WARNING: The following written material that you’re about to read may contain acts of violence, graphic language, and sexual content. This is meant only for MATURE AUDIENCES. Reader Discretion is advised.



“You see this shit? All these reports of gangs fighting in clubs, having shoot-outs in bars, places destroyed and shot to shit!?” The person speaking was actually…..a Panda guardian.
“All of these are from Hybrid-majority cities.” Another guardian said, “Are some of these humans?”
“Well, most of them.”
“Shit……we really need to do more policing around the Society.” Another panda guardian said, “This isn’t going to stand much longer.”

“We know….” The lead guardian stepped out of the dark. “And I know the first place we should take control of….”
He threw a photo out of there and it was…. The Faction.

“There?” Another one said.
“They have been slipping in every turn.” He said, “Former ones and some current members have been either helping some of the repeat offenders like The Blue Hybrid. We might to make a strike sometime this year.”
Then someone else came in the room with an evil stare. “Oh……I think I know where to strike the Blue Hybrid.”

That person was Talli Digga.

“And may I ask who in the hell are you?”
“I’m someone you need in this place right now.” Talli said, “I’m the type of girl that knows how to solve problems like this. The common woman. The everyday woman. The woman who may know something about gang life and the things associated with it.”

“And what this has to do with the Blue Hybrid?” A Panda Guardian asked.
“The crew he rolls with. Whether it’s the Darksiders, or some people from the Faction like his sister-in-law, her partner and two other detectives in there. Outside of that, you got the Turner Express; it’s this bar run by a tech designer and a hybrid penguin girl. One of their employees, a barmaid, also is associated with The Blue Hybrid and last but not least, the two girls that were formerly of the Faction and one of them is from your neck of the woods.”
She shown them a pic of Tomoki Miayama.

“Miayama?” he said, “We abandoned her and her mother some odd years ago but we have heard of what acts she did for the past few years or so from betraying the Faction and getting her wolf hybrid girlfriend to trick the Wolf Clan Genesis and escape from being deported back there.”

“And that one failed and she got deported anyway.” Another guardian said. “You got a point here?”
“My point is in those scenarios, The Blue Hybrid is always there for them.” Talli said, “He fights for them, especially for his girl. He’ll definitely fight for her a lot. I mean, the two are now married.”
“So in other words, to get to the Blue Hybrid, we go for his people?” they said.
“That’s it.” Talli said.
“But what about the Darksiders?”
“Oh, my gang or what’s left of them got that handled.” she said, “But for now, let’s focus on this. This will be something for the long haul.”

Back in town, Cyan and Seiki were driving around as they got a call to investigate this house as there has been a report of a break-in.
“This the right address?” Cyan asked Seiki.
“Oh, it is.” Seiki said.
“You sure about that?”
“Dammit, Cyan!” Seiki said, “It was one time I got us the wrong way and no one’s died! We got there in under….15 minutes.”
“Yeah, but still.” Cyan said.

They got inside the house and look for anything suspicious.
“Well, it looks dark and dank and direct.” Seiki said, “Hey, maybe there should be something in one of the main rooms!!”
“Why are you screaming?” Cyan shouted.
“In case they might be suspicious on us like we are on them.”
“Won’t they jump on us for that shit!” Cyan said.

“Relax, we got this.” Seiki said and then she clicked on the lights and suddenly a huge “SURPRISE” yell went off, which scared Cyan to pull out her gun.
“OH GOD! DON’T SHOOT!” One partygoer said.
“I told you she would pull out her guns!” Tomoki said, “It wouldn’t be the first or last time she’ll do that.”
“At least we’re not shot.” Cassie added on to that.

“None of you ever complain about me with guns again!” Kati shouted.
“Uh, no. I’m still doing that.” Joanna said, “You with guns is still a hazard in my lifespan.”
“I keep you alive, didn’t I?” Kati said.
“I almost got hit in the ass, Kati.” Sheena said, “I was almost Bad Boys II’d.”

It turns out it was actually a surprise party for Cyan’s 30th birthday.
“Wait……is this a surprise party?” Cyan said.
“Ah, yeah, it is.” That was MAK hiding and blending in the walls.
“YOU WERE IN THE WALLS!?” Cyan shouted, “Be lucky I didn’t shoot you then.”

“Yeah, I’m good at it, right?” he said.
“He is, he is but thankfully you didn’t shoot him.” Kai said as she ran to hug Cyan. “Happy Birthday, sis!! You’re now 30! The Big 3-0! You entered your third decade! You moved up from adult to advanced adult!”
“OK…..” Cyan said, “Now unlike most people, I’ve welcomed turning 30 and not dreading it. Besides, I know I look fine in my 30s as I did in my 20s. Also, little sis, you and MAK better prepare turning 30 someday because it’s going to happen to you.”

“Yeah, I know.” MAK said, “So…..we party?”
Then Kati fires out a firework gun in the sky.
“OK, at least that’s just a firework gun.” Joanna said.
“That would be a yes.” Cyan said.

So, of course, there was partying going on and celebrating and music and all that.
“So, you guys put up some money to rent this place?” Cyan asked MAK and Kai while they were conversating and drinking.
“Yeah.” MAK said, “Us, Sheena, Joanna, Tomoki and Cassie all chipped in.”
“Wait, all six of you!?” Cyan said in a surprised mode, “How long are you staying here?”
“We got about…. a month’s worth.” Kai said. “And since I know your birthday was coming up, why not do it in this place?”

“Well, this is a nice-looking place.” Cyan said, “You thought about actually owning a home like this?”
“I know it’ll be expensive as shit.” MAK said. “It was expensive we all chipped in for it.”
“How much was it?” Seiki asked.
“It cost like $50,000 to rent for the month but like $200,000 to buy.” Kai said.
Cyan and Seiki’s eyes widened at how they got that much money.
“Where did you get that much green on you?” Cyan stunningly asked. The two doesn’t know about the $500,000 that Kiritsnagi left MAK and Kai.

“You know, a lot of saving up, hustling, working more hours and odd jobs…” MAK said.
Then Kai added, “Also, more of our dead enemies’ money we often took.”
“HUH?” Cyan and Seiki reacted.
“I’m joking. I’m JOKING!!” Kai laughed. “But saving that much money is going to tough and we don’t want to bother the others with giving their money to give me and MAK a home.”
Cyan then suggested this, “Well I can’t believe I’m saying this…….how about you 6 live with each other?”
“Wait……me and MAK?” Kai said, “Live with our friends….and this time you two won’t have a problem with that?”
“No….” Cyan said, “It’s not right y’all might plan some orgy….”

“WHY DO Y’ALL ALWAYS THINK THAT ABOUT US!?” MAK and Kai collectively shouted.
Seiki said, “Well, you 6 always seem to have a bond with each other. Y’all are close than ever and it also made MAK understand more about women.”
MAK got confused at that remark. “Like I didn’t already? I was born with 2 sisters. Older ones.”
“Not to say you don’t but you living with 4 other girls that’s not your wife.” Seiki said, “You might have temptation……but what am I talking about? Everybody knows you’re very faithful to Kai and I know Sheena jokes that about you already.”

“Yeah. Yeah……I mean, I wouldn’t mind living with them.” MAK said, “They’re not just our dear best friends but family. We said that so many times but it’s true. But I don’t know if they’ll go for that.”
“I think they will.” And that’s when Gina and Lial shows up.
“I mean, I can’t speak for Tomoki and Cassie but Sheena and Joanna, especially the latter half of that couple, has been looking for a new place to live as of recently.” Lial said, “Especially since they went all in for this.”
“Hey, where are they anyway?” Gina said, “We saw them earlier but they seem to vanish.”
“I think I know where they’re at.” Kai said, “I just wouldn’t bother them for another….15 minutes.”

Sheena and Joanna are at a private hot tub two rooms over and the two were having their own love-making session.
Joanna was getting naughty with Sheena as she was taking off her bikini, “Let me just take off this top here and….”
“Jojo, you’re feeling frisky tonight.” Sheena said, making out with her.
“I’ve just been in a good high mood this week.” she said, “No huge serious crimes happened, no deaths, and it’s just been a week of you and me making love everywhere we go and it has been heaven.”
“Hmmmm. No wonder why you were eager to get me here.” Sheena said, “And your energy has been on another level.”
“Speaking of…” Joanna said as she leaned on to Sheena and begun to have sex in the hot tub.

Tomoki and Cassie, on the other hand, were in the living room while the others just making some small talk and all.
“You know…….” Tomoki said, “This has been the longest time that nothing bad has encountered us.”
“You just noticed this today?” Cassie said.
“It’s just that I’m not used to us having this amount of time of not being hunted down or chased.” Tomoki said, “And I’m loving it! It just feels so good to have an ordinary day of non-eventful things. I can eat breakfast and nothing happens! Look for work or being at work and it’s just an ordinary day with no one from an organization trying to put me back in their system! Or you and me having sex and—”
“Uh, when has that been an issue in that department?” Cassie said, “We have never gotten The Wolf Clan Genesis on us while we were making love.”
“OK, you got me on that.” Tomoki said, “But you get my point?”
“I do. I do.” Cassie said, “And you’re right. I love that I’m not rotting in a cell and in sorrow and instead, I’m right beside you, thankful that I have such a sweet and wonderful girlfriend like you.” Then she kisses Tomoki on the lips.
“Yeah…..And this is more days like this.” Tomoki said as she kisses back Cassie.


It was approaching 2 AM and everybody was heading home as the 6 were busy cleaning up before they turn in for the night.
“Well, that was a fun night.” As Sheena said, cleaning up in nothing but a bikini along with Joanna doing the same thing.
“I know you two had fun.” Cassie said, “You two have been in that hot tub for the majority of the party.”
“What?” Joanna said, “I can’t help it if we lost track of time. Me and Sheena just like using it a lot.”
“We have this place for a month.” Sheena said, “We might as well make good use of it. Besides, all of us are going to use it at some point anyway.”
“Or hell, at the same time.” Tomoki said. “At least that’s how everyone jokes at us when they heard we all chipped in for this place.”

“Yeah but that was always at MAK.” Sheena said. “We always joke with him about having a harem with us around.”
“Yeah, y’all do.” Kai said, “It would be like this: I’d be the childhood friend, Tomoki would be the outspoken eccentric one, Cassie would be the sporty one since she’s stronger than most of us, Sheena would be the jokester loud girl and Joanna would be the sweet, busty yet clumsy girl that the guys would bust a nut over.”

“Outspoken eccentric one?” Tomoki questioned.
“It was that or loli.”
“Eccentric one it is!” Tomoki shouted.
“Well, you’re right about all of us.” Cassie said. “Especially about mine.”
“But what about MAK?” Joanna said, “He’s not exactly the perverted type. Yes, he’s horny but not that deviant but he isn’t much of a milquetoast either……and really, I’m not that clumsy. Busty I’ll claim because…. well, I can.” She said in a flirty way.

“You mean he’s normal around us and not thinking of fucking every one of us?” Sheena said. “I know we finds every one of us attractive and appreciate us for who we are…”
“Very true.” Kai said.
“And not gonna lie……I would date him.” Sheena said, “And for the record, Joanna said that, too.”
“WHOA!” Joanna said with her being red in the face, “I mean, that—I’m not saying I won’t– But I—SHEENA!!”
“To add more into that, she would date you, too, Kai!” Sheena said.
“I’m hitting you after this!” Joanna said.
“GUYS! CHILL!” Kai said. “I noticed that during that one time when we played Overseer. I mean, we all attracted to each other in one way or another and plus, I noticed MAK enjoying that one thing we won’t mention ever again. I mean, I feel the same way about your two.”
“AWWW!!” Sheena and Joanna said.
“So that means we might ask MAK if he wanted a foursome on his birthday?” Sheena said.
Kai and Joanna’s eyes widened at that suggestion. “We’ll wait. Just don’t bring it up to him yet.”

“Didn’t know our little Makky got two girls he knows crushing on him.” Cassie said. “And our Kai-Kai, too.”
“Makes us proud as your sorta godparents.” Tomoki said. “Yeah, we’re basically the ‘parents’ of this clique.”
Kai gasped and said this, “So….you’re Strong Mom and Green Mom!!”
“YEAH! STRONG MOM!” Cassie said, hugging Kai too tightly.
“Ow. Cass, please let go.” Kai said.
“Got it.” Cassie said. “As you know your Strong Mom loves you…..and you, too!” As she got over there to give a bear hug to Sheena and Joanna, too.
“AW! I like this hug!” Joanna said.
“And there goes my side.” Sheena joked.
MAK got back from taking out the trash. “Well, that’s the last of the trash and damn, I’m tired. Everybody packed that shit in there like it’s some luggage.”

The girls were giggling a bit.
“Hey, um…. something funny happened?”
“Well, kinda.” Kai said, “You know how we and by that, I mean, Sheena and the rest jokes about us being a harem with you as the lead and—”
“Oh, that joke again?” MAK said as he felt annoyed at that again.
“WAIT!” Sheena said, “Look, you know all of us got a lot of love for you. Kai being the obvious one because she’s your waifu and all that.”
“I know. I know.” MAK said, “The harem joke is just annoying to me. Look, I admit that I like being surrounded by women more, especially you guys because you’re awesome, cool, and some of the closest and kindest people I know. But then there’s the stupid jokes of ‘How somebody big and fat like you get girls like them!?’ or they ask if I’m fucking all of you or some shit like that. That shit annoys me and when they drag y’all in these jokes, I–”

“MAK! MAK!” Tomoki said, “You know we can handle ourselves with that. We handled worse guys than people like that.”
“Yeah.” Cassie said, “You know if they mess with you, they will deal with me and no one messes with our MAKKY. Everyone knows that. Even our friends outside this group knows that.”
“Plus, the hell with them calling you fat and saying you can’t get girls!” Joanna said, “They’re mad because they got what you got and they would fuck it up in an instant! You….treasure our friendship, you listen to us, respect us and care about us!”
“And let’s not forget…. people have said the same thing back at middle school.” Kai said, “And I didn’t give 2 shits then and I couldn’t care about them right now because you and me…. we’re in sync.”

“See?” Sheena said, “Yes, we are a bit like a harem but it’s not us blindly attracted to you, fawning over you for no reason. You’re a damn good friend, MAK. That’s why we have love for you in many ways.”
He smiled at that remark. “And I have a lot of love for y’all! To think, after Kai moved away all these years ago, I thought I would be lonely forever, only to walk the Earth in a lone wolf way. But now…. I’m in this house with all of you and I’m loving every moment of it.”
The quintet of girls and MAK ends up hugging it all out.

“We’ll always be there for each other.” Cassie said. “We’ll make sure of it.”
“Same here.” Tomoki said.
“Hey….I just noticed something…..damn, it is late. We should get some sleep.” MAK said.
“We can just sleep right here.” Sheena said, “The floor is comfy.”
“True. But I want a bed to sleep on.” Kai said.
“Good thing I’m off today.” Joanna said. “I can use the sleep.”


At the Faction, it was standard business as usual, although two in particular had one too many for their birthday last night.
“Ow…….damn, I think I drank too much last night.” Cyan said.
“So, you show up here in your hangover state?” Seiki asked her.
“I thought that one cure would’ve helped.” she said, “I cracked an egg and put some orange juice in it and–”

“WAIT! What the hell cure is that?” Seiki shouted.
Gina then came by. “It worked for me a few times…. although that followed by vomiting.”

“I see your other partner isn’t here today.” Seiki said, “Last time I heard of her, she was getting busy in the hot tub.”
“I say let her.” Gina said, “Jojo has been plenty happy the past few weeks with her and Sheena spending more time together.”
“You can say that again.” Then Collins joined into the conversation, “I’ve noticed that recently she has been more chipper, enthusiastic and even bubbly around here. That and the lack of any serious crimes that happened here.”
“True….but whatever it is, we should be happy for her.” Leon then suddenly showed up.
“WHEN YOU GET HERE!” Seiki sounded surprised.

“I’ve been here, dammit.” Leon said, “You’re just out of focus today and also….” He shows a little package gift to Cyan. “Happy belated!”
“Oh, wow!!” Cyan said, “So you didn’t forget my gift or my birthday!”
“Well, I was going to get it to you yesterday especially at the party but you were too drunk and also I forgot it at home.” Leon said.

“Well, then….” Cyan said, “Maybe it was a good thing you give me this now than back.” She opens it and it’s a H-Gold necklace.
“Wait… this a H-Gold necklace?” she asked, “Holy shit! These things are hard to get a hold. How do get your hands on that?”

“Know someone?” Gina asked, “Got dirt on them? Friend? Family? You sucking their–”
“OK! STOP!” Leon shouted, “Damn, Gina! I just got a good deal on them! And no, I didn’t go cheap on her or try to. Plus, that’s some good H-Gold there.”

“YO!!” As Sei shouted, “We just got a call on another petty robbery from a Hybrid-owned store. Barrett, Argento, you’re up. Nguyen, you’ll be back-up for them.”
“So this’ll be a breeze……I think.”
“Never say things will be a breeze….” And that came from Loyuka. “Yeah, I also notice the lack of serious crimes going on but I wouldn’t just be lazy about it. You’ll never know when something big is going to happen.”
“OK, OK. I get it.” Gina said.
“Let’s move!!” Seiki shouted.


They got the crime scene for them to look into who robbed them with Loyuka asking questions.
“Look, they had a mask on. I couldn’t make a good impression of them and it looked like they used a voice changer so I wouldn’t recognize their voice. I’m sorry if I couldn’t help you any further.”

“It’s not your fault, sir.” Loyuka said, “Thieves are getting craftier in their schemes. They could fool a lot of people with that.”
Meanwhile, Cyan and Seiki were checking for clues in the alley next to it.

“One of them said that they saw two people running right here and must’ve jumped there.” Seiki said, “For something that’s supposed to be a simple robbery, there seems very overactive.”
“What? You think something seems fishy to you?” Cyan asked.
“That or apparently whatever’s in there must be a big deal.” Seiki said.
“Or it could be to lure you into some shit.” A mysterious voice whispered at them.

“WHAT!?” Both Cyan and Seiki said.
Then came a masked somebody lunging at them from the air with a switchblade and went in for the attack. The two dodges that hit.

“What the?” Cyan said, “Who was that?!”
The jumped kept on charging for an attack.
“HOLD STILL!!” The jumper shouted.
But Seiki landed a punch on the guy. “That hold still shit doesn’t work!! Only dickheads do that!”
They took off his mask.
“GRAB HIS WALLET!” Cyan shouted.
Seiki just kicked him in the face. “I’ll just do shit with yours, thank you very much!”

“Maybe we’ll get an ID of them or something…..” They look inside and see they found nothing on him.
“Wha–” Then a familiar woman with a mask on threw a blade at them and strike them again.

“Did you think a thief is going to carry an ID during a robbery?” she said, “That’s a big no-no on that front.”
“What do you want!?” Cyan said.
“Well, well, well…..Ms. Cyan Barrett and her partner Seiki Argento.”
“How she knows our names?” Seiki said, “How the fuck you know our names?”
“Oh, my dear girls.” She took off her mask and it is once again, Talli Digga. “I know everything about you two now. I know all about everything with y’all from the Faction, your birthdays (by the way, happy belated) and even your friends and family and I know all about them all too well…..especially your sister and brother-in-law.”

However, Cyan’s reaction wasn’t as surprising as Talli thought it would be.
“I guess you’re not that surprised.”
“What the hell you want with them?” Cyan said.
“Actually, I want to send a message to them.”
“What would that be?” Then Talli immediately stabs Cyan in the side of her stomach and she is slowly bleeding from there.

“Tell them they’re not safe for long and that goes for their friends as well.”
“CYAN!!!” Seiki said, about to shoot Talli. “You little bitch!!” But then Talli zigzagged her and got sucker-punched.
“And as for you…..” Talli said, “This is to the Faction and that their relevance is going to be zilch after what I got in store for them.”
She soon left in a hurry before anyone else can spot her.
Gina was the first to see what happened. “OH NO!!!!”
She soon got Lial on the phone.
“Hey, Lial!! I need your help!!! Cyan and Seiki are hurt!!”
“WHAT!?” Lial said, “Where at? I can get there in a flash!!”
Meanwhile at the main Faction HQ……
“MAYDAY! MAYDAY!! HELP!” Gina said via calling them, “Listen, Barrett and Argento are down! I require assistance and a search party!!”
“You got the address!?” Collins asked.
“796 West 15th St.” Leon said, “Let’s go!!”

Leon and Collins immediately got the lead out with 4 other people following them to the destination. In front of them, Lial got there in time.
“Gina, I’m here!!” Lial said. “How are they!?”
“Argento is knocked out but Barrett is bleeding!! You got something to stop it?”
Lial pulled out some gauze and wrapped it all over Cyan’s body.

As Collins and Leon got there in time, two homeless dudes stopped them at their tracks, trying to squeegee their rides.
“HEY! HEY! Listen, I appreciate that but I need to help out a fellow off–” Then one of the guys pulled out a shotgun.
“SHIT!” He blasted the windshield with Leon shooting back at him.
The other homeless man was armed with 2 pistols and began shooting at Collins.
“Did we piss off the homeless or something?” Leon shouted, “They’re shooting at us!!”
“HELP!!!!!” Then the back-up is having trouble as well because a bunch of random people are shooting, throwing grenades, and roughing them up.
“Why are these people trying to kill us!!?” One of them shouted.
“GINA!! We got to fly to the hospital!” Lial shouted.
“FLY!? As in me carrying them and you!?”
“NO SHIT!!!” Lial screamed, “You need me for assistance, remember!?”
“Fine!” As Gina got out her wings. “Tie them tight and hang on!!”
They soon fly out of there, safely to the hospital.


Everybody was lounging around having a lazy day of either playing a lot of video games, watching anime, or having sex in one of the rooms…. or any combination of either of them.
“Come on, motherfucker! I GOT YOU!!” Tomoki said as her and Cassie are playing “Moto Cross Sword Fighting!”
“Quit button-mashing!” Cassie said, “Do different moves and don’t bitch out!”
Once again, they were playing their favorite “game” as whenever one of them wins, the loser has to strip out a piece of clothing.

“MOTORCYCLE BLADE CHOP!!!” Tomoki shouted and she did a finishing move on her.
“YES!!” Tomoki shouted, “I got the first hit!! Now you get to strip something off first for once!!!”
Cassie did take her shirt off.
“Fine. Fine.” she said, “I bet you won’t do it again!”
“Wanna make a wager of that, my dear Cassie?” Tomoki taunted.
“Prepare to be in the buff…..again!”

While Tomoki and Cassie were busy playing and stripping, MAK was busy dozing off the couch watching a lot of YouTube videos on the TV when a much-relaxed (with messy hair) Joanna sat up and noticing MAK asleep and snoring..

“Hey, MAK.” she said, trying to wake him up. He stayed asleep.
“OK, I’ll let you sleep.” Joanna said, “You look very comfy there.”
Then Kai showed up, coming from outside as she’s been in the pool.
“Looks like you had fun with Sheena a moment ago.” Kai said, “And judging by your hair and the fact you’re in nothing but short shorts and a bra, you really had a good time.”

“Aren’t you in a bikini top right now?” Joanna jokingly said.
“Touche.” Kai said.
“So, what’s MAK watching……or what was he watching?” Kai said, “It either wasn’t as good or so peaceful, he went to sleep.”
“I didn’t want to wake him.” Joanna said, “He seemed peaceful and comfy and cute, too.”
Then he snores.
“And snorey.” Joanna said.
“Yeah, he does that a lot although he is trying to do that less.” Kai said, “Hell, he snored like that when we were kids.”
“I can sympathize with him.” Joanna said, “I always get called out for snoring too loud.”
“I know.” Kai said, “We noticed that about you when we stay at that hotel one time and you dreamed the weirdest things.”
“You did, too. Remember?” Joanna said, “Caramel fish? Talking cat? You wanting MAK to take off your bra with h–”
“WHOA! How many people know this!?” Kai shouted with Joanna giggling a lot.

After that moment, Joanna got very reflective.
“You know, I’m really glad I ended being friends with all of you.” she said, “To think, I first known MAK for giving me a lot of anime recommendations and he didn’t even bat an eye when I said I liked BL stuff.”
“Kinda funny when you like that stuff when you also into girls as well.” Kai said.
“Well, I’m very open to many genders, Kai-Kai.” Joanna said, “I like to see guys have sex with other guys, girls have sex with other girls, it all goes on.”
“Hey, J…..can I ask you something?”
“When Sheena mentioned that you had a crush on MAK….”
She got silent. “Yeah?”
“What made you get a crush on him?” Kai said. “I’m actually curious on that.”
“Well….it’s really simple and I said it before. I see MAK as a very kind and sweet guy. He’s funny, sincere, charming and actually gives a damn about my feelings. It’s like how you feel about him and also how I–”
MAK was starting to wake up.

“Oh damn…. I miss something?” He wakes up and sees the two girls talking to each other.
“Not really.” Joanna said.
“Wait….I noticed something.” MAK said.
“That the two of us are half-naked and you just woke up?” Kai said. “And I mean you and another MAK down there?” As she’s pointing to his privates.
“I’m not getting slapped, am I?” MAK shield his face.
Both girls giggled.

“No, silly.” Joanna said, “Come on, MAK. We know you.”
Then Kai sat on his lap and starts kissing him. “Enjoy your nap, babe?”
“Yeah…although I swore I heard someone talk about something when I was asleep or was that just me imagining things?” He was referring to Joanna talking about why he had a crush on MAK.
“Hey everybody!” As an energetic Sheena comes out of the bedroom, “I hope all of you are doing well this afternoon.” Then she kisses Joanna.
“Hey, babe!” Joanna said as she got on Sheena’s lap as she sat down.
“I see you making yourself comfy.” she said, “Or at least more comfortable than usual.”
“Yeah.” Joanna said, “I mean, later we could go out tonight with just the 6 of us like a—triple date? I think?”
“You got it right, babe.” Sheena said.
“We got the time and money in the world to do it anyway.” Joanna said, “Unless…..our only gentlemen would pay for us ladies as they would be the gentlemanly thing to do.” As she tries to coerce MAK into paying for them.
Then Kai and Sheena follow suit.
“Yeah, we can look for somewhere to go tonight.” MAK said, “And yeah, I’ll pay for y’all.”
“YAY!” Kai, Sheena and Joanna shouted.


“HA!! YOU LOSE!!” Tomoki said, with Cassie running out of the room in her underwear.
“OK, my controller’s battery died!!” Cassie said, “I want a rematch!!”
“NOPE!” Tomoki said as she laughed manically, “Now you get to take your bra off!!” Then the two realizes that the others are staring point blank at them.
“Oh…….hey, guys.” Cassie laughs nervously. “I see y’all up.”
“And I see you two having a load of fun.” Kai said, “Especially since Tomoki is getting handsy behind your back.”
“It’s a front hook.” Cassie said.
“I know.” Tomoki said, reaching for the clasp. “YOINK!!”
“TOMOKI!!!” Cassie said, covering herself and cover’s MAK eyes at that. “Gimme that back!”
Then Kai’s cell phone rang as the hijinks continue in the background.
“I’ll take this call.” Kai said, “Hey, Seiki.”
“Kai…….you need to come down here. This is an emergency.”
“Emergency? What’s wrong?”


5 minutes later

The 6 just got into the hospital.
“Please let her be okay! Please let her be okay! Please let her be okay!” As Kai kept panicking over what has happened to Cyan.
“Oh shit. Oh shit. Oh shit.” MAK kept saying that silently.
Joanna then had to step in, “Guys….look, I’m positive that Cyan is doing well. Maybe some bruises but I know she can pull through it.”
“For all our sakes, I hope you’re right, Jojo.” Sheena said.
“That sense of hope is needed right now.” Cassie said.
Then Gina came in to break the news.
“Kai……..MAK………I got some good news and bad news…..”
“Just give us the bad news first.” MAK said, “You might as well rip that Band-Aid off.”
“Cyan is going to have to stay in the hospital for a while.” she said, “The beating she got from whoever did this left her messed up. That’s where the good news comes in. She just woke up and I think we shouldn’t over-excite her with that. She’s suffering some trauma and thankfully she didn’t lose much blood.”
Then there was a giant group of Panda Hybrids coming their way into the room.
“Excuse me!! You there!” As the panda leader pointed out. “Which one of you is part of the Faction?”
Gina and Joanna step out.

“Agent Gina Nguyen, sir.”
“Agent Joanna Yubari, sir.”
“Which one of you was at the scene getting that girl in here?”
Gina raised her hand, “That’ll be me, sir. I had to get her out of there before those people attacking on the street might charge at her!”
“I understand, miss.” he said, “Allow me to introduce myself, I’m……”
“Alon Flowne.” Tomoki said, “Leader of the Panda Pride Parlay.”
All of them seem confused at that name.

“Why yes.” he said, “You sound like you knew me from a previous life.”
“You did.” As Tomoki put her hair in a ponytail.
“Ah!!! Tomoki Miayama!” Alon said. “Akiko’s daughter.”
“Yes, you know that already.” she said, “Why are you here in this room?”
“Well, my dear Tomoki, we have been called upon by the Faction higher-ups including your former partner – a miss Loyuka Zaki – to act on this situation and there was a lot of injuries and casualties during this attack.”
He shows them the news footage of the Faction being attacked and mobs showing up with guns trying to kill them.
“How sad that an authority force as big as the Faction gets their ass handed to them this bad?” Alon said, “And knowing how they have faced bigger embarrassments in their lifetime…. especially some years ago with–”
“Oh, you can kiss my ass with that shit!” Tomoki said.

“Oh what?” he said, “Too ashamed to talk about you betraying your own kind and facility and all because you wouldn’t want to part with your wolf fuck buddy right there?”
“YOU SON OF A–” Cassie went to hold her back.
“Whoa, whoa, now.” he said, “There’s no need for violence, especially after today.”
“What do you want from us?” Tomoki shouted.
“Nothing from you but know that things around the Faction are going to change and possibly around the Society.” Alon said. “Things might get a lot stricter and tighter and less crime-ridden.”
“Uh…….before this happened, crime has been down recently.” Joanna said, “Yes, I know that always isn’t going to happen but–”
“Look, Ms…”
“Yubari.” Joanna said.
“MIss Yubari, a few weeks of no big crimes isn’t enough to not make any changes and my team will be the one along with another group will make the Society a better place to live.” he said. “And that also means we need to put control into these people, only Hybrid-beings like your friend there.” As he’s pointing to MAK.
“Excuse me?” MAK said, feeling offended. “Why you assume Hybrid-beings?”
“Well, every time I hear something about the Faction, it always involves the likes of either you or that gang you’re always hanging out with…The Darksiders. Oh, and there’s the Grand H War and the Birdbrains and that attack at Kala.”

“OK…..” MAK said, “First of all, most of those things were caused by either regular-ass humans and they have either try to kill other hybrids and humans and two, motherfucker, I was kidnapped at Kala so that wasn’t my fault.”
“But your father is very involved in there.”
“And what? Now he’s gone and I’ve been living my life peacefully ever since.” MAK said, “So I don’t need some stuck-up head-in-ass authority figure to shit on me!”
“I see you got offended there.” Alon said.
“More like annoyed….at you.” MAK snarked back but Kai intervened.
“MAK, MAK, MAK! Look, look, you don’t need to deal with this guy. He’s trying to get a rise out of you.”
“MAK…” Tomoki said, “I dealt with this guy before and I can say is that he’s all talk and full of shit.”
“And it’s nice you got your cheerleaders on your side.” Alon insulted the rest of them.
“Cheerleaders!?” Kai, Sheena, Joanna, Tomoki and Cassie shouted.
“What? Am I lying?” he said, “Whenever I hear of you and this guy here, your girlfriends are always there. It’s like you 6 got some pact or something…”
“It’s not a pact.” Sheena said, “We’re good and close friends and if you don’t move your ass…” As she pushed him out of the way to see how Cyan is doing.

Cyan is still in bedrest.
“Guys….” Cyan said, “You’re here…although I wish it was at a better time and not like this.”
Kai ran up to her and hugged her.
“Oh, my god. I’m just glad you’re alive!” she said, “What the hell happened back there?”
“Kai, I don’t think we want to overexert her from that experience.” MAK said, “But, yeah, we’re glad this didn’t turn fatal.”
“Except for a moment there, I thought it was.” Cyan said, “And especially me after turning 30 yesterday…..that’s just a bitch.”
“Look, Cyan….I’m gonna came here every day until you get released.” Kai said.
“And we’re going to find out the people responsible for this!” Gina said, “No one does this to our people and gets away with it!”
“We already got people looking into it!” Seiki said, “We’re not close yet but we’re determined to get those fucks.”
“Uh, guys……I do know who stab me or at least I got the description of that person.” Cyan said.
Everyone gasps.

“But the thing is….MAK and Kai, you have encountered this person before.”
“HUH!?” MAK and Kai shouted.
“So you are involved in this?” Alon quickly questioned.
“YOU DON’T KNOW THAT!” Tomoki said.
“She said that they encounted this person before!!” he said, “So he is the cause of all this!”
“Will you shut your ass up!!” MAK screamed at Alon, “And if they want to come at me, why they didn’t just pull up to me instead of doing this shit!? It shows how much of a bitch they are!!”

“They told me to tell you that you and your friends are not safe for long.” Cyan said, “And that was before I got stabbed.”
“Not safe, huh?” MAK said, “All right then…. well, they aren’t going to be safe as well. I’m def–”
“I don’t think so!!” Then more members of the PPP came in. “Marco Antonio Kiritsnagi II, The Panda Pride Parlay forbids you for interfering with this case!”
“And that goes for the rest of you!!” As Alon points out Tomoki and Cassie. “We are taking over for the Faction in this area and we are keeping tabs on every member to ensure of their safety and to make sure they don’t do anything stupid to get them killed!”
“TABS!?” Joanna said, “Meaning?”
“You will be kept under surveillance by all of us and if you somehow got a secret involving this case, we will have your ass on the spot!!! End of discussion!”

The PPP then ordered them to vacate the premises as visiting hours are over.
Outside the hospital, Talli Digga is lurking around, waiting for someone.
“Digga…” Someone surprised her as she got her gun out. “WHOA! WHOA! WHOA! It’s me, it’s me!!” It was Alon coming to her.
“Good thing you didn’t kill the girl.” Alon said, “You almost drained her life away.”
“I probably would have done it, too.” she said, “They know about me yet?”
“Not yet.” Alon said, “She did give out a hint to them, mainly MAK and the girl.”
“So far, so good.” Talli said, “And hearing that the Darksiders are getting fucked up from my girls, this looks like to be a good night for me.”
“We shall see something in the news tomorrow morning.” Alon said.



MAK was muttering angrily on the way home about what happened. “Punk ass panda-ass bitch motherfucker. That high and mighty stick in the asshole son of a –”
“MAK!” Kai said, “Are you alright?”
“I’m good. I’m good.” He calmly said or at least tries to be calm.
“You sure about that?” Joanna said, “You seem pissed after that encounter with Mr. Flowne.”
“I don’t blame MAK for that.” Tomoki said, “Alon is an infuriating asshole who has a superiority complex and acts like he’s so above us. Plus, keeping tabs on us!?”
“I really hope they aren’t watching us at the house.” Cassie said, “Considering the shit we do there and I mean, all of us.”
“I guess that also means I’m off work more days than before.” Joanna said, “But it’s not the way I wanted it to be.”
“I just hope the PPP can keep Cyan safe.” Kai said, “They better guard her with their lives!”
“I hope so, too, baby.” MAK said, “You know what? I need to drown out this stress with some music. Might as well try out the radio.”
However, as soon as MAK turns on the radio, a sudden breaking news alert happened.
“BREAKING NEWS!!!! The leader of the illustrious Darksiders gang has been arrested.”
“WHAT!?!?” All of them said.
“What the fuck happened!” MAK said.
“At 5:17 pm, it is been noted that Lexington Jaga, the leader of the gang Darksiders has been arrested after a local brawl versus the local gangs. Jaga has been sentenced to 15 years in The Society Max.Sec Prison. Many gangs from the Windsor Whippas to the Cucamonga Cracker Killas have been left for dead, including some of the Darksiders with 3 of them declared dead being Magnum Kita, Cameron Lopatin and Aron Ridge. The other members have either left the town and some are begun pursuing them. If you have any info on the Darksiders, please give us a call.”
“They’re—-they’re—-gone?” Sheena said.

As they got into the door, the phone rings and it’s Kati.
“GUYS, YOU HEARD!?” Kati shouted.
“About the Darksiders?” Kai said.
“YEAH!! OH MY GOD! I just can’t believe Aron, Magnum and Cameron are dead! And the rest are gone! We don’t know where the hell they are!”
MAK got the phone. “Same here! The last time I spoke to Lex was about 2 weeks ago. We definitely didn’t know about this shit!”
“Oh no….” Joanna said, “And knowing that Sayuri is with them, I know Jiro and Sei are having panic attacks over this!”
“Damn…” Kati said, “First, Cyan gets injured, the Faction gets fucked and now this. How is this going to get worse?”
“Please don’t answer that.” MAK referring to all of them.
“All I know is that with those Panda Pride Parlay people in charge, we have a lot to worry about.” Kati said, “They aren’t exactly a free-spirited group.”

“She’s right.” Tomoki said, “The Panda Pride Parlay is one of the strictest tribes of the Society. You think the Wolf Clan Genesis got fucked-up rules? We can’t be in inter-species relationships or marriages, they have harsh as hell punishments from prison, live execution or whipping and they make you choose that shit!”
“WHIPPING!?” MAK said, “What type of 1800s shit is that? Are they that fucked up?”
“Me and my mom left there for a reason!” Tomoki said, “And now they are here and they’re going to make things worse for us!! Back there was a preview of what’s coming. We are fucked, man. Fucked.”


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