AURA FACTION: Story 5 / Lost BETWEEN the Isles

WARNING: The following written material that you’re about to read may contain acts of violence, graphic language, and sexual content. This is meant only for MATURE AUDIENCES. Reader Discretion is advised.

PREVIOUSLY (or here’s the tl;dr version) ON: AFaction

Panic ensues at the Hybrid Society as humans were rampaging all around town, causing havoc and killing Hybrids and allies all over the city.

Many in the Faction struggled to survive the whole ordeal with one unfortunate exception…….

…….as in Sayuri and Sei ran into some trouble with this hustler named Willis Lam as him and his gang kidnapped Sayuri and let Sei to die in an underground explosion. She was hospitalized and Sayuri is on her way to be sold as a sex slave.


And now…..


“SOLD!?!?” Sayuri screamed at him as she’s tied to a bed.

“Yes, my dear woman.” Lam said to her, “Sold as in somebody wants to buy you to do whatever the fuck they want with you. Well, actually, we know what they want to do with you.”

She screamed at that as she tried to yank the rope but it wouldn’t budge. They knew she would try and do something like this and so they brought something to inject inside her to shut her up. “Hey, HEY, bitch!!” Then Lam slapped her across the face. “Look, when your friend couldn’t pay for that gas—“

“BULLSHIT!!! We didn’t take it!!!” Sayuri said but then she was slapped again.

“Either way, you belong to us now and your friend isn’t gonna save you this time. Hell, we made sure your friend didn’t make it out alive of that explosion.” He said, “As far as I’m concerned, the bitch is probably dead now!!”

“FUCK YOU!!” Sayuri shouted and spat on him, “You don’t know shit!! Sei made it out on more dangerous shit than this. She’s gonna find me and when she does, she is gonna kick your slimy ass and your asshole gang!!” Then Lam grabbed her by the throat, ease into her face and said to her, “Oh, I see you’re not gonna comply to us, aren’t you? You know, that sassy-ass mouth is not always going to save you!!” Then he punched her right in the stomach and before he left the room, they brought in someone in with a bag over their head as they are a captor themselves. “Here’s a friend to keep you company as, you’re going to be somebody’s new fuck toy after tonight!! Enjoy your company!!!” As he evilly laughs out of the room and they removed the bag from her head and it turned out to be somebody that the Faction knew for a short time. “Wait…….I think I recognize you. You’re that girl my friends rescued…..NANA?”

As she turned to Sayuri and sees a scar on her right side of her face and tears was coming down her face. “Help.”

AuraFaction5 Draft

In the hospital, there lies Sei in a bed with nothing but a hospital gown with bruises. Her signs show that she is responsive and breathing but suffer from shell shock from the explosion. As soon as the others (them being Jin, Jiro, Cyan, Seiki, Leon, Hybrid X & Miki) heard about what happened to her, they rushed to see where she’s being admitted at.

“Excuse me?” Jin asked the administrator. “We’re looking for a Sei Goto. Has she been check in here?”

“Are you any relation to her? A family member?”

“Well, I—“

“Excuse you, Ohi. I’ll do it.” Hybrid X said as he approached the desk. “Excuse me, miss. We are the Faction, a top agency all around the globe and one of our local agents has checked in here and we need to see how she’s doing ASAP.” The administrator then checked the room number for them, “She’s in Room 244. Second floor to your right.”

“Thank you, miss.” He said and then looked at Jin, “Yeah, we got it.”


They went into Sei’s room and she hasn’t woken up yet.

“Oh, shit……..Sei is all sorts of fucked up,” Seiki said, “You think she’ll be able to pull through?”

“Argento!” Jin said to her, “Look, I’ve known Goto all my life. I know in a minute or so, she’s gonna pull through. She has survived worse things than this.”

“But what’s worse than being caught in the middle of an underground explosion?” Leon asked. Then immediately Sei woke up screaming and panicking like she was still underground while Cyan and Seiki tried to calm her down. “Sei! Sei! Calm down!! It’s just us!! You’re safe right here in this hospital.”

Sei kept panting in stress as she was coming to the realization that Sayuri has been kidnapped and that’s when tears came coming down her face as she went from screaming to crying. “Sayuri…….I was an idiot. I WAS A FUCKING IDIOT!! I didn’t……..I didn’t…..”

“I thought we were in the clear. I was gonna keep her safe and I had it planned out but….” Sei took a pause and bury her head in shame. “Why did we have to run across that guy?”

“What guy?” Jiro asked. She then sighed and said his name, “Willis Lam.”

“Willis Lam!?” X said to them, “Oh, god….if he has her, then chances are that Sayuri’s chance of survival is slim to none. Lam is not only a known hustler but a pimp and abuser as well since he’s into the Hybrid/Human sex trafficking business.”

“Jin, Jiro.” Sei said as she struggled to get up. “Let me be the one to bring him down. I’m going after them and when I see Lam’s face, he’ll pay for kidnapping her.”

“Are you serious?” X questioned her sanity. “Goto, you’re a fucking mess. Besides, they might recognize you and that could give them more incentive to off Sayuri. I know she and you are very close and that’s the reason why I CAN’T LET YOU IN THIS!!”

“I’m not asking your permission for this. I’M TELLING YOU!! If they hurt Sayuri, I’m gonna–” Sei screamed at him.

“You got no authority over Hybrid X or your superiors!!” Miki said to her, “Miss Goto, let the other agents deal with this. You are in too deep in this.”


“With all due respect, Miss Maeda, I really don’t give a shit about what you got to say to me right now. If you excuse me—“ Then Miki got Sei’s arm in a tight arm and this is an injured arm meaning it’ll hurt more than before. “Look, you did this to yourself, acting like a damn cowboy out there and at what costs? Sayuri ending up sold to some strange guy only to have her blowing or riding him!!”

“SHUT UP!!!!” She screamed at Miki. “WHY WOULD YOU SAY THAT SHIT!! Jin and Jiro are right there and you don’t even give a damn to consider their feelings.”

“Sei,” Jiro said, “We exactly don’t wholly agree to what Miki is saying but she was right about you acting like a cowboy. Jin and I know that you really care about Sayuri and you would do anything to save her but now it’s not in our hands anymore.”

Then Jin said to her, “I also think it would be best if we listen to Hybrid X right now.” As she leaves the room, the look on her face is discouraging and unsure as she wasn’t exactly agreeing with this. Everyone except Cyan, Seiki & Leon left the room as the three of them helped Sei get back into the bed.

“Yeah….I’m starting to like that Miki girl even less than before. Maybe even more or equal to Hybrid X.” Seiki said. “I know I wasn’t there when that shit happened to you but I’m sure it wasn’t your fault.”

“It was.” Sei said, “I thought I had a good plan on escaping from the riots….I just—“

Then Seiki then said to her, “LOOK!! I never thought I would say this to you of all people but that shit wasn’t entirely your fault. I never seen you like this before!”

“Argento, it takes a lot to break me and me losing Sayuri was a big one.” Sei said.

Cyan stepped in and said to her, “Sei, I know at first we haven’t been on terms as much but a few days ago, you did told me that you can’t let all those bad experiences get the best of you. Remember?”

“True.” Sei said, “And I admit, I was pissed off at you when I thought you assumed I was some emotionless Robocop.”

“OK, I’m sorry about that and I was wrong for saying that. You show that you really care for Sayuri like she was your own sister and how you would do anything to save her and that really shown me a level of respect for you.” Then Cyan grabbed Sei’s clothes and her gun and handed them to her, “So, you think you’re up for it?”

Soon, Sei’s sad look was turning into a smirk, “You know what? You’re right. I’m not gonna let this shit defeat me!! I will save Sayuri. I’M GONNA RESCUE HER WITH OR WITHOUT THE FACTION’S HELP!!”

“See there? That’s the old you talking.” Seiki said.

“YES!! And I—OOOWWW!!! Fuck! I forgot that I’m still partly injured from that explosion and also I need some help from the three of you.” She told Seiki to keep watch for any visitors coming in her room and that she wanted Leon and Cyan to infiltrate Lam’s apartment buildings down in McAllister. They’re thinking of a sure-way plan to get her out of there.


Back at the Apartment buildings, we see Nana and Sayuri in a room together and Nana trying to figure out what’s going on. “WH-WHA- What happened? I barely remember how I got in here.”

“I think I did.” Sayuri said. “They chloroformed me, dragged me here and chained me in nothing but a T-Shirt and panties on.”

“Well, at least that didn’t happen to me.” Nana said. “Yet.” As Sayuri finished that sentence for her.

“Sorry. I’m not actually hopeful here.” She said to her.

“I can’t believe I’m in the exact situation again.” Nana said, “It feels like yesterday this all happened.”

“Um…Nana, how did you get here in the first place?” Sayuri asked her.

“Some guys broke into my apartment those Faction guys got me in hiding. I don’t know how they got in here but it seems like I’m not safe anywhere, especially since…….” She took a pause at that since bringing up Psymon, the friend that got killed her, brought back that memory of him being gunned down. “What about you?”

“Me and a friend tried to escape through underground but obviously that didn’t work.” Sayuri said worryingly, “I really hope Sei is still alive.”

“The question will we still be alive after some guy is gonna buy us?” Nana said, “And I really don’t want that to happen.”

Meanwhile in the other room, Lam is in the room with some of his hired thugs and a few buyers for the girls, especially one familiar face. “Really? Why do you care about that other girl we got in there? Especially since we found out that girl is part of that Faction group that’s on your and our asses?”

“Let’s just say that girl owes me something big time.” And it was revealed that Coren Ramsey is one of those buyers. “And believe me, I got unfinished business with that girl.”

“Well…..” Lam said awkwardly like he was more weirded out by that, “If you say so, then I’ll get you that pink-haired girl. You sure you don’t want the other one?” Ramsey gave a quick thought on that and said, “Well…ah, the hell with it, I’ll buy her, too.”

“Excellent.” Lam said.

“And I’ll throw in some extra cash since you did had a loss in your family. Once again, my condolences to you and your brother.” Ramsey said to him. “They really shouldn’t have happen to him, especially in prison.”

“Yeah, I can’t believe my dumbass brother got himself killed in there.” Lam said.


Meanwhile, Sei was getting ready to raid on the Lam apartment buildings by masquerading both Leon and Cyan as potential buyers but with Cyan, they had to dress her up as a male, meaning they had to get everything from a fake mustache, fake beard, a fake penis and to compress and seal her breasts to make sure that she was a man (that and losing the bra helps, too) while Seiki is making sure that the other guys aren’t on their tale as Sei does this behind their backs.

“You think they’ll buy me as a guy?” Cyan said in the car dressed as a male gangster with Leon and Sei as they are riding down to find Lam’s apartment. Leon then said to her, “Hopefully, they’ll notice that fake penis we put on you and the fact we had to suppress your breasts.”

“That and this beard is fucking itchy. How do guys like this shit?” she asked, “It feels like grass is growing on my face.”

“Cyan, the beard is a way to distinguish yourself as an adult man. Something about it makes you feel manly inside even.” Leon said to her, “Hell, I started to get more respect when mine came in.”

“OK, you two.” Sei said to them, “Now all you have to do is go in there, be interested in buying some girls to take home and make sure you pick Sayuri, outbid whoever tries to get her and make sure she comes out of there unharmed.” As she hands them a briefcase of $5 million in cash. “Now I got this from the evidence locker back at the Faction as bait but don’t bet it all unless you really had to.” “Gotcha.” Cyan and Leon said as they exited out of the car but Sei grabbed Cyan at the last minute to tell her, “Cyan, please…….please get Sayuri out of there safely.”

“Sei, we will get her out of there.” Cyan said, “You can count on us.” As she went ahead with Leon and Sei is whispering to herself, “Sayuri…..please still be alive.”

“Hey, was Sei alright, back there?” Leon asked, “She seemed tenser than she usually is.”

“I don’t blame her.” Cyan said, “In her eyes, Sayuri is like family to her and I can tell that if something were to happen, she would go ballistic. Believe me, I know the feeling.” They soon got inside there and the first thing they notice that it was surrounded by goons everywhere and that almost makes it impossible to sneak in as not even a fly on the wall could get in there undetected. “Hey!!!” one of them stopped Leon and Cyan at the door.

“What’s your reason for being here?”

Leon said to them, “We just here to buy some hoes, man. That’s all.”

“Nigga, that’s what they all say. You got hoe-buying money, man?”

“Oh, we—“ Cyan said but she then forget to disguise her voice and she quickly recovers with her gruffly sounding voice, “I mean, hell yeah, we got some fuckin’ money right here, man!!” As she proudly showed them the briefcase. “All day, e’ery day, motherfucker!!” As she sells the tough guy gangster act a bit too seriously.

“Well, my niggas, you can come on in and browse around our selection of women we got in store.” They looked around and around for her and they saw a bunch of girls, either from broken-down girls with homelessness etiquette, scared women who seemed to flinch whenever someone approached them or self-defensive since most of them got beaten up in there and it wasn’t a pretty sight.

They were a few customers just thirsty for some ladies and Sayuri and Nana were not looking hopeful at the possible outcome, especially with who shows up the next minute.

“Evening, gentlemen!!” Ramsey bellowed across the room. “And to you, too, ladies!” That he said with a devilish grin. With fear in her eyes and body, Nana proceeded to hide behind Sayuri from him. She kept saying, “Oh no, please no!!” silently as she has a very intense fear of him and part of the reason why she’s been hunted down recently. However, Ramsey might’ve heard that from afar. “Oh, what do we have here!!!!” he shouted.

“It seems you got caught in something again. Am I right, Miss Maizumi? Well, it’s different this time since you don’t have anyone to fight for you……or for you to suck their di—“

“Hey, lay off her!!!!” Sayuri screamed at him. “What kind of a man are you picking on her like that?”

“Oh, I see we got a little badass over there.” Ramsey said.

“Ramsey, that’s the Faction bitch….at least their mascot or something.” Lam said to him and that led to Ramsey saying, “Oh, you must be the runt of the Matsuda siblings. I guess big bro and sis couldn’t help you either since…..well, you’re here on your lonesome.” As most of the people took notice of the argument, Leon and Cyan tried to went closer to Ramsey and see who was he harassing.

“You know what? I WANNA START THE BIDDING NOW!!” Ramsey said, “Especially with those girls right there. Oh… two are going to make a nice addition to my surroundings.”

“OK, who the fuck is he talking to?” Leon said to her as he went to get a clear view of what’s going on. “Hey, Cyan…..I see Sayuri right over there and I see some other girl with her hiding from her and…….oh shit.”

“What?” Cyan said.

“Remember that girl you and your crew went to rescue?” he said.

“Oh no…..don’t tell me?”

“Yep, her ass is in here, too. So we need to save both of them and I hope we got enough money for that.” Leon said.

Sei went ahead to call them on their phone. “Any news? You found Sayuri?”

“Sei, good news is that we found her in there.” Cyan said to her, “She hasn’t been sold to anyone yet.”

“Oh, thank God.” As Sei sounds relieved to hear that. “Well, we gave you enough money to ‘buy’ her and we—“

“Well, here’s a problem of that.” Cyan said. “Nana, the girl we rescued before, is also involved in this and Ramsey is looking to buy the both of them and I think he might be loaded with cash.”

“Look…..if he bids on both of those girls, outbid him and if…..and I mean if he finds out about them, I will storm in there and take care of this myself and if that happens, the two of you grab Sayuri and Nana and disappear fast!!” Then she hangs up her call and went to her glove counterpart to get her handgun and cock it in case someone were to get the drop on her, although that might happen in about….1 second.

Someone bangs on the window and that startles Sei got a bit as she grabbed her gun.

“WANT SOME CRACK!!!” some girl was shouting at her.

“The fuck!?!” Sei screamed at her, “WILL YOU GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE!!”

“Hey, lady, the fuck you doing in that car? You playing with yourself?” she shouted but then Sei got out of the car with her gun aimed at her, “If YOU DON’T GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE, I PUT THE GODDAMN BULLET BETWEEN YOUR EYES!!” Then her cellphone rings and it was Seiki calling her.

“Argento, what do you want?” Sei said.

“OK…….That’s a hostile way to answer the phone.” Seiki said.

“Um, you got any reason to call me right here right now?” Sei asked her.

“Well, the rest of the guys are about to check up on you in your room and guess what? You’re not there!! And if you aren’t there, my ass is gonna get fried for it!!” Seiki said to her, “And believe me, if X or that bitch Miki yells at me, I’ll throttle the fuck out of them.”

“Look, just stall them in any way you can and keep them out of that room!!!” Sei said, “Got it?”

“All right, all right, all right.” Seiki said, “Just……make sure you, Sayuri and Cyan come back safe.”

“Thank you, Seiki.” She said as she hung up.


“What is with this guy and you? Does he have a personal vendetta against you specifically?” Sayuri asked. “It might as well be,” Nana said, “That and also Psymon was actually investigating him and his organization while protecting me at the same time.”

“Oh……but didn’t him and his friends used Red Mist smoke bombs?”

“It was a cover for him to steal some files of his and transfer them to the Faction agencies.”

“But here’s another question. Why did Ramsey hint the fact that you and him were……well, you know?” However, Nana chose to remain silent on that but the blushed look on her face has gotten Sayuri questioning it for a millisecond. “Wait!! You and Psymon—“

“Look, we did it only once.” Nana said, but the look of her face and twitching eye indicated that it wasn’t just once. “FINE!!! We had sex more than once and……I was the one that made the first move and the rest is history.”

The bidding was about to begin and Leon and Cyan are up and ready to outbid anyone for Sayuri and Nana. Lam brought out his little gavel and stand to do his little auctioneer act. “OK, fellas, you know the rules of the game. Make sure your ass actually have the money on you and if you don’t, my guards won’t hesitate to throw you out on your ass.”

And soon the bids begin at $1000 and many people are betting wildly up to $10,000 to 20,000 and there were a lot going up for them but both Leon and Cyan kept it going by betting higher and higher until a few of the bidders dropped out and call it quits. Both of them and Ramsey kept betting for the highest bid until that were reaching for almost $900,000 and Ramsey has just bid over $1,000,000 for both of the girls.

“Well…….you got any more ammo for me, bruh?” Leon said.

“You really got nothing else for us, dude.” Cyan said to her.

“Oh, really?” he said to them. “2 MILLION FOR THE GIRLS ALL OR NOTHING!!!!” As he laughed and boasted to them. “Oh, I got nothing, huh? $2,000,000 doesn’t sound like nothing? It definitely sounds like I just kicked your ass in this.”

“Well, unless you got something more than 2 Mil, Ramsey gets those girls.” Lam said, “And it looks like you about to run out of mon—“

“4 MILLION!!” Cyan screamed at them. “For both of those girls!!!”

“Hot damn!! $4,000,000? SOLD to those two eager gentlemen!!” Lam said.

“WHAT!?!?” Ramsey screamed out. “Sorry, Ramsey, you got to admit that those 2 guys outbid you good. Now I think you two gentlemen needs to get acquainted with their new girls. Excuse ourselves, boys.” They soon left the room but Sayuri and Nana were still less thrilled about being sold and they were getting very defensive.

“OK, look. While I’m not being sold to Ramsey, you fuckers better not try some creepy shit on—“ However, before Sayuri can finish her sentence and defending herself and Nana, Cyan took off the fake beard and reveal that it was her and Leon that outbid Ramsey.

Nana gasped at them and said, “Wait, you’re that girl who saved me before!!! You’ve come to rescue us!! Oh, thank you!!” As she jumped on Cyan and kissed her a lot for saving her and thanking her over and over and over again. “Wait…’s just you two guys here?” Sayuri asked them.

“Where’s Sei? Is she still alive?”

Leon then said to her, “Yes, she is but she did get badly injured during that explosion. She’s been a lookout for us since we had to sneak her from the hospital.”


However, Sei is limping her way at the building undetected and as soon as she was about to enter, the phone rang and it was Seiki at the phone. “Argento, not now, we’re about to—“

“Listen, I got no time to argue with you as they are gonna pull a raid down where you at.” Seiki said to her. “WHAT!?” she screamed at her, “A raid? You mean just shoot and blow the place up? Even though they got lots of innocent women down there?”

“From hearing about it, it’s gonna be a massive one and all of you need to escape out of there clean where Lam, Ramsey and/or X won’t find you.” She said to her. “It could be a matter of minutes.” Sei didn’t respond to that as there’s someone pointing a gun at her and they grabbed the phone from her while Seiki is waiting for her to say something. “Sei? Sei? You there? Sei, the fuck? Are you there?”

“Miss Goto is not here right now. She’s pre-occupied with something.” Then they went and smashed the phone and knocked her out, dragging her inside the building. Meanwhile, as Leon and Cyan plan to escape with Sayuri and Nana, Lam showed up at the window and shoots it, having his boys strapped to the toe and aiming it at everyone in there. “So… really thought you was going to trick my ass? Really? Mr. Leon Garret of the Faction?” As he slapped him but luckily for Leon, he turned into metal so he’ll feel the pain of it. “OK, smart-ass. Just for that, I’m gonna kill you first.” Then tried to knock him out again, but still forgot he’s part metal.

“Fine!!! I wouldn’t kill you yet but I bet you stop fucking around if I aimed this gun at one of these ladies and yes, I mean, you too with the fake beard and mustache.” As Lam pointed his gun at Cyan then the guys dragged Sei in the center, broken arm and all.


“SAYURI!!” then she gets knocked down again. “GET THE FUCK OFF ME, YOU BASTARDS!!” But Lam grabbed a shotgun and got it aiming at Sayuri’s head, “Now……you better not try and make any sudden moves or your little friend is gonna have her head missing from her body and the same goes to this one, too.” As he was pointing at Nana, too. Then all of a sudden, the lights goes off and flickering as Sei struggled to get up and grab a knife and threw it at Lam’s arm as Sayuri knees him in the crotch, grabs Nana and makes a run for it.

However, he got three of his men to chase them while the others deal with Sei, Cyan & Leon.

Sei stood up with her one arm as a guy came running with an axe and she began to lead him on into a sturdy stairway and as she sees a ladder to an attic, she grabbed it and swing on it, duck and knocked out one of them. One guy was pulled out a gun and began shooting at her but he kept missing and hitting mostly the walls and some drunk guy in the arm to the right. “OWW!! You gangbanging wannabe-motherfucker!!” Then Sei grabbed a handgun and then shot him in the junk, although she wasn’t really aiming at it in the first place. “OHH! You bitch!” Then she shot him dead to end his suffering. She is still being chased by Lam and his goons while chasing the girls.

Meanwhile, Leon and Cyan was fending off the rest of them with Cyan duck and dodging attacks from a guy with a whipping chain. “AIIEEE!! I get the guy with the whip? What kind of shit is this?” and Leon’s metal power was waning down and he had to save it for when he needs it, which meant those guys brought a lot of pool cue sticks and was beating him harshly with it. “At least you don’t have a stick up your ass.”

“Come on, you bitch!!!” One shouted at Cyan as he readies his whip and went to strike at her. However, she kept evading the hits as she grabbed a machine gun. “Fuck you!! Fuck you!!” he kept shouting out curses at them while firing from a handgun he got with him, thinking it might give him more power but all it did with made him look like a moron and eventually as he ran out of bullets, Cyan shot him point blank in the head.

“OK, fuck it.” Leon said, “I’m using it now.” He then transformed into his Hybrid mode and knocked a guy with his metallic fist. Some other guys tried to get the jump on him and overpower him but he easily threw them off, even as much as nailing one guy to the wall. “OK……didn’t really expect that to happen.” He went over to Cyan, who was busy pistol-whipping one goon until he was bleeding. “OW!!! DAMN!! Shit, bitch!! OW!!” But then Cyan’s cellphone rang, she answered it and it was Seiki.

“GUYS!!! GUYS!! YOU THERE!!” Seiki screamed at them.

“Yeah. We’re kinda in the middle of fighting these guys and getting the hell out of here.” Cyan said.

“WHAT DO YOU THINK I WAS CALLING YOU IN THE FIRST PLACE!? X has placed a raid where you’re at. They are going to shoot up and bomb the whole place without hesitation. I called Sei about it earlier but I think she—“

“Yeah, we know.” Leon said, “They caught us and now Sayuri and Nana are on the run from Lam and Sei is catching him down and—“

“Wait, wait, wait….that girl Nana is involved in this, too?” Seiki said, “Look, you got about 15 minutes before that come, maybe even shorter. Point is, you gotta get the hell out of there! FAST!!!” Seiki then hung up the phone.


For the time being, Sei is busy lurking throughout the building looking for Lam and he was still looking for the girls. “Hey!! I promise that if I ever find your asses, I won’t beat the living shit out of you…..much.” And Sei actually did heard that through the echoes/acoustics of the building. “Lam, you do one thing to those girls, I’m gonna shoot you right in your balls and they will hurt…..very much.” That might have to wait since two of his goons found her first and begun shooting at her right away so she ducked and covered herself from the gunshots and she went into her Hybrid phase, forming a black diamond skin cover on her where she can blend in the darkness of the room and deflect any harm from them.

She punched one in the dark while trying to shoot her and she used him as a shield against the other guys while they were busy shooting up a storm. However, they just shot their own guy and even they seemed dumbfounded by that. Eventually, Sei grabs his machine gun, shoots one of them in the chest and another one in the head.

More guys came running in and this time they decided to go with their fists than guns and for half of that time, it didn’t work since Sei just shoots most of them. “Damn it, out of bullets.” She throws the gun at them and she head-butted one of them with her diamond head, causing his head to bleed a bit. One guy choked her from behind while another one used a brick to beat her with a brick on a rope but she threw the choking guy in the crowd and pulled the guy with the rope and started to beat him with his own brick, even so to bashing and bludgeoning his head with it.

“The fuck? Is that bitch crazy?!”

“WHO GIVES A FUCK!!! JUST FUCKING END HER!!” one guy said as he charged at her but then as that happened, part of the floor cracked as his foot is stuck and as the wood cracks some down, it began to come down as a whole, taking him down along with some other red shirts.


Sayuri and Nana are still hiding from Lam and it looks like he’s getting close to them.

“Hey!!” he screamed out while holding a shotgun. “YOU 2 BITCHES ARE GETTING ON MY LAST NERVE!!” As he just shoots up the place in his havoc mode and getting more furious every last second. “YOU GOT ONE MORE CHANCE TO GIVE UP!!! IF NOT, I’M JUST GONNA SHOOT BOTH OF YOU DEAD!!”

Just as Lam went to reload, he sees them in front of them and quickly went to take a shot at them but he was a bit off as he missed and they kept running but he grabbed Nana and took out a switchblade. “HA!! I got one bitch!! Now you! You cause me a lot of fucked up shit to happen over the last few hours!! If you don’t comply, I’m gonna cut this bitch and maybe she’ll see that boy she fucked in the afterlife!”

“SAYURI!!! PLEASE, HELP ME!!!” Nana screamed. “Shut up, bitch!!!” he said while he punched her in the stomach. “Now, you got a choice. Make it wise.” As soon as he said that, something in the dark shadows was lurking onto him and as it went creeping, Lam was stabbed in the shoulder as Nana kneed him in the groin and ran fast as she could and as it turns out, it was Sei lurking in the shadows.

“You….motherfucker… are really going to get your ass kicked.” Sei said to him.

“Oh, honey, we are beyond words at this point and just so you know, as soon as I kick your ass, I’m still going after your friends and I will kill them and I’m making you watch.” She threw the first punch at him and made him bleed on his lip. “Pretty sneaky, huh, bitch?” Then he grabbed her broken arm and break it some more, throwing her against the wall. As Lam pulls out a knife, Sei drop-kick him and snatches the knife with her good arm and used it to stab him in the shoulder.

“OWWWW!!!” he screamed out and then she said to him, “I got one arm down and you about to know the same damn feeling!!” She got her brick-rope and swung it at his face and completely injured his right arm. “FUCK!! MY ARM!!!” Now he’s really getting pissed off from her and proceeds to straight-up attacking her from punching her to throwing her downward to the next floor and he went to finish the job but she kept a good grip on a stair rail as she pulled Lam with her to fall and he was the first to impact her fall.

Both were in pretty bad shape as Sei was limping her way to a gun she saw while falling down but then Lam pulled her from that gun as he went to get it but Sei stabbed him in the leg, dragging him further away from it but he kept putting the pressure pain in her arm that she couldn’t take it anymore and that’s when he grabbed the gun.

“HA!! You know what? I’m just about sick of your ass that I’m gonna shoot you right here right now! Besides, you die knowing you fail to save your friend is more satisfying as I think about it.” He cocked the gun and is about to pull the trigger……but the gun is empty. There are no bullets inside them. “The fuck? No bullets? SON OF A BITCH!!” He threw the gun in anger but as he did, there was one bullet left in there and it went and ricochet everywhere, shooting himself in the kneecap. He screamed mercilessly as he was bleeding and crying for help and cursing at the world. “WHY ME!! WHY!!! FUCK!!! OH GOD, this pain is killing me!!!” We then see Leon and Cyan coming down to help Sei and she is still struggling with her arm and everything else. “Sei, you alright?” Cyan asked her.

“Damn, we really need to take you back to the hospital.” Leon said.

“Well, hello to you, too, Leon. But where’s Sayuri and Nana?” Sei asked.

“They’re right behind us.” She said. “We just need to get out of here. We got about….2 minutes until X and his raid crew show up. We need to jet outta here NOW!”

“HEY!!!” Lam said screaming at them, “What about me, you fucks!!”

“Well, what about you?” All three said as Sei, Cyan and Leon all grab their handguns, cocked it, aimed directly at him, and they easily shoot him cold dead, even so much to putting a bullet in his eye. They hear the sirens coming closer and they needed to make a getaway out of there before it began.


A swarm of Hybrid officers have the place surrounded and were looking for hostages or anyone to shoot at. Luckily, the latter didn’t happen as most of the shooters are merely dead and they found the girls somewhere and had all of them escorted into a women’s shelter at downtown McAllister.

Before Sayuri and Nana go to them to ensure that they are all right, Leon said this to them, “OK, when they ask you about how they got killed, tell them that the gunfight was too intense for you to remember a familiar face.”

“That and Sei wasn’t really supposed to be here.” Cyan said. “We should get her back to the hospital before anyone notices.”

“Wait!!” Sei said as she’s resting. “Do you mind if I talk to Sayuri before she goes to the Faction?”

“All right.” Cyan said without hesitation, “But you got about 3 minutes.”

Sei walked up to Sayuri, and the first thing she do is hugged her like she has never hugged anybody before. “Sayuri…..I’m so glad you’re safe. I should’ve done more to protect you. I’m so sorry that I……I….” She said as tears was coming down her face. “I really fucked up things, have I?” Sayuri wiped the tears from Sei’s face and said to her, “Sei, you’ve done nothing wrong or irredeemable here. You tried to save me and even though the first time was a bust, you did it in the end with some help along the way. I really appreciate that and the fact that even though you’re in need of a hospital again that you went your way to save me.” Then she hugged Sei back and kissed her on the forehead.

“But for real, you do need to get back to the hospital. I think you might be bleeding again.” She also said to her. “

“Yeah, maybe I do….oh shit, Leon?” Sei said.


“Please catch me.” As she falls down from light-headedness. “She’s gonna be alright, isn’t she?” Nana asked them.

“Hopefully…..” Cyan and Leon said to them. Soon, they left on their way to the hospital as Sayuri and Nana went to see the Faction to tell them about what happened in there. In a short minute, she sees Jin and Jiro arriving on the scene and they were relieved and happy to see her alive and kicking and both siblings also shared an emotional moment with her as well.

Meanwhile, one of the coroners reported the dead body of Willis Lam and as they identified his body, one of them called someone on their cell phone. “Yeah, Ramsey? That guy is straight-up dead all right. At least you didn’t get someone to kill him this time and now he’ll never know you killed his brother in prison.”

“That is such a shame. For him, anyway.”

“And you aren’t pissed about that girl out of your clutches?”

“Actually, that girl isn’t worth shit to me anymore. I got bigger fish to fry than them and let’s just say that someone’s aura is about to get disturbed in a matter of days.”



“We really could use your help for this.”

“I want us to move in together.”


“Who the fuck are you and what are you doing here? And give me a reason to not kill you?”

“Excuse me, what the hell is going on here?”


“So…..the two stars of the Faction are fucking each other?”

“Why is a wolf hybrid like you doing fooling around with a panda hybrid like her?”


“Oh fuck!! Those memories!! That pain!! My hand!!”

Confidante Confidential

© 2014 Studio Katana / K2 & The Faction Project

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