Yes…….” She said, “And what?”
“Just how many books did you read in all 5 hours?” Yuan said.
“I don’t know. I lost count after 50.” She said. Then MAK and Kai were the first to come into the mansion.
“Yo, Yuan! We here!!” MAK shouted.
“YUAN! KATI!” Kai shouted. Kati then grabbed the intercom mic. “Hey MAKKY, Kai-Kai!! We’re at the library!! IT’S SO AWESOME!!! SO MUCH BOOKS!!!”
“So how long you think she’s been in there?” MAK asked Kai.
“Give or take 4-5 hours.” She replied back to him.
“KAI!!! There’s a game room where they got all the TRAILS games!!!” Kati said. “Wanna do a showdown after the party?”
“OH HELL YEAH!!” Kai shouted.

An hour went on and the mansion got livelier as the party began with music, drinks and games galore.

We see MAK and Yuan downing a few beers while the music plays.
“Ah yeah!!!! This is your DJs Kid Infamous and the Dangerous Charlemagne!!!! In the MIX!!! Bringing the hottest shit to y’all in the Society!!” As the radio broadcast plays throughout the party.

“Well, Yuan……THIS IS DEFINITELY what all of us needed.” MAK said, “This shit is LIT!!”
“YES!! And best of all, it was funded by money that won’t get me arrested.” Yuan said.
“You’re still on that?” MAK asked.
“Not really.” Yuan answered. “But I forgive you for many things, MAK, even though me getting arrested was the hardest to do.”
“I watched those long-ass Bombadill movies for punishment.” MAK said.
“Watching an epic fantasy movie series isn’t exactly a punishment in my eyes.” Yuan said.
“Staying awake during one is.” MAK said, “And 3 hours for all of them?”
Both of them walked into the living room where Shade, Joel and Mango were busy having a conversation with the other friends Damon, PJ, Tim & Correy.
“So, your co-host Golden Grinder still making you watch G-Ham?” Damon said.
“Thankfully, the damn show is on hiatus but man, I can’t watch and review this shit anymore.” Joel said.
“I’m glad I gave that shit up after 3 episodes.” Tim said, “That and my podcast isn’t dumb enough to cover it.”

“And I thought I dealt with a lot of fucked up shit.” As MAK makes his entrance.
“Yo, MAK!!” As the fellas greeted him.
“YO!! I haven’t seen y’all motherfuckers in so long!!” he said. “It’s been like what…..4 months since we hanged?”

“More like 5….” Tim said, “Most of us just been dealing with a lot of shit and judging by the shit you get into, our lives seem more relaxed compared to you.”
“Then again…..don’t you live with your girlfriend?” Damon asked. “And 2 other girls? And that one bartender girl that works for Kati and Yuan?”
“What 2 other girls?” As MAK tries to act like he doesn’t know what Damon is talking about.
“Wait….never mind.” Damon said, “I’m thinking of someone else.”
“Probably.” PJ said as MAK sighs in relief that they know nothing about Tomoki and Cassie.

“But, yeah, dude….” Correy said, “We’ve been hearing about you running into bullshit lately and it got something to do with that group your girlfriend’s sister is in. The Faction or something?”
“It’s not the Faction or Cyan but these two assholes that the Faction hired recently.” MAK said. “You remember those guys I told you about? Rick and Dice Cain?”

“Yeah?” Mango said.
“The ones you put under intensive care and may never walk well again?” Joel said.
“I thought that, too.” MAK said, “But they instantly got cured and back in the bounty hunting business.”
“Well, shit!” PJ said.
“Exactly.” MAK replied. “And not only that, I’m on this 3 strikes shit with them and worst of all, they got Kai, Sheena and Kati involved.”
“So they harass you, your girlfriend, Kati and bartender girl?” PJ said, “And they’re supposed to be the good guys? The ones that supposed to be different than the cops?”
“Unfortunately, like most cops, even bounty hunters like The Cain Brothers are corrupted as hell.” Yuan said, “And yet the Faction seems like they can’t do shit about it.”

Elsewhere in the party, Sayuri happens to be there having a drink and then she sees Rolo coming her way.
“Sayuri!” he shouted to get his attention.
“ROLO! Hey.” She calmly said.
“I’m glad you made it!” he said, “You’re thinking of doing this for the whole week?”
“A whole week?” Sayuri said. “That’s how long it’s going for?”
“That and MAK and Kai’s birthdays are this week and all.” Rolo said. “Along with Yuan making a big celebration and for us to have a good time, you know, always from work or school or just plain drama.”
She knew where this would lead to.
“Rolo…..” she said, “We need to talk about something.”
He knew what she was leading on to.

“Rolo, I really like you.” Sayuri said, “And I know it’s awkward to say after what happened with me, you and Laila and I expressed my liking to you before but now…..” As she holds his hand and look upon him.
“Sayuri….” He said, “I never had a lot of girls taking interest in me before, at least in that way and I can say the way you feel about me…..I feel the same way although now….”
“Now what?” Sayuri said.
“Aren’t you and Laila dating?” he asked. “I mean….is she okay w–”
“She’s fine with it.” Sayuri said, “She actually told me to go for it.” And then she kissed him deeply in the lips to express her feelings.
With that, he returned the favor by kissing her and both instantly went to find a room to fuck in.

However, most of the rooms were fill with a lot of people fucking in there…..especially one Murasaki and Nola behind closed doors.
“Excuse me.” Saki said, “We’re occupied at the moment right now.”
Then Nola said to them, “Oh and by that, we really meant I’m going down on her right about now.”
“Wait, is that Saki and Nola?” Rolo said.
“Oh, hey Rolo.” She said, “You trying to get a room?”
“Well…..yeah….” he awkwardly said.
“You and your date are a bit too late there.” Nola said. “Most of the rooms are pretty much filled up.”
As they heard the various sexual moans in the rooms and obvious climaxes all around especially one couple in there.
One of them came out and it was Collins coming out, panting and sweaty fully naked.
“Det. Collins?” Sayuri noticed.
“Oh, Miss Matsuda. I’m just here for my date with my husband.” He said.
“Oh, CHRIS!!!” Jessie said, “I’m ready for a round 3!!”
“Excuse me. How you doing?” As he closed the door and continued fucking his husband and thus the various pleasure noises continue.
“SO……tomorrow?” Sayuri said.
“Tomorrow.” Rolo said. “The earliest.”

DAY 2 – MAK’s Birthday

It was around noon and MAK was at work. Meanwhile at the mansion, everyone was getting ready for the party.
“So, there’s a lot of strippers here.” Aka said. “I thought it was a birthday party, not a bachelor party.”
Then Lex said to her, “The thing is the strippers aren’t just for MAK. It’s for our entertainment, too. Don’t we deserve some strippers, too?”
“OK then.” As Kati heard the conversation between them. “Then come for Kai’s birthday, we are going to have a lot of dudes with their dicks hanging out and speedos and all that shit!!”

“She got a point tho.” Aka said.
“Have any of you seen Rolo?” Nanashi asked. “He’s supposed to be here to help us.”
“Hell if I know.” Devo said lifting up some surround sound stereos.
“Well, we need all the help we can get with this.” Aka said. “Aron and Magnum are busy fucking with the strippers and Saki and Nola are–”
“WE’RE HELPING, DAMMIT!” Nola said, holding a big subwoofer.

At that moment, Rolo was in one of the rooms as he was busy making love to Sayuri, kissing and feeling up her body.
“Rolo…..” as she whispered his name softly. “This is what I wanted when we hooked up.”
They kept on kissing each other and he eventually got her bra off and started to lick her nipples.

As Aka was walking by trying to find Rolo, she then knew where we was at by the moaning noises and Aka started to go in to break it up but she had second thoughts about it as she didn’t want to mess it up for him.

“Rolo, you heard something?” As Sayuri was startled as something.
“Wait, I’ll check.” He went to check what was going on but he didn’t see or hear anything as they continued on having sex.

“Aka, you find him?” Lex asked her as she got back.
“No.” Aka said, “We’re good without him. Besides, the boy does need his break.”
“Aka, did you see something back there?” Lex asked her.
“Oh… I’m good, honey.” Aka said.


MAK was getting off work and got into his street clothes to meet up with Kai.
“BIRTHDAY BOY!!” As Kai jumped up on him and gave him a hug. “My big blue bear, how was your day?”
“Tired.” MAK said. “But knowing I worked a lot of hours this week, I’m getting more money and that’s great for us!! OW.”
They arrived at the mansion again and everyone let out a huge “SURPRISE!!”
“HAPPY BIRTHDAY, YOU OLD MOTHERFUCKER!!” Aron screamed at the top of his lungs and pop the champagne.
“MAKKY is 25!!” Kati shouted as she quickly turned into a penguin.
MAK did looked truly shocked at that.
“Oh WOW!!!!!!” He said laughing in amazement. “Hot damn!!! All this for m—OK, I can’t act surprised but still!! This is great!!”
“And now……music!!!” Lex said, “KID INFAMOUS!! TURN UP!!” The DJ was hosting the party. “Uh…who the fuck are you again, guy who’s not paying me! Now the real motherfucker paying me!! Yuan?”
“Um….go for it?” Yuan confusedly said.

“So you like your surprise, birthday boy?” Kai asked him.
“Yeah, I really do.” MAK said, “But I do like what I’m getting later on.” As he went for a kiss on the cheek.
“Ooohhh…..naughty boy. You’re getting your special birthday sex later on tonight.” She said, “I reserved one of the rooms for us and we will get loud and freaky all night long.” At that point, Cyan and Seiki walked in on that.
“Well……” Seiki loudly said as Kai got freaked out.
“OH SHIT!! Seiki, I didn’t know that was you.” Kai said.
“Don’t worry, I’m not your sister. I don’t freak out when you mention sex and MAK.” Seiki said, “But yeah, she’s here as well with your Mom and Dad.”

“WHAT!?” MAK and Kai said in unison.
Then the parents and Cyan came along their way and greeted them as usual.
“Kai! The Birthday Boy!!” As Mami shouted and hugged him. “Wow, you are close to being the being 3-0. Well, not as close as Cyan but still.”
“Happy Birthday, MAK!” As Cyan said hugging him. “You having a good time?”
“Oh yeah. The mansion has been a blast. We got good food, nice music, lavish rooms and the view looks great once you’re upstairs.”
“So I hear all of you are doing this for a week?” Patrick said.
“Oh, definitely.” MAK said, “Yuan paid for the week and I think he wants to use it to the fullest.”

“Everybody get naked in the pool!!!” Some random guy said jumping in.
“OH Shit. Not this, again.” MAK said. “I think I need to get Kati for this.”

MAK was running into to get Kati but bumped into someone leaving one of the rooms and it was Loyuka coming out.
“OW!!!” MAK said. “These doors hurt.”
“Sorry about that, MAK. Enjoying your birthday so far, Mr. 25?” she said.
“Yeah. I just need to stop a guy from turning the pool into human milk.” He said, “You see Kati?”
“No, I haven’t.” Loyuka said, “Oh, MAK?”
“I heard that Cyan and Seiki knows about Tomoki and Cassie living with you.” Loyuka said, “Basically them finding out by…”
“Yeah.” MAK said, “Look, as far as we know, they aren’t going to tell people about them living with us.”
“Do they know I know?” Loyuka said.
“Not really.” He said.

“Yuka, what’s going on?” A topless Nyoko said coming out of the bedroom.
MAK quickly looked up like he didn’t see anything. “Um, hey, Nyoko. I’m not looking at your…”
“MAK, don’t worry.” Nyoko said, “I’m not going to punch you because you saw me and the twins. This isn’t a harem anime where a ton of stupid shit happens.”

“OK.” MAK said but he’s still looking up and so she decides to cover up for a bit.
“So…..I hear it’s your birthday today.” Nyoko said. “Me, Risa, Nguyen and Yubari down at the office pool in some of our money to get you a gift and it’s a gift card.”

“Oh, a gift card to Juicy’s Anime Pavilion!!” MAK said. “Damn, and it’s worth $100 at that?”
“Yeah, Yubari and Nguyen felt bad that they got to spy on you even though they really didn’t want to.”
“Huh? Didn’t want to?” he said.
“Yeah. They never want to spy on you. Rick and Dice gave them no choice although it was only the one time.” Nyoko said.
“Sounds like they can sniff their bullshit, too.” Loyuka said.

“Fucking Cain Brothers……OK, if you see them, tell them thank you for the gift and I really appreciate it from the bottom of my heart.” MAK said. “And for those motherfuckers…..well, you see sooner or later.”

“Wait, MAK, you’re not thinking of doing–”
“What? No. I’m not doing shit but if they start shit, I’m damn sure I’m beating their asses!!” MAK said.
“Look, let me take care of this, alright?” Loyuka said. “You just need to lay low.”
“Fine. I’ll lay low but answer me one thing.”
“OK, what?”
“So…….can you do it?” he asked her directly to her face. “Can you expose the Cain Brothers for the assholes they are?”
“MAK, I promise you.” Loyuka said. “I will get to the bottom of this.”

“This motherfucker’s dick is hanging out and it’s getting larger!!” Someone screamed out.
“I……need to get to that. And thanks.” MAK said before running. “KATI, IT HAPPENED AGAIN!”

“So that’s over now.” Nyoko said, “Where were we again?” As she removed the cover and got Loyuka’s shirt off as they closed the door and continued having sex.
Unbeknownst of them, someone might be on to them.


It was 8 in the morning and most of the people are passed out from the party last night.
“Whee….wheee….” As a passed out Kati kept saying in her sleep and Sheena in her underwear hugging a body pillow for some reason.

Then she woke up from the sounds of Rolo and Sayuri coming out of the bedroom.
“Oh hey guys!!” Sheena said coming to greet them.
“Hey, Sheena!” Rolo said, “You’re up…..and mostly in your….well…..” He’s pointing her in her bra and panties.
“Oh, that.” She said. “Last night got a bit freaky. Especially around truth or dare and also never play Joel in that game. He loves taking his clothes off.”
“I see. And of course, you know my girlfriend is right here.” He said.
“Oh hi. I’m Sheena. It’s finally nice to meet you.” Sheena said hugging her.
“Yeah, I’m Sayuri. Rolo told me about you working in the Turner Express, right?” She said.

“Yeah. I’m your average 21-year-old bartender.” Sheena said. “Even though right now, I’m basically now naked girl that should get dressed now. But hey, I’m really glad you two are now an item. You look cute together.”
“Aw, thanks, Sheena.” Sayuri said.
“So you’re coming back tonight?” she asked Sayuri. “Tonight is our pajama party theme night.”
“All right. You mind I bring a friend?” she asked.
“Sure. The more the merrier.” Sheena said.


First thing we see is a drunk Murasaki and Nola shouting “RAH! RAH! RAH!!” into a game of High Stakes Truth or Dare where there are no limits (well inside the mansion that is.) Right now, Kati is rolling around drunk laughing in her penguin form as Yuan got a dare of jumping in the pool with nothing but a speedo.

“Damn!!” Yuan shouted.
“It’s a good thing that pool is clean.” Magnum said. “That naked guy yesterday make the shit look like detergent.”
“Damn you, Kati!” Yuan shouted.
“Well, you deserve it after you made me watch that crappy Officer Asteroid reboot anime!!” Kati said. “And don’t blame me!! Kai’s the one who made you do the dare!!”
“All’s fair in the truth or dare.” A drunk Kai said, laughing with Sheena.

We then see Laila and Sayuri talking to each other.
“So….this is the big week-long mansion party you’re telling me about?” Laila asked. “Damn, this place look swanky and fancy as hell.”
“You liking it so far in here?” Sayuri asked.
“HELL YEA!” Laila said. “I also heard that you and Rolo got a little acquainted in the bedroom yesterday. You two are now an item?”
Sayuri didn’t say anything but she gave a smile meaning good things for them.
“OH!! YOU NAUGHTY-ASS GIRL!!! I’m so happy for you!” Laila said, “And you thought that threesome was a bad idea.”
“It wasn’t a good idea either.” Sayuri said, “But…….it did bring me and him closer and I don’t want to fuck it up.”
“Well, you two hooked up and that’s all that matters right?”

Then at that moment, Aka was getting more drinks for people as she heard the two and then bumped into them.
“Oh….um….I’m sorry about that.” Sayuri said.
“Guess I need to refill these again…”Aka said. “And now I reek of alcohol.”
“Wait, I should help. It’s the least I can do.” She said. “I’ll be back in a while, Laila.”
“All right.” Laila said, “I got all the time.”

The two walked in the bar to fix up more drinks.
“Hey….um, Sayuri, is it?” Aka asked.
“So….you and Rolo are now dating, yes?”
“Yeah. Me and Rolo have been friends for some time now and he’s been a great friend for me the past 7 months and the more I spend time with him, the more I have these feelings for him.” Sayuri said.
“Yeah, Rolo is a sweet guy and he really comes through for his friends and family.” Aka said. “He’s like the little brother I always wanted and believe me, if somebody ever tries to mess with him or just fuck his life up…..I had to kill someone.” As Aka is blatantly putting it out there as a warning to not break his heart.
“UM……did I do something wrong here?” Sayuri said.
“Oh no, you didn’t.” Aka said and then she got into the heart of the story. “So I heard you got into a threesome?”
Sayuri’s eyes widened at that.
“Don’t worry. I’m not gonna judge you for that.” Aka said, “You did, however, fulfill the fantasies for many men and women, too.”
“So I’m not in trouble?”
“You never were…….but know this. If you or your friend over there do something to break his heart…..I will personally fuck both of you up. You understand?”
Sayuri shook her head.
“OK then. Drinks are done and you know what? Here’s one for you and Laila.” As Aka handed her the drink. “And no, I didn’t poison it.”
“Wait, how did you–”
“Know you would ask? I just know.” Aka said. “For real, I do like you and I think you’re good for Rolo.”


4 hours into the 4th night, MAK, Kai and Sheena were taking shots to the head.
“Ahhh……oh, shit.” MAK said. “How many does that make?”
“For—–ty?” Sheena said, “I don’t know. I lost count after 10.”
“We are really fucked up, aren’t we?” Kai asked, “And I’m not even 25 for 2 more days….”

“Don’t worry, girl.” MAK said, “If we get a little tired after this, we got a bunch of beds we can lay in.”
“You mean the beds people probably fucked in already?” Kai said.
“Well, we fucked in there, too.” MAK said. “So makes no difference to me.”
“But what about Sheena?” she said, “We can’t leave her here drunk and loaded for a bunch of guys to fuck with her. Especially after…”
“I know. I know.” MAK said, “But 3 of us are…….are…..dr….drun…”
“Damn, you are fucked up.” Kai said, “And I am, too.”

So, for the next few minutes, MAK and Kai was stumbling around the house drunk with Sheena not too far behind.

“HEY…..MAK AND KAI!!” Sheena drunkenly shouted. “OVER HERE, GUYS!”
However beyond this point, Sheena was in definite need of rest and is now hysterically drunk. They took her to this one room and they lay her down on the bed.
“Well, she’s safe and sound.” MAK said.
“Good thing, too.” Kai said, “We didn’t want it to be like the last boyfriend that messed with her.”


Sheena was walking to her car after her shift but as she was about to open her car door, somebody was behind her, closing her from getting in the car.
“You little bitch!!”
“The hell?” She said, “Carter!! For the last time, get the hell away from me!! We are done!!”

“First all, no girl is going to leave me. I do the fucking dumping here!!” he said. “I tried being the nice guy but your dumb ass too stupid to accept it!!”

“You’re drunk as shit!!” She said, “I caught you with your pants down!! You were cheating on me with 2 other girls and you think I’m just going to not notice that!!! Fuck that and fuck you!!”
Carter really got pissed at her and he was about to punch her directly to the face but then Kai was seeing the whole thing and she threw an empty bottle at him.
“HEY!!” Kai shouted. “I heard all that nice guy shit and last time I checked, nice guys don’t threaten to knock out defenseless women!!”
“And who the fuck are you, you blue haired bitch?” As he makes his attention towards her.
“That’s none of your concern.” Kai said. “All I know is if you lay a hand on her again, I will fuck you up.”
He laughs at her threat and scoffs it off like it’s nothing but soon Kai picked up a broken bottle and smashed it against his head.

He sees himself bleeding and he got very pissed off at her.
“You fucking bitch!!” He was reaching for something in his pocket and it turned out to be a pocket knife but then Sheena pepper-sprayed him as she grabbed Kai from him.
He kept screaming in pain from the spray as he tried to find them but then he happens to run into MAK.
“So………you’re blind, I see?”
“YES! YES!! Help me!!” he shouted.
“Well…..if you say so….” As he grabbed a trashcan lid and bang it against his head.
“Yeah…..the blue-haired bitch you threaten…..that’s my girlfriend.” Then he kicked him again. “That other girl is our friend and if you fuck with us again, we won’t be kind to your ass again.” Then he did the finishing move, smashing him again with the lid and kick him straight in the jaw.


“Good thing he got arrested right after.” Kai said.
“Yeah, but I would’ve fucked him up again and again until the guy learned his lesson.” MAK said. “Hell, it was one of those times I felt confident in protecting somebody.”

“One of those times?” Kai questioned. “But…..I’m sure you’re confident in some things…I mean, do you think you are a confident man?”
“This may be a shock, Kai, but I’m not.” MAK said. “Especially this year in general.”
“Wait… don’t have confidence in yourself?” Kai said.
“I’m a 25-year-old anxious Hybrid that gets nervous about almost anything…..and yet I’m called the most dangerous Hybrid.” He said, “I’m known as that one guy that causes a bunch of shit to happen around here or at least part of the shit that happens around here.”

Sheena started to wake up but still in a drunken daze. “MAK, what are you talking about?”

“Sheena, this year for us hasn’t been good for us.” He said. “I mean, from the Grand H attacks to the whole domestic abuse shit with your boyfriend to our friends having to be separate from each other and to top it off….well… know. I’m just tired of talking about it a lot. The Cain Brothers shit.”

“I wouldn’t say all that.” Sheena said. “I mean, I met you two and both of you have been good friends to me ever since and seeing you two as a couple…… I honestly wish I got what you two have and not only that, all of us have become more than just a bunch of friends. You two, me, Yuan, Kati, Tomoki and Cassie, the Darksiders, the rest of the patrons…..all of you are my family. Even more than the family I got back in my hometown.”

“Sheena, you really meant that?” Kai said.
“Yes.” She said, “From the bottom of my heart, you guys have been the shining light of my life so far and this is not the drunk me saying this. Maybe but this comes from the heart.” As she places Kai’s hand on her breast.
“Sheena, that’s your boob I’m touching.” Kai said.
“Oh, sorry about that.” She moves it. “There you go.”

“And MAK, I know you get irritated about the whole harem anime thing I mentioned earlier but the one thing I know….you’re not a milquetoast wimp or some pervy dickhead. You’re a genuine cool guy that cares a lot of his friends and you’ll do anything to keep the peace.”

“Yeah….” Kai said, “MAK, you know you have good friends by your side and whatever stuff you go through, we’ll help you out of it.”
MAK was beginning to tear up a bit.
“Wow……I really do appreciate that, girls.” He said, “I really do.” As he wipes the tears from his eyes.

“Good.” Kai said kissing him on the cheek with Sheena doing the same.

“So……” Sheena said, “All three of us are in a bed together and well……..”
“Sheena….I know you said you want what we got and all….” Kai said, “But you know what? For one night, you can sleep with us.”
“Aren’t you going to ask if MAK is okay with th–”
“I’m fine with it.” MAK said.
“YAY!” She said as she got comfortable with the two and cuddled with them.

“So, MAK……” Sheena said. “You excited about having two girls in the same bed?”
“Sheena…..” As he tried to sleep with both girls smirking at him.
“You may not say it but something told me you are….” As Kai and Sheena stare down his privates but he tries to hide it so he won’t get slapped.
“Good night, MAKky boy.” Sheena said.
“Good night, babe.” Kai said as she kissed him and went to sleep.

“…….Dammit, they’re right.”


“So……we got 2 more days here, right?” And those are the words from Cassie in the bed with Tomoki.
“Yeah.” Tomoki said. “And at least here, no one was dumb enough to bust open the doors with us in here.”
“Well…..” Cassie said.
“I meant, in a big mansion, not a medium-sized apartment.” Tomoki said.
“OK, you got me there.” Cassie said.

Cassie got up to the balcony to take a good look into the view at night sky and gaze on how beautiful it looked from here.
“You know…..when I was back at the Wolf Clan, I never had a chance to just stare in the sky and wonder about anything in the world.” She said, “Like how peaceful it looks, how the stars look so pretty and…..also thinking about you and the others.”

Tomoki walked up to her with the same sentiment. “You know what I said about how I never looked for another person to love since you left? I still say that is true and dear because all that traveling… me thinking of you all the time.”

“Cassie, if we ever get through with this whole Faction shit…..I just want us to live a great life together. Just the two of us. No Faction. No Wolf Clan. Just the two of us.” As Tomoki held Cassie closer than before. “I don’t want us to hide any longer. I just want us to move past our drama and live a better life.”
“Moki….I have faith that we will.” She kisses her smoothly. “I’m now out of the Wolf Clan and I don’t ever want to go back. I’m yours. You’re mine. That’s the way it’s going to be from here on out.” The two close the balcony doors and Tomoki jumped on top on Cassie on the bed as they begin another sex session.

Unknown to them, the two were actually being watched by some Wolf Clan members and it was Marble and Dumile on it.
“Marble to Oasis. Marble to Oasis. We see our target.” He said.
“Excellent.” Oasis said, “Shall we acquire the target?”
“Affirmative.” Marble said.
“Wait, no.” Dumile said, “Oasis, don’t call it in yet.”
“What? Dumile, what are you doing?” Marble said, “We just need to take her in right here, right now!!”
“We don’t have a permit to get to them!!” Dumile said, “We can’t storm in there like wild animals!! .Then the Faction will call us out for that!!”

“But…..OK, fuck it.” Marble said, “But the second we see two of them are in our radars and we are officially there, we’re grabbing them. Period.”
“OK, sure, big guy.” Dumile said.

DAY 6 – Kai’s Birthday

“Oooooohh….birthday girl!!” As MAK removes the blindfold from her and reveals the large crowd of people waiting for her at the party.
“SURPRISE!!!!!!” As they shouted.
“Happy BIRTHDAY!!!”
Everyone greeted Kai with the utmost pleasure and respect for her.

“Kai-Kai!!!” Kati said to her as she went and hugged her. “Happy Birthday!!”
“Aww, thank you, Kati!” Kai said. “Hey, you met my mom and dad?”
“I have not.” Kati said. “Hi. I’m Kati Turner, the owner of The Turner Express.”
“Hey, we’re Mr. and Mrs. Barrett but you can call us Patrick and Mami.” Pat said. “Nice to meet you, Kati.”
“The pleasure’s the same.” Kati said.
“Yeah, Kati and Yuan has been really great friends especially throwing me and MAK these parties for the week.” Kai said.
“I can definitely see that.” Mami said. “You have this for a week, you say?”
“Yeah.” Kati said, “We got one more day of fun and then…back to real life.”
“Just saying that sounds depressing.” Kai said.

Soon enough, Tomoki and Cassie join in with Kai, Kati and Mami.
“KAI! KATI!” Tomoki said.
“Oh hey!!” Mami said, “You got more friends I didn’t know about?”
“Yeah, mom, these are my friends Tomoki Miayama and Cassie Lyles. Guys, this is my mom Mami Barrett.” Kai said.
“Hey, you can call me Mami.” Mami said.
“Mami? Oh, so that’s where your middle name came from.” Cassie said. “And nice to meet you, too.”
“The pleasure’s mine.” Mami said. “And I see you two are more than just friends from your hands around each other’s shoulders.”
“Oh yeah….Tomoki and Cassie are a couple.” Kai said.
“AH! Nice.” Mami said.
Then they saw Cyan passing by and Mami went to get her to join the rest. “Hey CYAN!! OVER HERE!!”
“Hey Mom. Kai. Kati.” Cyan said while ignoring Tomoki and Cassie.
“What? You’re going to forget about the other two?” Mami said.
“OH…..I didn’t even notice them…..Hey, Tomoki. Hey, Cass.” Cyan sounded a bit stern at that than usual.

MAK and Patrick are on the wayside having a beer. “So, Mr. MAK, I know you’re trying to get serious with Kai.”
“Huh?” MAK seemed confused.
“Well, you have something in your pocket and it almost looks like a ring.” As Pat noticed a box in MAK’s pocket.
“Wait……you planning on asking my daughter in marriage? This soon?”
“Wait, wait, wait…” MAK said. “This ring isn’t for right now! I just want to get it in case that day comes.”
“So you are getting serious with her?” Pat said. “I mean, I’m glad you’re actually thinking of going farther with Kai and as a dad, I do approve of you maturing like that and want to take care of my daughter but as somebody who used to be in a position like this….it isn’t an easy feat.” Patrick said. “Like moving from an apartment to a house you own and getting better jobs than what you got. I mean, I wasn’t exactly raking in the dough being a cop that much at first and the missus was struggling with her work in nursing as well…..”

“But eventually, you saved enough to get yourself a house?” MAK asked.
“Well, yes……twice although you wouldn’t like that one since it was at the time we moved away from you.” He said.
“Look, MAK… already got permission to marry my daughter because you already earned it by being a perfect gentleman to her but just don’t rush into it.” Patrick said.

“Alright….thanks, future father-in-law.” MAK said.
“No problem, future son-in-law.” Patrick said as they toast to another beer.

Later on, the girls have been making conversation for a while now about mostly innumerable topics although the tension between Cyan and Tomoki is starting to rise as the minute goes by.
“If I can give any advice on relationships to you girls…” Mami said, “Make sure the guy isn’t a complete asshole. I mean, he can have a slither of asshole in him as long as it isn’t wasted on you. I had a guy way before your dad treated me like that and I had to let him go.”

“Your mom is awesome when she’s drunk.” Kati said. “You mind trying this one drink I’ve made in the past?”
“Oh, no problem, what’s it called?”
She was about to show her the Zombie and from her concerning eyes, Kai didn’t want her to experience that.
“Wait…..I need to go to the ladies’ room for a sec.” Mami said.
“I’ll keep the Zombie ready!!” Kati said.
“NO, YOU WON’T!!!” Then Kai snatches the zombie away from Kati.
“Hey, keep your hands off the zombie!!!”

As the clock struck midnight, it has gotten into the final day of the house.


“Miayama…..” Cyan said with a cold look. “Look, I’m going to get this out of the way here and now. When you completely jeopardize everybody in the Faction just to save Cassie from being deported, I was pissed. Then when I heard you put Kai in that situation and got her harmed in this along with MAK, I got really pissed off at you.”
“I know.” Tomoki said, “I felt the punches every time and you screaming at me.”
“And the fact that because of this whole shit you caused, people died.” Cyan said, “Jin, Hybrid X, Miki Maeda and even if you hated the latter two, you think they deserve to die like that?”
Tomoki didn’t say a word with that but she knew she didn’t want to say ‘yes’ since she knows she didn’t want it to go down like that.

“Cyan… you think I don’t regret with what I did back then?” Tomoki said. “Like you think I didn’t cry every night when I was away, thinking about what happened down there?”

“I didn’t want Jin to die like that. I never wanted this.”

“OK, you never wanted this.” Cyan said, “But guess what? It happened and you can’t change it!”
“Haven’t I suffered enough here?!” Tomoki said, “I didn’t see any of you for 6 months!! I had to hide in shame because of it and I knew what was going to happen if I stayed!”

“In other words, you ran away like a bitch instead of facing your punishment like an adult!!” Cyan said. “I thought when I got into the Faction, you would be like a mentor showing me how to do things in here. Instead, I got some high-school girl disguised as an adult telling me this shit.”

Cassie has been listening into the conversation but she didn’t want to add anything to it.

“Cassie?” Cyan said, “You’ve been quiet all this time. Don’t you have something to add to this?”

“I……” That’s what all she can mutter as this point since she knew what Cyan said had a point.
“I mean, yeah, I wish things were to happen differently back then……hearing about Jin’s death rocked me when I got back and I know I couldn’t fix anything about that.”

“Now, with you Cass, you decided to go back to Genesis and pay the consequences.” Cyan said. “That’s why I’m not as upset with you as I am with your significant other. You went through some shit.”

At that moment, Mami got back from the restroom and the plan of getting her drunk with the Zombie has been thwarted by Kai…although she drank it all.
“Ow……oh……help.” Kai said. “That damn zombie.”
“Well, it would’ve been fine if you let your mom drink it.” Kati said.
“YOU ARE NOT GIVING MY MOM THE DAMN ZOMBIE!!” Kai said hiccupping. “Help………”
“Kai, honey, you alright?” Mami said.
“Kinda….maybe….” Kai said. “Mom?”
“Can you carry me to bed?” As she falls down.
“Baby, you’re 25.” Mami said, “Cyan, do Mom a favor and carry your sister to bed.”
“All right.” As Cyan got up and said, “OK, time to carry your lightweight ass up to bed. Tomoki, Cassie, your asses are helping me.”

They soon carried the passed-out Kai to the room. They continued their conversation there with Tomoki starting it out
“Look, Cyan, as far as we know, I and Cassie don’t want to be part of the Faction anymore. We just want to make amends with them and that’s it.”

“Fine, you want to be out? That’s cool by me.” Cyan said. “But what the hell you plan to do after that? Just fuck all day and night? You two need to think of something else than that and other than living off MAK and Kai.”
“We’re not going to live off them!!” Cassie said, “We told them that when we came here when they were the ones who knew it.”
“When?!” Cyan said, “Who else knew!?”


“You motherfuckers knew before I DID!?!?” As she got Kati, Yuan, Loyuka and Nyoko in the room, confronting them about Tomoki and Cassie hiding out.

“Yes……” Kati said. “And what?”
“And what?” Cyan furiously said. “You know what?”

*5 minutes later*

“LET ME OUT OF THE FREEZER!!!” Kati said, “Or at least get me a coat!!”
“I will if you don’t smart-talk back to me!!”
“FUCK YOU!!” Kati screamed. “You forget I’m a penguin Hybrid. I can survive the cold!!”
“Yes, but like any hybrid, your powers only last a few good hours and you can’t turn into a penguin if you don’t have your blue leaf.”
“….I hate you…..” Kati whimpered at her.

Then she goes to Loyuka. “You were hiding this as well? You and….Nyoko? And as, I know you two are fucking. Most people know it by now.”
“Look, MAK told us first because he knew he didn’t want to piss you off with that.” She said.
“And since you pretty much beat Tomoki’s ass, you think they want to come to you?” Nyoko said.

Then she want to Yuan.
“They told me and that’s it.” He said, “Here’s some confetti.” He then threw some confetti at her.
“Really?” Cyan said.

Kati then kept up banging against the freezer. “It’s COLD!!! MY ASS IS FREEZING!! I NEED HOT CHOCOLATE!!”
“Don’t worry, babe! I’ll get you out!” Yuan shouted.
“Not you, dumbass!! Actual hot chocolate with the marshmallows!” she said, “Now let me OUT!!”
Cyan eventually lets her out. “Be lucky there wasn’t any snakes I can find.”
“You’re mean.” Kati said in a baby voice.

“OK, as of now, since Seiki and I know this shit now and we got no choice, we’re in charge of keeping you safe from anyone and since the Cain Brothers got you along with MAK, Kai and Sheena on 3 strikes, I need to make sure any of you don’t do any stupid shit that’ll get you arrested. Got it?”

“Fine.” Kati said.
“Loyuka and Nyoko, you keep tabs on Rick and Dice for whatever shit they do.” Cyan said.
“All right.” Nyoko said, “I can get Nguyen, Yubari and Risa to help keeping surveillance on them.”
“OK and if they ask, it’s a special order from the higher ups.” Cyan said.
“Got it.” Loyuka said.

“And with that said, make sure no one else knows about it.” Cyan said as she left the room.

Next time



“Don’t lie to me.”

“They shall find out the truth soon enough.”

“Don’t you dare criticize me for lying when you’re doing it all of the time!!”

“You’re interfering into my life for this shit?!”

“Hello……’s me.”

“Did he just…..”

Connect 4

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