AURA FACTION Season 2 COLORS – Story 21: AURA Phase (Part 1)

WARNING: The following written material that you’re about to read may contain acts of violence, graphic language, and sexual content. This is meant only for MATURE AUDIENCES. Reader Discretion is advised.

Previously on COLORS.

So The Darksiders, MAK, Kai, Sheena, Kati, Yuan, Laila, Joanna, Gina and Lial went with the plan to rescue Sayuri, ran into a few obstacles such as finding out Sei is there and Cyan and Seiki busting up as well. They got in, got her out and all celebrated good times, right?

HA-HA!!! We’ll get to that but……

While that was happening, Nyoko came clean about helping Tomoki and Cassie escaped out of prison and as expected, Risa is gradually pissed. Both want to know who really put a bullet in Loyuka…and yes, they found out it was Miki Maeda….and just in time as Tomoki and Cassie came back in town at their place.

… to the other part……

Rick and Dice came into the building, subdued most of everyone (well, most of the Darksiders [except Lex and Aka], Lial, Gina, Sei, Laila & Sayuri escapes out of there) and put a Red Mist bullet in MAK, causing him to weaken and put him in a coma-like state. The rest tried to get him out of there but the authorities arrived too late for them and tranq them and later apprehended.

“I see your plan didn’t do so hot, little Kai!!!” that same familiar voice that Kai encountered last time. “I TOLD YOU YOUR ASS WILL FAIL!”

“NO!!! SHUT UP!!!” Kai screamed.
“FUCK YOU!!” She kept on screaming that over and over again and she sees blood dripping all over her and she looks up and sees MAK’s corpse beyond damage and bloodied.

That moment immediately woke Kai up and she along with Lex, Kai, Cyan, Seiki, Kati, Yuan, Sheena and Joanna in the paddy wagon.
“What the—where—Where am I?” Kai asked them.
“A paddy wagon.” Aka said.
“Wha…..I mean….” Kai kept trying to say a coherent sentence. “Last thing I remember is… trying to carry MAK but I got shot down.”
“That did happen.” Sheena said. “They told us that as soon as most of us woke up.”
“So what’s going on?”
“Kai…….Rick and Dice are planning to execute us.” Cyan heartbreakingly said.

The look on Kai’s face was pure terror and shock.
“Execute?” Kai asked.
“Yep.” Lex said.
“This is practically our second and third strike according to them.” Yuan said, “But instead of rotting in a jail cell, they are planning on doing the firing squad style.”
“But….but….Cyan, Seiki….they can’t do this to us…or at least you!”
“They got us on treason bullshit.” Seiki said. “And they said as soon as they find the others, they are getting the same penalty, too.”

“Wait, wait, wait……the Faction wouldn’t do this!” Kai said.
“Well….” Joanna said. “This is more into Rick and Dice’s own execution than the Faction.”
“WHAT!?” Kai shouted.
“The Faction and by extent, the police gave them full control on what they’ll do to us.” With that said, Kai’s horrified reaction still continues.
“No……..they can’t.”
“Well, they are.” Cyan said. “There’s nothing that we can do to stop it! THEY WON! And we….are beyond fucked. Actually, scratch that. So is MAK, too.”
“MAK?” Kai said in tears as she wonders where is he.
“Oh, he’s not in here.” Sheena said. “He’s riding along with Rick and Dice…..they got ‘special plans’ for him and we already know…’s not going to be good. Plus…..I have a feeling in my bones that word is going to the Wolf Clan that I clapped on their own and probably now planning a fitting punishment for me as well.” With that said, Sheena tried holding back tears of her own while gripping Joanna’s hand.

“I can’t…….I just can’t…….” Kai on her knees crying for hope but feels like everything is coming down in shambles. “This is all my fault……it’s happening again….all this bullshit…..everyone I love is in the same shit again.”
Kai then got into the fetal position and sobbed quietly that increases in volume. Kati, Sheena and Joanna came for her for comfort to calm down the crying, even though it seems like things is going to get worse from here.

“Well, well, well…..” Dice said hovering over an unconscious and beaten down MAK. “Looks like you’re going to be out of luck, Makky boy. As soon as we get out of here, we are putting our ass down for good……and your broads…..all of them…..they’re going to pay the price for being associated with your ass.”

Meanwhile, back at the main BirdBrains HQ…….

Kikyo/Reiko has been with Miki for the past day and a half, mostly doing nothing but have sex all day.
The phone rings all of a sudden, interrupting Reiko’s moaning.
“Well……” Miki said, “All day in this room and we get a phone call. Hello?”
“GREY ONE! We’re in deep shit!!” The first words screaming from Crane.
“The hell? Crane?” Miki said.
“HUH!?” Kikyo said as she grabbed the phone and put it on speakerphone. “What you mean in deep shit?”
“First off, hello, Kikyo, glad to hear from you while I GOT SHOT IN THE THIGH! Robin is now dead and Hawk & Ryo are injured from the attacks not too long ago!”

“Well, who in the hell attacked you?” Kikyo shouted.
“WHO DO YOU THINK!?” Crane screamed. “The goddamn DARKSIDERS!!! They re-up, got back their girl and blew up the place!! They also got MAK2.0 to get on us!!!”
A liquor glass dropped.
“WHAT!?” Miki said. “Wait…..Darksiders…..MAK2.0….did he also have some non-Darksider girl with him? Medium short-tall, black/Asian girl with a blue streak in her hair?”
“I guess so….” Crane said. “There was a lot of people in there…..there was some girl faking pregnant to that one girl in black spandex with the long white hair.”
“WHAT!?” Kikyo shrieked. “OK, damn all of that!!! We got to make another attack!!! We search hell and high water!! I swear, I WILL FUCK THEM UP EVEN WORSE!!”

“Whoa……Kikyo…..calm down.” As Miki is playing it low-key. “I get you’re upset and you have every right to be…..but that’s all right. I got something in store for them.”
“Like what?” Kikyo asked.
“Well………let’s say I can get a few things hammered in.” Miki said.
Before they hang up on her, Crane has discovered another new thing today. “Oh…….I just got this from Myke….apparently Miayama and Lyles are in the city……and they are in the Hirano’s apartment.”
“So, the trinity returns……welp, time to give them a welcome.” Miki said.

Back to the Hirano’s apartment, Loyuka was gaining conscious after seeing Tomoki and Cassie right there in the building.
“Oh……oh….Nyoko?” Loyuka asked.
“Yes, Yuka?” Nyoko said.
“Did I just saw Tomoki and Cassie in here?” Loyuka said. “Like in this room?”
“You did.” And that was Tomoki right beside her with Cassie and Risa.

“So it’s true.” Risa said. “Maeda played you two like morons, shot you cold and threaten to kill either of us if we find out about it.”
Loyuka shook her head in reply to her.
“And I said that I am going to kill that bitch if it’s the last thing I do.” Risa said.
“She’ll probably be expecting it!!” Cassie said. “The girl is tricky and crafty like that! She probably watching our every move right now!”
“I DON’T GIVE A FUCK!!” Risa said. “She wants to throw down with me, she needs to say that to my damn face and not threaten anyone else around me!! Why aren’t you pissed off?”

“WHAT!?” Nyoko said. “She shot down Loyuka! OF COURSE I’M PISSED but we need to think of a plan!”
“Exactly!” Tomoki said. “But we do need a little help on that.”
“And thankfully we know just the people!” As Cassie sounded enthusiastic.

“Well, I hope you weren’t counting on that squad you always hang out with…..” Risa said as she turn on the TV and sees a report of the shooting at the abandoned building downtown.
“Police and Faction offices have reported that they have apprehended the 5 delinquents responsible for the shootings this week. They include Kati Turner & Yuan MacKiel, bartenders and co-owners of the Turner Express; Sheena Pleiades, hostess of the Turner Express and a suspect responsible for shooting a Wolf Clan official; Kai Barrett, a server/worker at Mr. Tso’s and sister of fellow fallen officer Cyan Barrett and last one Marco Antonio Kiritsnagi, or as he’s known by MAK2.0.”

“WHAT!?” Tomoki and Cassie shouted.
“No….” Cassie said, “What’s been happening since we were gone?”
“Well, as you can see…” Risa said. “Your friends are fucked than before and from the looks of it…..there’s no going back for them. Especially MAK and Kai…..”

“And that’s where you’re wrong.” Tomoki said. “We’ve been in a fucked-up situation before and got out of it alive.”
“If you meant what happened this past year….” Risa said, “That’s NOT a good thing to reference!”
“WHATEVER!!” Cassie said. “We are going to think of a plan to get Miki off our backs for good AND rescue our good friends!! And we will be here ALL DAY TO THINK OF ONE!!”

Back out in the road, the remaining escapees are trying to find a way to rescue Kai and the others.
“You think someone is still chasing us?” Rolo asked them.
“So far, we either lost them or they were never chasing us in the first place.” Sei said. “But so far so good.”
“Well, that is just superb.” Aron said. “Now we just need to get Lex, Aka and the rest of them from that damn truck.”
Suddenly, Gina landed on one of the cars.
“AH! Is that a bird or something?” Cameron shouted.
“THE F— Oh, it’s the one that flies a lot.” Aron said.
“HEY!! Fly girl!” Nanashi said. “You see where they are taking them?”
“YEAH!” Gina shouted. “This big paddy wagon is taking them to the Downtown Faction Jail where they are sent to be EXECUTED!!”
“EXECUTED!?” Sei said. “Who in the Faction would allow that?”
“The police did!” Devo said, “And since you’re MIA, the Cains took charge of that and boy, they quickly went to the execute button quick!”
“DAMN!!” Sei said. “Now we need a quick search and grab plan.”
“Well, I know which way they are heading.” Gina said. “It’s close to the city and I think there might be a short cut so we can get ahead of them, grab the guys and go!”
“I go with that!” Magnum said.

“OK, anyway, Rolo…..” Aron said, “You take Sayuri and Laila away from us and find another hideout so the Birdbrains won’t find you again.”
Laila said, “I’m not sure if Sayuri wants to be near m…”
“THERE’S NO TIME FOR THAT!” Aron said, “Work it out while you’re in hiding! Anyway, you three and I guess that Lial girl can guard them as well.”
“OK, I like this plan already.” Lial said.
Murasaki said, “So that leaves the rest of us…”
“WE….” Nanashi said, “Meaning Aron, Devo, Cameron, Magnum, myself, YOU and NOLA and Sei are going to get close to them, stop them without killing them, get the guys out and possibly fight Rick and Dice to the death!!”
“So we’re doing what we do best?” Nola said. “OH, along with Sei this time!”
“And that’s the plan in a nutshell.” Aron said. “We fight a huge threat while Gina is the lookout and Rolo looks after 2 gir–”
The realization of that bugged him a bit.
“Uh, wait…..I’m now regretting this, am I? Oh and its 3 girls.”
“So as always, Rolo gets the girls and we get the shit job.” Cameron said.
“TOO LATE!” Nanashi said and commanded Magnum. “FORWARD, BEARDED MAN!!”
“Uh….OK, Wonder Woman. Whatever.” Magnum said.

“I found a little house 8 miles from here.” Rolo said searching for somewhere to hide him and the rest, “I’ll make sure to keep all them safe.”
“All of us know you will, Rolo.” Sei said. “I got my complete trust in you but just to be safe…..” Sei hands him a pistol.
“Sei….are you….?”
“This is just in case.” Sei said. “I really hope it doesn’t come to that but…..when that moment comes, you know what to do, right?”
“Hopefully.” They hugged it out and moved on from there.
So, Rolo, Sayuri, Laila and Lial got into the other car and went to find hidden shelter from the rest of the Birdbrains.

She sat down trying to think of one…. for a few hours but no luck whatsoever.

“Oh, DAMMIT!!” Cassie said banging her head on the table.
“A plan yet?” Risa said.
“SHUT UP!” Cassie shouted.
“It’s now getting close to night.” Nyoko said, “We should probably get some rest and maybe that might help you think of a plan even more.” Then suddenly Loyuka and Risa noticed a little red dot on Nyoko and see it stay on her.

Risa said, “Nyoko. Why is there a red—Oh…..NO.”
“Wait, what?” Nyoko said.
“NYOKO, GET DOWN!!” Loyuka pushed Nyoko down as the room is being shot up and everyone had to duck under something.

Risa and Loyuka fired back at whoever is shooting at them.
“WHO THE HELL IS THAT?!” Tomoki said.
“HELL IF I KNOW!!” Risa said, shooting back. “Whoever they are…….I’m GETTING THOSE FUCKERS IF IT’S THE LAST THING I DO!”
“RISA!!!” Loyuka and Nyoko said.
However, Cassie did get sight on who was shooting at them and yet they had on a hoodie mask.
“Damn, they’re hidden!” Cassie said.
“We need to get higher!!” Tomoki said.

The shooter made their way out of there by jumping roof after roof until they go into the darkness and disappear. It was too late as all the girls got to the roof.
“YAAAHHH!!!” Risa shouted as she got her bow and arrow ready to shoot but she missed her target.
“Wait, you seen them?” Nyoko asked.
“They were just here!!” Loyuka said, “The guy disappear fast!”
“SHIT!” Risa said, “I think they might be one of Miki’s goons!! She probably know that we know!!”

“That means she’s going to attack any time!” Tomoki said. “We got to keep fresh eyes for them all around if we stay here!”
“The hell with that!” Risa said, “We’re going to take down the bitch herself!”

Then the worst came to happen…..
“Ah, one of you better ideas, Ms. Hirano.” And that was Miki behind her.
“What the…” Miki got a knife and stab Risa to the side.
“RISA!” Nyoko shouted.
“YOU!!!!” Tomoki went and took running charge at Miki and threw some hard punches at her.
“Oh, Miayama!! I didn’t expect you to be back…..but then again, like your punches, it wasn’t much of a surprise.” Miki then hit her back in the jaw and threw her from the ledge, leaving her hanging on there.

Cassie then over there to get Tomoki from there, “Tomo–”
But Miki sneak up and grabbed her from behind and toss her to the other way.
“And Miss Lyles… gullible-ass girl.” Miki said, “You should know never to turn your back on an enemy. They are likely to fuck you up even more!!” Miki then stomped on her and kicked her to the side.
“CASS!!” Tomoki then climbed up there, then attacked Miki by stunning her legs with a kick.
“OW…….” Cassie said, “I think I should be fine….maybe.”

However, Miki’s legs didn’t take too long to heal up as she went to her other target……Loyuka.
“So…..I guess now that you spilled the beans and all…..” As Miki holds a knife towards Loyuka’s throat and within a second, she puts it to Nyoko. “I get to fillet your girlfriend right here, right now.”
“WHY YOU–” As Risa is red with rage and ready to pounce but Miki immediately warned her, “Careful……..I am dangerously close to piercing her jugular vein and I know that can kill someone real quick.”

En route to the Faction Jail, they were 5 minutes away from there and things were looking hopeless from them.
“Guys……” Kai solemnly said. “It seems like we are close to the end. I heard we got 4 minutes until we reach the place. You have no idea……how extremely regretful and sorry I am about all of this.”
“Kai…..why are you saying this like it’s your fault?” Cyan asked.
“Because that’s how I feel right now.” Kai said, “I dragged you into some bullshit…..again and now you have to pay the price with your life and…..I’ve just been a horrible person this year. I lie to my boyfriend. I lie to my sister….and to my friends. None of you deserve to go through any of this. Me on the other hand….”
“Look, Kai…..” Cyan said, “Sure, you get involved in some shit I don’t approve and while most of it is on you but saying you deserve this……..No, you don’t and to be honest, only 10% of that is your fault. Rick and Dice takes the majority of this along with that Endo guy and even the Wolf Clan…..well, Tomoki and Cassie, too, but like you, it also wasn’t completely their fault.”
“Yeah, Kai.” Seiki said, “I know you two (and me) fight time to time, but we do know one thing that you don’t deserve any of what’s coming for us. NONE OF US DO!”
“Especially since you weren’t trying to escalate shit on purpose.” Kati said. “I mean, Rick and Dice came to your home and tried to harass us. That’s on them being shitty authoritative figures and overall assholes.”
“Amen on that.” Lex and Aka both said.
“Plus, you are not a horrible person by any means.” Sheena said. “For half a year, you and MAK have been great friends to me. If you didn’t help me from my ex, who knows what could’ve happen there. You’re a good neighbor and a better friend.”
“I think all of us can agree on that.” Joanna said. “And if MAK was here with us…..he would say that you’re the best thing that happen to his life. At least that’s what I think he might say.”
“Knowing him…” Yuan said. “I think he would say that.”

A screeching stop was made as they spotted a roadblock refusing them to go any further.
“WHAT THE HELL!?” Dice said. “Why are you stopping?”
“Mr. Cain, we got two big trucks blocking us and it looks like no one is in either of them!!”
“Well, move those fuckers then!!” Dice said.
“WE SAID NO ONE IS IN THEM!” the driver said. “Can you hear, fool?”
“He got you there.” Rick said. “Just get one of them to hot-wire those motherfuckers, move them out of the way and BINGO! Problem solved.”
“OK then.” Dice said.

So they send two guys to get the trucks moved. However, as they went inside with the doors unlocked, both guys immediately got knocked out by a bat and a hammer.
Gina suddenly came out of the shadows. “You two got the keys yet?”
The ones that knocked them out was Murasaki and Nola.
“We’re getting there.” Nola said.
“Yeah, these dudes got multiple pockets and we’re trying to get to them fast before they wake up.” Murasaki said.
“GOT ONE!” Nola said, tossing it to Gina.
“GOT THE OTHER ONE, TOO!” Murasaki said.

Gina then flew in the dark with the keys, making sure that Rick and Dice doesn’t see them and went straight to the back where the guys were located.
“Come on, come on. OPEN!” she said, trying out what key was the right one.
“NIGGA, WILL YOU HURRY YOUR ASS UP!?” Dice shouted from the truck.
“SHIT!!” She got to the last key and it opens. “YES!!”

“What the hell?” Yuan notices the door opening.
“Survey says you are now free.” Gina said.
“GINA!!” Sheena, Kai and Joanna shouted.
“Wait, you got here that quick?” Lex asked.
“Yeah, this is one of these days I’m glad to be a Hybrid.” Gina said.
Joanna and Sheena gratefully went and give Gina a warm, embracing hug. “Oh, my god!! I never been so good to see you again!!”
“Oh, and we got company coming.” Gina said. “So that’s taken care of. Wait…….where’s MAK? He’s not here with you?”
“Oh………yeah………” Kati said. “He’s locked inside…….with Rick and Dice.”
“WHAT!?” Gina shouted.
“WHO THE FUCK IS THAT?!” Dice screamed as he went outside to see what’s going on.
“Oh shit!” Aka said. “QUICK! RUN! NOW!!”

“HEY!!” Dice said. “The fuck? Who the hell knock you motherfuckers out like that?” He heard footsteps coming from the back.
“GET YO ASS UP!” Dice shouted. “Y’all some big motherfuckers and you got your ass kicked easily.”

Everyone is at the other side of the paddy wagon.
“Oh great!” Gina said, “How are we going to get MAK from there?”
However, they are near the door to the other car.
“Oh…..” Gina said, “That was too easy.”
“Look, I’ll go inside and get MAK from there.” Kai said.
“YOU!?” Lex said.
“YES ME!! GOT A PROBLEM WITH THAT!?” Kai ferociously growled to Lex.
“2!!” Lex said, “Rick is still in here and I’m sure Dice is going to yell his ass off and I don’t know if you quick enough.”
“Plus, MAK is attached to something in there and I don’t know if it’s keeping him alive or not.” Sheena said. “I’m guessing hospital-type machines or something.”
“OK, fuck it.” Lex said, “Fine, Kai can go in there and get MAK out of there. Sheena, you, Joanna and Gina go with her and be her lookout and as soon as she gets MAK, get the hell out of there FAST!”
“Got it.” Gina and Joanna said as they went inside.

“So what about us?” Cyan asked.
“OH, we’re going to attack those two! HARD!” Aka said.
“Then what are we waiting for here!?” Seiki said with a gun cocked.
“How did you get that?” Kati asked, “And can I have one?”
Seiki hands her another gun anyway.
“Thankies.” She said.

“WHAT THE FUCK!?” Dice shouted as he saw the back empty. “How the hell those motherfuckers escaped!?”
“Ask us yourself, dick!” Aka screamed while firing a warning shot.
“What the?” Rick looked into the window and roughly jumped into the scene. “SECURITY! Get those fools!!”

Cyan and Seiki threw a flashbang grenade to blind the other guards.
“Can’t see!!! OH SHIT!”
“The hell that come from?” Rick said. Then one of the blind guards got knocked up by an incoming Kati and Yuan.

“Fuck, we really need new people.” Dice said.
“Alright, you pieces of shit.” Lex said, “Did you think you’re going to execute us like bitches? If we’re going down, we’re doing it fighting you assholes off!!”
“And really? You’re sending two officers to be executed just because they don’t comply with your bullshit?” Kati said, “How fucking corrupt can you get?”
“….Really?” Rick said. “You bitches lecturing me about corruption? You help out two girls, one running from the law and the other from her wolf clan and I’m the bad guy?”
“The hell with what you say!” Dice shouted, “It’s going to take more than just 5 or 6 of yo—Wait! There were more of you here…..”
A thunder clap and lightning struck as the rest of the Darksiders and Sei shown up in time.
“You’re right.” Sei said. “There’s more people……mainly us.”
“Well, then…..” Rick said as he pushes a button that in 30 seconds, he got a whole SWAT team of his associates in record flat.
“Now we do, too.” He retorted.

Back in the paddy wagon, the rest of the girls founded MAK still in an unconscious trance and hooked up to a machine reading his vitals.
“So, how do we get him out of there?” Sheena said. “You know, without killing him?”
“Well, he’s not hooked on any drugs or anything.” Joanna said, “He’s not on life support and we got some Blue Leaf vials to re-energize him. So we just…..un-hook up and that’s it?”
“That sounds a bit too easy.” Gina said.
“Either way, we need easy right now.” Kai carefully unhooked MAK from the machines and tried to carry him but is too heavy for her to carry by himself.
“OW!” Kai said, “You can’t help?”

So Gina kicked the door open and make sure that the coast is clear.
“You see anyone, Gina?” Kai asked.
All of a sudden, a guy crashed into one of the windows.
“Well, minus that…….No.” It turns the fight was already started between the Darksiders and others vs. Rick and Dice’s goons.
“HA! MISS!” Magnum shouted as he blasted another guy’s foot off.
“Where the fuck he got that gun from?!” One of them screamed.
“The GAG, FOOL!!” Magnum shouted in victory.
“I see you’re having fun.” Nanashi said. “Oh and behind you.”
Magnum ends up shooting the guy without looking and basically blood and gore was everywhere.
“I got him?”
“Yeesh.” Nanashi said, “You did…….the sight of it is not pretty though.”
“SEMPER FI, BITCHES!” Cameron shouted and throws grenades in two cars, exploding on sight.
Lex in a weirdly odd mode said, “Did he just…”
“Ignore it.” Devo said. “Just keep shooting.”

“The fight started already.” Sheena said, “How are you going to get out of here without being spotted or killed or both?”
“We need MAK to wake up!” Joanna said. “Because I know me, Kai and Sheena can’t carry him in that warzone.”
“Ya think?!” Sheena said, “I saw a guy’s foot get shot off!”
“I checked if he’s still breathing…..” Kai said, “He’s good. Maybe if we can get him to wake up and get him his powers back, we can escape out of there.”

“You think that red mist is still inside him from when Rick shot him?” Sheena asked.
“Probably not.” Joanna said, “Maybe we should try and get that shit out of his system and put the blue leaf in.”
“I got to hook them up again?!” Kai quietly shouted.
A bullet went through the paddy wagon.
“YES!” Sheena & Joanna shouted.

They hooked it back up and see that the red mist is located in his back as the bullets were removed. Gina got one of the Blue Leaf vials and a needle to inject the stuff in.
“OK, make sure there’s no air bubbles in that.” Gina said. “So we inject the stuff in his wounds and…….”
Kai carefully stick the needle inside MAK and release the Blue Leaf into his wounds to heal.
“I really hope this works, MAK.” She said.
“OK….now what?” Sheena said. “How long will it take for him to heal?”
Gina then looked up how long the effect of the healing process, “About…….40 minutes?”
“40?!” Kai, Sheena and Joanna screamed.

“HEY!!! Someone’s in there!!” One guard shouted.
“AAH!!” Kai shouted. “Someone’s coming!!!”
“Then we need to hide or something!” Joanna said.
“What about MAK!?”
“He’s good there.” Gina said, “As soon as that guy leaves, we grab him, find a car and drive us out of here!”
“I believe I have a car available for you ladies.” One person said.
“See?” Sheena said, “Our luck is changing alread—AAAAHHH!!!” Turns out it was once again Shin Endo hiding out with a gun pointed at all of them.
“NOW……you 4 bitches and your Hybrid pet need to come with me…and I expect you to come quietly or I’ll shoot you and him.”

Back to the rooftop with Miki holding Nyoko hostage with a knife to her throat.
“So….you going to cooperate?” Miki said.
“Are you going to put that knife away from her?” Loyuka said.
“Well……I guess you got me.” Miki raised her knife close to Nyoko’s neck; however, Cassie put her hand where her neck and it got stabbed instead.
“AAAHHH!” Cassie screamed as she grab the knife and slapped Miki and pushed her to the side. “AAH!! OW!!!”
“Cassie!” Nyoko and Loyuka said.
Tomoki and Risa came and bumrush on Miki while she’s down. Risa came at her with a brick and smack it on her face with vengeance and furious anger and kept saying to her, “IF…..YOU…..TOUCH…..MY…..SISTER…..AGAIN……..I…..WILL…..PERSONALLY……KILL……YOU……..MYSELF!”

After that, Miki just shoots her again in the kneecap.
“AAAAHH!!!” Risa screamed and she gets the shit kicked out of her.
“Pathetic.” Miki said, “Silly little Asian Katniss Everdeen thinking you can take down the likes of me!!!” She kicks her down again. “And just for that shit, I’m definitely killing your sister as harsh as possible!”
Tomoki then grabs her and toss her out of the roof….yet someone catches her at the last minute.

“What the……” And it was Kikyo that rescued her from the fall.

“Kikyo……finish the job.”
“As you wish.” She pulls out her pistol and as she tries to aim at Tomoki, she turns her gun on Nyoko and Loyuka but then Risa gets her arrow and shoots it, making Kikyo miss her target but gets another bullet and she shoots Risa on sight in the chest.

“RISSAAA!!!” Nyoko shouted.
She lost balance and falls from the roof and into one of the dumpsters on the side.
Tomoki gets her gun and tries to shoot at Miki and Kikyo but they quickly vanish out of there.

The girls got down there to get Risa out of the dumpster.
“Risa!!” Nyoko shouted. “Oh god, no! RISA!!!”
She is bleeding out badly and looks very grim for her.
“We need to get her TO THE HOSPITAL! LIKE RIGHT NOW!” Nyoko frantically said.

They eventually got her to a hospital but by the time they arrived……it was already too late. Risa was pronounced dead.
The look on Nyoko’s face is in a state of shock and unease.
“Risa……..Risa…….” She eventually broke down crying in front of the hospital. “NO………NO……..NO!!!! RISA!!! RISA!!!! RISA!!!!!!!!”
“Goddamnit…….” Loyuka said.
“Why?……” Nyoko kept saying to Loyuka with tears, holding her as tight as possible. “Why this shit has to happen? I thought Risa would be able to handle her…..”

“We fucked up….again.” Tomoki said.
“Nyoko…..we are really sorry about what happened.” Cassie said. “I mean…my God.”
“No…..this was my fault.” Loyuka said. “I didn’t want nothing like this to come….but…..honey, I’m so–”

Nyoko then had to say something.
“You’re saying this like it’s your fault. If there is anybody to blame….it’s that bitch Miki!!”

“She shoots you, blames it on you two having to sent you in jail, shot up my home and murders my sister while she’s at it!!” Nyoko screamed. “She ruins all of our lives!! I had enough of this bitch and I know you three do, too.”

“So what are you saying?” Tomoki asked.
“We go after them.” Nyoko said, “And we put her ass to the ground once and for all. For causing all of you so much pain…..and heartache.”
“Nyoko? Are you sure about this?” Loyuka asked.
“I have never been so sure about anything until this.” Nyoko said. “Loyuka…..I want her head.”
“Then we do it.” Cassie said. “And this time……we’ll be prepared to do so.”

During the shootout, Rolo along with Sayuri, Laila and Lial were hiding out (again) in this abandoned house on the Southside of the Society.
“OK, this is the house.” Rolo said. “It looks safe enough for us to hide out for a while until we get a call from Lex and them.”
“This….doesn’t look much of a fortress here.” Lial said.
“It’s an abandoned home.” Laila said. “No shit this isn’t some impenetrable iron fortress.”
“UM, After what happened back there…..we need that kind of FORTRESS!” Lial argued. “Especially since we know those BirdBrain guys are probably looking to find us, kill us, and/or sexually assault us!!”
“It’s the only one I can find close range to us.” Rolo said, “We can’t keep being on the road. That makes it easier for them to catch us.”
“LOOK!” Sayuri said, “If this is what Rolo can find us in a short time, then so be it.”
“And if we do see them, first thing we do is run.” Rolo said, “Hopefully it won’t be for some time.”

However, in the fog of the other side, it looks like someone might be tailing them.
“Yo, Myke, Yellowhammer? You see any of them?” Crane said via communicator.
“Well, we know they split some time and it’s the tech nerd with the little sister, our prisoner and some other chick went here.” Yellowhammer said. “Although I don’t like that we get the easy targets.”
“Meh.” Myke said, “All we got to do is rough up the nerd, beat up the sister and take back the prisoner and that other chick, too. Simple? Yes but sometimes simple can be good.”
“Any news on our end?” Yellowhammer asked Crane.

We cut back to the fight with the Darksiders vs. Rick and Dice’s crew and gunfight chaos still continues as Aka and Nanashi mowed down 4 guys with flash bombs and subdued them with kicks to the face and Lex spraying the guys’ faces with pepper paint, blinding and wailing them all at once.

“That does it!!” Rick shouted and from the roof and jumped on Nanashi but got thrown to the side by Devo, only to have Dice tackle him and beating and kicking him.
“Big fucking mistake!” Dice said.
Then Sei aims her two guns at them. “Funny. I should be saying that to you two!”

“STAND DOWN, OFFICERS!” Sei said, “By the order of the Faction and the Society, you two are no longer associated with any of us! What you are doing now……threatening to execute my officers, harassing innocent people with unnecessary three strikes and abusing your power in authority……will get you locked up for life!!”

“Oh really, Ms. Matsuda!?” Rick said, “You mean, after some of your officers withheld information about hiding out former officers/now fugitives? Those former officers like Tomoki Miayama and Cassandra Lyles and the ones hiding info being Cyan Barrett, Seiki Argento, Gina Nguyen and Joanna Yubari? Or how about their loved ones/relatives causing this much shit…..we’re more dangerous than they are?”

“Yes.” Sei said. “They’re not power-hungry or self-serving fools.”

“MOVE BITCH!!!” And there was Shin shouting out loud and aiming his gun at Kai, Sheena, Joanna and Gina coming out of the wagon with MAK.
“KAI!” Cyan said. “KAI!!!!!”
“HEY!” Shin said, “You move and your sister fucking gets it!”
“Whoa, whoa, whoa!” Rick said, “The fuck you’re doing with my prisoner?”
“Yours?!” Shin said, “Take a number, fool.”
Dice then got his gun out, aimed at Shin, “Nigga, you take a number!!! We’ve been got beef with this motherfucker here!”
While the Cains and Shin were arguing, the Darksiders took bigger aim at both of them.
“Kai, you still got that blue leaf needle?” Sheena whispered.
“Yeah.” She said, “It’s in my back pocket.”
“This might distract them for a minute or so.” Sheena said.
“HURRY!” Joanna said.

“You delinquent fucks better be pointing it at him and not us.” Dice said, “You fucks are already in hot shit!”
Aka then pistol-whipped Dice and said, “How about you shut the fuck up and cooperate or we kill you two and him on the spot?”
“How about you and your girls go down and suck on my d–”
That causes Nola to shot him in the ear.
“OH!” Shin screamed. “Bitch, you shot my ear!”
“I do the next one if you try anything else!” Nola shouted.
“How about I do something to your little girlfriend?” Shin screamed. “Your pain is better when I attack someone you love…..”
“You little shit!” Nola kept her gun cocked.
With that, Rick got a little pissed, “Now….if you fuckers don’t put your guns down right now…. you will regret it later on.”

“What the–” Shin said, “Hey, bitch!” Murasaki then shoots him in the arm.
He spotted Kai injecting the blue leaf back into MAK’s system.
“Oh shit…..”
The Blue Leaf effects are taking place as the blue glow is going to his veins, causing him to transition out of his trance/coma-like stage and his trademark glowing blue eyes are shown, and he flashes back to the last memory of Rick shooting him and Kai screaming his name. “MAK!!!!!”
At last, MAK was finally awaken.

Everyone was at awe of seeing him in his power.
“MAK!” Kai shouted.
“AAAAAHHH!! YEEEEE!” MAK screamed. “You sons of bitches!!!” He’s clearly talking to Rick and Dice. “You cowardly-ass motherfuckers!! You bitch niggas shot me with RED MIST? Now I know after this…..I am definitely killing you fuckers!!”
Then MAK sees Shin in the mix, too.
“And… hell, you’re here, too….and still ALIVE!?”
“Well, well, MAkky boy, we missed you, too.” Shin said.

“Y’all alright?” MAK asking everyone here.
“We’ve seen worse.” Kati said.
“And it’s going to get worse for you and your bitches!” Dice said.
“You know, I’m really tired of your ass calling my friends and girlfriend bitches.” MAK said, “Considering the only other bitches in here are you two and Endo here and…” Then MAK punched Dice deep in his stomach.
“OW!!!! You big motherfucker!” Dice groaned in pain of that.

“Baby, you alright?” MAK said to Kai.
“I’m good, MAK.” She said, “I think we got enough of that red mist out of you but there might be a little bit more in there.”
“Hnngh!” MAK felt a bit of that in him. “Yeah, there it is.”
“You think you’re healed enough?” Sheena asked. “Like if all the red mist is out of your system?”
“I went through worse.” he said.
“ENOUGH TALK!” Shin said as we make the first attack against MAK. He quickly phased from there and got on top of Shin and kicked him down .

“Nice try, stupid!” MAK shouted. “You got to do a lot more than that.” Then stomps and kicks the guy to the other side of the street.
“GET THAT NIGGA!!” Rick shouted as a barrage of new people were circling around the area, moving in on MAK and they have guns packed with Red Mist bullets ready for them to shoot at him.

“LOOK OUT!” They fired directly at him but he quickly phased out of there, snatched one of the guy’s gun and use it on them.
“AAH!!” The guy screamed as he got shot.
MAK jumped to the rooftop of the building. “HEY!! You want me, y’all better come up here and get it!!”
“Man, fuck you!” Dice said, “I can just execute your girls right here, right now!” MAK phased down there to punch Dice in the back of the head.
“Or I can take your gun and break your fucking arm!” Rick then snatched MAK and threw him to the wagon and grab the pistol.

Kati then got to Rick, bite his arm and got the pistol from him.
“OW!” He shouted, then he slapped her and tried to shoot her yet Magnum shot Rick’s gun all the way to the gutter.
Yuan and Kati got on top of Rick, held him against his will and took turns beating and punching him out.
“Try attacking me again and SEE WHAT HAPPENS!” Kati said.
Yuan grabbed an empty bottle and smacked it across his face.
Dice then grab and punched Yuan in his chest. “You pussy-whipped fucker!! You know after I fuck you up, I’m selling your bitch as a penguin mini-hooker!”
“Mini!?” Kati shouted as she got a chain and used it to choke Dice with it and slammed him to the door. “Don’t fucking call me short!!!”

“SPLIT!!” MAK shouted. “Shake this motherfuckers!”
“WHAT!?” Kai, Sheena & Joanna said.
“He’s got a point!” Sei said. “We can’t take on all of them! At least not at once!”
“We’ll handle the rest of these fools!” Lex said. “We got enough firepower to do so!”
“What about us?” Cyan said.
Aka added in, “You, Seiki and Goto need to report this shit to every Faction agency and get the heat on the Cains!! Have them in the shit!!!”
“And as for MAK…” Lex said, “Just get yourself and the rest out of here. Meet with Rolo in that house we told him to hide in. Here’s some directions and a piece just in case.”
“Got it!!” MAK said.
“You think we might be safe there?” Kai asked him.
“I have no idea but it’s worth a shot.” MAK said. “Only thing is… do we get there?” All of them glanced at Gina for a minute.
“Um….NO!” Gina shouted. “All of you can’t ride my ass!”
“Well, damn.” Joanna said. Then they spotted a truck parked near a gas station.
“Found one.” Sheena and Joanna said.
“NOW GO!” Nanashi said as the Darksiders blew up the paddy wagon and eventually split.

“WHAT THE HELL!?” Dice said, “Look at this bullsh—DAMMIT, Find them Darkside motherfuckers and KILL THEM!”
“Where the hell is MAK at?” Rick said.
They spot him getting in the truck.
“Oh, I see him.” He cocked his gun but Shin also got a tail on him. “Once again, we are coming for your ass, MAK!”

Back at the hideaway, Rolo got a call from MAK.
“Hello?” Rolo asked.
“Rolo, it’s me, MAK!”
“Holy shit, you’re alive?”
“Uh, YES!” MAK said, “OK, this is small talk. Me, Kai, Sheena, Joanna & Gina are heading to you. Just giving you heads up!”
“OK!” Rolo said, “Just make sure your asses aren’t followed.”
“Gotcha.” He said then he hung up.

Lial was fast asleep on a couch, resting from the chaos that happened and Sayuri and Laila was still busy being silent to each other, although Laila really couldn’t take the silence between them anymore.
“I’m still not speaking to you.” Sayuri said. “At least for now.”
“STOP.” Sayuri said, “Laila, I know you’re still trying apologize. Again, your sister and her friends had my ass beat.”
She checks out the window to see if someone is checking up on them.
“I would avoid the windows if I was you.” Laila said, “They could try and take you away like that. Also, we’re trying to be hidden.”
“Good point.” Sayuri said.
“Hey…..Sayuri…..did Rolo told you why my sister is like this?” Laila asked her.
“OK then. Why?” Sayuri said, “And I hope it’s a good reason.”
“Well……short answer: my parents used to be Faction agents. Died protecting a Hybrid in Witness Protection. Hybrid tricked them, running out of town with cash.” Laila said. “Reiko said that they died for nothing and for ungrateful Hybrids.”
“Wait……” Sayuri said, “Your last name is Inagami, right?”
“Yeah.” Laila said.
“You mean….Katsu and Nobuko Inagami?” Sayuri asked. “Oh……yeah. They were one of the first few fully human officers of the Faction. I remember my parents, Jin and Jiro telling me how they were very courageous in their duty and probably should’ve been more respected than they should have.”
“Yeah.” Laila said, “You know every time they come home, we heard them being called Hybrid Fuckers or Glow Stick.”
“Glow Stick?” Sayuri asked.
“Yeah….. not much of a name.” Laila said. “But like I said to Rolo and Murasaki, Reiko didn’t look at it that way…as you saw earlier.”

“Hey!” Rolo said as he entered the room, “We got MAK and the crew coming so we need to keep watch for them and make sure it’s them and only them.” As Rolo cocked his gun.
“UH, you sure you know how to shoot one of those?” Laila asked.
Rolo exclaimed, “What? Nanashi taught me how before…….a few years ago.” A warning shot was clumsily made, waking up a sleeping Lial.
“AAH! You popping something?” Lial screams.
“Maybe. I don’t know.” Rolo frantically said.
“Oh great.” Lial said, “How in the hell did I end up being involved in this wacky fucked-up goose chase? And can you even handle a gun?”

All of a sudden, someone was pointing a gun behind her.
“Well, I can.” one voice said.
“And that is not you, isn’t it?” she said.
“No.” Rolo shouted.
She turned around and it was Myke and Yellowhammer.
“GET OVER HERE, BITCH!!” As he grabbed Lial and put the gun to her throat. “Surprised to see me again, boy!? I should’ve killed your bitch ass when I robbed you.”
“What the hell you want?” Rolo said.
“WHOA! Back up, fool!” Myke said. “You don’t want this girl to become an airhead, right?”
“Now as for you, bitch….” As Yellowhammer attempted to grab Sayuri but Laila blocked her every way. “MOVE OUT OF THE WAY, BITCH!”
“MAKE ME!” Laila screamed. That’s when she attacked Laila out of the way and gets to Sayuri. “I’m back, bitch. Miss me?!”

“LET THE GIRLS GO!” Rolo screamed.
“Man, shut up.” Myke then punched him. “You know, I can’t decide whether to kill your ass either before or after my partner rough up these women.”
“GET….THE FUCK OFF ME!” Lial shouted.
“You asshole!!” Sayuri said while being manhandled by Yellowhammer, followed by an elbow to the face.
“SAYURI!” Rolo shouted.
They heard a vehicle pulling up the house.

“What the—Who’s that?” Myke said.

“Yo, Rolo!” MAK and the rest has finally arrived, although in time for a gunfight. “We HERE!!”

Myke went and hid behind the door and wait until he waited for the element of surprise. However, MAK slammed the door back, hurting Myke in the process.
“OWW!” Myke shouted. “You dick!”
MAK then pulled out his gun, aiming straight at him. “Said the fuckhead hiding behind a door.”

“And yet I see another one with 4 other bitches.” Yellowhammer said. “So…’re the infamous MAK2.0…..the Blue Hybrid. We hear stories about you like you’re Paul Bunyan, the Bogeyman or Afro Samurai.”

“And what of it?” He said. “You better not harm any of my friends.”
“Or what?” Myke said, stabbing Rolo in the kneecap.
“AAAHH!” Rolo screamed.
“Oh well, you were never a good runner anyway.” Myke said. “And now….on to your lady friends…..”
Sheena then pull out a knife of her own and stabbed him in the kneecap as well.
“Karma’s a bitch, isn’t it?” Sheena said.
Joanna then punched him directly to his face.
“OK ENOUGH!” Myke said. “How about you beat someone your own gender? Yellowhammer?”

“Fuck it, fine!” Yellowhammer said as she speeds towards MAK and the girls.
“Oh shit.” Kai said. “SPLIT!”
They all jumped from the position, avoiding Yellowhammer’s strike with MAK going upward and went to strike down on her.
However, she caught him by the foot and threw him to the side, but drags her along with that.

“Any move you make on me, I will fuck it up for you and kick your ass instead!” MAK said.
“Wow, you must have a lot of balls, Mr. Blue Man.” Yellowhammer said. She then threw a hammer near his balls.
“OH!! Wow, you little skank!” MAK shouted.
Then he got slapped, punched, and thrown out of the window.

“The fuck?” Gina said, back outside. “What the hell’s going on?”
“Two motherfuckers.” MAK said. “They got Rolo and the other girls.”
“Wait, they’re TRAPPED IN HERE?!”
“Yes….and that bitch fucked me up. Ow.” MAK exclaimed.
“Yeah……I’ll wait out here and get the Blue Leaf for you.” Gina said
“Thank you.”

Myke then try to pounce on Kai. “I guess your man fouled up on that.”
Immediately, Kai decked him one.
“And you fouled up by talking too damn much.”

At that moment, Yellowhammer snatched Kai. “Oh look, another mouthy Asian girl I need to rough up!”
“Meep!” Kai shrieked and then got thrown in the corner. “HELP!!!”
Yellowhammer lands a punch. “Strike one, fool.”

“GET OFF HER!!” Sheena and Joanna both jump on Yellowhammer and overpowered her by tag teaming her.
But Yellowhammer did manage to get out of that spot as she kicked Sheena from behind and toss Joanna right where Laila and Sayuri are at.
“OW………” Sheena said. “Joanna, you alright?”
Yellowhammer then grabbed her again and threw her up in the air.
“AAAAAHH!!!!” Sheena screamed and down she went towards Myke and he grabbed her by her breasts.
“GOTCHA BITCH!” Myke said, “Damn, and you got big ones.”
“OK, you know what?” Yellowhammer said, “You can hit him for that. I don’t mind.” And Sheena proceeds to do that.
“JOANNA!” Sheena shouted. “Baby, you alright?”
“Um, are you?” Joanna said as she notices Sheena bleeding from her side. “Sheena, you’re bleeding! OH MY GOD!” Myke then pushed Joanna out of the way and into Yellowhammer.
“Sit your ass down now!” Myke said.
However, behind him, Rolo comes at him with a bat and start beating him in the back with it. MAK then jumps back from the window and chin-check Yellowhammer, beating her down to the ground.
“You……do…..not…..throw….a….hammer… a man’s genitals!!” MAK screamed. “Bitch.”
He then took a look at Myke being down.
“What happened to him?”
“I knock him unconscious.” Rolo said as he dropped the bat.
“Yo… man.” MAK smiled as he gave him props. “You did good. And that’s all in one swipe?”
“Yeah…” Rolo said, “Well, 3 more. You know, for the girls, too.”
“Girl—OH SHIT!” MAK shouted.

“ROLO!” Sayuri shouted as she runs to him. “You’re not hurt again, aren’t you?”
“No…I actually got a good lick.” He said. “I kick his ass.”
“YES!” Sayuri said, “Oh thank God. I was so worried.”
“Yeah, same he–” Sayuri went in to kiss him directly on the lips. A very long kiss. “I’m now more relieved than before.”
“Rolo, you’re safe?!” Laila said, “YES!!! YOU KICK HIS ASS?”
“Oh, definitely.” he said. “And what about Yellowhammer? How you do her?”
“Well, you see, I….OK, MAK came in and did that.” He said,

“Hey, is everyone all right?” MAK said.
“Well, I’m still alive.” Lial said. “So yeah.”
“I’m good, MAK.” Kai said.
“We’re square.” Laila and Sayuri said coming in with Rolo.

“Well….” Joanna said as she is carrying a bleeding Sheena.
“Oh damn.” MAK said. “How the hell that happened?”
“That bitch Yellowhammer did this.” Joanna said. “How you got past her?”
“I kicked her ass.” MAK said. “Simple as that but can we stop Sheena’s bleeding?”
“I got some gauze in my bag,” Lial said, “Possibly enough to bandage her and to stop the bleeding. I suggest she doesn’t do any sudden movements for a while.”

“So….what do we do with these two?” Kai asked.

MAK suggested, “Oh, we are leaving right now and possibly burning this motherfucker now with these two dipshits in it!”
“But won’t they wake up by the time we start burning it down?!” Laila said.
“We’ll be quick about it!” MAK said, “Right now, we can’t risk that shit again. That and with Sheena down, we need to get her somewhere safe and out of harm’s way.”

“OK that I can go with.” Lial said. “Wait….where’s Gina? I haven’t seen her since the….”
Gina then came in with gasoline and torches with everybody staring oddly at her.
“…..WHAT!?” She said. “I heard what he said. Let’s torch the bitch up!”

Unfortunately for them, Rick and Dice just arrived, “I don’t think so!”

“Oh no…..” Kai said.
“It gets worse for you!” As Shin was behind them the whole time.
Kai then gripped MAK’s arm harder than before when seeing him again.

“Did we get followed?” MAK asked.
“I think we did.” Gina said.
“How is this still happening?” Kai asked in a frightened mood.

“Rolo…..” MAK said, “Just get you, Sayuri and Laila out of here.”
“And you’re trying to get them out of there…..well……” Rick points behind them and sees Yellowhammer and Myke back up and slaps and throws MAK to them.

“AH! OW!” MAK shouted.
“I’ll handle this nigga here!” Dice said, “We got business to handle!”

“As do we!” Yellowhammer shouted, dragging Rolo back to the room and Myke locking him in the room.
“ROLO!!!” Sayuri said.
“Oh, you’re not missing out on what he is going to get!” Myke said as he grabs her and Laila, too. “You two bitches are mine!!!”

Shin then got some rope and duct tape. “And that leaves…..”
He took a good look at Kai, Sheena, Joanna, Gina and Lial.
“Ah…..5 ladies for the price of 1 and I know which one I’m picking.” He grabs Kai and throws her out in the open.
“Get ready to run, baby girl.”

“And for you 4…..” Rick said to the rest of the girls as he got out some brass knuckles.

Back into the fight with the Darksiders, the smoke has cleared from the battle and most of the bodyguards both give up and just went home or some fought it out and well……

“Why……why did you chop that guy’s arm off?” Cyan said.
“I thought he was reaching for something.” Kati said, “And I found an ax.”

“We fought off just about every one of their forces and I don’t see any more coming this way.” Aron said, “Does that mean we won?”
“I hope.” Magnum said, “I’m tired as hell and I want to go home.”
“We might get that wish.” Devo said, “No one is left and we’re all still alive….so……”

“Um…….you forgot about one thing.” Nanashi said.
“…….You mean the GAG?” Magnum asked, “It’s still good and in one piece.”
“ROLO, YOU DUMBASS!” Nanashi, Aka, Murasaki and Nola all shouted at them both.
Aka then added, “We’re going to that piece to check up on them and all things are good there, then we can go home!”

“Plus, MAK and the rest are heading there as well.” Cyan said, “We round up everyone and we go as a pack.”

“As long as we don’t run into any trouble, then we should be alright.” Sei said.

“Oh, I highly doubt that last part.” A hidden voiced Miki appears with Kikyo and the 3 remaining armed BirdBrains. “I’m sure Yellowhammer and Myke are doing their job beating that nerd you call a friend.”
“The hell was that?” Lex shouted while Aka hold him back.
“Oh, and since you mentioned Blue Boy…..” Miki going towards Cyan, Seiki and Kati, “I doubt he’ll be a match against them and I know Kai will be beaten like eggs in a millisecond. Hell, she might be dead now.”
“YOU BITCH!” Cyan shouted while Seiki and Kati had to hold her back.
“Cyan, no!” Kati said, “She’s talking shit as always! I doubt MAK and Kai would be easily done with by anyone associated with you.”

“You think so?” Miki then shoots Kati in the shoulder.
“YAAAAAH!” Kati screamed.

“Kati!” Everyone shouted.
“You fucking bitch!” Kati screamed.

Every BirdBrains and Darksider has each other on their sights either by gun or force.
“You think you’re going to win?” Miki said. “I bet all of you are mostly out of breath from the earlier attacks and I know you can’t have that much stamina left in you. Besides, one of your friends is bleeding and she might go cold.”

“OH PLEASE!” Lex shouted, “There’s 5 of you and we’re twice the people you got!!”
“Then in that case…..” Crane and Ryo took shots at Magnum, Aron, Devo, Nanashi, Cameron and almost went in for Murasaki but Nola went ahead and took the bullet for her.
“…….We should be even now, right?”

“GUYS!” Lex, Aka and Murasaki shouted.

“AAH! Dammit!” Aron said.
“That bitch just had to shoot me in my ass.” Cameron said.
Nanashi tried to get the bullet out of her but it was in there deep. “Damn, I can’t get it out!”
Devo was wailing in pain of the bullet inside his leg.
Magnum was wincing and trying to mask the pain but it didn’t hurt. The bullet kept giving him discomfort.
“Nola, baby.” Murasaki said, “Oh shit!”
“Saki…..” Nola said, “I’m not that hurt, just…..shot in the side. Ow…..”
“Wait… that green?” Murasaki noticed from her bleeding. “The hell is that?”
Then suddenly they couldn’t move a muscle. “Help…Saki, I can’t move…..”
“OH fuck, neither can I!” Nanashi said, “What’s going on?”

“That bullet you were shot were is called Still.” Kikyo said, “A bullet used to make your body paralyzed. It lasts for about an hour or so.”

“AAAAHHH!!!” Aron shouted.
“Fucking hell!!” Cameron screamed.

“You sons of bitches!” Aka said.
“Oh, I still got more for you!” Kikyo said, “But who should I shoot now? You…..your boyfriend…..your baby sister…..the rest of these humans……but I wouldn’t want to miss your face when I do this.” She aims the gun at her sister and as she proceeds to shoot, another bullet coming to it got to it first, shooting and exploding the Still bullet.

“What the fuck?” Miki said. “Who was that?”

Out of the shadows, 4 people stood in view.
Loyuka was the first to come out, “Did you think your ass was going to flee? I don’t think so.”
Then Tomoki and Cassie came out.
“We aren’t going to take your shit anymore.” Tomoki said.
“It ends here.” Cassie said.
Last but not least, Nyoko with the big sniper gun came out and said, “Oh, you are going to feel my wrath……bitch.”







“You kill me…….how does that reflect you?”


“It’s crazy out there, man.”


©2016 KATANAPlus+ / The Faction Project.

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