“GET UP!!!” And that was sound of Yuan in the Darksiders hideout and finally sees Kiritsnagi lying around the room. He woke up with a snarling look on his face.

“What the—WHO THE HELL ARE YOU!” Kiritsnagi yelled.
“I’m Waddles’ boyfriend.” Yuan said, “And also…” He then kicked him in the knee.
“OW!”Kiritsnagi yelled, “You dorky sounding motherfu—OW!” He then slapped him again.

Yuan then went on, “Yeah, Kati and the others told me about what happened and the bullshit you said about them and the fact you got MAK kidnapped and you harassing my friends and also fuck you very much, you miserable bastard.”
Kiritsnagi blocked his hit.
“HA!” But Kati came behind him and slapped the back of his head. “DAMMIT!”
“Too bad, so sad.” Yuan said.

Following that, the rest of the guys were discussing the plans of how to infiltrate there and free MAK.
So far, deciding one wasn’t the easiest feat.
“Burrowing?” Magnum said, “Do we look like gophers?”
“I know my cousin who’s a gopher hybrid.” Lex said, “But that’s for another day.”
“How about we go by air?” Aron suggested.
“He’ll shoot us down.” Lex said.
“NOT if we disguise ourselves.” Aron said, “We can just parachute ourselves down there after we pass there.”
“He’ll probably shoot us down.” Lex said.
“Like you’ve been shooting down ideas?” Devo said, “Damn….we can’t walk in there and say ‘Hey, can we have our friend back and not die, please?’ We could….but we’ll die.”

“Well, how about this?” Aka brought out, “We can do both. We’ll disguise ourselves as somebody that…..well, fuck, doing some cleaning and meanwhile up in the air, we can attack then.”

Kiritsnagi then added in, “Well, well, well….that plan is….actually not a bad idea. It’s pretty solid but here’s one thing you forgotten: he knows what all of you motherfuckers look like. I doubt he would want your cleaning services or any bullshit.”

“And guess what?” Joanna said doing the eye, sticking out tongue thing in anime. “WE’LL GOING TO BE INVOLVED AFTER ALL!!”
“YEP!” Sheena said, “Me, Joanna, Tomoki, Cassie, Kati and Yuan are going to masquerade as a cleaning service and get Rolo and Sayuri to hack into their systems and shutdown their security for them to come on, fight, rescue MAK and get the hell out of dodge!!!”
“And you thought we was just going to be by the wayside, didn’t you?” Joanna chuckled. “And best of all, he don’t know a damn thing about us, so we’re in the clear!”

Sayuri then enters the room. “All me and Rolo need to do is go inside with them but since they know who we are, we’ll just sneak in some areas and get into the security room and we’ll watch your every move and possibly can see MAK from one of the cameras.”
“Wait, what about Jaye?” Rolo said, “Won’t Bevins recognize her as well?”
“I’m getting the hideout set up.” Jaye said, “So when the plan does work, we can lay low for a while until the heat dies down?”
“And you’re just hiding?” Kiritsnagi said. “Wow, that’s some big help.”
Jaye then slapped him. “Providing a place to hide for ourselves is help……dick.” She then walks off.

“Well, it seems that all of you got yourselves a plan, don’t ya?” Kiritsnagi said. “All ready for the big day….um…..tomorrow? Today? When the hell all of you are doing this?”
They all gave a stare at him and said, “About……”
Then Kai immediately drugged him by chloroform rag and put him to sleep.
“Now.” She said.

“That was quick.” Sheena said.
Kai then said, “Well, I had to shut him up sooner or later and now is a good time. Besides, he’ll wake up when we’re up in the air.”
The rest pack up for their assigned duty but not before one last speech.
“We got the directions in the sky and you got them on the road.” Nanashi said, “We only got one chance of this.”
“We have to make this count.” Kai said, “We have to get MAK back here alive at all costs and if Bevins tries to take us down……you know what to do.”
“Oh, believe me.” Lex said, “I know what to do when we get close to that fucker.”
The Darksiders all got into the plane with Magnum and Aron carrying Kiritsnagi to the baggage area and the rest getting into the truck to pose as a cleaning company.
“Super Gotham Cleaning?” Kai noticed the sign. “That’s what you’re going with?”
“I thought of that one.” Tomoki said, “I just used some random names and it’s what I came up with.”

“It’s all come down to this.” Kai said, “I’m…..really nervous and scared….”
“We get how you feel.” Kati said, “I mean, this is definitely a life or death situation and while we might look pumped…we’re scared, too. We don’t know if we’re going to survive after this or the aftermath and……knowing what we’ll happen in our supposedly last minutes.”

“Who knows what can happen?” Kai said.
“Kai…..” Kati said, “I can’t assure you anything but in case that happens…….” She walks up to Kai and she hugs her. “Look, I’m sorry I never told you about the things we did behind your back. We were just desperate to know where MAK is.”
Kai hugs back.
“Don’t worry.” She said, “You were trying to be a good friend, that’s all…..and we’re lucky to have somebody that’s caring and kind as a friend like you.”

“KAI, COME ON! We got to get moving!!!” Aka said.
“Damn, we better go.” Kai said as she got inside the plane. “STAY SAFE!!”
“YOU TOO!” Kati shouted.
“KATI!” Yuan said, “We should get moving, too.”
“COMING!!” she shouted.

They are now en route to the fortress with on road with Yuan driving and the rest getting into their cleaning outfits.
“Babe,” Kati said, “Why do these outfits feel like extra-large comforters? They’re huge as HELL!!” They looked all grey and black.
“They were the only ones available.” Yuan said, “It was either that or the small ones and….”
Joanna then tried on one of the outfits.
“Hey, they fit.” Joanna said, “And I rather have that than some tight-ass ridiculous looking outfit that people will stare at for countless hours.”
“I heard that.” Cassie and Sheena said.
“Plus…” Tomoki said, “The uglier the outfit, the less they’re gave a shit about what we’re doing.”
“And it’s comfy.” Kati said, “They feel soft.”

“OK, I’m cramped!” And that was Rolo and Sayuri hidden in the trashcan. “I think my leg is falling asleep.”
Sayuri punches his leg.
“Feel anything?” she said.
“No.” Rolo said.
Sayuri then goes for the fork.
“WHAT THE HELL!!? SAYURI!!” Rolo shouted, “Why a fork?”
“……It was Kati’s idea.”
“THE HELL IT IS!” Kati said, “I would’ve said knife.”
“KATI!!” Rolo screamed.
“What?” Kati said, “You should know me by now.”

“Your feet are going to have to be asleep for some time.” Yuan said, “We just need to get into security so you can hack into their system and shut it down. Plus, if you can’t walk, Sayuri can carry your ass. I don’t think you’re as heavy as….”
At that moment, the girls gave Yuan a scary grin of ‘you mention what I think you’ll mention and I’ll chop your dick off’.
“As heavy as who?” Kati said.
“As the rest of the Darksiders….guys.” As he added that last word in case he fucked up again.
“Yeah, good thing they aren’t here to hear that.” Rolo said, “They’ll definitely fuck you up.”
“Speaking of them….” Cassie said, “I hope they’re doing alright up there.”

Up in the air, Kiritsnagi woke up from his chloroform nap.
“Huh? WHAT THE!? BITCH!” He woke in a shocked and dazed expression. “What the hell am I!?”
“In the air, bitch.” Magnum said drinking a slushie.
“The air?” he said, “How the fu—DID YOU FUCKERS MR. T ME!?”
“Mr. T?” Magnum said.
“As in you drugged me to get on this plane.” Kiritsnagi said, “Only thing is you didn’t put that shit in any milk.”
“O…..K……” As Magnum backed away from him.

“Oh, don’t do that shit to me.” Kiritsnagi said, “You never watched any classic 70s-80s TV shows, have you? A-TEAM!? Remember that shit!” He continues ranting while Magnum goes up to the crew.
“He’s awake.”
“Already?” Kai said, “I thought I put enough for at least 4 hours.”
“4 hou—ARE YOU PLANNING TO KILL HIM!” Magnum said, but then thought about it, “Actually, I wouldn’t blame you.”

“So how far are we?” Lex said.
“We’re not that far.” Devo said, “But we’re hoping the girls, Yuan and Rolo are still first. We need them to disable the security systems.”

Then Kiritsnagi barges in here.
“We’re up in the fucking air!! And you just had to drug my ass!!” He snatches the map from Lex.
“Yeah, we did.” Kai said, “And I would do it again!”

“Penguin Wonder to Jaguar Jet. Penguin Wonder to Jaguar Jet.” That’s Kati calling Lex on the walkie.
“Jaguar Jet here.” Lex said, “Asshole Bear just woken up.”
“ASSHOLE BEAR!?” Kiritsnagi said, “Really!?”
“Already?” Kati said, “I thought Baby Barrett got him down good.”
“Baby B—Baby Barrett?” Kiritsnagi said, “OK, that actually makes sense.”
Kai then slapped him. “Well, this baby got you good, didn’t I? The sooner we get there and find and rescue MAK, the better and that I don’t have to speak to your ass again.”

Kiritsnagi then said, “Wow, you are ready set to not talk to me after this.”
“Believe it.” Kai said, “After the shit you pulled and the lies you told to your family, I doubt I would find you on Facebook or at least block you there.”
“Well, I know Anton will still talk to me.” He said.
“I DOUBT IT!” Kai said, “You got him in this shit and I doubt he would want to see you, let alone talk to you again!”
“I’m his father!” he said.
“And you failed at that shit!” Kai said.
“Um….14 years out of 25 is good.” Kiritsnagi said, “And I’ve known him longer than you’ve been friends/lovers to him for–”
“And yet he seems more comfortable and connected with me than you.” Kai said. “In fact, it’s been like that since you and his mom have been fighting and guess who he always run to whenever you two fight.”

“He’s comfortable with you because you and your girlfriends coddled him a lot.” Kiritsnagi said, “I taught and prepare that boy for the drama and hardships of the world. He had to learn how to be a man in this world.”
“AND HE’S NOT A MAN?” Kai said, “And what the hell you mean by coddling? You mean, making him feel better about the shit he goes through daily? Motivating him? That’s troubling?”
“You made him soft.” He said.
“Did you forget the shit we go through a lot in our lifetime?” Kai shouted, “The harassment, people who want to kill us all the time, you know that shit!? Also….how the fuck you’re calling your son ‘soft’? What, you mean, he’s not the man you are?”
“I didn’t say that.” He said.
“You implied it.” Kai responded, “And if that’s soft to you, I rather he’s that than some miserable loner dickhead who abandons and hurts his family!!” She then left in a scoff.


Bevins was having a glass of champagne while making a call to Stark.
“Is Kiritsnagi going to budge?” Stark asked.
“He’s close.” Bevins said, “Right now, we got a lot of security around the place in case the Darksiders decides to ride out and I’m making damn sure they won’t get out alive!” As he shouted with a vein showing on his forehead.

“You are quite determined, aren’t you?” Stark said, “I mean, I do like that motivation from you but don’t get too cocky. You wouldn’t want what happened last time.”
Bevins got a little peeved. “I won’t. As soon as I kill those fucks…..MAK is getting one little bullet in the dome.”

“Well, damn.” Stark said.
“Damn is right.” Bevins said, “And maybe…..maybe if I find his girl Kai…..I can send her to him afterwords.”
“OK, that got dark as hell.” Stark said, “Anyway….just get my money, alright!? I’m out.” He hung up.

“Hey Bevins!” As Kaos approaches him, “We got a truck waiting outside, saying that it’s part of the security check.”
“Huh?” he said, “I thought I order that already.”
“Well, they are a different one that offer to help for half price.” She said, “And they said that they are real good.”
“Real good, huh?” Bevins said, “Alright, I’ll get to them.”

He meets the guys parked in their truck.
“So, y’all are….” He takes a look of the truck, “Super Gotham Cleaning?”

Then Yuan with the cheesiest smile said, “WHY YES SIR!!! Here are Super Gotham, we can give you the best damn cleaning at half the price of the competition!”
“Best damn cleaning, huh?” Bevins said, “Can I see your staff?”
Then appears the girls Tomoki, Cassie, Kati, Joanna and Sheena all dressed in their grey uniforms, acting inconspicuous to them.
“Why hello!” Joanna cheerfully said, “I hope we’ll be able to meet to your standards today!” As she really sell the courteous happy worker to them.
Then Tomoki and Cassie went on their spiel and added, “All in tip-top shape!!”
“And we’ll answer to your beck and call!!” Sheena yelled.
“So what do you say!?” Kati said.

“OK then.” Bevins said and whispered to Kaos. “Well, they almost seem legit…..and too damn happy.”
“You also notice their ugly-ass outfits?” Kaos said.
“That, too.” Bevins said, “But they look harmless enough so what the hell?”

Eventually they let them inside but not before going into a body scan check from Kaos.
“Before we let you in here, we need to check for any weapons you got store.” She immediately scanned everyone and see that they have no weapons…..yet Bevins was focusing on something else.”
“Damn, these girls are thick as fuck!!” Bevins said, “Even the short-ass one. No wonder why they wear those ugly-ass outfits.” Meanwhile, Yuan overheard him from the door.

“Well, they bought it.” Yuan said, “Although I think he got a creeper at our hands…..”
“Creeper?!” Kati shouted.
“He was looking at scans and saw the 5 of you naked.” He said.
“WHAT!?!” All 5 of them said.
“He better keep his hands off us!” Tomoki said, “Or I’m going to put my foot up his a–” Then noticed someone coming from behind and quickly went back to their cover.

“Afternoon.” The passerby said.
“AFTERNOON!” They all said.

“We’re definitely killing him, right?” Kati said.
“I think that is a good possibility.” Yuan said.

Soon, the plan has come to fruition. Yuan got to the girls and said, “All right. The security office is a few rooms down. I’ll check if Rolo and Sayuri are awake yet.”
He goes to open the basket hamper and sees both of them sleeping on top of each other.
Yuan then went to poke at them.
“WAKE UP!” Then throws a bottle at them.
“OW!!” Sayuri said.
“SSHH!!” As Yuan said but Sayuri smacked him.
“Don’t shush me if you’re going to hit us.” Sayuri said, “Are we in?”
“Yeah, we’re in.” Yuan said, “Sheena is going to take you to the securities room. Be alert of that.”
“Roger.” Rolo said, “And a simple shoulder bump or touch is enough to wake us up.”

They go to the security room and entered there while the guard is asleep.
“Well….” Sheena said, “The guard is asleep. I thought the lazy guard trope died a long time ago.”
Sayuri then got up and said, “That makes things easier for us.” Then dropped down due to numb legs.
“OW.” Sayuri said.
“I told you this shit would happen.” Rolo said, “And now I can’t feel my legs either.” As he got up and went numb.
“SSSHH!” Sheena said, “Look, we just need to keep a close eye on the cameras we’re going to put here and make sure that guard don’t wake up or everyone else comes in here.”
“But how do we know if you’re coming in here?” Sayuri said.
“I’ll give you a signal.” Sheena said, “Like a special type of knock or something.”
“A knock?” Rolo questioned.
“Look, that’s all I got right now.” Sheena said, “You’ll know it’s me when the time comes….” She then leaves the room.
“So…..” Rolo said, “What do we do about him?” As he’s pointing to the security guard sleeping.

The crew then started to do their “clean-up” around the place by quietly tampering with the security cams while they were searching for MAK in here.

“Yuan here.” He said, “Rolo, Sayuri….I’m clear on cam, right?”
“So far you’re good.” Sayuri said, “Just keep doing with you’re doing, Yuan.”

“Any luck on me?” Kati said.
“We see you, Kati.” Rolo said.

So for the rest of their time, Rolo and Sayuri have been watching Yuan and the girls checking around every perimeter of the fortress to plan their eventual escape….although both of them were getting bored from staring at near empty halls.

“You feeling bored yet?” Sayuri said.
“Mayb—yes.” Rolo said, “It’s been like an hour so far and we haven’t heard anything from them about MAK yet.”
“Yeah, I know.” Sayuri said, “I want to be alerted but I’m dozing off here.”
“You think fooling around a bit might help that?” Rolo said.

Tomoki overheard everything from them, “You know I heard everything you said and no, y’all can’t fuck in there!!”
“We wasn’t trying to fuck!” Sayuri said.
“Either way, we can’t!” Tomoki said, “We still have to get these cameras disabled and find MAK!”

“And so far, we haven’t found jack shit!” Cassie said. “He can be anywhere in here…..”

“What the–” A familiar voice was heard, “WHO’S THAT?!”
“Huh?” Tomoki said, “Cass, you heard something?”
“I think so.” Cassie said, “But I don’t know what.”

“TOMOKI! CASSIE!! DOWN HERE!!” That voice kept speaking.
They looked down and it was….
“MAK!!” Tomoki said.
“MAKKY!” Cassie shouted.

“WHAT?” Yuan and Kati shouted.
“You found him!?” Joanna and Sheena said.
“Huh?” Rolo and Sayuri said, checking one of the cameras and they see MAK in this large dungeon room.
“There he is!!” They spot MAK in there.
“OOH!! Thank God, you guys are here!!!” he shouted.

“MAK, you’re alive!!” Cassie said running to him and then notice the smell in the dungeon. “And you kinda stink.”
“I’ve been stuck here for a week.” MAK said, “They throw bars of soap at us but the water isn’t that clean!”
“And he’s been stuck here for a week!” Levi shouted, “Try 20 years!!”

“20 YE—Wait, who the fuck are you?” Tomoki said.
“I’m his aunt!” she shouted.
“AUNT!!?” Tomoki and Cassie shouted.
“You have an aunt?” Yuan said, “Well….an aunt in here?”
“I take it these guys are the Darksiders you’ve been telling me about?” Levi asked.
“Nah…But they are really great friends of mine as well….” He said as he smiled. “But really, are they here?”

“Just about.” Cassie said. “Them alongside Kai and your dad are coming here and–”
“WAIT WHAT!?” MAK shouted, “Kai and my dad are coming, too!? Especially them!?”

“Don’t worry.” Tomoki said, “We straightened him out back there.”
“Y’all kicked his ass?” he asked.
“Yeah.” Cassie said, “Especially Joanna….in the verbal sense.”
“Wha? What he did to Joanna?” MAK said, “Or any of you? He didn’t try no sketchy shit on you, didn’t he?”

Joanna then got on the walkie and told them to give the walkie to MAK. “Hey, MAK…..listen, your dad is an asshole. A straight up douchebag a-hole and I couldn’t imagine you being his son….and yet the more I see the ignorance in him, the more I appreciate what a kind and cool friend you are.”
“Ah…..thanks, Joanna.” MAK said, “Sorry that my dad was a nuisance to you all.”

“Hey, man, this isn’t your fault.” Yuan said.
“None of this was.” Kati said, “You just got dragged into a bad situation, that’s all.”
“Yeah, I know.” MAK said, “But it always like this with us. I get into some bull shit and all of you has to go all out and save my ass.”

“Well….” Tomoki said, “You did manage to save me and Cassie’s ass that a few times.”
“Plus, we’re practically fam—Actually, no.” Cassie said, “We are family and we always look out for one another.”

Kati then brought out something to blow open the gates of the cell.
“The hell is that?” Yuan said. He notices that Kati has her hands on some dynamite
“Did you fucking bring dynamite here!?” Cassie shouted.
“Pika packed in some explosives for me.” Kati said, “She’s always thinking of me.”
MAK followed that with, “And she thought ‘Kati might need dynamite’?” He stood back as Kati lit up the dynamite and everybody got back and BOOM!

However, that might have gotten some attention from the others.
“What the hell!?” Rolo said.
“Rolo, hack into the systems and disable everything! NOW!” Yuan said.
“OK, fuck it, you got it!” Rolo shouted and he hacked in the security systems and got everything shut down.
“Lex, bring the pain!” Sayuri shouted.

“WE GOT THE SIGNAL!” Lex said.
“ALRIGHT, LET’S DO THIS SHIT!!” Magnum said.
“FULL SPEED, MOTHERFUCKER!!” Aron said as they experience turbulence and everybody felt stumbled and trippy as hell.
“Not that full!” Aka said, punching Aron.

“What the fuck!?” Bevins shouted, “The hell are these cleaning people doing? I got a good mind to call that damn company to make a complaint!”
He went for the phone but there was no dial tone.
“Oh fuck.” He said, “They have fuck up my phone now?”

However, Liberty Cross has come back with the actual cleaners here.
“Uh, Liberty, who the fuck are they?”
“Um….” Liberty said, “They are the cleaners you called.”
“Wait…..if they are the cleaners, then who—THOSE MOTHERFUCKERS!!” He ran off to find them.

“So do we still get paid?” One of the real cleaners asked.

Back there, MAK and Levi got out of the room and them around with Yuan and the girls reunited.
“MAK!” Sheena and Joanna said as they run up to him and hugged him along with the rest of them.

“Oh, thank God you’re alive.” Sheena said, “You’re safe and sound.”
“Well, I’m just alive.” MAK said. “Right now, we got to find a way out of here alive. How long until the rest gets here?”
“Should be any minute now.” Yuan said, “Rolo alarmed them immediately and we should get going right now before someone comes and–”
“And finds out who you are?” And then they see Bevins in front of them. “Super Gotham Cleaning, my ass……Yuan MacKiel, Kati Turner… two are the owners of that bar the Darksiders always hang out at.”
He points his gun at everyone in the corner, especially to Tomoki and Cassie. “Oh, and I see two failed ex-Faction agents here, one current one who I should’ve recognized the get-go with those tits and ass and the bartender she’s fucking!”

MAK was about to attack him but then Bevins showed Rolo and Sayuri held hostage.
“Oh, and I find these two in security for some reason.” He cocks his gun and aimed it at Sayuri.
“NOW….I know you got the Darksiders coming any minute now and you know what….that’s fine by me because you forget….ME AND MY BOYS ARE STRAPPED!!! They won’t stand a chance and neither will you!!!”
Sayuri tried to struggle her way out of there.
“HEY!!” Bevins said, pulling a pistol and aiming it at her neck. “You do that again and you’re going to have something coming at your face that’s not from your boyfriend!!” He then hits her in the face.
“MOTHERFUCKER!” Rolo said.
“And I’ll make you watch, bitch!” Bevins said. “NOW……where were we?” Then a sound of a plane about to go down came closer down to the building and Bevins look into the window and sees the plane heading closer to the room and….
“RUN!!” MAK shouted as the plane crashes into the room, having everyone immediately getting the hell out of their way. At that time, Sayuri bite one of the henchman’s hand and kicked another one in the balls, grabbing Rolo and run off.

“We missed the party?!” Lex shouted with a machine gun on his hand.
“LEX JAGA!!” Bevins shouted as he raised his gun and start shooting. Soon Lex and the rest of the Darksiders started firing back at him with the other henchmen as well.

“Come on, you motherfuckers!!” Magnum said, spraying bullets everywhere and got a couple of guards along the way.
Aka threw some smoke bombs to distract some of them and even shot at one of them.

Then Kiritsnagi jumped into the fight, swung at a guy with a machine gun before shooting him in the chest.
He then phased through other person and slit his throat mid-phase.

“Missed me?” Kiritsnagi chuckled in front of Bevins.
“Like herpes.” Bevins answered.
“YUP! I keep coming back when you don’t want me to!” Kiritsnagi said, before shooting off his gun and then Bevins pulled out his gun, aiming it at his face.
Kiritsnagi head-butted Bevins in the dome. Then Bevins is shooting out everywhere in the room hitting the walls, some of his goons and even damaging his windows.

“SHIT!!” Bevins shouted.
“Well, he needed some new ones anyway.” Murasaki said, “Those windows suck.”
Then Kaos came behind her with the switch blade. “Good…..I’ll get them after I kill you!!”
Nola pulls Kaos’ arm off Murasaki but it went to Nola’s neck instead.
“Big mistake, bitch.” Kaos said.

As for the others, MAK and Levi was lost in the gunfire so they have to run for a safe spot.
“OK, I didn’t think they were going to blast like that.” Levi said.
“That’s the thing about us.” MAK said, “We’re so unpredictable that we don’t know the shit we about to do!!”

The shots are getting closer to them.
“OH SHIT!” Levi said, “They’re getting closer…..”
MAK pulled out a gun he stole from a dead goon. “I’m prepared.”
He hid over the corner and as he pulls the gun and is about to shoot, he sees….
“Oh shit!” He drops the gun.
“MAK!” It was Kai on the other side and she immediately drops her gun. “MAK, is that you?”
“Kai………” He said, “KAI!!!”
Both of them instantly ran to each other’s arms and hold close to one another.

“Oh my god…..” MAK said holding her, “I thought I would never see you again.”
“Yeah,” Kai said with a sniffle, “Me too. Oh MAK…..I’m actually holding you again. Looking directly at you face to face again.”
“I never want this moment to end.” MAK said, “I love you so much.”
“MAK, I love you, too.” Kai said with tears.

Then sounds of gun play were still happening.
“Um, I hate to interrupt your reunion…” Levi said, “We really should leave.”

“OK, she’s got a point.” MAK said, “By the way, Kai, that’s my Aunt Levi and Levi, this is my girlfriend, Kai. Now we can run!”
Three of them got to running out of the danger zone fast but the faster they run, the more gunfire comes to them.

“So……” Levi said running from the danger, “You’re MAK’s girlfriend!? He’s right! You look so pretty!”
“Oh why, thank you!” Kai said.
“Oh and if you notice something smells funny….his pissant of a dad got me locked up here for 20 years!”
“20!?” Kai shouted. “Holy fuck! That long!?”
“Yeah.” Levi said.
“How many fucked-up things he’s done?” Kai shouted, “WHAT A PRICK!”

Kaos continued choking Nola while the fight was going on. Her grip kept getting tighter and tighter until Murasaki grabbed a chain and used it to choke on Kaos, having losing her grip on Nola and she grabs a pipe to smack Kaos in the face.
“OW!!!! You fucking bitch!!”
“MEEP!!!” Murasaki screamed as she let go, kicked her while she’s down and ran for her life.

Aka chucked a mace ball to Kaos’ legs.
“AAH!” Kaos screamed.
“I’ll fuck up your legs, too, bitch!” Aka screamed.
“Bring it, you little skank!!” Kaos screamed, “I’ll just fuck you up as much as your little sister.” She grabbed another mace ball and both went swinging at each other yet the balls keep clinging at each other.

Nanashi grabbed another giant mace ball and smacked Kaos in the leg as well.
“Oh, really!?” Kaos shouted, “The same place?”
“Yep.” Aka said before kicking her unconscious.

Kiritsnagi and Bevins went into fisticuffs as they were busy punching each other out and brawling it out.
Bevins gave some low bows to Kiritsnagi to the stomach.
Yet Kiritsnagi tripped Bevins, kept kicking him in the chest and body slammed him hard. Bevins kicked him as he got up and got an ax and just swing it at him but kept missing. Kiritsnagi grabbed the ax from him and used it on one of the goons, blood spraying all out on everyone and then he pushed him out-of-the-way to Bevins and kicked him to the window with the body falling out of there but Bevins got back up.

Lex, Magnum, Aron & Devo threw some flash bombs during Bevins’ way as he climbed up and as it detonate, it blinded him and sends him falling back to the window.
“LITTLE BITCH!” Lex said.
“FUCK YOU!!” Bevins said on the ground. “I’m gonna kick all of you Darksider motherfuckers!”

However, Liberty Cross was awaiting for her moment as she grabbed a sword and she spots MAK, Kai and Levi running to find a way out.
She jumps in the way and points it toward them.

“Going somewhere?” she threatened them, “I know it’s not back outside.”
“BACK OFF, BITCH!” MAK shouted as he tries to phase through her but he fizzled on that and she kicks him in his back and slammed him to the wall.
“OW!” he shouted.
“Looks like you need your little fix to get you going.” Liberty taunted and she holds the vial in her hand and kicks it to the other side. “Too bad I’m not letting you get it!” She then pulls Kai to the side and holds the sword to her neck.
“So how should I slice your girlfriend’s neck?”

“Um, don’t I have a say in this?” Kai frightfully said, “Where I don’t die?”
“SHUT UP!” Liberty shouted, punching Kai in the stomach. “That makes me want to kill you even more!”

“MAK!!” Kai screamed.
“Your boyfriend can’t help you now!” She said.

However, Levi went behind Liberty and sneak attacked her, grabbing the sword and letting Kai go.
“The fuck!?” Liberty shouted.
Levi kept punching her and throwing stuff at her but Liberty got very furious and annoyed at her as she slapped her sideways and slammed her to the wall.

“Oh wow….that’s the best you got?” Levi said, “I know old pimps that hit harder than that!”
Liberty hit her again in the chest yet Levi was coughing up blood.
“HA!” Levi taunted.

“LEVI!!! COME ON!” MAK said throwing a brick at Liberty.
“You fucker!” Liberty shouted, shooting at him.
Levi then took a shot at her as well. “NO! You two need to get out! NOW!”
“We’re not leaving anyone dead!” Kai yelled.
“Well, get MAK and get the hell out of here!!” Levi shouted as she got cut with Liberty’s sword.

“AUNT LEVI!” MAK shouted. “I can come get you! I CAN SAVE YOU!!”
“MAK…..” Levi said, “I think you should save yourself first. I’m already dead.”
Then as Levi is losing a lot of blood, Liberty grabbed her sword and struck down as she stabbed Levi on the floor.

“LEVI!!!!!!” MAK screamed his mouth off when Kai holding him back. “NOOOO!!!!!!”
Liberty kicked Levi’s body over, toying with it like it’s nothing to her.
“Well…..I guess you’re not going to see her again, aren’t you, MAKky boy?” The last thing Liberty should have done is taunted him….as MAK viciously jumped her and kept beating and smacking her like an angry husband by grabbing by the hair and smacking her across the wall.

Liberty tried to get to her sword but MAK tosses that aside as he gives a few low blows to her stomach and head-butted her until she notices that his arm is glowing.
“What the fuck?” Liberty said, “I kicked that shit out of there. You saw me!! HOW!”
He points at Kai with the extra vial she had and he walks over there to Liberty. He continues to grab her and uses a wire he found on the floor and starts choking her and slamming her to the wall and screamed “bloody murder” in her ears as loud as he could until Kai had to get him off of her.

MAK breathed and panted over that moment and proceeded to calm down a bit…..then followed by shooting Liberty in the stomach, chest and the head.
“You dead now, bitch.”

He dropped the gun and immediately ran to Levi, still having some life in her.
“Oh……” she said in her dying words, “I knew eventually I was going to die in here.”
“No…….you’re not.” MAK said but trying to keep composure. “Look, we can get someone to do surgery on you and you’ll be back to normal.”
“MAK….I’m not going to make it.” Levi said, “My life was already in ruins when that robbery happened. I mean, what was the point of going back there? To live a shit life in a dank apartment? Doing more odd jobs of bullshit? Ernesto already thinks I’m long gone and…..”
“But I can show you to him!” MAK said. “You two can rekindle what you lost.”
“MAK…..” Levi said, “You went from being a sweet kid I know to the young man who’s not afraid to stand for his friends and family….Hell, you’re a better man than both your dad and uncle.”
MAK was about to come to tears.
“You can’t……Levi……we was starting to get more acquainted, you just met my girlfriend… can’t end like this.”
A number of explosions and gunfire continued to happen.
“You’re going to have to.” Levi said, “I’m so sorry, MAK….” She tried to hold on to him for one last hug before….she eventually passed. Her body is now limp and lifeless.
“Levi……Levi……LEVI!!” MAK screamed, “She….she….”
“I know, MAK.” Kai said, “I know.” She went to hold him for comfort.

Then out of the blue, Kiritsnagi came up the stairs and find the two in that same predicament.
“HEY! You found him!” Kiritsnagi said, “Come on, we gotta–” Then he sees Levi’s dead body lying on the ground.
“What the fuck?” He said, “Is that……..” He took a closer look at the body. “Levi?”
“Not anymore.” MAK said solemnly.

“Well, shit…..” Kiritsnagi said, “Look, we need to get our asses out of here now!! Bevins is bringing more people to kill us! We got to jet!”
MAK didn’t want to leave Levi’s side but Kiritsnagi has a point and they immediately have to go and leave her behind.

MAK, Kai, and Kiritsnagi are making their way to the top of the building but sees more guards are aiming at them.
MAK took some of the Blue Leaf and phase-attack the guards by snatching one of their guns and shooting them with it. Kai just kept shooting at them for backup while Kiritsnagi also used his power to phase-attack them by a sucker-phase punching them.

MAK jumped on one guy and cracked his neck while he wasn’t looking and used his gun to shoot another guard in the face.
“How many more of these guys!?” Kiritsnagi said.
“I don’t know!” Kai said, “I guess maybe…..hopefully 10 or 15.”
“Hopefully 10 or 15!?” Kiritsnagi argued.
“Well, I don’t fucking know!!!” Kai yelled. “I’m trying to not die here!!”

“KAI! KAI!” Called Aka from the talkie. “We’re about to bust out of here! Is MAK OK?”
“YES! I already got him!” she said, “We just need to find a way out of–” She then sees that they have reached a dead-end and it ends with a balcony.
“So we just jump out of tall balconies, huh?” Kiritsnagi said.
“DAMN!” Kai said, “There’s no way we can survive that jump!”
“By we, you mean you.” Kiritsnagi said, “Me and Anton can survive this! You’ll end up with broken….well, everything.”

“We’re going to have to jump.” MAK said, “Like…right at this spot.”
Kai was confused at his decision.
“Uh….what?” Kai said, “MAK, this is a very high jump!! I don’t know if we’ll make it!”
“Kai…..” he said, “We can jump off here and midway I can phase us to wherever the Darksiders are driving.”

“Will that shit even work?” Kiritsnagi asked, “This can take some precise timing.”
“And I can do precise.” MAK said.

The gunfire was coming closer than before as it was only a minute away.
“YOU BETTER MADE A DECISION NOW!” Kiritsnagi said as he jumps down.

“THERE THEY ARE!!” One goon shouted, ready to shoot on sight. However, MAK and Kai immediately jumped off the roof and freefalling with them holding each other tight yet they were still willing to shoot them on sight.
Both of them swerve zig-zag to avoid the bullets, even go upward until one of them went to shoot a rocket towards them.
“OH SHIT!” MAK shouted.
“WHAT!?” Kai screamed as both of them had to separate. “AAAHHH!!!! MAK!!!!!!!”

“Kill the girl!!” One of them shouted.
MAK phased to get to Kai and phase her from the bullets. He got his gun to shoot at them but they couldn’t reach it.
“I GOT ‘EM!” One shooter got a direct hit to MAK’s head but then one missile was incoming from the ground and direct hit to the roof, killing the shooters.

“WHAT THE HELL!?” Kai shouted, “Who did that!?” Then someone came flying with a jet pack and it was….
“Kati!?” MAK and Kai shouted.
“You damn right!” she yelled, “Tomoki! Cassie!”
The two of them also came flying on jet packs to help get MAK and Kai get to safety.

“Where are we landing at?” Kai asked.
Then came a huge truck with the Darksiders and the rest of the crew riding in it.
“The cavalry!” Cassie shouted, “We here!!”

They proceeded to land there on top of the truck.
“Holy shit!” Kai said, “Did everybody make it out?”
“Everybody is accounted for.” Tomoki said, And yes, while Kiritsnagi is still alive, the people we love is still here, too!”
“So everything is a success!” Kai said, “We pulled it all and not one pe–” Before Kai can finish that, MAK was staring back there at the fortress.
“Actually….” Kai said, “There was one person MAK tried to get out. Unfortunately, she didn’t survive.”
“Huh? Another person?” Tomoki said.
“Who?” Cassie said.
“His aunt.” Kai said.
“Aunt?” Cassie and Tomoki said in unison.
“She’s been holed in there for 20-something odd years.” Kai said, “That’s a long-ass time.”

He sat down pondering and pondering about what would’ve been if she went with them.
“She said that she’s already dead.” MAK said, “I could’ve saved her. I should’ve saved her.”

Kai then walked over there.
“Hey….” She said, “I guess you don’t want to scream victory in the air?”
“It doesn’t feel like a victory to me.” He said, “I feel so empty and hopeless.”
“You did the best you could to save her.” Kai said.
“She got stabbed deep, Kai.” He said. “And all because of a heist gone wrong that sent my uncle Ernesto to the hospital and to jail.”

“But you know it wasn’t your fault!” Kai said, “MAK, we have been dealing with your dad since you’ve been gone and he’s definitely to blame for this, not you!”
“I know, I know.” MAK said, “But it is my fault that I’m in this. I should’ve refused that offer he gave me. I could’ve looked for more work as good as that. I would’ve search for more offers….and eventually get enough money to get us a vacation with just…..” He started to get tears in his eyes, “Me and you……”

“But you didn’t know what you’re getting into.” Kai said, “You were thinking about us. You can’t be faulted for that.”

“I know one thing…” MAK said, “I know that after this, I’m cutting all ties with my dad. He got me in this shit, he got all of you in this shit and he doesn’t do any good for any of us. You were right. I shouldn’t have trusted him in the first place. It was as clear as that helicopter heading towards u-Helicopter heading TOWARDS US!?”

That last moment he was referring to was Bevins and Kaos on a copter heading their way to eliminate the others.
“DAMN!” MAK and Kai shouted. They had to duck and dodge the blades as they keep coming for them.
However, Bevins got his attention aimed at Kai.
“I’m fucking you up first!!!” He said having the blade going towards her but MAK has her phased into the truck.
“You son of a bitch!” He fires his machine gun into the truck.
However, besides them, Lex and the rest of the Darksiders were firing back at his copter in retaliation.
“Keep firing!!” Lex said. “He looks more pissed off than usual!”

“These motherfu—KAOS, SHOOT THEM!!” Bevins ordered.
She went off and shoot them but she kept missing and when Murasaki and Nola were right on their tail, they affront her by giving the finger at her and as she went and shoot them…..she accidentally shots one of the propeller of the copter.
“NO!!!” Kaos shouted.
“MISS ME, BITCH!” Nola said, shooting that part more until it started to malfunction.
“What the fuck have you done!!?” The plane was losing control and spinning deliriously close to one of the large cliffs in the area.

Bevins fall out of the plane while Kaos crashes with the plane, having her mechanical arm cut off by a sharp rock and the branches stabbing her in the throat and stomach.
He landed on his foot, cracked and twisted yet having the plane land close to it and he is now hanging by a branch as the damaged plane is close to falling down to a landmine-filled pit, also filled with flammable gases.

Soon, Lex and MAK walked up to the bloodied and defeated Bevins in what will look like his last stand.
“Well, well, well….” MAK said, “The once-great Mauricio Bevins is now right here, hanging on to dear life as he is dangerously close to death!!!”
Bevins kept his cool and not be intimidated by him.
“What? You going to act silent now!” MAK said, “YOU BITCH-ASS NIGGA! You going to be all tough and threatening to me and my friends and now….you’re close to death and acting like a little bitch!”

“Nigga, fuck you!” Bevins said, “You think I’m letting some Hybrid bitch like you talk trash to me like that? Fuck you!! I got out of worse shit than this and the sooner I get out of here, I’m killing you and your goddamn crew…..and I’m definitely having my way with your lady!!”
The plane was slowly moving to the edge.
“I rather not talk shit if I was you….” MAK said, “But you know what? I’m not the person you should talk to…..instead….” MAK went back and Lex then enters the conversation.

“Oh, hell….” Bevins said.
“Yeah…..” Lex said, “You sorry sack of dog shit. You just had to fuck with us and now look at you. Your crew is dead. Your new recruit was last seen with bullet holes in her head, chest and stomach and…..oh, your other girl is….”
Then Kaos’ mechanical arm came falling from up top.
“OH….is unarmed at the moment!” Lex giggled a bit and MAK was starting to laugh a bit, too.

“HEY! HEY!!” Bevins shouted, “Hey……look, I know we are not exactly good friends right now but I can make you a deal…..if you get me OUT of here, I can….” The last few words were not that audible.

Lex leaned over to get closer to what he was saying and the closer he is…..the sooner that Bevins can drag him along and as Bevins tried to grab him, MAK pulls Lex from him and pushes Bevins to the edge.
“YOU MOTHERFUCKER!!” Bevins screams as the plane fell off, immediately dragging him further down and down to the pit, screaming for dear life. Then the plane landed on a landmine, causing the plane to explode along with the gas, brutally burning and killing Bevins in the process.

MAK and Lex look to see the destruction of this outcome.
“Hot damn….” MAK said, “I didn’t think that would happen.”
“OK, that was a dumb move on my part.” Lex said.
“It was…..” he said, “But you’re still alive. So you’re smarter than that.”
The two walked back to their vehicles and proceeded to drive their way to the safe house.

MAK got inside of the truck with Kai waiting for him and both of them sat down and contemplated about everything that just happened to them.
“Kai?” MAK asked.
“Yes, MAK?” she responded.
“You said that my dad acted like an asshole in front of everyone, right?”
“Yeah.” Kai said.
“Well….” MAK said, “When we get to the safe house, I’ll let him know I know and also…” He cracked his knuckles.
Both then laid on each other for comfort.

We finally reach to the safe house where Jaye was keeping a good eye on who she was letting in.
“HEY!” Jaye said, “You’re back.” As she went to hug MAK.
“Nice to see you too, Jaye.” He hugged back, “Glad to be back and alive.”
Soon after that, the rest went to give him a hug, too. One colossal hug from everyone.
“Wow….OK…damn, I wasn’t expecting th—Maybe, I did.” He said.

“You forget you got a lot of people who missed you a lot?” Joanna said, “We’re giving you a big-ass hug.”

Kiritsnagi then walked up to them.
“So I see your entourage/groupies/fangirls are here.” He said, “You are definitely the popular one here.”

“So….” As MAK approached him, “I heard that while I was gone, you were treating my friends like shit. From beating them up to harassing them to reminding their own personal trauma they experience.”
“OK. I did all of that.” Kiritsnagi said, “I can openly admit that.”
“Good.” MAK said, “Then I’ll feel less guilty about this.” He instantly punched him straight to the jaw.

“OW!! Wow…….damn, I can really take some punches.” He said.
MAK then got him up and punched him and shoved him to the couch.
“YOU!!! You caused all of this shit to happen!! Me getting kidnapped, you putting Jaye’s father in jail, having my friends risk their lives to save me!”
“Not to mention, he stole $120 million from a guy he fucked over once.” Sheena said.
“That, too!” MAK said, “You know, at first when you left, I got mostly depressed but then again, Kai left at that same time but I cried for her because unlike you, she ACTUALLY had no choice but to move! You on the other hand…you left because you assume Mom was cheating when she wasn’t!! You left because you want to continue this bullshit of being a con man!”

“You wouldn’t understand the reasons I had to leave.” Kiritsnagi said, “You were too young back then.”
“What reasons?” MAK said, “Go ahead, tell me.”
Kiritsnagi just remained silent.
“That’s what I thought.” He said, “You failed as a father and you failed being a sympathetic human being.”

He was about to walk away but then said this, “Oh, and after all of this is solved… and you….we’re done. Don’t call me, text me, write me, or get anyone else I know to do your bullshit. I don’t want to see you again.” He then punched him again.
“That was for Aunt Levi.” He walked away with Kai following him.


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