Aura Faction presents: DARKSIDERS 2 (DS2) – New Jack REVENGE

WARNING: The following written material that you’re about to read may contain acts of violence, graphic language, and sexual content. This is meant only for MATURE AUDIENCES. Reader Discretion is advised.


Down at the Linden Factory, a bunch of assembly workers were heading their way on their lunch break after their shift has ended. One worker was coming out last as he was putting up some of the equipment.
“Damn, this thing is heavy as hell!” The guy said straining to put it up.

“Richards? RICHARDS?” The boss called that worker out and it turns out that guy is……
“Delroy Richards!? You alive!?”
It was Longtooth.
“OH! SHIT.” He shouted as he dropped it but just missed his foot. “Mr. Owen!”

“Whoa!” Mr. Owen said, “Good thing that didn’t crush your foot.”
“Sir, I was just putting up everything!” he said, “Want to make sure that everything is in good shape.”
“I see.” Mr. Owen said, “Good thing you didn’t hurt yourself, kid. You can take your break now.”
“Thank you, sir.” He said.
“Oh….” Mr. Owen said, “And your sister is here as well.”
Longtooth seemed surprised and mostly annoyed at that.

Noir showed up waiting in the lobby for him.
“Again, Noir?” Longtooth said.
“What?” Noir said, “I can’t show up to my big brother’s place of work?”

“The 12th time this month?” he said.
“It never seemed to bother you when I do it the first few times.” Noir said, “What’s different about it now?”

A couple of guys were looking at Noir very sly-like and checking her out. Another one was openly ogling her.
“Well, there’s that.” Longtooth said, “I have to work with these fuckers and I damn sure don’t want to hear them talk about you the way they do about other girls.”
“But don’t you talk abou–”
“I’m not a talker here.” Longtooth said, “I’m just here to do my job, make some money to make a living for myself and you.”
“I know, I know.” Noir said, “Look, I hear that stuff daily at school so it’s nothing new to me.”
“Wait, what!?” Longtooth said, “They talking about you!? Because I’ll–”
“It’s mostly other girls, Del.” Noir said, “I don’t even think most guys there would notice me to say enough….or think I’m that attractive.”
Longtooth sighs in relief but she slaps him for that.
“HEY!” Noir said, “Show more support for your little sis! Most girls in high school my age feel this way when they can’t get guys to notice them!”

As both were going outside, they notice a group of girls in differently colored ski masks breaking into Longtooth’s car.
“Hey, what the hell!?” Longtooth shouted, “Hey, you bunch of bitches, that’s my car!!” He was getting the claws out and ready to attack until….
“Long time no see, huh…. Mr. Tooth?” The leader in the blue ski mask said.
He got confused at how they know him and the pink ski mask one instantly pepper sprayed him.
“AAAHHH!! AH!” He screamed and bellowed from the parking lot.

“Longtooth!” Noir runs to his rescue. “Oh my god….”
“Wait, who the hell is this chick?” The other girl in the green mask said.
“HEY!” The leader shouted, pointing the gun to her. “Who are you to him!? You’re his friend? Girlfriend?”
“What’s it to you!?” Longtooth shouted but then got hit again.
“DEL!!” She screamed, “Look, I’m his sister, OK?”
“Wait, sister?” she said, “But…..y’all two look kinda different.”

“What the hell you want from us?” Longtooth said.
“PAYBACK, BITCH!” The girl took off her mask and it’s revealed to be….Talli Digga.

“Payback?” Longtooth said, “Um…..who are you again?”
“For fuck’s sa—” She grabbed Noir by the collar and said, “Remember that deal your dumbass brother made with this guy named Bevins and 3 other gangs to off the Darksiders?!”

“OH!” He now gets it. “Oh……shit…..”
“And you heard about Bevins getting clapped, right?” she said. “Those motherfuckers were a part of that shit as well.”

“OK….” Longtooth said, “So what? The hell you want from me?”
“I know you got some money.” She said, “And I mean, a very large amount of cash you happen to have.”
“What large a—”
“DON’T PLAY DUMB!” She said, “I know about the money you got hidden in your place!” She then puts down Noir.
“We’ll meet again, and it won’t be pretty for you….and her!” Talli said. Soon her girls followed her.
“Longtooth…..are you in some trouble again?” Noir asked.
“It looks like it.” He answered.


“GRAB THAT MOTHERFUCKING BAG, MAN!” 4 guys were running out of there, shooting back at whoever was following them.
“Keep shooting at those fuckers!” The other guy said.

Then another guy was caught on fire, running and screaming and flailing all around the area until one shot in the ass slowed him down.
“What the- WHO WAS THAT!?”

Someone jumped on the roof of a car.
“Sounds like you’re running hot on the collar, eh?” And lo and behold….it was Lex Jaga.

“Shoot him!” The runner said and they start blasting on him but Lex ducked and dodged the shots and shot one of them in the arm.
“OW! FUCK!” One of them ran off the other direction.
“I’ll get his ass!” The shooter began taking shots at Lex at all directions. Lex

“Aka….it’s your move.” Lex said.
Then all of a sudden, a speeding car came straight at the other guy, hitting him instantly and slamming him on the wall.
“DAMN!” Aka said. “Is he even alive?”
“Help……my legs….” He said.
“Oh, he’s alive.” She said.

“YOU BITCH!” One of the guys said. “You fucked up my mans!”
They also begun shooting at Aka while she ducks and runs and shoots back.

Aka backs up and snatches the gun from the knocked-out guy. She tries to get a shot but the other guy kept shooting at her.
“Crap!” Aka said. “LEX! I’m cornered and out of ammo!”
“Already!?” Lex said.
“YES ALREADY!” She yelled, “You didn’t get enough for this job! I said take 100 bullets, but you said 20!”
“Bullets cost a lot of money!” Lex said.
“Oh god….” Aka said. She then got a hold of Rolo via talkie. “Rolo, you got me in scope and view?”

A flying mini-camera was hovering around the city and Rolo was monitoring the situation.
“Can you find a way to distract him while running?”
“HOW!?” Aka said. “He’s firing 10-20 shots every 10 seconds. I move and one bullet in literally in my ass.”
Then someone else got the talkie from Rolo.
“Can you get Lex to shoot at him?” It was Sayuri talking to her.
“What the—Sayuri!? The hell you’re doing there?” Aka said.
“She’s helping us, remember?” Rolo said as he kissed her, “My co-hacker partner in crime.”
She giggled in response.

“OK, love birds!” Aka said, “Do you at least got someone near me that can save my ass?!”
“We got you covered.” Sayuri said.
“MAGNUM! YOU’RE UP!” Rolo shouted in the other talkie.

“YAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!! MOTHERFUCKER!!!” Magnum comes riding and shooting in a Range Rover with Aron riding in the back throwing some flash bombs.
“What the hell?!” The two other guys shouted. “MY EYES!”
“HIT’EM!” Magnum screamed.
Aron grabbed a baseball bat and swung directly at the guy’s knees and cracked their knees.
“We got ’em!” Aron said, “That seemed…. easy. Like, too easy.”
“Good. That’s a great easy.” Magnum said, “It means less work for me and you to do.”

Lex, Aka, Aron and Magnum all got out in the open to check if everything is clear.
“Hmm….I thought it would be more of a fight.” Lex said.
“We should be considered lucky.” Aka said, “There’s usually the 5-minute wait before one of their bigger guys to come and ambush us.”
“If we got no one else to fight, we can go home, right?” Aron asked. “In fact, Rolo….we got any–”
Then they heard an incoming engine noise.

“Uh…. guys….we got one more to fight.” Rolo said.
“And they look like some big guys, too.” Sayuri said.

It was on two big motorbikes and the guys riding them were carrying big machetes and handguns.
“I spy some Darksiders near!” Rider #1 said.
“So do I!” Rider #2 shouted, “Let’s beat them until they’re white meat!”

Also, Sayuri and Rolo heard all of that.
“Guys, I hope you got a plan.” Rolo said.
“Which I hope is either fight or run for your life!” Sayuri said. “Also, they got machetes!”

“CUT THE DUDES!!” #1 said, “We’ll grab the girl and deal with her later!”
“THE HELL!?” Aka said.
“At least you’ll live!” Aron said, “How are we going to dodge that?!”

“CHOP CHOP, BITCH!” They threw the first machete at them and they went running and scurrying l around the place. “RUN, you bunch of bitches!”
“HELP!” Aron shouted.
“Just shoot at them!” Lex said.

Then Devo and Cameron came charging at the machete guys with their own grenades.
“FIRE ONE!” Devo shouted.
“FIRE TWO!” Cameron screamed.

However, they sliced the grenades up and avoided them.
“The hell!?” Devo said, “Since when machetes can slice grenades?”
“Since ours can slice through metal and shrapnel!” Rider #1 shouted.
“OH SHIT!” Cameron, Devo and Aron shouted.
“YOU FUCKERS CAN’T WIN!” Rider #2 screamed, “You are screwed!!”
Then as they ride, the riders’ bikes tripped on a Teflon wire, causing them to crash and have the machetes cut off one of their legs.
“AAAHH!! MY LEG!” Rider #2 screamed, “My damn leg! WHAT THE FUCK!!”

Then coming from the shadows, it was Nanashi.
“Oohhh, that is a nasty crash and burn.” She said.
“You fucking bitch!” Rider #1 shouted.
“Oh, please.” Nanashi said loading the gun, “I’ve been called worse than that.”
“You are going to fucking pay!” Rider #2 said, “Even you kill us, there’s more that will take our p–”
Then Nanashi just shoots them both.
“Yadda yadda yadda. I hear that bullshit before.” She said. “GUYS! We’re good!”

All of them came out of hiding and see the aftermath.
“Damn, Nanashi!” Devo said, “At least it wasn’t as brutal as last time.”
“That time was an accident.” Nanashi said. “I didn’t know he was next to a meat grinder.”
“Yeah, I couldn’t eat ground beef for a week.” Aron said.
“Welp, that’s another threat to us dead and gone.” Lex said. “Rolo….we’re good here. We’re heading back.”
“Copy that.” Rolo said. “End transmission.”

“Hey…” Sayuri said, “How long does it take them to get back?”
“I don’t know. About……20-25 minutes.” Rolo said, “Why you ask?” He then see Sayuri throwing her pants and shirt to him and only in a red bra and panties.
“Well…..” she said with a smile on her face. “I figured we can actually fool around until they get here. You like what I got on?”
Rolo shook his head happily.
“Oh….and I see someone else is happy, too.” She then kisses him and the two went on to making out.


“So are we in that boredom point again?” Aron asked.
“Boredom point?” Magnum said, “You mean where we don’t end up getting shot to shit and the threats are now MINIMAL as fuck?”
“Well……” Aron said, “I just meant healthy competition. Most of the gangs we fought are either dead or locked up.”
“That and our greatest advisory we fought in a long time is dead.” Lex said, “Thanks to yours truly.”
Nanashi then end up saying, “…. But MAK isn’t here.”
“What?!” Lex said, “NO! He was a part of that but I help!”
“I heard MAK had to grab you before you got taken in!” Aka said. “So yeah……..”

“Wait….” Nanashi said, “We’re missing someone or two here…..Aka…..where the hell are Murasaki and Nola?”
“Huh?” Aka said, “I told them they weren’t needed.”
“Wait, what?” Aron, Magnum & Cameron shouted.
“You mean I had to look out for crazy machete brothers but those two get the day off!?” Aron shouted. “The fuck! They could’ve done some shit, too!”

“Like what tho?” Cameron asked.
“I don’t know!” Aron shouted, “Maybe offer them some T&A to–”
That’s when Aka got angry and slapped him. “OW!”
“Look….I don’t want to use her like that anymore.” Aka said, “Putting her in these dangerous situations where I’m supposed to keep her safe and using her like she’s nothing but eye candy.”
“That’s why Nola’s there.” Aron said. “She always protects and attack.”
“Just depending on her isn’t enough.” Aka said, “I know Nola is headstrong on protecting and loving Murasaki but you know about the few times Nola got herself hurt doing that shit. If she would’ve died, Saki–”
“—would be crying her eyes out and screaming.” Lex said, “Yeah….I get your point and all and we all want to protect Saki but she’s more than just eye candy to lure our enemies. She can actually be a good fighter when she needs to.”
“Didn’t she get kidnapped one of those times before?” Magnum said.
“Yeah, like two or something.” Aron said.
“ALL OF US GOT KIDNAPPED MULTIPLE TIMES!” Aka said. “You got kidnapped, too, stupid!!” She slaps him again.
“OW!” Aron said, “Am I going to keep being hit?
“YES!” Aka said, “I can do it in my sleep if I can……Anyway…..the point is I’m letting Murasaki having a break on missions. Discussion over.”

They got back home and see that Murasaki and Nola are just sitting in the living room with both laying down on the couch, just cuddling with each other and watching TV.
“Oh, hey guys.” Murasaki said, “I guess everything went well down there.”
“You kicked some ass out there?” Nola asked.
“Well…..yeah….” Aka awkwardly said, “We totally own that shit out here.” However, Nanashi was just going to cut the bullshit.
“OK…..usually you two would be in a room, fucking each other’s brains out but now…’re just lounging and relaxing and….”
“Yeah…” Murasaki said, “I said this before but me and Nola are trying to explore other things about each other than just sex. Plus, being close to her like this is very pleasurable.”
“It’s like Netflix and chill, only it’s what it means.” Nola said.

“Well then…” A surprised Aka said, “This is a very mature thing you two are doing. I’m impressed.”

She was to see what’s Rolo up to but his door is locked.
“Oh, by the way,” Murasaki said, “Rolo and Sayuri are the ones that’s been getting horny lately. I think 20 minutes ago, those two locked their door and poof, and we heard a lot of moans in that room.”

“So what you’re saying is…” Devo said, “You and their sexual drive is switched?”
“Basically.” Nola said, “But let them have their good time. I think it’s been quite a while since those two had sex.”
“And what?” Aron said, “Any time me or Magnum bring home girls, most of y’all play the NTR and fuck that up.”
“No, you do that by yourself.” Aka said, “Besides, those two have been working on being closer to each other ever since…..well….yeah….so let them fuck or whatever.”
“I don’t know about you but I’m heading to sleep.” Lex said. “I need the bed.”
“Same here.” Devo said.
“I’ll be in the basement, sleeping there.” Cameron said.


The sun was shining as Rolo woke up after a long night of hot passion with Sayuri. She was still sound asleep on top of him and was very nestled to where she is now.
“She looks so peaceful when she’s asleep.” Rolo said, “It would be rude to wake her up….but I really need to use the bathroom right now and I think it’ll be better if I do.”
He gently moved Sayuri off him but she ended up waking up anyway.
“Morning, sunshine.” Sayuri said.
“Oh, SAYURI! I….just had to go the bat–”
“Oh, it’s cool.” She said, “Besides, I rather you go and wake up instead of in a different way.”
He was about to go until she said something else. “Oh…..and…..”
She kisses him dearly.
“This is for last night.” Sayuri said. “I really love it when you gently caress me there.” As she puts his hand on her left breast.
“You’re really amazing.” Rolo said.
“Should you get to the bathroom?” she said.
“I probably should.” He quickly ran off there while Sayuri puts on a robe and goes to the kitchen to get some water.

She sees Nanashi already awake, having some coffee.
“Oh, hello Nanashi.” Sayuri said.
“Hey, Sayuri.” Nanashi said, “Heard that you and Rolo had quite a great time last night.”
“Wait….you mean….” As Sayuri looked a bit freaked out. “Oh no….look, we thought we was alone and–”
“Relax, relax.” Nanashi said, “You two are consenting adults here. You having sex here is alright with me….if it’s in your own room. Like never, ever, ever go to my room to screw.”
“OK, OK, DEAL!” Sayuri screamed out.

“But really….” Nanashi said, “You’re the best thing that ever happened to our little Rolo and I think everyone will agree to that.”
Then Devo appeared, looking for something to eat.
“Oh hey D.” Nanashi said.
“Morning Nana.” Devo said. “Morning, Sayuri. You two seem to be a chipper mood.”
“Well….” Sayuri said, “I know why for me but for Nanashi.”

“Well, my dear Devo…” Nanashi said, “It’s been about 5 years since you joined the Darksiders and about 2 years since we hooked up and all.” As she kissed him on the cheek. “I remember back in those heydays where you was merely a rookie in our midst and–”
“You slapping me sometimes?” Devo said.
“HEY! I did that to everyone, even Lex and Aka.” Nanashi said, “It’s like a sign of love for the fam and all that.”

Aron then comes on, “So you slapping me every time is a sign of love?”
“It’s more of a sign of ‘you’re an idiot’ and ‘you motherfucker’ and mostly ‘I just want to hit you period’ but love is in there somewhere.” Nanashi said, then whispered to Devo, “About 5%.”
“WHAT!?” Aron said as there’s a knock on the door.

“All I know is the next time you slap me, you better show love in that hit!” He opens the door and see that it’s Longtooth.
“OH DAMN!” Aron shouted, closing the door immediately but Longtooth wasn’t about to leave.

“WHOA WHOA WHOA!” Rolo said, “The hell is going on?”
“Longtooth’s back!” Aron said, “He’s coming to finish us off again! GET THE GLOCK!”
“WHAT THE—MOTHERFUCKER!!” Longtooth said, “Why would I just come to your door, just to end you? If I was doing that, I would just do you…. you dork! LOOK, I didn’t come for that!”
Then someone step inside there.
“Um….Longtooth….” It was Noir inside. “They…. actually have an entrance out back.”
“HUH!?” Aron shouted, “NOIR!?”
“Yep yep.” Noir said.
“NOIR!?” Rolo said, “Well, this is a surprise to see you here.”
“Hey Rolo.” She said coming inside, “And Rolo’s friend or girlfriend……or something.”
“Hello….um…..” Sayuri said. “I’m sorry but I really don’t know who you are.”
“Sayuri…remember that whole Longtooth drama a while back?” he responded.
“Yeah.” She answered.
“And we looked up things about him? This is his sister Noir.”

“OOH!! You’re Noir!” Sayuri said, “Wow……you look very pretty.”
Noir chuckles a bit. “Ah, thank you. You’re very pretty, too.”
Sayuri smiled. “OK, I like her.” As she hugs Noir.
“Same here.” Noir said hugging her back, “Your girlfriend is awesome, Rolo.”
“OK, glad to see you two getting chummy and shit…” Longtooth said, “But can y’all let me in now?”
Aron then eased up on Longtooth and let him in…. but not without Longtooth smacking him at the back of his head.
“OW!” Aron said.
“Bitch, you deserve that.”
“But for real….we need to see all of you.” Noir said, “I think me and Longtooth are in deep trouble.”

Briefly after that, everyone met at the living room as Noir and Longtooth are telling Lex and company about their troubles.
“Wait, so someone threatened you and him at his job?” Lex asked.
“Yup.” Longtooth said, “They even threaten Noir with a handgun. I can’t let that slide.”
“Worst thing is we don’t even know who they are.” Noir said, “They were wearing ski masks but I know they’re women.”
“No one sounded familiar to you?” Aka said.
“Wait…….” Longtooth said, “She did take off her mask….and she said…..”
He was trying to remember.
“Said what?” Lex said.
“She was part of those gangs that tried to off you.” Longtooth said, “I don’t remember what gang she was in but she was a tough motherfucker.”
“GANGS?” Aka said, “But didn’t we off all of—Oh shit.” Then she remembers one gang that was still active.
“Can you say the name of those gangs again?” Aka said.
“Well, shit, OK.” Longtooth said, “There’s the Willis Bushwackers…..”
“That one with the cop we ran into.” Noir said.
“…. The Kentucky Rottweilers….”
“You mean that group with that guy….Beam?” Murasaki said, “Dart? Portal?”
“Lazer, sweetie, Lazer.” Nola said. “But he’s dead now.”
“The Walla-Walla Hustlers.”
“OOHH….” Aron said, “Yeah, their end was fucked up.”
“And…..the New Jacks of Eastin City.”
That name drop did it. It did so much that Nanashi dropped her glass with eyes looking wide-shot and worrying.

“Wait……. they’re still around!?” Lex yelled.
“I thought they would be dead like the others.” Cameron said.
“Well, we didn’t kill them per se.” Aka said, “Just injured them badly.”

“So you didn’t get them killed in fucked up ways?” Magnum said, “Wow, you are definitely slipping.”
“At least we got ours to die.” Aron said.
“Well, pardon me, for having a smarter gang after us.” Aka said.
“I think she wants the money y’all gave us after we escaped from Bevins and the Rottweilers.” Noir said, “And she obviously wants revenge and wants to kill y’all….and Longtooth…..and me.”

“Well, that isn’t going to happen.” Lex said.
“Because we’re getting those bitches!” Aron shouted, getting out the gun. “No one’s fucking with the Darksiders!”
“Wait just a second there, Aron.” Lex went on, “We need to figure out how, when, and where they might strike. You know of a club they go to?”
“Not that I know of.”
“Is there a hot spot in Eastin City?” Magnum said, “Or do they even go there anymore?”
“So, basically…” Cameron said, “We need to get some info from them…up close and personal.”
“And who do you suppose we get for that shit!?” Longtooth said.
The guys immediately looked at Longtooth and Noir.
“Well… ran into her before…….”
“HELL NO!!!” Longtooth said, “That bitch wants to kill me, and Noir and you want me to get closer!?”

However, Nanashi was still in shock of this.
“Nanashi?” Devo said trying to snap her out of shock. “Nani?”
Soon, Nanashi was starting to have flashbacks of her being drenched in water and her screaming in pain.
“Nana?” Devo kept calling her.
“NANASHI!” That time, she responded back.

“Huh?” Nanashi said, “What? What? Yeah? Huh?”
“Um… feeling OK?” Devo said, “You seemed…. distracted.”
“Oh…um…nah, Dev, I’m fine.” Nanashi said, “I’m just fine. It’s just….well, you know, the last time we faced the New Jacks and….”
“I’m sure we can take them down.” Devo said.
“Oh, I’d never doubt that.” Nanashi said, but she sounded uneasy towards him. “……Oh boy…..”

“NO, NO, NO!!” Longtooth said, “You got to think of another plan!”
Then Rolo interjected with, “I can get someone to track down Talli Digga and her co-horts.”
“Wait, you can?” Longtooth said, “…..How?”
“You see…” Rolo brought out his laptop, “I’ve made myself this tracking droid that can do a city search on whoever we’re searching for.”
“THAT’LL WORK!” Longtooth said.
“But what?” Lex and Longtooth said.

“I’m sure what I’m doing is mostly illegal.” Rolo said, “……Then again, most of what we do is illegal and….well…..I did this before and I got caught.”
“CAUGHT!?” Longtooth said.
“Wait, when that shit happened?” Magnum said.
“Me and Sayuri were playing on it, spying on people we knew from high school that we hated and see if they had either good lives or shitty ones.” Rolo said, “We got caught….but she went easy on us and you know what…..I bet if–”

The person he was referring to was Joanna.
“You’re not using this to spy on people that bullied you in high school again, aren’t you?” she asked him as he was talking to her on the phone.
“NO, it’s not that!” Rolo said. “I think someone might be tracking one of our friends and we need to track them down.”
“OK, you know what? I’ll do this.” Lex said as he snatches the phone from Rolo. “I’m guessing you’re one of the Faction girls that usually helps us. Yubari, isn’t it?”
“Yes, Lex, it’s me.” Joanna said, “You know you can call me Joanna, right?”
“OK, anyway…..” he said, “We need to use those drones to locate The New Jacks of Eastin City. They’re planning something to do with our friends tonight and we need to catch them in the act.”

“Otherwise, they’ll kill me and my little sister!” Longtooth shouted at her.
“OOOWWW!!” Joanna said, “Why do you scream!!!! And who the hell are you?”
“The guy that needs help.” He quietly calmed down. “Also…..sorry for yelling. I’m just stressed and all.”
“So can we do it, Joanna?” Rolo said.
Joanna seemed unsure about this and that’s when Rolo does a “Please?” look with big beaming puppy eyes.
“Oh……well…..OK.” Joanna said, “But if anyone asks, I didn’t say anything.”
“Thank you!” Rolo said, “I’ll make sure to use someone else’s pass code for it.”
“Use this one.” Joanna sent a text to him and it’s actually Gina’s code. “She never uses it anyway…but don’t tell her. Later.” She hangs up.

Rolo uses the droid to search for anything on Talli Digga around the area and it spots her around with her squad including Vizina and L Tone.
“Vizina?” Longtooth said, “The fuck kinda name is that?”
Lex looked at him weird, “Dude, your name is Longtooth. You can’t speak.”
Rolo did giggled a bit at both.
“Isn’t your name after a candy?” Longtooth stared at him.
Rolo slowed down on the laughing to a complete stop and kept looking for info. “That’s what I thought.”

Then they got into the convo.
“Hey, Digga, are we heading to Club Invasion tonight?” Vizina commented.
“Yeah, you know that.” Digga said, “We need to have some chill time before we get that Longtooth fucker and his sister.”
“What if they reach to the Darksiders?” L Tone said.
“Great. The more the merrier.” Digga said, “I’ll fuck them up, too. Especially when it comes to Aka and Nanashi. I want a Round 2 for that shit they pulled a year ago only I want ALL of them there. Hopefully I can beat the shit out of that little sister of hers.”

“Well, they sound happy mentioning us.” Rolo said.
“And really obsessed with going after your girl’s sister.” Longtooth said.
“Yeaah……that is a long-ass story.” Lex said.

“Look, we’ll discuss this later at Invasion later tonight.” Digga said. “In the VIP Room.”
“Got all that?” Lex said.

“WE ARE GOING CLUBBING TONIGHT!” Lex said as he, Rolo and Longtooth exited out of his room and into the living room with everyone listening.
“Oh HELL YEAH!” Magnum shouted but was the only one they did.
“Wait, what?” Aka said, “We got someone after him and all you thought of was ‘let’s party?!’?”

“The New Jacks are going to Club Invasion tonight.” Lex said, “Therefore, we plan an invasion on them before they can on them.”
“Wait, wait, wait….” Nanashi said, “So we’re going to that club to set it off there!? With a lot of people in there, too!?”
“No, no, no.” Rolo said, “They are going to a VIP room and we plan to keep the hostility trapped in there.
“People can still notice that shit, Rolo.” Nanashi said.
“Well, we’re not doing guns, so there’s that.” Lex said.
“Will that even allow us there?” Nanashi said, “I doubt they’re going to let a rival gang into that club.”
“Well…..” Aron said.
“Oh, sweet Yeezus.” Aka said.
“For one….I can get us in there.” Aron said, “I actually know the bouncer in there. We’re pretty tight…..but we have to sneak in.”
“Wait, w— Hold on, you’re on to something.” Lex said, “If we just come on like our normal selves, they’ll suspect something.”
“So who’s going to be the infiltrators?” Aka said.
“Well….” He said, “I’m going to also need Longtooth here to tell it.”
“Hmmm….” Longtooth said, “Tell me what?”


We see Murasaki, Nola, Sayuri and Noir are all waiting outside for a ride to pick them up to head into Club Invasion.
“Well…..” Noir said, “I didn’t expect any of this to happen.”
“Are you nervous, Noir?” Murasaki said.
“Um, a little.” Noir said, “I mean, I normally don’t do the stuff you guys always done.”
“Oh yeah! I had that feeling before.” Sayuri said, “I get how you feel. You feel a bit nauseous and nervous on if you might screw up or get yourself killed or something and the uneasiness sets in and…”
“Sayuri, you’re not helping.” Nola said.
Noir was starting to feel that mode. “Help.”
“But….” Sayuri said, “Eventually, I got the hang of it and things worked a lot smoother.”

“Um, Sayuri?” Murasaki said, “Don’t you usually be in a room with Rolo….just you two….alone….” As Murasaki is hinting them fooling around in there.
“HEY!” Sayuri said, “Me and Rolo do more things than just have sex in there. We really work hard making sure everything is set and no one dies.”
Murasaki added in, “I do think it’s funny that suddenly you two fucks just like we usually do.”
“So you two must really be in love?” Noir added in.
Sayuri lingered on that saying gently. “Yeah…. we really are. I mean, it was just a little crush but now…I really love him.”

They hear a car approaching.
“I think that’s our ride.” Nola said. “We need to act natural.”
“SO basically a group of girls hitting the club, about to party their asses off?” Sayuri said.
“BINGO.” Nola said.
“What about me?” Noir said.
“Since you’re the youngest,” Murasaki said, “And you can’t drink legally, you’re the lookout in case you see Digga.”
“Maybe I should look for Digga.” Sayuri said, “She doesn’t recognize me in the slightest and well…. I heard she wants to kill you two badly and she already seen Noir’s face.”
“True.” Murasaki and Nola said.
“And don’t worry, Noir, I’ll make sure nothing happens to you.” Sayuri said.
“Ditto.” Nola said.
“Think of us is the three big sisters you never had.” Murasaki said.
Their ride arrives and a bearded man approaches.
“Hello, my name is Gonzo and I’m your PASNGER driver for the night.”
“Gonzo?” All the girls thought.

Inside, Aka and Longtooth are pissed off at this decision.
“You decided to use our sisters for this shit?” Longtooth said, “REALLY MAN!?”
“I thought I told you I didn’t want Murasaki involved in this shit anymore!” Aka yelled, “Goddammit, LEX! I said that to you yesterday!”
“Look, I know both of you are not pleased with this…”
“YOU THINK!?” Aka and Longtooth yelled.

“HEY! HEY! HEY!” Lex said, “I’m not sending them to war or something! Look, they are just going to infiltrate and see what’s up. The rest of us are coming to fight them! There isn’t going to be bloodshed of theirs! I promise!”

“Man, you better hope so.” Longtooth said.
“Longtooth….” Lex said.
“Before you say you know me and shit…. Yeah, I know you.” He said, “You forgot about that incident a long time ago?”
“Lex…. you better hope this works.” Aka said.
He went to check up on the others.
“OK, everyone, remember! This is a no guns mission! We do not, I repeat, DO NOT bring any heat on the mission!”
“What about blunt objects?” Magnum said.
“That can do!” Lex said.
“Knives?” Aron said.
“What the—KNIVES?” Lex yelled.
“Knives aren’t always used for weapons!” Aron replied, “Also, these are pocket knives. So we’re good.”
“OK. Fine.” Lex said.

Devo, Cameron and Nanashi were getting ready for war although Cameron spies Nanashi feeling a bit unusual.
“Hey, D?” Cameron asked, “Something going on with your girl?”
“I…. don’t know.” Devo said, “I asked her a while ago and I thought she was fine.”
“She doesn’t seem fine, cuz.” Cameron said.
“I get that now.” Devo said, “But I know she’s not going to tell me anything.”
“Why not?” Cameron said, “I thought she usually let your guard down for you.”
“I mean…I heard that they and the New Jacks got history.” Devo said, “And its mostly bad blood.”
Nanashi then noticed a bit of what they were saying. “Hey, guys…. You talking about something? Anything I should be aware?”
“UH……UH……” Devo and Cameron trying to stall. “No. Not really.”
Nanashi didn’t buy that. “Oh, really? OK then….” She then just asked Devo, “So…. what were you two talking about again?”
Devo has gotten a bit nervous of what to say to her. “OK…..I noticed that you were looking tense since we heard Talli Digga and the New Jacks were behind this.”
“Tense? Me?” Nanashi said, “Devo, honey…, I’m—well, I’m not laid-back about it but—Wait….you don’t know about my beef with her, don’t you?”
“I…..don’t.” Devo said. “I mean, all I heard is there is beef between you and Digga. Like on a personal level or something.”
“Yeah…. let’s leave it on that.” Nanashi said as she left the room.

Rolo got full view of what’s going on via wirecam on Sayuri.
“Everything good on your end?” Rolo said.
“Yeah.” Sayuri said, “You know eventually I can’t keep this on because the club is going to be loud as hell?”
“Yeah, I figured.” Rolo said.
“But as soon as they spot us, Lex and the rest will come to fight them and we amscray out of there, right?” Sayuri said.
“Pretty much.” Rolo said, “I even have the van on stand-by so you and the girls can find a fast way out.”
“Oooh. Nice save.” Sayuri smiled. “See ya, baby.”
“Alright, I’m out.” Rolo ended transmission.

The girls entered the club with the lively and loud Club Invasion. Surrounded in loud, blaring music with boisterous dancing in neon lights, the girls have to act natural in tune in looking for the New Jacks.
“WE GOT A PLAN!?” Murasaki shouted.
“WHAT!?” Nola, Noir and Sayuri shouted.
“You want some flan!?” Nola shouted.
“What the f—PLAN!!” Murasaki screamed at Nola’s ear.

“Me and Noir will keep an eye on them.” Sayuri said. “You two just distract them with whatever you go.”
“THAT’S WHAT WE DO BEST!” Murasaki and Nola shouted.

Murasaki and Nola make themselves look like they were dancing to keep some people distracted, especially in the view of the cameras around the area.
In the VIP Room, the New Jacks were busy getting drunk off their asses.
“Damn, this new liquor they got is strong as hell!” Coco, one of the newer members, said. “Invasion upgraded from that dry-ass shit they got the last few times.”

L Tone noticed something where a lot of people were focusing on a certain couple grinding on each other on the dance floor.
“Damn….I see a lot of horny motherfuckers out there tonight.” She said, “Wonder what the hell got them looking?”

Meanwhile, Sayuri and Noir were busying scoping out the place while buying some drinks to maintain their façade.
“So….” Noir said. “….How long you known these guys?”
“Hmmmm?” Sayuri asked.
“How long you known the Darksiders?”
“Oh…..about a couple of years or so.” Sayuri said, “I knew about them because of my brother and sister at the Faction when I was starting out. I was really a lazy bitch back then.”
“A bitch?” Noir said, “I find that hard to believe.”
“Yeah…if you knew me back then, I was mostly a bitch some of the time.” Sayuri said, “I smoke a lot, I was late every day at work and just slept most of the time. Plus, I often get on their nerves.”

“Oh wow….” Noir said.
“Yeah…” Sayuri said, then she got a little somber. “Now I wish I was a better sister to Jin…….after all this time.”
“Jin?” Noir said.
“My older sister… least when she was alive.” Sayuri said.
“Oh……” As Noir got what she said. “I guess you had a lot of regrets that day.”
“That moment still haunts me every time when I go to sleep.” Sayuri said, “I miss her every day. Hell, ever since mom and dad died, she and Jiro mostly been that role for me growing up.”
“I feel you.” Noir said, “I can feel what you’re going through. Before Longtooth ended up going to jail, he’s been acting like a dad and come to think of it, he does now but he’s mostly annoying about it.”
“Oh yeah, Jiro does that to me, too.” Sayuri said, “Like always telling me what to wear in school or work and whenever some cute guy talks to me, he goes aggro-mean mugging motherfucker on them.”
“OH!!” Noir said, “I get what you mean!!”

While Noir and Sayuri were chatting about, 3 members of the New Jacks (CoCo, Dahlia and Neek) were getting another round of drinks and they caught a glimpse of Murasaki and Nola dancing and feeling on each other.
“Wait…..isn’t that those girls Talli was talking about?” Coco said, “That pink-haired one getting felt on by the blonde chick?”
“Yo, Talli?” Neek called her via talkie.
“WHAT?!” Talli shouted, “You got that drink yet?”
“We got something better. Look at the cam.” Talli went to the screens and see Murasaki and Nola in full view.
“Oh…..these two bitches think they can waltz in here undetected?” Talli said, “I’ll be there in a minute…hold them down for me..”

Talli, L Tone and VIzina was about to leave but then someone else stepped inside.
“Nice club.”
It was Aka that said it as her and the rest of the Darksiders.
“Although your bouncer is a bitch.” Longtooth said.
“How the fuck you get in here!” Talli shouted.
“Like he said,” Lex said, “Your bouncer was very convincing of letting us in.”
“So….” Longtooth went up close to grab Talli by the collar, “You going to talk about that night or what? And don’t play me, bitch!”

Talli wasn’t playing any games either. “Motherfucker….if you don’t get your Oscar Meyer fingers off me, I’m chopping them bitches and feeding them to my dogs!”
“If you’ll do it!” Talli said.
“Or….” Talli said, “I can just do the same thing to your sister.”
Longtooth gripped on her harder.
“Look, Digga…” Lex said, “We heard that you were coming after him and the money.”
“The money Bevins owed me….” Talli said, “Until you fuckers just had to kill his ass.”
“You mean MAK?” Aron said.
“MAK isn’t here!!” Lex and Aka shouted.
“WHO!?” Talli shouted.
“Your mama.” Magnum said, then he got slapped by L Tone. “OW! BITCH!”

“Ayyo, bitch!” Dahlia screamed and grabbed Nola from Murasaki.
“Um…..I hope you’re talking to your friends.” Nola said.
“No!” Coco said, “She meant you and your bitch…. bitch. Digga knows you two are here and any second now, she’s going to kick your ass up and down in here.”
“Well….” Murasaki said.
They see that the room is blocked by Devo, Nanashi and Cameron.
“So your squad is here as well?” Coco said, “What? You think you’re the only gang in here? We got many motherfuckers from various sets in here!”
“Sets?!” Nola said.
“YEAH SETS!” Neek said, “You thought you killed every gang or something? We got sets like the Tarantino Tarantulas, Cucamonga Cracker Killas, Windsor Whippas, the Maiming MAC-10s and the Robbing Rolling Stoners.”
Both Murasaki and Nola are either stunned and confused by the names.
“Who the fuck names their gang the Windsor Whippas?” Nola said.
“I don’t know why but I heard Cucamonga Cracker Killas before.” Murasaki said, “But I don’t know where.”
“You heard it from Next Friday, OK!?” Dahlia screamed, “Now, shut the fuck up and–”
Nola broke a beer bottle, aims it at Dahlia. “You scream at me and my girl again, and this is going in your ass!”
“BRING IT, BITCH!” Dahlia shouted.
Nola threw the first punch.

“I will beat the mighty shit out of your asses!” Vizina yelled.
“Bitch, I wish you would!” Longtooth was getting antsy on kicking their asses as he got a knife aimed at Digga.
“You little boy….” Talli smacked the knife from him but he went and punched her in the stomach.

Then Devo, Cameron, and Nanashi barged in to see the ruckus.
But then Talli smacked Longtooth in the jaw then L Tone jumped in and punched him directly in the face.
“Oh, some more of the Motley Crue has arrived…..and speaking of crew…..Nanashi, I see you’re here.”
“Talli….” Nanashi said, “Long time no see.”
“And you also got your man with you this time.” Talli said, “Maybe he’ll be there when I fuck you up bad.”
“Or maybe to fuck you up even more.” Devo said.
“Like Hell.” Vizina threatened.

“DUCK!” Murasaki screamed as Nola is ducking and dodging Dahlia’s punches and slammed her with a tray.
“Shut up, you pixie bitch!” Coco shouted, holding her hostage by choking her.
Murasaki then tried to push her off by smacking her to another person with their drink spilled on them and she runs off.
“SHIT! We gotta go!” Nola said.
“We need to get Sayuri and N—DAMN!” Murasaki shouted as someone was coming for them.

Back to Sayuri and Noir, one guy all in yellow, looking like if 21 Savage and Kodak Black had a kid, approached to them trying to act sly.
“Yo…Name’s Tito. you girls want a drink?” He said.
“No, we’re good.” Both said.
“You want something else…. like some dick? In between them titties…..mainly yours.” As he went towards Noir.
The two were not appeased.
“Um…yeah, I have a boyfriend.” Sayuri said.
“And I…….uh…….I…..uh..” However, Noir had to stall because she really wants this guy to go away.

“Oh well, never mind on you.” He pushes Sayuri aside for Noir. “Maybe and my boys can tag-team on that ass.”
“Your boys?” Noir said.
“Yeah….the Tarantulas. The Tarantino Tarantulas.” He said, “We need a fuck girl with us.”
“How about no?” She tries to leave but the guy grabbed and pulled her by her wrist.
“Why the fuck not!?”
“Does she look like a fucking plaything for you?” Sayuri said, pushing him off her. “Get the fuck on!”
“AY BITCH!” He said slapping Sayuri, “This don’t got shit to do with you! We taking your girl with us and showing her the real definition of all-in-one.”

“OH SHIT! SAYURI!” Rolo noticed as he watches.
The whole club was noticing that little tiff along with the rest of the Darksiders and unfortunately the rest of the Tarantulas.

“Oh, I see your little sis might be her ass handed back the Tarantulas.” Talli said, “I heard one girl couldn’t feel her ass for weeks from them.”
“YOU MOTHERFUCKER!” Longtooth yelled.
“Pretty much.” Talli then punches Longtooth, knocking him down on the glass door where he garnered a lot of attention from them.
The Tarantulas was about to get to Noir but her and Sayuri were about to run while they were distracted by Longtooth instantly throwing the first punch at the leader.
“What the fuck!?”
“You touch my goddamn sister and your ass is gonna be wearing red the next time!” He shouted.
“Nigga, fuck you!” One member punched Longtooth and the rest stomped on him. “For that, I’m killing you and deep-fucking your sister in the ass after I threw with you.”

“FIGHT!” Magnum said, jumping in and slapped one of the Tarantulas.
One member saw the girls leaving. “Who the f—HEY, get them hoes!” But then Nola grabbed an empty liquor bottle, smashed it on his face and grabbed Murasaki, making a run for it as well.
“HEY! Who’s that bitch!?” Tito said.
“GET THEM BITCHES!” The another one yelled.

Then another bottle was thrown.
Lex then got the jump on them. “I think you need to deal with us first, you fuckboy.”
“Alright motherfucker!” Tito shouted.
“GET THOSE FUCKERS!” Aron said, screaming and all of them were running towards with whatever they can throw and beat with.

Sounds of stools and punches being thrown between the Darksiders and the Tarantulas while Aka and Nanashi are still confronted with Talli.
“So are we gonna fight…or are you just going to stand there like a flighty good girl that you are?”
Aka then full-out attacked Talli but Vizina and L Tone got a hold of her and jumped on her as well but Nanashi went straight at Talli and used a broken glass to cut her down.
“OOh, fighting dirty.” Talli said, “Just like back in the day……when you fought for somebody worth a damn!”
“BITCH, I STILL DO!” Nanashi shouted. She blocked another hit from Talli but then Talli got her pinned down on the ground with a knife aimed at her throat.
“Now I remember something like this a long time ago.” Talli said, “You had the enemy pinned down just like that and you were ready to fuck shit up……but you pussied out at the last minute. Remember…..Naomi?”
Nanashi got a little pissed off. “First off, the woman you know as Naomi is gone!! I’m no longer your little bitch!”
“Naomi…you will always be my little bitch!” Talli shouted. She slammed Nanashi on one of the tables but tripped up Talli.

Aka was busy fighting off L Tone and Vizina.
“Look like your girl got her ass handed.” Aka said. “I suggest–”
L Tone flipped over Aka to the pool tables. “I suggest you shut your bitch ass up! Now if you excuse us, we’re going after your bitch-ass sister and her buddy!”
Lex and the others were still busy beating up the Tarantulas with most of the chairs in there.
“YOU…..HAD….ENOUGH……” Magnum kept beating him over and over again, “PUSSY!?”
“Fuck you!” One shouted and spat on his face.
However, Devo smacked the guy with a beer bottle and put him to sleep.
“Well, damn, D.” Magnum said.

The ruckus continues as the fighting was starting to get larger that everyone was running out of there quick. Murasaki, Nola, Sayuri and Noir were the first out of there.
“ROLO! ROLO! You there?!” Sayuri screamed.
“Sayuri, you’re out!” He said, “I’ll get there quick!”

The rest of the New Jacks are making their way out of there.
Talli and the rest followed.
“You know what? I’ll fuck you up next time…..” Talli said, “And I guarantee this will be worse than before.”

Rolo pulled up with the van and the 4 girls immediately jumped in there and peeled off out of there quick.

“OH SHIT!!” Sayuri said, “Oh FUCK! That was too close!”
“CLOSE NOTHING!” Noir said, “I was almost about to get violated by those assholes!”
“Is everybody OK!?” Rolo said.
“So far……we’re still alive and good.” Nola said, “Pretty much.”
“Sayuri…” Rolo said as he noticed the bruise on her face. “…. I should’ve been there.”
“What?” Sayuri said, “Oh…..Rolo, look….I see you’re worried but you know I can handle myself in there. All of us did.”
“Yeah, yeah, I know.” Rolo said, “But when I saw you getting harassed by those assholes, I just… I could’ve done more than just sit here.”

“Rolo…” Murasaki said, “You’re good where you’re at now. Things would have been worse if you was with us.”
“That and the Tarantulas would’ve kicked your ass anyway.” Nola said. “Sorry if that sounded harsh but it’s true. That and the rest of us got our asses handed, too. Especially your brother back there.” As she went to Noir.
“HEY!” Noir said, but before she could say something, another car approaches going fast at them. “What the hell was that?!”

Nola took a look and it was Coco, Dahlia and some of the Tarantulas.
“HEY, YOU LITTLE BITCHES!” Coco said, “I’m beating the dogshit out of someone tonight and you 4 are just the right people for it! Your driver, too!”
“SHIT!” Rolo said.
“Hey, you little ho!” A Tarantula said, “Your brother tried to fuck me up but that nigga fucked up fucking with me. Now I’m definitely fucking you up in many ways!”
Rolo rammed them to another direction while they zigged over the highway and went to lose them there.

“What the fuck!” Tito shouted, “FOLLOW THEM FUCKERS!!”
“Don’t lose them!” Dahlia screamed, “I want that pixie bitch and her blonde bitch!!”
However, behind their tail comes another one at them by motorcycle.
“Who the fu–” One Tarantula said before getting snatched and thrown from the car. It was Longtooth on their asses.
He shot out one of their tires and immediately had to pull over…but then Longtooth shot the other tire and sped off.
But they threw a rock into his way and he crashed, too.
“Still you, boy!” Coco said.
Longtooth hurried back on his bike but two of the Tarantulas grabbed him and started to beat the shit out of him.
“You little bitch boy! You think you seen the last of us!?” Coco said.
He punched her and smacked her with a garbage lid and sped off in his bike.
“YES BITCH!” He shouted.

Rolo and the others are safely on the highway as they have gotten far from the others.
“OK….I think we’re good.” He said.
Somebody else was approaching them right away.
“AH!” Noir said, “Someone’s pulling over to us.”
“Oh, we’re ready for whoever!” Nola said cocking her gun.
They open the door to see who’s out there and it was…. a very tired Longtooth.
“Ow…motherfucker, was you about to shoot me?” He replied.
“LONGTOOTH?” Noir said.
“Can someone carry me?” He said before falling over.

Onwards, everyone rendezvous to the Turner Express for a little recuperation and future planning.

“So…..was this a failure of a mission?” Magnum said.
“We didn’t die, so….” Aron said.
“Are you finally going to pay your tab here?” Yuan answered before serving them.
“Wait, we have a tab?” Magnum said.
“Aron made the damn thing a few months back.” He said, “Y’all owe me $259.”
“WHAT THE FUCK, ARON!?” Devo said, “So I got all those FireStarters for Nanashi and me and they weren’t free?”
Longtooth then hands over $300 to Yuan.
“Don’t say I never did you any favors.” Longtooth said, “Also, I think I need me a long, stiff drink after the night I had. I’ll get…..The ZOMBIE.”
“Oh shit…..” Cameron said. “You are in for it now.”
“What? What?” Longtooth said.
Suddenly, Kati pops up with an evil smiley grin on her face as she went someone wanted the Zombie.
“So you order the Zombie, have you?” Kati said, “You’re going to be in for something, all right!”

While that was happening, the rest have been contemplating about what happened tonight.
“…..She had to call me that name…..” Nanashi said, “I haven’t heard anyone said that name in a long time.”
“Name?” Rolo asked.
“What?” Nanashi said, “You forget I had an original name?”
“Naomi?” Rolo said, “I mean….the name is fine and all but…”
“Naomi, as in Naomi Airi, is a part of me I just want to forget about.” Nanashi said, “Rolo…before you and Lex and Aka knew me, I was one fucked-up girl. I mean, you thought I was abrasive and tough before….back then, I was all savage and no heart. You wouldn’t want somebody like me to be your friend. I’d probably fucked you up back in those days.”
“And yet I’m glad you didn’t.” Rolo said.
“Also…….I used to be in a gang with Talli.”
Rolo choked on his drink. “Wait, wait, wait….You used to be a….A…..”
“Look, it was before anything with the Darksiders.” Nanashi said, “She used to be a friend from the neighborhood but when she got a taste for that life……she never went back.”

However, Nanashi was starting to get some migraines when mentioning Talli and remembers back as she was screaming underwater and getting beat and tortured by someone.


“Shut up, bitch!” Talli screamed, “You wanted to leave my ass!? For what, for some miniscule bullshit life?”
“Talli, please!” Naomi screamed, “You’ve got too deep!”
“Too deep! Too DEEP NOTHING!” Talli said, “You just bitching up on me! In fact…” She tore up her clothes and grabbed her by the neck and started punching her in the stomach.
“I knew you was getting weak on me when you was hanging with that girl…that redhead bitch and her damn sister! They got you like this!”
“No……” Naomi said, “I’m still myself. You, on the other hand……you’re the one that’s changed.”
“OH, I changed, huh?” Talli said, “At least it was for the better. Now you….”
Talli landed one more punch to Naomi before…..


“Nanashi? NANASHI!?” Devo shouted as she was stuck in a trance of her memories.
“What? Huh? Yea?” She responded. “Oh, Devo…..Damn, I’m sorry, babe. I just got a lot on my mind right now.”
“You gonna need me as company tonight?” he said. “You know…. make you feel at ease for a while?”
“You know what?” She said, “I would like that very much.”

“Yeah…next mission of us going after Talli Digga….we’re keeping Murasaki and Nola and especially Noir out of it!” Aka said to Lex and the others.
“Wait, what?” Murasaki said.
“Keeping us out of it?” Nola said.
“Look….” Aka said, “I’m just looking out for your two and once again, you were almost in the line of fire with those girls and guys gunning for your asses!”
“We’ve been in worse situations before!” Murasaki said, “Whether it’s being kidnapped or being chased by kidnappers or killers and–”
“THAT MAKES IT WORSE!” Aka said. “That was us being lucky…a lot of times! Sometimes luck will run out from us and eventually……” Aka stood silent thinking about the dire consequences of their actions. “No, No, I can’t……you two are going to have to sit this one out.”
Noir interjected into the conversation, “Wait, that doesn’t seem fair to them! I see them handing themselves out there!”
“You’ve been with them one time!” Aka said, “And as for you, I’m trying to keep a promise to your brother and make sure you don’t end up dead as well and since you’re the youngest out of all of us here and one gang wanted to gang-rape you earlier…I’m definitely not risking getting you hurt. We owe Longtooth that.”

The Zombie was taking in effect for Longtooth as he was getting dizzy and hallucinated.
“Oh damn.” Enter Sheena. “We got another Zombie customer that’s beyond fucked up.”
“This is either the best thing I tasted or the worst thing I ingested.” He said, “Either way, can I get some more?”
“SURE!” Kati shouted.
“HELL NO!” Aka and Lex shouted, dragging him away.

“Oh come on!” Kati said, “I love it when people freak out from the Zombie.”
Aka replied, “We’re trying to explain to his sister, who you can’t give the Zombie to (she’s underage), that her brother doesn’t want her being in the middle of some shit!”
“COME ON, LEX!” Nola said, “Don’t you think this idea is fucking stupid?”
“Well…. I…..”
“Lex….” Aka sternly said.
“I…..I’m not even sure, at this point.” Lex said, “But I’m leaning towards Aka on this.”
“FOR REAL!?” Nola said, “You know, I know, and everybody knows I’ll protect Saki with my life!”
“We know, we know. You told us a million times at this point.” Lex said, “But I don’t want to risk putting you and Saki in danger all the time. If something happens t–”
“I KEEP TELLING YOU I CAN HANDLE IT!” Nola screamed out as she got irritated.
“THAT’S NOT ENOUGH!” Aka said, “What if something happened to you!? What if you got shot or killed? Saki would be devastated and left a lonely woman because you had to play action girl! You thought about that shit!?”
Nola didn’t know how to respond to that.
“Exactly.” Aka said sitting back down.

“Uh, guys?” Sheena shouted. “As in, Any Darksiders? You got a call…. from my girlfriend’s really pissed-off partner.”
“Uh-oh.” Rolo quietly said.
“What happened?” Sayuri said.

“YOU USED FACTION PROPERTY FOR YOUR OWN BULLSHIT!?” Gina shouted as she and Joanna just arrived at the Express, “And YOU USED MY CODE AND NOT JOANNA’S!?”
“We needed it to stop some people from going after our friends.” Rolo said. “That’s all we were doing.”
“Didn’t you use it to spy on old high school peeps?” Gina said, “And by you, I mean, you and Sayuri.”
“MEEP!” Sayuri shouted as she was about to run.
“GET YOUR ASS BACK HERE!” She shouted as Sayuri surrendered and remained seated. “Yeah, I know you and him have been doing shit together lately.”
“At least you don’t hear them fucking in 1 in the morning.” Aron blabbed out before Sayuri backhand slapped him.

“And I guess you hack into the system to get a code.” Gina said, “But why my code?” Joanna had to play it cool so she won’t know that she gave them the code.
“Random?” Rolo said.
“OK, whatever.” She said but notices Joanna leaving suddenly. “Wait, why are you leaving?”
She had to think fast. “Uh….Sheena’s calling me!”
“But we didn’t hear anything.” Rolo said.
“I GOT GOOD HEARING!” Joanna shouted.
Joanna quickly ran out before anything else happen.
“Yeah….I know you got it from her.” Gina said, “She’s not as sneaky as she thinks she is. You two are still in some shit.”

“You cannot be serious!” Nola said to Aka, continuing their argument.
“Nola….I’m serious as a heart attack.” Aka said, “You two and Noir are being placed in protection. End of discussion.”
“OH MY GOD!” Nola said, “We’re treating us like we’re little kids!! We are at our 20s—Well, me and Saki are; Sorry, Noir, you’re on your own—and you think we’re 12 or something.”
“You act like you’re 12!!!” Aka said.
“Do 12-year-olds do with we do ALL THE TIME!?” Nola bellowed at her.
The rest just choose not to answer that one.

Then….someone busted in the doors and broken them in half. It was all the New Jacks along with the Tarantino Tarantulas.
“So this is where you little bitches hide.” Tito said, “Mind if we make ourselves at home!?” They started to break things right away and head straight to where Sayuri and Noir are sitting.
“OH LOOK! That one bitch that dissed us and her other friend as well!” He said.

“I want that ass, bitch!” Tito said, “And you are going to give that ass up to me tonight!” He tried to grab her but Sayuri interjected, slapping him so but Tito got in a rage.
“You stupid bitch! STAY OUT OF MY WAY!”
Tito was about to hit her…. but then Rolo and Longtooth both stop him from going any further.

“Who in the fuck are you?” he said.
Rolo smashed him with a chair. “I’m the tech guy…..also her boyfriend.”

“Oh….Darksiders!” Talli said, “You know you fucked up helping this dumbass and his sister out. That motherfucker owes me money and a lot of it!”
“I don’t have your money!” Longtooth said.
“BULLSHIT!” L Tone said. “We know you’ve gotten some cash after that deal went dead! You’re just faking this shit so no one would hit your ass up for cash! Or maybe you’re the wrong person we’re asking!”
The girls then went to Noir for answers.
“You know anything….” Talli got a tight grip on her, “I know you do and don’t lie to me or you might suffer a fate worse than death.”
Sayuri then interjected, “IF you harm–”
“What?!” Vizina and the rest of the Tarantulas got their guns aimed at her. “I suggest you sit the fuck down…..Sayuri Matsuda.”

Sayuri seemed surprised they know all about her.
“Oh, don’t act shocked that we know who you are.” Talli said, “We know you’re a Faction girl that’s fucking the nerd in here.”
“Really?” Rolo said, “The nerd?”
Vizina then punched Rolo in the jaw.
“ROLO!” Sayuri screamed but then got hit herself.

“HEY!” Lex shouted, “If you keep hurting our people, we won’t hesitate to fuck you up!”
“And we won’t either!” Tito said, “Who the fuck is gonna stop me!”
Then Tito took a shot in the arm.
That shot came from Gina.
“How about 2 Faction agents you didn’t know were here?” Gina said.
“And if you dare lay a finger on that girl….” Joanna said, “We’re laying bullets on you as well.”

“And you bitches are…” Talli said, “Exactly, no, I don’t give a fuck who you are, especially the one that looks like a porn star than an agent.”
“Porn star?” Both said.
“The one with the big tits. Who else?” L Tone said.

“OK, fuck it.” Kati said as she got out her gun and starts shooting at the New Jacks and Tarantulas right away.
Everyone else that wasn’t armed had to duck and dodge and just get the fuck out of the way.
“Shoot that bitch!” One Tarantula member shouted.
Kati kept shooting at them and had to duck any incoming bullet in her way. Yuan shot one guy coming close to her with a sawed-off shotgun.
“I got your back, babe.” He shouted.

Gina and Joanna were getting heavy gunfire from the New Jacks.
“Oh shit!!” Gina screamed, shooting at them while Joanna covered the back in case they sneak up behind them.
“Oh no, don’t tell me you got no bullets.” Joanna screamed.
“I’m almost out!” She shouted.
“SHIT!” Joanna screamed.
One Tarantula member was about jump on them but then at the last minute, Sheena dragged both of them out of the way while Kati got one of them in the leg.
“OH, FUCK MY LEG!” He shouted, “You Happy Feet Bitch!”
Kati instantly shot him dead.

“Keep firing!!” Lex shouted as him and Aka are pinned with L Tone and Vizina.
They heard one scream coming from Aron as he ran up to one of the bigger Tarantula members and he got him by the neck.
“Where you going, little bitch?!”
Aron swift-kicked him in the jaw and kept running.
“Magnum, shoot that fucker!”
Magnum ends up capping him as well.

Meanwhile Rolo, Sayuri and Noir were making a run for it out the back door for safety.
“OK, OK, we need to think of an escape plan.” Noir said, “You two know any places to hide?”
“We can go back to my place.” Sayuri said, “They’ll probably be gone by the time we get there.”
Then all of a sudden…..
“Oh really?” Talli was outside with a gun aimed directly at Rolo. She pushed him aside and went for Noir.
“Come here, bitch!”
Nanashi and Devo bum-rushed into Talli; she got Noir free but Talli ends up kicking Nanashi in the stomach.
Devo jumped up and slammed her down but she head-butted him down.
“Oh yeah, you must be Nanashi’s boyfriend.” Talli said, “I see you two are definitely a match for each other.” She punched him again but Nanashi came behind her and intercepted/threw her back on the ground.

“RUN!” Nanashi yelled at the rest.
Talli tried to get them but Devo tripped her up to distract her.
“You’re going down, bitch!” Devo screamed. Talli kneed him in the groin before grabbing her gun, trying to shoot down the rest before they escaped.
Then coming from behind, Nola grabbed a crowbar and started to smack the shit out of Talli.
“Hey, bitch, you forgot about me!” Nola screamed. She kicked Talli but got flipped by her in counter.
“No, I didn’t.” Talli said, “Nor did I of your partner.”
Nola bum rushed her to the garbage but Talli knocked her on her ass.
“You touch her and–”
“WHAT!? You’ll kill me?” Talli said, “Fat chance of that! You’re just as stupid as ‘ol Naomi here. You’re that tough girl you always manage to get her ass kicked. Both of you are plenty alike.”

“TALLI! YOU SHUT THE HELL UP!” Nanashi said.
“Oh what?” Talli said, “I thought you two would find it interesting.”
“The only thing that’s going to be interesting is me kicking your ass!” Nola charged at Talli with a pistol. Talli got the pistol from her and instead, used it to shoot Nola.
“OH! You got shot again!” Talli said, “Damn, girl. Do you always get hurt doing this shit!?”
Nanashi then tried to shoot her but she ran off into the night.
“I face your ass another time!” Talli said, “I’m still going to fuck up your peeps!!”
“AAAAHHH!!” Nola screams, “FUCK! My leg!”
“Oh damn.” Devo said, “Nanashi…..we have to get her to an hospital. QUICK!”

“You aren’t going anywhere, bitch!” Tito said as he was busy shooting up the place with Sheena, Joanna and Gina shooting back but they are running out of bullets.
“Do I look like I own guns?” Sheena said.
“Joanna, please tell me you got bullets in your bra?” As Gina asked that very awkward question.
“…….What the fuck you just asked me?” Joanna sternly said.

“GOTCHA!” Tito shouted.
But then Kati pulled out her secret weapon and it……was a big-ass Gatlin gun.
“NO! I got you, bitch!” Kati shouted as she fired up the gun with the girls ducking and covering while Tito gets hit by the bullets as well as a few of his comrades.
“FUCK YOU!” One member tried to brave it out and come at her but she ends up shooting him dead.
“You want a piece of this, you tired fucks!?” Kati’s maddening stance made her a bit crazy with the gun.
“TRY ME, PENGUIN HO!” Tito screamed.

She turned her gun around on him and she began to shoot again.
“Oh shit…” He shouted as he jumps out of the window. “I’ll get you bitches next time! FALL OUT!”
The remaining Tarantulas retreated out of there.
There is still the issue of the rest of the New Jacks here.

Lex and everyone else got their weapons aimed at the rest of the New Jacks but they decided to escape from there, too, as soon as they got a signal from Talli that told them to retreat.
“This shit isn’t over.” Coco said.

They went outside as Nanashi and Devo are carrying a wounded Nola.
“OH SHIT, NOLA! NOLA!” Murasaki screamed in horror. “Oh my god……what happened?”
“Talli happened.” Devo said, “We need to get her into intensive care or something.”
Then we see Rolo, Sayuri and Noir coming back from hiding and seeing the whole thing from there.
“GUYS….WHAT HAPPENED!” Rolo shouted.
“It’s a long-ass story.” Longtooth said. “But yeah….your friend is shot up, we got another gang on our asses and they’re still going to come and kill us sooner or later.”
“Shit….” Lex said. “So now what?”
“Someone has to come up with a plan.” Yuan said, “And by we, I mean not us. Our bar has been shot up and we can’t have this shit going in our business.”
“As much as I like shooting those fucks….” Kati said, “Yuan is right. We can’t have too much of this shit going on.”
“I’m already getting bullets doing our job.” Gina said, “This…..Yikes.”

“Damn, we have to get another plan and fast!” Aka said.
“Maybe you can get some other gangs to help you or something.” Joanna said, “I mean, you can’t be hated by every gang within this city.”
“Well…..” Aron said.
Then Magnum said, “When you fucked enough of some guy’s girl, who happens to be in a gang……yeah, It’s possible.”

“I have one idea.” Sheena said, “But….I suggest you call him tomorrow when he’s up.”
“When he’s u–” Lex then figured out who Sheena was talking about. “Oh………”
“I figured he might be up for something like this.” Sheena said.
“Who is she talking about?” Longtooth said.
“Let’s say we got a good friend who might help us.” Rolo said.
“Should we trust that friend of yours?” Noir said.
“He’s good people.” Sayuri said.
“All right. We’ll do it in the morning.” Lex said.


That someone was en route to the Darksiders Hideout just after Lex called them.
Noir and Longtooth had to stay with them because of them fearing the New Jacks would be in their house, trying to kill them there.
“So……is this guy good?” Longtooth said.
“The dude can handle himself.” Aron said, “We even fought against him once.”
“Against him? Once?” Longtooth said, “So he kicked your ass. Meaning he’s good….and I got nothing to worry about.”

There was a knock at the door.
Cameron went to check the door first. “Password?”
“WHAT FUCKING PASSWORD!?” A voice shouted. “Stop with that shit! You know my ass!”
“OK, OK!” He opens the door and guess who is at the door.
It was MAK in the flesh.
“So…..y’all need my assistance?” He said in a grim, scary voice.
“What the fuck are you, the Grim Reaper?” Longtooth said.
“No, I’m his long-lost cousin.” MAK said, then return to his normal voice, “But yeah, I’m homies with him.”

“Good to see you again, man.” Lex said, “It’s been quite a while since we hang out.”
“Yeah, man.” MAK said, “Things got busy with life and marriage and all that shit.”
“So you’re the infamous MAK2.0 aka The Blue Hybrid?” Longtooth said, examining him. “I hear a lot of things about you.”
“OK……” MAK awkwardly said, “……Who are you again?”
“I’m Longtooth.” He said, “I’m the guy he must’ve told you about that one time.”
“Oh….you mean that time y’all had that scrap?” MAK said, “Yeah, Lex told me all about it and how you whooped his ass.”
“I DIDN’T SAY THAT PART!” Lex shouted.
“You might as well.” MAK said. Then he sees Noir coming behind him.

“Wow….so you’re the Blue Hybrid everyone talks about.” Noir said.
“Why yes….” MAK said impressively, “And who might you be?”
“I’m Noir…Longtooth’s sister.” She said smiling. “Everybody in my high school always talks about you whenever you pop up in something.”
“I assuming either good and/or bad things.” MAK said.
“Yeah, it’s both.” Noir said, “Although some friends and other girls find it sweet the way you care about your girlfriend and all.”
MAK blushes, “Well…..”
“Didn’t you also fuck up your enemies very badly?” Longtooth said.
“Yeah, the guys loved that about him, too.” Noir said.


“So….these girls are hell-bent on getting your money and killing you, right?” MAK said, “I bet they’re probably planning to hit you here. I mean, I know they know you live here, right?”
“It’s a possibility.” Aka said.
“Then you have to get the hell out of here like…immediately.” MAK said, “You need to find somewhere they wouldn’t find you at.”
“But where?” Aron said, “We would go to the Turner Express but we just fought them there.”
“And we don’t want to put Kati and Yuan in more shit.” Magnum said.

“Yeah….that’s true.” MAK said.
“Well…….” Murasaki said, “Me and Nola might have somewhere we can hide.”
Everyone seemed stunned about this development.
“Wait, since when?” Aka said.
“Since now-ish.” Nola said, “Well….OK. We have said a while ago that we were trying to find somewhere new to live in and so we got this pad that no one knows about.”
“OK, THAT’S— an actual good idea.” Aka said, “For a hiding place when you and Saki and Noir to hide in.”
“HUH?” Noir shouted.
“Yeah…..I have to go with the older siblings on this.” MAK said, “I mean, Noir, I don’t know you that well nor do I of Longtooth but I don’t want to be responsible for your death but….in there, Rolo and Sayuri will be there to monitor what’s going on here and you can help him if you want to do something.”

“But nothing for us?” Nola said to MAK.
“……….Pretty much.” MAK said. “Like I said, I’m going by your sister’s rules.”
“Oh, motherfucker…” Nola said in a pissed-off mood.
“HEY! NOLA!” Aka said, “You got your ass shot and beat by Talli yesterday. Now’s not the time to act like a damn cowboy! I said it before, how can you protect Murasaki if you’re dead!?”
Nola wanted to yell back but Aka had a point.
Even Murasaki had to agree with Aka. “Honey….she’s right. This is another time that I’ve seen you get hurt and…”
“SAKI!” Nola said, “You know I’m going to be alright.”
“I DON’T KNOW THAT ANYMORE!” Murasaki shouted, “I mean…. I can’t rely on luck all of the time! I know we do dangerous shit all the time but…..”
“Saki….” Nola stopped her, “I……Look, this time, I’m staying with you with Noir, Rolo and Sayuri. I promise I will not give you any worries.”
“Promise?” Saki said.
“You know I will.” Nola said and ended with a kiss.

“So is everything settled now?” Aron said.
“Pretty much.” Aka said.
“Then let’s get into formation.” Lex said, with a fierce pose.
“……Never do that shit again.” MAK said with an annoyed look in his face.


The hideout was vacant and it looks like someone was trying to break in there.
“This is their hideout, right?” One guy said.
“Yeah, one of the Tarantulas told me about it.” Another guy smashed in a window and jumped in there, opening the rest of them in.
It was another gang breaking in….The Cucamonga Cracker Killas.

“Well, those New Jacks told us they were here…” The leader said. “They’re either hiding like the bitches they are…or they must be up to something.”
That was followed by someone crashing in the roof and shooting one of them in the ass.
It was Aka coming up there. “At least I’m not sneaking in to kill someone like a rat!”

Aka ran for them to chase after her but she’s leading them to a trap.
“DEVO! NOW!” Aka screamed.
Devo pulled some automatic machine guns and one of them got riddled with bullets but the other snatches the guns from the closet.
“That’s it!?” The CCK leader said, “How about you come out and fight me like a man, you whores?”
Behind him, Nanashi bitch-slapped and punched him out.
“You got your wish.” Nanashi said. “Come on, fight me, bitch.”
The leader fights her by trying to land a punch on her but whenever he swings, she ducks and dives and uppercutted him.
“Jump the girl!” Three other guys went in and bum-rushed her by grabbing her arms and got a few punches in.

However, she counter-attacked and kicked one of them in the knee and stomped them on their face.

Lex then finally comes in, guns ablazing and he just shoots up the whole lobby, gunning for them and the CCK firing back in retaliation.
Magnum joins in the gunfight along with Aron providing some cover.
“On your left, on your left!” Lex shouted.
“Die, nigga!!” One CCK shouted until he was shot in the ass by Nanashi.

“You miss one.” She shouted. “Also, I thought the New Jacks were here as well. Where are their asses?”

“DON’T WORRY ABOUT IT!” The CCK Leader said, “More of us are coming right about…..” Then comes a gang of more CCK members swarming the house, armed and charged and ready for shooting.
“Bring it, bitch!” Cameron shouted, as she throws two bombs at the corner of where some of the CCK were heading for.
More of them kept coming armed and ready for shooting.

“OH SHIT!!” Then comes to Rolo back at the another hideout.
“What? What happened?” Sayuri said.
“They got some more company headed for them!” he said, “The Cracker Killas are getting more members en route to the hideout.”
“Wait, just them?” Sayuri said, “Aren’t the New Jacks there as well?”
“Thing is…. they aren’t.” Rolo said, “I’m getting no reading or presence from them in there.”
“So they’re just hiding around as well?” Noir said, “They’re taking the easy way and sending others to get your friends? What kind of operation is this!?”

Back at the fight, Longtooth and MAK took on the extra incoming CCK.
“Alright, let’s see what you can do.” MAK said.
“Oh, I got something for them.” Longtooth said.
Two members were about to shoot them but Longtooth went into his panther Hybrid mode and clawed the hell out of those two.
“OH, SHIT! I’m bleeding!!” he shouted.
“Chill, It’s just a fucking scratch!”
Then MAK appeared in front of them. “Hello.”
“You mine, mother–”
“WAIT!!!” The first guy shouted, “That’s…….the Blue Hybrid.”

“Huh?” The 2nd guy said, “Nigga, so the fuck what? I don’t care about any damn Blue Hybrid or none of that shit. His ass is going to become the Shrapnel Hybrid.”
MAK then phased out of the way and used his Hybrid power to sucker-punch the guy straight up.
“You know, that’s not a bad nickname though.” MAK said, “I’ll keep that in mind.”
They kept trying to shoot both of them but both took turns clawing and beating them senseless. Longtooth was furiously and ferociously attacking his opponent with every strength while MAK was merely just messing with him and slapping him around.
“YE! Come on, little nigga!” MAK said, “You wanna fight? FIGHT!”
“That’s it!” The CCK member has his sight on shooting him but soon enough, MAK phased again and dig his switchblade directly at him.

“You lose.” MAK said, pushing him to the ground.

“CHAVEZ!” The other CCK member said as he was getting bloodied and beaten by Longtooth. “AAAHH!!!”

“Yeah, I think this guy is beyond dead.” MAK said. “But, damn, boy…. you are a bonafide killer.”
“You damn right.” Longtooth said. “Anyone who fucks with me and my family…..will get their end.”

They noticed something on their radio and one of the New Jacks was on line.
“Yo, this is CoCo, we found out where them other Darksiders and that girl is hiding.” She said, “CCK has done their job. Now we snuff those other bitches out.”
“SHIT!” Longtooth said, “It was a distraction! They found out where the others are!” Longtooth quickly ran off on one of their bikes and rushed to get to them in time.

“YO!” MAK said getting to the rest of the Darksiders, “Your boy Tooth had to take off!! New Jacks played us!”
“WHAT!?” Lex said.
“They are on their way to kill off Rolo and the rest!” MAK said.
“Oh fuck!” Aka said, “I’m going, too!”
“I’m coming with!” Nanashi joined in.
“Both of you!?” Aron said.
“YOU DAMN RIGHT!” Aka and Nanashi said as they went on.

“Well boys….” MAK said with a shotgun on him, “You know what we got to do.”

Back in the other hideout, Nola was resting herself while Murasaki was taking care of her.
“How’s your leg feeling?” Murasaki said.
“Still hurts a little.” Nola said, “But less than before. I think I can stand up and…” She tried to get up but the pain is still existent. “AAII! DAMN!”
“You’re still hurting.” Murasaki said, “You need to be on a calm if that leg’s going to be better.”
“Well, I got one solution.” Murasaki said as she closes the door.
“And that would be?”
“It involves….” Murasaki starts to slowly disrobe herself down to her underwear. “Me…..on top of you…..while you slowly caress my body ever so lovely.” She then starts to unbutton Nola’s clothes off and the two instantly started to have sex right on there.
“I like this idea already.” Nola said.
“Sshh!” Murasaki said, “Just let me do all the work….” As she starts to go down on her, while kissing her.

Longtooth got there in time before anyone did.
“What the—Longtooth?” Rolo said.
“Y’all need to get out of here.” Longtooth said, “New Jacks played us. They’re coming here!”
“Here?!” Rolo shouted.
“YES! HERE!” Longtooth said.
Then Noir and Sayuri overheard everything from him. “Wait, they’re coming here?”
“Damn right.” Longtooth said.
“Shit! We need to warn Murasaki and Nola!” Sayuri said.

Then Aka and Nanashi crashed in there.
“Where’s those bitches at?!?” Aka shouted, armed with a shotgun. “And more importantly, where’s Murasaki and Nola?”
“They haven’t gotten here yet.” Noir said, “Longtooth got here before you did.”
“Then what the hell are we waiting for?” Nanashi said, “Get everyone out of here! ASAP! We can’t let Talli get to y’all.”

“Bitch, too late.” As Talli was behind her with a pistol pointed at her.
“YOU FUCKING BITCH!” Longtooth said, pulling his gun on her. “I got your ass now!”
“Oh, really, little boy?” Talli said, and she shot him in the side.
“AAAHH!!” He shouted and she pushed him to the ground. “Was that it? You really have no well-thought plan of this, didn’t you?”

She grabbed his gun and looks directly at Noir.
“Well, your dumbass brother fucked up. Are you about to do the same?” She said. “NOW……WHERE’S THE FUCK IS THE MONEY!?”

“What fucking money!?” Aka said.
“The money you fools gave them that was supposed to be for my crew!” She said, “The money Bevins promised me! He might not be alive and but I will beat the almighty shit out of you if I don’t have it in my hands.”
“That money was not yours in the first place!” Noir shouted.
Talli looked pissed. “That was the wrong answer.” She grabs Noir and tried to beat it out of her by choking her and slamming her to the wall.
“NOW……you better tell me, bitch!”
However, Sayuri grabbed a knife and stabbed Talli in her hand, getting Noir and runs for her life.
“OK, bitch, you’re next!” Talli said, then Rolo tackled her but she overpowered and kicked him out of the window.

Nanashi then attacked Talli behind but she threw some knives at her.
She ducked and dodges her every move then jumped at her.
“You’re not getting to that girl!” Nanashi screamed. “That money belongs to them rightfully and you are not getting your hands on it!”
“They’re not going to need it longer after we’re through with them! NEEK!” Then the other girl Neek charged inside the building.
“You rang?” Neek said.
“Find the sister and lover and shoot them with extreme prejudice along with anyone else in your head.” Talli said.

Neek ran up there with a machine gun but Aka phased in her way to stop her.
She snatched the machine gun away from her but Neek used some special bobby pins on her that makes her impossible to move.
“AAH! SHIT I can’t move!!” Aka said.
“I put those pins in your special nerve points. One move and you’re fucked.” Neek said. “Now excuse me while I do some exterminating.”

“SAKI!! NOLA!!” Sayuri and Noir barged in the door and caught the two in the middle of the act.
“AAAHH!!! WHAT THE—SAYURI! NOIR!!” Murasaki said.
“HEY! This isn’t a free show!” Nola said, “We don’t go around busting in while y’all fucking!”
“NEW JACKS ARE HERE!” Sayuri said.
“WHAT!?” Nola said, “Here? I thought they didn’t know where we were.”

Gunshots were coming into the room and the girls had to run and duck and dodge from the incoming fire.
“You were easy to find.” Neek said, “Come out, come out, little bitch!”
Nola had to limp her way out of there but she got herself a pistol to shoot at Neek while making sure the other girls run.
But then Neek jumped over Nola and kicked her down, putting more pain into her foot.
She kept screaming in pain as she tortures her with sticking a knife in the wound and twisting it.
“FUCK!!!!!” Nola screamed out.

“NOLA!!” Murasaki cried out as she threw a flash bomb to distract Neek and she grabbed Nola and hightail it down with Sayuri and Noir.
However, Talli tripped Sayuri and kicked her down while grabbing Noir and punching out Murasaki and Nola.

“Wow, you really suck at this.” Talli said.
Nanashi got a crowbar to beat it out of Talli and then the girls got Aka out of the bobby pin trap and had to get her out of there.
“SHIT! We got to leave.” Murasaki said, “Like ASAP!”
They saw Longtooth and Rolo injured from their attacks outside.
“ROLO!” Sayuri shouted. “Oh, god. I need to…..get you out of here.”
“Wait, I need to get Longtooth, too!” Noir said.
“I GOT HIM!” Nanashi said, “You 4 need to regroup with the others and get another spot.”
Neek jumped out of the roof and landed on her feet.
“GET OUT! NOW!” Nanashi shouted. The others got in a car and high-tail it out of there.

“HEY!” Neek tried to shoot out the tires but Nanashi made her miss by aiming the gun in the sky and kneed her in the face.
Aka finished it with a kick and a bodyslam to the ground.
“OW!” Aka said, “Use that bobby pin shit on me again and you’re getting them in your eye!”

Talli walked out and sees Neek defeated and the others gone.
“OK, I had enough of this.” Talli said, “You girls think you can beat my ass?”
“WE KNOW WE’LL BEAT YOUR ASS!” Aka shouted in anger. She then screamed and charged in anger going hand-to-hand combat with Talli. Talli has been blocking every move of hers but then Nanashi counter-attacked and kicked her down.
Aka then fully battle it out with Talli by punching her over and over and over like the last time but….Talli stopped her at the fourth punch.
She gripped hard on Aka’s fist and got her to go down and Talli stunned her fists, making it impossible to move her hands and at the final punch, Aka went TKO.

“AKA!!” Nanashi said.
But Talli grabbed Nanashi by twisting her arms.
“Just like old times, eh……Naomi?” She whispered in her eyes.
Nanashi tried to get Talli off her grasps. “GET OFF ME, DAMMIT!” But Talli ripped a sleeve off her jacket.

She soon starts to have similar moments to what happened all those years ago.

“HEEELLPPP!!!” Naomi was screaming for it to stop but Talli kept beating her until she was bruised and bloodied.
“You know what?” Talli said, “I thought you was a real street warrior when I first met you……now like this, you’re like these girls I see every day. Some that think they are hardcore but in reality, they are just as weak but even worse. You…..definitely fit into that category.”
“F…….F……….Fu……” Naomi was trying whisper something in her ear.
“Huh? What? You got more shit to say?” Talli said. “Go on, spill it!!! SAY SOMETHING!”

“Fu…..FU……..fuck……you…..” Naomi said.
“That’s what I thought.” Then at that last moment, Talli knocked her out and leave her out cold in the middle of the street.

Nanashi charged harder on Talli, pinning her and head-bashing her. “DON’T YOU EVER EVER CALL ME NAOMI AGAIN!”
But then Talli punched her back and as soon as she had a clear shot of knocking out Nanashi, she and Aka got snatched up being a passing truck.

That truck happens to be Devo and Cameron swooping in to get them at the last minute.
“Gotcha!” Cameron said.
“Oh shit…..Nana…..” Devo said, putting her and Aka in the back to rest.

“Damn.” Cameron said, “Them girls got fucked up, didn’t they?”
Devo got irritated at that.
“Really?” Devo said, “Not the right time, dude.”

Back at the hideout where the fight was still going on, the Darksiders begin shooting up any CCK member coming for them.
“SHIT! We’re getting cornered!” Lex shouted.
“I’m slicing these fuckers!” MAK screamed. He phases from there and freestyle chops any CCK member hands and feet.

“My hands!”
“FUCK YOU!” MAK shouted and shot him along the way. “You got your hands back….in a way.”
“RE-TREAT!” One of the CCK said and soon all of them left the building.

“Well damn….” MAK said. “That seemed easy.”
They see Devo’s truck arriving along with the rest of the crew.
“And just in time, too.”

Later on, Aka and Nanashi were on bed rest while the others were in the living room, or what’s left of it after the shoot-out.
“Is this going to get worse?” Noir said.
“From the looks of it…..” Aron said, “Well, remember when I said we had a boredom point before this? I miss that point.”
“And I don’t think that’s the last gang to get to us.” Lex said. “There’s bound to be more of them coming of us and we got nowhere to run, nowhere to hide… we’re up shit creek.”

“We can’t go back home.” Longtooth said, “Fuck, I feel like we should just give back that money!”
“LIKE HELL!!” Rolo said, “Look, that money is for the both of you to use to your heart’s content…To just give it up to Talli Digga seems like a waste.”
“But it’s not worth this shit, Rolo.” Longtooth said, “I know all of you got it for us to make up for the shit you did to me years ago. I mean, I really appreciate what you went through to get it but….”

“And what? Go back to struggling?” MAK said. “And let fuckers and bitches like the New Jacks rule your life? They probably won’t stop harassing you for money. It’s a never-ending cycle of this shit. I’ve seen this happen to a lot of people when I was younger. We need to fuck them up…..badly.”

“You know this isn’t that easy, right?” Longtooth said.
“Boy…..I’ve faced that feeling more than you ever know.” MAK said. “I fought corrupt cops, mob men, regular-ass gangstas….even Gods.”
“Wait…..Gods?” Longtooth said, “Who the fuck did you piss off?”
“A lot of people.” MAK said, “Oh, I have pissed off some motherfuckers in my lifetime….and yet the one regret I always have in my heart is how it affects the people I know and love.”
“People you know and love?” Longtooth said.
“You know…..the Darksiders, those people you met in the bar, those Faction agents in there, too….and of course, my one and only Kai.” He said, reflecting back.
“Well, damn……..I suppose that—WAIT, KAI!?” Longtooth said, “Wait, that Filipino/Black/Japanese girl? You and….. her?”
“Yeah, dude.” MAK said, “We’re married and I like to keep it that way.”
“Holy shit…..”
“And yes, I sometimes do bust Lex’s chops on this.” MAK said.

Nanashi was beginning to wake up.
“OH SHIT!” Devo said as he saw it, “You’re finally up.”
“Ow… head.” Nanashi said, “Damn, I can still feel the pain.”
“You went through some damage all right.” Devo said, “You’re lucky to be alive…and thank God you are, too.” As he kissed her.

“Dev…..” Nanashi said, “I don’t know how long I can keep up. Talli and I are too evenly-matched and yet I feel like she can still kick my ass.”
“But you was once in a gang with her….”
“THAT’S THE PROBLEM!” Nanashi shouted, “She knows me too damn well!! Plus, her going after Aka, Murasaki and Nola makes this a big factor in this.”
“OK, there’s another thing with that.” Talli said, “Why is she gung-ho on killing Murasaki?”


Talli Digga was outside the gas station, getting herself something to drink there. She spots someone across the street from her and it was some guy along with Murasaki going up to the Hotel Leviathan.
Digga needed to remain hidden for a reason.
She gets to a phone and call up a few people she knew.
“He’s there. You know what to do.”

A few of Talli’s associates including Nanashi showed up at The Leviathan with some instructions from Talli.
“You remember Tariq Rodriguez?” Talli said.
“The head of the Tilwood Trochers?” Nanashi said.
“Correct.” Talli said, “He got his buddies guarding his suite in the Leviathan as he got another one of his hoes to fuck. It’s that Matsuda girl, Murasaki. If she sees this go down, take her ass down as well as Tariq.”
“Got it.” All the members said.

Meanwhile, Tariq and a lingerie-clad Murasaki was getting ready for an explicit rendezvous.
“Oh, wow… this room is so exquisite.” Murasaki said.
“Only the best for my girl.” Tariq said, kissing and grabbing her ass.
“Ooh, I see you’re ready for tonight.” She said, “I might need to freshen up a bit. Be right back, OK?”

“OK….” Tariq said, “I mean, you’re already good and naked but OK.”

Outside of the room, there was a maid coming up with room service and his boys were watching steady to see if there’s anything suspicious about it.
One guy look in there to see what was in there and……it was just dinner. A sirloin steak with scalloped potatoes with a chocolate mousse.
“Holy shit, that looks good as fuck.” One goon said, “I’m hungrier than a motherfucker. I haven’t ate in 4….”
However, that was interrupted when 3 of Talli’s girls jumped in there and start shooting everywhere.
“DDAAA!! Shoot these bitches!!” One guy screamed out.

Tariq heard the shots and he had to get out his gun to shoot back while Murasaki was still in the bathroom and she started to get scared of the gunfire.
“Oh shit…” She went and lock the door so no one would come in and hide in the tub.

But…..she heard something coming in the window.
“What the….WHO’S THERE!?” She panicked and pulled out a knife.
Turns out it was……
“What the fuck? SAKI!?” It was Aka. “I knew your ass was bound to be here.”
“What’s going on out there!?” Murasaki said, “And how did you get in here!?”
“Never mind that.” Aka said, “Your new boyfriend is getting into some shit and I’m getting you out of here!!”

The girls already broke in the room.
“Yo, Naomi!” Talli said, “I’ll take care of Rodriguez. You execute that bitch if she tries to leave.”

Nanashi then went to chase after Murasaki and Aka as she thinks they are in the bathroom.
She kicks open the door and discovers….no one was there.
That and they were climbing out of the window and making a run for it.
“They just escaped!” Nanashi said, “And she’s not alone. I think that’s her sister!”

Talli was just stabbing Tariq in the gut and slammed his head against the table.
“Oh, is that so?” she said, “Chase after them and kill them!”
“Wait, you sure?” Nanashi said, “I think she gets the message.”
“Except the message is you putting a bullet or knife in her ass….and her sister gets the same fate.” Talli said, “…..Unless you want that happening to you.”
Nanashi responded in silence.
“I take that silence as obedience. Do it. Now.” Talli said, hanging up and then shooting Tariq to finish him off.

Murasaki and Aka were jetting to a safer location from the hotel while Nanashi followed them suit.
She later spotted them trying to break into this empty building.
“Come on! OPEN!” Aka said, “DAMN!”
Nanashi immediately jumped in and aim directly at them.
“You’re shit out of luck!” Nanashi said, “You got nowhere to run nor to hide.”
“Like Hell.” Aka tries to shoot her but Nanashi deflected the gunshot.

“Nice try.” Nanashi slapped Aka out of the way and pressed the gun against Murasaki.
Murasaki was looking scared and trembling with any minute passing.
Aka jumped on Nanashi but Nanashi pulled her off of her.
“Why…..the hell you trying to kill her?” Aka said.
“She knows what she got herself into when hanging with the Torchers and other fuckers like that.” Nanashi said.
“So she has to die because of her associating with them?” Aka said, “That’s a fucked-up mentality.”
“And what? Hanging with dangerous fuckboys aren’t?” Nanashi said. “You should know guys like that always got some shit after them and it’s going to come bite them in the ass.”
“Why you think I was coming to get her?” Aka said. “And who the hell was that after them?”

“Never mind that.” Nanashi said. “Point is, that guy is now good as dead and I was ordered to kill that girl.”
Aka then pushes Nanashi off of Murasaki, but she got pistol-whipped while Murasaki tries to run but Nanashi tries to shoot her but Aka blinded her for a minute.
“AH SHIT!” Nanashi said.
“RUN!” Aka shouted as she and Murasaki tried to run but Nanashi got back up and threw a knife at her.

“LOOK!” Aka said, “You got what you want! That guy is dead and done.”
“I’m not done yet until your sister gets a bullet in her ass!” Nanashi said.
“You’re not killing her, dammit!”‘

Nanashi sensed that more of her squad were coming and then she thought of something.
She went to Aka, put the gun in her hands and have her shoot Nanashi in the knee.
“AAAHH!!” Nanashi screamed.
“What in the fuck….” Murasaki said.
“You overpowered me and you escaped.” Nanashi said, “Now run and get the fuck out!!”
The two went on to run away while a wounded Nanashi tends lie there until her gang arrived.

“Wait, you were hired to kill Murasaki!?” Devo said.
“Unfortunately, yes.” Nanashi said, “After I couldn’t do it…..well, you know the rest. She beat my ass brutally and I was cast out. That and also berated for being a ‘fake-ass tough girl’…. Yet she thinks not hesitating to kill makes you stronger. It doesn’t.”
“So you took an ass whooping for Aka?”
Little did they know that Aka was awake around that time.
“I remember that day.” Aka said, “I remember wanting to kill you that day and then—that happened. I didn’t know whether to thank you or slap you for that.”
“Probably both.” Nanashi said. “It was probably the wake-up call I needed. I realized that who I was running with all these years slowly was turning into an unstable violent motherfucker and it took a beating to realize that.”

“Is that why you’re anxious about this fight?” Devo said, “You know what she can do and it frightens you?”
“She doesn’t show mercy and she meant that shit.” Nanashi said.
“All I know is this…..we are definitely taking them down.” Aka said, “And we have to do it soon.”
“Yeah… but how?” Nanashi and Devo said.
“I think I know how…..” Aka said, “I’m going to need one more person to help us, tho.”

Back at the New Jacks, someone’s phone rings.
“Who? New phone, who the fuck is this?” Neek said.
“Yo. Word on the street is that Aka and Nanashi from the Darksiders are down for the count.” A distorted voice said. “They’re weak and down.”
“How the fuck you know?” Neek said.
“Bitch, I ran into them myself.” They said, “Now get me your leader and we can talk.”
“What makes you think I’m not the leader?” She said.
“You don’t sound like it.” they said, “Now get me your head motherfuckin’ leader or–”
Talli snatched the phone. “Who the fuck is this?”
“Never mind who the fuck I am! The Darksiders are down and I’m telling you that you got a chance to attack while they are down!”
“Is this some trick?” Talli snarled.
“NO LIE!” They said.
Talli looked like she wasn’t buying it but she went on and said, “I’ll be there.”

“She bought it.” MAK said as he was monitoring the call.
Someone in a trench coat just hang up the phone and they were actually….
“You did well in there, babe.”
It was Kai.
“I hope so.” she said, “I did like using that voice changing thing, even though I sounded like an old lady in her 60s that had a bad smoking habit.”
“So most ladies in their 60s?” MAK said.
“I guess….” Kai said.

“I hope this shit works, MAK.” Lex said, “This is practically our last chance.”
“Good thing she doesn’t much about me and/or Kai.” he said.
“And I hope this doesn’t come to bite me in the ass later on.” Kai said, “I like our quiet charmed life as of now.”
She then re-directs her attention to Longtooth, “And wow…. Delroy, I have not seen you in the longest while.”
“Yeah, same here.” Longtooth said. “Last time I saw you, it was when you and Lex were….”
MAK and Aka then looked at him with death stares.
“Yeah, that.” Longtooth said.

“So is the plan set?” Lex said, “Or better yet… we have one?”
“Patience, my good Lexington.” MAK said, “The plan is set to motion when the New Jacks arrive. We just need everyone to get into positions.”


So all the New Jacks arrived at the Darksiders’ hideout with only just them with no other gangs coming.
“That caller better not fuck us in the ass.”
Then someone in a trench coat walked up to them.
“HEY!” They said, “YEAH YOU! You 6 bitches!!”

“Bitch, you better watch who you call with us present.” Talli said. “Is Aka and Nanashi down?”
“Hell yeah.”

“Neek, you and Dahlia check. Vizina, you and L Tone check for anybody else in there. Coco, watch this fool to make sure he or she doesn’t run and if they do…..” Talli makes the gun-to-head symbol.
“You better hope you’re not fucking with us.” Coco said.
“And you better hope you don’t get a bullet in your ass, bitch.”
Coco did not take that lightly as she slapped that person with the butt of her gun.

“You are going to wish you didn’t do that.”
Coco removed the trench coat from the person and it was……..
“Who in the fuck are you?” Coco said, “TALLI!”
Talli ran over here to see it for herself.
“Wait… I know you?”

“Well, you should.” That person was MAK. “I’m the person that lead you here.”
“Oh, really?” Talli said.
And then MAK had a big gleeing smile on his face. “…….I’m also the person that kill your money benefactor, bitch!” He took the gun from Coco and shot her in the knee.
“AAAAH!!” Coco said but MAK kicked her directly in the face.
“NOW!!” MAK shouted as Devo and Cameron jumped from the roof and start firing at the other New Jacks.

“Yeah, bitch!” MAK said, “I’m the motherfucker that killed that little bitch Bevins and I’ll do it again!! And as far as I’m concerned about your money, fuck you and the cash you’re never going to get, bitch!”
“That’s it!!” Coco pulled out her knife and is about to stab MAK….but MAK phased out of the way to punch her behind the back.

“Oh, and another thing, that wasn’t my voice on the phone. Another person did that shit for me.” MAK said, Talli got the grip on him. “OK, you are really starting to annoy me. I heard of your ass….the Blue Hybrid.”
“YUP! That’s me.” MAK wittingly said.
“Now I know I’m definitely killing you once I’m through with the Darksiders.” Talli said.
“Well… should take a number.” He takes Talli’s gun and shoots Coco dead. “And get a better shooter, that one isn’t worth shit.” Then MAK phases out of the fighting arena.

“DARKSIDERS!!” Lex called out, standing at the top of a parked truck among everybody else, including Aka and Nanashi.
“Get ready!” Lex said.
“We’re coming for your asses, bitch!” Aka said.
“Once…and for all!” Nanashi said.

“I fucking knew it!” Talli said. She starts to make a run for it.
“The fuck she is!” Aka and Nanashi said as they both got on bikes, going after her.
“Catch me if you can, bitches!” Talli said, “Everyone else, shoot everybody in this bitch!”

As for the rest, there were busy holding their own, having their own shootout.
Neek got her sights on Rolo and Sayuri.
“HEY YOU!” Neek shouted.
“RUN!” Sayuri screamed and she and him ran off.

They were running all the way upstairs but Neek kept on chasing them.
She even threw a razor saw at them, which both had to dodge by Sayuri jumping upward and Rolo ducking down, going to the next room.
“I’m gonna fuck both of you bitches up!” Neek said, “You can’t hide from me forever!”
She kicks in the door but then got hit with the hammer by Longtooth and punched out by Noir.
Neek got the drop on Longtooth to shoot.
Noir smacked a glass on her face, causing Neek to lose balance and shoot the wall.
“GANGWAY!” Sayuri and Noir shouted.
All four of them jumped out of the window, landing on a truck and running from the hideout…. again.

“OH SHIT…..OH SHIT…..OH FUCK!!!” Rolo shouted.
“What!?” Sayuri and Noir shouted.
“Where the hell do we go!?” he said. “I think she’s still on our asses!”
As they run, they see Kai whistling to them.
“What the? KAI!?”
She opened a hatch down there and got them to hide down there.
Neek lost sight on them.
“WHAT THE—DAMNIT! I lost them!” Neek said.
Meanwhile, the rest are heading their way into a secret hideaway. Then suddenly, MAK appeared.
“OK, I think I’ve pissed off one angry-ass girl.” MAK said, “She really wanted to shoot me.”
Longtooth then interjected, “While another pissed-off girl wants to violently kill us.”

“I don’t think she saw us come down here.” Noir said.
“I hope not.” Kai said, “This should be secured here. Mainly me and MAK only know about this tunnel.”
“Yeah, we should be fine.” MAK said.

“We’re taking you down!” L Tone and Vizina screamed and shooting at Lex, Magnum and Aron.
“Bring it!” He got a couple of shots in, getting Vizina in her hand.

“AH! GOTCHA!” Magnum said.
“Aron! Your left!” Dahlia jumped at Aron with a knife, trying to stab him in the throat.
“AAH!! Get this bitch off me!” Aron said, trying to kick her off him.
“Stay still, you squirmy fuckboy!”
Lex used a nylon wire to get her off Aron and choking her while at that.

“Lay off, motherfucker!” Lex flipped her over and slammed her against the ground. L Tone went behind Lex and shank him in the side.
She then gave him a few punches, then knocks him out with one more to the face.

“Well, that takes care of–”
Then Magnum comes behind L Tone and hits her with a big metal lid.
“Of you? Yeah, bitch.”

“OW!!” Lex said, “Why didn’t you do that earlier?”
“Hey don’t blame me for being a better fighter than you.” Magnum replied.

Elsewhere, Talli is riding out of there with Aka and Nanashi coming after her via bikes.
“You wanna play chicken, bitches!? BRING IT!” Talli revved up her bike and quickly went into traffic.
Aka spotted a ramp to catch up and her and Nanashi sped up.

“Come here, bitch!!” Nanashi shouted as she gets closer to Talli.
Talli sees her coming.
“Oh, I see you’re getting closer, aren’t you, Naomi?” Talli said, “Well, get faster, bitch!”

Aka then gets closer to her.
She then rams her, causing to lose some control and look like she might crash…..but recovers.
“You have to do better than that!” Talli said.
Aka then rammed her again and punches her while passing her.
“How’s that!” Aka screams.

“CHEAP SHOT!” Talli said.
“Well, you’re a cheap bitch, so there’s that.” Aka said.
“Oh, so like your sister, then?” Talli said.
“GODDAMMIT! That is it!” Aka said. “I don’t know why you want to off me and my family so much!!”

“Survival of the fittest, bitch!” Talli said, “I took one look at you and your sister and I figured that you two are about as head tough as wet toilet paper….scratch that, toilet paper after it’s been used.”
“WHAT!?” Aka said.
“You’re weak!! You act like you’re some take-no-shit, boss-ass bitch with the number-one gun but you’re the second-in-command leader of a gang, which you are fucking the leader of and your sister’s just some mascot for your shit, along with her bodyguard bitch of hers.”
“So… just don’t like me because of that shit?!” Aka said.
“That and I think you poison Naomi into joining you!” Talli said, “I knew that bitch wasn’t a savage when I beat her ass afterwards!”

Nanashi then catches up with them.
“Savage?! YOU!?” Nanashi said, “OK, fuck it, you are a savage but you’re a reckless ho!”
Talli pulled out her gun.
“You better watch what the fuck you say, Naomi!”
“Oh, fuck you!” Nanashi said, “And for the last time, I am not Naomi anymore. I’m not that girl you order around along with your other girls! I don’t just take out motherfuckers because I can. I got a fucking code to honor. I don’t take down any motherfucker. Just the assholes you deserve it!!!”
“And what? The Darksiders got a code?” Talli said.
“You damn right!” Aka said, “At least Nanashi has sense to know what the fuck she’s doing! You just do whatever and act like the consequences aren’t worth giving a damn!”

They were heading for a dead end and they all had to immediately break but went off road and crash off the freeway and into this factory.
Talli cocked her gun and started shooting at Nanashi and Aka.
“RUN!” Nanashi said.
“FUCK THAT!” Aka said. “I’m not sitting this down! That bitch needs to die!”
“How about you go first!?” Talli screamed.
She unloaded her gun to Aka but Nanashi pushed her out of the way and the two quickly ran inside the building.

It soon began to storm and rain fell as the two girls were running to high ground.
“You can’t run from me, bitch!” Talli screamed out.
Aka shoots back with her gun.
“I’m not running!!” Aka said, “And neither is Nanashi!”
“WHAT!?” Nanashi said.
“I know you more than you think. I know you’re not going to let this bitch rule your life with that shit!!” Aka bellowed. “You’re above this shit, Nanashi!!”

Talli got a shot in, shooting Aka in the shoulder.
“AKA!” Nanashi shouted.
“She just had to open her damn mouth!” Talli said, “But I’m not going to hesitate on this next sho–” Then Talli got her hand shot.
“OH SHIT!” Talli shouted, “WHO THE FUCK SHOT ME!”
They look over yonder and see that it’s…..
“YOU!!” Talli said.
It was Murasaki and Nola.
“Oh…..Saki…….” Aka said.
“What are you two doing here?” Nanashi said, “Are the others safe?”
“I think they’re fine.” Nola said, “Right now, you two aren’t.”
Murasaki cocked her gun. “DROP IT!”
“Like hell I will!” Talli shouted, “Bitch, you made a grave mistake shooting me! Because right now…..I’m about to lay bullets on your ass!”
Talli jumped up to Murasaki but Nola blocked the punch and knocked her back down.
“MOVE BITCH!” Talli screamed.
Talli kicked Nola down to get to Murasaki and she grabs her neck, raising her up and having a tight grip on her.
“You know…..I should’ve done you like this when Nanashi here couldn’t do it. You know your ass got into the wrong place at the wrong time. And now…you’re going to get yours.”
Nanashi then jumped and collided with them both with Murasaki being let go and then the two girls hanging by the ledge.

“OH NO!”
Nanashi was hanging on to the railing with Talli grabbing on to Nanashi’s leg.
“NANASHI!” Aka and Murasaki shouted.

“OH, you’re fucked now!” Talli said, “You can either let go or I’ll drag your ass down and we die together. How’s that?”
Nanashi assumed the worst that she would die.
“Well?” Talli said. “I’m waiting.”
The railing look like it was going to give as it becomes weaker and weaker as she kept holding it.
“You better hurry!!” Talli taunting her.

The railing came off and Nanashi was about to fall until…
“I GOT YA!!” Aka got to her while it seemed like Talli let go.

“What the—Did she?” Murasaki said.
However, they didn’t heard any drop or splat or anything of a scream.
“Holy sh—AAAHHH!!!!” Aka screamed as the pain in her shoulder reacts. “NANASHI! I can’t hold on any longer!!”
Aka’s bleeding shoulder is going hard red that the pain keeps increasing tenfold.

“AKA! You have to let go!” Nanashi said.
“I’M NOT LETTING GO!!” Aka said.
“AKA! NO!” Nanashi said, “I’m not letting you die!”
Murasaki then stepped in and grabbed Aka while Nola helped up Nanashi. “More like we’re not letting you die.”

They pulled her up and looked down to see what happened to Talli and….she wasn’t even there.
“HEY! Talli isn’t there.” Nola said.
“Did she disappear or something?” Murasaki wondered.
“I don’t know but I’m not going to find out.” Aka said, “Let’s get the fuck out of here before any more shit can happen.”

They were about to leave there when suddenly…..
“RRAAHHH!!!” Neek jumped on Aka and stabbed her in the shoulder. She then got a hold of Murasaki and smacked Nola into the wall.
“OH…..don’t you even think of running.” She said, “I’m going to finish the job. I’m killing this bitch here and now…or maybe….” She grabbed Nanashi.
“I’ll take you out instead.”
Nanashi head-butted her out and make a run for it.
“You damn whore!!” Neek tried to run after her but then….
Devo came at her with him shooting her in the chest and the stomach.

“Um……I did have a plan.” Nanashi said.
“Huh……. oh… mistake.” Devo said, “I just thought…”

“I know…I know….” Nanashi said, then she immediately passes out in front of him.
“What the? NANA?” Devo said.
“I’m fine, I’m fine. Don’t worry.” Nanashi said. “But fuck, I’m bruised and shit. I need a rest.”
“I’m giving you all the rest you need after this shit.” Devo said.
“Good……because I need you there with me.” Nanashi said.

“HEY!!” Murasaki said, “You forgot we’re here, too.”
“I really hope that bitch is dead.” Nola said.
“From the looks of it…… Yeah, she is.” Devo said.
“Let me make sure.” Nola said as she shoots the corpse in the head. “Yeah, she’s dead now.”

“We got to check the others before we go back.” Aka said. “I hope they’re OK.”


While Aron, Magnum and Cameron were out clubbing again normally, the rest were contemplating with their recent adventure.

“So, is that it?” Aka said, as she was changing clothes, reflecting on the last couple of days. “It’s been over 5 days and so far, no other gang has made any attack on us.”
“Isn’t that a good thing?” Lex said.
“Well, it is.” Aka said, “But it feels like a calm before worse things happened.”
“We got the New Jacks off us and most of the CCK and Tarantulas are down.” Lex said, “Although Talli Digga is still remained missing.”
“I got a feeling she’s going to be back.” Aka said, “A girl like that isn’t going to give up that easy. She didn’t before and went two dead members and the rest are in jail……she isn’t going to hold back on us.”
“That means I should tell Murasaki and Nola that they have to set out of gang activity for a long while.” Lex said, “But then, that doesn’t stop people going after them.”
“True.” Aka said. “I need to think harder about hiding them somewhere.”

We cut to Nanashi and Devo in bed.
“I know she isn’t through with us, not by a mile.” Nanashi said. “Shit, I could’ve ended her there and then.”
“I should’ve found and shot her there.” Devo said.
“No matter what we have done, it’s not going to stop what’s coming next.” Nanashi said. “The rest of those gangs…..what if our days are numbered?”
Devo got out of bed to glance outside.
“I guess I’ll die fighting….” Devo said. “Like we always do.”
Nanashi frowned at that remark, “And to think…..this is your 5th year anniversary being a Darksider and our 2-year anniversary and all we did was….well, this. I mean, the latter…..I just wanted you and me together in a room like this and we can just make….love….all—Wait….”
Devo then pleasurably kissed her.
“You mean like this?” he asked.
“Well…yeah…” Nanashi said, “Just with the lights dimmed…..”
He closes the curtains and dimmed the lights.
“……and some romantic music…….”
He puts on some music.
“And us topless.” He took off his shirt and got in bed with Nanashi while taking off her top as well.
“OK, this is working.” Nanashi said as she got right into making love to Devo in bed.

And speaking of making love…

Rolo and Sayuri were sleeping the day away after a long night sex session.
Sayuri was snuggling alongside Rolo and she looked at his healing scars from those various nights ago.
“Oh, Rolo…….” It was worrisome in a way that he always get harmed for protecting her.
Rolo was starting to wake up while Sayuri had to fake sleep to not get noticed.
He caressed Sayuri’s head on his chest.
He then went back to sleep as she woke back up.
She silently kissed him good morning and also went back to sleep.

Murasaki and Nola were back at their now-ruined secret apartment.
“Well, there goes our future home.” Nola said, “And to think, we saved us a lot of dollars for this to go to shit.”
Meanwhile, Murasaki is looking concerned about the future as well.
“Nola……I think we should get out of the gang.” Murasaki said.
“Huh?” Nola said, “Out of the gang?”
“Nola, look at us.” She said, “We’re in our destroyed future home because someone wanted to kill me because I was a part of the Darksiders. Aka told us that she didn’t want us in this and she’s right.”
“Come on, Saki.” Nola said, “I know things have been….very unfortunate with us lately.”
“Nola…’ve been shot AGAIN. You’re in worse pain than before in your leg.” Murasaki said, “I don’t always want to see you get hurt in my name. You know I’m scared if anything happens to you because of me.”
“Saki…..” Nola sighed.
“Nola, no.” she said, “We need to retire. Settle down and make sure we’re good for years to come. Nola, please, I’m begging you to do this with me……please…….”
“I……….I………” That’s what all Nola can muster at this point.

Elsewhere, MAK and Kai were driving Longtooth and Noir back home.
“Well……” MAK said, “I would say your problems are over but it looks like more to come.”
“Yeah, I got that as soon as I heard they disappeared.” Longtooth said.
“There’s going to be more of them coming, isn’t there?” Noir said.
“Yep.” MAK said, “But I’ll tell you this. Since you two and the Darksiders are cool with each other, that means you cool with us.”
“Also it’s good to have more friends with us.” Kai said.

“You need me to give you a number?” MAK said.
“Sure.” Longtooth said.
He gave MAK his phone to add his number on there along with another one.
“Oh…. I got a friend whom I helped out recently.” MAK said, “You two might get along. Just tell her I sent ya.”
“Gotcha.” Longtooth said.
They eventually arrived at their place.
“So…..we might see you again?” Noir said.
“I think we will.” Kai said, “We’re one call away.”
“Who knows?” MAK said, “It could be sooner than later.”

MAK and Kai then drove off back home, with Longtooth looking around his surroundings and kept his gun loaded and cocked.
He got back into the house and put on a security code and have the house guarded.
“Let’s see you try me, motherfuckers.”


“You see this shit? All these reports of gangs fighting in clubs, having shoot-outs in bars, places destroyed and shot to shit!?” The person speaking was actually…..a Panda guardian.
“All of these are from Hybrid-majority cities.” Another guardian said, “Are some of these humans?”
“Well, most of them.”

“Shit……we really need to do more policing around the Society.” Another panda guardian said, “This isn’t going to stand much longer.”

“We know….” The lead guardian stepped out of the dark. “And I know the first place we should take control of….”
He threw a photo out of there and it was…. The Faction.

“There?” Another one said.
“They have been slipping in every turn.” He said, “Former ones and some current members have been either helping some of the repeat offenders like The Blue Hybrid. We might to make a strike sometime this year.”

Then someone else came in the room with an evil stare. “Oh……I think I know where to strike the Blue Hybrid.”
That person was Talli.


Longtooth was on his way to meet up with the person MAK left on his phone.
“OK, they told me to meet them here.” He said to himself.
He finally got there.
“Hey…hello…..someone in here?”
Then somebody appeared and phased in front of them.
“OH SHIT!!” A surprised Longtooth shouted.
“So…….you’re the guy MAK told me about.” And it was Jaye.

©2017 KATANAPlus+ / New Jack Project.


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