Kakurega/AURA FACTION: PANDORA’s Game – The PLATINUM Writer’s Cut

WARNING: The following written material that you’re about to read may contain acts of violence, graphic language, and sexual content. This is meant only for MATURE AUDIENCES. Reader Discretion is advised.


There’s a car approaching one of the Goods’ exchange downtown Hybrid Society and they kept themselves hidden in the dark. “OK, we need to wait until those guys pull it out and then we get our prize.”

“Can they pull this off?” he asked. “Oh, they better make it work. I’m paying those guys a lot of money to do this.”

Three guards (One for every position being front, back and side positions) are watching out for any trouble coming their way. All of a sudden, a large Cadillac truck was going ridiculously fast that it just looked like another crazy guy speeding in an empty road but as soon as they got nearer, they pulled out their guns and start shooting at the doors as they crashed into the building.

One of the guards tried to contact the police but he ended up being shot by one of the robbers. “HEY!!!” the main leader said, “That lady said ‘don’t shoot unless it’s necessary.”
“It was!! He was calling the cops!” All 8 guys stormed the place, breaking every case and stealing whatever’s in the exchange and shoot whoever’s in the way. Another guard in the back tried to run for help but he was also shot as well. The leader went up to the top of the building in this secluded area where they kept one hidden artifact in there and that’s what they were searching for. As he went to grab it, one guard tried to apprehend him but as he attempted it, one robber knocked him out cold with a pistol and dragged him out of here by window.

“GOT IT! Let’s amscray!!” They immediately disperse out of there in time before anyone could report or identify them. He later went to his buyer and deliver the good to her. “All right, all right. You boys did a bang-up job in there! As promised….” She hands them $400,000 in a suitcase and went on their separate ways.

Later, the cops and the Faction were investigating the robbery at the Exchange. “Damn it. Another robbery here?” And that was the words of Jin Matsuda on the scene with brother Jiro and rookie starter Leon Garett. “Looks like the third one this week. I feel bad for the dead guards. Their families must be stressed out like I don’t know what.” Jiro said.
“What is exactly in there that they would want to steal that took those guys 3 times to do it?” Leon asked. “Nothing can be that valuable in there, right?”

“Leon, you know what Blue Leaf is?” Jin asked him. “Yeah.” Leon said, “Why you asked?”

Jin went to go on and explained, “They have been developing it to be higher, more potent than it already is and there are Hybrid beings in the city that want that power in their hands and are dumb enough to get it by any means necessary.”

“So just some Blue Leaf fiends after this stuff?” Leon asked. “Not exactly.” Jiro said. “I think they were humans that robbed the exchange. Someone must’ve paid them to do it for cash. There’s a higher order of this and we got to find out who did it. Every Hybrid being may be in danger if this stuff gets leaked.”


Elsewhere in the city, there goes MAK2.0 aka the Blue Hybrid hopping and jumping around buildings. He mainly does this to clear his mind and also does it as something to help him write his reviews and editorials, like an exercise for both his body and mind. As he was doing that, he got a call from someone.

“Hey MAK!” And it was from his best friend/girlfriend Kai Barrett. “Hey sweetie! I’m just getting back from the store and I got you that ice cream you wanted.”
“Ooohh….all right! When can I expect you back home?” she said. “Oh, it might be a while.” He jokingly said as it looks like he was close to home. “A while? But we’re not that far from the store. I can just walk here and back within 5 minutes.” Then she heard a knock on the door. “Is there somebody in the aisle slowing you down or something?” She opens the door and finds out it was MAK joking around with her. “Oh no, no problems like that.”
“You silly blue man.” She chuckled and gave him a kiss.Pandora's Game 2

“So……how’s that job search been going today?” Kai said. “Hopefully some good news.” MAK sighed in a doubtful way. “Hope is the right word, which I don’t have at this point. It’s either ‘We have no positions for you at this time’ or ‘we’re not hiring right now. Check back a few months later’ and I still get that message from them and most of time, they hire someone else and I’m left jobless and more in a financial funk than usual.”

“Well, it’s not that easy to get a job.” Kai said, “I had to apply to Mr. Tso’s Palace 3 times before they consider to hire me.”

“I applied there 4 times and they still didn’t accept me!!” he shouted. “I guess they liked you more than they did me.”
“OK then, then how about working at The Turner Express? Kati & Yuan are sure to hire you.”

“Hmmm…..I haven’t thought about it. I mean, I like Kati and Yuan as good friends but them being my bosses? I don’t know. I guess I’ll talk to them tomorrow about it.” MAK said, “Maybe they’ll understand my situation.”

“Good. Who knows? Maybe they might consider you.” Kai said. “Now with that settled….” She leaned onto him and started kissing him as usual. “Well, you know how to cheer somebody up.” He said. “Just shut up and start making out with me.” Kai said and that’s what MAK did after that. While that is happening, we see some shadowy silhouettes from the window, spying on the two and their activity. “I see those two definitely grew up as adults.”

“Yeah, especially Kai. She has definitely developed to be fine as hell.” As the guy eagerly said in a horny voice. “Shhh. Patience, young one. You’ll get your chance soon enough.” As she said, “We just need to examine them a bit more.”

Tomorrow afternoon came and went as Mr. Tso’s Palace was packed today as it was half-priced fried rice day. “GIMME SOME OF THAT FRIED RICE AND ORANGE CHICKEN!!” one customer said as many people were clamoring for that. “Holy shit, this place is packed!” Mr. Tso said, “I should do this more often.”

“I really hope not.” Kai thought. “My feet are killing me, my ass hurt, and if I hear, ‘Oh, you black or Chinese’ again, I swear I’ll choke somebody with blind rage.”

“Hey, Kai!”
“Yes, Mr. Tso?” she answered back. “I need you to get more rice and our Special Tso sauce from the fridge. People are hungry as hell out there!!”

“Yes, sir.” As she went to the fridge in the other room. “Man, I really hope we’re getting extra for this. I’m barely making ends meet for myself and MAK.” But then she heard a noise from the outside door and wondered if someone snuck in there. “What the…OK, if you’re trying to scare me, it didn’t work and you suck as frightening people.”

“I wouldn’t be so sure of that.” As one person said as she turned around and has this scared look on her face and she starts to hyperventilate and panic in small gasps. “Why, hello, little Kai. Remember me?”
“What are you doing here!!!” she said holding a knife. “I thought I was rid of you and—“
“Oh, silly girl, you know that you can never…I repeat, never get rid of us that easily.” Then he grabbed the knife from her, threw it on the ground and spoken with this, “The Miss will be delighted to know you’re still around.”

“Fuck her and fuck you, you slimy bastard!” She shouted, “She will never know about me being alive and neither will you once you—“ But then he grabbed her and aimed a sharp knife at her jugular. “She already knows about you living in bliss with your oh, so wonderful boyfriend of yours. Well….you better enjoy that lifestyle for now because soon, we will take you by force and we could kill him while we’re at it.” “HELP!!!” As she screamed throughout the kitchen.

“KAI!!” Mr. Tso bellowed as he went in there and saw what was going on. “What is taking so…WHAT THE HELL!!! YOU!!” The guy immediately throws Kai to the ground as he escaped. Mr. Tso tried to chase him with a hatchet but he was already gone by the time he got it. “Kai, Kai! Who was that guy?!? Did he try to rob us or something?” Soon, every employee came in there to see what was wrong with Kai and she was crying on the ground, saying, “Please call the police. PLEASE!!”, as she was too shaken and distraught to say anything else.

Minutes later, they did send someone to report the crime and talk to Kai about it. However, while they were looking for clues, they did see that the fingerprints has some Hybrid residue on them meaning that someone was a Hybrid or has been associated with one and anything Hybrid-related goes to the Faction. When the news of this went to them and they said that Kai was the victim, they straightaway went down there.

It was Cyan (her sister), Seiki, Tomoki and Cassie that came down there. “Holy fuck, Kai! KAI!” She knew that somehow they were going to come down there and Cyan being the first to hug and comfort her and say, “Kai, are you all right? I heard it all from the bulletin. Thank God you’re safe.”

“Yeah…” As Kai said without any emotion. “I’m fine for now……”

“No, she meant that you are safe and will be safe.” Seiki said, “This guy is not going to get away from us.”

“Wait a minute, where’s MAK?” Tomoki said. “He should’ve been here before us.”
“I haven’t told him about it. He’s been out of the loop all afternoon and looking for employment.” Kai said, “And I’m not gonna tell him about this.”
“WHAT THE—“ Cassie said, “Kai, you’re gonna have to tell him about this!! Who knows if that guy is gonna appear again in here?”

“He won’t.” Kai said, “If MAK gets involved with that guy and something happens to him, I— No, he is not going to find out about this.” But then Cyan walked her out of the open to talk to her in the bathroom about this. “Kai, why are you being secretive about this? The girls and I are trying to make sure that you are safe and—“
“Cyan, she’s back.” Kai said. “Wait, she? What do you mean ‘she’? What in the—Oh, no. You mean—“ Kai nodded her head. “Oh, fuck.” As Cyan now gets the realization of why Kai is acting like this. “But I thought we were through with her after that—“
“……I thought so, too.” Kai said in a whisper. “She had to send that guy to tell me of her. Why him of all people?”


In other parts of the city, MAK was talking to Yuan and Kati about any positions available at The Turner Express. “Well, MAK, I know you’ve been looking for work and you just writing reviews isn’t exactly going to pay the bills itself.” As Yuan was saying to him, “But do you really want a job that mostly serving and cleaning up after a bunch of drunks?”

“What? I can serve people drinks and all that.” MAK said, “I fixed Kati that Lullaby Cocktail that one time and she liked it.”

“Didn’t you put too much Hpnotiq in that?” Yuan asked. “Only thing I know is I actually did enjoyed it.” Kati said, “And MAK, we can teach you how to make our specialty drinks for the customers. It’ll be a cool gig for you until you find something better.”

“So you might consider me?” He asked. “Hopefully. If things go well than yeah.” Kati said.

“AH-HA! Nice!” But then his phone rang and saw that it was Tomoki on the phone. “Oh, hello, Tomoki. Yeah, I’ve been looking for work, what up?” And then that smile turn into a very devastated look. “What? Oh my god!” He suddenly hung up the phone and quickly had to go. “MAK, what happened? What’s wrong?” As Kati said but he was already gone.


Tomoki, Cassie and Seiki told MAK all about what happened at Mr. Tso’s and how Kai had been harassed and threatened by someone. By the time he’d seen her, she still felt devastated and tightly grabbed on to him and after they explained the whole thing to him, MAK’s reaction to that was straight up furious and frightening. “I’m gonna kill him…….I’m gonna kill HIM……. I AM GOING TO KILL HIM.” He kept silently saying that to himself as that rage continues to flow inside him. “I really should’ve been there sooner. Goddamn it, I could kick my own ass right now.”

“MAK, you’re acting like you’re the cause of this.” Seiki said, “We’re going to keep Kai safe while he find this guy and bring him to justice.”
“This is just……so…..Oi.” He couldn’t bring himself to complete his thoughts out loud. “And no one knows who he is? No one saw him escaped or anything?” Cassie then said, “Well, the only one who had a good visual on him was Kai. But we can’t ask her about it. She’ll become more of a wreck if we asked her about it.”
“Did at least Mr. Tso see him?” MAK asked her. “HE couldn’t make up a good visual on him either.” Cassie said, “MAK, I think what you need to do is just comfort Kai right about now. She really needs it from you especially.”
“Did Cyan said anything about this?” MAK said. Seiki added in on this and said, “Oddly enough, after Cyan and Kai got through talking in the bathroom, she started to act a bit suspicious, too. Like they both know who that guy was.”

In the streets, we see that same guy heading to an alley way to meet his boss. “Fool, did you really had to warn her of us?”
“Miss, I’m sorry, but I think I really spooked her today.” He said. “I kinda wanted it to do it myself but I can’t say you did a bad job. I’m actually impressed.” The sirens were becoming closer as they had to disappear out of the spotlight. “I hope those fools we hired don’t do any stupid shit later on tonight.”

After a while, MAK and Kai were in the bedroom as they were about to go to sleep but Kai had something to say to him. “MAK……” He paused and said, “Yes, Kai?”

“I overheard you saying that you wanted to kill that guy as soon as you get your hands on him.” And then she got on his side of the room and said, “I know you said that because you got furious but I’m begging you, I don’t want you to pursue him.”
“What?” he sounded shocked. “Are you serious?”
“Yes, I AM!” Kai shouted. “Let the police and the Faction handle this!!” But then MAK got a bit frustrated at that and said, “This guy could be fucking up somebody else’s life right now and you want me to not do shit!!?” However, Kai wasn’t going to take that lightly. “I’m saying I don’t want you to do this because I DON’T WANT YOU TO GET YOURSELF KILLED OVER THIS!!”
“You mean getting killed protecting the one I love?” MAK shouted. “It means nothing if you end up losing yourself in the process!!” Kai screamed at him. “PLEASE, MAK, I’m begging you here!! I already lost you once before and I don’t want to go through that again!! I know you don’t want to, either. I just want us to have a well-adjusted life. That’s it. Nothing more.” MAK remained silent at that but then Kai stared at him in his eyes and said, “Please, MAK, could you do that for me?” Her staring at his eyes was getting to MAK. “OK, Kai-Kai. I promise I won’t do anything rash from here on out.”
“Thank you, MAKky.” She said with a kiss on the forehead as both of them went to sleep, holding each other.


It was around 1:30 in the morning. The Turner Express was closing up early due to business going a bit slow tonight. As that happened, a bunch of guys rolling in the same car as the night the Exchange was robbed was scoping out the place to see if there was anything to loot there.
“YO! YO!! You think they got something for us in there?” one guy said.
“Oh, I think they got what we want.” the leader said.
Soon they used a trash can to smash the glass to break in the bar and they were not subtle about breaking in there at all. Noises were made, curses were shouted and most of them even got to most of the booze in there. However, Kati came down there as she heard the noises and said, “WHO IN THE HELL ARE YOU ASSHOLES?!”

“Oh SHIT!!!” As one guy said trying to aim his gun at her. He shoots but he misses and then Kati got out her gun and said, “You son of a bitch!!” She went to shoot most of them to scare them off but one of them kept shooting back until they hit her in the shoulder. She screams as she was hit. “AAHHH!! Ah! Oh, shit!!” The goons made their way out with what they got and quickly made an amscray out of there.

“Kati?” As Yuan shouted upstairs as he went down there and sees her wounded down on the floor. “KATI!!”
“Call an ambulance, Yuan” she said, feeling like she was about to pass out.


Late into the night, MAK received a call. “Hello?”
“MAK, its Yuan.”
“Yuan, its 3 A.M in the morning. Why are you calling me?” MAK sounded tired. “I’m in the hospital.” He said. MAK took a pause at that and said, “Hospital?”
“Yeah….the bar’s been robbed. They took everything from the money and the booze and they tried to shoot at us.”
“Oh shit, man. You OK?” MAK asked. “I’m fine but Kati got shot.” Yuan said grimly. “THE FUCK!!” MAK screamed. “Oh no, is she—“
“No, MAK, she’s still alive. She got shot in the shoulder. She was shooting back at them but they escaped with the money.”
“I’m on my way there.” MAK said as he hung up the phone. “MAK, what’s wrong? What’s going on with Kati & Yuan?” As Kai asked her as she was awaken by MAK. “They were robbed and Kati’s been shot.”
“Oh my god! Is she alright?” as she felt concerned for them.
Later on, MAK and Kai went to the hospital to meet up with Yuan and a few friends and see how Kati’s doing but Kai is still feeling a bit sleepy. “Hey, MAK, Kai.” Yuan said.

“Hey, Yuan-Yuan.” Kai said while yawning, hugging him. “Is Kati doing all right?”
“Oh, she’s going to be OK. She got that bullet removed for her shoulder and now resting up in here.”
“Well, *yawns* the important thing here is that Kati’s still alive and…*yawns*…I’m sorry. I’m just so sleepy and my day has been as bad as yours.”

“Oh yeah, MAK did eventually told me about what happened to you at your job and damn, I hope they catch that guy soon.” Yuan said, “Be thankful you got people like your boyfriend and older sister to protect you.”

So all of them along with friends Joel, Shade & Mango went to her room to see how she’s recuperating. “Hey, Kati! You feeling all right?” Joel said. “Yeah, Cob, I think the bullet pain magically hired on its own.” Kati sarcastically said. “But doesn’t your Hybrid powers help you heal them faster?” Shade asked.

“They’re not that fully developed yet. I only got them for a year now and I barely got into an incident until this year.” She said as then MAK and Kai showed up at the door. “MAKky! Kai-Kai! You came!” The rest of them said their hellos to them, too. “Hey, Kati. I know you been asked this too many times but are you doing alright?” MAK asked. “Oh, no worries. It’s good to know you care enough to ask that.” She said, “I just wish I caught or shot one of those guys before they escaped.”
“You didn’t get a good look at them?” Mango asked. “It was dark as shit!” She said, “They just bum rush the fuck out of us and they kept their faces hidden at all times! And the worst part is that with the booze and money gone, we can’t afford to be open today or hire any more people. Which means that, MAK, I don’t think we can afford to hire you as of right now. I know how bad you’re looking for a job right now and we would’ve hired you not just because we’re good friends but I know you’re a very hard worker.”

MAK sighed at the stress of this whole ordeal happening. “I understand. At least you got concrete reasons why instead of just not telling me.”

“Yeah, that makes it two stressful things that happened today.” MAK said. “Two?” Kati asked. Then Kai spoke up about her bad day despite being tired, “Someone tried to attack and harass me at work today and it just really got me anxious and afraid of what’s going to happen next.”

“Oh, damn!! That’s right. Yuan was just telling me about that.” Kati said, “Jesus Christ, I guess we both been through some bad days.”

“Yeah……I actually kind of want to put it behind me.” Kai said, “But I know this isn’t going to happen anytime soon. “

“Kai, I’m sure that sooner or later somebody’s going to put that guy in jail where he belongs.” Shade said. “You are in safe hands with a lot of people.”
“Especially MAK.” Mango said, “Because I know he told me all about how he thrashed those two guys that were after you in Parish Heights.”
“Kati and Kai, all I can hope for at this point is for you to stay safe and sound and anybody who tries to fuck with you can go fuck themselves. I just really hate it when my friends had shitty things happen to them.”
“Thanks, Joel.” Kai said, “I appreciate the thought of that. I hope with MAK he doesn’t take it too extreme.”


In the hall as MAK was going to get something from a vending machine, he spots Yuan talking with Leon about if them being robbed has any connection with the recent Goods’ Exchange robberies that happened not too long ago. MAK had to keep himself hidden out of that conversation although Leon did eventually spot him down an inch away. “MAK?” As Yuan suspected.

“Wait, you know this guy?” Leon said. “Yes, I know him. We’re friends and a customer to the Express.” Yuan said.

“I see you met Officer Garret over here.” MAK said in a snarky tone. “Come on, are you still pissed off because of us busting you that one time?” Leon said. “You mean that time, y’all put me in a coma after I got assaulted in there?” MAK said. “Yeah, you can say that. I’m not hold a grudge against you but it’s still some fucked up shit.”
“Anyway, Mr. MacKiel, we checked the fingerprints and data at the bar and it has the same DNA code as the people who robbed the Exchange this week. We think there might be a connection with that.”

“So they were Hybrids?” Yuan asked.

“That might the case but we will call you if something happens.” Leon said. “And also we will give you our word about solving this. Until then, here’s my number, Mr. MacKiel. I hope we’ll meet again. MAK.”

“Leon.” As they said their parting words.

Yuan then attempted to question him, “So how do you kno—“
“He is Kai’s sister partner as far as I know. At least one of her partners.” MAK said. “Anyway, Yuan, listen, I’m just going to say this but if I see one of those guys that robbed you and shot Kati, I swear, man, I will end their fucking lives like that.”

“MAK, why are you saying this to me, man?” Yuan said, “You know me and Kati wouldn’t want you to be in danger. I know for you, hearing about this and with what happened to Kai has you worried but doing that is going to make it worse. It could come and bite you back in the ass. I don’t know what else to say to you but the best thing to do for now is stay safe and look after your loved ones.”

“I don’t know, man.” MAK said to him, “Yes, I will keep Kai safe but who knows what else could happen in the span from now to like what, 2 days from now?”

“Anything could happen, man.” Yuan said.


So for the rest of the day, MAK and Kai has been cooped up in their apartment all day long mostly due to Kai having time off from the incident and MAK having nothing to do as usual. All they did throughout the day as either play videogames, watch some anime and/or Netflix, had sex (multiple times in between watching anime and playing videogames), ate and lay on each other all day long. Basically the rinse and repeat within the span of half the day.

“WOW….I never imagine being tired from not doing shit all day.” Kai said. “I wouldn’t say we didn’t do shit.” MAK said in a muffled voice as his face is buried deep in Kai’s belly. “And yet you’re resting on my belly.” Kai said. “I like resting on your belly.” MAK said, “Your belly is a safe haven and it’s a beautiful thing that should never be ignored.”

“Of course you do.” As she rubs his head. “But how about I try to rest on your belly, then?” Then she starts to kiss and lay on his belly. “Now, your belly……it is also a safe haven, a cuddling haven and a beautiful thing that shouldn’t be ignored as well and I definitely want to do more with it than just that.” As the two of them got into the mood for sex and were going at it again, they were hearing some odd noises coming from outside and someone making some loud noises coming up the stairs.

“What was that?” Kai said. “I don’t know.” MAK said. The two of them looked confused and a bit panicky from that noise.

Outside, there are a bunch of guys just lining up outside of MAK and Kai’s apartment and the first thing out of them do is bring out the shotgun and blew the front door away. The two of them got out of the way fast as soon as they heard that blast. They came storming in guns a blazing looking for those two. “I heard the Blue Hybrid and his little Asian delight lives here. That lady and her creepy-ass assistant better gave us the right address.” As one guy cocked his gun and signaled the team to search thoroughly for him. ”Remember, we shoot him but we don’t kill him.”

One person was in the kitchen yet Kai was hiding in one of the closets and they were getting mighty close to her. Kai was holding a knife in case they tried something with her. “Please don’t open the door! Please don’t open the door!” As that thought of her was racing inside her head and we see that the guy was about to head somewhere else, she sighed of relief……..until someone else opens the door and tries to grab her but she stabs one in his hand and makes a run for it.

Another one grabs his gun to try and shot her, but MAK got a shotgun and blast one of them right away. “KAI!!” He screamed and shot another guy behind her. “Here!!” He tossed her two handguns. “Wait, when did we had these?” She screamed. “They were here before.” He shouted.

“GRAB THEM!!!” As a bunch of guys were coming in and out the building and the two of them had to think of some plans to get rid of them. One guy came behind MAK and try to choke him but MAK phased out of his sight and starting to kick the guy’s face in and head-butted him. Another guy knocked him with a pistol and tries to shoot him but Kai grabbed some air spray and a lighter, making it her own flamethrower, burning the guy.

MAK got up after that blow and then shot the burnt guy. “Next time, choose a better gun to hit me with.” And then after that, someone did hit him with a shotgun and he went right out. “MAK!!!” Then somebody behind Kai got a hold of her and said, “I guess your boyfriend didn’t learn from that, didn’t he?” Soon, Kai knew that voice from anywhere and as she turn around to see who it was, her next expression was full of shock and horror. “Remember me, Little Kai-Kai?” As one woman said to him. “P-P-Pa—Pan—-Pandora.” She silently said. “That’s right, baby. I’m back and live in stereo and as for you….” She grabbed Kai and use a rag with chloroform to drug her. She did struggle to get away from her but it turns out her assistant is there with her. “I told you I’ll be back, Kai!” She gasped as she tries to run from him but soon Pandora grabbed her while Kai kept screaming for help but they eventually used the chloroform on her and went to sleep.


An hour later, MAK was starting to wake up from the head-butt and he was feeling groggy and disoriented with only boxers, a shirt, and a black eye. “Hmmm….about time you woke up, Mr. MAK2.0.”
“What the he—WHO SAID THAT?” He shouted. “Oh, I did.” As Pandora came from the shadows and introduced herself to them, “I’m known as Agent Pandora. I’m a hybrid being just like any other one, except more of an advanced one. Also not really an agent, just liked the title of it.”

“Where am I? What the hell happened?” MAK said.

“You mean that my men ambushed you and your lady in your own home?” Pandora said. “Yeah, that’s what happened to you.”

“Wait a minute….where—“
“OH…Where’s Kai at, you ask?” She said, “She’s busy getting re-acquainted with an old friend. I’ll bring them out right away.” And so, they was Kai tied to a rolling chair with her mouth taped and Pandora’s assistant rolling Kai in. “Oh yes, meet my assistant Shin Endo.”

“Hello, Miss Pandora.” Shin said in his raspy yet nasally voice. He ripped out the tape out of Kai’s mouth. “AAHHH!!! You fuckin’ bastard!!”
“Oh, come on, baby Kai.” Pandora said, “You didn’t say that shit back in the day now, didn’t you?”
“FUCK YOU, PANDORA!!” Kai shouted, “I didn’t know what I was thinking back then. Now I recognize what you really are and I want nothing to do with you!!”
“Blah blah blah. That’s what I’m hearing from you and those other girls that thought they were gonna leave me. Too bad most of them are still here, getting passed around like a joint.” Shin said. “Like I said, we will take you by FORCE!”

“I got a feeling that….you’re the guy that harassed Kai in Mr. Tso’s? Aren’t you?” MAK asked. “Well, you can say guilty as charged.” As Shin laughs at his face. “But yes, I and Miss Pandora tracked you and Kai down ever since Parish Heights where you beat the shit out of the Cain Brothers.”

“And to lure my attention, you show up to my lady’s job and—“
“We gave her the message!!” Pandora said, “And here you are.”
“Oh yeah, there’s also our guys that trash and robbed that bar yesterday. Although I don’t think we told them to do that.”


MAK struggled to get up from the ground and went to charge at both Pandora and Shin. “You sons of bitches!!!” We went to get the first punch at Pandora but just as he was close, she evaded that move in the last millisecond and hit a nerve on MAK that made him unable to hit her. “What the—Holy shit, what the hell happened to my hand?”

He went for his other hand but she ended up crippling that, too. “Oh, fuck.”

“My turn.” As Pandora said as she grabbed MAK, threw him against the wall and knock him down on his ass. He tried to use other means by beating her ass but he was rendered useless without his hands and he would try to use his legs but she reminded him, “Do you really want to be a quadriplegic? THEN PUT YOUR FUCKING LEGS DOWN!!”

“Be lucky my attacks on your arms and hands only lasts an hour or so.” Then she hits him again and stabs him in his kneecap. “AAHHHH!!!!” As MAK screamed in pain from that. “I don’t know why Kai chose a pathetic sack of dipshit like you. Can’t even last in a fucking fight.” Kai then got herself untied and went to MAK. “Oh, fuck, MAK! I need to get you out of here!”
“I think I can get…..us….out.” MAK got enough strength to phase him and Kai out of there quick. “Dammit, they escaped!” Shin said. “Worry about them later.” Pandora said. “We got them right where it hurts.”
“Also this new Blue Leaf is really working wonders today. I’m glad we grabbed that from the Exchange.” She said as she look into something at the sky. “I got a feeling MAK2.0 reminds me of a special someone I knew before.”


MAK transported himself and Kai in the middle of the city as they can’t go back home after that rampage and MAK was feeling a bit woozy. “MAK….MAK….sweetie…..you need to get to a hospital right now. You look a little faint.”

“No, No, No…I think I can….make it …” His words was beginning to slur and he’s about to fall down to the ground. “MAK!! No, we are getting help right now!!” Soon, she was going to have to drag MAK and try to get some help.

While that was happening, someone was driving on their way as they spot MAK and Kai in the road. They stopped and it turns out it was Lex and Aka that saw them. “What the hell? Kai?” Aka said. “Aka? Lex?” Kai shouted. “Hey, we need help!!”
They got out of the car and saw them in danger. “The fuck happened to MAK?” Lex questioned.
“It’s a long story.” Kai said, “But we really need to get him some help!! PLEASE!!”
“Kai, just calm down!!” Aka said, “We’ll get him into safety.”


Meanwhile, at the Faction offices……

“Hello?” It was Cassie on the phone. “Kai-Kai!! What happened to your place? I tried going there today but it looked like it was under construction there.”
“Cassie, I need you to listen to me carefully.” Kai said.
“Kai, what happened? Are you OK?” she asked her.
“I’m fine for now….but the reason why our place is trash is because we’ve been attacked.”
“Oh my god….” As Cass sound stunned.
“And worse of all, MAK’s been harmed in the process trying to get us out of there.” Kai said.

“Oh no, did MAK tried to find that guy?” Cassie asked.
“He didn’t. We didn’t do shit all day when that happened.” Kai said, “I just thought if we ignored it, we might go away.”

“Damn……where are you staying at right now?” Cassie questioned her.

“At a friend’s place. Let’s just leave it at that.” Kai said.
“Come on, Kai, you got to be more specific with that.” Cassie said to her. “Unless you think somebody is tracing this call and you don’t want to be found again by those same people.”

“It’s something like that.” she said to Cassie. “Cass, if anyone and by that I mean, Cyan, Seiki, Loyuka or Tomoki ask about us, tell them we are out of town and we are safe and sound.”

“OK, you have my word.” Cassie said. “And tell MAK to get better soon.”

“Gotcha.” Kai said.


7 Hours Later

MAK was all bandaged up and laying down, healing his injuries in The DarkSiders’ hideout. While at there, Kai explained the whole ordeal to everyone what happened in the past 48 hours.

“Oi, shit. That must be rough on the both of you.” Aka said hugging Kai. “I mean, damn. Don’t worry. Both of you can stay here as long as you like, hopefully somebody got the nerve to put a cap in that bitch’s head.”
“Yeah…somebody.” Lex said holding his gun. “Lex, I didn’t mean any of us though.” Aka said. “Wait, wait, why not?” Lex said. “We got enough people here to take them down.”

“You heard what Kai said about her and what they did to MAK back there.” Aka said, “We’re not going to risk ourselves in shit like that.” However, Nanashi was examining the bruises and cuts of MAK from that fight. “Well, if she manages to fuck up Blue Hybrid over there, who knows what she’ll do to us? Lex, she may have a point.”

“Nanashi, you saying this is probably the last thing I expected from you.” Lex said, “Especially you.”

But Nanashi counter Lex’s words with this, “Just because as much as I like to kick someone’s ass, shit like this could escalate into something that can easily blow up in our faces!”

“Aka and Nanashi get what I’m saying here.” Kai said, “It already gotten MAK hurt and I don’t want you to share the same fate as he did. I didn’t want any of this to happen in the first place. Goddamnit, I just want this shit to go away.”

Lex then said to her, “But they’re not just going to go away, Kai!! These people are going to keep fucking with you unless we fight back!!! They’re not gonna stop unless we get to them first.”

“Let the police or the Faction handle this, LEX!!” Aka said, “We’re not putting ourselves on the line….AGAIN!”


Later on, MAK woke up and sees Lex, Aron, Rolo, and Magnum coming up to him. “Dude, you feeling a bit better?” Rolo said. “Yeah, man.” Aron said, “We thought for a second that you could’ve died.” But Rolo smacked him on the back of his head. “Really, dude? Really?”
“Barely.” MAK said, “My arms are still hurting but at least the bleeding on my legs stopped.”

“We heard all about what happened with Kai, your friend who owns that bar and that attack on your home.” Magnum said, “I also heard about that woman and her creepy right-hand man that beat your ass.”

MAK got up with what strength he got left from that beating, “She’s responsible for making this the worst experience in my life. She went too far fucking with my home, but with my friends and my baby? Fuck that, I WANT REVENGE. I want to beat that bitch so bad, it hurts….and that’s in both ways.” As he continue to feel the pain in his arms.

“I totally get where you’re saying with this.” Lex said, “But it seems like no one wants you to do it.”
“I know.” MAK said, “From Kai to Yuan—“
“And Aka and Nanashi, too.” Lex continued from that. “Wait, Aka and Nanashi forbid me from this?!? Also, NANASHI of all people forbid me from this?!” MAK sighed from all this stress. “I tried doing their way and look what happened, we got attacked because we did nothing. I’m not taking that chance anymore. I’m gonna take down Pandora even if I got to do it myself.”

“Wait, wait, wait….I’m all for taking down Pandora.” Lex said, “But she did put you in his hospital bed.”

“Actually, to get to Pandora, I’m gonna attack more of her smaller forces to get to her. Starting with the people that robbed the Turner Express.” MAK said.

“All right, that’s smart thinking.” Magnum said. “But we are going with you.” Lex said. “Well, most of us, anyway. We just got to find a way to do this without alarming Kai, Aka and Nanashi.”
“We need someone to distract them from what we’re doing.” MAK said. “But who?”

The 5 of them quickly went to Devo.

“Wait, you want me to lie to Nanashi about us going to find this guys that rob that bar and attacked MAK’s home?” Devo questioned them. “And more importantly, why do you want me to lie to Nanashi to all people?”

“Come on, Devo.” Aron said, “Out of all of us, she’s the only one that doesn’t go all hard on you. Plus, if we tried to lie to her, she definitely know it’s a lie.”
“What about Rolo?” Devo asked, “She doesn’t get too rough with him about stuff.”
“Devo, listen…..I like Nanashi. She’s one of the best friends I got. Like she was my own sister…..and like my own sister, she scares the shit out of me! No offense.” Rolo said.

“Look, Devo…..” MAK said as he got close to him, “I’m not asking for a lot here, the only thing I want to say to Nanashi is that me, Lex, Aron, Rolo, and Magnum are going out of town for a while for pick up a bit of medical supplies for you know, my healing and shit. If she asks why we’re going out of town for it, tell her I said it is cheaper there and their shit actually works. You got all that?”

“You think they’ll believe that shit?” Magnum said.

MAK responded with, “Yes. Because in actuality, I do go there to pick up my dose of Blue Leaf. Thus, we have a clear alibi and we’re not really lying.”

“What about Aka and Kai?” Devo said. “Don’t worry about them.” MAK said, “I got Kai, Lex got Aka.”

And so, MAK, Lex and Devo went to their respective girlfriends and told them about “going out of town” for medical reasons. Now for MAK and Lex, telling them to Kai and Aka was the easiest but of course, Devo struggled a bit telling Nanashi.

“OK, so MAK needs his Blue Leaf over the next town?” Nanashi asked. “Why does he go all the way there just for some Blue Leaf?”
“He said that stuff is the only source of Blue Leaf that isn’t some watered down fake shit and he said that he does help him heal up more.” Nanashi is starting to doubt Devo’s word but she figured that she can trust him with this. “Well, if it means him getting better, then you got my permission.” She kissed Devo after that and hugged him. “Just try to get back here soon. OK?”
“Promise.” Devo said.


“AND WE DID IT!!!” As MAK said as they were on their way to get weapons for the job. “They bought our reasons!! Now we just got to find where they live at.”

“You think we’re gonna find them in time?” Devo said. “It is a big city and they can be anywhere.” However, Rolo is tracking every nook and cranny to see what and where they could be and Aron has connections that can lead them where they’re needed. “OK, I got someone on the phone about where she seen them.” Aron said. “She said that there were 15 guys in one of those apartment complexes. They got rid of everybody in there for them to hole up in. Matter of fact, I think I see her right now in the street corner.” They pull up to see who it is and they were a bit puzzled at who it was.

“Wait….don’t I know you from somewhere?” MAK asked. It recognize that it was actually Sayuri Matsuda in disguise. “Wait, you’re that Blue Hybrid guy people at the Faction told me about.”
“Aren’t you that little sister girl from the Faction?” MAK said, “The fuck you doing here?”
“I’m just doing a job here. Nothing more. Nothing less. Here is the address you’re looking for. You never saw me and I never saw you in here. Deal?”
“OK, shit. Deal.” As MAK shook hands with Sayuri. “Oh, and tell Kai I said ‘hey’ and…” she whispers to his ear, ‘Your friend Rolo is kinda cute.”
“Alright.” He gave her the money and they were on their way out. “So we’re safe from the Faction?” Rolo said. “She isn’t gonna snitch on us?”
“No, she’s not.” MAK said. “Also she said that you was cute, Rolo.”
“ROLO?!?” Aron said, “Him?”
“Hey, shut the fuck up!!” Rolo said, “At least somebody said it to me.”


It was getting near sunset and they were setting up when and how to attack them. “So…..Aron and Rolo will keep lookout for any unusual sightings. Devo will be the first to lead them out of the building and me, Lex and Magnum will handle the rest and I will personally execute every last one of them motherfuckers.”

Then another voice chime in on this, “You sure the rest of the girls won’t find out about this?”

Then MAK said, “Yes, I’m sure of tha—Wait, who was that?” Then he turned around and realize it was Murasaki and Nola. “SAKI!? NOLA?! The hell you doing here!!?” Lex said. Saki said to them, “What? We can’t venture off somewhere for alone time when Aka blocks—“ Then Nola cut her off at, “Um…never mind us. We heard about what you’re planning to do.” Nola said. “That and Aka told us about you getting your ass kicked earlier.”
“Oh FUCK!” MAK shouted. “We didn’t tell her about what you’re doing now.” Nola said, “But we do want in on this.”

“What?” Magnum, Saki and Lex said in unison. “Really?” MAK said, “You want in on this?”

“What?” Nola said, “You expect me and Saki to stand aside while you fools might end up getting killed? Especially what happened to you? Yeah, no. We’re going.” However, Saki had to talk to Nola aside about this. “Um…..Nola, baby, sweetie……why the hell you dragging me in this?” But she assured Saki that nothing’s going to happened to her. “Look, you’re just keeping lookout with Aron and Rolo while I help these guys out….and they can use a little touch of me in action, just not the same with you when I do it.”

“OK.” Saki said, “We can help them out but all of you!!! Please do not die!!! Or else Aka, Kai & Nanashi will kill me!”

“Done.” MAK said. “Now we need to reshuffle a few things….”


A few (or 30) minutes later

Nighttime falls as the guys were staking out the place, waiting to make their move. “Well, one of the guys ordered some takeout.” Rolo said, “We need to hijack that guy and take his place.”
“Can we see what they order first?” Magnum said. The others looked him with a WTF look. “What? I’m hungry. It’s been 5 hours since I ate. I kinda want some food right about now.”

They see the delivery food guy, heading towards the place and so Saki and Nola had to fake a fight in front of the guy. “YOU CHEATED ON ME, YOU FUCKIN’ BITCH!! I’LL MURDER YOU!!” As Saki screamed at her and slapped and choking Nola. “SAKI! THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?” Nola shouted. “I’m just playing the part.” Saki whispered. “I’m the jealous and ragey girlfriend and you’re the one that might get your ass kicked.”
“I already don’t like this plan.” Nola said. “Just play along, sweetie. MOVE BITCH!!”

“Excuse me. Excuse me, ladies! Is there a problem here?” The guy asked. “Actually, there is.” As MAK and the rest of the guys pointed their guns at them. “Listen, we’re not going to kill you. We just want to deliver that food to that guy and some other things. Here’s some money for your troubles. Now get the fuck on!”


“What the fuck, man? Where’s that fucking food?” One gang member said, “It’s been about 30 minutes. That shit better be free!!” There was a knock on the door. “Hello? DELIVERY, SENOR!!” Devo said in a bad Spanish accent. “We got your food hot and fresh!”

“And I thought you sucked at doing impressions.” MAK said to Lex. “Now you bring that up?” Lex said to him.

“Hey, if that food is hot and fresh as you say it is, I might pay your ass.” As the leader opened the door and walked up to Rolo and said, “OK, let’s see here. You got the enchiladas, the tacos, the fajitas, you got all the stuff in there…….wait a minute, man.”

Devo looked like he was about to go under pressure. Like his cover is about to be blown and from where Aron and Rolo are looking at it, it could be a botched mission.

“You forgot about the guacamole!! I love my guac!!” the leader said. “What happened to my guac, man?” The guys know that this might go down in a bad way so MAK swooped in and helped him out. “Excuse me, sir?” he said in a distinctive dad-like voice. “Did my co-worker forget to bring you your condiment? Funny thing, this keeps happening but it is his first week in here.”

“Yeah, your boy forget the guacamole.” One of them said. “Is he special or something?”

“Oh, no. The boy is just starting off his first gig but alas, we’re fresh out of guac, dear sir.” MAK said. “But I do have THIS GLOCK!!” Then out of nowhere, MAK just plain shoots the guy point blank in his chest and give Devo the 2 guns. “ROUNDABOUT NOW!!” As he shouted the secret word to the rest and they just went on a shooting spree.

“What the fuck! Who the fuck are you?” One of them shouted. “Never mind who the fuck I am. What I am is that nigga you definitely don’t want to fuck with!!” As MAK phased out of their bullets’ way and went to stab one of them in the neck and slit the other’s throat. Meanwhile, the others are busy holding their ground by shooting at them. “Magnum, on your six!” Lex shouted. “DEVO, your 2! NOLA, your 12! Aron, your 5! Rolo—“

“WILL YOU STOP SHOUTING OUT OUR NAMES AND RANDOM NUMBERS?!” Saki said. “Most of us aren’t even shooting people!!”

The fight continues with Magnum shoving a gun into a guy’s mouth, shooting the bullet into him and killing him instantly. Nola was getting overpowered by 5 guys with some blades but then Saki helped her by spraying mace on one of their faces and Nola grabbing their knives and stabbing them everywhere. “Say thank you.” Saki said. “And thankfully, your asses isn’t dead yet.”
“LOOK OUT!!” As one guy tried to grab Saki but pushed her out of the way and Nola shot the guy with a little pistol. “Where the hell you get that pistol?” Nola said. “Oh, this was here before this whole thing.” Saki said.

MAK continues to phase and fought throughout the room with him armed with a lot of knives as he kept stabbing and cutting dudes left and right but one eventually grabbed him and landed a punch to him and another guy threw him to a glass table while Lex is being choked, Magnum is getting knocked out left and right and Aron and Rolo are trying to stop the rest of them from getting into the van.

“Somebody hold down this big nigga!!”
“And if you think that’s bad, just wait until we get your bitch!!” That did make MAK more than angry. He head-butted one of them, grab a gun and started to shoot down one by one while the main leader ran for his life. “COME BACK HERE, NIGGA!!” As MAK screamed with blind fury and hatred as he aimed the gun at his legs and shot him right there. “You’re not so bad-ass now with your leg being shot, aren’t you, fucker?” He shoots him again in the exact same place and the leader is writhing with pain. “OWW!! Oh, fuck!! Oh, goddamn!!”

“You robbing motherfuckers everywhere like you’re some big shot dickhead, including robbing two good friends of mine, shooting one in her shoulder and you break into my home and assault me and my girl? No, fuck that!! Your ass isn’t worth a shit! And the same goes to that bitch Pandora and that cocksucker Shin!!” MAK angrily said, cocking a shotgun and aiming at his head, “I should fucking kill you for putting me into this shit!!” However, MAK put down the shotgun and then said to him, “Actually, I’m not gonna kill you by shotgun.”

Later, MAK took him outside and he kept punching and beating him until he was black and blue. Then he started kicking him and stomping him. MAK was on a blood-thirsty rampage at this guy that he couldn’t control himself, “Fucking…..*kick*…….Nigga!”

“MAK! MAK! MAK!” Lex said calming him down. “My damn, man. Calm down. I think he might be dead.”

“All right…all right.” MAK said, “I’m about done with this motherfucker anyway.”
“Hey, hey, man……..are you letting me go?” He asked him but MAK laughed at his face. “Now I should clarify here…I mean to say, I’m not going to kick your ass anymore.” He then pulls out a pistol. “I didn’t say anything about not killing you.”
“WAIT, WAIT, NO!!” Then MAK shoots him point blank in the head.

Later on, the rest of the gang was cleaning up the bodies and pick-pocketing any valuables from them and destroying any evidence and trails against them and as they were doing that, Saki stumbled upon something on the ground. “Wha? The hell is this?” She opens it and there is over $4,000,000 in a lot of duffel bags. “HOLY FUCK!! Look at this money!! Just look at this!!”

“Damn, that is a lot of money.” Aron said. “We can live like kings (for a minute) with this money!!”
“And all those girls will come flocking to us kings!!” Magnum said. “ALL THE THINGS I’M GONNA BUY WITH THAT CASH!!” Rolo said. “Oh, and Nola…” Saki said, “With this money, we might be able to get our own place so we can do whatever we want all day and night long without any interruptions from anyone.”
“Ooohh….I’m liking the sound of that.” Nola said.

“Um….fools, we can’t.” Devo said, “What happens if Aka or Nanashi suspect where we get this money? We can’t tell anybody about this money!!”
“WELL…….you can’t.” MAK said. “However, I know what to do with most of this money.”


Late in the night, MAK in silhouette form took the duffel bag of $1 Million and he was at Yuan’s house, ready to leave it at his door. He knocks on the door and completely phases from here before he can spot him.

“Hello?” Yuan said, “HELLO!? Who was th—“ He notices the duffel bag on the ground. “What is this bag?” As he opens the bag, he sees a card that says, “You definitely deserve this more than I do.” And he sees the $1 Million in there, plus a little extra.

“OH MY GOD!” Yuan shouted.


And soon Yuan told Kati that he found a lot of money that can help the bar and word traveled fast from Yuan to Kati to their friends and eventually MAK and Kai got the info of that and because of that money, Yuan and Kati decided to throw a big party up at this big mansion of a house they rented for the weekend.

“Damn, this is a huge place you rented there, Yuan.” MAK said, “I guess that money did more than restore your bar.”

“Yup.” Yuan said, “The bar is still running and Kati has been healing up her bullet wound and that extra Blue Leaf did wonders on that, too.”
“Man, I’m just glad you got the business back and Kati’s feeling better.” MAK said.
“See, MAK?” Yuan said, “You didn’t have to kill anyone just to make us feel better. Everything eventually turned o—“ Then comes somebody heading to get some water.
“Oh FUCK!!!” And it was Cameron feeling a bit ill from something.
“You Yuan?”
“Yeah.” He said. “What the hell was your girlfriend thinking of creating that monstrosity of a drink?” Cameron said. “I think I almost died drinking that shit.”
“You tried the Zombie, didn’t you?” MAK said.
“I tried to stop him, MAK.” Mango said, “But he wouldn’t listen and he did sorta pussied out.”
“Pussied out?” Cameron said, “You would, too, if you drank that!!”
“Yeah….maybe….” Mango said. “But I’m smarter than that.”


Outside where most of the partying was happened, everybody was either having a good time by socializing with one another, drinking, hanging by the pool or any combination of the three. “So…you’re the creator of this damn Zombie drink?” Nanashi said, “What’s in there that makes people spaz out or be delusional?”

“Well, you got your 151, which I suggest you put half in there, and you got your dark rum, spiced rum, light rum, brandy and just a splash of pineapple and orange juice and TA-DA!!! You got your zombie!” As Kati exclaimed to her. “The drink to make all y’all bow down to its presence.”

“I’ll take 12 shots of the stuff!” Nanashi said. The rest of them looked at her wide-eyed like she was crazy to try it.
“I see we got a brave one here.” Kati said. “MAKE MY DAY!” Nanashi said.

Meanwhile, we see Kai sitting poolside in a white bikini and MAK offers her a drink (and no, it’s not the Zombie) and see how she’s doing. “Mind I offer you this drink, milady?” MAK said slyly to her.

She chuckles a bit and took up on the drink. “Why, thank you, dear sir and all that hullaboo and—Why am I talking like this?”
“I have no idea.” MAK said as he was laughing. “I just trying to start up a conversation and stuff.”

“I get ya.” Kai said, “And also how amazing this place is!! I mean from the halls to the rooms, the luxurious design and even those game rooms Kati got made for us.”
“Yeah…..All this good vibes has been happened to us the past couple of weeks. To Kati and Yuan on their financial problems and look at us….no one stalked, shot, stab or tried to kill us in the past week and no mention of—“
“Please don’t say her name.” Kai said. “I didn’t hear much of her and that other guy for the last week and I want it to stay that way.” But MAK continued with, “OK….but let’s say this is practically our best week as of yet.”

“Um…yeah.” Kai said. “Hey, MAK?”
“Yes, sweetie?”
“With that said about all of this happening, it seems odd that someone returned all that money to them and those guys and….her not attacking us? I mean, I’m glad for Yuan and Kati for their fortune and as for not being hunted down but there’s something suspicious about it.”

“Really?” MAK said. “I mean, most things that happened are just pure coincidence. Maybe its fate or karma or those guys deserve some bad shit to happen to them.”

“OK…MAK.” Kai said awkwardly.

“Wait, No. These are bad guys that harm people that deserve the bad shit to happen to them.” MAK said.
“I get it, MAK, but damn.” Kai said, “That seem kinda harsh for a moment.”
“OK, Yes, that was harsh. But—Uh…” MAK really didn’t have much to say at this point. “Do you feel like not talking about this anymore?”
“I’m with you on that.” Kai said.
“Wanna do something else in there?” MAK said. “Like what?” Kai said to him. MAK whispered it to her ear and had a sneaky look on what they were about up to.

While that was happening, Nanashi got through with 12 Zombie Shots and just order 12 more and is still standing. “HOLY FUCK!” Joel said. “How in the hell can somebody stomach that much Zombie in their body?” Nanashi belched and said, “Come on!! Is that the best you got, you pussies?”

“Damn, this girl can really hold her liquor!” Kati said, “I got so much to learn from her.”

“I would be surprised but I’ve seen her drink more than that before.” Devo said. Then Nanashi drunkenly grabbed on to Devo and said, “This guy here….You see him? This guy knows what he’s talking about and that’s why I love him.”

“Well, at least she’s nicer drunk than she is sober.” Aron said.
“EVERYBODY!!” Magnum said. “GET NAKED IN THE POOL!!!” As he ran freely butt-naked into the pool as everyone in there stripped in their birthday suit and did whatever in there.

“AND HERE COMES THE DICKS!!” As Kati screamed out and Nanashi saw Devo stripping down and got an eye for him, “And here comes my dick!!” As she drunkenly got a hold of him. “Hello sexy!!” As both of them fell into the pool.

“Well, I’m not cleaning the pool after this.” Kati said.
“Don’t look at me.” Yuan said, “I’m not getting near it after that.”

As for MAK and Kai, they also stripped into their birthday suits as they were having sex in one of those rooms while the others didn’t notice. As they were making love, Kai deeply closed her eyes and was caught in sexual ecstasy bliss with MAK but then all of a sudden, she sees someone staring at them while they were doing it and it was Shin Endo.

It looked like the guy was just standing there and was focusing on MAK and Kai having sex while MAK didn’t notice him yet Kai was getting creeped out by him being here. “What the?—No, why are you here?”

“You can never escape us, dear girl.” Shin said.
“I did before and I’ll do it again!! LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE!!” Kai said as she looks away from him. “Dear child, you know you can never leave us.” A familiar voice rang to her. “Oh no…..”

“Oh yes!” As that voice was coming from MAK, he was slowly turning himself into Pandora. “SURPRISE!!” As she shouted and Kai screams at the sight of her as she’s now pinned down against her.
“I will always be your first, little Kai.” It looks like it was all downhill for her but in the last minute, Kai was hallucinating for a daydream while MAK was in the bathroom.

“KAI! KAI! KAI! Baby!!” As he saw her screaming for her life. “Baby, you are having a bad dream! Holy shit, are you alright?” Kai looked like she was going to cry again. “…..NO!!”
“It happened again, MAK!”
“Wait, again?” MAK said. “What’s been happening again?”

“I haven’t told you about it…….but I’ve been having these nightmares about Pandora and Shin from back in the day.” Kai said, “MAK, I never brought it up to you before because I didn’t want you to worry about me….But, the dreams are getting worse and worse by the day. They stop for some time but fuck…”

MAK then went to comfort her and said, “Baby, why didn’t you tell me about this? I would’ve understand.”
“I know that, MAK.” She said, “But as of late, you have this idea of revenge and blood vengeance and honestly……that scares me more. You may be the Blue Hybrid, one of the few Hybrid beings that many people inspire to be and noticed your extreme ways of doing things but I know you’re more than that. You’re not just a fighter, half-human, and half-Hybrid. You’re one of the sweetest, kindest, and funniest people I know and the person that turned from my best friend at childhood to somebody I want to spend the rest of my life with.”

“Kai…I wouldn’t want to do anything to make you scared of me.” MAK said, “That would be the last thing I want. Especially since most people think of me like that since the day I was born, even as a human. I just get riled up when one of my friends are being attacked or my loved ones being harmed in any way. I never felt that way until recently.”

“MAK….I know you have a good heart in you and I love that about you. You caring for me and everyone in here shows that.” Kai said. “I just want you to be around for it more.”

“Don’t worry.” MAK said holding Kai’s hand. “I will be.”

“You promise?” As Kai looked into his eyes.
“Baby, I swear I’m gonna be around for today, tomorrow and the future.” As MAK said.

They were about to kiss but that tender moment has been interrupted by Yuan and Kati checking on them. “What the hell? You guys alright!!?” And yet what they walked into is mostly MAK’s ass. “DAMMIT, MAK!!”

“And yet this is the second time I’ve seen MAK’s bare ass!” Kati said laughing.

“Well, that moment is now ruined.” MAK said, putting his trunks and T-shirt back on.

“You think this is bad?” Kati said, “This is the third time we walked in somebody fucking in this place. Apparently people don’t know how to lock doors in here.”

“I thought we did.” MAK said. “Don’t you have the damn keys to every room?”

“………Yes.” Kati said, with a devious look on her face.

Kai got up, put back her bikini and said, “Nothing usual happened here. Just two consenting adults making love in….someone else’s house.” That was worded mostly awkward around everyone as Kai blushed a bit at that. “Well, at least it was Kati and Yuan and not some other yahoos in here. Speaking of that, where is everyone?”
Mango then showed up and said, “Oh, everyone’s at the pool, getting naked and possibly making it milk white. So……yeah…..I wouldn’t go in there again if I were you. Just sayin’.” She looked outside and saw the pool with a weirded out face. “Ew.”
“Oh…..thanks for the heads-up, Mango.” Kai said.
“No problem.” he said.
MAK kept looking at the pool. “Oh shit…..Yep, I’m not going back there.”


A few days later, MAK was driving around town getting something to eat and get some new Blue Leaf where unknown to him, he was being spied on by Pandora and Shin. “I can’t believe that bastard was the one to take our money. I KNOW IT WAS HIM!”

“We know, Shin, we know.” Pandora said, “And don’t worry about a thing. That little boy is gonna get what’s coming to him.”

“And what about Kai?” he asked.

“Oh, little Kai is best saved for last.” Pandora said. “Right now, MAK2.0 is our primary focus and we need to expose his ass for what he did at that warehouse.”

“Alright.” He said. “But his ass better be destroyed after this. Even though he seems smarter than he looks.”

Immediately cutting to MAK rapping to some music, he stopped at the local Hybrid store to pick up his Blue Leaf. “Hey, Mystic! Here for my pick-up!!”

“AH! Mr. MAK!! You arrived on time as always.” Mystic said. “And just in time, too. We’ve been giving free samples of this new Blue Leaf formula that’s been worked on for a few months. Says that this gives you more power and a lasting effect on you.”

“All right. I’ll try this out sometime.” MAK said to him. “Here’s for the Blue Leaf and also some Laffy Taffy.”

“Always with that Laffy Taffy, sir. You sure love that a lot.” Mystic said.
“Thanks again!!” MAK shouted. “OK, come back again, sir!” Mystic replied.

MAK took a gaze at this new Blue Leaf formula and what it has in store for him. “So, this shit supposed to give me more power, huh?” We measure about a little on his finger and decides to taste it. All of a sudden as he tastes it, he felt a slight tingle in his body as all his senses are now more in sync. “Holy shit…..this feels…actually calming yet strange. Maybe I should—“ Then as he accidentally phases through a location while opening his car door, he is suddenly on the roof with the door attached to him. “How the fuck— Well, I guess I got to walk home now.” He was about to jump out of the roof and as he did, he soared higher than he usually do before and could see the whole city from there. “OH SHIT!!! This new stuff works like a charm. Better than the shit I’m using now.”


Back at the apartment, Kai was resting due to some headaches she’s been having recently and she got Cyan and Seiki to keep company, at least until MAK gets back. “Yo, Kai, you need me to close the door so you can rest better?” Seiki said to her.

“I’m good, Seiki.” Kai said. “I think my headache is calming down a bit.”

“Alright!” Seiki said, “That’s good progress! It seems like this past week, you have been having nothing but those headaches and from I’m hearing recently, nightmares.” Kai stood silent about that as she didn’t want to tell anyone else about it. “Seiki, with all due respect, I really don’t want to talk about it.”

“Kai, you got nothing to be afraid about. You know you can tell me anything.” Seiki said, “We’re practically family.”

“Seiki,” Cyan said as she stood by the door listening to the conversation, “I think Kai doesn’t want to bring it up and to be fair, I feel the same way.”

“Um….guys, I don’t get this whole secrecy thing between you two but both of you are hiding something that I think some of us should know by now.” Seiki said. “Especially if it’s about those nightmares.” And that’s when that hit Cyan, too. “Wait, wait, wait…..Kai, you were having those nightmares, too?” Seiki then looks at the both of them and said, “Both of you are having nightmares? About what?”

“It’s about Pandora.” Both of them said.

“Pandora?” Seiki said, “Who in the hell is Pandora?”

“Seiki, this is going to be a long story.” Cyan said. “We’re going to need to sit down for this.”

Anyway, Kai went first about her encounter with Pandora. “She is one of the most dangerous Hybrids, at least back in Parish Heights. She ran a sex trafficking ring of human and Hybrid women throughout half the state. Most of the time, she gets very abusive with them and often beats the shit out of them.”

“Wow, from the sounds of it, you described her as some super pimp.” Seiki said.

“I know. Some are lucky to survive under her but still……Oh, and she’s not even the worse part of this.” Kai said, “She has this creepy little assistant of hers, Shin Endo, and the way he stalks every girl is like he fucking owns you. If the beatings won’t kill you, he just groping and harassing you might drive you to suicide.”

“Damn.” Seiki said, “And you dealt with this shit before?”

“Well, I wasn’t one of the girls….” Kai said, “Although I got out of there in time before that shit could happen and it was getting close for me. Especially with Shin.”

Then they heard a knock on the door as Seiki went to there and sees that is Tomoki, Cassie and Loyuka out there. “What the? Why are you three here?”

“Well, for one, we want to see if Kai is doing alright.” Cassie said. Loyuka continued from there and said, “Plus, we’re looking into the whole Pandora / Shin ordeal. See if we can dig up some info on them.”

“Good thing you came here just now.” Seiki said. “Kai and Cyan just telling us about them now.”

“Actually…….” Tomoki said, “OK, you’re right but according to some old files we search through, it looks like Pandora and some other assailant that’s surprisingly not Shin……he…….well….”

“What? He or she what?” Seiki said.

Tomoki kept stammering at the answer as if this is going to be a heartbreaking reveal. “I don’t know how to say this to all of you, especially Kai and Cyan, as this involves…..their dad.” Both of them stood up as they heard those choice words. “And it’s on the day that we was shot.”

“Pandora shot their dad?!?” Seiki questioned.

“We are not sure yet.” Loyuka said, “But now all signs point towards it.”

“No….no….come on now.” Kai said, “I mean, it’s bad enough that this woman….this bitch….gave me nightmares for the past week along with torture for foolishly sticking with her and Shin for all these years but now…….NOW she’s the one that shot Dad?”

“Kai, you didn’t hear us completely.” Loyuka said, “We said that she might be a suspect of tha—“

“SUSPECT OR NOT, She was a part of something that barely broke me!! The day that Dad got shot……Remembering Mom coming to me crying her eyes out about that shit. I can’t forget about that!” As Kai screamed that at them. “And who is that asshole that shot him!! Is he still alive?”

“Well, he is.” Cassie said, “But he’s been MIA, mostly underground without a trance of evidence to track him down.” As Kai is fuming with anger and rage about this, Seiki noticed Cyan being a bit quiet about this as there was something about this that Cyan doesn’t want to say to her but she needed to calm Kai down some.

“Kai……there is more to that story than what they just said.” Cyan said.

“Wait…..Cyan…what do you mean?” Kai said. “How did you knew about her?”

Cyan sighed and explained it all to her, “While I was at training, we bumped into each other a couple of times and threatened to fuck me over and even as a trainee, I busted her ass a few times. She swore revenge against me in some way and when Dad got shot….I don’t know if I was the cause of that. That part haunted me since and I couldn’t help but think that.”

“So……..it was Pandora fucking with us for—“ Kai said before being interrupted.

“I don’t know the reason!” Cyan said, “All I know is the bitch has to be put down! She fucked with me, shot our dad, and tried to fuck with you! We can’t let this go any longer.”

And while that was going on, the phone rang and Kai answered it and it was Kati on the phone for some reason. “KAI!! YOU THERE!!!” She screamed at her.

“Whoa!” she said, “Kati, what’s going on?”

“One of those Faction guys got Yuan in custody. It was something about that money we got. They said that the money was stolen!!”

“KATI, KATI! Please calm down!! We are coming down there to settle this immediately!” Kai said.

“Wait, before you hang up,” Kati said, “Someone from that team lifted footage of where it came from and me and Yuan saw the footage and…..well…..you know those friends you hang out with? The Dark something?”

“Darksiders?” Kai said.

“Yeah…..bring Aka and Nanashi. They need to see this.” Kati said and soon after both hung up.

“What happened? Who was that?” Tomoki said. “We might need to go to the Faction for something.” Kai said.


So, all the girls (after they called Aka and Nanashi) went to the Faction to check out this mysterious footage that Kati and Yuan saw. Unfortunately, it was the footage of MAK with some of the Darksiders robbing Pandora’s goons and killing them as they do it. As the others saw the footage, they were beyond mortified with what they saw.

“I don’t believe this shit.” Aka said, “After what we told them…….they……FUCK!”

“Goddamn it, MAK.” Yuan said, “Why you? Why in the hell you of all people? I mean, we always joke around him doing shit like this but….damn.”

“That fool has no idea what he’s going into.” Nanashi said. “And not to mention Lex lied to us about this…..and Devo as well!!! OH, I’m gonna kill him about that.”

“I guess he filled out his revenge.” Cassie said, “But my god……it’s like I don’t know whether I’m looking at the MAK we know and love or this violent and dangerous MAK. I’m frightened about that.”

“I hope it didn’t came to this.” Kai said, “I didn’t think MAK would ever—actually, to be honest, I imagined he did but I wouldn’t think he would actually do it.”


Leon and Jiro came inside the Hybrid store to seek out info about the new Blue Leaf. “Hello and welcome to my store. What can I do to serve you……OK, are you guys cops?” As Mystic seems startled as their appearance.

“Your name is Mychael Rivers but known as Mystic?” Jiro said.

“Um, yes.” He said. “You haven’t answer my first question but is that anything I can do anything to help you?”

“Oh, sorry about that.” Leon said, “No, we’re not cops but we are the Faction and we are currently searching for this new upgraded Blue Leaf in the streets and we’re trying to search all the local stores and alleys to see if anyone has it.”

“Well….” Mystic said, “Yes, we do have it in stock. Is there a problem with that? I heard the formula has been improved from the previous batch.”
“Actually, sir, you might’ve heard wrong about that.” Leon said. “That improvement is more of an endangerment for hybrids as too much of it can fuck up your mind and make you do a lot of crazy shit.”

“Oh, dear.” Mystic said. “I’ve sold like 16 prescriptions of the stuff today. I know there’s more but I had no idea about this.”

“Look, you are not getting blame for this.” Jiro said, “But who was the last person you sold it to?”

“The last person I sold it to….he was one of my best customers as he always comes here for Blue Leaf and even some Laffy Taffy. He’s tall about 6’1, black, sometimes has an afro, wears some black and grey Nike’s…..”

“OK, that’s good right there.” Jiro said, “Leon, we know anybody with that description?”
“Unfortunately yes.” As Leon immediately figured out who he was talking about.

Meanwhile, MAK is roaming around the city with his newfound Hybrid powers, just hopping and jumping around throughout. He was so excited in his glee that he wasn’t keeping track of the time. “FUCK!! I love this new power!! It’s like that video game Kai always raving about except I’m not getting shot at.” Then he shouted as he jumped on another building as he was receiving a text message from Kai, saying that they should meet at the Darksiders hideout for something.

But, in actuality, they were just busting on the rest of the Darksiders for what they did.

“Fine.” Lex said, “Yes, I will admit. We did help MAK take down those guys and lied to you to get to them.”

“And……” Seiki said, “Wait, that’s it? You just admit it? No stupid bullshit lies? No making up shit so I won’t threaten you by breaking your hands yet again?”
“No.” Lex said, “I’m gonna just flat out admit that shit.”
“Well…..I didn’t expect this to be honest.” Nanashi said, “And yet…….I STILL WANT TO SLAP THE SHIT OUT OF YOU MORONS FOR THIS SHIT!!! Fine, you admit it but you already done the stupidest fucking thing already!”

Then Yuan got into the fray again, “And yet none of the consequences bother you? What if Pandora finds out about you and starts to attack you and your loved ones….which most of us are!”

“Well, we made sure to not leave any tracks of us being there.” Saki said, “It’s not like someone just spi—“ “DUMBASS!!” Seiki said, “Someone filmed the damn thing!! I’m pretty sure you failed at covering your tracks!”

“And now Pandora is probably tracking us down right as this moment.” Aka said. “My god, MAK should’ve been here by now.” Suddenly MAK was standing on top of the building as he got out of his power mode and see what everyone was up to. As he went into there, he sees Kati outside with a discerning look on her face. “Huh? Kati, what are you doing here?”

“Yeah…Um, MAK, we sort of need to talk.” Kati said. “About what?” MAK said as he was snapping his fingers and showing off his new Hybrid power. “Holy shit!! Where the hell you get those powers from?” As Kati sounds impressed. “They look pretty awesome.”
“Yeah, I know!” MAK said, “Someone made a new version of Blue Leaf. This is some next level-type shit right here. Makes you feel harder, better, faster, stronger; like you’re king of the world!! You need to try this!”

“Wow! This really sounds like some gre—HEY, HEY, HEY!! MAK, don’t distract me from this.” Kati angrily said as they were walking into the room. “Your ass is in deep shit now with everyone right now!! We know everything!”

“Everything? What do you mean everything?” MAK said and soon he is surrounded by everyone with either a concerning, disappointed, and/or angered face at him. Soon Yuan opened his mouth and said, “We know, MAK. We know all about what you did.”

“Wait….you mean?” MAK said.

“Yes, MAK.” Loyuka said, “You just had to rob and shoot those guys, didn’t you?” MAK took a pause because he knew that we was going to be in trouble. “OK….I know this looks bad. But I didn’t see anyone from that side tried to kill us as of recent. I mean, Yuan….you know why I did this and look what happened, you got the bar back, you rented that large mansion and—“

“MAK, the money is being confiscated.” Kati said. “What?” MAK said after. “I got called in suspicion of that, MAK.” Yuan said, “They thought I was one of the robbers and said that they could shut me down if I were to do shit like that.”

“Oh…..shit. Yuan, you know I didn’t—“ But Yuan looked too angry to even talked to MAK about it.
“You lied to us, MAK!” Kai finally said to him.
“I don’t blame Yuan for being mad at you and frankly, I am, TOO! All of us in here are pissed!! We see that video of you killing those guys and you….had this look in your eye like you were really enjoying this shit. Like you had a thirst for it! MAK, this is what I was talking about a few days ago. You are turning into what people said about you that you was a freak! A monster! Scary! Everything they said that you hated all these years!!! You want that to happen again!? You’re proving them right by doing this SHIT, MAK!”

“MAK, she does have a point.” Cyan said. “You know you can’t go far with this shit.”

Then Kati said to him, “Now, MAK, personally for me, I wouldn’t care about you killing those guys but the way things are now, you could end up hurting people more than helping.” He stood silent as he couldn’t back up his argument and knowing that what he did may escalate into something worse than before.

“So, poor little MAK is having second thoughts, huh?” A voice was heard in the room and it turns out it was Pandora and Shin, who just phased into the room. “Well, it’s about time since we are definitely going to kill you after this.”
“And I’m really going to enjoy this.” Shin said. “Especially what’s gonna happen after.”

“You fucker.” As MAK now has his attention towards Shin. “The only thing you’re going to enjoy is me slitting your fucking throat….and believe me, what I did to those guys isn’t going to be shit compared to you and her.”
“Oh, and I suppose you’re gonna get blast me with your Hybrid pow—“ And with that, MAK aimed at him and said to him, “Actually, yeah.” Then telepathically threw him out of the window and went outside to finish him off. “Get ready for the pain, you little fucker!!” MAK said getting ready in his Hybrid mode.

“Oh, and I see this is the first time I’ve seen the Barrett Sisters together.” Pandora said. “Well, seeing that I took down your father and hell, I take you bitches down…..well, someone got to go after the mother sometime.” Cyan then threaten her, “If you even threaten to go after our mother, I’ll –“
“What?” Pandora said, “Get me arrested? Phfft! You did that and it let to your father getting shot and even getting my way with your baby sister.”
“BULLSHIT, PANDORA!!” Kai shouted, “You never got your way with me and you never will!”
“Oh, I see little Kai has gotten out of her training bra phase finally.” As Pandora laughs at her confidence. “What? You got some army to get back at me or something?”

“Actually….we do.” As Cyan said with Tomoki, Cassie, Loyuka, Aka, Nanashi, Kati, Seiki, Saki & Nola forming a circle around Pandora.
“Did you really think you are getting off easy?” Tomoki said.
“We’re getting started here.” Aka threatened.
“You mess with our people and we will fuck you up personally.” Seiki said.

“In that case…” Pandora whips out her Hybrid mode powers. “Bring it on, you second-rate Sailor Moon guardians!!”

“OK, then bitch!!” Nanashi said, “In the name of the moon, I’m gonna fuck you UP!!” As Nanashi threw the first punch at her and kept on going at it but then Pandora quickly eluded from her hits and counterattacked with a blow to the stomach.
“Try harder than that, you blue-haired bitch!” Then she throws Nanashi out of the way as Tomoki, Cassie and Loyuka made a head-on collision attack on Pandora; phased in and out while taking hits and shots at her with Cassie beating her ass with a brick.

She spits out a tooth. “You little four-eyed bitch!!” Then Tomoki grabbed her from behind and flipped her by using her legs and throwing her into a glass window. “Yeah, she’s my little four-eyed bitch to you!!”

“Really?” Cassie didn’t sound amused.
“You know I didn’t mean the bitch thing, Cass.” Tomoki said. Then the both of them tosses her to Loyuka as she readies a lead pipe to bash her in the knee….but it didn’t budge. “What? I thought that trick would’ve work.”

“Well, bitch, it didn’t.” Then Pandora grabbed the pipe and easily subdued Loyuka with it and then turned her attention on Tomoki and Cassie as she grabbed both of them by the legs.
“Got you now, you Green-haired Kung-Fu Panda….OK, you’re a panda Hybrid with green hair, the fuck is that about?” She swings Tomoki all over the room along with her screaming as Cassie is trying to catch her but then Pandora ends up grabbing her leg, swinging them both at the same time and made them crash into each other. “Oh, and one more thing…” She takes a knife and stabs Tomoki in the side. “OW, FUCK!!!”

Then Kati came out with a bat and just swing and beaned the fuck out of Pandora. “You forgot about me, bitch!!”
“Oh, yeah. The red-head barmaid. I probably should’ve killed you better than they did.”
“Well, those guys you hired were shitty at their jobs.” Kati said. “And like them, you’re gonna regret this shit!!”
And then one of Pandora’s goons threw some snakes at her and that’s when Kati started to scream. “OH FUCK!!! SNAKES!!! GODDAMMIT!! No one said shit about any damn snakes!!” And Pandora grabbed her and said, “Hiss…..and that’s why you lose.” And punched Kati out as she escapes. “I fuckin’ hate you, you orange looking bitch.” Kati said in exhaustion.

Seiki got herself a stun gun and just shocked the hell out of Pandora. “9,000 volts up your ass, bitch!!” Then punched her square in the nose. “OW! Oh, great, another redhead bitch that think she can get me. Well, not tonight!” Then Pandora stuns Seiki’s arms, rendering her defenseless and easily threw Seiki into the wall.

Meanwhile, MAK and Shin are about to go into combat on their own. “Come here, you little nigga.”
MAK phased in and sucker-punched the guy at first. Then he grabbed a lawn chair and starts to beat the living hell out of him with it. MAK is just going restless with him that it seems like it was going a bit too smoothly for him.
“You little bastard!! You and that fucking whore Pandora!! You fucked with my girl, my crew and this is what THE FUCK YOU GET FOR FUCKING WITH—“ And immediately Shin just vanishes out of thin air. “Me? What the—“ Shin suddenly reappears right at MAK’s face and knocks the wind out of him as he stands. “What the—what the hell? But-but…”

“OH….you didn’t expect this to happen?” Shin said. “That a mere human like me would get Hybrid powers? Well, bitch, you guess it!! That new formula for Blue Leaf can also work for humans, too. I can possess the same powers you got and maybe even do it better than you can.”

“Oh, and about that payback….” And out comes the first smack down from Shin as he went to slam MAK into one of the higher-up buildings and then threw him higher at top. “Oh yeah, I know you were loving this power, didn’t you, MAKky boy? Makes me feel phenomenal as hell!” As Shin was about to hit MAK with another move, MAK eluded from the hit and counterattacked him with a punch to his jaw. “TRY HARDER THAN THAT!!”

The two kept on battling each other in the sky with little to no hesitation to give up. MAK and Shin kept exchanging blows and hits to each other with Shin having more of an edge against MAK as he was attacking MAK’s knees at one point then struck his leg with a lightning move on him. “OW! Lightning? The fuck that come from?”

“Where do you think, fucker!” Shin yelled. “The blue leaf has that.”
“Oh.” Then MAK shot lightning rounds at him and blasted him back into another building.


Back at ground, Aka and Nanashi along with the rest of the Darksiders are fending off against Pandora and the rest of her forces. “Come on, you pussy!!” As Pandora’s choking Aka with a silver string while trying to escape. “I thought for sure you would be tougher. That blue-haired bitch couldn’t do it and I thought she would be a challenge.” However, Nanashi grabbed a hammer and smacked her with it. “And what? You that difficult of a fighter?”

“Why didn’t I think of that?” Aka said and then she grabs the same hammer and smacked her again. “GODDAMN!! Really?” Nanashi said, “That was kinda overkill.” Suddenly, Pandora disappears her from the spot. “The fuck did she go?”

Lex and the others were trying to escape but was being blocked by Pandora’s forces. “Well, we’re mostly boned.” Aron said. “We’re gonna be Swiss cheese once we go out there.”

“You didn’t bother to bring any guns?” Yuan said, “What kind of shooters are you?”

“Hey!” Lex said, “We dealt with shit like this before and most of the time, we make it all OK.”

“Well, you did get away scot-free from that robbery….OH, WAIT!!” Yuan yelled. But then someone barges into the room with a shotgun, just blasting away and then at the last minute, Magnum got a pistol and shot him point blank. “Well, we handled that.”

“Touché.” Yuan said.


Then Yuan grabs one of their guns and said, “I think I’m ready to shoot to kill.”

“Wow……that was corny.” Lex said, “And I said some corny shit before.”
The guys ran outside to take out some of the henchmen cornering everywhere. Yuan was the first to shoot at them while evading their shots but then as he was hiding from them, one of them shoot him in the ass. “OW! FUCK!!” Then Yuan shot him back in the chest.
“Oh, damn, Yuan’s been shot!!”
“Oh, goddammit!” Yuan shouted, “I got shot. I got shot…..and worst of all, I got shot in the ass.”

Devo used his Hybrid form to quick-stab them one by one to get closer to the exit.

“Come on! This way!” Devo shouted as they got the others with a limping Yuan to outside and that’s when the police show up. “OH SHIT!! DON’T SHOOT!!” In actuality, it was The Faction.
“You dumb fucks, we’re not the police!!” As Leon said coming out of the car. “Cyan called us about this whole thing. You seen her?”

“Um……No. I was busy trying to not get shot……and I failed.” Yuan said, “I need a ride to the hospital now.”


While the fights was going on, Cyan and Kai were making their way out of the building. “I think the rest of the Faction might be here in a while. We just got to defend ourselves until we get far away from here.”

“You think the guys are gonna make it out okay?” Kai said. “I hope so.” Cyan said, “I know they can defend themselves.”

And then Pandora suddenly showed up, scaring up a surprise for the girls. “Aww, leaving so soon, ladies?” She then pulls out a pistol, shoots Cyan in the shoulder and handcuffs herself to Kai.
“CYAN!!” Kai shouted. “You fucking bitch!!”
“Like father, like daughter as I always say.” Pandora said, “Now excuse me while I lure your boyfriend into a trap. Excuse me!!” As she phased out of the building and into where MAK and Shin were busy fighting on the roof.

“Had enough, bitch?” MAK said, beating the living shit out of Shin.
“I should be asking you that.” As Shin tripped MAK and was about to stomp him silly yet he moved out of the way before anything could happen.

“SHIN!!!” Pandora said, “You can rest now. I’ll deal with that motherfucker.” As she was holding Kai at gunpoint, she said to him, “Well, well, well…..I guess I was wrong about you, MAK. You manage to handle yourself out there. It seems you were like another one I associated in my early days. Very much alike.”

“Enough with the shit.” MAK said, “Now what you’re going to do is get your gun away from Kai and if you even happens to harm her in any way……I’ll kill you where the hell you stand right now.” He was mostly unleashed with his power as he is ready to strike her down.

“MAK, MAK, MAK……Come on. I’m not some vicious animal.” Pandora said. “I’m not gonna kill your little girlfriend here.” She took a pause and then said, “However, Shin finally gets a turn with her.” As Shin phases in, grabs her and disappears out of there quick. “WHAT THE—You BITCH!!” As he pulls out a gun and aimed it at her.

“Hey, hey, I said I wasn’t going to kill your girlfriend.” Pandora said. “Now with Shin, he might kill her….he might not. But none of that matters now……your ass is getting beat down.” Both of them clash into each other as they charged lightning strikes. However, MAK was running low on the blue leaf and he was about to inject more into it but unfortunately Pandora stomps on it. “Oh, did I do that?”
In retaliation, MAK grabbed a switchblade and just straight stabbed her in the kneecap, hearing her blood-curdling scream at that. “That shit hurt!! Don’t it, BITCH!” He then begin to run and phase to fool with Pandora. “You gonna stab and run from me? You chicken fuckhead!”

The two was now playing their large-scale cat and mouse game as it escalates into the whole city as the both of them are jumping at building after building for each other. They were going from shooting lightning to phase fighting each other back-to-back that it started to cause a lot of ruckus into the streets that everybody was starting to notice the fight in all its enraging glory.


Meanwhile….Kai was being held hostage by Shin. “Well, my little Asian delight, I finally get my way with your ass. You can try and struggle, but it isn’t gonna work.” However, as they were walking to impending doom, Saki and Nola shot a bunch of darts into Shin. “OW!! Who in the fuck?” He spots them and they were running from him. “OK, Two more girls!!” as he laughs evilly at that. “I’ll deal with you later.”

He quickly goes after them. “So, you 2 bitches thought it would be funny for that shit you pulled?”
“I didn’t think you would get here that quick.” Nola said.
“Actually, how in the hell you got here quick?”
“All in the Blue Leaf, baby.” Shin said. “Even humans can get with this shit. NOW…which one of you bitches shot me with darts?”

But, behind him, Nanashi and Devo beat him with a bat yet he grabbed the bat and threw it far away from them. “You think that bat shit is gonna work on me?”
“No.” Then Kati grabbed a gun and shot him in the foot. “But that did.”
“What the fuck? That’s it? You shooting me in the—“ Then Kati shot him again in the junk. “OW!!!!” Shin screamed like hell as that happened. “What the HELL!! You psycho bitch!! You shot me in the dick!” Yet Kati was laughing her ass off at that. “Yeah, a blast, isn’t it?”

Then the rest of the guys and girls went to see where Kati went and sees a bleeding Shin.
“Umm, babe?” Yuan said, “What the hell did you do?”
“What makes you think I did it?” Kati snarkily said.
“MOST OF US SEEN YOU DID IT!!” Yuan shouted, “You shot a guy in his dick!!”

She laughs and said, “OK, yeah, I shot him.”


In the streets, MAK and Pandora are still coming to blows from her slamming MAK into 2 cars and a streetlight. He phases out and gets behind her to push her into a moving truck as it crashes but she got out of that in time to keep on fighting him throughout the city.

She then stole a car to get away from him faster and yet he took a vacant car with him, too. The two are having a wild car chase all throughout downtown. While there, MAK found a gun in the car and attempts to shoot at her. “You punk-ass! A gun?” She said. “OK, then! Taste this shit then!” She was now throwing flashlight bombs at him, blinding his direction making him swerve into traffic. “Try following me with that!!!” Pandora yelled at him.


On the other hand, Shin was lying down especially after getting shot in the penis. “OH!! Help!! My dick!! That crazy redhead bitch shot me there!!!” He is now just crawling for his dear life to hopefully not bleed out and die.

Everyone else was busy fending themselves against the goons while Kai ran off to find Cyan tending to her wound. “Cyan!! You alright?”
“Thankfully, I’ll live.” Cyan said. “Wait, what happened to MAK?”
“Him and Pandora are fighting in the streets. Both are super-charged as hell and I escaped from Shin…..who I think might be wounded.”
Then Kati chime in on that and said, “Oh yeah, I helped on that. I shot the motherfucker.” Both girls’ eyes widened at that. “OK…….where exactly?”

“OH, MY DICK!!” Shin screamed from outside. “You crazy ass girl. Shot in the—Oh, fuck me.”

“In his balls?” Cyan said. Kati shook her head ‘yes’.
“O……K.” Kai said. “Look, we need to get to the city now.”

Pandora is still getting MAK off her tail on the road. “I’m still here, bitch!” As MAK was ramming her off the road, along with shooting the windows out. “Fuck, he won’t get off my ass!!” He shoots off the rearview mirror but she fuels her Hybrid drive into the car and proceeds to drive off faster than before, leaving MAK in the dust.

“FUCK!!!” MAK shouted. “She just had to smash my vial. Well, fuck it…” He then fuel what little Blue Leaf he had left on his Hybrid drive in the car and want to find her but it seems like she’s nowhere to be found. “OK, I think I lost him. I don’t see him anywhere.” As she proceeds to drive somewhere far away, another car with the headlights off was heading towards her and it was MAK speeding like crazy and as it were close to impact, he phased out of the car quickly before the car hit Pandora and smashed/flipped her car into the empty street.

MAK was still injured and possibly bleeding from inside and out from the fights as he was limping to the wreck, grabbing a gun and try to shoot the gas tank of Pandora’s car and watch the car explode, hoping that would’ve killed her.

“Not in the car, you dick.” As Pandora is standing beside the burning wreckage. “You better hope you got enough money to pay for this.” And unexpectedly, he phased at her face and punched her square in the jaw. He grabbed her by the neck and punched her again, knocking her to one of the windows of a shop.

“This ends here.” MAK said. “You know, you were acting like you was this big threat that was going to end everything and everyone I know and love. But yet, you turn out to be like the rest of the people I fought. Nothing but the same plain villain that loves to fuck people’s lives for no reason!!!” However, as Pandora was struggling to walk, she responded to his soliloquy with, “Oh, shut the fuck up!!! What about you? You some fucking hero or something? You were the one to fuck up people’s lives with your bullshit. Yeah, you killing those guys just for payback for a woman?”

“A FRIEND!!” MAK said, “I DID THIS SHIT FOR A FRIEND!! And plus, your squad attacking my home? How the fuck was that justified?”

“It wasn’t.” Pandora said, “You think my intentions were justifiable? I know they were foolish but your reasons are downright asinine!! Your friend was arrested for something you did!! You put them in danger for your selfish reasons! Your girlfriend is having nightmares—“

“ABOUT YOU, GODDAMMIT!” MAK said. “She is scared of what you and Shin are. What makes you think you’re the better person than me?”
“Well, I know I’m a fucked-up individual…..but you?” Pandora yelled at him, “You’re not actually an upright moral citizen yourself. The way you acted against me…..you were like a vicious animal….a force of nature…..A…..freak.” And with that last word, the echoes of Kai’s words to him about how he hated being called a freak and monster and yet his actions are parallel to something towards that.
“Yeah, you heard me….the Hybrid being that most of these humans fear and despise and the reasoning for things like those Hybrid murders and the Grand ‘H’ War…you turn into something you hated all along.”

“I guess you are like your father after all.”


“WHAT!?” MAK shouted. “What the hell you know about my father!?”

She laughs at his curiosity and serious manner of him questioning his father. “Wow….you really don’t know much of your father after he left, didn’t he? I guess he really didn’t give a shit about you after all.” As she said in her dying breath.

“Listen now, bitch, you better tell me something about my damn dad!” MAK said.

“Hey, dumbass……you forget. You rammed my ass with a car. I’m practically halfway dead.” Pandora said, “You fucked up focusing on destroying me that I know something about a loved one that you WOULD’VE liked to know but the hell with that, I’m good as dead and you knowing you foolishly killed the one person that knows about it satisfies me, even in death.” She laughs at his face and gave one last middle finger to him before dying, mostly in the form of a photo of her and his father.

“Come on, I didn’t ram you that hard!!” MAK shouted. “Come on, goddammit!! TELL ME!! How did you know my father!?” He kept shouting out Pandora to come back alive but it was too late, she died with an evil smirk on her face. He gave up after that and ponder how he royally being fucking up a lot as of late from lying to his friends, his rampaging and now even the simplest stupid mistakes of killing someone with valuable information.

It wasn’t until a few minutes later as Kai and Cyan found MAK sitting there in complete distraught over this. He had a deep regretful look on his face that he really messed up and they look upon Pandora’s dead body. “She knows my dad.”

“I killed the one person that knows the whereabouts of my dad.” As MAK said. “I’m a fucking moron. I’m now pondering about the guy that left us….left because of a dumb-ass reason….and why I suddenly give a shit about right now.”

Cyan and Kai remain silent at that point as he was talking. “Kai, you were right. I did turn into a monster….and I DID HATE WHAT I BECOME.” Tears came down on his face at the sudden realization to that. However, Kai came up to him as he sulks and she simply said this, “You’re not a monster. OK? I know in your heart that you’re not truly like that. You’re a damn idiot…..but never that.”

Cyan went to the body and see a picture of her and MAK’s father. “MAK…..” Cyan said, “That’s Mr. [BLEEP], isn’t it?” He shook his head ‘yes’. The two sisters both hugged an emotionally withered MAK.

“Come on, we should get some rest.” Kai said.


HOURS LATER (or more likely, DAYS LATER)

The Faction was all over Downtown as they were covering the incident. They found traces of that powerful Blue Leaf and it was ordered that the stuff must be destroyed within the next 24 hours. They found Pandora’s body and Shin had to go to the hospital after losing a lot of blood after being shot in the balls. It was rumored that Shin died getting there but he disappeared before surgery could get their hands on him. He could still be out there.

The others made it out alive from the shootouts and partially with a few bruises, mostly the women from fighting Pandora and returning to their everyday lives…although with a skewed return after experiencing MAK’s actions.

Yuan and MAK had a very long talk about what went on there. MAK has been apologizing to him several times that MAK offered to work his debt there without them paying him but Kati thought that would be too much of a punishment and also she had another way to make MAK suffer a little bit.

“Oh come on!!” MAK said talking to Kati via Skype, “I have to watch all of those damn movies?!?”
“Yes, you do.” Kati said, “Hey, it’s the least you can do after what the hell we ravaged. I got shot. Yuan got shot…in the ass. You owe us.”

“But those Bombadill movies are 3 hours long…..EACH!!” MAK said. “That’s like a whole day there.”

“Yeah, but…” Yuan said, “A promise is a promise, MAK. Be lucky we didn’t subject you to…well…”

“OK, OK, OK.” MAK said, “I’ll see them. Damn.”

MAK lays in bed in nothing but some boxers on his laptop as he’s just been laying low from the public for a while. Kai, on the other hand, has been back to her daily life of working and relaxing and she is now seen lying next to MAK in nothing but underwear and a sports bra.

“So…….you have to see that whole Bombadill trilogy?” Kai said, “You know some people do like some parts of those movies. Maybe some didn’t like it because of the whole straying-from-the book factor but yeah, it was alright.”
“Can you watch it with me?” MAK said, “And hopefully keep me awake while watching it?”

“Actually, I’m obligated to not join you on this.” Kai said, “Kati told me about this and she said that she wants to make you suffer as much as possible and also said that I should deny you sex and flaunt that by mostly wearing nothing but my underwear in the apartment and tease you a lot.” Kai laughed as she said that. “The more I think about it, the more I get to laughing.”

At that moment, Kati just happens to call them. “Hey, Kai, MAK. You enjoy the sex withdrawal?” As she laughs at him. “So, not only I can’t back out of this Bombadill movie deal—“
“But your dick has to suffer, too!” Kati said. “And be lucky I’m not making you read the books of that, otherwise you might never finish them.”

“You sure I can’t help him with this?” Kai said.
“No, Kai. I want him to experience this by himself. It’s for the best.” Yuan said joining in on the call. “That and when he gets to some of those scenes we talked about, I want him to rage as much as we did.”

“OK, just asking.” Kai said. “Ah, no worries.” Kati said, “Also, Kai, how’s things been with your sister lately with the Faction?”

“Well, we’ve been getting along as of late.” Kai said. “Maybe even closer from this whole Pandora thing. Although MAK was issued another 2-week ban from them and has to be put on house arrest for the time being.” MAK has a beeping house arrest brace around his leg.

“Well, MAK, we’ll see you in another 9 hours….if you can make it, that is.” Kati said. “Bye, Kai! Please tease him more!” They hung up and as Kai sat beside him, she cuddled with him as he’s about to watch the movie.


“So…..has there been other things in your mind as of late?” MAK said. “Like what?” Kai said. “You know…..the whole Pandora, your father, my father thing?” MAK said. “I’ve been hearing about your dad getting shot by her and I don’t know what to say to that.”

“I gotta admit, MAK,” Kai said, “I was about as angry as you when I found out about that. Almost like I understand why you got upset as me being harassed…..when someone you love is being harmed, you just feel like you need to do something to make them feel your pain as well.”

“Yeah.” He responded. “Only thing is, I went too far and look what happened to me.”

“Yeah, that.” Kai said, “We both have some things to work out with this but you got to remember this…..you have these powers and I know you use them for good and you want to protect me and everyone you know and love. Just don’t become too much like the people you hated and feared and know that many people around you care about you and worries for your safety, me included.” She gave him a hug. “But also remember that we love you, too.” And kissed him on the cheek and the lips at that, too.

The phone rings at that moment. “Oh, it’s for me.” Kai said, “Don’t worry, I’ll be back.”

“Hello.” And it was Loyuka on the phone. “Hey, um, Kai……we have some disturbing info on this whole ‘Who really shot your dad?’ ordeal.”
“Wait, disturbing?” Kai said, “What do you mean?”

“We look back at old tapes and we discover someone involved in there that might shock you.” Loyuka said, “And I mean really shock you.”

Kai sighed at that, “How bad is it?”

“The shooter……in question……..may be….. [BLEEP].”

Kai heard the name of the shooter and was speechless at that moment. Loyuka keep talking to her but Kai didn’t respond….at least, until Kai told her, “Loyuka, I’ll call you another time.” She hangs up the phone and quickly quivers to the floor at hearing that name.

“No.” she silently said as she hyperventilates. “It can’t be. Not him. Why it had to be him?”




IN Lafayette, we see a man in a hood ordering some food. “Yeah, I’ll take the number 6 with a side of potato wedges and a milkshake. No mayonnaise and some honey mustard on the side.”

The news happens to be on and there happens to be a report on the Hybrid society and sees MAK in his Hybrid mode, causing a ruckus in the city and chasing Pandora around. The man took a wild interest in this guy, especially in his powers.

“What the fuck?” the guy said. “Is that…”

A phone rings and he answers it. “You seeing this shit right now?”
“Yeah, man. You caught me at the right time.” He said, “I thought he wasn’t supposed to be the ones to get it.”

“Well, you know what to do with this now.”

“Yeah….I suppose. But then again…….it would be nice to see my son again.”



© 2014-2015 Pandora Committee / Studio Katana & King’s Media Film Alliance. All rights reserved.

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