AURA FACTION Season 2 COLORS – Story 22: AURA Phase (Part 2)

WARNING: The following written material that you’re about to read may contain acts of violence, graphic language, and sexual content. This is meant only for MATURE AUDIENCES. Reader Discretion is advised.

Previously on COLORS.

Well, as planned, the rest of the Darksiders (well, sans Rolo, Sayuri, Laila and Lial) went out and break out the remaining crew from Rick and Dice. Kai, Sheena, Joanna & Gina break MAK out of there but Shin got to them. Luckily, MAK came back from his coma trance and proceeded to kick some ass.

Meanwhile, Rolo and the other girls hide out from the ……that worked…….for 15 minutes until Myke and Yellowhammer arrived. But then MAK and crew came and kicked their ass as well….only for Shin and Rick & Dice to come back and take on EVERYONE!

As for Tomoki, Cassie, Loyuka, Risa and Nyoko, they eventually got caught by Miki’s eye as Loyuka tells them the whole truth and what happened? Place get shot up, Risa tries to fight Miki, didn’t do too well……actually, no, she died. Nyoko is beyond pissed.

And with that settled…….

“Come here, nigga!” Dice shouted as he drags MAK in the middle of the dirt lot with chains and he kicked him in the face.

“OW…….” MAK said, “I am so going to fuck you up when I’m free of these chains.”
“Who the fuck said you was going to be free?” Dice said, “This is your last resort. You think you’re going to do some magic trick bullshit and escape and get those girls and kill us?”
He then hits MAK in the face.
“You watch a lot of them Japanese cartoons too much, man!” Dice shouted. “In fact, fuck the fists. I rather just shoot your ass right now!”

He got his gun out and he’s about to shoot but MAK kicked the gun and then used the chain against him and smacked Dice and tries to break free from it by slamming it against something metal but Dice grabbed him and kept punching and beating his ass.

Dice got the gun to shoot MAK but he ends up shooting the chain off and MAK used the chain to choke Dice.
“Nice plan, dumbass!” MAK shouted and then punch him out and ran.
“You motherfucker!!”
“FUCK YOU!” MAK shouted again and hit Dice with the chains in his balls.
“OHH!!” Dice groaned in pain. “You fuckin’…..

“YYYYAAAAAAAAA!!!!!” Rolo shouted as he is being thrown to the wall by Yellowhammer and then Myke used a hammer to pound on his fingers.
“AAHH!” Rolo kept screaming at the pain.
“Shut up, you little bitch!” Myke said, “You thought you had my ass back there, didn’t you?!” He punched him again. “Now you’re about to be more hands-free than a Bluetooth Headset!”

“AAH!” Sayuri screamed as she’s being tortured with a branding torch courtesy of Yellowhammer. “YAAAAAHHHH!!!!! AAAAHHHHHH!!”

“You know screaming is only going to make it worse.” Yellowhammer said.
“HELP!!!!!” Sayuri screamed.
“SHUT UP! Before I put a gag on you like your friend here!” And it turns to Laila who was also being branded only with a ball gag.”
Laila only responded with grunts and moans and even in screams when Yellowhammer branded her again and she even let out a huge muffled scream.
“Let us out….” Sayuri said in her weaken state.
“Well, damn….” Yellowhammer said, “You was all fiery begging me to stop and all that but now… gotten to that little girl voice where you sound whiny and beg me to stop. Well, you are shit out of luck!!”
“AAAAAHHHHH!!!!!” Sayuri screamed as she’s being tortured again with the torch.
“SAYURI!!” Laila said, muffled. “You son of a bitch!”

“Damn…….” Myke said, “Yellowhammer is fucking your girls up!”
Rolo is still wincing from the pain on his fingers.
Then he hit Rolo’s hand again.
“AAHHHH!!!!” Rolo screamed again.

“I think it’ll be more efficient for me to remove some of your clothes.” Yellowhammer said as she strips off Sayuri’s top and pants.
“After all, this might get extra hot in here.”

“OW!” Myke said, “I know she might need some ointment or some shit after that.”

“ROLO, HELP!” Laila shouted.

“Uh, the fuck is he going to do?” Yellowhammer said, “We busted his hand and feet. What do you think he’s going to do now?”

“Your ass is out of time!” Myke said, “It’s my turn for the girl! You take the genius here!”
Sayuri’s nerve instincts kick in and kicked Myke in the face as he got close.
“OW!” He pulled her from the chains and slapped her in the face.
“Now it’s going to get worse!”

We cut to Kai being chased by Shin with a chain of his own. He kept swinging the chain at her, trying to get chain her up as well as MAK was but she kept ducking and dodging it.

“OH KAI!!!” Shin crazily screamed. “Oh, you don’t want to play with me and my chains!?” He swings again but he got her foot.
“AAAH!” She screamed.
“GOTCHA!” He jumped far too where she was at and tries to grab her from there.
“AH! GET OFF OF ME, DAMMIT!” Kai screamed. She kicked him and struggled to get out of there but Shin got her by her hair and pulled it alongside her to the other side.
“Oh no….” Shin said, “You’re not getting away from me this time!”

He picks her up and carry her back to the house where Rick is interrogating and roughing up the other girls.
“Got her back!” Shin said.
“Took your ass long enough.” Rick said. “I was getting impatient with the rest of these bitches!” As he landed a punch against Gina with the brass knuckles.

Gina then spat at his face.

“Oh, how cute.” Rick said, “You think that spit in the face shit was going to affect me.” He then outright punches her in the stomach.
“OOOOHH…..OW!” Gina yelped.
“Always got to come with that attitude with me.” Rick said, “Especially if it involves both MAK and his merry band of friends….”

“Um…….I don’t know much of that guy myself.” Lial said, “But the way you come against me makes me want to side with him more…..”
Shin then slapped Lial for that remark.
“OH, shut up, bitch!!” Shin yelled. “That guy is basically your white knight!! Your little pet hybrid that always seems to be so…acquainted and smitten by every one of you!”

“Maybe because MAK is a decent human and/or hybrid being that treats us with respect and kindness and you’re a couple of slimy assholes who only goes after him for his personal gain?” Joanna said. “Not to mention that you got me and Gina spying on a man just doing his job. You suspect him for NOTHING!!! You’re doing this just to fuck with him!!! Its authority figures like you that give us a bad name. You’re just like those trigger-happy cops that shoot first and ask never!!”

Rick walked up to Joanna with a switchblade to her neck and yanked her hair to the point of the blade.
“And apparently that makes you the righteous type of cop?” Rick threatened. “You’re so damn naïve, that it’s not even funny.”
“Naïve nothing!” Sheena shouted. “Him and Kai saved my ass from an abusive ex and if they didn’t come in time, I wouldn’t even be here right now. We see the good in him, unlike you!”

“Oh, another one, eh?” Rick said, now coming towards Sheena. “All of you got a big-ass mouth, you know that right?”
“When an asshole puts a knife to my girlfriend’s neck……I tend to go there.” Sheena said.
“Girlfriend?” Rick said as he looked at her and Joanna, “Oh, I see. That fight with your ex got you on the other team. Too bad……I know a lot of motherfuckers that love curvy Asian and Latina women. They could be sucking on both your titties right about now.”
“Yeah, well, tell them that they missed their chance. Because at least that’s what me, Joanna & MAK got a lot in common.” Sheena said. “Oh, and I know your brother tried to smack Joanna’s ass the other day and let me pass this from you to him.”
Sheena kicked him square in the balls.
“OOWWWW!!!OHH!! AAAHHH!!!” Rick screamed. “You damn bitch!!”
“Then again, he might get his ass kicked by MAK!” Sheena said. “We all know your brother isn’t exactly the brains.”
Rick then stabbed Sheena in her wound.
“AAAAAAHHHH!!!!!!!” Sheena cried.
“SHEENA!” Joanna screamed.
“Not so tough now, huh, bitch?” Rick said. “And I bet right now, MAK is getting his ass kicked all over the ground by Dice. Yeah, he’s not the brightest but back then, he whupped MAK’s ass all the time. Him and a few of his homies did that shit……well, I heard one of them stab him once that one time he’s coming out of some store.”

“Coming out of t…..” And then Kai got the realization from the time MAK got stabbed trying to get her a birthday present.
“Oh yeah…..the whole him being stabbed close to your birthday…..that was us all the way.” Rick said.

“You’re the ones to hurt him on that day?” Kai said, “I fucking knew it……everything Joanna said about you was right!! You don’t care about the people or anything like that! You just want power and do nothing but abuse it to your gains!! You two haven’t changed a bit. You were assholes then and still are now!!”

“COME BACK HERE, MOTHERFUCKER!!!” Dice shouted wielding a shotgun to shoot at a running MAK. “I had enough of your bullshit!!”
He shot at him to know he’s not messing around. “That next one going to be in your ass, motherfucker!”

MAK then remembers he had another vial of Blue Leaf in his pocket and tries to use it.
But he got cracked and leaked all over him but he licked what was left of it and to get some of the juices in his system.
He then phased out of the way of Dice’s range.
“What the fuck?” Then Dice was attacked from behind and MAK threw his shotgun out of the way and start punching and throwing Dice to the ground and maliciously beat him rapidly.

The punches from MAK were coming in fast, but soon Dice kicked him out of the way to pounce and attack him.

“RAAHHH!!” Dice yelled. “You fucking nigga!!! Your ass don’t know when to quit!!!”

“And apparently neither do you!” MAK shouted.
“You damn right about that shit!” Dice screamed. “I swear once I fucking kill you, I’m chopping your ass up and showing your girl your head and dick in reminder of that!”

“You won’t do a damn thing!!” MAK said, punching him in the throat.
“And you’re not touching my balls!”

Back in the city, we see Tomoki, Cassie, Loyuka and Nyoko in a standoff with Miki.

“Ah, so I see the trilogy is now a quartet.” Miki said, confronting the girls. “I guess family photos are going to be one person short….huh….Hirano?”
“I should’ve killed your bitch ass like I did your sister.”
“Maybe you should.” Nyoko said with her gun cocked.
“No matter!” Cassie said, “This ends here!!! If one thing is going to happen here, your ass is going down are so are your fucking crew!”

“Let’s see you try!!” Ryo shots them with a STILL bullet but Tomoki deflects it and ricocheted it back to him.
“OW! What the….” Ryo caught one in his arm. “I can’t move my arm!!! AAHH!”

“Now you know how we feel!” Aron said. “I can’t feel my arm…..or my ass!”

“GET THOSE BITCHES!!!” Miki screamed and her, Kikyo/Reiko, Crane and Hawk moved in and made the first attack on the girls, bullets and all.

“LOYUKA!!” Seiki said, “You’re awake!!”
“That and not dead.” Loyuka said, “Look, long story short, Miki there shot my ass and tried to frame it on Tomoki and Cassie. Then threatened me if I told anyone I know, they’ll kill me and them, too.”
“Damn…” Cyan said, “Hold up, so you, Tomoki, Cassie, Nyoko, R–“
She took a look around doesn’t see Risa.
“Yeah……about Risa……” Loyuka said lightly.
“Oh no……” Sei said, “You mean……”
“Unfortunately.” Loyuka said.
“FUCK!” Seiki said, “It was Miki, wasn’t it?”

“It was all her…..the framing, the bombings of Chris’ car, the Faction and downtown….” Loyuka said.

“What about the Wolf Clan being here?” Yuan asked.
“That I didn’t know about.” Loyuka said, “But I know Cassie didn’t break out……the first time.”

“OK…..” Cyan said, “So if they are fighting, what the hell do we do?”
“We flee….”, Yuan said, “I think the girls got it handled and hopefully we can get to MAK, Rolo and the others.”
A bullet just flew past Seiki.
“We should move out of the way first.” She said.
“That, too.” Yuan said.

“Uh…..maybe you do.” Aka said, “But we got our friends affected by the DAMN STILL BULLETS!”
“STILL BULLETS?” Loyuka said.
“These bullets that cause you to remain still for a long period of time!” Lex said, “Half our crew has been shot by them!”
“And we need to get them out of the line of fire!” Murasaki said.
“OK, OK, OK!” Loyuka said, “I’ll help you get them out of the way safe and possibly put into somewhere safe so the pain will go away.”
“Good.” Murasaki said. “I got Nola. Y’all get the rest.”
That stunned look on Aka got her saying, “What the f—Be lucky we got bigger shit to worry about!”

So they dragged the rest of the Darksiders far from the battle area as everyone else got into another vehicle they found out in the open.
“OK. Just how many abandoned cars are here?” Murasaki said.
“Don’t know. Don’t care.” Aka said. “Get the guys in here and move on out.”
“You sure you’ll be alright here?” Lex asked, “You need backup or something?”
“Don’t worry.” Loyuka said, “We got everything handled here. NOW GO AND GET OUT OF HERE!”

The bullets kept on coming but neither side has took a hit yet.
“COME ON, YOU PUSSIES!” Kikyo/Reiko said, “You can do better than that.”

“OK, you asked for it.” Nyoko said, putting a special bullet in there and she shot it at them. However, she misses.
“Wasn’t aiming at you.” She knew where that shot would go and the bullet exploded into small particles, hitting Hawk all over his face and body.

“What the hell?” Miki yelled.
Then Tomoki and Cassie both got the jump and attack her back-to-back with dual pistol-whips.

“How the–” Miki shouted. She grabbed a pocket knife and tried to stab Tomoki but Cassie got a copper string and choking Miki.

“HOW DOES IT FEEL NOW, BITCH!” Cassie shouted. “YOU’RE GOING TO PAY FOR THE SHIT YOU DID TO EVERYONE!!” She punches Miki a few times around.
“This is for Loyuka!! For Nyoko!! For Risa!! For Tomoki!! For everyone you fucked over, you despicable bitch!”
She threw Miki to the ground but Crane and Kikyo/Reiko tackled her as well. Cassie punched Kikyo/Reiko and shoved her to Tomoki’s direction.
Crane tried to shoot the Still gun but Cassie stuck the knife into the hole and kicked Crane off of her and grabbed the gun for herself.

“You fuck—” Crane shouted trying to get her gun but it was missing. “Wait, where is it?”
“Oh… mean this?” As Cassie got the gun, removed the knife but Crane went in to attack anyway.

They fight it out once again but Cassie chin-checked Crane and shot her with the STILL Bullets and left her completely in shock and motionless.
Cassie then got out a real pistol and aimed it to Crane’s head and without hesitation, she pulls the trigger, shooting her dead.

Tomoki head-butted Kikyo/Reiko and smacked her with a brick she found on the ground. Then kicked her to the wall, slammed and scraping her face all over the area.
Kikyo/Reiko punched her in the gut, got on top of her and kept thrashing her and choking her.
“You thought you was going to kill me!? MOTHERFUCKER!”
Cassie then threw Kikyo/Reiko off of Tomoki to another wall.

“Don’t think you’re going to win this battle.” Miki said, “Hell, I know I can take you two bitches on myself.”
Then she grabbed one of her guns, hit both of them and heads straight for Nyoko.
“AAAH!!!” Nyoko screamed.
“I figure I need to take out the weakness of the bunch and even without your sister, you ain’t shit!” Miki said, punching Nyoko square in the face.

“GET THE FUCK OFF HER!!” Loyuka screamed as she pulls Miki off Nyoko and throws her to the ground. However, Miki jumped back slapping Loyuka and clotheslining her back to the ground.

“Nice try!” Miki smirked and she stomps on Loyuka’s hand.
“AAAAHHHHH!!!!!” Loyuka screamed.

“AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!” Sayuri screamed from the hot searing pain of the branding torch that Myke used on her stomach. “AAH! You bastard!”

“Damn, and you’re still handling this shit?” Myke asked. “I thought you used the hottest setting.”

Rolo was passed out from the beatings he’s taken for the past half-hour and with Laila next to him, she tries to wake him up with a tap on his shoulder.
“Rolo…Rolo….ROLO!” She silently said.

He’s breathing heavily as he wakes up.
“Oh………” He groans from the pain.
“Rolo…….we need to save……Sayuri…..” Laila said.
“Ah……” He was still groaning. “I know….you got a plan?”
“I’ll wing it.” She said.

“Well, she is pretty much done for.” Myke said, “Hell, I’m not even enjoying this anymore.”

“Yeah…..” Yellowhammer said, “She’s close to giving up anyway but we can always go for the–” Then they noticed Laila gone.
“The hell?” Yellowhammer said. “The other bitch! Where did she go?”

Out of nowhere, Laila with the bat smacks Yellowhammer cold in the jaw and kept hitting on her.
“THE HELL! BITCH, HOW YOU GET OUT!?” Myke screamed but Laila knocked him across the room.

“Laila…….” Sayuri softly said.
“COME ON!” Laila said, “I need to get you two out.”
Rolo then tried to stand up without passing out and limp his way out of the house.
“Ow…..shit…..” Rolo said.
“ROLO, COME ON!” Laila went and carried each other out of there.

“If you want to fight me….and this dude here…” Rick threatened the girls, “TRY ME!”
“OK then.” Kai said. She then swiftly move behind him, grabbing his arm, twisting it and got Joanna to kick him in the face.
“FUCK IT!” Shin said and immediately jump on Lial.
“AAHH!!” Lial screamed, “Get this creepy-ass psycho off me!” She crawled back and kick at him but Shin got on top of her and started to choke her out.
“AAH!! HELP! GINA!” Lial screamed.
Gina kicked Shin from behind and grab Lial from behind.
“RUN!!!” Gina shouted and got her wings out but Rick grabbed her and threw her down.
“You’re not going anywhere, bitch!”
Lial punched him in the eye. “GET OFF US!”

“OW!” Gina yelled. “He broke my wing! I can’t take flight!!”
“I’m going to do more than fuck up your wings!” Rick said, “You’re going to be hot wings when I’m through with you!”
Lial then punched him in the throat, causing him to pass out.
“Please shut the fuck up…!” Lial shouted.

“AAAAHHH!!!!” Rolo, Sayuri and Laila got out of the house and saw the whole fight going down.
“OH, so more ladies!?” Shin shouted.

Rolo then saw the pistol on the ground. “BACK OFF!!”
“Oh shut the hell up, ner–” Rolo then shot him in the kneecap.
“OW!! DAMMIT! You fuckers and guns!” Shin said.
“Touch me or Sayuri and Laila again and I’ll shoot more than that!” Rolo threatened him.

“ROLO!” Kai shouted as she and the rest of the girls got him up. “Oh my god, look what they’ve done to you.”
“I think I might live.” He said. “I’m more worried about Sayuri…..they used a branding torch on her.”
“WHAT!?” Sheena said. Sayuri showed them the scars.
“GODDAMN!” Sheena, Joanna & Kai shouted.
“Those assholes!” Joanna said, “Those fucking assholes.”
“I know.” Sayuri said, “But again, they’re knocked out and I don’t know how long we got. We need to get out of here NOW!”
“We got the keys to one of the cars!” Laila said, “If we got another set from them, we can get out of there.”
“Hopefully we’ll beat Shin and the Cains down and then we escape!” Rolo said. “Wait……..Dice is with MAK, isn’t he?”
“I just knocked out Rick!” Lial said, “Get his keys and he can le– AAAHH!”
Shin was swinging an axe out of nowhere, causing the girls to duck from the swinging.
“LIKE I KNOW!” Kai yelled. “I’m just sick of this bullshit and I’m sick of this fucker here!!”

“COME OUT!” Shin said, “Face me out in the open, bitch!!”
Kai then came out in the open and threw some dirt at Shin’s eyes and kneed him in the groin.
“OH!” Shin screamed. “You sneaky little……bitch!” He rushed her down and slapped her to the ground, trying to get on top of her.
“Don’t think you can get away from me!!”
His deranged madness is getting to him and is hell-bent on getting to Kai.
“I will get to you, KAI!” She kicked him off and see the gun on the ground. Shin knew what she was about to do so he jumps for the gun, only for him to miss, Kai to get the gun and shot him directly in his chest.

“The fu—I don’t believe this shit.” Shin said.
Kai then shoots him again, only two more times, in the chest again and in the head, killing him instantly.

She dropped the gun with her hands shaken as she comes to the realization that she actually killed a guy in the first time in her life.


“KAI!” Sheena said, “Come on! We got the keys! Let’s get the hell out of here!”
“KAI!!!” Joanna also screamed.
Kai kept breathing and panting in shock.
“Just put her inside yourselves.” Gina said. “I’ll drive us out of there. Rolo, you got the other car?”
“Yeah…..” he said, “I don’t know if I can still drive after what happened.”
“Well, I’m driving for you.” Gina said. “Joanna, you and Sheena and Kai got that other one. NOW GO!!!”

“MOTHERFUCKER!!” MAK shouted as him and Dice kept punching and beating the shit out of each other for a long period of time.
“You son of a bitch!” Dice screamed. He dragged MAK by the foot but got kicked by him at the last minute.
MAK kept stomping on his ass and kicking him on the side while throwing dirt on him.

“Now……where was that talk when you said that you was going to cut my dick off and show it to Kai?” As he got a hold of a pistol and he shoots Dice in his leg.
“AAAHHHH!!!!!” Dice shouted.
“DAMN!! I bet that hurt, didn’t it?”

“FUCK YOU!” Dice screamed. “You shot me in the leg, you dick!! Although to be fair, at least I didn’t get dick-shot like your boy Shin there.”
“Who says you weren’t going to end up like him?” MAK said, “The day is still young, I can shoot you in your ass crack and sleep like a baby tonight.”

“What… think even if you kill me, things will be hunky-dory for you and your crew…..”Dice said, “Think about it. You kill me……how does that reflect you? Another hybrid being running loose on the streets and you happened to kill an officer of the law. They’ll harass your ass, threaten you and your girl and I know they’re going to be much, much worse than me and my bro.”
“I doubt it.” MAK said, “If anything, I can handle those fuckers.”
“Oh, but what about your girl?” Dice throw out that question. “Or your other friends? You forgot that tidbit? Like us, they will attack the people you hold dear the most and we won’t stop until you are broken down and defeated.”

“Like hell I’ll let them harm my people!” MAK shouted. “If anything the shit I’ll do to them WILL MAKE THEM REGRET FUCKING WITH ME!”
He gets a knife and stabs Dice in the hand.
“AAAAHHH!!!!!!” Dice kept screaming.
“Just keep saying shit or your ass is going into worse pain than before!” MAK shouted. “Then again, you and your brother deserve the shit coming to you….harassing us, arresting us with some bullshit, trying to kill us!!!!!! I’m not showing mercy for two worthless niggas like you!!! Your death don’t mean a damn thing for me!! I COULD KILL YOU RIGHT NOW!!! For all the pain throughout the years…….”

“Well…..if you’re going to kill me, I might as well say this to your face.” Dice said.
“And that would be?”
“Remember when you got stabbed by the gift shop, buying Kai a gift?” The moment Dice said that, MAK didn’t even have to take his time knowing who did it.
“You mean, the day which you ruined me and Kai’s special birthday week?” he said, “THAT TIME!?”

Anger intensifies, MAK just shot Dice again in the side of his stomach.
“AAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!” Dice said. “What the hell!?! If you’re going to kill me, just do it ALREADY!”

“FUCK NO!” MAK said, “That’s too easy for you. I want you to suffer…..painfully.”
“Damn! Maybe everybody was right to call you a monster!!” Dice said, “You doing this sick shit and not giving a f–” He pounced at the fallen Dice.

“I…….am…….not……a…” MAK gravely said. “And you know what? You’re right. I should put you out of your misery because right now I’m sick of your mouth.”
He puts the trigger close to Dice’s head and without any hesitation, MAK shot him point blank and instantly killing Dice.
“Bitch.” He spits on his corpse, then emptying out his wallet and proceeds to walk away from the spot.

“Wait… see something coming up?” Rolo said. “This is where MAK and Dice were fighting at, right?”
“I see someone coming!” Sheena shouted.
MAK was walking towards anywhere with a tired look on him, like he was going to collapse.

“Wait, that’s MAK!” Joanna said, “HE’S RIGHT THERE!!”
“QUICK!! Get to him quick!” Kai said as Lial and Gina rushed down that way to get him.

They finally got to him and he just collapsed in front of the car.
“MAK!” All of them shouted.
Kai went over there to help carry him to the car.
“Oh shit……” Lial said, “My guess is that you must’ve won the fight.”
MAK shook his head in certainty. “Yeah…….and also about….” He pulls out a wad of $7000 from Dice’s wallet. “Let’s see…..enough to pay hospital bills and a long-ass vacation.”

“So…..what happened with Rick?” MAK said, “You do him in, too?”
“He’s a bit knocked out at the moment.” Gina said, “And you with Dice…..judging by the blood, I say when he wakes up, he will come back for us.”
“Oh, I know.” He said, “I’ll be ready for his ass.”
“I hope less people show up for that one.” Rolo said, “I’m already beaten to the core with Myke and Yellowhammer. That and my hands/legs can’t take any more with that shit.”
MAK then notices Kai being the quiet one out of the group.
“Kai…, are you alright?”

“MAK… I shot and killed Shin.” She said. “I mean…..I had the gun and I just outright killed a guy.”
“Oh shit….” MAK said, “And….I know that…. you never shot a guy before, didn’t you?”
“No.” Kai said, “I had to do with I had to do but I’m not going to lie when I say that I was scared shitless facing him. In fact, I always seemed like when shit like this happens, I panic…..hard.”

“Yeah, I get what you’re feeling.” MAK said, “I never thought with my powers that I had to kill someone….although I killed Dice with a gun but the powers did help with that.”
“My hands were still shaking from that.” She said. “I still have that feeling of throwing up and stress on me. You get what I’m saying?”

MAK responded with, “Yes. All the time.” As he holds her hand to relax her a bit.
Both of them got in the back of the car with everyone else to ride off but there was one thing that both of them got on their mind.
“Yeah?” She said.
“Did Rick said something about who actually stab me that one time I went to get you a birthday gift?”
Kai swallowed hard as soon as he said that. “Reason why I asked…..Dice told me all about it moments before I killed him.”
“Yeah…..Rick told me that, too.” Kai said. “The arrogant bastard.”
MAK asked, “Oh, speaking of that, how did y’all do him in?”
“Lial knocked him out.” Kai said.
“Damn right.” Lial said, “And I’d do it again but I doubt it’ll happen twice.”
“By the way….thanks for helping us in our crazy shit, Lial.” Kai said, “I do want to re-pay you in a huge way possible.”
“As long as most of us are alive, we’re square with me.” Lial said. “And while the stakes have been life-threatening, where I feel like I’m close to death any minute…….yeah, I think about that more.”
Kai laughs. “Don’t worry. I don’t blame you.” Then she hugs and holds on MAK’s arm tight and lays her head on his shoulders.
He kissed her head while she relaxes a little.

“Hey Rolo!” MAK said, “You know where we are headed next?”
“I don’t know!” Rolo shouted. “Only thing we know is we got to get far, far away from those guys!!! And for good!”
“By the time he catches us, we’ll be long gone.” MAK said. “Maybe he hasn’t woke up yet.”


Rick was waking up from being unconscious. He looked around and he noticed his car is gone and Shin dead with a gunshot to the dome.

“Those little bitches….” He said, “That’s fucking it!”
He breaks into Myke’s car and jumpstart it to get it running.

However, inside the house, Myke and Yellowhammer was also waking up to the sound of their ride getting jacked.

“HEY MOTHERFUCKER!!!” Myke shouted. “That’s our ride!”
“My ride now, bitch.” Rick said without giving a fuck.
“You piece of shit!!” Myke said grabbing the shotgun from the other room. “I’m gonna fucking kill you!”
Yet, Yellowhammer hears something leaking in there and notices it was close to the window.
“You motherfucker!” As Myke pulls out his gun.
“WAIT, NO!!!” Yellowhammer shouted.
Myke let out one shot and the whole house explodes into a fiery rage, killing them both instantly.

“Damn.” Rick said, “Didn’t know about that shit.”

He drove out there to see what happened with Dice at the open desert and he saw how MAK left him back there: Dead with a bullet in the head and leaving his wallet empty.

Rick’s face was in distraught when he saw his brother dead on the ground and left to rot in the hot sun.
“You…..son of a bitch…….Dice……” Rick whispered. He looks over his empty wallet and notices the saliva in his forehead.
“OK, MAK…..that’s how you want it to play?” Rick said, “Well, in that case, next time I see you, I’m putting both you and your bitches in the grave.”

Back on road again, MAK and the others were traveling to find the others as they hear the explosion of the house.
“OH…….shit….” As MAK looked back there. “Um, Rolo, was there any explosive stuff back there?”
“Not that I know of.” Rolo said, “Although….yeah, I noticed it was gas-powered and….Oh…..good thing we left there, didn’t we?”
“Yeah…..” MAK said. “And with that, it also means some people left there are probably dead.”

“At least we won’t have to worry about them anymore.” Sheena said. “Thankfully, it means I get hurt less. OW!” She’s still hurting from the wound Rick gave her.
“Do we have any more bandages for her?” Joanna yelled.
“GOT IT!” Lial said. “It’s a good thing you’re bleeding less right now. Any more and the whole car would be red.”
“So she’ll be alright?” Joanna asked.
“Yes.” Lial said. “That and she’s quite the brave one.”
“I can tell….” Joanna said, “The way you told off Rick was awesome.”
“True.” Sheena said, “But I think you deserved that credit more considering you blasted them for the piece-of-shit cops they are. That and it reminded me of how much of a caring person you are.”
“Wow. Really?” Joanna said.
“Yeah,” MAK responded, “You knew I wasn’t doing anything suspicious when they accused me of burning Collins’ car. It was risky for you to believe me but you did. That and I thank you for the anime gift card you, Gina and the Hiranos gave me.”
“Aaww. You’re welcome.” Joanna said. “And thank you.”
“Not to mention, the way Sheena cares about you.” Kai said. “Hell, her eyes light up when she saw you come back alive and well.”

“Especially that part.” Sheena said. “Although now I can say we got matching scars on our bodies.” As she show her the scar on her right side and then Joanna showed her scar to her.
“So we’re scar buddies or something?” Joanna giggled.
“After all we went through…..we’re definitely more than scar buddies or sex buddies……” Sheena said, “I definitely want to be more to you than anything.”
Sheena was about to go in with a kiss but Joanna had to stop for a minute.
“Yeah, I had to stop.” Joanna said, “Kissing while driving can lead to some stupid deaths. Besides…..” Then her and Sheena go in for the longing kiss.
“This is more romantic this way…..”
“You mean with us around?” Lial asked. “Because I doubt it.”

As they continued driving, they noticed someone coming near them and it looks like it was the Darksiders was passing by.
“Wait, is that…..” Lex said.
“Holy shit! IT IS!” Aka pulled over and stop to see if it’s them.
“LEX! AKA!” Rolo said as he sees them coming out of there. “You’re alive!?”

“Rolo, it’s you!” Aka said hugging him, “Thank God you’re alive!! Is everybody else OK?”
“Yeah, yeah. Sayuri and Laila are safe.” He said, “Although we had a run-in with two BirdBrains earlier….”
“Wait, two BirdBrain guys?” Lex said.
“Yeah, and I actually kicked their asses……for a while.” Rolo said.
“Aw, don’t be so modest.” Laila said, “You may took some hits but we all came through….despite a branding rod.”
“Branding rod?” Lex and Aka said then Sayuri showed them the scars she got. “OW!!! DAMN!”
“Yeah, that happened.” Sayuri said, “And yes, I’m alright for now. I just want this whole thing to be over.”

Then Murasaki came out of the car.
“Saki!” Rolo shouted.
“Rolo, you’re alive and so is everybody else!” Murasaki said.

“Yeah, you forgot about us?” MAK said.

“DAMN!!” Lex said, “The fuck happened to you?”
“Well…..after trying to escape from Rick and Dice and Shin….they followed us here and so long story short, Dice tried to beat my ass and I killed the motherfucker. Shin ended up dead because Kai shot him and that house we were staying in exploded, possibly killing those two BirdBrains and maybe Rick. Either way……I’m ecstatic and tired.”

“So anything with you?” Kai said.
Murasaki then opened up the back and shows the rest of the guys still infected with the STILL bullet.
“Uh…..what happened with them?” Gina said.
“Fucking Miki Maeda and the rest of them BirdBrains shot them with something called the STILL Bullet.” Lex said. “I think the effects are wearing off a little.”
“I think I can move a leg a little.” Nanashi said. She did but felt a slight pain doing it. “AAAAHHH!!!! OW! Fucking shit!”
“Wait, wait, wait…..Still Bullet?” MAK said.
“Yeah…..” Aka said. “Why, you heard of it or something?”
MAK then said, “I know the effects of that is you’re motionless for a period of time. How long they were like that?”
“20 Minutes.” Lex said.
“Oh, OK. That’s not bad.” MAK said, “If it was an hour, I’d be worried. But yeah, they need an antidote of that to get that Still residue out of the body.”
“Wait, you mean the eMOTION shot?” Lial asked.
“….Yes….that.” MAK responded in an awkward way.
“I do a lot of research on medicine, even the Hybrid-specific ones.” She said, “We can get them to a near hospital that has it, I can administer it to them in under an hour and BANG, they’ll be good as new.”

“Then what the hell are we waiting for?” Nanashi said, “The medicine woman is going with us.”
“All right.” Lial said.
“Me too.” Gina said, “I also need by wing looked at after that dick yanked it like a teenager alone in their room.”

Then another car stopped by and it was Cyan, Seiki, Sei, Yuan and Kati.
“HEY!!!” MAK shouted, “Y’all made it back, too……and what happened to Kati? She got shot by the Still, too?”
“What?” Kati said, “NO! That bitch Miki got me shot with a regular bullet.”

“You guys OK?” Cyan asked.
MAK said, “Yeah, we’re good although just barely. What about you? What happened back there?”
“We fled as soon as Tomoki & Cassie came and fought them off.” Seiki said.
“TOMOKI AND CASSIE!?” MAK and Kai shouted together. “They’re here?”
“Uh, yeah.” Cyan said, “Both them, Loyuka and Nyoko. They’re now scraping with the rest of the BirdBrains.”
“They need our help!” Kai said.
“I think those girls got it handled over there.” Sei said, “What you need is get yourself to shelter yourselves to safety and we’ll get Faction agents all over the area, hopefully apprehend Maeda.”
“And what about Tomoki and Cassie?” MAK said, “They should be off the hook, right?”
“They would be…..” Sei said, “Except they did escape from the prison and the Wolf Clan…..”

“Man, bully on that shit!” MAK said, “Like it or not, we’re going!!”
“No, the fuck you’re not!” Seiki said, “From the looks of it, you need to sit back on this. You look bloodied and tired and shit and out of your element.”
“I just killed Dice.” MAK said, “And she killed Shin Endo. Don’t tell me we’re out of our element. In fact, we’re more than in this shit!”

“Wait…….you two killed Shin and Dice?” Cyan asked.
“We did what we had to do.” MAK said.
“That and those two was getting close to killing us.” Kai said, “We knew what we had to do.”

“OK, we get it. You two can obviously handle yourselves out there.” Sei said, “And I understand Miayama and Lyles are your friends but we can’t have anybody else in the crossfire of this. You got friends already in danger from those STILL bullets and your other friends are injured from this. It’s crazy out there, man.”

“Look, we tried going to safer places but they always keep finding us!” Kai said. “Where else can we go?”

30 minutes later

So while all the Darksiders plus Sayuri, Laila, Gina and Lial are heading to the hospital for an antidote and Cyan, Seiki and Sei are calling in Faction back-up for the battle Downtown, they got MAK, Kai, Sheena, Joanna, Yuan and Kati stored in a hotel at the top private room.

“OK, this isn’t half too bad.” Kati said. “A safe room with top-notch security, bulletproof windows so no one can snipe us and FREE FOOD!!!”

“Wait, the food is free?” Yuan asked, “Doesn’t a Kit Kat cost $15 here or something?”
“Is it a big Kit-Kat?” Kati asked, “Like bigger than my arm?”
“Human arm or penguin arm?” Sheena said.
“Don’t matter. It’s on them.” Kati said as she eats it. “Besides after all the bullshit and cluster fucking we got through, I could use a little relaxation.”

“You think everybody’s going to be all right?” Kai said to MAK.
He sighs. “Man, I don’t even know in the slightest but considering they handle shit like this before.”
“You think them putting us here is safe?” Kai asked.
“Oh yeah, we’re positive that we’re safe.” Kati said. “Right now, Joanna is sleeping like a baby.” As in, she’s sleeping on top of Sheena.
“I would move except for two things: I don’t want to wake her up and she looks so cute when she’s asleep.”
As that moment, she drools on her arm.
“Well, she’s peaceful.”
“Mr. Dolphin…..can I have another peanut butter chocolate octopus……please?”
“OK.” MAK said, “She does the weird dream shit Kai does, too.”
Kai squeezes his hand, “YOU KNOW NOTHING!!”

“Welp, since we’re here and all, let’s order some room service.” Kai said, “All that running and fighting can make a person hungry.”
“Good. I’ll get this XXL Chicken Quesadilla.” MAK said.
“The Chicken Parmesan for me.” Kai said.
“I’ll order a medium pizza for me and Joanna.” Sheena said.
“And I’ll get this.” Kati pointed at this particular item.
“That’s the Chocolate Chip Cookie Sundae.” Yuan said, “Maybe for dessert.”
“Oh, I didn’t see the other side……Then this.” She pointed to the Filet Mignon.
“And I’ll get the Turkey Burger.” Yuan said.

Back at the fight, Loyuka was still being attacked by Miki by stomping on her hand.
“AAAAAHHHHHHH!!!” Loyuka screamed harder than before.
“What’s that? You wanted more of this? Well, if you say so….” And she continued to do so until Tomoki, Cassie and Nyoko all ganged up on her, held her down and Loyuka kicked her, picked up her and body slammed her down.

Nyoko grabbed her and took out her pistol, aiming it directly to her head.
“Fuck this. I have no time to deal with a piece of shit like you anymore.” Nyoko said. “You’re going down, bitch.”
Then they heard someone coming from the east side saying, “HEY! Darksiders just went to a hospital and they got the Matsuda girl with them!”
“Well, hot damn.” Kikyo/Reiko said, “Time to pay my dear little sister a visit.” As she got on a bike and sped away.
“And it looks like I’ll deal with you later….” Miki said, “Or better yet….” Then she breaks free of the girls’ grip and left with Kikyo/Reiko.
“Oh, enjoy the gift I left you!!” She screamed as she went away.
“Gift?” As they look behind them and see a grenade at their feet.
“RUN!!!” Nyoko shouted as they jumped out of the way as the grenade blew up and as it turns out, the STILL bullet was into integrated into grenades and some of the shrapnel hit Nyoko in the leg.

“AAAAAAHHHH!!!!” Nyoko screams.
“NYOKO! NO!” Loyuka shouted.

By the time the Faction got there, it was only the 4 girls left and the fast thing they do is apprehend Tomoki and Cassie by force.
“OW! HEY, WHAT THE!!” Tomoki said. “You got the wrong guys!”
“What are you doing!?” Loyuka said, “The ones we’re looking for are getting away and she took down my partner!!”
“We have an arrest warrant for those two and Officer Hirano, too.” One shouted. “She’s a suspect for helping these two.”

The Darksiders and company just arrived at the hospital at the backway and they are making a plan to get the eMOTION shots.
Aka laid out the info to Lial’s part, “OK, Lial, since you have the medical expertise, you’ll have to masquerade as a doctor here.” She gives her an ID.
“Dr. Lauren Mange?” Lial questioned. “OK, At least I look a little bit like her.”
“Gina will go with you as your own bodyguard.” Lex said.
“So basically normal for me and her.” Gina said.

“Sure, I guess.” Lex said. “We get the guys disguised as patients and/or cadavers….”
“Cadavers!?” Aron shouted.
“Better than being actual ones!” Rolo said. “Look, just act dead as Sayuri and Laila get you into secure rooms.”
Magnum interjected with, “So, we’re not staying in here because…”
“That’s the first place they’ll look at and then shoot us there.” Nanashi said.
“And I want a damn bed.” Cameron said, “This shit hurts.”
“No shit.” Devo said.

“Let me go through this again.” Aka said, “I take Devo and Nanashi up. Lex, you take Magnum and Aron and Murasaki, you take Nola as well into a room.”
“Rolo,” Lex said, “You go with Lial and Gina as a junior doctor with them. Got it?”
“Yep.” He said.
“Then let’s do this shit!” Nola shouted. “OW! Please carry me in.”

45 minutes later in the hotel, someone was carrying up food for the 6 staying in there.
“Room Service!! Your food is here!”
“All right!” MAK said, getting the door.
The waiter looked covered up for some reason like he was hiding a scar on his face.

“Food’s here!?” Sheena asked.
“YEP!” MAK said, “And it smells good. Can’t wait to dig into this quesadilla!”

The waiter closed the door and then locked it.
“Um….why did you locked the door with you still here?” Kai said.
The waiter peeled a mask off his face, revealing himself to be…
“Oh shit, Rick……” MAK said. The rest looked shocked and scared.
“What the fuck?” Kai said, “I thought you was dead.”
“Yeah, this is why I don’t order room service.” Rick said.

He pulled out the silenced gun. A shot echoed through the room.



“Dear Little Sister……I missed you so much.”

“You better believe I’m fucking you up!”

“I’m not losing you, too.”

“Don’t think you can easily escape me, bitch!”


“Holy shit, how did you get here?”

AURA PHASE – Part 3.

© 2016 KATANAPlus+ / The Faction Project Colors.

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