WARNING: The following written material that you’re about to read may contain acts of violence, graphic language, and sexual content. This is meant only for MATURE AUDIENCES. Reader Discretion is advised.

PREVIOUSLY (or here’s the tl;dr version) ON: AFaction

Tomoki and Cassie revealed their relationship to most of the Faction crew (by that, I mean Cyan, Seiki, Leon, Loyuka, MAK and Kai) and of course, they are being blackmailed by Miki and Hybrid X. Both girls already told MAK about them and they want him to keep that quiet about in front of them.

And now……

AuraFaction 6 Draft

It’s been two weeks after the Hybrid Society incidents and things were back to the normal at the Faction and by normal, I mean with some exceptions, of course. We see Sayuri sleeping her ass off at Jin’s break room again and in comes Seiki getting something out of the fridge.

“I guess ol’ girl is sleeping in again.” She said. “Damn, does she ever be awake when she’s at work?” But then Seiki thought of a sneaky prank at her when she notices her tongue was sticking out while she was napping and she brought out a bottle of ScoJo’s Southern–style HOT SAUCE and as she dash some in her tongue, she then made a run for it and Sayuri woke up and screamed, “AAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!” She kept running and screaming for water as she run for the fountain and quickly dose some of the water on her.

“IF YOU WANTED TO WAKE ME UP, WHY HOT SAUCE OF ALL THINGS!?!?! And that brand, too!!” Sayuri screamed at her. “You know that shit is fuckin’ spicy and that was the mild flavor!!”

“Well, I couldn’t physically harm you and this is actually funnier!!” Seiki said, “Now come on, Jin is expecting you in the next room and not sleeping on the couch…..again.” Then we see the others in the conference room waiting for them to show up. “So, what do we need to discuss that we haven’t already talked about previously?” Leon asked.

“Aside from the fact that we really need to buff up protection for the citizens since ‘Grand H’, figure out and capture Ramsey and we need more info on that front?” Cyan said, “And you still need training on controlling your powers with me on board?”

“Oh…” Leon said.

“And speaking of that, how’s that going?” Loyuka asked them. “Well…..” as both Cyan and Leon said with hesitation.

“Not that good, huh? Hey, I bet it can’t be all that bad.” Loyuka said to them. They still remained silent as those lessons have been mostly awful for the time being. “OW!!! Can you please not feel my shoulder? I still can’t get the feeling after what your metal ass did to it!” Cyan said to him.

He said to himself silently, “Not my fault you’re about as flimsy as a plywood board.”

“WHAT WAS THAT!!?” She screamed at him. Basically these two have been mostly tense and at each other’s throats for occasionally messing up.

“Will you two get a hold of it?” Jin said to them, “I know all of us have been stressed out since that day but we can’t be sloppy the next time this happens. We NEED TO BE PREPARED!!” And as Sayuri and Seiki walked into the room, “Sayuri, I really hope you didn’t just get through sleeping….again. You know how important this—“

“THIS IS due to what happened with you last time.” Sayuri interrupted and said to Jin. “Jin, I know and believe me I don’t want that shit to happen to me again.” She said to her. “I overslept and I know, I know, this seems like me but I didn’t really slept that well the past 2 days.” Actually, it was more of 2 weeks.


Meanwhile, Tomoki has busy filing with material about Ramsey as requested by Hybrid X and Miki was keeping under her supervision. “OK, I looked at every file on Ramsey and so far, nothing new seems to come up on him and it’s….15 minutes PAST ME GETTING OFF!!!” She was about to make her way out of there but then Miki stopped her on her tracks and said, “Miayama, we still got some more files to inspect.”

“Oh, come on!!! I looked over a lot of files today and nothing showed up!! I think that’s enough for today!!” “Um… can’t just call it quits just because you’re tired!” Miki said. “This isn’t 9 to 5 over here!!”

“LOOK HERE, DAMMIT!!!” As Tomoki said to her as she is getting very tired and pissed off at her, “You’re not going to ride my ass all day long with this shit!!!”
“OH, and what?” Miki said, “As opposed to you wanting to ride Miss Lyles later on?”
“WHAT YOU SAY?” She said as she grabbed Miki by the collar.

“I watch my tone if I were you.” Miki said as she notices both Hybrid X and Jiro walking out of the jail cells and she quickly let go of her. “Is there something the matter, ladies?” Jiro said. Miki looked like she was about to squeal to them but then she said to them, “Oh, everything’s fine. Ms. Miayama was just showing me how to defend myself from any human/Hybrid attackers and I’m gonna show her my finishing move on them.”

“Wait, what?” Then Miki grabbed Tomoki by the leg and flipped her backwards to the wall, then punched her in the gut. “OOOHHHH……” As Tomoki was really beginning to faint, the rest applauded her for showing that she had some fighting skills, although she knew she can kick Tomoki’s ass up and down here, either by brains or brawn.

“Nice moves you made there, Maeda.” Jiro said, “I’m very impressed.”

“Isn’t that the truth?” X said to him. “I did teach her some moves myself. Hopefully she didn’t hurt Miayama too much.”

“I’m still in pain over here.” Tomoki said.

“Wow, I guess I don’t know much of my strength.” As Miki said to them, easily fooling Jiro with that as X did knew to a certain extent of what she was really doing to Tomoki.

“Well, let’s hope not too much pain.” Jiro said, “You got about another 45 minutes until you can go.”

“What….” She weakly said, “But I thought I was supposed to—“

“Go home now?” Jiro said, “I wish I could let you go now but we could really use your help for this.” Tomoki knew that she had to work later than usual and just had to suck it up for now and also kept her mouth shut about her, Cassie & Miki. “OK, fine.”

Time has passed by as Tomoki met Cassie after work for their planned date. “Well, that took a long time for you to get here.” Then notices the limp in Tomoki’s walk, “Um, what happened back at the Faction?”

“Here’s a hint: It has white hair, two-faced, and blackmail our asses for a living.” Tomoki said.

“Her again?” Cassie said with a stressed sigh, “God, how long do we have to endure this? It’s bad enough that she got most of the Faction sweet on her but…..well, you and me are the only ones that see how wicked she really is.”

“Exactly, it’s you, me and MAK.” Tomoki said. “Assuming he didn’t tell anybody else.”


“YOU GUYS ARE BEING BLACKMAILED BY THAT WHITE-HAIRED GIRL!??!” And those are the words that came out of Kai as Tomoki and Cassie are on a double date with her and MAK.

Tomoki then looked at MAK with an annoyed grin on her face, “You and your big fucking mouth.”

“OK, I had to tell Kai sooner or later since I really can’t keep secrets from her. But that’s it. No one else knows about you two, Miki and Hybrid X.” MAK said. “I told you already that I can get you help on tracking those two as they watch your every move.”

“And now you know, Kai.” Cassie said, “Look, we don’t want to bombard you with our drama and all since the Grand ‘H’ riots. Plus, Cyan would have our necks if we drag you two into another situation like this.”


Cyan said to them, “Guys, I know you two hang out with my sister and MAK a lot since the riots and look, I got nothing against that. I’m glad that the 4 of you can double date and hang out with each other but after that stunt you pulled during there……DO NOT GET THEM INVOLVE IN SHIT LIKE THAT!!! EVER!!!!”


“But doesn’t Cyan know we can handle ourselves?” Kai said, “I mean, I’ve been dealing with what’s in the Hybrid world longer than her. OK, not by that much but still more than her. I can handle myself.”

“I think she knows, Kai.” MAK said, “But I think that’s the reason why she might be scared for you. To be honest, I am, too, but you know that I’m not gonna hold you back.”

“OK, let me worry about my sister. You guys are being blackmailed by those two and under the Faction’s nose at that.” Kai said, “I don’t like that happening to you guys, especially when you let us know about your relationship being public…at least to us. We love you too much for you to be bullied like this and frankly, I don’t care if X or Miki knew that MAK and I know about it. We could take them on.”

“You….would do that for us?” Tomoki said. “You too, MAK?”

“Yeah. I didn’t have to think about that. You guys are our friends and you would’ve done the same for us…although you did way back.” MAK said. “And like I said, I do have some additional help from me if you need it. We got your back.” Cassie then got a little teary at the fact they both care so much about her and Tomoki, then she went to hug both of them. “Kai-Kai and MAKky – You two are some real friends and believe that I will cherish this moment as long as I live. Thanks, you guys!”

Then Tomoki went in and got on into the hug. “For real, that really meant something for what we’ve been through.”

“Excuse me, people?” The hostess was standing around waiting for them to order. “Are you ready to order?” All of them got out of the hug and resume their normal double date they got.


Later on, Tomoki and Cassie was about to call it a night and they went on to Tomoki’s place to crash as they got out from MAK’s ride. “Alright, you two, y’all take care now.” As Kai said to them as they said their goodbyes. “Talk to you both later.” As MAK said to them as they drove off.

“Well, Cassie…..after that crappy day at work, I think I had myself a good night at the end.” Tomoki said. “Yeah.” Cassie agreed. “Especially since we know we really got some good friends looking out for us. I was really moved by that.”

As they entered the apartment, Cassie was beginning to feel a bit amorous towards Tomoki. “Hey…….you know we don’t have to show up at work early tomorrow.” As she slowly unbuttoned her shirt, taking off her skirt and throwing both on the floor and was really coming up to Tomoki. “And you know what that means, don’t you?” Either way, Tomoki immediately jumped on her and began to make out with Cassie and now the two are in their state of aggressive yet passionate love-making. “WOW!!! I didn’t think you would go that fast!!” Cassie said, mostly muffled as Tomoki kept kissing her over her body and mouth.

“Should I stop then?” Tomoki asked. “I didn’t say all that now. You’re doing great!” As Cassie insisted that she liked what Tomoki was giving her and she even started to undress herself as well.

An hour has passed by as Tomoki was giving oral sex to Cassie, she wanted to ask Tomoki something. “Tomoki?”

“Yeah?” she said. “There is something that I wanted to ask you for some time now.” Cassie said while experiencing oral pleasure from her. “It’s….well…….I WANT US TO MOVE IN TOGETHER!!” Tomoki then stopped and said, “What?”

“I want us to live together.” Cassie said, “We have been dating for some time now, actually more than that and I think we should live together and see how it’ll goes. We got nothing to hide anymore and if Jin or Jiro asked, we can just say I’m moving to help you out on bills and stuff.” Tomoki then got up from below her and said to her, “Cassie, I….I don’t know about this. I mean, I love you and I love to live with you for the rest of my life but right now we got too much to deal with….and no, I’m not stalling on this like I did with telling everybody about us. Whether it’s work or Grand H or Hybrid X and Miki or that beeping on the wall right next to us and—wait what?”

That red beeping they wall was actually small micro cameras and they were in the living room, bedrooms, and kitchens…..just about everywhere. “The fuck? What in the flying fuck?” Then the phone happened to ring at that time. “Hello?”

“Did I interrupt your fucking session again?” And it was Miki on the phone.

“MIKI!! YOU BITCH!! How did you—“

“—I get this number?” As Miki interrupted Tomoki on that question. “Well, Hybrid X do have access to everyone in the Faction from their addresses, email addresses and their phone numbers, including you. But enough about that……I see you made another worthwhile show for me tonight!!” That really got Tomoki even angrier that she smashed one of those cameras. “Hey, some of the fellas enjoy you fucking the daylights out of your girl. I think one of them blew his load after you took off her panties. Also, I hope y’all plan on ending this soon. You got work early in the morning.”

“WHAT!! Work, my ass! We don’t have to show up early!! Jin told us so!!” Tomoki said.

“Yeah, well… you got to get up in the morning now. Enjoy what little sleep you got.” Then Miki hanged up the phone on Tomoki. “Hello? HELLO!!! YOU CAN’T DO THIS TO US ANYMORE!!” This was no response and she angrily shouted out, “FUCKING BITCH!!!” As she hung up the phone.

“What happened?” Cassie asked.

“We got to get up early tomorrow and Miki just had to remind them.” Tomoki said in an aggravated way. Cassie really groaned at that. “Welp, there goes that good mood we had for a few hours.”

“That’s it. That’s fucking it!! I’m gonna do something that I should’ve done a long time ago.” She went to her cellphone and dialed the number, “Hello, MAK!! You said you got help for us? We could use them right about now!!”

MAK told them that he’ll set up a meeting for this week despite her calling him at a bad time (A really bad time), “Also, why I hear Kai giggling in the background and some mus—oh, never mind.”


So, Tomoki and Cassie, along with MAK and Kai were heading their way to the Darksiders hangout….actually their new hangout. They relocate to another HQ near the Hybrid Society after what happened in Parish Heights. “I see they got a new hangout.” Cassie said.

“All right, we made it.” MAK knocked on the door and one guy was at the front, “Password?”
“What password?” MAK said, “Lex didn’t tell me anything about a password.”

“Then fuck you!!” As the guy slammed the door. “HA!!! I’m just fucking with you!! Lex told me you were coming up, MAKalicious!! Come on in.” Puzzled and confused, they went on into the building. “Oh yeah, I’m a new member of the crew. Name’s Cameron, I’m Devo’s cousin and assistant to Magnum. They told me a lot about you guys….well, MAK and Kai but who are the other two? Friends? Relatives? Side-chicks?”

“Um…” Kai said, “The two women with us are friends of ours. You know where’s Lex and Aka at?”
“Yeah”, Cameron said, “They’re in the master room, down to your right.”

As they enter the room……. “So, Blue Hybrid,” Lex said doing a bad Don Corleone impersonation, “You come to my HQ on the day of……well…..Wednesday and you asked for us to…..actually, no, you were never clear on that. What do you need from us?”

“Yeah,” Aka said, “And also, please respond so Lex can stop with that awful impression.”

“AWFUL!!?” Lex shouted, “You told me you loved it the first time.”

“Yeah. The first time, but not the other 12 times you did it!!” Aka said. “Anyway, we’re getting off topic! So, what do you two need us to do?”

“Well, it’s not exactly from us.” MAK said, “Our friends Tomoki and Cassie are being harassed at work by this top-blowhard asshole and his bitch assistant.”

“Wait….those two from the Faction?” Lex said, “Somebody from there wants our help?”

“Yes, we two do.” Tomoki said, “But they can’t know anything about this. They wouldn’t believe us anyway….aside from some few people like Seiki and maybe Cyan.” Lex then spit out his drink at the mention of Seiki’s name ever since she cracked his hand before. “And now the pain comes back.”

“Look,” Cassie said to them, “All we want for you to do is that keep track on them, get some Intel of them, what they could be planning next and somewhat stop them in the process. Those guys badgering us all the time is really getting on my last nerve, especially since…..” She took a sigh at what’s she going to reveal to them (sans MAK and Kai) next. “…..since the two have been blackmailing me and Tomoki whenever we get close.”

“Huh?” Lex said. “Come again?” Aka said.

Tomoki then spoke and said, “Me and Cassie are a couple. Girlfriends in the sense that we date, kiss, and mostly fuck on the regular basis much like you do, except—-“

“OK, OK, WE GET IT!” Lex said, “This is personal to you guys and I get that.”
“Same here.” Aka said, “I got a sister who was once in the same situation as you and her and believe me, I would do anything to help her out.”

“Wait…..So you’ll do it?” Cassie said.

“Well, yeah. We’ll do it.” Aka said and as that happened, Cassie jumped for joy and then hugged Aka and Lex for that. “Sorry. I’m mostly a hugger sometime but THANK YOU FOR THIS!!!”
“And notice me not touching her, Aka!!” Lex jokingly said. “I KNOW!!” Aka said.

“For real, guys,” MAK said, “We really appreciate you helping us with this and I will pay you for it top dollar.”
“And that is much appreciated, MAKky.” Aka said.
“Very appreciated, man.” Lex said. “I’ll get the gang to rally up for this ASAP. But we’re going to have to pre-plan this if we can pull this off.”

“But with what?” Tomoki said. “She got surveillance on me and Cassie at both of your apartments. At work, we’re mostly powerless there.”

“We’ll plan right here.” Kai said. “I think I might have something up my sleeve and those two will be off your back in no time.”

“Kai, you thought of a plan?” Aka said. “You think it’ll work?”
“I’m sure. But all we really needed to do is play it cool, be sound and mind of ourselves and….” Most of it just turned into whispers.


We see an approaching van at a building, there is one of Miki’s goons carrying a package and making his way to Miki’s surveillance HQ. Then we see one big guy in a trench coat and two girls walk on by and they bump into the goon. “Hey, watch were you going, bitch!” As he said to them but the big guy grabs him and said, “Uh, what did you say, motherfucker?” And it was revealed to be Magnum under the coat. “You wanna start something right here, right now?”

“OWW!!” one of the girls said. “Baby, my heels broke.” And of course, those girls happened to be Murasaki and Nola. “YOU SON OF A BITCH!!” Nola said to the guy, “You made her lose her balance.”

“What? Just get the bitch some new shoes. She’ll be fine.” The guy said to Nola but that got under her skin a bit. “BITCH? You limp-dick mothe—“ But Magnum had to hold her down from getting hurt by the guy. However, while that was happening, we see a blue-haired braided girl and another guy watching the whole thing and they are Nanashi and Devo focusing on their target.

“OK, we see the target fighting with Mag.” Nanashi said. “You said we need to switch packages?”

“Exactly as we planned.” Kai said to her via Bluetooth from the hideout. “But Devo has to get the box without him noticing. Aron, Rolo, you got control on street cameras?”

“We got visual on the fight.” Rolo said. “But I think you got a minute window to switch before he notices.”
“Well, Nanashi can just blind his ass and steal it, plain and simple.” Aron said.
“That’s not gonna work.” Kai said, “We need to be stealth on this. Any harm on him and next time you’ll know, they’ll come after us.”
“Yeah, Kai’s right.” Nanashi said, “Besides, I might plan that blind thing soon. You wanna be a contestant for that?”

So, Devo went for the minute window and quickly swap the boxes without the guy noticing but the guy slapped Nola for trying to jump on him as he drove his way out with the other package. “HEY!!!” Saki screamed at him as she was holding Nola, “Come back here and fight me if you want to hit a girl!!! Asshole!!” But the hit really didn’t affect her that much as Nola said to her, “Good thing I can take a hit unlike him. But don’t worry, Saki baby, I’m fine.”

“He’s on the move now.” Magnum said. “Who’s gonna track him by foot?”
“Don’t worry. I got it under control.” Kai said, “MAK, you on it?” and now we head on to MAK in the streets, mostly shivering because it is very cold where he’s at. “Yes….did I forget to mention I’m freezing my ass off? Is the target approaching near me?”

“He’s heading your way, MAKky.” Kai said, “Keep a close eye but don’t let him see you. We know where he’s headed and you are much needed there. We already got Lex and Aka on location, just get there in time.” MAK then sees the car but remained as slyness as he could until he got to the HQ. Inside the offices, we see Lex and Aka enter the building disguised as custodians to examine the room. “OK, we’re in.” Lex said to Kai. “You got some good visuals?”

“Yeah.” Kai said. “Aka, you got our mini-cameras ready?”

“Got ‘em.” Aka said. “We just need to place them on some specific areas and not leave any blind spots. We need to see all of their reactions of what we about to pull.” They soon place the cameras on every spot they can find available before anyone could notice.

The car finally arrive there with MAK casually walking the whole way there. “OK, I’m at the place now. Lex, Aka, I repeat, I have arrived. You two need to vanish. Fast.” They got out of the place as soon as the guy came in and open the package. Inside it was a new security camera system drone to be placed in Tomoki’s apartment and the guy brought it over to Miki and see if it works. “OK. Thing seems to be function well. All right, it checks itself out. Send it to Miayama’s place. There’s no way she can’t break this.”

However, as they were about to send the drone to her place, MAK sees it heading its way out and he has a smartphone on him and as he enters the number 266 and then…… “Adios, space drone boy!”
As MAK silently shouted. *KA-BLAM!!* The drone explodes before entering the place. “The fuck?” Miki said, “Why the fuck did they blew up!! We got the right drone, didn’t we?” One of the tech officers went to see what was wrong with it but while the drone was destroyed, all of their technical equipment is going haywire, causing all systems to overload with them saying “ERROR!! ERROR!!” and completely got most of their stuff just reset. “Well….” MAK said to Lex and Aka, “We did our part here.”

“Then why are you walking slowly like you’re in a cheap action movie?” Aka said. Yet she sees Lex doing it, too. “Oh, come on!! It didn’t explode near us!!”

“I know.” Lex said, “It doesn’t mean it’s not awesome as fuck.”

“Don’t worry. I’m far away from their cameras and besides their shit doesn’t even work now. I’m good here.” Then he went to call Kai to confirm the mission success. “Kai….we did it.” As he said with a smug smile on his face.

“Yeah, I see from here.” She said to him, “I think we all did great on this. We really did Tomoki and Cassie good…..and now I’m about to go see them to tell them about it.”

Meanwhile, at the Faction Gym, Tomoki and Cassie were busy working out there, mostly to establish an alibi in case something where to went wrong but most of the time, they along with Loyuka and Seiki were watching Leon learning how to control his powers with Cyan but hilarity and hijinks ensue. “OWW!!! OOH!! DAMN! EEK! FUCK!” Which is what Leon kept repeating as Cyan was throwing a lot of objects to help him stop it before it can get him. “How is you throwing shit at me going to help me control my powers?”

“It’s mostly controlling your anger!” Cyan said. “As in even under the duress of the situation, you can’t spontaneously lose control of yourself.”

“Won’t this make it worse?” Leon said. “Well, duh.” Cyan said to him, “You think these guys are going to take it easy with you when they kick your ass? Hell, no!! You need to take whatever shot they bring to you and retaliate!!! GIMME YOUR BEST SHOT!!” So Leon did a counterattack practice move on Cyan by evading her and making her unable to move. “See? Now you’re getting it.”

“So how you two been doing? I hardly see or talk to you that much anymore.” Loyuka said to Tomoki and Cassie. “Well, it’s been good and Tomoki and I have been a lot closer than ever.” Cassie said, “Although I am trying to convince Tomoki that we should move in together at her place.”

“But who’s going to move in your old place?” Loyuka said. “And how do you feel about that, Tomoki?”

“I think we’re going about this too fast. Isn’t that what I said to you yesterday, Cass?” Tomoki said. “Yes, you did.” Cassie said, “But I think there might be something to change your mind eventually… know, it can any ‘ol thing.” Tomoki almost didn’t get what Cassie meant but she then gave the eye expression of Don’t Tell the whole Fucking Building. Then Sayuri came in the room with a giddy attitude, “Ladies and gentlemen….or just Leon….here…..guess who came back from the hospital!!” And here comes Sei, fresh out of there with a cast on her shoulder. “Hey guys, it’s really been a while.” Then Sayuri just give her a fresh hug to her, probably still relieved and happy that she is alive. “Damn, Sayuri, you haven’t stop hugging me since I got out. I’m doing fine now.”

“I know.” Sayuri said, “But I’m still relieved that you’re alive and here as well.”

Then Kai came in there as well with news to bring to Tomoki and Cassie, “Um…Hi. I’m looking for Tomoki and Cassie?” “And who are you?” Sayuri said. “Oh, I’m Kai Barrett. Nice to meet you.” She said shaking Sayuri and Sei’s hands.

“Wait, you’re Barrett’s little kid sister?” Sei asked as she looked back and forth to see the semblance. “OK, I believe you.”
“Wait, Kai?” Cyan said, “What are you doing here? We’re kinda in the middle of something.”
“I’m here for Tomoki and Cassie.” She said. “For what?” Cyan said. “My guess is for them to do some girl talk or something like that?” Leon said. “Basically what Metal Man said? Besides, I like talking to the girls, gives me more of a chance to bond with them.” Kai said to her, “Which reminds me….Hey Loyuka? You know you can spend time with us if you want.”

“I wish I could,” Loyuka said, “But unfortunately my ass is swamped with all this work I got from the RHL. Hopefully another time.”

“Well, damn, maybe another time then.” She said. But then as Tomoki, Cassie and Kai were walking out of the room, Hybrid X abruptly stop them and said, “Excuse me, but where are you ladies going? Miayama and Lyles, it’s not time for you to leave yet and….oh, I see the other Barrett sister is here.”
“Oh yeah, the guy MAK calls a dickhead.” Kai said. “How’s fucking over my friends going for you?”
“Great. How’s being the spouse of an immature Hybrid human being going for you?” Hybrid X said. “Well, I don’t know about that. Don’t you have an assistant like that?” Kai sassed him back.

“OK, anyway, you two aren’t going anywhere right now.” X said. “You still got work to do here.” However, Jin came in the other room with a staggering announcement, especially for Hybrid X. “Guys, I got news from Miki that the assignments she got prepared have been corrupted on her system. And since all of them are destroyed, most of you are free to go for the day.”
“Wait, what?” X said. “Yeah, Miki called me a few minutes ago and said all of her systems are offline. We can’t transfer any work in and out, so….we’re done for that for the day.”

“Well……damn, X. I know Miki tried and all.” Cassie said, “But those are the breaks. We’ll see you tomorrow!! Oh, wait, actually, we’re off tomorrow so…..the day after!!! See-ya!!” As Cassie chuckled behind his back at that.



At the Turner Express, Tomoki, Cassie, Kai and MAK along with the DarkSiders raise their glasses and cheers for a successful mission today. “Oh, today was a good day!!!” MAK said, “And I wish I could see X’s face after you had to leave early!!! I bet it was priceless.”
“It is!!” Kai said, “I even took a picture of it afterwards!!” She then showed him the photo which MAK laughed outrageously on. “HAHAHAHA!!! Sorry motherfucker!!” He is a bit sloshed at the moment at everybody is getting drunk off their asses in many spirits.

“Yo! Kati! Yuan!” MAK shouted across the room. “Yeah, MAKky?” Kati said. “Got anything you want, man?” Yuan said. “Well………I’m gonna be treating to myself and some friends tonight. So…..” He then pulled out $300 out of his pocket, “….I want the best shit you got.”
“Oh, and MAK, since you buying,” As Kai said to him, “Can I get that one drink I’ve been hearing about? The Zombie?”
“Oh shit, really?” Yuan said, “You want that? Do you have a death wish, girl?”
“All I heard is this girl is brave enough to try it!!” Kati said. “Either she’s brave or crazy as hell!! One zombie coming up!!” Then Yuan gave MAK a 911 number and a remedy in case of Zombie OD. “You might need it, man.”

“OK, I know people who drink this shit gets fucked up but why doesn’t Kati?” MAK said.
“Since she’s a Hybrid/Human, her immunity is never having hangover symptoms. It’s like her liver is made out of steel. I know few Hybrids can outlast this like your friend Cass a few weeks ago but……um…..your girl….” Then Kai really took one gulp of it and continues to drink it down. “Just keep that number in case.”
“All right, I guess.” MAK said with a shrug.

Minutes later, MAK then went to make a toast. “Ladies and Gentlemen, I want to dedicate this night for 3 different reasons here. First is for Tomoki and Cassie, may your love continue to shine bright from the day to the night and let no one break that up from you. To the DarkSiders, the best crew and friends I enjoy working on this operation. Really couldn’t done it without you. And last and definitely not least, my lovely and crafty girlfriend Kai—“ Then he was interrupted by her as the Zombie is really getting to her as she kept laughing and drinking it. “Hey MAKky-wakky!!! This is actually great!! I don’t know why people are freaking out about the Zombie. It’s really hits the spot!!!” Then she really kisses him with the smell of Zombie in her breath.

“—My girlfriend Kai, who is really enjoying herself and she should!! A toast to all of us today!!” All of them raise their glasses and partied the night away with drinking, conversation, flirting, and some bar games.

Come morning, all of them are back at the Darksiders’ hideout, mostly getting over a hangover as Tomoki woke up from her drunken stupor with a passed-out Cassie in her arms. Everybody else was fucked up from the alcohol and we mean everyone. “Damn, we must’ve got—“

“Wasted?” Aron said.
“No one says that anymore.” Rolo said.
“Turnt up?” Magnum said.
“Yeah, that.” Rolo said.
“I think I need to go to the bathroom.” Cassie then woke up, “Hey Moki……oh…..Damn, we must’ve had a good time last night. My breath doesn’t smell like vomit again, does it?” And at that moment, they see Kai on the floor, having the worst stomach pains mostly due to the Zombie and she needed to go to the bathroom this instant. “Oh god…..I feel like death.” She said to them, “I think I drank too much.”
“You drank the zombie, huh?” Cassie said. “How did you know?” Kai said.
“Experience it myself.” Cassie said,
“Come on, if you need to puke, I’ll help keeping your hair vomit-free.”
“Thank you, Cass.” Kai said before she proceeded to puke.


A few hours later, we see that one guy from yesterday (the package deliverer) was driving somewhere and yet he spots Magnum coming out of a fast-food joint, eating a burger and listening to music on his mp3. The guy got out of the car and went to punch him, “You motherfucker!!”

“Um, fool…..who the fuck are you and what are you doing here? Just beating a dude trying to eat?” Magnum said with a pistol tucked in his pants. “Oh, and give me a reason to not kill you?”

“You and your crew are under arrest.” He said to them.

“Wait, what?” Magnum said laughing his ass off, “Who are you supposed to be? A cop or something?”

“Actually….” Then it turns out that wasn’t really that guy from yesterday, it was actually Hybrid X out of transformation mode. “You can say that.” Magnum then try to run from him, getting as far as he can but he was surrounded by Faction officers, ones that he wrangled. Magnum tried to reach his phone to call Lex but X told a hold of his phone, “Oh, we’re on to you Darksiders. We know it was you that sabotage Ms. Maeda’s base with that fake drone.” Soon, all of the Darksiders are being hunted down one by one with the hideout where they got the majority of them. Aron, Rolo, & Cameron were the first to be caught, even resulting to them being tasered by stun guns. Nanashi and Devo were probably the toughest to get as they were the first to run out of there before they got to Nanashi by the ladder while they got Devo earlier. However, Saki did sent Lex and Aka, who were out at the time a text before they got to her and Nola. It said, “DON’T GO TO HIDEOUT! COPS GOT US! HELP!”

Aka read the text in time before they got home, “What? Lex, I got something from Saki and she’s telling us not to go to the house.”

“Huh? Why would she say that?” Lex said. Then a police car and sirens came behind them, “Lex Jaga and Aka Taiga, you are under arrest for obstruction of property and destruction as well.” Both of them ran fast from the police, checking every vacant space from any street they see. “Oh fuck!! They might’ve found out about us and the drone.” Aka said. “Damn it!! I knew we wasn’t as stealth on that. Where’s MAK on this?”

Meanwhile, MAK was busy typing on another review he has to do for one of the sites he works for. “OK, Got to think of something else about the animation… was vibrant…no, no, I need to say more than that.” But then Lex and Aka came busting in the door, hoping no one followed them. “Um….Lex, Aka, how nice of you to drop-kick in here.” He said in an aggravated mood. “MAK, we got no time for that!!” Aka said, “They know!!”

“Know what?” he said. “They know about that review you made for money and all. WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK THEY KNOW!!?” Lex angrily shouted at him. “They know we sabotaged that drone. They got every Darksider except us.”

“Where’s Kai?” Aka said, “Faction people are involved in this as well!”
“She’s at the mall, trying on swimsuits and other shit with Tomoki, Cassie, and Kati as well.” MAK said.

“And you didn’t do with?” Lex said. “No, really, you didn’t go with your girlfriend and three other girls who—“
“NOW NOT’S THE TIME!!” Both Aka and MAK said to him.

“Wait….did you manage to lose them on the way here?” MAK said. “You didn’t pull any stupid shit that can lead them he—“ Before he can finish that sentence, a swarm of police and Faction agents barged into the room, grabbing Lex and Aka, pinning them down on the ground and using a tranquilizer on them and severely use excessive force against MAK. “The fuck? This is my apartment!! I didn’t do shit here, you fuckin’ cops!!”

“Oh, really?” Then out comes Hybrid X. “Because some people say otherwise….and you should come with me anyway.”

“So, guys… does this one look on me?” A black-and-white bikini-clad Kai said to the girls as she is trying them out in the dressing room. “Well, like MAK, I fuck ya.” Kati said as Kai did blushed a little bit while laughing a bit. “But no, really, you looking great in it. It’s actually kinda appealing and it does make your tits look good as well.”

“Yeah. What she said.” Tomoki said awkwardly. “And……” That’s when Cassie showed up, trying out her swimsuit and its bustier than Kai’s. “How’s mine?” That resulted with Kati shouting out, “Well, goddamn.” And Tomoki and Kai nearly fainting. “I don’t know who’s luckier. You or MAK.” Kati said to Tomoki.

Cassie then went to get Tomoki off the floor, “Honey, you can stop drooling now. This is just a sneak preview of what’s coming, especially with…” Then she whispered at her ear about that and the fainting continues…

“OK, I think Moki here needs a breather or something.” Kati said. “You 2 try to get dressed or something.” As both of them were getting dressed, Kai wanted to ask some things with Cassie, “So, with X and Miki off your back now, you still thinking of asking Tomoki to move in with her?”

“I think things are looking up on that.” Cassie said, “Why you ask?”

“Oh, I was just wondering about that. I think you guys moving together is sweet and all but I hope you’re not rushing things altogether with this.” Kai said. “You don’t want things to go sour at the first day.”

“Oh, I’m not.” Cassie said, “Tomoki and I practically know each other from our likes, dislikes, and vices.”

“Living together is a mighty big step, Cass.” Kai said. “But I do trust your and Tomoki’s judgment on it. The more I spend time with your both, the more I really think you two are meant for each other.”

“I do appreciate that, Kai.” Cassie said, “It seems that whenever Moki and I go out dating in public or even when we were kids, I always have this ominous feeling that people think ‘Why is a wolf hybrid like you doing fooling around with a panda hybrid like her?’ or ‘This wolf bitch is your friend? She’s such a punk-ass’. You ever had that happened to you before, Kai?”

“Yep.” Kai said, “Some real assholes at my school used to tease MAK all the time and wonder why I like spending time with him. It really got on mine and his nerves. But yet, in the end, what matters is the relationship between us grew and yours is going to, too…..Hopefully, not into those dumbass Nicholas Sparks romances. We’re actually smarter than that….and also not white.”

Cassie laughed at that last remark but did get what Kai was saying in the end. “Yeah….I think me and Moki might be good from here on out.”

Then we cut to Tomoki and Kati. “So… two are still thinking about moving in?” Kati said to her.

“If this is your attempt to make me faint again, then you failed.” Tomoki said. “But…..I’m thinking about it.”
“Well, let’s get your positives out of the way. No one is spying on you any longer, both of you can help each other out with rent and all that, all the love and fucking you get without having to drive anywhere…..yeah, it’s looking pretty positive from here.” Kati said. “Plus, I see the girl’s look in her eyes around you. She looks happy and blissful and not throwing up because of the Zombie. Moving in is a big step for the both of you and it’s not going to be an easy ride but I do hope you two the best.”

“I hope so, too, Kati.” Tomoki said. “I just hope all of this works—“ Then all of a sudden, her phone rings and it was Loyuka on the phone. “Hello. Loyuka.”
“Hey, Tomoki, you and Cass really need to come down the Faction immediately.”

“Wait, for what?” Tomoki said. “We have the day off. Why do we need to come down there anyway?”
“Hybrid X and Miki arrested those guys… know, The DarkSiders and they kept this other one hidden from us.”

“The Darksiders!? ARRESTED?!” Tomoki questioned her.

“Yeah, Someone caught them swapping a defective package from them that cause that HQ to shut down. They hunted them down and anyone else associated with them today. We have to get the answers out of them today.”

“OK, I get there ASAP.” She then hung up the phone, “FUCK!!”

“What happened?” Kati said along with Cassie and Kai noticing it. “The Faction got the Darksiders!! In jail!” She said to them, “And I think they got MAK with them, too.”

“Wait, MAK’s arrested!?” Kai said. “MAKky’s in jail?!” Cassie and Kati said in unison.

“They didn’t say but I know he’s the only non-Darksider there.” Tomoki said, “We got to see what happens there.”

In the meantime, back at the Faction, we see Jin and Jiro heading to the interrogation room to take a look who they are bringing in to arrest. Hybrid X was very giddy to bring in you-know-who into the building. “Matsuda siblings….” Hybrid X proudly said to them, “I figured out who was responsible for that sabotage and you definitely need to see this.”

“X, what’s going on?” Jin said. “I thought it was just a simple error in—“

“That’s just what I wanted you to think.” X said. Then he went to show them who they caught and behind the 2-way mirror are all the Darksiders. “Behold….the Darksiders!! Remember those guys?”

“Yeah, we know of them.” Jiro said, “They pull shit like this all the time.”
“However, they have someone working with them….take a look to your left.” As X directly pointed to the one in the shadows and notice that was a roughed-up MAK over there. “And lookie here….we got ourselves a little Blue Hybrid here.” Both of them looked very shocked to see him like this. “Wait…him? MAK?” Jin said. “He’s the one….you’re the one that did this!!?” She said directly to him but he can’t heard her through the two-way mirror.

Soon, X then made an announcement to everyone in the Faction that MAK2.0 is in the custody of the Faction and he will interrogate him about why he destroyed Faction property along with the Darksiders. Knowing Cyan and Seiki and the rest hearing about this, they are really not too pleased with him about this.

Hybrid X and Miki are now interrogating all the Darksiders about what were their motives behind it all but some of them weren’t talking. They were keeping their mouths shut about or either spouting out ‘Fuck You’ to the both of them. However, when Cyan came and interrogate him, Lex just straight told her (or mostly white lied her), “OK, fine, you got us. We were just fucking around with this girl in that apartment complex. We didn’t even know she was a part of the Faction.”

“Didn’t know? Really?” Cyan said, “I don’t know whether to believe you or not, Lex. I know you would lie about something like this and with MAK involved in this, you’re gonna tell me why.”

“Look, I got nothing to hide.” Lex said, “And that’s the truth.” But then he sees Seiki coming into the room, ready to ask questions for him. “Hey, C. I’ll take over from here. I might get some answers out of him.”
“Oh fuck!! Those memories!! That pain!! My hand!!” Those were the words Lex shouted as soon as he saw Seiki. “Hello to you, too, Lexington!”

“Oh, come on. I said I didn’t know much. Please don’t fuck up my hands again!!”

Hybrid X and MAK are now in a small room and the animosity between them is brimming with anger for one another. “So……..MAK, you finally slip up, didn’t you?”

“I don’t know what the fuck you are talking about.” MAK said, “If anyone is slipping up, it’s you, nigga.”

“Me? I’m not the one going around destroying other people’s property and being some wannabe rebel warrior.” Hybrid X said. “You got a lot of balls saying some shit to me like that.”
“Said the guy that does nothing but belittle his allies, especially verbally abusing close friends of mine. If anybody’s a fucking wannabe, it’s your dumb ass and of course, your partner-in-crime.”

“Why whatever do you mean by that?” X said convincingly to him.

“Oh, don’t go with that ‘I know nothing’ bullshit. You basically giving shit to almost everyone in the Faction from berating Cassie and Tomoki to disrespecting Cyan and Seiki because they’re humans. You’re just as scum as the people who attack Hybrid beings every day.“

“You mean, people that you happened to be fond of?” He said to MAK. “You’re judging me like I’m the bad guy here. You’re the one with the unauthorized grudge against me along with those girls. What makes you any right to fuck up my place?”

“Because I know everything.” MAK said to him with a darker tone than before. “I know all about you spying on Tomoki and Cassie while in their private moments. I know all about you blackmailing them and having them obey your every move. And you know what? I don’t regret myself and the rest for fucking that up for you. Cause if you even think about touching me, your ass will live to regret it.”

“Oh, really?” Hybrid X said as the lights go dark and the next thing he disappeared from the room. MAK wondered where the hell he went then out of the blue Miki sucker-punched him and knocked out one of his teeth. “Not so dumb now, am I, you prick?” She said with much snarkiness. “You little bitch.” He said as MAK went to knock her out but she dodged it completely and counter-acted by stunning his leg and picking up/slamming his body to the ground. “You know, I thought you was going to put up more of a fight with you being the Blue Hybrid and all. I guess what I heard about isn’t completely true.” However, MAK wasn’t hearing all that and he tries to get one hit but she then punches his jaw and hits him with a pencil sharpener. “Damn, this is really disappointing. I guess like the women you hang out with including the one you fuck, you’re useless and bitch-made.” That comment really got MAK pissed off. MAK then got into his Hybrid stage as his eyes glow blue and all his anger is channeled at her. It looks like Miki was about to finish him off but then he grabbed her neck and started to slam her against the wall and starts beating the ever life of her. “If you ever threaten my friends and call my girlfriend a bitch again, I SWEAR I WILL FUCK YOU UP PERSONALLY!!! AND THAT ISN’T A THREAT!! IT’S A PROMISE, YOU BITCH!!!”

Before MAK can do any more damage, Jin, Jiro and Leon got into the room and see him like this and both guys had to restrain him from harming Miki anymore and had to get a tranquilizer to calm him down. One didn’t do enough so they had to inject over 3 into his system and he then began to settle down and then went to sleep. “What in the hell was that?” Jiro said.

“I don’t know.” Miki said. “I think he went into his Hybrid mode and just straight attacked me out of blind rage.”

“And to think, this guy was supposed to be a savior to Hybrids.” Jiro said. “He can’t even control his powers at the moment of distress.” That last comment does have Leon thinking moreso of him trying to control his powers or he might end up like MAK. “Oh damn.” Leon said, “What am I gonna tell Cyan or her sister about him?”
“I’ll take care of it.” Jin said.


Later on in the Faction, Kai, Tomoki and Cassie are in the break room. They were waiting anxiously to see what happened with the Darksiders and MAK. “You think they might question us about what happened with them?” Kai asked.
“I don’t know but this is starting to worry me.” Cassie said. “I know they won’t drop the ball on us but—“
“Cass, at this point, I don’t blame them if they said it was our idea.” Tomoki sadly said to her. “I don’t want those guys to take the blame for us just because we continue to hide a secret from everyone.”
“Moki, I know.” Cassie said, “But what can we do from here?” However, Kai did thought of something. “Well, I actually have an idea but you won’t like it as much.”

“We’re listening….” Tomoki and Cassie said.


“You did WHAT!!!!!???” and that was the collective screams from Cyan and Seiki after Kai, Tomoki and Cassie told them everything that happened with Hybrid X & Miki and the Darksiders. “Fucking hell!! I can’t believe you two!” Seiki said, “I know you couldn’t tell us straight up that you were blackmailed but destroying property of theirs doesn’t make it any better!!”

“Tomoki, Cassie, what the flying fuck were you thinking?” Cyan said angrily. “This shit could end up suspending your asses for a week. What you did was fucking foolish of you.” And then she turned her attention to Kai. “And you…..knowing my own little sister was a part of this Sabotage and being the mastermind of this? I TOLD YOU I DIDN’T WANT YOU A PART OF THIS SHIT!!!” Then Cyan and Kai are now arguing in Tagalog about how Kai is saying that she doesn’t need to be treated like some dainty little girl all the time and that she can handle herself but it gotten more heated than before as Kai ended up throwing an orange at Cyan.

“OK…I don’t speak Tagalog but I think Kai called her a bitch.” Seiki said. “A fucking orange. Really?” Cyan said. Then she threw an apple at Kai. “OW!! That hurt, dammit!!”

“So should we tell someone else about this?” Cassie said. “Why not?” Tomoki said, “It couldn’t hurt any worse, right?”

Actually, no, it did.

They went to tell Loyuka about this and her response was her slapping the shit out of the both of them. “Stupid!! DUMBASS!! Stupid!! DUMBASS!! I can’t believe you two!! You could’ve told me about X and Miki harassing you!”

“They wouldn’t believe us anyway.” Cassie said, “Or even you at first. And did you have to hit so hard?”

Then Loyuka said, “First off, yes, I have to hit you hard for how stupid this is and I would’ve believe you anyway but now you got all those Darksider guys arrested and MAK, too!! And you, Kai? I’m surprised that you cooked up a plan like this!!”

“You’re not going to throw apples at me, aren’t you?” she said to Loyuka.

“No, not really.” Loyuka said, “Plus, Cyan did that part already but still… know eventually you going to have to confess to Jin and Jiro about this. You can’t keep yourself hidden for long. Hell, they might gave you away anyway.”

Then after they really had to break the news to the only two people that’s not Jin and Jiro that they haven’t told. “So……what you’re telling me is that Miayama and Lyles are dating now but Hybrid X and that girl Miki has been blackmailing them and recording them having sex. And now you got those guys they arrested and that Blue Hybrid guy that Barrett’s little sister is dating are now involved?” And that’s Sei and Sayuri getting caught up to speed about this whole ordeal. “Are we missing any details or are we square?”

“No, you’re good.” Seiki said.

“I always did suspect Miayama and Lyles to eventually fuck and hey, I was right.” Sei said. “So……” Sayuri slyly said, “One thing I got to ask you two.”

“Sayuri, if the question is how the sex is between us, you’re shit outta luck.” Tomoki said, “Because I’m not sharing that shit with you.” But then see Sayuri and Cassie whispering about it behind her back. “What the f—CASS! Really?”

“Hey, it wasn’t about that!!” Cassie said, “You think I was going to tell what we do in private to others?” Then Sayuri got back to whisper to her, “So, Tomoki likes getting spanked on a regular basis?” That and also Kai heard it, too. “Dammit, not you, too, Kai.”

And last but not least, Leon was informed with what’s really going on and his reaction was as expected from him. “You crazy-ass women!!” However, that line didn’t help much when he’s in the room with a bunch of women. “OK, wrong choice of words but all this shit going on with you, the riots, not to mention we had to put MAK in intensive care because of—“
“WHAT!!!!” All the girls said in unison.

“What happened with MAK?” Kai said, “What did you do to him?”
“HE just went and attack Miki and me, Jin and Jiro had to tranquilize him to get him under control. He’s now comatose and resting inside one of the hospital wards. He got too crazy in there. He even got into his Hybrid stage and he was brutal with her. We’re lucky she’s still alive but it looks like now things may turn for the worse not only for him, but for y’all as well.”

“Like what? Suspension? Firing? Outright banned?” Cyan asked him. “Suspension is a maybe for him.” Leon said, “But since he isn’t a fully-fledged Faction member, he gets a restraining order more or less but after that beating, he isn’t going to get off scot-free.” Then an announcement from the intercom addressed that Leon, Cyan and Loyuka are needed in assistance in pursuit of local vigilantes/snipers between on Depina Road and Walker Alley.

“Well, it looks like we’re needed for work.” Cyan said. “But as for you, Tomoki and Cassie, consider this a strike against you. I let that time at the riots go but not here. This is Strike 1 for you and as for you, Kai, you’re suspended from coming here for a week.”

“WHAT? I GOT SUSPENDED FOR A WEEK!? A week?!” Kai shouted.

“I got no more to say to you. Other than you three really disappointed me today.” Cyan said, “Don’t make any attention from yourselves from here on out in the Faction. By tomorrow, the Darksiders will be let out and MAK depending on his status will be, too, but you have a lot to think about.”




“If it isn’t world’s greatest super-save-A-Hybrid service known as The Faction.”

“Here they are. Two of the fastest guns in this side of the Hybrid Society.”

“You seem cute.”

“Your sister isn’t really that fond of my friends nor me.”

“I will never join the ranks among you amateurs.”

“These creatures….those animals…..all of them will eventually die at my hands.”

“I have any things to describe my anger.”

“PLEASE!!! We need someone like her for this!!”

“Loyuka Zaki, what I want in return is….”


© 2014 Studio Katana / K2 & The Faction Project

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