All one-shot stories outside the Aura Faction (and The Academy) universe!



Brothers Jarius and Trey Dallas are deliverymen for the DES (Delivery Exchange Service) and are handled with the task of delivering a secret package to the mayor of Parish Heights, Tony Letchin, in under 72 hours. However, they are some shady people after that particular package in order to sabotage Letchin during his campaign re-election period and they would do anything to get to that package…..even if it means murder. Yes, you heard me right. Everybody is out to get that package. Can he get to the mayor’s office in one piece and well, not die from it?



First story in our STORIES BEYOND THE HYBRID brand: Allison and her mother were in an accident while heading to school and unfortunately the mom didn’t make it and she’s beyond damaged both emotionally and physically. She spends her time in the hospital and bonding with her nurse Lucy, who starts to act like her mother but how long before her stay here will make her crazy?



Second story in our STORIES BEYOND THE HYBRID brand: Isaac, a college-aged super loner enters his final year of college before graduating and throughout the years in there he never once said a solemn word to anyone (OK, except for his instructors in class but that’s actually normal for him) and always seems like weird or an outcast that he’s afraid to even speak vocally but that changes when he befriends 2 new freshmen Jamie & Nadia, who have taken a liking to him to more ways than you think.


Third story in our STORIES BEHIND THE HYBRID brand: Kate and Mars has discovered a rare blue fountain drink called “The Chantana Supreme” and it is only exclusive to 3 countries: Japan, New Zealand, and Australia. The two make it their quest to journey around the world to hoard it for themselves and along the way ran into some obstacles that can cut their trip — and their lives — short.



Sisters Nikki and Ava escaped from their hellish home in order to find a better place and life for them outside the city of Hillis but due to their father causing havoc in the crime world, they are now hunted by various gangs including one ran by crime boss Mr. Grizz.

Part 1
Part 2

In this sequel to the first CONNECT, A year has passed by since they’ve met and bonded in many ways (albeit one that caused a lot of shit), Isaac, Jamie and Nadia experience the next few stages in their life from visiting relatives, living with each other and possibly thinking can they be more than friends or will that ruin the whole thing?



A detective is hired by a (formerly famous) boxer to search for his wife.





Two brothers Kato and Akio escaped from Atlas Labs and went to fend off on their own and hide….in one of their arts schools and encounters two freshmen while they are at it.


Antonio Sanders has always been a jaded person and felt like misery will always be around him and that he has little trust of people (well, except for some of his family and his girls) but then he receives news that he’s getting an inheritance of $50 million and as soon as everyone gets news of it, he’s trying to lay low before any suspecting people might try and take it for themselves. What’s Antonio to do in a time like this?


A group of friends were caught in the middle of a hold-up, witnessing a murder but one of the friends kill the assailant in cold blood. However, that assailant has his own family coming in to attempt and kill them by any means necessary.

Chapter 1: One Blast of a Night
Chapter 2: Add Up the Aftermath 
Chapter 3: Homewarn Bound
Chapter 4: The Girls
Chapter 5: X Marks The Spot
Chapter 6: Getting The Juice
Chapter 7: Showdown at the Metal Jackknife