AURA FACTION: Story 10 (Season Finale) / Grand INFERNO

WARNING: The following written material that you’re about to read may contain acts of violence, graphic language, and sexual content. This is meant only for MATURE AUDIENCES. Reader Discretion is advised.

PREVIOUSLY (or here’s the tl;dr version) ON: AFaction

As mentioned last time, Cassie and Tomoki are hiding out with MAK and Kai until the Genesis heat dies down but it turns out Cassie left her money at her apartment. Tomoki and MAK went to get it but Loyuka and the Hirano sisters found her out and escaped from them but the rest of the Faction and Genesis clan hunted them down. They got Tomoki but Marble went to get the others and yet Ramsey captured Cassie, had MAK and Kai beaten down by Ensign and now the city knows.

At the Faction, the team was scrambling more info about Cassie for the last few hours and no useful updates seem to come to them. An argument between Loyuka and Risa was happening in the lounge because she didn’t put down Tomoki and let her escape while Nyoko tried to be the peacemaker of this.

“You could’ve taken the shot. You had her right there but your ass fucking hesitated.” Risa said, “All because of—“
“BECAUSE OF WHAT!!” Loyuka said, “Nobody said we had to shoot her. Just apprehend her.”
“AND you messed up on that, too.” Risa said.
“You and Nyoko…..and speaking of you…” As she made her attention to Nyoko, “Your ass has been slipping there, too. You could’ve easily shot the bitch but you didn’t. Then again, from all that fucking you two been doing, I’m not surprised.”

“What?” Loyuka and Nyoko unanimously shouted.

“Oh, you think I wouldn’t notice?” Risa said, “That you two been sneaking off to places, fucking each other’s brains out?”
“And what?” Nyoko said, “If I did, what concern is it of yours?”
“So basically you’re working your way to the top by fucking your superior officer?” Risa said. “It’s not like that.” Nyoko said. “Loyuka, you know it’s not like that, right?”

“Right, because isn’t this the type of shit the reason why we’re chasing that girl?” Risa said. “You wanna end up like those two? Me having to shoot your ass down and all that? Loyuka I have no problem shooting but you?”

“Look…..” Loyuka said, “We got more shit to worry about than whatever beef you got with me and for the record, I seen you shoot and……well, you’re not your sister.” The TV happened to be on at the time and it happens to be Ramsey.

“Greetings, fellow Hybrid scum and the lowly human degenerates who allies with them! All of you have been wondering—“ It was the message that Tomoki viewed earlier and now he sent out live to everyone in the city and that meant most of the Faction, The Darksiders, Kati and Yuan, about most of the city’s population.

“What the fuck?” Jiro said as he noticed a stripped Cassie chained up. “He has her? Oh my god.”

“Wait, Ramsey?” Hybrid X said, “Shit, I should’ve known it was him and he’s the one that sent that email to Genesis? I guess Blue Hybrid figured that out wrong.” Cyan and Seiki came into the room, hearing about the news about Cassie and as soon as they walked in, they showed the footage of MAK and Kai getting beaten up by Ensign Lye and a few others.

“What the— Is that…” Seiki said, “No, no, it can’t be. Tell me that’s not….” Cyan just stood silent as she was watching in horror. “Cyan?” Leon said.
“Cyan?” He kept calling out her name but she stood frozen in terror until she made a blood-curdling scream that everyone in the building heard it. “AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!”

And at that moment, Tomoki was also reacting in terror from that footage. “NOOOOOO!!!!” she went from screaming to hitting the walls in an instant then she forgot she hit the walls and they are mostly concrete and steel. “I can’t believe it.” Tomoki said.
“I thought they would’ve escaped by now.” Tears continue to stream down her face in both sadness and guilt. “I fucked up. I really fucked this one up and worst of all,” She took a pause and look on the scars on her arms from the fall she took during that chase, “I ended up putting the people I love in deep danger.”

“You was foolish in trying to escape your own people.” A voice came out of the distance as Tomoki went to see who is and it was Lady Aqua. “Tomoki Miayama, I’m appalled at the tricks you pulled the last few days. You disobey your superiors, aiding and abetting a fugitive on the run and now all that gotten you in here, Cassie in chains and your two friends beaten to a pulp!!! What in the hell were you thinking out there?”

“I didn’t want Cassie to end up going back to—“

“NO.” Lady Aqua said, “That was a trick question. You didn’t think about the consequences at all. You thought you was going to escape them and live a happy life with an assumed alias? Even if you succeeded, you think the search would end? Like they’re just gonna stop looking?”

“OK, fine, I didn’t think about anything else further ahead.” Tomoki said, “Not everybody does that!!”

“And yet everybody who does that eventually GETS CAUGHT!!” Aqua said, “And shit gets worse for them afterwards!”
Immediately after that, there comes Cyan, Seiki and Leon entering the cell and as soon as Cyan got close, she bum rushed and jumped Tomoki, slapping and beating the hell out of her, shouting out “YOU STUPID BITCH!! GODDAMN LIAR!!!” and Tomoki isn’t even defending herself.

Seiki and Leon had to hold her back, making sure she doesn’t kill Tomoki. “I can’t believe you!! You’re the reason for all this shit happening!! And not only that, you used my fucking sister and MAK for this shit again! I told you I didn’t want them involved in shit like this!! I thought I could trust you, TOMOKI!! I thought you were smarter than this. I get you didn’t want Cass to leave us but to do this and you gotten her in more danger? And now she’s caught by Ramsey of all people!!!”

Tomoki said nothing at all. She knew how she messed things up.

“Now Genesis is trying to work out a plan to rescue her and then sent her back with them.” Cyan said. “And as for you… far as I’m concerned, I don’t want to see your face. I don’t want to talk to you, hear you, see you or have anything to do with you. In other words, I’m done with you!” Cyan left the room in a pissed-off huff.

“I might have to agree with her.” Seiki said, “I’m not going to say how fucked things up because I’m sure you already knew that.”  Then Leon joined in the conversation, “I didn’t think shit would go down like this but damn, Tomoki, you fucked up royally here.”  Both of them soon left the spot and as Lady Aqua was about to leave, she said to Tomoki, “If your mother was alive….she wouldn’t approve of the shit you’re doing right now.”


“ATTENTION, GENESIS MEMBERS AND FACTION OFFICERS!!” Masato said, “We are leading a charge for Coren Ramsey’s head!!! There is no ‘dead or alive’ option for him. This scum of the earth deserves his death at our hands!!!! We raid his hiding spot, get Cassandra back alive and the rest is up to you!!” Masato joined up with Oasis, Dumile, Jiro, Jin, Sei, Hybrid X and Miki along with a bunch of other members/officers for the hunt.

“Mr. X.” Masato said. “Masato,” Hybrid X said, “You got everything ready?”
“Yes, sir.” Masato said, “We got weapons ready and viable locations to where they could be hiding. Anything from your end?”

“I got boys from the RHL coming in.” X said. “We could help a bit of their help. They’re cutthroat professional assassins and we need all the help they can offer.”
“Excellent.” Masato said. “But what about Ramsey? Who’s going after him?”
“We’ll see about that.” X said.

As that was happening, Sei was getting prepared for the inevitable and Sayuri was getting anxious about the whole thing. “Sayuri, I know you’re worried about what’s going to happen right now.” Sei said, “And unfortunately, I can’t re-assure you if most of us will come back alive. Hell, I can’t even promise you that any of us will come back.”

“Sei, why are making it sound like you’re going to die?” Sayuri said, “I’m already worried enough as it is.”

“Sorry but I’m just preparing you for the worst in case it happens.” Sei said. “This could be worse than what happened during Grand H.”

“There’s preparing the worst…..” Sayuri said, “And there’s freaking me the fuck out as if you think you or Jin or Jiro are gonna die. I know to assume the worst but I already think that every time when you got an assignment to do.”

“Sayuri,” Sei said, “Most of the time I’m sure we’re gonna come out of there unscathed but once again, I get worried about if I’ll make it out alive or anyone else as a matter of fact. I just wonder if anything is gonna be the same after this.” At that moment, Jin was walking past by them, seeing if she was almost ready. “Sei?” Jin said, “We got about 10 minutes until we launch. You having second thoughts?”

“No, Jin.” Sei said, “I’m fine. I’m just talking to Sayuri as always.”

“Alright.” She said, “You mind if I talk to Sayuri for a minute?”
“Sure, Jin.” Sayuri said, “What you need me to talk about?”

The moment that Jin puts her hand on Sayuri’s shoulder, she immediately knew what she was going to say to her. “Jin, please don’t tell me you’re doing the whole—“

“What?” Jin said, “I can’t tell my sister that I love her?”

“It’s not that.” Sayuri said, “You got that look that Sei just got through with me. You think that this mission might—“ “What? NO!” Jin said, “I mean, we’re fighting against Ramsey and his crew and we know how ruthless they can get. We have to give it all we got but we know our own limitations as well.”

Sayuri didn’t know what else to say. She doesn’t want to say that they shouldn’t go because she know that they have to. She then hugged both Jin and Sei tighter than before with tears in her eye, thinking that they might not come back and sooner after as Jiro entered, she also hugged him and tried to held back tears as she ran to the door.

“What’s wrong with her?” Jiro said. “Actually, you know what? I get it now.”
“She just has a lot of things on her mind.” Sei said, “And yet I don’t blame her.”

Marble arrived there with a few bandages from the hospital as he received some medical treatment with a few x-rays on his head. “Ah, Marble, nice of you to join us.” X said.

“I could say the same but my fucking head hurts still hurts from that beating.” Marble said, “That damn blue-eyed bitch.”
“Come on, I know you put up a fight against MAK2.0.” X said, “I know he’s the Blue—“
“Um, I meant his little girlfriend of his!” He reiterated. “She beaned my ass with a damn steel baseball bat.”

“Well, I hope you’re not wishing harm on her because you heard what happened to her and Hybrid boy.” Masato said, “That shit already went down and it was just brutal watching that.”

“I heard about it.” Marble said, “I could say both their asses deserve it but not by that much and the funny thing is…I heard they left them for dead but when I woke up, I didn’t see them.”

“Well, knowing him and his girl, they always got friends to bail them out.” X said, “And I mean a lot of friends.”
“Either that or they could’ve took the both of them with Cassandra.” Masato said.

“Who knows?” X said, “They could’ve walked back but at their condition, they could’ve drop dead from their wounds and from the looks of that beating and how fucked up it is, they might be dead. “

Seiki overheard that conversation they were having and butted in with, “WOW, that was uncalled for!!” She looks around to see about the mission. “Hey, where’s Jin at?”

“Why?” X said, “If you asking about the mission, don’t. You, Barrett and Garret are staying put here.”

“Here?” Seiki said, “For what?”

“Having you three would get in the way due to you being close to Lyles. Plus, we heard about how Barrett beat up Miayama in prison and they could conflict our objective here.” X said. “Oh, and also Zaki isn’t joining us either.”

“Um, why?” Seiki said. “Hell if I know.” Risa said coming out of the weapons room with Nyoko, “She might fuck up the mission AGAIN! She didn’t shoot that girl the first time and what makes her think she won’t fuck up there?”

“RISA!!” Nyoko yelled at her. “Loyuka declined the mission so she can help out with things here, even though SHE DIDN’T FUCK THINGS UP!”
“What about you and your sister?” Seiki said. “Risa is going with them for backup and I’ll be there to monitor the streets in case of any breakout war here.” Nyoko said. The sound of the alarm was ringing in and everyone on the mission was heading their way out.


At the hideout where Ramsey filmed his message, Hiroyuki and some goons were ogling Cassie in her stripped form and were busy tazing her with a stun gun. “AAAAHHHHH!!!!” As she screamed from the torture she was getting. “Hmmmm, it seems that the wolf girl is about to crack.” And soon they started whipping her with her own chains. “Hell, we can do more with that.”

“HEY!!!” Ramsey said, “We don’t need to keep beating up her ass! We need her alive for a future planning!” They put her down from the beating and Ramsey grabbed her by the chin. “Oh, if you think I’m gonna kill you, don’t worry. You’re too valuable for me to kill but as for people trying to take you away,” He brought out a gun and a knife to her face, “Oh, they’ll feel my fucking wrath and anyone who dares to mess with me, especially the ones you know and love, I personally do them in and I’m making you watch.”

He begins to walk out of the room but Cassie got something to say to him, “You—Psychotic…..bastard.” As she said in her weak condition. He stopped at his tracks. “Oh, I’m a psychotic bastard, huh? Well, you’re right. I am. But then again, one of your kind drove me to this.”

“One of my kind?” Cassie replied. “A hybrid killed your wife and son and yet you continue to harass the innocent ones?”

“Oh, please.” Ramsey said, “One of them say you’re innocent then the next minute they either shoot or betray you. I’m doing this city and the country a favor by turning them against each other. I’ll be heralded as a public figure by this.”

“And by that, you mean an insane public figure!” Cassie sassed at him, “The Faction will find you and take you down.”
“Oh, they will, won’t they?” he said as he punched her in the stomach, “And what will happen to you then? You think they’re going to let you get together with your girlfriend? FAT CHANCE!!! They might send your ass back with those wolves and she’s gonna rot in that jail all because of you. Just like your friends taking a beating for your ass….”

“ENSIGN!!” Ramsey called out for her and she was just getting through sharping some throwing knives. “Yes, Ramsey?”

“I got to make another live appearance to spread the word.” He said, “Guard the door for any intruders, especially anyone associated with the Faction. Oh, and if she acts up, you know what to do.” He hands her a small switchblade.

“Wait, you want me to—“

“Just give her a few cuts and maybe slap her around.” He said. “We still need her alive!”
“GOTCHA.” She reassured him. “And you know what? You can put some clothes on her.” He said, “The whole naked slave thing is getting a bit tacky, at least to me.”

At that exact moment, Tomoki was lying down in her cell and re-living the words that everyone said to her for the past hour. The more she thought about it, the more it sinks to her that she might never see Cassie again, even if they somehow rescue her. Most of that is also going through Cassie’s head.

Both of them were thinking of this: “This is my fault… I deserve this… I wanted to live a better life with you but now we really dug ourselves deep in a hole and that hole got us in a lot of shit. I got my friends into this shit… “

Tomoki: “With one of them not wanting to speak to me and I don’t blame her.”
Cassie: “I should’ve never came to the Society. I probably should’ve been better off in Genesis.”

Cassie, still chained to the wall, was trying to sleep the sorrows away but that’s all that going through her mind. Tomoki had the same problem only she’s picturing Cassie as she tries to sleep but tears kept coming down.



“Miayama!!!!” the guard shouted. “We’re transferring you to the Faction Prison Facility at Desert Metal!! Get your shit and get moving!! Actually….you don’t have much shit so get moving, dammit!”

The armed guards were watching Tomoki get into the van to take her into Desert Metal. “OK, driver, take her away!!” he shouted to the driver and they take off. However, one of the other guards went to that guy and needed to check on the prisoner in their cells.

The guy told him that he sent out the prisoner to the facility at Desert Metal. “Yeah, just got the girl transferred into Desert Metal.” Only thing is, The Desert Metal facility called and there was never any call for a prisoner transfer. “Wait, WHAT!? A FAKE!! SOUND THE ALARM!”

The van immediately sped out of there and as they knew they could get tracked, they proximately switch vehicles with the two drivers hidden in masks. Tomoki wondered what was going on here as the switch was happening. They got into the other car, set the van on fire and scurried from the scene before anyone can make out anything on them.

“You know why we did this, right?” One of the drivers said to Tomoki. “What?” Tomoki said. “We know about everything and how much of an idiot you are.” The other one said, “And now your best friend/lover is going to be some slave to some psycho white-bread motherfucker. We’re not going to stand for this shit…..and we figured you need all the help you can get.” The 2 drivers unmasked themselves and they happened to be Lex and Aka.

“You two?” Tomoki asked. “Yes, it’s us.” Aka said, “You were expecting some other Hybrid couple you know?”
“To be completely honest,” Tomoki said, “Yeah, I did.”
“Oh……” Lex said, “Well, if you thinking about MAK and Kai, none of us don’t know where they are.”
“No one knows where they could be.” Aka said, “It’s like they disappeared off the face of the Earth. Even after what we saw happened to them, no one mentioned them being captured or anything like that.”

“I hope the worst didn’t happen with them.” Tomoki said, “I already regret getting them involved in this. If something were to happen to them, I—“  She paused for a moment. “I can’t let that happen. Losing Cassie and MAK and Kai would be too much in one day!”

“And just what in the hell you suppose we do?” Aka said. “We find and rescue Cassie before the Faction does, defeat and kill Ramsey and his co-horts, and finding MAK and Kai.” Tomoki answered to her. “Those two put their lives in danger helping me and Cassie escape and they always help us in our time of need.”

“Miayama!!” Aka shouted. “If you need to do this, you’re not doing this alone.”
“She’s right, you know.” Lex said, “MAK and Kai are our friends, too, and practically one of us as well.”

“Wait….you want to help me even though I was the one that cause all this?” Tomoki said.

“There’s a time to bitch slap you and this is not one of those times….yet.” Aka said, “But now, we need to get your girlfriend back!” She extended her helping hand to Tomoki. “Lex, Aka…..thank you guys.” Tomoki said, “Thank you so much!!” As she hugged both of them. “However….” Lex said, “Someone we know definitely wants to bitch slap you right about now and they’re in this, too.”
“Wait, who?” Tomoki questioned.

10 minutes later and they met up with the rest of the Darksiders for help. It began with Nanashi slapping Tomoki 15 times and everybody else taking turns. “OK, am I forgiven now?” Tomoki said. “Well…..” Nanashi said, “My hand is tired and I see you hurting right now so you’re forgiven with me.”
“Yeah, pretty much.” Nola said.
“I’m feeling alright.” Magnum said.
“I didn’t think I get some licks in, but I’m alright.” Rolo said.

“OK…” Tomoki said, “Then we should come up with a pl—“
“NOT YET!!” As someone waltzes in the door and it was Kati and Yuan that appeared.
“We want in on this, too.”
“Wait, you two?” Lex said, “But you don’t have any experience doing shit like this.”
Then Kati shown him the scar she got when she was shot. “This proof? I could show you Yuan’s but—“ “BUT I prefer you didn’t.” he shouted.

“OK then, you’re in.” Lex said.
“Cool.” Kati said, “Does it mean I get to smack Tomoki?”
“WHAT!?” she shouted, “Kati!”
“What nothing. You got Cassie kidnapped by that douchebag and MAK and Kai beaten up by those bastards. They’re our friends, too, and we want some kick some ass!!” Kati said. “And smacking you would help a little so I need the motivation.” Tomoki then looks at Yuan and asked if he was going to smack her. “No, Tomoki, I’m not going to slap you.” Yuan said, “I’ll just raise your bar tab some more.”

“OK fine.” As Tomoki said preparing for the slap by Kati. “Please be gentle.”
“I make no promises.” Kati said. Then comes a hard-hitting smack. “OW.”



“What in the flying fuck was you morons thinking?” Risa yelled? “A Desert Metal base?”
“Desert Metal seems like an entirely logical location.” One of them said.

She then slapped them for being that incompetent. “Desert Metal doesn’t even have a prison in there. The closest to a transfer prison is the MankanMatoi Province!”

Soon after that, she left in a huff, grabbing her bow and arrows and got Nyoko on call.
“Listen, Nyoko. That Miayama girl escaped and we need to capture her ass back here.”
“Really?” Nyoko asked. “Well, I’ll need to alarm the othe—“
“NO!” Risa said, “Alarm them and they’ll get in the way, especially Zaki. It just going to be us two to capture her.”

“Risa, we just joined the Faction.” Nyoko said, “We can’t just act like wild shooters our first time.”

Risa sighed. “Look, little sis, we got an international incident going on with one of ours kidnapped with another acting rogue on us. This is the time to act like a wild shooter. Especially right now.”

“OK, fine.” Nyoko said. “But if we’re in deep shit, I’m calling them for backup. No matter what you say, got it?”

“Whatever.” Risa said. “Just bring your A-game out there.”


The Masato-led group is busy searching every hideout spot within the outer lands of the city for Cassie. But there was no such luck finding her as they either ran into rabid anti-Hybrid people shooting at them.
“OH WHAT THE FUCK!?” Hybrid X keeps shouting as he retaliated with gunfire of his own. “We keep finding the wrong spots and end up dealing with these fuckers!!”

“I thought the GPS were tracking it right!!” Jiro said, “We should’ve found her by now!”

“That faulty system was outdated!” Miki said cocking a shotgun while she was shooting. “It led us to this damn predicament!” Soon a bunch of guys were climbing into the vehicle with some chrome bats and they started to beat on

it while trying to throw some Molotov cocktails. However, Sei got the cocktails before they hit and threw them back at them, burning and killing them instantly.

“SHIT!! We’re getting cornered!” Sei shouted. “These guys are like swarms of roaches.”

“NO SHIT!!” Jin said, pumping an automatic shotgun and shooting them. “Remember the ones with weapons, we shoot. The others, we don’t lay a bullet on.” Jiro kept shooting a bunch of them to get them out of the way. “Dammit! They just keep coming!!”
“Well, we gotta hold them longer!!” Jin said. “As much as we can!!”

Meanwhile, Tomoki and everybody else were looking for Cassie’s location.  “Find anything yet?” Kati said, “All I’m seeing is dust and the smell of hot ass.”

“Nada.” Rolo said, “We got no readings of anybody for miles. Either this shit is broken or—“
“You need to upgrade your shit!” Nanashi said, “Because I see two people straight ahead.” They went to see who it was as they went right on ahead and they wouldn’t believe who it was.
“Holy shit!!” They saw MAK and Kai out there, looking like they were about to die of dehydration. “Quick, get them in here NOW!!”

As soon as they got those 2 in there, MAK and Kai knew they have some explaining to do. “You two motherfuckers.” Lex said, “You know both of you got shit to explain to this.”
“YOU LIED TO US!” Yuan shouted. “….Again. Damn, 2 times.”

MAK tried to explain, “Look, Yuan, we—“ “We know. We know. You wanted to help protect Cassie from being deported and all that but now she’s being chained naked to a wall! You know that broadcast that shit along with you two getting your asses handed!!”

“Yuan,” Kai said, “I got my ass beaten by this big fake-ass hybrid of Gina Carano and Ronda Rousey. Not to mention that wolf fucker Marble tried to manhandle me. I think we suffered enough.”
“That and that fool kicked my ass while he was at it.” MAK said.
“Point is, you gotten yourself into some shit again but now you dragged Tomoki and Cassie in this and now the whole Faction is going rail you for this.” Yuan said. “Not to mention Cyan is pretty devastated about what happened to you both.” Aka said, “Hell, I heard from Tomoki soon as she heard, she beat the shit out of her. Blaming her for that shit. You two realize what might go down here, right?”
“Aka, we know.” MAK said, “But now not’s the—“
“NOT THE TIME!?” Aka and Kati shouted, “FOOL, YOU WERE ALMOST DEAD NOT ONCE OR TWICE BUT…..hell, this many times in the last 2 or 3 months!” Tomoki got into the conversation and said to them, “Look, what’s the past is the past. Right now, we need to think of a plan to get Cassie and possibly before the Faction gets to her or us.”

“And maybe before they come to get you.” Kati said, “Based on that stunt Lex and Aka pulled, they’re putting out a manhunt for you. We need to be hiding in plain sight.”

“Quick, Magnum, let a turn over here!!” Lex shouted. They immediately spotted somebody tailing them. “Wait, what happened?”
“I think someone is tailing us.” Nanashi said. “At least someone in the sky is…” It was a flying droid scoping them around.

“Who the fuck is that?” Saki said.  “I don’t know and I’m not willing to find out.” MAK said as he grabbed a gun and went to shoot at it but it just kept going. “Well, that didn’t work.” MAK said, “Any other ideas?” Kai then unwillingly threw two smoke and electric bombs at it, causing it to not see anyone and scramble whatever data is on there. “Where did those bombs come from and why I didn’t grab any of them?”
“Beats me.” Kai said, “Maybe you didn’t look harder.”

However, that drone turned out to be a distraction as an armored car heading straight towards them and the ones running it is Risa and Nyoko. “PULL OVER!!!” Risa shouted. “Or what, bitch!?” MAK shouted. Then she took a shot at him with an arrow. “HA!! A punk-ass arrow? That’s it?” MAK boastfully shouted. Then Nyoko took a shot at him with her gun. “Oh yeah….she got her sister, too.”
“PULL OVER, NOW!!” Risa kept on shouting that.

“PUNCH IT!!” Lex kept shouting as Magnum puts his pedal to the metal. “GO FASTER!” Risa shouted at Nyoko. “Don’t let them escape!!”

Risa got out of the car while it’s still running and she jumped into the van and she was about to fight MAK and the others. She threw some punches and kicks at him while all he can do is block mostly because he’s still injured. Kati jumped in the fight in cover of MAK and fought her off.  “MAK, since your ass can’t fight, you need to get out of the way. Go to Tomoki for help!!” Kati said.

“Got it!!” MAK yelled as he limped to her.

“Move out of the way, dammit!!!” Risa screamed at her. “LIKE HELL!!” As Kati head-butted her. “We’re in our fucking way!” Now pissed off, Risa got a blade and manages to give Kati a cut in the arm. “Really? I suffered worse than this.” Risa then said, “Oh, I’m preparing to top that.”

Nyoko kept ramming the van to pull over but Magnum had to shoot out her windows while not trying to kill her. However, Nyoko fired her with her pistol back at him and she soon jumped out of the car and begins to throttle Magnum by beating him with some blunt object but he threw her out of his way and then was grabbed by Saki and Nola from the back as they tried to restrain her. However, Nyoko got loose and slapped Saki but Nola grabbed her neck and pulled her back to smack her right in the face and then punched her in the stomach but then she kicked Nola in the jaw but then Kai injected some kind of drug into her and it slowed her down until she completely went down.

Risa, on the other hand, slammed Kai’s head from behind and cocks her gun towards her. “You stupid little bitch.” And at the last minute, Kati injected the drug in her, too, and proceeded to knock her ass out. “Well, that went pretty OK.” Kati said as she helped Kai up. “You alright?”
“Kinda….” Kai said, “I felt worse pain than this.”

“So what do we do about them?” Saki said. “Can I kick the one that kicked me?” Nola said, “Just one time.”
“No.” Aka said, “We already did enough damage to them. We have to put them somewhere that they can’t distract us.”

So, they locked them up, handcuffed to each other, in the trunk. “You think that stuff you injected in them is gonna last until we get Cassie out of there?” Tomoki said. “Don’t know.” Kati said, “But we do have to move fast with this.”


At the hideout, Ramsey was ready to give another live update on what he’ll do with Cassie if people were to interfere with his plan. “Ready, boss?” a henchman said. “I will be in about 15 seconds.” He said. The camera was ready to roll as he was preparing myself for the whole world to hear his message.

“Hello, people at the Society!” As Ramsey bellowed out. “I heard that the Faction and the Wolf Clan Genesis are coming after me, wanting to get their warrior wolf princess back. Well, good luck on that…..because you know I haven’t told anyone outside this room about our location.”

“You might as well give up because you’re not going to find her. No one in this city can hack into our location.” However, Kati and Yuan got some help with that with a friend from Brazil named Fredro.

“OK, your fuckers.” Fredro said, “I got the location of his hideaway right here and lucky you, your asses are about 5 minutes from there.”

“Ah, thanks Freddy.” Kati said. “No problems, scrublords.” Fredro said. “I can put the location on the screen for about 5 minutes. That should be enough for those Faction fuckers to notice it, bust in there, kill or arrest them and bingo. Your problems are solved.”

“Alright, man.” MAK said, “That sounds all good from here.”
“Just remember to kick their asses and as for that Tomoki girl…yeah, you with the green anime hair?”
“Huh?” Tomoki said. “I got two words for you.” He said to her. “Yes?”

“GIT GUD, Girl.” He said, “And kick their asses…and make sure MAK kick their asses right, too. Since I hear about that ass-kicking he—“ “And me, too.” Kai said on the call. “Wait, you too!?” Fredro said, “MAK, you dumbass, how she got in this?”
“Shit just happens, Fredro.” Kai said.
Meanwhile, Lex gave out a plan to Devo and Cameron on how to break in the building. “OK, as soon as you get in there, we come in there and blast as much as can, get the girl and get the fuck out of dodge.”

“OK….but why we got to use my car for this shit?” Devo said. “Because we’re not using my shit.” Lex said, “Yours was about to break down anyway.”
“Fine by me.” Cameron said, “I’m driving the motherfucker.”
“WHAT?!?” Devo said, “Uh, fuck no! I witnessed your driving!!! An old blind man would be safer than you!!”
“His driving is why I want him to do it.” Lex said. “There you go. We gotta move. Good luck and don’t die.”


As Ramsey continued with his speech on live TV, the control panel was going haywire on them with many awkward close-ups to either his face or stomach and even his ass as he turned around. That was Fredro’s doing as he hacked into their systems and made some subliminal messages of his own along with revealing their secret location.

“OK, the system is hacked?” Lex said. “All of them going wonky at once.” Rolo said. “You think it’s time yet?”

“I’M READY WHEN YOU ARE, LEX!!” Cameron shouted. “I’m not.” Devo nervously said. “Don’t worry, D.” Nanashi said, “I promise you won’t die from Cameron’s crazy driving and hey, if you do survive, you’ll be one of the few to live to tell the tale of crazy Cameron’s driving.”
“Wait for it….wait for it…..” Lex then gave them the signal. “NOW!!” Now, Cameron and Devo are on the move, speeding their way into the cave with Devo hollering for his life.

They eventually crashed there with everything busted from the panel, the cameras, the car’s windows and windshield. Devo kept clutching to the seat while Cameron was still in the moment.

“What in the fuck?” Hiroyuki screamed, “Who in the hell are you?”
“Oh my bad, bruh.” Cameron said in a crazy stoned voice. “This isn’t El Diablo’s Taco and Hot Wing Palace?” Hiroyuki looked angry and confused at the same time. “What makes you think this is a rundown taco joint?” Devo was reaching for his gun, “Well, you see—“ Then he immediately starts shooting at them as everyone else swarms into there, busting a gun in there. “RAMSEY!! We got intruders!!” Ensign shouted.


Nanashi joins Devo and Cameron in their fight as she comes in with two guns, shooting at one of the henchmen. “Need a hand, fellas?” She tossed them some extra guns in case. “Devo, on your left.” As one guy was about to jump on him but he shot him up completely. Saki, Nola, and Magnum got themselves into some action with a few shooters on top while Aka and Lex are dealing with some knife-wielding warriors and they carry some big machetes on them.

However, we see Yuan disguised as a janitor going into one of the rooms to look for Cass and apparently Kati is also there but she transformed herself into a rainbow penguin…and she had the biggest smile on her face as she sees herself as that. “OK, we made it here.” Yuan said, “Now we just need to search a room.”

“Okie-Dokie.” She said as she began to just walk around. “Um… realize that you’re a rainbow penguin in a prison, right?” Yuan asked. “Yes.” Kati said, “And your point is….?”
“No one is going to believe a rainbow penguin!!!” Yuan shouted. “THEY MIGHT!!” As Kati slapped him with her penguin fin as she waddles to the next cell trying to find Cassie. Elsewhere, Tomoki along with MAK and Kai was also looking for Cassie in the upper division of the prison cell. “OK, did Fred give you the blueprint of the facility?” Kai said, “Yeah, he did. He spotted Cass in cell 28A. We should be close by it.”
“I hope so.” Tomoki said. MAK got on the walkie with Yuan, “Any luck on your end?”
“Nope.” Yuan said, “I got shit and all of them looked cleaned out. How about you?”

He sighed and said to Yuan, “We’re getting there. We just need to find cell 28A and hopefully we’ll find her.”

But soon the three of them ran into one person they didn’t hope to look for in there.

“Trying to find your fuck buddy?” And behind them was Ensign Lye. “Oh, you were expecting the big baddie, weren’t you?”
“It’s you…..that bitch that—“ Tomoki said. “That bitch that kicked your ass and busted up your woman like I said I would.” Ensign said, “Yeah, I’m here and I guess you want another round of me fucking you up?”

“Lookie here…” MAK exclaimed, “I was just getting started with your ass.”
“Oh….and I want us to fight but you can’t use your Blue Leaf shit.” She explained to him although he was about to inject it inside him. “Fine.” MAK said. “You just made things a bit more interesting.” Then Kai spoke out to her, “How about a tag team then? Me and MAK vs. You. No blue leaf powers at all.”
“Even better.” Ensign slyly said as the first thing she does is jump at them while both dodged her.

“Tomoki…listen!! We’ll keep her busy. You get Cass and get the fuck out of here!!” MAK shouted. “Me and Kai will be fine from here.”
“But—“ Tomoki tried to talk to him but was busy blocking hits from Ensign. “Tomoki, we came all this way to rescue her! You have a chance at it!”
“I know but I don’t want t—“ Kai threw some dirt at Ensign’s face.
“We’ll be fine!! Get Cassie and get the hell out of here!” Ensign then grabbed Kai by the shirt, throwing her to the ground but MAK got on top of her and tries to slam her face into the metal doors. “Just go, dammit!” MAK screamed at her but Ensign pulled him off her and threw him back. “I see you’re getting a bit reckless over there, MAK.” Ensign said. She then pulled him up and punch threw him over the next cell, slamming the door on his hand. However, Kai grabbed a glass shard and then stabs Ensign’s arm and leg. “OW, you blue bitch!!”

Tomoki kept searching for Cassie throughout the cells; then she bumps into Yuan and rainbow penguin Kati. “The fuck? YUAN!”
“And…..”She got confused with Kati as a penguin. ”Who the fuck is that?”
“Never mind that.” Yuan said, “Have you find Cassie yet?”
“No, not yet.” Tomoki said, “I thought I found her by now. I must’ve read these blueprints wrong or something.”
“Well, there’s gotta be another way to find her.” Kati said. “I know but it seems li—Wait, did that penguin just talk?”
“It’s Kati as a penguin, Tomoki.” Yuan said, “It’s her dream come though.”
“PENGUIE YAY!!” Kati gleefully shouted.

Then they hear a voice coming from the left and so all three went there and they see that it was Cassie over there. They finally found her.
“CASS!!” Tomoki screamed as she ran over there.
“…Moki?” Cassie weakly said. “TOMOKI!!”
“Cassie, you’re alive!!!” As she went to embrace her with a warming hug. “I thought I would never see you again!”
“Tomoki, you’re here.” Cassie said as she gave a kiss to Tomoki, “I could say the same thing. I never thought it would get this far.”
“Me either.” Tomoki said. She looks behind her to see who else is there. “Oh hey, it’s Yuan and… have a pet penguin now?”
“Pet, my ass!!” Kati exclaimed, “It’s me, Kati!! But as a penguin.”
“A rainbow penguin?” Cassie questioned.

“No time for that shit!!” Yuan said, “Right now, everyone from the Wolf Clan to the Faction should be arriving here by now. You two need to disappear FAST!”

Meanwhile, the Hirano sisters were still passed out but however Nyoko woke up and saw the battles going on. She went to her phone and call for some help and the first person she thought of was… “Hello?” Loyuka answered. “Nyoko, where are you and Risa? We got an update on where Cassie could be and everyone from the Faction and Wolf Clan are heading that way.”
“Loyuka, sweetie, listen,” Nyoko said, “I think we’re at that location right about now.”
“Wait, what?” Loyuka said, “Already?”
“We are tracking down your friend but we got ambushed by their friends, mostly this gang of Hybrids and I think I saw those guys….um…MAK and Kai?”
“MAK AND KAI ARE DOWN THERE!?” Loyuka shouted. “Yes. I saw them with my own eyes and mostly Kai kicking my ass at that.” Nyoko reiterated, “Look, just get everyone down here immediately!!” Then Risa begun to wake up and she was still pretty pissed at that fight as she got her bow and arrow, quickly run outside of the van and just shooting arrows at anything and beating up anyone as fast as possible. When Saki and Nola were being cornered by some guys, one of the stray arrows went and hit them straight in the torso, the legs and even the eye. “HEY!!” Risa shouted from afar. “Be lucky I decided to help your asses. I would’ve let them kill you.”

“Um….thanks?” Nola said.

Lex and Aka were still busy with the knife guys and as one was close to slitting their throats, Nyoko’s bullet in one of their hands distracted them, allowing Aka to grab their knife and stabbing them in the neck and Lex to throw the other at their face. “Holy shit, that was close.” Aka said. “Hey, um….shooter girl?” Lex said, “Thanks for the help and…..well…”
“Sorry for knocking me out and beating me?” Nyoko said, “I’ll let you off the hook but as for my sister……well, we’ll see.” She then leap on her way to her next attack.
“Her sister is gonna kick our asses, isn’t she?” Lex asked.
“Yep.” Aka said.

Suddenly, there was a big crash coming from the right corridor of the building and it was the full calvary of the Wolf Clan Genesis along with Masato’s crew. “WOLVES!!” Masato screamed out, “TAKE CHARGE AT THEM!!” So all the wolf warriors went all out and attack every one of Ramsey’s henchmen and it gotten very violent the second one of the wolves draw blood from one of them. Soon after that, the rest of the Faction arrived at that point assisting with the rest of them as all of them were battling it out.

“Take positions!!” Leon shouted. “Loyuka got a call from Hirano and said that Cassie is somewhere in there.” Cyan give the orders to them, “Loyuka, you find both Hirano girls and assist them. Seiki, you cover us and inform the rest we’re here. Leon……you and me can handle this from here.” Both cocked their guns and were ready to play gunfight with the hordes of henchmen and Grand “H” fighters coming at them. Seiki threw some light grenades to blind the shooters to get close to Jin and Jiro. “Matsuda!!” she shouted. “Are you there?”

“Argento? You’re here!?” Jin said, “Wait, you got the location here, too?”
“Yeah, it’s a long story.” Seiki said. “Basically, you saw the location on TV?” Jiro said.
“That and the Hirano sisters tracked it before us.” Seiki said. “Ah….”
Jin said, “Hopefully you got everyone in here to help, maybe except for Sayuri since she—“
“Actually…” Seiki said with a pause.

There was some banging on the door while Aron and Rolo are scoping the cams around the area. “The hell?” Aron said. “Rolo, check who’s at the door.”
“UM, me? What if there’s some guy with a pistol ready to shoot us…especially me answering the door?” Rolo shouted. The door eventually was open and it was Sayuri coming from outside. “It’s me.” As she quickly closes the door. “SAYURI!!” Rolo said. “What are you doing here?”
“I came to help and make sure I don’t go home with one less sibling.” Sayuri said. “That and make sure I don’t get shot doing this shit.” Rolo said to her, “Well, you’ll be safe in here with us. No one has gotten into here yet.”
“Well, except you.” Aron said.


Meanwhile, MAK and Kai were still fighting with Ensign and they weren’t looking so lucky out there. Ensign has Kai pinned down to the ground as she kept gripping on Kai’s arm like she was going to crack it whole but MAK tried to break her concentration by smashing things on her head from chairs to even pulling her off Kai but Ensign wouldn’t budge, especially when she used a pair of vise grips on MAK’s kneecaps.
“AAAHHH!!!” As MAK screamed from the pain and she hits him again. “Your OP boyfriend can’t do shit to me now.” Ensign said, “You might as well give up and I might let you walk out with a good arm. Fuck with me and you’re never use that arm to jerk him off again.” That remark really annoyed Kai there so much that she got her other hand to make a move on her but Ensign block her punch. “Oh, you thought you was going to get a lick?” Kai responded, “Wasn’t planning on hitting you. It was just a distraction.”
“From what?” Ensign said. Then MAK got a piece of steel and knocked her ass out clean. “From that…..” he said in a tiring mood, “You big motherfucker.” Then he fell over because of the moving pain. “Shit, my knee…..that bitch can hit hard!”
“MAK….baby, you alright?” Kai asked. “Not really, no.” MAK said, “I think she fucked up my knee…..oh shit!!”

Tomoki, Cassie, Yuan and Kati were heading their way out of there as they ran into MAK and Kai. “Holy fuck!!” Kati said, “What happened to you guys?”
“I think I’m seeing things, Kai.” MAK said, “Because I swear there’s a fucking rainbow penguin talking to me.”
“I think that’s Kati, MAK.” Kai said, “She’s in her Hybrid form!”
“She’s a penguin?” MAK questioned. “That’s…..actually plausible for her.”

“Are you guys alright?” Cassie said as she helped both of them up. “I’m so glad to see you guys alive!! I couldn’t bear to witness getting killed all because of me. It was my fault that all of you are risking your lives to save me. I don’t deserve good friends like all of you or even a beautiful soul mate like Tomoki….I should’ve never came to the Society. I should’ve just went the other way when my home was attacked. I’m a damn mess.”

“Cass….” MAK said, “Why would you say something like that? You got people that showed their love for you and we all care about you. Every single one of us.” Kai then added on that and said, “We risk our lives because you’re a good friend and anyone that wants to hurt you for any reason, we’ll fight for you, whether it be protecting you or side by side alongside each other.”
“Cassie…” Tomoki said, “If you didn’t came to the Society, my life wouldn’t have been the same without you. I wouldn’t have made it through most of my life without you through it.”
“You have a lot of people that care of you, Cassie.” Yuan said, “We can say all the reasons all day long but we can’t since we need to get the fuck out of here.”
“Guys….” Cassie said, “All of you…..we’re more than just partners, we’re more than just friends at this point….Hell, we’re family. I love every single one of you and I would do anything to keep that family together. But I think I might need some time away from my family in order for your safety.”

“Wait, Cassie, what are you talking about?” Kati said.

“I’m saying that after this is over,” She took a deep pause and then said to them, “I’m going back to the Wolf Clan.” Everybody looked shocked at that sudden announcement. “I see you made the right decision.”
As Hybrid X just waltzes in here, looking for Ramsey. “After all, you have to go back!!”
Kati said, “Wait, how you—“
“Get here?” X said, “Everyone from the Faction and Wolf Clan are here!!! And since I’ve found you, I can report this to Masato.” Tomoki looked stern at X but Cassie had a defeating look on her face towards him, “I’m ready to accept my punishment like a warrior should.”
“Attagirl.” X said. “Finally you made a right decision. Miki!!” Then approaches Miki with a pair of handcuffs. “Yes, Mr. X?” She said. “She’s complying with their demands.” X said, “But bring about 4 more pairs of handcuffs to the others!”

“WHAT?” The others said. “UM…you forgot that you broke a whole lot of rules, people!” X said, “And considering Miayama gets more jail time and Blue Hybrid is going to be banned from the Faction, the rest of you are getting much worse than those two.”

“Oh, that is just some bullshit!” MAK said. “Actually, MAK…” Yuan said, “He’s kinda right.” MAK took a pause for a moment to give Yuan an aggravated look. “Goddammit, Yuan.”

But then Ramsey just showed up all of a sudden behind Miki, grabs her and said, “Excuse me!! I believe you got your hands on my slave and I suggest you give her back to her or….” He grabs some acid spray next to him, “….I’m gonna spray some this acid all over this girl’s pretty little face!!

“Oh-ho! I see I finally meet this motherfucker here. Coren Ramsey.” Hybrid X said. “I see my presence is noted and I know who you are…..Hybrid X!” Ramsey said, “Basically the Al Sharpton of Hybrids. Beloved by many…or a few but everyone else and some of your kind believe you’re a racist piece of shit!”

“Ha-ha-ha!” X sarcastically said, “And what? You’re like the Bill O’Reilly of……well, just him. You got your set of fans but everyone else thinks you’re dumb as shit as well!”

“So you’re both a couple of dickheads?” MAK said.

Ramsey got a little pissed off at that, “OK, you know what?” He just sprayed acid in Miki’s eyes anyway. “AAAAHHHH!!!!” As she screaming loud bloody murder as she’s bleeding from her eyes. “Oh, you think Hybrid boy cause this? I WAS LYING TO YOUR ASS!!! I was going to do that to her anyway!! And now I’m gonna do the same to your ass!”


“YOU MOTHERFUCKERS!!” And that was Hiroyuki guns out shooting up a storm against the Wolves and the Faction agents. “You Hybrid deviants!!! You can’t stop the Grand “H” WAR!! Your kind will cease to exist!!”

“Somebody fire at that fuckboy!!” Seiki said. “No problem.” Nyoko and Risa said, aiming their attention at him.

They kept firing at him and they eventually shot him in the leg. “Oh, you BITCH!” As Hiroyuki screamed out in pain. “Damn you freaks!”

“Fuck it!! Someone else shoot him!!” Lex said. Then Nanashi took a shot at him at the same exact place, only to make the pain worse. He kept screaming at that as it got worse.

“OW!! Do you fuckers ever think of shooting me somewhere else?” He shouted.

A second later, Cyan just shot him in the ass. He really screamed in pain. “AAAHHHH!!”
“Well, you said think of another place to shoot you.” Cyan said, “There you go.”

Now limping in pain, Hiroyuki went to the safe distance and shoot the lights out to blind fire at anyone who’s in his way. “DUCK!!!” Seiki shouted as everyone tries to avoid being hit.


Back at the up corridor, Ramsey attempted to splash some acid on anyone else after what he did to Miki but Hybrid X grabbed the acid from he could splash it on someone but only getting some on himself. He clutched Ramsey’s hand and cracked his finger bones. “OOOOWWWW!!” Ramsey shouted. X got his pistol ready to shoot at Ramsey. “Fuck it. I thought about just putting you in jail but nope. I’m gonna have to do you in.” He aimed the gun at him and as he’s about to shoot….the gun was empty. “What?” He pulled the trigger many times. “The hell?”
“OH…..looking for these?” As Ramsey got the bullets from under him during that scrap. “And lookie here….acid bullets at that.”
“You got to be kidding m—“ Ramsey shoots X in the body, legs, and crotch. “AAAAHHHHH!!!”

“Never mess with a human that knows his shit!!” Then for the final move, he shot X point blank in the head, killing him.

“And now there’s 4 more of your fuckers to sh-“ He noticed that they were gone. “What the fuck? HEY!!! Come on out, you Hybrid fucks and face your doom!!” He screamed out shooting the office.

However, Tomoki and Cassie were spotted by him as they were sneaking out of there. “HA!! Caught you!!”
“NO, CAUGHT YOU, FUCKBOY!!” Kai screamed behind him as she stabbed him in the hand and Kati shot him in the knees. “AAHHH!!! YOU BITCH!!” He tried to slap them but he missed and Kati shot him again in the exact place. “ENSIGN!! Kill this bitch once and for all!!”

“That girl isn’t going to help you this time!” Kai said. “We took care of her before you showed up!!” Kati said.

“REALLY, BITCH!!” And that was Ensign woken from her defeat. “I’m gonna finish this once and for all!!” She came rushing at them with full force and in a flash, MAK phased in her way and pulled her heart out. Ensign didn’t even felt that happening until she realizes she has a giant hole in her body.

“Wow that was a weak attack.” MAK said, “It looks like you didn’t put your heart in it.” She felt over dead in an instant and everyone was very stunned at what MAK did. “What the hell?” Ramsey said, “You fucking MONSTER!!! Look what you did to m—“
“MONSTER!!!?” MAK screamed in a furiously ferocious voice. “LOOK WHO’S FUCKING TALKING, DICKHEAD!! You just threw acid on a girl and shoot X in cold blood!! You’re the real fucking monster!! Talking about taking back for the humans and shit!” Then MAK shot him in the leg to add injury into insult. “The Grand ‘H’ War is nothing but a civil war of humans vs. hybrids….a pointless war at that!” He shoots him again in the leg. “You terrorize innocent hybrids and humans and all for what?”

“ONE OF THEM KILLED MY FAMILY!!!” Ramsey said, “They took my life away, dammit!! The few elements that manages to bring me joy!”

“AND…..OK, I’m sorry about your family being killed! I’m sorry for anybody that had to go through that!” MAK said, “But you think that means you gotta kill us because of that shit? Humans kill, Hybrids kill, and everyone kills!!! Guess what? You probably kill a Hybrid or human that had a family themselves. If your wife or kid were here to see this, they probably wouldn’t want to be with you right now.”

Ramsey remained silent to think about what MAK said to him; however, that only took about 5 seconds and that really pissed him off and so he went to reach for his gun to shoot MAK behind him but then Cassie grabbed the acid and threw some on his chest. “AAAAAHHHH!!!!!” He bellowed as the acid eats through his body as it turned bloody with his flesh showing and was dying from the pain.
“Oh….my God.” Tomoki said. “I think I might be sick from all of this.”
“We need to get out of here now.” Yuan said. “You’re right about that, Yuan.” MAK said as everyone quickly left the premises before anybody finds them.


Back downstairs, Hiroyuki was still shooting at everyone downstairs despite not really hitting much of anyone. However, he quickly notices that van in the middle and begins to shoot at it but that was the same van that Sayuri hid into with Rolo and Aron.

“What the hell was that?” Sayuri said. “Oh fuck!!” Rolo said, “That guy with the gun is heading towards us!!!” Aron just left in a flash as soon as Rolo said that. “Well, that was quick!!”

“COME OUT, YOU GLOWY FREAKS!!” Hiroyuki shouted.

“We need to go, Rolo!!” Sayuri screamed as she grabbed his hand as both ran out of there. The two dodges the bullets as Hiroyuki kept shooting at them but Magnum tries to draw some attention to him as he was shooting at Hiroyuki but he quickly ran out and Hiroyuki drew a grenade at him, as he ducked away from that.

Sayuri tripped trying to escape; Rolo went back for her and tried to get her out of there but Hiroyuki threw a brick at him, knocking him out and got Sayuri’s foot as he was close but she kicked him out of the way, grabbed Rolo and made a run for it.

But he wasn’t going to stand for that as he shot at the floor, cracking it and she had to jump away from the bullets to avoid being hit. She stumbled again and broke her leg. She couldn’t move as fast as she was limping towards safety but it looks like Hiroyuki got the scope on her and he’s about to shoot…….

Nevertheless, Jin jumped in the last minute to guard Sayuri with her life and instead it ended hers.

“JIN!!!!!!” Sayuri cried as the sister collapses to the ground. “NOOO!!! Jin! JIN! JIN!!!!! No, no, no, no, no, no, no!! Jin!! Please no!!”

Hiroyuki then reloaded to finish the job but Sei phased behind him and shot him in the head and then she kept shooting at his dead corpse over and over again, trying to not break down after seeing what happened to Jin.

“Sayuri…” Jin said in her dying words, “I….I…..”
“Huh?” Sayuri said, “Jin?”
“I think…..I see Mom and Dad up there.” She said, “They look like……they’re smiling.”
“Smiling?” Sayuri said. “What are you talking about?”
“Sayuri…..remember that…..I will…always love you…..Jiro…..Sei….anyone in the Faction.” Jin weakly said and after that, she couldn’t say anymore and her soul has left her body.
“Wait…..JIN….NO!! JIN, NO!!! PLEASE!!” Sayuri cried. “Look, please come back!! I promise to not be so lazy in work anymore!! I Promise to do a fair share at work!!! JUST DON’T LEAVE ME!!”
There’s nothing else to be done. Jiro came running down there to see what happened to his sister. “JIN!!!!! WHAT HAPPENED!!” He was stunned about this as Sayuri. “What happened to her!!!? Who did this? OH FUCK! JIN!”
“It’s too late.” Sayuri said as tears came streaming down her face. “Jin….she’s…..” The two siblings are deep in distraught over what happened. Sei just look as shocked as they did, like she didn’t even want to move at all. Hell, she was just speechless.


On the other route, it looked like Tomoki, Cassie, Yuan, Kati, MAK and Kai was going to escape easily but as they were close to the rear exit, there spots Lady Aqua in the distance, waiting for Cassie’s decision on whatever she wants to stay or not. “LADY AQUA!!” Cassie said as she bows down to her, “I……I have made my decision about this a long time ago and I think it’s best for me to go back with you guys.”

“Cassie…” Lady Aqua said, “You sure about this? I know how much you wanted to stay here and all—“
“I know I wanted so stay put so badly,” Cassie said, “But I’ve gotten myself and my frie—MY FAMILY in all sorts of trouble that I don’t think just going home after all that is justified.”

“Well, Cassandra,” Lady Aqua said, “This is your primary decision and I’m sure your family will be behind it.” She looked at the others and while most of them don’t want them to go, they know that she needed this.

“I guess you might have to go?” Kati said. “It seems like it.” Cassie said, “This is something that might help me in the future.”
“Does it mean we won’t see you again?” Yuan said. “Only time could tell, Yuan.” Cassie said, “I just hope by then it’s calmer than it is right now.”
“Both me and Kati support your decision to do this, Cass.” Yuan said, “But we will miss you.”
“No doubt about that.” Kati said, “I hope we get to see you again.” Both went to hug Cassie on that. “Yuan, Kati…I’m gonna miss you two and if I do come back, I’m gonna have a big glass of that Zombie, just for you two…or Kati.”

She then went to MAK and Kai. “MAK, Kai, you two have been the most gracious and supportive friends to me and Tomoki. I’m glad you two are alive and well and I hope that can continue once I’m gone. I just want you two to promise me something.”
“What’s that?” Kai said. “I want you to stay out of trouble for me.” Cassie said, “I mean, for the shit you two went through the past couple of months, both of you deserve some peace and quiet. You’ve been stressed out, beaten and left for dead. You two need some happiness and I mean, pure happiness.”
“Cass,” MAK said, “I just want you to know that you’ve been one of my dearest friends for the past year.” Kai then complimented her saying, “You’re sweet, brave, fierce, and one of the kindest people I’ve ever met. I hope you’ll find what you need out of this and know this, all of us are going to miss you.” Then Kai gave Cassie one final hug. “I’m gonna miss you, too, Kai-Kai and MAKky.”

Then she finally goes to Tomoki and this is probably the hardest thing for the both of them. “Cass….” Tomoki said, “I may not want us to separate, I may not want this…..but I know I’ll be selfish if I beg you to not go.”
“Moki, I know that you really fought for me to stay here and this seems like that was in vain but…..I really had to do this and I don’t blame you for not wanting me to go but—“
“Cassie…..” she said as she pulled her in and gave her one last kiss before leaving. “I’m doing this because I love you. I want you to do what’s best for you.”
“Tomoki… are definitely a beautiful soul mate I don’t deserve.” Cassie said. “But I’m glad I got to know you all these years.” Soon, Cassie begins to depart with Lady Aqua to the Genesis home but before that, Lady Aqua wanted to say some words to Tomoki. “Oh, Miss Miayama?” Aqua asked. “I shouldn’t said that your mother wouldn’t have approved of this…..because the things that happened, I do see a bit of her in you from being caring of your soul mate to even sacrificing your own happiness to help her out.”
“Well….thank you, Lady Aqua.” Tomoki said. “But you don’t have to apologize.”
“Oh, I know that.” She said and she soon began to phase her and Cass back to Genesis. “We shall meet again, Tomoki Miayama!” When she transported back to there, she got a locket hidden on her person and she opens it and we see a pic of her and Akiko in embrace. “I really wish you were here with me, Akiko.” Aqua said. “But I see you raised a mature daughter and that makes me faithful.”


“So, Tomoki…..” MAK said, “With all this shit that’s happening and Cassie going back to Genesis, what are you going to do with yourself? “What do you mean?” Tomoki said. Kai told her, “Well, most of the Faction still blames you for putting them through this shit and I know my sister definitely blames you for me being injured and all that. You can either skip town or face the drama.”
“Will they still throw me in jail?” Tomoki said.
“Probably.” Yuan said.
“Mmmhmm.” Kati said.
“I should skip town then, huh?” Tomoki suggested. “Not that I don’t want to but—“
“Well, it can’t get worse than it already is.” Yuan said but then one of them is getting a call on their cell and it was Lex calling MAK’s cell.

“Hello?” MAK answered, “Lex, what’s going on, man? Did anyone survive that fight?”
Lex said, “Well, yeah….I mean by anyone you meant the Darksiders or some of the Faction, then yeah. With one exception.”
“One exception?” MAK said. “Well, I know X is dead and Miki isn’t seeing anything any time soon.”
“Wait, what? Hybrid X is DEAD?” Lex said. “That’s 2 Faction associates that’s dead?”
“TWO?” MAK shouted, “Who’s the other?”



On a rainy afternoon, it was the day of Jin’s funeral and the reverend is saying a few words about Jin and how she honored her life to protect the citizens of the Society. Everyone in the Faction with some associates showed up….everyone except Tomoki. She figured with everyone not that keen to her, she didn’t bother to show up and it’s not like people bothered to mention her once during the whole ceremony.

Seiki, Cyan and Leon were talking about what’s going to happen with the Faction. “You think with what happened, somebody’s going to be the new head in a matter of months?”
“I don’t know man.” Cyan said, “Could be months before all that happened.”
“Didn’t they thought of a decision earlier in the week?” Leon said. “Well…..” Seiki said. “We don’t know but I think someone knows.”


We then go to the reading of Jin’s Last Will and Testament where there’s only Jiro, Sayuri and Sei for support of those two and one of the lawyers read, “It is stated that I, Jennifer Isla Matsuda aka Jin Matsuda, left the Faction and all leading responsibilities in charge to…..”


Cut to Sei going back to her apartment and she’s feeling very tired all day dealing with all that stuff with the Faction and the loss of Jin. She’s about to go to bed but not before leaving some stress by screaming into her pillow. “AAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!” and she was starting to tear up and look like she’s beginning to cry all over again.


“I know I didn’t show up for the funeral.” Tomoki said talking to somebody, “I know I haven’t been a good friend as of recent times and I’ve been a bitch to everyone in the Faction and I’m so sorry for that. I’m not expecting any forgiveness for you or anyone but I want you and only you to know that I have regretted everything that happened since.”

“Tomoki…” And the person whom she was speaking to was Loyuka. “I know you’re trying to think of something of an apology. With the others, they’re not easy to forgive. I’m not, either and you’re my friend. I want to forgive you but you’ve been fucking up ever since.”

“I know, Loyuka.” Tomoki said, “And I think me not being here could make things clearer for my head.”

“You sure you want to leave the Society?” Loyuka said.

“I think it could be good for me.” Tomoki said, “Plus, I think I need a vacation after all the bullshit that’s been going on.”

“Well, I never thought I see two of my friends leaving to work some issues out at the same time.” Loyuka said. “I hope both of you the best for that.”

“And Loyuka?” Tomoki said, “….I know what’s going on between you and that girl Nyoko.” She looked surprised for a second, “H—How did you know?”
“Loyuka, it’s me.” Tomoki said, “I got a sixth sense when it comes to something like this. Also experience. I know someone is hiding a relationship from the office….even though for you it’s that and her violent sister.”

“Yeah, tell me about it.” Loyuka said. “Just promise me you’ll e-mail or write me or something.”
“I might.” Tomoki said, “But under a different username. That way, no one you’ll know think it’s me.”

“Gotcha.” Loyuka said.

“And now I gotta go where the road takes me.” Tomoki said, “Hopefully it’ll be enough to clear my head.”

“Good luck.” Loyuka said as Tomoki is heading her exit out of the Society and into wherever she goes.AuraFactionStory10


Deep in the dark underbelly of the Society, someone is hatching up something down there. “I see Coren Ramsey is another zealot who failed to live up to his promise and got himself killed.”

“Another pussy anti-Hybrid televangelist.” One girl said, “My god, do we need more of them?”

“Like fuck we do.” Another guy said, “I’m  sick of seeing both anti-Hybrid and anti-human assholes. That guy Hybrid X got himself killed, too.”

“And I think we found the perfect opportunity to get our message out there and this time…….it’s a warning to both HUMANS and HYBRIDS!!”

“Wait, both of them?”

“Yes…..both sides got their asshole figures and it can cause a naïve person to either be harmed because of them!! Hell, we got that here and this poor girl suffered the most, especially what they did to her eyes.”

We see somebody sitting in a chair, just sitting there wondering aimlessly.

“Hey, girl, you got a name or something? What’s your story?”

She turned around and we see someone with white hair with bandages wrapped around her eyes and said, “Let’s say that I followed into the wrong type of worship.”


Aura Faction Series 2



©2015 KATANAPlus+ / The Faction Project.

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