18-year-old Shori Yametsu is transported into another world and you’re thinking to yourself, “Oh, he’s going to be immediately an OP super-being and—” Yeah, NO. In this world, there is no easy way of becoming #1 and that way happens to be joining an team in time for the Trap Games. Joining up Team Speed with leading it being skilled shooter SleepyK alongside with archer Katrina, they must compete to win the games in order to live the better life.


Season 1:

Episode 1: I’m Suddenly Trapped in This Weird-ass World
Episode 2: ACCEL
Episode 3: Train Gang
Episode 4: Mileage
Episode 5: Always Strive and Prosper from the Trap Lord, Ferg
Episode 6: Downtime B.G.
Episode 7: Let the (Actual) Games Begin!
Episode 8: Shoot ’em Up
Episode 9: Shots
Episode 10: Next Day Off
Episode 11: TRAPENULT
Episode 12: Dangerous Trap